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Archives: September 6, 2010

Horse Advocates Pull for Underdog in Roundups.

No defence left against double-dip recession, says Nouriel Roubini

Psychiatric Drugs On Rise Among Young Children

Impounded cars boost Bell's coffers

Mental health in a sick society: what are people for?

KETV Omaha - Iowa College Grads Among Deepest In Debt

Mexican drug cartels cripple Pemex operations in basin

Lies and the War That Has Not Ended

New website provides support, networking for veterans

Labor Day Special: Woody Guthrie - Blowin' Down This Road - I Ain't Gonna Be Treated This Way

Sources: As many as 2,000 more troops may be going to Afghanistan

OMG! Social Security will be in really, really big trouble after the sun explodes!

Labor Day: Honoring Our History, Fighting for Our Future

Labor Day: Honoring Our History, Fighting for Our Future

U.S. OK With Afghan Corruption

(British) War heroes 'to be forced out of armed forces'

Can anybody suggest another good liberal forum?

Military communities among wealthiest in U.S.

Middle Class Wealth Act of 2010

Daily Kos: We are a union household

Conservative talk radio 'The Truth' fails in Denver, switches to R&B

Huh... Maybe they're not ALL batshit crazy

Criteria for Rational Discussion

Tony the Poodle: You may disagree with Evil Dick's hard-line worldview but you can't dismiss it

FDR Labor Day Address, Sept. 6, 1936

NY Times: American Muslims Ask, Will We Ever Belong?

CBS Politicial Pundits- "Analysts: White House Panicking Over Elections" - Go Right Dems! Go Right!

9 Shameless Warmongers Who Call Fox News Home

Half the U.S. working population does not have a 401(k) plan or traditional pension

UK cop caught on camera throwing woman onto concrete cell floor, badly injuring her

Roaches have the last laugh -Insect brains new source of antibiotics to fight MRSA

Mid-term elections are not quite presidential, they're much, much less essential...

Over 40 Horses Killed in Stable Fire Near Charles Town Races

Newsweek Inside Al Qaeda ..... A must read

If Transit Investment Produces Jobs, Why Isn’t There More of It?

Afghans protest U.S. church's plans to torch Koran, chanting "Death to America"

Be careful when you google the New Zealand earthquake pictures

Infant deaths at Bragg have families weighing housing options

Why do pundits only site....

Mother Jones Takes to the Stage

Obama-Boehner Midterm Debates

Department Of Labor Launches New Website To Help Unemployed Americans

A Model already exists for the Republican economic ideal - the Illegal Drug Industry

A Model already exists for the Republican economic ideal - the Illegal Drug Industry

Labor Day special--Still delivering: The people who brought you the middle class

Fisk (Univ.) Says It Must Sell O'Keeffe Art Collection to Survive

OK, where are the Dems on the teevee this am. MSNBC was helping Boehner measure the drapes.

I support these online vigilantes tracking down and unmasking animal abusers

ELO's Mike Edwards killed by hay bale in freak crash

Army Contract Employee Claims He Was Fired for Refusing to Submit False Reports

Punk'd In Iraq

Tropical Storm Hermine is in the GOM

Supposedly extinct red fox discovered near Yosemite National Park

False labor day under way...

Circle jerk: Tweety's "expert panel" goes all dreamy over possibility of 2012 run by Palin or Jebby

Bahrain Cracks Down on Dissent Using Anti-Terrorism Laws

Labor Day..Trickle-Down

Jerry Brown Finally Goes On TV In CA-GOV Race (video)

For the Workers, on Labor Day-

Whose tax cuts should expire?

Happy Labor Day

3 Charts On Unemployment

The Rude Pundit: On Labor Day, Remembering Nagi Daifullah and the United Farm Workers

Why wasn't Gates admitting the reasons for the Iraq war were invalid

Would Jesus be a captain of industry? . . . Please come CAPTION Ailin' Palin!!!

New Zealand is in very bad shape

Happy Labor Day - Now bend over America

Unseen colour video released of London blitz

New Senate candidate in South Carolina race?

The Iraq/Afghan war fraud and waste alone...

The open-sourcing of humor

The Original Reagan Democrat

Since wall street is shifting there donations to repukes, Democrats should use that against them

Arizona Sheriff Claims Mexican Drug Cartels Control U.S. Territory

Frat House for Jesus: The entity behind C Street.

