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Take a look: Anthony Weiner, Peter King, Charles Schumer - members of this Secret Society

Take a look: Anthony Weiner, Peter King, Charles Schumer - members of this Secret Society

Support Rep. Charlie Melancon's Oil Spill Tax Relief Act of 2010

Support Rep. Charlie Melancon's Oil Spill Tax Relief Act of 2010

The Free Market Fairy ain't comin'...

Obama needs to chunk bipartisanship and steamroll the Repubs...(just like Bush did)

Dark, Shadowy and Powerful Forces in American History – Part II

congratulations chelsea clinton

Hurricane tips?post em here and get em here

NY Times - Krugman - "Tax Cut Truthiness" - Destroys Bush Tax Cut Talking Points!

"India Shining": Half of India’s population lives below the poverty line

"India Shining": Half of India’s population lives below the poverty line

Smoking Guns of US Treasury Monetization

Australia: Labor’s leadership coup starts to unravel amid leaks and counter-leaks

Arlington Scandal Sparks New Safeguards

US Stalls on Trial for Five at Gitmo

Iraq: Gunmen blow up policeman's house, 3 killed

$2.8 Million Approved for GWS (GW1) Research

$2.8 Million Approved for GWS (GW1) Research

Iceland Parliament Poised to Reject Bank Rescue Plan as Insolvencies Loom

Irrigation project aims to help Kandahar thrive again

VA secretary hopes to improve access, outreach to veterans

American and Iraqi Versions Differ in Latest Chapters of War’s Story

For all those who commented on BPs' photoshopped command centre

Should Vanity Candidacies Have Us Worried?

The Dreadful Legacies of Bush

Request: if joey scab mentions Ensign, could someone

Will Obama Fall Into Vietnam Trap in Afghanistan?

How to Dismantle the American Empire Before This Country Goes Under

WikiLeaks in Baghdad

Afghanistan and the "Sacrifice Trap"

Overwhelming Number of Americans Want Government Intervention

Air Force is done with ‘Above All’ for motto

Lohan released from jail today 8-2 - on her way to in-house rehab program.

A Benchmark of Progress, Electrical Grid Fails Iraqis

The Afghan Dilemma

Afghan-born Marine threatened with deportation

Minn. Man (Koua Fong Lee) Convicted In Toyota Crash To Get Hearing Today

Minn. Man (Koua Fong Lee) Convicted In Toyota Crash To Get Hearing Today

Mika Mouse and Joe Scum

California governor Schwarzenegger declares state of fiscal emergency

(Air Force) Audit: Millions spent on unjustified moves

Ban on some Blackberry functions

"My palm isn't large enough to write all my notes down..."

Seeping oil threatens ecosystems in Gulf marshes

Corporate campaign fundraising picks up speed-for rethugs

Bill Kristol: Republicans Should 'Just Shut Up' About Charlie Rangel's Ethics Charges

Witness: 'Cabal' at VA Is Killing Veterans

Captain Paul Watson's speech I shot from Saturday's Sea Shepherd event

What are the people saying about the November election

Elite US cyber-squad Vigilant recruits hackers from DefCon

What's the most basic rule of soccer (association football to the rest of you)?

The betrayal of Haiti

Trickle down economics explained by Colbert

Dumb Criminal Files: 2 men tried to sell wood blocks as laptops

Have the wheels of justice finally caught up with "Mean Jean" Schmidt?

Bwaaaaaaaaah hahahahahahha- From neocons to crazy- cons

Hmmm , So morality has nothing to do with Politics ?

The crisis of middle-class America

"Tea party" activists drawn to Williamsburg and its portrayal of Founding Fathers

A message from Charles Sherrod

The world’s governments subsidize the fossil fuel sector far more than they do renewables and biofue

Anyone live in Florence County, I have a questions about some dirty politics at the library.

Michele Bachmann dodges tea party smackdown with sick day

WaPo - Fareed Zakaria - "To deal with the deficit, let the tax cuts expire"

Brilliant Karen Finney

Tucson, AZ: Sun Tran employees going on strike

When we all fall down it will be too late

Judge blasts Massey Energy for ‘grandstanding’ in Upper Big Branch Mine Disaster investigation

In an actual shooting war between Colombia and Venezuela, whish country would you back?

For Multinationals, U.S. Wages, and Workers, No Longer Key to Profits

Show Your Support for American Jobs with Yard Signs and Bumper Stickers -- FREE

VetVoice: If You Can't Say Something Nice... (re: VA employment services)

The gop doesn't want you to know what they're doing on their summer vacation

Do you, personally, think it is okay for Democrats to charge their own with malfeasance but ......

local poll needs DU'd

Dear Dr. Paul Krugman, This Has All Happened Before

Obama is still repeating the 9/11 lie

Activists plan 'retirement party' as nukes turn 65

Do you think Al Gore is being set up?

The List:

Why the Feds Fear Thinkers Like Howard Zinn - By Chris Hedges

Crist Leads in Florida Senate Race

Yet another reason I won't sit out the November elections

Someone's having a good time!

Someone's having a good time!

eric cantor calls the wealthy the 'job creators'

Body Count: The File. Beck vs. Limbaugh, O'Reilly, and Hannity.

