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Capitol Hill reaction to poverty figures sidetracked by political concerns

Caption time!

Replay: Bailout Watchdog Elizabeth Warren addresses an enthusiastic crowd at the Netroots Nation

Police alert: 5 adults, 9 children plan mass suicide

Abercrombie takes early lead in Hawaii governor's race

FDA won’t allow food to be labeled free of genetic modification: report

DU Pagans/Wiccans/witches, can I have a word?

New Drugs Stir Debate on Clinical Trials

The problem with the rise of people like Sarah Palin, Christine O'Donnell, Paladino and others is

Faith Influences Views on Abortion More Than It Shapes Attitudes on Social Justice

Helen Thomas receiving lifetime achievement award from CAIR

A whole page of Dick

Stamford man arrested for allegedly threatening president

JD Hayworth to be Tea Party spokesman

Going at O'Donnell the wrong way

Non Sequitur TOON: Paradise lost?

Fake news flourishes under the feds' noses

GOP local group wants to make it illegal to be lesbian or gay

Every Capaign Needs A Theme Song. Here's Christine O'Donnell's

Every Capaign Needs A Theme Song. Here's Christine O'Donnell's

Guy who lied about his "terrorist before becoming a Christian" past welcomed at RW summit

Risk won; taxpayers lost

Jim McGovern is my Cup of Tea!

The 1 undeniable TRUTH - (debate with raving Tea-Party lunatic)

Karma is a you-know-what

LiberTea Federalist Activists Launch the “Its All About Me” Party

Enlist, but Avoid Speeches on the Constitution me reply to my "elected officials" on warren's appointment

Tea Party, protesters clash at Glenn Beck event

For DU: Positively 4th Street

Believe it or don't, O'Donnell was half right about those mouse brains...

Fears of cult mass suicide: Calif. authorities search for 13 missing members, including eight kids

Buffy Scarborough The Intern Slayer: Christine O'Donnell 'A Lot Better Than Palin' (VIDEO)

Murkowski defends write-in Senate bid,Joe Miller to do away with Medicare, SS

Test The Rain Project - From The Gulf oil Spill

DeMint Warns of Possible Death for GOP

Thought about "Last Man Standing"

Christine O’Donnell Flunks Remedial Republicanism

Here we are living in a Republican wet dream and these asshats aren't satisfied

Line of the Day re O'Donnell's Sunday Talk Show Cancellations

Crab meat products recalled after potentially dangerous bacteria found

25 years of the Mexico City quake and social changes

ANIMATION: Republican Wheel of Scapegoats

Bachmann stars in Citizens United film, ‘Fire from the Heartland: Awakening of the Conservative Wom

How far right (or left) will the Party move next year?

The Link Between Poverty, Obesity and Diabetes

"They risked their lives to capture on film . . . . " things nuclear

anyone have trouble with buzzflash??? got this warning.....

Tax Cut Debate Out of Touch With the Poor

"Twit-in-the-box" -- another toon by me

Republicans nominate former witch for US Senate

If you want a feel for what Republicans like Rand Paul

so mayor bloomberg thinks meg whitman is a moderate?

Joe Miller Says Unemployment Benefits Are Unconstitutional, Struggles To Say How He Would Deal With

Joe Miller Says Unemployment Benefits Are Unconstitutional, Struggles To Say How He Would Deal With

Republican candidate O'Donnell: Mice with human brains!

CBS's Values Voter Summit summary - hilarious- must read from Santorum

CBS's Values Voter Summit summary - hilarious- must read from Santorum

How to put America back to work...

Get a load of this

Media Matters - Andrew Bacevich (Washington Rules: America’s Path to Permanent War) LIVE at 2pm EDT

The new unemployment/underemployment compensation plan:

Why does this stupid idiot(joe scarburro)have a TV show?

Money matters follow Marco Rubio, while he preaches fiscal and personal responsibility

Maybe it's time for a remake of the Wizard of Oz

Gulf well permanently plugged, officials say

Quiz: Who has ran for the US Senate 3 times in the last 5 years?

Zak Ebrahim wants speak at the Rally to Restore Sanity!!!

