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Illegitimati non carborundom !

From the pages of unintended consequences.

Shhhh... Pass it on....

"...short-changed investments in our own people,..."

We will remain in Iraq for over 4.468 billion years...

anybody else notice the BP spokeswoman's comment during the Emmys???

Snow and rain: fire indices plunge. Is the season over? (DIAL-UP WARNING)

Famous Last Words

Is "drama queen" a homophobic slur?

Gingrich doesn't object to bigot's ground zero church

NYT editorial: With internal citizenship checks, Border Patrol is 'distorted by mission creep'

(Democratic) Lawmaker: July 2011 too soon to start leaving Afghanistan

Progressives staying home from the polls "in protest?" Completely stupid.

A Trillion-Dollar Catastrophe. Yes, Iraq Was a Headline War

A friendly reminder to Beck and the Tea Baggers from 2009

The best criticism I've ever had on the Internets

The battle over Proposition 19

Obama opens 2-day Mideast peace summit

Dan Senor is as visible

Got a question, why are "date rape" and "rape" categorized differently

"Is a Dream a Lie If It Don't Come True, Or Is It Something Worse?"

Here's a video of the New Left reporters interviewing the RW

Rape probe against WikiLeaks founder reopened

West faces a losing battle for Afghan "human terrain"

Mr. President, you know what you can do with your bushy sucking up.

After Spending $1.288 Billion Dollars On Two LCS Ships, United States Navy Forges Ahead

Troops, families glad to hear end to Iraq combat

Orange Beach AL Testing the Waters As Rumors Flow Faster Than Oil

Sen. Orrin Hatch: ‘I’d Be The First To Stand Up For Their Rights’ To Build A Mosque Near Ground Zero


Another Northrop Grumman/Ingalls Shipbuilding Dud - The USS Makin Island

Iraq to spend $13B on U.S. arms, equipment

Ooga Booga Booga - The Chineese Have Warships With Sailors On Them

Gates warns Iraq commitment isn't over

Lockeed Martin Joyous Over New Potential Arms Sales

Defence spending in a time of austerity

Bell-Boeing and McDonnell Douglas to Supply Flying Machines For UK Aircraft Carriers

Nightmarish Hospital Visit Capped by Beating, Accident Victim Says

Air Force: Sergeant may have exposed others to HIV

Duh Oh...BP's succesor to Hayward inserts foot in mouth almost immediately.

Am I in an alternate universe? Bush invaded Iraq to provide a stable government in the ME?

Ted Strickland blasts GOP “monkey business” opponent

Special Creation, Divine Providence, and a MESSENGER from Mercury

Obama's Iraq Speech: Ditch "Mission Accomplished" for "Shared Sacrifice"

Dinosaurs Leave Iraq

What Ken Cuccinelli Could Learn From Spider-Man's Uncle

T.Blair still luerves Shrub & war, boozed it up, sez BROWN "strange" & Diana "wild"

Repubs "distorting" the truth about the "surge"..

Is this Almanac creditable

Since we most of us will be staying home (according to the media)

Things the President Left Out of His Big Speech

A gathering of the most ignorant and stupid people in one place!

CIA Makes Happy Faces While Droning Natives

Obama Declares an End to Combat Mission in Iraq

What will happen on November 3rd if Republicans have NOT taken the House?

Holley teens charged with targeting mosque

So what is more important, a speech announcing the ending of a war or

Does anyone here have examples

BP trespasses on and contaminates land belonging to local Ala. bank.

Andy Ostroy: Mission Not Accomplished: The True Cost of the Iraq War

Chain-Smoking Greeks Face Tough Ban


Dear Campaign Managers: Can we retire the term "Money Bomb"?

An Unsanitized Look at the Origins of the Iraq War

Beaten down to the ground by propaganda...

Obama is not on the Ticket, so why should I vote?

Frankenstein cited over monstrous behavior in Ohio

Michael Douglas reveals throat cancer at stage IV

US Navy To Cut Second Fleet To Buy More Ships?

Five fastest growing occupations

Five fastest growing occupations

What do you call a speech by John Boinger (R) Ohio?

US Grapples With Bedbugs, Pesticide Misuse

Agent Orange, The Vietnam 'Gift', Is Gonna Cost The Veterans Administration Billions

No more polls

Man Already Knows Everything He Needs To Know About Muslims

Tom Tancredo fires opening salvo in this year's 'War On Christmas' rhetoric

Wouldn't it have been cheaper to just buy the oil from Iraq?

US Navy To Cut Second Fleet To Buy More Ships?

Gates says history will judge worth of Iraq war

Ohio court blocks local objections to new Hindu temple.

California's safety-net health insurance premiums rise the maximum

Texas Vows To Reclaim Title Of Most Regressive State From Arizona

Ever heard of Suzette Foster? She claims to have healed herself from near total paralysis.

The Mormon-Christian right alliance

The Mormon-Christian right alliance

How to regret ever having children, By Mark Morford

Glenn Beck's George Washington Whopper

On contradictory speeches

Obama has been clear on his Faith:

In a certain sense, we're lucky the Republicans are so crazy.


"The Great Transition": A visionary report envisions how to reverse Polanyi's "Great Transformation"

Well, let's see what the "Southern Baptists" have to say about Beck

Contracting Out the Occupation - Another False Ending

Bloomberg for Treasury Secretary? (Yes, it's from a gossip rag)

Bloomberg for Treasury Secretary? (Yes, it's from a gossip rag)

How many "lone nuts" does it take to make a party mix...

Ex-VP Dick Cheney Injured in Serious Hunting Accident

Science Proves Bill O'Reilly is a Bigot

Palin Demands Honesty on Iraq from Obama, Not Bush, While Playing the Iraq = 9/11 Terra Card

We have a lot of work to do before November. Adding Angle, Paul, Miller and O'Donnell

President Obama, why isn't someone like me on the Social Security Commission...

in case you don't know: American Politics is Getting All Koch'ed Up

When you are canvassing, this shirt says it all:

Pentagon watchdog misses US$1bn audit

Not so fast, Morning Joe.

