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Live: Right Now Watch Daniel Elberg, (Pentagon papers ) Speak of Wikileaks & Bradly Manning

Live: Right Now Watch Daniel Elberg, (Pentagon papers ) Speak of Wikileaks & Bradly Manning

How Adrian Fenty lost his reelection bid for D.C. mayor

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Stewart and Colbert are best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Tax cuts for the wealthy ... providing disincentives for rich people to go out and get a job."

Donate to support of Restoring Truthiness

O'Donnell/Coons candidate forum...

Congressional investigators to review FBI work in anthrax case

Congratulate me. As we approach the end of the third quarter I am still

Walt Disney, Monsanto discovered among Blackwater’s hidden clients

Lawyers being outsourced

SNL should use Alan Alda to skewer that crazy-ass Paladino

Judge Wesley E. Brown, the oldest active fed judge at age 103

Can anyone verify this information.

Daniel Assange: I Never Thought WikiLeaks Would Succeed... I Think He's Been Doing An Excellent Job

another poll shows dems/GOP tied, ...and better yet...

COD's site consists of photo and "donate now."

Majority of Conservatives Think Palin’s Endorsements are Aimed at Helping Her, Not GOP

Are we to blame for the BP disaster?

The Tea Party primary election victories

One in seven 'in poverty in US'

Rant deleted

Rant deleted

Racist FR discussion (self-inflicted acid attack)

A Tale of Two Sisters

This is the kind of stupid shit we have to put up with in Canadian politics....

Things you can't see on the MSM - Chris Coons I found actual pictures of him

Bill Clinton on The Daily Show Pt.1

Bill Clinton on The Daily Show Pt.2

Watching "Way Too Early"...The meme for the day on M$NBC will

Gates's Bottom Line: Weapons Contractors Will Be Just Fine


Joey Scar Just Lovin' Him Some Trickle-Down Economics...

Hawaii to do away with state teachers' health care trust fund

Disney, Chevron and Monsanto Contracted with Blackwater for Intelligence, Training and Security Serv

Bubba was great on Jon Stewart last night

Diplomatic flurry over (Afghanistan) peace talks

An Afghan bone for Obama to chew on

I'm gone say it. Jimmy Carter is telling the truth. Teddy though I like him took the first swipe.

Father's Letter to Olbermann - "Teabaggers and the Facts"

Satellite view showing two of the three hurricanes in one shot. Julia



Election campaigning in Kandahar? Don't leave the house

City of Port St. Lucie, FL deletes its Facebook page

National Teabaggers conference in South Florida....somebody get an exterminator

VA slow to find link between Lejeune's toxic water, illnesses

Major defense contractor lobbyist to plead guilty in probe of illegal donations to lawmakers

I just made up a word!!! O'Donnellbating.

Editorial: Obama and the (Cuban) Blockade: No Can Do

America Must Learn from Its Failure in the Iraq War

Friends in Brooklyn have been calling me overnight

Police: Officers shoot gunman on Capitol Hill

America asks Dutch to send military trainers to Afghanistan

Bar set low for Afghan parliamentary elections

Nothing To see Here, Move Along

Marx Was Right

Boner Blocked

Republican recruited Green Party 'sham' candidates to stay on ballot in Arizona

Another kind of Afghan mission: Organizing a roping contest

Tea Party Puts GOP on Road to Disaster

Combat's 'ended,' but U.S. still controls Green Zone access

Christine O'Donnell on human mice, lying to Nazis, and the women of Middle Earth

This Campaign Message Stinks

Dissension in the GOP ranks

Shouldn’t being a ‘Values Voter’ involve having decent values?

Robert Parry: This Country Just Can't Deal with Reality Any More

Robert Parry: This Country Just Can't Deal with Reality Any More

This Country Just Can't Deal with Reality Any More

New data brighten outlook for economy

The American Taliban Value Voters Summit!

I'm Nervous - Very Very Nervous

Glenn Beck Explains His Distaste For Genital Hygiene Through Pie

Farm Internships -- Will Work for Food

(VIDEOS) Stewart, Colbert: 'Rally To Restore Sanity' vs. 'March To Keep Fear Alive'

A Bold Stand IN SUPPORT OF Salmonella

Liberate the Music!

MSNBC: "Is Sarah Palin the next Barack Obama?" I shit you not. DAMNED liberal media!

More info on the 137 shot kill which the grand jury found acceptable.

Sr Scientist: "rich diversity of species in Gulf” may be replaced with only “JELLYFISH & BACTERIA"

Fox home page flies the pirate flag at half-mast over "wealthier families getting hit the hardest"

It's time for Pres. Obama to defend free speech

remember to go to ACTBLUE and make your donations!!!

My local paper:"GOP primary ballot intiatives for 2010"

My local paper:"GOP primary ballot intiatives for 2010"

Discharge Petition in House to Repeal Health Care Bill.

America is on the right track.

Just got an E-mail about Elizabeth Warren's nomination

"If Christine O'Donnell can't stand masturbation, she'll hate the US Senate."

Sharron Angle teabags O'Reilly and discusses "Harry Reid, the best friend an illegal alien ever had"

Jimmy Carter: Ted Kennedy killed health reform

"THANKS, Wolf!" Blitzer gives Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy some fact-free air time on CNN.

Blusterin' boner Demands Up-or-Down Vote on Taxes

Chile's Ghosts -- The Tyranny of Forgetting

How Dare they use U2's Music to intro M. Bachman!?!

The Crackpot Gap: Why It May Be A Boon To Democrats But A Danger To America

Genetically modified salmon? I'll pass

Jon Stewart Announces DC 'Rally to Restore Sanity'

Recession Creates an Opening for Democrat in Texas

Hooray for Short Memories?

Nude Sunbathing Critic Christine O'Donnell Thought Joe Biden Tapped Her Phone

The Myth of a Christian Nation

Teabaggers promote fiscal responsibility by campaigning on a $1,499 per person Alaskan cruise liner

Help me come up with campaign slogans...

The teabaggers are now referring to him as "Tokyo Rove"

The mind's a terrible thing to erase. . . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

NYT: Roma, on Move, Test Europe’s ‘Open Borders’

"Insanity knows neither beginnings or ends" (R. LaPauvre) . . . Please come CAPTION Michelle Malkin

Repubicans are scared shitless of the monster they created

See what DU can do with this CNBC poll

Do any of these old Corporate arch-rightists have any SOLUTIONS to the mess they created?

2010's Elephant in the Room, Summed Up in One Comic Strip:

Finally! Woody Allen Weighs In On The "Ground Zero Mosque" Controversy

Did Joe Miller Ask For Federal Farm Subsidies?

C-SPAN - Michelle Bachmann about to speak

digby: Jesus! These baggers are scary!

digby: Jesus! These baggers are scary!