Anyone concerned about real violence on 9/11?

Jindal won't endorse Vitter

38 Women who have never experienced Sexual Harrassment ever could you please check in here?

Horrified mum watches sea lion attack boy at zoo show in Australia

9 Shameless Warmongers Who Call Fox News Home

Is Newt Gingrinch a Lego? See for yourself

Labor Day Toons

Pau Ryan says tax cuts won't pay for themselves, but still wants them

Happy Labor Day


watching Capitalism Love Story on Netflix streaming

watching Capitalism Love Story on Netflix streaming

watching Capitalism Love Story on Netflix streaming

watching Capitalism Love Story on Netflix streaming

watching Capitalism Love Story on Netflix streaming

watching Capitalism Love Story on Netflix streaming

A potential huge winner for Dems: a "Public Safety Employee Protection Act"....

Iran pays Taliban to kill U.S. soldiers

Rocklin (Calif.) High suspends 15yo boy for 'i love boobies' wristband

Bumper stickers I saw today

Jan Brewer: I'm Done With Debates (VIDEO)

Anti-Dem Propaganda Watch #3 - "GOP gov. hopefuls run against Obama"

WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE !: Two-wheeled protest at Jimmy Johns

"White House going into full-on economic mode"

Anti-Dem Propaganda Watch #4 - "Analysis: Dems out of jobs options before election

Reid: small biz package will kick off fall Senate agenda

Alligators terrorizing the northern states

Small Businesses Get More Federal Contracts

Anyone concerned about real violence on 9/11?

Jack Conway: Fighting Corporate Influence

Bill and Melinda ain't all that

The chart that tells the whole story...

Watershed Community Cafe: religion or business?

Will the Teabaggers go to the Polls?

Taxpayers likely to face initial loss on GM IPO-sources

Obama announces $50-billion stimulus plan

Bush and his Republicans created the Iran problems we have now.

"Seven days older and deeper in debt." . . . Please come CAPTION Sarah Palin!!!!

Slogan du Jour: TAX THE RICH, FEED THE POOR, is our nation's hope for sure! nt

We really need to raise taxes

The Immortality of the Two-Party System

Threat level? What threat level? Who Cares!

Condoleezza Rice 'ordered Bush to stay out of Washington' after 9/11

Sen. Byrd's family denounces campaign attack ad

Sunday Show Economic Experts Agree: More Stimulus Needed

To Honor Labor, the History Channel is-

If you're considering not voting this election to send a message, just remember this...

Obama getting fewer judges confirmed than Nixon

Muslim hating pastor Bill Keller’s first service near Ground Zero is a bust

Nanny (caught on video) Guilty Of Abuse Gets 8 Years

Is it rape to lie to someone to have sex with them?

Operation Chaos or Circular Firing Squad?

There might never have been a "I Have a Dream" speech without the United Auto Workers

Anti-Dem Propaganda Watch #2 - "After two years, the momentum returns to GOP favor in Texas races"

Anti-Dem Propaganda Watch #1 - "Republican wave building toward November's elections"

Happy Labor Day Mother Jones

Doctors claim guy can't work because he might topple over and and crush colleagues

The vicious machine that is influencing joblessness and wrecking the economy

Operation Chaos or Circular Firing Squad?

GOP uses photo from Senator Byrd's memorial service in attack ad

55min. of Thom Hartmann with Bob McChesney from yesterday

The American Taliban finds a new way to sabotage Mid-East peace talks!

Economy, New Rules Toughen U.S. Job-Hunt for Foreign Students

Anti-Dem Propaganda Watch #5 - "How Barack Obama Became Mr. Unpopular"

Is anyone else having problems submitting alerts?

Here's one from the wingers I haven't seen before

Chavez demands strategic turn in creation of communes

Politico: ending Bush Tax Cuts "would impose $1,600 per year in new taxes on the typical CA family"

The Koch Brothers Flag

Obama bashers: will you support Obama again if he fires Rahm

Obama bashers: will you support Obama again if he fires Rahm

MSM/GOP: Start rewriting your scripts.. The game has changed.

Why is Liz Cheney's Face Coming Up at DU?

