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Dutch police arrest men on US flight, alleging ‘preparation of a terrorist attack’

Electronic Frontier Foundation want to assist Righthaven suit victims

Baseball's corporate crime wave

Greenpeace 'boards Cairn platform' off Greenland

Afghan roadside bomb kills four US soldiers

Gaddafi: The EU should consider paying Libya "at least €5 billion a year" or "Europe might be black"

But, but, will he say, "Mission Accomplished?"

Contractors resist US disclosure effort, aka Defense Contractors Don't Want You To Know About Their

Pentagon Hangs Its Hat on the $243 Million Dollar F-35

WaPo TV Review: Beck's First Post-Beckoning Show

Picking on Obama vs. picking on Bush ... is there a difference?

The United States Military Notes That $1.9 Million Dollars Of Laptops Auctioned off for $45,700.

Lockheed Martin spent $3.2M on 2Q lobbying

Has anyone told Joe Scum that Iraq was a secular state

Hannity: "So what? The President's never off!"

Ouch: An Undisciplined Defense: Understanding the $2 Trillion Surge in US Defense Spending

RW [institution/person] says [insert insanity here]! People [react], then discuss [said insanity]!

what about social security

what about social security

RW [institution/person] says [insert insanity here]! People [react], then discuss [said insanity]!

Trouble for mosque developers

Patriotic, INSPIRING photos of REAL Americans: "Tea and Sandwiches with Glenn Beck"

New Ground Combat Vehicle RFP Cancelled

"Plans to build a fruit stand near where the incident occurred draws staunch community opposition."

New Rulz for this camper

The United States Navy Continues Down The Path Of Ever More Expensive Toys

Race to the Bottom: Putting the Brakes on Neoliberal Economics

LA County Jail to Field-Test Raytheon Pain Ray

I have been bad Glenn Beck's new web site ..... "The Blaze"

Breaking up with Huffington Post

Connect the thoughts....Mike Luckovich on Glenn Beck's thought processing (cartoon)

The British austerity cuts--are the royal family and the nobility going

Anti-Bullying Policies are a Gay Conspiracy, Says Mega Church

The Secret Killers: Covert Assassins Charged With Hunting Down and Killing Afghans

Teabagger Making $100K Claims He Couldn't Save for a House Because of High Taxes

Teachers blast L.A. Times for releasing effectiveness rankings

What percentage of the crowd at Bck's rally was made up of

Bob Herbert: Asia vs the USA the last decade

The Public Option

Inside a toxic hellhole

FEMA Under Bush Leaves a Trail of Corruption

Military Subcontractors Bribing U.S. Personnel With Prostitutes? The Shady World of War Contracting



The capitalists are bribing our government.

A new operating principle for a sane world

Reality Check: "we changed nothing of significance inside Iraq.”

Arizona Democratic Party alleges voter fraud

Glenn Beck Rally - Interviews With Participants

Floridians, this is our state under 12 years of Republican siege.

Help me out - why is the chief question on M$Greedia today

Vertical Integration?

Hello everyone. My friend from Germany started talking to be about a RBE

Statue honors Steven Stayner's legacy

Must be seen to be believed: Glenn Beck Rally Attendee Exposed

Must be seen to be believed: Glenn Beck Rally Attendee Exposed

Dead UK Spy Was Linked to NSA Intercept Case

Elevated levels of toxins found in Athabasca River (oil sands)

Beyond the Bank: How local businesses are turning to their neighbors for funding

Condoleezza Gibbs plumbs new depths

Danziger nails it as usual (the change in Iraq)



Sorry Glenn Beck, but King dream is on the march in Detroit

Question about 1st Amendment, Fox, Lying

Just a Reminder- 'The Victor will never be asked"

Biden to Cool His Heels in Mexico For Awhile

The Rude Pundit: Right-Wingers Are Conspicuously Silent on the Hurricane Katrina Anniversary

Please remember our fight is not with the teabaggers!

Why Wall St. Is Deserting Obama (NYT)

White Fright Glenn Beck's rally was large-vague-moist & undirected—the Waterworld of white self-pity

Witness: "Restoring Boehner" rally was NOT political

Witness: "Restoring Boehner" rally was NOT political

the fact is.


I need help debunking BecKKK rally pics.

We've got a beckkk-head amongst us...

Democracy Now interviews Rwanda genocide revisionist

Democracy Now interviews Rwanda genocide revisionist

This war was fought to open up Iraqi petroleum to development and export to the world market


Glenn Beck Launches News Website Mostly About Glenn Beck

Wingnut hysteria of the day

Please don't feed dead trolls.

Gotta love cheeky ad campaigns

Mr Fish Toon: Osama Speaks!

The University of California retirement system faces a shortfall of more than $20 billion

The August Day Plutocracy Would Love Us to Forget

Fox's Kilmeade on terrorists: Kill them in the field because we can't find a way to try them at home

Focus on the Family leads Christian Right charge against anti-bullying booklet

Is homicide a lifestyle choice?

This evening, our president will lie to us

It’s Witch-Hunt Season Op - Ed ... Paul Krugman

Danish poster boy for climate change skepticism wakes up out of denial stupor

No more polls

dammit, I wanted to ask that guy to outline his "movement"'s political aims

Boehner attempts to hijack President's speech?

Action News McNetwork: "This just in: Muslims are scary"!

Tired of the mundane and ugliness of earth...

"Therapy" stategies that can supposedly change gay people to straight are 100% wrong

Coming Soon: Theaters, Airplanes to Post Calories

Love this ---> "Proud Progressive Patriot" t-shirt

Focus On The Family: Anti-Bullying Efforts Are A Gay Front

Isn't it time for birth control pills be over-the-counter?

United States Loses Another $5 Billion Dollars in Iraq

Steven Weber (HuffPO): White Heat

Big grocers take aim at the United Food & Commercial Workers Union

She killed her husband — or did she?

One reason Social Security is "in trouble" is because greedy people elected to public office . . . .

