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Vote most idiot Bush ADM's famous Iraq war quote

Vote most idiot Bush ADM's famous Iraq war quote

If you ever run into a returning soldier...

Watching again the most brutal roast I ever saw

So have we started saving any money yet?

A Washington scandal in perspective (waters.rangel)

Now republicans want to take people's driver's licenses away

Now republicans want to take people's driver's licenses away

Libraries being closed in the UK too...

N.J. State Police Supt. Does The Right Thing

Rendell: All state departments must cut spending by 2 percent

More than one million public workers strike in South Africa

More than one million public workers strike in South Africa

More than one million public workers strike in South Africa

More than one million public workers strike in South Africa

"Ruling Against US Access to Bases Helps Ease Colombia's Isolation"

I think this Dean thing is a teachable moment to the netroots.

Britain’s National Health Service saddled with massive debts

Seattle Police: The Frontline Guard Against Jaywalking

Head Teabagger In Charge Dick Armey's goal is to replace GOP leaders with amateurs

New senators want to change way Senate works!

Last US combat brigade exits Iraq

Mike Luckovich: GOPanic

How tall is Rachel Maddow? How tall is Richard Engle?

NPR: The Debate Over 'Anchor Babies' And Citizenship

"Operation Iraqi Freedom ends, Operation New Dawn begins" at a price

Theoretically Sufis preach Mutual civility, interaction and cooperation.

Event to commemorate 25th anniversary of Hormel strike

Shirley Sherrod Reconciles with the NAACP

There has never been, or are there plans to build a Mosque at 'Ground Zero'

Who Needs Jobs and Less Traffic Anyway?

World ramps up flood aid to stricken Pakistan

"Mission accomplished"? 57 recruits and soldiers killed, 120 injured by Baghdad suicide bomber

Unintelligent By Design: Louisiana School District Considers Teaching Creationism

NY archbishop seeks to help negotiate location for Islamic center

Republicans may add GLBT Community to their "no" list during midterm elections

Keith and Rachel won't get any credit for this.

Was there ever a mosque AT the WTC before 9-11???

Roadside crosses for fallen Utah police unconstitutional, court rules

Roadside crosses for fallen Utah police unconstitutional, court rules

My eyes almost fell out of my head: Ann Coulter on CBS Early Show calling Obama "this guy"

Another interesting article about the Sufi Muslims and

Telling the Truth: Transit Winning Where it Counts

Democrat Sink holds up vs GOP for Fla. gov

Nine Years Later, Afghan City is Buzzing But Still Menacing

Why Gen. Petraeus Is Going to Be the Last Person to Recognize That Afghanistan Is Totally Lost

Bill Press...Alaska is number one state in receiving stimulus money. Who knew?

Today's Republican Party - an editorial cartoon

Dean and Rove will be speaking in the DE area on Oct 25th.

Fundies wrong by 650 million years - now that's creative

Speaking of the first amendment - remember the Dixie Chicks?

Gasp: US Support Boosts Calls for UN War Crimes Inquiry

Has Lawrence O'Donnell dyed his hair for his new show?

The Anatomy of a Right-Wing News Headline

Chinese High-Speed Trains Leave Airports in Their Wake

Putting the "Ground Zero Mosque" into political perspective

Rolling Stone: Just Say Now

Anatomy Of A Fail: Rise And Fall Of The Tea Party Exchange

2 peas in a pod: Palin endorses Beth Chapman

Why can't there be a spot on DU for solidarity democrats?

Quelle surprise !!!! Another "unexpected" spike in unemployment claims.....

Inspiration for the Lost Boys in Peter Pan?

Killings of Homeless Rise to Highest Level in a Decade

Aug Philly Fed index falls into negative territory

Even my rinky-dink newspaper gets it: "Ground Zero Mosque" is political hype!

Letting Go Of God - Julie Sweeney

Minneapolis PD investigates shot in Franken window

is leaving 50,000 troops in iraq anticlimactic?

Crazy idea .... no company should be allowed to offer health insurance for employees.

52 private security firms operating in Afghanistan

'Shock And Awe': A Playlist for the End of 'Operation Iraqi Freedom'

After All The Crazy----Report: With or without GOP's attacks, "mosque" a long shot

The manufacturing sector in the Philadelphia region contracted for the first time in a year.

Check out these Mama Grizzleys

Shadow Elite: Selling Out Uncle Sam -- Who's Overseeing the Contractors?

Bin Laden's Willing Accomplices

This 'mosque' business has not been handled well

Non-stop black blobs seeping from seafloor — (VIDEO)

Dear Ms. Palin - if you support Dr. Laura's racist N-word tirade then you are a racist too!

Urge Global Aid for Pakistan to Match Haiti Response

GOPers Revise History: Say Dems Have Tax Hike Ticking Time 'Bomb'

Remember our exit from Vietnam?

Vitter's Office Paid For Aide's Trips Home For Court Appearances: Report

that jerk Grover Norquist was on Wash. Journal this a.m. yawn

Republicans and the New York Mosque

People are naturally drawn to controversy thats why good news largely gets overlooked

I don't get this - Arizona voter registration.

Just wanted to remind folks that David Motari is out there.

So... the oil is gone, the Iraq occupation is over, and I believe in magic.

Has Fox covered the Iraqi pull out or the success of the G.M. bail out yet?

Brent Bozell's embarrassingly predictable "censorship" flip-flop

How Many Lives Will WikiLeaks Save?

New Data: The Economy Is In The Latrine

Concerned Women for America upset that cheating homeschoolers get punished for cheating

The Layoff Kings: The 25 Companies Responsible for 700,000 Lost Jobs

It's not about the mosque -- it's America's war on "the Other"

One more fugging one-dimensional war criminal

Justice For Bear Bear Watch: Dog Shooter Cop Charged

France deporting gypsies... anybody else following this?

HuffPo: New Unemployment Claims SURGE, Hit Highest Level Since November 2009

Julian Assange Wins Sam Adams Award for Integrity

Phony Bigots Posing As Patriots

Activist judges! Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Taking Your Country Back...Way, Way Back.

Because we need a WTF moment: Hair Dye Company Offers Anderson Cooper A Million $ To Leave Gray Town

90% of TV commentators are total morons.

Ann Coulter dropped from right-wing speaking gig for headlining gay Republican event 'HOMOCON'

Horsey Toon: The logic...

Would the Democrats be a little better off politically if more southerners were in positions

Other Countries Probing Bush-era Torture — Why Aren't We?

U.S. Ups Pakistan Flood Aid to $150 Million (and we can't help our own or unemployed)

Ground Zero mosque fear, anger stuns families of 9/11 victims

Ancient octopus coin?

Outrage over plans to build library next to Sarah Palin

Hypocrisy at the Corner Store.

If Obama wants to suppress democratic turn out even more this fall..

