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Fukushima update

Washingtonians! If you can, contribute to Jay Inslee's campaign before midnight!

Judge tosses 1 of 2 suits over Cherokee freedmen

U.S. reassures Pakistan amid anti-American protests

Fifth Amendment

Secret U.S. memo sanctioned killing of Aulaqi

Liberal vs. conservative identity politics

Paris launches electric car-sharing scheme

I think it's time for Black Bloc to Come in OWS.

Can we come together and support Occupy Wall Street?

Floriduuuh!: GUN LAWS New state law puts bullet in local gun ordinances

Celebrate a life... Troy Davis funeral today

Just got back from Portland's (OR) first GA

National Man of Mystery

A bit of money of mine on the OccupyWallStreet protest

Yemen protesters react to Awlaki killing

Solyndra being investigated for accounting fraud

Two Americans were summarily and extrajudicially executed by their own government today

Occupy Austin

Oshkosh Corp. Union rejects new labor contract, authorizes strike

Wake up DUers - time for Chris Hayes - Occupy Wall Street

Afghan president says talks with Taliban useless

AP Enterprise: Global Islamic group rising in Asia

Canada Supreme Court rules that North America’s only legal drug injection site can stay open

Bring it on Bigga

(Canada) Clifford Olson, notorious serial killer, dead from cancer

In response to the "Does my flag offend you?" meme

Federal Ed. Policy a Whipping Boy for GOP Hopefuls

State Dept. Hearings on Keystone Pipeline (Tar Sands) Run by Contractor--comments needed

what we should be doing about global warming, imho

If the al-Awlaki operation was a joint one with the Yemenis, why no effort at apprehension?

Guantanamo prepares for next military trial of terrorism suspect

Please DU this poll on President Obama's performance:

I have this misunderstanding about DU

What kind of top secret info can you steal from Hooters?

The tea party brew...

Five Ways #OccupyWallStreet Has Succeeded

another nuke plant event in S. Carolina

John Bolton Does His Best To Downplay Obama’s Killing Of Awlaki

FAA workers to get back pay for furloughs

The first truth of war...

Anyone think turning SS over to the states as Perry wants to do is a good idea?

Hispanic students vanish from Alabama schools

Please consider rec-ing the following post:

Goth Photographers in a Row over Graves

New Schoolhouse Rock idea "Assassination R-Us!!"

FIRE !!!1!

Poll finds no evidence of morning-after pill abuse {spain}

BOA $5 debit card fee does not apply if the cardholder is a premium customer

Kansas governor: State should invest in livestock

"Turner, (Anthony) WEINER in FRANK(s) talk." No BUNS discussed.

Planned model airplane attack and assassination of Awlaki connected?

Egypt: The Class War Intensifies.

Occupy Boston

Obama's economic Vietnam

These young protesters at "Occupy Wall Street" seem to have more good sense

These young protesters at "Occupy Wall Street" seem to have more good sense

Richard Nixon's Watergate Grand Jury Testimony To Be Unsealed (thanks to group founded by Nader)

Now if Al-Awlaki had account at BofA and had a mimimum balance, paid the 5 buck monthly fee...

LTTE: Republicans, tea partyers attempt a gigantic Social Security fraud

About the ignore feature. I have been attacked and rightfully so at times by a few people

Was the killing of al Awalki legal?

Al-Shabaab Islamic group kidnaps wheelchair bound woman

David Brooks: The Limits of Empathy

Mark Kelly, husband of Rep. Giffords, retires from Navy

Update on the war against Libya and Africa - September 28th

Charles Barkley quote:

Washington State minimum wage moving up to $9.04 per hour

‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protests Spread Across the Country - ABCNews

President Obama has a heavy load.

Carville's Secret

Excellent, thoughtful discussion of the Awlaki killing from Rachel Madow

Share This Facebook Status If You Stand With Protesters Worldwide

lol This is so funny, I have to bring this back (Glenn Beck)

Awlaki, once considered a moderate imam, became radicalized

When is it acceptable for the government to assassinate someone?

Why the pukes lose in 2012, based on past 50 yrs

Occupy K.C. Liberty Memorial 9/30/11

I've seen the light!

Question about prayer in local government.

Gouging Award goes to banks for new debit card fee

I watched "The Ox-Bow Incident'' last night

Forcing "investors" to truly invest

RT News: Chelsea Elliot, Maced Wall Street protester speaks out

If our policy is to use drones to kill our enemies, why the Iraq War?