Alan Simpson and the Social Security ‘milk cow’

Pinellas County Florida's Democratic Ticket from Top (Alex Sink) to bottom

Man charged with hate crime for punching man in turban

Give White House Credit for Mideast Peace Efforts

Authorities Were on High Alert for Possible Hijack Attempt

Justice Dept files suit against Arizona Community Colleges

Today's TOON to send the T-baggers

President Obama, President Bush and the Iraq War

"Empires do not come cheap"

Brad Pitt Stars on Meet the Press / New Orleans

Brad Pitt Stars on Meet the Press / New Orleans

Anyone will watch Dance with the Star?

Why no inquest? ACLU questions coroner's decision in police high-speed pusuit death

Hypocritical Right-Wing Welfare Queens: Koch Bros. trying to cash in on the health reform they hate

A Month Without Monsanto

Salon: 2 year anniv. of the Palin plague is the result of "the gut call made by one 72-year-old man"

Whoa!! Weiner tweets for GOP

Glenn Beck's The Blaze Website Editor Scott Baker Taught Jeff Gannon

If millions of us marching couldn't stop the Iraq War, why obsess whether Beck had 100k or 200k?

Beck's "The Blaze" site already down...

MLK and Abe Lincoln discuss Beck--Toon

Charter School misuses $2.7 million dollars

Anti-War, LGBT, Women's Demonstrations over the years swamp Beck's WTF Book Promo event

Dead Infants At Ft. Bragg Prompt Investigation

Traficant has enough signatures to run

Slain Latino Journalist Ruben Salazar, Killed 40 Years Ago in Police Attack

Healthcare workers should get a flu shot or lose their jobs, two health groups say

Andrea Mitchell is a total hack.

What's most remarkable about Republicans and Tea Baggers and MSM -

ROVE ALERT! - Misdirection from Crossroads GPS

Back Rally - "The Waterworld of White Self-Pity"

Goddard - Brewer Debate Information

Is eating meat a lifestyle choice?

"Return to Honor???" "Mission Accomplished???"

Orrin Hatch supports that mosque thing in NYC

Oops, then again they may not be terrorists

DU rewind: September 2008.... what were we talking about then....

If we had $2.5 trillion of gold bars in the social security vault we wouldn't be discussing it's

Afghanistan bomb attacks kill twenty-one US soldiers in 48 hours

Afghanistan bomb attacks kill twenty-one US soldiers in 48 hours

7 States: We'll sue to stop health care reform package, but we will still take it's subsidies

Here comes the return of an old TeaPubliKlan canard and this time our guys will back them on it

Dick Morris: GOP Will Shut Down The Government Again

Charter school principal deposited $$ to personal Ameritrade account, paid ex-wife & non exis vendor

Beck: the military wouldn't do a flyover for us, so God sent us some geese

Dangerous Drugs Used to Treat Veteran Soldiers

Do you think the tax credit for dependant children should be eliminated?

Same-Sex Marriage Becoming Conservative Cause

Health Care Reform Hypocrisy: States Suing Government Willing To Claim Subsidies

White House reaffirms support of Alan Simpson. He will "continue to serve".

Washington Post promoting Glen Beck heavily...

The GOP Recipe for Success

people forget there are thousands of Muslim Americans who protect the U.S. from terrorism

HuffPo: Bank Profits Soar, Lending Falls As Banks Pay Next To Nothing For Funds

Koch Industries Applies For Federal Funds From Health Care Law It Opposes

Debt settlement - is it worth it?

Minnesota State Fair to Bachmann: Stop Using Logo

Please....I need some help, and I need it quickly.

Data Suggests Imminent Spike in Foreclosures

FDR, JFK, MLK in the Oval Office

Ads Against Alexi Giannoulias Here On DU And In The Local TV Market.....

Pet Peeve: Long quotes in italics

Just some good old fashioned family racism. Family Research Council defends Southern Strategy

DPS defrauded of $150K for jewelry, purses, mortgage payments

Mormon Church-owned Deseret News cuts 43% of news staff

ACLU challenges CIA hit-list

The Secret to the The Young Guns Republican Clip.

Bank to woman: Sorry, but you're dead

This is what happens when you make a pack with the devil, "Why Wall St. Is Deserting Obama"

If the pundits are right next year the Government will come to a halt

If the pundits are right next year the Government will come to a halt

Tweety opens with Beck/Pastor Hagee at rally

UCF professor claims racial profiling, says police called her 'drug user, crack head and liar'

Witness disputes police account of fatal shooting (Man was whittling)

The Layoff Kings: The 25 Companies Responsible for 700,000 Lost Jobs

The Layoff Kings: The 25 Companies Responsible for 700,000 Lost Jobs

Newsweek Poll: Republicans Think Obama 'Probably' Wants To Impose Islamic Law

Dan Senor rewriting history as fast as he can on Hardball..

Race To The Bottom

Hahahaha WTF???

Have we become a party of Nannies or do we still have fight left in us?

Faux Down -16% over last year same time Beck -12% and -17% Key Demo

what a crock of shite

With all this Glen Beck drama going on...where is Limpballs?

This is scary: Pa. Supreme Court: Minors May Be Involuntarily Committed for Drug, Alcohol Addiction

wow. 69.9% of mortgages in Nevada are under water. wow.

Publicist says Zsa Zsa Gabor 'unresponsive'

10-year-old's pregnancy fuels Mexican abortion debate

President Obama should fire his advisors - They are "optics" illiterate

NYC's Tap Water Isn't Kosher

dentists are greedy and care mostly about money

dentists are greedy and care mostly about money

The list of what’s allowed and not allowed on the “hallowed ground” of Ground Zero, NYC:

Glenn Beck's rally was large, vague, moist, and undirected—the Waterworld of white self-pity.

Optimism or Pessimism?

When an ego devours the world. . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!!

Inspecteur Clousseau, Barney Fife, Officer Muldoon, and the Keystone Kops star in . . .

17th Century Foxx

The Ed Show is on and featuring NOLA free clinic

Montana drinking and driving culture at crossroads

All of you who are not ready to fight or are too cowardly in the face of the opposition

A Small Antidote To All The OMG DEMS ARE DOOOOOOMMMMED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please rate and comment on this latest editorial re:1st amendment means Christian Religion

You Mods are really on your toes today.

DC teachers, on NewsHour tonight.

