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Archives: October 11, 2011

The Poverty Tour week starts tonight on the Tavis Smiley Show

Who knew? Visit the Frick Collection in NYC using Google Street View!

Sad, unrelated news at Occupy San Diego today

Anyone else had their "Ask the Administrators" thread *poof*?

Facebook: Occupy Boston: Riot police at Dewey, EMT's set up response tent

Looks like we will get to get rid of the corporate puppet Walker

German push for Greek default risks EMU-wide 'snowball'

Phone number for Mass. Governor: 617-725-4005 / 888-870-7770 n/t

It appears something is happening with the Boston OW protestors.

Riot cops descending on #occupyboston now!

live Boston ground feed....

Is the Democratic Party still a viable alternative to the Republican Party?

Gov. Brown signs anti-bullying measure.

We need a NON-VIOLENT war

Seattle's Mayor Lies... Evictions From Westlake Tonight Shortly

Boston OWS live stream video LINKS with audio


Chicago Sun-Times: Downtown protesters march against groups ‘that wrecked the economy’

Florida may expedite foreclosures

Is there a live feed from Seattle at all???

And how many corrupt bankers have been raided, their belongings throw away?

Atlanta protesters under siege too...tents being torn down.

Dallas OWS gearing up for police raid tonight as well.

Music Video: Cabaret Voltaire, "The Crackdown"

Kunstler: "In the natural course of things, revolutionary actions meet resistance"

I guess the corporate masters have decided on an all-out assault on OWS

Cops throwing away their stuff--in Boston...

Remember, remember, the tenth of October

Seattle live... link.

"...then they fight you, then you win."

Police @ St. Louis live feed:

Occupy Seattle reporting police to start arresting tonight

PHOTOS: Boston PD Arrests at Occupy Boston

A Who's Who of Occupy Wall Street cities?

You can't be.... SERIES. "We Are the 53%"

Global Revolution Report: Boston, Seattle, Dallas, Atlanta, St. Louis


Boston: Female jail is full, women arrested at Occupy Boston to be taken to "undisclosed location"

Tonight people across the nation are learning that they are not free.

"Freedom Plaza is Ours" - DC

"Freedom Plaza is Ours" - DC

Three dozen arrested outside Capitol at ‘Occupy Des Moines’ protest

Protesters decide to seek permits (Des Moines)

Willy Giest is already reporting what happened in Boston last night.

Is there any place online tracking the total number of nationwide arrests from Occupy?

The Boston Sanitation Department should have taken New York's TWU Local 100 lead last night...

Occupy Cincinnati protesters line up for citations as park closes

"As fast as they can pinch us, we can always get some more" - San Diego's 1912 Free Speech Movement

Arrests and Pepper Spray at Occupy Des Moines—Governor Faults Protestors

UK/EU, China,Qatar,Russia, India, et al get it re OWS; US media plays it dumb.

Pakistan's governor escapes missile attack

"Outraged" plan protests after arrests in Brussels

It is not a coincidence that occupation's participants are being taken down in Boston and

Perhaps not a conspiracy , but undeniably a convergence.

Deval Patrick, I like you, but you got some "plainin'" to do! nt

Caller just called Greta on the carpet on Cspan Washington Journal for not discussing and

Looks like seattle is hitting the fan, nullifying my recent posts.

BREAKING: Boston PD gearing up for an assault

Boston begins the coverup: Boston police arrest 50 from Occupy Boston

Occupy Dallas gets permit to stay in park

99% of the population is still more than 1% of the population

Marketwatch: 5 myths of Occupy Wall Street

Anti-regulation zealots resort to straight up lying

The best reply to the attacks is more people

Study flags risk of daily vitamin use among older women

Tent Cities In America - deja vu all over again

Tent Cities In America - deja vu all over again

Are Obama and his DHS behind the crackdown and arrests of OWS occupiers?

Your movement may be gaining traction if...

Globe's Garrett Quinn on the Boston Police Assault: It was ugly and fast

Rachel Maddow told a flat-out lie last night.

Bush waiting for history to vindicate his wars

Oh that damn "liberal" press its' just not fair

Did an A-List: Dallas Star Fake His Own Gay-On-Gay Hate Crime?

Issa, Holder, and "Fast & Furious"

Issa, Holder, and "Fast & Furious"

Another "Thank you" to Bush: "AP IMPACT: Foreign insects, diseases got into US"

Republicans and The Arts don't mix

Occupy Atlanta protesters hold their ground at downtown Atlanta park

Bank of America considers Countrywide bankruptcy as option to escape legal costs

Bond yields show 60% odds of new U.S. recession

The Koch brothers take care of their own...protesters.

Trouble in Banksterland? BofA, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley in deep Sheiße?

Thank you Boston Police.

The death in San Diego was apparently an accident, not a suicide.

Happy Ones Day Everybody

Fort Lauderdale's water and sewer pipes still busting despite $570 million system upgrade

A Few Toons

Lobbyists & the profit motive screw society again

Spanish politician to take legal action against the FBI

Patron leaves tip for bartender: Lose Some Weight

Ga. county looks to inmates to fight fires

Tuesday Economy and Environment TOONS

if our War machine reduced

US seeks more investments from India, China

NATO: Continued resistance in Libya 'surprising'

No banker left behind

We need ONE lantern in the tower of Old North Church.

New Channel for OWS: Occupy Wall St NYC link AND Global Revolution link...

Mr. cain

Growing mobs occupying wall street... Eric Cantor

Boston/State Police Beating Down Protestors, Including Vetrans for Peace

Report: Protesters To TARGET Rupert MURDOCH, David KOCH

Tuesday Republican economic policy TOONS

The #OccupyWallStreet Statement, As Read By Keith Olbermann

Some Pix Of Yesterday's Boston OWS March

Poll: Huge majority of Americans support taxing the rich

Link to Gene Sharp's 198 Methods of Nonviolent Action from the Albert Einstein Institution

For The Times, They Are A Changin'

Ukraine court jails Tymoshenko for 7 years

Video: Police arrest scores of protesters on Boston's Greenway - WHDH7 Boston

The contracting out of the public sector...

