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Archives: September 7, 2010

Prosecutor who indicted Marc Emery ("king of pot") : LEGALIZE IT

Republican Runs Street People on Green Ticket

Big collection of photos from the NZ Christchurch Earthquake

FDA considers approving genetically modified salmon for human consumption

The Placeholder Presidency of Obama - David Michael Green

I am been having some deep thoughts this holiday weekend, it as been long summer for me.

I am been having some deep thoughts this holiday weekend, it as been long summer for me.

An addendum to the Sound and Fury article

Eugene Robinson: "Barbour's Generation Gap"

Great. NowThe U.S. Military Is In The Education Bidness

Kandahar Boardwalk: KAF Offers A World Away From War

Fort Stewart Hostages: Ex-Army Soldier Threatens 3 Hospital Workers

America's Empire and Endless Wars Are Destroying the World, and Ruining Our Great Country

Hartz Mountain Corporation Recalls Hartz Naturals Real Beef Treats Because of Possible Salmonella

Swedish election (Sept 19): conservatives have edge, far-right party may hold balance of power

Another Frivolous DoD Wet Dream Underway

Harris poll: "British are more hostile to immigrants than people in France, Germany, Spain or Italy"

The Spec Ops Dog And Pony Show Coming Your Way


Toles Toon Nails the midterms

Army Times: Years of subsidized Afghan training expected

Special Forces In Afghanistan Whining About Lack Of Helicopters

Midterms 2010: What you need to know

You can’t fix stupid, but you can collect it!

London Underground strike causes severe disruption

London Underground strike causes severe disruption

A timely repeat of a fellow DU'ers sum of the GOP's economic plan.

Do all of the Bush tax increases begin in 2011?

Petraeus: Koran burning plan will endanger US troops

It's really very simple....

What a Second Stimulus Should – and Shouldn’t – Look Like

The New York Post will print ANYTHING to keep "Ground Zero Mosque" in the news

In Europe, science collides with the bottom line

Intrade Prediction Markets......for repubs keeping/gaining seats

God doesn't believe in atheist.

Obama's Next Economic Plan: Don't Use the S Word!

Healthcare reforms don't go far enough

Countering Maria Bartiromo, the mouth piece's prediction of a Market Surge should Republicans win

The "Oath Keepers". . Scariest RW domestic terrorists in the US.

Republican Runs Street People on Green Ticket To Split Dem Vote

GOP recruiting the homeless

Right wing fringe using originally anti-semitic talking point to spread paranoia about Muslims

Learning the newest conservative talking points is easy. Just go here:

Obama finally hammering the republicans, a good sign

Re: The Koran burning "christians" in Florida...Anyone have any plans to

Raw Story: One Iraq veteran’s harrowing journey from the battlefield to suicide (Part I)

Firms plead for lock, dam upgrades,Tax us, please.

Any post with a strong progressive discussion has high viewers and little to zero recs.

Most believe 'retirement as we know it is over'

The United States of Inequality

Can the GOP dominate in November with 'Just say no'?

Peter Orszag, former Director of OMB, says extend taxcuts for two more years...

GOP election slogan: "Democrats haven't fixed our mess yet"

The road to unionized Wal-Mart runs thru obscure towns where workers are abused in hidden warehouses

Anthrax War—the Malaysian Connection (ProPublica)

How is this man any different . . . . . .

Contribute to Rand Paul's opponent, here:

Advocates Claim Politics Behind Closing of Louisiana Abortion Clinic

When people vote in November..many who are angry now will

Nevada Man Sues Over Health Care, Calls 'Socialistic' Law 'Involuntary Servitude'

Indianapolis GM Workers Resist Company, Union Pressure to Cut Pay

Indianapolis GM Workers Resist Company, Union Pressure to Cut Pay

What was your first job and what did it teach you?

I'm listening to the Stephanie Miller show

Don’t be duped by Dove World dimwits (Qur'an burners)

The revolution the South forgot - "racism was the only bullet left in the chamber"

Human trafficking must stop

Poll: Clear GOP advantage ahead of midterms....bullshit

Poll: Clear GOP advantage ahead of midterms....bullshit

Looking beyond the election...

Anti-Dem Propaganda Watch #9 - "First Read - First Thoughts - A GOP Tidal Wave Building"

LOL! Low Information Nation

Montana Tea Party Leader Axed Over Comments Concerning Hanging Of Homosexuals

It's sad to see July 4th being pushed aside.

Anti-Dem Propaganda Watch #11 - "House ripe for Republican takeover, latest polls find"

I actually think that these polls showing a rethuglican "win" this november HELPS us...

I actually think that these polls showing a rethuglican "win" this november HELPS us...

For Repubes - how is Obama's bill worse than the Transportation Bill of 2005 which was $286 Billion?

Al-Qaida and Taliban threat is exaggerated, says security thinktank

I've come up with a business plan idea I thought I might run by you guys

2010 is NOTHING like 1994

Anti-Dem Propaganda Watch #10 - "Polls Offer Grim Outlook for Democrats in November"

NY Times: (Illegal immigrants) are not flooding in as much, but they are not flooding out.

I'm so very proud of many members of DU

I'm so very proud of many members of DU


New Republic Editor: Muslims Are Indifferent to Human Life and Therefore Unworthy of First Amendment

Joe Miller Cited In 3-Car Crash

Welcome Back to School "Reform": the more the public sees, the less it likes.

Republicans and their teabagger base have been very quiet on that Koran burning. Could be they are

On privacy... and the Fourth Amendment and the twitter

Terry Jones, Koran-Burning Pastor, Doesn't Care What General David Petraeus Has to Say

OK,'s time to stop fighting with each other and figure out how to move forward!