O’Donnell Campaign Gives Conflicting Reasons For Canceling Sunday Show Interviews

An interesting post on the English demonstrations against the Pope

Republican moderates: where are they? If they aren't in Delaware they don't exist anywhere.

Bloomberg trying to organize the "fiscal conservative, social liberal" group

Wasn't Palin Tied To Witchcraft In Some Way During .......

This notion of limited Government, just what does it mean?

NY Daily News: The perils of small government

Fenty: friendly fascism, plantation politics

Why are Stars Millions of Light Years Away? Creationist board answers:

Former Obama Campaign Strategist Steve Hildebrand: 2010 Dems are "Cowards"

Miami Herald...Obamacare arrives Thursday -- here's what to expect

I like the . . . . ?

KS Stops Funding Student Journalism

LOL !!! - Caption, Anyone ???

Why have the "netroots" bloggers ignored the October 2 March on Washington?

Pathetic, traitorous, has-been slob Karl Rove plays the "I'm rubber, you're glue" card on O'Donnell

Firedoglake rarely if ever posts picture threads

Colin Powell: Newt Gingrich's Obama Critique 'Doesn't Make Any Sense' (VIDEO)

Do you prefer to be led or to lead?

Dr. Housing Bubble: Removing a generation of college educated graduates from purchasing homes ...

Standoff over eviction notice ends after 29 hours me,oh brilliant ones...looking up status of HR 1354

thanks to george bu$h*/ richard cheney- Car bombings kill dozens, injure more than 100 in Baghdad

Kristol Calls Christine O’Donnell ‘A Bit Of A Flake’

Is it me or is Gloria Borgia the biggest RW shill?

Former Obama Campaign Manager: Democrats 'Deserve To Lose' And 'Should Be Punished'

Would you prefer to see Obama create a major jobs program

Nevermind, I thought this was something that was in the news.

Rove: O'Donnell should explain 'witchcraft' comments

Tucker Carlson Defends Texas School Board's 'Pro-Islamic' Textbook Warning


Kaine: Tea Party is like Donner Party

Haiti's Disaster Capitalists Swoop In- Refugees Moved From Camps Into "Work Zones"

Scalia: No protection against sex bias, no right to privacy in Constitution

Know your Ratzenbergers!

"162,550 user registrations and 51,493,334 posts since January 2001" Does anyone know how many ...

In case anyone should still have doubts about Elizabeth Warren's intentions,

remember basil marceaux ? he's baaack!!!

Johnson County sheriff arrested, jailed after he allegedly assaulted his wife

Despite 'End' Of Combat, U.S. Assists In Iraqi Raid

O'Donnell makes light of witchcraft comment

US military in Afghanistan uncovers sadistic death squad in ranks

I'm tired of being told I live in a "judeo christian" society.

please review my latest ltte re: poverty before I publish...

please review my latest ltte re: poverty before I publish...

Leaving Firedoglake: Progressives & Censorship

Marc Maron interviews Ken Mehlman on an airplane, takes photos as he sleeps

The Obama Family attends services at St. John's Episcopal Church -pics

The Obama Family attends services at St. John's Episcopal Church -pics

Are you with Jon Stewart or Glenn Greenwald on whether Bush is a war criminal?

Christine O'Donnell..W.I.N.O.

On Joe Miller, RETHUG for Alaska senate...

FireDogLake does not have a "Dump Obama" Facebook page.

Doonesbury-Obama? and anti-war movements were completely ignored by Media

BP finally seals leaking Gulf of Mexico oil well

BuzzFlash was Hacked for the First Time in 10 1/2 Years! Help Us and Truthout Fight Back

Living In Hell In Beverly Hills, or, 'Another wealthy, whining conservative..."

The ironic civil war

Are you, or do you know, a "former ..... " of any kind?

Please! Do Not Sit On The Furniture - pic

Seattle Times "State voters deeply split over whom to trust."



SEIU rolling out big push to excite Obama voters

LA Times: Whitman's economic plan will do little to bring jobs to California, experts say

Is there anything a bagger can say or do that would be considered disqualifying for major office?

Richard the Privatizer

I want one of the main points on the Teacher Town Hall on NBC's Education Nation

Just saw the new logo for the Democratic Party...

