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eh maybe I shouldn't - self delete

I got a call from a political poll tonight. It was fun!

Dick Morris endorses Repub Debicella for congress (CT-4)

Congratulations Johnny . . . . . . . .

Another Victory for the Loonies in Arizona

Was talking to neighbor this evening...

Question about Michael Moore

Well, there goes my financial plan right out the window....


WOW I just learned something about Jefferson and US HIstory

Spend your time supporting EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL. n/t

Spend your time supporting EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL. n/t

OMG, it's another Night of the Slaughter of the Incumbents!

Stars of Track & Field

Will Brian Kilmeade Continue To Accept Funds From “Radical Madrassa Funder”

Eew.. Quayle-spawn won his nomination campaign

Jimmy Carter Arrives in North Korea for Release of American Prisoner

the stench of fascism

Which religion looks violent if Christians burn a Quran?

Wave of deadly bombings in Iraq

Mary Bale put cat in UK trash bin as a joke ("It's just a cat.").

Egads! Ex-FEMA chief plans live broadcasts in New Orleans

CIW, Sodexo reach agreement (Florida tomato pickers get raise thanks to students)

Mich. judge lets Hooters weight bias suits proceed

For Facebook people: Election Prediction Game

New Joe Scum spin

Hot In The City

A new avatar to reflect my new state of residence

So, MJ & Mike Allen predicting that the Rs pick up 55 House seats in November.

So, MJ & Mike Allen predicting that the Rs pick up 55 House seats in November.

The point about compromise.

The point about compromise.

Really Dumb Question for All ya Ya'll

Looks like Lisa (Frank) Murkowski are finally out of power in Alaska

Can someone explain the stem cells decision to me

Can someone explain the stem cells decision to me

Thomas Friedman likes what's happening in education.

Transparency and Government Contractors

"I have been thinking that I would make a proposition to my Republican friends...

"I have been thinking that I would make a proposition to my Republican friends...

So Meek took out that sleazeball Greene in FL. What are his chances against Rubio?

Asteroid on collision course with Earth; Republican plan to divert it with tax cuts for top 1%

Rick Scott spent $50 million on primary bid

So, does anyone know how many teabaggers have won primaries in their states?

So, my wife and I will be in DC this Saturday. I had originally intended to "picket"

HECK of a live broadcast, Brownie...Michael Brown radio show in N.O. prior to 5th anniv. of Katrina

Murkowski’s Fate Hinges on Absentee Ballots

For today's Morning Joe finale, Mika's head will float off her shoulders and pop on a hot keylight.

Court Overturns Order Blocking Newspaper From Printing Murder Suspect’s Photo

Blog....turning a backyard pool into an urban greenhouse

CIA sees increased threat from al-Qaeda in Yemen

Bespoiling New York

Corporatist America: The revolution has already been televised...

America out of Iraq now! Oh wait, By Mark Morford

Small town Wisconsinites oppose mosque

Ship sewage restricted to greater than 3 miles off coast

Bloomberg again defends religious freedom

Is America giving up on the idea of the public?

I just heard this morning that "warm weather favored the incumbents"...

Thank you mods!!!

What's so important about the Governor's Races this time around in a word

Let's Go Pee!!! (Pee is for Power)

July new home sales plunge to record low pace

The Tea Party - Win or Lose in the McCain/Hayworth race?

The Tea Party - Win or Lose in the McCain/Hayworth race?

So with Hayworth defeated, will they let Meghan McCain out of whatever closet she's been shut up in?

So do you think Meek could drop out?

Court: Death Threats Addressed to Corporations Aren’t Illegal

Radio, Radio: Campus broadcasting is a lot more than just navel-gazing programming

The right-wing, blinded by its own hysteria - and poll

Aug 25, 1971:173rd Airborne Brigade departs Vietnam

What is this "Race to the Top" bullcrap?

Snowmass Ski Resort Foreclosure Crystallizes Hypo's U.S. Real Estate Woes

Mind-Controlling Parasites Date Back Millions of Years

Joe Donovan’s Detroit History- Coal’s Original “Big John” Stands Tall For Auto Workers

NY Daily News portrays Palin as The Mad Hatter

Egg Producer Flaunts Regulations: Consumers Deal with 500 Million Salmonella-Tainted Eggs

Smart, Qualified People Behind the Scenes Keeping America Safe: 'We Don't Exist'

Mitch Daniels: Stimulus is "trickle down government"

I Never Bought The Maverick Crap

PPP FL General Election Poll: Sink (D) 41% Scott (R) 34% Chiles (I) 8%

We're the ones to blame if absolution is denied

Video of cat tossed in trash sparks uproar in England

USA may directly funds terrorists in Afghanistan. - Karzai

USA may directly funds terrorists in Afghanistan. - Karzai

Gay adoption laws

The Rude Pundit - Postdiluvian New Orleans: Still in Black and White, Still Fucked

Ohio home sales drop 35 pct. from June to July

I just have to say this:


Beware of steps 'safeguarding' the Social Security System

Beware of steps 'safeguarding' the Social Security System

Carter lands in Pyongyang to bring home American

Dems need to go all out to win Governorship of FL

Cordoba House Imam makes (truly) radical speech in Mid East

* Speechwriter Gerson: Why the Tea Party is toxic for the GOP

It's all about winning hearts and minds, you know...

Naked German women evade Swedish chopper

Reports: Rev. Moon To Buy Back Washington Times

MLK III Responds to Glenn Beck's Rally with WaPo Op-Ed

Germany to prevent Facebook checks (pre-employment)

BP blames Halliburton for Deepwater Horizon catastrophe.

Thank you, Teddy

Another thought on Social Security ...

Wait, let me get this Florida Senate race straight.

Campaign to kick Alan Simpson's useless old ass off the phony 'deficit' commission?

IL Republican marginalizes Gov Quinn's new Chief of Staff as "African-American, Asian woman"

NOPD Officer Recounts Order To Shoot Looters

Those lucky ducky poor!

On NPR today, a rap song about Elizabeth Warren...