Georgia mayor to sign baggy pants ban (baggy skirts too, oh my)

Back to School Special!!! . . . Please come CAPTION Lil' Miss Michele Bachmann!!!!

Police Use Stun Gun On Man Battling House Fire

Los Angeles school named after Al Gore

Fuck The South, from November 3, 2004

Montana Tea Party Leader Axed Over Comments Concerning Hanging Of Homosexuals

Somebody needs to get lots of pics of tea baggers at the 9/11 Koran burning.

MT tea party removes leader after anti-gay post

Pharmaceutical drug development/ more risk, more reward

Pharmaceutical drug development/ more risk, more reward

Georgia Man Wants Tea Partiers To Join His 'Patriotic' Pyramid Scheme

Georgia Man Wants Tea Partiers To Join His 'Patriotic' Pyramid Scheme

Americans don't live in America any longer

Are donated clothes harming Africa's economy?

Reality Iraqi TV Show Plants Fake Car Bombs on Celebrities! What's next, reality torture TV?

Republican "Young Guns" Gunning for your SS & Medicare

Onward Xtian Brownshirts

Ivy League Union Busters, Then and Now

America's Empire and Endless Wars Are Destroying the World, and Ruining Our Great Country

Teabagger Christine O'Donnell finally earns Bachelor Degree (after lying about it for 20+ years)

Powell's workers rock out to walk out

Washington Post duped by fake teabagger 'Rep. Jack Kimble'

The REAL G.o.o.P. platform.....DUPE

Washington Post's blind allegiance to Michelle Rhee: Rhee's "reform" a failure

A union busting CEO on Obama's Deficit Commission is willing to risk nuclear fallout in a town

Shameful, shameful, shameful.

Great post K&R! Mike's follow up to his story

I have come to the conclusion that uranium In Any Form is a danger

Say what you must, but this fella and Simpson were especially hand-picked for this hatchet


Accidental gas releases at the Honeywell uranium plant

This fellow has no business crafting fiscal policy. K&R.

Do Politicians Give a F**ck About the People Doomed to Chronic Unemployment?

Islamophobics Anonymous

Republican "New Ideas:" Endlesss trivial investigations and tax cuts for the rich.

The new African land grab

My take: Jesus loves porn stars

Church 'praying' about plan to burn Quran, pastor says after warning

Was it a hoax or did an Iraqi really name his baby after Bush back in around April 2003?

If you don't want to hear this in Nov. Vote for a Democrat. Tell all your friends and children.

The Obama Tragedy: No Narrative

New research restores psychedelics’ medical respectability

Calif. drunk driver hits 9, drags toddler (everyone survived)

This is what school choice does to people --

New Jersey Dems: what does your governor mean by "pension and benefit reform" for public employees?

Of all the reasons not to burn the Koran...

"You Lie !" about your travel expenses

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel? Mayor Daley announced he is not running for reelection

Palin non-word 'refudiate' gets most online searches

Fool or Liar? Question for anyone who says corps aren't hiring due to tax concerns

The Rude Pundit: Hey, Mr. President, Can Barack Come Out to Play?

HP sues ex-CEO Hurd after he takes Oracle job

CNN christens its new talk show 'Parker Spitzer',competition Olbermann, O'Reilly

Justice Clarence Thomas' 84 clerks were all trained by judges appointed by GOP president

New Zealand post-quake

Whoa, Dude: Fox News parent company’s ‘Big Lebowski’ game developed by North Koreans

Alan Grayson just sent me an e-mail

Well, at least all those pigs will have to buy a bunch of copies of the Quran

Rich Are More Sensitive to Tax Increases Today, Zandi says

In a few days, all posts referring to 9/11 will be moved to the 9/11 Dungeon.

Orlando mom mistaken for suspected prostitute, jailed after cruise

Anyone in Gainesville want to steal my idea on Burn a Quran Day?

The REPUBLICAN BRAND? Is it repaired enough to carry out their Plan?

Innocent woman sues after identity theft leads to jailing, strip search

More people are in Grand Central Station than watch MSNBC during the day

California Council of Churches IMPACT endorses legalization of cannabis

teaching tolerence 9/16/1963 (A Time to Speak - video)

I think that Palin and Beck will meet in Alaska on 9/11 and go clubbing

Two US soldiers killed in ummm, ummm, ummm... "combat" in IRAQ?

Please recall the republican "contributions" to the good of the country

Why does Republican Dylan Ratigan have a show on MSNBC?

There are TWO CHOICES in November

Whitman Gets Endorsement From GOP Primary Opponent (sort of - lol)

Are Your Pants Lying to You? An Investigation

I am still the Dick Clark of DU, so I designate September 7th as Troll Hunters day.

Have to Correct Ed

I had the worst 'conversation' I've had in at least 5 years today...

NATO chief: Please don’t burn the Quran in Florida

The Federal Govt. is clinging VERY tightly to marijuana prohibition

Maria Bartiromo on NBC: Republican election sweep could lead stocks to surge!!

Righthaven may be up against a deep pockets that can fight back

Health Insurance rates rise at their lowest pace in 15 years

John Lennon's killer denied parole..

Gov. Barbour's civil rights fairy tale - By Eugene Robinson

I am willing to be used as an example........

Which word or phrase best describes the Republican Party?

What the Voters Want and Why They will vote so Wrong

HuffPo: BP To Accept Some Blame For Oil Spill In New Report

Alex Sink (D) FL made a big mistake IMO today...

