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Ya know, yadonnt have to be druonk onyer assta

A quadrillion differences between a Democratic woman, and Sarah Slime

I had my first post locked because I used the word "retarded"

Herman Leonard, photographer of jazz greats, dies (NOLA)


The great Australian superannuation fraud (Australian version of old-age security)

The great Australian superannuation fraud (Australian version of old-age security)

If you're going to complain about a Mosque being built at Ground Zero

Gen. David Petraeus Cites Progress In Afghanistan, He

U.S. hopes to begin Afghan security transfer by spring

Alleged US Missiles Kill 12 in Pakistan

Immigration protesters descend on (Washington) Nationals Park (baseball).

Media Failing to Ask Tough Questions on Afghanistan War...Again

Pakistan Must Reject India Flood Aid, Meant Only to Impress U.S.

Hundreds of PTSD soldiers likely misdiagnosed

Misery for the ‘doomed orphans’ of Pakistan floods (AFP)

5 Radical Ideas to Transcend Washington's War Mentality

Immigration reform: Off Course

Immigration reform: Off Course

How big is the Democratic "tent"??

Who does Petraeus sound most like ?


Eastern US Headed for Many More Extreme Heat Waves With Warming, Study Finds

Five Absurd Things That Simply Can’t Happen in Wartime Washington

Bill Press just reported that CNN New York was shut down because of bedbugs. Had to be fumigated.

My son starts high school today

Thank you for donating for me!

Thank you for donating for me!

Atlantans carry most credit-card debt

Poor Joe Scum

Robert Reich: Forget a Double-Dip, We're Still in One Long Big Dipper

Army manning at highest levels since ’90s

New amenities at Kunsan show attitude change

Afghan gov't: 4 months to disband security firms

Congress should probe insurers cheating military families.

Congress should probe insurers cheating military families.

(Boston's) Celebrated gang truce disintegrates

A Quiet Panic About Job Security

Naming Climate Change Disasters After the Deniers

Rip dat mainframe I’ll explain, the whole GOP is going insane

Why "Eat, Pray, Love" Makes Me Want to Gag

So Angle sez she is going to prevent Reid from raiding the same SS "trust fund" that she wants to

VA mistakes smother Post-9/11 GI Bill spouse

I found the perfect candidate : Palin 2012 !

I found the perfect candidate : Palin 2012 !

The BUSiness of Lies

Morning Joe

Former Bush Adviser Mark McKinnon Rips GOP’s Stance On Mosque: ‘We’re Reinforcing Al Qaeda’s Message

Petraeus Opposes a Rapid Pullout in Afghanistan

Troops still may be misdiagnosed with personality disorder

Gates to resign in 2011.....

Federal workers provide vital services to the public

We All Fall Down? America’s New Economic Reality

if petreaus doesn't agree with the President on afghan withdrawal, he should resign

Breaking: Hamas sides with Obama, endorses mosque!

since when are religious freedoms political?

Feds Lift Cloud Over Tom DeLay Just In Time For State Trial

Google & Verizon Contract Agrees They Need Not Obey Same Highway Laws as Others!

N.J. Supreme Court's refusal to hear gay marriage case raises question of Christie's influence

They hate us for our freedoms

Alabama AG Troy King sues BP, against Gov. Bob Riley's wishes

Keep your gun fetish out of my festival

Keep your gun fetish out of my festival

U.S. warns Turkey that strained Israel ties could hinder arms deal

New Talking Point: "I think It is disrespectful to have CELL PHONE COVERAGE at Ground ZERO."

Tar balls still washing ashore in Waveland, Mississippi.

Obama "Top Priority" Issues. LGBT doesn't even make the bottom of the list

Manufacturing in New York Area Expands Less Than Forecast as Orders Slide

Toon: Right Wingers and the Internet

Girl band singer accused of infecting partner with HIV

The importance of definitions.

Cato’s Pat Michaels admits 40 percent of funding comes from big oil.

Cato’s Pat Michaels admits 40 percent of funding comes from big oil.

When doctors make me sick...

TPM Josh Marshall: Talking To The Void

Supreme Court upholds 'birther' sanction

General Petraeus against rapid pullout in Afghanistan, might oppose withdrawal of troops next summer

McChrystal to teach leadership at Yale

Hartmann - Bring the hate

The 1st Amendment and the 14th Amendment....what next??

Myth and reality - what the New York "Mosque" is and isn't

U.S. Judge Bans Planting of Genetically Engineered Beets

NYT article about plans for the Muslim Community Center and Mosque before the hate campaign began

oh great aqua-buddha...

Early education, good food, exercise vital for armed forces

"Robert Gibbs remains on track to move to the next level, senior advisor to President Obama"

The United States is doing too much buying but not enough selling

So, is the 'professional left' no longer welcome on DU?

ATLANTA: WSB-AM, fearing the erosion of their right wing audience, flips 95.5 the Beat

Speaking of "ground zero" houses of worship...whatever happened to St. Nicholas?

Speaking of "ground zero" houses of worship...whatever happened to St. Nicholas?

Time for a New, New Deal?

Have you figured it out yet?

Hysteria over "foreign" religions is by no means anything new in America..

Blago court news

Who knew that 'Idiocracy' was a documentary?

Pledge to See Doc "Waiting for Superman" & they will Donate $5

andrea mitchell weighs in on golf

Without teh Google: Where was the first purpose built mosque in North America?

Group launches ads hitting Republicans on Social Security plans

Economic fears rise as disappointing figures pile up

"Operation Finally Home"...building free homes for wounded Veterans

Robert Gates says US exit from Afghanistan on course

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: The "Ground Zero Mosque" and Victim Worship

I wonder if people against the NYC mosque are against catholic churches near schools or bus stops

The Professional Left Name Their 25 Worst Figures In America

Obama/ Arne should allow all students to attend the public school of their choice

Petraeus’s New Offensive: Preparing the Way for Obama to Retract the Withdrawal Pledge

Will the jobs issue hurt us in November ?

