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Archives: September 27, 2010

The Road to World War III - The Global Banking Cartel Has One Card Left to Play

How networks create new shows (great jab at "Outsourced")

The Language of Money

I am starting the BEER PARTY who wants to join me

Money transfers could face anti-terrorism scrutiny

Ballot irregularities fuel uncertainty over Sweden’s election result

How do we win this, in SPITE of the wishes of our party's leaders?

Alaska soldier's drug use an issue in war crimes hearing

British police officer convicted of brutal assault released from prison after six days

The Cult of Stupidity

NATO forces carry out airstrikes in Pakistan

Pensioner sentenced to 18 months for beating the hell out of a Hell's Angel

Fake general: It was free speech, not fraud

What's Going On?

As Liberal Groups Prepare Mass Rally, 99ers Push to Organize

"Just say no to everything" republicans....

"Like it or not, Mr. Geithner, that's why we're giving Ms. Warren a pitchfork..."

So investments in jobs and...

"The majority of illegal immigrants in Mexico come not from Central America, but from the US."

Banksters Inc.

Monday Morning Laugh

Latino voters overwelmingly support CA. candiates for senator and governor

The point of a fair trial


Continuous chest compression CPR

Big High Country: Medical marijuana foments culture war in Montana

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf Invokes 9/11 & BRILLIANTLY Concludes: "We have to wage peace."

Gulf Oil hearing on C-Span 2; Nungusser testifying now

Doug Luzader always negative on Democrats and President Obama

Voo-doo Re-do. The 'new' Pledge to America.

Missing LA teacher found dead

Educate me please DUers - if the Public Schools and Teachers Unions are the problem

Luckovich 'toon: Details of the GOP 'Pledge'

Luckovich 'toon: Details of the GOP 'Pledge'

Sex abuse victim learns of Pope's role

Cory Booker, the Facebook Money, and the Rule of Law

The Heartaches of Mrs. Paladino

Will you allow Big Business to control the internet?

Rude Pundit's blog is 7 years old today

Rude Pundit's blog is 7 years old today

When the Recession Strikes, Little Maneuvering Room for Better Transit

DEA Raids versus States w/Medical Marijuana, how far will it go?

DEA Raids versus States w/Medical Marijuana, how far will it go?

A frustrated Mike Castle says: 'It got crude' (on the race with O'Donnell)

Did Mike Pence Rat Out Boehner And His Mistress?

10,000 TSA employees get secret clearances

Iowa Poll: Chuck Grassley leads big over Roxanne Conlin

Blockbuster Worm Aimed for Infrastructure, But No Proof Iran Nukes Were Target

Chicago school occupation reveals rifts in school reform

Report: White House Wants To Give Law Enforcement Easier Access To Internet, E-mail Wiretaps

Gay sex is not sex abuse

Autistic Modesto Boy Stabbed, Mother Detained

Va. Govenor pulls a cutie

Va. Govenor pulls a cutie

Washington DC Hotels Reports Colbert and Stewart DC Rallies Outpacing Beck

Washington DC Hotels Reports Colbert and Stewart DC Rallies Outpacing Beck

What's the latest news on Col Terry Lakin?

What's the latest news on Col Terry Lakin?

We are where we are but did we have to be here?




More On Florida Senate Race...

"(a) how wealth actually is distributed in America; (b) how people think it's distributed; and (c)

Republican Economics as Social Darwinism - By Robert Reich

It's too bad they can't both lose...

The first local slots parlor (casino) opened yesterday. On the noon nooz they interviewed .....

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg suggests closing failing Newark schools in TechCrunch interview

Is anyone else pleased by how well Michael Vick is doing?

Is anyone else pleased by how well Michael Vick is doing?

Repuke Pledge: Scapegoats & Jesus to make up for destruction of American dream

Games Official Angers India With Hygiene Comment

Tiny Upstate New York Town Wants Local Muslims to Dig Up Their Cemetery

Which Democratic leader would you absolutely not allow to shuffle the deck in a poker game?

On top of everything else, now the Administration wants to make it EASIER to 'wiretap' the Internet

OliverSTONE's "W"-fans Billclinton gave a copy to Shrub; Nancy RAYGUN loved it!1

Defending Obama defends liberalism.

The problem with education in America that is seldom discussed..

Local Democrat endorses Republican because the Dem candidate isn't green enough.

Local Democrat endorses Republican because the Dem candidate isn't green enough.

I just made a $30 donation to the DSCC and it got matched

Inquiry finds GIs plotted to slay civilians for sport

We should loan them some drones. Drones work best for killing children

We should loan them some drones. Drones work best for killing children

Right Wingers and Wimpy Moderates Are Murdering US Education. Do Americans Care?

I was on and off the greatest page in less than an hour.

Fox: "Senate Power Could Shift This Year." Yes, and monkeys might fly out of Rupert Murdoch's...

Military thwarted President seeking choice in Afghanistan

Military thwarted President seeking choice in Afghanistan

Democrat Alex Sink Endorsed By Republican State Senator Alex Villalobos

Law professor believes government’s speech power needs more control

Breaking News: Trent Edwards Released

Afghanistan, a love story...

When do we find out why the FBI raided those houses?

Mosque near Ground Zero story kept alive by propaganda rag

Anger as a Private Company Takes Over Libraries

'Titanic' star Gloria Stuart dies at 100

Arne Duncan on the MSNBC right now

Jon Carroll (SF Chron) rips repukes a new one over DADT

Actress Gloria Stuart, the elder Rose in 'Titanic,' dies at 100

Anti-Gay Christianists Attempting Sioux City Government Takeover

Listening to Arne Duncan on MSNBC talking about the "experiment" DC

How did the Corporate campaign financing come to be?