Dallas Pastor Defends Claim That Islam 'Promotes Pedophilia'

*IF* the republicans "sweep into power" in November, what will really change

Las Vegas gets first measurable rain since April

my next ltte will compare ceo salaries with unemployment of workers,outsourcing

DU this poll: Please vote yes in support of farm workers and AgJOBS

The Inter-Faith presser AGAINST anti-Muslim bigotry is DYNAMITE

All HAIL the Invisible Hand!!!

Right Wing PUSH POLL WATCH! (National Research Inc.)

Hit by a Car? Victims Pay “Crash Tax”

true story. saw a double rainbow a while ago, while out on my evening bike ride.

This poll made me really think about this

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

I can hardly wait for that massive electoral turnover this November,

5 States Pay Their Own Way; The Other 45 are Subsidized by the Federal Government

2 Small Asteroids to Whiz Harmlessly Past Earth

A strong two-party system has led to two very lazy parties.

tweety's panel today is a farce

How does someone use an attack of something being similar to Nazism to defend burning books?

What is the benefit in peddling false hope about the mid-terms?

Democrats not being quite as bad as pubs in re irresponsible fiscal policies, unfair tax policies,

Has anybody checked on BecKKK?!1 Is he still acting all holy and stuff?!1

Stephanie Miller will be heard on the Armed Forces Radio Network

What If Pro Choicers Burned The Bible...


'Refudiate' might eventually be listed in dictionaries

Judge Refuses to Lift Order on Stem Cell Research Funding

You need a laugh..Play Her Off, Gubernatorial Debate Cat

G.O.P. Recruits Street People to Run on Green Ticket in Arizona

Hear Howard Dean re: burning Koran, on Keith.

Republican Runs Street People on Green Ticket

Nebraska Democrats Call for Investigation of Gov. Heineman (blackmail)

Mayor Daley will not seek reelection

Post Office manager apologizes for ‘poopy cake’

Rachel hands Dems issue, as she frequently does!

Should the government have let the housing market crash? Should it now?

Ahem... About That Republican Whoopin We're Supposed To Take...

AZ: Republican Runs Street People on Green Ticket

When do you plan to retire?

Report: Castro blasts Ahmadinejad as anti-Semitic

Palin/Limbaugh 2012

BREAKING: Radioactive Boars On The Loose In Germany

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf makes his case on the OpEd page of the New York Times.

The Haight Street Kids

Is for real or a rip off?

Hell Yes It's Class Warfare, Pt. 1

$75K.. the threshhold to "happiness"

I Got Your Freedom Fries Right Here America !!!

Romney plans Iowa visit

Google's logo is super cute today

Talk about dirty republican pigs - Steve May (R-Az) recruiting homeless to run for office in Green

How to tell a RW sockpuppet from a genuine concerned Democrat

Not ONE GOP Idiot, who say they support the troops (LOL), saying they should not burn Qurans!!!

Ari Fleisher Explains How Professional, Ethical Reporting Should Work..

Ari Fleisher Explains How Professional, Ethical Reporting Should Work..

nytimes: Obama Will Not Extend bu$h*-Era Tax Cuts to Wealthy

So what office on the repuke ticket are Kim Jungmentalillness and Acketymadinejed running for?

Would it be offensive if someone burned the bible to protest Terry Jones

I don't get it. HOw did this nutter in Florida get all this publicity about burning...o

Oliphant toon "Oh Them! We screw them all the time!"

OK,,,review my latest ltte re" CEO pay,unemployment before I send

Will the Greens ever realize how much the GOP uses them?

latest email from the Tea Party Patriots-"you're an evil idiot"

NYT oped mentioned by KO: Building on Faith By Feisal Abdul Rauf

OK miracles DO happen-article in the right-wing paper...favoring progressive thoughts

OK miracles DO happen-article in the right-wing paper...favoring progressive thoughts

How to spot a troll...I am expert at this! Have been a member a long time.

Right Wing Jewish Group Drums Up Fears About Sestak’s Record on Israel

I'm really depressed about this fall

I loved the almost laughter that came out of the Mr. President when he said something like, "I could

Blind Loyalty vs. Common Sense

Tea Party Head Fired After Facebook Joke About Killing Gays

How do we know what we think we know?

a heaping, steaming pile from kathleen parker @ WaPo: Obama vs. Boehner

'Restoring Truthiness': Could spoof of Glenn Beck rally happen?

The Daily Show is new tonight!

Ali Velshi: Working Men and Women and the Unemployed are Not a Special Interest Group

Republican Medal of Distinction winner indicted on beating 4th wife

caption for this happy soul?

Killer whale dies, show cancelled at Sea world san diego

People of Narnia, Fret Not, for soon you will have a new King

It's just plain dumb to invoke Freedom of Speech Re: Quran Burning.

The Rich Will Still Get A Tax Cut Up To $250,000 If The bush Cuts For The Rich Expire

Mourning the death of Glenn Shadix, who spoke out vigorously against "Ex-gay therapy".

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & Here's a new kitty gif!

A union busting CEO on Obama's Deficit Commission is willing to risk nuclear fallout in a town

Burning the Koran... and what happens beyond the US

New York Times: Obama Will Not Extend Bush-Era Tax Cuts to Wealthy

Just saw a Mark Newmann ad...

Super cool Google logo today

Freedumb (tm) It came to me just now, 'Baggers and Neocons believe in

LOL !!! - Caption This !!!

globalization and "free" trade has become a solid argument against a tax cut for the rich

Genius freeper "Mad Dawgg" wants to pay for Bush Tax Cuts with a 10% tax on all gov't workers

71% don't agree with the 50 billion in rebuild projects.....

Palin/Beck 2012! Vote for the best slogans!

Asking our Tea Party friends....

We need to watch Petraeus successor carefully, imho...

