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Here's a video about U.S.A. soldiers with post war stress you might like to see...from the CBC TV.

Here's a video about U.S.A. soldiers with post war stress you might like to see...from the CBC TV.

Hey Ladies, Want a Raise? Wash Your Vagina -- Women's Day Magazine's Ultra-Sexist Ad

John Mayer calls HuffPost 'the internet Death Star'

Austrian Newspaper Reports Changes in Cuban Economic Policies

Healthcare: What is China's Status? For Example, Compare and Contrast Healthcare in China and Cuba.

Healthcare: What is China's Status? For Example, Compare and Contrast Healthcare in China and Cuba.

Companies boycotting Alberta oilsands, jesus this pisses me off....

8-28-10: National "GLENN BECK DOESN'T SPEAK FOR ME" Day

Has anyone heard whether Obama is going to appoint Elizabeth Warren?

People Get Ready

The D'Oh of Xenophobia

The D'Oh of Xenophobia

What the hell is with Glen Beck??

Another freakin' foot found on the west coast.

Steep Drop Seen in Circumcisions in U.S.

It takes more than one sex scandal to bring down a diaper wearing Louisiana politician

NY's Congressional Delegation comes out for Mott's workers

Christians being led with a ring in their nose to D.C. Beck rant , by non-Christian organizers.

Meet the Koch brothers, the greasy corporate wheels driving the machine.

Example Set by First Military Tribunal Case Has U.S. Wary

Racism accusations fly on eve of Glenn Beck rally

A question to ask teabaggers

Media coverage of the massive anti-war marches compared to the Beckfest today

IIRC, there was not this much advance publicity for Dr. King's speech

King's legacy debated before Beck march

From Beckapalooza: "Politics is about people. This is about us."

Bahrain has imposed a ban on press from publishing anything about a terror network discovered there

What's the over/under on minorities at the Glenn Beck rally?

LA Times: Presbyterians censure minister for same-sex marriages

This Beck thing, just what is it - protest, call for justice, sales pitch, or just a picnic?

Rent-This-Missile Ad Agency Donates Two 'Missiles' To Protest Against Manhattan Mosque

If anyone would like to help me in a rebuttal to a letter writer in the newspaper that

Job opening for John Boehner in Britain?

Beck Rallies In Washington Undercut Church-State Separation, Watchdog Group Charges

ACLU: MLK and the Myth of Reverse Racism

Teabaggers already starting to gather for Beckkk rally

Torquemada America

Our litigious society has destroyed common sense and humanitarianism in America

I guess I'm "racist" like the NAACP

You think Beck will use a chalkboard on the memorial steps?

George Carlin words still ring true today and they describe what

VOTE for your favorite heroes and villains in Congress

8/28/10 - What a day to be selling "I'm With Stupid" shirts in DC.

Predict the Pox News crowd estimate for today's Moron March.....

Donna Smith (of 'SiCKO'): Two-Faced Corporate Personhood: Elected and Convicted

The Great Recession Baby Bust

US police find kilo of cocaine hidden inside mailed chunk of bologna; homeowner arrested

Democrats better target Florida with laser like precision this November. A Dem could become gov!

The Lonesome Rhodes Beck Restoring Honor Rally

A Tax Cut Fairy Tale (video)

SHOCK: Beck's non-political rally already steeped in politics

Why is discussing politics taboo?

I'm missing out on the Million Moron March today

"The Manchurian President" (SPOILERS for the movie Manchurian Candidate)

In 1963 there were way more white faces at MLK's event than there will be Black faces at Beck's. . .

"The tea has been thrown overboard"

How much torture are you ready to subject yourself to today?

From Woodstock to White Stock

The great chess game of the Middle East

Plans for the mosque near Ground Zero took a big step forward yesterday.

Here's how dense the teabag crowd is.

Dear President Obama...Sincerely, Parents Across America

No, it's not political.

Dear Mr Beck: Let me tell you about White Privilege

Is it unprecedented for a cable news channel to sponsor a political rally?

Washington Journal: Ralph (why are you not in prison) Reed on defending Beck, racism, and Jesus.

Playing into the hands of the rabid right

It's difficult to end a bad habit of thought or action while you are practicing self-deception ...

Sadly the innanity isn't limited to FOX

The Wonders of Deregulation: Even less competition in the cards for the airline biz

Pictures from the racist event in DC..

compare and contrast with footage of today's beck event

Do you suppose Bin Laden is watching C-Span and

Michael Douglas has throat cancer

A Major Beck

Tropical Storm Earl and the Carolinas

How Martin Luther King fits into Glenn Beck's blackboard

Vitter Attorneys Pressured Louisiana Newspapers To Soften Coverage Of His Violent Aide

"Civil Rights Moment"...........

Fish Kills Worry Gulf Scientists, Fishers, Environmentalists

Head Wreck is "Going for the gold!!!" . . . Please come CAPTION!!!!

Have we over-rated the Beck rally?

The only "Mother of a Soldier" Glen Beck can get just happens to be Sarah Palin

The only "Mother of a Soldier" Glen Beck can get just happens to be Sarah Palin

As Palin talks of MLK, anyone see an African American face in the crowd?

Political race and culture war in America

Im walking to the beckapalooza

What's with ther bodyguards??

Where is Jesse Jackson?

Imagine if the tea party was black (ephphatha-poetry)

What do you all think of the stagecrafting at the Beck rally?

How to sell healthcare

Is this just an absurd ploy to repair the tea party's racist image?

How much should the Department of Defense budget be cut ?