The Rich Get Richer, the Poor Go Hungry

President Obama Is On A Roll - Full Transcript Of Him Making Fun Of Animal Rights Activists!

REICH: This is the right issue-It's the right time-Get it Democrats? Please don't blow it this time.

Manufacturing: Maybe it isn't China

Forget everything you have been told about the next election...

Do right wingnuts have hate schedules?

The quickest, surest way to end the recession

Republicans divided on what should replace Obama's health care overhaul

Members of U.S. platoon in Afghanistan accused of killing civilians for sport

music to get us going... Rally October 2, 2010

Gee whiz, the Beav(er Cleaver) raises money for St. Bernadette

prediction: teabagger sugar daddy sweeps in and pays all of o'donnells debts...all is forgiven

Howard Fineman leaving Newsweek to become HuffPO editor

Powell Criticizes Right-Wing’s Attacks Against Obama: ‘Let’s Attack Him On Policy, Not Nonsense’

cnn: 'democrats are already trying to exploit o'donnell's decades old witchcraft statement'

Link to Warren's remarks that didn't show up in my previous post.

Most of us aren't facing up to the real problem of health care.

Right-wing reaction: Factbox: Immigration backlash spreads in Europe (Sweden the latest)

Since the Dems now have a new logo can we please get a new mascot???

Apparently, the harassment of Ines Sainz involved sexually suggestive comments

Is O'Donnell's adolescent dabbling in witchcraft worse than Obama's adolescent dabbling in drugs?

So O'Donnel engaged in ahem witchcraft as a young lass

Re: Lesbian vampire, Rachel Madcow. she does not have a "bull neck"

Top 250 Delinquent Taxpayers CA

School districts prefer skilled teachers to savings

Nutterz for Wisconsin. Or how to convince Republicans smoking is good for them.

Tom Tomorrow: Sentients Want To Know..

Suffocating the Poor: A Modern Parable

Jets, private: Travel Channel right now

DCCC gives two new candidates Red to Blue status

Exodus 22:18 - "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live."

Nothing at all wrong with witches. They can surprise you.

10-2-10 from Orlando to meet up with Augusta, GA NAACP to ride their bus in

UAW International "fires" one of the leaders of the resistance in Indianapolis

Support Indy UAW Stamping Plant Workers: Rally Sat 9/25, Indianapolis

Support Indy UAW Stamping Plant Workers: Rally Sat 9/25, Indianapolis

Car Bombings Kill Dozens In Worst Iraq Violence Since 'End Of Combat Mission'

So in order to stay on the GOP email list, I need to explain why I'm a Republican??

Dear Newt, you ignorant asshole:

I rushed to the hospital yesterday and was there for almost five hours, but this time...

Perhaps I Was Too Hard on Firedoglake Yesterday.

The RW nutjobs won't give two shits CO dabbled in witchcraft

Wal-Mart & Underwear Economics-There is no Santa Claus.

More soporific than a somnolent legislatosaurus ..

DU this poll- Should the Bush-era tax cuts be allowed to expire at the end of the year?

I miss Molly Ivins more than ever

I miss Molly Ivins more than ever

USA Today - "California's pollution law challenged by oil interests" - Our Post Citizen United World

self-delete nt



To Joe Miller and the other're damm right

The oppressed rich have gotten on Krugman's last nerve

Banned Books Week -- this guy equates a rape scene in YA literature to soft porn.

I divide people in the Tea Party into 3 groups:

We are breaking up after such a long time....

Bloomberg Pushes Moderates in National Races

Every nation we compete with starts out with a 7% advantage

Attention all Freepers, ReTHUGS , TEEbaggers, plants & Trollers

Tea Party Convention: Failure To Launch [Update]

BP's blown-out oil well that caused worst spill in U.S. history is "effectively dead,"

Doonesbury- The Quayles make an appearance

Doonesbury- The Quayles make an appearance

••• Enthusiasm helping Angle against Reid •••

••• Castle ad --- Christine O'Donnell beat THIS. Be afraid.

