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Florida..Rubio's views don't match many Hispanics'

Huffington Post - "Fiorina Is a Koch Head" - The Money Behind The Tea Party

HuffPO: Murkowski Answers Questions On Whether She Would Switch Parties

HuffPO: Murkowski Answers Questions On Whether She Would Switch Parties

HuffPO: Murkowski Answers Questions On Whether She Would Switch Parties

'Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps' w/Oliver Stone, Josh Brolin, Shia Labeouf - Charlie Rose 2nite

US walks out on Ahmadinejad's UN speech

Now that we KNOW who funds the Tea party...shouldn't we call them "the Koch suckers"?

Suicide bombers attack NATO base in Afghan east

Gwyn: Insiders blab about Afghan war

It's Obama vs infinite war

Man, my fellow Canadians are going stupid

The cheap politics of fake immigration fever (hard on Democrats and repubs)

It Is Official: The US Is A Police State

Octomom nears foreclosure, considers going on welfare

Just Get A Job At A Galt's Gulch Starbucks And STFU

Just Get A Job At A Galt's Gulch Starbucks And STFU

Just Get A Job At A Galt's Gulch Starbucks And STFU

CIA OKed Every Terrorist Action Against Cuba

The Old Adventures of New Christine - Think Progress - MUST READ


Conway calls on Rand Paul to return money from white separatists

The Curious Case of Bradley Manning

Health Care Reform and Wussy Democrats

This May Be What Passes For The Voice Of Sanity in Afghanistan

A No Diversity Pledge

A No Diversity Pledge

`Black Swan' Author Taleb Says Obama's Stimulus Made Economic Crisis Worse

The right and supposed family values

Prudential Keeps The Interest, Pays SGLI Insurance And Then Whines About Losing Money

For everything, there is a season...

Early snowmobile back before they had snowmobiles

Political Blow Jobs

Veterans Defend Accused WikiLeaks' Source Bradley Manning

Fight Breaks Out After Harry Reid-Sharron Angle Candidate Forum

American Airlines closes the doors on KC overhaul base today

Need some info on NAFTA. Did GOP remove worker safeguards etc.

To anyone who understands the judicial process...

Volcker Unloads on Nation’s Finance System

Righthaven files 4 more suits; lawyers argue R-J is giving away its stories

Righthaven files 4 more suits; lawyers argue R-J is giving away its stories

New Jersey Goon Chris Christie orders dissenter silenced!

Fox News - "SARAH PALIN: Lies, Damn Lies -- Obamacare 6 Months Later, It’s Time to Take Back the 20!

Onward Christian Soldiers!

Johnny Cash and the Iraq Invasion

Taming Global Capital

I'm not laughing at O'Donnell all that hard.

Robert Reich: The Super Rich Get Richer, Everyone Else Gets Poorer, and the Democrats Punt

In DE, Castle over Coons 55 to 37 . . . . . oh wait . . . . . Castle got beat . . . . by MiniShe . .

Mother Jones: Citizens United After Eight Months

Cashocracy.......a Mark Fiore cartoon


President Obama: Republicans Standing up for Outsourcing and Special Interests, Instead of Americans

Interview with Mick Kelly as his apartment is searched by FBI

Cooperation Law for a Sharing Economy

"Pledge To America"? No way ! It's the "Plague on America"......

Presidents Weekly Address....... Great Meassage and A Plan we need to follow

Pledge to America - the Republican's answer to F.D.R. is R.F.D.

Republicans "govern" with platitudes and slogans...

So is Boehner officially a whore now?

Americans not paying off credit cards... we're defaulting

used car dealer (R) praised 'clunkers' program until running against author of 'clunkers' program

Why everything gets worse

How we got out of the depression

Jack Kershaw, Stalwart of White Nationalism, Dies

Wikileaks in Revolt: Spokesman Quits Amid Tension with Founder

Christine O'Donnell In '98: 'Why Aren't Monkeys Still Evolving Into Humans?'

So, with Cuba going all "capitalist" how long before you "Merkins"

So, with Cuba going all "capitalist" how long before you "Merkins"

Wal-Mart Plays the Victim

Texas Board Of Education Approves Resolution To Limit Islam References

Texas Board Of Education Approves Resolution To Limit Islam References

AK-Sen: I talked to Joe Miller's father, and he's on Social Security

The fed funds rate *should* be -5%


Where are the Black Americans in the republican pledge?

