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VP Biden joins candidate Coons at headquarters - "Do not take this lightly," Biden said.

VP Biden joins candidate Coons at headquarters - "Do not take this lightly," Biden said.

Anyone know why the government felt the need to announce the GM IPO would be open to all? Please

There is no way this is the real story about O'Donnell canceling her meeting NRSCC Chair Cornyn

Fakenomics -- The trouble with free trade.

If we can't even agree on what we disagree about, what hope is there?

How can there be Palin and Palin lite but only be one Elizabeth Warren?

Another two-tier labor contract: Harley-Davidson (Steelworkers/Machinists & Aerospace)

Global Development: UN report on progress in meeting the first Millennium Development Goal

Did ANYONE Hear about the terrorist caught in Lincoln Park, MI today?

UK coalition government attacks welfare benefits

The F-35 Pissing Contest Continues

Please forward this to the Grizzly posse

Masturbators For Lesbian Vampires United needs your support!!!

Exporting Homophobia: American far-right conservatives influence anti-gay policy in Africa

Frank Schaeffer's interview with Rachel on the so called

So, Christine O'donnell (R-DE) is an unmarried 41 yr old virgin that doesn't masturbate?

Iraqi forces struggling, forcing U.S. troops to fight

British Trades Union Congress will not oppose government’s austerity measures

Ready, waiting, wondering

Coming Soon To A Military Base Near You

Quantum Walk Computing

House Democrat names Glenn Beck, Mike Huckabee in Goldline probe

Good Ol' Shoe: Christine O'Donnell Cited Endorsement From Non-Existent Catholic Group

California approves proposed Aetna rate hike

Some jobs you just can't do until you are 70

Suffocating the Poor: A Modern Parable

"2010 A Record-Breaking Year"

Charles Krauthammer: O'Donnell fails "Bill Buckley’s rule" about voting for ELECTABLE candidates

LA Times: Job losses cut wide swath in California

How the big three could have handled the problem, but didn't.

WTF Is Going On With The US Navy?

The Bush-Belly Sneetches

What Have Those Socialist Scientists Done?!!?

What Have Those Socialist Scientists Done?!!?

Your Ideal Democratic Logo. If you were to do a design, what would it be?

O'Donnell revives Palin's 'death panel' claim on health reform, study shows opposite

Punishment at school.... OLD SCHOOL punishment (funny post)

Punishment at school.... OLD SCHOOL punishment (funny post)

Obama lectures GOP on campaign finance bill stall

Tea Party Down Under

Waiter, There's BPA in My Soup

I am looking for quotes by the right on poverty and the poor....

Nutrition professor loses weight on Twinkie diet

Is anyone listening to Tweety?

Authorities: 2 tornadoes struck NYC during storm

religiously insane Tony Perkins has a nose problem

The gov't of Iran was helpless to safeguard the US embassy. Can they safeguard enriched uranium?

Mother Jones: The End of Mitt Romney

Mother Jones: The End of Mitt Romney

Christine O'Donnell Flashback: 'I Dabbled Into Witchcraft' (VIDEO)

I propose Sigmund's Corollary to Godwin's Law

An Inconvenient Superman: Davis Guggenheim's New Film Hijacks School Reform

Molly Norris disappears without a trace or any support

Fox News Donates Free Air Time To The GOP

It's not our government that I hate

Next Thursday (9/23/10) the following will change -- health care

Dems try to tap voter anger over job loss overseas

Only one of these two is known to post on DU. Of the two, who annoys you more?

Warren's 1st call after being named to her new WH position was to a group of progressive bloggers

o'donnell: 'the gov't will buy your daughter an abortion, but not a sugary soda in the vending

I believe repubs are ashamed of being known as repubs.

no wonder ms. o'donnell doesn't like 'big government'

Next to the word grifters in the dictionary is this picture

Life on this Earth Just Changed - - The North Atlantic Current is Gone

Toyota settles suit over Saylor car crash quietly...

Gingrich Accuses Sec. Sebelius Of ‘Soviet Tyranny,’ Says GOP Congress

Lady Ga Ga is ok by me

Bed Bugs - conservatives blame environmenatilists and want to bring back DDT (seriously)

Obese teen too heavy to lift, dies from house fire

Karl and the Mexican Response

Buchanan just said the Tea party is popular after

Dupe - self delete

Prominent South African hospital and chief executive charged in trafficking human organs

Surprise!!!!!!.....O'Donnell cancels "Face the Nation" appearance

I am surprised that Castle isn't even considering a Independent run

As Iraq winds down, U.S. Army confronts a broken force

The economic roots of the Tea Party

Media Spreads Tea Party Leaders as “Anti-Establishment” Myth

O'Donnell Snubs Schieffer

Sarah Palin Tells Karl Rove Where To Go...

