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LOL: Why there will never be a Tea Party "Dream Ticket"..

The Palin curse

Rightwing Echo Machine: "Every Obama speech is Carter's 'malaise' speech to media conservatives"

Handy tip for researching RW politicians/experts/pundits.

Carly No Es Mi Amiga -

A glance at what right-wingers are really like

My nephews wife gets a year maternity leave,

You know.. considering the beating Obama has taken by the RW media...

Wouldn't you know it. "Potatoe" head two is running in my district.

When I was a kid gum came in ......

College football starts tonight!

"Artificial cow"voted the eighth most important university breakthrough of the last 60 years.

Palin: Erratic behavior and a pattern of lying...

President's top economist serves up dismal news at her farewell luncheon

SFGate - Meg Whitman says state should defend Prop. 8 Anti-Gay Marriage Initiative

Child’s Ordeal Shows Risks of Psychosis Drugs for Young

Need video of Boxer-Fiorina debate - full video and text.

Another Boxer-Fiorina poll needs some DU love:

Pentagon Watchdog Misses Billion Dollar Audit

The War in Iraq: At What Cost?

Don't know if you noticed this:

Afghan War Unwinnable Quagmire, Ex-CIA Man Says

Army reservist says unit not ready for fall deployment

U.S. to Shun Military Drills in Turkey

Don't know if you noticed this:

They Are Dying Like Flies At Ft. Stewart

Polish leader: War costs slow army's modernization

This is the kind of shit sedition charges should be used for, I think

GOA Tells Navy That The LCS Mission Modules Don't Work

GOA Tells Navy That The LCS Mission Modules Don't Work

Commentary: Faux exit from Iraq

Bonehead Makes An Ass Out Of Himself (Again)

Air Force Crashes $13 Million Dollar Predator Drone In Southern California

Perhaps a small impact.

Looking for a quote

My Faith, My Voice

Alan Simpson Disses Vietnam Veterans

Irony, getting busted with Paris Hilton and then losing your job BECAUSE of her

Overworked and Underpaid? Productivity Increases, But Wage Growth Declines

Watching America: The Life of Others

Watching America: WikiLeaks Holds a Mirror to Afghanistan

At the Iraq war's end, a shrug of uncertainty

Navy Is Finally Going To Pay For Deceased Sailors' Families To Attend Memorial Services

MEDICARE FOR ALL - Day 20 21 22

Estranged boyfriend of doctor found in chimney speaks out

Estranged boyfriend of doctor found in chimney speaks out

Richest lawmakers grew wealthier as economy faltered

Tony Blair says did not foresee Iraq "nightmare"

Clinton inherited a $290 billion deficit from George H.W. Bush

The 1960 Democratic Party platfrom - an interesting read.

Nurses condemn Pawlenty refusal to accept federal health care funds

BecKKK-PALIN to restore Alaska's honor on 9-11 with weird sex thing event

BecKKK-PALIN to restore Alaska's honor on 9-11 with weird sex thing event

Tea Party survey demands homophobia and belief that God is in charge of global warming

St Paul, MN: One man play: Therapy and Resistance, Viet Nam Draft Resister

For those interested (which must be few), I have added links to the

Hello Barbara? (Is the Barbara Boxer campaign asleep at this news?)

Hello Barbara? (Is the Barbara Boxer campaign asleep at this news?)

Ask the public: "How is the War Economy Working For You ?"

How to beat the right-wing bloggers!

Bernanke: Shut down banks if they threaten system

Watching America: The U.S. Military’s Endless Task in Iraq

FEMA Trailers, Some Dangerous, Used in Wake of Katrina Now Resold Across the Country

Poll: Minnesotans poised for backlash against incumbents

Another good tropical Atlantic weather link

Damn Right! I’ll Give George W. Bush Credit

Fall semester begins will layoff announcements, other cutbacks at Mississippi universities

Luckovich 'toon: "He's got a prayer rug!"

A Speech for Endless War

BreakingNews: God/s did not create the universe

FYI the capping stack is being removed today.

KBR’s contracts are classified? What is the DoD hiding?

Kristi Noem, Rising GOP Star, Under Fire for 20 Speeding Tickets

Today in Idiocracy - 28% can name Chief Justice

What Conservative Pundit do you dislike the most?

Colorado Army post says suicide rate is falling

Article for our County Party Newsletter

When began the "money bomb" phenomenon? I must've been asleep.

We're think you're suicidal, so if you don't go to the hospital we're gonna Tase you

can you help me with something? ‎I can't find the real figures >>>

Emails Reveal McCain Campaign Misled The Public About Palin’s $150K Plus Shopping Spree

Gum on your shoe

Radical Eco-Activist Imprisoned for 'Friending' Someone on Facebook

The test score witch-hunt in LA

Palin Power - she lies about everything

The Rude Pundit: The Frustration of an Obama Supporter (Part 1: All Hard and Nowhere to Go)


Oil prices should be between $10-$18 per barrel....

BREAKING: Another Oil Platform Explodes in Lousianna

They published my letter to the editor: "Beck is like the Ayatollah"

The "Nobody could have known" Excuse and Iraq

God-O-Matic by Mark Fiore

FOllow up to ebert posting...

Haley Barbour claims that his southern accent and background might be an asset against Obama

Burger King to be bought by 3G Capital for $4 billion

Maybe it's time to say goodbye to your 401K....

Gary Bauer: The media destroyed Dan Quayle because he was the Sarah Palin of that era

did i hear right another rig exploded ?

Full Debate for Arizona Governor

All rabid John Cusack fans: I have an idea...

Predator Drones Will Patrol Entire U.S./Mexico Border

Holy Shite! Breaking - another rig explosion off Louisiana

Another wind farm failure off the cape...