NY comptroller warns of weakness on Wall Street

America Ain't Broke

FDIC backs ban on banks trading for own profit

Want to help recall Scott Walker, starting 11/15?

Let me see if I understand this...

Steve Jobs' official cause of death released

"Free Trade" Fakery (letter from Alan Grayson)

Wisconsin Drive to Recall Walker Starts November 15

Another Racial Misstep for Perry?

Prude Power Hits Britain

Who would you want speaking for you? Cantor or this guy?.....

Why Greece, Spain, and Ireland Aren’t to Blame for Europe’s Woes

Banks Woo Clients With Cheap Credit-Card Cash

Switched-at-birth 12 year old girls decide to stay put.

Many of Texas’ youngest students have larger classes this year

Will these 10,000 souls join the movement?

Seattle 'superhero'/ "Douchebag" Phoenix Jones arrested over pepper-spray allegations

Herman Cain is a pawn of the 1%.

Righthaven Tells Court It’s Rejected by All Bonding Companies

Don't Sleep Through the Revolution: Winning the Class War by Rev. JESSE JACKSON

I'm pretty good at woodworking. Send me a request. (PM) and I'll give you an estimate.

Intellectual Styles Of The Rich And Clueless

This Is a Class War Disguised as a Generation War

Think Progress: Why Occupy Wall Street Embodies The REAL Values Of The Boston Tea Party

Who would like to see debate President Obama?

Holy wow! Every day I wake up to MORE OWS Movements!!

Jobs Are Going Begging

Jobs Are Going Begging

Congressional Reform Act of 2011

David Brooks: Bard of the 1 Percent

We are nothing but numbers to the banks. We have no faces. We have no lives.

Democrats wary of their unpopular president

Nice job Menino, you Ratfuck. Good work Deval, you coward.

Nice job Menino, you Ratfuck. Good work Deval, you coward.

'Teacher Evaluation': Real Agenda Appears to Be School Privatization

Gee, what are they protesting about?

Microsoft finds 64 billion fewer spam messages per month after botnet takedowns

When America awakes Tuesday morning and sees what has happened in Boston. there will be much anger.

China's new-generation workforce 'staging more strikes'

Will every OWS arrestee demand a jury trial?

What do I want out of these protests? Equal rights for everyone.

Change-of-plea hearing set in Utah pesticide case

Watch: U.S. Marines tell Hannity to ‘f*ck off’

Andy Borowitz: "There are people running for President I would not trust to park my car."

Here are numbers to call the Boston Police and Mayor's office

PROTESTERS STORM U.S. Senate Hart Office Building... LIVE Broadcast!

Confused? Want to know the best thing you can do right now?

Woman runs marathon, has baby a few hours later

ThinkProgress: Boston Police Throw American Flag To Ground, Arrest Veterans, Trash Property ...

Bank of America Future Plans

"Civil disobedience will not be tolerated," (Boston Mayor Thomas Menino)

This Jon Stewart clip will destroy Mitt Romney's campaign

Obama's liberal Democratic Gallup approval rating for October 3rd-9th is still 83%.

Naomi Klein - Occupy Wall Street: The Most Important Thing in the World Now

Occupy Poor Street

What should the response be if Obama's Jobs bill gets killed?

Who Really Owns The NYPD? Turns Out It's Not Such A Rhetorical Question

The Rude Pundit: The Five Most Annoying Things About David Brooks' Attack on Occupy Wall Street

The Rude Pundit: The Five Most Annoying Things About David Brooks' Attack on Occupy Wall Street

You heard him! Don't Quit!

Lol, Christie to endorse Romney

Crist's Wife Becomes a Democrat

Bank of New York Mellon Being Sued for Fraud on Exchange Rates

In Kapitalist Amerika:

NYC Billionaires Walking Tour

Obama's reefer madness mentality is really insane.

Video: How Boston Police treat Veterans

Amazing video of mountain bike rider getting ambushed by an antelope

Amazing video of mountain bike rider getting ambushed by an antelope

Amazing video of mountain bike rider getting ambushed by an antelope

‘Worst’ Hospitals Treat Much Higher Shares Of Minority And Poor Patients......

Chris Christie to endorse Mitt Romney

The net worth of GOP presidential contenders

Future reference file: Oil cleanup teams win $1.3 million

Bankers : Buy Both Political Parties Price : $1,188,644,055, Barack Obama- Price $ 16,004,693

Bankers : Buy Both Political Parties Price : $1,188,644,055, Barack Obama- Price $ 16,004,693

Get money Take a look at this.. It is a starting place.

Herman will win, even with his crazy 999 scheme.

Herman will win, even with his crazy 999 scheme.

10 Month old missing baby case - Mother Preparing To Be Arrested

Occupy Salem numbers dwindle as park nears closure

More Hank Williams Jr. Sports Themes Dropped


NPR: A Look At Iowa's First Majority Hispanic Town - West Liberty

The net worth of GOP presidential contenders

Pics from OWS on Saturday

Robin Hoods Take Back Chicago!

Occupy Columbus airs broad range of beefs on Statehouse sidewalks

Treehouse faces demolition in dispute with Fairfax County

Venezuela rejects UN petitions to repeal crimes of opinion

Venezuela rejects UN petitions to repeal crimes of opinion

Venezuela rejects UN petitions to repeal crimes of opinion

It will be shameful if the jobs bill fails because democrats like Machin and Nelson will not

Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey Schools Abandon Cursive Writing

Call a Constitutional Convention. If the laws are the problem, change the way the laws get made.