Only the Liberals can save this country.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

News Journey's Ron Williams op-ed piece about O'Donnell: He gets it right to the point

Starting off on the right foot

O'Donnell is being smeared by GOP establishment, just like Palin and Harris were

Disney, Chevron and Monsanto Contracted with Blackwater for Intelligence, Training and Security Serv

Who is running the DNC website?

VIDEO: Street Fighting Man

"For years Sweden has represented a sort of nirvana for the left."

The GOP deserves EVERYTHING the Tea Party brings them

Palin Heading To Iowa To Headline Reagan Dinner, And...???

Bus driver caught reading Kindle

A salary of $50k per year for 40 years = $2,000,000.00

Fox News sues Dem candidate for ‘compromising’ its ‘objectivity’ (UPDATE)

Will Alaska turn completely Blue? We've got Begich, Miller's going down, time to defeat Don Young

Will Alaska turn completely Blue? We've got Begich, Miller's going down, time to defeat Don Young

Coons campaign makes an eminently to the point case for him and against O'Donnell

Military budgets should be cut

Danziger toon: McConnell, a Friend of the Upper Classes

Lennon's killer considered Johnny Carson, Elizabeth Taylor...but went for "more accessible" Lennon

Overheard at the Farmer's Market

MarketWatch: Middle class running as fast as it can

Europeans Still Love President Obama

Three RNC 8 charges dismissed. Dissent and Organizing is no a Crime !

Did I hear correctly on the radio (I was half asleep) that Obama would be making the Warren

Did I hear correctly on the radio (I was half asleep) that Obama would be making the Warren

Right wing mis-info chain emails are running amok!!!!!

I just had to tell off an acquaintance of mine last night about his union hatred.

I am convinced

Canadian FISH News ... "Deformed fish found in lake downstream from oilsands" ... but ....

I have come to the realization that I am a very prejudice person...

Another victory for corporations at the expense of humanity

Tea Party aftertaste

Joe Farah of WorldNutDaily and Birther Prime: GOP is acknowledging that gays exist! That's bad!!!!11

CNN: Warren says she's fired up and ready to "get some things done" immediately

Nancy Pelosi keeps losing Democrats on tax cuts

Borowitz: Delaware Masturbators March Against O’Donnell

British DUers: a question

What's the difference between tax cuts for the rich and an appendix about to burst?

What's the difference between tax cuts for the rich and an appendix about to burst?

Conservative Dems Want to Increase Deficit by Giving $100K in Tax Breaks to Millionaires

Police say stabbing of gay waiter at Denny's a hate crime

Murkowski to announce decision on write-in run

California unemployment rises to 12.4%; 33,500 more jobs gone

Could some reporter please ask O'Donnell whether she approves of Discharge Petitions?

Teabagger: Hitler created idea of separation of church and state, not Thomas Jefferson

Just who is Chris Coons? Read more about him

Newt's Obama derangement......cartoon

Happy Constitution Day! Esp to those of us who truly value it!

This will scare the SH!T out of you

MOJO: Lawsuit filed seeks access to REAL OIL NUMBERS -- enough oil-spill 3-card Monte!

Did the GOP peak too soon this year?

A hopeful poll: Palin's popularity falling

I suppose everyone's seen this: Dude you have no Koran Autotune Remix

Signs to display at Colbert/Stewart Rally

President: We have had the most productive, progressive legislative session in at least a generation

President Obama on Now!

Nuclear waste piles up with no disposal plan

Bachmann: Obama is infantile

Obama announcing Warren in Rose Garden - coming up! Will it be streamed?

Bomb-Plot Informant Testifies FBI Sent Him to Terrorist Camp in Pakistan

Consumer Sentiment in U.S. Unexpectedly Falls to One-Year Low, Index Shows

Obama and Warren LIVE NOW

The political ad FOX News doesn't want you to see!

Maine editor apologizes to readers for Ramadan story on 9/11

17% of the US population lives in poverty

C-SPAN Heeeere's Benny!

SurveyUSA: Michelle Bachshitcrazymann leads by 9

Horrible home invasion story on CNN

The founding Fathers must be rolling in their graves

Looking for an idea for a Halloween costume?

OMG! Dems snuck in a 3.8% tax increase on home sales!

I believe....

Elizabeth warrens olds blogs

Floyd Brown - "The Obama presidency is a disease. Article 2, section 4 is the cure'

GOP Bullies and their targets, victims, wannabe's. Exposed, will lead to Nov Loss

GOP Bullies and their targets, victims, wannabe's. Exposed, will lead to Nov Loss

It's 2010 and Republicons are STILL using the "homosexual agenda" to get votes.

It's been done before but one more time: Do you consider Politico a reliable source?

A friendly reminder to Congressional Democrats.

according to m$nbc christine o'donnell is the main speaker at the rethug values meeting

New Dem logo and merchandise... Reload?

Bayh: Fairness should wait while Congress disconnects from Americans' pain and enriches the wealthy

New Dem logo and merchandise... Reload?

White House reminds Blue Dogs that they are deficit hawks..

The false premise of "job killing taxes" exposed

Countries with Free Trade Agreements = MORE US exports

The Coming Boehner Purge (?)

Another reason we need to get rid of the gop..

US egg producer responsible for outbreak knew of contamination for years

2001-2009 The Lost Decade!

2001-2009 The Lost Decade!

ColorLines: John McCain Loses Marbles, Promises to Block DREAM Act

tony perkins holds right wing shitfest in washington

How many "preserve Bush tax cuts over $250K" folks are Deficit Hawks?

What is the difference in revenue between letting the Bush taxcuts...

What is the difference in revenue between letting the Bush taxcuts...

The Rude Pundit: America the Poorhouse

Another scientific "fact" where we need to "teach the controversy"...

The Dick Clark of DU says that you get a free bummpersticker!

Huckabee Opposes Insurance For People With Pre-Existing Conditions (AUDIO)

Huckabee Opposes Insurance For People With Pre-Existing Conditions (AUDIO)

Did I just get saved on c-span?

Dems' next target: Toomey's year in Hong Kong

Ex-Im Bank Chief of Staff scolds D'Souza and Forbes in comments on ludicrous How He Thinks article

Ex-Im Bank Chief of Staff scolds D'Souza and Forbes in comments on ludicrous How He Thinks article

joe arpaio wants 58th vigilante group for arizona

Arizona Cardinals (NFL) take a political stand.......against medical marijuana

my new substitution for "K&R n/t"

Why the Democrats will keep the House?

Why not just let the Bush tax cuts die.

republicans talk of big government. does it get any bigger than LYING A NATION TO WAR

The Class War Against The Poor Was Won Years Ago and America Supported It

How to make a whole bunch of people hate a whole bunch of other people.