Fuck. Another oil rig explosion off the coast of LA

"Nobody knew how bad the economy was going to be.."

Breaking News...GRAND ISLE, La. (AP) - An offshore petroleum platform exploded

Sarah Pain revelations...

MSNBC: "Not since Hurricane Bob in 1991 has a storm threatened so much of the East Coast"

Two from the Comics

Could this new rig explosion be the first sign that the BP well has been

From what I have heard, the rig was not drilling nor was it producing

Gang member accused of provoking police to shoot innocent, escaping bystanders

Alan Grayson on the radio

What percent of the federal debt and/or budget deficit is due to defense spending?

Republicans: So stupid they don't even grasp why Jews vote Democratic.

Not sure why Cape Verde does not like us

My LTE : Ad Hominem

Articulating human Spam. . . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!

Nova Scotia church to bless Blackberrys

Help needed. Anyone know how to get Rachel or Ed a video?

Hawking: God Did Not Create the Universe

I propose a "Restoring Dignity" rally at the Lincoln Memorial in honor of MLK

The United States, as the world knows, will never start a war.

Discovery channel defenders of " Some Over Produced

Afghan war unwinnable quagmire, decorated CIA field officer says

A Speech for Endless War

Discovery Channel Gunman James Lee, Appears to Have Had Anti-Immigrant Agenda

Chris Matthews Revises History on His Opposition to the Iraq Invasion...


Ari Fleischer wants MORE COWBELL (Actually more Bush kissyface and thank-yous and general worship)

Ari Fleischer wants MORE COWBELL (Actually more Bush kissyface and thank-yous and general worship)

WTF? Karzai's brother calls for U.S. to shore up Kabul Bank

2 Sep, 1945 On The Battleship Missouri

Was anyone here acquainted with the Clutter family?

Gun dealer shoots bar patron dead after an argument

Women's groups call out political sexism

AK Senate Race Poll: Miller leads by only 6 points!

capitalism A Love Story - I just watched it. I am crying and wretching at the same time.


The epitome of sad irony...

What's More Important For Black Leadership? Turning Off Fox News or Stopping the Cat Food Commission

Oval Office Makeover BACKLASH

Oval Office Makeover BACKLASH

Feds Warn Residents Near Wyoming Gas Drilling Sites Not To Drink Their Water

Greenwald warns Democrats: some Republicans now to the left of Obama on gay marriage

The unrecommend feature is getting on my last nerve

Rick Steiner Got BP Disaster Right From The Beginning, Warns Crisis Is Far From Over

A union busting CEO on Obama's Deficit Commission is willing to risk nuclear fallout in a town

Bahamas Chooses Environment Over Petro-Dollars

That awful, horrible Pamela Geller woman's book

Have you ever met a person who believes that when you enter a higher income tax bracket you lose

Fists Fly at the Hookah Bar (Too stupid to pull off a hate crime)

Mile long oil sheen spreading in the gulf. The new one.

Now that he's claimed the mantle of civil rights leader, will Glen Beck

Marines accused of attack on gay Savannah man won't face hate crime charges

Freeper: "Our nation is under attack. Our rigs are being sabotaged! What other eexplanation?????"

Reducing the toxic effects of forced vaccinations.

Mother's worst nightmare: Facebook won't shut down stalker

Florida Senate conspiracy theory

Laugh of the Day link

Pacific Justice Institute DENIED by court; Schwarzenegger, Brown will not be forced to defend Prop 8

For Profit College Risk - Huge Debt, questionable degree

Boxer/Fiorina poll being freeped, please help

Mariner Energy Cited For Two Violations In Past Six Months, Totaling $55,000

Who's blowing up oil rigs?

Breaking: There's A Run On The Bank In Kabul

Arizona Governor Brewer cuts ads on CBS affiliate over

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! 'As U.S. Troops Move Out Of Iraq, Oil Companies Move In'

1 Day Before Its Gulf Oil Rig Exploded-Mariner Energy: Obama ‘Is Trying To Break Us’ With Moratorium

US indicts 11 executives for {tainted} honey smuggling (BBC)

An Honest Facebook Political Argument - damn funny and enlightening as well...

I saw a great joke on TV today.

Boxer: "My opponent fights for billionaires, millionaires, companies that ship jobs overseas"

A Social Media and Politics Podcast

Everyone Watching Cenk burn one on MSNBC?

I don't believe the polling for House races.

WH Press Sec has to DEFEND Obama's religion? WTF country is this?

So, oil rigs haven't been exploding for decades? Here's the real scoop.

Now the Arizona Cardinals can feel better

Beck turning to religion instead of politics...sorry if it's been posted!

Non Sequitur TOON: The Intricate Mechanics of Government

Why would someone spend $50 Million of their own money for

How long will it take before our water is not potable anymore?

A primitive inability to understand forces that we now comprehend

Cat recovering after passerby finds it shot, caged and tossed into McKay Bay (Tampa, FL)

Do any other Coloradans see the "2010 Miss Devnver Teen USA" banner ad?

Dianne Feinstein’s First Move As Co-Chair of No on Prop 19 Campaign Is To Spout Nonsense

Why isn't Righthaven suing Sharron Angle for copyright infringement?????

So Sarah Palin is upset because the reporting on her is undeclared

DU this poll for Senator Boxer

Anyone else think this has spoiled everything?

Anyone else think this has spoiled everything?

On Tuesday, Petraeus Achieved Victory in Oceania; On Wednesday, He Led Us to War against Eastasia

Sound Military advice on the Iraq War from the noted combat expert, General PainInTheAss.

FYI: latest update on our great T-Mobile campaign - XXL Happy Labor Day edition!

Great defense of social democratic reforms in US in Nation mag.

