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OMG there's someone in repuke central with brainz

Frank Rich : Angels in America

Regarding the "Ground Zero Mosque"

What to do about the Supreme Court?

Russia wildfires: NASA satellite image shows over 360 'hot spots'

Temporary visas help land big talent!

The Gulf at the Gas Station

Taliban takes hold in once-peaceful northern Afghanistan

Gates Likes Military's Initial Budget Cut Proposals

Damn... 'Recession-Worn Seniors Tap Social Security Early' - CBSNews

Soldiers Try To Trade Tech Support For Afghan Intel

Soldiers Try To Trade Tech Support For Afghan Intel

Iraq looks to Shiite leader for a way out of political crisis

Armed & dangerous murder suspect escapes from Philly police van

Army-specific apps earn cash

NYT: This Time, Voter Anger Is No Surprise to Democrats

US Cities Face Up to Massive Cuts

Durbin Has Stomach Tumor Removed

Officials: Alleged US missiles kill 12 in Pakistan

TIme for a new Dem ad

Why Petraeus Can't Make The Sale

Japan tour often leads to war zone

Panel reviews closing USAFE, PACAF installations

EPA considers expanding fracturing study to air quality

EPA considers expanding fracturing study to air quality

'Dead' Solider Not Dead After All

Has John Kasich had an epiphany?

Eight dead, 12 injured as rally car plows into

Mechanical Failure Behind ($80 million dollar) Hawkeye Crash

And the shirt is made in China...

Study uncovers every possible Rubik's Cube solution

Grayson: 'Cure for cancer' would be filibustered in Senate environment

Grayson: 'Cure for cancer' would be filibustered in Senate environment

Grayson: 'Cure for cancer' would be filibustered in Senate environment

CSPAN WJ doing a segment on online tracking with Julia Anguin (9:25 am est)

CSPAN WJ doing a segment on online tracking with Julia Anguin (9:25 am est)

Politics, bigotry and prison policy

So . . . Face the Nation has Tim Kaine vs Ed Gillespie with backup from Ed Rollins

what a relief! Barton says 'Troop morale high in Afghanistan"

Earth Day group, James Cameron to plant 1M trees

No More Pete Hoekstra, Anywhere!

$830 Billion in Student Loans: The New Mortgage Bubble

Laura Flanders' interview with Vince Warren re Omar Khadr.

Mental health patients swamp unprepared ERs in Sacramento County


We the under signed: The Iraq Debacle: The Legacy of Seven Years of War

What Social Security Can Teach Us About the Future of Health Care

Secret US military action Widens on Two Continents

Imagine 20 million people are homeless as a result of flooding

Elites' Democratic Days Are Numbered

National Socialists outnumbered in Knoxville protest

Petraeus: Obama "wants my best professional military advice"...which might be staying in Afghanistan

"crude impact" documentary

"The Mosque at Ground Zero"

When's the last time you heard a Repub Speak Out For the Poor, Unemployed and Medically Uninsured?

So has George Will left "This Week"? Or are he and his quote boy off on a long vacation?

For whom a lobotomy would prove redundant. . . . please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!!

WTF??? Angel on the wall?

A mosque has no door...

Vitter's opponent goes on major offensive in new ad.


From the Left Coast Sports Babe

John Cornyn Jumps On Alvin Greene Obscenity Charges

Bush, 9/16/01: "This crusade, this war on terrorism is gonna take awhile. I'm gonna be patient."

You can't hide from The Truth...

sincere question about national security vs. terrorism

Conservatives Love The Constitution?

CSPAN tonight at 9 UK Iraq War Inquiry

What does Al Qaeda think when they see us running and ducking for cover whenever a Muslim is seen?

Businesses offering discounts to Tea Party members

Creationism, Pray Away the Gay and Now Ridiculing Scientific Research

I just got a robocall from Starr Jones, or someone claiming to be, in

1935 Social Security Act Announced by FDR

Slang dictionary of 17th-century London revealed

"cheap-labor conservatives"

Luckovich toon: Sliding into another quagmire

" Land of the Free...Home of the BRAVE "...Yea Right !

Where is the smoking gun?

Philip Markoff, Alleged Craigslist Killer, Found DEAD..

Gospel according to Tweety: DC Dems AFRAID of coming election, could LOSE SENATE!!!

Psych majors....

Captain America - What it is to be a Patriot

GOP Resentments Towards Obama And Islam

I can't take seriously the mosque dust up--neither should you.

I dare Obama and everyone else in the spin machine to go to Iraq and look a child in the eyes

"We are (-n't) the world...."