We need to watch Petraeus successor carefully, imho...

My Dad flies the gay pride rainbow flag in our back garden.

Well, this is frustrating!

Gallup: Generic ballot question swings back to Tied at 46%

Good times for Mexican marijuana growers

Good times for Mexican marijuana growers

Anyone tried Google lately?

Rescue tale faked to 'save' puppy-throwing girl?

PLEASE LOOK: DU can help Alan Grayson's efforts to help us right back. A vote - not money

An Advocate's Guide to Social Security - keep, share, use to debunk idiocy

Detroit is on fire tonight

If a politician upholds and has a record of fighting for traditional Democratic values

The GOP is raising Taxes but making the Dems take the blame

Why the UAW brass like "no strike" contracts

If Palin becomes President, how will the world end?

News coverage of Bristol Palin speech banned

Paul Krugman: Why public has soured on government activism and lost faith in fiscal expansion

Quran burning

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaah War criminal Tony Blair cancels

So I'm eating a bowl of oatmeal

What event do you think will end The Great Millenial Depression?

I say boycott CBS's new show with Tom Selleck.

Official: Obama to back more business tax breaks

what section of the democratic electorate do you think

"Not a single Democrat has run an ad in support of the health care bill since April,"

Let's settle this: who here's not voting for Democrats in November?

I love it when Keith Olbermann's show starts and I hear HIS voice!!!

Hungarian far-right want Roma forced into camps

Huffington Post: Explosion Rocks Honeywell Uranium Facility Run by Scab Workers

Winona County wants to ban county employees from staying in hotels with porn

'taxing the energy companies is a terrible idea'

Midlands Voices: Unions’ history dedicated to freedoms of workers

How Much More A Year Will People Pay If The Tax Cuts For The Rich Are Left To Expire?......

Today I Joined the Ranks of the Unemployed

Joe Scarborough models bullying behavior of women in his treatment of Mika Brezhinski today.

Fox calls for repeal of the 20th century

Atkins Diet Increases All-Cause Mortality

It defies description

More Repug Dirty Tricks

This Modern World: If Martin Luther King Jr. were alive today...

Obama and the Dems are missing the boat, again.

American Made: Five Companies Bucking the Outsourcing Trend

1. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Should I burn the book, 'The Pet Goat' on 9/11 to enrage right wingers?

The REAL G.o.o.P. platform.....


Handyman Inspires Website Bringing Communities Together to Lend a Hand (video)

Is Defaulting on the National Debt on the Table? Dean Baker calls out Dems

My name is still Steven Joseph Vincent

MSNBC Daytime is totally worthless!

Is the idea that Republicans even have a chance proof that there is some sort of tear in reality?

"If Republicans capture congress they will plunge this nation into an endless depression."

BWAHAHAHA!!! Rick Santorum wants to be President, but still has a Google problem (frothy mixtures.)

Will the USA be smarter in ten years?

The Graveyard Of Right Wing Narratives - What's Up With Ireland, Corporate Tax Cut Utopia?

Google To Compete With iTunes

Do you personally know someone changing to a GOP vote in Nov.?

Why do people go into business? I was listening to a Republican spokesman today,

Is there any Republican proposing anything different than what Republicans have done for last decade

What to do with all the vuvuzelas (funny)

MRE's from around the world

Received from Prez O. Please contribute.

In a new role, teachers move to run (charter) schools

Rupert Murdoch Helping Fund North Korean Regime of Kim Jong Il

We were in Canada last week and I heard that it too interned citizens of Japanese ancestry after

Long Island Man Arrested For Defending Home With AK-47

California: Transportation to school is now the Parents' responsibility

I say , if someone wants the burn the Koran : so frickin what ?

Robert Scheer- How Reagan Republicans and Clinton Democrats Enriched Wall Street

'But to the world, we can only say we are sorry, and please don’t judge us by these bigoted few.'

I Support Rahm E For Mayor of Chicago...

FBI: Gunman at Army post accused of threatening to kill Obama

'Honor' Killing: The Crimewave that Shames the World

Why now? Why didn't they do this in the first place?

" Where They Burn Books, They Will Also Ultimately Burn People."

Palin-Beck 2012... Vote on the Best Slogan

Message to world: "America is not at war with Islam.......but...."

Beyond Park 51: Religious Leaders Denounce Anti-Muslim Bigotry and Call for Respect for America’s

Strikes in France, London Foreshadow More Protests

Excellent piece at The Mudflats -- Murkowski, Will She or Won't She?

About THE cheapest exploitation of 9/11 I have seen, and that includes Bush & Ghouliani:

Two Sets of Lies

David Plouffe to Dems: Don't despair, get to work!

Big Time Troll Bust At DKos

Big Time Troll Bust At DKos

Here's Norm Goldman's plan for restoring the US to solvency.

The difference between critics and trolls is clear

Chuck Todd is a Douchebag!

Well... it's looks like this month's "distraction issue" has been decided...

London Crawling

Easy Democratic vs Republican Handouts for Democrats

Any info on that survey Skinner was going to have for us?

Save your eggs and shoes for November 9th: "Memoir by George W Bush to be published in November"

Poll: Gallup says it's a tie

A question for the self employed and small business owners . . . . .

Army to Design Uniforms for Female Soldiers

I suppose a public bible burning would just piss a bunch of people off huh?

Christine O'Donnell wants all of you to stop jerking off right now! (Delaware Tea Party)

DKos: Gallup Poll Shock! (Not what you think)

Is It My Imagination, Or Are There More Than A Number Of...

What can still be done at this late date to reduce the effects of those Repub-made Voting Machines

Could any of you date or marry a Repig?