Workers Rebuilding New Orleans Face Rampant Wage Theft

CNN's "light at the end of the tunnel"..."Employers Stopped firing, not yet hiring." USA! USA! USA!

Anybody ever heard relatives talk about when the first cars appeared in their town?

It seems that conservatives don't want to talk about the Murfreesboro mosque anymore.

Woman seriously burned by substance thrown in face

New Breed of Patent Claim Bedevils Product Makers

I working out again now, but I'm no enthusiast for it.

Dallas judge's ruling saying gay couple could divorce in Texas rejected on appeal

Roger Ebert does it again.

Some of the United States military's contributions to World Peace (***CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES***)

Have we become too cynical?

Second Coming of Christ buys wingnut newspaper back for $1


CEOs lay off thousands, rake in millions

The poodle bites it, the poodle chews it: Let's cherish Bush's integrity and courage, shall we?

Republican Governors Try to Defund Health Care, Pit Teachers Against the Poor

Republican Governors Try to Defund Health Care, Pit Teachers Against the Poor

I dug this up outta the good ol' memory hole to help in the discussion of the pres address tonight

Silicon Valley's dark secret - it's all about age, young inexperienced engineers preferred

Only in Japan, Real Men Go to a Hotel With Virtual Girlfriends

Amusing Beckkkerwood tee shirt..

The President would have done far better to not have mentioned Idiot Son at all last night

Krugman (again): Austerians = Bubble Deniers?

" in Afghanistan he (President Obama) is now repeating the same errors that were made in Iraq"

" in Afghanistan he (President Obama) is now repeating the same errors that were made in Iraq"

Study: Job Growth Is Limited to Really Crappy Jobs

institute of Policy Studies Report: CEOs lay off thousands, rake in millions

How are East Coast DUers preparing for the effects of Hurricane Earl?

Hope I am not violating a rule, but I want to be sure everyone

Don't blame Katrina. Blame Mr. Go.

Chile Trapped Miners Boon for Pinera as Rating Soars

Testing of 2,000 Autistic children -- lead & mercury in blood 50 percent higher than normal.

I have been thinking about which Democratic Politician Barack Obama most closely resembles in terms

I have been thinking about which Democratic Politician Barack Obama most closely resembles in terms

Bush-Era Iraq War Architects Emerge To Demand ‘Credit’ For Iraq War ‘Success’

Please Help Preserve Net Neutrality!

Tax Jujitsu: Why Democrats Should Propose a "People's Tax Cut"

Colleges angry about sex worker advert

Stephen Colbert Accuses Wikileaks Founder Of ‘Manipulating’ The Public (video)

$1.4 million donor funds California teachers' wish list

BP Tripled Its Ad Budget After Oil Spill

France and its deportation of Roma (Gypsies) -- echoes of the US?

Our FRiends offer enlightened discussion on the Discovery Bldg hostage crisis...

Old G.M. Being Sold for Parts

Lehman boss blames US for bank's collapse

Discovery HQ hostage in Maryland

Economic Policy Institute: Top 10 Reasons Not To Raise the Social Security Retirement Age

MSNBC confirming DC gunman's manifesto and identity.

Sarah Palin Profile Reveals Her Facebook Ghostwriter And Spendthrift Ways

Does thimerosal or other mercury exposure increase the risk for autism?

Saudi Official Denies Abuse on Maid Who Had Nails Forced Into Her Body

"...anybody trying to stage unsanctioned political rally would be "beaten on the head" by police..."

Wednesday TOON roundup #3

Wednesday TOON roundup #3

Government won't sue Moody's credit rating firm for criminal fraud despite finding evidence!

Koch-Funded Organizations Launch New ‘Rally For Jobs’ Campaign To Protect Big Oil

Recession slams workers' pay (Men's wages are falling faster than women's)

The Republican Party does equal the Democratic Party in one sense

Wednesday TOON roundup #1

Wednesday TOON roundup #4

Is it true that 97% of republicans are NOT REALLY CHRISTIANS?

Practicing What They Preach

Vanity Fair: Sarah Palin the Sound and the Fury

Noted anti-global-warming scientist reverses course

Former Convicted Felon Jim Traficant Secures Enough Signatures To Appear On Ohio Congressional Ballo

The Artisan: StoneGround Breads

I'm shocked, words fail me....

Help me please. How would you respond to this BS email?

Cat House on the Kings (over 16,000 saved in 16 years by one woman)

Conservatives won't be happy until consuming is back in consumerism.

I have no plan, but if I scare you and lie to you, will you vote for me?

51,289,192 posts since January 2001

Bryan Fischer: All Muslims who are not terrorists PROVES that all Muslims are secretly terrorists

I need a list of facts about what it was like in Iraq before the 2003 invasion

Glenn Beck knows how to look out for Numero Uno.... oh yeah.....

Just contributed to Barbara Boxer's 100,000 Strong for Boxer campaign

More Americans Foregoing Life Insurance

Miami-Dade cop Frank Adams: Colleagues lie

Afghan war unwinnable quagmire, ex-CIA man says

Beat Repubs in Midterm Elections by 'Divide and Conquer' tactics...

Low-wage jobs show fastest growth (this is our future:(..)

The Cruel Irony of Organic Standards

Oakland has laid off 80 cops because of the budget crisis

Hiker accidentally shoots himself in the rear

My ltte printed today-re:Recent Agent Orange decisions by VA

Study shows link between forcing women to carry pregnancies and domestic abuse

LOL My MSNBC cuts to commercial during press briefing

Trumka: "This election is about electing economic patriots, and saying no to corporate traitors."

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Note to President Obama: Stop Walking the Tightrope

Hey anyone know what's up with

Middle-Aged ‘Young Guns’ Write New Book to Save America

Congressman who sponsored dealer exemption may be investigated over fundraising

Operation Iraqi Freedom is over.....when does Operation Help US Unemployed and homeless start???

Good on you Rachel!