Alan Grayson: Reminding us of Robert Kennedy's words about labor on Labor Day

Afghan backlash against Quran burning

The Oil Spill: Nothing Ever Changes

Ideophobia is the fear of ideas or reason

The DU civility problem; It's not Business, it's Personal

The true cost of the Iraq war: $3 trillion and beyond

Something less bad than it sounds: Payroll Tax Holiday

Populism - Good or Bad ??

In Honor of Labor Day, a Presidential Quote that Must Never Be Forgotten

How would you push democrats to the left?

Things I hate to hear others say, and why

Has Mr. President finally learned that one can't kiss a viper's ass, and

FDR Re: Labor Day

Mozambique's food riots – the true face of global warming

The soldiers have come home but the war is still in their heads.,,,,,AJC

If bush goes on a book tour..

They "are successful because they do not let principle interfere with their political donations."

Just got back from Canada. Gas there (Ontario) is about $3.80 a gallon, about 1/3 of that is taxes.

Chris Hedges on "Moral Courage"

Sun Myung Beck

Early Thanksgiving ( I worked today)

What will be the next wedge issue that the .........

Remember during Bush's reign about harming our troops

Obama is ON FIRE. Right now he is finally connecting all the

Obama is ON FIRE. Right now he is finally connecting all the

Are you "quite happy and satisfied with your life"?

No can of worms a la mode this time, folks...

Schools: The Disaster Movie ("Waiting for Superman")

Congressional Charities Are Pulling In Corporate Cash

The bullshit about how "wall street" is turning away from the Democrats, being propagated by the

List of groups that the Republican Party shuts out

9/11 McCarthyism: a list.

Google's Labor Day Graphic

Mosque debate distracts us from greater issues

POLL: Are you considering not voting this election to send a message?

POLL: Are you considering not voting this election to send a message?

Anti-Dem Propaganda Watch #6 - "Analysts: White House Panicking Over Elections"

if anyone knows sargeunn

DU this WSJ poll: Can more government stimulus lower the nation's unemployment rate?

Ex-soldier holding some folks hostage. Welcome to the jungle. Or maybe the desert.

This person gets one vote just like me. Steve King IA 5th Dist

Petraeus: Church's Quran burning 'could endanger troops', put 'overall effort' at risk

Obama speech on cspan now nt

Go skyscraper guy!!

Carpenters union planning to back Rick Snyder (R) for governor of Michigan.

Mouth breathing, illiterate, terra-cotta toothed, bottom dwelling

es this admin has been lousy at messaging BUT whay are all the Dem

Rahm Emanuel: 'F*ck the UAW'

Evidence of second fast north-south pole flip found

Billionaire Meg Whitman Has Spent $104 Million Of Her Fortune or $21 Per Vote

If the speech wasn't enough.... counter the oval office decor chain

My Trip to Al Qaeda: Six Questions for Lawrence Wright by Scott Horton

How much do you trust the pigs?

How much do you trust the pigs?

This looks like an interesting way to rate an article/post

The Coming Republican Tax Bombshell When They Take Back...

Special interests, politics, history and Obama

Is Survival Only for The Rich?

Do you think Congress is doing the job that we elected them to do?

interesting robocall this evening.

Remember in March when Congressman Cleaver was spit on in DC?

Who's Afraid Of the Tea Party??? The GOP!

Assets frozen at Kabul bank, EXCEPT for ***Karzai's brother***

Assets frozen at Kabul bank, EXCEPT for ***Karzai's brother***

Anti-Dem Propaganda Watch #7 - "It's a long shot, but Senate's now in GOP sights"

Could the Tea Party idiocy actually become a threat?

Once Upon a Time in America...not too long ago

Once Upon a Time in America...not too long ago

Labor Day should remind us not to let them divide us

Labor Day should remind us not to let them divide us

Hassle in Haight over McDonald's menu change

Did you enjoy your day off? If it were up to the GOP, there'd be no "Labor Day"

USA ranks 18th on Democracy Index of the Economist Group

Troubled Florida private academy gets public voucher money, but little oversight.

Happy Labor Day! Soon we will be losing Labor Day, along with many things we take for granted now.

ACLU lawyers seek to quash wiretapping charges! (Taping Police Story)

Huffpo: Terry Goddard Targets Jan Brewer Over Beheaded Bodies In New Campaign Ad (Video)

Link to video: "The Majestic Plastic Bag"

A cultural civil war?