When Metaphors Don't Work (holy moly)

After Saddam, America's Next Fake Enemy: Deficits

Murkowski gains votes as recount begins

Calling Them Out: War Profiteer Steven R. Loranger

VP Biden interview tomorrow on Newshour.

Petraeus Finishes Rules for Afghan Transition

Media Manipulates the "End" of the War in Iraq

Some idle speculation about some recent history: NPR is running

'New' Oval Office (pics)

'New' Oval Office (pics)

What the heck?

Tony Blair: I knew Gordon Brown would be a disaster

counting absentee and questioned ballots today in Alaska

Aha! Glenn BecKKK's Obsession with the Constitution Revealed

Aha! Glenn BecKKK's Obsession with the Constitution Revealed

Why is Shrub on every F-ing network, his voice his face?!1 Stomach turning!1

Where do they find the useful idiots in that commercial telling us not to tax the oil and gas biz?

Girl Throws Puppies Into River [Disturbing]

Give Bush Credit: The List

Mobilizing Progressive Voters

Silicon Valley’s Dark Secret: It’s All About Age

My prayer for Rupert Murdoch: Let him be bankrupt and unemployed before he burns in hell

My prayer for Rupert Murdoch: Let him be bankrupt and unemployed before he burns in hell

Pawlenty Orders Minnesota Not To Apply For Federal Health Care Reform Money

NYT: Obama to Urge New Focus on Domestic Woes After Iraq

Courage update: Dog stars in calendar (3 year old German Shepherd weighed just 37 lbs when rescued)

Courage update: Dog stars in calendar (3 year old German Shepherd weighed just 37 lbs when rescued)

Courage update: Dog stars in calendar (3 year old German Shepherd weighed just 37 lbs when rescued)

On day Iraq combat mission ends, Obama phones Bush

The August Day Plutocracy Would Love Us To Forget

I'm listening to Dan Senor on Hardball and he is just an unbelievable whore for all things Bush.

Study: "Immigration is actually good for employment, wages and productivity"

Krugman: There is very little that’s baffling about our problems

I guess history was re-written.Truth is the 'surge" had nothing to do with the "success" in Iraq

Krugman: The Unbearable Pettiness Of Being Rich

"Everything I needed to know about Muslims, I learned on 9/11/01"

I went to McDonald's to eat their garbage today. I hit the ceiling when I saw that they had a TV...

Bachmann Claims Estimate Of 1.6 Million People At Glenn Beck Rally

Do you think Obama will credit Idiot Son for The Surge™?

Stephanopoulos repeats right wing talking point about Bush's surge.

Beck's website The Blaze reminds me of the Nazi propaganda that I saw at Dachau


If Earl hits North Carolina will the price of donuts go up?

childish hissy fit in private restaurant

Facebook post gets Detroit-area juror in hot water

Mary Louise Parker Calls O’Reilly An ‘Idiot’

Restoring honor? You have to have some to begin with.

I'm glad Obama used this speech to argue for independence from fossil fuels.

The suffering of the survivors - pic

Building a mosque near Ground Zero is like...

Someone posted a bunch of charts about the united states

I had a "1984" moment last week...

22 US soldiers dead in last 5 days in Afghanistan. ("We must see this strategy through!")

22 US soldiers dead in last 5 days in Afghanistan. ("We must see this strategy through!")

A thick smoke spews from the summit of Mount Sinabung - pics

Proposed pot farm on countryside angers residents

They cut Rachel again!!!!

I was about to scream at my Cable provider

Rachel loses her audio, MSNBC cuts away.

State Fair tells Bachmann campaign to stop using Fair logo

Where our rights come from.

Luckovich toon: Finally found the WMD

Earl's cone keeps drifting westward

After supporting Pawlenty, Minneapolis cops back Dayton

Rachel going through the Bushco justifications for the war in Iraq

The absolute best website for Hurricane tracking...

For those of you who think we should be taking the strategies of the teabaggers, I ask..

Glenn Beck on the smoky eruption of Mount Sinabung in Indonesia:

Did Maddow Just Get Censored...

Dedicated to my friends at DU (please never forget)

Lohan Says 'I'm a Different Person Now'

Rev. Bill (BIG HAIR) Keller Is A Good Reason That ALL Churches....


Cenk is destroying a GOP Congressman on Social Security (filling in for Ratigan on MSNBC). n/t

KO you're killing me here

When Will We All Need to Carry Identity Papers?


Minn. State Fair Asks Bachmann To Stop Using Logo

American Exceptionalism

I'm confused by this whole 10 Commandments thing and its relationship to forgiveness...

De Ju Vu Moment Remember when we left Vietnam

Media Coward Palin Whines Obama Not Given Tough Enough Questions

Never again do I want to hear about Gays "infecting" the military...

There goes Labor Day on the East Coast

Lets just boil it down, Republican ideology is

The people that Simpson and Obama are insulting

The 'New' DADT Enforcement Rules Ensare A Sailor Who Wasn't Asked And Didn't Tell

US Taxpayer money funding mosque development around world

The quality of Doctors in the US had declined significantly. (Teacher bashing analogy)

Toy Story 3 officially became the seventh movie ever to reach $1 billion at the worldwide box office

The President doesn't look right

What's the best way to restore America's honor?

And he had a suspended license and no insurance.

Fed Study: Immigrants Don’t Steal American Jobs

I JUST got a text message from the White House

Murkowski Still Trailing Challenger in Absentee Ballot Count

I read on some other sites...

Boss Made Her a Sex Slave, Homeland Security Worker Says

Those "Pure Michigan" ads are EVERYWHERE!

David gergen,

Freepers taking victory laps over Glenn Beck piece retracted by Huffington Post

Aerial America - - - If you get the Smithsonian Channel, check out this program

Is War with Iran necessary for Pres Obama to win in 2012?

Murfreesboro, TN bigots vs. REAL decency

To the Trolls who think 90k crowd is something to get excited about....

40 years later-more vets may see some acknowledgment of their illnesses-my latest ltte

NOVA, Becoming Human, First Steps, Evolutionary arc of humans

Fidel Castro takes blame for 1960s gay persecution

It's So Easy to be a Beckered or DittoHeaded,

For Profit Schools: Scams That Leave You "Dumber" and Poorer.