Have you met this guy yet?

Have you met this guy yet?

A thought on admin members' snide remarks on lefties

like the Big Dog saying he is against blow jobs...

Toon: And we will not...

A reminder about the again-newsworthy "GOP Strategist" Jack Burkmann

Do you know who you're voting for in the waaaay down ticket races?

Mighty quiet in the Big House.

"I recently visited the middle-east and it was such a relief..."

Tea Party Confidential How GOP insurgents borrow from the left to move America right

Bertrand Russell, philopher,mathematician, Nobel Laureate-smart man

Any DUers going to the Stewart/Colbert rally?

Only 2 more days until the newest screed from David Michael Green...

With Poverty Up and Middle Class Income Down, Sanders Says It’s Time to End Tax Breaks for the Rich

O'Donnell cancels two national TV spots

Hilarious Taiwanese Animation: Tea Party Express Derails GOP Candidates..

Rand Paul's New Look

Never thought I'd live to see the day!

You know if I were a media person..and these little teapartiers..(rant )

I am really tired...

You Betcha! Wink, Wink, Wink.

Political button for the people of Delaware.

I like it

President Obama: The Republican Corporate Power Grab

So ironic and telling that one of Bill Maher's nuttiest guests would become tea party superstar

Protest the Pope rally sees 10,000 march through London's streets

Protest the Pope rally sees 10,000 march through London's streets

Overseas media view of Teabaggers,Palin and O'Donnell..


SNL 's First Show Of The Season Is September 25th

Alcohol Lobby Now Openly Spending Against CA's Legal Pot Initiative in Alliance with Police Industri

UN Report Accuses RwandanTroops Of Genocide: Rewrites the Rwandan genocide story

"a remarkable 1.3 billion people have been lifted out of poverty over the past two decades"

Newt threat Dem like as terrorist..

Oh Look, Dumb Quotes From the Value Voters Summit

Tens of thousands of Germans march against nuclear power.

From SPLC's Teaching Tolerance: Focus on the Family Goes After LGBT Students

So do the mice with human brains develop the

Holy Crap! Look at the lightning speed of the Captive Media (MSM).......

Man, the Crazies are Out in Force this Weekend: Values [sic] Voter Summit and Taking America Back

Man, the Crazies are Out in Force this Weekend: Values [sic] Voter Summit and Taking America Back

Are there too many attention whores?

Calumet County DA 'sexted' abuse victim

Freeper "60Gunner" has a refreshing, insightful, non-racist response to O'Donnell's WitchGate.

Toon: What would you buy with Meg-a-millions??

Maher said he will release a video of O'Donnell every week

Do you think the O'Donnell woman should simply don a chicken suit for the rest of her campaign?

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: More Georgians uninsured in 2009

Is O'Donnell establishing an Angle strategy of dealing with the media?

Young Men More Sexist Than Their Fathers?

AOL: "Could Sarah Palin be next Barack Obama?"


So there you have it, the much hyped Tea Party Unity Convention is now completely canceled.

Hey Democrats make some ads off this

Damages in Chevron Ecuador suit jump billions

Karma. Is this an example?


I am just going to sit back and relax

I am just going to sit back and relax

Personal Experience With A Senior Who Was Frightened of "Death Panels"- My Mom

Christine O'Donnell being a witch. So...she might be in (Dial-up warning)

Remember when Howard Dean and Al Gore flew into SC to anoint Greene as the true Dem candidate?

Good to hear that Chris Coons is working hard...

Well, Fox News is Right for Once: Democrats Are Now Actually Engaged In a Witch Hunt.

O"Donnell releases new campaign music

O'Donnell's worst mistake is making a big deal of the witch thingy

Senate hopeful O'Donnell cancels national TV spots

Enough With The Snowe And Collins!

Our next Democratic president should be a multi-generational Mexican-American...

palin calls for a citizens revolt against the Obama agenda

Love Jon Stewart, but as I'm not a "moderate", I won't be attending the "Million Moderate March"

I just feel sad about the fact that Elizabeth Warren,

I think baggers will rally around O'Donnell despite her witch comments, for several reasons

Don't Forger: Sarah Palin Had Her Own Witch Doctor and Episode With Witchcraft

San Bruno resident sues PG&E over gas line blast

Republicans are on the horns of a dilemma...

