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Archives: September 23, 2010

Gun registry ban fails to pass Canadian Parliament

Anti-Dem Propaganda Watch #19 - "Obama faults himself for not selling health law" - Substance???

I do hope that our party keeps standing strong for NOT extending the Bush tax cuts

NY Times Editorial - "The Brothers Koch and AB 32" - Oil Tycoons Paying For Votes

Germany’s bankrupt Hypo Real Estate pays out millions in bonuses

100,000 protest against government nuclear policy in Berlin

Cancer of terror lies in Pak, says Obama

George Rekers: co-founder of the Family Research Council Caught With Male Escort 'Rentboy'

What's the penalty to the ins co's if they break the new laws that go into effect

Two Afghan journalists seized by ISAF

UK: They’re out to wreck our lives so join the protest at their conference in Birmingham on 10/3

Is U.S. Pulling Plug on Iraqi Workers?

Embattled bishop to make statement regarding allegations of sexual coercion

One Nation rally (10/2) Day of Action in California

Benton County, Arkansas [Walmart-land]: "Who needs a constitution?"

Sick Bastards (Mike Schmuckabee gets spanked - a good read)

The Latest BLS Job Stats (released yesterday) job LOSSES from July- Unemployment rate stagnant-9.6 %

Republicons: "We promise to take a Sledge to America"

My e-mail to Scabs about WOODWARD's jerk-book

Harvard links ROTC return to end of ‘don’t ask’ (xpost from GLBT)

A slipping hold on the middle class

Here's what you do about the Bush Tax cuts

Which One's the Gay One?

Linda Polman on "Afghaniscam": Is US "Aid" Making Things Worse?

Massive US Military Buildup Planned for Guam

David Sirota: From MacArthur to Haig to Petraeus: How the Military Brass Trampled the Constitution

"Chicago Tribune" readers respond to editorial favoring Bush tax cuts.


toon on DADT

Paul Ryan (on Good Morning America) won't point to specifics of spending cuts

Pakistan faces new debt crisis

Quinnipiac: Gillibrand up by 6 (48-42)

Our Endless War

Gillibrand is up by 1% in New York Senate race (Survey USA)

Pelosi and Hoyer split on tax vote before November elections


Picturing War’s Wounded and Dead

George C. Wilson: Targeted Assassinations Abroad Could Lead to a Police State at Home

Tom Engelhardt: Why the troops are coming home

Thom Hartmann is reporting that the Wisconsin Grandsons of Liberty plan to challenge

The World’s Largest Economy: A Poor Rich Country

WWII vet’s neck breaking defended: 84-year-olds ‘can kill’ cops, too

This thread for the wealthy only - Bently to recall 620 cars in US and Canada

Freedom of Information request: Bush focused on war with Iraq soon as he took office

Port St. Lucie, FL mayor arrested, resigns

Gay GOP group gives Cornyn award after 'no' vote to move on DADT repeal

One day soon the Third Estate of planet earth -

repub 'pledge to America' just another lame stunt, all show, all no

According to the TENOR of Joe Scar's show,

Republicans seem to want a perpetual 2008 (the year the economy collapsed)

65% of U.S. Gay Men Support HIV Criminalization

Very Different polling in NY - Upcoming Sienna poll has Cuomo, Gillibrand up big

Blockbuster Bankrupt: Video Chain Files For Bankruptcy Protection

Amusing Netflix PR disaster in Canada


Rally to Restore Sanity/Keep Fear Alive

Should don't ask don't tell be applied to the gay republican politicians too?

Health Care Changes Start Today! K&R to Celebrate!

The GOP will unveil their newest plot on America in a hardware store.

i need help finding a picture

link to handouts and signs for Rally 10-2-10

Gay GOP group gives Cornyn award after 'no' vote to move on DADT repeal

Who put out this US ad I've started seeing which

Ms. Bartoromo, the kindest thing a person could do for you is shove a slice of pie in your piehole.

Tainted Salmonella Eggs Factory Tycoon pleads the 5th

"Well, *I* happen to BELIEVE that our troops are able to serve our nation without prejudice"

This whole "Tea party" thing reminds me of Limbaughs lame attempt to hijack the '08 election

This whole "Tea party" thing reminds me of Limbaughs lame attempt to hijack the '08 election

Toles Toon: The Supreme Court has reached a decision...

Help get out the vote!!!

Tony Auth Toon: Nobody asked...

If all registered Democrats vote, and vote Democratic in November, not only will we retain control

are Joe Lieberman and Susan Collins "an item"?

Tampa Tribune: Former supporter says Rubio used GOP credit card for home remodeling

Keith did a great job on "Small Business" label last night

The "Pledge to America" is the real "Contract on America"...

Yet another evil cop thread... Denver partygoer's lawsuit says he was tortured by cop

Castle Considering Write-in Campaign

Please DU this survey heavily biased to the right

Rally to Restore Sanity.

Pot Workers Sign With Teamsters

From start, Bush team focused on war with Iraq: documents

Colbert admits he's been brainwashing youth 5 years - Activate Like Manchurian Candidate

Initial claims for unemployment aid rise to 465,000

Gulf seafood poses long-term health risks, experts say

Gulf seafood poses long-term health risks, experts say

You know how America catches Teh Gay? Juice boxes.

Insect-flavored baby formula

Banksters Inc.

you wouldn't want to be a child of either sex in Afghanistan

you wouldn't want to be a child of either sex in Afghanistan

Mike Luckovich is having fun with the O'donnell candidacy

Manufacturing’s Decline Threatens National Security, House Panel Hears

Should impartial government offices servicing the public be permitted to run 8 hrs of Faux Snooze on

Facebook CEO to donate $100 million to Newark public schools. On Oprah's Friday show.

Is the Federal Government subsidizing health insurance right now?

UFO's Visited Nuclear Weapons Sites Say Former Air Force Officers.....

AP: GOP Pledge ‘Steers Clear Of Specifics On Important Issues’

Social Security Con Artists Are Lying About One of the Strongest Arms of the Program

The essence of Meg Whitman captured by Mike Thompson, Detroit FP toonmeister

Urgent call from the Gulf: More Barefoot Doctors needed

Is there any lingering doubt that we are in a class war?

today's my dad's birthday-a ltte I wrote 3 years ago on Iraq displaced citizens

New poll shows Alex Sink with 7-point lead in (FL) governor's race

"Two heads are badder than one." . . . Please come CAPTION the Dizzy Duo!!!!!

"Two heads are badder than one." . . . Please come CAPTION the Dizzy Duo!!!!!

Should I do more than vote for Jim Cooper?

Contessa is giving it to JD Haywood...