How the Top One Percent Ripped Off the Bottom 99 Percent

High school science teacher robs convenience store

Ford, Chrysler face complaints from Made in the U.S.A. group

Occupy Albuquerque surrounded by police at midnight and removed from camp

(((PIC))) Occupy the Chicago River - Robin Hoods by the Boatload!

Obama jobs council offers up proposals appealing to GOP

Berkeley economist Brad DeLong rips apart Erick Erickson dissing Occupy Wall St

I want to say something to other Union people

Pathways to Change in Poor Shape - The Real Infrastructure Problem

DNC Chair Rep. Wasserman Schultz Gives Props to OWS Protesters

Danziger: GOP Prayer Circle

NYPD overtime: OWS are the job creators!

Herman Cain will be irrelevant ...

Why does Mitt and Christie remind me of ..

Jeez, Hank Williams Jr. is a jerk.

Netanyahu announces deal for Gilad Shalit release

CNN Posts video of shootout robbery where you see people getting shot on their website.

FBI: Terrorist Attack On Golden Gate Bridge May Have Been Green-Screened

Twitter shuts down/later re-instates account of legal group that is suing NYPD for arrests.

OCCUPY KEENE, NH Yes!!!! My small country college town has

Brad Pitt - Terrorist

They are unanimous in their hate for me—and I welcome their hatred."

They are unanimous in their hate for me—and I welcome their hatred."

Colorado Springs "occupiers" are threatened with eviction...

Allen West opponents raise big bucks

Oh no! Local NPR show discussion topic "Tea Party wakes up country while OWS divides it"

woman sues over movie "Drive" for not having enough driving

Wonder what the Tea Party thinks about the police actions in BOSTON (and other cities) last night?

The protestors are not actually allowed to be in front of the Wall Street buildings.

Congress shall make no law....the right of the people peaceably to assemble

"The Uprising Spreads From Wall Street"

"The Uprising Spreads From Wall Street"

Libyan Fighter Plays Guitar During Gun Battle

OK -BIG Favor English majors/Grad students

OK -BIG Favor English majors/Grad students

"Joe the Plumber" is running for congress in Ohio

Man impersonating cop pulls over real cop

When Being Rich Makes Us Poor, People Should Occupy Wall Street

The following Senators--Dem-- will NOT support the jobs bill...

L.A. City Council to Vote on Occupy L.A. Resolution This Wednesday

Romney Advisers Helped Craft (National) Health Care Law

Romney Advisers Helped Craft (National) Health Care Law


I am not a bum...

What can you see happening that will endanger the protests?

forcible Amish haircuts blamed on Mullets

Dartmouth’s GOP Debate Organizers Terrified of Another Dumb Audience Outburst

Fuck YOU, Andrew Brietbart!

Of all cities...the historic significance of squelching revolution in Boston will not be overlooked.

My OP on capitalism got 111 replies and zero net recs.

Public Health/Conservation Groups Sue Obama Administration for Scrapping Stronger Ozone Standards

Owners baffled by theft of 50-foot-long Pa. bridge

Forty or more people, including a 14 year-old girl, were arrested at #occupyIowa

Oops! Goldman Sachs let off paying £10m interest on failed tax avoidance scheme

Oops! Goldman Sachs let off paying £10m interest on failed tax avoidance scheme

OWS signs you'd like to see. (Caution Do Not Make These)

So the 54% is okay with 45% of us (almost half)

Are MDs More Effective At Running Hospitals Than MBAs?

Shhh! Mimes tackle traffic chaos in Venezuela

Shhh! Mimes tackle traffic chaos in Venezuela

"I'll be there"

The Worst Kind of Poverty: Energy Poverty (a life without electricity)

This is outrageous - Sign the petition!! - Twisted words from an elderly lady in Issue 2 ad

City Hall Tells Dallas Occupiers to Get Insurance or Else. They're Leaning Toward "Or Else."

Daily Kos's Map of Occupy Wall Street Events

Bus drivers join Occupy Houston protests

Occupy Wall Street vs Tea Partiers

When Being Rich Makes Us Poor, People Should Occupy Wall Street

Great bumper sticker idea should Herman Munster...I mean Cain is the nominee...

Another reason why I think Capitalism is doomed

Can anybody cite one act of violence by OWS protesters?

Occupy the Tundra

Harry Belafonte Calls Herman Cain a ‘Bad Apple’

Deputies: 'Psychic' scared girl into stealing

Black, White Brothers Are Actually Twins

After clashing with Michigan Republicans, MEA spends $500K on ads statewide (video)


Fuck a bunch of 9-9-9 ... Herman Cain should run on P-P-P ...

Now! Rev. Sharpton is pure fire tonite! YES!

Baby gorilla on black market for $40,000 is rescued (Warning: This photo will break your heart)

Government monitoring for Arkansas turkey drop

Hedge Funds down, Corporate profit party may be over......

Did Goldman Government get tired of Occupy Wall Street being the lead on the news?

Occupy Oakland encampment enters second day

Ron Reagan is on Tweety

Is this Danny Glover right now on livestream Occupy Los Angeles?

Which Dems are anticipated to vote against the jobs bill and

Another 10,000 Wall Street jobs could be slashed by next year

My mother sent me the Lou Prichett letter today

how to defeat the cops

Obama's Jobs Council: A Look at Pay Packets of Group

999 is Cain's secret code for....666, The number of the Beast!

Uh oh. Reverend Al to Herman Cain:

Ted Rollins: The POSTER BOY For GREED On Wall Street

The Four Freedoms -- FDR

The Map of Shame is now interactive! - Voter ID map

Mercury contamination in Great Lakes wildlife more widespread than thought

ARGH !!! - 'Conservative Democrats Plan Vote Against Jobs to Save Their Careers (?) - FDL

ARGH !!! - 'Conservative Democrats Plan Vote Against Jobs to Save Their Careers (?) - FDL

Give the Banksters a 5th of November that they will never, ever forget.