Beck: Universities can be as ‘dangerous’ as Iran and North Korea

Breaking: Fuel Tanker runs aground in NW Passage

Forgive me if this has been covered, but is it true there's already an actual mosque in s Manhattan?

Republican Chuck Norris and overwhelmingly Republican lobbyist group release get out the vote ad.

Does Simpson Collect SS And...

FCC seeks more public input on net neutrality.

Alan Grayson: It's Us Versus the Billionaire

Ed Schultz: "These republicans are EVERYWHERE"

Oh Oh looks like Christie is a teller of big huge lies

Convicted killer claiming innocence is spared death penalty in Ohio

New twists in basement babies case as woman is identified

What does it mean to be American?

What does it mean to be American?

German military report: Peak oil could lead to collapse of democracy

CA Appeals Court Rejects Prop 8 supporters

Glenn Beck - American Fascist - (GREAT article)

Tragedy of the Common Donkey

Excellent piece from Roger Ebert

Struggling to launch, Canada's Fox News Channel clone demands preferential treatment from government

Here's the potential behind-the-scenes exchange....

Majority of Az voters favor key provisions of SB 1070

What would it take to actually unify the majority of Americans now?

Christine O'Donnell, Teabagger Senate Candidate, Hammered By Delaware Republicans

Vet Group Calls On Obama To Fire Alan Simpson

KOs Brewing things up tonight

Wow, did you see this? "Amanda Knox is innocent."

Headless body found in the desert identified

What Bailin'PALIN calls sobbing BecKKK in private: "Impotent, limp, gutless."

White House considering emergency economic stimuli...

Fucking MSNBC complains about Princess Di "undies" ad by posting the ad. I can sense their outrage.

What Does Alan Simpson Need To Say To Be Fired?

Too Poor to Make the News..

Saw someone on Facebook "jokingly" threaten Obama

Saw someone on Facebook "jokingly" threaten Obama

Don't let it blow away

Higher Ed. Racket: How Kids Are Paying a Fortune for Rip-off 'Prestige' Educations

Gingrich: ‘U.S. Can Be As Great As Mexico, Saudi Arabia’

Good One, Rachel

Quick! Somebody please crash a small plane! Thanks

Obama’s Commerce Secretary Talks Tough on Music Piracy

Afghanistan, August 2010 (Big Picture)

DUers in Cape Hatteras, Raleigh, Norfolk

Know your Meme:Teabonics


Rachel is shaving Haley Barbour

I was sitting her watching Rachael and thinking about the repugs

GOP already threatening gov't shutdown unless health care reform is defunded...

We would have a far better country if the National Origins Quota of 1924 and Immigration Act of 1917

Murdoch Reporters’ Phone-Hacking Was Endemic, Victimized Hundreds

Chicago teachers being laid off without due process

Dan Savage: Here's How The GOP Picks Up Gay Voters

Ever notice

Oil rigs today generally don’t cause spills. They are technologically advanced!

Amy Goodman on Eve Ensler . . .

rethugs eating their own in Delaware

Oregon GOP candidate sells racist book

Oregon GOP candidate sells racist book

San Jose Mercury - "Texas oil interests line up for Proposition 23" - CA Votes Are On Sale Now!

Vandals target Happy Valley (Oregon) family with racist graffiti, threaten to burn down their house

Woman burned by acid in Vancouver (WA) says she will not allow attack to 'wreck my life'

James J Lee had fake guns.

I hope you all are prayed up before you read this.

Palin and Boehner if the two exchanged faces...

Joe Miller doesn't just want to phase out Social Security..

so ...what is the motivation behind right-wing local papers?

Billboard buyer shares why he brought 'Vote Obama?' sign to the Ozarks

Creepy connection to guy in Discovery Channel shooting today

Highest-Paid Athlete Hailed From Ancient Rome


Jeremy Scahill: "Shouldn't be able to leave their houses without being confronted with the death..."

What the President SHOULD have said to the IRAQI PEOPLE

I can't believe how much Miss South Carolina has aged in the last two years..

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & Here's a new Kitty gif

How Firefighters Bankrupted America and Other Right Wing Bedtime Stories

Let’s Demagogue The Deficit Commission Now, What A Great Plan!

Oh Gawd!! Everybody!! Go watch this video from this thread!! This has to go viral.

What is a Democrat?

Wish a lonely vet Happy 90th Birthday!

Calculate the Income Tax Cut You Would Receive Under Different Tax Proposals

Rattner: Rahm " a force to be reckoned with who disparaged unions -- once quipping "Fuck the UAW"

Headless ZOMBIES are now crossing the border

Paul Krugman:The Real Story

he's playing 37,000 dimensional chess.....Janet N. ...

Rat Company Routed by New York (Teamster) Movers

Why I won't be voting Democratic in November.

HuffPo: White House Recovery Package Heavy On Business Tax Breaks, Jobs An Afterthought

James Traficant, Ex-Con and Former Congressman, on Ballot in Ohio

"The Secret Life of Girls Around the World"

Where Are They Now? Serial Iraq Misinformers Find Home At Fox

GOP Knives Out For Delaware Tea Party Candidate

For - ANYONE - Who Still Wonders If Wingers Have Gone Too Far.....

Billion Dollar Audit Missed by Pentagon Watchdog

Hurricane warnings for Mass

FINALLY the WH took out that Shrub oval office rug!

Karzai's brother calls for U.S. to shore up Kabul Bank as withdrawals accelerate

To Deny Corporate Demands, Harley Workers Need HOGs to Rev Engines

Dan Rather: 'The Public is Not Well-Served by Political Coverage as it is Today'

Gates: Reason for War ''Invalid''

The Democratic Party as a whole did NOT support the Invasion of Iraq.