"In your future I see a dark closet." . . . . Please come CAPTION Flailin' Palin!!!!!

Major Garrett (Chief White House Correspondent) Leaving Fox News For National Journal

Teabagger Joe Miller leads in Alaska GOP primary

Uggh......I just saw a headline titled "Palin Power?" on one of the news web pages.....

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 3

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 4

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 5

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 7 (the end!)

My first and last post on the Mosque issue...

"Gay Marriage Ruins Everything", a comic from Brian McFadden

So how big of a nutbag is Joe Miller (Sarah-endorsed AL Senate candidate)

What logical fallacy does the RW phrase "No Poor Person ever gave me a job" violate?

Top economist sees increased odds of double-dip recession

Peeling Away Theories on Gender and the Brain

Son of MLK Jr. on the Glenn Beck Rally in Washington DC

Could the anger against incumbents not be that deep?

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 6

The cost of stuff, versus pay

Study: Petroleum-eating microbes significantly reduced gulf oil plume

Will The HATE CRIME Stabbing Of A (Suspected Muslim) NYC Cab Driver Get WALL TO WALL COVERAGE????

Want to know how to instantly put a teabagger on the defense?

Solar Instructor Training Network Information - Government Program

Sorry Charlie, you're on your own...Kendrick Meek won by a very

Kendrick Meek Miami-Dade County Endorsements

Fox News Rejects Media Matters Ad Highlighting Its $1 Million GOP Donation ...

Muslim cabdriver stabbed in NYC: "Are you Muslim?" "Yes, I am." *stab stab stab stab stab*

Muslim cabdriver stabbed in NYC: "Are you Muslim?" "Yes, I am." *stab stab stab stab stab*

Standing with Kendrick Meek

The Opponents Of The Cordoba House Demonstrate Its Need

Bristol Palin gets $14,000 to speak Benefit Single Mother's Home

NEW WIKILEAK: CIA Admits US Exports Terror (Incl: Mumbai Bombing, UK/N. Ireland Arms Purchases)

Now for MY first and last post on the Mosque issue...


Ground Zero Mosque Iman Shows His True Colors

A year ago today, Teddy passed away.

Study from Democracy Corp shows 75% of Teabaggers have "warm feelings" for Glenn Beck

Google & Verizon's Evil Plan Is Really Bad News for Regular Internet Users

State Department compares Park 51 Imam to Shirley Sherrod

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 1

2008 Attack on Military Computers Is Confirmed

Baucus Didn't Read Health Care Bill

With a correct tax program, there would be no government deficits, There would be a tax surplus

Biden: GOP tax cut claims a 'bunch of malarkey'

STOP Energy taxes commercials??? WTF more astroturf bullshit

Cab Driver: 'I Feel Very Sad,Hopeless, Insecure-All 4 Of My Kids Were Born Here'

Who believes we are going into a "double-dip" recession?

NYC Cab Driver Stabbed By Passenger Who Asked "Are You Muslim?"

being a real 'ally' to the causes of Equality for lgbtiq people isn't 'qualified'.

Burglary, Car Theft, Vandalism - Don't bother calling Police

What was the last successful act of true political will that you can recall at the Federal level?

Levi Johnston Targets Voters -- At Gun Shop

In the end, was it worth it?

More on the cabbie stabber.

Is A Double-Dip Recession—Or Worse—Finally Here?

Latest RW talking point: war isn't making us poor

Nightmare scenario in VT Primary... too close to call and one of the candidates is in charge

How 30 Million DVDs Sent In 2008 Election Fuel The Anti-Mosque Debate Today

Why the Tea Party is toxic for the GOP

Soldiers from the Connecticut National Guard who were deployed to Iraq return home - pics


Maddow: Fox News Made Me Cover Mosque Story, 'Maybe' I'll Get Married

Today's LA Times on Spreading Corporate Wealth

TOON: This Modern World on Ground Zero mosque

As A Floridian I Want To Know Why Rick Scott Took The Fifth Seventy Five Times

As A Floridian I Want To Know Why Rick Scott Took The Fifth Seventy Five Times

Mexico marines find 72 bodies at ranch, navy says

Johnson & Johnson gets FDA warning on marketing

Seeking answers in MMS's flawed culture

"No compromise" on mosque built near Ground Zero

New Jersey family's picture catches theft in the making

Petaluma (CA) man arrested in Port-a-Potty theft

Quayle won primary race in AZ. WTF is wrong with people?

RNC's Financial Picture Even Worse Than It Looks

Here's the Wikileaks Redcell Document

Here's the Wikileaks Redcell Document

Oil industry benefits most from Katrina aid

Can you tell if someone is a right-wing nutjob just by their actions and appearance?

Last night I said this: 500 million eggs being recalled, where are they going?

If Cuccinelli Wants To See A Nativity Scene, Let Him Put One In His Own Yard

Republican ties with radical, anti-Mosque leaders

Republican ties with radical, anti-Mosque leaders

Timely new bumper sticker... Don't like government regulation of business. Go suck an egg! nt

(FL Gov. Candidate) Rick Scott Win: Bad News for Republicans?

Rebuild infrastructure to save economy

Boehner's millions.

Can anyone explain Stumble Upon website and tell me if DU is linked there?

Right-Wing Wusses: When did the loudmouths become such a bunch of fraidy-cats and victims?

Right-Wing Wusses: When did the loudmouths become such a bunch of fraidy-cats and victims?

DLC = Bad! Conservative Dems = Bad! New Democrats = Bad!

Let's say, for the sake of argument, that you're a LGBT person talking to a genuine straight ally...

Let's say, for the sake of argument, that you're a LGBT person talking to a genuine straight ally...

The Fight of the Century. But Which Century?

The "Knave"

Grads taking law schools to task for poor job market

"Brutal prison guards train experimental Palin Ray on defenseless prisoners"

Arthritic dog is walking better after stem cell treatment

what does the symbol under the peace sign represent?