Citizens United Decision Allows Corporations To Make 2010 A Record-Breaking Year

Avarice And Sloth In The Political Realm

When Dems take the low road

Caption Mitt Romney

the media will enable the tea party.....24/7

West Nile Virus reported in South Florida

The Tea Party's Most Offensive and Racist Signs...Staged by liberals?

editorial in my paper re:O'Donnell...repubs don't like her.

Why is Christine O'Donnell against mastication?? Does she eat her

m$nbc breaks into regular programming...christine o'donnell speaking at values bullshit

What? Poverty in America?

Jesus removed from Texas Bibles

Shhhhh...Evidence of Deflation Mounts

Reps. Barton, Burgess and Blackburn introduce bill to Repeal light bulb ban-HELP

The Warren Announcement - Anticlimactic or was I off base in thinking she would

The EU grants "duty-free or cut-rate access to its market for most of the imports from developing

Fiscal responsibility at center stage at Values Voters Summit

Adolf Hitler answers the Pope

"How to fix the schools in 5 easy steps." Great job by Accountable Talk blogger.

MSNBC: The "Liberal Media" at its best:

So I am listening to NPR telling me about people in the country feeling jittery about the economy

Real Time on Tonight

Nevada Dems File FEC Complaint Against Angle, Tarkanian

Should we start a campaign to send O'donnell

Cenk Hosting MSNBC Friday 9/17 (4-5pm ET) & New TYT Sports Channel

Waters aides expelled from Pelosi event

Freshman Democrat blasts leadership for not holding vote on salary cut

Freshman Democrat blasts leadership for not holding vote on salary cut

Losing women's reproductive rights gives men complete control of society hands down.

Household Worth Slashed $1.5 Trillion as Americans' Equity Holdings Soured

Caption Michele Bachmann

Grayson Opponent Supports Indefinite Occupation In Afghanistan

Keep Fear Alive Donors

Wouldn't a bruising Warren confirmation hearing have been a plus?

How can we have an economy based on the consumption of good...

There's oil in human skin, right? Bio-Remediation or Bio-Hazard.....

why is armstrong williams on television. he should be banned from all media

A very tough decision for Barack Obama...

Name the five victorious Senate Dems in this photo -oh, and a look inside the Small Biz Lending bill

Can your employer fire you for running for office?

Obama is making a big economic mistake by

This calls for a DU Meetup! - 10/30/10 and maybe 10/2/10

San Francisco Chronicle: 'Wage theft' routine in Chinatown

Clinton to California to campaign with Jerry Brown

Where is the media coverage of Coon? Enough of O'Donnell.

It's Not Just The Logo! There's much more!

A whole lotta of crazy in one place....

300 Economists Warn: Don't kill economy in the name of deficit reduction. Read their warning here

Tea party activists are pawns to corporate interests, Clinton says

CENK is hosting the Dylan Ratigan Show on MSNBC.

Blessed are the conservative in Bible translation

Dear Constitution.. . . .Happy Birthday.

Roy Barnes makes it compeditive in Georgia

DC tour guides: New regulations infringe on free speech

This week's The Last 24hrs of Police Misconduct From The InjusticeNews Twitter Feed & Graphic

US Rep. Anthony Weiner Cites Glenn Beck in Gold Dealers Investigation

U.S. Poverty Rate Hits 14.3%; 44 Million Are Poor

U.S. Poverty Rate Hits 14.3%; 44 Million Are Poor

Keep Fear Alive Plan Map

LAT: Gulf Oil Spill: Bacteria mainly ate the gas, not the oil

What's the difference between a tea-bagger and an 8 yr Bush supporting conservative....

The Media Driven Sarah Palin Phenomenon

Rush was a no-show on his show today - blamed a cold

the pope is still giving the UK hell

Are young children taught that it's okay for their mother or father to see them naked?

Coming to America and living a dream

WHite House Blog: Fighting To Protect Consumers

Christine O'Donnell would love Penn State University

DU Teachers, add your voice...

Congratulations and Good Luck to Elizabeth Warren - Emptywheel

As my son plans to go back to Iraq/afghanistan...a look at civilian contractors.

I need help with info about fox contacts with Islam contributors!!

This was on my Yahoo Homepage......I am changing my homepage, I am SICK of Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Palin's rise is part of God's Plan..'cos she's pretty sure she's Esther..

Is it just me, or is this Christine O'Donnell scary?

Seen outside an elementary school in Scotland:

Stephanie Miller is killing me with laughter

6.3 quake in Eastern Afghanistan today

President Acting Like We Expect Him To

Lady Gaga Calls Republican DADT Filibuster Threat ‘Shameless’

Lady Gaga Calls Republican DADT Filibuster Threat ‘Shameless’

Lawrence O'Donnell: "I've been a liberal so long…

Photos: Michael Vick's Dogs and their tales of Rescue & Redemption

Evan Bayh on why the well-to-do need tax breaks...

Beck calls for a 2 state solution

Legislating Morality, That's O'Donnell's gig.

Today at the doctors, I took a giant step backward and I mean that in the best possible way…

4th Circuit Becomes New Front in Battle Over Judges

Things are about to get even crazier than usual in Alaska.

Things are about to get even crazier than usual in Alaska.

Muslim-hating party may gain power in Sweden?

Tweety is so excited about O'Donnell that he can hardly contain himself. n/t

one year cost of extending tax cuts for the rich...39 BILLION DOLLARS

Happy 223rd Birthday, United States Constitution and Happy Constitution Day to all DUers.


"They call us wacky. They call us wingnuts." They call you other things too, Chrissy.

Obama mocks liberals during $30,000/plate dinner. Laughter ensues

Nate Silver: Murkowski Can Win as Write-In

Progressive Change Campaign Committee's online "Congratulate Elizabeth Warren" form

I'm starting to see why the Whitehouse is hesitating to appoint Warren as a permanent director.

BANK BUST FRIDAY !!!!!! Peachtree State Pits

Carly Fiorina Shipped Jobs to China and Bought a Yacht!

Obama plans Iowa trip

VP Joe Biden speaks to volunteers of Democratic candidate Chris Coons - (updated) pics

VP Joe Biden speaks to volunteers of Democratic candidate Chris Coons - (updated) pics

Could our government be too small?

Today I get to tell some repugs how wrong they were, and gloat I will

Today I get to tell some repugs how wrong they were, and gloat I will

Is there any one thing the Teabaggers are actaully FOR?

