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My One Demand

Remember when the Tea Partiers were maced and mass arrested

HEADS-UP on posting thru DISQUS! (User-name hijacking is WAY TOO EASY!)

A thought on the container ship threatening to break up off NZ.

What Nancy said about OWS and the tea party

What Nancy said about OWS and the tea party

A question regarding Elizabeth Warren

U.S. citizen pleads guilty to insulting Thai monarchy

If There's Any Chart that proves the Tea Party was Corporate-backed and OWS a grassroots movement...

Experts: Underwear bombing trial may look like slam dunk, but prosecutors should be wary

Study- new voting restrictions will hinder 5 million voters (mostly Democratic voters)

"OWS in Danger: Socialist Groups Aim to Hijack Movement"

I'm getting ready interview one of (if not the only) surviving aide of FDR this week

OWS: The Most Important Thing in the World Now

OWS: The Most Important Thing in the World Now

AP - (AP !!): "Israel coping with extremist violence"

NYT...Recession officially over .... Chocolate Rations increased

Runner dies after collapsing near finish of Chicago Marathon

Danziger Nails Bloomberg

Guardian UK: Greeks pay for economic crisis with their health

dupe plz delete

If you believed someone is orchestrating a collapse here is an interesting take.

UPDATE: Conservative Writer Admits ‘Infiltrating’ 99 Percent Movement To ‘Mock And Undermine’ It

Metro faces more than $1B in EPA-mandated sewer upgrades (Nashville)

Just a reminder about the credibility of unchecked authoritarianism of the 1%'ers of old

Corporate/Gov or Gov/Corporate?

Is this this most laughably over-the-top, anti-OWS smear hack job?

Police Exposé

Occupy Everything

Occupy Everything

What do farm workers really get paid? Because Alabama has cracked down on immigration, articles are

US Tracked Email of Wikileaks Volunteer: Report

GE's Jeff Immelt: The controversy over U.S. jobs

E. J. Dionne: (Elizabeth) Warren Makes the Proper Case for Liberalism

Perry Campaign ad SLAMS Romney Campaign.

(Rev. Al) Sharpton to Broadcast Radio Show from Occupy Wall Street Today 1 pm to 4 pm EST

FYI - Thom Hartmann Will Be A Guest On Real Time This Friday

Feingold was just interviewed on CBS morning show.

OWS protesters arrested in DM

Of our two main parties, one supports OWS, and one hates OWS.

Of our two main parties, one supports OWS, and one hates OWS.

Will Rick Perry Return Koch Campaign Cash?

Latest Florida news: Serial Defecator Caught on Tape

Tampa is Occupied!

Journalists Funded By ‘Vulture Capitalist’ Paul Singer Campaign To Smear Wall Street Protests

Sharpton to broadcast from Occupy Wall Street protests

Republicans, please nominate this man

Food "Insecurity" in the US in 2010

If safety is the goal why are TSA rules always changing?

is country radio banning and burning hank williams jr. cd's??

UN: Detainees tortured in Afghanistan

if corporations are people

700-pound pelican statue pilfered in California


NFL as a whole leans right...

John Hussman: Here Are 4 Things That Every Wall Street Protester Should Know

John Hussman: Here Are 4 Things That Every Wall Street Protester Should Know

Herman Cain believes OWS protesters are simply jealous of the wealthy.

DCCC PETITION: I Stand with #OccupyWallStreet

"Occupy the London Stock Exchange" - October 15, 2011

Chinese American food purveyors object to law banning shark fins

Norway's Prime Minister Discusses the Utřya Massacre

Comette family home damaged by egg-sized meteorite

Place, Not Race, May Better Explain America's Health Disparities

Greece health warning after cuts

Let's support the OWS protestors, if we can't be there with them.

Poll: Half the country has heard about the Occupy Wall Street protests

Anthony Bologna

Hank Williams Jr needs to shut up while he has a shred of dignity left.

Examples of "Economic Injustice"

The Rude Pundit: It's Columbus Day, So We May as Well Kill Some More Indians

Occupy Syracuse, NY-- image heavy

Albuquerque Update - Occupiers told to leave site

Can someone who understands basic economy answer this?

It is so exhilarating to see the MSM losing the "spin game" as it relates to OWS. They have tried

Ronald Reagan Statue is Not Enough: 5 More Ways Park Can Honor the Gipper

Flight paths of corporate jets now visible to everyone

CNN reporter from OWC:

Roddick says players may discuss tour issues

Doris Belack, Judge on TV’s ‘Law & Order,’ Dies at 85 (she was a diehard liberal)

C&L: The Rains are Coming and #OccupyPhilly Needs Our Help

The difference between the Tea Party and OWS

Omahan jailed in terrier's death

John Lewis not miffed by “Occupy Atlanta” dis

I don't see as many posts from the "hippie punching" "just shut the fuck up and vote for Obama or

Postcards from The Front

so who's allowed to torture, and who's not?

Why the Elites Are in Trouble (Chris Hedges)

My two Occupy Signs

The most complex, compelling, controversial creature ever to board a boat

So what are leading Democratic politicians and the Democratic Party doing to build the OWS protests?