Royal Oak's choice: Guns or families

Craigslist Killer Commits Suicide

Steele to GOP activists: Get on the bus!

nyc: billionaire mayor bloomberg dispenses bribes

When simplification goes too far, talking points degenerate into mere shibboleths

PROOF---"FLASH CRASH" Of May 6--Traders KNEW What They Were Doing When They Ripped Us Off!

PROOF---"FLASH CRASH" Of May 6--Traders KNEW What They Were Doing When They Ripped Us Off!

New Incentive for War Profiteers in Afghanistan

Meet the New Wedge Issue : Immigration bill

Who am I suppose to hate now? The GOP list is so confusing

Sarah Palin's Note On Facebook About Ground Zero

My Rant: The more you debate the "Ground zero Mosque" horror,

The horrific trade in British children for sex

"Pelosi Special": GOP candidate being investigated for assault

Thanks Tamron - Promoting Education is always

New York Post: New Yorkistan? Don’t rule it out!

I guess conservatives only favor private property rights for white male ranchers and farmers

Something is wrong with this world. Is it me? [Signed] J.

Classic Photograph

Aug 15, 1945 VJ Day

Simplest way to make the "attack Iran" meme fade away?

Why is the Democratic Party shelling out in primary challenges?

Some relevant quotes for the anti-Muslim crowd

So that "Ground Zero Mosque" controversy hasn't gone away yet??

Krugman: A Tale Of Two Expenses

Privatizing Social Security -- What does this mean?

The 8 Most Insanely Obvious Signs In The World

I expect genius and magic

USAF command seeking airmen for brief deployments to Africa

I hope the "blow out preventers" on those riggable voting machines work

the candlemakers' petition

Apple manager charged in kickback scheme

what about da vinci's mona lisa wearing a chador? at the "International Koran Exhibition", teheran.

Sarah Palin: Special Interests or Selfish Interest?

I propose a NEW two-party system.

One-Fifth of Pakistan Underwater: UN

After the election, will the Tea Party and Repubs get re-married or?

Lots of requests for political t-shirts at my girlfriends vending

DNA mutations/cancer risk “become MORE of an issue” as oil breaks down -VIDEO: LSU Cancer Expert

Deadly Whooping Cough, Once Wiped Out, Is Back

Doonesbury Skewers McCain!

petreaus thinks we can win in afghanistan....

I Was Asked To Repost This - "Expectations"

On Prime Time TV: white guy to another white guy says: "my, n-word"

Walker's decision was about much more than marriage

Are any GLBT DUers in California planning to marry on Wednesday (or soon)?

Cornyn predicts GOP majority will take two cycles

Read this in a newspaper comment section Re: "Ground Zero Mosque":

Meg Whitman is contemptible scum. But you knew that.

Fineman, On Mathews Show, Says That Obama Listens to, And Trusts, Summers Above All

I'll be damned if I take my kids to swim in the Gulf of Mexico.

South Carolina to cover obesity surgery next year

Anybody watching the hearings on BP, Deep Horizon

Nadler Dismantles Rt-Wing Arguments Against Mosque: ‘We Do Not Put The Bill Of Rights-Up To A Vote'

John Cornyn, don't go away mad. John Cornyn, just go away.

Sarah Palin is quite simply fascist scum.

No recount sought. Teabagger wins GOP primary by 15 votes in race for Stupak's seat

"Americans will happily optimize their own personal future at the expense of their community."

'This Week' Corker offers UN-solutions

Donation drive up!

Hugh Tea Party Rally; Link to must see Pix Arizona/Mexico Border Today

U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison: Anti-mosque activists are the ‘radical extreme’

Why I hate Republicans Part I

An unusually hopeful poll result:

Matthew Rothschild: Global Warming and the Pakistani Flood

Forget a Double-Dip, We're Still in One Long Big Dipper - Robert Reich

Official: 'Craigslist Killer' Commits Suicide in Jail Cell

Pakistan floods: A doctor writes (part 4)

Philip Markoff, Alleged Craigslist Killer, Found DEAD, Commits Suicide In Jail Cell

It's not at "ground zero" - it's 2 blocks away. n/t

Is anyone else scared to death of Paul Ryan?

Is anyone else scared to death of Paul Ryan?

Local corn, cotton crop withering away because of heat wave (H'ville times)

Our list of 25 Worst Figures In American History

Delegation of American Imams Visits Dachau, Auschwitz

The thread about school supplies has energized me, and given me an idea.