'Multiple and/or dozens' of homes lost to fire

Fox News parent company funded North Korea through network of subsidiaries: report

Who has seen movie "The Age of Stupid"?

We are bearing witness to a revolution...and it is NOT good

India (2nd), Brazil (3rd) overtake US (4th) as top priority country for foreign investments (UNCTAD)

Internet polls and petitions are bullshit.

HuffPo - Jared Bernstein - Great Graphic On Impact Of Obama's Economic Policies

Well, whose fault will it be?

Remember when Barney Frank told that woman she was like "Arguing with the dining room table"?

A National Disaster: Examining a Welfare System Broken by Reform

"Jobs too Small for Our Souls": A Labor Day lay sermon I gave four years ago

So, ... Faux parent funds North Korea. Soros donates $100 MILLION for human rights. ... WTF?

1938 in 2010

1938 in 2010

I love the National Geographic Channel, but.......

WT-EFFING-F? JONATHAN ALTER! Put down the CRACK PIPE..."Why Obama should debate Boehner"

Guess What? He's a Terrible President - David Michael Green

Guess What? He's a Terrible President - David Michael Green

(Expletive deleted!) Just for us rubes, is there ANY failing of the Obama administration that is

Right-To-Work crazies in MI trying a new approach: RTW counties

BWAHAHA! HuffPo tells you how to pronounce "Boehner" so you don't call him...well, you know.

I just email the Fiscal Commission re: Steven Hill policy paper.

Obama and the Fat Cats: Now, I'm Really Getting Pissed Off - David Michael Green - Interactive Timeline Feature Shows What Is Effective When

Um, excuse me, check this breaking news out:

"The world should have more people with Down Syndrome, it would be a much better place"

What would be sweeter...?

I had to call Citi Bank the other day with a question

Robert Reich: "Welcome to the worst Labor Day in the memory of most Americans"

Finally, they're going to steal SS and Medicare.

Make Labor Day meaningful. Kiss a union member.

'Once there was a political party in America - the one that did the New Deal and the Great Society'

How many "the parties are the same" folks would be happy living without Social Security?

OK, so President Obama 'assailed' the GOP today

Brown Digs At Whitman During Sacramento Visit-"You can't buy the confidence and trust of the people"

You know Mr. President--A couple more speechs like that and I might get off my ass in November!

Chad Reed in Trouble in Florida

This is the right-wing we are battling...

The Hourglass Nebula just winked at us - pic

Why should Obama have to tell people they got a tax cut? Shouldn't they already know?

Right-Wing Voter Suppression Effort Caught Using Doctored Photo

Can anyone translate this?

Positive spin on job growth from CNN and CNBC: 'Strongest jobs recovery in decades'

NY Times: Housing Woes Bring New Cry: Let Market Fall

Bumper Sticker: "I am Proud to be Everything Liberals Hate"

I haven't been to a movie in years.

Washington's Frat House for Jesus

Looking for Tony Blair's memoir? Try the crime section (Dialup Warning)

What ever happened to this group

National Association of Evangelicals Urges Cancellation of Planned Qu’ran Burning

Eugene Robinson: Gov. Barbour's civil rights fairy tale

CEO pay escalates as more employees laid off

Challenge every teabagger you meet: Name one tax that you pay that has gone up under Obama

The Tillman movie is censored from Army and Air Force Theaters

Blair's real New Labour legacy

The rich save, and the middle class spends

Vote Democratic for the amusement factor

Tea Party Takeover of GOP: It’s Worse Than You Think

A revelation in the Online Comments portion of Krugman's 9/6 column

So the American voter is mad at the Democrats

Is this president drifting even farther to the right-of-center almost by the day, or is it just

Petraeus warns Koran burning could endanger US troops

The Promise & Potentials of Power


Obama's taking a strong stand against privatizing Social Security!

Pres Obama is giving a barn burner of a populist speech

Fu**ing Pissed... Maybe my wife and I should change our names...

Fu**ing Pissed... Maybe my wife and I should change our names...

Fox News parent company funded North Korea through network of subsidiaries: report

Oh, wonderful. Even World Nut Daily is promoting Obama's opposition to marriage equality

"It's slightly sickening to realize that the big winners in the midterm elections

American Muslims Ask, Will We Ever Belong?