Is it wrong to wait to donate to DU until we get closer to

Soak The Very, Very Rich

This is an old article, but relevant...

21st Century Politics Explained...

Single-seat VW to be sold in China for $600, gets 258 mpg

The cat-food commission just couldn't be better timed...

Yoiks! Airplane cracks in half on landing. Only one fatality.

Bernanke wrote 1999 paper on Japan's economy, knows what needs to be done...he just won't do it

Richard Engel is inventing a meme for the Iraq invasion and

Hilariously stupid article about Obama

Interior halts exemptions from environmental reviews for deepwater drilling

Has the Target boycott been mentioned by the MSM, or just spread

Sharron Angle: Fire BAD, Bread GOOD, Mosque GOOD, Obama BAD for voicing support of it

Obama Keeps Torso Covered on Florida Vacation

How come Target gets to play around with our democracy, but

DeLay says he "always knew" no criminal charges would be filed against him

Too crazy for Don and Tim Wildmon? AFA says Bryan Fischer's opinions do not represent them

Monday chuckle

m$nbc is pushing the 'mosque controversy' ad nauseum

CREW:‘The Hammer belongs in the slammer,’ watchdog reacts to DeLay decision

property rights/ lower manhattan mosque

Conservative in Obama's America

Using Rep. Peter King's Logic, No Catholic Church Should Be Built Near A School

Turns out gender pay disparity is the bedrock of stable relationships after all!

Pataki STFU

N.J. Supreme Court's refusal to hear gay marriage case raises question of Christie's influence

Some news articles are unnecessary. This one on Michelle Obama falls into that category.

Orly's sanctions create hilarious new FR conspiracy theory

Anti-war protester hits Sen. Carl Levin in the face with a pie.

Dog from 'unlivable' house gets a new home

Michael Bloomberg backing Sestak in PA senate race

Boehner's Orange Glow

Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI) hit in face with pie in Big Rapids

Freight Haulers Push to Supersize

Hot temps yield a huge, early harvest in Michigan

as a matter of curiousity, did any of these nutbars frothing at the mouth about mosques near "sacred

I've figured out the Prop H8ers. It isn't about same-sex marriage at all.

The right rears it's ugly head in Massachusetts governor's race

We're all Muslims today!

according to cnn: Michelle Obama faces tricky path

August: a good month for consumers

What about Saudi Airlines? Why are we allowing these Muslims to fly planes into and out of NYC?

I am super-duper confused.

This has turned out to be a bad news day for us liberals...with DeLay

Feds beef up state oversight of health insurance ~ Strib

Why should I donate to a site that calls itself 'Democratic Underground' but...

who owns for-profit diploma mill "The Art Institutes"? Goldman Sachs!

should muslims themselves ever go within 2 blocks of ground zero?

Grand Old Memes How 'Ground Zero Mosque' Became The New 'Death Panel'

Lost cell-phone caller drives into river, dies

DOJ: Prosecute Bush? No. Prosecute DeLay? No... Advocate for DADT & DOMA? Check.

Texas Ghost Towns: more pictures for DU (DIAL-UP WARNING)

Obama and the Great Depression

Mel Gibson crashes Maserati in Malibu

Gulf Seafood Gets Intense Safety Testing

Neo-Nazi arrested over U.S. synagogue vandalism was adopted by Jewish parents

some people are really sick. LAUGHING at a rape scene--

Oprah Winfrey Network SUED

Why it is fairly easy to get food stamps...

Tony the Liar Poodle is feeling Guilty...

Should Harry Reid . . .

The REAL terror babies

FL GOP House candidate Daniel Webster: "Turn off the spigot" of $100 per month to seniors

LOL! The freepers actually think that George Soros is the leader of the liberal conspiracy

All right DU, I could use a little help with a Letter to the Editor-

CNN: Defense Secretary Robert Gates to retire in 2011.

Journal of the American Medical Association: Health Effects of the Gulf Oil Spill

Journal of the American Medical Association: Health Effects of the Gulf Oil Spill

Unplugged and Loving It

...By The Way, About This Bullshit Situation.

Will the NY "Mosque "controversey" energize the left?

If republicans care so much about the "hallowed ground" of the WTC

Could the circus over the Muslim community center all be a planned real estate grab?

Could the circus over the Muslim community center all be a planned real estate grab?

Indicted Ex-Florida GOP Chair Jim Greer Asks Crist For His Money Back

How to handle Republic passive aggressive behavior

The Myth of the Free Market

Wal-Mart prices going up

Why I hate Republicans Part III

No gas stations or military recruiters near ground zero!

So, WHAT exactly are the Republicans going to DO about this community center near the former WTC?

Fred Phelps protestors set their sights on Ted Stevens' funeral.

In defense of Harry Reid..

Track health effects of Gulf oil spill, MDs urge

Scenes from the Recession: Desperate Times Call for Desperate Public Housing Applicants

Aren't bed bugs proof of lower standards in all hotels

BWAHAHAAAA, Petraeus, you SUCK, up YOURS: "White House says Afghan deadline ‘non-negotiable’"

Pres. Clinton Visits "Newsmax."...

hey cenk, the President did not flip-flop on his mosque statement.

hey cenk, the President did not flip-flop on his mosque statement.

I need some help on a post (corrected)

Freepers throwing big tantrums about Taitz's loss...

A Majority of Americans are Bigots

2 blocks from Ground Zero is NOT AT Ground Zero.

Ha- Teach for America teachers now getting training at Ed schools

Ha- Teach for America teachers now getting training at Ed schools

Damn. Why are human rights being delayed?

Omaha’s “Cozy” House Race: More Questions Than Answers (Terry R-Ne caught with female lobbyist)

Formula for Privatizing Social Security

Proposed: A Commission to Examine Ways to Renege on Paying Back US Treasury Bonds

Harry Reid's Yellow Streak

BREAKING: Court of Appeals issues stay in Prop 8 case (no marriages)

Land of the Brave and Home of the Free

Neo-Nazis Stage Anti-Immigrant Rally In TN, Demand We ‘Put Race And Nation First’

New revelations and timeline of Sharpton, Klein and Bloomberg's political machinations

The great Alvin Lee's "I'd Love To Change The World"

In their own words: Tea Party activists speak out

How about no Muslims within one mile of Ground Zero?