Anybody remember the Weapons of Mass Destruction that were supposedly in Iraq?

Just received from DNC:

The Unemployed/Underemployed Could Use Some Good News For A Change....

Mr Fish Toon: People's Choice


Pakistan flood survivors from Ahmadiyya community denied shelter & relief goods

Why do people who defend tax cuts for the wealthy say "Now isn't the time to raise taxes"?

The Hippocratic Oath: Is a prior abortion an acceptable reason to turn away a patient?

Can someone please give the Muslim definition of a mosque ?

Bryan Fischer: The troops died for NOTHING (Because they didn't make Iraq a Christian theocracy)

Bryan Fischer: The troops died for NOTHING (Because they didn't make Iraq a Christian theocracy)

Legal fight on religious grounds cost city $40,000 -- for a $635 tax claim

Jobless Claims Going From Bad To Worse: 500,000

State of Wisconsin settles suit over poor prison health care

I remember the first night of the war

Breaking: Roger Clemens to be indicted for making false statements to Congress.

Another email courtesy of Alan Grayson

Couple 'a Toons on Faux

100% conservative email addresses available at

Another reason to hate Warren Buffett

This fucking mosque manufacturoversy is never

Big oil execs to be indicted for lying about not being in the energy task force

Ann Coulter Taking Heat From Conservatives Over HOMOCON

OK-Michael reagan commentary in my paper re:"Boy Scouts or Islam"

The NYC Mosque- A Purposely Manufactured Controversy Created By Desperate Politicians

DU power has made a major impact on this poll. We have raised it from a low twenties to high

Michael Moore: "We can’t keep waiting for the cavalry to come. That’s because we’re the cavalry."

Smarmy Republican Scammed by Smarmier Republicans

Smarmy Republican Scammed by Smarmier Republicans

Check the reunions at Fort Lewis on

Should St Rudy of 9/11 have allowed Kerik to keep an

Last of the Combat Troops Leaving Iraq? – Only in your Dreams: The Colonization of Empire Continues

Today in Labor History Aug 19 Strikebreakers attacked and beat picketing strikers police watched

Influential Donor May Bolt From GOP Over Anti-Muslim Hysteria

Dust. . .

The drum beat begins...

Ted Olson, Former Bush Solicitor General & Husband Of 9/11 Victim, Backs Obama On Ground Zero Mosque

(LOL!!!) Inside The Pew Poll: Most (60%) of those who think Obama is Muslim learned it from media

My shrink stinks more than your shrink. . . Please come CAPTION Dr. Laura!!!

It's the burning issue Australia's leaders dare not confront

Rep. Grayson sizes up his opposition:

Salon misses the point on's not his ethnicity that's determined his "electibility."

Patricia Davis, Steve Reisner on new torture study, new play (GRITtv)

Patricia Davis, Steve Reisner on new torture study, new play (GRITtv)

Tragic Annals of the Stupid - Who knew Photoshop had a new 'endorse' function?

Gawker: Want to See President Obama on a One-Dollar Bill?

Philly Fed Index shows contraction in August, first time since July 2009 (= more job loss)

SPAIN: Bull Turns Tables And Charges Into Spectator Stands, 30 Injured

Repent you Fornicators!!!

School Levy and Bond Measures Fail to Pass Nationwide

Howard Dean is more than a little confused

MO Democratic Senate Candidate Robin Carnahan: Extend Bush Tax Cuts For Wealthy

Facebook supporters organize rally for woman accused in Sen. Levin pie attack

Now That They've Ginned Up Hate Against Muslims, They're Focusing on Proving that Obama is a Muslim

Jobless claims jump to nine-month high

Unemployment silver lining: Workplace deaths fall to 1992 levels!

Maybe Dr. Laura should ask Rush Limbaugh how to be a racist and get away with it!

GOP Senate candidate yanks video showing smoldering 9/11 site

Poll: At least 20% of Americans are stupid

AJC....DA: Paper terrorists stealing homes

IRAQ ---I'm NOT Ready To Make Nice --- While The Real Fools Still Reign Supreme.

The assault on US workers’ wages: PRIVATE SECTOR WAGES FELL 6% IN 2009.

Franklin Roosevelt: The Second Bill of Rights

More on LA 30/10

Why Dean is kind of full of crap

Note to Republicans...

Pyorrhea Palin

Reassign the wealthy's Bush tax cuts to the middle/working classes.

I don't understand the opposition to the Cordoba Initiative(i.e. the misnamed "Ground Zero Mosque").

The Nation: The Lesson of Mosque-Mania: It's Our Values, Stupid

Did Lou Gehrig not die from Lou Gehrig's disease?

California town to charge nonresident drivers fees up to $3000 for car accidents


DFA: Muslims thrown under the bus and elected leaders egged on by the ugliest elements of the RW!

Underwater Gulf oil plume 22 miles long, likely to threaten marine life for months

How to Fail at Understanding Your Rights, By Sarah Palin

Troops gone, US to rely on 7,000 contractors in Iraq: report

All's Well that Ends Well

"Reload" INDEED: Dr. Laura BLASTED Sarah Palin In 2008: 'Stunned' GOP Chose Her

The Gravest Threat to Your Job Isn't Illegal Immigrants: It's The Robots!

"Ground Zero Mosque" isn't the biggest issue

Everyone loves the word "Stryker"...

Choice Blindness

New senators want to change way Senate works

Many of the returning soldiers might suffer from PTSD. I pray that our country is responsive to

Is Sarah Palin ghostwriting Orly Taitz' briefs now?

Coulter claims 14th Amendment doesn't guarantee citizenship as a birthright

a most excellent site

Senator Kerry visits flood-hit Pakistan

Senator Kerry visits flood-hit Pakistan

If we sit out the November elections, we're screwed

I've immortalized ChickMagic on Grovelbot's Big Board

Howard Dean's Democracy For America Breaks With Him On Mosque Debate ("It's not helping")

18% of Americans believe that Obama is a monster from outer space

18% of Americans believe that Obama is a monster from outer space

Is there such a thing as negative interest rates?

When will the victims of 9/11...

Sticky: "why does DU allow hate-filled anti-Muslim bigots?? Why?"

Dylan Ratigan Just Hit The Nail On The Head...BINGO

Thank You Senator Franken For Introducing Us To The REAL "Muslim Point Guards"

Thank You Senator Franken For Introducing Us To The REAL "Muslim Point Guards"

M$Greedia is full of shite

From the bowels of conservative deep think

To N.Y. Muslims, Islamic center near Ground Zero would be more than a mosque

The ad Roy Blunt posted, and then pulled down

Where Did This Come From?

Check in if you're a proud...

Need a Double Order of "Blame the Republicans" Please

Marley T shirt banned at six flags in Montreal - WTF????