Check Out These Poll Trend Lines

Political agitators (LaRouchies) stir up controversy outside Scappoose (OR) Post Office

The GOP's new fake racial history

Liberation vs Beck

Let's Whip The House -- Sign Raul Grijalva's Letter -- NO Cuts to Social Security

Caption this pic

OK, I'll create a poll... How sick of you of seeing Sarah Palin's face?

A union busting CEO on Obama's Deficit Commission is willing to risk nuclear fallout in a town

Discovery Channel hostage-taker hated programming

Lack of Presidential pressure concerning DADT repeal vote worries Servicemembers United

Scandal of the Week: NIKE Runs Mountaintop Removal Football Ad, Disrespects Coal Miners

Labor Day Sale - Save 20% All American Clothing (Made and sourced in the USA)

GOP will take over House, political guru Sabato predicts

(cartoon) Mark Hurwitt May 2010: Foreign Corporations

How sick are you of looking at Sarah Palin's face?

How sick are you of looking at Sarah Palin's face?

great-article in local paper "Congress: Barton would teach ‘God as creator’ "

Research turns thumbs down on using student test scores to evaluate teachers.

Do you realize that we once had a 94% marginal tax rate on the rich?

Over 1300 people cared for at the clinic in NOLA

Like it or not, we LOST the Iraq War

One Nation Working Together: the Lincoln Memorial, October 2, 2010

Yet another "compassionate" conservative...

?@*%^? Teens and young adults aren't mosquitoes

?@*%^? Teens and young adults aren't mosquitoes

?@*%^? Teens and young adults aren't mosquitoes

Engineering lab finds dispersant in Biloxi water

German military report: Peak oil could lead to collapse of democracy

Psychology Today: Megan McArdle Really Hates Sex at Dawn

Tarryl Clark (who will defeat Bachmann)--Latest Internet Ad

INTERESTING VIDEO.... The Sarah Palin that we don't know. She is hostile, Angry etc.

Obama's economic team considering new stimulus package

Oil sheen spreading from Gulf platform explosion

Anyone else seeing their unrecs change to recommendations?

Unions gearing up to support Dems in November

Some side points on the "Cat food" Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform -

Behold the Horrors of Socialism!

City Council members propose $25 fee for garage sales in Dallas

Mass Extinction Threat: Earth on Verge of Huge Reset Button?

You Go Joe! Miller Takes A HARD Line On SS

Revisionism? Japanese films about WW2

Message to Earl

Chevrolet Asks Dealers to Buy Cruze Rivals Toyota Corolla and the Honda Civic

Chevrolet Asks Dealers to Buy Cruze Rivals Toyota Corolla and the Honda Civic

Social Security has no bearing on the deficit. In view of that, why is it on the agenda for ......

Swing sets removed at some W.Va. schools

What is your opinion of Arne Duncan and RTTT

What is your opinion of Arne Duncan and RTTT

Who owns the Gadsden flag? Psychobaggers treading all over it.

Meanwhile in Chile -Trapped Miner's wife meets his mistress

So what great sin did North Carolina commit?

I inadvertantly infiltrated a Rethug event this past Sunday.

Vanity Fair's Sarah Palin Profiler: 'The Worst Stuff Isn't Even In There'

Opus Dei member is nuts.

I'm so proud of my husband...

Haley Barbour 'revises' post-civil-rights-act history

Haley Barbour 'revises' post-civil-rights-act history

Leaked Study on Peak Oil Warns of Severe Global Energy Crisis

Is This Really My America? America's firefighters are...

Come November I will be voting for a straight Democratic ticket.

Did Bill Halter's campaign against Blanche Lincoln change anything?

This could be the Big Gathering we're hoping for - if we let it...

3 Charts That Tell The Story

4 right wing co workers

Will passing the Simpson/Bowles “Theft Commission” Bill Create a 2nd Great Depression?

Why Inflation?

Krugman: The Inflation Cure

Petition For Colbert Truthiness Rally In Washington

Don’t cut Social Security, DOUBLE It

Economist calls “Cornered” the scariest book she ever read

So the frickin' Bible is the answer to all our problems?!?

Catholic School AD loses job over same sex marriage

The Friday Challenge Question...on Thursday this week!

Who Is Robert Gates?

Remembering the Iraq War's Pollyanna pundits: "We're all neo-cons now." --- Chris Matthews, 4/9/03

This is how the chips in your computer are made.

Walmart segregates books in to black and non-black sections

Super Capacitor Could Power Phone, Laptop for Days

There was a retirement party at my husband's workplace yesterday

Rahm Emanual: "F--k the UAW"

Drunken Bigot Tries to Commit Anti-Muslim Hate Crime, Gets His Ass Kicked Instead

Marco Rubio tied to another secret legislative deal during Florida House Speakership in 2007

Anyone else understanding the Ralph Nader voters more now?

We Have A Chance To Defeat John Boehner Here In Ohio 8th Congressional District With DU SUPPORT!!!!

Cartoon: Street Harassment

the Boxer-Fiorina POLL by Rasmussen

October 2nd National March on Washington is gaining momentum. Impressive list of endorsing groups

Anyone else having this same FB bug?

College football starts tonight!

I had another serious confrontation at the gas station this morning.

Cardinals winless, Pujols slumping since Beck event

Has anyone around here asked for a raise this year?

Care Bears purchase F-22 Raptor fighter for their Air Force

Do threads have sex?

Many Oohs and Aahs to be found in these pictures!

Have you ever gotten that Final Jeopardy tune in your head?

Make a DU'ers day. Say something nice about them.

anyone remember this song and artist from the 80s


Rocky, Philospher Dog

Now this doesn't happen very often....

The Best Pixar Film Is..

The Internet Party

For Heidi and Wesley...the Kala U-Bass.

For Heidi and Wesley...the Kala U-Bass.