Litigious Birther (oily) Says Public Will Pony Up To Pay Her $20,000 Fine

Ahhh, Sacred Ground......................

We’re No. 11!

The asses voted against health care for first responders--what isn't that the big scandal?

Salon: "How The 'Ground Zero Mosque' Fear Mongering Began

If your shrimp tastes like diesel fuel, would you

Fox News' corporate parent gave Republican Governors Association $1 million

What Obama ought to have added about the Islamic center...

my local teevee news just reported that the highest ranking democratic senator opposes NYC 'mosque'

Where is the birthplace of the republican party?

How many political solicitations for money do you get every day?

Didn't something happen in Pakistan?

Air Force seeks new nuclear command-and-control terminals

Government proposes to cut Medicare and Medicaid

So Reid threw a bone to Republicans in hopes of getting the first responders bill passed? WTF?

Not guilty in dog killing by reason of insanity

Equality delayed.....again

Catering to the insensitivity of bigots and the willfully ignorant is a delicate process

Third-striker at center of sentencing debate is released from prison by L.A. judge

Here is the advice I'd feel compelled to give any young person

Here is the advice I'd feel compelled to give any young person

Beck's inner Goebbels comes out, see the pic here !

Wall Street's lobbying pricetag: $251 million

The Mosque controversy - A legitimate gripe or a steaming pile of corporate media generated BS?

Angle Responds: "Nice of you to join us, @HarryReid."

So my brother asked whats up with the oil spill ?


UK: Christian Zoo approved for field trips

Joe Kittinger: The Man Who Fell to Earth

Take your frustration, your anger, your pique, your voice, yourself to Detroit on August 28!

Take your frustration, your anger, your pique, your voice, yourself to Detroit on August 28!

"Thank God that in this country we do not vote on people's rights."

I see we have come full circle & are back to "Islamist"

Mosque Opponents Leaving Ground Zero Shops Alone

Olbermann Special Comment, 'Mosque' Hysteria

Smiling Israeli soldier posed with bound Arab, posted pics on Facebook

Stimulus Money Unspent as Economy Struggles

Is the Pat Tillman movie on tonight?

Huh? Democrats more likely to have bedbugs than republicans (per MSNBC)

Bush tax cuts

I strongly support Harry Reid's re-election, but I passionately support Dick Durbin as the new. . .

Fly Fishers (shoes) Serving as Transports for Noxious Little Invaders

Some Collection Letters To Ex-State Employees Asking For Pennies

Back-to-School Standoff Risks Retail Profit Margins as U.S. Consumers Wait

I just got push polled and I feel dirty...

Mosque article from Daniel Ruth

Private Prison Corp Makes Huge Profits from Arizona's Immigration Laws

Gonna just toss this out for some ideas... need some help....

New benches are a pain in the ****

Wait , the Imam of the Islamic center in NYC is Sufi ?

It is August Silly Season!

Hans Blix, British Inquiry into Iraq War, C-SPAN, now.

A Day @ DU... (or God I Love this place)

Men Making Less than Spouse More Likely to Cheat

iPod Zombies menacing Britain

National Council of Churches speaks out for public education...letter to Obama.

I recently asked what it would take to really piss us off. If this mosque mania doesn't do it,

They Should Poll American Muslims On the GZ Mosque

¿ A good "Mexican"-ized version of Emmanuel Goldstein ?

GIBBS is not the enemy. n/t

Howard Dean, Chris Dodd To AFL-CIO In Hartford: No GOP Wave

1/10 new yorkers w/ bedbugs

Activist Judges Are Out to Get You !!!!! (funny short cartoon video)

Many Americans Oppose Building Mosques; Many Americans Also Admit that They’re Bigots

Repuke ads ok, Dem criticism banned!

Dana Loesch Calls Victim of Alleged Assault a "Pansy" Who Should Be Slapped and Thrown Through Glass

They just got done confirming my suspicions on Rachel...

No more Red, White and Blue

So Can We Ban Churches And Conservatives From Oklahoma City?

Obama escalates secret wars

Fellow woodchucks: I find /The Cult of Done Manifesto/ to be a very chuckish document.

Toxic BPA found in 91% of Canadians

How low in the polls will Obama sink?

Challenge! Correct "the media"

Georgia Woman Starts Voter Petition for Medical Marijuana

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Best of Malloy tonight!

Human waste punches out meter maid

Our Forefathers DIED for Religious Freedom; but We'll Sacrifice It to Spare Our Feelings.

Now *this* is how to campaign (Alan Grayson)

Hey Gibbs - I'd be richer if I was Canadian

Bless you, Keith Olbermann and...

Pat Tillman's Mom: McChrystal Helped in Cover-Up

The new ReTHUG argument now that Obama has destroyed

Here's what I think the Repuke Party will do in 2012. Let Palin and Knewt battle it out

Tom Delay is still free to dance naked and howl at the moon. Feds wrap it up and go home.

We are asking Muslims to be tolerant people and not to join up with jihadists. Shouldn't

I heard on Hartmann's show today that Rusho, while fanning the flames of mosque fever said

Protesters call for UC Berkeley law prof's removal

Scientists: Gulf oil not gone, 80 percent remains

It's war: L.A. Times to publish database of individual teachers' "effectiveness ratings"

In further defense of Harry Reid...

Jay Inslee: Stop an Internet Hijacking

The one thing I'd like to ask the right wing tools who are in hysterics over the community center,

I'll say it one more time Republicans, there have been 2 Mosques near the WTC since the 1980s

OK, I just found the Tom Tomorrow Woodchuck Cartoon

Breaking News: Perry Prop 8 Stay Granted By 9th Circuit

How about no houses of worship of ANY kind within a mile of 'ground zero'?