Spin control at its worst...Less people died on the job

"Charles Darwin is the father of modern day racism"

Our staunch Saudi allies are considering how to render a man paralyzed on purpose

DOJ Has 60 Days To Appeal Ruling That Declared DOMA Unconstitutional

"Islam is Peace" by George W. Bush

It's always fun to watch the news with my back turned to it and not pay attention.

Saudi Judge to Consider Paralysis as Punishment

That controversial construction project in Manattan - WHAT IS IT?

New Study Identifies Revenues for Doubling of Social Security Payout

New Jersey's $26 billion bond debacle

The definition of Teabagese

Assuming the Democrats are in trouble in Nov, what can they do to make it a landslide?

Toon: Mission accomplished

Ken Lay

Paychecks to Shrink Because of Higher Health Premiums, U.S. Companies Say

Paychecks to Shrink Because of Higher Health Premiums, U.S. Companies Say

What Google ads have to say about "Cackle of Rads"

Mission Accomplished, baby!

Jennifer Aniston responds to O’Reilly:He is ‘insulting women

Those poll respondents don't really believe Obama is Muslim

Dr. Laura BLASTED Sarah Palin In 2008: 'Stunned' GOP Chose Her

Norah O'Donnell looks like she should be on Fox 'news' today.


Fair Game Trailer ("inspired" by the Valerie Plame story)

Fair Game Trailer ("inspired" by the Valerie Plame story)

I'm going to follow the President's lead and not comment on the wisdom of building the mosque...

Imus and Wallace call Pelosi's Park51 remarks McCarthyism; Imus asks, "who's paying for this old bag

Do Islamic center developers have the funds to build?

America loves a parade!

Could The Legality Of Google's Cache Kill Righthaven's(DU Suer) Copyright Claims?

Could The Legality Of Google's Cache Kill Righthaven's(DU Suer) Copyright Claims?

AP finally bans the phrase 'Ground Zero mosque'

Prop 8: LGBT Activists Arrested in San Diego Sit-in

Why WikiLeaks Must Be Protected by John Pilger

Wonder if Dr. Dean was concerned about this NYC Imam's closeness to the Bushies?


Difficult economic times ahead, CBO warns

MSNBC Rejects MoveOn's Ad Calling For Target Boycott

If Clemens was indicted for lying to Congress about his steroid use...

My GAWD, that's a big assed storm rolling this way


Kentucky commandments backers plan appeal optimistic of new Supreme Court

Primary losses blunt Palin's 'mama grizzly' claws

There IS another reason to support the Cordoba House

Calving Coolidge and George Bernard Shaw

Did I mention I hate Walmart with a passion?

Obamas return to the Vineyard, this time hoping for peace and quiet.

Um, Doctor Dean... some Bigots have Deep Emotional Feelings

I was just wondering, how did Kuwait feel about being invaded last night?

The Secret Killers: Assassination in Afghanistan and Task Force 373

Well this is just too good! Coulter gets uninvited to speak at a Teabagger event.

Will Iraq be an Iranian-sphere nation?

For Democratic Reform

Crooks & Liars relives the Golden Days of Palin's previous run-ins with the 1st Amendment

Senator Kerry returns to Kabul for Karzai talks

Gallup: We are succeeding in breaking the worker's spirit

Alan Grayson: Verizon-Google: There’s a Hard Rain Coming-An effort to kill off the open Internet

RIAA wants in on Google/Verizon deal

MarketWatch: Get ready for the bookstore massacre

Prop 19: National Black Police Association Endorses Marijuana Legalization

The link to the video taken at Target

Quote of the Day from Jon Stewart

America's Mayor© weighs in: Only a 'warrior' imam would want mosque at WTC

I wish everyone I disagreed with formed and expressed their positions as well as Howard Dean.

Obamas return to the Vineyard, this time hoping for peace and quiet.

The Muslim community center is being built 24,900 miles from Ground Zero

Gary Huck cartoon: Deficits!

Wolf Blitzer. Proof that ANYONE can win an Emmy..

AP stops calling Ground Zero

Cameron Diaz tops list of riskiest celeb searches

As we watched a convoy head for Kuwait, and as we argue about it, we lose sight of the fact that ...

Let's talk about religious bigotry

You might be a right-winger, if…

Fox News Channel devoted just under 10 minutes to the Iraq combat brigade withdrawal story

Yes, It is actually a mosque

Dean on the Countdown

It just hit me: every piece of legislation signed into a law favoring corporations over we the peopl...

Raceologist Professor O'LOOFAH explains the history of the N-word & Botanist SCHLESSINGER's context

Gov. Dean on with Keith

Thank you to the DUers who Blammo'd Fiorina at the top of the page!

Haley Barbour and the rest of the hilarious GOP 2012 contenders

Independent UK: A rising global tide of xenophobia

The Six-Figure Fish Tank Catches On

From here on out I will refer to the MSM as the Georgetown Cocktail Party Media

Glenn Beck Christens Charles Darwin ‘The Father Of Modern-Day Racism’


Five Washington Excuses for Ignoring the Jobs Crisis

Wayne Dyer Reveals That He Has Leukemia

WATCH the Rachel Maddow show on the repeat

I think one problem we have convincing people of global climate change

The Right does not believe in fair play

Gov. Dean, you really can't conduct good faith negotiations with right wing bigots

How many people will Fox claim attend the Beck rally next weekend?

Poaching Doesn't Rock: Ted Nugent Caught In Illegal Hunt

Poaching Doesn't Rock: Ted Nugent Caught In Illegal Hunt

I used to mock them.

Tell Xerox to Stop Unionbusting and Shipping Jobs Overseas

I'm soooo relieved that

Iraqi casualties March 2003 to..

A Worldwide Revolt Against Poverty Wages


A Heartfelt Thank You to the DU Community

Translating Conservative Talking Points Into English

Here's a jim dandy idea!

Obtuse Angle - Christian Reconstructionist?

I admire emily's list and I like their Mama Bear ad

Chris Nowinski former WWE performer slams Linda McMahon

See online the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, China! Visit all the pavillions and major Expo events!

Define "combat"

Oops! BP and Transocean fighting Over Sharing Data on Spill

Paul Krugman:Appeasing the Bond Gods

Test for Democrats: Here’s $700 Billion: Should We Gamble It on Wall Street or Invest in Mainstreet?


Nightline tonight investigates For-Profit Education: Recruiters at the University of Phoenix - video

Mark Morford: Thank God global warming is a hoax

"A mosque that rejects radicalism is not a symbol of the enemy's victory;

Another reason Gov. Dean should have kept his mouth shut.

Another Fractured Fable

SPLC Sues Mississippi Authorities, Hospital for Illegally Taking Immigrant's Newbor

This post is about bigotry, and people who are not on DU who equate Democrats and Republicans.

Colorado Democrats...