Back when I went to school, we did not start until the Tuesday after Labor Day…

Jobs Now!

This Koran burning Pastor is just a publicity seeking opportunist.

A challenge for DUers:

Rachel Maddow is the smartest commentator on TV

Hickenlooper (D-CO) Headed for Landslide Win

DKos Sockpuppet BUSTED!!!

Once a Dynamo, the Tech Sector Is Slow to Hire

Wow. A new White House Chief of Staff..? Rahm going to run for Mayor of Chicago!!!

"One Nation, Working Together." Can WE get together on 10-2-10 on the Mall?

I am a little sick and tired of the pollsters and pundits telling us who will win OUR election

Trash talking Linda McMahon



“Denying my experience.”

Robert Reich: Obama's Proposed Corporate Tax Cuts "will subsidize companies to cut even more jobs"

I was sent an anonymous letter re: Glenn Beck letter to the editor

9/11 widow: The media duped us

Ugly Americans: For Those Who Identify With the Tea Baggers….

In Japan - Powell Points Finger Directly At Bush Admin (including himself)

I can tell you two public faces that are hurting Democrats

Saltine crackers/Harry & David Raspberry Preserves. Is there any better meal after stomach flu?

"Comfortably Numb" guessed it...UKELELE.


WOMAN! WAYYYYY down inside...YOUUUUUUU need need to hear "Whole Lotta Love" on UKELELE.

A video which FLAGRANTLY violates the principal of separation of church and MIMES.

what to do?

Manchester Orchestra "Jimmy, He Whispers"

Skyscraper Man cited with two misdemeanors, released. :)

last night i had a dream about my penis [seriously, this is not a troll]

What do you care the most about?

Hasselhoff roast is starting on TV now.

Bed Intruder Song - Auto Tune the news

Daddy screamed like a girl.

I want to hand out some Damn Skippys today, shoot me some links


"Cinnamon Girl"...on ukelele by a guy who sounds like Dieter from "Sprockets."

When you're up against your own personal Humbaba...

You ever try to be nice to someone just to turn them on?

So, How long did you play with the Google Logo?

A Christian Movie Review of "Machete"

Terrible tragedy in Milwaukee...

CVS is selling Net-books

Do not pee in my Wheaties

Cat HATES Justin Bieber

Spider question

Vegetarians live longer. Weeeee!

Ugh! I had to listen to local conservative talk radio this morning

cbayer, please do me a favor and check your PM

cbayer, please do me a favor and check your PM

I can't see the Google doodle!! I have only the normal Google page!!

Listening to now. I have the station 'Lush' playing. Don't know why they call it that.

We Have Abandoned Baby Kitties and I am Streisand

Living in the Wasteland of the Free

Get with the program Facebook!

improved puke smiley

Last night I dreamt that I was catering a party for Al Pacino

I live in a "Neighborhood Watch" area.


Sometimes, like Dr. Doolittle... I talk with de animals.

One thing I have to say about LeftyFingerPop...

Because everything is better as lounge

The garden gate and the Magistrate.

The Jerk store called!

A tribute to "The Hoof"

Who wants to burn the bible with me??

We've abandoned baby kitties and are dressesd.

Halloween is on the horizon -- what should the puppies dress as?

Always be careful where and when you sit down.


Post a classic TV theme song...

OMG cheetos!

Is she gay?

9 years ago I ordered gingerbread men with beachwear on from the caterers nearby where I lived.

We Have Abandoned Baby Kitties and I am Stressed

It's Tuesday, that means it's whoooos??day!

Kraftwerk - Computer love

Bela Fleck, V M Bhatt, Jie-Bing Chen

For all those who've shown concern about my health issues recently...

Don't you hate it when a great dream turns into a quest to find a bathroom?

wading to the cement bridge (pix, dial-up warning - I should know!)

Damn it, got some dissapointing news regarding a job

Orlando cops blowed up a horse!

Post some left wing protest signs!

Which TV show had the best music score?

When you become a vampire, a whole new world of awareness opens up to you

Signed a new $2500 client today. Drinks are on me.

Writer of Happy Days "Jump The Shark" episode says it doesn't deserve its fate

Attention, please. The famed Hawaiian stringed instrument is the 'UKULELE. Not UKELELE!

The next time you hear this tired old corporate standard...

Innapropriate smilies.

Fun reference from the BBC: "Keep your English up to date"

Woo, going to Beantown in a couple weeks!

wait!...Wait ! Wait!!!

Post some BEETLE Covers!

Please recommend a reliable car

LOL @ Hank Azaria (The Simpsons) at the WSOP (ESPN)

I want you to fill up this here container with some of them pickled eggs...

Question for birders.

When I reach 1000+ posts will you guys show me the secret handshake?

Beer Snobs! Whaddaya think about canned micro brews?

Regional dialect: how many of you use the word "skeeve" on a regular basis? n/t

I've come to realize that there are two types of people here at DU...

Wow, my kitchen is trashed this morning. Yuck.

I am seek dating advise from teh Lounge galfolk! What are a good first dating?

Never mind--got it sorted out.

Make a YouTube video thread of interest to no one

Regional dialect: who knows what "hotpie" and "cold meat" is? n/t

I used to watch two shows (Lost and 24) and need a new one. Any suggestions?

true story. saw a double rainbow a while ago, while out on my evening bike ride.

Little ones first day of kindergarten today

Ice Ice Decisions, decisions.


These incredible poetry performances

Wanna have your mind COMPLETELY BLOWN?

Children in the 60's

You ever try to be nice to someone just to have them turn on you?

Debi, how many times do I need to tell you

Hey Duers! Join the NFL Football pick 'em pool! just started!