Krugman: Not Necessary to Make Any Changes to Social Security

David Korten: 10 Common Sense Principles for a New Economy

Another literary masterpiece from Chuck Norris

Using the word "Motherfucker"....isn't that kind of a fucked up?

Voter Anger No Surprise to Democrats This Time

The Supreme Court Has Upheld a $20,000 Fine Against 'Birther' Orly Taitz

LOL! Fair and balanced....

Bloomberg: 'Sad Day For America' If Ground Zero Mosque Plan Is Killed

Come on Republicans has it really come to this?

Can we put an end to the lie that the "private sector" does is cheaper and better?

Can we put an end to the lie that the "private sector" does is cheaper and better?

I promise to never again make fun of somebody's physical traits. Ever.

repeat after me "the mosque is NOT at the WTC site" (with map)

Pro-Mosque Mom Who Lost Pregnant Daughter In Trade Center: 9/11 Families 'Not Monolithic'

Noam Chomsky: Liberal Sage

AT&T claims net neutrality is oppressive

Fair And Balanced Fox News Gives GOP A Million Dollars

the biggest gains in educational achievement for minority students occurred in the 1970s.

Muslim leaders to abandon plans for Ground Zero community center

Latest right-wing shocker: Obama didn't really swim in the Gulf

Alvin Greene (SC) definitely needs professional help

In 2009, DADT caused discharges of 'mission-critical specialists'

Noam Chomsky: woodchuck

Gulf Fishermen Debate Whether to Risk Selling Seafood Again

Update: Haaretz story about abandoning the plans for Islamic community center is false!

Cenk sucks on TV. I know it's his dream, but he's kinda horrible.

here's the cnn take on President Obama upholding the Constitution

Timeline of the "Ground Zero mosque" fear-mongering

Scarborough: 'Screw' GOP if I'm booted for defending mosque

Apparently Limbaugh likes to eat poop.

Rare color photographs from the Depression

"Attacking Social Security"

Reid: Build mosque elsewhere - AP

Please tell me how you evaluate the information you get--

Mississippi burning and me.

Here it is: Birther Queen going to International Courts! LOLOL

Here it is: Birther Queen going to International Courts! LOLOL

Maybe if NYC had gotten it's shit together and actually BUILT something at ground zero already....

Church of the Lukumi Babalu Aye v. City of Hialeah, 508 U.S. 520 (1993)

In Brooklyn Store, Everything Is Always 100% Off.

'If Obama Opposes Ryan’s Social Security Plan, Why Did He Appoint Him to the Catfood Commission?'

Playing the Nazi card....

An Adult Theater would probably be okay where the NYC mosque will be.

Who thinks liberals are being treated like 2nd class citizens by media?

If True, I have lost All respect For Sen. Reid

Obama: "What I am opposed to is a dumb war. What I am opposed to is a rash war."

Cenk is fabulous!

"Bait Car" - Anyone Else Have A Problem With This?

They came first for the Communists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist......

"The Jewfication of Germany." "The Islamonifization of America."

Stare into the abyss with Dick Morris!! . . . Please come CAPTION!!!!

FISTBUMPS for religious tolerance! But remember, it's still "the system, stupid."

Attacks on ER Nurses on the Rise

Attacks on ER Nurses on the Rise

"Mad Men" : Creators of Current Evils

"An unconscious people, an indoctrinated people, a people fed only partisan information........

I think whoever came up with "pre-existing conditions" should be arrested and charged

A CNN Anchor Reveals Truth - About America & The Mosque Opposition

Pres Obama appears to have decided to dump the left in hopes of winning the election in 2012 with

First-rate Propaganda: "Hamas nod for Ground Zero mosque"

Howard Dean Tells AFL-CIO, Lieberman “Sold You Out”

It was never suicide, says Dr Kelly's cousin as family finally breaks silence

Rush likens NYC Islamic center to building a Hindu temple next to Pearl Harbor

Robert Reich: Fund the Damn Jobs! We need a giant federal jobs program.

Revisiting placebo (what it is, what it isn't, what are the ethics)

••• Okay, I'm pissed. Who is to blame for our loss of Capitol Hill? Whose heads should roll? •••

Deadliest for Walkers: Male Drivers, Left Turns

••• More nuts headed to the Senate - Angle, Rand Paul and now Fiorina widens lead over Boxer •••

Taliban stone couple (age 20 & 28) to death for adultery in Afghanistan

Anti-Target Flash Mob (sung to People Are People by Depeche Mode)

Hamlet’s BlackBerry Mining Plato, Shakespeare, and Thoreau for tips on better living in the digital

If the Democrats dare to make ONE cut to social security

Originally, I could understand the right to build a mosque, but then I thought --

The First Amendment

Do you believe in freedom of religion?

Google & Verizon Contract Agrees They Need Not Obey Same Highway Speed Laws as Everyone Else

On education policy, Obama is like Bush

Gates Foundation money behind LA Times hit-piece & "effectiveness ratings" of individual teachers?

I had to go to the ER a couple of months ago. Holy moley, I just got the bill.

Teachers have to sit and take it as the propaganda against public schools is catapulted.

Old vs. New Dems - A Poll

Why Gibbs' hippy-punching incident is pivotal, not trivial

'Is the White House Angry That the “Professional Left” Keeps Getting Proven Right?'

Grand Theft America! Banksters Take Sledgehammer to Social Security “Locked Box." Call It "Ideology"

A Canadian response to Gibbs' anti-Canadian health care rant

Has anyone posted any of those "several good reasons" for opposing the Cordoba House yet?

Barbara Ehrenreich: the Corpo-Obama-Geithner-Petraeus State

The real reasons why corporate America wants to destroy Social Security and Medicare

Oh, GREAT. I clicked on the GrovelBot "Click Here To Learn More" link and now I'm HOOKED on Phonics.

You'd think an unheated swimming pool would be more appreciated in Southern Arizona...

UNFORGIVABLE relationship dealbreaker...


