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May I ask what some would call a stupid question?

Note: 911 is not able to give rides to the liquor store

Booooooooo !!!

The crisis of middle-class America

No work in the US? Move to India

Obama defends education initiative

Obama not yet as unpopular in the Arab world as Cheney/Chimpy, but getting there.

Crist: Senate GOP Caucus 'Would Have To Do Better' For My Vote"

Published on Friday, August 6, 2010 by Foreign Policy in Focus Blackwater: Can't Stop, Won't Stop

DoD to troops: Tell buddies about stop-loss pay

Experts Hit Wiki-Based News on UAVs

Ramifications of Hiroshima bombing linger

Tricare prices set for gray-area retirees

Germany to accept two Gitmo prisoners

Disgraced HP CEO to get nearly $28m in cash, stock

In Shakeup, Incoming Spill Claims Czar Will Drop BP’s Contractor

Disgraced HP CEO to get nearly $28 million

self delete

"Torture: Perspectives & Consequences for the Torturer" - 1:00pm EDT, Noon CDT, 11:00am MDT, & 10:00

So, I'm walking out of the soopermarket and some guy sticks a petition under my nose...

Fox uses nun's death to advance false attacks against Democrats

Pakistan in need of humanitarian aid

Dutch woman held after dead babies found in suitcases

Isn't it ironic

Milwaukee blog poster nails Republicans

Dems: No, GOP won't take the House

A Financial Bright Spot for Democrats

Anti-torture Protest at the Fed Courthouse in Minneapolis; Fasting, orange Jumpsuits and Condi

The Haider Diaries

Serial Adulterer Gingrich Makes Mistake of Leaving Comments Open on his “Defense of Marriage” Post

Texas City Workers: Chemicals Spewed From Broken Pipe ‘Like Water From a Fire Hydrant’

Support our Troops!

Obama's Facebook feed, as imagined by Slate writers. Pretty funny.

US and British Ambassadors to Tajikstan pay off World Cup bet (PIC)

Digg investigates claims of conservative 'censorship'

The Tin Foil Hat Brigade is all over WJ this morning

When the war criminal of a Dick croaks I will remind DUers that

When the war criminal of a Dick croaks I will remind DUers that

"We're all about religious freedom, but"

Serial Adulterer Newt Gingrich

Commentary: How Christianity failed Anne Rice (amen)

A bad case of SWF - Rebecca Mansour - Palin's FB/Twitter ghostwriter going off the deep end..

Rand Paul never got a degree from Baylor and never corrected the record

Sesame Street: Grover discusses What Is Marriage?

Which scenario makes it seem more like Al Qaeda got what it wanted with 9/11?

Giant Ice Island Breaks Off Greenland

He meant what he said, he said what he meant, Fox News stood by him, 1,000 percent

A big week for "judicial activism"

Deporting the Mentally Ill

Greed, Stupidity, Decline: Eight Numbers Reveal America’s Plight

nyc's joel klein takes classrooms from autistic kids to make more room for charter school kids

Rethugs are sick MoFos

Even George Effing Junior Smirky Chimpy Bush didn't oppose Islam on septembertheeleventh

Valley Meat Beef Recall Prompted By E. Coli Outbreak, 1 Million Pounds May Be Affected

Mike Luckovich is a sarcastic one

HP CEO to get $28 million as reward for laying off workers, sexual harassment, falsifying reports

Andrew Bacevich(“Washington Rules: America’s Path to Permanent War") is live online now. Streaming

Comcast's homepage is headlining a "news" story about Snooki calling out Obama

'The View' host Elisabeth Hasselbeck's lesbian theory: Older women just couldn't get a man

United States hands over control of all combat duties to Iraqi security forces

surge update: Taliban Kill 10 on Medical Aid Mission in Afghanistan

Remember how H1N1 flu was going to destroy human civilization because Obama wouldn't act NOW!!!

William Greider: The AIG Bailout Scandal

"Sacred marriage" and "evil abortion"

New poll: Meek making a comeback.. leads Greene 33%-29%..