CBS: Glenn Beck "Restoring Honor" Rally Crowd Estimate Explained-Link to Photos Used

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & Here's a new fat kitty gif!

Bristol Palin is a cast member on ABC's Dancing with the Stars

As long as there are people like this in the world to do things like this, I have hope.

Cordova Christians put out welcome mat for new mosque

Fox: "Address to the Nation"

Sen. Lisa Murkowski Concedes Alaska Republican Primary for Senate - NYTimes link

Excited about candidates on the ballot in Texas this year.

Excited about candidates on the ballot in Texas this year.

Rove says it would have been better if Obama had not given a speech tonight but

Lisa Murkowski has conceded to Joe Miller

President Obama, nothing you say or do nice to the GOP will get them to help you!

President Obama, nothing you say or do nice to the GOP will get them to help you!

My grandson was born today.

Wow. Big Brother moment at Target food store

The Song Remains the Same (From April 2003)

This one says it all, don't you think?

This November

Thanks to the Government, the Kid Across the Street Might Live

Oakland County, MI, judge denies licensed med-mar patients their medicine

Come up with "truthful" slogans for T-shirts at a Beck rally

San Diego Schools Set a New Agenda After Backlash

18 Year old (H.S. Senior) Named Director of His Own School Board

More heartbreak in Kentucky.....

Shots fired outside mosque in Rochester, teens arrested.

Fierce FBI concludes not a hate crime for two Marines to knock a gay guy unconscious

Utah calls Jeb Bush to help them reform schools. Jeb seeing brother's agenda fulfilled.

NOLA Clinic day1 and Big Ed (report from the field)

The newly redecorated Oval Office - pics

the dems are down, but even if this is true, I vow, I will still check my boxes and mail it.

Remember when Chris Green puked in eighth grade Social Studies Class….

The Puzzle Palace Admits They They Have No Clue

The Puzzle Palace Admits They They Have No Clue

The Puzzle Palace Admits They They Have No Clue

The Puzzle Palace Admits They They Have No Clue

••• Can we survive 2 years of the GOP till 2012? If so, how? •••

Dewey vs Truman redux?

Why is the defense budget always "off the table" in budget discussions ?

"There is no instance of a nation benefitting from prolonged warfare." - Sun Tzu, Art of War, 500 BC

Indigenous Oaxacan Woman Sues Missisippi Hospital For Taking Her Baby

Worries about US data on Iraqis

Murkowski has conceded

Goodhair whines about not getting a meeting with the President. He'll get it now.

Are you Evil? Conservatives think so.

Just saw an amazing History Channel doc on the Dust Bowl........

When Will We All Need to Carry Identity Papers?

SCARY!!! --It's your Action McNews Network --- This just in: ---Muslims are scary! -By Tom Tomorrow

How Much $$ of SS is in T-bills?

I have been banned from RSOE - what does the following statement mean

If the Republicans repeal Obama's HCR bill, is that a good thing or bad thing?

I am so tired of trying to reason with people who don't want to know facts.

Mexico in drive to clean up police

Focus on the Family: "Anti-Bullying efforts are Gay Conspiracy"

Ok seriously....

Beck didn't get much of a ratings boost Monday from Beckapalooza Whitestock

Who will voters (that now pay more for medical treatment) vote for?

Stepping a bit out of the mod box for a minute and if this should be moved so be it

Yawn. NYC and Boston are now in the warning cone of a Major Hurricane.....

EPA sets 2-day hearing on fracking in Binghamton

Look at the asshole sitting behind glen beckenstein


Only 50 UAW members attend JD Norman's "informational" meeting in Indianapolis

Only 50 UAW members attend JD Norman's "informational" meeting in Indianapolis

So how is today different then 5-1-2003?


NH teen who zapped nipples during shop class sues

Is George W. Bush a Patriot? I Can Only Remember This Moment.

Should we have polls or not? (this is a POLL)

It's painful that Obama gave them a pass

Heaps of Fossils From Evolutionary ‘Big Bang’ Discovered

Major screw-up with a new overpass bridge on the 60 out here (Riverside)

Major screw-up with a new overpass bridge on the 60 out here (Riverside)

Why Isn't This A Top News Story? 'BP acknowledges oil washing ashore in Florida'

What did Bush's surge in Iraq Accomplish?

TeaParty Endorsed candidate owes 10K in back taxes, defaulted on her mortgage & unpaid campaign debt

cool shirt ---> VOTE DEM 2010

Obama's email tonight about Iraq, fwiw

I'm surprised Obama said "nobody can question Bush's love of our troops

Official 'I wish Saddam still in power, we never invaded, 5000 brave US Soldiers still alive Thread

Gibbs speaks the full and absolute truth

How is "public financing" of campaigns feasible....

A "friend" on Facebook said that Beck's rally was all about returning to "Godly Principles".

Bob Herbert: We Owe the Troops in Afghanistan/Iraq an Exit

John Cusack Calls for 'Satanic Death' of Fox News, GOP Leaders

Fuck You Blair.

How should we rate our teachers?

Simpson to disabled vets: You cost too much

Somebody 'splain' to me how Obama is going to defend Simpson's comments on veterans.

Best. Idea. Ever.

Worse Than Silence: Part I

Worse Than Silence: Part I

I am on a mission, people. Must DU this poll for Restoring Truthiness rally.

Slovakia Stunned by Rampaging Gunman (Targeting Roma/Gypsies)

Texas warden was last voice heard by 140 inmates

Worse Than Silence: Part II

Ny R Hopeful Candidate for Governor Paladino Questions Obama's Faith

"Unemployment could be 6.8% instead of 9.5% if we hadn't extended unemployment benefits"

The despicable Alan Simpson does it again---this time he goes after Vets.

California doctor gets stuck in chimney, dies

"The validity of the public debt of the United States...shall not be questioned"

"Doonesbury" running as a Green for Rosa DeLauro's Congressional seat

Note to White House: It's ugly out there. The base actually matters. Do something. Fast.

For centuries, Afghan men have taken boys, roughly 9 to 15 years old, as lovers.

What I dislike about the Tea Party's name, and the subtle aspects of its movement

On Iraq: They Got Away With It

Newsweek: Why President Obama is no FDR - and the economy is still in the doldrums

Sitting out the November election? I guess we’ll show us.