America, as people of my generation knew it, no longer exists---By paul craig roberts

If You Play Fair, They Should Pay Fair: Why the Women's Wage Gap Persists

Newark hopes Facebook gift translates to results

Please vote on that 'plague of a pledge' - the ReTHUG worn out philosophy


In Case of Emergency, Please Remove Your Bra


California energy giant PG&E releases list of 100 most dangerous gas pipelines

California energy giant PG&E releases list of 100 most dangerous gas pipelines

"Apology to America".

Thousands Face Job Loss When Part of Stimulus Act Expires

Thousands Face Job Loss When Part of Stimulus Act Expires

Florida Supreme Court asked to halt foreclosures amid probe

Republicans Pledge To America

if it walks like a duck...............

if it walks like a duck...............

Pass Fair Elections Act Now -- Take Action here . . .

Fox News Bill Hemmer's Fair and Ballanced interview with Velma Hart

Do YouThink the Greek concept of the Polis after centuries has bering?

Bernanke: Efforts Failed to Produce Recovery With 'Sufficient Vigor'

Guestworker teachers forced into involuntary servitude

Happy 20th anniversary Captain Planet

The 14 Craziest Things Tea Party Candidates Believe

Statement of Stephen Colbert: Protecting America's Harvest

GOP smarmy goober-natorial candidate in GA reveals MORE financial shenanigans

GOP smarmy goober-natorial candidate in GA reveals MORE financial shenanigans

F.B.I. Searches Antiwar Activists’ Homes

F.B.I. Searches Antiwar Activists’ Homes

Civil rights legend Julian Bond re: 'Bishop' Long... "He is a raving homophobe."

W.Va. GOP Senate candidate offers money for letters to the editor

Straits of Hormuz become irrelevant by the end of the year- Iran an Easier Target

How life started on Earth (Fun Fact)

Classic Atlanta conservative businessman

Check out the poll on CNN: What do you think about the GOP's new "Pledge to America"?

More CO'D please. Yes another Bill Maher clip with the lovely Christine.

I swear to god if i see or hear the phrase "clean coal" again im climbing a bell tower

AZ-02 : "This is beyond a tragedy, this is treason" by AZ Independent

Strengthen social security, don't cut it: sign the petition

So I just popped on the TV to get some news........

Welfare Queen

O'Donnell: "We The People"

If they call you a "big boy" (or girl) and let you eat with a grownup fork, and allow you to . . . .

Is this a transcript of Maher's New Rules from last night? It is spot on and entertaining as well.

What makes a person 'an expert'?

The Summer of Hate Continues. Except this time Republicans do not even bother to disguise the racism

Votes no longer matter in the American system.

Alan Grayson:How to Win in 2010: I will read each and every comment

House GOP Leadership Colluded With National Review To Blunt Criticism Of ‘Pledge To America’

Wisconsin river highest since 1938

Great new ad from Sestak hitting Toomey, really good!!!

Christine O'Donnell Hires...DRUM ROLL PLEASE...Fiorina's "Demon Sheep" Ad Man

Total Nightmare for me today

Catholic diocese wants lawsuit against priest dropped - he fathered girl's child,

Did Hitler want Germans who had a bit of Jewish ancestry to marry among themselves?

Solis puts coal companies on notice

Palestine and Israel. Are we beyond needing to give up land where citizenship is concerned?

Murkowski's campaign seems pretty LAME!

Chris Coons Campaigning today: Started off with a pep talk from Chris Coons himself!!

How much of a lead will generic Democrats have in the polls in November?

Worth Republishing.......Blue America.... Fight for your Voice

Obama dismisses GOP 'Pledge' as echo of disaster

National Geo: "Sea Snot" Explosion Caused by Gulf Oil Spill?

This American Life...

Desperate For Support, Republicans Tout Colbert’s Fake Endorsement Of ‘Pledge To America’

A Political Recipe

Previously unseen photographs of Marilyn Monroe , circa 1953

Bill Clinton: "The Democrats ought to stand up and fight" ... stop "mealy mouthing around"

Police certain dead British spy was padlocked in bag by someone else

Thune plans to run in 2012 ...