Analogy: Why Dems will circle The Tea Party ReTHUGS before

Compare MSM coverage of 10/2 rally & jon stewart rally

Republicans Introduce Their Pledge to Screw America Again (FDL Translation)

Harold Meyerson: The Real Unamericans

Young Abstinence Comics - from Ruben Bolling's Tom the Dancing Bug

Jon Stewart has the right idea

Separated at birth, or just weird coincidence?

Chuck 'Head Up His' Grassley: 'Americans want and deserve the real original constitution'

Obama gives Colombia's Uribe a shout-out for "stepping aside"

Poverty Activist Physician Threatened with Loss of License (Canada)

WaPo: Republicans: From 'party of no' to 'party of stop'

The Onion on Repukes Blocking DADT

Boston mayor Thomas Menino: I’d ‘slowly torture’ murder suspects

Whitman gaining Women support

This guys comment on the NYT is so right

Diane Ravitch on "The Death and Life of the Great American School System" at Wayne State U. tonight

here's the republicans 'pledge to america'

Does Driving to Work Make You Crazier Than Taking the Bus? A Clinical Trial

Meek gets endorsement from Orange County legislators.

Marijuana legalization...

Intel's Annoying Pilot Program Offers Chip Upgrade for a Fee

GOP ‘Pledge To America’ Is An Oath To Big Oil .... written by former Exxon lobbyist

Got an email from" Fix Congress First "

Powerful endorsement from Warren Buffet: "I'd vote for Obama all over again"

So I'm watching our local Fox news affiliate news channel

YouTube channel offers hope to gay teens

We should take a lesson from Justin Morrill

John Boehner: Privatizing Social Security Is Still On The Table

John Boehner: Privatizing Social Security Is Still On The Table

Time to give the Statue of Liberty back to France.


It's Election Season, Time To Talk About Nothing Important

Error n/t

Anybody familiar with Bart Whitaker, of Sugar Land, TX, who planned to have his family murdered?

RFK Jr. is a great messenger.

Right touting Bush tax cut calculator, but it shows me paying LESS under Obama's plan

Pretty obvious to me Christine O'Donnell does not WANT to win.

Thank you Rupert Murdoch. (Ehh wtf??)

from rand paul's opponent Jack Conway:

Cue the Keystone Kops music...

Robert Mugabe versus Richard Branson: Classic clash between African dictator and British billionaire

One thing we need to keep perfectly clear about this tax situtation...

To those who think public sector employees have all these good benefits...

US restricts, EU bans controversial diabetes pill

Gov. Christie veto of $7.4 million program to support family planning not overridden

John Boehner...

Luckovich 'toon: O'Donnell as Samantha

Tort Reform.....

To those who think public sector employees are lazy do-nothings...

caption Boehner...

Gulf Oil Spill well over 10 Times Size of Exxon Valdez, Study Confirms

What's this I hear about a "Pledge to Screw America" ?

What's this I hear about a "Pledge to Screw America" ?

The insect highways in the sky

Here is a good reason privatizing Social Security would be bad

I just donated to Russ Feingold's campaign, please do the same if you can...

OK,Union workers and me reply to this crap about Obama's job creation

Sack Toon: Two different responses to Republican values heresy

Violent history of the feckless father who has '15 children by 14 women'

US Could Continue Afghan Detention

What is there to debate? Really? How does one find a way to take the "no" side of these two issues?

Say one thing for BBC

O'Donnell to O'Reilly in 2007: Pelosi is not a real Christian

That 'Official' Poverty Rate? It's Much Worse than You Think

California funds pesticides PR blitz.

Anyone here remember The Williamsburg Charter of 1988?

School Teachers Accused of Sex Parties with Minors

republican leaders called on Ms Pelosi to IMMEDIATELY being a debate on their pledge items

From the 'You Can't Make This Up' file: Marco Rubio: "Voters don't want 'experts'"

Larry Summers Replacement: Progressive Economists Offer Their Suggestions, 'No More Rubinites'

Job-Creation Idea No. 2: Rescue The States - Dan Froomkin/HuffPo

Krugman says Democrats to punt on extending tax cut vote

Study: Fellatio may significantly decrease the risk of breast cancer in women

Clogging and Facilitating

I wonder why anyone would trust a "pledge" when the "contract" has yet to be honored. n/t

Former Navy lacrosse player among those killed in helicopter crash

when bu$h* was in office republicants didn't care about jobs or deficits

when bu$h* was in office republicants didn't care about jobs or deficits

PSA: When attacked by black bear, counter attack with zucchini

I have news for the democratic party....

Anyone here having somewhat unusual service interruptions?

GOP Has Brilliant Brand-New Original Ideas — Tax Cuts, Wars

"I have never been in a tanning bed or used a tanning product."

Top Republicans Warm To Reconciliation...For Repealing Health Care Reform - TPMMuckraker

Ever-changing army fights the longest-ever war - how US troops are fundamentally different than 10

Detroit to Fresno: ''Meg Whitman is awful.''

TARP's actual costs: $66 billion (not $700 billion)

Calif group airs anti-tea party ad in Times Square

The tide seems to be finally turning. Some time ago, I came across what, to me, was a fascinating

Is facebook down for everyone?

VIDEO: Jon Stewart's facepalm as he runs the "A**hole Meter" on D.A.D.T decision (it's in the red)

If you think Tom Emmer is a disgusting excuse for a human being now, wait 'til you meet his staff.

Facebook Down, Slows Up Large Chunk of Internet

We've Got Time to

Warren Buffet on Bush Tax Cuts:

Warren Buffet on Bush Tax Cuts:

sucks to hear the truth...ahmadinejad says in the U.N. that U.S. was behind 9/11


Feingold having trouble? Well, I guess that's what the Professional "Left" gets for lying down with

does anyone think polls are trustworthy???? check this....

Why don't they re-introduce repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell as stand-alone bill???

Dear Bill-o, Ruppert Murdoch is too fucking old to ...

Bank of America Forecloses on Man’s House Even Though He Didn’t Have a Mortgage

The Emergency Bra: turns into respiratory face masks

LIVE now on CNN: Ahmadinejad talks 9/11... many walk-out at the UN. Holy crap!!

Accidentally drove through the GOP "Pledge to America" rally this a.m.

Hows this for cop corruption?

You'd think that the rabid homophobes would get the message...

Prosecutor misconduct threatens fair trials

I'm glad there won't be a vote on extending the Bush Tax Cuts...

I'm glad there won't be a vote on extending the Bush Tax Cuts...