"Rising to the Occasion"

NY Daily News: President Obama is unlikely to face a Democratic foe in 2012 primary

AFSCME hits GOP over state aid

Official: Obama to back more business tax breaks

What time is today's fiery stump speech? nt

Dems are not running away from health care reform as Politico claims

NBC/WSJ Poll has Generic Congressional Poll tied at 43% while the ABC/WashPo poll has the R's ahead

Pass the $50 billion infrastructure job bill by reconciliation?

Why Obama is proposing whopping corporate tax cuts, and why he's wrong

HP - Sam Stein: David Axelrod: Republican Congress Could Be 'More Extreme' Than Bush (EXCLUSIVE)

ABC/WaPost Generic Congressional Poll - 53R-40D

Domestic Spending Increased A Record 16%

Big Ed: A poll is a SNAP SHOT in time we aren't voting today

Obama's Latest Stimulus Plan Gets Panned By Krugman

Congress Republicans wary of Obama economy plan

I've got as many problems with the administration as anybody...but I damn well WILL vote

E. J. Dionne: Is the fighting Obama back?

Joey S. trashing cost of healthcare bill. CBO says it will cut deficit by $1.3 trillion over 20 yrs

When Republicans Discover A Reason To Care About The Homeless

WP:Senior admin official tells us that they would be"shocked"if Emanuel doesnt run for Chicago mayor

(R)asmussen Poll: DE Senate: Castle still under 50%

"it takes a Village" which means more than 1 or 2 great speeches. It means

Eugene Robinson: Haley Barbour’s Ridiculous Story

Obama's FDR Moment

Fox calls for repeal of the 20th century

Political cartoonist Tom Toles nails the problem on the upcoming mid-terms!

Let’s play some offense

Obama proposal for 200 billion business incentive: better late than never but

DCCC internal polls for individual races

I'm confus-ed! What does it mean when someone "talks about you like a dog?"

Iraqi soldier kills 2 US troops

What's going to stimulate the economy (updated)

Hardball: Piece on Barney Frank in town hall meeting with woman comparing Obama with Nazism

New New York Voting's interesting.

we're screwed...

Orszag column blindsides White House

September polls

State Gains Would Give Redistricting Edge to G.O.P.

Ever notice that EVERY time the President focuses on the economy, the subject gets changed?

I want Obama to strongly condemn the Quran buring & then state "I don't give a flying FUCK . . ."

Why don't our leaders say THIS:

Roads to Recovery, and Republicans Who Block Them

No Democrat is running on the Health Care Bill in TV ads.

Is Obama Talking Tough, Or Getting Tough?

New AFSCME TV, Radio and Web Ads Highlight November Choice

Building on Faith

Nevada’s Active Voter Rolls Increase By Nearly 8,000 In August...

"President Obama Quotes Jimi Hendrix"

Poll--Colorado Senate--Bennet: 43% Buck 40%

President Obama to take on Boehner directly in Ohio speech; GOP senses panic

If Democrats lose control of Congress, Hart argues, it's "because they didn't vote."

Politico's Vandehai on MSNBC: HIC makes $2 million ad buy 'Not Anymore' to promote healthcare bill

Big Ed:I don't believe the polls it's September

"Game On"

Obama Left Largely Helpless As Judicial Vacancies Reach Crisis

Keep this link handy...

Look, guys. Practical activity.

MSNBC just said that 75% of people NOT planning on voting APPROVE of the job Obama is doing.

Imagine what it's going to be like for Republicans if they come up short

Krugman: Infrastructure

Jon Stewart-what's up his sleeve? My vision is he and Colbert

Petraeus: Burn a Quran Day Could 'Endanger Troops'

Rahm's Replacement

GOP Poll--Texas Governor: Perry (R): 42% White (D) 41%

Why do the Republicans HATE REASON, SANITY & COMPASSION...?

Republicans can't repeal anything.

Progressive Group: Rahm's A 'Cancer On The Democratic Party,' Should 'Flatly Go Away'

WHY??? WHY Wasn't He Doing This ALL ALONG??? Why????

Gallup: Parties Tied at 46% on Generic Ballot

Please check in if you think pundits will be proven wrong!!! GOP will not control anything after NOV

Pressure rises on pastor who wants to burn Quran

NYT: Obama will not extend Bush era tax cuts to wealthy

We Have A Chance To Defeat John Boehner Here In Ohio 8th Congressional District With DU SUPPORT!!!!

Very depressed and feel hopeless

Tired of Defeatism

On Labor Day, remember the unemployed vote

I call bullshit on the Polls too. Who pays for the polls?

Fox News parent company funded North Korea through network of subsidiaries: report

FDA considers approving genetically modified salmon for human consumption

Indonesian volcano erupts again; strongest one yet

Top US commander: Burning Quran endangers troops

Condoleezza Rice: I told Bush not to come back after 9/11

Strikers in Paris and London Snarl Travel

EU members urged to shun racism

EU agrees new financial supervision framework

Gunmen kill prominent Iraqi TV presenter Riad al-Saray

ACLU, Other Groups Sue U.S. Government Over Border Laptop Searches

What does it take to be happy? About $75,000

France rallies against pension reform

BP to provide $10M to NIH for health study

Whoa, Dude: Fox News parent company’s ‘Big Lebowski’ game developed by North Koreans

New Documentary: Condi Rice Yelled at Bush on 9/11

Gerald Posner sued over alleged "Miami Babylon" plagiarism

Feds: Hospital Gunman Threatened Obama, Clinton

33 charged with blocking L.A. city streets during immigration protests

Daley says he will not run for re-election

Iraqi soldier kills 2 U.S. soldiers

State Gains Would Give Redistricting Edge to G.O.P.