If a candidate thinks appearing on TV will hurt more than help then that is all you need to know!!!

Witchcraft or masturbation, which did you practice as a teen?

I've seen it here - I can't 'call people out' - but claiming o'donnell

QUITTER Christine O'Donnell cancels Sunday Talk Show appearances in wake of Maher "Witchcraft" clip

This take our country back crap

I realized something that makes me feel less pissed off in general.

Plenty of Money for Prisons, Not for Social Services


Six U.S. Banks Collapse as Community & Southern Acquires Three

Only 9% of scientists call themselves conservative.

When will DU publish hate mail again?

When will DU publish hate mail again?

Gingrich Calls For Federal Ban On Shariah Law In US

Was the Koran Burning the Teabaggers' crest, and now the wave recedes?

Screeching harpy, responsible for pureeing primaries, now calls for party unity!

Is it just "dabbling" when GOP lusts to "push down" the middle before the satanic alter of greed?

Teacare: The Tea Party's alternative plan for health care reform

Leave Christine aloooooooone..!!!

Something smells fishy. Anyone know how COD justifies her non-married status?

Do you think there will be an October surprise this year?

What is it about a republican nit-wit's satanic altar date that fascinates?

GOP+Tea Party=

Have the Democratic big wheels made any jokes about sensible moderate centrists?

Senate hopeful O'Donnell cancelled appearance on 2 national news show

It’s always darkest just before it goes pitch black

Ok so my question would be.... Why?

Less Is More in the Fight Against Terrorism

Unemployment Insurance Kept 3.3 Million Americans Out Of Poverty In 2009

If you ask me, Skinner, Elad, and EarlG should sue the Pope.

See the "I Touched Myself" button....hehe

See the "I Touched Myself" button....hehe

Somebody has to post it: Sinatra, Witchcraft, and undeniable greatness.

Nancy Reagan endorses Fiorina and Whitman

"Offense" is a cottage industry in this country

I went to the Boston Freedom Rally today

Sean Hannity at Value Voters Summit, Explaining The 'New Conservative Party'

Autism's First Child. This is incredibly interesting and amazingly written

115,000 joints!?

The White House Takes on Forbes

The White House Takes on Forbes

QUITTER Teabaggers cancel their Las Vegas Convention a SECOND time. QUITTERS! QUITTERS! QUITTERS!

The Unemployed, Really Unionizing

Washington Rules -- America's Path to Permanent War

Boehner to Host 'Speaker' Fundraiser Next Week

Palin pulls only 7% from the most F'd up RW loons on the planet

ACLU: Pa. School District Pays $33,000 to Settle Cell Phone Search Lawsuit

Perfect campaign button for Ms. O'Donnell

57% of Delawareans approve of Barack Obama's job performance

57% of Delawareans approve of Barack Obama's job performance

What happens if O'Donnell drops out of the race?

Government now subsidizes health care costs for laid off people

And The 2010 Values Voter Summit Straw Poll Winner Is...

Newt links Obama to radical Islamists in speech

Solid support for Indianapolis workers at GM’s Flint Metal Center

BREAKING: Andrew Brietbart gets into altercation with protesters outside of Glenn Beck event in Chgo

Remember Ashley Todd the crazy B lady from 2008? Well the crazies got crazier.

Repmussen: Feingold down by 7.


Elizabeth Warren Talks To Bloggers As Her First Official Act


Next Bailout to Watch: The GOP and the Richest of the Rich

A Palin-American

Sunday Talk Shows

The Borowitz Report: Angry Delaware Masturbators March Against O’Donnell

Response to the "rising tide" comment

New York 'Pug candidate for governor sends STINK BOMBS to voters.

The media should quit calling it a voter enthusiasm gap

Bertrand Russell’s Last Message

Third World America

Democratic candidates are expected to be generally supportive of progressive ideals...

Democratic candidates are expected to be generally supportive of progressive ideals...

(CA) Insurance co's get OK for rate hikes: anthem/bc/wellpoint to 20%, blue shield 29%

PETA...abused test animals...check this out.

Ask your representative to attend "An analysis of Deficit Commission changes"

Should George W. Bush have simply permanently grounded all flights into or out of the US?