2,666 Days

Just received a Repug email, not a terrible one, but need help

Did you hear that lying ReTHUG from Discovery on GEM$NBC

My fellow DU friends, it's put up or shut up time.

Tony Blair sucks up to Bush in Book

Overworked and Underpaid? Productivity Increases, But Wage Growth Declines

Arpaio skewered in "Machete"?

toomey is sick in the head!

9/1 17:00 EDT Earl Cat 4 Again - Max Sust 135 941 Mb; Watches & Warnings Cape Fear To Woods Hole, MA

FYI - For Boxer and CSPAN fans

Why Russ Feingold should really be worried

Secret 'Kill Lists' Fly in the Face of US and Int'l Law

It's Officially Official!

What Makes America Great: Layoffs!

I want to stream Randi Rhodes live through Real Player, if possible

I want to stream Randi Rhodes live through Real Player, if possible

Another Hate Crime: Sikh’s Vaguely Muslim Appearance Offends Seattle Man’s Sensitivities

I want to burn any kind of light bulb I want and drive a gas guzzler--all for God

Oh Gawd!! Now Tweety is attacking Obama for using a *gasp* teleprompter!!!

James Lee, the Discovery gunman is dead

Auto sales tumble in August: GM, Ford down over 10%; Toyota, 34%

You gotta catch Capitalism: A Love Story - now on Netflix streaming

Donor funds every teacher's wish listed on website. $1.3M

Should President Obama terminate the Deficit “Cat Food” Commission?

Rachel Maddow Is NOT Happy With Obama’s Kind Words For Former President Bush

Mountain Lion Shot in Berkeley's Gourmet Ghetto

Dept of Justice gave Sheriff Joe Arpaio until last Friday to turn over papers

Staff of Virginia Quarterly Rebel in Wake of Editor's Suicide

Would all the small government politicians in states on hurricane watch

Tony Blair reveals that Cheney wanted to go beyond Iraq: "the whole lot, Iraq, Syria, Iran"

What Have Muslims Ever Done For America Anyway?

Of Kings and Wingnut Clowns

The Washington Times Set to Sell For a Dollar; Paper Floundered as Donations from Japan Went Missing

Here's a suggestion for all those in Congress who want to keep the tax cuts for millionaires.

Maddow blasts Obama for praising Bush, letting WMD liars ‘get off easy’

We Shall Overcome......literacy.

Poking a Litte Fun at Glenn Beck and the God Squad

I’m going to conduct a very dangerous experiment

Joe Miller Complains about Federal Government, Alaska Swims in Federal Dollars

This is the kind of crap we have to fight to save animals around the world

The True Costs Of The Iraq And Afghanistan Wars

So, let's see...they are going after

Discovery TV gunman reportedly shot; on Web site, allegedly called for end to human reproduction, in

The surge..

It's just a phase you are going through

lying a nation into war....what greater crime can there be?

Why do all the RW pedophiles seem to score their underage sex partners at church?

The Republicans have no economic plan

(MP3) Another right winger says Mosque=Bad, alludes to Obama=Muslim

Palin Isn't A Mama Grizzly, She's Just A Grizzly

Is there any Democratic Senator that would filibuster any attempt to

Cross post (from another poster) from Editorials forum

Hold John Hagee Accountable To His Own Past Words...

Hilda Solis speaks about infrastructure and green jobs in Labor Day video message

Teabaggers are the sleaziest, most dispicable...

Method to Grade Teachers Provokes Battles

Bloomberg was pretty good on the daily show last week

Glenn Beck - Any Ratings Bump on Faux he got from Whitestock is Going Down

Hey DU, need a suggestion!

Tony Blair is an idiot.

My step son scored another insurance boiler room job.

Tony Blair continues to praise Bush and suck his ass in his memoirs (Warning: This is gag inducing)

From The Mudflats - Rasmussen Poll -- 44% already for Scott McAdams

Indiana Unions Provide Food Aid for Jobless Workers

Should we (humans) colonize Antarctica?

Bush - Iraq War Lies: You can only forget if you choose to forget.

Wednesday TOON roundup #2

Listening to the lady from the Free Clinichs

Two right-wing nutjob acts of violence in as many weeks

Rachel continues the CCA connections

Should he do it? Would you go?

Young golfer disqualifies self, gives up medal

Time to Raise Hell About the Catfood Commission - Jane Hamsher/FDL

Mods, can't we put the teaching/teacher posts in the education forum?

Don't be a dope!

'Tis the season. Please read, watch, and sign. (disturbing)

Could be Chocolate Milk

I thought Fact Check was bipartisan and could be trusted?

So I'm gassing up my car at Costco a few minutes ago...

Discovery Channel Hq (Silver Springs,MD) evacuated...gunman inside

Senator Barbara Boxer v. Fired HP Exec. fiorina debate tonight

BAILOUT 5800B IN 2008

John Cole, 2008: My Iraq War Retrospective.

Wait what - did Shrub call CLINTON? Why did OBAMA call Shrub?!1

October 27th, the 'debt setttlement' scam ends (and so do the relentless commercials)

Call me a Ni@@a now!!!

Let's party like it's labor day 2011!

Doctor: Vancouver (WA, not BC) woman burned by extremely 'strong acid'

article on local paper Re:Republicans respect of Hispanics

Will this be the last straw?

Testing obsession must end this year: Low scores were a hard lesson for Mayor Bloomberg

Republican Joe Miller's super duper plan for Social Security!


"Do they want the nylons and other things returned? Do they really want my dirty undergarments?"

Are the Democrats waiting until after Labor Day to start campaigning?

So now that Obama has stated it how about this

Turn Keith On!

Turn Keith On!

Chrysler was only 9000 units behind Honda in August car sales

Larry King is doing a segment on the West Memphis Three.

Larry King is doing a segment on the West Memphis Three.

An Idea about "extending bush tax cuts"... don't bring it to the floor.

Poll question: We fought and died to make Islam the law of the land in Iraq (once a secular nation)?

Sweet jeebus...

HuffPo lead story (via McClatchy): "Democrats unlikely to repeal tax cuts for the rich"

Senate Debate: Barbara Boxer and Carly Fiorina 7pm PT tonight ...