Grassroots Or Astroturf? Signs At 'Mega Mosque' Protest Were Pre-Printed

Does anyone know the latest on Theresa Heinz Kerry and

Feds admit FORMATION may have COLLAPSED around bottom of wellbore — This is why annulus is blocked

New Unemployment Claims SURGE, Hit Highest Level Since November 2009

Arizona inmate and fiancée captured in Apache County

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & introducing Peeking Kitty

Dick "Shrimper" Morris: Mosque will ‘train and recruit’ future terrorists

Speech by Feisal Abdul Rauf at the Daniel Pearl Memorial.

I think President Obama should officially convert to Islam this weekend...I want to see some heads

I am FUMING!!! Help calm me down. Repug HYPOCRITE of the day: BREWER!

50K "support" troops in Iraq. Not a BFD.

Q: How do you keep Sarah Palin from stealing your money?

"give me your tired, your poor. . . ."

The Rude Pundit: Why Glenn Beck Ought to Be Repeatedly Cock-Punched (Latter-Day Saints Edition)

Between Palin and the American Family Association, I believe these people want a pogrom.

Let us give some DU love to this poll on Glen Beck and his rally.

University Of Phoenix Recruiter LIES To Undercover ABC Producer About Job Possibilities

"There will be Muslim point guards" says Senator Al Franken

New Study Claims 'Cougars' Do Not Exist

Shareholder files friend-of-court brief, upsets sweetheart settlement between SEC and Citigroup

France begins Roma deportations: 'They are trying to get rid of us all'

Is David Petraeus a 'Lying Liar' About the Drawdown?

Return of the BP Cover-Up: US govt won't release data for MONTHS -- Mother Jones

Historians rethink key Soviet role in Japan defeat

Salmonella: Egg recall (list below)

Sarah Palin is so dense that:

DU Quiz of the Hour - Who are these people?

Palin Tweets encouragement to Doctor N-Word: "Dr.Laura:don't retreat...reload!"

Four Nissan, Toyota SUVs Offer Lackluster Rollover Protection

Orly Taitz Claims That Obama Is Undermining Her Birther Case

Billionaires Who Haven't Taken The Giving Pledge (surprise: includes NutMeg Whitman)

Media nitpicks Dem races while Sen.Richard Burr's at 32% approval in NC and acting DESPERATE!

Grover Norquist: Ground Zero Mosque The 'Monica Lewinsky Ploy' For GOP

Link to article on Sarah Palin's religious beliefs and her code words used

Oh, fuck ME. McCain Tweets that Bush deserves "some credit for victory in Iraq."

Some news about OS

Outrage over plans to build a library next to Sarah Palin

Mike Konopacki cartoon: Harley Davidson

NY Pizza Burger - Burger King - 4 Whoppers 2,520 Calories!

Stand up for religious freedom!

I learned today that 1 in 5 Americans are dumbasses.

Asian-Americans in the Ivy League: A Portrait of Privilege and Discrimination

This toon pretty much sums up the last 9 years....

Freedom of speech does not mean *I* can't shout over you or that *I* have to let you speak

Indianapolis UAW auto workers push back against GM & UAW International demands to halve wages

In Illinois, Doctors Refusing to Treat Women Who've Had Abortions

Do Islamic center developers have the funds to build?

Saudi judge looking for hospital to deliberately paralyze a man as punishment

Black Republican: Sarah Palin Doesn't Speak For Us

Wikileaks Encryption Use Offers 'Legal Challenge'

Do you think that Park 51 should be opened or stopped?

Gainesville church planning ‘Burn the Quran Day’ is denied permit, but plans to do it anyway.

22-mile-long oily plume mapped near BP well site

Love you Grayson

If I were a Muslim can I pray for the 9/11 victims at Ground Zero in Arabic?

If I were a Muslim can I pray for the 9/11 victims at Ground Zero in Arabic?

I'm glad the war in Iraq ended yesterday.

Utah’s roadside memorial crosses have to go, court rules

Influential Mosque Opponent Promotes Religious Freedom Abroad For U.S. Government

Feds decide to indict Roger Clemens; torturers & war criminals, not so much.

An Education Lesson Gone Awry...

Cloud studies in a brilliant light (DIAL-UP WARNING)

So, did we WIN the war in Iraq? Can we use the word victory?

Pres. Obama should highlight his Iraq withdrawal in every speech. He owns it.

Colbert: Dr. Laura quit "because she wants to spend more time saying the N-word with her family"

A good man died too soon yesterday - I want people to notice -

"There are times when good people disagree in good faith...this is not one of those times"

Will The Bullies Win Again? Not if Al Franken Can Help It!

Juan Cole: Last US Combat Units withdraw from Iraq

Hallowed Ground...

Obama is all right by me

Federal pay far exceeds the norm

Fox News Comes Out Of The Closet (Cenk @ Huffington Post)

Jon Stewart: "Is FOX News is a terrorist command center?"

Sharron Angle Campaigned Against Black Football Jerseys On Religious Grounds: Color is Evil

This is just screaming - Caption me...

TSA Screeners Check Luggage, Investigate Your Marriage & Personal Finances

Who will stand up to the GOP's war on Islam? by Gene Lyons (

I got a feeling that some folks just CANNOT process

Thanks, MODS!

I would not get a DU name with a politician's name in it if I were you.

Another Truly Awful Wingnut Campaign Site

"War" in Iraq DID NOT End- It's an OCCUPATION- More Mercenaries to Go In

Memo To America's Middle Class: Obama is Just Not That Into You

I really hate to say this, but tonight Howard Dean is full of shit.

Beck/Palin rally permit approved - 300,000 expected

"Ground Zero Mosque" Imam Reportedly Eulogized Daniel Pearl, Saying "Today I am a Jew"

How Long Does It Take for a Fox News Fabrication to Be Covered By the Rest of the Media?

'The Tillman Story' hits with force

Native Americans in Arizona Vow to Deport All Non-Native Americans

Why is Dean being a wimp?

If We as a Nation Block the Islamic Cultural Center from Opening, What Message are We Sending?

Memo to America's Middle Class: Obama Is Just Not That Into You

Teacher Loses Job After Commenting About Students, Parents on Facebook

Dear Democrats: (including Dr. Dean)

Walking in public is inconsiderate.

Cat & Mosque - Mark Fiore's latest animated video

Mosques, Muslims and America in Darkness

I have to say, it is nice to see us lefties stand against Dean's

The 12 Democratic (And 41 GOP) Senators Stifling The Economy

Facebook. Posting I couldn't ignore...

So just how big is the Republican hatelist?

Is there anyone else here that doesn't give a cat's behind if Obama

Is there anyone else here that doesn't give a cat's behind if Obama

Sorry, but I don't buy the "Obama is a Christian" line either.

Homeowners' Rebellion: Could 62 Million Homes Be Foreclosure-Proof?