Congress to Send Small Business Bill to Obama

"Pledge to America"

Wall Street Journal. Op-ed Contributor: Advice for the 'Poor Rich'

Wall Street Journal. Op-ed Contributor: Advice for the 'Poor Rich'

Katy Perry spot pulled for outfit being too revealing

interesting letter in my paper re:child nutrition legislation

House panel to move forward on easing Cuba policy

New GOP 'Pledge' like a 'plague' on taxpayers

Coburn Blocks Food Safety Bill

The wayward world of widgets

California pot initiative could help propel Barbara Boxer to re-election

Quote of the day (inspired by Christine O'Donnell)

What the GOP is really saying is...

Textbooks May Be Too Pro-Islam, Anti-Christian, Texas State Education Board Says

Reversed! Conviction based primarily on bloodhound matching man's scent to crime

FedEx and Fred Smith- Unbelievable

Revise Social Security HIV Disability Requirements Says Institute of Medicine

GOP Cribs from Affordable Care Act for plan that would replace Affordable Care Act

Looks like the big corporations don't really like Health Reform after all

The GOP "Pledge"

Can you be a Republican politician without opposing everything the US was founded upon?

Looks Like Facebook Is Broken...

Pass the popcorn! 'Pledge To America' Is Just 'Satisfactory,' Says Family Research Council's

Detroit to Whitman: Invest in struggling cities

Here's an idea: Let's earmark all the taxes from the rich for defense spending.

A Picket Line Should Be a Symbol of Hope—Not the Butt of a Late Night Joke

Reclaim Your Streets: How to Create Safe and Social Pedestrian Plazas

Heavy metals go untested in Gulf seafood

Has anyone found my puppets? They are beige..with googly eyes & blond hair

Human Rights Campaign: House Republican Leaders Want to Turn the Clock Back with "Pledge to America"

Technology makes jobs obsolete. And that is actually a good thing.

Eddie Long is denying everything..

Holy Shit they Pledge to give the rich a 20% tax break on their income?

FL- Alex Sink (D) leads PRick Scott (R) by 7 in latest poll. This would be HUGE!

Sean Hannity writes a BATSHIT CRAZY $5000 check to...???

Questions anyone?

Bill Ayers denied emeritus status after plea from Chris Kennedy

GOP introduces "Pledge to Screw America"

USA underdeveloping according to economist Manfred Max-Neef

Tea Partiers attacking MA Delegation

They're Baaack-current editorials in a local paper

How far would "government is the problem" people go if

The difference between Democrats and Republicans..

All the political ad campaign money in the world would not matter if people were not stupid!

CBS News 'bout to catapult the propaganda

Okay, I just read through the new Republican "Pledge to America"...

Fox News suing Robin Carnahan to stop using Roy Blunt video

Boehner Admits No Solutions on Social Security, Medicare

Boehner Admits No Solutions on Social Security, Medicare

Americans Vastly Underestimate Wealth Inequality, Support 'More Equal Distribution Of...

Gettin the boy his healthcare back: Part one

Netflix Killed the Video Store

Netflix Killed the Video Store

Curse of the control freaks

Alan Grayson: Caligula's Horse

GOP’s ‘Pledge To America’ Is To Ask Americans How To Solve America’s Problems


1 in 5 urban gay men with HIV? Does this mean


Huckabee and homeowners insurance vs health insurance

Wasserman Schultz, Republicans still not listening to America,plan drafted by lobbyists

Christine O'Donnell: Nancy Pelosi Is Not a TRUE Christian

The Tea Party Movement Is A Scam - E.J. Dionne

I have *no doubt* that staffer from Chambliss' office is a very rare bird - an internet poster

Sexy Snapshots Of Bishop Eddie Long Sent To His Young Boyfriends

Republican Health Care Plan Exposes Their True Colors

Democrats Look To Punt On Tax Cut Debate - Ryan Grim/HuffPo

Watching Chris Matthews just now

You know who Christine O'Donnell reminds me of?

Let Me 'Splain it to you, Lucy

Axelrod To TPM: It's The GOP's Fault Dems Punted On Tax Cuts Vote

Harvard Islamic Scholar Calls Out Marty Peretz

Our two most savvy pols are speaking positively about the Tea Party.

Repubicans: Sledge to America

Photo: The Updated Job Loss/Gains BIKINI Graph

Photo: The Updated Job Loss/Gains BIKINI Graph

VIDEO - The GOP's new plan to save money on transmissions.

I've come to the conclusion that the Republicans Islamophobia is designed to kill Soldiers.

I can't afford to be seen denying the rich a tax cut... or giving them one.

Big Health Insurers Halt Child-Only Policies

Texas Board of Education Attacks Non-Existent Pro-Islamic Textbooks

Texas Board of Education Attacks Non-Existent Pro-Islamic Textbooks

Law chief orders probe into secret files on death of Dr David Kelly

My latest bumperslogan

Marc Fisher says cut social security for the wealthy.

There is no war, we are not at war, so stop calling it that

Can YOU spot "the gay guy"?

Can YOU spot "the gay guy"?

Michael Moore coming up on KO

Fmr Rep Tim Walberg (R-MI): 'I really don't know' if Obama is Muslim, born in USA

Israelis may have used stuxnet worm to shut down Iran's nuclear plant without firing a shot

AL GORE to stump for the FL DEMOCRATIC candidate for Senate, Kendrick Meek (in Tampa Sept 30))

Waxman may move without full consensus on net-neutrality bill

DUers I need information on camping in DC the weekend of the Stewart rally...

DUers I need information on camping in DC the weekend of the Stewart rally...

Labor and Neoliberals?

I must be doing something right I got hatemail from a Rethug.

The Rude Pundit: Random Observations About the House GOP's "Pledge to America"



That 'Official' Poverty Rate? It's Much Worse than You Think

The Tragic Artistry of Sprawl

Rampant drug use, random gunfire at Blackwater’s Baghdad parties: claim

Rampant drug use, random gunfire at Blackwater’s Baghdad parties: claim

!Liberal Art!

Truly the best consumer product rip off I've ever seen

Eugene Robinson:The GOP's Hooey to America

It's right to write about Gitmo stay (former detainee David Hicks writes a book)

Charter School Teacher Villages being constructed in New Jersey (Newark)

If you want to read Contract on America II, it's right here

Dow Chemical CEO: My R&D goes where the manufacturing goes.

Travailleurs vont s'unir

Compared to all there is to know, we as individuals know very little.

Keith Olbermann:"Small Business" - Use Quotes, Please

Another reason we need to stick together and GOTV-Please read and respond at site..

You can right click on the "pledge to America" and see who created it?

For anyone who streams radio on the net...

Chinese officials say escaped cobras caught, but leave themselves wiggle room

WTF? CNN story: "Dems not voting on extending Bush-era tax cuts for the MIDDLE class

Diane Ravitch was great this evening.

'Sesame Street' Pulls Controversial Katy Perry Duet

A Blind Man Sees Color

Bill Clinton Goes Vegan

Contractor Deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan Outnumber Service Member Deaths

Obama - Fix The Leak

Stephen Colbert to testify before Congress on Immigration!