Roxy Music ...with ENO!... - "In Every Dream Home A Heartache" (Live)

Before Gaga, before Madonna, there was GRACE SLICK. J.A., Smothers Brothers, "Crown of Creation"

Freedom of speech.

The ex-MrsMiddleFingerMom didn't really EXACTLY love my ass....

yee haw

They may be an evil corporation, but I do enjoy those "Is the Pope Catholic?" Geico Ads...

They may be an evil corporation, but I do enjoy those "Is the Pope Catholic?" Geico Ads...

A-Wop-bop-a-loo-lop a-lop-bam-WTF??? Enjoy Pat Boone belting out "Tutti Fruitti."

It's time to play...

Why would a person go to a play or concert, and chew gum? Why not respect the performer instead?

Let's remember why we're Democrats

DIE, bug, DIE... oh wait, it's a animated GIF!

My mom is so mean. My mean mom burns like the sun. She burns people up.

Any other fans of 9 Chickweed Lane out there?

After weeks of triple digits

Who the hell are those people

Snooki, please...enough is enough

Favorite Season #3 True Blood Character who has bit the dust (*SPOILERS YES*)

MiddleFingerMom's Greatest Fear

Who posted the Mississippi John Hurt Rules the Universe stickem?

Went to see "Despicable Me" yesterday

Holy FUCK, today's starting off like a whirlwind attack of those fucking Wizard of Oz flying monkeys

How Many People Know What This Is?

Thank you mods!!!

Thank you gods!!!

99 . . . 99. . . . 99. . . . 99 . .

Beastie Boys w/ The Roots: "So What'cha Want" live

Japanese invasion!

"Spanish Moon"...Richie Hayward's last show before 2009 leave of absence from Little Feat

Another reason to not get upset at Gibbs.

10 reasons gay marriage should remain illegal

If there is an afterlife, I hope it's Canada, Siberia, Alaska, or Antarctica.

Shameless request for a star

Photos from Athens, Greece and Cyprus (warning: lots of pics)

Thank you for my star! What a kind, thoughtful thing to do!

Two Delicious Worlds Collide With Red Velvet Fried Chicken

so Hank Aaron's record was broken and I never heard about it

ha, i'm number 109 read it and weep suckers. n/t.

Motörhead - "Let It Rock" live on David Letterman

Archie's law.

The Deaf Bookkeeper and the Lawyer

My Mother feeds her dogs at 5am every morning.

I love CaliforniaPeggy


anyone here watch "Entourage?"

Cher and Bowie doing the "Medley Thing" in the 70's

I love Parche

***** I would like to thank LeftyFingerPop for my star *****

I love WilliamPitt

Ann Coulter's potato salad recipe

Ricky Nelson, from "The Ozzie & Harriet" show, "Fools Rush In"

Great. Just fucking great. A whole week of stickily lies being posted at the top of DU!

Happy belated 60th birthday to Garry Larson (Aug 14th).

My son starts high school today

Ex-Red Sox P Lee, 63, signs with Can-Am League team

Started practicing Rodeo Suite for my Granddad's 80th.

At a loca restaraunt for supper...

Heavy dial-up warning: Me and taterguy at last month's meetup...

10 solid minutes of F-bomb Team Fortress 2 rage

Neil Patrick Harris And David Burtka Expecting Twins

How many of Connery's Bond movies were actually good?

Anyone seen "Outrage".. the secret lives if closeted gay politicians?

The Best Pun That Ever Punned

the way you feel after a workout is such a rush that it brings its own reward mentally as well as

Online Shopping

Hey, Shakespeare fans - I just realized something.

Repost from awhile ago: This song is sheer joy for me.

I'm pretty sure this interviewer is a Teabagger.

My first op/ed for the NH Herald

Al Di Meola - Ritmo De La Noche

Birth of a star. But "birth" also means "immature." And one hit might be a one hit wonder.

My NEWEST Haiku - "Eggs Over Easy"

I watched Saw VI..(spoilers) and was surprised...

Has anybody ever donated their car?

CUBS WIN 9-7!!! Plan to win World Series begins! Management admits earlier confusion.

"You'll find one in every car! You'll see."

What are these droplets of clear substance falling from the sky?

Trash talk!!!!!

Silence of the Dogs...

I too love CaliforniaPeggy. n/t

I'm all verklempt. Mel Gibson crashed his Maserati.

Why free shipping takes five days

Maybe if I hit the AC switch instead of the fan switch

SERIOUS ONLY. I want to plan my funeral. Looking for input.

See that Boston Terrier in the Stickeys right now? That's my Basie.

When did Google's image-search adopt this horrible, clumsy format?


How embarrassed will boys be about their "Bieber Hair" ten years from now?

The most worthless night for TV

The Ugliest Men In The History Of Rock And Roll

I was walking down Creekdog's Nostalgia Lane

I can stopz anytime I wantz

Respond to this post in alphabetical order

Angus Snack Wraps from McDonald's (just the name)

Movie... you would... LEAST... like... to SEE... starring... William... SHATNER?

Cavatina - Ana Vidovic

Pick your all time favorite movie and post the best line from that movie.

Fellow Cold War Kids: Did you ever feel as if you were fighting against "Ivan"?

Post here why I should give you one of my stickies to place your message

Post here why I should give you one of my stickies to place your message

Anyone seen "Date Night" with Steve Carell and Tina Fey? Was it any good?

Y'ever wonder why EVERY SINGLE FUCKING MUMMY is so pissed off?

What is Your Favorite Scene From A Movie?

Post here and I will suggest you eat a dish I just thought of...

Don't get excited

Do you put ice in your beer? (for those who drink beer)

Some of you know that my buddy jason was gay bashed years ago

Russell Edgington for President!!!!!! (TB Spoilers!)

Female Call: What's with all the pillows on the bed?

What would be your one indulgence if you could afford it?

We're thinking about buying an Inn / bar / restaurant.

Favorite Showtime Series

What's the best final line from any movie?