Seriously it's not the Witch stuff that has O'Donnell running scared from the press

Seriously it's not the Witch stuff that has O'Donnell running scared from the press

On the 77% of young voters who say they will vote in November

Hilary Clinton, drug warrior: Plan Colombia for Mexico

Olmert: To further peace, US will give citizenship to 100,000 Palestinian refugees

HCR—just a political liability, not a political disaster

Ben Stein is so full of shit. I just want to throw up

the Pentagon's child porn "fans".

Question for DU people, need help in Maine...

(Lady) Gaga Focuses on Maine Senators

Did anyone watch Jimmy Carter on 60 Minutes tonight?

I'm pissed off at people who prey on elderly folks.

Tea with Frankenstein: Please, No Masturbation - David Michael Green

Another company gutted after a takeover

Have you noticed ??

Credo mobile.......Anyone a customer?

Mini-me redux

How bad was it?

Chicago Cubs baseball player, Tyler Colvin, impaled by a broken bat.

Brain Amoebas. Organ Transplants. Brrr.

Do you feel the momentum has shifted?

Delaware Masturbators March Against O’Donnell

Clinton: Losing House Would Help Obama in 2012

The Poverty Nation Washington Built

TEA PARTY Talking Points, Translated

Comic Marc Maron is on a plane seated next to former GOP party leader Ken Mehlman and live-tweeting

Newt Gingrich, unhinged

A really good man won the Hawaii primary for Governor tonight.

Andrew Sullivan: O'Donnell, Palin And Witchcraft

Please fire whoever chose the new logo

Please fire whoever chose the new logo

Christian Theology & Psychiatry. Can they co-exist?

I'm a fucking jackass

McCain should be ashamed.

U.S. Household Wealth Falls by $1.5 Trillion

Christine's Awkward Staging

Christine's Awkward Staging

Helen Thomas receiving lifetime achievement award from CAIR

NBC's Education Nation... here are the speakers. And the "Just Others".

NBC's Education Nation... here are the speakers. And the "Just Others".

lisa murkowski tells us how the teaparty works

Interesting what this Beck follower had to say about RINOs

Justice Scalia: "A lot of stupid stuff is perfectly constitutional."

Warren PR Push Intensifies as Evidence Against Her Succeeding Mounts

The right wing has no rules

The prescient Gary Larsen on why the new logo doesn't work

Senseless Attacks

Quadruple Amputee Swims the Channel Between Britain & France at 2x the Speed his Team Expected!

Okay, I'm sick to death of the phrase "catfood commission."

The rich are whiners, pass it on:

Marty "I was liberal in the Sixties" Peretz questions 1st Amendment rights for U.S. Muslims.

What is this circle with a D in it?

What is this circle with a D in it?

What is this circle with a D in it?

Wow. This is just freaky.

City puts cost of Quran-burning security at $200,000, sends bill to church

wow...its illegal to dig in the sand in florida....

Fish kill picture

Obama tells liberals to calm down

I've decided everyone should be taxed exactly the same. No more progressive taxation.

Report: FDA won’t allow food to be labeled free of genetic modification

"If Castle had won I'd be asking for his lawn signs and not Chris Coons"

Scalia: Constitution Does Not Protect Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination (& women)


"Secret Out-of-State Oil Industry Memo: Prop. 23" - Targets Environmental "Fanatics" Nationwide

Jack Storms Photos: John T. Williams March to Seattle City Hall

The Baggers and their PROTESTS with Fake Buzz words...Beck, et al, are manipulators, controllers,

Anti-Dem Propaganda Watch #17 - "Shock Waves for Stocks If GOP Wins Congress"

Newsweek - "A Lonely Success - Don’t forget: the bailouts worked."

Toronto police go on gun seizing spree

California's unbelieveable cell phone tickets law and fines!

The Breakfast Club

wasilla, alaska?

PIC: An edit to the new Democratic logo adds missing letters

Paul Krugman: The Angry Rich

White House hopes to get liberals in line for November elections

District Attorney In WI Sent Sexually Suggestive Texts To Domestic Abuse Victim

I Am SO F---ing Tired Of Hearing About The So-Called "Entitlement Mentality"

Are you sick of the DEADBEAT RICH???

Witches have feelings too

I'm NOT Worried About the TEABAGGERS

The New Logo...whaddya think?

The New Logo...whaddya think?