Rise in Poverty Hits Sun Belt Hard

More mass transit cuts for Atlanta

Alliance: Suspect trapped in trash truck gets police to rescue him

Poll: 1 In 5 Americans Believe Obama Is A Cactus

LIST of the 10 Major New Health Reform Benefits That Take Effect Today

Democrats Push Forward on Goodwin Liu, Other Judge Nominees (approved in committee)

Stephen Colbert to testify before House immigration subcommittee Friday Read more: http://dailycall

Extending tax cuts for the middle class is a winning issue.

Man Caught (On Camera) Dumping 8-Year-Old Dog-UK

how would the republicans pay for the extension of the bu$h* tax cuts for the rich?

Hey everybody, it's "Dress like a commoner day"

What happens in bankruptcy?

My "Pledge to America"...

Vote underway for future of Indianapolis GM Stamping Plant

The Real GOP Agenda: Shipping American Jobs Overseas & Opposing Small Businesses

The Real GOP Agenda: Shipping American Jobs Overseas & Opposing Small Businesses

Ted Haggard Defends Eddie Long , says he can Empathize

What the hell is this?

Would Paul Krugman take a post in the Obama administration?

Good Riddance, Larry Summers! Obama should appoint Paul Krugman or Joseph Stiglitz to replace him.

So... Basically... The Party Of Whack-Job-Nuts And The Party Of Spineless Noodles...

House approved bill for Small Business ($42 Bil) Now to Obama for sig. I heard

A valiant Darwin Award attempt thwarted by police

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a Maru Kitty gif

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a Maru Kitty gif

Obama’s Betrayal of the Working Class

Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Unapologetic For Calling Tea Partiers 'F--kers'

My hair's gray, but I'm not stupid--people who try to take advantage of the elderly.

Update on MN's activists RNC 8, last hearing before trial. for those who care about Civil Rights.

What should be the penance for Congresscritters who supported tax cuts for the rich?

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Accused of Misusing up to $80 Million

Man pays cash for house, Bank of America forecloses on it

Salon: "O’Donnell unlikely to face consequences, even if she did violate the law"...USA! USA! USA!

Prayer Warriors Descending On DC To Shift The Government And Claim The 7 Mountains

The Right-Wing Nutjob Quote-O-Matic again!

New Jersey: mobbed up and ready to go -The Charter Industrial Complex (Booker = DFER)

Liberal blogger directly confronts David Axelrod

Conservatives deflated hopes and, um... dreams. Yeah, THOSE kind of dreams.

'No More Rubinites'

Get ready, folks. Here comes "SON OF CONTRACT" Be very afraid. Well, OK, maybe not

NYT: From Boehner’s Lips, Fodder for Democrats

Bono's Charity is Under Fire

Let's see... you propose a bill called "Middle Class Tax Cut" that

Rachel I love you

Obama seeks to limit ruling on gays in military??? WTF?!?!?

Jon Stewart - brilliant montage of rethug's new pledge vs. old ideas!

Sen. Scott Brown Lashes Out At Harvard For Supporting DREAM, Opposing DADT

India's Commonwealth Games nightmare

Tropical Storm Matthew

Just got off the phone with Humana! They asked for a 20% increase

Poll: 1 In 5 Americans Believe Obama Is The Capital of Nebraska

Contrast DU'er "bvar's" Democratic Plan for Future with the Repug's Just Released! WHAT?

Stoned on Righteousness: Robert Koehler's column skewers "drug worriers" and their failed war

WSJ - "Refiners Fight Emissions Law" - Regarding California Proposition 23

why do republicans get away with repeating that lower taxes on the rich create jobs?

Joe Miller: Social Security Is Something The Federal Government ‘Shouldn’t Have Gotten Into’

Carly Fiorina Mocks Sen. Barbara Boxer - (Seriously, this is the best she's got?)

National Geographic: Gulf Spill--Forlorn in the Bayou

Wow... Don't Know If You Caught That First Segment Of KO, But...

Six people shot in Seattle

Smart or cowardly? The decision not to bring the tax cut repeal to a vote before the midterms.

Jon Stewart saddened that Obama "has kept in place so much of the same system and same people"

Voodoo Economics: Your Job Magically Transformed into an Enormous Pile of Corporate Cash

At the current time, do you feel a momentum shift towards the Democrats?

They knew

How tolerant do we need to be of others’ beliefs?

I wasn't too upset about Outsourced.....

Hey Jon Stewart, WTF? "Your march is seriously dumb, and I'm laughing at you."

So.. I'm googling to find Tanman's middle name & look at what I found

Anyone who opposes Dems in the Nov election is a fool.

Bill Clinton Calls Republicans' Pledges 'Hysterical Tirades'

Funny facebook shutdown of conned-servative

IE9: Good enough to beat Firefox and Chrome?

Obama's tax plan sounds great, but if he lets congress go home w/o touching it what's the point?

Battle Of The Bands Contestant:: The Norwegians

US walks out on Ahmadinejad's UN speech

Pat Bucanan on hardball just said 100 Sharron Angles would be better than 100 Harry Reids

Keith Reporting Democrats Will Cut and Run When It Comes To Tax Cuts

Parents: San Jose cop pretends to arrest son for having sex with officer's stepdaughter

The proper term is "teabaggers"

There's only one way Republicans take back the House and Senate....

Jesus stoned to death at ‘Values Voters’ summit

Study: Americans Vastly Underestimate Nation's Wealth Inequality

Frankly, I don't get this current meme that Obama is just as bad as Bush...

Rand Paul wants seniors to pay more for Medicare

An apology

For the Koch brothers and their ilk, screwing the middleclass is just a hobby

Homeless arrested as tramps in Columbus Ga

Inside Job.....the documentary that cost $20,000,000,000,000 to produce

Larry Summers' Brutal Brilliance

Are NY State polls INFLUENCING the Governor's race, by omitting one key candidate?

Caligula's Horse

Axelrod Leaving WH; Emmanuel Likely Next

John Boehner: I've 'Never Been In A Tanning Bed Or Used tanning products'

Oh HELL NO !!!

It comes down to one simple question.

We are NOT number one in obesity rates (Again)

What Is Your Definition of "Sexual Harassment"?

Get the Word out! Obama to Appoint Super-Liberal Jacob Lew!

Facebook CEO gives $100 million to detroy Newark teachers' unions, charterize -- on Doprah

Starship Lookout: moving at twice the speed of solitude (DIAL-UP WARNING)

Please check out two tracks from my upcoming CD project, THE PARABLE.

Weather Channel: D.C. had worst summer in U.S.

Weather Channel: D.C. had worst summer in U.S.