Daniel Ellsberg's WikiLeaks wish list

Heads up - Obama to speak on Iraq withdrawal

Richard Lui joins MSNBC as Day Time Anchor

Israel Goes Teabagger (From Joe.My.God blog)

CEI climate change smoke screen (Hartmann)

Fox News Gets Front Row Seat In White House Briefing Room

Virginia's suit against Obama health insurance reform allowed to go forward

Map of unemployment by state - is this factual?

Map of unemployment by state - is this factual?

The Web's New Gold Mine: Your Secrets vote: Has the Iraq War been worth it?

RNC Faltering, Might Lose Coordinating Power as Well

You see our military is really good at killing people and blowing stuff up

Earth to ReTHUGS, Teabaggers, Lady Blah Blah

Breaking - McGramps places 'hold' on

BP Procedure Meant to Permanently Seal Well Is Set to Begin

BP Procedure Meant to Permanently Seal Well Is Set to Begin

Fallout from 'Citizens United' begins: Corprat Cash Floods US Elections

Two Resolutions, One World War


Lansing teachers win right to sue over discipline

Rep Michelle Bachmann votes against act to help Native American police combat rape 'epidemic'

War, what is it good for?

Uni-Tea event looks like they actually almost succeeded in drawing One Teabagger

Look! We're diverse! We're diverse!

As the rhetoric gets wound up for the week's news cycles, there is no doubt that ........

Latin America & Twenty-First Century Socialism: Inventing to Avoid Mistakes

Latin America & Twenty-First Century Socialism: Inventing to Avoid Mistakes

Sherrod and Voltaire

I was watching the film "The International" last night.......

SEC probes BP potential insider trading, also investigating disclosed drilling risks

Miranda warning rights trimmed bit by bit by high court

Iraqi Oil/Electricity Minister Issues Sadam Hussein style decree banning all labor unions in Iraq!

The Rude Pundit: An Apology to the Woman Without a Nose on the Cover of Time Magazine

The idiot GOP house and senate members know that they can do anything and get away with it!!

He said, she said. . .

District Judge in Virginia area lets their Health Care Law Suit go forward

Detroit moves forward with plan for light-rail project

Memo to media: Health care judge in VA has long GOP roots

List of top party schools by Princeton Review

A.P. talkes Helen THOMAS's seat. Faux moves to front row. Gawker skewers them all.

Report: SEC Probing BP For Potential Insider Trading

Afghanistan: It’s Even Worse Than You Thought

WashPost TV critic smears ABC's Amanpour as possible terrorist sympathizer

'Net Surveillance Contractor that Outed Wikileaks Source Is Ramping Up

'Net Surveillance Contractor that Outed Wikileaks Source Is Ramping Up

A short poem for half-term governor Sarah Palin. Join in the fun!

Witness: 'Cabal' at VA Is Killing Veterans

EPA to Crack Down on Farm Dust

EPA to Crack Down on Farm Dust

I am glad Obama won this dance-off. How about you?

A Police State You'd Better Believe In

Quick Mark your Calendars!! George W. Bush to do first post-presidential interview in November!

Quick Mark your Calendars!! George W. Bush to do first post-presidential interview in November!

MSNBC, Cenk is hosting mid day!!!

No, no,'re doing it all WRONG. You've got to do it with the dog under your arm, damn it.

Cantor Admits Extending Bush Tax Cuts Would ‘Dig The Hole Deeper’ On The Deficit — But

It's Official: Ethics Committee Charges Maxine Waters With Violations

Paul still leading Conway in KY

All hands on dreck. . . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

Waters offers strong denial of charges as panel is formed,“I have not violated any House rules"

Brent Wilkes winning at poker to pay off his bail, pending his appeals...

As casualties in Afghanistan rise, Army suicides, drug use set new records

As casualties in Afghanistan rise, Army suicides, drug use set new records

Brent Wilkes winning at poker to pay off his bail, pending his appeals...

george w bu$h* is solely to blame if wealthy folks taxes increase.

Garbage islands threaten China's Three Gorges dam

Blood on whose hands in Afghanistan?

It begins: Corporate Campaign Cash Floods US Elections

Which best describes how Obama compares to Bush?

Accused Fort Hood Shooter.....

High court trims Miranda warning rights bit by bit

House Panel Charges Waters With Ethics Violations

Iran's Ahmadinejad calls for TV debate with Obama

Fun with Editorial Decisions: Dumb Photo Pick

The most frustrating thing about dealing with conservatives.

Protecting us from those Dangerous Terra-ists......of WikiLeaks

Oil company, law enforcement block media access to public sites hit by Michigan oil spill.

The tax cut debate has begun. Now playing...Right wing commercials

The Health Insurance Mandate - Obama's ultimate smoke screen

CNN live just now - AP gets Helen Thomas' seat in White House Briefing Room

TORTURE - TWO PERSPECTIVES Streamed live on Saturday, August 7 at 10am Pacific time

Here is the new medical model, coming to a city near you.

Hey Rachel - I know you're returning tonight

Question about car insurance "settlement" - story here

Was I the only one who thought we would see a major Power Grid, Wind and Solar plan in the works?

Russ Feingold opponent paid for racist "Bell Curve" author.

GM Seeks to Cut Wages in Half at Indianapolis Factory

BecKKK lied today. Gasp. Said that ZINN was a Communist & pals with Communist mentor of OBAMA. ALL DAY LONG seeing their crap ads on DU

Need info: What exactly was an Eisenhower Republican?