UNDERSTANDING REPUBLICANS – A Public Service Announcement

Herman Cain is at a book store at Cool Springs Galleria in Nashville Franklin area signing his

Chinese village unveils skyscraper taller than the Chrysler Building

DCCC asks supporters to sign petition in support of Occupy Wall Street

do YOU plan to participate in any Wall Street Protest?

Hank Williams Jr. writes song about 'Fox & Friends,' ESPN

Happy Columbus Day everyone! Celebrate with Conquista Dora!

"Denmark now has the most leftist government in all of Europe."

Jobs Panel???

It's October 10. The NYSE website is still there. Anonymous?

a bit of serene WOW

Perry in weak 5th place in New Hampshire poll; Romney holds strong lead

U.S. government issues secret, warrantless court order for email data of Wikileaks' volunteer

What The Mother F'ing Hell? Obama's Jobs Advisors Include Job-Cutting Executives

Elizabeth Warren raised $3.15 Million in her first couple of weeks of fundraising

Beyond NYC: Omaha, Cleveland, Bloomington, IN -- I think we got ourselves a movement!

OWS - Top 3 objectives

Jesse Lagreca vs. George Will

'Joe The Plumber' To Run For Congress

Hearing From the 99 Percent

Everyone's favorite bigot, Pam Gellar, comments on OWS. The right is eating this shit up.

Hank Jr. writes song about 'Fox & Friends, ESPN

"Joe the Plumber" Runs for Congress

Saying “we welcome immigration.” Governor Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order today

Thom Hartmann on Bill Maher this weekend

The president needs to come out and be honest with everyone

Presbyterian Church Ordains Openly Gay Minister

VIDEO: Conservative Pundits’ Double Standard On Occupy Wall Street And The Tea Party

Herman, Willard, and Newt?

What are the thresholds for income and/or assets to put someone in the 1%?

700-pound pelican statue pilfered in California

Elizabeth Warren:Wow! $3.15M raised

a Word for Christopher Columbus from the Burning Spear

Meth lab found at S. Tulsa Wal-Mart

This is a job for

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) on Occupy movement.

London Calling

Warren raises $3.15 million in six weeks

Tea Party Activist Ran Sham Candidate Against Architect Of Arizona’s Anti-Immigrant Law To Split


I own stock

Former WA State GOV. ROSELLIN Dies at 101

Man attacks son with sword for not doing chores, police say

Help! Need the latest bill proposed by the pukes to bust the unions

Occupy Portland day 5 update...

Too big to fail...too big to exist..

Big National Student Teach-In for Jobs and Economic Justice planned for October 12th!

A suggestion: regularly put some local news stories on local Occupy/99% events in your state forum

A suggestion: regularly put some local news stories on local Occupy/99% events in your state forum

Local farmers experiencing worker shortages want changes

"Day 24 and the crowds have not let up." ABC helicopter report

Obama - The Middle Class Is Calling

DCCC asks supporters to sign petition in support of Occupy Wall Street

Jerry Brown signs ban on Open Carry of fire arms

I'm liking how this is shaping up (Vancouver)

Journalists Funded By ‘Vulture Capitalist’ Paul Singer Campaign To Smear Wall Street Protests

"Anwar is alive!"

(((PICS))) Occupy Wall Street - Thy People...They Have Corrupted Themselves

Occupy the Berkshires

Dog eats meat spiked with pins (updated the cat story)

Video: Bully Cat Stuffs Cat in Box

The oughta occupy the Heritage Foundation, Competitive Enterprise and the Cato Institutes & K Street

Fuck the 99%, what about the 50%?

Phony Eric Cantor praises Tea Party movement, but criticizes Occupy Wall Street protesters

Thought for all the 99%ers out there today

Thought for all the 99%ers out there today

Rupert Murdoch should be voted off News Corp. board, advisors say

where can I buy a Guy Fawkes mask for Halloween?

Eat the Rich: What "old friends" would Dr. Hannibal Lecter have for Dinner?

Supposed Craigslist ad paying for protestors for OWS?

Supposed Craigslist ad paying for protestors for OWS?

jobs and the economy Mr. President, jobs and the economy

a revolution without dancing, is a revolution not worth having

a revolution without dancing, is a revolution not worth having

Are people really getting upset at the notion of the Democratic party putting its weight behind OWS?

It Would Be A Mistake To Dismiss What's Going On In Zuccotti Park

American Spectator and journalist under fire (For trying to instigate violence)

Dems do not own the Occupy movement nor should they.

Ohio's 'Joe the Plumber' Plans to Run for Congress

Didn't they watch WKRP????

Fight over dead deer leaves 2 hospitalized

Russell Simmons, co-founder of Def Jam records, visits Occupy Wall Street - pics

"Government Orders Google to Turn Over WikiLeaks Info"

Hundreds of Occupations Nationwide; Find One Close To You!

Jesse Ventura joins kick-off of Occupy MN

HONEST QUESTION: About these two ongoing investigations of Wall St, and their relevance to OWS???