Turkey Stalks Terrified California News Producer

Lost My Job, Found An Occupation

Lost My Job, Found An Occupation

Heads up: OWS tonight on Dan Rather Reports - 8pm on HDNET - preview videos

Want to Get Fat on Wall Street? Try Protesting

Occupy Wall Street swarms Rupert Murdoch's home

delete dupe

Is DU running slow for anyone else??

83 percent of liberal Democrats approve of President Obama's job performance.

Charging for Debit Cards Is Robbery

NPR: In Peru, A Hunt For Chocolate Like You've Never Tasted It

Drunk Florida Man Tries to Use Taco as ID

Are these disgusting crackdowns being coordinated, and if yes, by who?

Who knows what channel the lunatic debate is on tonight?

Petition: Tell the White House to Stop Interfering in State Marijuana Legalization Efforts


Check out the picture on KS Democratic Party's Facebook page

CHARTS: Here's What The Wall Street Protesters Are So Angry About...

Tea Party "patriots" want no comparison to "holligan & litterbug" OWSers

Tea Party "patriots" want no comparison to "holligan & litterbug" OWSers

Cain: 'I'm going after Romney'--says he has a penetrating question for him


Perfect example of national news bias. Coverage of Joe Plumber

Bud White please report to Wall St.

I want to be a 53%er

Repub Debate Live Online Here...

A Complete List of National Politicians Who Have Embraced the Occupy Wall Street Protests

I just got back from OCCUPY REDDING!

Joe Lieberman is a pain because you never know when he is going to be a pain

Why would Obama start a Jihad on Senior Citizens and Medical Marijuana?

Freepers trust Iranian government more than ours.

“A real tidal wave of poverty is crashing down over France.”

Anyone like Ron Paul's eyebrows tonight?

How many signing statements has Obama signed?

If only I had access to our modern health care

Here's a link for anyone looking for info regarding where to watch the GOP debate

Newt: OWS people are "left-wing agitators" without purpose, OR people "close to the tea party."

Toon on the NBA

Influential Afghan women's rights advocate says hope is lost

Bryan Stow moves from hospital to rehab center

Bud Roemer on Last Word just now: Supporting OWS and blaming bank

What would a counter-protest to OWS look like?

Just when you thought PNAC was gone.....

Calif. Governor Veto Allows Warrantless Cellphone Searches

In Case You Missed This... 'A Time For Outrage!' - TheNation

Anybody else play the Repuke debate drinking game?

Cain: "Nein nein nein!" Is he German?

Cain: "Nein nein nein!" Is he German?

Suspect says pair were going to Sacramento to 'kill Jews'

Are they totally ignoring Perry?

Good grief Michelle Bachmann is stupid

K & R If You Like Puppies

Danziger toon on GOPer debates...

Dems protest as House begins considering FTA passage

President's Job Bill Defeated In The Senate.....

"Somebody Get Me a Drum!"

OK Who is the Jamaican politician who has been indicted

Tuesday Afternoon - In memorium to the damaged shrubbery near Boston's Dewey Park

The official Bloomberg GOP Debate thread

Mayor, BPD need to get their story straight on overnight arrests

These questions are strategized to boost Romney.

Official GOP post-debate campaign button

Obama jobs bill dies in Senate

The "do nothing" Rethug debate thread.

Onion: BREAKING: President Obama's Approval Rating Soars After Punching Wall Street Banker In Face.

Newt said Congress is "shooting itsself in the head". Twice.

Most vertebrates -- including humans -- descended from ancestor with sixth sense

Obama jobs council offers up Republican-friendly proposals


Police at #occupytampa right now...

I am not moving! Short film on #OWS and our government's hypocrisy.

Our kids taxrates will be 75% says Bachmann

Well, SOME good news tonight - looks like Wake County NC school board swung left.

Support the Irish! #Occupy Dame Street on Facebook.

Cantor shifts tone on OWS protestors - "People are upset and they're justifiably frustrated."

Live comedic tweeting of the GOP debates has already begun:

Do 'Occupy Wall Street' Protests Represent Your Views of the Economy? (70% say yes)

5 Conservative Economic Myths Occupy Wall St. Is Helping Bust

Are you watching the R debates tonight... I do, I must admit it's painful, but

Obama’s Failing Emails: Where Did the President’s Mojo Go?

Borowitz Report on the Republican Debate

Official Republican Squabble Thread - Part 1.

Looks Like Romney Is Tacking To The Left To Pick Up Middle Class...

I have a stupid question - is this the same Bill Maher who was

Bill Maher posted on FB just now. He's on Rachel Maddow's show tonight

My most recent email from Tea party patriots re:OWS

The President named Obama has reneged on medical marijuana

City repeals ordinance banning domestic battery

What was the guy in the debate audience yelling?

Don't you know we..

Every headline I see this evening, says

Kaptur or Kucinich?

Beijing warns on US currency law (warns about 1930s-like depression)

Protect Life Act: New Bill Would Allow Hospitals To Refuse To Perform Abortions

Santorum "I wanna go to war with China"

VIDEO - Michele Bachmann's "999 upside down (666), devil is in the details" debate comment - VIDEO

When Are Testor And Nelson Running For Re-election And What Can I Do To Help Defeat Them?....nt

I think Howley (the agent provocateur @ the space Museum) is using a fake name.

"Frontline" tonight...guess who was in the background?

Oh good Lord...

When Are Tester And Nelson Running For Re-election And What Can I Do To Help Defeat Them....