Now this is a Grovelbot!

With BP spill under control, US looks at drill ban

When did nutrition awareness become a liberal value, and eating saturated fat a conservative value?

Most widely believed fictions about WW2.....

Steele a ‘Disaster’ as Head of RNC, Ed Rollins Says

How that Constitution thingy working out for yah!!

Editorial: United They Fall; European and Japanese far-right leaders gathered in Tokyo

If there had been a mosque in the twin towers, would Bin Laden have dared to attack it?

PHOTO - I just don't get it, how someone could see this beautiful animal and think "pelt."

Teenage boinking can lead to ....... good grades?

I want this fucker out of office!

In honor of the Greatest Thread Hijack in DU history

Dear (sincerely) Winguts: A song dedicated to YOU (just you) Who do you think you are?!1

Lakota budget cuts will hit students across board

Have you noticed this latest punchfest is an equal-opportunity one?

Memorial Thread for the 11 fallen this week Afghanistan

UN Chief Ban Ki-Moon: Pakistan Floods Are Worst Disaster I've Ever Seen

It's Obama's White House, but it's still Bush's world

Which is correct?

Behind-the-scenes at the White House in July (pics)

I'm getting up at 4A.M. to e-mail SCABBROW this song: "Who do you think you are"

"The government is taking away our rights!" THEN..."we want to repeal the 14th amendment"

Summer-long heat wave hurts farmers markets across Alabama (H'ville Times)

What would a "Revolution" look like?

Family Guy sure has Tweety pegged!!

Afghan Women Have Already Been Abandoned

The Real Story Behind Time's Afghan Woman Cover: American Complicity

Could this ever happen again - post 9/11

About these teabaggers winning repubican primary nominations . . . . . .

Paul Krugman: Attacking Social Security

Scouts Visit with the President (Obama is honorary chair of the Boy Scouts)

What are we fighting for?

Afghanistan says finds 1.8 billion barrel oilfield

A Visit From My RW Relatives Last Night

Kansas Fundy-CON runs as "write in" candidate--here's her hilarious e-mail.

OK, so why *is* the West Wing covered with this tarp?

Our Country Is Addicted To Cheap Labor-Your tax dollars at work-trafficking in brown people!

Recent death of ex-wrestler could impact McMahon's run

Captured: America in Color from 1939-1943

Cornyn: NYC mosque will be an election issue

THANK YOU whoever donated in my name tonight to DU. I

Map of "Ground Zero" and Cordoba House, to provide perspective

14th amendment question. By removing the birthright part of the 14th

Dead-eye Dick must be in a vegetative state

Best Buy Geek Squad owners send cease-and-desist letter to God Squad

Bringing Food Justice to Trader Joe's

Why I hate Republicans Part II

Judge Revokes USDA Approval Of Monsanto's Genetically Modified Sugar Beets, Orders Review

Gingrich, Bolton, Breitbart Team Up With Far-Right Muslim-Basher Geert Wilders For 9/11 Rally

Just an observation after being in a megastore in China.

Guardian UK: Jobless millions signal death of the American dream for many

I was wrong on Afghanistan. We need to get out of there.

Corporations which have profitted from Wars in Iraq,Afghanistan..(.and maybe Iran)

There is a "revolution" coming...

"You Are Just Stupid Dumb Ass Voters" - Snap Out Of It America...

Interesting and possibly tragic irony...

Secret Assault on Terrorism Widens on Two Continents

Arne Duncan's failed Chicago reforms and Rod Paige's "Houston Miracle". Becoming national policy?

My thoughts on the Ground Zero mosque controversy

Cutbacks and the Poor

Without federal intervention, unemployment would be near 16%

Fact checker: They're different, but very much alike (Obama and GWB)

Punishing the WikiLeaker misses the point

New rule: If you're not willing to walk two city blocks, you can't call it the "ground zero mosque"

New rule: If you're not willing to walk two city blocks, you can't call it the "ground zero mosque"

So, who/what currently operates inside the 2.5 block radius of “sacred ground” of the WTC?

Why should Obama Reminding People of the First Amendment be "Outside the Mainstream"?

"Ground Zero Mosque" One Way to Fight Back!

Female Infants Growing Breasts: Another Disaster From Hormones in Milk Production

Why wasn't a guest worker visa program part of NAFTA?

Everyone here is succumbing to a right-wing frame

Have you noticed any differences caused by weather where you live?

We should be pouring money into Pakistan now, helping them with the flood.