Live on FOX: Ben Stein complaining about calorie counts on vending machines

Is there a LIVE

You know, every time the Daily Show takes a vacation, some really wild news breaks.

As far a revivals go

EPA Surrenders to NRA on Gun Control Issue

God loves war

"Kill Them"

C-SPAN is covering Glenn Beck's Lincoln Memorial Rally LIVE 10am Saturday

“I say on the air all time, ‘if you take what I say as gospel, you’re an idiot.’ ”

Would someone please translate this bat shit crazy

It's amazing how the fundies have taken over the tea party!

Is it just me, or does the Tea taste kind of weak this morning?


I have a brilliant Idea. Build a prison just for Celebrities.

When's Darlene McBride up?

Even Before Recession, 14 Million Kids 'Underinsured': Study

The fact that so many people believe what beck is spewing

Glenn Beck's Amateur Hour has premiered...

Glenn Beck is NOT Martin Luther King Jr.

Palin on tv

OMG that music!

I don't understand. That makes no sense, Mom.

Glen Beck (and others like him) are good for one thing: Uniting us

Five Years Later, Bush Efforts To Block Medicaid Relief Have A Lasting Impact On The Gulf

Zen and the art of protecting the planet - Thich Nhat Hahn

Was MLK "African and Irish"? At Beck's Lincoln Mem. Rally, that's what

Body of Las Vegas woman found in clutter at home

Conway sends e-mail to fundraise, demand Simpson be fired

Beck on Crowd Size - ROFL - HAH 300,00 - 500,000

Isn't there another gathering besides this self-absorbed Beck one?

First speaker Indian, second Black who is going to be next?

I must be watching the wrong stream?

Is Glenn Beck a psychotic split personality who's mind is made up of tee vee shows?

That Google search thingy up on the top right has been there for years

The lamps are going out

CRY, Beck... CRY!!!

Wow! It took a whole 51 minutes for the USA USA USA chanting.

The pinched mouths and dangerous eyes on those white folks as they watch the parade of tokens

Jessie Jackson's rally featuring him on the word network. n/t

Becker has forgotten his blackboard and lost his wah,I mean way.

The "Wink, Wink" Shit at the Lincoln Memorial

Trotting out Military Meat for the Chickenhawk Orgy

Restoring Honor ?

How About Restoring...

Difference between Glenn Beck and Martin Luther King

Dad who pulled driver from burning car honored

BecKKK WEPT !1 Finally we HAVE it people!1 Somebody collect a tear in a relic bottle!1

What are the chances Beck says something that basically ends his career today?

Okay, now he's just lying

Whew. Makes even Texas look good.

25,000 people line up for 9,000 free backpacks filled with school supplies

Can anyone tell me why Beck is staging this freak show?

The Frightening Prospect of Seeing Beck and Palin Use Big Media to Rewrite Civil Rights History

The Cult of the Founders

Just wait.. Beck is gonna fly a remote control plane into a replica of the twin towers

Did Beck have acid dropped in his morning coffee ???

Either Beck Has Pulled A Fast One On His Followers Or On Us......

This is nothing but an republican party convention held outdoors

Lonesome Rhodes



Tea baggers Depend on Socialist Communist DC Metro to get to Rally

What Beck's definition of "Restoring Honor"?

Rep. Grayson is displeased w. Alan Simpson.

did Sharpton finish speaking?

Liar! He did NOT put $20 in a basket at church. Mormons do NOT pass a basket.

Anyone else find it weird to tell a group of people to act as individuals?

Good thing I didn't decide to play a drinking game for every time Beck said Gawd

BBC's Mark Thompson takes aim at Murdoch empire

I think I can see the scars on his skull from his last operation.

Watch Beck Live

Ok, Mr. Beck, what next? I think this rally may be the high point

The Religion of "Bat Shit Crazy"

The longer you sit, the earlier you die

Don't ever say that you weren't warned...

What the hell is the president doing remaining on vacation while a major disaster is imminent?

Have They Sung "We Shall Overcome" Yet........

Three Stooges on IFC, Beck on C-SPAN!!!!!

I think this is a shameless attempt to

This Fall, when Tea Party candidates sweep the Congressional Elections....

Bloody Nora - they have started on the bagpipes

Glenn Beck Inc. money machine.


OK, that was the creepiest shit I have ever seen. By damn, I thought

"Amazing Grace"... I'm in tears.

Colbert VIDEO: "8/28 is also the birthday of Jason Priestly. You don't see his panties in a bunch."

Activists fight Beck for King legacy

25,000 people line up for 9,000 free backpacks filled with school supplies

I cant wait for the Tea Bagger Revolution...

'Baggers r clearing out FAST! & here's who that Jo Dee MESSINA is.

Anyone else think...

Interesting headline from the AP

New right-wing anti-Obama talking point:"He's cutting hazard pay"

Washington Post duh headline of the current decade....

I had to turn it off. My "gawd bless" container was overflowing and it was making a mess.

Someone tell me why CNN & MSNBC bother to cover a Faux News sponsored event

Bagpipes??? Really??? this is the climax Beck???

BEHOLD! the great white messiah returns to restore our honor!

So where's the other rally, CSPAN?

For someone who didn't know today was the anniversary of MLK's speech, he sure brings up MLK a lot.

Restoring Honor or Begging Forgiveness ?

In honor of Glenn Beck's Rally, I've decided to go door knocking this afternoon

Will Louisiana send David Vitter and his diaper fetish back to Washington as a US Senator?

Will Louisiana send David Vitter and his diaper fetish back to Washington as a US Senator?