TWU President explains why they have joined Wallstreet protest.

Mr. Fish Toon:Billions and Billions Saved

Maine Elections Chief Uses GOP List To Intimidate Student Voters. . . .

Maine Elections Chief Uses GOP List To Intimidate Student Voters. . . .

Greenwald on Democracy Now! discussing Awlaki

Irony: Texas drought unveils proof that the world is older than 6,000 years.

Stocks dive for worst quarter since crisis

The Latest Crime Wave: Sending Your Child to a Better School

If Ron Paul thinks President Obama broke the law why doesn't he file articles of impeachment?

If Ron Paul thinks President Obama broke the law why doesn't he file articles of impeachment?

Is Rush Limbaugh

Obama was in over his head

Occupy Wall Street Gets Support From Unions

HOT lanes near Hotlanta

Bank of America is about to charge us $5/month for using our Debit cards -- the screwing never ends

Troy Davis funeral right now.

Flodds, drought, pestilence, and now....'Hairy crazy ants' invade from Texas to Miss.

Flodds, drought, pestilence, and now....'Hairy crazy ants' invade from Texas to Miss.

OK -- Youv'e got my attention. Now what?

Live streaming video of OccupyWallStreet -- if you can't actually be there.

Explain why Obama couldn't legally use a targeted drone strike here in the US..

and we're here...why?

Stephen Colbert’s fake Gates foundation raises $100,000

Does anyone remember the killing of Fred Hampton?

OWS live feed drops... during a sit in on the Brooklyn Bridge

Live Video: Police Arresting Protesters on Brooklyn Bridge

Live Video: Police Arresting Protesters on Brooklyn Bridge

Atlanta Falcons owner sells Buckhead mansion for millions less than he'd hoped to get

I Can't Access GMail, Facebook For Past Half-Hour

These young protesters at "Occupy Wall Street" seem to have more good sense

Well... THIS Is An Interesting Development...

These people you call job creators...



Maybe occupy WS'ers should hold up some tea party signs...then the media

Why did Nazi and Japanese War Criminals, along with Timothy McVeigh and the Unabomber get a trial?

Rachel Maddow Questions Legality of Anwar al-Awlaki Killing (VIDEO)

I blame Governor Spotswood

Bank of America has 59 million US customers - demonizing them is politically futile

The Great Leap Boho

Would America (and you) still cheer if the assassinated American terrorist looked like this?

PEGGYs??? The Mighty GOP is but a GROUP OF PEGGYS? OMG :o)

PEGGYs??? The Mighty GOP is but a GROUP OF PEGGYS? OMG :o)


Gonna need a few more wristcuffs...

NBC New York -- More Arrests as Occupy Wall St. Marches on BK Bridge

Mexico City considers 2-year marriage license

Anyone else having problems with livestream?

Occupy Tampa Bay. Today.

If Timothy McVeigh had been shot killed by a cop while trying to escape after the bombing....

Bush suffers court setbacks in war on terrorism

Campaign Announcement Celebration (Gwen Howard Ne-2)

Is the live feed from Occupy Wall Street down?


During the 60's and 70's our government was assassinating Black Panther members by the dozen

Brooklyn Bridge protest live video

City's Poverty Rate Inspires March Across Brooklyn Bridge

Judge overturns murder conviction in 1994 slaying

Occupy Wall Street's facebook page says cops are starting to drag people away

Woman sues tea party chairman in West Palm Beach and wins and loses

Bank of America Needs Debit Card Money CEO Brian T. Moynihan Only Made $1,940,069 Last Year

Occupy WallStreet Biggest event of our times

Those who hold dear human rights must defend scoundrels.

NYTImes reporter arrested on Brooklyn Bridge according to Occupy Wall Street

Hey Keith Olbermann

I propose a new meme and plan of action

Toby Keith Weighs In on Gay Marriage, Military

Bloomberg: "We'll See" If City Will Let Occupy Wall St Continue -Wall Streeters Are Struggling

Seriously it is lovely to see so many young people

2 Jobs Act just now on the "primetime" SEC game

Did anyone read this SIGTarp report?

I wonder when Wall St's goons are going to inject violence into the OccupyWallStreet protest.

I wonder when Wall St's goons are going to inject violence into the OccupyWallStreet protest.