Why Christine O'Donnell is going to be tough to beat

Why is trucking not a natural monopoly?

The Rip-Off continues...

How much of a lead will generic Democrats have in the polls in November?

Tropical Storm Matthew leaving massive destruction

Christine O'Donnell Will Stop America From Sexing Each Other (VIDEO)

Big guns called in for pot probe

Koch Industries Helps Sponsor Fiorina Fundraiser - Bloomberg/AP

Pentagon Stages Illegal Media Tours of Afghanistan

Racism Alive And Well On The Internet

Anyone ever hear this thug talking point: " top 10% pay 70% of the taxes?"


America's True History of Religious Tolerance

Who Is Richard Berman ? Probably the same guy behind the corn sugar bs!

Is it still taboo to acknowledge that we have no party here on DU?

Which phrase is more offensive? (Warning: Offensive Language)

With all the warrants and raids lately should we start asking what the

With all the warrants and raids lately should we start asking what the

If you're like me and wouldn't give a nickel to the DSCC or DCCC consider

Good ads by Coons, Onorato, and Sestak during Phillies' Game

can't make it to Washington, DC?

NY Times: Thousands Face Job Loss When Part of Stimulus Act Expires

What Wall Street Knew: Presented With Evidence Mortgages Didn't Meet Standards

Boehner "We are not going to be any different than what we've been."

"The former guerrilla set to be the world's most powerful woman". A profile in courage, IMO.

There have been more filabusters in the Senate since 2009 than were in the previous 40 years!

Question: Colbert before Congress and John Conyers.

The White Sheets have Spilled on the Tea

GOP's 'Pledge to America' Would End Up Privatizing Social Security

Mike Kelly (R) is following me on Twitter? WTF?

Marijuana Debate with Law and Order’s Richard Belzer - Jane Hamsher/FDL

Army Reserve officer's memoir destroyed to protect state secrets, Pentagon says

Should we support our Senators', if they have supported us?

Venezuela's most accurate pollsters predict victory for Chavez' party in tomorrow's elections

Colbert: "My Grandfather Did Not Travel 4,000 Miles Of Atlantic Ocean To See An America"

CNN reporters or porn stars: what's in a name?

Maps that show the racial breakdown of America’s biggest cities

Maps that show the racial breakdown of America’s biggest cities

Message to Republicans and all hate merchants

AOL News: Former Air Force Officers: UFOs Tampered With Nuclear Missiles

The Senate: The Good News, The Bad News, and What Now?

Kris Kobach, illegal immigration crusader, goes shootin': caption contest!

Brave new e-book world

Run and Tell That Antoine Has Left the Hood - Joy! And helping rape victims.


Libertarian Party responds to DADT vote by urging gay voters to join

NEW Proof Wall Street KNEW Its Mortgage Securities Were Subpar: Clayton Execs Testify

10 Terrible Things Republicans Did ... That The Current Administration Actively Supports.

Boehner had an affair...and Republicans told.

Re: Pentagon purchasing all 10,000 copies of Operation Dark Heart and destroying them:

Bumper Sticker Of The Day

Please Don't Tell Anyone...

Former pro wrestler dies at 44.

Barney Frank Wants All Troops Home From Iraq: 'What The Hell Are They Doing There?'

Interesting: GM employs 4000 low-paid unbenefited temps while 3,600 regular GM workers on layoff

Pentagon destroys thousands of copies of Army officer's memoir

Loretta Sanchez: "The Vietnamese" are Trying to Take My Seat

We've got some lunatic group on some street corners with "Impeach Obama:

Caught on video: Officer false-arrests 15yo boy for 'sex with cop's daughter'

Democrats Unleash Ads Focusing on Rivals’ Pasts

AP Poll: Repeal? Many Wish Health Law Went Further

5 Things Conservatives Should Be Wary of in the Tea Party

The news has been canceled. It's true; I just looked at my teevee.

The news has been canceled. It's true; I just looked at my teevee.

Sean Hannity :hearts: Michele Bachmann

Conyers' awkwardness with Stephen Colbert before panel.