Chihuahua Mix Attacked By Coyote, Saved By Pit Bulls

How to Dismantle the American Empire Before This Country Goes Under

OBAMA re RePUKEs: "They don’t have a single idea that’s different from George Bush’s ideas--not one"

Virginia gets state AG's OK to implement Driving While Brown program

HHS Encourages LGBT-Inclusive Sex Ed

Tweety is getting a teaching lesson

Debate over new Arizona immigration law may heighten racism in state

Gawker: Billionaire (FL) Senate Candidate Treated Chef, Yacht Employees Like Crap

If Pubs win their repeal of the 14th amendment, we ALL could be

Hey, nobody's going to kick my brothers ass but me....

New 1-delete lock-out rule...

I see Mr. Matthews has the lovely Frank Gaffney on as a guest

Ridge's firms(shills for shale)to get $900,000 for pushing Marcellus drilling

Thank you , Eleanor Holmes Norton, for shifting Big Ed into neutral.

The Repuke pundits on the MSM defending tax cuts for the rich: LMFAO!

Koran Burning Church Held a "No Homo Mayor Protest" Today

Skidding Toward Fall (Kunstler)

Quick! What movie does this BP guy remind you of???

Breaking: BP says they may not need the relief well.. "static kill" may be enough..

If Jeff Greene wins FL Dem senate nomination--better news for Charlie Crist (PPP)

Why do we need Paper Ballots?

GOP House Members Are Setting the Stage for Investigations of Obama

Family thought they were buying a foreclosed property. Bought worthless 2nd mortgage instead

Krugman: Why Is Deflation Bad?

Oil company, law enforcement block media access to public sites hit by Michigan oil spill.

New York Hotel Pioneers Birth Tourism

McCain On Amanpour: Anyone Else Miss Jake Tapper?

Republicans want to dump the 14th Amendment to get rid of the "thems."

Homeschooler Nick Jonas to Chair Reagan Youth Centenial!

Weiner just smacked Mika on Moaning Joe

Writer Anne Rice Leaves Catholicism In Protest Of Catholic Churches’ Anti-Gay Agenda

Clark County (Nevada, where Las Vegas is) schools ponder an Arizona exodus

Is Joe Hill finally dead? (The Ballad of Joe Hill)

Ok, i don't get this poll - CA, MA, NY, has more conservatives than liberals??

Teen Chained In Home For 2 Days

Why We Really Shouldn't Keep the Bush Tax Cut for the Wealthy - Robert Reich/HuffPo

Not something you see every day at the White House

Waters Ethics Case Has Porter Goss (!) Arguing on Other Side - FDL

California Marijuana Legalization supporters have money to burn

Ya know how the Republicans could walk away with the elections

Why does BP play that folksy guitar music with their propaganda commercials?

Anybody hear of HR 5471Mandatory Service for 2 years?

Sharks being massacred at alarming rates.

Pay attention! Developers/Wall Street are attempting to strip your equity

why we're in our present pickle: 1986 income distribution & taxes v. 2005

Harman Signs Deal to Buy Newsweek From Washington Post Co.

Newsweek Announces Sale To Sidney Harman, Meacham To Step Down

Another Strange Race Clyburn Opponent hired Republican OP

Understanding Energy Policy In One Picture

The way we're headed, we'll all be charged one day for breathing corporate sponsored air

Thanks Keith - at last someone speaks

Thanks Keith - at last someone speaks

Multinational Shell Game Hurts Local Business

McCain takes shot at Christiane Amanpour

Have you ever seen on TV a discussion about Afghans where they actually question an Afghan?

UAW Prez says economic populist (Bernero) will beat the wishy-washy DLCer (Dillon) in Michigan

After 30 tears of being the whipping boys, of the right wing’s election cycle.

MICHIGANDERS.......Reminder: Vote Virg Tomorrow !!!!

It is not tax cuts for the wealthy that creates jobs. Rather, tax increases create jobs.

Jim DeMint Associate, GOP Adviser Calls For Nikki Haley To Release Affair-Related E-Mails - HuffPo

$2M liability for my teeny tiny business- so for only $73M more in coverage, I could drill for oil

Rep. Ryan pushes budget reform, and his party winces

Arne and the Governors, how RTTT is hurting Democrats!

Police: Prison Guard Killed Lawyer, Stole Guns For 'Overthrowing The Federal Govt'

Do you realize that we will be in the heat of the Republican primary 1 year from now?

nashville, tn is inundated with teevee political ads

ESPN announcer askes Black NASCAR crew member to "tap dance for us"..

Ethics trials highlight racial tensions in Congress

Krugman - Defining Prosperity Down - says "governing elite just doesn't care"

LA Times - "Proposition 23 backers (Big Oil Companies) sue over ballot language"

George Barisich on Keith Tonight

Playing With Teen Sex Statistics: A Lesson in Lies

My brother got called back to work today

My brother got called back to work today

Some credit card companies squeeze most responsible customers

WaPo - "As deficit commission meets, Obama doesn't rule out new taxes" - OH NOES!

Colbert: Bush Tax Cut benefits trickle down from rich to poor like Bud Light through a racehorse

about the BP Disaster... I'm wondering if they 'Frack'd' the Methane Hydrate, to maximize profits.