Have more sex, save a Polar Bear

Have more sex, save a Polar Bear

CNN is covering IBD Heros, The Underwear Bomber and Jackson's doctor

Sorry media, financial district protests are not going away.

You know who else didn't get a trial?

Washington Post condescends to cover OccWallStreet

New York Abandons Eye Exams For Driver's Licenses

As a BoA customer, I would like to thank you for...

LAT: Other American killed with Awlaki was 'Al Qaeda to the core'

Modern use of Whale oil - is this true or not?

Occupy protests will lead to...

Occupy protests will lead to...

As gold prices soar, Bodie is thrust from the past

Wall Street Encampment Is Turning Into a Tiny Town

Occupied Wall Street: Some Tactical Thoughts (And Critiques)**

NYT: Tea Party "populist answers" are usually gimmicks that make things worse.

NYT: Tea Party "populist answers" are usually gimmicks that make things worse.

Fox & Friends: Nancy Pelosi is a witch

'Slutwalk' Protest Against NYPD In Union Sq.

Will the Wall Street Protest lead to anything good?

American Community Survey. is this legit. and from the govt, not some repug ploy? nt

Chris Hayes cites pro-life group’s report on Planned Parenthood ‘misleading’

Chris Hayes cites pro-life group’s report on Planned Parenthood ‘misleading’

"entrapment" protesters funneled to bridge. 400 arrested

A few thoughts on strategy regarding the #Occupy workers. Please add yours if appropriate.

Occupy Wall Street now publishing its own newspaper!!!!

More than 50 arrested in Wall Street protest

CSpan2/BookTC atert - starting now - "The Interrogator" author

Quite honestly, if you are for the Al Awalki killing, then you are for fascism


Demonstrators Affiliated With The OWS Movement Wave To Supporters As They Wait To Be Arrested - pic

Is Twitter blocking Occupy Wall Street from trending in the USA?

Who told us that we're not being treated fairly?

Could the POTUS legally order your assassination

Toon Celebrate the Afghanistan war's 10th anniversary!

Dowd: Cooperation in Evil

Some students should not go into a health profession

Stunning reflection perfection mountain-range shots.

Occupy LA now - Livestream...

House Republican Appropriators don't think coal miners need protection from black lung disease

Afghanistan Holds Enormous Bounty of Rare Earths, Minerals

A Tale of Two Demonstrations...

When's the last time you bought film? Kodak hires restructuring lawyers

Per ProPublica - Geithner made a $4.5 billion profit for taxpayers off Bank of America

I hope Christie or someone else enters the GOP race next month or December and wins the nomination

Quote a bible verse for an oil change...

Florida jury finds millionaire guilty of wife's murder

Republicans Release A Budget That Would Kill Thousands of Jobs and Create 0

Do you remember the USS Cole...?

You are president and the CIA hands you a PDB entitled: Awlaki Determined To Strike in US

Our News Media (hear no evil see no evil SPEAK no evil)

RW meme of the day: Dodd/Frank forced BoA to charge responsible customers

Grandmother threw 2yr granddaughter to death because she felt unloved by family

Occupy Albuquerque

‘Occupy Denver’ protester: We’re standing against corporate rule

So much for prayfest for rain in Texas... 9 more years of drought predicted

Kroger Manager Told Me (Hinted) It Was Time For Me To Leave the...

Toon - You, on the other hand

October - the start of scary season

OUR troops holding General Assembly in Iraq? Will join with OWStreet.

Wow--15 announced Republican Presidential candidates--

Just discovered "Weather Nation" ...What a change from the commercial/fluff "Weather Channel"

CNN covering now

Obama's DOJ strikes again. No guns for medicinal cannabis users.

Livestream going crazy right now.

Sunday Talk Shows

‘Occupy Denver’ protester: We’re standing against corporate rule

Radical cleric killed by drone was twice arrested with prostitutes in San Diego

PROTESTER: Here's What Happened When Hundreds Of People Got Arrested On The Brooklyn Bridge

Wayward sea lion startles drivers on Highway 101

Blast from the past.

Why can't people assemble freely in NY? We're not knocking down towers. Does NYPD know the diff?