College Graduates Are Really Screwed

Breaking: Daily Caller busts GOP press aides for ... seeking good press

Dr. William Harrison, Defender of Abortion Rights, Dies at 75. I am so proud of Dr. Harrison.

Surprise! Blue collar jobs are coming back

Branson Hears the Who? A Climate Change Poem

Jack Conway dead heat w. rand paul!

How to remove bumper stickers without damaging finish

It's Not About Teachers

Right-Wing Science

Report: US would make Internet wiretaps easier

Obama administration wishes to build on Bush's record on destroying privacy

Regarding your so-called privacy - always remember:

Ted Stevens Prosecutor Commits Suicide

My partner is a teacher.

McDonnell Cancels Confederate History Month

Dems struggling among rugged individualists in Fed-dependent rural areas

Segway Company Owner Dies In England After Falling Into River On The Unique Two-wheeler

Despite economy, Americans don't want $10.25 hour farm work

Raese (R-WV) Blames Volcanos For Global Warming

61 year old Olympian Diana Nyad to attempt 103 mile open water swim from Florida to Cuba

oh shit...Ahmadinejad Met With New Black Panthers, Farrakhan In New York

Republican Anecdotal Conveniences:

Discussions that could pave the way to end the fighting in Afghanistan

The Justice Department Inspector General is a NOBODY.. a flea. .

Pastors plan to 'bait' IRS with pulpit politics

David Frum: A GOP Pledge to Do Nothing

So on Friday I was told by an associate that kids with existing conditions on their parents Health

Obama says D.C. public schools don't measure up to his daughters' exclusive private school

KO Tweeted something about a time change for the show?

hey inventors: how about a meter measuring catbox odor?

Modesto science teacher's plan to teach intelligent design sparks debate- Full of 'dubious factual claims,' GOP Pledge is 'more caricature than portrait'

Forget left/right, it is the haves against the have nots. We are being screwed by the rich.

Murder conviction in Nick Adenhart case

What happens if a radical takes over a White House that has grown dangerously powerful?

FL State Professor: 1/2 OF BP OIL STILL IN GULF-- -"It did not sink all to the bottom—it can't"

Censored Gulf news: Dying without aid seen on TV

Army censors photos of Afghan corpses in ‘kill-for-sport’ trial- Whistleblower severely beaten

Of course I am liberal.

"The Last Word" airs at 10 PM weeknights on MSNBC,with Lawrence O'Donnell

Notes to a painter.

Do national politicians have a good grasp on how much more conditions will deteriorate

Massey-backed GOP candidate Maynard drops racially-tinged ad in W.Va.

The Pledge to Increase the Deficit

I must be waaaay out of the loop. What's the deal with the sudden proliferation of . . . . .

NFL Legend George Blanda Passes Away - 83 Years Old

Why Parents Should Support Legalizing Marijuana

Why Parents Should Support Legalizing Marijuana

Amazing weather picture over Kansas State University

Fox News Party: All Republican contenders for 2012, except for one, are Fox News contributors

Red-State Dem's Ad Touts His Work With Bush (Pomeroy ND)

Who do you think is most likely to be honest with you about the educational needs of our kids?

Manchin(WV Dem Sen Candidate) Calls for Partial Repeal of Health Reform

Randall Terry Planning Koran Tearing For Tea Partiers

Millionaire Segway owner found dead at bottom of cliff, 2 wheel scooter was near his body

Delaware Masturbators March Against O’Donnell

The House Of Cards.

Digby: New Evidence That Rand Paul May Be the Craziest Man Alive

Potential New Forum Idea Please read Veterans

Anti intellectualism, for all the blaming we are hearing of unions

Best Tweet on O'Donnell's "Monkeyshines"

Did anyone see Morning Joe this morning..

"OIl" companies, give me a break. What a bunch of horseshit.

New name of 'Tournament of Roses Parade' = '122nd Rose Parade, Presented by Honda'

"It's time to fight back against death threats by Islamic extremists"

Every Time A DU'er Posts A Thread About The "Unrecommend" Function

help with question-hardware store owner on Ed Show

So are you tuning into the 2nd installment of The Event

RUSS-THE CAVALRY HAS ARRIVED-New Video-RonJohnson Defending Dioceses That Reassign Pedophile Priests

DNA Is New Weapon In Fight Against Dogfighting - Good or Bad?

‘Dying’ Harlan Ellison Says He’s Written Final Book

NY Times: Lax State Gun Laws Tied to Crimes in Other States

The Fox primary: complicated, contractual

Reusable Grocery Bags Breed Bacteria

Reusable Grocery Bags Breed Bacteria

What Chairman Bernanke Could Learn from Professor Bernanke

Just announced: Southwest just bought AirTran

US doesn't want to arm Pak against India, Obama told Zardari Read more: US doesn't want to arm Pak

Is "corn sugar" (sic) popular everywhere?

Bill Gates Sr. supports raising tax on the rich.

HarperCollins' new right-wing division to "uphold a standard of intellectual seriousness"

Small-Town Mayor Stoned To Death In Western Mexico

The Insidiousness Of The Attacks Agains Obama........