Dear god sharron angle is stupid.

MI Supreme Court does a U-turn on injuries from vehicle accidents

The Skin Tone Advisory System:

Michael Steele Says He'll Seek Another Term

Are those republicans in Washington "Spoiled"???????????

Dean Baker: The US economy is not yet on the road to recovery

20/20 Hindsight Apology Tour : Ralph Nader, Ross Perot

Ohio Red Cross giving away new car, or Amish buggy

We need some god damned INFLATION. Period.

Tony Auth Toon -"Gone Nation Building"

Mission Accomplished. I guess.

A Benchmark of Progress, Electrical Grid Fails Iraqis

A Benchmark of Progress, Electrical Grid Fails Iraqis

••• Reid 1% ahead of Angle, but with the GOP enthusiasm advantage, is it enough? •••

The crisis of middle-class America

Is this a bad dream or a bad joke?

Lindsey Graham's worried about Afghanistan and an "unholy alliance between the right and the left"

Not exactly a liberal hot bed on the Immigration issue.....Madison, WI

Not exactly a liberal hot bed on the Immigration issue.....Madison, WI

Stealthy Government Contractor Monitors U.S. Internet Providers, Worked With Wikileaks Informant

More Fundie constitutional "experts".......

Americans who swap passports

Texas Students Could Be Required to Seek Off-Campus Learning Options

Texas Students Could Be Required to Seek Off-Campus Learning Options

Ah the joys of talking with somebody intelligent

Possibly One Of The Best Jobs On The Planet

A President who keeps his word on military deployments

Have you noticed that Keith's "Special Comments" idea has been

Which costs more: air-conditioned tents in Iraq/Afghanistan or NASA?

US regulators out of the loop on chemical risk

America's Worst Job Market: What 27.6% Unemployment Looks Like

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Best of Malloy tonight!

Colonel Bacevich

Just for fun, based on current world politics; What country is Canada most likely to go to war with?

Ya Know... Maybe Lindsey Graham Has A Point (Not Really, But Just Go With This...)

The treatment of workers by US corporations has been far more treacherous — than most realize

Why are Repubs so obsessed with extending the Bush taxcuts??

Some pics of my son, and request for prayers/good thoughts for my brother

Who sounds more insane, the Republican... or Basil Marceaux?

Attempt at Gulf of Tonkin V2.0 comes off the rails.

Historical Amnesia

Why is M$Greedia saying that Obama said that Rangel should go.

Canadian cops shoot guy for no reason (According to poorly crafted news story)

Descriptive. Sadly spot on. Fitzsimmons cartoon about the Ethics investigations

Descriptive. Sadly spot on. Fitzsimmons cartoon about the Ethics investigations

LEADERSHIP: Boston mayor to skip GospelFest over Donnie McClurkin appearance

Concerning Those Who Manufacture and Eat Shit

Earthlings. Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix

We Almost Lost Detroit (How the auto bailout became one of Obama’s best talking points)

Conductor Mitch Miller dies at age 99

Conductor Mitch Miller dies at age 99

Head em' off at the pass!! The Christine Amanapour Appreciation Thread.

Cuccinelli rules Virgina police can check immigration status

Obama: US to leave Iraq 'as promised, on schedule'

Doubts on new health law - State's challenge goes ahead

I-75/Riverside work to begin this week, expected to take 3 years

And so begins the march against Maxine

Administration report sees $8B in Medicare savings

Barack Obama is trying to destroy Social Security

Barack Obama is trying to destroy Social Security

Barack Obama is trying to destroy Social Security

Barack Obama is trying to destroy Social Security

Are any workers TOLD not to hire older people because of medical expenses?

Joe & Mika tried to gang up on Rep. Anthony Weiner on MJ today...

An Alternative Way To Travel (Video)

Stocks start off August with big gains; Dow up 200

Rand Paul: Congress has no business protecting miners

Good news. EPA just announced chemical dispersants no more toxic than oil.

Investors Business Daily tries to incite violence

Federal Court Rules Vitaminwater A Scam

AP sources: 3 charges filed against Rep. Waters

TPM: Human Rights Campaign Slams Target And Best Buy For Supporting Anti-Gay Tom Emmer

Why does anyone STILL say Reagan "revitalized the economy?!"

Legal Schnauzer: GOP House Members Are Setting The Stage For Investigations Of Obama

FANTASTIC 'Toon from Truthdig (sorry if repeat)

Women of the Storm - And the Men Who Love Them

Uncle Tom's Cabin quote relevant to corporations and their stranglehold on our government:

"Witnesses said Grace was hit by a chunk of ice about half the size of an SUV"

Microsoft Quashed Effort to Boost Online Privacy

Dallas could become largest city in Texas to outlaw "marijuana substitutes"

I like this cartoon

I like this cartoon

So, about "Beck-a-palooza" scheduled for August 28th---

Another Pill That Could Cause a Revolution

Invest 91L now Tropical Depression Four

Invest 91L now Tropical Depression Four

Lady Gaga ignores boycott, plays Phoenix concert.

Tablet computers

So it's been over a week now that the wikileaks documents came out

Great New Website:

How would you DUers poll against Sharron Angle in the Nevada race?