Experts Warn of a Weak Link in the Security of Web Sites

'My President'

Today's LA Times: Prop 8--A Matter of Standing

Maureen Dowd: No Love From the Lefties

"The No. 1 request is for gas bill payment"

Sarah Palin and her Republicans are playing into Islamist hands

Bob Herbert: "Obama's problem is that he did not make job creation the nation's highest priority"

Earlier this week, I received notice for my next appointment at the Cleveland Clinic…

Understanding the average wingnut

Survey: 40 percent of U.S. professionals want to quit

NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll?

While preparing a class on poli sci

It’s an honor to be attacked by the left and the right.

If Blagojevich gets off, will it hurt the prosecutor?

Boehner Is Wrong. Americans Don’t Support Social Security Cuts

Texas court rules that newly built Sikh temple near Austin must be razed

Iz the Teabaggers learnin'?

Lawsuit over Geronimo's remains dismissed

Rep. Waters releases documents in ethics defense that could weaken case against her

Lewis Black describes the two-party system as a bowl of shit looking

Lewis Black describes the two-party system as a bowl of shit looking

Oil Everywhere -- Southwings & Riverkeeper update

Quit smoking: one month later

Wow! Be careful what you post online!!

Man Loses Child In Filthy Home

Palin has a meltdown...

Palin has a meltdown...

NYT's Collins: "how women got the right"..."The great...roadblock to progress was..the U.S. Senate"

I take this as a sign of Deflation on the move

If the Democrats arent motivating, How does beating the Teabaggers Motiviate you?

Two more fishermen exposed: “I started to vomit brown, and my pee was brown… non-stop diarrhea'

Frank says Obama should have been harder on GOP

Boy Scout to outfit 50 in back-to-school drive (and an estimated 8,000 from others)

Male Call: The male-female divide over toilet-seat etiquette

(Nearly) unknown fighter for us has died at age 90. Read his bio. He did his bit, we do our bit.

In the Service of Secrets

We will keep the House. We will keep the Senate. Obama will be re-elected in 2012.

Justin Coussoule Confirms Obama/Kaine Threw Out Dean's 50 State Strategy And Have Given Him NO Supp

The first family in the Gulf (gazillion photos) Warning: One giant fluff to follow.

So this Mosque is being built on Ground Zero?

AP-GfK polls show Obama losing independents

Banks to benefit most from White House program to help fight foreclosures

Do Guns kill people, or People Kill People?

Dear Mediamotherfuckers . . . . . .

BBC Radio 4's "From Our Own Correspondent": The New Taliban Targets -- Women, Children & Foreigners

Kaspersky warns internet users about TDSS rootkit malware

A DUer needs our help!!!

Why does Dr. Laura still have a job and Helen Thomas doesn't?

Sign of the times - school supplies

Baby boomers lead new wave of 'gray divorce'

Will Marshall says "netroots types aren't really the Democratic Party's base"


Hughes, Nixon and the CIA: The Watergate Conspiracy Woodward and Bernstein Missed

Stupid remarks by celebrities...

Poems from the heart by caregivers, family members, and Alzheimer's victims.

How come when I try to contact Skinner through the Contact Us page...


You know, when they say "She let herself go,"

Behold: The new Jon Stewart stormtrooper action figure!

How soon is too soon for someone to be asking you to marry them?

I met with some supportive discrimination the other day.

What do you do

MAy I confess I think the killers are contrived, arrogant tools......?

Wouldn't it be great if marriages were like leases?

Dupe - sorry! nt

delete nt

My NEW Haiku - "You Complete Me"

Road Report: I went through Sturgis, South Dakota the other day

This song makes me happy...

Musicians: Would you rather create ONE killer, legendary album, or a string of mediocre ones?

I think I'll have to see that new Bill Murray/Robert Duval movie


Have we heard from Xultar?

Post here and I won't do a goddamn thing.

The Start Of A New Week, And A Time For Rebuilding

Post here within 4 seconds of the OP and I will send you $10,000.

CNN BREAKING: Upon returning from his Gulf trip, President Obama to tour basement of the Alamo

Advanced math

SAW DOCTORS! Free concert tonight in Lancaster, PA!

While my wife read Eat, Pray, Love, I got bored and booked a ticket to sweden

Aruba, Jamacia, ooo I want to take you, Bermuda, Bahama, c'mon pretty momma,

Anyone have a star to give away? I'm fucking broke.

I feel truly blessed that I am the only person in DU who is not on anyone's ignore list...

So folks, what's the going rate for a basic bathroom remodel these days?

Liberalism is a virtue? YAY!!!