Planets in the Sky With Diamonds

"I hope someone is at least registering voters at #OccupyWallStreet"

Brooklyn Bridge occupied

Brooklyn Bridge occupied've got to put your bodies upon the gears...and you've got to make it stop

Judge rules Florida prison privatization plan unconstitional

We love you, Senator Babs

My life is reasonably comfortable

The word is entrapment. The NYPD punished protesters for the exercise of 1st Amendment rights.

Whose kids will succeed?

I wish

For those who are upset with the "assassination of Awliaki, there are conditions where one would

Need help writing a pro-union resolution

Chomsky Explains Global Order Of Power & Privatization Of Planet-"Elections have become a charade"

NYPD Mass Arrests of Occupy Wall Street Protesters: Firsthand Account from AlterNet Staffer Trapped

Miss me yet?

Once in awhile I find a story that LMH.

Federal judge sets ILWU fine at $250,000 for violating restraining order

The Problem Isn’t Socialism, It’s Free Trade

Are we seeing the beginnings of the left wing version of the tea party?

Bridge arrests makes headline news in newzealand

Media Squawked When It Should Have Jumped on Oil Market Speculation Coverage

Why am I seeing...

"...the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government..."

Wind Energy Works

How do you argue with a teabagger when they

Where is Fox News headquatered?

A great "Non-Sequitur."

JPMorgan Chase Recently Donated An Unprecedented $4.6 Million To The New York City Police Foundation

From Occupy Wall St: "we have been officially endorsed by SEIU1199 Hospital Workers. "

An Amazing Thing Is Happening This Week And Local News Isn't Telling You

Justice memo authorized killing of Al-Awlaki

Justice memo authorized killing of Al-Awlaki

Millionaires/Billionaires Should Pay the Same Tax Rate as Working Class People

OCCUPY WallStreet... Shifting the Blame.....

Occupy Wall Street Protests Make NBC Nightly News Tonight

Republican launches war on kids' school lunches

The Four Freedoms Speech

New York City on Alert for Revenge Attacks Following Al-Awlaki Killing

NYPD detective identified that gave protester a concussion...

Genetically Engineered Food: An Overview

Very heartening: watching the NYC OWS livefeed

Yeah! Union Iron-workers!

Bet you didn't know John Boehner had a cat!

I kind-of think of registered Democrats who vote for other parties like unions do of strikebreakers.

Will a US President aim drones at the Saudi Royal family someday?

NYT: Police Arresting Protesters on Brooklyn Bridge (*wink* Looks Like they Planned Ahead)

UK’s “Most Effective Environmentalist” Barred From Entering US

Extrajudicial killing can never be civil or moral.

Demonstrators from with the OWS movement arrested after they attempt to cross Brooklyn Bridge - pics

"What is the worst threat to the Western world?" (Poll)

If Bush had done it, I would have approved.

13 Ethical Mom-And-Pop Brands That Are Actually Owned By Giant Corporations

USA media more becoming like Soviet Pravda.

Are you comfortable with President Perry exercising assassination powers?

Good Morning Liberty Square!

Typical of drone strikes, Al Jazeera reports there were more than three killed.

CAPTION this Bachmann Photo

Occupy Wall Street : we are in desperate need of:

Toon: Economic Disparity

On The Front Page Of MSNBC Right Now

On The Front Page Of MSNBC Right Now

Looks like Symantec is doing their part to help the bankers

(((PICS))) Please Consider Joining Us! - We Love You!

Meet The 4 Democratic Senators Who Are Refusing To Raise Taxes On The Rich

myFOX New York -- The Occupy Wall St. protest moved east Saturday across the Brooklyn Bridge, snarli

Egypt Warns U.S. On Attaching Conditions To Military Aid

Occupy Tucson is ON! Report from today's planning meeting.

Pay attention DUers right now

Does anyone remember the MOVE bombing in Philly?

BREAKING: Arresting Everyone at Brooklyn Bridge-"They've Turned The Brooklyn Bridge Into A Jail"

Assassinations are OK

Homeland Security tries to shore up nation’s cyber defenses

Retiring in Mexico?

Let's stop for a second and look at the world from the perspective of the RICH...

So long as the actor is good, and the victim is bad, there can be no crime

Thank you, President Obama.

"Should I Compare Someone I Disagree With to the Klan?"

Something I saw today made me rethink the Wall Street Protests:

Something I saw today made me rethink the Wall Street Protests:

“Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience..........