"Jon Stewart Joke Makes It On To Glenn Beck's Book Jacket (PHOTO)"

Police erred in barging into San Carlos house

I get to meet Biden (AGAIN)

CEO: GM aims to pay taxpayers back


A Dimmer View of Home Ownership (video)

Palin and the "Lame Stream Media"

Diogenes Endorses Coons for US Senate, Rips Christine O'Donnell

I don't know why everyone hates O'Donnell

The Tea Party is to Republicans as (blank ???) is to Dems

Rep. Weiner Announces Hearings on TV Gold Dealers-names Glenn Beck, Mike Huckabee in Goldline probe

Taxing My Patience - Newsweek

Peace Festival - Yep! they are having a Peace Festival here on Sunday

GOP strategist's remarks on FBN called "racist bullshit" by former Republican senator

First bore hole for rescue reaches Chile miners

First bore hole for rescue reaches Chile miners

Great Migration image is face of 'shock and terror'

Great Migration image is face of 'shock and terror'

Judd Gregg is a mound of mierda

At least 38 House Dems come out in favor of extending Bush Tax Cuts

WH smart in elevating Palin to the head of the republican pack of hopefuls

Did the DLC order the new Democratic Party logo?

Who can form a complete sentence using the words "Christine O'Donnell" and "criminal investigation?"

Keith Olbermann, first-order fool?

OMFG Sarah Palin sees herself as a viable candidate

I am a Bernie Sanders Democrat.

Frank Schaeffer - Stop these flakes - support reasonable Democrats

Michael Moore Kicks Off New Season of Real Time with Bill Maher

Michael Moore Kicks Off New Season of Real Time with Bill Maher

Why some Democrats and most Republicans in Congress support tax cuts for the rich. The real reason

Why some Democrats and most Republicans in Congress support tax cuts for the rich. The real reason

The Texas Board of Ed, at it again.......

Georgia farmer sued for growing too many vegetables

Elizabeth Warren coming up on Rachel

Tribes rattle big creditors- Casino Revenues down, vowing to pay tribal members b4 creditors

If Shell has a stupid pr ad on TV... you can bet that Shell killed someone.

republicans buy crazy talk

Why Civil Rights Groups Oppose the Obama Agenda

Alaska - Lisa Murkowski fixin' to talk NOW -- here's a live-stream link

"Crazy For God" author, Frank Schaeffer, was just on Rachel Maddow's show

Mittens Must Be Furious Tonight

Roger Simon and His Source Are Dead Wrong - RCP

Defeated Alaska Senator to Run Write-In Campaign - murkowski

Talk about a logo, the new Right Nation logo actually makes me think of a Hitler salute.

google ...christine o'donnell

From my AARP email....

Man lists his dog as a dependent to get free school lunches.

Man lists his dog as a dependent to get free school lunches.

Just look at that weather in the Gulf of Mexico

One Nation gathering

One Nation gathering

Here's a (((PIC))) I made - Warning! It's Blashpemous

"I've Got My Foot in the Door" - Elizabeth Warren

Bill Maher's return to HBO was definitely worth seeing tonight.

No Money for Safety Nets But Plenty For Prisons ---

anyone catch Bill Maher and O'Donnell dabbling in witchcraft and dating

We're Not Just A Bunch Of 'Aging Former Reagan Staffers And Homeschoolers'

What generates the greatest voter turnout in midterms? Appeals to fear, or policy-based appeals?

"Lesbian Vampire"?!?

Regarding Keith Olbermann, James Thurber and lemmings

Regarding Keith Olbermann, James Thurber and lemmings

Before voting your bluedog out of office

Did you hear the D'Amato clip on Keith's show tonight?

Huffington Post: The Craziest Things Christine O'Donnell Has Ever Said

O'Donnell: Scientists creating mice with human brains

O'Donnell: Scientists creating mice with human brains

How poor were you?

The LEFT/CON Difference

Freeper "NoGrayZone" is having PB&J for dinner 'cause he/she "can't miss a moment" of Palin's speech

Ex-Aides Unload On O'Donnell - Politico

Message or Money : Which is more important??

New From Barbara Boxer

"Why I still have hope"

Lanny Davis is a CRIMINAL!

I didn't notice - was smoke coming from Geithner's ears during the Warren announcement?

Imagine if Nikki Haley was a Democrat in SC

Are you on The List?

Lawsuit asks if science was manipulated in oil spill estimates

In honor of Battle of Britain Day this past week. . .

O'Donnell: Conservatives "are like the chosen people of Israel." WAIT! There's more.

Democratic Party's Contract with the American People

Rachel Maddow Lesbian Vampire.

Goldman Sachs donates $20 million to NYC charter school.

O'Donnell appearing very 'Palinesque': "America is one of the most free places in the country"

BP To Complete Well Seal Saturday As Relief Well Finished

Rick Santorum makes a "There are no gays in Iran" style comment

Am I the only one sick of hearing about Kochs?

Am I the only one sick of hearing about Kochs?

About donkeys

Insignificant news....Report: Octo-Mom headed for welfare

Palin's on c-span now at the Reagan dinner

Sarah Palin open to running in 2012

Sheriff Joe plans an all-volunteer, fully armed posse for hunting down illegal immigrants

Murkowski's Write-In Campaign - What Are Her Chances? - The Mudflats

The Real Housewife of Wasilla by Helen

List the most intellectually challenged politicians that you have observed.

Any HERO in a STORM Syndrome plagues the GOP...lacking of real Heros, the GOP must invent a few

Worst Photo Yet From BP's Crime?

A Question (Please Answer "D")

Does the O'Donnell woman have a connection to Penn State?

Pastor Terry Jones to be billed $180,000 for security costs due to his 'Burn the Quran' fiasco

"Cabbage-gate": Georgia [organic] farmer sued for growing too many vegetables

Dems to voters: You may hate us, but GOP is worse

I have a land line phone and get calls all the time from polls..

Permanent War=Permanent Profit

An American Army Division needs in excess of 3,000 tons of supplies per day

Who writes Palin's speeches?

8 Year Old Child Still Expelled for Toy Gun - a Year Later

Lanny Davis Trashes Rachel Maddow

Keith Olbermann & Rachel's Ratings are Closing on Glenn Beck

Major banks slow to issue home or small business loans are instead financing payday loan centers

Murkowski: (Live): I am "one Republican woman who won't quit in Alaska"

More evidence of PG&E cost-cutting prior to San Bruno explosion

Should Marijuana Use Be Legal?

most unfortunate Christine O'Donnell headline EVER

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! & here's a new kitty gif

How long before Palin gets jealous of O'Donnell?

Check out Terry Goddard's New ads against Jan Brewer! He's really going for the jugular!

Forbes: peak oil in five to ten years

Huckabee Opposes Insurance For People With Pre-Existing Conditions

Burn baby, burn! (DIAL-UP WARNING!)

Rep. Mike Pence: If The GOP Loses In November It Will Be The End Of America

Pelosi: If the GOP had won in 2008, we'd be in a depression with 14.5% unemployment

Origin of the Universe? Man's purpose in Life? How the hell did COD raise $2M

Origin of the Universe? Man's purpose in Life? How the hell did COD raise $2M

I think all this parsing of Obama's speech should tell us something.

Everything that happened in her life lead to this moment

Are you guys watching this fucking NUT's video on Rachel?