It's really really hard to fuck up "Amazing Grace" - but he's DONE it!1

It's really really hard to fuck up "Amazing Grace" - but he's DONE it!1

Newton was a racist slave owner

Bagpipes, eh?

Crowd size 500,000 to 1 million, so sayeth Freerepulikkk

the adolph hitler of the US. Sorry, but this guy is just NUTS and has a following.

"Anyone that is not teaching to kill another man." Beck. Oops

Essay Contest: The Economy will Recover in 2011 Because ___________

Meanwhile on the other side of the Pond.. R/W English Defense League rally turns violent..

Wow! There is a good turnout at Beck's rally and here is a picture to prove it!

And the pissed off freeptards and Tea Baggers are filing out of the "rally"

m$nbc dot com "D.C. buzzing with Beck supporters'

General Betraus and his McChrystall Meth Suck

Anybody Got a Cross & a Few Extra Nails Lying Around?......

Please note that Glenn Beck

Probably the Best of Tea-bagger Hypocrisy in Shining Colors

Albert Pujols just won Becks's "HOPE" award...

Beck is right: America has been wandering in the dark

So what networks are covering this BeckofLoserthon Affair?

I don't care what anyone says... I still like Beck

The only thing missing was Ashton Kutcher rolling on the floor laughing.

The only thing missing was Ashton Kutcher rolling on the floor laughing.

So CSPAN now has a revival meeting on from Americansforprosperity.

So CSPAN now has a revival meeting on from Americansforprosperity.

"too many pigs for the teats" - A. Lincoln

Beck is wearing a bullet proof vest.

I think I've figured out the reason for the BecKKKapaloosa today


Repeal HCR, or else your school funding will be slashed

A rant against the Islamaphobia in our country...

Separated at birth?

Has honor been restored yet?

"Restore America"

I guess we have to give Beck some credit. He didn't preach

I guess we have to give Beck some credit. He didn't preach

A feel good update

My Special Awesome Crappy Animated Toon - In Honor of Today!

I say let's honor Glenn Beck!!!

Yet another WTF moment while talking to a RW friend

Beck had a bullet proof vest on

It is now time for me to write my book.

FDA Approves Depressant Drug For The Annoyingly Cheerful

False Advertising?

Is this Freeper Saturday on C-Span or something? Did I miss an announcement?

When you Crappapalooza watchers are done finished watching...

Paul Krugman: Keeping Bush Tax Cuts For Rich Like Giving 120,000 People $3 Million Each

Nosirree-No, Glenn, You CANNOT Have it Back!

Beck is an Atheist's dream come true.

Anyone brave enough to see what FR is saying about the event?

Only a Pawn in Their Game

so reading all the posts, this rally seems to have been patterned after AA meetings

America Is Better Than This

CNN is in love with The Fox News Party...

The PLAN the PLAN! Beckkkerwoods Beware!

Would DUers who watched summarize the BecKKKapaooza ...

Natl. LGBT Bar meeting: "Real Change: LGBT Issues and the Obama Administration."

Sorry, but Tina Fey does a much better Palin than Palin

My Facebook Banner for Today....

All of Houstons Voting Machines Burn to the Ground!

Product placement.

why has it been so easy for the far right to adopt mlk as one of their own

Dick Armey: "Liberal critics can’t match level of rigor in serious, scholarly Beck's documentation"

Interesting comments from an attendee at the Beck rally: works for gov't as SWAT officer.

"There's over a thousand people here!!!!"

"If you don't like the way he is running the country, then you can leave"

did anyone notice that when beck said we should "look to god"

200,000 rally on the National Mall

A hypothesis about Tea Party character: similar to 4-7 yo child stage of development (Piaget)

What 'miracle' happened at the BECKapaLOSEa? I can't wait to hear about it!

Hey, a year from now, no one is going to remember what went on in DC today

Hey, a year from now, no one is going to remember what went on in DC today

Beck is speaking, and its on Cspan, and I have one thing to say

Listen jackass MLK would never

Is there an official National Park Service estimate of the Beck-a-thon today?

Alveda King's doctorate is Honorary (for her politics), not earned.

QUIZ!! "Christianity is the foundation of our national morality"

I hereby dub today's event the "Million Moran March".

Heads up Sharpton rally...

Creation of the Country of Beckistan

Palin: "Really appreciating our military here today is reflected I think that sentiment"

ProgressiveAlaska has posted a spot-on satire re the Beck/Palin rally today

Tweets from the Restoring Honor Rally

Folk's....When Do the Liberals Own the Conversation....

Glen Beck's tally on Politifact

Was Glenn Beck Wearing Body Armor at Today's Event?

Glen Beck: “America today begins to turn back to God.”

The Saddest Thing I've Seen All Day

Insurgents wearing US Army uniforms attack 2 NATO bases in east Afghanistan

Thank Peter, Paul & Mary for their support of marriage equality!

Glenn Beck toons... (pic heavy)

Link to USA Today short article on Sharpton's rally:

Beck's Beer Hall Putsch

Just my opinion, but am thinking Beck is doing his "thang" today because

How Much Gold Did Beck Sell Today???

Attendee: "Of course it’s political"

I guess I missed it.

If Glenn feels the need to "reclaim civil rights" . . .

Al Sharpton on the Conservative Whitewashing of Dr. King's Legacy

Glenn Beck compares ABC report to Nazi propaganda

It WAS a political's proof...

Does Beck handing out medals and diplomas remind anyone of the Wizard of Oz?