Karl Rove vs. the Koch brothers

Karl Rove vs. the Koch brothers

Karl Rove vs. the Koch brothers

Wisconsin churches prepare for new conceal carry law

Wisconsin churches prepare for new conceal carry law

Meet the Occupants

Can we get a listing of all the OWS demonstrations?

My Daughters' Mother-in laws Republican take on OWS

Nearly 500 Arctic oil & gas leases from the Bush admin restarted by Obama admin

In CBN interview, Herman Cain shows his ignorance regarding foreign policy

Reverend Al is really tearing 'em up about OWS.

Ten bucks says James O'Keefe is pooping (on camera) on a street in NYC RIGHT NOW !!1!!!

*A**hole tweety doing JUST what repukes want 'libs' to do:

Take A Musical Break!

Fox Poll.

EU party poopers ban party poppers and balloon blowing (and Magnetic fishing games) as unsafe

Most Wall Street Workers Say They Expect Same Or Higher Bonus As Last Year: Survey

The Secret Super Committee - any bets on defense contractors seeing cuts?

My Letter To Pastor Robert Bigot Jeffress

Fox News LIARS Visit Occupy Wall Street 10/09/11 SOOO GOOOODD!!!

Rev. Al Sharpton broadcasts his radio program from Occupy Wall Street protests in Zuccotti Park-pics

October 10th (today): "A day that will never, ever be forgotten" ?

Romney's religion. I almost feel sorry for the guy.

Any LDS DUers out there? I know you exist...

Ah, so fair and balanced! (3X as many Republicans as Democrats on Sunday talk this past weekend)

The ANSWERS are in the HAPPY ZONE...not the BAGGERS Party where its Boring as a termite nest

pastor robert jeffress

Wisconsin: GOP leaders support concealed carry at Capitol

Elizabeth Hasselbeck Like Many Miss The Point...

I believe that a movement like OWS is our best hope....if it remains unattached to any

Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y. visits the "Occupy Wall Street" protests - pics

Study: Minority students do better under minority teachers

mic check-Seane Corn Goes Off the Mat, Onto Occupy Wall Street

Georgia County inmates to replace firefighters

Georgia County inmates to replace firefighters

My Old buddy Eric Bolling and guest attack OWS on FNC's Your World, They are afraid of OWS

Anybody else suspect Ron Paul's campaign is trying really, really hard to co-opt OWS?

Government Aims to Build a ‘Data Eye in the Sky’

Underemployment in the Lesser Depression

Fmr Sen Russ Feingold on Keith tonight discussing accountability for corporations

Parsing the Data and Ideology of the We Are 99% Tumblr

Pastor Robert Jeffress is sticking his foot in Rick Perry's mouth again...

Huntsman: Dallas Pastor is a 'moron'

John Lewis on purported snub: It reminded me of SNCC

What an asshole.

Best Wishes on this Native American Day

Slavoj Zizek speaks at OWS

Poll shows Gov. Scott Walker with low favorability ratings and highly vulnerable to recall.

What Does It Mean To "Win" A War?

OWS solution: equal right for labor and capital

kpete 2009 post- Citigroup analysis 2005: Invest in companies catering to wealthy consumers

Mississippi considers anti-abortion 'personhood amendment'


I had no idea how bad the disparity was until I saw this graphic...

The hounds are catching up with the British FOX

The hounds are catching up with the British FOX

It’s the oligarchy, stupid

I am not John Galt.

Would we ever elect a Scientologist as President?

It's Just Math: CBO Says Millionaire Surcharge Can Pay For ALL of Obama Jobs Package

Cain Pulls Even With Romney on Economy: Poll

Just a quick question

Apology issued to dad questioned for taking pictures of daughter

Legally Blind 15-Year-Old Pitches No-Hitter In Little League

Ben and Jerry’s Moos Its Support For Protesters

If I hear the word Christian again I'm going to puke.

Perry ad appears to use official W.H. photo

London Evening Standard: 40 and Flatsharing in Britain.

Justice Stevens, in new memoir, rebukes Bush for 2000 recount maneuver

My 8 year old knows the words to Woody Guthrie's " I Don't Want Your Millions, Mister" via Dan Zanes

WTF????Entire Mexico city police force held for investigation

Wow, Keith goes from no tie to tux! nt

Travel trailer reviews/opinion?

Travel trailer reviews/opinion?

Out of Memory at line: 14

Occupy Kansas City Sun, 10/9/11, pictures

New Law Bans Self-Service Checkout for Alcohol


Hunger revealed at Costco

California Governor Brown vetoes industrial hemp bill

Giant gourd sets state pumpkin record

Geraldo pretending he did not get chased off at OWS

Riot police headed toward protestors at Occupy Boston

Mass genocide of Mohawk children by UK Queen and Vatican uncovered in Canada

Great response to the "Taxes are theft" argument

New ice cream flavor: Fat Cat Fudge Ripple?

Fox News in a nutshell

Sold up but not sold out, Ben and Jerry are still the poster boys for fair trade & more!