Describe a band you're into lately by referencing two (or more) other artists they sound like

OK, EA Mass Effect is great...

I bought a purse.

What is the pluperfect of chimney screwn?

Rush "Lakeside Park" from the Caress of Steel album 1975

Technically speaking, wouldn't Chani have been part of the Frewomen?

What are the modern-day Wonders of the World?

I need love.

Films in which someone dies impaled through the back of a skull on a coat hook?

Crank this one up...

Dead Can Dance

"I hate to see them work so hard."

I am dog sitting for my parents again for a week.

today is 9/02/10

Seriously considering selling protest pics on the DU Marketplace.

hubble love

The college football season has begun!

Finally got a Nook (Kindle next month). A review.

Who or what is your avatar? Why do you have it?

Black Peter (acoustic Grateful Dead cover) - Mike Masse and Jeff Hall

Songs with 'gay' in teh lyrics

This is only the second time I have roasted Hatch chilies. What should I do next?

For 2 guys in a pizza joint, this harmonizing is beautiful.

Did that make you laugh my widdle zoopie zumpie? Pretty kitty make funny? Kitty make ha ha?

My mom is SO ridiculous

psst. It's Thursday night


What is the WORST Pixar Film

You love the celeb's politics, you hate the celeb's work (acting, music, etc.). Name that celeb.

I'm going to post this in GD to see what happens. slams the Hysteria channel...I mean History channel.

J'embrasse mon chien sur la bouche.

India pics (pt.II)

Question Re- How the Greatest Page Works

Quick. Just got a call from my wife. Need suggestions regarding a BAD KITTY

Do LEGAL DRUGS cause crime?

speaking of movies - Sukiyaki Western Django

Weird rumor I just heard: Is "Disturbed" a Christian rock group at all?

this is the epitome of DU

BURNINGMAN! Your thoughts?

Have some random fun:

Anybody been to Denmark?


My husband made me cry this morning...

200-year-old beer salvaged in Baltic

Me in the dress I posted about yesterday

It's snowing here. n/t

New Orleans musicians: Half the gigs at half the money...

10 Great Cities for Raising Families (?)

Linkin Park has a new album coming out on the 15th

Flo of the insurance commericals, love or hate her.

Estranged boyfriend of doctor found in chimney speaks out

I found out something disturbing about a friend of mine today...

Resort Attracts Men With Virtual Girlfriends

I never post songs, but I liked this one I just heard.

Been fun, taking a break from posting for awhile.

For the last goddamn time people, Elton John is not the Pinball Wizard in Tommy

Old is realizing . . .

When it rains it pours...

Mmm... this is some good dinner. Flatiron steak, brown rice, and a greens and mushroom Scotch sauce.

It's odd how Palin and Boehner would look if they switched faces

Stories from the Road: There ain't no way but the hard get used to it.

I've rented Temple Gradin starring Claire Danes. Who else has seen this? Was it any good?

What are you reading today DU? I'm reading Kavalier & Clay by Michael Chabon.

GOP staffer, O’Donnell supporter scuffle at candidate forum

Sharron Angle’s Plan For Education: Eliminate All Of It

Constitution Party still hopes to get on Illinois ballot

Cuomo Tops Lazio Or Paladino More Than 2-1, Quinnipiac University New York State Poll Finds

NY Times - "Netanyahu and Abbas to Begin Direct Mideast Peace Talks"

GOP gubernatorial candidate Maes backs off claims of undercover police work

A little bit of Bible study appropriate to today:

Help Alan Grayson If You Can

Any video of the Boxer debate?

Any video of the Boxer debate?

(R)assumssen Poll--FL Governorship: Sink 48% Scott 47%

Here's something else the Dems might well consider when they return from August recess.

Hypocrisy of the Don't Blame Bush Republicans.

The Wisdom Of A Liberated Republican, Cont'd

What I've been saying - it's about the SYMBOLS

Okay DU.. I have a question about immigration..and attacks on the President

Feds Warn Residents Near Wyoming Gas Drilling Sites Not to Drink Their Water

Newsweek's cover: Americans don't read, so the article inside the magazine which

Sabato's Crystal Ball - Sixty Days To Go

sorry, wrong forum

Military officers cancel trip after humiliation at US airport

Just a reminder: We will lose control of Congress unless you do something positive.


Why a civil society extends unemployment benefits

Keeping it real: Bush's surge did not work!

Obama is fighting a guerilla war with the Republicans -

Brent Budowsky: There's going to be CHANGES in the White House before the election

Video: Arizona's Jan Brewer Experiences Epic Debate Fail! (Freeze! Panic!)

This will likely get me into trouble...

GOP agenda is the agenda of the Koch Brothers--lower taxes, 'personal responsibility,' deregulation

The Choice: History only repeats itself if you let it!

Any one see this part of the Arizona debate the Gov. can't answer a simple question

Big Ed: Where has Barbara Boxer been I forgot what she looks like

A book worth getting. The first Insider look at Obama

White House press corps guessing game about Obama's religion continues

VA 5th looks like a loss in latest SurveyUSA poll

Consumer Confidence climbs more than expected in August

"Day Before...Oil Rig Exploded, Mariner Energy Said Obama ‘Is Trying To Break Us’ With Moratorium"

President Obama gets rid of W's "Ruggy"

Are we actually growing up in our approach to international policy?

Crist campaign poll: Charlie Crist at 35 percent, Marco Rubio 34, Kendrick Meek 17

For what it is here's a Charlie Crist Poll of FL Senate

Manchin funds for U.S. Senate bid past $1.5M

Former Sen. Brown withdraws endorsement for Dan Maes

I think Big Ed is serious about getting something started as far as a rally

These are the three races I'd concentrate most on winning...