"Bank Profits Soar, Lending Falls As Banks Pay Next To Nothing For Funds "

All those who question Bush's love for the troops and the country, check in.

Fuck you, george bush

Juan Cole: The Speech President Obama Should Give About the Iraq War (But Won’t)

SSI/SSDI ..'reforms' vs reality

The Economic Recovery is Dead

Uh, Dear President- you might want to review these tapes.

U.S. will become "a second-rate power if we don't mess with Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security"

Quotes on Obama's new rug; Oval Office Decor in History

AT&T Says Net Rules MUST Allow 'Paid Prioritization'

Chevy to dealers: Let Cruze shoppers test-drive competitors

I have just witnessed my veteran husband cry

Afghanistan's dirty little secret

"the Right cannot afford to have a Social Security system that is perceived to be working"

Tired of (drinking) Water? Read This!

Bring back Howard Dean

Bring back Howard Dean

simple ss solution I posted as a reply earlier

The silence on Obama's failure to prosecute the war crimes of the previous criminal administration

Defending the n-word "double standard"

Fox News thinks Bush should be given credit

Fox News thinks Bush should be given credit

Will an evaluation system for teachers be flawed ?

Rights Promised us at our Nation’s Founding – But Not Yet Delivered

L. A. Times evaluates teacher who was out of the country on a Fulbright Scholarship.

It Appears That $1 Trillion Dollars a Year Is Not Enough

Oliphant pulls no punches on Beckkk

What about a DU 2010 Midterm Election Working Group Forum

You people want blue furrys?

I'm missing you...

I have a question.

Merengue Dog!

Ya'll need to hear Sara Bareilles' cover of Beyonce's "Single Ladies"

He did it AGAIN!!!!

1922 color movie test.

I was an extra in a movie yesterday!

Cee Lo Green - F*** You

Heavy Drinkers Outlive Nondrinkers, Study Finds

Tortoise helps out a fallen friend

Isn't it a strange feeling when someone you sort of know dies?

"Needless to say"-- if something is needless to say,

I like the Alert Button

I'm gonna see George Clooney's latest movie, opening tomorrow!

I buried Paul

The 2010 World Testicle Cooking Championship took place yesterday.

The Zombie Apocalypse is well nigh!!! Where is your nearest redoubt!! (pic warning)

Did you ever wonder what happened to Dick, Jane, and Sally?

Breathe deep the gathering gloom,watch lights fade from every room

Anyone will watch Dance with the Star?

Oh, joy. The ragweed is blooming once again.

I anybody else having trouble loading facebook?

Ding dong

Favorite current commercial: Geico - pig crying 'wheeee wheeee' all the way home

Sharing today's earworm: The Chairmen of the Board, "Give Me Just A Little More Time"

MORE classic soul...The Trammps, "Hold Back The Night"


I NEVER check for duplicates when posting in the Lounge

Computer help please!

Will the mariners end up finishing worse then the '69 Pilots?

I NEVER check for duplicates when posting in the Lounge

Ode to the Lice, guys

Ode to the Nice Guys

Owed to the Knight's Guys

Ode to Miami Vice, Guys

Ode To The Mice Guys

For those of you having trouble wrapping furries around your brain

Ode to the Five Guys Vice

Ode to the FiveGan, Guy!

Roll to the Dice, Guys

Blowed to the Splice, Spies

Ode To The Captain Nice guy.

I NEVER check for duplicates when posting in the Lounge

Ode to the Tater, Guy.

I NEVER check for ROIDS when posting in the Lounge.

I NEVER check for NEKKID PEOPLE when posting in the Lounge!

I NEVER check for duplicity when posting in the Lounge.

Nice Codependent-Thinkin' Nice Guys (to the tune of "Wine-Spo-Dee-O-Dee") -- the PERFECT copycat ...

Twitter is like a golf cart than only starts half the time

I just found a Ennio Moriconne album of all his western themes

Ode to the people that need to shut the fuck up

Why MiddleFingerMom wets himself EVERY time he hears Ned Beatty in "Deliverance"...

I just hit the reset button on the lounge. Skinner told me where it was. We should be good in a few

Ode To The Spice Guys

Ode To The Spice Guys

Ode to the Rice ,Guys


People who go wishin' instead of fishin'

I understand. I appreciate you getting back to me so quickly...

I just bought a new monitor lizard.

With a Category 4 hurricane headed right at the mid Atlantic, where the hell is underpants??

Going to South Carolina in October....


Guess what book I get to read in my 1st semester biology class?

The Weather Channel. n/t

a little girl hit by a car while riding her bike died

It is time to give August a big goodbye.

Doctor gets stuck in chimney, dies

Why are posters called "OP" and what does it mean? Thank you. nt

So I had to finally deny a guy my couch here....I had to draw a line "super-sponge" couldn't cross

Skinner must have the biggest address book in the world.

If you add a locked thread to your DU journal, then are you asking for trouble?

Best friends going for a walk

Thank Goodness for North Carolina's ass sticking out into the Atlantic

I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!

OK. I know I kept it WAY too long but I finally got rid of my CRT monitor today.

Is eating meat a lifestyle choice?

Please explain to me why I prefer communicating via email than

Anyone else like Hash?

I've decided to start drinking heavily, and then post my ass off.

Who were the other choices for Star Trek: The Next Generation? Reggie Jackson as Geordi?

I just bought a new monitor.

Everything's gonna be alright...

here's a handy guide for using the esclators in DC

Any DU surfers on the east coast?

I spent half an hour looking for my cat. I called out but no responce. Finally

Is my avatar better or worse now?


ok heres a situation

So I've decided to quit smoking...

Why do people do this while driving? (Somewhat near accident last night)

Doctor gets stuck in Cheney, dies

Was Eve an Astronaut?

Any new guilty pleasures?

Any new guilty pleasures?

So this black helicopter keeps flying over my house at night spraying

Family Circus cartoon in need of another caption

Good night everybody - I've just been fetched by The Cat Who Needs My Feet To Sleep On

It's here...


You know how sometimes when you really decide to clean your house well,

GF's Dad speaks not ONE WORD of English!

Any advice for raising littermates together ?