I had eye surgery and didn't even know it

Global Weather Change is already here

Whopper of a wind farm opens off Britain: Wind turbines nearly as tall as a 40-story building

Is the republican plan a 'Plague on America' or a 'Pledge to America'?

Anyone else watching "Outsourced?"

REVEALED: 43 House Democrats to SIDE WITH GOP on tax cuts for THE RICH

Tariq Ali Book Equates Obama and Bush

Dad 'just snapped' before boy's death

Department of Justice to appeal DADT ruling

NAACP reaches out to gays: Urge unified struggle for civil rights agenda

Issa Refuses To Debate His Opponent This Year

He's sooooooo sorry!

Please stop telling me I should have biological children.

Vince Gray - Michelle Rhee - No Decision

Personal Message to DUers and all Americans

Personal Message to DUers and all Americans

The Great Recession IS NOT Over

Buffet: "when a country needs more income, they should get it from the people that have it"

Starhawk on Christine O'Donnell 'dabbling' in Witchcraft; finally someone from The Craft speaks up

Mike Castle will test waters with poll... May run as a write in

Petition to Oprah to invite Diane Ravitch on her show

I have long held that we are better off with a majority that includes Blue Dogs than . . . . . .


*giggle* English as the "national language" (toon)

Overwhelming coverage of Education Nation. MSNBC, NBC, CNBC, MTP, Today Show

Lobbyists Lose Money When Former Bosses Leave

Texting while driving killed 16,000 people between 2001 and 2007 in the U.S.

Ok... I lost it a bit today.

Bush Admin dead set on invading Iraq? Nobody cares.

Zuckerberg's $100 million gift to NJ schools has really big strings attached.

So about the "class warfare" thing

Taming Global Capital

Double-Digit Hikes for Some Medicare Drug Plans- Monthly premiums to rise.

Every time I hear a priveleged person whining about his/her life...

ProPublica: Troubles Plague Top Job At Pentagon Office Overseeing Brain Injuries

The Iraq War--Part 1: The U.S. Prepares for Conflict, 2001 (The National Security Archive)

How long does it legally take to change your name?



Hipster Hitler

Anyone ever done a thesis/dissertation on THE CAT IN THE HAT,

Phils sweep Braves over 3 games, win 10th straight - Lead NL East by 6 games.

You too... can have fun at Starbucks...

I hate doctors/surgeons who think they are DOG.

It took me all my life (so far) but I finally discovered something!

Divers find 200-year-old beer

Destned for Jay Leno's "Headlines"

Louise holds a handful of rain, tempting you to defy it.

My latest Desktop pic:

Tears for Fears or Thinktree? They share the same structure, so which is best?

Mr. Bungle - Existential Blues

I KNOW it's a tough choice, but...your all-time FAVORITE Walter Egan song?

Kitten Rides a Turtle

Is there any way can get Facebook to delete

i'm makin cookies


Six Weirdest Kid Show Appearances

Student banned from Reggae fest due to Flattop!

I just heard on the news that the founder of Facebook is 26 years old.

Somebody design a website to tell you when other websites are down

Have you tried the "Speak" feature of your cell phone to text?

Ideas for socializing without alcohol?

That's OK Facebook, I will just come here and hang out in the lounge

I hate doctors/surgeons who think they are NATURAL SELECTION.


Well, here's some marketing genius - Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon" Wine

Words often used in Chinese take out names

Words often used in Chinese take out names

A ton of funny shit has been said in The Lounge but I still crack up when I think of these posts:

Well, I just finished reading "The War After Armageddon" by

Condoms don't work.

CHEESE, Grommit!

Japanese man designs plaid burqa for men

Student Banned From Homecoming Event Over Dreadlocks

My uncle went to his social security disability hearing today

dang it! what transcendence fluid do I need?

You mix my drink...With a can of Red Devil lye - The IMMORTAL SRV, I'm Leaving You (Commit A Crime)

Japanese ZZ-Top performs plaid Burger Man

Do you drink,MrCoffee?

Ideas for socializing without people?

Ideas for socializing without people?

So I'm watching my toaster oven after I turned it off, and I see

Can YOU spot "the gay guy"?

Are you just happy to see me or is that a banana in your banana?

Accuwipes.... for the obstructionists in congress, when you

Who plays the CEO in the GEICO commercials?

Giant Cat in Torrance

Conservatives deflated hopes and, um... dreams. Yeah, THOSE kind of dreams.

Wine choice - dinner or not.

I have to go to the third page to find a locked thread in the lounge

Amazing Nature Pictures

Look, I just want to buy this thing

Damn, I feel old now.


Try to understand...Try to understand...I'm divorcing you (Nancy Wlison splits from Cameron Crowe)

Remember the "Gargoyles" lady from "Trading Spouses?"

I just bought a painting on canvas of this (see below). The forest in it will


who's there ?

An "accidential touch"???

Thursday, September 23. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Is "hmmmmmmm" correctly spelled with one, two, three, or more m's?

You can get all kinds of meat at McDonalds

You can get all kinds of meat at McDonalds

Do you drink coffee?

I am ordering my first smartphone next month, a droid.

Student banned from porn fest due to nerdy haircut.

"Mars Needs Women..."

Chinese Yuan

Is it just my imagination ?

Mark McKinnon on 'Morning Joe' promoting the Fair Elections Now Act.

Tempest in a Very Small Teapot

Why isn't this in the news media with all the love affair for Sarah in the media

Attacking pessimism in the name of optimism and vice-versa is hypocritical.

After all the name calling on Obama these lawmakers got the nerve to be upset with the VP

"For hundreds of thousands, Health Care Relief Begins Today"

Three New House Poll (FL-22, KY-03, WA-09)

Mike! You're playing like Betty White out there.

DNC video response to GOP's 'Pledge to America' : 'Same Old Agenda'

Kaiser Foundation Health Reform Law Video: Health Reform Hits Main Street

Kaiser Foundation Health Reform Law Video: Health Reform Hits Main Street

NY Senate--Survey USA shows Gillibrand in a toss-up with DioGuradi!?

With 'Pledge To America', House gop Shoots, Misses

Professor to create consumer agency: Fix credit system

Comic poll of the day--GOP internal poll claims Barney Frank is in trouble

(R)asmussen Poll--GA Governor: Deal (R) 45% Barnes (D) 39%

**** POTUS Addresses the UN Assembly, Live 10am ****

Krugman- congressional ballot with and without Rasmussen

Krugman- congressional ballot with and without Rasmussen

(R)asmussen Poll--MO Senate: Blunt 52% (-1) Carnahan 44% (+1)

Kerry, Lincoln Bill To End Unjust Financial Burden on National Guard and Reserves

Any hardcore computer hardware/DIY build people in here?