NYT: A Forgotten Fight for Suffrage (and what it means for gay rights)

perhaps they should have built it in the USA

Ron Johnson (R-clueless) Received $2.5M In Subsidies He Now Opposes

Richard Blumenthal on the economy and education (good things)

The Moral Landscape: Thinking About Human Values in Universal Terms

"the U.S. has an ultimate secret weapon that the Chinese may never be able to match"

Robert Reich proposes a payroll tax holiday on the first $20k of income LINK

Wall Street's Connected Lobbyists by Jim Hightower

Stupid woman who threw cat in garbage can says, "It's just a cat."

For the sake of argument, let's assume that RW politicians are

Google to Run Just Say Now Ads Censored by Facebook

Joe Conason: Why won't Rick Scott disclose his company's secret legal settlements?

I think it is now possible for the Democrats to pick up another Senate seat in Alaska

Wikileaks releases CIA 'exporter of terrorism' report

Bush-Cheney campaign manager, ex-chairman of Republican Party Ken Mehlman set to come out as gay

Top Ten Reasons Not To Let Boehner Steal Your Social Security

Top Ten Reasons Not To Let Boehner Steal Your Social Security

The Dick postpones Atlantic City appearance 'to heal'

Wal-Mart Asks Supreme Court to Hear Bias Suit

The Cheney-ization of the GOP, part II

Defense official discloses cyberattack

Republicans are necrophiliacs.

Muslim cab driver slasher just back from filming Marines in Afghanistan

Hate, Hate, and more Hate...

Tweety Is Right Now Annointing Palin As Front Runner For 2012.....

"Iraq Car Bombs Kill 46: Officials" (does this mean they are combat troops again?)

Fed Loses Court Appeal to Keep Bailout Details Secret

John Boehner's Economic Plan Would Increase Deficit By $3.781 Trillion, Think Tank Finds

Coming up on the ED SHOW:

Is Michelle Bachmann deliberately attempting to incite violence?

Uh Oh, I hope the tea baggers don't find out about this!

Hey Cross-eyed Christie

Ga. author of disputed CIA memoir fatally shot

OMIGOD, I don't want to be small about this, but Rick Scott scares me.

California Hotel Walk-Off Strike Continues New Wave of Worker Militancy

So Schultz is saying that Beck supporters have posted the real addresses of many Dem leaders

There sure are a lot of NATO oil tanker trucks being blown up.

I'm going out on a limb about this NYC Cabdriver stabbing

The Mayor of 9/11 Town Gets His Mojo Back

Alan K. Simpson to OWL: "...babble into the vapors...with 310 million tits! Get some honest work!"

Have Republicans always been complete cowards or is this a new phenomenon?

New CBO Report: Recovery Act Created Up to 3.3 Million Jobs

PETITION -- If Simpson Doesn't Resign, the President Must Fire Him --

The Mudflats analyzes Alaska's senatorial primary.

The strange backstory on the anti-Muslim cab attack

Proof that Obama is a Muslim


"When it applies to women's bodies, they can't get enough of govt regulations, can they?"

"This will be Arkansas...if you don't vote" (Anti-gay mailer backed by Mehlman prior to coming out)

Congress Should Reject Conservative Religious Groups’ Call For Taxpayer-Funded Job Bias

Science Confirms The Obvious, 2010 edition

Protesting the deficit commission and a woman throwing a cat in a trash can

80K in parties in Vegas... for the kids of Michael Jordan's kids

Levi Johnston Campaigns at Gun Shop

Response To Righthaven Suit Claims That Las Vegas Review Journal Engaged In Entrapment

Woman Convicted Of Illegally Accessing Obama Student Loan Records

If Breitbart had edited a video of Simpson...

Amy Goodman: Rotten Eggs and Our Broken Democracy

Can the Repubs actually win with this slate of characters?

It comes down to one simple problem, JOBS

90-year-old vet becomes U.S. citizen

I would like to know: how much exactly does Alan Simpson suck yearly from the public "tit."

How are we doing?

"Tit Man" Alan Simpson Makes An Ass of Himself -- Women's Groups Call for Resignation

TIME: Another Safety Issue: Can Toyota Ever Bounce Back?

We Compromised On Recovery

Anti-Mosque Coalition’s Website Owned By Neo-Conservative Islamophobe Frank Gaffney

Putting a point on it

Rachel is about to skewer the ReTHUGs

Carnahan responds to claims staffer played role in firebombing

What Madoff did was bad, but What Wall Street Did was much worse...

Tea Party favorite continues class war against the poor

Former Bush Campaign Manager, RNC Chair Ken Mehlman Finally Admits He's Gay - Gawker

Glenn Beck: I Am The New MLK

Paid Bloggers' Union Threatens Strike!

Lost Navy UAV enters Washington airspace

Republicans for Blumenthal

Leaked voice-over script reveals Deficit Commission secret plans

Why doesn't that church burn transcripts of Jerry Falwell's hateful rant after 9/11 instead?

Thank you mods, cleanup on aisle seven

"I don't know what the fuss is about. It's just a cat."

Given a Choice Between a CEO and Comm. Organizer...

So how about we organize a Bible burning?

Today would have been your birthday. But you are gone....

A Quarter of Fort Hood Soldiers Seek Mental Health Counseling

U.S. schools chief to push disclosure of education data

(Alaska) Voters approve measure requiring abortion notification

I am livid! It is obvious that Glenn "I hate the 9/11 victim's families" Beck

Keith covering the story on Ambridge and the knifing

Ex-RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman comes out..."I'm gay"...

Are The RW Nuts TRYING To Provoke A Terror Attack, Either Consciously, Unconsciously, Or Both???

Credit card debt drops to lowest level in 8 years

Alan Simpson should donate his rotting brain to science.

Mehlman's 2004 RNC Mailer; Banning Bibles and Men Will Marry Men

Description of NYC islamophobe knife attack by a student filmmaker (allegedly)

Republican National Committee Slashes New York Muslim Cabbie (A Very Angry Juan Cole)

Bush Campaign Chief and Former RNC Chair Ken Mehlman: I'm Gay

Chicago Sun-Times: Home is where the hurt is in today's housing market

Minneapolis denies permits for anti-war march at Democratic National Convention

For the younger folk among us, another example of Republican obsession with tits:

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 2

Financial Times: Future generations will curse us for cutting deficits in a slump.