Homosexuality vs Homophobia

Politicians cannot fix this....they just voted down a jobs bill....Voted Down a Fucking Jobs Bill !

Nelson and Tester vote with republicans to stall President's jobs bill

Why do GOP candidates always say they would fire Ben Bernanke?

Cain just used greenspan as an ideal model for fed chairman. I would hope that people realize that

Can I like Buddy Roemer?

Steve Jobs' black turtleneck reportedly explained in biography

I would imagine the President can confidently tell his girls they will

File this under every vote counts

Nekkid for Jesus

Eugene Robinson just made a very important announcement on "Last Word":

With a heavy heart, I have left my local Occupy group...

Prosecuting Wall Street Fraud: Lessons for Joe Nocera

Fuck you Eric Dezenhall

NASA: It Rained So Hard the Oceans Fell

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Voter Fraud

@DanRatherReport is doing Occupy tonight. One week report with @GrimWomyn on HDnet

Detainee 371

It's time for unions to shut the City of Boston down.

Newt Gingrich: At #OWS, You Can Tell THEY'RE LIBERALS ‘Cause They Leave The TRASH

The ‘getting’ of Assange and the smearing of a revolution

Romney/ Cain 2012

Herman Cain plays the "black experience" card...

What If Everyone Saw This Clip Of Robert Reich Exposing 7 GOP Lies?

There is nothing more important that has come the pike than the Jobs Bill

rick scott is an idiot!!

Dallas protest has been given two hours to clear out or face raid..

Three years on Mars ... in 3 minutes

What the Rude Pundit Missed

Bill Maher on Rachel Maddow Show - VIDEO

OccupyAustin day 6: David Graeber of OWS was here last night!!!!!

Tuesday Republican Primary TOONS

Rich people cannot feel pain, don't care if they're liked (Psychological experiment)

OWS TOON Roundup

One list of Proposed "Demands for Congress" from Occupy Wall Street

OWS Folks - Do me and the country a favor..."Kiss these!"

America - I Defy You

The rethug debate: now we hear about how everyone 'SUFFERED'

Easy Reference Guide to the Koch Brothers' Activities

What is enough?

Breaking up the Jobs Bill (GOP will cherry pick)

Protesters Deliver Trash to Bank of America as Week of Action Continues

Boston city government worried about damage to the shrubs?!

What did the "blanking" Tea Baggers ever risk?

What did the "blanking" Tea Baggers ever risk?

WH Senior Adviser David Plouffe endorses Occupy Wall Street protests on behalf of Pres. Obama

WH Senior Adviser David Plouffe endorses Occupy Wall Street protests on behalf of Pres. Obama

Congressman Kucinich Stands w/ American Workers, Opposes Free Trade Agreements (200,000 lost jobs?)

CNN just reported a plot to assassinate a US diplomat by Iran. The Koch brothers

Occupy This!

Was Herman Cain the beneficiary of affirmative action programs?

A tad on this Iranian plan

Bachmann: 999 upside down is 666 - the devil is in the details

California laws bar credit, E-Verify checks of most employees

Two "bouncies" in two days; Repub friends getting fed up.

Use of vitamin E associated with increased risk of prostate cancer

Gun-toting Teabaggers are patriots, Wall Street protesters are mobs and unruly dangerous thugs

Is Atheist Money Too Controversial for the American Cancer Society?

When was the last time a POTUS only served one term?

A Complete List of National Politicians Who Have Embraced the Occupy Wall Street Protests

Occupy Portland day 6 update:

I'm curious - do you know your "effective tax rate"?

Nader throws out the name of Mayor Bloomberg as ideal candidate to take on corporate interests

Wall Street Protestors don't hate success, they hate HUGE rewards for FAILURE.

Roger Ebert's awesome article about the tea party vs the occupy movements:

The "I am the 53%" photoshop /caption challenge.

If you operate a small business, what do you do to deter robberies?

I'm Noticing Signs

Calvin and Hobbes explain corporate capitalism

Calvin and Hobbes explain corporate capitalism

Voters share blame for gridlock in Congress, Dem leader says (Hoyer)

OMG! They're passing out condoms & having sex!

I voted early in Ohio today and I overheard the lady at the BOE tell

Response Of the Police Is Expanding With Protests

Georgia Considers Replacing Firefighters With Free Prison Laborers

Conservative Fundraiser Wants To ‘Clear K Street Of Protesters’ By Hitting ‘A Few With A Car’ |

US accuses Iran of plotting to kill Saudi ambassador in Washington

Film exposes cancer epidemic downstream from Koch Industries plant


Here is a piece I wrote for a local Blog here in Cleveland about Pay Day Loans...

ABC News: Occupy Wall Street Protest Now On Every Continent Except Antarctica!

"Stop the looting and start the prosecuting."

If Top 1% Hadn't Ripped Off Trillions, You'd Likely Be Making Thousands of Dollars More Right Now

National shortage of Adderall causes concern

National shortage of Adderall causes concern

The End of the Liberal Arts at Public Universities

This scares me, and it should scare you too. White house being sued over Patriot act secrets

Here is a picture I found on Facebook that is GREAT!!

Occupy Wall Street Poll at FoxNews-- dig it!

NEW PHOTOS THREAD: Arrests At OccupyBoston

WTSP Tampa charges Florida covered up faulty DUI machines for years.

Anyone else feel more optimistic than they have in years?

Words To Live By

Damn, the corporations DO own the NYPD. Lookie here:

Actually saw something hopeful on MSM tonight.

Actually saw something hopeful on MSM tonight.

Fox Poll Backfires on Fox

K&R if you like liberal Democrats!

are you in the 1%- DU net worth

Epic Fail! All Republican Candidates FLUNK the Ronald Reagan Pop Quiz

Brooklyn Yiddish Signs Warning Women To Step Aside For Men Must Go, Parks Department Says

Suddenly, there are jobs for everyone (pic)

There's just something about the eyes...