Forget noisy kids in restaurants; let's talk wild hellions run amok in HOTELS

I Don’t Care How Energized the Teabaggers Are, They Need to Be Right about Something

China suspends contacts with Japan

After two years of throwing it up...

I can watch this ALL night...

Les Fleurs

Gotta Get Up

Golden Age Of Life

Who is awake here, now, at 3:54 am EST?

Someone Saved My Life Tonight

I knew that this day would come...

20-somethings who won't leave home, how did you?

Find the IT guy.

Frank and Dean. Just because it's often good to remember, just for fun.

Frank and Dean. Just because it's often good to remember, just for fun.

Wake up. WAKE UP!!! I'm bored and there's absolutely NOTHING to do!!!!!

ARGH ya swabbies....

Today's the first day o' the rest o' your miserable lives, y'scurvy dogs!!!

The Verve - Love Is Noise (Glastonbury 2008)

Geddy Lee and Rush are INCREDIBLE live!!

Geddy Lee and Rush are INCREDIBLE live!!

Report: Limbless man swims English Channel

Holy crap. J. Michael Straczynski is remaking Forbidden Planet.

Games People Play

I Love Music

New Kid In Town


O-o-h, Child

Rebel Rebel

You're No Good

Walk Away from Love

Saying good-night to our mother star - an Alaskan sunset for you

You Are So Beautiful

Love Won't Let Me Wait

For DU: Positively 4th Street

I've never gotten to use this smilie.

Reasonably amusing YouTube mash-up: "Joe Pesci Prank Calls Paulie Walnuts"

Shining Star

I'm Not In Love

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road


I saw Aaron & Charlie Neville last night. It was great!

Let's Do It Again

Only Women Bleed

Loving You

The infamous Tony Soprano "Oh Girl" clip


Although I'm not Mr. Scorpio . . .

The Rubettes - Sugar Baby Love, 1974 - Extended Dance Remix (mp3)

Low Rider


beautiful scene shattered by realty

Project Bicycle Recycle (pics)

Mose Allison trio, 1962 - I Don't Worry 'Bout a Thing...

I have a question on etiquette realted to a friend's health

Some people have my email...


Music for a quiet afternoon, my neighbor ladies really enjoyed these songs.

Awe shit!


LeftyFingerPop tribute thread

bet this never happened to you (warning gross)

Thank you so much for the star whoever you are.

Sacha Baron Cohen to Play Queen's Freddie Mercury

beautiful scene shattered by reality


Anyone good with Matlab programming?

So which Manning will win tonight?

More Rush: Malignant Narcisscism

X post: Burning 'Twilight'

Tonight on HBO: Boardwalk Empire

Who cares about football, let's have an Ashley Greene poll


It's a beautiful day.

Well, after nearly 6 years sends me about 15 job openings each day

Judy Garland and Peggy Lee together.

I found a Chinese coin. Could someone please tell me how much it's worth?

When I started posting here, it was to get away from high school cliquey bullshit.

Do you really think that will remove the comment?

Sakalabbats! Monster Tree

I'm not sure why, but I really miss Dean Martin. What a talent, and here's why.

I cried.

"It Wasn't Him, Charlie, It was You."

My beautiful babies.

Omar & The Howlers - CCR's "Born On The Bayou," live

"Hey Marge...remember when we used to make out to this hymn?"

L.A. DU'ers, A Atlas V rocket will launch from Vandenberg A.F.B tomorrow night!

I LOVE me some Cake!

And now for something completely different- a chill pill just 4 u.

The Catfather...

A song and video for tonight's lounge.

A large number of DU'rs are looking at the Lounge tonight and doing this; is the Lounge this fine evening?


My email lists have been snatched...should I do something?

They've been treating a buddy of mine for congestive heart failure.

Nothing surprises me anymore, usually.

Nothing surprises me anymore, usually.

Botanical mathematical scientifical speculational assertion.

"Top of the World, Ma!"

Obama's impossible task

The overarching, undeniable appeal of the Democratic Party.

I told you I'd shoot. Why didn't you listen?

Tears of Rage - The Band

What's for dinner tonight?

Message to: A very small number of people -- you know who you are.