Anyone watch Homeland on HBO? Spotted Lawrence O Donell in an acting role..

DERF TOON: MSM on Occupy Wall St vs. Teabagger

10/10/11: Today's Great OWS Sign/Pic... Feel Free To Add On...

Thanks to Ed Schultz for talking about this today: Inmates could staff fire stations in Ga. county

Tonight on Countdown: Russ Feingold, Russell Simmons, David Swanson

My eight-point plan for the 99 Percent Movement (aka OWS)

Perry and Romney have taken off the gloves

Thoughtlet for the day: Obama really missed the boat

Daughter's field trip today. Got everything? Keys, sunglasses, heroin.

Let's accumulate ALL statistics regarding wealth ownership/distribution

Let's accumulate ALL statistics regarding wealth ownership/distribution

NYT Reporter Suing To Gain Access To Secret PATRIOT Act Report (Charlie Savage)


Crime pays for police

On Beginners

Reporter "incites a riot" after infiltrating OWS crowd.

"the real extremists here are America’s oligarchs"

The Wall

So glad we have honest brokers overseeing the environment…

Adam Smith on economic freedom

On Occupy Wall Street

On Occupy Wall Street

Scores of Protestors Sickened by Godfather’s Pizza

Alan Grayson coming up as Rachel's guest after the commercial

OccupyAustin day 5

Is Glenn Greenwald right that Al Awlaki merely advocated that Muslims defend themselves?

A friend posted this video for Columbus day

Turn on Rachel right fugging now -If you ever had doubts about my use of

Shemp is reporting on Faux about OWS now...

Ok, so it would appear the next National Meltdown is scheduled to start tomorrow:

Freedom Plaza Protests: U.S. Park Police Offers 4-Month Permit Extension

Libya, Sirte civilian: "We would rather die here than leave our houses and suffer"

Albuquerque Protest Not Slowing Down

Eric Barney Held Ex-Girlfriend Hostage In Her Own Home For Two Months

Wisconsin Dems Announce Timeline For Walker Recall Effort

"'Til 2013 do us part? Mexico mulls 2-year marriage"

"'Til 2013 do us part? Mexico mulls 2-year marriage"

No U.S. Recession as Forecasts Improve to Weakest Expansion

No U.S. Recession as Forecasts Improve to Weakest Expansion

PHOTO of the DAY (JAPAN) Dial up warning

GOP Election Director Calls Into 'Malloy Show' on Probs With PA County's E-Voting Systems

David Frum, the "moderate" Republican

Now the Wingnuts are going after Lawrence O'Donnell

My grocery store today:

Just heard Glen Beck on the radio saying OWS people will kill you!

Savage Wiener explains OWS to his listeners

teachers, students, parents. what do you think about a kid listening to music

WI GOP lawmaker seeks wind turbine construction moratorium

Canada: Government likely to intervene in Air Canada strike

Dorothy Cooper, 96... Denied Registration Because She Didn't Have Her Marraige License...

James O'Keefe is trolling around Occupy Wall Street (video)

Fungus could wipe out Philippine bananas: growers

They must be getting nervous, HBO is showing the apologist propaganda

1.9 Million in OT to police NY 99%ers.

1.9 Million in OT to police NY 99%ers.

An OWS Halloween

Andy Borowitz: "I don't call them 'bankers.' I call them 'French Revolution reenactors.'"

Dems backing Occupy Wall St. are funded by Wall St.

Empty Town Halls and ‘Easter Bunny Epiphanies’: On the Campaign Trail With Gary Johnson

James O’Keefe Reportedly Creeping Around Occupy Wall Street

Isn't It Ironic ??? - From Targeted Assassinations To Threatening Medical Marijuana Dispensaries...

Jim Hightower: Big Oil: $135 Million -- School Children: 0

9 Things The Rich Don't Want You To Know About Taxes

Protect Our - Keep Up With GOP Efforts to Steal 2012

Why isn't the media asking: "If the economy is doing so badly...

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Mike's back

Iran sentences film actress to 90 lashes

Russ Feingold Explains Why Govt, Media, and Banksters Fear Occupy Wall Street

Gov. Jerry Brown Blasts Data-based School Reform...

Anybody occupying DC: I have a washer/dryer

CDC executive arrested for child molestation, bestiality

I am freaking loving these OWs protests

Got printer? Got dashboard? Got window?

11:30 p.m. Boston Police have issued a warning...

OWS in Atlanta is being cleared out by the cops

Frustrated with Teabagger mother....

It's so wonderful to have true environmentalists looking out for us in this Administration...

GLBT History Month: Christine Jorgensen


"Better to invalidate a million legitimate votes than to validate a single illegal one"

Occupy Wall Street Protests Rankle the Rich

"I have the dick -- I make the rules."

It's a given that some form of Socialism is a better system

DUer David Swanson to join Keith tonight to discuss the TWO infiltrators

Recently there was a news story about someone stealing manholes in my city.

'Millionaire' home visits add to Wall Street protests

Obama & Holder: All Medical Pot cooperatives must close down, even if they are obeying state law

Google autocomplete Win

Rupert Murdoch Uses His Media Empire to Declare War On Occupy Wall Street

A very special Walmart moment.....