How can I tell if the thread I'm about to post is a sex thread?

Bush Tax Cuts Had Little Positive Impact on Economy

I've been reading here and there, snippits saying Sarkozy has gone nuts

Another anti-gay RETHUG hater caught in a sex scandle

Siena Poll--NY Senate (special): Gillibrand 57% DioGuardi 31%

PPP: Favorability/ Unfavorability spread of GOP Senate Candidates in key states

The CNN/Time polls of CO, DE, PA & WI and what it tells us

House GOP’s ‘Pledge’ Ignores Wars

So TLC is promoting another oversized family with a man who looks like a real creep

No vote on the tax cuts before the election?

Democrats on Taxes: Get some Ball's!

FCC approves use of white spaces

Noob question for photoshop mavens

Say hello to my new cat.

I could really use a good poetry thread tonight to stay my mind on.

Palin Rallies Against "ObamaCare"-launches website to "take back" Dem seats;re-raises "death panels"

(R)asmussen Poll: ND--at large house seat: Berg 48% (-5) Pomeroy 45% (+1)

dang it! what transmission fluid do I need?

GOP’s ‘Pledge To America’ Replaces Affordable Care Act With Provisions From Affordable Care Act

Tax Cut Thursday: Dems From Both Chambers Facing Big Decisions

The Curious Case of Latino Republicans - Behind Enemy Lines

California Pot Initiative Could Help Propel Barbara Boxer To Re-Election

NV-Senate: Angle slams mandated coverage for autism treatment

Obama Is Fighting For The Middle Class

If you wouldn't mind scanning this little piece real quick and get back to me with your opinions,

WA Senate: DSCC hits Rossi hard

**** Heads Up: POTUS & FLOTUS Speak ad the Clinton Global Initiative, 3:50pm EDT ****

New polls show a movement in CA.

Mason Dixon Poll--FL Gov: Sink (D) 47% Scott (R) 40%

The President has only been in office 20 months, not two years

Obama should challenge Boehner and McConnell to a Primetime Debate

Would the democrats be fighting for their political lives if Howard Dean was head of the DNC

"White House will use the failure to vote on the middle class tax cuts as a cudgel against the GOP"

DISCLOSE Act cloture vote fails again. Vote 59-39. All R's voted no.

Pledge to (destroy) America nt.

Bill Clinton needs to Campaign for Russ Feingold

Pew Poll National Survey: GOP leads among likely/ D's reg voters/ Obama approval 47/44

"A forthcoming Siena poll in New York finds ... Gillibrand (D) leading leading by 24 pts."

A Pledge To Finish Off America---Jobs Gone - Hope - gone - Change - filibustered into goneness.

Suggestion...the president should fill ALL vacancies with recess appointments now

Obama at UN: Israel should extend settlement freeze

Will Republicans Regret Their Pledge?

The Plumline: The NRCC's Response to the Dem's punting on voting for middle class tax cut extension

Suvery USA--WA Senate: Murray 50% (+5) Rossi 48% (-4)

Boehner plays into Democrats hands. “We are not going to be any different than what we’ve been.”

Why does Ed have these stupid ass rethugs on his rapid fire segment

I wonder if Congressional Democrats still think "All Politics Is Local" still relevant today?

"Porn" is the word of the day. modify a thread title to include "porn".

Young adults praise new provisions (Health Care)

PPP Survey: California down on Pelosi

Biden: 'I guarantee' House majority

At least no one in the media is buying the rethug's so called new contract on America

Hardball: Buchanan is going off his rocker

Keith O hitting the scared democrats voting on the Bush tax cuts

Joe Scab is telling the Big Dog that he is responsible for Clinton's success ...

Axelrod To Leave?

David Axelrod: The election campaigners we can't see

O'Donnell and Leno Interview

Still Trying To Make Obama 'The Other'

Senate rejects bid to overturn new union rule

Grayson: Caligula's Horse

Obama pledges revamp of foreign aid policy

Boehner Challenges Tiger Woods

When posting poll #'s PLEASE PUT (D) OR (R) NEXT TO THE NAMES of the candidates.

Change We Can Believe In

Gibbs slams insurers for discontinuing child-only policies

Republican "Pledge" = Major FAIL

E.J. Dionne: Is the Tea Party one of the most successful scams in American political history?

GOP pledge to destroy America was written by a LOBBYIST!

Just who IS Ron Johnson (WI Senate candidate)?

The GOP is slowly committing suicide.

No Reward for Competence

I think Allen Grayson should be the DNC Chairman

This Is Just How We Roll

Did anyone notice the different attire of the rethugs recently?

Twisting Obama’s Words

At your home, right now. Seat up, or down?

I just flipped through the GOP's "Pledge to America" ....

CA Senate: Fiorina hits Boxer as "arrogant" and Boxer's masterful comeback

On Hannity, NFL jock Greg Buttle on DADT: "it's like having chicks in the locker room"

Nora O'Donnell (MSNBC) DESTROYED Rep. Thornberry on "Pledge to America"

Oh crap. I just made eye contact with... the cat.

According to Tweety Nate Silver still has the rethugs winning 47 plus seats

Obama was HECKLED in NewYork and handled it like a pro

Humorous breakup/"I'm over you" songs

Rep Louise Slaughter: Despite Republican Claims, Real Reform has Come to American Healthcare

Why can't our leaders have the intensity and commitment of the opposition?

Rhee Quiet After "Great Conversation" With Gray

Castle will test waters with poll - considering "write in" candidacy (Politico)

Sarah Palin: I'll run if nobody else steps up

Madrak and Axelrod

Ads on DU?, scratching head.

I simply don't understand the logic of some of the complaints about this administration.

Dick's Sporting Goods refuses to stock,sell Michael Vick merchandise...

Post a favorite music video from the eighties

PHOTO: "Let's just be clear about this: A desktop IS a cat seat."

Five Questions.

Would a black man want to be president anymore?

A Pledge To America

Generals in civilian posts were toughest critics of surge, Woodward writes

Cancer of terror lies in Pak, says Obama

(Maricopa)Supervisors restricting Sheriff's Office budget

Fears mount of massive Caribbean coral bleaching: study

Net-Neutrality Compromise Said to Be Considered for Web Regulation by U.S.