Onslow Bay looked at for first N.C. wind farm

Remember This, "Now The Pentagon Tells Bush: Climate Change Will Destroy Us"? --- Here's An Update

Death of the 'McMansion': Era of Huge Homes Is Over

Dean Stands By Mosque Remarks, Charges Liberal Critics With Being Inflexible

Why doesn't Obama come out against extending the Bush taxcuts...

So, that "christian" church that's going to burn Qurans... do they know the Quran contains

Harlem charter school in public school building gets soccer field. Public school parents not told.


Kucinich: 'You can't be in & out at the same time' - The War in Iraq has entered a New Stage of PR

Kucinich: 'You can't be in & out at the same time' - The War in Iraq has entered a New Stage of PR

A Little Bighorn

Fuck you, Wolf Blitzer...

Time to have a little accountability for the actual professional left.

Maine company says underwater turbine is a success (largest ocean energy power plant ever installed

U.S. Soldiers Punished for Not Attending Christian Concert

President Obama's pollyanish comments on the jobs crisis: The Obama Administration is out of touch.

Trade Deficit At Record High: What Does That Mean?

It must take breathtaking arrogance for the most ignorant



Update: The jobs bill money comes to town.

Dean blew it. Imagine acknowledging to blacks in the Civil Rights era

Dean blew it. Imagine acknowledging to blacks in the Civil Rights era

Faux Is Very Dangerous! Their Propaganda War On Islam Is Broadcast Unfiltered ALL OVER THE WORLD

Rusted Root - Faith I Do Believe

IBM creates a 3D map of the world that is 22 microns wide.

Facebook question... block a "public figure" ?

So today, I had to attend a talk on distributed work models..

It's been one of those days for me...

How about a new mod for Left 4 Dead?

Medical advice threads and economic realities.

My next door neighbors are playing AC/DC

New Monopoly Properties For A Changing Economy

Thought for Today

I went to my local DMV this morning

My LATEST Haiku - "Denied"

Airport Fire Destroys $469K Custom Ferrari, Transporter Offers $46K

The Firm vs. The Beetus

I'm so busy and stressed out ......playing Frontierville, lady

Does anybody else think we are all in a dream inside of a dream>?

Surprisingly, I'm really looking forward to seeing that new Julia Roberts movie...

Bad Poetry day ....Write yur bad poetry


There is baboon on the loose in my town...seriously

hey Forkboy, did youjust donate??

Confession: Yesterday, I screamed a stream of profanities inside a movie theater.

What is the worst color combination for stickies?

Great - another job rejection

CNN BREAKING: President Barack Obama Supports Starship's Right To Build This City On Rock And Roll

Thank you to whoever donated for me.

In which pride goeth before a cetera

Picture this. You're watching an Olympic women's basketball game, let's say, USA vs. Croatia.

Wrong Email Address

Thank you for my donor star, anonymous DUer!

My nephew, who is now 18,

How do you deal with fake people?

An Olive Garden is coming to my town!

I tipped just $1 on last night's meal and apologized as I did

This week is a wash

Is this a dick move?

George Harrison - Wah-Wah (HQ), from "Concert for Bangladesh"...TURN IT UP.

Post at least three sentences describing yourself, and I will give you a NEW NAME !!!

More Concert For Bangladesh...Leon Russell, "Jumpin' Jack Flash / Youngblood"

"Everybody was kung-fu fighting. those cats were fast as lightning.."


There was a wasp in the house, so I saved him and let him go outside

Bona fide or Boner fide

Ah, the joy of deliveries

bears and weed

How do you spell the name of the main Muslim holy book?

Paulie Jr. and Vinny are back together building bikes

The White Stripes

I have a date.

I'm voting Tea Party....

A day without sunshine is like.....

Depressing Thought for the Day

Pity Party.....My freshman daughter just left for college.

has anyone heard of a website...

Ryan Adams - Firecracker

Depression. UB40 or David Bowie?

Why is GD discussing a video of a blocked annulus?

My LATEST Haiku - "Don't Play Free Fallin'"

Texas Pete Hot Sauce

The's - Edie is a Sweet Candy

The ukulele stickie...

So I was moonlighting at my job as a waiter last night

Donna the Buffalo...Donna the Buffalo...Donna the Buffalo....

Classic science fiction theme tunes sound even spacier slowed down

A New Awesome Band Name

Anyone here a swimming instructor, or have been one? A question.

Glow Industries, Inc. Issues Nationwide Recall of Mr. Magic Male Enhancer from Don Wands Amended

I went to the sporting goods store today and bought a florescent yellow Speedo bathing suit.

OK, who's in charge here?

Frightwig- Just One Look

Creekdog is cheap apparantly--even the sticky agrees!


Face in the garden

Please rate my performance after 25,000 posts at DU.

Please rate my performance after 25,000 posts at DU.

Did 'Star Wars' become a toy story? Producer Gary Kurtz looks back [Updated]

Common TV sitcom plot devices...

Nick Cave for PM!


WIP of Young Couple

QUICK: give me a trivia question everyone should know the answer to but a lot of people don't

Hawkeye-X´s day 4 in Mexico.

New Study Claims 'Cougars' Do Not Exist

Does your husband have TEH GAY?

Why on earth do I lurk on Rapture Ready?

Another dumb flower pic

My Family Lost Our Cat Today

Where are the good free games online?

One-Hit Wonders of the 80's


Name a soy-free vegan margarine that doesn't suck

When Diana Rigg is racing away from the beach at the start of On Her Majesty's Secret Service...


Anyone else having problems making a donation with PayPal?

I sometimes wonder if I deserve the amazing friends I have

Pet pic thread! Post 'em if you got 'em...

Where should I go for the long weekend.

Need good vibes for my feline buddy...

Deleted scene from Return of the Jedi.

Does anyone else's profession get shit on by the media?

is there any difference between cat food and dog food?

Naked Vacations becoming more popular

Have any of you every gone to a rock or any concert by yourself?

Another dumb hummingbird photo

Who else invented Punk Rock?

article about Romney here, fwiw

Which of these items were at the top of the Republican agenda in 2008?

Well, there has been a "War Of Jenkins' Ear"...what will history call our invasion of Iraq?

Ezra Klein: Obama Tax Plan Supports the Middle Class

People can use a text message to contribute to helping Pakistan - per the State Department

8/18/10 Obama's Good Day; Out of Iraq & G.M. to buy back stock

How many Republicans would admit to supporting "tiered" citizenship

DNC Raises $11.5M In July, outpaces RNC again.

Checking In on Consumer Credit Defaults

CSM - Kerry : US committing another $150M to Pakistan relief that SoS Clinton will announce today

Kirbyjon (Yeah you remember him) says The President is a Christian and blames Fox News

Joe Conason: Why do conservatives pretend "racism is dead"?