Things the Chinese manufacturers don't do well:

On DADT, Obama must act

Ollie North's Latest ?

Ollie North's Latest ?

SNL opens with Christine O'Donnell skit

Poacher killed by great white shark

I think we just had a little earthquake here in central N.H.

California Manufacturers & Technology Assoc. backs woman who shipped thousands of jobs overseas

FBI raids homes of antiwar activists

Finland and the Internet

Profoundly disturbing: Paul Craig Roberts: It Is Official: The US Is A Police State

Pitcher throws fastest pitch ever recorded in the major leagues

Rove Returns, With Team, Planning G.O.P. Offensive

Sunday Talk Shows

Iraq contractor whistleblower killed after being hit by a vehicle.

Glen Greenwald: Obama argues his assassination program is a "state secret"

When Hawaii's public education system went through furlough Fridays 17 charter schools did not.

SHAME ON CNN-Peace Activists Shown As Anarchists-Despicable Excuse For Journalism

Birdcage liner update: WaPo continues its cheerleading for a shredding of Social Security

Bill Maher needs to invite a feisty democrat when he has 2 republicans on his show

If the polls don't change between now and November, Kendrick Meek can't win

Don Lemon of CNN is great

Man sues city and police officers for shooting pit bull during raid

Photographer of Cesar Chavez & UFW. Peace, Justice & Eco Warrior has left us. Elfie Ballis

Crunch time ahead for Gulf oyster fisheries

Banned Books Week: 10 banned books you might not expect

National Geo: Whale Sharks Killed, Displaced by Gulf Oil?

Doctors raise doubts about Ariz. deputy's shooting

Abortion Does Not Cause Depression or Low Self-Esteem in Adolescents, National U.S. Study Finds

Walter Cronkite on Ronald Reagan: "a lightweight, totally unfit to be president"

GE closes lightbulb factory and lays off workers. I opened the sale blurb

GE closes lightbulb factory and lays off workers. I opened the sale blurb

The Nation: why DC doesn't think Stephen Colbert is funny

Dear Bill Maher: Andrew Breitbart Is Not A Journalist

Donnie McClurkin was just the opening act.

Uh Oh. CNN Takes A Sharp Turn Toward Hell-New CNN Boss Is The Man Who Discovered Glenn Beck

I Guess Those Million Dollar MRAPs Aren't As Effective As Touted

10 Terrible Things Republicans Will Try to Do If They Take Over in November

US National Debt Graph: What They Never Tell You

Brown leads Whitman 49%-44% in poll, Boxer leads Fiorina 51%-43%

Brown leads Whitman 49%-44% in poll, Boxer leads Fiorina 51%-43%

Poll: Annoying Verbal Tics -- which is the WORST?

Know your school deformer billionaires: This week: Phil Anschutz

Why, Carly........Look who you're in bed with: the billionaire backers.

Why, Carly........Look who you're in bed with: the billionaire backers.

Seventeen Percent of Kindergarten Kids Redshirted

In case you're not sure if you miss him yet, here are a few photos to help you decide if you do.

RCP: Rubio Up 10+ in Florida - What do you do?

CNBC Reports: Tim Geithner Is 'Probably' Out

Is Obama going too far in appeasing the military?

Ill. Anti-War Activists Targeted by FBI Speak Out

Deaf victim of sex abuse is suing pope, and going public with his story for the first time

Petraeus Cons Obama on Afghan War

Californians not too enamored with Nutmeg and Carly

Californians not too enamored with Nutmeg and Carly

Inside the Blue Dog Mind

Reviewing Waiting for Superman: A Real Reformer Stands Up

America Today: FBI Raids Peace Activists, Confiscates MLK Photo

Girl, age 8, takes Bible to school (Exercising First Amendment rights)

KY-SEN: Another Positive Poll

On Voting for Bad Democrats: the Perriello Predicament

Should college students away from home vote absentee in Nov?

Zen Magnets versus bucky balls

$10,000 for every American --- man, woman & child

Ed Miliband is the new leader of the British Labour Party

"Pre-Capitalist Economic Formations"- Karl Marx

Europe in a pickle over GM crops rules

Why the Gulf Oil Spill Isn't Going Away

Caught a rerun of Robocop on cable

As Usual, Education Reformers Ignore The Community.