Army: Soldiers plotted to kill Afghan civilians

Anyone here against Public Education

Why are MLK's children, grandchildren, and other relatives allowing that one niece

We can not create jobs by outsourcing them. We must withdraw from the greed trade agreements

DC Noozradio (WTOP 103.5FM) reports scores of Beck ralliers sticken by heat and given medical aid

John Sherffius on Beckkkapalooza

CNN finds the one African American at rally who likes Beck


How to reduce the Deficit! Cut "Sen.Trash Mouth's" Government Pension.

Medical use of marijuana is costing some their jobs...

The sun's going down in DC and many teabaggers are still in town

The sun's going down in DC and many teabaggers are still in town

Will Progressives & Dems ever be proactive?

I don't have the tv on - how many tens of followers are at the Nürnberg oops I mean Beck Rally?

Paris Hilton just got pinched in Vegas for possession of Bolivian Marching Powder

Beck Rally Pictures

Sharpton's 'Reclaim the Dream' event brings thousands to honor MLK

Sharpton's 'Reclaim the Dream' event brings thousands to honor MLK

Sharpton's 'Reclaim the Dream' event brings thousands to honor MLK

Bachmann: We hit 1 million

Washington Post says it all; Glenn Beck rally draws "thousands"

Beck's rally today reminds me of back in the day in 1926

And if these teabaggers were all alive in 1963 where do you think they would be?

So what honor did Beck hope to restore today?

So what honor did Beck hope to restore today?

History or Histrionics?

History or Histrionics?

Tomorrow most of the discussions will be about Katrina

An idea whose time has come? Don't ask - don't tell policy at schools that receive federal funding.

I must let off some steam about this Beck rally of filth!!!!!!...

Hawaii wins the US World Series little league championship

Black Robed Vita-Meat-A Vegemin

DUers we can do this better than Beckapalooza! Come to DC for the march on Oct 2nd!!!

What are the reports from Sharpton's Rally?

Glenn Beck "take back America/ I have a scheme" rally pics here ...

VIDEO - Grifter Glenn Beck Thanks God for $600,000 Donation at 'Restoring Our Honor' Rally

Where the hell is the "DONATE" button?

How Beck has been restoring honor to America.

Picture showing the crowd size in Beck Rally

Ya know, if we'd really been in the ball, we would have served a free breakfast at Beck's rally,

Crowd estimates anyone?

Beck's rally was about one thing only, Restoring WHITE to America

Socialism for the rich or socialism for the good of all: that's the choice.

Socialism for the rich or socialism for the good of all: that's the choice.

flustered a Democratic organizer tonight...

NY Times: One new bank in 2010, it's in a double-wide

more stuff on Beck's Civil Rights opinions

So what was the miracle that Beck promised?

Does the low post count of our friend ...

Remember when Beck used his little fake voice to mock Malia and Sasha ?

how does one find out how much Beck gives to charity?

Gov Manchin WINS today's West Virginia Democratic Primary for U.S. Senate.

The real deal; accept no imitations: Doctor Martin Luther King Jr.

Re-enactors keep memory of black Civil War troops

Why is it the ones who say "freedom isn't free" who are the first to dodge...

I can not watch Katrina anniversary coverage

For those of you wondering about Beck's ranting about a new "Black Robed Regiment" today...

What a speech in Washington!

Please post a Photo of a

How do YOU want the government out of YOUR life?

Show Me the Judges

About this "Restoring Honor" rally...

Sharron Angle continues to Bring Teh Crazy

Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan: 1,200 People Approved So Far

NatGeoTV is showing

Media Matters: Glenn Beck’s Not So Well Known Racist Moments


Manchin wins Democratic Senate primary in W.Va.

Holy F*cking damn. KKK T-shirts available for kids(warning-pictures)

Glen Beck is challenging YOU to step it up.

250,000 protesting the war on April 24th, 1971. I was there,

Japanese Officials Reveal Execution Chambers (NYT)

Someone help me out, what do teabaggers mean when they say they want to "take the country back"?

CBS says 87K people at Beck rally. They only showed African-American speakers (except for Beck and

Many thousands of Poor and Homeless added to Becks Munichesque Rally attracted to FREE BEER/FOOD...

palin (R-who else?) "Two score and seven years ago..."

We live in a Land where we can Worship Who, What, When and Where We Want To.

So how surprised do you think the crowd was that this was a sermon?

So how surprised do you think the crowd was that this was a sermon?

"Look, everyone! It's a Jewish American, a Native American, and a Protestant settler's descendant!"

How many showed up to Becks rally

" event that...felt like the Jerry Lewis Telethon, minus the comic stylings of Shecky Greene. "

The Beck Movement

The Beck Movement

The Media Has Made a Mockery of the Real News by Giving Credence to Glenn Beck's Rally

Proud Sarah Palin hopes MLK would have been proud of rally like his very proud niece Alveda King

Alan Colmes Website: Public Ego Masturbation By Beck Pretty Much A Bust

Michele Bachmann: A million people came

Gimme a GZ Mosque thread...a Terror Baby thread...anything but Beck!!!!!


Dance of the tropical storms

I think the takeaway is that we're supposed to return to the guilded age

A day in the life of Joe Republican's cousin, Joe Teabagger

So now we are scared that Beck had a rally?

The speech Beck would have given, IF he were honest

Martin Luther King Had a Dream and Glenn Beck Was Not in It

Awwwww.....Signs are Banned from Today's Tea Bagger Rally....

PHOTO: I wonder if Solemn Crucifix Man was on tour during 8 years of Bush-Cheney...

Fox News Saturday, starring The Verklempt Elmer Gantry

Reclaim the Dream' rally

Can anyone give a recap of how the Beck event went

If you know a Hispanic in Dade, Broward, Palm Beach or Orange Counties tell them that Rick Scott

3 hours ago this was the all Beck site.