D Minor

Question: Would you, in this economy, CHOOSE to take a 40% pay cut?

Will you see Halley's Comet when it returns? It's possible, though improbable, that I will.

Big hugs and good vibes for SalmonChantedEvening

The way I see it.

First, they run away from Obama, not they're running away from Pelosi

Obama and the Midterms --

Public Policy Polling--North Carolina Senate: Burr 43% Marshall 38%

what's wrong with this sentence?

Palin will visit Iowa on Sept 17

My TV has alloted 15 minutes for PresidentObama's end of the war speech tonight from the Oval office

The Democrats’ New Normal (Nate Silver's take on the Gallup poll)

Bigot starts ground zero church: Where's the outrage?

Here's Meghan Gushing About Palin 08

Chutzpah Watch: Koch Edition...

Albuqurque Journal Poll of NM: GOP ahead in Gov race/ Dems lead in two key house races

Light Bulb Moment. I think I understand what Beck is trying to do.

Rasmussen--CO Gov: Hickenlooper 40% Maes 32% Tancredo 9%

So Obama plugs the hole and Louisiana voters still don't give him the credit

*****MSNBC: Obama talk with the soilders in FT. Bliss LIVE******

Obama Screwed Up Bush's Work in Iraq, John Bolton said

Democrats will have a better chance at maintaining control of Congress if we eschew the culture...

Immigration Policy Gets Welcome Dose of Common Sense

Administration announces beneficiaries of Early Retiree Reinsurance Program

Administration announces beneficiaries of Early Retiree Reinsurance Program

Sen. Hatch is a muslim too?

If Obama should give credit to Bush for the surge "working,"...

Obam's latest gallup Numbers 45 Percent approval(+2) 47 Percent disapproval(-2)

Shutting Down the Government

Magellan Poll: CO Governor--Hickenlooper 46% Maes 27% Tancredo 17%

My Great Awakening - I'm Sorry Hillary (and America), I was So Wrong

A letter to the president

Will The President Mention Osama Bin Laden Tonight In His Speech?.........

Scott, GOP make a show of unity

Appeals Court: 'The Tea Party' can't make ballot (MI)

Gibbs Poses Straightforward Question On Iraq

NC-Sen: Burr Leads Marshall By 5

Newsweek Poll: Republicans Think Obama 'Probably' Wants To Impose Islamic Law

Public Policy Polling: How Chiles dropping out of FL Gov race will effect election?

Public Policy Polling: Prevailing Ohio Senate/Governor poll (not pretty)

I would like Obama to hold a nationally televised prime time news conference

Wis. cand. runs fighting ad aimed at attack victim

15 Minutes: What the President Will Say Tonight

RAS Poll: PA Senate--Toomey 48% Sestak 42%

With private contractors replacing the "troops" @10X the cost, I call: BS.

21 soldiers die in Afghanistan

What will it take for Obama to fire Simpson and disband Catfood Commission?

Bush's wars are ending, now we must get back to work at home.

Obama's Oval Office gets a makeover

Bill Press: I was at the Beck rally and I can say there were over 100,000 people there

Swampland: "Should We Credit the Iraq Surge--or the Iraq Deadline?" (a push back on the surge crap)

PoliticsPA: Marino asks protesters if they have a job, are on welfare

Tax Cuts That Make a Difference


Cool photo on cover of LA times - "Heading Home"

How Did Democrats Get Here?

Live stream of President Obama's speech at 8 est.

I always want to hear Obama said

Just so we are clear. Obama literally got elected by trashing Bush and his war...

Ad idea: Let's let Palin, Boehner, Bachmann, Beck, Hannity and Rush Limbaugh win!

Want to read about the most selfish assholes ever? - NYT: Why Wall St. Is Deserting Obama

New sign in Ozarks: "Voted Obama? Embarrassed yet?"

Ipsos/Reuters Poll PA Senate: Toomey 47% Sestak 37%

Obama speaking tonight desktop image

Steve King tells Democratic challenger: “You have not earned” debate

Steve King tells Democratic challenger: “You have not earned” debate

Obama notes rift with predecessor

Department of Get the F*** Out Obama's Speech

Will President Obama give 'credit' to President Bush tonight for 'winning' the Iraq War?

Heading to New Orleans next week and will report on various efforts

Hosni Mubarak: A Peace Plan Within Our Grasp

Fourteen more US troops killed in Afghanistan: What are they dying for?

The Company Boner Keeps

Afghan military intervention justified by a 'great lie'

Tom Tomorrow: It's your Action McNews Network

U.S. combat mission in Iraq has ended (updated)

Indiana soldier, 26, killed after three weeks in Afghanistan

US Sen. Lisa Murkowski Concedes Republican Primary to Joe Miller

Grade of his Oval Speech tonight

Two months and two days till November elections... who's sitting them out?

A cover worth 1000 words

Obama: US combat in Iraq over, 'time to turn page'

For those vowing not to vote, don't punish good Democrats by staying home...

There is a new Oval Office...

Everyone who voted for President Obama knew or should have known that he was a gracious person and

Oh, fuck you, Chris Matthews.

Oh, fuck you, Chris Matthews.

Which actor or actress will you forever identify by one of their roles?

oh my gosh!!! Why Obama? Why Obama?

For those that think 18% believing Obama to be muslim is shocking:

Why didn't Pres. Obama give a speech like this?

Why the stagecraft of this speech tonight was important

If Boehner is going to attack POTUS in front of the American Legion he should atleast be sober

Which potential presidential candidate is/would be the most like FDR?

"Forget Clapping. How About Not Taking a Dump on Obama?"

Kucinich: "I join the President in that celebration."

Agree or disagree with the following statement:

Teachers blast L.A. Times for releasing effectiveness rankings

I'm sure that it is "very complicated" and that I am "not sophisticated enough" to "fully

Bratislava shooting spree leaves eight dead

New U.S. Sanctions Aim at North Korean Elite

NATO chief hopes for Nov (to start) Afghanistan handover deal: report

Rocks thrown through window at NAACP's Hayward (Calif.) chapter

'White Power' Sprayed On Vandalized Sedan In Frederick County (Md.)

Assuming he had lived, should FDR have been prosecuted for the Japanese internment?