I'm from the vertebrate wing of the Democratic Party and I don't want to play nice.

Teaching the Holocaust Outlawed in Texas!

Teaching the Holocaust Outlawed in Texas!

Wyoming man douses himself in paint to avoid Taser

Wyoming man douses himself in paint to avoid Taser

Breitbart admits to being a C student in math and science and yet STILL expects us to listen to

British DUers who will be the new Labour Party leader

What are your favorite 5 socially/politically-charged songs?

Is a person that opposes interracial marriage necessarily a racist?

Disposable Army, Contractor Deaths Exceed Military Ones

Some Good News

"Thai women are a lot like women in America were" before they became "strong headed and opinionated"

Obama administration not sure if birth control is a preventive health service.

This whole "Corn Sugar" bullshit is just so fucking lame

I have been a Dem for forty years or so,

Wexler will endorse Crist for U.S. Senate on Sunday

I just don't frigging 'get it'....

A Chicago teacher and a teacher union organizer have homes raided by FBI.


Hollywood helps out Feingold in tough re-election fight

Apartheid in Our Schools

Majority of Americans Want Swedish-Style Democracy and Income (Tax) Redistribution

Koch Industries products

So, How'd You First Hear about the Birds?

My Shakespeare thread could use a little love. Help, please?

Do you have eight minutes and forty seconds to spare?

Don't hide this thread....

HOLY SHIT I have been receiving the same incoming call for six minutes now...

I did anyway.

A few posts have disapeared, is there a reason for it.

Post from this thread was locked in another thread.

Creepy-sweet short story

If you buy me this shirt...

Zombiephiles, here is the latest "Walking Dead" teaser.

If a tea partier marries another tea partier

Moranest thread ever: Is it farfetched that Ashton & Demi are punking everybody?

All this time I thought that HuffPo was simply an outlet for celebrity trash-gossip

"Today, we're going to make horsehead're gonna have horseheads comin out of your ears"

NRSC Spending $1.2M In WV

ESPN is reeeeaaally getting on my nerves

Breakfast Dutch Style (Big pic)

Post a video of your favorite, local, UNSIGNED band or musician!

Obama slams GOP 'Pledge' as giveaway to millionaires, Wall Street

When it first came out, I thought Smallville was pretty hokey...

A Jobs Program That's Working

So, How'd You First Hear about Birds?

Are needings more advise from teh Lounge wimminses

Barack Obama's Facebook Feed

KY-06: Chandler Leads Barr by 14

I'm a True Blood newbie...

GREATEST New Wave Of British Heavy Metal band?

Stories from the Road: U.S. 212 and the Cattle Hauler

'We’re not going to be any different than what we’ve been.' Boehner at 'Pledge to America' unveiling

What is this "Vote The Cockroaches Out" crap all about? They have signs up and a site.

AP POLL: Repeal? 2X as many say law should have gone further than say govt should stay out of HCR.

O What A Twisted Tale They Weave When They Pledge, Then Deceive

Obama Re: Repuke Pledge "It’s an echo of a disastrous decade we can’t afford to relive."

TMP : How The Dems Championed The Issue Before Letting It Fall Apart

Moderates Tell Pelosi They Need to Leave Town (blue dogs)

Civitas Poll: Burr Expands Lead to 20 Points over Marshall in US Senate Race

Democrats don't believe in their own policies, and don't want to talk about them, Republicans Do!

Toomey (Claims He's Small Business Owner) Paid $455,525 by Club for Growth

Clive Crook: The Pledge to America

Murdoch Funds a War on Obama

Looks like Thune is in for 2012. What kind of dirt do we have on this guy, folks?

The Big Lebowski: Who here discovered it before it became a cult hit?

President Obama: "America may be speaking out, but Republicans in Congress sure aren't listening"

Philly has had 55 90 degree days this summer, the highest number ever recorded here.