Rep. Cantor Reluctantly Admits Extending Bush Tax Cuts Will Increase Deficits

Rep. Cantor Reluctantly Admits Extending Bush Tax Cuts Will Increase Deficits

Top 12 Racist Politicians of Modern History

Michael Steele Gets Punked By Activist Posing As Donor, Says He Can Beat Norm Coleman For RNC Post

The Fonz is now pitching reverse mortgages!!

My 12-year-old daughter summed it up nicely.

My [poorly punctuated] response from Target Corp. re: donations to asshats.

Incoming! The Sun is sending a large coronal mass ejection smacking Earth's magnetosphere...

Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters investigations seems too convenient.

Money Market Accounts / IRAs: Empty them out or leave them be?

Photographers, head over to the Photography Forum and

digby: The 'struggle' against 'reverse racism' is ahistorical and racist

Tweener "idols" Nick Jonas & Jordin Sparks chair Reagan Youth Committee

OK, I just got myself caught up and saw the news about Basil Marceaux.

Weather Vanes

Why deflation could be a good thing for Americans

Sen Al Franken: The most important post you’ll read all day (Daily Kos Diary)

BP gusher spilled nearly 5 million barrels of oil.. more than worst case scenario..

A question for those knowledgeable about closed adoptions and the bad old days

*THIS* is the "Tax Bomb" - your all inclusive primer on the Obama Tax plan

Police: Orlando man, three sons killed by drunken driver who ran red light

Fox host 'astounded' that more Americans support letting some tax cuts expire

It's time for every worker in America to go on strike

AZ Sheriff Seeks Donations For Guns To Fight Drug Cartel

Deepak Chopra gets owned

Captured: America in Color from 1939-1943

Elizabeth Warren: My Mission Is to Restore America's Great Middle Class

Senators Feinstein, Bayh and Grassley lead the fight against the pot brownies menace!

Is Obama Trying to Dismantle Roosevelt's New Deal?

Transgender woman refused medical treatment at public hospital

DU reality check: Social Security does NOT add to the deficit.

Ben Nelson Opposes Elena Kagan, First Democrat To Do So

Did Fox News Argue for the "Right" to Lie in Their "Reporting" in Court?

have you located and looked at the topography map for your area?

Hey Obama! This is TRUE LOVE and it needs to be LEGAL AND RECOGNIZED BY YOU!


This may sound like an absurd Idea, and maybe it is, but here goes

These Circles Are NOT Moving

Not just TN and NYC, Delaware also has more poor test scores.

If you say that there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans

In the Dog Days of Summer, Obama Delivers a Death Blow to Vulnerable Women

Oh, Ouch!

Two questions . . . . . . .

NEW EVIDENCE that Alvin Greene’s “win” in SC was STOLEN!

Cenk Hosting MSNBC Live Monday 8/2 - Friday 8/6 From 3-4pm Eastern, 12-1pm Pacific

Why is it called the "Pursuit" of Happiness?

I've been thinking about leaving DU

The most important picture ever

I passed 7000

How long do you need to be careful? For me it's about 30 hours.


If I Post A Thread and Someone

i am going over to GD and

bedtime i made cookies for ghw bush

Joy in Mudville, Wherever It May Be

TZ - the Nats kicked the Phil's ass 2 out of 3 times...hope you loved the game!

I'm really disappointed in the lounge.

Aspirin is legal, but crack is not.

Man, I really want a "Free Cascadia" bumper sticker.

Requiem pour un con (reprise)

Lohan released from jail today 8-2 - on her way to in-house rehab program.

Lohan released from jail today 8-2 - on her way to in-house rehab program.

Qui est in, qui est out

La Décadanse

C'est comme ça

Canto de Ossanha


I Need You

Je t'aime... moi non plus

I'm so fucking angry right now.

The initials BB

Speaking of weddings...

Anyone heard of a PLAY called "Man of Constant Sorrow?"

The allure of 'Shark Week' has always been lost on me

Seriously, when the fuck did DU become full of so many uptight douchebags?

Just so you know - Inception is better the 2nd time around

Anyone here seen "Cell 211"?

I am so dense (Mad Men--no spoilers)

Another "Found footage" movie is coming out, this time an Exorcism

I can't WAIT: Justin Bieber's BIOGRAPHY is coming out!

Mad Men: A question (assume spoilers)

I'm leaving for lunch at Culver's!

who is this justin beeber? and why is he coming out with something?

Damn you, Safeway Primo Taglio Mozzarella, Prosciutto & Basil Roll...why must you be so delicious?


The Girl From Ipanema

Lounge Dance Party: Everybody do the Lurch!

What About Me?

I can't WAIT: Justin Bieber is coming out!

I did it...

Hey you like music?

I don't do polls, yet will ask, McCARTNEY or ONO. (The rhetorical ought to be clear.)

how do you beat the heat?

The Traveler's Insurance TV ads are getting almost as good as the Geico ads.

S l i d e a w a y


My WO-man Chelsea HANDLER has left me for a piece of meat

I'm seeing chests flying through the air. n/t

Picture from last DU meetup (can't remember this DUer's screen name)

I'm helping to organize our high school reunion (40 years!)

Lately, I've been thinking about Tobin's rear end -- wanna see what I'd REALLY like to do to it?


Which would you prefer to be?