New word - Hooplecrite

Bob Altemeyer's - The Authoritarians

Palin "out-Diva'd" by Gosselin-- (may the eyerolls commence....)

Prison Guard who killed for rifle to overthrow govt - 15 guns found at home

Diploma mills whining that coming regulation will eat into their profits

Clinton Opens New Shelter in Haiti

Digg 'Patriots' Attempt to Bury Sites, Including ScienceBlogs

Digg 'Patriots' Attempt to Bury Sites, Including ScienceBlogs

ADL's Foxman: "I would have expected you to reach out to me before coming to judgment."

When states are polite enough to formally secede before fighting their ex-sibling states...

Check out this douchebag.

Union-Busting Cons Have No Shame! Their Full-Scale Attack on First Responders

Cops: Man charged after referring to Conn. rampage

Is this what corporations have come to....."safety nets?"

Darwin Award nominee?

CNN host returns ADL award over group's opposition to Ground Zero mosque

Updated: Are You One Of These 341 Names On “Digg Patriots” Hit List?

Updated: Are You One Of These 341 Names On “Digg Patriots” Hit List?

ObamaCare Is in Big Trouble

Milwaukee teachers fight for Viagra drug coverage

Caption Meg

The Dark Side of Vitaminwater

Please start collecting Congressional "District Update" and other Bullshit

Eta Carinae, three million suns worth

Of mosques and mendacity

Which polls are showing people no longer believe Republicans want to continue Bush's economic

"The oil is dispersing naturally" has been Rush Limbaugh's talking point

white serial killer targeting black men in Flint Michigan

Teabaggers to attack teachers.

Rand Paul A Member Of Right-Wing Doctors Group That Pushes Conspiracy Theories

new cop movie The Other Guys with Will Ferrell is very liberal..

Despite scandral, disgraced HP ex-CEO to get exit package worth $28 million

The Nobel Peace Prize

Anyone watching Kentucky fried politics on C-SPAN?

Republicans block 2 Bay Area Judicial nominees

Sean Penn slams Wyclef's Haiti presidency bid

Palin helping RNC raise money

"a free gram of pot per shift"! Where do I sign up??

Liquor regulators may help oversee D.C. medical marijuana program

Liquor regulators may help oversee D.C. medical marijuana program

Fake immigration agents deport woman

Pentagon: return our "stolen" docs, or else

Stand our ground on human rights in America

How did communism come about?

Japan has stepped into Russia's shoes re: heat and death

Obama anti-business ??

DUers please watch the Anne RIce interview

We must insist on a "living wage" for producers of imported goods to improve labor conditions here

WikiLeaks to Publish New Documents Despite US Threats

GOP Rep. Comes Clean: We Don’t Need to Bash Gays Because We Have Immigrants!

Appeal for support for Iran hunger strikers

Quick report from the local "Sharon Angle/Doctor's Tea Party" event.

Family of man hit by train suing railroad, canoe company

Fiorina's COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED stance - Permanently Extend the Bush Tax Cuts For The Have Mores

Store manager throws hot coffee in intruder's face

"therapeutic, technological, consumerist militarism".

Times is tough brother! They are swimming in dumpsters on NYC's Park Avenue

Caption this pic

Natl Org for Marriage sham rallies'em in Atlanta. THOUSANDS attend [not]

Fox News Online Poll Shows 71% View Anti-Gay Marriage Prop 8 as Unconstitutional

The myth of the Social Security system's financial shortfall

the wold trade center2

Meet ‘Digg Patriots’ Next Recruit: Dilberto

CNN host returns ADL award over stance on Islamic center

Thank you Secret Service and indeed, tough for me to say, thank you Larry Johnson.

Cutest summer vaca pic ever - Sasha Obama

Thanx fly, for suggesting I post this subpost as a standalone, originally posted

Steele's racially insensitive comment shows how out of touch he is

"our retouching has been overzealous"

Seven dangerous new computer hacks (and one silly one) that will change the future

capitalism commodifies all it touches: environmental disaster as fashion shoot background

Ban The Bomb.

Ban The Bomb.

more record "cold" temperature records tied/fall in southern california!