Lost fans. Own a piece of the show. Auction in four days

If they build a mosque at ground zero. Preferably right next to the location...

The President knows that building the Mosque is a Constitutional Right

Don't Follow The Terrorists' Script

Love is all you need

White House: politics no role in mosque remarks

Maybe we shouldn't build anymore Catholic Churches since a lot of Pedophiles were in the church

Greg Sargent: How many commentators will denounce GOP mosque strategy?

Political Animal: Don't Follow the Terrorists' Script

Issue won't be building a 'mosque' at Ground Zero in November. Tom Toles gets it right here.

Gates plans to Retire

ABC News Knows What Dems Think; Doesn't Need To Quote Any

Nadler Dismantles Right-Wing Arguments...‘We Do Not Put The Bill Of Rights…Up To A Vote’

Who's the lady sitting in for Big Ed

Tim Brown? Suing to prevent Mosque from beIng built?

Obama dishes out yet more corporate welfare

It is all about Projection - Again - The mosque controversy

No, Pataki, it's not about 'tolerance,' it's about politics--a wedge issue for the mid-terms

President Obama's new line -- courtesy of McConnell

Jindal "absolutely running" for re-election in 2011

Steve King panders to town hall bigots

Obama chides GOP leader: 'Obstruct more? Is that even possible?'

Barnes’ first ad of general election pops Deal on ethics

New York’s Mayor Bloomberg endorsing Sestak

Secretary Clinton: To help the people of Pakistan, text SWAT to the number 50555.

Candidate Lutz announces hunger strike until Hunter agrees to debate

So much for Republican outreach

Whitman writes another big check to her campaign

If they were planning a white bank to go 2 blocks from Ground Zero, instread of a mosque,

Meek Opens 15-Point Lead Over Greene

Laura Ingraham To Co-Founder Of Ground Zero Mosque In Dec. 2009:‘I Like What You’re Trying To Do'

Petraeus cites Bush-era shortcomings in Afghanistan

Ezra Klein: Paul Ryan's plan would end Medicare as we know it

Iran to begin work on new uranium plant in 2011

Iraqis file case to break political deadlock

Tea party activists rally on Arizona-Mexico border

Military deaths pass 2,000 as Afghan war review looms

Oil Disaster Day 119: Alabama Waters Reopen

1. kick up dirt 2. report on "dirt storm" 3.blast anyone who dares say "there is no dirt storm"

Supreme Court smacked Birther Queen Orly Taitz

Girl band singer accused of infecting partner with HIV

Former Bush Adviser Mark McKinnon Rips GOP’s Stance On Mosque: ‘We’re Reinforcing Al Qaeda’s Message

Troops still may be misdiagnosed with personality disorder

Gates wants to retire in 2011

Ken Buck Clarifies Position: He Doesn't Want To Repeal 17th Amendment

Stimulus hypocrite Barton attends groundbreaking for health clinic funded by stimulus.

U.S. hopes to begin Afghan security transfer by spring

US aid to flood-hit Pakistan totals $76 mn

GOP's 'Ground Zero Mosque' Rhetoric Prompts Pushback From Muslim-American Republican Operatives

BP Pledges Angola, Azerbaijan Oil as It Builds U.S. Fund for Gulf Cleanup

Lessons from FDR: When the Right Cries Wolf, Bite Back (updated)

As the president gets slammed for standing up for the Constitution and against intolerance. . .

Home-builders index slumps to 17-month low

Target won't make it right

Oprah Winfrey Network SUED

Karzai Bans Private Security Firms

Eugene Robinson: Jefferson Would be Ashamed of Republican Mosque Panderers

Eugene Robinson: Jefferson Would be Ashamed of Republican Mosque Panderers

Obama as "Fallen Angel"?

Judging Obama

Scarborough: 'Screw' GOP if I'm booted for defending mosque

Robert Reich: The problem is lack of demand and that's what has to be tackled

GM completes IPO paperwork, filing expected by Tues: source

Fed plans mortgage payment disclosure rule

WTO Backs U.S., Japan Complaint Over EU Import Duties on Electronic Goods

Anger over ex-Israeli soldier's Facebook photos of Palestinian prisoners

Taliban call for joint inquiry into civilian Afghan deaths considered (by the UN and NATO)

Steven Schwarzman: Obama Administration's Tax Proposals Are Like 'When Hitler Invaded Poland'

Floods Could Have Lasting Impact for Pakistan

Tea Party Exchange businesses risk a boycott

Breaking News: Perry Prop 8 Stay Granted By 9th Circuit

Afghan gov't: 4 months to disband security firms

Federal court blocks same-sex weddings in California while appeal considered

Jetliner crashes on Colombian island; 1 killed

President Barack Obama makes an appearance in Madden 11.

UN: Up to 3.5 million children at risk of deadly (water-borne) diseases (in Pakistan)

Barclays Bank pays $298m to settle criminal charges

Paul Krugman: An Unfair And Cruel Attack On Working Americans

The Plumline: On Harry Reid throwing both Obama and whole Dem caucus under the bus

PROP 8: Stay Granted; Case Expedited; Standing Questioned

Judge rejects Citigroup's $75 million settlement with SEC

"Senate Passes Child Nutrition Bill."

do you have an unusual ability?

White House says Afghan deadline ‘non-negotiable’

The origin of the mosque story

Storm over Israeli 'abuse' photos

Muslim leaders to abandon plans for Ground Zero community center

California Gay Marriage on Hold as Case Is Appealed

Columnist, wordsmith James Kilpatrick dies at 89

Lawyer Says DOJ Ends Criminal Probe of Tom DeLay

AP IMPACT: Border Patrol sees spike in suicides

DUers, Can you really love America and want to modify the constitution?

How do Independent voters feel about Republicans cutting Social Security and Medicare?

Mourning Joe: "A lot of people outraged by the president stating what is constitutionally obvious"

Suggesting Muslims should be tolerant also suggests...