Kirstie Alley: I've lost 50 pounds

Early snowmobile back before they had snowmobiles

when you fight for progressive values you fight for every man, woman and child

Angle: Reid supporters 'staged' brawl - "two women that were actually looking for a fight"

NV-SEN POLL (R): Reid 45, Angle 40. NV-GOV POLL (R): Sandoval 45, Reid 39

Tamlyn Tomita in Karate Kid II or Carrie Fisher in Return of the Jedi?

Unemployment trends: Which do you prefer?

What did you think of Colbert on Capitol Hill?

i'm more relaxed than i have been in months


Scam spam I got today. (Actually, scam sperm spam...)

you want a terrorist organization? (not the peace people being now raided)

Thoughts on a few people that have not corrected issues they should have corrected.

Ken Burns: The Tenth Inning

Anyone ever wish they had their own personal strategic bomber?

a dawgly thought ...

I wish our side would STOP promoting Christine O'Donnell eveyday in the media

Cover me, boys, I'm going in!

Cover me, boys, I'm going in!

jim dandy

Was this ...

Is Austin Peay's football team really THAT bad?

Holy moly! I am at the top of DU's Greatest Page

I never understood the whole "They see me rollin' - they hatin' " thing....

In honor of me playing my guitar again: PICTURE THREAD!

The Stinking, Filthy Libs

Kill the Talking Point

Today would've been my Dad's birthday.

Yet another M. Night Shyamalan made a crappy movie thread.

People you've been told you look like: do they look like each other?

I've taught a Beagle the concept of "go for a walk" versus "go for a

Today's College Football Tailgate Thread

Why this particular gay man is irate at this point with both Obama and our Senate

Health-care reform is making a difference

Your favorite Steely Dan song, and favorite version of it?

So, How'd You First Hear the Word about the Bird?

I Used to Get High for a Living

Bollywood collides with the Terminator...

Wexler will endorse Crist on Sunday

Planned Parenthood: "the greatest advancement for women’s health care in 45 years"

My daughter had an article published in the college paper - she quoted me ("thunderfuck")


An impossibly young Barbra, and impossibly perfect Judy. Together.

LA TIMES POLL: Brown leads Whitman 49%-44%. Boxer leads Fiorina 51%-43%

Runners - what are the best running shoes for training

This is the no bully zone. Post your non bullying stuff here.

Are you so excited by the 16-core Interlagos chip promised for 2011 that you cannot sleep at night?

Cameras on the fastest birds in the world

What should I do next weekend?

Double rainbow at the EYW airport the other day

My partner has been having a problem with his homophobic neighbor

Turtle humps shoe..

Check out the amazing group Maserati

The picks that make me sick!

Obama organizing group pushes liberal march next weekend

Help! My soup is bitter!

Mrs. V. is coming home tomorrow

Before Fall hits, Whats on the Grill???

Three takes, same theme: Is that all there is?

A most unusual conspiracy theory.

well, my little doggie was just attacked by a pit-bull.

So, How'd You First Hear about the Bee Gees?

Krugman: Banana republic, here we come.

NPR reporter reports preposterous GOP talking point as fact

Green tea, caffeine, "metabolism." What I suspect about the 3rd, please explain

Explain yourself!

So, How'd You First Hear about the Bee's Knees?

Just overhead at library...

I really don't care for ROCK music from Great Britain....

Fake beer

Oil/grease and dog question

Oil change necessary at 3000 miles?

What is your favorite course you ever took? College, high school, professional development?

Reaction to the US's new development policy: the good, the bad, the uncertain

FBI serves warrants on anti-war activists, Chicago homes, looking for terrorist ties

US Congress committee approves China sanctions bill

Befuddled: Meg Whitman Opposes Both Prop 23 And AB 32

Fiorina's billionaire backers

White House invokes privilege to kill lawsuit against cleric

Federal judge in Washington state orders lesbian flight nurse reinstated to Air Force

Europe in a pickle over GM crops rules

CNN Fires U.S. Chief Jon Klein

Board says no free pass for Canadian engineers

Bias led to 'gutting' of New Black Panthers case, Justice official says

Nigeria Flooding Displaces 2 Million People

Iran's rebel blogger faces death penalty

Proposed Rules Rankle Insurers

Voters Moving to Oust Judges Over Decisions

Voters Moving to Oust Judges Over Decisions

Israeli leaders praise Fidel Castro

Citigroup gives pay hikes to top execs in stock

New F.D.A.: Transparence and Flexibility

NM plans to create state-run wild horse preserve

Meg Whitman opposes Proposition 23

Israeli leaders praise Fidel Castro

House GOP Leadership Colluded With National Review To Blunt Criticism Of ‘Pledge To America’