Poll needs some DU help!

NYC OWS - here is a pic of the camera bag of the freeper who is posting your pics

State Department Admits Its ‘Independent’ Tar Sands Pipeline Review Was Paid For By TransCanada

CNN study: Schoolyard bullies not just preying on the weak

Rep. Peter King Fears Occupy Wall Street's Policy Influence

Alan Grayson Defends OWS on Maddow: ‘They’re Doing The One Last Human Thing Left’- VIDEO

Children are to be banned from traditional Xmas games according to new EU safety rules

what does this "protestor" have in his pocket?

Netflix does a "takesy backsy"

Guardian editor tweets to ask RW UK Member of European Parliament if he's an ALEC member, & WHY

For OWS, and everybody else out there looking for real change

An Open Letter To (Boston’s) Mayor Menino

How much should employers give their employees and how much should they keep for themselves?

How much should employers give their employees and how much should they keep for themselves?

How much should employers give their employees and how much should they keep for themselves?

So, will OWS be coopted by the Democratic party?

REPORT: The Major Banks Are About To Strike A Big, $20 Billion Foreclosure Settlement

NYTimes Sues Federal Government For Refusing To Reveal Its Secret Interpretation Of The PATRIOT ACT

Who really owns the President and Congress

Occupy Wall Street protests have now spread to Ireland - VIDEOS & PHOTOS

Who is Herman Cain? How did this Fed Reserve Banker insert himself in the dialog at this time?

White, Straight, Republican, Male...How else can I piss you off today?

Here's The Chart That Will Get Obama Fired

Faux News' Occupy Wall Street Poll Definitely Not Going The Way They Planned It...

Cowtown is Also Part of the 99%: Occupy Fort Worth

Omaha Steve is buying into an NFL team (I won't forget where I come from)

This is what we want.

This is a thousand times bigger and stronger than the Tea Party.

I'm in the are about a quarter of those on this board.

Dress For Protest: Group Wants Wall Street Occupiers To Suit Up

Dress For Protest: Group Wants Wall Street Occupiers To Suit Up

Why Is This Facebook Graphic Going Viral?

What is it with liberals who STILL believe in the Afghanistan war?

What is it with liberals who STILL believe in the Afghanistan war?

Oh Oh: Is James O’Keefe a FUGITIVE?

Tom Tomorrow: But what do they want?

Cornel West: Herman Cain ‘needs to get off the symbolic crack pipe’

Have any relics of the Spanish explorers ever been found in the continental US?

The banks paid back everything they borrowed with interest.

LOOK OUT! The 99%ers are coming.

‘Bank Transfer Day’ Causes Credit Union Buzz

‘Bank Transfer Day’ Causes Credit Union Buzz

‘Bank Transfer Day’ Causes Credit Union Buzz

Major League Baseball Prevented Another 9/11, Says Value Voters Speaker

Dear Scott Walker, a picture is worth a thousand words...

Occupy Wall Street Protests: The Already Accomplished

Democrats Seek to Own 'Occupy Wall Street' Movement

A message from Dr. Patch Adams to #OccupyWallSt

Wisconsin: Recall Walker IS ON

Download issue #2 of The Occupied Wall Street Journal

Critics of OWS protestors say they're the fringe of the left

FOX NEWS LIES! FOX NEWS LIES! Geraldo Driven Out Of Occupy Wall Street Protest!

Woman wrongfully arrested, forced to listen to Rush Limbaugh (not the Onion)

So, who are the 1%? (not a metaphorical question)

Cross Eyed Ron Christie Says OWS Mobs are Having Sex

The Government gave $16 trillion to the banks. And nobody else is talking about it.

David Swanson:Freedom Plaza Is Now Ours

As a witness to 13 presidential elections I can honestly say

My 3 objectives regarding OWS: Fairness, Justice, and Jobs

Barack Obama: The worst president in U.S. history regarding medical marijuana

A kid just came to the door wanting to mow my lawn.

Occupy Wall Street... mansions

Wanna Really Know What's Going On With Pot Dispensaries ??? - Here's A Big One !!!

It hurts our cause - and OWS's cause - to advocate against capitalism.

Rogue Amish Sect Members Arrested

Trial begins for cop in death of mentally disabled man

Time to talk me down again, people.

Marine Vet at #OccupyWallStreet Tells Sean Hannity to "F**k Off"

I went over to freerepublic to nose around for the black T-shirt guy.

Musician Kanye West visits the "Occupy Wall Street" protests in Zuccotti Park - pic

Holy... Crap...

Capitalism IS the problem

Man Beats His Wife to Death for Understandable Reason (??)

Man Beats His Wife to Death for Understandable Reason (??)

‘Bank Transfer Day’ Causes Credit Union Buzz

Ha ha ha . . . that's cute, right wangers . . .

Panic of the Plutocrats.

15% of prehistoric deaths were homicide

Occupy Chicago is marching and has effectively stalled rush hour traffic . . .