I trust President Obama's administration to only target genuinely bad guys for assassination

Britain experiences hottest day ever recorded in October

6 Ways the Rich Are Waging a Class War Against the American People

Remember when we killed hundreds of thousands of traitors without a trial between 1861-1865?

Protesters march on NYPD headquarters

WOW! ABC Evening News reports #occupywallstr in a favorable light.

Good or bad, right or wrong, I don't think America will elect an extremely overweight president.....

#Occupywallstreet protesters block Brooklyn Bridge

#Occupywallstreet protesters block Brooklyn Bridge

#Occupywallstreet protesters block Brooklyn Bridge

Protesters "in desperate need" of sleeping bags, panchos, and clothing for larger folks

If one is called by their God to run a country, but doesn't get elected,

If someone in the WH doesn't say anything about what's been going

Bin Laden: wanted dead or alive. With a $20,000,000 bounty!

Pastors fight IRS ban on endorsing candidates

When a nuclear reactor is leaking and nobody is monitoring it, does the leaking material radiate?

My take on the 'assassination'

Any elected Democrats at the Wall Street protests?

President Obama delivers a "devastating hit" to the U. S. Constitution and international law

“It’s Going to Get a Lot Worse”: ECRI’s Achuthan Says New Recession Unavoidable

OCCUPY Seattle..... URGENT Callout

Wow... Hot Off The Presses !!!

Had no internet or cable for 3 days....what's happening on Wall Street?

The Cat Is Out Of The Bag

Happy 87th Birthday President Jimmy Carter

If you deserve to be summarily executed for merely advocating acts of terror

Yay! So now when are we going to take out Noam Chomsky?

Here are some interesting quotes regarding capitalism. Feel free to add your own.

Oh my... so this occupy wall street

Libyan Revolution Week 33

Police arrest Occupy Wall Street protesters Marchers confront officers in heated exchange on Brookly

Pictures from the Occupy KC protest

Pictures from the Occupy KC protest

Strike Three--Obama got the Planner, the Propagandist, and the PETN Lover--all in one strike.

Just came back from #OccupyTampa

Those saying they don't know what the Occupy Wall Street protesters are demanding...

House Is Gone but Debt Lives On - banks now going after homeowners who walk away

The rich always send the police to break apart any burgeoning subculture.

We need to change our attitude towards the extremely wealthy

We need to change our attitude towards the extremely wealthy

The Marines are coming to Wall St

Truth vs Fiction-NYT Takes 20 minutes to shift blame & make up crap About OWC Protesters

Re: al-Awlaki ... you know who else was a U.S. citizen? Robert E. Lee

OCCUPY WALL ST. has You tube channel:OccupyTVNY n/t

"Money is like manure: Spread around, it helps things grow. Piled up in one place, it just stinks."

You want an eerily accurate prediction of these protests/uprisings? Robert Anton Wilson from 1990:

'The best consumer advice I ever got'

Italian tot likes Led Zeppelin

An honest student

Did Xena's courage change the world?

"Thank you, thank you. You've been a great audience. Wadda ya mean the bar closed 2 hours ago?

I just have to brag for a minute here :p

Coltrane and Coffee

PHOTOS: Witness the extreme Boehner-ization of a woman who should have known better.

show your best bar band video's and or performances

I like the copycats in GD!...

Kitten interview this morning

Why didn't al-Awlaki ever get a ...

Wonderful October because

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

PHOTO: "Hmmm...guess it musta happened while I was taking my nap."

Sometimes pets are worse than kids....

Question about FaceBook:

How do you keep bees off of your hummingbird feeder?

How to solve some energy problems...

MFM, always a hedonist... now has to watch his sodium and sugar and fat intakes.

Sopranos (Season 6): "We're with the Vipers!"

Don't feed someone over the age of 80 sushi. Just don't do it. It did not go well.

Though the ex-Mrs MFM didn't seem to share his enthusiasm...

Anyone else like cardoons?

Anyone seen the movie "The Ceremony" starring Uma Thurman?

Any of you gone geocaching?

The cat said NO!

OK, just got back from the store . . . who wants pizza rolls?

What is your new favourite food. We had potato bread with rosemary the other night. Was delicious.

General Mills Releases New Lucky Charms With 15 Percent Less Leprechaun Meat

Italian kid prefers Zeppelin...

In college, MFM had a real aversion to being "labeled". Still, it happened. Every weekend.

Today's College Football Thread

What was the name of the short film where....