President Obama and Vice President Biden headed back to Ohio

DeKalb DA resigns to take EPA job

Rachel Maddow Calls Out Republicans For Hypocrisy On HCR Benefits (VIDEO)

Factory gauge rises in August, exceeds analysts’ projection

For the first time ever...I think I agree with Palin.

No similarities.

Felon ex-pol with wild hair makes ballot in Ohio

Remember when Tweety and talking heads were insisting something like a nuke

Recovery Act Propels 3 GW of Solar Projects to Front in California

A GOP takeover? Really?

Stimulus Averted Depression, Romer Says

Seriously - why aren't Democrats/ Liberals/ Progressives demonstrating?

Kerry Renews Call for an Open Internet

Alright! Where are the threads about Rham sayin, *FUCK

This Iowan is supporting Russ Feingold ...

Dems reenact Vitter prostitution scandal in video (must see)

Please watch this brilliant video

Is it possible Arizona's 3rd could go Democratic?

New Poll: Blame Obama for Economic? NO

Anyone ever check out the Roosevelt Institute's Campus Network advisory board?

Delaware candidate: 'They're hiding in the bushes'

Koch Industries gave funding to the DLC and served on its Executive Council

"BREAKING: In the past 12 months Obama's approval rating has dropped...."

Glenn Beck's Online Flop

Times a wastin' folks

Beck: Hey Ed why don't you first try and draw 300,000 viewers on your show first

President Obama will hold a press conference next Friday

Michael Hirsh: Why Obama is no FDR, and how he got rolled by Wall St.

How Barack Obama Became Mr. Unpopular

Anyone see the Boxer vs. Farina debate

ElizabethWarren makes last-minute decision not to teach at Harvard Law School this fall

If the Democrats do better than expected in the election, the primary reason will be:

Chamber Attacking Hodes

Jon Hulburd blasts Ben Quayle on Christian radio

Public Policy Polling--OH Senate: Portman 45% Fisher 38% (most undecideds are Dems)

McConnell's Alternate Universe

Rachel Maddow blasts Obama's praise for Bush

All we hear is... crickets

Dan Maes’ wife: I will not let him drop out

The Pentagon's Double Envelopment of President Barack Obama

This Cenk post made me laugh out loud

Can we figure out a day when DU does a blackout on Fox News personalities?

Jan Brewer's Opening Statement for the Gubernatorial Debate...OMG, It's a Train Wreck!

Justice Dept. Sues Controversial Ariz. Sheriff (Arpaio)

Something tells me Sara knows a lot about limp, impotent dicks

Predicted responses if Obama achieves Israeli-Palestinian peace

Didn't President Obama's three immediate predecessors also go to Ivy League colleges?

House Democrats To Obama: No Cuts To Social Security

One Example of Why Some On “The Left” Turn Off Moderate Voters

BUSTED: Rahm Emanuel Said "F#$K The UAW" During Auto Bailout Negotiations

Some things I learned listening to the Diane Rehm Show today:

Trump on Letterman is a doofus. He blames 9/11 totally on all Muslims.

How soon after Republicans retake the House will they start impeachment proceedings?

Radical Eco-Activist Imprisoned for 'Friending' Someone on Facebook

Formula to Grade Teachers’ Skill Gains Acceptance, and Critics

Another Boxer-Fiorina poll needs some DU love:

Pennsylvania capital, Harrisburg, skips payment, may move closer to bankruptcy

Nervous Afghans pull money from Kabul Bank, raising fears

One of Brazil’s media icons becomes first 100% digital newspaper

Fox News Military Analyst Comes Out As Birther

Three Iraqis killed in car crash with US military vehicle

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report [09/02/2010]

Risks Remain With Gulf Well Cap Coming Off, Govt. Offers No Promises Oil Won't Gush

Breaking: Oil Rig Explodes of LA Coast

White House Preparing for a Payroll Tax Holiday?

US mortgage rates hit another record low: Freddie Mac

Poll: George W. Bush still gets blamed for economic woes

EU May Limit Naked Shorts of Stocks, Government Debt

Immigration agency ponders S.F. opt-out request

Another rig explodes off La. coast; oil spreading

Stephen Hawking says universe not created by God

Obama rips GOP for blocking small business aid bill

Feds sue Arizona sheriff in civil rights probe

Discovery Gunman James Lee's Sordid Past as a Human Smuggler

Data shows jobless claims drop, retail sales rise

Group finds contaminated oysters, despite state, federal assurances

France Steps Up Roma Deportation Despite E.U. Criticism

Pakistan landlords 'diverted flood water'

Mile-long sheen after Gulf oil platform explodes

Judge removes 'birther' elements from Army doc's court martial

FBI: 6 accused in forced labor of 400 Thai workers

World Bank Grants $1Billion More Humanitarian Aid To Pak/IMF to give Pakistan $450Mill in flood aid

Gates: Iraq outcome 'will always be clouded by how it began'

G20 class-action lawsuit seeks $115M

Rick Scott picks Rep. Jennifer Carroll as running mate

Employers shifting health-care costs to workers, survey shows

Employers Push Higher Health Insurance Costs Onto Workers

Netanyahu: Israel prepared to go long way for real peace

Murdoch Reporters’ Phone-Hacking Was Endemic, Victimized Hundreds

Seattle schools, teachers reach tentative pact

U.S. offers $5 million reward for Pakistani Taliban leaders

Barack Obama urges Mid-East leaders to take opportunity (chance that may not come again soon)

White House: No second stimulus being considered

Jury hits Ford Motor Co with $131 million verdict

Court won't force California officials to defend Proposition 8

Strickland commutes death row inmate's sentence to life without parole

4 dead in Mozambique riots over rising prices (Mozambique riots spotlight world food price spike)

Barbara Boxer and Carly Fiorina battle hard in first Senate debate

Workers see higher health costs, less care

Mining activists demand WVU, Nike pull uniform ad

Cap on BP's ruptured oil well to be removed

Democrats accuse Fox News of bolstering Ohio candidate

Bernanke: Shut down banks if they threaten system

Fury in Austria at anti-mosque game

AFL-CIO president to Sarah Palin: Change or be linked with McCarthyism

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday September 2

New Yorkers Want Islamic Center Moved, Poll Finds

Feds sue Abercrombie & Fitch over Muslim scarf

BP Says Curb on Drilling Would Imperil Payouts

More workers at small businesses will get medical insurance thanks to healthcare reform

25 Dead in Mexico Military Clash With Gang Members

If the GOP wins 60 House Seats and controls the Senate with 51 votes, does it really matter?