Storm shreds aging tents in Haiti earthquake camps

President Obama takes on GOP on taxes, economy

Doctors raise doubts about Ariz. deputy's shooting

Poll Shows Boxer Out Front in California; Governor’s Race Is Tight

Face of Defense: Army Guard Gets Its First Muslim Chaplain

US Army hearing on claim Afghans 'killed for sport'

Wyo., 9 states file brief opposing gay marriage

BP Spill Estimate Grows—Again (4.4 million barrels)

India Makes Major Shift in Policy in Kashmir

Judge: Verdict stands in hacked Palin e-mail case

Australia: Climate activists shut world's largest coal port

Soyuz Capsule Lands in Kazakh Steppe With 3 Aboard

'Phoenix' rescue capsule arrives ahead of schedule at Chilean mine

China’s Call for an Apology Is Met With Anger in Japan

Federal workers (hiring, salaries) becoming a flash point in midterm elections

Iran Fights Strong (Stuxnet) Virus Attacking (Industrial) Computers

Chavez criticizes those "joyful" over rebel's death

Ed Miliband named as leader of Britain's Labour party

AP Poll: Repeal? Many Wish Health Law Went Further

Check out this hard hitting Sestak ad against Toomey, more of these please

'Pulpit Freedom Sunday' to Defy IRS

Obama invokes 'state secrets' claim to dismiss suit against targeting of U.S. citizen al-Aulaqi

Kerry blames out-of-touch voters for Democrats' midterm image troubles

Explain your avatar!

Rachel Maddow: Judge Rules Air Force Must Reinstate Major Margaret Witt - DADT

Young Turks: Cenk Mocks Fox News Reaction to Colbert Testimony

Weird Liberal Head Show #173: Target "Mama Grizzlies" this November

Politically Incorrect with Christine O'Donnell SPOOF


Maher releases another clip of Christine O'donnell - Why aren’t monkeys still evolving into humans?

A Surprise Call from the President

Copyright violation! One of Palin's lemmings lifts Lady Gaga song for a worship slideshow

Weekly Address: Crossroads on the Economy

Young Turks: McCain Busted on DADT by Reporters

Papantonio & RFK, Jr. On Voter Caging in 2010

BP disaster puts blind man who needs kidney dialysis out of work; May lose car, house

Non Hierarchical Youth Organizing Principles 101

New AFT ad- Making a Difference Every Day

The Whole Story: Reaching Their Dreams

PLEDGE TO AMERICA'S BILLIONAIRES: Rove, Murdoch, Koch Brothers Recite the GOP's Pledge!!!

Tea Party Christine O'Donnell - EVOLUTION IS A MYTH!

Ted Haggard Defends Bishop Eddie Long

Dem Slams Wall Street, #'s Rise

Local TV reports on 173 ppm in Sarasota-area sand — Official says

TYT: GOP Pledge To America - Let's Outsource Jobs!

Rachel Maddow Show: (R) hypocracy on stimulus money

Richard Tillman On Real Time with Bill Maher

Bill Clinton is a Vegan (almost)

Socialism for Dummies (right-wingers PLEASE watch for the love of god)

FRSO Socialists Attacked by FBI

Pentagon Approves Book Then Buys Up ALL Copies!

FBI agents confiscate materials from activist's apartment

"Don't F*** With Our Activists" - Mobilizing Against FBI Rai

Don Lemon reveals he was victim of a pedophile

GRAYSON: How To Win In 2010

Thousands Face Job Loss When Part of Stimulus Act Expires

Bad Arguments Against Tax "Increases" by James Kwak

Republicans Go to the Bench

Tax Rates for Top 400 Earners Fall as Income Soars, IRS Data

Abuse of workers disgraces the Commonwealth Games

Downhill With the G.O.P. Krugman

'Monkees' Respond to Christine O'Donnell On 'Evolution'

Fiorina's billionaire backers

What Wall Street Knew:

Public opinion stopped GM, says campaigner(GM crops)

Liberal Outside Interest Groups Can't Fight Back Because Obama Blocked Big Donors

The G.O.P.’s ‘Pledge’

Where the Jobs Are (Hint: they’re not where the workers are).