What did I miss about those ReTHUG

what Bush tax cuts cost

America's first black doctor, James McCune Smith, finally gets a tombstone

Remember MST3K? We need a live version of this for Congress

LA Teacher Dead of Suicide: Was One of LA Times' Victims

Screw it, no new TV for me, I'm going to the Stewart/Colbert rally

Schwarzenegger Blasts Oil Companies

Curious side effect of changing citizenship laws.

The easiest thing for Obama to do would be to do nothing regarding education

Rest Peacefully, Mr. Ruelas. (Or, #NBCFail, Part II)

Left Behind in Iraq, State Dept. Will be Forced to Rely on Contractors Instead of Defense Dept.

Left Behind in Iraq, State Dept. Will be Forced to Rely on Contractors Instead of Defense Dept.

Democrats may attack Rove in ads

Funny: GOP Pledge (photo)

Does Anybody Know What Olberman Was Talking About Regarding The Senate And The Lame Duck Session ???

FBI raids on antiwar activists: A frontal assault on democratic rights

So as we move to a survelliance society

'Tis only a flesh wound!' Axelrod predicts Republicans will blink on tax cuts

WTF ??? - 'Waxman’s Abhorrent Broadband Bill Follows Google-Verizon Deal' - FDL

Role Models

"You can fit all of the GOP’s ideas in a tea bag" t-shirts & stickers!

"They had a choice, keep the teachers or the programs"

The National to "open" for Obama at UW Madison tomorrow

Make Pepsi fund liberal causes. It's easy--

Why are we talking about tax cuts? Why are we NOT talking about raising taxes?

CNN Report: UFO activity reported by military personnel near Nuclear test and storage sites

They shoot cats, don't they?

On Schools and Teachers

USA Today: Dealers awash in Toyota Camrys, light on Chevrolet Equinoxes

USA Today: Dealers awash in Toyota Camrys, light on Chevrolet Equinoxes

DU put Gov. Strickland over the top on this poll please! We don't need Fox News John Kasich here!

Recession not over, public says

Recession not over, public says

I don't get the angst over recs and unrecs, talk about sensitive egos

Republicans, Leukemia Team Up To Repeal Health Care Law (The Onion)

New Polls Show Surge of Support for Dems. in CA, KY, NV

Morgan Stanley Said to Freeze Hiring at Investment Bank for Rest of Year

GROUP PHOTO: Sharon Angle, Christine O'Donnell, Joe Miller, Rand Paul, and other teabag candidates

My bad - pic

Ann Coulter...gays have civil rights because they can get married, but not to someone of the

Muslims in upstate NY asked to dig up their cemetery

Skank of America

Our schools are failing because of people like Bill Gates

Our schools are failing because of people like Bill Gates

Our schools are failing because of people like Bill Gates

wtf???? C.I.A. Steps Up Drone Attacks Within Pakistan

Biden on O'Donnell's show: a class act

Join the movement! The only thing missing is 'u'! - pic

Mexico is also facing it's issues with education

Regarding Mr. Ruelas

(R)asmussen places poll leader Blumenthal below McMahon

Ralph Nader now supports the Democrats/Still opposes the GOP Tea Party

No one should attend the "One Nation March" on 10-2-10 in Washington.

Dear moderates

Dear moderates

Maryland Judge Tosses the Felony Wiretapping Charges Against Anthony Graber!

Anyone else watching Matt Lauer interview the President re: education on MSNBC now?

Anyone else watching Matt Lauer interview the President re: education on MSNBC now?

Protesters call for the end of mountaintop removal for mining (many arrested) - pics

Priceless! The Little Picture: Truth in Art.

The Well KNOWN Scientific Journal the Book of Genesis

...the family feud that is the House GOP.

Former Sidewell school parent: Some public schools are better

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Wherein Steny Hoyer Gets Cordially Invited to Shut It - FDL

Nevada Senate race may hinge on vote for 'none of these candidates'

Mother Jones: Junkets for Jesus

LOL, China puts tariff on US imports

Segway owner dies after falling off river cliff

Democrat Jack Conway pulls even with Rand Paul in Bluegrass Poll, closes 15 pt gap

Wall Street Donors Stop Digging Deep For Democrats

Obama wants to monitor 100% of money transfers in and out of US

When you are being barked at, what else can you do?

Biden To Democratic Base: 'Stop Whining'

ON EDUCATION REFORM: Do the rich pushing it have our best interest at heart or making a buck?

BROWN v WHITMAN CA Gubernatorial DEBATE! Tuesday, Sept. 28th at 6 PM Pacific. Links inside!

I just made this bumpersticker - do you like it?

We are in a Civil Cold War.

Wuerker Toon Sums up the hollowing out of America

Obama Admin pumps out rightwing BS about education, but "forgets" about the impact of poverty

monday Toons 4: the rest

Monday Toons 2: More Tea madness

Monday Toons 3: economy

Question for all of you ! as I travel along I-95

i thought george bu$h* just fixed our education system?

Why in the hell are we so scared of China?

The one thing I have noticed since Obama became President

Just Encase you thought Global Warming was a Hoax...

There is no good reason to tax companies

anyone want to help me respond to my congresswoman?

What You Missed At The Beverly Hills Tea Party

UTLA says ranking was a contributing factor in teacher's suicide

UTLA says ranking was a contributing factor in teacher's suicide

As a Union Member and "Professional Left" Progressive, I wish to say..."SUCK IT, RAHM!"

Coach Moons Crowd, riot ensues

What fresh hell is this?

Meet the new White House chief of staff ...

The FBI is raiding peace activists' homes. The Pentagon is burning books.