Part of me wants ODonnell to win this November so she can represent the true nature of

Welcome to the Age of the Working Age Poor

I shall call her... Mini-Me.

The Story of a Canadian Farmer’s Fight to Defend the Rights of Farmers and the Future of Seeds

What's with the overload on bacon? Now bacon INSIDE the burger

Delaware Masturbators March Against O’Donnell

I wonder when Palin and O'Donnell will begin to clash

CREW:Tell the U.S. Attorney: Investigate Christine O'Donnell!

Student Loans - The Gateway Drug To Debt Slavery

Horsey Time!

WaPo - palin visit to Iowa prompts 2012 talk

Why is the October 2cnd Union Sponsored Rally not getting attention on this site?

Los Angeles considering increasing legal limit for dog and cat ownership

Stephanie Miller just told Ed she's going to be leading the Million Masturbator March in DC!

Pope Benedict Swishes By Gaydar's UK Office, Is Greeted By Gaydar Angels, Protestors, Disses Nuns...

Mushrraf accepted seven US demands in 24 hours after 9/11 terror attacks

"When the Rapture comes we'll be able to eat all the ice cream we want and not gain weight."

PG&E Moving Quickly to MAKE US PAY (When We should be making THEM Pay)

Caption Christine O'Donnell

What is going on with the women in the U.S. today?

your driveway is not "your" driveway?

your driveway is not "your" driveway?

"Economics vs Fakeonomics" - can you tell the difference?

Exporting Jobs, Importing Workers

Bill Clinton working to Stay Healthy for Grandkids...Becomes a VEGAN!

Anyone have sign ideas for the Stewart/Colbert rally?

I am pretty underwhlelmed by kindergarten

Friday toons: Tea Hee Hee

Back to art history class, DUers: the Friday Afternoon Challenge question awaits you.

Back to art history class, DUers: the Friday Afternoon Challenge question awaits you.

Howard Dean urges progressives to join the October 2nd March on Washington

Morals, ethics, fundagelical christianity, and why extreme righties are such hypocrites.

Poverty is Not a Dirty Word

Michelle Rhee blasted DC voters at "Superman" premiere. Audience cheered her.

How many miles on your car?

Things Glenn Beck should do this week ... Burn copies of the movie Taxi Driver?

I still don't understand why we can't do it this way on taxcuts

Nat'l Weather Service: Two Tornadoes Swept Through NY City

Obama Mocks Public Option Supporters

Full Transcripts of Obama "mocking" Liberals

Full Transcripts of Obama "mocking" Liberals

The Federal Debt? Easy :) Get the Federal Reserve to buy it in over time.

*** September Photo Contest: Preliminary round, poll 3 ***

*** September Photo Contest: Preliminary round, poll 2 ***

*** September Photo Contest: Preliminary round, poll 1 ***

How much do you trust Tim Geithner ?

Friday toons: Tea Hee

Is capitalism worth saving?

Some Highlights on the Inspiring Senate Career of Russ Feingold

never mind

My open letter to Dr. Douchebag (aka Dr. Roger Starner Jones)

Just saw a great bumper sticker.

Didn't Ronald Reagan warn against mortgaging the future of our children and grandchildren?

Frank Zappa Memorial to be dedicated this Saturday

Sex using a condom: sinful or just a waste of time?

Please sign in here if you are going to the One Nation March in DC on Oct 2nd - please keep kicked

Just finished watching "Zardoz"

World's Scariest Job

Too much time on his hands

For our AUSSIE FRIENDS....waltzing matilda by Rieu

Read this and picture Mitt Romney as President.


"Please don't let my main man (my husband ) Catch you here"

Well, this is awkward.

Kate Gosselin hearts Photoshop. It gave her a "new body!"

The courage of the "fearless crew?" ONE guy! GILLIGAN! That's not a crew! Damned drama queens.

Do. NOT. Pee in my Wheaties.

How can you not love this?

The memories...

This was great!

Beautiful Song!

Beautiful Song!

Listen to the whole suite some time!

Now here is a post.

Funny ad at the beginning!

It's the American way

I'm tired of eating

SyFy B movie comes to life - 160 cobras escape from illegal lab

100 TV Shows You Won't Believe Actually Aired

Your Friday kitteh

An important message to all you fang bangers (you know who you are)


FYI: I pronounce it "taxcuts", not "tax cuts"

Nancy Sinatra - Lee Hazelwood "Some Velvet Morning"

Time to think of Halloween costumes

How Much for the Drunk Girl? Found her on the clearance rack...


How do you start a Lieutenant group on DU?

In a perfect world, this poll would be ...

How do you start a private group on DU?

Joaquin Phoenix punk'd us. It was all a "performance."

OH GOD, YES! Double Rainbow! Don't stop, more, more, OMG!

I don't care how good of a guitar player you weren't playing with Ozzy when you were 12.

No sunflowers, but I do have peppers and roses

Chattanooga, TN beats Google to 1Gbps—for $350 a month

Ronan Keating & Lulu - We've Got Tonight, Almighty 12 Inch Vocal Remix (mp3)

I wanna make

Where Did You Sleep Last Night?


Cat haters in GD!


Big sigh of relief

So, now I'm a racist?

C'est pas la mer à boire

Is Catholicism worth saving?

Jewel Staite Reveals How 'Firefly' Should Have Ended

GD is at it again.

Interesting thought.

Sacha Baron Cohen to play Freddie Mercury

Becker was such a great, but under-rated show..wish it was still going

Butts Arrested in Boob Murder Case

Is Alcoholism worth saving?

Can we all agree on one thing?

I had to put down my pup today.

Is 3-week-old flank steak worth saving? nt

Friday night live music - Grand Funk from 1974...American Band,,,

Prayers & vibes, please. Had a job interview this morning.

I owe Forkboy an apology

SO...a guy walks into a Walmart, grabs a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and a toy lightsaber...

Is Atheism worth saving? Is Unitarianism worth saving?

Everybody owes me, I'm on a mission from God!

Should I tell my wife that I'm having an affair with Isabella Rossellini. Should I tell

Nobody owes me an apology.

Forkboy owes me a new camcorder.

Marylanders, DCers, Virginians! Rally 10-30-10 questions

Are you on The List?

Forkboy owes me three bucks.

Everybody owes me an ice cold beer!

Warning: ANGER ANGER ANGER Potential for grievous bodily harm

Why "Real Americans" are always RIGHT!!!!!!!

This is dedicated to Christine "The Finger" O'Donnell!

I wish LeftyFingerPop would be more careful about where he leaves his recreational drugs...


Note to self about LeftyFingerPop:

If you are musical, were any of your ancestors musicians also?

Aren't you ever satisfied?

I start my diet again tonight! Wish me luck.

Do you remember the first time?

Arrrgh! My computer is walking the Green Mile.