Senators probe inaction against Stanford

Appeals court: Florida ban on gay adoption unconstitutional

Generals in civilian posts were toughest critics of surge, Woodward writes

Federal help boosts vulnerable Democrats

For Fragile States, MDG Summit Outcome Off-target

DOD brain injury office chief under investigation

France braces for day of strikes Thursday

Obama Doubles Down On Middle East Peace Drive

Stephen Colbert To Testify At House Subcommittee Hearing On Friday

Stallman calls for end to ‘war on sharing’

Consumer Rules, High-Frequency Trading: Compliance

Bill would force ad buyers into the light (Disclose Act)

Bill Clinton Goes Vegan

Textbooks May Be Too Pro-Islam, Anti-Christian, Texas State Education Board Says

Obama invited to visit Cuba -- and bring jailed Cubans with him

AP: GOP Pledge ‘Steers Clear Of Specifics On Important Issues’

Army veteran in Ill. accused of threatening Obama (Wanted to Start Muslim/Christian War)

Stocks set to slip as jobless claims rise

UN experts: Israel flotilla raid broke int'l law

Dad 'just snapped' before boy's death

Devils Lake devours N.D. land, buildings

French strikes leave both unions and government claiming victory

Colombia: No. 2 rebel commander (Mono Jojoy, FARC) killed

This Year, Contractor Deaths Exceed Military Ones in Iraq and Afghanistan

Durbin to Re-Introduce DREAM Act on Senate Floor Today

Pentagon says all 9 troops killed in helicopter crash in Afghanistan were Americans

Congress requests extradition of Israeli mercenary

Police: Nicaraguan diplomat found with throat slashed

(UK) Ministers face high court battle over cap on immigration

Senate Rejects Resolution To Overturn Union Organizing Rule At Airlines, Railroads

Wife of detained US contractor visits him in Cuba

Pelosi: it's time to hold China accountable for unfair trade practices

US Businessman: Blackwater Paid Me to Buy Steroids and Weapons on Black Market for Its Shooters

Garcia-Perez Named To Head Radio Marti (US taxpayer financed)

House Clears Small-Business Bill

Trapped miners safe after drilling accident

Report: 'Framework of an agreement' reached to resolve California's budget stalemate

Poll: 1 In 5 Americans Believe Obama Is A Cactus

GOP will try to get own candidate off NY ballot

Landrieu Holds Up Nominee Over Oil Drill Ban

Treasury Set to Cut Tarp Cost Estimate (actual cost at $66 billion)

1.5% of Britons say they are gay or bisexual, ONS survey finds

1.5% of Britons say they are gay or bisexual, ONS survey finds

US Senate Republicans block campaign disclosure bill

Brown calls on Whitman to take a position on Proposition 23

British Cuts to Military Concern U.S. Officials

Chinese PM pushes back as U.S. currency bill looms

UN walkout over Ahmadinejad speech - suggests U.S. behind 9/11 attacks

DOJ to Judge: Keep Enforcing DADT

Pinal County sheriff blasts immigration billboard

There is no such thing as bad music

Democrats delay vote on extending tax cuts

AP president: Need to curb unlicensed use of news

Tropical Storm Matthew Forms In The Caribbean

PR extends deadline for voiding birth certificates

Hidden Under Tax-Exempt Cloak, Political Dollars Flow

Steele tired of 'nitpicking' within GOP ranks

Knowing T**hat I'm Confused About Why I'm Mad Just Makes Me Madder! (Tea Party's Lament)

Hundreds Die of Lead Poisoning in Nigeria

Stuxnet worm 'targeted high-value Iranian assets'

The ‘Hockey Stick’ Lives

FCC opens up unused TV signals for broadband

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday September 23

Axelrod to exit White House in 2011

Feds object to 'don't ask, don't tell' injunction

U. of Ill. denies William Ayers emeritus status

Bush team wanted Iraq war from start'

Cuban man who sewed mouth shut collapses

T-Mobile Claims Right to Censor Text Messages

Fiorina TV ad mocks Boxer for asking to be called 'senator' instead of 'ma'am'

(Aafia Siddiqui) Pakistan neuroscientist given 86 years for shooting at US agents

Dems: GOP Already Broke Tax Cut 'Pledge'

Seattle police: 4 dead, 1 wounded in shooting

Six UK men arrested for Youtube video of Koran burning

Texas weighs bid to rid schools of 'pro-Islam' books

Texas weighs bid to rid schools of 'pro-Islam' books

US executes first woman for five years

U.S. walks out on Ahmadinejad's U.N. speech after 9/11 allegation (Updated w/ AP quotes)

More Fox News Bias for Rich on Bush Tax Cuts?

Chris Coons talks about how he'll help create jobs

TNGA Rep. Matthew Hill "... more government SUCKS!"

Keith Olbermann: McCain misinformed about DADT

Tea Party Economic Brain Trust: Nitwits & Hypocrites...Fiorina got $1200 for each fired HP employee

Keith Olbermann: FoxNews raises $money$ for Tea Party/GOP

Democracy NOW! •Tariq Ali on "The Obama Syndrome: Surrender at Home, War Abroad"

Rachel Maddow: Log Cabin Republicans giving Obama clearest path forward to get rid of DADT

Glenn Beck: Marxist Government Conspiracy

AIDS activists heckle Obama, Obama responds

David Pakman: Warning to Homophobes: You will lose - time to move on to something else

Great SEIU ad on Chris Dudley (OR Gov race)

Countdown Special Report - GOP Small In Name Only

MRN: Chambliss "F*ggots" and Tea Party "F*ckers"

Boeher: We're Not Going to Be Any Different Than What We've Been

Weird Liberal Head Show #171: I DESTROY Drinking (Drunk) With Bob!

Ed Schultz: GOP Doesn't Give A Damn About Your Health

Smart Remarks: Just like Christine!

Dear Senior Citizens, Turn off Fox and Pay Attention

"GOP: Same Old Agenda"

The laughable GOP agenda. Short on specifics, except 'the government has failed you'

MRN: A Pledge To America: Bishop Long's Gay Sex Scandal

TYT: Tea Party Candidate - Screw The Unemployed!

Christian Exposes Rachel Maddow's Occult Life (she's a vampire!)

Business Web sites: 'Marx was right'

Falling Rate of Profit

Under Consumption

"Libertarian" capitalism's corporate sponshorship

Jon Stewart to O'Reilly: On Fox,You're Left-Wing

Keith Olbermann: The Great Republican Small Business Scam - Special Report

Bill Maher discusses Christine O'Donnell on Hardball

This Election Needs YOU!

Thom Hartmann w/ Peter Beinart - The New McCarthyism - are we in the midst of a national psychosis?

Thom Hartmann with Melanie Sloan - Why would tea party followers embrace a criminal?

Thom w/ Robert Reich - Wasn't the real death panel the 40 year GOP Strategy for the Middle Class?

US War with China Almost Inevitable(?)

TYT: Kids To Be Denied Health Care - Reform Fail

TYT: Cenk Debates NY Times Columnist on Tea Party

Republican candidate stands by racist writings

John Boehner on Lisbeth Lyons

TYT: Obama Loves The Establishment - (w/ Link To Blog)

Tea Party Republicans with costumes and signs take on Glenn Beck

PALIN Drops The H-BOMB: 'Barack HUSSEIN Obama'

Lazio Living to Fight Another Day?