Occupy Chicago is marching and has effectively stalled rush hour traffic . . .

IPhone 4S Preorders Top Million in a Day: Apple...preorders sold out. Whole bunch of great nationwide #Occupy photos

Ed reform group leader showed true colors in ugly note to a Ft. Wayne union teacher.

Notice how now the media is concern about violence...

Libyan Revolution Week 34 part 2

American Spectator's AGENT PROVOCATEUR initiated police confrontation. Criminal complaint.

Ocuupiers..lazy, radical, left wing mobs..

Occupy Wall Street Warning: "Obama’s presidency could someday be seen as little but an irrelevancy"

Occupy Wall Street Warning: "Obama’s presidency could someday be seen as little but an irrelevancy"

GOP Sees ‘Mob’ in Wall St. Protests

OccupyMN livefeed

GOP candidate Roemer joining Occupy Wall Street

Pictures from OWS in NYC on Saturday 10/8

Bloomberg: Occupy Wall Street Can Stay Indefinitely

"EpicStep" to pay for Occupy Wall Street billboards if enough people vote for them on their Website

Do other schools take this stance on bullying?

I know somebody who knows somebody

I know somebody who knows somebody

Over at F.R., it's "Meet the New Palin, Same as the Old Palin" ("Herman Cain tells it like it is!")

Over at F.R., it's "Meet the New Palin, Same as the Old Palin" ("Herman Cain tells it like it is!")

Nodding to Tea Party, Pinellas (FL) Commission Stops Community Water Fluoridation

On the Need to Challenge President Obama from the Left

"No, I lead." "No i'm going to lead." " No...


Words of Bar Room and Bathroom Wisdom

Just had a lovely Canadian Thanksgiving dinner. Dessert was honeycakes, pumpkin pie

And STAY OUT!!!!!

Just TRY not to see an orchestra in front of one of these when you spot 'em now.

Has anyone else matriculated at The Tommy Chong School of Culinary Art?

Li'l MFM met The Most Interesting Man in the World... and has tried to follow his words of wisdom.

GD is getting more and more like the Lounge. Anybody else notice this?

We can't all be the big cheese. The CEO. The 1%.

Times is tough.

Simon's Cat: Double Trouble (for those with more than one kitty)

Is it okay if we call Heather Mills a gold digger?

Kitty... Don't Eat The Human...Kitty

So, What Did Everyone Think of the "Breaking Bad" Finale (SPOILER ALERT)

Herman Cain Predicts Country will Mourn his Death more than Steve Jobs

Fight Bedbugs with Preparation H

so, I was reading ATA just now and I have to wonder about all my deleted posts

Head over heels

Window on the world

Skin care advice? (question from a middle-aged guy)

Anyone know a way to ramp up on programming synths?

Red, white, and pale blue

Cute - it's earthquake preparedness day -

You want these guys? You gotta come through me.

Happy birthday, John Prine!

occupy the castle!

My brain hates me

Floridians, what's your color? I'm in the red zone...

Loungeteers, I need a longer reading passage or quote on creativity you hug at church?

Food advice for a soldier in Afghanistan

Who left the refrigerator open?!!!

You gonna' be a bridge or a river? Which is it?

I can bearly stay awake

Face Off!!!

Dexter Season 6

Michele Bachmann to Open Nationwide Chain of Abortion Clinics

Old news but not on DU: TSA Creator Says Dismantle, Privatize the Agency

PHOTO: "The new guy acts like his droppings don't stink"...

Do you shake hands at church?

A Store Front in Berlin. I have NO idea what this is.

Dog Is Afraid of Julia Roberts

PHOTO: These days, even Welcome Wagon seems to have lost its sunny disposition

Out of Memory at line: 14

When you first got beyond candy and had an allowance what did you repeatedly buy? I bought

That had to leave a mark

Downtown Abbey's Rose Leslie cast as Ygritte in Game of Thrones, Season 2

Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. How do you use up your leftovers?

Prostitutes, Doctors, and TSA Agents: A Venn Diagram


Serial shitter on the loose in Ocala, Florida, lock up your toilets!

OK - I need to know the best electric shaver out there. I have thick stubble

Herman Cain Predicts Country will Mourn his Death more than Steve Jobs

CRAP! AMC is one of the stations I watch regularly, but with all of "The Walking Dead"

Has anyone ever adopted a child? Or been adopted themselves?

Living persons can be on postage stamps: Who is the second nomination?

Larry Hagman Still Alive

Herman Cain: 'I Felt Like Moses' (VIDEO)

Panic of the Plutocrats.

German ’Trojan’ Spyware May Violate Constitution

If you were a sci-fi alien, what kind of sci-fi alien would you be?

Protester killed in Freeport Indonesia mine strike

Fight over dead deer leaves 2 hospitalized

Samsung Nexus Prime smartphone delay is 'Jobs tribute'

Travel trailer reviews/opinion?

Comette family home damaged by egg-sized meteorite

John Lewis not miffed by “Occupy Atlanta” dis

Guys: I got a new electric shaver.