Defense budget cuts to pay for teacher bailout

Giant ice island breaks off Greenland

Serious Question About Fannie and Fredie...

Serious Question About Fannie and Fredie...

Just because, Shakira - I'll stand by you - Live - Enjoy

Are E.T's Protecting Earth from 2012 Doomsday Prediction?

Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan - pics

Why is our government acting so indifferent towards WikiLeaks?

One thing I think we all can agree on, regarding the A-bomb and Hiroshima/Nagasaki

Have the names of any informants actually been released by Wikileaks?

Court throws out 'expressive' permits at parks

Court throws out 'expressive' permits at parks

Foreclosure Mills: America's Newest Housing Nightmare (dupe)

Mr. Vitter's history would indicate that he would know how to handle a whore

Mr. Vitter's history would indicate that he would know how to handle a whore

The Bombs of August by Howard Zinn

The Complete Palinisms

Mich. Police Search for Suspected Serial Killer(Targets Older Black Men-Uses Knife)

Ann Coulter - the Judy Garland of the Right? WTF?

OK I have had it with these sick bastards just read these comments

I would like to give Pres. Obama kudos

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Food Stamps or Teachers?

Steele touts record of success at RNC (Seriously!)

Milky Way is blowing bubbles.... literally.

Ex-Georgia principal arrested in Caribbean on federal charges

A Comment on The Hill site story about Franken and decorum

1 Million Fish Dead in Bolivian Ecological Disaster

Drift smoke made for a difficult day and a spectacular sunset (DIAL UP CAVEAT)

Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty(SHAC) Releases Details on Deaths of Hundreds of Monkeys

Blackberry (RIM) caves to the Saudis on Privacy and Censorship

Glenn Beck Conspiracy Theory Generator (Sorry if it's been posted!)

What the Heck Are US Marines Doing in Costa Rica? Obama's Tilt to the Right on Latin America

In Case You Missed This... 'The Dubious Senate Testimony Of Jeff Sessions' - Joe Conason

Taliban kills 10 medical aid workers in northern Afghanistan

Maid fails to get exit visa after sponsor’s death (Saudi Arabia)

Neighbors want memorial to Taser victims dismantled...

Bats Facing Regional Extinction in Northeastern US from Rapidly Spreading White-Nose Syndrome

"Wall Street's Big Win" - Matt Taibbi

Jesu, has anyone seen any of that Real Housewives DC program?

Levi Johnston May Yet Spill Palin Secrets

Ted Nugent came to town

"I've been there. I know what $400,000 could do for these people's lives."

Foreclosure Mills: America's Newest Housing Nightmare

Italian Vogue runs controversial Oil Spill inspired editorial

What the hell did H.L. Mencken know anyway?

Look The Hell Out Minnesota !!!

Obama and the US military, tools of fascist corporate imperialism?

Cancer patients quit life-extending drugs in recession

Republicans:We may obstruct everything Obama tries to do but,we are NOT smarter than a 5th grader!

HEY! "Top 10 Conservatives Idiots" at Crooks & Liars?

How old were you when you first began making some money?

How old were you when you first began making some money?

meet the press gets boehner in the morning....

meet the press gets boehner in the morning....

The Ick Factor.

ABC's George Stephanopoulos Touts Possible Gloom for GOP

ABC's George Stephanopoulos Touts Possible Gloom for GOP

TIME: The Moderate Imam Behind the 'Ground Zero Mosque'

Separated at Birth? Or Conjoined by FOX News? ... Which public figures do YOU get mixed up?

Soft Toilet Paper Really Hard on Boreal Forests, and Birds:

Is There A Coup In The Maine Tea Party?

Homeless dying on streets, don't want help

Who do you think the Rethugs will run for their presidential candidate in 2012?

Target CEO Steinhafel helped nix eating disorder clinic

What can I write to my House Rep. (R) who is Brand new an pi**ing me off

I won't vote for Bennett-CO because of that horrible ad with his "adorable" kids

They can't deny it anymore

Frank Rich: How to Lose an Election Without Really Trying

Bell, Ca city manager's total compensation was 1.5 million a year

Bell, Ca city manager's total compensation was 1.5 million a year

Rachel's guest Thursday peddled some wacko theory...