Court won't force Calif officials to defend Prop 8

Court won't force Calif officials to defend Prop 8

Pakistan mourns as Lahore bombing toll rises to 31

Oil rig explodes in Gulf-near Vermillion Bay

NATO airstrike kills 10 election workers, official says

(Colin) Powell tells Mainichi Iraq invasion was avoidable, regrets false WMD intelligence

This is good ..right? Data shows jobless claims drop, retail sales rise

Judge removes 'birther' elements from Army doc's court martial

Send me the secret files on Dr Kelly: Att. Gen. WILL study papers that could finally lead to inquest

Richest lawmakers grew wealthier as economy faltered

Palaces of Gold-Leon Rosselson

Emmas Revolution at Veterans For Peace 2010

"How Is The War Economy Working For You?" Banner Drop

Rachel Maddow- Lacking shame_ Republicans play both sides of Obama policies

Goat licking electric fence.

Ed has a few choice words about Ben Gleck

Matthew Alexander - Closing Gitmo from an Interrogator's Perspective

Cenk on MSNBC: Poll - GOP Wins in 2010 but not 2012?


Fiorina can't justify support for Bush tax cuts, opposition to small biz bill

It's About Jobs

AFL-CIO President Talks About How He Plans On Getting People To The Polls

Focus On The Family: Anti-Bullying Efforts Promotes Homosexuality In Kids

Inside Job - film trailer

Has Sarah Palin Ever Read a Book?

Father Coug...I Mean Glenn Beck Is Caught Lying Again

Inside Job (Trailer) - Wall Street and Government Collaboration on Corruption

Is Palin running? You betcha!

CannaCare Commercial

MSNBC w/ Cenk: Rant On Social Security , Alan Simpson

MSNBC w/ Cenk: Ground Zero 'Mosque' Mix It Up

Vitter: Lawmaker, Lawbreaker

TYT: Discovery Channel Hostage Taker Manifesto

What's more sad than a Gay Republican in the Closet?


Creating Hate As A Campaign Issue

The Product of Selfishness a Republican Crisis.

Ron Paul Criticizes Obama's Decision on Iraq

Take the "For Sale" sign off the Capitol lawn!

Defeat The Debt Pledge Commercial

Ed Schultz: Exposing Glenn Beck's Hypocrisy & Insanity

CEO's Rake it in While Poor Suffer

EXCELLENT Olbermann: 'Do We Miss Bush? HELL, NO'

BREAKING! Oil Rig Explode Off The Coast Of Louisiana

AZ Gov Jan Brewer AFTER the debate dodging questions regarding beheadings

TYT:Cenk: Beckkk's Racist Trash Comparison

AZ Gov Jan Brewer's trainwreck of an opening statement at debate

Hyperbole Alert! Obama Supports Millions of Babies Killed

Midweek Politics: Anti-Mosque Wingnut makes up facts, won't say if Obama Muslim orJews going to hell

Ad from Republican Chuck Norris and overwhelmingly Republican lobbyist group for get out the vote.

Joe Republican

Angle challenged by Brewer for stupidity

Boxer - Fiorina shipped 30,000 jobs overseas, showed her sense of sacrifice by taking $100 million

Jan Brewer: Deer in the Headlights

Weird Liberal Head Show #150: Second Amendment- the Right to Bear Bazookas?

The worst NRA ad Goes to Chuck Norris

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer - Opening Statement Meltdown - Gubernatorial Debate - Sept 1, 2010

Paul Begala to Ari Fleischer: Bush lied, people died.

Valerie Plame Wilson at Santa Fe Opening of Countdown to Zero

Olbermann On Bush: Miss Him Yet ?

Cops Taser Senior Citizen In Own Home

Too Corrupt to Fail? Who owns the Kabul Bank

Letter to President Obama

McClatchy: Handful of Dems fighting to extend Bush tax cuts for wealthy

National Archives: 'Glenn Beck Actually Had His Dick In His Hands'

The anti-vaccination movement --- rotten to the core

The Number One Religion in the U.S. May Be Egonovism, Not Christianity

Venezuela’s Opposition: Manufacturing Fear in Exchange for Votes

Report: French synagogue gets letter with death threats, bullets

Two Jewish women to be allowed to visit old homes in Libya

Blair's job was done by 1997: to numb Labour, and to enshrine Thatcherism

‘There is Power in a Union’: The past, present and future of America’s labor movement

Bloated traitorous sack of pig excrement Rove: "A dangerous world needs stronger U.S. leadership."