Wonder what the idiot right wingnuts are going to say about this Monday morning

What do you think of this bottle of wine

For the Lounge, my favorite Peggy Lee song, I think it fits tonight.

Former Obama Campaign Manager: Democrats 'Deserve To Lose' And 'Should Be Punished'

self delete

What have you learned this year?

Isn't it Time for Republican Leaders to Challenge the Grand Old Bigots in their Party?

Teabaggers are 'light weights'

Brown, Whitman campaign offices as different as their politics


Joe Miller Says Unemployment Benefits Are Unconstitutional, Struggles To Say How To Deal w/ Poverty

Obama pushes economy to CBC, hits at Boehner again

Sciencey type question that bugs me

Midterms a rejection of Obama? Not so fast...

New Maine Polls: Dems lead by double digits in house races but lag in Gov race lots of undecideds

"The chasm between perceptions and reality"

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Hippie Agenda Edition

Is Mayor Bloomberg going to 'cross the floor'

Rove: O'Donnell should explain 'witchcraft' comments

Christine O'Donnell Knocked By Hosts For Backing Out Of Sunday Shows (VIDEO)

Why does fucking FLORIDA have TWO NHL Franchises

A Great Congressional Race to Support! Bill Hedrick(CA44)

Swampland: "Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Showdown Looming in Senate (Summary)

As the GOP unifies & Dem disunity continues (at least in the media) I pledge to fight for Dems

Mrs. Venation's mom is very sick.

Anyone have a new Kenmore gas stove?

O'Donnell assures voters that "there's been no witchcraft since (high school)"

The Tea Party movement has two defining traits: status anxiety and anarchism.

Ou sont les cowboys?

VIDEO: Obama's speech at the CBC gala

Republicans Against Job Creation

The Big Dog's got it right:

Abercrombie rolls to victory in Dem Primary for Governor in HA

That whole Lindsay Lohan has only been on probation 3 weeks and has failed two drug tests thing

"We are going to lose the Senate in a few weeks."

Beck excites conservatives, mocks Michelle Obama

O'Donnell to roll out a set of endorsements next week...

Your spouse is ugly and your kids are morons

I fear a Rubio win :(

We have a fierce advocate. It's Lady Gaga, not Barack Obama (AmericaBlog)

More good News for Obama.Gallup has him back above water In Approval

Maybe this is going to turn out like 2008...

our empire's largest embassy is extremely good at sucking up money

Who was Obama making fun of, regarding "world peace"?

Polls in PA show a close race according to Times Leader poll

I think when we discuss celebrities getting involved in politics

Guess who's to blame for the rise of O'Donnell?

My deceased father's spirit seems to be "stuck" (?) in our former home

BUST!!! Obama Family go to the mosque Today (pic)

A dedication thread to the poster ccharles000.

China's latest challenge: swelling ranks of beggars

Members of U.S. platoon in Afghanistan accused of killing civilians for sport

Capitol Hill reaction to poverty figures sidetracked by political concerns

Daily Show's Jon Stewart calls on American voters to rally for sanity

FDA won’t allow food to be labeled free of genetic modification: report

FDA won’t allow food to be labeled free of genetic modification: report

Jail sentence for Iran activist (founder of the Committee of Human Rights Reporters in Tehran)

Faith Influences Views on Abortion More Than It Shapes Attitudes on Social Justice

Iran detains 7 U.S. troops trying to enter country, Fars news agency reports (unconfirmed)

US military in Afghanistan uncovers sadistic death squad in ranks

Abercrombie wins Hawaii Democratic gov race

Dutch police hold British 'terror suspect' in Amsterdam's Schiphol airport

Storm The Size Of Australia Hits New Zealand

Suspect sets fire to house, surrenders in Texas standoff, police say

Armed group ETA seeks international mediators - report

Powell Criticizes Right-Wing’s Attacks Against Obama: ‘Let’s Attack Him On Policy, Not Nonsense’