McChrystal Article Inquiry Leaves Questions Open

America 99ers Union calls for Michigan's unemployed job seekers, help for S-3706

Senate Repeals Part of Financial Overhaul (removes excemption of FOIA)

"Sexting" D.A. slammed with more claims, The third woman to speak out against prosecutor Ken Kratz

Benchmarks to measure Obama's work a year after he first addressed U.N.

KO report: Big business turns small for tax purposes

Lesson from latest Twitter attack: Don't hover?

The Tea Party: Tempest in a very small teapot

The Biggest Issue of 2010, In One Chart

Feuds in Obama's Wars are not just soap opera

For the good of democracy, tax cuts for the rich must expire (LA Times Op/Ed)

Decrypting the Shadow behind Hamid Karzai

Want change in Cuba? End U.S. embargo

The IT tale of an anti-tech user

Arctic Ice in Death Spiral ..."It's not going to recover,"

Best Cartoons Mocking Right-Wingers

Russ Feingold, TARP Critic, Down In The Polls To Bailout Beneficiary Ron Johnson

Yahoo! researcher breaks Pi record in finding the two-quadrillionth digit

Largest offshore wind farm opens off Thanet in Kent

Bonneville Power Administration easement will help Trappist Abbey conserve Oregon forest, rare habit

The Oil and the Turtles

Divers Report 90% Or More Of Kuwait's Corals Have Bleached

Bleaching Expanding Rapidly As Caribbean Water Temps Exceed 2005 Records - Warmest Yet To Come

Early Columbia Survey Shows Degraded Oil, Associated Organics Coating Gulf Seafloor Up To 6" Deep

From Right And Left, Attacks Intensify Against Brazilian Forestry Code - Mongabay

Science Daily - Beetle Outbreaks Have Already Killed Billions Of Conifers Across N. America

In 8 Areas Studied 84-04, Avg. Glacial Loss 10-15%, But Argentine Protective Law "Excessive"

Graph Of The Month: Hectares Of Can. Forests Damaged By Pine Beetles Over Time

E85 vehicles with mpg increases over gas up to 15% in student competition. When was this? ...1998!

UM, MSU to create center to study climate of Great Lakes

CEZ pulls out Romanian Cernovoda Reactor Project. They'd rather build five Czech reactors.

Drumbeat: September 23, 2010

Philadelphia’s urban-farming roots go deep—and are spreading wide

Accident at Russia’s Kursk Nuclear Power Plant reveals blatant disregard of safety standards

It takes an island: Hawaii builds hydrogen infrastructure with GM

Obama Administration Will Not Press For Temporary Freeze On Shale Gas Drilling In Delaware Watershed

Another deadly challenge for the sea otter

RP Official On Country's Preparation For Climate Talks: "We will not commit. There will be no cuts"

Is Davis-Besse fit for a 20-year license extension?

The NFL's Overcomplicated Rules

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Wednesday, September 22)

Two days until the horse olympics, World Equestrian Games

Don't walk the pitcher!

Rex Ryan to Jets: Stop screwing up

Steelers - Bucs game will be blacked out in Tampa.

Ichiro reaches 200 hits for record 10th consecutive season..

+++ NFL Week 3 Picks +++

Panama signs torture convention

Bolivian gov't ratifies presidential reelection as constitutional

Chile to eradicate poverty by 2014, says president

Cardinal: Venezuelan government should respect election results

Obama invited to visit Cuba -- and bring jailed Cubans with himObama invited to visit Cuba -- and br

Colombia: No. 2 rebel commander killed

Recession drives consumption lower and hits bank loans in Venezuela

Brazilian film about Lula to vie for Oscars

Brazil’s Lula Prepares to Pass the Baton

Trapped miners safe after drilling accident

Congress requests extradition of Israeli mercenary

Nicaraguan diplomatic official found dead in New York

PR extends deadline for voiding birth certificates

Petrobras ‘Reverse Privatization’ Looms on Brazil

Palestinians open trade talks with Mercosur

House panel to move forward on easing Cuba policy

Wife of detained US contractor visits him in Cuba

Cuban man who sewed mouth shut collapses

Good Samaritan couple with Ohio concealed carry licenses stop a domestic violance attack

Mexico: Guns from the U.S., not illegal immigrants, are real problem

CCW permit holder saves his wife's life..

LGBT thrives at Eastern after Julea Ward case

Homophobic hate messages left on memorial page for bullied gay teen who committed suicide

DOJ to Judge: Keep Enforcing DADT

New CDC study results of hiv infections amongst MSM is truly depressing

Harvard links ROTC return to end of ‘don’t ask’

GOProud Hero Ann Coulter: Ronald Reagan Was Great Because He Hated Gays

The "S-Printing Horse" by Jürgen Goertz

Ahmadinejad: U.S. orchestrated 9/11 to save Zionist regime

Pictures of North Korea.

Bibi effusively praises Obama, Clinton in call with Jewish leaders

Poll: Slim majority support peace negotiations

Obama at UN: Israel should extend settlement freeze

Israeli Delegation A No-Show At U.N. Due To Religious Holiday

Cerebral malaria may have passed from gorillas to us (BBC)

Two New Dinosaur Species Are Discovered in Southern Utah

Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos licked by James Lick in space race

Anthropologist Laurie Wilkie finds parallels between an early 20th-century fraternity and Peter Pan

NGC 1365: An Elegant Galaxy In An Unusual Light

What happens if you put your hand in the beam of the Large Hadron Collider?

Today in Labor History Sept 22 OSHA reaches its largest ever settlement agreement, $21 million & mor

AFT President Randi Weingarten: One Nation March October 2nd Is For American Values

New York City $4 Billion Budget Deficit Forces Cuts, Hiring Freeze

German Corporation Siemens Pledges No Forced Layoffs - Ever

Struggling Postal Service Seeks Wage Concessions

Student Makes History with First Ever Human-Powered Ornithopter Flight

Teamsters Gain New Members - Medical Marijuana Growers

‘The atheist delusion’. Phillip Adams AO

Moral Absolutism

How does this representation of Jesus make you feel?

trying to get my nerve up...

Dance with the Harvest Moon

What's with all the bug issues?

I need help. It's been staring all of us in the face all this time!

my baby sister

Drugs 'could target asthma genes' (BBC)

For Many, Health Care Relief Begins Today

Arthritis Advocates Make a Difference

New superbug that is spread by farm animals

Promising Results in Trial of Heart Valve Procedure (for frail patients)

Flashing glasses may help PTSD sufferers

Help Rename High-Fructose Corn Syrup