Crabby Old Man, (Poem worth reading)

United Nations appoint space ambassador as first contact for aliens visiting Earth

So, how bad are our public schools really?

Katy Perry Busts Out The Elmo Mockery on 'SNL'

Fascism is fascism...

David Michael Green: The Dismantling of Civil Society

Student Ranking Overrated/Over-hyped?

Just IGNORE Joe Biden and all the rest of them

From the DU way-back machine...Poets Against the War

Welfare-To-Work Program's Demise 'Really Demoralizing'

Can someone point out in the following article where Biden refers to "liberal base"?

*Hippie Punching* started w/ REAGAN

Remember the excuse? "Gibbs didn't scold the base. He attacked the professional left. Its different"

the catholic church cracks the whip in the Philippines

A 1,905 page suicide note, with 1,433 footnotes, 20 page bibliography

My very simple view: If with HUGE Democratic majorities and the WH, we are not willing or able

What's up with Bill Maher and the O'Donnell tape?

GOP Civil War, it's RINOs vs. EIPOs

Laurence O"Donnell's show debuting now!

Water Use in Southwest Heads for a Day of Reckoning (NYT)

I have voted every election since 1978 when I turned 18...

Jimmy Johns Employee on the Chopping Block for Refusing to Serve Rotten Meat

A "Grown Up Have" Responds To Ben Stein: You're Out Of Touch With America

Sad but true - Derf's Latest

F**k you very much JP Morgan Chase

Attention teabaggers, freepers and other hateful people:

Palin booed at DWTS live on ABC no video yet

Sara Failin' is guest commentator on DWTS

Ya wanna cure our "shitty" education system? Just one word is necessary:

Monday Toons 1: Recycled Pledges

OMFG - they're advertising Henry rifles

Obama nominates new Assistant Administrator of the US Agency for International Development!!!

Failin' Palin got booed on DWTS

Southwest Airlines to buy AirTran for $1.4B

Surprise! Blue collar jobs are coming back

Mike Malloy tears Cheney a new one - damn this is good

Confession Video: US Soldier Describes Thrill Kill of Innocent Afghans

Confession Video: US Soldier Describes Thrill Kill of Innocent Afghans

Confession Video: US Soldier Describes Thrill Kill of Innocent Afghans

Confession Video: US Soldier Describes Thrill Kill of Innocent Afghans

Confession Video: US Soldier Describes Thrill Kill of Innocent Afghans

Harry Reid needs to be replaced as Dem Senate leader

5 Weeks Out Polls Reveal a Surge of Support for Democrats

Fly On The Wall Alert !!! - Obama's Ex-Counsel Reveals White House Tensions (Emanuel/Holder) - BLT

A taxi ride in Mexico City... and fundamentalism

I'm not a teacher. I'm a mom. But I get it.

Poll: Extremist 'Tea Party' Represents Minority Fringe Views, As Media Ignore Majority Opinion

11th Mexican mayor killed

BREAKING: Mass Arrests in DC- Activists Demand An End To Mountaintop Removal

Sign the Credo petition--No New Abortion Restrictions

When Will Obscenely Rich A**holes Stop Crying About Taxes?

GOP Catfood Commission members pushing for tax cuts for the wealthy

Water forms on the moon.... how weird is that.

Anyone watching Jon Stewart?

FYI: Protest the FBI raids in 20 cities today, this week.

Israel Suspected In Worm Sabotage of Iran's First Nuclear Plant; Spreads To US Plants And Computers

Israel Suspected In Worm Sabotage of Iran's First Nuclear Plant; Spreads To US Plants And Computers

Does earning $10/hour 40hr/wk put one at the poverty level?

What should the Democrats have done that wasn't and has Democrats not wanting to vote?

Many are irritated because "unrecommends" cancel out "recommends." I have an idea...

Democratic friend "it's hard to get motivated behind Obama now"

Marriage Defender Carl Paladino Has A Love Child With A Former Employe

Say what you will about Ronald Reagan, but I'd participate in this tribute to him...

Even FreeRepublic realizes the FBI raids on anti-war/anti-empire groups is BS

Last night they said 10% chance; this morning it was 30% chance

If Dem's followed Alan Grayson's script--- they'd dominate.

New Muslim comic book superhero on the way (wheelchair)

Obama: D.C. schools don't measure up to his daughters' private school

One in seven Americans, doesn't begin to reflect how widespread poverty really is in this country

Teacher commits suicide after low rating in teacher-rating database published in LA times

Teacher commits suicide after low rating in teacher-rating database published in LA times

Today's inevitable corporate media attack on Venezuelan democracy...

Christian Science Monitor: Why is Obama taking on teachers' unions right before midterms?

So do the teachers here feel sufficiently bloody, bruised, and bludgeoned?

Biden tells liberal base: 'Stop whining'

An Upset Teacher's Letter to Oprah - "Ask Teachers"...

The DIRTY Little Secret About LIKELY VOTERS

Obama calls for longer school year and removal of worst-performing teachers

One of America's Deepest Darkest Family Secrets: The DES Drug Disaster

Obama presses for longer school years

Christie, Booker, Zuckerberg and Newark schools....questions of legality?

A republican called Randi Rhodes today. He'd only just heard yesterday

PLEASE vote and comment on latest "NEWS" re:Obama's appointments

Joe Madison: I listened to Eddie Long with a third ear and I think he is GUILTY!!

Joe Madison: I listened to Eddie Long with a third ear and I think he is GUILTY!!