Should bush tax cuts for wealthy be extended? DU this poll!

Nuke U: How the University of California Is Helping to Blow Up the World

m$nbc 'who's paying for their great adventure in spain and is it too expensive'

My daughter is at Lollapalooza

Tony Judt, Historian of Europe, Critic of Israel, Public Intellectual, Dead of ALS at 62

How Jehovah's Witnesses helped kill Prop 8

Watergate Becomes Sore Point at Nixon Library

Gay Marriage, Polygamy and the "slippery slope"

Prop 8: Proponents May Lack Standing to Appeal

Joan Walsh on Beck's racist rant: "It's like the damn Planet of the Apes!"..

One smart young lady.

One smart young lady.

Greenpeace to start three-month expedition to study Gulf ecosystem and marine life

Cartoon On Bartcop (Hate Is Hate):

Just a question on unemployment insurance . . . another "entitlement" according to GOP ....

Hugh Hefner: "Women Are Sex Objects"

How Many Iraqis Did We "Liberate" From Life on Earth?

More "Border State Murder & Mayhem" From Out of Arizona. More "Crime Along the Border"

Important Reading for Public Employees with Pensions

Hiroshima, was it right? Was it wrong? We'll never know.

quick! this is new to me!! Do I double-down? or quit while I'm ahead?

Purging the Sins of the Father - One Man’s Mission of Peace and Tolerance

Jewish vigil supporting Muslim cultural center in Lower Manhattan

'Just Not True': White House Accused of Spinning Report

Artificial Bee Eye Gives Insight Into Insects’ Visual World

NYC: Protest Joel Klein's ouster of autistic kids to make more space for charter school: Mon

NYC: Protest Joel Klein's ouster of autistic kids to make more space for charter school: Mon

Making autistic children move so a charter can expand in their building. Not a good thing to do.

A Muslim victim of 9/11: 'Build your mosque somewhere else'

SPLC files suit against Filipino recruiters on behalf of teachers on H1-B visas in Louisiana.

SPLC files suit against Filipino recruiters on behalf of teachers on H1-B visas in Louisiana.

For all you lefties

David Korten: A Tale of Two Economies

Jewish vigil supporting Muslim cultural center in Lower Manhattan

I think the interesting question about Hiroshima is not whether it can be justified or not,

Did you know anyone like Dennis? He died in Nam age 19

Lawsuit challenges airport full-body scanners

OMG...My GOP company last night asked me "Why do you watch Colbert if you are a dem"

Mittens, in necktie, drives his pick-up. It's real 'cause it's got scratches. Really.

some students loan debts not even discharged at death/vegetative state: cosigners must pay.

The Crime of the Century: What BP and the US Government Don't Want You to Know

Kucinich Measure Would Bar Targeted Killings of US Citizens

It's OK to tell police officers to 'f*ck off'

The New Yorker on Wikileaks: "...knowing specifically what happened... is different."

Sunday NYT publishes correction on nearly 40-year-old Vietnam editorials

Life experience

"Stop dancing on the hot plate, Mr. President. Take a stand, or don't, on gay marriage"

Did Japan offer to surrender previous to the bombs or not?

There was a time when the stupid and the ignorant knew their places.

Uninsured, she refuses chopper after heart started twice (original story & update)

Angry protesters descend on mosque (CT)

Reason to beam - A number of homeowners with solar panels pays about $16 a month

Airport Body Scanners Can Store Your Naked Image, After All

RNC Pushes Back Presidential Primaries

"Why Has He Fallen Short?"-by Frank Rich

Fidel Castro will be delivering an important speech today

Transportation choices attract young professionals

Ohman Toon: Useless things

The Uses of and Difference Between Shame and Guilt

Army Chaplain Tries to Cure PTSD With Jesus

Army Chaplain Tries to Cure PTSD With Jesus

Narcissistic Men Typically Direct Their Rage at Straight Women

Intriguing. Dolphins. Love them!