SPTIMES: Tea party may run its course into ditch

New Documents Show Bush Administration Planned War in Iraq Well Before 9/11/2001

How global warming is aiding – and frustrating – archaeologists

Anti-Immigrant Groups Short On Popular Support, But Long on Cash From Wealthy Racists

Neo-paramilitaries threaten unionists and return of stolen land

Brown leads Whitman 49%-44% in poll (Boxer leads Fiorina 51%-43%)

AlterNet: Senators Push For Hasty Approval of Pipeline For World's Dirtiest and Costliest Oil

Out-of-this-world proposal for solar wind power

Small uranium reactors, geothermal, hydroelectric, and natural gas will be bridge to thorium economy

Hey El! Is that the sound of choking in the Rocky Mountains?

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Friday, September 24)

Ohio State plays another cream puff today?

The Wade Redden Error is over...

Why are the Mets making such a big deal about Utley's 2nd base slide?

Does Lincecum suspect the Rockies of cheating?

Joe Namath: [Braylon Edwards] Penalty not harsh enough

Apparently the Rockies humidor switcheroo isn't working this weekend.

Hawkstradamus bold prediction: Huskers will be 4-0 by 10 pm

UCLA Wallops No. 7 Texas Again 34-12

root hawgs root

We're close to seeing a huge 4 team blockbuster in the NBA (Melo to Nets)

Colorado to exit Big 12 early/Nebraska settles

Rangers are the AL West Champs!

Where was Texas today? And what were they doing?

105 MPH---Chapman throws fastest pitch ever recorded

Bud Selig open to expanding playoffs

Petrobras raises $70bn in record share offering

Risk of rights violations during Peru water protests

'Phoenix' rescue capsule arrives ahead of schedule at Chilean mine

Venezuela’s left takes on Chavez in key vote

Chavez Criticizes Those 'Joyful' Over Killing Of Colombia Rebel Read more:

Venezuelan opposition newspaper taunts for assassination of Chavez

Estranged husband seeks half Betancourt's assets

Neo-paramilitaries threaten unionists and return of stolen land

Obama/Santos love fest today in New York

Venezuela's Communes: Not as Radical as You Might Think

L Cutter: Official Communiqué from Café Guancasco on the Repression

Israeli leaders praise Fidel Castro

CIA OK'd Every Terrorist Action Against Cuba

Three dead in double homicide murder (suicide) in suburban Chicago.

Mass shooting an excuse for anti-gun hostility…and speaking of which…

5 shot at party near Seton Hall in NJ, 1 dead

"Nice Try, But No Cigar" For Brady Campaign's Paul Helmke

COSTCO Shooting: Scott’s Gun Was Holstered

Cheney Offers Support for Gay Marriage

More teams should paint their field a random color

Cars and their "hoods"

Something Silly on a Saturday

I came down the steps and stopped counting at 73

New app makes boycotting West Bank settlements a touch easier

Who cares what my Living Room looks like tonight, and why?

In for a penny....

Another mural

War of the Roses? No! It's war of the tulips! This photo contest is a real nail biter and

Today in Labor History Sept 25 Two African-American sharecroppers are killed cotton-pickers strike

Trade union leaders threatened with arrest following strike

Science shouldn't be seen as a threat.

3-D images of bridges on the moon, more

A question regarding time-dilation and heat

Buddhism in the Workplace: What Should I Do If My Boss Is a Bully?

On Sartre's God Problem (Norman Mailer | The Nation | 2005)

Science shouldn't be seen as a threat.

What lesson from the life story of Jesus do you take to heart?

The "Law of Empathy for Health and Well-Being" (Anne Naylor, HuffPo)

Morbid Imagination...what if things went *really* bad...? (long)

Here's what's happening with the planets and why it's so intense

Dead Like Me

Epigenetics, nature vs nurture's worst nightmare, or why your

Is that right? Mott's Medleys are magic