Tim Allen has a new sitcom on...

Rep. Peter King Fears Occupy Wall Street's Policy Influence

REPORT: The Major Banks Are About To Strike A Big, $20 Billion Foreclosure Settlement

(Prime Minister Donald) Tusk wins second term in Poland

Gunmen attack mosque in Tripoli

China Stocks Drop to Lowest Level in 2 Years as Developers Fall

Blackberry services down in Europe, Middle East and Africa

If Banks Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Banks

"Fifty bucks never killed anybody!"

"Downsized" - am I the only person who feels no pity for the mother and father?

Multiple people shot in Newark

(UK defence minister Liam Fox) British Official Answers Questions on His Aide

Giant gourd sets state pumpkin record

Warren raises $3.15M; Brown raises $1.55M

Government Aims to Build a ‘Data Eye in the Sky’

Struggling Wisconsinites ask: Where are the jobs with good wages?

Beijing intervenes to help stabilise banks

Crime pays for police

Jerry Brown OKs bills on autism, unlicensed drivers

FTC: Food Marketing Guidelines Should Not Be Extended to Cover Kids 12-17

Shunning Nuclear Plants at Home, Japan Pursues Building Them Overseas

Scientists warn out-of-control three ton telescope is hurtling towards Earth

Occupy Wall Street Protests Rankle the Rich

Cairo clashes: military rulers hold emergency talks with Christian leaders

Bloomberg: Occupy Wall Street Can Stay Indefinitely

Occupy Omaha protest planned

Romney surges ahead in New Hampshire, new poll shows

(UK) 400,000 children will fall into relative poverty by 2015, warns IFS

So what do you do at your evolutionary meetings?

I am considering breaking up with my boyfriend.

Cops remove protesters at midnight

New Zealand oil spill: conservationists warn of wildlife 'tragedy'

Joe the plumber to run against. Marcy Kaptur (D)

Hundreds of Bloomington residents join Occupy Wall Street movement in protest at People's Park

UPDATE: 32 Arrested in Occupy Des Moines Protest

Obama jobs bill facing key vote Tuesday

Japan Studies Radiation Effects on Children

California revenues down by $705 million

Inside each of us are two wolves....

Secret Orders Target Email

Do you clap your hands at church?

People who use blinding blue headlights are ____(fill_in_the_blank)____.

Nobel prize for economics awarded to two Americans

Honey Badger don't care!

Max had to stay at the vet's overnight--need prayers, vibes, etc.

Netflix kills plan to split off DVD rentals

Wal-Mart stores closed in China after pork probe

Effort to recall Wis. governor to start Nov. 15

N.B.A. Cancels First Two Weeks of Season

Campaign grows to oust Murdoch

Florida killer of mom, 2 kids to be executed on Nov. 15

Teens, owners object to tanning-bed ban for minors

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday, October 10, 2011

The Occupy movement comes to Oakland

'Anonymous' takes down for 1 minute

Japan 'offers 10,000 free trips to foreigners'

Al-Qaeda joins those questioning legality of U.S. killing of citizen Awlaki

Limits on supplemental Medicare plans eyed

Most heartbreaking movie scene ever.

Romney: Wall Street Protestors Seeking Scapegoats

Scientists’ Analysis Disputes F.B.I. Closing of Anthrax Case

'Occupy Cleveland' growing in size and numbers

(CA Gov. Jerry) Brown vetoes bill to limit cell phone searches

# # # # # # # # # OCTOBER MILESTONES # # # # # # # # second edition...

Ahhh... the 1950's were a gourmet's delight!!!

Occupy NJ has started

"It’s a thin pretense for an undemocratic scheme"

TPM: Rick Perry’s Scary Movie-Style Attack Ad Slams The Horror Of Romneycare

Did anonymous shut down the NYSE? It's supposed to be today...

Feingold On Occupy Wall Street: 'A Great Way To Make Change' (VIDEO)

I'm following the president's orders: "You'll have to hold my feet to the fire" --Barack Obama, 2008

The Vice President Needs Some Facebook Friends

Political Wire: Romney Leads Nationally, Cain Second

Nancy Pelosi smacks Eric Cantor over Occupy Wall Street

Dick head columist trying to down play Elizabath Warren in the Senate race

Damn it I could not find a matching sock this morning...

NH GOP Poll: Romney leads (but support soft) Cain strong second & Perry has pathetic 4%

NYT editorial: Chipping Away at Gridlock

Here is the last ditch Republican effort to win in 2012...

The media is trying to resurrect Perry with the mormon shit


Are there ANY republican primary states that allow independents to vote

Please DU this FOX Poll: "Do 'Occupy Wall Street' Protests Represent Your Views of the Economy?"

Ed Schultz has the SAME guy on every time from TX Jim Moore about Perry

Krugman: If Banks Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Banks

Red State Update: Hank Jr. & Hitler, N-wordhead & Perry

Romney: Herman Cain wishes he was as experienced as me

Global mass protests 15th October 2011

Red State Pupdate: Impressions

The Greek People Never Agreed to the Debt or Austerity

Occupy The phone lines to APPROVE HJ.Res.78, resolution to overturn Citizens United!