My lord the American Petroleum Institute is running those

Tom DeLay Loses Bid to Move Trial From Austin

Alaska Senate race - "Moving Beyond 'Cut, Kill, Dig, Drill' in Alaska"


Gay Kansas candidate receives death threat on front door: "Fagit homo kill murder head off!"

310 M stockholders finance a herd, - - GOP rustlers steal it - - Simpson BLAMES THE STOCKHOLDERS !

Does anyone actually believe there is an account with trillions for Social Security in it?

What happened to Tom Ridge?

Why lock threads that serve as excellent teaching opportunities

"I voted against Prop. 8...But I think the will of the majority should be supported by the state."

Gay candidate for Legislature receives death threat

Met a tea bagger today at the County Fair Dem booth.

I am sure if a Democrat would have made fun of the rich people, Bush would have kept him also!

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Fox's Shep Smith: Katrina Changed Me

The Government's New Right to Track Your Every Move With GPS

Steps Taken Toward Privatizing Public Fannie & Freddie, to Citibank's & BOA's Benefit:

Former VPs Flock to Arizona as 'Quayle Season' Opens

So... Will President Obama Toss Simpson Off The CatFoo... er, Deficit Commission???

Another chance to support equality: Will Obama's DOJ weigh in on Prop. 8 appeal?

Gay Couples, Uncle Sam Needs You to Procreate

Abandoned kitty adopted by a wild long-tailed macaque monkey in Bali:-)

Associated Press: It's starting to feel like another recession.

3 months is different for minorities than for 'muricans (miners buried 3 mos, BP gushing 3 mos)

Drug Deaths: In the Press vs. In Reality (there's a big difference)

When someone mentions "deficit reduction"....

Who will commit to emailing the DNC and the White House once a week on defending Social Security?

It's not just seniors that rely on SS, remember the disabled, too.

Dear Mr President

Do you think we're watching a slow motion implosion of the repubican party?

Martin Luther King would have been on Glenn Beck's chalkboard



After Katrina, New Orleans Cops Were Told They Could Shoot Looters

Stewart on the hypocrisy of Palin..

I wish someone would ask Tea Party candidates to reconcile their anti abortion views with being

I wish someone would ask Tea Party candidates to reconcile their anti abortion views with being

Politico: Anti-Muslim attacker works at pro-Park51 group and is a lefty

Saw a great bumper sticker this AM.

The Newburgh Four Trial Begins!

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed how many, if not most of the protest signs at the

Forbes: Bernanke's Fed Is Full Of Blind Mice. We need Bernanke to panic.

Yet another historic building in NYC is being destroyed rather than being designated a landmark..

I like instituting a social security tax on capital gains.

If you are not in Florida please dont sit on your high horse and damn us to a TeaBagger

As GOP civil war rages, Democrats look to benefit

As GOP civil war rages, Democrats look to benefit

Stimulating Hypocrisy: 114 Lawmakers Block Recovery While Taking Credit For Its Success

Cordoba House Imam makes (truly) radical speech in Mid East

Facebook sues start-up for using 'book' in its name

Wikileaks: CIA Red Cell Memorandum on United States "exporting terrorism",

72 bodies found at ranch in Mexico

Boycott Koch Industries products: Quilted Northern, Angel Soft, Brawny, Sparkle, Vanity Fair, & more

Vandalism at Madera (CA) Islamic center called hate crime

Americans are Still Dying in Iraq…Starting with Brandon Maggart

Psst, your male privilege is showing.

Can Presidents take the lead on civil rights legislation?

Here We Go Again: Obama’s War in Yemen

Alan K Simpson: since the white house isn't getting the message

Police: NYC Cab Driver Stabbed By Passenger Who Asked "Are You Muslim?"

Remembering Ted today.

Join NOW's "Tits for an Ass" Campaign and Call on President Obama to Fire Alan Simpson

I spent too much time with a trust fund liberal over the weekend

For those DUers who are supporting Crist in Florida I have one question to ask you....

Carter was a failed president?

Did teacher union support determine Race to the Top winners?

Anybody try the CREDO HTC Hero smartphone yet?

Anybody try the CREDO HTC Hero smartphone yet?

Is our system a plutarchy ?

Question about carl paladino and republican primary in NY

Jersey lost the federal grant (Race to the Top) b/c Governor changed answers to suit radio talk host

Dick Armey Supposedly Has Death Threats

Am I a sap for loving the "Social Network" trailer I just saw during TDS?

David Mixner: President Obama, At This Stage, Shame On You

Cenk to Van Hollen: "I thought we elected a Democratic president."

The left needs to figure out how to get leverage over the WH now

My Banana is Much Bigger than Yours

It's an insult to seniors for Alan Simpson to remain on the deficit commission.

Jewish Daily Forward: At the Death Camps, Muslim Leaders Grapple With Jews’ Pain

Who do you think the Republicans will nominate to challenge President Obama in 2012

Militia Group Cancels Support for Koran-Burning ("un-Christian")

Healthcare law backers plan counteroffensive

Ken Mehlman says he's gay.

So, what happened to the economic recovery we were supposed to get?

If Democrats want to win this November

Schools to Kids: Bring your own Toilet Paper

Miami Herald: Ramadan at Guantánamo: Nightly force-feedings

I've learned today that lgbtiq people can't really know

I think there should be a compromise regarding the Ground Zero Mosque

Shit.... it's not working

Looks like the beatings will continue until morale improves

Infographic: It's a Muslim World, America's Just Living in It

Thanks for the help Sarah Palin!

Wow, are the members of the DU the only intelligent people left in this damn country???

Simpson Apologizes to Critic (and WH Is Fine With It)

We might have the mean old dope on the ropes...

I'm proud to declare myself one the nation's 310 million tits.

'Everybody chill the fuck out. I got this.'

Virginia's "Marriage Amendment"

Hysterical Alan Grayson fundraising letter!!!