3 hours ago this was the all Beck site.

Alleged robber's family files suit They contend deadly force wasn't needed to stop him.

So I watched some of Beck's rally ...

Beck sets religious tone for rally: "It has everything to do with God almighty" (WP)

Conservative Economist: 'Find the Unemployed and Hire Them'

"Two score and seven years ago..."

I have a comment about Becks rally

EPA Surrenders to NRA on Gun Control Issue

Shooting the Schlessinger

Krugman: Failure to Rise

On burning books and family history (Warning graphic photos)

Good news everyone!

Good news everyone!

new group of editorials in one of my papers=feel free to comment/rate

"List of RW Groups getting Major Grants from Koch Family Foundations"--(Jim Hightower)

I'm a Racist Idiot, And All I Got Was This Stupid T-Shirt

GINORMOUS "Impeach Obama" Rally In San Diego today!

Flashback Poll: 70% of Americans believe Saddam, 9-11 link

Barely a peep about Beckapalooza over at FR. I think they're in shock!

NY Times - "The Billionaires Bankrolling the Tea Party" - This Revolution Is Brought To You By...

Bishop of Saint Augustine, Jacksonville Writes to Local Paper Re: Dove World's 9/11 Qu'ran Bonfire

Hey Sarah... fire the speech writer!

The Apalachicola (FL) Vietnam War Memorial

In all seriousness. Watch this video I found of Goebbels and the first speech given by hitler

Hyper-nationalism. How will it end...(I'm just bummed about this)

Judge Elijah dogged by rumors he is Muslim

Judge Elijah dogged by rumors he is Muslim

Gawker - I'm a Racist Idiot, And All I Got Was This Stupid T-Shirt

What are the five things that you can do next to accomplish your political goals?

Glenn Beck: "America has been both terribly good and terribly BAD!"

Glenn Beck: "America has been both terribly good and terribly BAD!"

What the HELL is he babbling about???

Is it just me or do the people in the crowd

At least one sign made it past the PR bosses.

Jim Hightower: Wall Street Bankers Pull Off Another Regulatory Heist

Looking For Inspiration Today

Toons for the day

Great suppression weather today for the fires burning in Oregon! (DIAL-UP WARNING)

Just a snapshot: 55 dogs and 78 cats

Now I'm Thinking That The One Thing That Would Piss Beck Off The Most Is......

Mace sprayed at Kansas funeral protesters

Why not threads about Al Sharpton's Rally?

The Glen Beck diversion has worked

Unfiltered crowd picture of the big teabragger rally

The Rude Pundit is twittering beckanazi event...hilarity ensues

How many teabaggers are 'officially' showing up today?

Dear Skinner, PLEASE (re)post this video!

Glenn Beck vs. Martin Luther King Jr.

For those bummed about today: Not Beck's "theology," but "All You Need Is Love."

Has Our Honor Been Restored Yet, Glenn Beck?

my freeper brother sent me a +photo+ of a hispanic guy

Glenn Beck parting the reflection pool during his BeckapaLOSEa...

Court allows agents to secretly put GPS trackers on cars

CNN: As the American home shrinks, say goodbye to the McMansion

I am particularly fond of Eisenhower.

Dem voter turnout in Florida primaries only 19.7 percent

Presidential pretzels and anger of the GLBT community.

Is the administration economic team Delusional?

Lizz Winstead's comment on Beck referring to himself as "Everyman"

Ultimate MLK vs. Beck Infographic:

Ultimate MLK vs. Beck Infographic:

Ultimate MLK vs. Beck Infographic:

Ultimate MLK vs. Beck Infographic:

Ultimate MLK vs. Beck Infographic:

Perspective........55 Million American Adults do not believe in Evolution.........

Anyone else watching the real rally

A little Katrina story.

40th Anniversary of the Chicano Moratorium march Photo Heavy

About ready to bail

Anyone else faintly chilled at the numbers of people at the Beck rally?

OMG! Glenn Beck's Rally Is Driving The Left INSANE!!!!

Another Human foot found on Puget Sound beach

Do gay pets go to heaven?

This fucking shit pisses me off! Where the hell is OUR rally? Why

What I sent the local radio T-Bagger about the BecKKK vanity circus

Glenn Beck - I Have a Hate speech

Treasury Admits Program for Struggling Homeowners Just a Ploy to Enrich Big Banks

KATRINA Five years later: Tell us your stories!

Sunday Talk Shows

Good or bad if Democrats lose House and Senate in November??

"You idiotic Beckerhead. Mercury is Retrograde." - Ronald Reagan's Dead Republicon Astrologer*

News Reports are saying "Tens of thousands" showed up for Beck-O-Rama - know what that means?

Living in New Orleans After Katrina (Graphic Essay)

WaPo:Among Democrats, economic pressures are changing tax-cut dynamics

Congress may sneak through Internet ‘kill switch’ in defense bill

Covert Operations The billionaire (Koch) brothers who are waging a war against Obama.

On Beck 'welcoming home' Vietnam veterans

Gulf Chemist: Mercenaries Hired By BP Are Now Applying Toxic Dispersant - at Night

47 Hours from now

Okay, I've Read Posts Here About People Losing Their Disability Already!

KA-POW!!!!!! KING vs. BECK

I knew they were going to freak out when we got our first black president...

Arne Duncan addressing the (Sharpton) rally NOW. C-span1. n/t

Do you ever feel like progressives are drowning?

Frank Rich:The Billionaires Bankrolling the Tea Party

Frank Rich:The Billionaires Bankrolling the Tea Party

I've had my shower, but I still feel dirty.