Burn a copy of the Patriot Act on 9/11.

UAW praises Rahm, Obama and calls Ratner book 'a bunch of baloney'

UAW praises Rahm, Obama and calls Ratner book 'a bunch of baloney'

Airline CEO - "Let's take out the 2nd pilot" Train flight attendant to land plane

12 Reasons to vote Democratic in 2010

The Republicans Tax Bombshell

French gear for nationwide general strike to protest plans to raise min. retirement from 60 to 62.

Will someone please explain this to me about the Bush tax cuts???

Tony Blair, the New Dems and the Third Way Wonkfest 1998.

Sorry but I am about ready to give up on the American People on both sides

Anti-Dem Propaganda Watch #8 - "A Stark Year for Democrats"

"Not my usual kind of post": Another soul falls through the cracks of a failed system

When Did Being An Ardent

What was your worst job?

What was your worst job?

What Is Your Favorite American Made Product?

Happy F*ckin' Labor Day! - by Michael Moore

So what do we do to solve the homeless problem?

10.2.10, The Day the Mid-Term Narrative Changes

cool TEA PARTY shirts ------->

Next time someone says that you can't raise taxes in a bad economy

Tony Blair offers Obama political advice on how to deal with 'professional left.'

About the Koran burning event....something familiar...

'Oil-seeking US unlikely to leave Iraq'

Haight-Ashbury homeless think McDonalds dropped 'dollar menu' to get rid of them

Why don't they like sports?

Vets Get Ecstasy to Treat Their PTSD

The stoned Mr. French thinks of being trapped inside pigs that have enormous testicles.

I have been commuting between franktown, denver, and boulder co, this week

Puppy taught to smoke by 'bad pet owner'

In sympathy with the plight of another DUer, I just kicked my printer's USB cable in the balls. n/t

Redneck festival this weekend in Weissport, PA!!!! Toilet race, other passtimes...

Nectar of the Gods.

Pearls Before Swine takes on Cathy

please vote

Wish me luck, DU!

I have a boil on my

Just got back from our Bay Area gathering


I just saw Avatar last night. It was WAY better than I expected.

Play with your beer.

Coming this season to the Discovery Channel. Hoarders vs Pickers. This Time It's for Keeps

I made a long detailed post about my experience with homophobia in boulder


Serious post.

Should I start a "Damn Skippy" award for spot on posts?

My beetroot anything-but-halwa may yet take the place of love in the world

What's the best (internet) place to buy music CDs?

This story just about made me cry.

I think I'm getting older and wiser.

Someone needs anger management: Livermore man arrested in stabbing of teen son

Someone needs anger management: Livermore man arrested in stabbing of teen son

Kali accused me of having a man-crush on Greg Brown...

I love my job...

My netbook refuses to load videos

Catnipped kitty dreams of posing for one of the Old Masters...

OK, I've been to a game at BYU

"Skyscraper Man" is climbing Millennium Tower in San Francisco...with suction cups (LIVE VIDEO)

Wine & olive oil?!1 - OR - Beer & butter?!1 (A poll)

I don't know where I am, I don't know who you are, I don't know what is going on...

Just stumbled across this poem, "In The Dance"...and thought "I can relate to that."

Two of my former teachers were stabbed by their son, one is dead

Two of my former teachers were stabbed by their son, one is dead

You're all adults, and I should not have to tell you this.

From the vaults. 80s Italo Disco Classic by Miko Mission - How Old Are You

Todd Rundgren can still sing...

Where can I go on the internet to find all the answers?

I want to see if anyone else but me recognizes these two names:

I was thinking of encouraging my mom to join DU, then I decided not to.

Songs about labor, working, unions,the struggle against tyranny etc...

Chuck Norris?

* deep sigh*.....*gentle smile*

You don't know who you are, or why I did it, but I put you on my Buddy List

Stories from the Road: Pleasant Memories

How to open a new book

Do you think the time will ever come when there is nothing left to say??

Great thoughts from a movie.

Travel in Ireland - Advice Welcomed!

The Better Hand

Biden To Cool His Heels In Mexico For A While

question for couples

Bristol Palin will be a contestant on "Dancing With the Stars"

Flu shot

Art Tatum Trio playing "Dark Eyes"

A&E Hoarders: Sir Colonel Dr. Patrick Donovan Flanagan O'Shannahan. Tonight.