Total Eclipse of the Heart: Literal Version - pretty funny

OMG is it humid out this evening here in Fargo!

I can bez cheezburger?!

I have to put stool softener in my ears for the next two nights...

Brian Jones

Our own LeftyFingerPop stars in a remake of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds".

PHOTO - Dinner is served! Tonight, fusilli with home made meat sauce

If anybody remembers Armadillo World Headquarters

Soul City

What is your favorite food item?

Boca Burger? Or Morningstar Farms? Other, or neither?

Is there any way to share electronic books?

If my 8 week old puppy is 8 pounds, how much will it way fully grown?

Monday music from the old days to you young people (Get off my lawn!)

How many dumbasses are on the Internet who think they know everything?

Inception is The Matrix done right

Anyway you slice it, doesn't a six-blade razor feel excessive?


I apologize in advance if anyone's offended, but WHENEVER I hear, "SHOW US YOUR TITS"...

You can't get rid of me that easily Seattlians and Washingtonians in general

Someone Pushed a Dead Racoon

Finally realized I'm getting old and its just "there"

Remember long-distance calls in the old days?

What were the best years of your life, and why?

A guy I barely know gave me a CD of his music and told me to listen to it

The Windmills of your Mind

Is it because i'm black?

Out of the 83,463 reasons to ride a motorcycle, these are reasons #1 and #2.

True Blood Mid-season Review ** yes spoilers**

Lady Gaga looks very hot in Vanity Fair...

Favorite movie?

I wonder if Iron Chef is rigged

Name something wacky you've learned from conspiracy theory websites.

Has a commercial ever turned you off to a product?

I think I'm in big trouble. I was helping Mrs R

Songs of insanity

What song makes you.....cry?

The mechanic says the battery and charging system are fine, but it keeps not starting

ladies,we really have come a long way-old ads my mom sent me....

Have you seen MiddleFingerMom's "enourmous penis?"

Plane crashes in Denali National Park in Alaska

Hiroshima mayor, China activists win 'Asian Nobel'

Woman pleads guilty to defacing murder victim's tribute page

BP Spill May Cost Gulf Coast Homes $56,000 Apiece in Value

Military keeping traumatized soldiers in combat zones

Administration report sees $8B in Medicare savings

High court trims Miranda warning rights bit by bit

SEC Probes BP Potential Insider Trading: Sources


Va. health-care lawsuit to proceed (against Obama plan)

Rand Paul: Congress has no business protecting miners

Rep. Cantor Reluctantly Admits Extending Bush Tax Cuts Will Increase Deficits

McCain holds up confirmation of new Director of National Intelligence

Study: Rules to curb Afghan civilian casualties led to fewer attacks on U.S. troops

Alex Salmond attacks senator for Megrahi deal 'insinuation'

Corporate campaign fundraising picks up speed

Andrew Breitbart still invited to postponed RNC fundraiser

Manufacturing lifts recovery with year of growth

Cuban president: More private enterprise will be allowed

Bill seeks action to curb brutality against women globally

Calif. high court upholds affirmative action ban

BP oil well gushed 4.9 million barrels: US

First lady urges Congress to act on school meals

US judge lets Virginia healthcare challenge proceed

Blasts hit Israeli resort of Eilat

Sarkozy orders plane to rival Air Force One

Alex Salmond denies BP link to Lockerbie bomber release

Protecting Afghan civilians a priority, Petraeus tells troops

Emanuel Lends Meek A Helping Hand

The fact that Jobs have actually been added under Obama, and people continue to say they haven't...

Cuccinelli: Va. police can ask about immigration status

Cape Wind agrees to reduce cost of offshore wind

Obama to confirm plan for US troop withdrawal from Iraq

BP oil well gushed 4.9 million barrels: US

The Washington Post Company Agrees to Sell NEWSWEEK to Sidney Harman

President Obama took Sasha and a friend to a WNBA game today.

Music fails to chime with Islamic values, says Iran's supreme leader

W - will sit for first interview a week after midterm elections

Immigration memo may be a break for immigrants

NYT poll FL Senate: Crist: 41 Rubio 30 Meek 12 (37-29-16 if Greene)

Another promise fulfilled: Obama to speak with vets on Iraq drawdown

Poll: Dems seem to have advantage in MN Gov race

Whitman campaign spending hits $99.7 million

Enjoying the heck out of watching the fierce Cenk Uygur hosting the 3PM hour on MSNBC

PPP: NC Senate Poll Preview

Democrats Will Run Against Bush During Midterms, And Here's Why

Republicans expected to be united in opposition to state aid, teachers (vote today, updated)

PPP: Democratic senate candidates Improving standing in many states

PPP: Democratic senate candidates Improving standing in many states

Political Animal's Quote of the Day from Eric Cantor who admitted tax cuts worsen the deficit

How I see the Governors Races this year

New Report Shows Dramatic SOA Ties to Extrajudicial Killings in Colombia

President Obama: Iraq withdrawal strategy on track

GOP Rolls Out Agenda Topics for Discussion

Kudos to Tweety on his 'Let Me Finish' today on R's and their extending the Bush tax cuts lies!

Leaked war files no surprise to Afghans

Mexican Drug Cartel Allegedly Puts a Price on Arizona Sheriff's Head

We're still haunted by Angry White Males-Something about a Dem WH& Congress brings out this ugliness

Mills to remain in governor's race

ALFA endorsements good for Bright, Raby

How dare he! Robble, robble! Obama! Robble, robble! NO MORE! Robble, robble!