Senate Debate: Barbara Boxer and Carly Fiorina 7pm PT tonight ...

At Least 20 Companies On U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Board Of Directors Applied For Grants From Health

The Nebulous Link Between Competence and Confidence...

The 2011 HumanCar - Solution to sedentary lifestyles driving obesity

It is regrettable that we infected you with syphilis but you should be glad that we

It is regrettable that we infected you with syphilis but you should be glad that we

Gollum- I adore my precious Labour party

George Clooney Plans Political Drama Based On Dean Campaign

East Coast DUers: Start Planning NOW for Earl...

Alan Simpson Again Peddles Lies About Social Security - FDL

Alan Simpson Again Peddles Lies About Social Security - FDL

A perspective on the "Ground Zero Mosque" debate - with an Iraq twist ...

The Obama's have the drive to update the oval office

Economic Policy Institute stresses caution over the use of test scores to judge teacher

Student loan debt now exceeds credit card debt.

Boxer vs Sack of Shit right now on CSPAN. nt

AT&T: Net rules must allow 'paid prioritization'

Rachel is all over the prison-industrial complex

Rachel is all over the prison-industrial complex

Are you listening to the Boxer/Fiorina debate?

Mr. President, 50% of the country supports marriage equality

"We're a union school,...and it does not get in the way of having an excellent school.""

Rennie & Daniel Quinn comment on Discovery Channel HQ events:

So I just read the most interesting transcript...

Not the Bush 'surge', but rather prior completion of ethnic cleansing. calmed Iraq: Satellite images

Gay Baiting Voters Deep In the Heart of Texas

Health Care Reform and the IRS

Wow! Another Tropical Depression

New TS Gaston and Hurricane Earl update

West Virginia's IT workers fight state outsourcing

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

Chris Floyd: "We have met our responsibility!" No, Mister President, we have not.

NY Times - Paul Krugman - "It’s Witch-Hunt Season" - Great Article!

Koch Industries Applies For Federal Funds From Health Care Law It Opposes

Catch up- Boxer-Fiorina Debate

Darwin candidate: Doctor found dead, lodged in boyfriend's chimney, police say

I don't get this whole Chilean Mine Rescue. Why is it going to take months?

IF the pukes make real progress this November, win about 50 seats in the House and get to 50/50 in

We liberals or progressives need a big march on Washington.

Please help find this animal abuser (warning: disturbing video)

How hard should we be on those who agree with us - belatedly?

Q: Measuring Change

Holding ancient documents, like oh the First Inaugural

Atlanta has progressive talk radio again!

Hit this poll for Boxer

"Yet no one could doubt President Bush’s support for our troops, or his love of country and . . . .

Bodies, bomb material found in Vallejo home

Fuck'um. There's one thing that the politicians forget about Social Security,

Gridlock could be a good thing

Gridlock could be a good thing

Kanye interrupts Glenn Beck - pic

Iraq: Was it worth it?

Homeland security is being integrated into a bill that oversees our food supply.

No Judge 'Would Allow Alan Simpson To Serve On A Jury If Social Security Were On Trial'

Lt Gen Thomas G. McInerney, I had no idea that he was as nuts as he is

Method to Grade Teachers Provokes Battles

Turns out, the Cold War was overblown.

CEO Crybabies...

Bush's Trail of Misery

Whisky made from diabetics' urine

Whisky made from diabetics' urine

NPR story on the Kirk

The "Angry Left" is worse than the Tea Party

Does anyone remember a campaign against Fox News post

LOL! I don't usually laugh or make fun of..

McCain: Obama's lack of big wet smoochies to Bush for Iraq "a real lack of generosity of spirit"

AFL-CIO to launch huge effort to turn out the midterm vote

Some people really need to "turn the page" on Iraq.

There's no "there" there.

America is addicted to unfairness

Big Ed is on a major rant about Glen BecKKK

Glenny Hinn

Krugman: The bad decisions of January 2009 will cast a shadow on America for years

Does anyone know where the 3m jobs are that the stimulus created?

McCain ’08 campaign joked with Secret Service: ‘Shoot out Palin's tires’

Dean Baker: Seven Key Facts About Social Security and the Federal Budget

Democratic Party does not equal Republican Party

American Federation of Teachers President praises Florida's Race to the Top award

Constitution Party Candidate Indicted On Sex Charges With A Minor

So which of my "angry left"positions should I cave in on?

Why can't we do this with the Bush taxcuts expiration?

One of Obama's Social Security Slasher Wannabes Threatens Small Town with Nuclear Annihilation

How should teachers be routinely evaluated?

I've seen it all now, people (for all intent & purpose) defending Bush war crimes

Obama Administration Weighs More Tax Cuts to Spur Economy

Senator Barbara Boxer Makes Me Proud to Be a Democrat.

Senator Barbara Boxer Makes Me Proud to Be a Democrat.

Camel on A Stick at the Minnesota State Fair

Signs Village Entrance in Kiryas Joel, NY - Dress modestly Maintain Gender Seperation

I remember Nelson Rockefeller. I knew/know MANY "Rockefeller Republicans"

Republicans plan DEATH PANELS to cut VA budget

Republicans plan DEATH PANELS to cut VA budget

National Archives says Glenn Beck lied about George Washington speech

When I heard the hostage situation at TLC

I just told a very old friend on Facebook that I was going to put him on ignore

Pearls Before Swine is skewering the decadence of our voting system

I assume Obama would veto any bill extending the Bush tax cuts for the rich?

Dan Savage: 'The uselessness of the Dems has resulted in gay checkbooks snapping shut'

Retirees not rolling over in fight to dump 'Million Tit Twit' Simpson

Lately I have been shutting up rightees by

I've finally reached the point where I can't listen to Malloy anymore!

So, shoot me---I'm anti-war.

I jused use the phrase "Huckabee`s craziness is overstated" in a conversation...

I just watched Glen Becks show for the first time....

Hurricane Earl Re-Strenthens To Catagory 4 !!!