I'm starting a society dedicated to Biblical marriage

Why aren't more people Democrats?

Why did no one object to the "Pentagon mosque"?

An Insult to Ground Zero


Pix From The Russian Wildfires... (Dial-Up Warning)

US Bank and their crooked overdraft fees can suck on it!


Shepard Fairey mural in San Diego gay neighborhood vandalized

Man Accused of Squirting Semen on Female Shoppers

Chris Dodd trying his hardest to derail an Elizabeth Warren CFPB nomination

The Static Universe, Hilton Ratcliffe

Mall implements 'youth escort policy'

Demands from the left -

did anyone here live in the time period roughly from

Libraries Remove Gay-Themed Book At Beck Group Member's Request

Tell the DNC what you think of today's Democratic Party via this link!

10 Murdered on Medical Aid Trip in Afghanistan, Including 6 Americans


Resolved: Eating Animals Is Indefensible

An Open Letter to Frightened Married Heterosexuals

It Ain't working

How about cutting in half what we give to Egypt every year...

this is the late night lounge with no Divinyls video......?

A little classic Focus for a Friday night

This is just wrong on sooooo many levels.

Leads? I'll get the boys at the crime lab on it.

Should addresses be changed to coordinates?

"Made love to an Ape" is the phrase of the day. Modify a thread title to include

You... COMPLETE... me

The Inbred Jedi

In praise of Palpatine

Brutal Japanese Sniper Prank

Do You Remember The 1st Time?

From GD: Is there such a thing as a "Sensible Narwhal"??

Name Removed

Some laid-back Saturday afternoon music...Willie Nelson with Ray Charles, "Seven Spanish Angels"

why do people hate kid rock so much?

backwoodsbob at his best

backwoodsbob at his best

Dog Whisperer - Rehabilitating aggressive dogs on now....

IMHO, the SINGLE GREATEST Led Zeppelin song of ALL TIME, "Still Of The Night." Enjoy.

Just bought a Canon Digital Rebel XTi 10.1MP...

Baby Panda Escapes!

Whippin' Post...on ukelele. The solo brings a whole new meaning to the word "INTENSITY."

HEY, isn't that Jim Morrison? The Cult, "Love Removal Machine," live on Whistle Test, 1987

just saw 'The Other Guys' - hint - don't hurry out of the theater

Justin Bieber to Star in 3D Movie About His Life

Post your current desktop configuration . . .

Skinner invited me to his home. When I saw this, I politely but swiftly got the fuck out of there.

Proof that you've been slipped a little something.

Math/physics people -- help me out!

I'll be gone for a few days (my birthday is Monday) - here is a gift and a wish for the lounge...

How clean is "clean diesel"?


I just want to type "Justin Bieber" over and over and over and over again until it loses all meaning

For your edification and delight...

Time for the Wikipedia (NOT Wikileaks!) Game again

Moby Grape

The Enrichment Center reminds you that the Weighted Companion Cube cannot speak.

Was playing poker with the guys. Politically incorrect.

We cancelled our satellite service yesterday

Dog on Lawn Mower too busy to talk, but says "hi y'all!"

Tesla had the right idea: Shock Everything!

Sorry Keith Olbermann fans

I can barely walk.

Beer 101: American wheat ale...

Sometimes, when I accidentally upset people in GD, I feel a little bad at first.

Anyone seen the movie "Dear John"? Was it any good?

Deep Purple - "Perfect Strangers" (the "official music video")

Why does the Father of the bride "give her away" , but the father of the groom doesn't do the same ?

I think someone is reading posts from many years ago I made.

Life on Gilligan's island isn't that bad

Shameless Birthday Thread

Someone just called me a bad name.

Future Darwin Award Winner?

Do you remember...your first car?

Getting things sorted out. A little psychology for the lounge.

Anyone here ever take a train trip?

Wow I was driving in a woodsy area and I almost hit a deer. She jumped right out in front of me.

Why do the most right wing posters seem to always have Roman or Greek names?

Green Manalishi

How come every time I start to pour myself a cup of coffee...

Who are those at DU that you consider celebrities?


Would you tell your neighbor that they have left their car lights on?