Constitution does not ban sex bias, Scalia says

Report shows almost 50% of girls under 18 feel unsafe in UK cities

Carter: Obama backtracked on freeze

Car bombings kill dozens, injure more than 100 in Baghdad

Baghdad car bombs leave dozens dead

Police alert: 6 adults, 8 children plan mass suicide

Blown-out BP well finally killed at bottom of Gulf

Dantonio has emergency heart surgery after OT win

U.S. army charges 5 soldiers over Afghan murders: report

'Many killed' at German hospital

Money matters follow Rubio

Missing members of 'cult-like' Palmdale church found alive and well, sheriff says

Venezuela to change parliament

U.S. contractor accused of fraud still winning big Afghan projects

Hurricane Karl Leaves 6 Dead, 8 Missing in Mexico

Photo of famed smooch researched

Mexico border newspaper seeks truce with cartels

Abercrombie defeats Hannemann

Tourists in New Delhi (India's Capital City) Shot Amid Security Concerns

U.S. import bill violates NAFTA, Canada’s ambassador warns

Norway nearly quadruples Pakistan flood aid

Swedish Anti-Immigration Party Claims Seats

6 abducted police found slain in Mexican state

Judge invalidates regulation allowing more piers on Lake Tahoe

Scott Brown blasts Elizabeth Warren appointment

Joe Miller Says Unemployment Benefits Are Unconstitutional

FDA rules won't require labeling of genetically modified salmon

My report was too hot to broadcast: Brisbane war correspondent (Michael Ware)

Children at risk after Pakistan floods (more than 12,000 children have become acutely malnourished)

Constitution does not ban sex bias, Scalia says

Update on my son and a humble request for good vibes, etc.

MSNBC w/ Cenk: Values Voters Summit 2010

Rick Scott Hardly Blinks

The time they are changing

TYT: New Strict Anti-Abortion Law (Missouri)

Weird Liberal Head Show #167: Tea Party BOMBSHELLS!

Election Night Special

AJ English, The Listening Post: The Quran Burning That Never Happened (Feat. Cenk) + NYT Vs Murdoch

Stephanie Miller on Club Ed 9-17-10...O'Donnell, Rove thrown under the bus, Lord of the Flies

TYT: New Democratic Party Logo

Niall Ferguson: Will Debt Trigger US Collapse?


Young Turks: Study Shows Why Innocent People Confess To Crimes

Chris Wallace - Christine O'Donnell gave conflicting reasons for cancelling interview


September 21 Is "Peace One Day" - The Annual Day Of Global Ceasefire & Non-Violence

Music Video: Christine O'Donnell- I Touch Myself

Jan Brewer: What have you done for the economy?

Niall Ferguson: Will Debt Trigger US Collapse?

Protesters Demand Release of Pfc. Bradley Manning at Joint Base Lewis McChord

Extraordinary: Christine O'Donnell's Greatest Hits Countdown

Christine O'Donnell vs. Al Franken In 1997: Sex, Condoms And Hypocrisy

DSCC Ad: Christine O'Donnell Spends Money She Doesn't Have

Feds threaten man on oiled Florida beach:

Sen. Brown: Chinese trade practices could undermine stimulus

Venezuelans Seize 2 Tons of Drugs on Colombian Border

Debunking The Great Myth Of US Consumer Deleveraging, Or Why The US Economy Will End Not With A Whim

O Administration May File Criminal Charges Against U.S. Citizen In Case CIA Fails to Kill Him

"The Dentist From New Jersey", One Man's Photographic Obsession With The Twin Towers Before 9/11

Palin, O'Donnell, prayer warrors and coded christian comments to so-called "Values Voters"

Thank you anonymous DU Donor!!

Newsweek’s Howard Fineman to Join The Huffington Post

Burning 'Twilight'

Mummy Scans Show Clogged Arteries as ‘Old as Moses’ in Study

E.J. Dionne:Why not extend Obama's stimulus tax cuts?

Best Cartoons Mocking the Tea Party

The Right's New Left

The US Soldier Who Committed Suicide After She Refused To Take Part in Torture By Greg Mitchell

Christine Pelosi: Deadly Priorities: Why Did PG&E Spend Millions on Politics, Instead of Pipelines?

Conclusive Proof That Christine O'Donnell Is STILL a Witch

A fascinating article in the Guardian by Bonnie Greer, entitled, Me and Sister Carmela.

Obama Advisers Weigh Ad Assault Against the G.O.P.