The REGRESSIVE tax effects of defaulting on bonds held by SS Trust (but not Chinese bondholders):

US drones will patrol entire southern border

NYT moves Alaska Senate race from strong Republican to leaning, join me in thanking Sarah Palin!

You. Don’t. Count.

From a Veteran's lips to Alan Simpson's ears

Concerning Private Manning.....

Matt Miller: “My Iraq Mistake,” or more accurately: Still arrogant, still wrong.

The Elite Messing with Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid will be the Tipping Point

Sarah Palin to the little people who anger her: 'I have the power to destroy you.'

Turn the page on Mister Bush? Never --- by Meteor Blades

I'm disheartened by the lack of respect for teachers

Satanist Church Rents Out Oklahoma City Civic Center for Exorcism

Will you punish Democrats for not being progressive enough by not voting in 2010?

Ran into a couple Republicans in line at the cafeteria today

A Great Dog Story~

Can President Obama be trusted to protect Social Security?

New Vanity Fair article field dresses the Moose Mom: secretive, erratic, ill-tempered, a cheapskate

Democrats unlikely to repeal tax cuts for the rich

Democrats unlikely to repeal tax cuts for the rich

President Obama has my vote and support for 2012

Obama Should Feel 'Uncomfortable' That Conservatives Are Co-opting Gay Rights Issues: Top Dem

W Post: A deserted feeling in working-class America

I'm curious. How long have you been calling yourself

Dean Baker Schools Alan Simpson on SS. Thing of beauty :-)

RI teachers who were fired had to assemble and listen to their names read out loud.

Things the President Left Out of his Big Speech

"We are witnessing the re-definition of what it means to be a 'Democrat.'"

Obama's right wing makeover of the Oval Office!

Blair: Bush world view had 'immense simplicity'

••• Your Glenn Beck Cliff Notes: GLENN BECK IS THE MESSIAH! •••

German military report: Peak oil could lead to collapse of democracy

The monthly photo contest is starting its cycle. If you would like to participate as a photographer

Biden To Cool His Heels In Mexico For A While

Being washed up on a deserted island means:

Gadget freaks, Apple Keynote will be streamed live today @ 1300Hrs East Coast time

Hard to Handle - 8-6-71, Hollywood Palladium

My Haiku: An Evening in GD

I'm going to have Frito Pie for breakfast

S.C. police say would-be restaurant burglar gets stuck for nearly 7 hours in grease vent

Blue screen of death, where hast thou flown? Seriously, do they

Colin's Lenses

Gollum's Precious

To the extent that our experience of suffering reminds us of what everyone else also endures,

Doctor gets stuck in Lodi again, says "oh Lord" but does not die

sorry to do this, lounge

La petite mort

Paid $20 for $5 groceries; checker gave me $25 back.

Don't mind me

The entire movie Blade Runner as a hallucinatory video collage

Fun Boy Three: The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum (video)

I've been awake all night, and I am finally done!

Does anyone know Latin?

Yoohoo! Oh Wesley and Heidi...

cocaine. it's a hell of a drug

So I Put Together This "Album" Of My Music, Enjoy!


Anybody telecommute?

Anybody teletubby?

New refrigerator nightmare

New vid clip from the Robert Rodriguez film “Machete”...really, really not safe for viewing at work.

Elizabeth Perkins & Pat Sajak were absolutely delightful on Celebrity Jeopardy today.

During the War of the Ring, could we have not simply walked into Mordor?

Tiger Woods' divorce was actually pretty tame (and cheap) compared to the McCourts

This is soo cute! Gee Gee Gee Gee!!!

Jack Torrance seemed like a good guy, too.

Art sandwiched between two turds.

Abe Vigoda sighting Monday!



AAAAH!! Save me from teh Lounge.

Butterfingers on the keyboard

Anybody telepathic?

Muppet Beaker sings Yellow by Coldplay

Stop it

Has anyone here worked with AmeriCorps?

What R2's message to Obi Wan Kenobi REALLY said...

Just heard through the grapevine that my best client is dumping me

Really explore the studio space this time. I mean, really...explore the SPACE.

OK. I don't know if you saw what happened in here, but I'm getting too old for this shit.

Any tips on how to stay alert in the morning while on Morphine?

Best Stooges Album?

Today's Darwin Award goes to:

I know I'm preaching to the choir here when it comes to a job search...

For the U2 fans here...

A syllabus and book list for novice students of science fiction literature

He's the hairy-handed gent who ran amuck in Kent

My grandmother has a visiting nurse come by three times a week,

AAAAH!! Save me from GD.


Bonanza is FANTASTIC this season! n/t

18 minutes of soothing, trippy ambient synth music...Steve Roach live @ Grace Cathedral, 2007

Did anyone see Rescue Me last night?

Irony, getting busted with Paris Hilton and then losing your job BECAUSE of her

On TV and in movies, for decades, woman slaps man, about 99% of the time,

Squeee! WARNING! It takes a while to load! Squee!

Home: Ohio has its points. (pics)

I was a club DJ during the 80s and I was going through some of my 80s tracks...

I know its been out for days but Cee lo Green's single, F*CK YOU is pretty awesome....

Who's my widdle girl? Smile for daddy my widdle pook pook. Who's my pretty widdle smunchie?Who's..

After three years, my buddy Jason and I are officially partners

Anybody ever heard relatives talk about when the first cars appeared in their town?

Colon Cleanses


There are no happy endings for meth cooks, right?

My niece is getting a divorce

So I'm invited to a welding. How's this outfit look?

So I'm invited to a wedding on the first October weekend

Why are blues singers constipated? Last night on Leno...

Is the word "Lady" still offensive at DU?

Amazing 14 and 15-year-old opera singers

So, I'm trying my hand at making my own earrings.

I hate the new Google Image Search.

Why did you give up your psychic powers?

Alright, lie to me.

Am I being overly loyal to my SO?

Sigh...I love autumn but I absolutely loathe winter. September 1 makes me more

Patrick Stewart aside, what did you think of Star Trek: TNG?