US universities look to expand operations in India

Mumford High School Shooting: 2 Students Shot In Detroit

Milwaukee man accused of shooting woman because of her race

Poll: Gallup says it's a tie

Obama Won’t Extend Bush-Era Tax Cuts to Wealthy

Once a Dynamo, the Tech Sector Is Slow to Hire

Suit aims to remove Tancredo from ballot

Gunman in Iraqi army uniform kills 2 U.S. soldiers

Chevron on offensive in Ecuador suit

Obama White House: Plans to burn the Koran threaten U.S. troops

U.S. judge upholds Guantánamo detention of Afghan shopkeeper

Karzai brother's Kabul Bank villa deal revealed

Colombia orders arrest of reporter in rebel case

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday September 7

DOJ investigating at least 5 anti-Muslim acts

John Lennon killer Chapman denied parole

US judge refuses to lift ban on govt stem cell funds

Italy to veto EU-South Korea free-trade deal: minister

Former FBI man implicated in CIA abuse

Two asteroids to pass close to Earth on Wednesday

Oil industry lowballs bird deaths: study

David Axelrod: Republican Congress Could Be 'More Extreme' Than Bush

Health Care Wastefulness Is Detailed in Studies

Taser Used On Man Trying To Save Pets From Burning Home

Chinese woman sues cinema over excessive advertisements

US Tea Party in London to spread low tax message

U.S. says not considering NATO Afghan troop request

Poll: Clear GOP advantage ahead of midterms

Several fires burning structures across Detroit

NOAA says no signs of 'dead zone' in Gulf

No recession here: Election spending sets records

Steep rate hikes on way for individual health insurance

20 illegal immigrants arrested in Orange County beach landing

Michele Bachmann runs away from CNN

NRCC Press Aide Tweets Home Addresses Of Virginia Dem's Staffers

Obama vs. Orszag - W.H. still seeks to end tax cuts

Clinton calls plan to burn Quran 'disgraceful act'

Report: Reggie Bush expected to be stripped of Heisman

California regulators seek up to $9.9 billion in fines from PacifiCare

Iran says it has the right to bar UN inspectors

Woodward book to be called 'Obama's Wars'

Senator Reid sees "mopping up" lame-duck session

Attorney General Holder tells religious leaders burning Qur’an is 'idiotic and dangerous'

Wikileaks' Assange Requests New Lawyer in Sweden

US church to go ahead with Sept. 11 Quran burning

Rahm Emanuel 'surprised' Chicago mayor won't seek reelection (mum about running)

Ohio bans offshoring as it gives tax relief to outsourcing firm

Republican Runs Street People on Green Ticket

Major US veterans group condemns planned Koran burning

I need help with a math problem for my son...

Millions can find only part-time or lower-paying jobs

Murkowski: I'm 'still in this game'

Angelina Jolie visits Pakistan to meet flood victims

Angelina Jolie visits Pakistan to meet flood victims

Reid Picks Up Some GOP Support

Religious leaders unite against Koran burning ("A Blight on America's Spirit & Soul")

Church 'praying' about plan to burn Quran, pastor says after warning

India's PM says China's territorial ambition must be challenged

(Australian) Labor to form government

Imam behind NYC Islamic community center says it will include 'prayer spaces' for other faiths

Fans lobby Stephen Colbert to host "Restoring Truthiness" rally in D.C. to rival Glenn Beck's event

Obama Won’t Extend Bush-Era Tax Cuts to Wealthy

Hostile Reaction to Protest Outside Iranian Interests Section in Washington DC

Keiser Report: United States of North Mexico

Don't be a sucker

Prolefeed 030: Reagan Mythology Rewritten

Prolefeed 044: Obama Assimilated by the Corporatocracy

How to use the new voting machine in New York City


Weird Liberal Head Show #155: Vote, Vote, and VOTE!

Protesters Denounce Pastor's Plan to Burn Quran

Doors - AFSCME television spot

FUN JAN BREWER Arizona Governor Parody Drag Queen debate 1070 Comedy Barbra SEVILLE

Mrs. Betty Bowers' Christian Sex Tape

Fundies rally in Sacramento: 50,000 unused water bottles

Papantonio: Tax Cuts for Billionares?

Angelina Jolie Press Conference In Pakistan, Describes Heartbreaking Stories & What She's Witnessed

CNN: Burn The Quran Cuckcoo Man

President Obama: Greeting for Rosh Hashanah

Olbermann: In Harms Way

Pastor Terry Jones' Quran Burning Draws Protests! (Shocker...)

Lunatic "Pastor" Terry Jones' Bizarre Interview With Anderson Cooper: "I Am Intolerant!"

Papantonio: Anti-Islam Hate Critters Emerge


David Plouffe to Dems: Don't despair, get to work!

Shameful, shameful, shameful.

Hypocritical Legal Crusade Against Craigslist Will Not End Violence Against Sex Trafficking Victims

Paul B. Farrell: Forget going green -- Earth doesn't care

My Trip to Al Qaeda: Six Questions for Lawrence Wright by Scott Horton

In The Headlights (James Howard Kunstler)

"'Looking back, I think I accomplished between 60 to 70 per cent

Anthrax War—the Malaysian Connection

GOP Seeks to Turn Labor Day Into 'Day Labor'

Neo-Nazis Seek Foothold in Kindergartens

New York Times: "Grim Housing Choice: Help Today’s Owners or Future Ones"

Obama Against a Compromise on Extension of Bush Tax Cuts.