Last Night I Dreamt That I Was Dating This Woman

Awright, which Lounger talked about using puppy pads for incontinent cats?!

I just accidentally whacked myself in the most sensitive of male areas with my printer's USB cable

I am prejudiced against skin color.

Mad Men, "The Suitcase"--thoughts? (expect spoilers)

What's your favorite TRUE BLUE couple this season?

I just can't bring myself to watch it.

Time for a Picture Thread. Something Cherished or Loved.

Tory MP learns his Brazilian wife is a prostitute

Abused Cats in Chicago

Abused Cats in Chicago


I am watching Leverage online, this show really great.

Obama to call for business tax credit

The Choice in November: Rebuild America or Tax Cuts for the Top 2%

Here's two good reasons to vote Dem...

Obama calling for more infrastructure spending..Good News for Labor Day

NYT: Democrats Plan Political Triage to Retain House

CNN POLL: November elections not a referendum on President Obama.

Vice President Biden campaigns with Ohio governor

GOP raids Democrats' donor list -

As election season heats up, Democrats battle grim prospects

Watching the president on the View

Obama to make Labor Day speech in Milwaukee

More from the NYT on President Obama's infrastructure bank...

GOP Uses Photo from Byrd Memorial Service in Attack Ad

Starting NOW: Rerun of President Obama on "The View"

Blame Where Blame Is Due

Pew on party identification

Ed Rendell: Rebuild Our Infrastructure

Independent Voters are just plain stupid!

On Labor Day: Labor's Legacy by E. J. Dionne

Obama to announce $50 billion infrastructure job plan

Van Hollen fires back at NYT assertion that Dems will give up on vulnerables

"They said no... we said yes" to the American worker

"They don't know how to drive"

Let's Stop Torturing Facts and Start Working Together (Bernstein)

Fact sheet: Renewing and Expanding America’s Roads, Railways, and Runways

Trumka: President, not Tea Partiers, can get country back to work

Weak, Boehner, weak...

GOP Attacks On Infrastructure Investment Already Underway

Latest SurveyUSA poll: Paul leads Conway by 15 points in KY.

Obama assails GOP, promotes new jobs program

Remarks of President Barack Obama on the Economy — As Prepared for Delivery

Political Scientists Forecast Big Losses For Democrats In 2010 Midterm Elections

AFL-CIO President Trumka says the choice is clear this November. ("Countdown" VIDEO)

Anyone noticed in the last couple of days the media is saying Obama went to far left

When Democrats retain control of Congress, what will be the reaction?

The corporate media is trying to suppress the Dem/Progressive vote. I have another idea. Let's...

"The Republican Recession"

Democrats can win big in November, guaranteed. Here's how:

Before someone asks.. The President cannot give speeches with this kind of fire

So now we have stupid Senators and Congress people in the party trying to distance themselves from O

The Danger of American Fascism

Re: Obama Labor Day address observations

If you don't understand we are in trouble this election you are deluded

Pres. Obama on MSNBC Wisconsin speaking

Mr. President ; You are sounding like a liberal again - I really like that!

Republican Runs Street People on Green Ticket

It's a new ballgame, people

Well, after that speech all I can say is

PHOTOS: President Obama speaking at the Labor Day Rally in Milwaukee

Anyone see CNN's Ali Velshi totally take down the RNC spokesman after Obama's speech?


President Obama: These guys are running on "No, We Can't," and proud of it.

Video of Obama's speech

The MONEY shot: "What is it about working men and women that they find so offensive?"

Reuters: Obama will call for the creation of a permanent infrastructure bank

3 Seattle police officers fire at, wound man in West Seattle

Kerry pledges bill to create "American Infrastructure Bank" to help fund new WH proposal


Fight the stimulus messaging with 'without stimulus we would be at 14% unemployment'

Time to Stop the "Blame the Liberals and Progressives" meme

Afghan bankers' assets frozen

Police say phone hacking case may be reopened

Mexican drug cartels cripple Pemex operations in basin

Official: More NATO Troops May Be Afghan-Bound

China to have 200 million vehicles by 2020

Election likely to show shift to right

Little Rock Nine member Jefferson Thomas dies

Religious leaders (Hindu Buddhist Jewish Christian Sikh Zoroastrian) decry plans for Quran burning