NYC man plunges 40 stories, lands on car, survives

Good vibes for Michael Douglas.

What do you want on your tombstone?

SPEARHEAD! Official video out for new song...

Anyone else get replies to post.

Who's the most boring singer you know of?

Need an assist from DU research types...

Why Bush should have been left out of the speech

ANSWER Coalition responds to President Obama's speech on Iraq

That's the man

WSJ via Huffpo: Tax Cuts Weighed to Spur Economy

14 Nobel Winners Sign Letter Backing Obama Space Plan

Justice Dept. appeals to restart stem cell research

Kerry Provision to Protect Retiree Health Coverage Starts Helping Massachusetts Seniors

Noted anti-global-warming scientist reverses course

One of Joe Miller's scary views

Obama opens long-shot talks on Mideast peace

Is a new economic package under consideration?

Quinnipiac Poll: New York Gov & Sen--Still looking strong for Dems

In Targeting Murkowski, Tea Party Chooses Wisely

A new thought on the "why isn't Bush being persecuted as a war criminal?" question.

Chiles expected to withdraw from governor's race

Former GOP candidate Rees endorses Democrat Boswell for Congress

Public Policy Polling: 62% of AK Reps don't want Palin to run for president; Mittens wins primary

Libertarian run may still be an option for Murkowski

Sarah(strawberries shortcakes) Palin is going to Iowa


Business groups plan Labor Day blitz against Senate Dems, candidates

Obama to be in Milwaukee on Labor Day

We may be 'dispirited,' Ari, but we will not go down in November without a fight

Obama blurs the line between Republican and Democrats again!

"So are you, Nancy Pelosi, you scumbag creep"

7 Eleven clerk in turban attacked

Today's Gallup: 47% approval; 45% disapproval

GOP still upset that Obama don't use "Terrorist" in Israel attack

Anyone else see this? Boner plan would increase deficit by $4 trillion over next ten years.

Anyone else see this? Boner plan would increase deficit by $4 trillion over next ten years.

Cities Where Women Outearn Male Counterparts

Eugene Robinson: Obama's Oval Office speech was good, but the gravitas was great

Strong Exports Lift U.S. Agriculture Sector

Why do the majority of people believe that the Republicans are stronger on defense matters?

Joe Miller information thread (please add to this list)

My Iraq mistake-Matt Miller

Allan Lichtman: Obama is in the same path as Reagan was

Birthers Pick Up A Crazed Retired General

On Palin (not) meeting the press - First Read tires of one-way communication, policy to ignore her.

Does anyone here think the cable news networks will leave their continuous "Breaking News"

Stocks Jump as U.S., Chinese Manufacturing Show Growth

Political cartoonist Tony Auth: On Glenn Beck's rally

So now Obama owns *two* wars. Great chess, eh?

NYT: Obama's usual calm clarity and eloquence. We need to hear more of this

Roger Simon's 'A Grim Speech for a Grim War.' He may be on to something here.

Chiles to endorse Sink in Florida

Quit acting like when you realized Bush/Cheney wouldn't be prosecuted, that makes it ok

I though the Bush tax cuts automatically expired

It's goingto be harder for repubs to take the House than people think.

Joe Conason: The Truths About Iraq Obama Couldn't Utter

McGrumpy is back. "...The President, I guess, never got that lecture."

Tweety:Is the President moving to the right on foreign policy

Pres. Obama will have been in office 2 years on January 20, 2011!

Big Ed: Sharron Angel is probably going to beat Reed

The GOPers DIVAs singing OFF KEY..Palin Bachmann and Angle are fucking up the National Music Show

Who is Bob Miller?????

Do the Dems have a plan or is it too late?

Catch up- Boxer-Fiorina Debate

Chris Matthews attacks President for using Teleprompter during Oval Office address!

We appear to have turned a corner tonight on Bush's war crimes.

Progressive Media Bolstering Republican & FOX News Agenda

(R)asmussen AK-SEN POLL: Miller 50, McAdams 44

DSCC Unsure Whether They Want to Invest in McAdams Campaign - Lets Raise the Money Ourselves

Biden jabs GOP for offering 'no answer' to voters on the economy

Tier 5, Unemployment Extension and the Financial Meltdown: Determining Our Priorities

New Gallup Tracking Poll: Obama 47% (+2) approval 45% (-2) disapproval

"Good optics"

Thomas Friedman: President Obama is embarking on something I’ve never seen before

McClatchy: Dems Unlikely to Repeal Tax Cuts for the Rich

I've got to post this or I will fucking explode. The Bush patriot remarks PISSED ME OFF.

Rasmussen Poll--Alaska Senate: Miller 50% McAdams 44%

Feingold decries 'systematic' effort to 'destroy' Obama

We're starting to get as silly as the people who think that Obama is the result of a plot

Do progressives expect Obama and the Dems to do their bidding?

Note to Chris Matthews and others: EVERY President in the past 30 years has used a teleprompter

The monthly photo contest is starting its cycle. If you would like to participate as a photographer

Everytime someone polls re: Obama being a Muslim they give an illegitimate concern legitimacy. . .

please.....PLEASE DU this CBS poll on Pres Obama.

I think the GOP has peaked too soon...

Obama, Hurricane Earl is coming.. We need your help...

3 Senators denied renomination--2 republicans and 1 republican turned dem

Is the Left missing an opportunity to make the right look bad?

***HEADS UP*** Boxer - Fiorina Debate Tonight - Live on C-SPAN at 10:00 ET.

Quit acting like TONIGHT was when you realized Bush/Cheney wouldn't be prosecuted

Are you going to vote this Fall?/Do you think we'll retain Congress?

If George W. Bush had been a Democrat:

a picture in one million word

Glenn Greenwald's Unhinged Attack on Obama and Democrats

"Obamacare" worked today. Help me spread the word.