Questions about Health Insurace...

36 . . . 48 . . . 72 hours . . . maybe longer

Montana GOP Policy: Make Homosexuality Illegal

So O'Donnell is broke and...

Sarah Palin Tells Karl Rove Where To Go...

Thanks Mods

GOP candidate: Hitler invented separation of church and state

Hey Tweety - You still think she can win?

SCOTUS Justice Stephen Breyer visited w/Charlie Rose last night - video is up

A Pence-Palin run for the White House?

A Pence-Palin run for the White House?

9/18 2010 House & Senate Forecast: A Lethal Combination of Election Fraud & Low Democratic Turnout

Hayworth to become Tea Party spokesman

Hayworth to become Tea Party spokesman

Vote at Emily's List

We'll be running against a "QUACK PACK" in November -Beeler 'toon covers it

OOOPS odyssey

Freeper: Don't mock O'Donnell RE masturbation because Muslims believe it's a sin & no one mocks them

The Tree of Crazy, Its Deep Roots, and Its New Branches

Someone needs to splice the insane comments made by Angle/Paul/ODonnell/

Breaking: The Duggars receive Pro-Family Entertainment Award at Value Voters Summit

The real source of the new DNC logo: Obama Remarks

Which country or empire had an expansionary phase lasting for a total of LESS THAN TWENTY YEARS?

love this headline: O'Donnell cancels TV appearances; 'witch' video surfaces

It's Saturday night, and I had a couple glasses of wine with dinner

Batten down my friends in Bermuda

UPDATE: Murkowski is no longer welcome in Senate Republican leadership

Pope to call for "full communion" between Anglicans and Catholics

Gulf oil disaster by the numbers

Anderson Cooper: O'Donnell used campaign pay rent, dine out, go bowling

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Tea Party Rally turns on O'Donnell after "witch" admission!!!

Here's why the common man has not a chance against the truly wealthy: The "L" Curve..

Toyota in triple-fatal case towed from St. Paul police impound lot

Soooo, Mini She is a tax cheat, has dabbled in witchcraft, violated campaign finance laws ...

Soooo, Mini She is a tax cheat, has dabbled in witchcraft, violated campaign finance laws ...

Fuck all these people saying the tax "increase" will stop small

"We went to a movie and then like had a little midnight picnic on a satanic altar..."

O'Donnell: "One of my first dates with a witch was on a satanic alter"

I love this picture-

Krugman: Temporary Tax Cuts For The Rich? No.

As Numbers of Uninsured Soar, Health Insurance Companies Plan Rate Hikes

United Citizens?

Look at those anti-Pope protests in London

A brief summary of modern witchcraft practices

I just spent 3 hours campaigning for Chris Coons here in Wilmington

My name is not "Those People"

High School turns to signed contracts to avert dirty dancing

Are gulf shrimp safe to eat?

Humane Farm Animal Care

What a concept

The Elephant Man

BREAKING! Photo evidence released! O'Donnell's "first date with a witch" :

tea party kool aide did it...

Is America a right-wing country?

Bwahahahaha. Powerlineblog (righty-tighty blog): Christine O'Donnell's Career, RIP

'i just think sarah palin is dynamite' chris matthews

If the Nobel Prize for Literature had existed when Alice in Wonderland was written ...

If the Nobel Prize for Literature had existed when Alice in Wonderland was written ...


Corporate Psychopath Watch: Chevron

Cheerleading, Professional Lefting, Lessers-of-Two-Evils, and Red State Reality (long)

Members of U.S. platoon in Afghanistan accused of killing civilians for sport

How the Charter School Lobby is Buying Elections

How the Charter School Lobby is Buying Elections

The 10,000 Monkeys of

Remembering Jimi Hendrix

"First woman executed in Virginia in over a century"

Richard Dawkins Furious At Pope For Tying Godless To Nazis

shooting spree that left three people wounded including 2 police officers

Anyway you look at it, O'Donnell is TOAST

Is tomorrow really "Talk like a tea-bagger" Day???

Whats the difference between the right and left on education since the 1990's?

Meet Sal Russo, the tea party's Karl Rove

GM bringing back 480 workers to Spring Hill plant

The REAL reason (IMO) O'Donnell canceled TV appearances

300 Economists Warn Obama: Grave Danger Ahead

300 Economists Warn Obama: Grave Danger Ahead

Would McCain have been elected President if he had had ...