Pakistan flood survivors from Ahmadiyya community denied shelter & relief goods

(California) State worker furloughs are back on, for now

The Dems can win another landslide in November

Arizona prison officials release more information about fugitives

(Georgia) consulting firm to pay (H-1B) foreign workers $1 million in back wages


N.J. unemployment jumps from Christie budget cuts (updated)

Foreclosures in state hit Latino homes hardest

Obama approval rating in some state polls conducted month of August...

Remember a couple weeks ago, when instead of talking about

Afghanistan, Africa most at risk for food shortage, UN says

Help end political meddling with curriculum standards!

More photos of Israeli soldiers with detainees posted to highlight issue

Rachel Maddow on MSNBC: Last 50,000 due out by end of next year...

Polls show more Americans think Obama is a Muslim

Florida Weighs Billing BP More Than $1 Billion to Plug Fund Gap

Ezra Klein on: If only Obama had ...

Ground Zero mosque fear, anger stuns families of 9/11 victims

Just heard the increase in job lost is due to Government jobs in states

Influential Mosque Opponent Promotes Religious Freedom Abroad For U.S. Government

The Next GOP BS Poutrage?

EU pushes exports to China

Another STUPID ASS Cooperate Democrat

Video: A Backyard Conversation with the President

Initial Claims for Unemployment Insurance Increase to 500,000

(California) State could use federal school funding to help close budget gap

ACLU sues(FBI & CIA) over detention (& Torture) in United Arab Emirates

New Pew National Poll: Obama 47% (-1) approval 41% (-2) disapproval

Have we helped destroy the middle class via our 401ks?

Ann Coulter dropped from right-wing speaking gig for headlining gay Republican event 'HOMOCON'

Small Firms Lagging, With Bulk of Job Losses

Intel Plans to Acquire McAfee for $7.68 Billion

New TIME magazine Poll: Obama 46/45 approval; GOP leads congressional ballot

Obama says he has 'no regrets' over his comments on controversial mosque near ground zero

ACLU sues over detention in United Arab Emirates

Folks I Don't Care If Obama is Christian Muslim Hindu Jewish.....

Cognitive Dissonance In Alaska-sarah, care to address this?

MSNBC: "Troops out of Iraq? Don't bet on it" (I WAS WRONG ABOUT OBAMA)

Medevac industry opposing upgrades wanted by NTSB

Why aren't the people who claim to be so exorcised about the pain the "mosque" may cause 911 victims

So the rethugs keep saying most people are sensitive to the muslim center so what

so... let's review

Quinnipiac Poll--FL : Crist (I) leads Senate race--Sink (D) ahead in Gov race

President to Congress: Put Small Business Assistance to a Vote

3 Iraqis killed, warnings pinned to bodies

Halliburton gets letter of intent for Iraq oil (shares rose 9 cents to close at $28.79 Wednesday)

GOP candidate Dino Rossi clueless: Thinks 1/3 of his state is making over $200,000.

Where is the Live Aid concert for Pakistan?

Congressional candidate Brad Zaun told in '01 to stay away from former girlfriend

Orly Taitz Claims That Obama Is Undermining Her Birther Case

Biden To Attend Event For Shea-Porter, Hodes

Judge: Names of gay-marriage foes must be disclosed

Burqa decision ripples across world

Stocks drop as jobless claims rise unexpectedly

Muslims Pray Daily at Pentagon's 9/11 Crash Site

Regina Thomas plans write-in vote for Congress but might be ineligible

Shot fired at Al Franken's condo

Wall Street reform gives regulators power over executive pay

MSNBC Rejects Anti-Target Ad From Liberal Group

American Airlines Flight 24 moved to remote location at San Francisco airport after alleged threat,

Alex Sink introduces running mate Rod Smith (FL Gov)

There Needs to be a Shakeup in The White House.

Declassified Senate Investigation Files Reveal Clandestine Israeli PR Campaign in America

Pakistan's Foreign Minister (to Christiane Amanpour): Main Enemy is Insurgents, Not India

How Exactly Does A President Create Jobs?

Pentagon Takes Aim at China Cyber Threat

Do Islamic center developers have the funds to build?

Court: N.Y. Town's Opposition to Church Violated Federal Law

Martha's Vineyard man hopes to thank Obama with Jackie Robinson photo

Maes Rejects Tancredo's Offer That They Both Drop Out Of CO-GOV

GOP donor: "The past few years in the Republican party has been constant humiliation for Muslims"

Update on House race in California's 3rd District.

Fidel Castro fascinated by book on Bilderberg Club

DOJ Has 60 Days To Appeal Ruling That Declared DOMA Unconstitutional

Louisiana Republicans Agree: Scrap Birthright Citizenship, 17th Amendment

President Obama makes 4 Recess appointments

The critics cannot rewrite history

North Korea Says Consensus With China on Nuclear Talks.

Interesting watch media ask everyone with a pulse why so many Americans think Obama is a Muslim

Ras Poll--Maryland Governor: O'Malley-Ehrlich tied

Obama, Courage and Lower Manhattan

Guerrillas' child testifies against kidnapper

BP Refuses Requests for Documents, Transocean Says

Angle: I Haven't Changed My Mind On Phasing Out Social Security

McCain says Bush administration deserves 'some credit' for Iraq troop exit


Duluth, Minn., nurses reject contract, OK strike

World Powers Aim For September 2 Mideast Talks: Source

Fox News actions were reprehensible this evening

Latest Biden gaffe caught on tape

Police looking into damage to senator's (Franken) home

Quinnipiac Poll--New Jersey: Obama and Christie approval ratings

CIA forms new center to combat nukes, WMDs

U.S. Tells Israel Iran’s Nuclear Threat Is Not Imminent

Louisiana long shot picking up funds

Mexico City bans free plastic bags

Russia Set For Iran's Nuclear Plant Launch, Top Nuclear Official Says

Will Congress Do Anything About Unemployment? No, because of rethug obstructionism

Roger Clemens indicted in steroid case

Word Choice Matters

When Obama gets back from vacation, I want to see some fireworks

White House says Obama is Christian, prays daily

"Every one hour you listen to Glenn Beck reduces your life expectancy by two days"

Howard Dean op-ed defending his opinion on moving the building (updated)

FOX News's $1 million to the GOP, the start of a flood

The Pimping Must Stop.

After permit denied, Florida church insists, ‘We will still burn Korans’ on 9/11

CNN is whining about President Obama taking a week long vacation,

BP accused of withholding 'critical' spill data

Pakistan floods are a 'slow-motion tsunami' - Ban Ki-moon

Halliburton gets letter of intent for Iraq oil

Quartet aims to start Mideast talks Sept 2 -source

UN (General Assembly) to meet (Thursday) on Pakistan aid as fears mount for survivors

Franken: Opposition to mosque is “one of the most disgraceful things that I’ve heard.”

Does Bush deserve thanks for yesterday's pullout?

Gene Lyons: Who Will Stand Up to the GOP's War on Islam?