What I tell white folks here in the South that don't understand Obama...

What I tell white folks here in the South that don't understand Obama...

What Are You Talking About?

How are you doing in this economy?

How are you doing in this economy?

"I Have a HATE" drama speech by Beck falls short,The tone is to Divide us. That is the mission, goal

You rescue a bunch of your neighbors in a flood, go straight to prison (you're Muslim)

On Oriental Rugs and Politics

A Klan rally on the steps of the Lincoln memorial

MEDIA BIAS---Do I Have It Right??? Please Give Me Your Opinion

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., on Vietnam War

Obscene: What A Falling Off Was There

NYT - Paris Hilton was arrested for cocaine - in Vegas

GOP "Honor" Flow Chart

You Know Those Small Photos That Make It Look Like Moranpalooza 2010 Had A HUGE Attendance....?

Is FIVE YEARS all it takes to forget Hurricane Katrina?

A description of teacher training days that made me laugh and cry.

Bush'd again? New Orleans, Mr. O and Mr. Go

An excellent essay on the American political spectrum from another message board.

6 signs that youve made it to the middle class

"When Fascism Comes To America It Will Be Wrapped In The Flag And Carrying A Cross."

Attn teabagers who went to Beck's "Whitestock" Rally (pix)

Ultimately we are going to end up having to fight these people.

Michele Bachmann: A million people came

What Happens When A Liberal Black Man Goes To Glenn Beck's "I Have A Dream, Too" Speech?!?

Impressed by Beck's attendance? I got some pictures for you. . .

Motherless whale on the run from Coast Guard

Hospital Beats Man Misidentified For Surgery When He Tried To Leave

While you are fighting mad about SS, could you remember the other SS fight--affecting many DUers?

We Are Cornered: There's No Way Out Without A Fight

If lower taxes on the rich help create jobs...then WHERE ARE OUR FUCKING JOBS?

808 State - Pacific State

You Make Me Love You, Baby, With A Little L

Holy shit...

what was the first inkling you had that the world was not quite right?

Thank you, Mods!

Morricone - On Earth as it is in Heaven

I don't think that man should sleep alone

Try Again - Champaign

Waltz 4 Koop

Let's slow it down....All This Love - El Debarge

Special Lady - Ray, Goodman and Brown

It's a Shame

Humpty Dance

With respect to Mr Scorpio....Don't Disturb This Groove

Shame on the Moon

Can't You See

Digging Your Scene

OK - one more - Gimme Shelter from Live Earth 2007

OK - one more - Gimme Shelter from Live Earth 2007

Look of Love

I bet when this movie scene was shown in the theater, there wasn't a peep in the house

Our dog's mission in life - kill all our azelia bushes. We had 4 small

Should I continue to go "over there"?

"It does disturb me. But I'll rise above it, I'm a professional, right?"

During a dream last night, I created a new culinary disaster - Platypus a l'Orange


Who wrote the ad they keep playing on teevee for the "Marmaduke" movie?

STP - Interstate Love Affair

abbeyco can post her music choices in the Lounge anytime she wants

My LATEST Haiku - "Hold The Chicken"

"Lady Ga Ga Will Get Waxed" - I sort of assumed she already was!

I'm baaaaaaack

Chrysler sure knew how to build them in 1953...

Young at Heart: a 30-minute documentary well worth watching.

WEATABIX! My eldest daughter loves them. They're hard to find. I've got the link.

6 Companies That Make Money Solving Problems (They Made Up)

Here is my nephew and grandnephew.

Get Off

Remember when Itchy and Scratchy were replaced with this?

This youtube video has over 200 million views -Charlie bit me again.

Youtube links

Youtube links

Damn, this is the car I really really want and Honda won't sell it in the U.S.

Jesus Christ. It is only 7 am, and I almost get into a fight at the convenience gas station.

You people are some of the most... uh.... some of the best..well, what I mean is that you people are


I was at the county fair today...

Murphy's Law: the one that supersedes all others. Even Alito can't overturn it.

had a HUGE black bear here last night...couldn't find my shepps

What the fuck is a sloth...

So we called the cops.

So the dogs are standing on the porch, staring out intently

burning man participants?

Montreal, 2 and a half years on - ask me anything!

DU is divided between the "Screamers" and "Conversationalists" right now, isn't it?

These are a few of my favorite things...

I went to my Mother's nursing home for the last time, to pick up her things and to thank everyone.

Need some help in a YouTube search for a PSA from the 1970's. Anybody?

Art BELL scared the crap out of me last night!1

Are you honest to a fault? If yes, which fault?

"ways that" vs. "ways in which"

CNN BREAKING - Gung Hay Fat Choy...Next Glenn Beck Rally To Reclaim 'Corrupted' Chinese New Year

LFP: here's question #2 on the DUIQ test. What is wrong with this picturte?

A song I wish to share.

Sean Connery is 80. Shaken, not stirred; he's the best.

There will be LOLcats. :)

Just got home from breakfast.

cell phone sunset

So, Doug the scorpion has been kicked out.

PSA video - How to Open a Beer Bottle With a Countertop

I knew a hooker once named minnie mizzola

I'm organizing a DU meetup...please try to attend.

Is the sexual revolution over?

OK Canucks - where are they all???

The Drunkest Guys Ever Caught On Video

Women in metal

It's Peter O'Toole Day on TCM! :)

Yo, Skinner. SERIOUS COMMENT HERE! Can you make the OP field about six characters longer?

The movie FARGO remade with the cast of HAPPY DAYS. Who goes into the wood chipper?