Me 800 feet above ground level (pic)

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama - pics

The strong secular state is the only reason religious fanatism doesn't take the same level here

Still wondering why only 2000 of the 4 million eligible for the high risk pool are bothering with it

A Right-winger Hits the Nail on the Head about the "Tea Party"

Pope's astronomer says he would baptize alien.


Ridiculous crap about Joe McCarthy

GOP strategist: "Many in the American ... middle should have been pushed down..." ...

They Say: "Don't Let the Perfect be the Enemy of the Good!"

Pre-existing condition? Get insurance with a deductible of $2500.00...

FReeper on CD witchcraft? "The problem is, as republicans we hold ourselves to a higher standard."

It is amazing how every "criticism" of HCR seems to rely on incorrect information.

The biggest embarrassment that this country could ever suffer would be to hear the words....

Glenn Greenwald: "you simply don't sufficiently appreciate everything Obama's done for you"

To Mock, or not to Mock?

INSIDE JOB, the first film to expose the shocking truth behind the economic crisis of 2008.

Witchcraft roundup...from an actual witch

Let’s Have a Real Protest, Not a Democratic Pep Rally, on October 2nd

A tea partier just knocked on my door

60% of Boomers Too Broke to Retire

A Warning to the American Ruling Class, From the Soviets

Sir Ian McKellen takes on the Pope.

Arne Duncan calls "Waiting for Superman" premiere a "Rosa Parks moment"

Where is all this "bad-mouthing" of the left coming from?

Alcohol Lobby Now Openly Spending Against CA's Legal Pot Initiative in Alliance with Police

AIDS in Africa and various motivations for refraining from using condoms ...

Of the first two answer options, which is a worse thing to speak or utter?

Gay City News: Get on the Bus on October 2

Why do our Fellow Friends on our Democratic Side seek to find Enemies Amongst Us?

Glenn Greenwald: Interview with Senator Russ Feingold

Got money, no date, bored, what do I do Saturday night?

Am I the only one nekked and wondering?

Thanks to the person who donated me a star!

woke to sounds of gunfire today....

I am up at 2:30 am with the theme from the Beverly Hillbillies

parrot farts

Your Saturday kitteh.

for Ptah

When the wife forgets my name

I saw Joseph Arthur last night. What an amazing show!

Similar to a current thread about music...

Pope Bears or Bear Popes? You tell me.

Tornado in Brooklyn NY 09.16.10 Extreme Meteorologist Reports

7 years & 11 days ago, Warren Zevon left us

I was looking for the Queens Tornado and I found the Tornado Queens

I need tattoos

RIP Jimi Hendrix - September 18, 1970

Best way to handle very loud upstairs neighbors - Suggestions please

Trivia: Which game is being played in a stadium named after someone who coached the visiting team?


What I miss most about getting drunk...

The Onion - Staples Brings On Extra Staff To Sit Around, Do Nothing For Busy Back-To-School Season

WHO live on Smothers Brothers TV show 1969 (?) - My Generation- with explosion!!!

When were you born and are you still alive today?

My LATEST Haiku - "She Once Was A Witch"


When he's not posting those great trucking stories...

There are many ways to make a buck.

Avast me hearties your black list of dangerous sea dogs be safely aboard. Or

On Spike TV 1000 Ways To Die, supposed to based on true stories, I don't know.

Top Gear trio spotted in NYC

Top Gear trio spotted in NYC

"If you cross the line & try an put a lens up my dress, my fiancé will do his job & protect me."

A History of "Lady" Action Heroes (dial-up warning -- big pics)


Italo Disco Classic 1984, Ken Laszlo - Hey Hey Guy, 12 inch (mp3)

Tomorrow is Talk like a Teabagger day...

I'm noticing a bizarre similarity between Eric Clapton's song "Cocaine" and the "Diarrhea Song"

Why is writing you name more legal than your signature?

What is the antonym of antidisestablishmentarianism?


My nephew married a Mexican girl. Blue eyes and blonde hair.

What could be the trouble, like back to dial-up, with interminable buffering on YouTube links?

Cat location update

Christine was a Plymouth Fury? Shouldn't that have been a tipoff?

Cocaine obviously makes you very happy!!!

How many times have you felt like saying it?

Further - Golden Road to Unlimited Devotion Herkimer, NY

How many college football players do you think sincerely believe they are going to the NFL?

My wife just told me I needed to go to a gender re-identification class.,

It's a TRAP!