Racialized Memories and Class Identities - Thinking About Glenn Beck's and Rush Limbaugh's America

Russia, Israel Embark on an Unprecedented Defense Cooperation Agreement

President Obama to unveil more stimulus, tax breaks for business

Peter Orszag op-ed, NYT: Bush Tax Cuts not affordable, so let's extend them for two more years

Why Obama Is Proposing Whopping Corporate Tax Cuts -- and Why He's Wrong

8 of the Most Toxic Energy Projects On the Planet

Dumbest Right-Wing Protest Signs Ever

Democrats Aren’t Running From Health Care. But What Are They Running On?

CEOs: “Reinvest those profits or we’ll tax your bonus!”

Naomi Klein & John Grisham versus Bankers, Lawyers and Milton Friedman

GOP Control Of Federal Trial Courts Has Increased Since Obama Took Office

Progressive Group: Rahm's A 'Cancer On The Democratic Party,' Should 'Flatly Go Away'

Accidentally double-clicked. And I hate wasting energy. nt.

Fidel to Ahmadinejad: 'Stop Slandering the Jews'

"Georgetown University Welcomes Colombia’s Ex-Pres. Uribe"

Pre-existing health condition insurance premium too expensive for many

Drumbeat: September 7, 2010

New Scientist - Carbon Storage In Forests - Esp. Tropical Rainforests - May Be Hugely Overstated

PNAS -Deforestation Explodes Following Completion Of Trans-National Highway Through Peruvian Jungle

Declines In Pollination Rates Of Up To 50% Already Seen In Some Plants As Bees Vanish - Telegraph

New study slashes estimate of icecap loss

Australia: New Coalition Government to Aggressively Pursue Climate Bill

Under the guise of peaceful nuclear power, nuclear weapons proliferation in progress

Lake Michigan Researcher - "By The Time The Carp Get Here, There Won't Be Anything For Them To Eat"

Anyone here own a Prius?

Dutch Energy Company Announces the Doubling of its Nuclear Build Proposal.

49ers release Nate Davis, sign Troy Smith..

Wild boar invasion leaves pitch unplayable, ends match

2010 NFL Preview from The Onion....

Albert Haynesworth on way out?

Parcells turns over control of Dolphins to GM Jeff Ireland

AP Poll: Boise State #3, TCU #4

Anybody else wanna piece of My Orioles?

Sources: Bush to be stripped of Heisman

***College Football Pool: Week 2***

Fantasy trade offer- should I take it?

Klitschko vs Peter (boxing)

Cross Post: Soros to Donate $100 Million to Rights Group (Human Rights Watch)

Jewish community in Venezuela has declined by half in the last decade

Colombia Captures Warlord Blamed for Massacre

Rights Activists Released in Cuba

Chevron on offensive in Ecuador suit

Brother of ex-inspector general arrested for unionists' murder

Ecuador court charges Colombian general with murder

Arias called for questioning over subsidy scandal

Honduras: No let-up for radio stations that opposed coup

Colombia orders arrest of reporter in rebel case

Anyone for U.S. military bases in Peru?

Fidel to Ahmadinejad: 'Stop Slandering the Jews'

Massacre in San Pedro Sula -- 18 young men shot to death

Fidel to Ahmadinejad: 'Stop Slandering the Jews' Atlantic: Jeffrey Goldberg in Havana

US interference in Venezuela keeps growing

"Georgetown University Welcomes Colombia’s Ex-Pres. Uribe"

What percentage of shooting victims are themselves criminals?

More Augusta-area women purchasing firearms (Georgia)

Lee County erases ban on guns (Florida)

7 September, 1876

Chandler man shoots, kills 2 suspected gang members

Simplicity. Why gun control is a bamboozle.

Chicago Police meet with gang leaders ...

Man uses "AK 47" to defend house and family from gang attack, and gets arrested for it

Ten years after school shooting, community remembers, sees few changes after 6-yr-old Kayla's death

22 Times Less Safe? Anti-Gun Lobby's Favorite Spin re Attacks Guns In The Home

AUSTRALIA: Sports Star Dumped By Sponsor After Homophobic Tweet

BULGARIA: Orthodox Bishop Hands Out Medals For Opposing LGBT Rights

Montana Tea Party Leader Axed Over Comments Regarding Hanging of GLBT People

Beetlejuice's Otho Dies At Age 58 (Underwent electro-shock as a teen)

National Review hits on a "new" way to talk about Same-Sex Marriage - NOM says best article ever

MASSACHUSETTS: Catholic High Schoolers Rally In Support Of Lesbian Dean

HUNGARY: "Heterosexual Pride" Parade Marches Through Budapest

Sugar High

Water Falling Over (And Boiling Out Of) Things 2010: Part III

It's been a while since a showed you a Silly Thing from my yard


Poll: Half of Israeli teens don't want Arab students in their class

Today in labor history Sept 7 Federal employees win the right to receive Workers' Compensation ins

Conservatives celebrate Labor Day by attacking organized labor

Septemberfest a labor of love for Moore

City, retirees discuss settlement (my union)

Fewer than 40 cases left of this 93 point wine (union vinted & bottled)

Chicken Little FAIL: 2 asteroids on close pass to Earth!

God doesn't believe in atheist.

Did Jesus have brothers?

Wonderful press conference today....

How about THIS for synchronicity

The next World Gratitude cycle starts tomorrow, Sept 8

This incredibly, beautiful message is too important to wait until my next newsletter.

Big Bountiful Belated Birthday Thread for the Bedazzlingly Beneficent One. . .

On the Epidemiology of Influenza - x

America's Mental Illness Epidemic: It Turns Out That the Drugs Are the Problem

"Sharks don't get cancer." -- FALSE.

Koch Industries Funds Attack on Science Linking Formaldehyde and Cancer