(Stop the War Coalition) Protesters To Disrupt ("Secret") Blair Book Party

China donates additional US $ 30 million in kind for Pakistan flood victims

Latest Pakistan floods prompt fresh exodus from towns

Indonesia could cut CO2 by 70 pct by 2030: report

Hostage situation at Fort Stewart ends without casualties

Pakistan 'suicide bomber' targets police station

Thirty-four Colombian tribes face extinction, says UN report

Obama enters mid-terms campaign with $50bn infrastructure plan

Blair may cancel London appearance over protests

Attack Shows Lasting Threat to U.S. in Iraq

Obama takes on GOP; Ask for $50 Billion Dollar infrastructure plan for jobs

God bless and protect our President and his family.

Boehner: Obama infrastructure plan more failed stimulus funding

Hassle in Haight over McDonald's menu change

Ex-Colombian spy seduced cop to implicate judges

US authorities seize BP's blowout preventer

Many Structures Destroyed In Boulder Co. Fire

French Foreign Minister Pledges To Help Iranian Woman Sentenced To Death By Stoning

US mulls approval of GM salmon

Pakistan's survival threatened by terror and flooding, says president

Man climbing San Francisco skyscraper (live)

'Floating Chernobyls' to hit the high seas

GOP raids Democrats' donor list

Soros to Donate $100 Million to Rights Group (Human Rights Watch)

Putin compares himself to FDR as he hints at third term

Democrats Demand Bribery Investigation Into Gov.

Oracle Hires Mark Hurd As Co-President

Economists: Second Economic Stimulus Needed

Judge tosses out privacy claim against Michael Moore over 'Sicko' segment

"They Talk about me like a dog!" - Pres. Barack Obama

Appeals Court in Atlanta Again Rejects Racial Discrimination Claim

CNN Poll: GOP's midterm advantage is growing

Racial violence changes student — and school

Mott's Demands Pay Cuts despite $555M Profit

Alaska US Senate Candidate Cited in 3-Car Crash

ABC News Chief Is Said to Be Resigning

Obama Revs Into Campaign Mode in Wisconsin

Little Rock Nine member Jefferson Thomas dies

Sharron Angle: 'I'll be a mainstream senator'

Obama to Propose Plant and Equipment Tax Write-Off

Airline CEO: Nix co-pilot, save money

Mexican state reduces penalty for abortion 'crime'

Whitman leads Brown in California governor's race

For G.O.P., Tea Party Wields a Double-Edged Sword

University of Florida Muslims fear Koran burning may spark violence

University of Florida Muslims fear Koran burning may spark violence

Petraeus Condemns U.S. Church's Plan to Burn Qurans ("It could endanger troops")

Afghans protest US church's plans to burn Quran

Rice ordered Bush: stay put

"I hope to God someone shoots you dead, you liberal Pig"

Its A Birther Madhouse

Hey Republicans, Thanks for Throwing American Workers Under the Bus

Arlo Guthrie & Sarah Lee Guthrie UNION MAID

The Rebel Girl (Hazel Dickens)

MSNBC w/ Cenk: Reich On How To Fix The Underlying Problems With The Economy

We Have Fed You All for a Thousand Years

I Like Mike! White House Shocker!

MSNBC w/ Cenk: BP & AZ Debate Fail

Trumka (1) - Labor, Chamber, Discuss Economy, Political Strategy AFL CIO Jerry Brown launches his first Ad

Bill O'Reilly F@@@ It Music Mix

Mayor Peter Corroon... he's chea - he's FRUGAL!

Weird Liberal Head Show #154: The Labor Day Surprise

Johnny Cash - Working Man Blues

Billy Bragg - There Is Power In A Union, live @ AFL-CIO Building, Washington DC, 10/22/02

Glenn Beck: Obama no longer a racist. How about a heretic instead?

What Has Brewer given Arizona and the USA?

Tea Party - Abolish Social Security?

Pete Seeger - Take It From Dr. King - Live on David Letterman, 2008

Obama to propose massive rebuilding program costing at least $50 billion

Obama: "They Talk About Me Like A Dog"

Obama's Full Speech With Subtitles

Burn A Quran Day;Monster Truck Style Parody

Ed Schultz announces October 2nd March on Washington, urges working people/jobless to participate!