Occupy Dallas: City demanding a $1 MILLION insurance policy!!

Why Danes Are So Much Happier Than Americans.? attributed to their legendary income equality >link>

Santorum: Europe has better income mobility from poor to middle-class than the U.S.

No jobs bill, but at least the trade deals the Dems used to oppose will sprint to approval!

Avaaz (an international version of MoveOn) now has 10 million members

Olly Olly Oxen in Free! Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Yet another good toon to send to the freepers

"I Am The 1% -&- I Stand With The 99%"

GLBT History Month: National Coming Out Day

I just LOVE Alan Grayson and how his brain works. :) "We Lost the Jobs. And Now the Constitution?"

"I can't afford my own politician so I made this sign"

Update: Occupy Boston police arresting peaceful Occupiers...

Occupy Boston, after the fiasco of the arrests...

What Everyone Is Too Polite to Say About Steve Jobs

Taking back a failing "turnaround" school from a charter group without hurting their fundraising?

This 1%er gets it.

$16 Trillion loaned to the Banks.

A Delicate Moment for the Occupy Wall Street Movement

OWS is now everywhere; awsome photo.

Dept. of Education gave $200,000 to a NJ charter school whose application was denied 3 times.

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino: "I will not tolerate civil disobedience in the city of Boston"

I've come to this conclusion and it is my opinion as a free American.

Christian conservatives say they’ll vote to beat Obama, even if it means supporting Romney

Congress prepares to debate the "Let Women Die" Act...

Q: Will President Obama be more liberal in his policies & appointments during a second term?

inflammatory rhetoric from Palin threatens to raise tensions between North and South Korea

I'm about to cry: just received my first eviction notice

Obama order blocks railroad workers strike. Says strike by 92,000 workers would damage the economy!

Super Bowl 2015: NFL selects Phoenix

Old Timey DUers.... Stop casting asparagus all over!

Old Timey DUers.... Stop casting asparagus all over!

Just watched Frontline's: Anthrax Files

They sell us the president

I've figured out Terra Nova: It's not Jurassic Park with guns, it's STAR TREK with dinosaurs

I'm suing Stephen King for the "Green Mile" for having nothing to do with running or the environment

I'm pretty good at woodworking. Send me a request. (PM) and I'll give you an estimate.

Some females just HAVE to have their nipples rubbed many times a day.

Guy got 86ed from a Vegas casino for harassing my niece because he thought she was Snooki.

Yes or no?

Case Of The Unwanted Enema Remains Unsolved, According To California Police

Oh dear God, they can FLY now!

Seriously, if you want an option to Netflix - Try GreenCine

A friend was burned in an oil refinery explosion.

Help wanted, math skills optional

Home Sick Two Days

"Last Man Standing makes Whitney Cummings look like Noël Coward"

Are there no darn movie rental STORES anymore???

That's why I don't like to give out my email address!

You know you want a strawberry-bacon funnel cake. That's why you're going to NASCAR this weekend.

Nightmares Fear Factory's photostream

The 2011 "Pick Up Line of the Year" award goes to ---->

K & R If You Like Puppies

Am I the only one that finds them-self saying... "WTF?" more and more these days?

PHOTO: You can ALWAYS tell when you're shopping in a store frequented by MiddleFingerMom. ALWAYS.

emerald waterway

Turds on the Tube. Post a Pic of a Tube Turd.

Scorpions - The Zoo

What's with Ron Paul's eyebrow? Is it falling off????? n/t

Now, this ain't no shit.

If there is a God she would Rapture the Kitties first

computer question - over the w/e suddenly playing vids on youtube or any other kind off a website

I am never alone - Shadow Kittie is watching over me

post by Okie Dokie Chickasaw National Recreation Area: Oklahoma

Proof of God's existance. After you read this you will believe too!

Pictures of my pup

Two years ago today.

Best holloween costumes. I once went to a huge Halifax Mardi Gras

Quick question - has anyone here ever particpated in CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

Would You Consider The Very Early Years of the Beatles Their Punk Rock Years?

Oil spill is New Zealand's 'worst maritime disaster'

Occupy Atlanta holds firm

Well, that really sucked (aka 45yo is a bit too young to have a heart attack)

I watched The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus this morning on cable.

Nap time. See you all later. wreck...wet roads and drivers pulling out in front of you

What do you have to do to get a thread locked around here??

Democrats wary of their unpopular president

Egypt's finance minister quits over deaths of Coptic Christians

UK special forces 'storm pirate-held ship Montecristo'


US small business confidence inches up

AMD's Bulldozer CPU. Ouch.

China's new-generation workforce 'staging more strikes'

Occupy SD turns march into vigil after suicide

Regulators to Set Forth Volcker Rule

Safe Sex PSA Comics from MTV Switzerland

Lingle Running For Senate In Hawaii

Six protesters arrested at Senate Hart Building

Super Bowl 2015: NFL selects Phoenix

Beijing warns on US currency law (warns about 1930s-like depression)

Are there no darn porno rental STORES anymore???

Possible Deal Near to Free Captive Israeli Soldier

Will Chaz make it back next week for DWTS?

Senate Republicans likely to kill Obama jobs bill

Georgia Considers Replacing Firefighters With Free Prison Laborers

Wall Street protests to target NYC millionaires

My Life in Five Words

Boston Police Arrest 50 from Occupy Boston

Ukraine ex-PM Yulia Tymoshenko jailed over gas deal

Greece payout likely to go ahead

British special forces storm hijacked ship off Somalia-Italy defence ministry

Slovakia votes down eurozone bailout expansion plans

UN Report Finds Evidence of Children Being Torture in Afghan Detention Facilities

Police surround entire park at #occupyboston. More cops just keep coming.