The richest man in America supports tax increases on the wealthy

On now: Matt Lauer interviewing President Obama, re: education

President Obama looks to reenergize youth vote, get late Democratic surge

On the subject of Rand Paul, Jack Conway, and making generalizations about Southern states

House seat changes based on 2010 census

Alternate Politico headline: Poll shows Obama would easily defeat Palin

Poll--NM Governor Denish (D) 46% Martinez (R) 46%

MN Tribune Poll--MN Governor: Dayton (D) 39% Emmer (R) 30% Hoerner (I) 18%

PA House seat--Murphy (D) up three points in new poll

How does a news organization cover White House hopefuls when so many are on the payroll?

DE Senate--Castle considering Write-In Bid

Obama administration wants to make it easier to wiretap the Internet

Hypothetical question: Had Biden been President, would he be seen as

Inspector General Criticism Doesn't Faze FBI Raids on Midwestern Anti-war Activists

The donkey in the China shop

Krugman: The Power of Conventional Wisdom

Now: "President Obama Hosts an On-the-record Conference Call with University Student-journalists"

Vulnerable House Dems declare their independence

Morning Call Poll--PA Senate: Toomey (R) 46% Sestak 39%

It’s official: The US is a police state

Obama: "...we're gonna do just fine."

"The opportunity costs of Underpants Gnome politics".

Christ Cristy has NOT fired 6,000 teachers Big Ed

An Idea Whose Time Has Come.

Hey Ed you should live in NJ where this FAT SLOB is Governor

Monday Morning's Good Dem News.

Boehner: Americans Aren’t Ready For Solutions

Obama to sign $42B small-business bill

world's most powerful woman (not Hillary)

Obama to target GOP ‘pledge’ from road

PA-10: Carney Pushes Back, Internals Show 8-Point Lead

AFL-CIO Hits Raese With Mail Piece in WVA Senate race

WTF!!!! Obama Administration wants to make it easier to wiretap internet

Doonesbury: Our President is 'Serene' in the face of disaster.

Comically misleading link-baiting headline of the day

The Fox primary: complicated, contractual....

"Let's NOT get to the potential solutions"

Bizarre polling disconnect of the day

Seems Like He Can't Wait To Get Rid Of Rahm?

AFL-CIO Hits Raese With Mail Piece

Walker decides against write-in campaign

The military failed the President and the Nation

The military failed the President and the Nation

Hey Mr, President, you wanna know why our schools are so mediocre?

David Stockman: Republicans "can't get the job done"

Poll finds Perry has the numbers, but White has a shot

Campaign paid $135K to lease aircrafts from company Deal co-owns

Kurtz profiles Krugman; ignores elephant in room

Axelrod didn't like Rahm's health reform deal making

One of society's great lies..

(R)asmussen places poll leader Blumenthal below McMahon

DAmMMMMNNNN! a DIFFERENT friend died on Friday with a heart problem

Larry King is taking a really long time to go away.

Sebelius jumps into Nevada Senate race, blasts Angle autism comments

man, what is up with conservatives

PLEASE contact MSNBC and ask them to at least MENTION the "One Nation Working Together" rally

We No Speak Americano -- VERY cool hand choreography

Katy Perry, Elmo, Sesame Street and BreastGate

Little Greenback? A misheard lyric makes it onto the label?

Anyone ever seen "Meet The Robinsons" from Disney?

In The Bank - Mingo Fishtrap

Gallup: Latest Generic Congressional Ballot Tied. Republican enthusiasm remains high.

How to remove bumper stickers without damaging finish

Looks like I'm going to be stuck in the Seattle area for the next two days

Clean your balls!..

I want to learn Spanish -- has anyone tried Rosetta Stone?

Monday night treat - Monkey Pick Ass! from Preston & Steve radio show

I am going to make Shia LaBeouf Bourguignon tomorrow.

GREAT mid'70's LA band - Dwight Twilley Band - "I'm On Fire" live in '77..

Enough Is Enough on Tax Cuts for Wealthy

$2,500 Denon ethernet cable gets mixed reviews on Amazon..

I have two new (relatively new) movies to recommend.

Just Get Yourself High.....

Toomey says he opposed GOP spending under Bush

hey inventors: how about a meter measuring catbox odor?

I know that guy who played "trapper" in the legend of alfred packer

I notice Obama never brings up the level of obstruction he's encountered from the Republicans

Obama land in Albuquerque, NM

All DU flight attendants: what tips do you have for interviewing?


Troll Toll!

Forgiveness = Time + Distance

African American backlash in Florida?

Larry the Cable guy gives a 5 mil donation to a medical facility

Obama visits a small community in ALBQ, NM

John McCain Takes A Beating

Drew Westen: The Two Stories of the Election of 2010: A Biopsy Before the Autopsy

(R)asmussen Poll--CT Senate: Blumenthal 50% McMahon 45%

"Fox News' Stuart Varney...practically yelling at some econ professor from Occidental"

Well, eff. It's rainin. What should I do?

What's the definition of redundant?

Obama vs. Palin...the comics...

PIC: Obama comes to land of enchantment(Dial Up Warning)

Is this DU? When a post by Nance Greggs gets locked, it is time for

Biden to Democrats: 'stop whining...get out there and look at the alternatives'

The locked Nance Gregg post

Can we agree not to act like DUers are children and lock posts like paranoid babysitters?

"Obama to sign $42 billion bill expected to create 500,000 jobs"

Obama Passing Healthcare Reform Is Like FDR Bringing Booze Back

Zulch, you and me on the same page! Why are they blocking posts

The censorship on here is beyond normal! You mean we cannot post

Let's Not Stop This...