Paris Hilton arrested on cocaine charge

This morning whilst awaiting my turn to purchase a breakfast burrito

Men: Socks with Sandals - Yeah or Nay

When people piss and moan and whine, it makes me want to do what upsets them 24-fucking-SEVEN.

Recommendation time: John Oliver's standup special "Terrifying Times"

Cats I Want To Throttle and My Upcoming Nuptials

Something I heard on the radio today concerning DWI.

TRIVIA question: Why is "Feelin' Groovy" called "The 59th Street Bridge Song"?


In World War II, couldn't we have just disabled the battleship Yamato instead of sinking it?

I was a witness to domestic violence last night

Bought new furniture: cat repellent question.

LFP, that thread is too long. Let's start over.

HHS announces expansion of rural hospital demonstration project

"There isn't enough shame in the world for Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin. "

America is better than Glenn ignorant, divisive, pathetic figure (Herbert)

DOD identifies US casualties 23 Aug-25 Aug

A case for Carter

Chicken Little....the sequel in 3D

Thank you, Mr. president

Glenn Beck’s ‘I Have a Dream Speech’

Today, Why do America people are so dumb??? because of...

The number of people at the Beckalooza will be bigger than (Poll)

WH salute the troops page

I am so fucking SICK of hearing the talking point that the Stimulus created NO jobs - Facts,anyone?

Obama administration eases stance on deportations

Shhh --- Hawaii is beating Texas in Little League --- Shhh


Reclaiming the Dream.

K&R if you think this rally had more attendees than the Glenn Beck rally!

Beck lifts from Obama 2008 stump speech


Five hundred thousand people protest anti War in DC, 1971

We have been here before.. Amy Semple McPherson

Are these BP promo commercials working for them?

Reclaim the Dream' rally

Any UK people here? Does the UK think the USA is insane?

More than $1.8 billion in federal funds to support the rebuilding of New Orleans’ schools

Glenn Beck's Great Whiteout -- AKA "Whitestock"

You know the definition of chutzpah?

Plan to release illegal immigrants on path to residency comes amid ICE push to deport criminals

Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred

It was two years ago tonight,

We need a new WPA now!

Movements Are About Something Real

Sarah Palin at Glenn Beck's Rally: 'Dr. King Would Be So Proud'

Glen Beck is a Mormon?

Under the radar - Draft Daniels for President campaign heating up.

Actual Count: 87,000 attended Beck's "Whitestock" rally today. (CBS)

If and when the Repubs take back the House: We will only have ourselves to blame!!!

Climate-related Security Predictions Coming True in Pakistan

(Top British Tory MP Comes Out) Minister leaves wife ‘to come to terms with his homosexuality’

The great chess game of the Middle East

Real-estate agent, client found naked in Naperville home

Fidel Castro: Osama bin Laden is a US agent

Obama: 'The war is ending,'

Hilton arrested for alleged cocaine possession

State waiver for overseas ballot denied

Lula's Hand-Picked Successor Widens Lead in Poll

(Anti-Islam) English Defence League demonstration in Bradford sees minor clashes

US right claims spirit of Martin Luther King at Lincoln Memorial rally

Congress may sneak through Internet ‘kill switch’ in defense bill

Northwest flight attendants union sues Delta over alleged contract violations

UAW's King, Jesse Jackson lead Detroit march for jobs

President Obama marks formal end of US combat in Iraq

U.S. doubles helicopters for Pakistan flood relief ("astronomical natural disaster") - Pic Heavy

Democrats file complaint with IRS, accuse conservative group of tax code violations

Financier’s Largess Shows G.O.P.’s Wall St. Support

Afghan militants in US uniforms storm 2 NATO bases

North Korea threatens nuclear "holy war" if attacked

Report: Hundreds of defects in Enbridge oil pipeline

Joe Manchin, John Raese win West Virginia senate primaries

Millions at risk as crops fail in central Africa

(Cargill) Company recalls ground beef after E. coli reports

Cause of voting machine fire still mystery

Fire at Tenn. Mosque Building Site Ruled Arson

Mumps Vaccine Coverage Should Be Improved, Study Finds

Graft-Fighting Prosecutor Is Dismissed in Afghanistan (by Karzai, who is “stalling and stalling")

U.S. Wary of Example Set by Tribunal Case

Glenn Beck Rally Attracts Estimated 87,000

Anti-Muslim Attack Ad

A Face in the Crowd

Mike Malloy - The Swearing Machine

The TeaBagger Song

For Perspective: March on Washington (August 28, 1963)

Weird Liberal Head Show #145: Victory and the Beckoning

Weekly Presidential Address: Iraq War


Amyl Nitrate- Rule Britannia

One more victory for the unemployed. Thank you viewers of this channel.

Weekly Address: The End of Combat Operations in Iraq



I Have A Dream, Oh You Betcha I Do Part 2

Ed Show w/ Cenk: Alan Simpson's Farm Screwing Social Security

Alan Simpson and the 'lesser people'

Let's Kill Fox News! by Old Fart Rants

Sharpton speaks at "Reclaim the Dream" rally

Anti War Protestors Plan Ahead And Are Denied

Is The Teaching Of Religion To Children Child Abuse?

I Have A Dream, Oh You Betcha I Do Part 1

Maddow: Mr. Go keeps trying to kill New Orleans


John Kerry Testimony - The Last Man to Die for a Mistake - Vietnam War Hearing Part 2 (1971)

FUCK GLENN BECK -- Spitting in the Face of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Let me finish..Chris Matthews comments on Becks hate fest

Sharpton Speaks

Ed Show w/ Cenk: Stephanie Miller on Mehlman, Gay Rights

Who's the real Glenn Beck? Faux Civil Rights Icon of Fox Shock Jock?