Do you ever reply back to the scam emails you get?

Is there an American car that Jeremey Clarkson doesn't hate?

Clay Pigeons (two ways: John Prine and Blaze Foley)

Real spray-on clothes to hit the catwalk!

Today's College Football Tailgate Thread

What the hell?!? It's like the Animal Planet channel around here.

Cut a slice of melon and pretend that you still love me.

There is a pattern that hurts many people, and is caused by people wanting others to show love.

The next DU fundraiser giveaway should be a date with Skittles...

Best punk rock name ever?

Why don't we do it in the road?

America has talent!


Be-Bop DeLuxe - 'Surreal Estate'

Yesterday I was forced to witness what is wrong with this country.

Yesterday, I was forced to witness what is wrong with real spray on clothes

I like Muffins, a Poem

After two years of growing it out...

The "Christine O'Donnell Turned Me Into a Newt" Support Group thread.

Favorite drum solos?

Bernie Green Plays More Than You Can Stand In Hi-Fi


Weekly Address: The Republican Corporate Power Grab - Time for action on campaign finance

I got freakin' hit by a car yesterday.

Soylent Green is...

And again I ask...

Where were you born and do you still live nearby?


Calling mom

The Obama administration's pipe dreams

Obama lectures GOP on campaign finance bill stall

The UberRight's 2012 Dream Team

List of weekly, crazy RW Obama memes that helped spawn the teabaggers, Angle,

Wow, Obama's weekly address is a must-see!

Newt threat Dem like as terrorist..

It's a feeding frenzy, folks! "Dabble...dabble" everywhere!

hey type geeks

Is it a good idea to have primaries in August or September?

D'Amato UNLOADS on Burkman for his racist comments WOW!!!

O'Donnell just cancelled her appearance on tomorrow's FTN. Still on for FauxNewsSunday.

Sometimes you have to feel sorry for those who want to be part of the bully group

Following Revelation Of ‘Witchcraft’ Comment, O’Donnell Cancels Sunday Show Appearances

Montana GOP policy: Make homosexuality illegal

The "obscenity" of comparing Americans to "killers and terrorists!"


Stop Mock at Tea Party

Elizabeth Warren's appointment to the CFPB wouldn't be possible if Wall Street Reform had failed

President Obama pushes economy to CBC, hits at Boehner again

"Speak through Fox News."

Sarah Palin - the Octomom of Politics

OK we can laugh at O'Donnell but..

2010 Values Voter (RETHUG) Summit Straw Poll Winner Is...

Sen. Gregg Worries That Elizabeth Warren May Use Her New Post To (Gasp!) Promote Social Justice!!!

a biggie! Feingold slams two of the Supremes

GA-GOV POLL shows tight race: Deal 45, Barnes 41.

When you die, what music do you want playing?

Hawaii Votes Today

My Republican father in Delaware confirmed many GOP voters will vote for Coons

You Made Them Crazy

I just had the oddest thought...I'm fighting off a bug!

I just had the oddest thought...I'm fighting off a bug!

Charlie Cook: The chances of Republicans winning the Senate have plummeted.

How the DEMs can WIN::: Focus on the Failures of the GOP PARTY AS A WHOLE

" President Obama Criticizes the Petulant left" (Washington Post)

Great smack down of someone whining about being called rich

Hippywife {{{{{{{{{{{{hug}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Get it straight...President Obama would NOT be "liberated" by a Republican takeover this fall!

Nat'l Weather Service: Two Tornadoes Swept Through NY City

Mauritania troops clash with AlQaeda kidnappers/France urges nationals out of Niger after kidnapping

President Obama slams GOP in pre-election campaign finance fix push

MSHA says explosive coal dust found at W.Va. mine

.Tarmac Delays Exceeding 3 Hours Decline After Threat of Fines

Leaking pipeline reopens, but industry concerns remain (pipe leaked oil in Michigan)

Pope apologises to clerical child abuse victims

Hurdles for Warren in Agency Launch

Ballot-stuffing witnessed amid troubled Afghanistan vote

US won't accept any slackness by Pak army in war on terror: Richard Holbrooke

City puts cost of Quran-burning security at $200,000, sends bill to church

Internal memo accuses Sheriff Arpaio's department of wrongdoing

WikiLeaks founder 'free to leave Sweden'

Columbia/HCA reports warned Rick Scott of potential legal problems (FL Governor's race)