U.S. sues over Arizona immigration practices

Obama aide: Iraq speech not a victory lap

Gallup: Republican Congressional Ballot Lead Highest Ever

Iowa approved egg farm tied to ‘habitual violator’

Top climate change sceptic does U-turn

Mexico in drive to clean up police

Libyan leader seeks €5 billion a year to halt EU-bound migrants

Sarah Palin to headline Sept. 17 Iowa GOP fundraiser

‘Omaha World-Herald’ Opening Pages to Same-Sex Marriage Announcements

Montana drinking and driving culture at crossroads

House Travel Stipends Probed

Former Argentine military officer fights extradition from US over 1972 massacre

Police: Accused U.S.-born drug kingpin moved tons of cocaine to U.S. (about a ton a month)

Terrorist Ties Doubted in Amsterdam Arrests

Justice Department files appeal of stem-cell ruling

Water activists to put petition against pension fund before Toronto teachers

Man charged with hate crime for punching man in turban

U.S.: Airline Scare Likely Not a Terror Plot

First Oiled Turtles Released in Gulf After Rehab (Photos, Video)

MILAN (Michigan): Feds investigate oily substance found in Saline River

Harry Reid ad bashes Sharron Angle on unemployment

Greenpeace 'shuts down' Arctic oil rig

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday August 31

India offers another US$20m to Pakistan

Oregon Guard suit against KBR goes forward on hexavalent chromium exposure

Noted anti-global-warming scientist reverses course

Murray, Rossi clash on tax-cut renewal

Legal group seeks to force state officials to defend Prop 8

Washington Times Sold (to Rev. Moon) For $1, Just Like Newsweek

Asylum seekers stage breakout protest in Australia

US markets suffer their worst August in almost a decade

Murfreesboro Shows Its Support For Mosque

Iran to Produce Medical Reactor Fuel Within Year, Atomic Agency Chief Says

Government set to appeal Abdullah Khadr extradition

Homeowner’s Fight Involves Flag Tied to Tea Party

Congressman calls meeting with Karzai disturbing

GOP claims Iraqi success despite Obama

Iraq independet with end to U.S. combat role - Maliki

Afghan bomb kills four US troops

Judge: GOP group violated campaign laws in 2006 governor's race

Greenpeace 'shuts down' Arctic oil rig

Obama administration appeals stem cell injunction

Halliburton wins Eni contract in Iraq (worth multimillions of dollars)

"Catfood commission and BS narratives" - otherwise known as - another false Anti-Dem meme exposed.

Murkowski Concedes Senate Race in Alaska

Obama's health care law getting less popular

20,000 Iraq war victims unidentified at morgue

Oxford English Dictionary may never be printed again ('I don't think so.' -publisher)

Blair 'desperately sorry' for Iraq war deaths: memoirs

Exclusive: Meghan McCain Writes that Palin Brought 'Drama, Stress ... Panic' to Campaign

Farmer-turned-hunger striker dies in Venezuela

US approves Chinese firm's stake in Morgan Stanley

Google, Skype under scanner in India security crackdown

Former U.N. weapons inspector in Monroe County Court on sex sting charges

Siegelman Asks Appeals Court to Dismiss Charges

In address, Obama pays tribute to George W. Bush

Aging vets' costs concern Obama's deficit co-chair

Nissan starts "selling" all-electric Leaf sedan today

Chile mine owners beg forgiveness for miners’ plight

Man dies after being Tasered by deputy

Whittling man fatally shot by police

BP accepts blame for Gulf of Mexico spill after leaked memo reveals engineer misread pressure readin

WikiLeaks founder questioned by Swedish police

Rachel Maddow - Republican Islamophobia

Gas Up: Non-Believers Can Leave The Country


The "Burzynski" movie

My Friend Is... The Cove - Save Japan Dolphins Causes

CNBC Larry Kudlow attacks the unemployed!

TYT: Racist Middle School Segregates Elections

Ed Schultz: Glenn Beck & Angry White Folks

Dear Granny, Get A Job! - Sum of Change in the Crowd at Glenn Beck's 828 Restoring Honor Rally

Iraq War Costs Won't Peak for 30-to-40 Years

TYT: MSNBC w/ Cenk: Obama Talks Economy

MSNBC w/ Cenk: Iraq War Over?

Takedown of NOM's Lies About Prop 8

Weird Liberal Head Show #148: 2012, the Tea Party, and Social Security

Short & Simple Message For Adherents To Faux & Geller's Islamophobic Hate & Fearmongering

Leaked Tapes with Catholic Sex Abuse Victim Make for Sad Reading

History Channel Mega Disasters - Hurricane hits NYC

Moderate Republicans: An Endangered Species

Sharron Angle Explains How She Has Opposed Public Schools

Rachel Maddow show - (R) blames obama

NY Teens Accused of Disrupting Mosque Service

Johan Rockstrom: Let the environment guide our development

Robert Gibbs Hands Gretchen Carlson Her Lunch

The Mad (Republican) Tea Party

Cpt. Paul Watson On Obama, Whales, and BP Oil Spill

Dick The Shrimper Morris to GOP: Shut Down Gov't Again And This Time It Will Work

Sally Kohn Bucks Beck, Episode 2: Restoring Honor Rally Special

Glen Beck Rally Attendee Exposed

Reuters: Life In A Flooded Pakistani Hamlet

UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie Appeals For Greater Public Support For Pakistan

MSNBC w/Cenk - 'What Obama REALLY Should Say In His Primetime Iraq Speech Tonight'

Keith Olbermann And The Beck Wreck

Glenn Beck's "The Blaze" Goes Live!!!

Devastating Floods In Pakistan Have Destroyed/Damaged 8,000 Schools & The Rest Are Used For Shelter


Zakaria To Cooper: If Obama Was An Elderly White Gentleman He'd Not Be Characterized In This Manner

Funniest Anti-Glenn Beck Signs at Glenn Beck "Restoring Honor" Rally

Mike Malloy - The Less Than Million Moron March - Part 2 (craziest rant...Mike goes really nuts)

Paul Begala Takes Ari Fleischer To The Woodshed For His Part In Misleading Americans Into Iraq!