Worst hangover of your life? Where were you? What caused it?

Home alone while the boys go fishing

I got "credits" to play games on Facebook, how do I use them?

Ready for inspection

My cruise group is having a 70s themed party a week from Thursday...

Ask me anything

Has your cat EVER entered a plea of "Guilty"?

Pez, I sez

Jesus Christ, the dew point is 78F here in Fargo. When did we become Florida?

Man drove car for 82 years. Wicked cool car!

What's wrong with this movie poster?

I missed something - when did the DUZYs go away, and why?

Big Brother

Weird stuff your cat likes to eat.

Is anybody else sick of summer?

Pentagon to Troops: Taliban Can Read WikiLeaks, You Can’t

Pentagon to Troops: Taliban Can Read WikiLeaks, You Can’t

Greens face a battle in California

Food stamps or teachers? Congress takes from one to pay for the other.

About 23 Christians arrested, 3 executed

Democrats get little boost from stimulus

Foreign medical workers among 10 killed in Afghanistan

Democrats invoke Bush to get support from voters for midterm elections

Vander Plaats Rules Out Independent Bids, Wants Justices Ousted

Gaza aid flotilla to set sail from Lebanon with all-women crew

Cuba tries armed men tied to US anti-Castro group

Charge for permission to enter US

Russian troops dig canal to bar fire from (main) atom site

Museum of Tolerance backer: No to WTC mosque

6 Americans on medical mission killed in Afghanistan

Romer's Departure Raises Questions And Concerns About White House's Economic Team

K&R if you like Resident Evil!

Norton wins inaugural AUL nod

ObamaCare Is in Big Trouble

White supremacist running for Calif. school board

Clinton: Donors still holding out on Haiti pledges

Wiens eyes Colorado gov race

Iranian facing stoning speaks: 'It's because I'm a woman'

Appeals court limits use of GPS to track suspects

Meek campaign claims dead heat with Greene in Florida

Idaho building industry group endorses Minnick

Judge orders US to keep protecting 'endangered' wolves

Obama: Healthcare law gave Medicare 'sounder financial footing'

House Dems want meeting with Obama to urge Warren nod

Clarifying FBI's electronic reach must be cautious

Target CEO Apologizes For Company's Support Of Tom Emmer

Afghaninam, Vietnamistan

Saudis reach Blackberry data deal

Conservative Group Accused of Censoring Stories on Digg

States should not be left to flounder or else we will lose Nov election

Michigan oil spill caused by 5-foot tear in pipeline

Police Targets in Violence Across Iraq

No need to do the election year gay bashing-because-GOP is getting their hate on for brown people

Foreign diplomats leave Moscow amid fires and smog

Dems unconcerned White skipping Obama visit

Motivation of the Week for the fall Congressional elections:

Massive ice island breaks off Greenland (100 square miles)

The weird thing we ask of voters.

RNC Passes Calendar Reform

Taliban kills 10 medical aid workers in northern Afghanistan

Required reading if you want to understand the Senate, and...

Why the Obama administration is stuck strongly defending DOMA -- and it's not politics.

Gulf oil spill: White House accused of spinning report

Huge ice island breaks from Greenland glacier

1974- 36 years ago on this dark night in the Whitehouse a decision was made

1974- 36 years ago on this dark night in the Whitehouse a decision was made

The media keeps asking the rethugs what's there plan they already showed what that is

President Obama: Healthcare law gave Medicare 'sounder financial footing'

Tony Judt, Chronicler of History, Is Dead at 62

Condo sale by U.S. Senate hopeful raises questions, experts say (Jeff Greene/Florida)

Mass grave threatens Uribe's legacy

Iraq forces take over from last U.S. combat brigade

The man who made the iPhone 4 is out

Kagan takes oath, prepares for several high-profile cases

Kagan takes oath, prepares for several high-profile cases

GOP blocking two of Obama's nominees to the Federal bench because there to liberal

President Obama Highlights Benefits to Seniors Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

AP Interview: WikiLeaks to publish new documents

Tea-Party blogger Pamela Geller sues MTA over requests for anti-mosque ad changes

Obama Said to Consider Easing U.S. Travel Restrictions to Cuba

Bell admits more hefty city salaries

Blue Dog Democrats back Raby

Romanoff Rallies His Troops

Indian IT industry slams US move to hike visa fee

Colombia accuses Chavez of "crimes against humanity"

Birthers' fade after passage of law against them

US-Vietnam nuke deal will likely allow enrichment

No matter our disagreements with the President, why are we so afraid to say this...