Afghan gov't: 4 months to disband security firms

Taliban 'kill adulterous Afghan couple' in marketplace

Urgent cry for help as death toll rises from Pakistan flooding

If You ARE Not Going to Vote...Make it a Movement

States getting money from HCR bill to help monitor and regulate insurance companies

Obama Warns Turkish PM Pver Stance On Israel, Iran: Report

India ready to give more aid but Pak silent

I KNEW it would eventually be called a "flip-flop"!

If the Private Sector Is Hiring (620,000 Jobs This Year), Why Is the Jobs Market So Bad? Here's Why:

Unique White Humpback Whale Caught On Film

Kerry will be the highest ranking US official to visit Pakistan since the flood

Judge orders release of Guantanamo detainee

Feingold Statement On President Obama's Visit to a Wisconsin Business

US backs Afghan plan to ditch security contractors

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday August 16

Lt. Col. Fehrenbach moves to get full hearing in Idaho federal court

('eco-debt') Mankind is using up global resources faster than ever

Berenson Apologizes for Aiding Rebels in Peru.

G.O.P. Seizes on Mosque Issue Ahead of Elections

China Favors Euro Over Dollar as Bernanke Alters Path

Obama's approval ratings by numbers

Report: Campaign spending in state judicial elections more than doubles since last decade

whenever Obama does what progressives want, his numbers go even lower

Let market decide on H1B numbers: US Chamber of Commerce

Pat Tillman's Mom: McChrystal Helped in Cover-Up

36 killed, hundreds injured in new China flooding

Interior halts exemptions from environmental reviews for deepwater drilling

Major archaeological find at site of Civil War prison

Family of woman(92 yrs old - Atlanta) killed in botched drug raid to receive $4.9 million

Woman accused of hitting (Sen. Carl) Levin’s face with pie in Big Rapids

Were There NO Mosques Built During Bush Years?

Protest draws dozens at UC Berkeley for John Yoo's first day of classes

Attacks against Mexicans inflame tensions in NYC

Judge: State ban on protests at military funerals unconstitutional

Tea Partiers Say Net Neutrality Hurts Freedom

U.S. set to award $1 million contract to expand the market for Afghan carpets

Urgent cry for help as death toll rises from Pakistan flooding

So where IS Anthony Weiner on the Ground Zero Mosque debate??

US defence chief confirms plans to quit

Want Republicans to take over the Congress? If not, work and vote for Dems. It is that simple.

Food Stamps Are Not Being Cut

9th Circuit grants indefinite stay in Prop 8 case

Ga. scientists: Gulf oil not gone, 80 pct remains

Reid breaks with Obama, opposes mosque near Ground Zero

Supreme Court upholds 'birther' (Orly Taitz) sanction

General Petraeus' "Progress" Spin on Afghanistan: We've Heard It Before

I slam Obama pretty hard in this interview.

Ed Schultz: Dr. Laura is Nothing More Than a Racist

BBC--The Trap (Adam Curtis documentary) 1a

Liberal Talk Radio hosts get fired, Conservative radio hosts get bigger ratings, WTF

Immortal Technique on Obama, 9/11 truth & Corporate America

Former * advisor Mark McKinnon says GOP is reinforcing al Qaeda

Imam Feisal Press Conference (regarding plans for the Islamic Community Center)

Lilith Fair 2010 - Indigo Girls "Digging For Your Dream" - Justice Through Music Project

ObamaComma: Reich-Wing Louis Gohmert's TERROR BABIES Remix

The Top Vlog: Beware of the Rio Grande Moms (Daily Show Co-Creator Lizz Winstead)

Lilith Fair 2010 - Indigo Girls "Heartache for Everyone" - Justice Through Music Project

Not Natural Born -- TRUTH MATTERS (Yes, birthers ARE stupid enough to fall for this)

Harry Reid TV Ad: Kidding

"Anchor Baby" Baiting

1.8 Billion Barrel Oil Find in wonder why Petraeus isn't ready to leave.

Newt Gingrich Compares Muslims To Nazis

Babies in Hell

Neo-Nazi Anti-Immigrant Rally In Knoxville,TN.

Obama & The Mosque Conspiracy!

"Crumble" Labor TV ad blasts Whitman

Argentina hunts stolen children


Does Anybody Else Find This Commercial Highly Ironic?

LOL! Where Is John Boehner?

GOP Muslims Fight Islamophobia

How Proposition 8 Went Down (Part 1 of 2)

Climate Denial Crock of the Week - The

Jeff Sachs On Fareed Zakaria's GPS: Carrying On With Business As Usual = "A Catastrophic Planet"

Turn me on, dead man: GOP hauls out black and white Reagan footage, scary music to attack Dems

Cenk Uygur On The ED Show Psycho Talk : Rush Limbaugh

Solitary Fracture's response to the Schiff Report

Two Hundred Teabaggers Show Up For AZ Boader Rally, And Flea Market

Target Ain't People

Backwards Blues - Roll Back Progressive Era Accomplishments!

Keith Olbermann (Monday, 8/16): There is no Ground Zero Mosque

Mexican attacks inflame tensions on NYC island

Palin Admits Muslims Have Right To Build Mosque Near Ground Zero, Yet Hate-Filled Rhetoric Continues

Is Robert Gibbs Right About the "Professional Left"? By Mike Whitney

Approaching the "Aqua McBuddha"

Chris Hedges: Formalizing Israel’s Land Grab

Past peak prosperity

Insults abound in 2010 campaigns

A Season of Fear - Fineman

TPM: Here, There And Back Again: Sharron Angle's Circular Journey On Phasing Out Social Security

Hal Turner, Right Wing Blogger and Shock Jock, Convicted of Threatening Judge- Huffington Post

Birther Queen Orly Taitz Smacked Down By Supreme Court

An (Un)employment Compendium

Pop Quiz For The People

Bell's piggies deserve a pen

Islam in Two Americas

Denmark Tightens Its Generous Jobless Benefits.