Gingrich Endorses Smith For Tennessee House Seat

Poll: Wyoming gubernatorial races remain up for grabs

Kitzhaber adds Independent Party nomination to his ballot line

Kansas Voters shift, but GOP still top party

Doesn't matter what Republicans say, the red is their fault

Palin questioning Obama's man hood AGAIN!!

Connecticut’s McMahon No.4 All-Time Self-Funder

Fred Thompson on teevee today asking folks to sign his petition to 'Renew the Tax Cuts.'

McCain places hold on Clapper nomination

What could repubs be afraid of?

WH: Facts and Figures on Drawdown in Iraq

Didier, Akers join forces, but still vying for Senate nomination

Watchdog Groups Demand a Senate Vote on The DISCLOSE Act Before the August Recess

Reagan advisor Arthur Laffer makes the most bogus claim ever in favor of Bush's tax cuts for rich

Bill seeks action to curb brutality against women globally

Rove Invents Fantasy World In Which The Bush Tax Cuts Led To The Most Government Revenue Ever

The Iraq War IS Ending

In Historic Move, HHS Encourages LGBT-Inclusive Sexual Education

3-months from today is the midterm election

Kendrick Meek supports same sex marriage, Crist "Fine" with Civil Unions

What would you do about the Bush tax cuts?

A Tale of Two Scandals (Rangel and Ensign)

Calif. high court upholds affirmative action ban

Iraq War Reality Check

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Tim Kaine, DNC...please don't send me "Mailing Labels," with your Request for Donations, any more!

Jacob Appelbaum, Wikileaks Volunteer, Detained At U.S. Border For Three Hours

Dallas business leaders back the Democrat for Texas governor

Toyota sudden acceleration reports (by its own technicians) date to 2003

To Everyone Who Didn't Make Chelsea's Guest List

Reps Grayson and Edwards: Organizing Shareholders

Call The Arizona Republic for the Unemployed!

Penny Nance, CEO of CWA, Talks FCC Indecency with John Stossel

Love and Marriage Launching on 8/7

I NEED Your Vote!!! Let's REALLY Change Media

Mr T explains why he defends the unemployed

Us Now - Can we all govern?

Pap and David Uncover This Week's Buried Stories

This Week: Christiane Amanpour's Interview With Speaker Pelosi

Currency Crisis ?

Euro Bailout Will Lead To Currency Collapse

Darcy Burner Interviewed by Sum of Change at Netroots Nation 2010

Leave It All Behind

TYT: TARP Champion: Cut Social Security

Lady GaGa on SB1070 | The Monster Ball Tour in Phoenix

How To Enslave Nations 101

Is the tea party racist?

The American Dream - it's a big club and u ain't in it!

Glenn Beck Compares Himself To Martin Luther King

Schultz: Obama Should Act Now On The 99ers

Ken Cuccinelli Strikes Again: VA the next AZ?

MSNBC: Cenk On GOP Attack On Constitution

TYT Network Launches Vlog Channel (w/ Seder, Vloggers From FDL, Think Progress, Kos & Many More!)

John Boehner: A Tale of Ranting, Massive Insurance Contributions, and Getting Cast as Jafar

Unemployment Extentions Senate, HR 4213 Monday August 2 2010 FIGHT for TIER V

"It's the white people, stupid" (Barack the angry negro.) **Blood pressure warning**

ASP Presents - Tim Wise

Fox: Ending Bush Tax Cuts is a class warfare attack from White House on what makes America great

WOW! Dan Rather & Rep Grayson-The Federal Reserve: Where Did Our Money Go?

"STOP! In the Name of Health" Flash Mob in NYC - Medicare for All!

Ed Schultz: We're 2 Years Away from Bread Lines

For Rep. Chris Van Hollen, midterm elections could decide next move.

How to Dismantle the American Empire Before This Country Goes Under

Frank Rich, the War Diaries and the “Fractionalized Media” (A Critique of Rich)

Bageant, Chomsky featured in film (Ken Smith)

Buying Health Care, the Individual Mandate, and the Constitution (NEJM)

Chris Hedges: Why the Feds Fear Thinkers Like Howard Zinn

The Tilted Playing Field

Why We Really Shouldn’t Keep the Bush Tax Cut for the Wealthy

Project Vigilant and the government/corporate destruction of privacy

President Obama calls out Republicans for fighting rebuilding the economy ...

New jobs bill will save or create well over a million jobs - Economic Policy Institute

Senate cutting food stamps to pay for Medicaid and teacher funding

New Report Shows Dramatic SOA Ties to Extrajudicial Killings in Colombia

A Sin and a Shame - Bob Herbert

The Biggest threat to the national debt - the GOP. Economic recovery and increasing employment is

to Cut the Deficit Let the Bush Tax Cuts Expire - Fareed Zacharia - WaPo

Tea Partiers Raise Havoc at Colonial Williamsburg, Refuse to Pay Sales Taxes

How to trash a nation- 99 weeks and the Depression scenario

Unemployment Extension Tier 5 Update August 2, 2010: 99ers Planning a Rally

A Public Option for Finance Reform? FINANCE REFORM BILL HELPS 5 BIG BANKS PT3

Elizabeth Warren: My Mission Is to Restore America's Great Middle Class

Recent Colombian Mass Grave Discovery May Be "False-Positives"

Right-Wing Activist Claims Outlawing Same-Sex Marriage Will Boost The Economy

Rand Paul: Government should not regulate mine industry

Fox's Megyn Kelly taking center stage

Skidding Toward Fall (James Howard Kunstler)

Why doesn't Washington "Get" Social Security?