Colombia's new leader offers talks to Venezuela, FARC

Vitter: GOP candidate is a ploy

Fidel Castro warns of nuclear war between US and Iran

Ahmadinejad: 9/11 terror attacks death toll was exaggerated

Donna Shalala Detained at Ben-Gurion

Americans among 10 killed in northern Afghanistan

The 2010 Presidential Citizen's Medal

All Aboard the Mavi Marmara

Talking Democracy Blues-Leon Rosselson

Rachel Maddow: Issue by issue dissection of GOP's embarrassing 2010 strategy

MSNBC Hosted By Cenk: Angle, Rangel & Dr. Phil Backs Warren

Unemployment Extension Fight4Change News

Special Interests

Rachel Maddow - The Taliban's New Code of Conduct

Michael Bennet's Big Bet Gone Bad at Denver Public Schools

Andrew Romanoff on The Ed Show

Elena Kagan Sworn In As Justice Of The Supreme Court

Joe Bageant:: Willing Prisoners

Did the Founding Fathers make a mistake?

Fox News Misreports Obama Gay Marriage Amendment Stance

Patch Adams: We Need a Grandmother Revolution

Police Begin "Guns Drawn" Raids on Organic Food Stores in California

If you try to film a cop in Sweden..... (WARNING: Graphic Video)

MSNBC Hosted By Cenk: Did TARP Work?

Jimmy Kimmel - Limbaugh's Obama Birthday remarks as crazy as getting cap off a bottle of Oxycontin

NATO Can't Deny They Killed Civilians in Sangin Anymore

Fareed Zakaria responds to ADL

Restrepo (Sebastian Junger embedded with Troops: Afghanistan)


Putting Our Brains on Hold

Political Royalty

In States Where "Gun Ed" Is Prevalent, Comprehensive Sex Ed Is Nowhere to Be Found

Secretary of State Clinton: Now That the Wedding Is Over, Could You Respond to Requests From America

Gulf oil spill: White House accused of spinning report

Raj Patel: We Have Yet to See the Biggest Costs of the BP Spill

Three-Card Monte at Gitmo by Scott Horton

Afghaninam, Vietnamistan

Romania sets up commission to rule on anti-Semitic state coin

Citing Massive Russian Fires, NeoCons Claim Reagan Won The 'Hot War'

"Fidel Castro was not part of the diplomacy that ended the missile crisis. "

Did Ann Coulter Get Tired of Ann Coulter, Too? (Very funny article)

John Perkins:Reject U.S. Corporatocracy Ambitions in Venezuela, Iran, against Wikileaks, and ...

Do Republicans Hate Small Business?

Gen. Clark praises Harry Reid, defends Reid's 'war is lost' comment.

US Navy is Costa Rica - Militarization of South America

The Republican plan to wreck the economy and then blame the Dems. Will it work?

Conservative Group Accused of Censoring Stories on Digg

Tier V & COBRA Extension: Rally Planned On Wall Street

Whose hands? Whose blood? by Tom Engelhardt


Autorank:Turkish deep state versus civilians – as we speak

The arctic oil rush is on

Nuclear Energy Loses Cost Advantage (NYT): UPDATE

There was a pretty clear shot of the ice yesterday

Oops, significant 'error' found in EPA's calculation of GHG emissions for Ethanol

Fish Oils Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Flatulent Cows

Watermelons Tapped For Ethanol (20% of watermellons are rejected, left in field)

If Nuke Power is so wonderful then...