Do you recognize this man?

WSJ Europe Publisher Resigns

Speaker Fitzgerald to run for Senate

Finally! Pics of the "kiddos"!

Police arrest scores of Occupy Boston protesters

Facing Cuts, a City Repeals Its Domestic Violence Law

5 law officers among 70 charged in Arkansas drug trafficking bust

New Zealand oil spill ship captain charged

High court ruling means execution unlikely in 1981 cop-killing (Mumia Abu-Jamal)

Tymoshenko Found Guilty in Abuse of Office Trial

Spanish MP to sue FBI for using his face in al-Qaida 'most wanted' photos (bin Laden)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Maxim's choice of Paula Deen as sexiest TV chef made my day.

Okla. Sen. Coburn has prostate cancer surgery

Libyan forces gain momentum in Sirte assault

Progress Energy insists approach to bungled nuclear project was 'reasonable'

Many in Both Parties Want a Window Into the Deficit Reduction Panel’s Work

Giuliani won't run for president in 2012

Wall Street losing jobs

German Minister Wants Investigation of State Authorities’ Use of Spyware

Is DU 3 just about ready? Will we be able to rec lounge posts like

Let's make a mix tape for the OWS protesters

Shaheen likely to miss Jobs Act vote

Conservatives launch "We are the 53%" blog in response to "Occupy Wall Street"

BREAKING: Senate Republicans vote to block $447 billion Obama jobs bill, roll call continues.

'Austin Powers' actor allegedly kills sex offender in prison

Depite Global Slowdown India to Post 8% Growth: Manmohan Singh Says

U.S.: Iran-Tied D.C. Terror Plot Disrupted

Records: Obama used Romney as health care model

Officer’s Arrest Sought in Pepper-Spray Incident

Facing Cuts, a City Repeals Its Domestic Violence Law (Topeka, Kansas)

Obama jobs council offers up proposals appealing to GOP

Pornography to be blocked by internet service providers unless users opt in (UK)

US Senate Panel Clears Three Trade Pact

Senate passes bill to sanction China over currency

Eugene Robinson: Occupy the Moment

Which is a substance-free media attempt to scare voters?

IA POLL: Romney 23, Cain 20, Paul 11, Perry 10, Bachmann 10. NH POLL: Romney 44, Cain 13, Paul 13.

2012 Election Protection Project

What are the best signs you have seen from #OccupyWallStreet?

Senator Kerry sides with the Occupy Wall street (etc) people

More from Mike Luckovich on the 'Occupy Wall Street' protests

The Occupy Wall Street Movement Needs Their Own Port Huron Statement

Senate Republicans likely to kill Obama jobs bill

Americans in Poll Back Taxing Rich, Maintaining Entitlements

Conservative Hypocrites ...

America is NOT a free country

America Wants to Work, Republican Senators Say, ‘No’

Occupy D.C. Plans To Try To Shut Down Senate Hart Building At 11:30 (right now)

If Romney doesn't get the Pub nom this time, will he finally go away?

Modertate/Conservative Senate Dems may, once again, screw POTUS & the rest of us:

Administration touts early success of Medicare/Medicaid coordination

"If moderate Dems vote No on jobs bill, they’re only hurting themselves"

MSNBC: Chris Christie will endorse Romney 3pm today in NH

Why is O'Keef at Occupy Wall Street

Call 202-225-4236, then choose #4 - Call to support Res 78 to overturn Citizen United!

**HEADS UP**President Obama Speaks on the American Jobs Act

Greg Sargent: Will Dems fall short of majority for jobs bill?

Quinnipiac poll: President Obama makes positive gains in Virginia

FR Discussion of Christie endorsement of Romney results in attacks on both

Check out (keep track of Romney's flip flops)

Bloomberg/Washington Post Republican debate tonight at 8PM could get interesting...

Herman Cain: Obama Never 'Part Of The Black Experience'

Greg Sargent: "From `moderate’ Senate Dems, no end to the folly"

PPP: Cain leads GOP pack in Iowa--leads Willard 30-22 percent

Why not Occupy Congress

The Conservative's Guide to "Mitt Romney's Greatest Hits"


Sherrod Brown just said: "Throw a rock into a pack of dogs. The one that yelps is the one you hit."

PHOTOS: First Lady Michelle Obama Participates in World Record Jumping Jack Event on WH Lawn

Barney Frank: President Set to Unveil New Regulations of Financial Industry Tomorrow

Jared Bernstein: $1 million Not Equal to $250K

Senate cloture vote now on the American Jobs Act

I am PROUD of all of the Dems who are coming out in support of OWS!

Axelrod Memo: Jobs Bill Is A Political Winner

Why Bother Asking Debate Questions

Scumbag Karl Rove Running Attack Ad in Orlando for President Obama's Visit

Why Bother Asking Debate Questions

Romney Advisers Helped the White House Draft Health Care Reform

RepubliCorp Takeover Of The United States Of America

President Obama: "with so many Americans out of work...we can’t take 'no' for an answer"

Thom Hartmann debates Stephen Moore - Is Keynes Finally Dead?

Rep. Rangel on Jobs and Unemployment

Do You Think Herman Cain Was Brainwashed?

David Swanson from Talks About Occupy DC Movement on Countdown

America's 5 Favorite Ways to Ignore Jesus

"We're Not Demonizing The Rich! We're Saying The Greed Of The Rich Needs Democratic Accountability"

Thom Hartmann: Conversations wtih Great Minds - Naomi Klein Occupy Wall Street. part 1

Naomi Klein "The Rest Of The World Is Saying WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG!"

Once again these weak ass democrats are about to screw us all

Independent Media Stalwarts Katrina vanden Heuvel & Danny Schechter at Occupy Wall Street

Meet the 1st Lady as of Jan. 20, 2013:

Fuck the Conservadems who tonight are voting to keep people unemployed.