Calls For Alan Simpson's Resignation From Debt Commission After "310 Million Tits" Insult

Isn't it about time for Alan Simpson to get off the public tit?

Things don't necessarily go better with Koch.

40th Anniversary of the Chicano Moratorium Sat. August 28th East L.A.

We Need Leadership From Obama...

Robert Scheer: They Go, Or Obama Goes

In spite of Obama's apparent thought crime...

In spite of Obama's apparent thought crime...

Can we at least not be gay-baited?

Kiss your Social Security goodbye...

Reagan has won

We laugh about Alan Simpson. We call it the Catfood Commission. Ha Ha. But this is deadly serious.

How much would the treasury make if we had a transaction tax on all trades... say $1.00 per trade?

Visited Franklin's and Eleanor's Graves Today

New Forecast Shows Democrats Losing 6 to 7 Senate Seats By NATE SILVER

Do you think that "tits" is an offensive word?

Shirley Sherrod is to Alan Simpson as _____ is to _______ .

Here's where you get to name three things you'd like to see President Obama do

Whiite House: Simpson will continue to serve.

Sanders and DeFazio call for Obama to remove Simpson


Why I am so mad at the President (Not DOMA or Afghanistan or even SS)

If Simpson Doesn't Resign, the President Must Fire Him

"I did it as a joke because I thought it would be funny."

The asshole Simpson should be forced to live on $13k a year.

The Scariest Blog Post I Have Read All Year

Only Rapists Can Prevent Rape

Tropical Storm Earl

If you had your own political website, how would it be different from DU

Well Duh!! Tensions Rise in Greece as Austerity Measures Backfire

Putting more minstrels in the show doesn't make the un-free any freer

Putting more minstrels in the show doesn't make the un-free any freer

Notes from Underground

Notes from Underground

Annoying-as-hell "former terrorist" refuses to say how far from Ground Zero mosque would be okay

Turn Off Fox- free stickers to distribute!

Turn Off Fox- free stickers to distribute!

Pastor says armed militia to protect church during Quran-burning event

Teachers have always had to be certified. Had to renew periodically. Not anymore.

Seriously: Who the hell is in charge of this country?

Why is the South, and the Midwest, so conservative?

New restrictions on abortion coverage have women turning to "do-it-yourself" methods.

So Ken Melman just came out? Vows to fight for gay marriage?

Arne to push districts to make data on teachers public. Says will make us "stronger".

I actually believe more and more that Fox news needs to be sued by victims of hate

Giving Up Smoking After Over 40 Years With The Help Of E-Cigarettes.

Giving Up Smoking After Over 40 Years With The Help Of E-Cigarettes.

Right-wing Koch Industries gave funding to the DLC and served on its Executive Council

Some advice for Brewers Manager Ken Macha... (If you're still there next season)

Yesterday I was Half the man I used to be...

The Seven Deadly Sips

and the award for best IBTL post ...

I succeeded in not arguing on the internet!

Favorite bar named after a Kurt Vonnegut novel?

DUFL Fantasy Football League

My thoughts on today's Brewer Game...

Time's 50 Best Websites is Published

quelle chienne

Local forcasts here predicting ANOTHER heat wave starting Monday

It all started when we quit calling them statesmen.

please vote-My Buddy


Did I ask too much, more then alot, they gave me nothing, now its all I got.........


Just Had My First Soda In 20 Years- It Was Amazing! Called 'Fentimans'

I want to create a fox character that never dies.

I bought a baseball jersey of my favorite team yesterday and I have a question

Google Gravity

How come Johnny Gage couldn't get a girlfriend?

I have a question.

Can anyone suggest a good (and reasonable) data plan?

The spawn are watching "Furry Vengeance" on demand...

Storm moving in

I can't tell you how much I love DU right now...

Should I start a Poll?

The Pipettes - "Your Kisses are Wasted On Me"

Revenge of the Cat

"Every day sends future to past...Every breath leaves one less to my last..."

Music for you on Wednesday night -The New York Dolls live in 1973 -

I have had an epic craptastic day

So why is a member of the Mossad working with a U.S. military law enforcement agency?

The women in the audience are entirely too gleeful.

Walking Dead, premiers Oct 31!! w/ proper trailer

Serious Question - Opium

Neil Young, "Cinnamon Girl" Live From Hyde Park 27th June 2009

Man, I opened a big ol' can of crazy worms in GD

I need a truckin woman!

Do you know what Jesus told me once?

Check out these Italian Lifeguard dogs!!-- cool pic

What happens when the fastest joint-rolling man in the world...

What is this?

Satoshi Kon, RIP

George LOPEZ joked at The Donald

Does Brian Williams have that concerned look on his face when he's in the shower?

New Jersey family's picture catches theft in the making

Grocery stores and donations

Symphony X - Set The World On Fire: stupid video

The monkey and the kitten

Which do you consider more impressive?

Still a virgin?

Old and drooping

I forgot to take my meds for about 24 hours

Dieters/doctors/nutritionists, have you ever heard this claim?

I mailed in my "hear now" application yesterday

G*damn, f*ckin' sheeit.

Nature Valley Peanut Butter Granola Thins


Is there a word for the harsh over-lighting cinematography seen in Transformers and elsewhere?

Does anyone else think that Archae has really let himself go lately?

At last - the long awaited photo album of our Mexican Riveria cruise from last week

Happy Birthday, Mia Zapata, wherever you are!

In the interest of openness, please share your password for each of the following accounts. I'll go

About that woman and the cat

Can someone please FedEx me some "clean" urine?

Is the Beck rally really any different from the "ground zero mosque"?

Thank you Mods.

Sean Connery is 80 today, gives up acting

Disordini, ha molti....

Naked German women evade Swedish chopper

Songs of life and death

After a long day...what relaxes you?

Has anyone stopped to consider that what Tobin really really needs is BOTH?

Oh, fuck you. Stop telling me this, please (as found on youtube):

B-List Celebrity Smackdown! Stephen Baldwin says Miley Cyrus is "un-Christian".

Anyone wanna argue?