How much will this "Not-a-Mosque" *Controversy factor into the midterms?

Washington Saved Our Economic Hide

Australia election rivals neck and neck

KY-SEN POLL: Conway 42, Paul 41.

The Whitehouse should host a giant welcome home parade for

BP told to preserve blowout preventer as evidence

Phone threat against American Airlines flight at San Francisco International Airport

"More than 50,000 troops will remain in Iraq; they will be reclassified as trainers."

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday August 19

U.S. brigades out of Iraq, but not necessarily out of combat

Photos: Pride, young, old, Patty, the President and "hopey changey" flip flops

Supreme Court Justice Kennedy favors civilian courts in terrorism cases

Sen Feingold speaks out in support of mosque near Ground Zero-("intentional distraction-political")

Auto workers let Obama know just how they feel about his promises:

Obama vs Bush Vacation Score This point in Presidency - 70 Days to 225 Days

BP accused of withholding spill data


Fee hike impact: Not many takers for H-1B work visas

Analysts See $1.3 Trillion Deficit

Analysts See $1.3 Trillion Deficit

France begins deporting Roma Gypsies

France begins deporting Roma Gypsies

Weekly jobless claims hit nine-month high (500K)

Palin: "we’d be appalled if any public figure of Rahm’s stature ever used the “N-word""

On Midterm Stump, Clinton Is Defender in Chief

Gainesville Church Will Burn Qurans On 9/11 (despite the burn permit denial.)

Vet kills wife, daughter, himself in Wisconsin

Orly Taitz Appealing Supreme Court Smack Down Of Birther Case

Reanimated ‘Junk’ DNA Is Found to Cause Disease

So, if Obama gets the credit for "ending the war in Iraq"...

22-mile-long oily plume found near BP well site

Giving Obama credit where credit is due

U.S. boosts Pakistan flood aid to $150M - 4 million left homeless, United Nations says

Robin Carnahan, Missouri Senate Candidate, Wants Bush Tax Cuts Extended For Wealthy

Former Baseball Great Roger Clemens to Be Indicted for Perjury: Report

Sorry, but I don't buy the "Obama is an African-American" line.

BREAKING: Gay man among Obama’s recess appointments

NOAA official: Roughly three-quarters of spilled oil still in Gulf

61% of Americans oppose construction of the 'Ground Zero Mosque'....24% think Obama is Muslim

Mama Grizzly 0-for-5 when it comes to endorsements this month.

Ras Poll: Washington Senate--Murray (D) 50% Rossi (R) 46%; Obama 53% approval

Pastors who pray with Obama say he's a devout Christian

Franken calls opposition to mosque nr Ground Zero ‘1 of the most disgraceful things that I’ve heard'

As troops leave, U.S. to double contractors in Iraq

Report: Wyclef Jean will not be allowed to run for president of Haiti Read more: http://www.miamihe

Hey Newt and Sarah - 10,000 people are killed by guns each year in US-I bet lots of their survivors

Muslim employee: Disney banned her head scarf

Activist Judges - Mark Fiore

Other Things God Hates

Don't fuck with the unemployed, don't fuck with the poor and don't fuck with the homeless!


Joan Stallard Interview at Meeting of Members

Homeless and stranded in Oregon

Weird Liberal Head Show #136: Mission Accomplished

Many Colombians support court's block of military pact with U.S.

Target Ain't People

$33 billion for war while communities can't pay teachers? Srsly?

Ron Paul and Lew Rockwell: US foreign policy dictatorship

Cenk Uygur Exposes Republicans Who Are Destroying The Economy

Caught on Tape: Cop Threatens Rape

Midweek Politics: Intelligent, well-spoken Iraq veteran gives fascinating account and opinion

Just Close the Bases, Stupid

Dontcha love it when the Bull wins?

US Government is Under Satanic Power from Gays

Via TPM: 9-11 Widower Ted Olson: Obama Was Right On Cordoba House

Mike Papantonio on Midweek Politics: Newt Gingrich is a Teabagger in a 3 Piece Suit

Charlie Crist Moving Left: Independent Thanks God For Leaving GOP

Ground Zero Mosque Haters K.O.'d

Egg Recall, Palin Defends Dr. Laura's N-Word Rant, Blunt Campaign Ad & Troops Leave Iraq

Thom Hartmann-Matt Duss from American Progress - Did Operation Iraqi Freedom end on Obama's watch?

A Nation Filled With Stupid, Xenophobic, RETARDS .. America is DOOMED (Warning: EXTREME Anger)

Climate denial: More to deny than ever

Glenn Greenwald interviews Howard Dean Part 2

Dick Armey: Let social security be a choice. Let Medicare be voluntary'

Rachel Maddow: VoteVets Jon Soltz - "Costs of War Don't End When Troops Come Home"

Nita Hanson: Caller Attacked by Dr. Laura


AP: Scientists - Study Charts 22-Mile Gulf Oil Plume ('Not Created Naturally')

The ad Roy Blunt posted, and then pulled down

Mike Malloy - Glenn Beck: Anatomy Of A Demagogue Loser

Glenn Greenwald interviews Howard Dean Part 1

Larry King: Pat Tillman's Parents & 'The Tillman Story' - "I Know They Were Lying" (w/ Clip)

Fair Game Trailer 2010 HD

Ed Show: Cenk Grills DCCC Chair On Social Security

Papantonio: Mosques and Right Wing Crazies

Extreme by NRSC - dripping with fear, loathing, and co-operative pollsters

Muslims Pray Daily at Pentagon's 9/11 Crash Site

Ed Show: Cenk w/ Senator Brown (D-OH) On Jobs, Bailout

Muslim Employee: Disney Banned Her Head Scarf

Declassified Senate investigation files show Israeli manipulation of US media

Ed Show w/ Cenk: Should We Legalize Marijuana?

Olbermann Tells Dean on His Cordoba House Stance "I Think You're Gravely Mistaken"

Media: Maybe Obama Should Go To Church More

Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton Announces "Relief Fund For Pakistan" (With Transcript & Links)

Rear Admiral Haris: Hurricane Katrina "Pales In Comparison To What Has Happened In Pakistan"

HEAL YOU (She will) We need some healing in these times!

Iowa Day of Action!! August 19 2010, part 1

The Great Gulf Coast Oil Disaster Coverup Continues

Hamp still stalled- "It’s like arguing about where to build the bedroom in the renovation of a

The right's latest weapon: 'Zionist editing' on Wikipedia

Ground Zero for Tolerance

It's the Beginning of the End for the American Empire - Chalmers Johnson

Forget Donations to GOP, FOX News Still Contributing to Francisco Franco

Even as she leaves her radio show in disgrace, Dr. Laura still doesn't get it

Guardian UK: The transformation of Latin America is a global advance


Mitt Romney's wet noodle economics

Other countries probing Bush-era torture — Why aren't we?