Need Big Hugs Tonight

Cool video showing how rail tracks are set down.

Breaking up... is so very hard to do...

A woman with a really, REALLY big set...

My poem from the open mic tonight: Slide

This singer is just 16? The amazing Nikki Yanofsky

An easy fast to all those observing Yom Kippur!

I am a nervous wreck.

How 'Eeeeevil' is McDonalds

Serious post.

Best pause in music history?

Siblings that suck?


How can people be so heartless...

I knew an octopus could shrink to the size of a small can but didn't know cats could....

So I'm try to come up with the movie with the most past/ future Academy Award winning

A girl I have a mad crush on wants me to go to the Colbert/Stewart rally with her.

Dennis Wilson's Pacific Ocean Blue - Your thoughts?

Re: Dancing Naked around a Bonfire

Everybody owes me an apology.

My family could have its own reality tv show.

I'm going to see Rush, the band tomorrow night in concert for the first time!!!!

Who was/is the funniest person to ever walk the planet?

Anyone ever tried dried Mango? Yummy. N/T

Just to clarify

Nobody owes me anything but, I would appreciate a good beer.

The cat just drank out of my husband's coffee mug....

If you could lease some good residential mine shaft space, but the water supply was fluoridated ...

Stewart VS Colbert

The Tax-Cut Racket --It’s time for Democrats to take a stand, say no to G.O.P. blackmail. (Krugman)

Obama Finds His Footing in the Tax Fight

Hey Soldier -- The President Wants You...To Get Your Money

Deleted dupe. n/t

Four House '10 Polls

A look at the '10 Governors Races

a Fool and his Constructed book was at Wash. Journal this a.m.

Number of People Kept Out of Poverty by Unemployment Insurance

CT Senate: Barack Obama wrestle with Linda McMahon

GA-Gov: Nathan Deal's (R) financial travails

AK-Sen: Joe Miller's $14,000 government handout

Stewart, Colbert to Hold "Competing" Rallies

(R)asmussen Reports: WI Senate--Johnson 51% Feingold 44%

Will it now be a SIN if a Republican does not support cutting

If you don't hear from me tomorrow, don't send out a search party...

My look at the 2010 Senate races

CA Gov: Whitman has spent $119 million

Coming soon to a voting booth near you...

I think President Obama is about to announce Elizabeth Warren in a few minutes

NY-20 Key House Race--Siena Poll--freshman dem Murphy leads by 17-points (won by 700 votes in 09)

I gotta give it to Bill Clinton.

Watch the media make a negative out of the Warren Appointment!

White House reminds Blue Dogs that they're deficit hawks

Excellent announcement speech by the President, just one nit-pick

President Obama's statement announcing the appointment of Elizabeth Warren

PPP: Obama vs. GOP candidates in 2012

IL Gov Poll: Brady 42% Quinn 32% (Quinn only getting 59% of Dems currently)

The great switcheroo ?

Ohio Governor: Strickland Trails By 3 In Internals

Obama names Warren to set up consumer protection agency

Gibbs was right

Obama Calls Mike Castle After GOP Primary Loss, Says Senior Administration Official

FRIGHTENING UPDATE! Mice with human brains. Smart little fu**ers.

Dog whistles at "Values Voter" summit. "Back of the bus..." "We have always been in charge..."

Wall Street Reform very popular, and Republicans are dragging down health care reform numbers

Kerry Pushes TANF Extension to Save Jobs for Working Families

Steve Hildebrand: Dem cowards fleeing Obama's agenda

Fighting to Protect Consumers, by Elizabeth Warren

Civil rights panel debates its future

How do you pronounce the acronym GUI and what does it mean?

The Forgotten Detail: The Bush Tax Policy was a Failure

Survey USA: MN 6--Bachmann: 49% Clark 40%


GOP = Stain, Pain, and Drain...the DEMs need to attack the GOPer Party

Delaware Senate candidates debate: Coons Vs. O'Donnell

(R)asmussen Poll: MA Governor--Patrick 45% Baker 42% Cahill 5%

Okay, so my drunk fiance smacked me a good one tonite...

Things that aren't legal but should be, and are legal but shouldn't be?

Senator Snowe on Mike Castle's loss and the Republican Party

Krugman: "It’s time for Democrats to take a stand, and say no to G.O.P. blackmail."

The Warren Retort

*** September Photo Contest: Preliminary rounds***

E. Warren: "It’s time for all of us to pull up our socks and get to work."

DE Senate: Christine O'Donnell criticized by former aides

Sooner or later a Teabag candidate is going to "up" the Repub civil war. How will he or she do it?

Public Policy Polling CA Senate/Gov Preview: Better news for dems than expected

Will you march to keep fear alive?? October 30, the National Mall

Showdown on DADT set for Tuesday afternoon

Obama plan trip to Southwest, Midwest, and Eastern

Murkowski Makes It Official: "Alaska is not fair game for outside extremists"

HEADS UP-Elizabeth Warren on Rachel Maddow's show!

Maryland 1 House race Poll: Freshman Dem leads in GOP leaning district

Obama's Palin Dilemma

"Vote, if only just because of stories like mine. You CAN make a difference ... by simply voting"

Senator Santorum, Is there no end to your cultural McCarthyism?

How Democrats can win Murkowski's Senate seat now


Krugman: Temporary Tax Cuts For The Rich? No.

Elizabeth Warren: If I was looking for a nomination, I would have told the President.'

Repuke meme: Obama denies "the Creator" and alters the Declaration of Independence!

DE Senate: Biden in DE today to appear with Coons

I'm trying to come up with the most overused restaurant terms

Photos: How do you spell "Ohio"......

Murkowski Will Run As Write-In

Russ Feingold's 'Cheddarbomb': Fundraising Campaign Brings In Nearly $500,000 In One Day

DNC has a great new video out: Change That Matters

President Obama: "It's the most insidious takeover of our Democracy. We won't let it happen"

"black voters could be a real sleeper in this election,"

On October 30th, will you be...

Sarah Palin 2012 Presidential Run? 'I Would Give It A Shot'

Christine O'donnell was a witch?!

Huckabee compares sick people with burned down houses at Values-palooza

100 Miles And Runnin'

I made a facebook page...

My Professional Leftist schedule for the weekend.

Since the rise in populist rhetoric from the White House, critics on DU have been...

Pres. Obama: "We have had the most ... progressive legislative session in at least a generation."

I have an odd question here, remember Wavy Gravy's bus?

That new logo has driven the crazies to fraud.

Maybe, just maybe we are starting to make a breakthough!