I needs advice from teh Lounge Wimmins: What should I look fer in a wimmin?

I not succeeded in not arguing on the internet!

I need a transit-ridin woman!

Men, do you carry a pocket knife?

Post a favorite painting...

Excedrin really does work

The Brewer Game wasn't the only cool thing I did today.

My middle daughter's best friend had her baby last night - man is he cute.

I guess you could call this a matter of DWS -- driving while sexting?

The oldest kitty in the world (w/ a couple of pics)

Michigan tea party decision in limbo

Zaun says he made a mistake on biofuels policy

Dan Quayle defends son before vote

Rand Paul favors faith-based approach over federal funding to fight drugs

Biden: Stimulus Dollars Fueling Energy and Life-Saving Technology

PPP was only election-eve pollster to get GOP Senate primary right

I don't think he's a homophobe. I believe that he believes he's not a bigot in the same way fundies

400 Union Boilermakers Tie Up Traffic Pittsburgh Protesting Obama and Clean Coal

Oregon Senate Poll--Wyden's in no trouble even Ras has him up by 20

The Truth About Free Trade Agreements (Obama's plan to "double exports")

I wonder if Scott McAdams has a shot of upsetting whoever the GOP nominates for Senator in Alaska?

New Maryland Governor race poll: O'Malley up by six over Ehrlich

Buzz Blog PPP's latest poll: Alex Sink's Edge Holds Up Over Rick Scott

RAS IL Senate poll--Giannoulias 45% Kirk 45%

Ipsos/Reuters Poll: Buck up in Senate race/ Hickenlooper up in Governors race

The thing to remember about the polls...

Biden: GOP tax cut claims a 'bunch of malarkey'

Biden: GOP tax cut claims a 'bunch of malarkey'

Economist Zandi: John Boehner 'just wrong' about Obama stimulus

Who makes the steam come out of your ears quicker....poll

Obama assist crashes Jerry Brown's website

Martin Luther King would have been on Glenn Beck's chalkboard (MediaMatters)

Help me VS the MSM - They are already calling Palin a winner in McCain winning the primary.

Case re-enters politics with both barrels blazing

Jeff Perry ‘proud’ despite work on bogus degree

Nate Silver arrives at his new NYT home.

Sharron Angle agrees with radio host who says we have "domestic enemies" within Congress

Not a Contract with America, but a Contract on Obama

Fox's right-wing talkers have a favorite new word for Obama: 'incompetent'

Murkowski would be "seventh candidate endorsed by the National Republican Senate Committee to lose"

FL-Gov: Sink Leads Scott by 7 Points

Agenda to repeal health care law couldn't save some Republican gubernatorial candidates

Job Losses Over Drilling Ban Fail to Materialize

Christie Blames Obama for Mistake Christie and New Jersey Made

Christie Blames Obama for Mistake Christie and New Jersey Made

The National Organization for Women called on SIMPSON to step down Wednesday.

New Poll: Dems on course to win back Governorship of Hawaii

Who is Alan Simpson, and who are his friends?

In Alaska, Murkowski is losing Republican primary

Information on Senate races


In honor of Rachel Maddow I'm having this bumper sticker printed for the fall:

Joe Madison: Meeks can pull this off in November

If the Republican Party implodes, will America fail?

Alaska gets complicated. Murkowski considering third-party run. Tony Knowles subbing for McAdams?

Jane Mayer: The Billionaire Brothers Who are Waging a War Against Obama

RAS poll of CA--Boxer up by 5; Ras poll of WI Feingold down by 1

As GOP civil war rages, Democrats look to benefit

PPP: FL Gov race: Sink: 41% Scott 34% Chiles: 8%

Right now- who do you think will be the Republican nominee for POTUS in 2012?

What happens when the Tea Partiers figure out they're being used?

NY Times: NYC cabbie slashed today by passenger who asked if he was Muslim

TIME - Joe Klein - "Why Are the Dems Distressed About Obama?" - Great Read!

Harry Reid rips Sharron Angle over "domestic enemies", demands that she name names.

Wake up Democrats!!!

Murkowski takes shot at Palin as she still lags in primary count

Bush Campaign Chief and Former RNC Chair Ken Mehlman: I'm Gay

Spot on article about how the media helped create the Palin Monster

WikiLeaks says it will release CIA paper soon

Democrats Move Swiftly to Define Republican Candidates

Gulf waste heads to landfills, some with problems

UN investigates claims of mass rape (of more than 150 women and baby boys) by DR Congo rebels

Rogue Afghan policeman shot, protesters target base

Spanish troops clash with Afghan police in west

Third day of fighting in Somalia's capital kills 6

Obama wants prime time Iraq address

Yemen army 'regains control' of southern town

Sept. 18 Atlantic City appearance by Dick Cheney postponed

Stryker soldiers allegedly plotted to kill Afghan civilians

Aasif Mandvi On The Daily Show

E-mail from BP rig says cement job ‘went well’ (according to Halliburton emp)

Iraq hit by spate of attacks

2 Spanish police killed in Afghanistan

US general: Afghan deadline 'giving enemy sustenance'

WikiLeaks to release CIA paper on Wednesday

(Chicago) Yellow Cab to stop running anti-Islam ads

Job Losses Over Drilling Ban Fail to Materialize

Biden Says Country On Track To Double Renewable Energy Capacity

Bill In Calif. Would Help Farmworkers Form Unions

Afghan girls fall ill after apparent gas poisoning

Rape case against WikiLeaks founder dismissed-investigation into molestation allegations continues

Blackwater founder questioned in Abu Dhabi

New home sales hit lowest level ever

Job Losses Over Drilling Ban Fail to Materialize

72 dead bodies found on a ranch in Mexico

WikiLeaks Founder Cleared of Sex Allegations

A dangerous intolerance (violence against Hispanics in Baltimore)

Aide says growth removed from (Senator) Durbin not cancerous

Afghan elections: Record number of women stand for parliament

Man shocked by police Taser dies

Obama assist crashes Jerry Brown's website

Shell Pushes To Drill In Arctic ("safer than deepwater drilling in Gulf of Mexico")

France drains lake under Mont Blanc glacier

Google to Run Just Say Now Ads Censored by Facebook

Mullen: Despite Attacks, No Delay in Iraq Withdrawal

U.S. soldiers face murder charges in death of Afghan civilians

Some family members of 9/11 victims to support mosque construction

Canadian police arrest two over suspected terror plot

CU-Boulder considers closing journalism school

National Journal Hires Major Garrett From Fox News


Meet The Unknown Alaska Man Who Might Give Dems' A Chance For November

Oprah: Expect Obama On Farewell Season

Alaska GOP Sen. Murkowski in jeopardy

TIME Lists WikiLeaks as 20th Best Website in World for 2010

Letterman Knocks Obama For Latest Vacation

Key Karzai Aide in Corruption Inquiry Is Linked to C.I.A.