A New Way Forward: The Report. Afghanistan Strategy

Debunking Agnosticism – Why Most Self-Identified Agnostics Are Anything But

With the Drug War's Total Failure, Can CA's Legalization Battle Kick-Start a Movement for Change?

Middle Class R.I.P.

E.J. Dionne:When unions mattered, prosperity was shared

On Labor Day, remember the unemployed vote

One Nation Working Together rally announcement

Blitz 70th anniversary: Night of fire that heralded a new kind of war

Hard times for workers on Labor Day 2010 - The state of America's workers is appalling

A Labor Day Commitment to the Common Good - Jim Hightower

How the GOP Celebrates 'Bizarro Labor Day'

Hammering Whitman on her failure to vote could be a winner for Brown

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"Freedom’s Just Another Word" ........ By FRANK RICH

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Why are people against unions?

drumbeat from the weekend...

Peak oil review - Sept 6

Drumbeat: September 6, 2010

BBC: Germany agrees to extend nuclear plant life span

A Burning Debate Over Natural Gas Drilling

There's time to plan for plug-ins, electric vehicles

Interior Dept. rules would punish scientists but not protect against political manipulation

That was one hell of a game!

The most ugly, thuggish looking uniforms ever!

Jim Thome quietly passes Mark McGwire* in all-time home runs

State Department Withholds Funds For Plan Mexico

Misleading post about Chavez "violating the Constitution" re upcoming legislative elections

'Jorge 40' suspends collaboration with Colombian justice

FARC admits to killing eight Colombian Indians

PIN asks to be included in Santos coalition

Thirty-four Colombian tribes face extinction, says UN report

Ex-Colombian spy seduced cop to implicate judges

Chavez's base, the poor, wobbles as election looms

Mexican state reduces penalty for abortion 'crime'

Uribe to receive Spanish anti-terrorism award

Ex-Bolivian president to appeal defamation sentencing, attorney says

Chuckle of the day -- Lobo is being offered pyjamas

I Don't Understand the VPC's Hard-On for CCW Holders

Listen Live to Gun free Chicago

LAPD officer acquitted on gun exporting charges

CCW Permit Holders Much Safer Than General Public.

Britain: 1952 arguments against and for chemical castration of Alan Turing

Children Raised by Gay Couples Show Good Progress Through School, Study Finds

NOM Vows To Defeat Senators Boxer And Feingold For Voting Against DOMA

Is "shall issue" concealed carry in California's near future?

Pigs' Bums

Afternoon at El Mercado - San Antonio

Craig's list. Six dollars total. Yesterday

My younger grandson...he's almost 3!

Gaza's elite enjoy riding at Faisal

Is it rape to lie to someone to have sex with them?

Avigdor Lieberman Pushes For New Settlement Construction Amid Middle East Peace Talks

US group says it plans to send plane to Gaza

Hard times for workers on Labor Day 2010

Today in Labor History Sept 6 Tony Boyle, former president of the UMW , is charged with murder

When unions mattered, prosperity was shared

Happy Labor Day

Steady climb up ladder of success

Attention Conservatives: Today, America Honors Organized Labor, So Put Down the BBQ and Get Your Ass

Unemployment Extension 2010: Labor Day Celebrations Somber

The unemployed

Q+A-What options does Obama have to boost US hiring?

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16.7% Is The Real Unemployment Rate

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Wheeless: Are unions bound by tribal law when organizing on tribal lands?

Salem hospital nurses vote on union, but legal wrangling keeps ballots sealed

OSHA issues rules governing whistleblower complaint procedures under various statutes

Construction jobs dry up

The girls are feeling left out....

California votes to reject Texas history curriculum (HOORAY!)

Transition Metal Catalysts Could Be Key to Origin of Life, Scientists Report

Forget What You Know About Good Study Habits

Would Oklahoma City have opposed Okla21?

Debunking Agnosticism – Why Most Self-Identified Agnostics Are Anything But

"Marcel the Shell with Shoes On"

Starcodes this Week - Heather Roan Robbins

"Does the Past Exist Yet? Evidence Suggests Your Past Isn't Set in Stone."

The lies my father's doctors told me

Young gay men fuelling HIV epidemic, study warns