Referee of Seattle's Super Bowl loss admits errors

Our Long National Nightmare is Over...Albert Haynesworth has Passed the Conditioning Test. n/t

Quality Road 2-5 Morning Line Favorite For Today's Whitney @ The Spa

Urban Meyer Closes Practices, Citing 'Scumbags' and 'Internet People'

A Bad Movie Is Getting a Sequel - Isiah Thomas is back with the Knicks...

Karen Sypher relationship with divorce lawyer 'more than business'

Blue Jays prospect hits two home runs, including one on his first ever pitch

First Practice of Season in the Books (for the Buckeyes)

SEC football -Ole Miss Coach Nutt signs Masoli from Oregon

Will Favre Return?

Lexington KY sprinter, Tyson Gay, stuns Usain Bolt in 100

Cuba tries armed men tied to US anti-Castro group

Obama Said to Consider Easing U.S. Travel Restrictions to Cuba

Colombia accuses Chavez of "crimes against humanity"

John Perkins:Reject U.S. Corporatocracy Ambitions in Venezuela, Iran, against Wikileaks, and ...

War on drugs: why the US and Latin America could be ready to end a fruitless 40-year struggle

Colombia's new leader offers talks to Venezuela, FARC rebels

El Jefe's 12 minute speech today on youtube - Fidel en espanol

New cave-in blocks bid to rescue Chile miners

Hugo Chavez extends an olive branch to JM Santos

Now that's just plain rude...

Stand Your Ground' works -- for criminals

Houston's Packing Heat According to State Data (Texas)

Birmingham man's fatal shooting by woman declared justified

ABC Nightline on grassroots gun rights groups.

Fox "News" Online Poll Shows 71% View Anti-Gay Marriage Prop 8 as Unconstitutional

Rich Lowry (ASSHAT): Gay marriage and the world according to Judge Walker

Hahaha. . .well, at least a bit of comic relief after this historic week.

Labor joke for the week: The Interview

Today in labor history Aug 7 Eugene Debs and three other trade unionists arrested for Pullman Strike

Today in Labor History Aug 6 IWW (Wobbies) a leader in the effort against World War I

California Nurses.. QUEEN MEG videos. Totally hilarious!

Republican Leaders Boehner, Cantor Trash Workers

Oakland Nurses End 5-Day Strike, Some Lose Jobs

To win in November, unions will build “people power”

UAW workers cheer president but job woes persist

Half (mostly Black and Latino) Wages? Bring Out the Rat, Say NY Movers

Teamsters Union Local 773 members vote to end strike against Hercules Cement

Readying for Tough Bargaining, Members Stoke the Fires at Verizon

Sigh .....:(

ILWU Files Labor Rights Complaint Against Costa Rica

AFSCME: Whitman’s $100 Million Finances ‘Outright Lie’

Today in Labor History Aug 5 Reagan fired 13,000 federal air traffic controllers PATCO & FMLA effect

Big Coal backing Rand Paul, GOP

Crazy Economists Are Still Defending The Wall Street Bailout As The Recession Gets Worse

Teck says strike shuts down Coal Mountain mine

2 groups set to contest Luisita ‘sham’ deal at SC

U.S. files labor rights complaint against Guatemala

Moss Roses


Spider webs and dew drops


State Capitol in Austin

5:42 EDT, August 6

Gaza aid flotilla to set sail from Lebanon with all-women crew

"Gaza Is Not Darfur!"

Gaza power plant shuts down for lack of fuel

Hiroshima mayor, China activists win 'Asian Nobel' (cross-post from Monday's LBN)

Seeing a Stellar Explosion in 3D

First Ever Realtime Lightshow of Krypton Atom Electrons

Carnivorous Caterpillar Will Haunt Your Nightmares. You're Welcome.

Beware Palestinian apartheid

Panoramic view of the WR 22 and Eta Carinae regions of the Carina Nebula

Stephen Hawking's Warning: Abandon Earth—Or Face Extinction

Hamas leaders in Syria urge West Bank operatives to kidnap Israeli settlers

Tallest Torii in Japan (Shinto Shrine entrance)

The multiverses are vast

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My relationship to money: Anybody got any reading or other

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Germ theory denialism explained

It's already August. This year's influenza vaccine will be available