Fish toxicity picked up by Coenzyme Q test

Editor: Deal in works to sell The Washington Times

Marine Macho Makes Corps Resist Uncloseted Gays: Commandant

Sales of new homes hit slowest pace on record

New Forecast Shows Democrats Losing 6 to 7 Senate Seats

Obama to deliver Iraq speech from Oval Office: official

Defense official discloses cyberattack

Marines find 72 bodies in northern Mexico

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange still being investigated over one charge – prosecutor

'Enthusiasm gap' confronts Democrats heading into this fall's midterm elections

(Michigan) Republicans file suit to keep 'Tea Party' group off ballot

Judge orders university to release Palin documents

Judge hears DeLay case pre-trial motions

Prescription-drug prices on the rise

UN appeals for more helicopters to fly aid to marooned flood survivors / 800,000 Still Stranded

Trader nailed with $172 million bill in back taxes, asks 'What's the IRS?'

BP frozen out of Arctic oil drilling race

Yellow Cab to stop running anti-Islam ads

CIA sees increased threat in Yemen

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday August 25

Credit Card Debt Hits 8-Year Low

Police: Cab Driver Stabbed By Passenger Who Asked "Are You Muslim?"

Wal-Mart asks Supreme Court to reverse ruling in gender case

Jeep Grand Cherokee: ABC Station Reported On Gas Tank Fires Year Before NHTSA Investigation

Egg farmer in current recall battled Maryland over facilities

Pakistan floods slow supply shipments to U.S. troops in Afghanistan

Nasscom (Indian IT Assoc.) to discuss H-1 B visa issue with US senator

Oil pipeline that fouled Kalamazoo R. has dent under St. Clair River

U.S. to give more flood aid to Pakistan (Top U.S. aid official tours camp run by Islamist charity)

Now that Kendrick Meek is the Democratic nominee in Florida, will DU enforce its rules?

'British spy' found dead in bath

Australian troops head unarmed into Pakistan

Alan Simpson: Social Security Is 'A Milk Cow With 310 Million Tits'

Tom Vilsack offered to resign over Shirley Sherrod

Rape case against WikiLeaks founder dismissed(but "suspicion of molestation remains")

Miners plead for salvation from underground 'hell'

Calif OKs rate boost for Blue Cross (13.4%), Blue Shield (18.5%)

Bush Campaign Chief and Former RNC Chair, Ken Mehlman: I'm Gay

BP Testifies on Blowout Preventer (points finger at Transocean)

WikiLeaks publishes secret CIA document on terrorism

23 nails in body of tortured maid

Pakistanis impressed and grateful for US aid

USS Kearsarge set to provide assistance to Pakistan (Includes 48 helicopters)

Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James Conway Expresses Support For DADT

A Call To Action

Most Americans don't realize that the wars is killing the economy

Crazy Eyes and Bandy Legs -- She Shoots! She Misses!

Go Tell it On The Mountain

Glenn Becks Rally in D.C. and The Unemployed and 99ERs need to wake up !!

Ed Schultz: Glenn Beck's Hate Rally

Glenn Beck's Crazy Rant On India

Small Business Owner Rebuts John Boehner's Economic Claims

Westboro Church Protest Against Jews Interrupted By Brick Stone

NY Gov Wannabe Rick Lazio Explains Why WTC Mosque Should Be Stopped

Neighbourhood comes together and kicks out religious haters

Mayor kicks kid in the face, shown in negative political ad

Rachel Maddow reports on VA AG's efforts to take away women's rights

Crazy Catholic: Democracy is a "Vortex" of Self-Destruction!

Rachel Maddow reports on the 'pain ray' being used (& experimented) on Americans

JD Hayworth 2010 Arizona Senate Primary Concession Speech

I wonder how much Neal Boortz paid his friend Kaleed to phone this in

Muslim Cab Driver is assaulted with a knife by passenger b/c he said he was Muslim

The Federal Reserve is a ponzi scheme

From 2006: Bill Maher tells Larry King that Ken Mehlman is gay

Google Accepts Pro-Pot Legalization Ad

Chevy Volt Ad

Perfect guest David Cay Johnston explains why Mitch McConnell is full of it on Bush tax cuts

Grampy McBush vows to use November GOP House & Senate majorities to repeal & replace ObamaCare

BOEHNER: Voted Against Tax Cuts for Ohio, but Wants Them for Billionaires

The Meg Whitman Hi Bob Game. Take a shot of Jägermeister every time she says create good new jobs.

Weird Liberal Head Show #142: The Conservatives Have Already Lost

Egg Party Patriots

Pap & Ed Schultz Expose Glenn Beck's Racist Tea Party

MSNBC: Cenk & Ratigan on Glenn Beck Ground Zero Ban

No Land To Stand: Aerial Video (& Pics) Of Flood, Pakistan Under Water (800,000 Still Stranded)

Rachel Maddow & Jane Mayer look at who is funding the push for right wing idiocy: the Koch brothers

The Beatles - Hey Bulldog in the studio

Mike Malloy - Ronald Reagan Praises The Taliban...Twice

Alan Colmes Takes Laura Ingraham To The Woodshed

Keith Olbermann interviews Donna Marsh O'Connor

TYT: Facebook Bans Marijuana Ad

Ed Schultz begs the President/Democrats to tell us what they stand for

Is the sun setting on the US empire?