Do you wish you were a headlight on a northbound train, and if you were, what would you do?

As a young man, MiddleFingerMom loved nothing more than to go to the movies on acid.

MiddleFingerMom doesn't like to brag about it, but the ex-Mrs MFM was one of the first Hooters girls

and we're here...why?

and we're here...why?

New addition to the family

October 1st, 1961: UFO seen by President Lee Harvey Oswald and Vice President Jack Ruby

(Salmaan Taseer) Pakistani Punjab governor killer sentenced to death

A bit of money of mine on the OccupyWallStreet protest

Protesters march on NYPD headquarters

Ever hear of a singing group "The Four Lads?"

Senior Haqqani leader captured in Afghanistan: NATO

Over 10,000 soldiers have deserted Syria army, says high-ranking defector

President Obama to Republicans: On Jobs, What Are You for and Against?

‘Potentially deadly’ bomb defused near university in Belfast

Florida jury finds millionaire guilty of wife's murder

Somalis Kidnap Frenchwoman

Libyan fighting in Sirte leading to humanitarian crisis, say aid agencies

Judge rules Florida prison privatization plan unconstitional

Online and in line, license tags in Jefferson County (AL) mean trouble

NBA Meetings Will Resume Saturday (lockout)

Karzai abandons peace talks with the Taliban

Issa probes EPA’s role in limiting vehicles’ emissions

The Guardian UK: Occupy Wall Street protesters march against police brutality

AP Exclusive: US commander for Africa sees end to Libya mission; drones will stay for security

Secret U.S. memo sanctioned killing of Aulaqi

Bolivia Amazon protesters resume Tipnis road march

In New Term, Supreme Court Shifts Focus to Crime and First Amendment

Plane hits Ferris wheel north of Sydney, trapping four

Ibrahim Al-Asiri, Bomb-Maker Linked to 2009 Christmas Day Plot, Likely Killed in Yemen Drone Strike

French woman kidnapped in Kenya resort

U.S. Congress freezes $200 million aid to Palestinians

Compulsory retirement age at 65 fully abolished - UK

N.J. to Repay U.S. $95 Million Over Hudson Tunnels

Ex-Cowboy, author Peter Gent dies

Iowa District Pays $300K Over Strip Searches

Police Arrest Hundreds of Protesters on Brooklyn Bridge

Is your birthday in OCTOBER, NOVEMBER or DECEMBER?!!...

Family, friends celebrate Troy Davis' life at funeral

Bulgarian nationalists stage anti-Roma rally

World's first food fat tax imposed in Denmark

State Dept. reeling from budget cuts

Indian drummers expose Bangalore tax avoiders

Anti-Qaddafi Fighters Are Accused of Torture

United Steelworkers announce support for ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protest

Update: Started chemo this week

I just don't TRUST that graywarrior. She's up to something. You just wait and see.

On Friday, September 30, 2011, President Obama signed into law ...

"The Un-Bush"

Remember that day the Rapture didn't happen? It's like that, but with Palin

“This is a contest of values”

Don't Act the Puppet

THANK YOU Nancy Giles for shout out to Melissa Harris Perry on the Chris Hayes show just now!

"God told us to occupy" Boykin on TBN, also RJoyner, etc

Obama Supporters Score Early Victory in Ohio

The regulations the GOP has in mind

Who else needs immediate killing by drone? Post your nominations here.

I wonder what Brandon Mayfield thinks of the new powers to assassinate at will?

How many of these stupid rethugs debates are they going to have JESUS!!!!

Did Zelikow write the opinion that allowed this assination?

BFischer--Christian religion is the established religion

Obama Pulls In More Than $55 Million in 3Q

President Obama to address 3,000 gay activists

OH GOD!!! another war monger wants to send troops to fight drug cartels on the border

Has any Republican candidate addressed OWS yet?

Go Obama

Schmoozing in Whose Interest?

President Obama’s Speech At The Human Rights Campaign Dinner (VIDEO)

Democrats push tax hikes first in deficit talks

“Should I Compare Someone I Disagree With to the KKK?"