Jewish teacher suspended in France for teaching 'too much' about Holocaust

Dagsavisen, Norway: America's new racism

How illegal immigrants are helping Social Security

US must lead major aid effort in Pakistan to truly defeat 'terror'

LAKOFF: The Cry for Democratic Moral Leadership and Effective Communication

What It's Coming To: A Possible Plan

Drumbeat: September 2, 2010

Peak oil notes - Sept 2

After the drought, then the rain, now come the floods for Victoria

Sydney shivers during cold and gloomy winter

Desertec solar hopes cloud over as support starts to waver

Buddhism, Peace, and Ecology

Summer 2010 Hottest On Record For Japan - 132 Deaths, 30,000+ Heat Hospitalizations

FAO - Need For Seed Wheat In Pakistan "Desperate" - Must Be Supplied In Next Few Weeks - AFP

NE, Inner Mongolia Hotspots In General Chinese Warming - Crop Loss Potentials As High As 20% - AFP

At 136 Sites Across N. Australia, Average Mammal Population Loss 75% Since 2001 - SMH

15 Years After MN Thermal Plant Closed, Xcel Begins Cleanup Of Coal Ash Ponds

Charlestown, WV - 2010 Was Hottest Summer In 67 Years

Long-Term Forecast For Historic Jamestown VA - Blub . . . Blub . . . Blub . . .

NYC sky-scrapers dim lights to help migratory birds (BBC)

Ancient coral reef uncovered in South Pacific (BBC)

Huge snowfall caused by rare clash of weather events (BBC)

Greenwash: Nativists, Environmentalism and the Hypocrisy of Hate - Southern Poverty Law Center

Trees save lives in heatwaves, say experts

Pesky Camels Could Be a Boon to the Outback

Why 60 MPG Is a Good Deal for Consumers, Environment and Jobs

Alberta Premier Strelnach Willing To Compare New Tarsands Toxics Data W. Gov. Scientists' Report

Feds Warn Pavillion, WY Residents Not To Drink Water - Benzene, Phenols, Naphtalene Among Toxins

Nature - Antarctic Krill Fleet Harvest Up 40% From 2009 - China's First Ship Has Arrived

Breaking: Offshore Oil Rig Explodes Off Louisiana Coast

Hurricanes- End all of them, and cool the planet

Waves Of Tar Balls Wash Ashore On Goa Beaches - Just As Tourist Season Begins - AP

If it's okay with y'all, I will be posting my weekly blog updates...

Sweet! Rob Dibble no longer working for Nats

New WNBA Promotion Lets First 100 Fans Leave Early

Eyes Fix on Radar Gun When Cuban Rookie Pitches (103.9 mph fastball)

Lincecum outpitches Ubaldo..

MLB Confidential: The Financial Documents Baseball Doesn't Want You To See

Who is this damn plant from the Red Sox giving the game away for the Rockies?

UNC football situation as reported by Joe Schad via twitter

How tough are the Iowa Hawkeyes?????

UM - 45 FAMU - 0 Ohio State - 45 Marshall - 7

Metaphorical analysis of Andy Roddick's US Open loss and America's downfall

Cup champ Niemi joins new-look San Jose crease

Free Cuba Phone Market Urged on Obama by AT&T, Nokia, Verizon

Jornal do Brasil ceases paper edition, becomes 100 percent digital

Narco News Seeks Webmaster

Remains of Simon Bolivar's sisters exhumed

Colombia and Brazil sign bilateral pacts

Colombia hands key royalties proposal to Congress

Political Killings in Colombia

Prosecutor general lacks budget to investigate paramilitaries .

New Colombian President Joins Call for Drug Legalization Debate

Venezuela to Issue Credit Cards for Government-Run Retailer

US Military Aid Contingent on Reversal of Rights Record

Cuba travel promoters gear up

Venezuela’s Opposition: Manufacturing Fear in Exchange for Votes

United in Opposition: the D.C. Community Protests Georgetown’s Appointment of Álvaro Uribe

Suspect shot by elderly vet charged

This could happen to any of us even without a gun.

As of tomorrow, everyone who goes hunting in the entire state of NC is a criminal.

Heh! Big Ten Football...

Gun dealer shoots bar patron dead after an argument

Caracas has become the deadliest city in the world

Photo of the Day: Chris Colfer (Glee) makes Rolling Stones photo essay

El Diario Endorses Charlie Ramos

PhoboQuotable - Sally Kern

Court won't force Calif officials to defend Prop 8

Today in Labor History Sept 2 US government used airplanes to drop bombs on its own citizens

AFL-CIO to celebrate Labor Day by starting final political push

Striking Coca-Cola Workers Return To Work In Washington State

Labor-Community Unity: Author Looks At Coalition Building Efforts

Is U.S. Pulling Plug on Iraqi Workers?

Global Firms Violate International Labor Standards in America

China in the Driver's Seat

Killing workers is bad for the environment

Ad campaign targets D.C. teachers union

Nurses Decry Multitude of Sins at Union-Busting Catholic Hospitals

Gay journalists to face union picket line

Retirement home residents rally for workers

Hamas vows to continue attacks

Peace talks on Israel's terms

'Palestinian Gandhi' Convicted for Protesting; U.S. Silent

Memristor revolution backed by HP (BBC)

The Superwind Galaxy NGC 4666

How computer chips are made Xposted from GD

Neutrino observatory under Antarctic ice nearing completion

Bacteria Make Gold Nuggets

If my reward is...

God: Hawking did not create the universe

BreakingNews: God/s did not create the universe

I was wondering if anyone else had these thoughts that I put here.

Stephen Hawking says universe not created by God


Hawking: God Did Not Create the Universe

I love you guys.

There is one thing I'm becoming more sure of:

Everyone, go vote while you can...

Have you guys seen this group?

Update on my sweetheart, and on my hand

Council on Science and Public Health: Use of Cannabis as Medicine

New test seen as big advance in diagnosing TB

Child’s Ordeal Shows Risks of Psychosis Drugs for Young

Top 5 breakthroughs of the decade

Risk of Marijuana’s ‘gateway effect’ Overblown

Reducing the toxic effects of forced vaccinations.

Acai berry scam: You'll lose money, not weight, Free trial isn't free