Bullied: A Student, a School and a Case That Made History

Mosque Near Ground Zero Tests U.S. Freedoms, Bloomberg Says

Afghanistan's new war crimes museum punts on still-powerful warlords

Boehner’s Bumper-Sticker Politics

Wrong Direction on Stem Cells

Mark Steel: If anyone is fanatic it's Sarah Palin (Independent, UK)

My Interrogation at the American Border

Glenn Beck's Racism Is an Affront to MLK's "I Have a Dream" Vision

Rick Lazio Is ‘Comfortable’ With Offending 9/11 Veterans

CIA Man Is Key to U.S. Relations With Karzai

What About Germany? (Krugman blog)

Two Minutes to Midnight?: Cutting Through the Media's Bogus Bomb-Iran Debate

Social and financial factors impacting health care

Economy Caught in Depression, Not Recession: Rosenberg

What Americans Believe (America the Ignorant) MSNBC,Newsweek-

CBO says stimulus may have added 3.3 million jobs

The Gulf Oil Microbe Story--Brought to you by BP and Dept of Energy money

An exciting new Muslim country to drone attack

Republicans Voice Opposition To Implementation Of New Tier 5 Unemployment Benefits

A 99er Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Debate Continues Amid Primary Elections

Mutual Irritation Society-Alan Grayson tries to show Democrats how to take on the Tea Party.

Bad News for Regular Internet Users

Do We Need A Tax Bracket For The Super-Rich?

Woman Wall Street Hates Most Is Right for the Job

William Rivers Pitt: It's Called (facepalm)

WSJ has a front-page article on E-CIGS today

What is conservatism and what is wrong with it?

The void in Asia's heart

GOP Tax Cut Bill Would Add Almost $7 Trillion to America's National Debt

CBO report: ARRA increased employment 1.4 to 3.3 million, Did anybody hear anything on this on M$M?

How Muslim Cab Drivers Should Retaliate for NYC Stabbing

Alan Simpson's Foulmouthed Rant about "The Lesser People" / RJ Escrow

Transocean, Halliburton should have been able to stop Macondo if unsafe

Joe Conason: The Billionaire Right-Winger

Self-described CIA assassin dies in gun accident

New Forecast Shows Democrats Losing 6 to 7 Senate Seats

The Big Lie: Venezuela and Labor

The Daily Show Debates: Is Fox News Evil Or Stupid?

Robert Reich Nails It...Tax Jujitsu: Why Democrats Should Propose a "People's Tax Cut"

Robert Reich: The Anatomy of Intolerance

Simpson writes Dean Baker a (clueless) letter. What a horse's ass.

How green is my campus?

Hyperefficient Student-Built EV Defies Odds

Drumbeat: August 25, 2010

Putin shoots darts at whale

Grace Announces Rare Earth Surcharge for FCC Catalysts and Additives

My name is Earl

Electricity crisis hits Venezuelan oil exports

Acid Rain 30 Years On

Cloth made by bacteria

Pemex Chief:Watching Mkt to Decide When to Begin Crude Imports

Biden: U.S. to halve cost of solar power by 2015

Advanced High Temperature Reactor: Lower Costs, Enable Deep Burn and Advanced Fuel Cycle Reactors

Ochocinco fined $25K for Tweeting during game

Fried beer, Texas caviar highlight Big Tex Choice Award finalists


Report: Colorado May Not Move To Pac-10 Until 2012-13

Furyk oversleeps, is disqualified from Barclays

I like this photo >>

I HATE double-headers...

Stinking Fish owners lied to get a new stadium

DUFL Fantasy Football League

Let's start a DU fantasy football league!!

Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC interview with Bill Richardson in Havana

The Big Lie: Venezuela and Labor

Miners plead for salvation from underground 'hell'

Update: NRA’s Challenge to Semi-Auto Ban Referendum in Illinois a Success

EPA Considering Ban on Traditional Ammunition

FLORIDA: Anti-Gay AG Bill McCollum LOSES Gubernatorial GOP Primary

Neighbors come to the defense of a gay couple

Mike Huckabee Invites You To Fast And Pray That God Smites Dirty Queers

School Rejects Lesbian Couple's Daughter

Repulsive Anti-Gay Quisling Homophobic Scumbag Asshat Closeted Former RNC Chair Mehlman: Coming Out

Bullied: A Student, a School and a Case That Made History

Washington Coca-Cola workers go on strike; Atlanta workers prepare for union vote

Postal workers march in Detroit to protest five day delivery week

AFL-CIO teams up with nation's largest student association to pass DREAM Act

EFCA’s Dead, but Fear of It Still Driving Anti-Worker Measures

New Jersey’s Pension Fraud Hurts Investors, Taxpayers and Retirees

North Adams nurses put out call for support

Furlough-cation 2010: Part One

A few I like

Tall stuff

Avocados the size of my face

From a drive in the French countryside...

MIDEAST This Math Class May Figure Out Israel

Lure of the homeland fades for Palestinian refugees

The Uncircumised Israel Lobby (from Slate)

Planets Weighed Using Pulsar Flashes

Interesting footnote on "oil eating bacteria" article

In the Fields of Italy, a Conflict Over gmo Corn

Micro Frog Discovered Inside Bornean Pitcher Plants

Journal of Cosmology - available free online.

Christopher Hitchens weighs in on the "Ground Zero Mosque" debate

A funny thing happened on the way to get a new VCR

BAD HABIT Breaking - What's the astrological angle?

Grandfather's Ghost Story Leads to Mysterious Mass Grave

The future is NOW

What Momentous Event Will Today Bring? (Aug 25)

A Wishlist post by an ASAHer....

Numerology Readings

Lab-created corneas used to restore vision

Autism and Mental Retardation Connected With APC Protein

Sweden - Mother told to clean own room after caesarean

Insulin Resistance

Any other post menopausal PFD women here?

Fake Diagnosis Fatigue

Studying Acupuncture, One Needle Prick at a Time