Crying ‘free speech’, armed Obama protester’s arrest at Alaska State Fair sparks outrage

Ed Show w/ Cenk: GOP is the Party Of Hate

Gay Protest Signs (funny)

Al Jazeera English Do A Good Breakdown Of BecKKK's Schtick: Including "Oligarhy", Stewart & Colbert

Climate-related Security Predictions Coming True in Pakistan

"Covert Operations" - the greasy corporate wheels behind the Libertarian machine (New Yorker Mag.)

Momentous day in East L.A. Forty years after the Chicano Moratorium, Latino political power

The Unmaking of a Company Man

Matt Taibbi: Tea Party Rocks Primaries

Wikileaks CIA Release -" Say What?

King & Beck: Tracing the Trajectories

The "Beckoning" is an episode of South Park

Media Priorities and the Kochtopus

Financier’s Largess Shows G.O.P.’s Wall St. Support

A Filibuster Fix

A Filibuster Fix

DOD identifies US casualties 23 Aug-25 Aug

Why He Was In Memphis: Martin Luther King died fighting for labor and a living wage.

FBI data: Hate crimes against Muslims rare

When Politics Means the End of the World (as we know it)

Our Bloody Valentine

Detroit Symphony musicians appeal for support as contract deadline approaches

Chilean miners' ordeal 'caused by greed and graft'

Miliband: Britain was slow to act against US torture

UN labels France Roma expulsions 'racist'

America’s mental illness epidemic: It turns out that the drugs are the problem

Glenn Beck does remind us of the Civil Rights Era -- that is, the people who hated Dr. King

Screwing with Social Security is political suicide!

Glenn Beck's Messiah Complex

From the Secret Files of Charlie K**h

Fertilizer Chemicals Linked To (Aquatic) Animal Developmental Woes

Anti-whaling NGOs warn of 'contaminated' whale meat (BBC)

Independent Panel to Issue Recommendations for Improving U.N. (IPCC) Reports

Judge orders EPA not to destroy records UP wants

ORNL graphite foam technology licensed to LED North America

China Set to Leapfrog the U.S. in Clean Car Production (like everything else)

Climate-Related Security Predictions Coming True in Pakistan

Go Reds, as if we needed another reason to hate St. Louis

Stephen Strasburg pledges to return in top form.

Richard Petty inducted in Randleman High School Hall of Fame

Japan vs. Hawaii for Little League Title.

Kobe said he wouldn't leave team to chase a ring (but that's just him)

Chargers Vincent Jackson prepared to sit out 2010 season

I biked the Hotter n' Hell 100 miler today.

UNMATCHED---Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova

Demonstrators ask for more wage, clash with police in Honduras

Los Aldeanos y Silvito actuarán en Miami

"Venezuelan Government: 'Most Important” Drug Seizure in Four Years'"

Lula's Hand-Picked Successor Widens Lead in Poll

Radio/TV Marti in Miami (Cuban-directed propaganda) takes more money than you knew to run.

Fidel post with 99 recs in Late Breaking News!

Five years later, no accountability for post-Katrina gun grab

EPA Surrenders to NRA on Gun Control Issue

Bill Aims To Allow Concealed Carry In Workplace Parking Lots

(Top British Tory MP Comes Out) Minister leaves wife ‘to come to terms with his homosexuality’

Things you may not know about David Yost (Blue Power Ranger)

Same-sex marriage gains GOP support

Seventeen Michigan Krogers could face strike action

Coke Cancels Health Care For Employees Who Have Paid Their Premiums

Any union organizers in South Florida?

Japan calls for transparent labor rules in China

Japan calls for transparent labor rules in China

NLRB sets hearing on charges of unfair labor practices against Spectrum Healthcare

Daycare Company Fires More Pro-Union Employees

Newspapers reach tentative accords with last of 14 unions

The Return of LIUNA: What This Really Means for the Building Trade Unions of the AFL-CIO

LA Times: Century City janitors' strike spotlights workers' plight

NYT: Are Working Conditions Really Getting Less Dangerous for Hispanic Laborers?

Mirror Image

Kokomos Mural

For the young, unemployment hits record

(1,300) Minnesota nurses’ union: Duluth strike ‘imminent’

study in rust, part 2

1975 Kodak digital camera.

Shas spiritual leader: Abbas and Palestinians should perish from this world

Hamas: PA can't give up Jerusalem in direct Mideast peace talks

A laser can turn your wall into a protozoa aquarium

Mesmerizing Time-Lapse Shows Every Asteroid Discovered Since 1980 (VIDEO)

The Largest Hailstone Ever Recorded In The United States

It's difficult to end a bad habit of thought or action while you are practicing self-deception ...

Priest impregnates Pennsylvania teenager (allegedly)

This, because I'm evil, cracks me up.

If human life begins at conception, then when does the life of a human clone begin?

Glad I decided not to play my drinking game

Swiped from GD: The MoJo article on the situation with the oil spill.

It Starts in the Heart

If You're in a Contemplative Mood this weekend...

Motherless baby whale on the run from the Coast Guard


Ever heard of Max Karma?

Astrologically speaking, does it surprise you to know that...

Remembrances of Lives Past

Please join me in celebrating METTA's birthday! (Saturday, August 28th)

All this birthday talk has me wondering, do any of your friends have bdays

OK, I have to ask... Is anyone else feeling especially weepy/emotional lately?

Lighter fare: post your standing in your birth order here.