Tweety: It's going to be tough for Cuomo now

SF Chronicle cannot choose between Fiorina and Boxer - Really?

Chris Matthews Panel: Why Can't Barack Obama Be More Like Bill Clinton?

If you like for-profit health care, you'll love for-profit education

Iowa Poll: Grassley stakes 31-point lead over Conlin in U.S. Senate race

The Guardian of Hades... mindnumbingly frightening... or just misunderstood and adorable?

I'm providing this post as a public service for those who feel they need to start exercising more...

Finite Math problem...

Scott McAdams: AK Sen - We Will Win This Race

If I buy a rotisserie chicken from my local grocery store, cut off the

FYI for when Repubs try to wrap themselves in JFK's tax cutting mantle.

They see me rollin'...

Paul Krugman: Structure of Excuses

In every successful longterm marriage... it is of utmost importance to develop coping skills...

DE Senate: O'Donnell "Why aren't monkeys still evolviing into humans?"

Waxman Readies Net Neutrality Bill With No Room for FCC Ruling

Headline Classic

Has there ever been an attempt here to provide an interactive map, so we could see where everyone

Is Harlan Ellison really this big an asshole?

For Paladino, Love Child Is Seemingly Not A Political Liability

Sarah Palin Booed on 'DWTS

Who is or was Wally Plumstead?

More Good Poll Numbers Point To Surge towards Democrats

I finished to autobiography of Andre Agassi. It was good but he decides to 'give back'

feeling terribly insecure in my job today

Why is there no sound on my computer?


A Serious Man

CRAP! I failed my histology lab practical...........

When playing with and teasing your kitty, it's cruel and potentially dangerous...

FYI - Chicago Sun Times says Pete Rouse will take over for Rahm on interim basis.

He's President, not a superhero: The left has been too quick to jump ship

Free hugs...

Anyone watching Hoarders tonight?

Samantha the cat.

A tale of four kittehs

Purely theoretically, Agent Orange

2012 GOP potential presidential candidates on Fox News payroll

You gotta see this sculpture in front of the Italian stock exchange .

Obama Calls for Big Education Reforms - More Charter Schools, Longer School Year

MO Senate Poll--Blunt (R) 45% Carnahan (D) 41%

Rahm Emanuel Likely to Leave White House This Week

It just occurred to me.

Monday, September 27. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Democrats, I'll vote for you, but if you won't stand up for your own agenda, I can't do it for you

I can't stand the cats & kittehs ...

Dem Whip: GOP majority will issue birther subpoenas against Obama

I've changed my mind. I'm sending it. Life would be boring without risks,

Kentucky Senate: NRSC pulls it's ads

So I won the eBay auction and bought the Guitar!!!!!

Just finished the bio of Caesar by GOLDSWORTHY - wow, not about the book, about HIM!1

The new 5-minute rule for flirting

More people might confuse me with President Obama if I were taller

WH: Keep Putting Them on the Job!


Today's kitteh

Tweety mentioned it today - "Corporations Sit On $1.8 Trillion Until They Get Their Way"

Cats and Closed Doors

I found a blooper in a movie that I saw once, and can't remember the title

US ready to bomb 150 Pak terror camps?

I have a new kitteh!

I think I need a physicist...

Obama to hold outdoor rally in Madison, WI tomorrow! I'll be there

The Reagan Dollar Bill?

You just can't break him

I don't get this cartoon...

Concerning the "with the party or against" mentality

"Stop whining and get out there and look at the alternatives."

True Grit Trailer Now Online

How many here are familiar with the music of Louis Moreau Gottschalk?

What do people do with cinnamon brooms?

In Honor of the ALA's Banned Books week, I'm doing a Banned book of the day this week on Facebook

And finally, say what you will about Ronald Reagan, but I'd participate in this tribute to him...

Let's say that this is a hypothetical

I am going to make Boeuf Bourguignon tomorrow.

In honor of The White Album thread - What's your favorite backmasked song?

Alan Grayson Is Fighting Like A Real Democrat.

DeMint threatens hold on bills not "cleared by his office before the close of business Tuesday"

Would you help a teen get birth control if her guardians opposed it?

So are you tuning into the 2nd installment of The Event

Japan asks China to cover damage to patrol boats

Mexico drug wars: Mayors forced to live in US

Dream Act defeat upsets unionists

Aliens have deactivated British and US nuclear missiles, say US military pilots

Millionaire owner of Segway firm dies in freak accident after riding 1 of his machines off cliff

Oregon universities open to record enrollments as they step up efforts to help students succeed

Sunni Awakening officers are kicked off police force in Iraq

Ex-soldiers face manslaughter charges

Virginia veteran report shows high depression rate

GOP slams push-back of tax vote

Confession Video: US Soldier (From Wasilla, Alaska) Describes Thrill Kill of Innocent Afghans

Levee along Wisconsin River fails; extent of possible flooding unknown

In Kentucky race, Rand Paul and Jack Conway divided on strategy

President Obama: Fire failing teachers

Tea party cool to GOP pledge

Setback for Chavez in Venezuela vote (52% vote for opposition, but stymied in results)

Nato helicopters kill 'dozens of rebels' in Pakistan

Minnesota Poll: Voters opt for taxing top earners

Russia and China sign series of energy agreements

Social Security — FDR's 'greatest' feat —praised

Obama: Money alone can't solve school predicament

Attorney says 'sexting' Wis. prosecutor to resign

New Study Shows N.Y. to Lose Two Seats, Florida to Gain Two

Report: FBI employees cheated on test

U.S. Is Working to Ease Wiretaps on the Internet

Draft of Waxman's net-neutrality legislation leaked

US ready to bomb 150 Pak terror camps?