Archbishop Offers to Mediate Islamic Center Controversy.

Joe Sestak, the 60th Democrat

U.S. Farmers Wary of Gaining From Russia’s Woes.

Does the US Really Want Better Relations with Hugo Chávez?

WTF of the Week

USA! we're #11(?) Doh.

Hey, Howard Dean, HERE’S HOW You Negotiate With The Right

What Obama Should Have Said About Mosque

AFL-CIO: Stronger Financial Reform Would Have Saved Jobs

Primer: Six Things Happening Right Now With Financial Regulation

Part Tinker Bell, Part Predator Drone: The Fantasy of the Presidency as Deus ex Machina

New CIA Interrogation Tapes Hint at Legal 'Loophole' Allowing the US to Outsource Torture

President Obamas Winning Streak

DUers must read -- Letter from China: The U.S. embarrassment at the World Expo

Drumbeat: August 19, 2010

OPEC OK with Low Oil Prices: Raises Barrier for Alternative Fuels"

Help ban national gas drilling in the State of New York

Energy Star program - GAO reveals some obvious flaws

Shelled Marine Life In Gulf Of Maine Changing Rapidly In Face Of Acidification

New (CESM) Computer Model Advances Climate Change Research

We Have Yet to Come Face to Face with the Biggest Cost of the BP Spill

NSIDC - 8/17/10 2010 Update - Currently 649K Square Miles Below 79-00 Avg. - One Month Of Melt To Go

Pachauri Expects No Climate Deal At Cancun Talks

NASA Earth Observatory - Indus River Valley Pakistan - 8/18/09 Vs. 8/17/10

Torrential Rains Drench Jakarta, Other Densely Populated Regions - Rainy Season Due In November

MPA - 50 Best Blogs On Ocean Acidification

Veterans on Tour for Energy Independence

Oil companies forging ahead with pipelines and refineries to process tar-sands oil

Illinois Governor Quinn Signs Solar Ramp-Up Law and Announces Largest Solar Development in U.S.A.

China to Invest $3 Billion in Forests and Alternative Fuel

Massive North Atlantic Garbage Patch Mapped

Study - By 2030, 68% Of BC's Mature Pines Gone, 20% Of Total Timberlands Denuded By Pine Beetle

Meteorologists - After Two Months, Russia's Deadly Heatwave Officially Over - Reuters

Question about solar power

60+ Cape Cod Estuaries & Salt Ponds Choking On Algae - Towns Rejected Sewer Systems Decades Ago

Kill ’Em All: How Loggers Use Herbicides

State's largest solar farm dedicated in Wyandot County (Ohio)

Biochar Could Put Huge Global Dent in Greenhouse Gases

Tar Sands Oil Production, An Industrial Bonanza, Poses Major Water Use Challenges

Plagued by the plow: Wild forest buffets beat farm fields as food sources

Record and ridicule: Female cyclists expose sexist idiots online

BP Oil Spill Leaves 22-Mile Underwater Plume Migrating in Gulf of Mexico

Beyond Fossil Fuels - Finding New Ways to Fill the Tank

LeGarrette Blount punches a player on his own team....

Man injured in fall on Fenway stairwell

LeGarrette Blount throws another punch, this time in Titans camp

For all you Nick Saban Fans/Haters he is photoshopped into endorsing

Happy birthday to the niece of 1gobluedem and LisaM!

Video: NY Jet Cromartie Lists His 8 Kids

BYU. The Notre Dame of The West?

So who won, Pitt or trumad?

Ok, Big Ten fans and other also...

(Percy)Harvin collapses, taken away in ambulance

Bull goes Crazy and injures 40 in Spain.

Highest Paid Athletes

Roger Clemens to be indicted for perjury

One for the books:"EU lawmakers urge probe of Colombian intelligence operations"

Three men massacred in Aguan, Honduras

Martinelli trip to Cuba was personal, says Varela

Does the US Really Want Better Relations with Hugo Chávez?

Letter from China: The U.S. embarrassment at the World Expo

Costa Rica wants US anti-drug program for CentAm

Many Colombians support court's block of military pact with U.S.

Guerrillas' child testifies against kidnapper

Former state trooper charged after middle school gun fire

Bank encourages second amendment

Copper miners are confronted by tanks, helicopters, 426 state troopers and 325 National Guardsmen

American Postal Workers Union Urges Members Not To Take Postal Service Survey

LA Carwash Workers Win Major Victory to End Worker Abuse, Gain Justice on the Job (jail time)

The unemployed get restless

Mike Konopacki cartoon: 99ers

Executive Suite (1954)

Unions Win Round in 2003 California Grocery Strike

Gary Huck cartoon: In Memory (the miners of Upper Big Branch)

Massey failed to report accidents at doomed West Virginia mine

Brian Brown vs Rick Jacobs

WGBH asking for cuts as contract talks with largest union begin

Cincinnati-area gay community under assault

Jimmy Reid funeral: Scotland's leading figures mourn

Love and Marriage: Gay Couples Speak Out

Disneyland Employee Sent Home for Wearing Hijab

Shifting attitudes take gay rights fight across globe, experts say

The Truth About Public Worker Pensions: Hardly The Lap of Luxury

Glenn Beck to Jobless Workers: Go Work at McDonald’s

Hotel Workers Tell Bank: “We Saved Your Jobs, Now You Save Ours”

BRITAIN: Catholic Adoption Agency Must Serve Gay Couples

Olson & Boies May Ask Court To Force Protect Marriage To Pay Their Fees

Israel to build shelters against bio-chemical bombs

More photos of Israeli soldiers with detainees posted to highlight issue

Declassified Senate Investigation Files Reveal Clandestine Israeli PR Campaign in America

Court holds state responsible for shooting of Palestinian girl

Double-Whammy Earthquake Caused Tsunami

Study Says Gulf Oil Spill Caused Manhattan-Size Plume

Martian 'mud' volcanoes eyed for life

Focusing on Dark Energy With A Cosmic Lens

Focusing on Dark Energy With A Cosmic Lens

The 2010 Perseids over the VLT

First Israeli, first Vietnamese win Fields Medal

Let's talk about religious bigotry

How to test a miracle.

U.S. Soldiers Punished For Not Attending chrisTian Concert

The real "Truth about Religion" - 3 part video series you should see if you haven't already...

White House says Obama is Christian, prays daily

Letting Go Of God - Julie Sweeney

Why Can’t We Have a Rational Discussion About the Afterlife?

Sorry -- dupe.

Endoscopy Accomplished

Lighter fare: Natural deodorants that work, pt. 2--the freshening.

You know that free healthcare clinic Olbermann is spearheading?

Small miracles

The Politics of Teen Sex Stats

The Psychology of Nature

More evidence links pesticides to hyperactivity

Tai Chi Reported to Ease Fibromyalgia (NYT)