World Poverty Seen Falling Sharply But Only Patchily (UN Millennium Development Goals report)

Quinnipiac poll shows (BBD) Rob Portman leading Lee Fisher in U.S. Senate race by 20 points

Whitman's economic plan will do little to bring jobs to California, experts say

Pence edges out Huckabee, Romney in conservatives' straw poll for president

Trapped miners in Chile rejoice over breakthrough with drill

Montana GOP policy: Make homosexuality illegal

Watchdog group: Delaware candidate's spending 'flat-out illegal'

Newt Gingrich Accuses Sebelius of 'Soviet Tyranny'

President Obama: Black lawmakers must rally voters back home

I think Boojatta is either extremely dumb ...

Tea Party Express derails GOP candidates

Olbermann: D'Amato - 'Shut Up, I Listened to Your Racist Bullsh*t!'

"I am Rick Perry" Save the Children PLEASE

Rick Perry's in Denial --- 18 Billion budget shortfall

Young Turks: Drug Use Rising - Pot, Meth & Ecstasy

Weekly Address: The Republican Corporate Power Grab

Rachel Maddow -- Elizabeth Warren on Policing the Credit Industry

Real Time with Bill Maher -Opening Monologue

Taiwan animated news shows gun crazy teabaggers derailing GOP candidates and maybe President Obama.

Bill Maher Special Guest Michael Moore

O'Donnell: DO YOU LOVE YOUR FREEDOM? Er...I mean, WE ARE OUR COUNTRY! I always mix those two up.

Weird Liberal Head Show #166: Tea Party Investigations

Right wing media FINALLY connecting media rhetoric to real life violence...the wrong way

Papantonio & Schultz - There is no GOP Civil War

Eyesonfox: Sarah Palin's Latest Epic Fail On The O'Reilly Fiction

From Bad to Worse? US Face of Poverty

INLAND: New reports of ACID RAIN from Gulf --

My dedication to O'Donnell, Palin, Bachmann...Frank Zappa's prophetic Dumb All Over

"The suppression of information is literally going to be COSTING A LOT OF LIVES" along Gulf Coast

Young Turks: Pervert DA Sexts Domestic Abuse Victim!!!

I jus' bin caribou huntin', It wuz 16 degrees, I wanna thaw out an' go see Iowa, so I sez to Todd...

MSNBC: Mice With Human Brains? - Cenk Mocks Christine O'Donnell

Inside Edition: Bill O'Reilly reporting on Skinheads Part 1 or 2 (1986)

Comic Kate Clinton on the Tom Snyder Show Part 1 of 2 (on being openly gay)

Comic Kate Clinton on the Tom Snyder Show Part 2 of 2

KCBS News: Keith Olbermann reporting on the future of the LA Raiders (9/11/90,part 1 of 2)

Geraldo Rivera interviews Rudy Giuliani (1987, from Sons of Scarface special)

Inside Edition: Bill O'Reilly reporting on Skinheads Part 2 or 2 (1986)

Keith Olbermann reporting on the future of the LA Raiders (9/11/90,part 2of 2)

8: The Mormon Proposition Part 1

Jerry Falwell info commercial to petition for a pardon for Oliver North

The Top Vlog: Obama is Just a President (Tina Dupuy)

Kimmel Unveils Chris Coons' Pro-Masturbation Campaign

Young Turks: Nutty Christine O'Donnell on Hitler, God, Jews & Lies

Bernie Sanders ad focusing on health care circa 1990

Senate hopeful O'Donnell cancels national TV spots

Rachel Maddow Show: Lesbian Vampire

Bill Maher - is back on air - NewRules - watch it before it's gone - NewRules, etc.

Palin's Wasilla Bible Church sponsors Pray Away The Gay Retreat

BP and Coast Guard are lying & relationships becoming strained according to local officials

Armstrong Williams defends Obama from Jane Hamsher

Rachel Maddow: Frank Schaeffer - "STOP THESE FLAKES from suddenly becoming our national leadership."

Christine O'Donnell: "I Dabbled Into Witchcraft"

Teabaggers Tries To Stop Free Speech, Steals Mans Megaphone

Reporter: "Entire communities where they're vomiting blood" -- "Massive, massive disasters"

Bill Maher - Christine O'Donnell (R-DE) Practiced Witchcraft

Toronto Star: Time for a vote in the dominion of King Stephen

Democratic Party Steals Logo From the Pizza Place

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self delete

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