Music thread ***Colors****

S.F. man pleads guilty to threatening Pelosi

Regents move on UC pension problem

New data brighten outlook for economy

Jerry Brown's office accused of playing politics over freed inmate

Boehner vows to do everything he can to "prevent Obamacare from being implemented"

California Braces for Showdown on Emissions

Majority of Conservatives Think Palin’s Endorsements are Aimed at Helping Her, Not GOP

Rallies Planned for Soldier Charged in WikiLeaks Case

MI5 head warns of serious risk of UK terrorist attack

Connecticut massacre: Father's agony as court is shown harrowing pictures of scene of wife and daugh

France suspects al-Qaida link in Niger kidnapping

France suspects al-Qaida link in Niger kidnapping

UN: Child mortality rate falling

U.S. expresses concern for telephonic spying in Colombia

China's Get-Out-Of-Jail Card Vexes Geithner

Federal judge sets date for trial to split blame for Gulf of Mexico oil spill

Prescott to launch legal challenge to phone hack probe (News of the World)

Whistleblower Protection: Sustained Management Attention Needed (Damning Report from GAO)

Germany denies alleged Merkel comment on camps

BP Moves Closer to Sealing Damaged Well After Interception

Nancy Pelosi keeps losing Democrats on tax cuts

Free trade announcement launches tense EU summit

Two L.A. agencies get $111 million in stimulus funds but have created only 55 jobs

Prison Industry Ties to Anti-Immigration Bills

Biden to raise cash for White (D-Ne)

Democrats Use Power of Majority to Pursue Agenda

Ohio man charged in fire at mostly black church

Mushrraf accepted seven US demands in 24 hours after 9/11 terror attacks

United Way of Silicon Valley lambasted for rewarding San Jose police

ID calls for probe into government’s nuclear project

Murkowski supporters: come to "campaign kickoff" tonight

Former Los Alamos scientist indicted on nuclear charges

US fights order to release Guantanamo detainee

Politicians must disclose free tickets, state regulators say (Los Angeles)

Paramilitary speaks out on Drummond murders (Alabama mining company)

Warren vows end to "tricks" with consumer agency

Christine O'Donnell praises Tolkien's women

D.C. Cops: Armed Man Shot near Capitol Building

Lady Gaga Calls Republican DADT Filibuster Threat ‘Shameless’

Pope's UK visit: Six held by counter-terror police hours before historic address

Taliban kidnap 18 election workers, campaigners

Man charged with killing daughter's boyfriend appears in court

DNA Evidence Clears Two Men Who Served 30 Years Each For Rape

Fenty says no to GOP nomination

Sri Lanka blast kills up to 60 as explosives go off by accident

Couple Accused of Passing Nuclear Arms Secrets -- to help Venezuela build an atom bomb.

Palin's Next Stops: Iowa, TV

Prominent Pakistani politician murdered outside his London home

Three day of mourning declared in Fallujah (after a joint U.S.-Iraqi raid)

Warren vows end to "tricks" with consumer agency

Year's tally of U.S. bank failures reaches 124 (5 banks closed Friday - Sept 17)

Lisa Murkowski to Run as Write in Candidate in Alaska

(Cal Dem) State Sen. Roderick Wright indicted on charges of voter fraud and perjury

Vince Cable criticises temporary (UK) immigration cap

Recession Creates an Opening for Democrat in Texas

Oilsands 'acceptably clean': U.S. senator

State utility regulators get tough, tell PG&E to turn over records of troubled gas pipelines

Pair guilty over illegal internet sperm company

Lawyer’s sticker campaign puts Coakley in a new battle

Insurgents fire rockets to disrupt Afghan election

Toyota Settles Suit Over Saylor Car Crash

Former Sen. Al D’Amato To GOP Guest: “Shut Up, I Listened To Your Racist Bullsh*t”

Police: Woman Admits Acid Attack Was Hoax

Unions Find Members Slow to Rally Behind Democrats

Thousands of Trees Killed by New York Tornadoes

Aetna gets OK to hike rates on individual health policies in California

Colombian drug lord is arrested in Venezuela

Gibbs: Palin might be 'most formidable force' in the Republican Party

California budget stalemate now longest ever

Five Algerians Held In Pope Plot Terror Swoop

How the tea party is rewriting the rule book for political organizing

Pope Benedict XVI goes to war with 'atheist extremism'

South Africa pulls plug on modular nuclear reactor project

"H.I.V." Was in Monkeys for Millennia: Why Didn't We Get Sick?

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday September 17

(UK Liberal Democrats' Leader) Nick Clegg: There is no future for us as a party of the left

City plans to bill pastor for security around planned Quran burning

Holt: FBI anthrax investigation is itself subject of probe

One Nation March Washington, D.C 10/2; Michigan bus transportation available

Wow, I've never bought anything on eBay--but there is a certain guitar for sale

US couple 'tried to pass nuclear secrets to Venezuela'

Stewart, Colbert To Hold 10/30 Rallies

food inc ,full movie ,part 1 of 11 The Corporate Influence Has Taken Over America!

Rush Limbaugh's New Election Rule

Meet The American Taliban by Old Fart Rants

Glenn Beck Wants Fat People To Die?

Weird Liberal Head Show #165: Investigate the Tea Party

"ALARMING pattern of hydrocarbons maintained in the water column" - Gulf "a big experimental lab

MRV: Mildly Relevant Misogynist? More Christine O'Donnell Talk!

'Republicans will Force Raped Women to have the baby.' Republican Candiates

Unemployed there's light at the end of the tunnel and it's a fricken fright train WAKE UP

PCOLAGREGG interview / Pensacola Cover-up

Pantages Chases Protestors Away from Theater During Debate

RED LOBSTER and the BP GULF OIL disaster

PDA-IL Chat with Ald. Waguespack-Chicago A.D. (After Daley)

Second Massive Fish Kill Found In Lousiana (Stingrays Also)

Oil is still washing up in Long Beach Mississippi

Pensacola Beach Oil And Tar Still Here September 16 2010

Unethical 'Palinista' Christine O'Donnell -- The Next 'Mama Grizzly'

Ed Schultz: Republicans Don't Give A Damn About Middle Class

'Republicans are at war against US Girls and Women.' Princeton's Harris-Lacewell

Rachel Maddow & Melissa Harris Lacewell: GOP female candidates oppose women's interests

Michelle Malkin vents on the vicious and completely uncivil Karl Rove

Dedicated to Crazy Chrissie O'Donnell : Good Girls Don't

Change That Matters

Kindra: "Get off your butt and get in the street!" -- "WAKE UP" AMERICA

Oil War in Nigeria

Blood beach is back with a big impact

David Pakman: Haven't Terrorists WON if people pay for Beck & Palin on 9/11 anniversary?