Exclusive interview: Robert Hirsch(peak oil is coming)

World faces nonproliferation turning point – START 1 negotiator

Third Fish Kill Reported in Plaquemines (LA)

Groundbreaking Study Shows Roundup Link to Birth Defects

Thousands surround Merkel office in nuclear protest

The Fake Fire Brigade Revisited #4 - Delivering Stable Electricity

hey guys. my son is making family all have teams for fantasy footie footie football

have the saints daints this week

who put the 2006 Ravens on the field today?

S.F. Bay Area doesn't get a late NFL game today

Giants Drink Brewers Dry, 9-2, return to first; Cardinals 4, Sandy Eggo 1

week two of dufl1


Message to Cowboys

Dantonio has emergency heart surgery after OT win over ND

Bears 27, Cowboys 20

That guy who plays qb for the Vikes throws 3 ints.

Favre throws 3 INTs to lose against the Dolphins

Honduran man dies after pro-Zelaya rally

Critical Honduran reporter survives shooting attack

Colombia High Court Orders Militia-Seized Land Returned to Owners

Colombian Pol Prisoner Hunger Striker Charges Paramilitary Terrorize La Tramacua

Is the Obama DOJ Still Coddling Colombian Terrorists?

36 Colombian Union Leaders Slain in 2010

Venezuela to change parliament

Venezuelans Seize 2 Tons of Drugs on Colombian Border

Ecuador, Colombia Begin to Address Refugee Issue

Paramilitaries confess to cremating 150 victims

Panama placed on drug watch list

Lucius Walker obituaries

A murder weapon's trip from Mississippi to Chicago

2,000 guns seized in Toronto safety program

Another Democrat, calling for a gun ban...

A story of the second openly gay minister in the US

Top Gun's Kelly McGillis Marries Longtime Girlfriend in Civil Union

Dancing For Gender Equality (Probably NSFW)

Basketball coach fights ‘homosexual lifestyle’

I almost passed out today at the Alan Ross Freedom Parade in Dallas today

One of my goofy little city

Yuuko and Jim atop Hatcher Pass

New aid convoy sets off for Gaza

Carter: Obama backtracked on freeze

'Largest flotilla yet' en-route to Gaza

Militants torch Gaza water park shut down by Hamas

Latino Fest Lexington Ky

Against the Stream

New, Fuji Finepix APC-C fixed lens camers.

Netherlands bars Israeli mayors of West Bank settlements from taking part in Dutch study trip

For Palestinians, settler abuse is only the beginning of the ordeal

Carter: Obama backtracked on freeze

Lieberman: Peace talks must reassess Israeli-Arabs' right to citizenship

So we're back to Oslo?

Waterfront tour, part 1: Ireland Park (dial-up warning)

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Prelims! Finals will be posted next Friday.

Inspired by Alfredo, I saw her at the Mall yesterday-and a question

Pest-eating toads in Indonesia save cocoa supply, say scientists

Deleting a gene creates super-smart mice...and maybe humans too

We Remember

Bloom Dumps Wall Street to Pursue ‘Worker Capitalism’

Exhibit on Labor History

Today in Labor History Sept 19, 400,000 union members marched to protest Reagan administration

Toon: God-man vs. Science-hero!

What's the advantage of not worrying about food, clothing etc for yourself ...

Why does the Pope deserve any respect.

The witches I have known

The War on Christmas: The Movie

The witches I have known

The Pastor & The 11 Year-Old

DU Pagans/Wiccans/witches, can I have a word?

Ray Comfort's Free Book for Atheists

Authorities search for 13 from 'cult-like' sect

Less popular than atheists?

I have an intriguing (I hope) concept to throw "out there"

I rarely if ever see atheists disclaim Stalin as a "false" atheist, why is Hitler's faith....

I'm tired of being told I live in a "judeo christian" society.

X-post:Haiti's Disaster Capitalists Swoop In- Refugees Moved From Camps Into "Work Zones"

Getting bored just laying around!!

The Fine Line Between Genius and Madness

2010 was expected to be a peak year for Pertussis in California ~ CTV - Toronto

California officials - vaccine status in babies and todders is not an issue in Pertussis outbreak.