Big majority of American's don't know that Bush signed the bailouts into law

22 and 23 year old police officers arrest "agitated" person who dies

More Signs of (Probably Futile) Labor Pushback in China

Poor image hurts Pakistan funds appeal

Afghanistan war logs: Secret CIA paramilitaries' role in civilian deaths

Ground Zero Islamic Center to Recast Itself as 'MosqueDonalds'

Who are the real Cordoba House provocateurs?

About one million green jobs will open up in India over next two years

Hendrik Hertzberg on the "ground zero" (not) mosque

Stay of Prop 8 Jilts Equality

Wells Fargo Overdraft Scam Makes Elizabeth Warren More Important Than Ever

Sacrilege at Ground Zero C. KRAUTHAMMER

Why Are Young People Moving Back in With Their Parents?

Oil spill: Man behind relief well plans to mark drilling's end with cigar

The Birth of a U.S. Wind Power Manufacturing Industry

Shrimpers Launch Gulf Season with Oily Unease

Climate and the Border: Why Rising Temperatures Will Add Immigration Challenges

Welcome to the (PV) Revolution: Emanuel Sachs and Frank van Mierlo

The Birth of a U.S. Wind Power Manufacturing Industry

Earn 15 Years Cash From Your New Jersey Solar Home!

NRC: Nuclear Plant Has 'Substantial' Safety Issue (Oconee, SC)

Long-Term Health Effects of BP Gulf Oil Spill Tough to Predict

E.ON, RWE Threaten to Shut Down Nuclear Reactors Early, Spiegel Reports

What will gobble the spilled oil?

Noam Chomsky warns of the threat of nuclear power

The reality of nuclear energy is inconsistent with dreams of a renaissance

Gulf Seafood to Be Tested for Dispersants

August 15 ice imagery -- grayscale ("low-color")

Opportunity Cost of Growth

Alternative Energy: Will U.S. Lead or Follow?

'Honeymoon suite' to boost Nepal rhinos' love life (BBC)

The Coast Is Not Clear

Giant turtle's demise the fault of humans, study says (BBC)

Drumbeat from the weekend...

Drumbeat: August 16, 2010

Peak oil review - Aug 16

Why it matters that spilled Michigan oil came from tar sands

Hundreds swap their gas mowers for battery-powered ones (MD)

In Weather Chaos, a Case for Global Warming

Space-based solar power - demonstration satellites in 3-4 years

5 Reasons Why Green Tech Has Such a Tough Time in America

Nuclear fall in: Why I'm becoming a pro-nuke nut (SciAm)

49ers trade first round pick for sixth round pick

Tebow has a good debut for the Broncos

MLB: Managerial turnover could be historic

Dontcha wish Dustin Johnson had a bit of George Brett in him?

49ers sign Brian Westbrook

Shaq To Solidify Celtics' Ability To Get 3-Second Violations

Fearless NFL 2010 Predictions

Amazon Defense Coalition: Chevron Submits “Wild” Distortions of Ecuador Video to Federal Court

Fujimori Loses Outright Lead in Peru Presidential Poll, El Comercio Says

Jailed Venezuelan judge Afiuni hopes elections bring freedom

Venezuela relocates baseball championship after player is shot

2nd Fleet hosts opening ceremony for PANAMAX 10

Our old friend Negroponte has a gig working at Yale

I'm on three different psychiatric medications...

Cook County Illinois pushes a petition to ban sales of semi-auto handguns in Illinois ...

Another Lawsuit Filed Against New Chicago Gun Law-Shooting Ranges

Maryland concealed carry permit holder sues to get his license renewed ...

Keep your gun fetish out of my festival

Washington DC Marriage Rally in Two Views

CNN Recaps LGBT Rights Worldwide

What's Next In The Battle Against Prop 8?

Focus On The Family: Don't Go See This Week's Perverse Movies

Diamond Rings - Show Me Your Stuff (I love his voice!)

If I beg you will you please watch this video? (Protesting with homophobes)

Mexico Approves Gay Adoption

Red-Caped Catholic Nutters Support NOM At Hate Rally In Pennsylvania

Servicemembers United releases their own version of Pentagon's homophobic DADT survey

Chicago Tribune story misleads on gay marriage poll

Backers of Calif. gay marriage ban say judge erred (No anti-gay motivation!)

Will The Right Sacrifice California to Save Marriage Amendments Elsewhere?

Today in labor history Aug 16 Congress passes the National Apprenticeship Act

NJ sees massive exodus of experienced state workers

Union Bogeyman

‘Can You Imagine Working Until 70?’ Congressional Republicans Think That’s OK

NJ court avoiding gay marriage

100,000 celebrate Montreal Pride (Yay Montreal!)

Prop. 8 backers argue more to stop gay weddings (by using the same argument!)

Local art museum!

More of my sunny friends... and their friends

Never ever boring - casual imagery of my environs

Chris Hedges: Formalizing Israel’s Land Grab

U.S. Jewish voters revolt against Obama

U.S. warns Turkey that strained Israel ties could hinder arms deal

Harvard University fund sells all Israel holdings

Smiling Israeli soldier posed with bound Arab, posted pics on Facebook

On Facebook: Israeli soldier posed with bound Arab

What Hamas is really afraid of

Storm over Israeli 'abuse' photos

IDF soldier posts images of blindfold Palestinians on Facebook, from 'best time of my life'

Tethers tortured in $2 million contest

The Sun Also Surprises

IBEX spacecraft finds discoveries close to home

'Island Universe' in the Coma Cluster

Giant turtle's demise the fault of humans

20 new ideas in science

Out-of-this-world aurora

Organized religion sees numbers fall

Anyone here appreciate Bruce Lipton?

Any other premenopausals having trouble with their immune system?

Got a couple of options from my Neurosurgeon today.

For depression, what do you use?

Unorthodox "Cures" -- A CBC Photo Gallery

Outdoors and Out of Reach, Studying the Brain

Microbes and Mental Illness ~ National Institutes of Health - August 13, 2010

Study: Chocolate protects the heart.

Good Grief

We're all going to become demented...