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (President's announcement)

21st Century Enlightenment

Bayh Says Poverty Increase Means We Should Ignore 'Fairness' And Cut Taxes For The Rich

Legislate Morality w/ The Bible - O'Donnell

TYT: Cenk Interviews Senator Russ Feingold on 2010 Elections, Tax Cuts & More (w/ Transcript)

Mitt Romney, Mormon stand up commedian

Recent Tea Party Election Victories

Ideas of Free Market Socialism

Obama Oil Spill Commission INTIMIDATING scientists -- ILLEGAL TO SAMPLE

Michele Bachmann Does Not Understand "Negative Rights"

Independent lab tests reveal toxic dispersant in Gulf waters, Government denies...

Al D'Amato Unloads On Fellow Guest On Fox Business: 'Racist Bullsh*t'

This November, let's make Mike Turner Gone Daddy Gone! Joe Roberts (D) for Ohio's 3rd District

Christine O Donnell New Ad

The Tea Party's Most Offensive and Racist Signs...Staged?

Glenn BecKKK's Inspiration...? Pee Wee Herman!

Auto-Tuned Video - Dude You have No Quran

How Faux Noise Ruined The Republicon Party

Jon Stewart Announces "Rally To Restore Sanity" - Colbert Announces His "March To Keep Fear Alive"

Anderson Cooper 360 examines just what a grifter Christine O'Donnell is

GOP wants to cut spending, they just have no idea what they would cut

Above Normal Levels of Hydrocarbons in Gulf Seafood

PRICELESS: GOP/Teabaggers Blame Dems for THEIR Deficit Spending

Anderson Cooper CNN - FEC Laws / Big $$$ Trouble For Christine O'Donnell 9/16

TYT: Prop 19 in California

DADT: A message from Lady Gaga to the Senate Sept 16 2010

Dylan Ratigan: Why Legalize Marijuana?

Is The U.S. Moving Toward Socialism? A Socialist Weighs In

Sarah & the GOPettes: Assessing the O'Donnell Victory

Moralists Unite: Values Voter Summit Kicks Off In DC Today

Is This America? - Do Arab & Muslim Lives Matter?

HP tech support lacks human touch

Proposed Sale of The Washington Times Merits Greater Scrutiny

Obama names Warren to set up consumer protection agency

Pastor in strip club shows Baptistland patterns

Why the Jon Stewart Rally To Restore Sanity Will Be 'X-Rated'

Do you know what kind of shape your bank is in?

The Enthusiasm Gap in the White House

Americans no longer invest in their future

Is there an outbreak of secular child molesters? The Pope Likens Atheists to Nazis

The Tax-Cut Racket

The Craziest Christine O'Donnell Quotes (So Far)

Friday Talking Points (139) -- Three Years Of FTP

Dems to voters: You may hate us, but GOP is worse

Bob Herbert:Two Different Worlds

An E-mail I received: Fw: Can Muslims Be Good Americans?

Weekend Economists: One for The Road September 17-19, 2010

William Rivers Pitt: The Ultimate Political No-Brainer

Relief Well Reaches Stricken BP Well

Peak oil notes - Sept 16

Drumbeat: September 17, 2010

Record Temperatures Killing Caribbean Corals

Deformed fish found in lake downstream from oilsands

Rare Asian 'unicorn' captured (died)

X Prize Winners Look Weird … With Good Reason

Natural gas 'accelerated' breakdown of Gulf oil (BBC)

Department of Wildlife... Oil spill? What oil spill? Nothing to see... Move along...

Automotive X Prize Winner Gets 102.5 MPG ... and it's powered with E85 fuel.

Stunning glacier becomes a threat as water pools above town in French Alps

Urgent call on EU to stop billion-euro 'alien invasion' (BBC)

'Mythical' extinct fly rediscovered after 160 years (BBC)

Mayweather in big trouble

Drew Brees Casually Wonders Aloud If He Really Could Get Away With Murder In This Town

Timberwolves try truth-telling to their fans

San Francisco takes 1st place in NL West with 15 games remaining

Ladies and Gentlemen, please join in singing our National Anthem (in three parts)

How A College Kid's Photograph Helped Launch Denard Robinson's Heisman Candidacy

Torre to retire as Dodgers manager; Mattingly will take over..

Torre out, Mattingly in for the Dodgers...


U-The-Man or Karoke Hiroda?

Welcome to Tucson, Hawkeyes

Jim Brown: "My legacy won't be defined by Holmgren"

Meyer addresses Gators' staggering arrest rate

Ex-Guatemalan Soldier Gets 10 Years in US Prison

U.S. expresses concern for telephonic spying in Colombia

Jailed Venezuela judge demands justice

Venezuela Averts Deficit With Debt Sales Equal to 32% of 2010 Spending

Legal Battle May Force CIA to Return Drone Code to Sender

Colombian drug lord is arrested in Venezuela

Hugo Chavez, the Fifth International, and the Shadow of Trotsky

Venezuelan jewish community asks Chavez to reestablish diplomatic relations with Israel

Counterpunch: Saul Landau: The confessions of Roger Noriega

Evidence of fraud mounts in Ecuadorian suit against Chevron

Paramilitary speaks out on Drummond murders

What's the deal with the CCRKBA?

Question regarding firearms in National Parks in California.

Brady Campaign erects pro-gun signs!

Boozman Drafts Bill to Protect Veterans' Gun Rights

Homeowner shoots irate man over parked car

We must teach the next generation, a recent experance I have had.

Christine O'Donnell Has A Long Sordid History Of Demonizing LGBT People

Gay Patriot Endorses "People With AIDS Deserve It" Christine O'Donnell

HAWAII: Christianist Group Fined $20,000 For Excessive Anti-Gay Lobbying (20k vs the lies? Lucky!)

Joe Lieberman airs 'don't ask' doubts

Gays in Updated Jewish Prayer Book

CALIFORNIA: Denny's Waiter Stabbed For Being Gay, Cops Rule It A Hate Crime

***September Photo Contest: Preliminary rounds are up in GD***

Gov’t rejects extended freeze, despite heavy pressure

Today in Labor History Sept 17 Susan B. Anthony calls for the formation of a Working Women's Assn.

Child labor violations alleged

Shot Through The Heart: Telescope Fires Laser at Milky Way

Did you know there were this many satellites in orbit?

Pastor in strip club shows Baptistland patterns

The Pope has warned that religion - and Christianity in particular - is "being marginalised"

In 1933, Hitler outlawed all atheistic and freethinking groups in Germany.

Starcodes the Week - Heather Roan Robbins

Light workers

I don't know WTF is going on with Mercury Retrograde....

The “Indian Superbug”: Worse Than We Knew

Osteoarthritis and broccoli

Who's been promoting adult boosters to fight pertussis? Why it's those dang pro-vaccination people!

98% of adults not vaccinated against pertussis. ~ AAP

CDC reports vaccination rates remain high ~ VACCINATION NEWS DAILY

Osgood-Schlatters and acupuncture

Supplements {glucosamine, chondroitin} for osteoarthritis 'do not work' (BBC)

CDC reports vaccination rates remain high

Low dose aspirin and colon cancer prevention