FTC says POM juice ads are deceptive about health

Iran dissolves pro-reform parties

Combat stress: Iraq shock hits US troops

Target Corp. illegally disposed of hazardous goods, court order claims

Migraine Breakthrough Gives Sufferers Hope (Study Points to Cause of Migraines)

Hyundai Recalls 140,000 Sonata Units (reduction or even total loss of control)

North Korean leader's son apparently promoted to general (27 y/o son)

Segway company owner dies riding Segway off cliff

State gives condemned inmate a brief reprieve (Albert Greenwood Brown)

Investigation reopened amid questions of whether Arizona deputy's shooting was a hoax

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday September 27

New law targets repeat DUI drivers (in California)

Shortage of drug holds up some U.S. executions

Obama says U.S. not in a jobless recovery

'Titanic' star Gloria Stuart dies at 100

Public banned from Senate debate after fistfight

Germany Moves Toward Ending Draft

Surprise Blue collar jobs are coming back

APNewsBreak: Lazio drops out of NY governor's race

Obama signs $42 billion bill aimed to help small businesses

Ben & Jerry's to drop 'All Natural' from labels

Shell increases oil trade with Iran – despite sanctions

‘Gold-to-Go’ taps into gold fever with ATMs

WikiLeaks Spokesman Quits -'The Only Option Left for Me Is an Orderly Departure'

Wal-Mart Eyes Growth In Africa

Federal Prosecutor in Stevens Case Commits Suicide

Ella 'morning after' emergency contraception available soon

Ashcroft's Post-9/11 Roundups Spark Lawsuit

Upstate NY Town Wants Local Muslims to Dig Up Their Cemetery

Obama To Young Voters: 'You Can't Sit Out' In 2010

(Sen.) Franken moves to curb abusive debt collection

Money transfers could face anti-terrorism scrutiny {no minimum dollar amount}

Burnsville Cops To Use New Taser Monitoring System

Schwarzenegger vetoes fur bill

NKorea appears to give military rank to Kim son

Southwest Airlines To Buy Discount Rival AirTran

At 113 degrees, downtown L.A. hits all-time record high

Football legend George Blanda dead at 83

Barack Obama under fire for grossly underestimating Gulf oil spill

Obama: 'Money without reform' won't fix U.S. education system

US joins condemnation of renewed settlement building

Brandon Rhode Executed After Suicide Attempt Left Him Brain Damaged

Chavez’s party wins majority in Venezuelan vote

Despite economy, Americans don't want farm work

Peter Jackson threatens Hobbit shutdown

Hundreds Protest FBI Raids An Anti-War Activists

Rahm Likely to Leave White House This Week

I know I should love "Boardwalk Empire" but it's just not clicking with me

Google Teams Up With CIA to Fund

(Once again) Blackwater/

Don't Talk to Cops, Part 1

S01E05: H.R. 2521 - National Infrastructure Development Bank Act

AFSCME hits back at GOP opposing legislation.

Enrollment Ceremony for the Small Business Jobs Act: Nancy Pelosi

Comcast Union, IBEW Official Card Count (card check)

The Top Vlog: 'Wowed' By The New GOP Plan (Daily Show CC Lizz Winstead)

Help Progressives win tough districts

Communist talks about health care

60 Second Martian - Introduction

Capital Gains - Jerry Brown's ad RE: Whitman's pure handout to the rich...including herself

Randall Terry - Koran Tearing For Tea Partiers


Put Elections Back in Voters' Hands

GOP: No Friends of Small Business

Christine O'Donnell's Most Absurd Moments, Updated with Evolution!

Entire family sickened: Like an "Acid Cloud" -- 10 y/o son's nose "gushing blood everywhere" (GRC)

TEDxNextGenerationAsheville "What's Wrong With Our Food System"

The Poor Became Poorer

Scott McAdams (D-AK) Campaign Ad

Young Turks: Idiot Right Wing On 10th Amendment

The Video Ben Quayle Doesn't Want You To See - "A Thousand Mile Journey"

Robin Carnaham for Senate.

A great ad from Carnahm's run for MO SoS now running for Senate.

Kennedy-Nixon First Presidential Debate, [September 26] 1960

Bill White Internet Ad - Rick Perry's Airplane Announcement

They Chose China

TALIBAN DAN WEBSTER: Ad for Grayson for Congress

McCain Protester Tackled to Ground

Papantonio Goes 4 Against 1 on CNBC, Again

Sarah Palin Booed on Dancing With the Stars

Coalition for Battered Women: Domestic Abuse Very Powerful ad. Says it all.

GRITtv: Tim Wise: Race and the Social Safety Net

Weird Liberal Head Show #175: Want a Liberal America? VOTE!

Ayn Rand: Moral Monster

Automatic Weapons at Political Rally

Environmental Protection Administration Administrator Lisa Jackson

Scattershot Fox Interview Turns Chaotic: "Would You Call Yourself A Socialist?!"

Good Night, Dear Jack!

Another good Scott McAdams ad!

Rachel Maddow Discusses Karl Rove and American Crossroads - AmericanCrossroadsWatch.Org

Plumes of Corexit/oil mix causing microbes to have "Mutant DNA"

Iams Smart Puppy shortage or recall ?