California doctor gets stuck in chimney, dies

He's going to do it. He's going to bring peace to the Middle East

He's going to do it. He's going to bring peace to the Middle East

Pakistan raid kills 45 militants and their families

Outrage after new delay in Philippine massacre trial

Slovakia Stunned by Rampaging Gunman (Targeting Roma/Gypsies)

Afghan authorities take over largest bank to avoid meltdown

Attorney for WikiLeaks suspect says he's seen no evidence on documents

French court blocks deportation of Roma

3 Oxfam workers killed in northeastern Afghanistan

Schundler, Christie label each other as dishonest (New Jersey RttT debacle)

Method to Grade Teachers Provokes Battles

Strict Rules for Regulators on Ties to the Oil Industry

Report: Planned layoffs lowest in a decade

Official: La. oil command center to shut over rent

Labor Rolls Out Election Sprint

Leader of Pakistan Taliban charged in CIA bombing

Poll Shows Big Leads for Cuomo, Gillibrand in N.Y.

Record number in government anti-poverty programs

White House strongly condemns Hamas attack

Another evacuation ordered as Hurricane Earl approaches U.S.

Iraqis’ Reactions to President Obama’s Speech (from the people who brought you this war)

California school district institutes electronic tracking system for preschool students

Democrats unlikely to repeal tax cuts for the rich

Sweden Reopens Investigation Into Rape Claim Against Julian Assange

Some School Anti-Bullying Programs Push Gay Agenda, Christian Group Says

Colombia, U.S., Honduras begin anti-drug naval drills

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange applies for Swedish residency

Botox Maker to Pay $600M to Resolve Investigation

Judge Rules Against US Government on Oil Drilling

Americans Give GOP Edge on Most Election Issues (USA Today/Gallup poll)

CEOs Who Fired More, Earned More in '09: Stud

Florida voters can’t strip down Obama health-care bill, judge rules

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday September 1

Pakistan will require long-term aid, says Britain's Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg (During Visit)

Seattle cop won't face hate-crime charge for kicking Latino man

SEC Says Dodd-Frank Law Lets Agency Chase Overseas Ratings Fraud

Tony Blair memoirs blasted by soldiers families for 'crocodile tears' over Iraq

Six Oregon men settle Boy Scout sex abuse cases

Sweden Reopens WikiLeaks Founder Rape Probe

Blair: Bush world view had 'immense simplicity'

New York mosque pits John Cusack vs. Fox News

US private sector cuts 10,000 jobs in Aug

New York teens charged for harassing Muslim worshipers at mosque

Why has the Huffington Post become so negative on Obama

It All Adds Up: This Was New York’s Hottest Summer

Obama Will Speak at Milwaukee’s Laborfest (Labor Day) in Company of Trumka, Solis

The Street girds for Warren as consumer czar ("pretty clear that she's going to get the nomination")

Illegal immigration to U.S. down almost 67% since 2000, report says

Acid attacker: 'Hey pretty girl, do you want to drink this?'

Two new polls on Ohio governors Race

Dutch release 2 men arrested on flight from Chicago

Environmental Militant Killed by Police at Discovery Channel Headquarters

Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson Agrees to Repay Scholarship Money

Citigroup to hire up to 7,500 in China: report

Toyota(-34%), Honda Lead U.S. Sales Plunge on “Clunkers” Comparison

Native women 'disappear' in Canada

Discovery HQ near Washington evacuated on reports of armed man; gunfire

Afghanistan bomb attacks kill twenty-one US soldiers in 48 hours

Manufacturing picks up in India and China, slips in Europe

GM auto sales sink 25%

Chinese villagers forced to change untypable name

California rejects ban on plastic shopping bags

Obama lobbied to add solar panels to White House

When Will SoccerTackle Homophobia?

Britain:Two Carriers, No Aircraft; May I Borrow an F/A-18?

Ed Schultz: Washington Has Let Down the Poor

Conan Announces Name Of New TBS Show!

Only Fox News Reports the Truth and Other Media Lies - Sum of Change at The Restoring Honor Rally

Prosecutors Reopen Rape Investigation Against WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange

Glenn Beck is the Anti-Christ

Adler Ad Blasts Runyan's "Farm"

Poking a Little Fun at Glenn Beck and The God Squad

Keiser Report: Glenn Beck 'Soupy Sales' TV clown!

TYT: Taliban LOVES Opposition To 'Mosque' Near Ground Zero

Rachel Maddow- All credit to Bush administration for wars waste

AFSCME Presents "The Choice"

Interview with Wikileaks Julian Assange about the latest developments - Stockholm 1 Aug 2010

Mike Malloy - The Becksters: Free Idiocy For All - Part 2

Size Matters: Glenn Beck Rally Draws Widely Varying Crowd Estimates

Bachmann previously on BP

Some Christian Evangelicals On Defensive Over Partnering With Glenn Beck, a Mormon

Bolton on running for president in 2012: I'm not saying no

Fight Tea Party Voters With Fresh Voters

Labor Day 2010 TV Spot

McGrumpy Didn't Like Obama's Speech

Weird Liberal Head Show #149: Party Like It's 2010?

Carly No Es Mi Amiga - Brave New Films Press Coverage - August 31, 2010

Rachel Maddow: War's real effects

Mike Malloy - The Becksters: Free Idiocy For All - Part 1

Fearmonger Behind Murfreesboro Mosque Hate Campaign Gives Lame Excuses & Mosque Rep.Repudiates Them

Keith Olbermann: Thank You G.W.Bush.

Fox News Has a Clam Melt Over Newsweek's Cover

Rachel Maddow - war proponents getting off easy

Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love

ANSWER Coalition responds to President Obama's speech on Iraq

Joan Walsh, Salon: "The President praises Bush, Beck in bed with a Catholic hater, deficits new WMD"

Think The Answer is Clear...Look Again..NY Times..Science..