Veterans For Peace Interview Just Before Police Raid At Occupy Boston

Thom Hartmann: Values Voter Bigotry over Romney's Faith

Thom Hartmann: Daily Take: Happy Genocide Day

Nader throws out a name:

TDPS: Cain & Bachmann Refuse to Say Mitt Romney is a Christian...Here we go...

TYT: Prisoners Protest Porn Ban

SPTimes Buzz Blog: Obama raises a glass of Guinness in Orlando, 'To more jobs'

Thom Hartmann: Conversations with Great Minds - Naomi Klein Occupy Wall Street. part 2

SHAME: Senators Have No Excuse for Blocking Jobs Bill (SEIU)

TYT University: Are Big Name Colleges Better?

Romney Flip-Flops On Wall Street Protests: ‘I Worry About The 99 Percent’

Luna, a wild orca boy, tries to communicate with humans by imitating their boat's motor!

War on Whistleblowers - Sibel Edmonds on GRTV

Obama camp: GOP trying to destroy economy on purpose

Thom Hartmann debates Professor David Velloney - Are US Citizens Who Take Up Arms a Fair Target?

Occupy Wall Street Organizer: Movement Grows Despite Police Effort to "Silence" Protests

EXPOSED: KOCH Industries and CANCER Risk

Anyhow: A Truth Anthem (Occupy Wall Street )

Keiser Report: Ground Zero of Financial Terrorism (E195)

Colombian, Korean, Panamanian Activists Condemn Obama Support For New "Free Trade" Deals

ALTERNET: What are the white supremacists saying about Cain?

Occupy Boston (11 Oct 2011) Woman's Arrest Pt. 1

Occupy Boston (11 Oct 2011) Woman's Arrest Pt. 2

Occupy Wall Street Our One Demand

We need to get Cantor voted out.

Predicting Crime - Future Attribute Screening Technology (FAST)

Howard Zinn on Democratic Socialism

American Awakening spreads to 1,000 cities-News Analysis-10-08-2011

Will the Right be as Obsessed about "Cain" as some were about "Hussein"?

Boston Police Crack Down on Occupy Boston; Arrest Vets

Anyone but Obama

Sen. Sanders:Senate Republicans Kill Jobs Bill

Tuesday Afternoon - Dedicated to the damaged shrubbery near Boston's Dewey Park

General Smedley Butler & Fascist Takeover Of The USA. A warning unheeded. .

Elizabeth Warren Announces Her Bid for Senate

U.S. Military Spending "Really Frosts My Cookies"!

Mike Malloy - Right Wing Web Postings

Christopher Hitchens accepting the Richard Dawkins Award from Richard Dawkins 2 of 3

TYT: Prisoners Hired As Firefighters

Clinton says Wall Street protestors must organize for real change

Was This Cain's Tax Plan Inspiration?

TYT: We are the 53% vs. the 99 %

Thom Hartmann: What Really Happened with Occupy Atlanta & Rep John Lewis

James O'Keefe Violating His Probation on #OccupyWallSt

Building A Better Ohio Steals and then Misrepresents Victim's Words

Yes, I watched the "Debate".....

Why is the Obama Administration cracking down on medical marijuana now?

Mike Malloy - Glenn Beck Advocates Violence Against Protesters

Daily Kos/SEIU State of the Nation Poll: Obama's numbers unexpectedly jump upward

Do you think Obama don't care about unemployed???

Is Mormonism's Racist Past A Legitimate Topic For Debate If Romney Is The Republican Nominee ?

Alan Grayson, on OWS - '...THEY'RE GOING SOMEWHERE.'

I AM NOT MOVING - Occupy Wall Street

Obama and Civil Liberties ~ go to the audio link, worth the 5 minutes!

So what’s the goal of our being in Iraq again?

5 myths of Occupy Wall Street

Nobel prize award to Sims and Sargent is another blow to the free marketeers

Tent Cities In America


New Film Exposes Connection Between the Kochs and a Small Community Dying of Cancer

The worst OWS moment so far

The absolutely ridiculous resurgence of Herman Cain

John Paul Stevens: Bush Appeal to the Supreme Court was Frivolous

New York: Kentucky college students send delegation to Wall Street protest

Gulf Shrimp Are Scarce This Season; Answers, Too!

Rev. Jesse Jackson: Winning The Class War And Occupy Wall Street

Something’s happening in America (Leonard Pitts)

They’re mad, and they’re not gonna take it anymore (Greg Bean | Brunswick Sentinel)

Do Plutocrats Need to Worry about Potholes?

Liquid modernity, solid elites

Obedience to Authority, rEvolution and Anarchy of Heart

Best sign from OWS

Sept 2011- Jobs, not deficits

U.N. rights office "distressed" by Saudi executions

U.N. Finds ‘Systematic’ Torture in Afghanistan

The New Yorker: You Never Give Me Your Money: A Soundtrack for Occupy Wall Street

"It's time for a return to bridled greed."

"OWS Needs To _________________ "

Whenever, and for whatever alleged reason people attempt to crush ideas to mask their convictions,

Stéphane Hessel on Occupy Wall Street: Find the Time for Outrage When Your Values Are Not Respected

Fukushima nuclear plant worker dies

Drone strikes: What the U.S. could learn from Israel [Blowback]

Drug war: What prohibition costs us [Blowback]

Who Stole the Election?

'Vulture Capitalist' Funding Two Orgs Attacking Occupy Wall Street

Lech Walesa, former Nobel Prize winning and Polish president, warns of 'revolt against capitalism'

Georgia Considers Replacing Firefighters With Free Prison Laborers

Death row: America's torture chamber

SacBee Editorial: State needs to clean up medical marijuana mess

"Free Trade" Fakery