The Wall Live (2010) is Simply Amazing

I'm Voting Republican

(WP) The makings of a trade war with China - Better than do nothing

Early voting has downside

A Judge’s Warning About the Legitimacy of the Supreme Court

Climate change crisis 'can be solved by oil companies'- By Michael McCarthy

Wire tapped phones? Now Internet?

Guardian: Book accuses corporate media of acting as propagandists for capitalist states

Ashcroft's Post-9/11 Roundups Spark Lawsuit

FBI Raids Homes of Antiwar and Pro-Palestinian Activists in Chicago and Minneapolis

The Fox primary: complicated, contractual

NBC's New Show,'The Event,' Features The GOP's 'Pledge'

How Billionaires Could Race to Our Rescue

Damn' Straight, I Shouldn't Have to Work "Hard"

Christopher Hitchens: God's Bigmouths

The Obama administration's war on privacy

More Americans Living in Poverty Now than when Eisenhower was President

An Ethics Meltdown at the Justice Department by Scott Horton

Anger as a Private Company Takes Over Libraries

My ratio of good teachers to "failures"-- Public--47:2 Private:--5-1

The Left Right Paradigm is Over: Its You vs. Corporations (Barry Ritholtz)

Alan Grayson: 'You Can't Beat A Republican By Being One'

Local Republican is "STUNNED" by Teabagger Rally in LTTE.......

Is Learning by Rote Memorization So Bad? (NYT)

Chris Hedges: Retribution for a World Lost in Screens

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 381

Drumbeat from the weekend...

Drumbeat: September 27, 2010

South Africa Nearing Peak Coal, Say Scientists

Russian company seeks to buy U.S. uranium mining operations

Cooperation Law for a Sharing Economy

"All The Animals Are Adult Females" - Walruses Come Ashore But Largely W/O Yearling Calves

Australia Bracing For Worst Locust Oubreak On Record - Gen 3 Emerging, Each Generation 150X Last

Can We Build in a Brighter Shade of Green?

Grist: Why an additional road tax for bicyclists would be unfair

Mining by Moonlight to Save Energy

The cost of wind: power when we don’t need it

Progress Energy concedes it may never build new nuclear reactors in North Carolina

Questions continue to swirl around FutureGen project

Saudi Crude Output Falls 11.3% In 2009 Vs '08 -Ctrl Bk

AZ: Solar energy development cancelled

An error is seen on a computer screen of Bushehr nuclear power plant

Breaking News: Trent Edwards Released

Man Guilty of Murder in Death of Angels Pitcher Adenhart

Sorry about the weekend baseball scores, fellow forumites

Stat of the Week - Number of arrests per team in the AFC East...

BREAKING -- 49ers fire Offensive Coach Jimmy Raye

Raiders legend George Blanda dies at 83

Besides the inexplicable Cowpies win over Houston, what was the most suprising of yesterday's games?

Anyone going to watch Barry Bonds' documentary tomorrow?

A Picture In Honor Of Tonight's Game (PACKERS/bears)

Is anyone else pleased by how well Michael Vick is doing?

Yawn. Phillies win fourth straight NL East title.

Ryder cup Europe vs. the born agains with one black asian who wins?

70% of Venezuelans Exercise Voting Right

Venezuela opposition limits Chavez in parliament (opposition wins 52% of overall vote)

In Guatemala, Alayna Wool Tries To Heal Civil War Wounds With Photography

Chavez’s party wins majority in Venezuelan vote

Opposition hopes to rein in Chavez after election

Colombia: Senator Piedad Córdoba sanctioned for collaboration

assassinated leader IDP in Arauca and wounded one of his sons .

Venezuela: Basic Industries economic activity of has slowed since 2005

official results of Ven election by votes

You may notice a lot of sad stories posted here, read here to understand the significance of them

Elderly Man Turns Tables On Attackers

Would You Support A Nationwide Handgun Ban?

State senator proposes liberalizing NJ gun-carry law

A law abiding gun owner right up until the moment he wasn't.

Son of a Gun: More Celebrities Than Ever Are Carrying Firearms ...

Gun report: NC exports many guns used in crimes

Ann Coulter To GOProud's Gays: Stop Forcing Your 'Fisting' Education On Kindergartners

Gays caused Buju Banton to be arrested for drugs?

Gay Muslims in the UK

Israeli Settlers Rev Bulldozers As Settlement Freeze Nears End

early morning at the recycling plant

A Jewish state or an Israeli democracy?

Lucky shot from this summer

Some shots from Kauai

The sun this morning.........

4 Portraits

Musca domestica

New baby! Not great shots but what can I say...

Jewish aid ship sails for Gaza

SAG warns members to quit 'The Hobbit'

Scam Sites: An Update

Richard Branson: Space tourism begins in 18 months

Huffington Post: Labor and the Democrats: Accountability for Next Election Cycle Must Start Now

Today in Labor History Sept 27 Striking textile workers demand bread for their starving children

Trumka: Working-Class Anger Fueled by Right’s ‘Deeply Dishonest’ Message (corrected)

This is a news website article about a scientific paper

As Election Nears, Obama Tries to Have it Both Ways

Artificial Ovary Could Help Infertile Women

Interesting Blog Post By Barbara O'Brien

Real Religion. Football.

100 pastors will bait the IRS with politicking from the pulpit next Sunday

My sweet granddaughter... out of the mouths

Well happy Monday ASAHers lookee what I found

Free on-line event: "Transforming Conflict Through the Four Sacred Skills of Peacemaking"

Don't Feed the Stars!

Which Brand of Fish Oil do You Use?