America will get 10 million jobs soon after the Baggers are sent home

Bill Maher Wonders What Would Happen If Jesus Ran For The GOP Nomination - VIDEO

I watched Obama's HRC speech, thanks to Jefferson Dem for posting a link

President Obama to Welcome the 1985 Super Bowl Champion Chicago Bears to the White House

Gay Active-Duty Servicemembers Wear Uniforms At Human Rights Campaign Dinner

President Obama: Commander in chief must back gay troops

Obama at Human Rights Campaign Dinner - Watch now:

What is the difference between targeting Al-Awlaki and targeting an Al-Qaeda training camp?

Do You Approve Of The The Way Anwar al-Awlaki Was Disposed Of?

Who’s Your Daddy, GOP? His Name is Barack Hussein Obama

Anwar al-Awlaki vs. Kamal Derwish

Clinton's gender and Obama's race were common topics in '08, so why is Christie's weight off-limits?

"You want to be commander in chief? You can start by standing up for the men and women who wear the

Was the targeted killing of al Awalki legal?

301,100 and count

"Guess Chris Christie's Weight!"

Young Turks: Trader Dreams of Recession on BBC (Hoax?)

Nobody Can Predict The Moment Of Revolution ( Occupy Wall Street )

Whatever Potus wants, Potus gets

If Obama can execute a US citizen for being in al Qaeda w/o a trial, why can't he prosecute Wall St?

Mainstream Media Censorship of Occupy Wall Street!

Weekly Address: Fighting for the American Jobs Act

The Oddest Couple - Chris Christie and Sarah Palin

Papantonio: Perry Tries to Appeal to Wingnuts

Great speech from Occupy Boston

During the Civil War, should we have arrested and tried Confed. soldiers instead of shooting them?

Adam Kokesh at Occupy K Street

Rachel Maddow slams neocon tea party fascist rallies


Anonymous' message to the NYPD

Max Keiser - Don't speak the financial truth!

Pres Obama at the HRC dinner - 3:41 minute compilation of the good parts

Banned Books Week: Barbara Ehrenreich's Nickel and Dimed - Virtual Read-Out

President Obama: "We believe in a big America, a tolerant America, a just America, an equal America"

I interview Roseanne Barr #occupywallstreet on Keiser Report

Rick Perry talks global warming in Hampton, NH

Something's Happening on Wall St

Anonymous - The Bankers Are The Problem 10/01

Jeremy Scahill - What crime was Anwar Al-Awlaki accused of?

Jobs Act ad - 'What do I have to do to get your attention?' (00:32)

Police Arrest 'Occupy Wall Street' Protesters on Brooklyn Bridge: 'The Whole World is Watching'

TYT U: Single-Sex Dorms @ Catholic University

Teahadist Breitbart to Unions "F*ck You"

NYPD Begins to Arrest Peaceful Occupy Wall Street Marchers

My 10,000th post...a short trip down memory lane

Real Time 2011.09.30 with Van Jones About our Occupy Wall Street

Jeremy Scahill interview on Al-Awlaki killing

Do you believe that some blacks are racist?

"Rebellion Has Arrived In America" By Mike Krieger

What Would Keynes Do?

Retirement Heist: How Companies Plunder and Profit from the Nest Eggs of American Workers

It's Class Warfare, All Right

Nurses and Laborers' unions support Occupy Wall Street

Ken Burns' Prohibition Documentary Inspires New Drinking Games

Will Durst: Trickle-up economics

Stuck in Bed for 19 Months, at Hospital’s Expense

Bachmann Owes Families of Lockerbie Victims an Apology

Charlie Rose hosts conservatives reassurring each other and honing their disinformation

How US tracked Anwar al-Awlaki to his death in Yemen

Rich people are being ‘demonized’ for flaunting their wealth. Poor dears!

Calif breaks from 50-state mortgage lenders probe, goes its own way

For David Plouffe, a top Obama adviser, a new strategy and old doubts - is Plouffe wising up?

Sex, Mom and God - DON'T MISS THIS INTERVIEW !!!!!!!!!!!!

CNN: Police: Hundreds of Wall Street protesters arrested at Brooklyn Bridge. We need to make this a

Do you support the occupy Wall Street movement? - poll

Wall Street protests spread to other cities

Nicholas Kristof: The Bankers and the Revolutionaries

The Atlantic Monthly Photos of Occupy Wall Street

Some Kindly-Intended Advice for our Elected Officials and Managing Editors:

4 Dem Senators who won't vote to raise taxes on the rich - worried about own election

I know we're all just names and text here, but I'd appreciate thoughts/prayers for my 12yo son...