A Date That Will Live in Oblivion

Obama's Birthplace Hits The Big Five-O: Birfer madness from a kama'aina prespective

No Longer the Republican Party of Mount Rushmore -- Now the Party of Easter Island

LIFE IN TALIBANISTAN, Part 1 by Pepe Escobar

Die Tageszeitung: Racism under wraps

Die Welt: Right-Wing, Religious and a Danger for Obama

Schrammie: No good deed goes unpunished in Winthrop (WA)

A deserted feeling in working-class America By Harold Meyerson (YOUR UNION AT WORK)

CEOs lay off thousands, rake in millions

Obama’s War on Whistleblowers by Scott Horton

Pirates of Puntland; A tale of Somali Pirates, Ethiopia and the USA

Forget Alan Simpson, Even John Boehner Opposes Veteran’s Benefits for 'Agent Orange'

Sen. Bernie Sanders: Hands off Social Security

Obama's speech: The morning after (I agree with all of this)

"We" have become our own worse nightmare.

Is the GOP looking out for you

Sarah Palin the Sound and the Fury

Sarah Palin the Sound and the Fury

Stephen Hawking says universe not created by God

Democrats unlikely to repeal tax cuts for the rich

Best Cartoons Mocking Glenn Beck

The wealthy vs. everyone else: Where's the priority?

Gentle bilby had 'killer' ancestor

Drumbeat: September 1, 2010

Batty Katter (all hat no cattle) not mad about flying foxes

Millions Of Fish, Other Animals Die In Unprecedented Bolivian Cold Wave Lasting Most Of July - AFP

Tasmanian Devil Thought Immune To Epidemic Facial Cancer Euthanized After Tumors Develop - BBC

Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, Others To Underwrite IPO Of Bornean Coal Mining Operator

Acidity @ Ocean Thermal Vents Comparable To Projected Ph By 2100 Destroyed 20 Of 24 Foram Species

Southern Ocean Study Shows W. Antarctic Ice Sheet Likely Collapsed Approx. 125,000 Years Ago - ABC

Reid hopeful for GOP energy votes after elections

Erratic Monsoon Rain Could Mean Up To 50% Crop Losses In Nepal, WFP Says - AFP

Wall St. firm behind slow solar pace on federal lands?

Transit systems easier to predict with smart phone apps

Urine-powered fuel cells to offer pee power to people

Carpooling (with bonus Hitler reference!)

What exactly is the radioactive waste we're needing to protect? is my question to google tonight

Global Solar Looks to Answer Solar Dilemma with Stick-On Solar Panels

Should Cardinals bring back LaRussa next year?

Where have you gone, Joe Dimaggio?

UEFA ban vuvuzelas from all European competitions

Strasburg to undergo Tommy John surgery Friday

Gonzaga coach Few happy with BYU's move

U-The-Man or Timmy?

Chelios retires, joins Red Wings' front office

are we drafting tonight or not?

West Coast Conference may have to change its name to the Big H8

For some reason this reminds me of the Red Sox

Sources: Big Ten to reveal alignment

For any UNC football fans out there preparing for the LSU game, here is a song for you

post our DUFL lineups

Martin O'Malley throws out the first pitch at an O's game, and now has a message for the Roid

Nike unveils Pro Combat uniform designs

Cardinals Matt Leinart subject of trade rumors

Nobody in the Big Ten besides OSU and UM fans will shed a tear if the game gets moved

Usain Bolt: Tyson Gay hates me

Santos (Colombia) has withdrawn OAS charges against Venezuela re the FARC

Colombia, U.S., Honduras begin anti-drug naval drills

Paramilitaries confess to cremating 150 victims .

Chinese, Cuban leaders meet

S.Vincent and Grenadines President Denounces Foreign Plot.

Tax Free Weekend for Hunters and Campers

Anti-Obama, Anti-Democratic Group makes 'dry run' in Alanta.

Brady Center Fails To Meet Better Business Bureau Standards

Armed Businessman Fires at Would-Be Robbers

A Political Victory For All Gun Owners (California)

Obama Administration Forbids Sale of 850,000 Antique Rifles?

Chicago and it's ban.

Focus On The Family Cites George "Rentboy" Rekers In Anti-Bullying Attack

Anne Heche's Mom Publishes Anti-Gay Book With Levitical Call For Death To Gays

Australian school removes the word 'gay' in song about a happy bird

Gay or Straight: I believe we have to learn to be respectful because they are people (Miss Universe)

"How can I?" technique help

Ever Notice How the Workplace Is Like the Mafia?

Today in Labor History Sept 1 In Hawaii, some 26,000 sugar workers strike 79 days & win, more

UAW, Teamsters, Longshoremen, Transportation Workers Unite In Global Protest Against UPS Firings

UAW President Says Autoworkers Are Looking To Share In Domestic Industry Gains

Duluth Nurses' Strike May Be Imminent

Economic Report: Joblessness Causing Wage Erosion For Workers Who Still Have Jobs

Harley Squeezes Its Union Workers In Wisconsin

Lettie Oliver’s Life Honored with Books

W Post: No holiday for labor unions

post is not for quality of photo but


Hamas claims Ramallah attack

‘Sinner’ singer given 39 lashes by rabbis

***September Photo Contest***

Israelis risk jail to smuggle Palestinians

The most awesome video you will see today

Ancient coral reef uncovered in South Pacific

Charles Darwin's evolution experiment on Ascension isle

New Technique Finds Gaseous Metals in Exoplanet Atmospheres

Sea Creatures Hint at Recent Trans-Antarctic Seaway

How The NASA Viking mission found Microbial life on Mars

Letter in protest of House NASA bill is signed by 30 Nobel Laureates, former NASA officials, astrona

Stephen Hawking says universe not created by God

Religion is Fair Game for Debate

What have Muslims ever done for America anyway?

Religion and War

Atheism IS where morality originates

Helping Christians Push Back Against the Gay Agenda in the Classroom

Test yourself: How do you feel when someone is described as 'Christian'?

A friend of mine is looking for a roommate

Anyone know the title of this book?

Has Obama's voice become constricted?

Mysticalchick ROCKS!

Does thimerosal or other mercury exposure increase the risk for autism?

FDA weighs how to stop abuse of over-the-counter cough and cold drugs

Not all vaccines last a lifetime

Testing of 2,000 Autistic children -- lead & mercury in blood 50 percent higher than normal.