Obama meeting with corporate job-cutting/wage cutting executives on his "job creation" panel.

The Onion: Last Bastion Of U.S. Economy Succumbs To Pancreatic Cancer

Thom Hartmann: Conversations with Great Minds - Amy Goodman on Occupy Wall Street. Part 1

Thom Hartmann: GOP's new Job Creation Plan...Dwarf Tossing?

Please Help the 99%

Perry's movie trailer-style attack ad on Romney

Reconsider Columbus Day

99% to Bankers: We've got the guillotine!

Introducing Troy Davis Park

Jed Brandt at Brecht Forum, on

Papantonio: Now's The Time to Get Mad and Do Something

Feingold on protests: "I'm excited about it"

Papantonio: Who’s Pulling The Strings For Rick Perry?

Thom Hartmann: Conversations with Great Minds - Amy Goodman - Troy Davis' Execution. Part 2

One of the 1% respond to the 99% about Occupy Wall Street

America's Longest War: New Study Examines Demographics of U.S. Casualties in Afghanistan

'Face to Face' Canadian Tv talks MI-5 whistle blower

SNL Politics Reviewed: Mitt, Christie and Hank Williams jr.

Falling German Satellite Could Hit Earth Any Day Now

Keith Olbermann Reads A Statement Released By Wall Street Protesters

Baggers Baffled by the OWS Revolutions BLOOMING into a Nation Wide Status

Occupy Wall Street - Real American Music Video

Natural Gas Ads are Bull! Total Breakdown of Corporate Responsibility Exposed by Satire. Ironic News

Mad In Madison, Too, with Russ Feingold - Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Viewing information for the October 11th GOP presidential debate

RepubliCorp Anthem: We Will Own You!

Another repuke debate tomorrow night. What will you be watching?

Growing Pains, with David Swanson - Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Slavoj Zizek At OWS PART2

MY NEW Bumper Sticker is Simple, and to the Point..... ;)

Immanuel Wallerstein: 'Capitalism Collapsing, cash-n-grab system cannot survive'

Young Turks: Occupy Wall Street Dangerous - Romney

Congressional Dysfunction Begins To Spook Old Pros

Slavoj Zizek at OWS Part1

TDPS: Yet Another Fundamental Conservative 1st Amendment Misunderstanding...Sad

The Hole Was Too Big

Conservative Writer Admits ‘Infiltrating’ 99 Percent Movement To ‘Mock And Undermine’ It

Do you believe that some women are sexist?

Please think again: do you really want executions without indictment or trial?

Young Turks: Marijuana Crackdown By Obama Admin - Big Pharma $

Alan Grayson Steals the Show on Real Time w/ Bill Maher

15 October - United for Global Change

On October 15th in Washington DC, The People are Rising Up And Marching for Jobs and Justice!

Marine Vet at OSW Tells Sean Hannity to Fuck Off

L.A. County expands no-cost healthcare

UN silent despite no grounds for NATO war on Libya

Adbusters' Kalle Lasn Talks About OccupyWallStreet

Women warriors of Japan

Keynes and Hayek, the Great Debate (Part 3): Nicholas Wapshott

A Few #OWS Protest Sign Ideas

Journalists funded by Paul Singer to smear Occupy Wall Street protests

Panic of the Plutocrats

Washington Protest Stays Put

Bryan Fischer: Government Should Treat Gays Like Intravenous Drug Users

End ALL The Wars Immediately, The Only Real Power Obama Has Left

Wendell Potter: OWS Should Also Take Aim at Health Insurance Companies

Easy Reference Guide to the Koch Brothers' Activities

The Myth of Voter Fraud. Editorial NYT

Back to the Land, Reluctantly

Commemorating China’s 1911 revolution From Sun to Mao to now

Occupy America needs only one goal: ban corporate personhood


Rich People Create Jobs! And 5 other myths that must die for our economy to live - Mother Jones

Chris - AKA Captain Midnight

I think it's time for another statue in Washington, this one right outside the Supreme Court.

If Banks Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Banks

Steve King would repeat slavery era of American History; nothing he would change

A GOP assault on environmental regulations

Occupy Everything (James Howard Kunstler)

New York City and Taiz, Yemen: A Tale of Two Protests

GOP Critics of 'Occupy Wall St.' Criticized By Marie Antoinette

Barnes & Noble New Policy re: Physical vs Electronic books

Democrats outline Walker recall plans

A Tribute To Anita Hill After 20 Years

What Happens When Everyone Else Starts Using Drones?

New York Man Defecates On Cop Car; Media Goes Crazy. Another BrietFart Production!

Occupy Los Angeles Heard some of the LAPD dropped off 3 crates of supplies: hygienic products, snack

A Decade of Fear: Six Questions for Michelle Shephard by Scott Horton

Today is a day the US goverment celebrates. The Native Americans mourn this day!

Chris Hedges: Why the Elites Are in Trouble

Fox Noise has a poll check it out!

Slavoj Žižek Speaks to Occupy Wall Street