Matt Taibbi: "This Tea Party Movement Is Gonna Kill The Republican Party!"

TV Ad: Spoiled

Enchanted Financial Forest

Media Matters' VP & Think Progress' Editor In Chief Expose Koch Brothers' Spokesmouth's Real Agenda

Cat & Mosque

Mike Malloy - The Less Than Million Moron March - Part 1 (craziest rant...Mike goes really nuts)

Devastation In Pakistan: Sanjay Gupta's Special On The Enormous Humanitarian Crisis That's Unfolding

President Obama's Oval Office Gets a MakeOver

MSNBC w/Cenk - HEATED ARGUMENT Against Republican on Social Security

For Many, a New Job Means Lower Wages, Studies Find

Standing Army documentary (2010) english trailer

Bart Simpson Has a 'Cow' Over Alan Simpson

Christopher Hitchens: Glenn Beck's rally was "the Waterworld of white self-pity"


Sen. Simpson's Quick Budget Quiz

Drew Weston (Huffpo): "What Created the Populist Explosion..."

Michael Tomasky: Obama, Beck and America

Repub Approach to Extending Bush Tax Cuts: heavily weighted to the wealthiest groups

The Struggle to Police Foreign Subcontractors in Iraq/Afghanistan & Stem the Haemorrhage of $$$$$$$

The Speech Glenn Beck Meant to Give

After Saddam, America's Next Fake Enemy: Deficits Krugman

Beyond the Bank: How local businesses are turning to their neighbors for funding

As Voters Focus on Economy, Obama To Give Prime-Time Speech … on Iraq

Tyler Collins - Fancy Farm Apology

Assessing America's 'imperial adventure' in Iraq

Ignorant America

Chris Christie Appoints 'Snooki' as New Jersey Education Commissioner

Big grocers take aim at the UFCW

6 Heinous Ways Religious Frauds Try to Make Gays and Lesbians Straight

Glenn Beck's Craziest Quotes of All Time

Afghan military intervention justified by a 'great lie'

In Support of Carla Bruni Sarkozy

Fourteen more US troops killed in Afghanistan: What are they dying for?

LA Times: Will Pakistan fail?

9 of the Most Polluted Places in the World

Some Modest Questions for the Tea Party, and for Democrats Too

Six American Zeroes: Reason Enough to Support California Prop 19

Sexual torture in America's prisons

Wow -- the Eyewear Industry Is an Incredible Ripoff, But There Are Alternatives

Help Me to Stop Caring

From outer space, a new dilemma for old-growth forests

Suan Eisenhower on current affairs & the upgrading the energy grid

Deere sells wind energy business for $900M

Arctic ice: Less than meets the eye

Peak oil review - Aug 30

Drumbeat: August 31, 2010

MI: No gas concerns Memphis officials

Judge Rejects Cucinelli Case V. Michael Mann, UVA: Fraud Or Falsehood "Simply Not Stated" - NYT

Banks Grow Wary of Environmental Risks

Acidifying Oceans Spell Bleak Marine Biological Future 'by End of Century'

Salmon Water Now Releases the 'Bullies of Westlands' Video

Mercury Keeps Invasive Pythons Off the Menu

Clean energy lobby dwarfed by billion dollar fossil fuel spending in Washington

What the US does with dangerous solar panel waste right now.

Global Indigenous conference calls for an end to nuclear industry

A Road Cutting Across the Serengeti? Thru the Great Migration Path

What the US does with its dangerous fossil fuel waste.

The Biking Boom Breeds Discontent

Arctic ice: Less than meets the eye

The Egg Recall Was a Disaster Waiting to Happen

International physicians group calls for ban on uranium mining

Nuclear Regulatory Commission proposes fine for coal plant (Laramie River Station)

Laurent Fignon dead at 50.

Poor Bobby Hurley's Ex-Duke star's horse farm enters

Usain Bolt FAIL.

*snort* Matusz leads Orioles past skidding Red Sox 5-2.

Between the Legs...Roger Federer 2010

Troy Polamalu's hair insured for $1,000,000

11,968? Tied for the best record in the majors. Indoor stadium. WTF is the matter with Florida?

Water activists to put petition against pension fund before Toronto teachers

Former Argentine military officer fights extradition from US over 1972 massacre

Bolivia to Scrutinize Gold Mine Owned by Ex-President

Honduras: cops attack striking teachers —again

Latin America & Socialism

Chile mine owners beg forgiveness for miners’ plight

Spain breaks up male sex trafficking ring

Snohomish man shoots self in buttock

69-year-old Ala. woman shoots 18-year-old intruder

Las Vegas man arrested for shooting teens who egged his truck

Philly Police "Stealing" Guns from PA residents with Out of State LTCF

24 days left until the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games

If 'gay is like black,' then 'Christian is like racist

McCain: Past & Present - Former Manager Endorses Marriage Equality - Current IS gay

Archie Comics welcomes first gay character tomorrow

I have a new tenant...

Anti-Gay Group Sues To Force Brown & Schwarzenegger To Defend Prop 8

Fidel Castro: I Take Responsibility For Cuba's Persecution Of Gays

Focus on the Family leads Christian Right charge against anti-bullying booklet

GEORGIA: No Hates Crime Charges For Marines That Beat Gay Man

Khaled Meshaal Interview: Hamas Chief Weighs In on Eve of Peace Talks

White House strongly condemns Hamas attack

Four killed as terrorists open fire near Kiryat Arba

Stunning (Big!) Picture of Saturn at Equinox

Tortoise banquet: Remains of the oldest feast found

The Annotated Galactic Center (APOD)

The mind's eye: How the brain sorts out what you see

Scalpels and skulls point to Bronze Age brain surgery

Hackers Plant Tardis Atop MIT Building

What if the LDS church had served him instead of shunning him?

I have found the true god.

I'm confused by this whole 10 Commandments thing and its relationship to forgiveness...

What is real?

You don't need to kick my thread...

So I posted this in Discussion...

It is my birthday.


Rick DiClemente's Starself Astrology Newsletter for September

September 2010 Prayer, Light and Healing Requests Thread

Wonderful article about planning for death in the New Yorker.

Kaiser Rejects Neck Manipulation

Heavy drinkers outlive abstainers?