"Here Be Dragons" - Ann Jones speaks the truth about Afghanistan

Rand Paul "No one will apply for dangerous jobs"

Understanding Energy Policy In One Picture

Drumbeat from the weekend...

Drumbeat: August 2, 2010

Peak oil review - Aug 2

8/1 - Hundreds Of New Fires Across Russia - Daily Highs @ 95F+ For Much Of Past 3 Weeks - NYT

Popular S. Carolina Beaches Report Hundreds Of Weekend Stings From Jellyfish Bloom

Toxic Oak Processionary Moths Well-Established In UK - Can Cause Fatal Asthma Attacks

Toxic Oak Processionary Moths Well-Established In UK - Can Cause Fatal Asthma Attacks

Tesla Subsidy Vanishing Amid Electric Vehicle Boom

New Solar Conversion Process... 60% Efficient

Massive Garbage Islands Threaten To Shut Locks On 3 Gorges Dam - Masses Dense Enough To Walk On

On “Climate Change” v. “Global Warming”, chaos theory, etc.

10 most humid US cities

Increase In Full-Size SUV Sales Outpaces Overall Auto Sales Growth In US For First 6 Months Of 2010

NASCAR: Elliott Sadler Crash Exposes Pocono Safety Weaknesses (with video)

Redskins' Haynesworth misses third straight conditioning test

Joy in Mudville, Wherever it May Be

Ozzie Guillen: Latino ballplayers at a disadvantage.

LOL! Husker media calls the Big 10's kick-off "a classy banquet" . The Big 12? A" backyard BB-Q".

While Uruguay Praises Lula Bringing Him to Tears, Colombia Scolds Brazil's President

Increase in Columbian civilian deaths tied to increase in US aid

Uribe implores Colombian military and police NOT to sleep the next seven nights

Chavez: Defeat Colombian Militarism With Dialogue

New Report Shows Dramatic SOA Ties to Extrajudicial Killings in Colombia

Cuban president: More private enterprise will be allowed

Recent Colombian Mass Grave Discovery May Be "False-Positives"

Lolita Lebrón, crusader for Puerto Rico independence dies

Raul Castro: No reform but Cuba economy control to ease

SAF sues in New York over ‘good cause’ requirement

Gun control quandry.

NRA Protects Second Amendment Rights Of Residents In Public Housing

2 cop-killer bank robbers convicted in Philly, may get death.

Should seized firearms be melted down?

Firing Line - Is the Appleseed Project just a rifle course?

Gun sales slow down as laws remain intact

It's Official: "Skins USA" Loses its Gay Male Character

NOM blames gay media for its own bigots

NOM Tour Tracker Interviews Brian Brown (link leads to page with Youtube video)

Matt Morris Goes To Best Buy

Cute commercial for wireless headsets

Trans Woman Ridiculed, Rejected by Hospital

Indiana Hospital Says No Transgender Patients Allowed

Gay Florida Candidate Gets Aggressive

DeGeneres fired from Idol because, "There is a limit to what Christian viewers will tolerate..."

Sign HRC petition for Target & Best Buy to "MAKE IT RIGHT"

Vintage photos of gay couples

National Conference of State Legislature’s resolution heralds change in way country views trade agre

Bill providing medical treatment to 9-11 rescue workers dies in the House

Maryland Pension Fund to Lead Toyota Shareholder Lawsuit Over Auto Recalls

Update on the Calendar!

Selling my barely used Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM lens

A cute picture my daughter took


Report: At least 3 rockets hit Israeli port

Israel to cooperate with UN probe into flotilla raid

New Gaza leisure projects focus on fun not hardship

Question regarding the Discussion Guidelines

'Al-Manar' glider lands in Israel

Space showdown sidetracked

Analysis, Spacewalk Preparations Continue After Loss of Cooling Loop

Saturn moons

Hubble- Light Echo

Shields up! Force fields could protect Mars missions

Triceratops was really another Dinosaur

Physicists Dream Up the Antilaser

Android Sales Overtake iPhone in the U.S.

Food For Thought: Meat-Based Diet Made Us Smarter

Scientists plan to resurrect aurochs, wild ancestor of modern cows with back-breeding

I’m just re-watched, for the nth time, “Ram Dass: Fierce Grace” about Timothy Leary.

Worse Than Door-To-Door Proselytizing

XKCD hits one out of the ballpark. (In other news, water is wet.)

The Jesus Illusion

Report of this atheists adventure in church!

Akashic Transformations August 2010 Message

Starcodes this Week- Heather Roan Robbins

Once-violent whales now friendly (or, yeah sure non-human species are dumb--riiiiiighhhhht)

well, the big event never happened

Solar magnetic eruption...

~ August 2010 ~ Visionary, Intuition & Dreaming thread...

Cancer cells feed on fructose, study finds