PHOTO - Like "Toonces The Driving Cat" from SNL, except this one's real

A beautiful thing....and a Sunday smile

AP - Another 'Jersey Shore' cast member arrested in NJ

It's Sunday!..Post a video of a song with the word "Church" in either


I went to church this morning and got in trouble.

How do you like my new Avatar?

Poll Question: What do you say at the end of an NPR interview....

Yeah, she's young and immature and yet (I hope not a 1-hit-wonder) "Jar of Hearts"

I feel silly asking this after being here so long, but where do you find a PM that you sent? n/t

Whoever made the sticky "Dedicated to my beloved oneighty/Love to you always"

Here we go, the roast of HASSELHOFF (I'm leaving) n/t

I've decided to constantly tell right wingers to "get a job" when I argue with them online

Ya know, yadonnt have to be druonk onyer assta

Now... how many had THIS, usually on their car?

X-post from Poetry forum--Sliding

Pictures of Hawkeye-X on his honey moon!!!

Proof that the dark side is about getting you to join them or bow down to them.

GD is discussing toilet seats.

After nearly ten years on DU my ignore list still totals zero.

Please help - I CANNOT find a place that sells late 1800s style clergy outfits

I watched Death at a Funeral (2010) this afternoon...

Now, how many had this, usually on their car?

I need shopping help

Okay, okay, you did good, but what is this?

Just squirted a nail on the wall with bug spray

You know all those warnings that Skinner sends you directly in your inbox?

I come humbly seeking advice on administering medicine to a cat.

Do you know what this is?

Now, how many had this, usually in their car?

Okay, okay, you're all doing good, but how many had these?

Most evil fattening food ever

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Cute-A-Clysm Edition

"Not, if I got wooden bullets."

Cranberry Slush from Sonic!!

Bill Murray's greatest role...

Post here and I will start a flamewar in GD based on your post.

At Church as they were passing around the wine and wafers...a old boyfriend of my sister blurted out

I've just sent out the invitations to our post-wedding party. Would you like

Help with e-ciggie

Can I just gush a sec? I love my kittehs.

My 2 new TV Guilty Pleasures:

I updated my Acer netbook with a SSD (solid state drive) and am installing WIN 7 today

Had a Mel Gibson dream last night. Swear on my life that it's 100% true.

60s instrumental experts: Need your help in ID-ing a song


Video: Sasha Obama Hits a Hole-in-one

they keep saying that Obama/Team hasn't accomplished much

Ridiculous ABC News graphic for mosque story

Dumbass Of The Day: Erick Erickson, cnn

Jobless Millions Signal Death of the American Dream for Many

Election season? Teabag strategy: Remember these four words ...

Democratic efforts: 11.5 million jobs

For those who wants to support the president

You see honey, this is how you do it

Remember these three words leading up to election WORKING CLASS WHITES

Obama Saved Detroit - voters will punish everyone who supported the effort anyway.

Anecdote on college kids' need for radical action from Dems in Congress & White House

President Obama & First Family meet perky porpoise during boat tour of Gulf of Mexico

"An OFA effort running alongside the Ohio Dem Party effort & that’s where the House races come in"

U.S. Economy Will Be Dominant Issue in November's Elections, Senators Say

I really find it hard to believe rethugs will get away with smearing Obama

Since Michelle Obama has approval ratings where are Todd Palin's approval ratings. . .

How the heck do rethugs get away with being more on National Security than the democrats

What's wrong with this pictures

The hooters want President Obama badly too (PIC)

Sasha Obama Hits A Hole-In-One (VIDEO)

Bye-Bye Withdraw -- Afghanistan says it found 1.8 billion barrel oilfield

Petraeus cites Bush-era shortcomings in Afghanistan - military leaders inherited a faulty strategy

What makes a lame duck?

What Mid-terms? It’s All About Paying the Bills

"For people who already fear the worst from Obama, this only confirms their fears"

Obama admin: only withdrawing "a handful" Afghanistan troops next year

So the rethugs think there going to win elections by bashing different segments of the counrty

Suit alleges Disney, other top sites spied on users

Today's narrative: "Obama 'walked back' from his comments Friday night."


A Labor Market Stuck in Neutral

Wall St.: Cutting Off Big Coal's Baddest?

GOP senator suggests mosque will be election issue

Anti-Muslim, anti-Gay, anti-Hispanic, anti-African American

Russia wildfires: NASA satellite image shows over 360 'hot spots'

(Buffalo)Officials say they may have charged the wrong man

Secret Assault on Terrorism Widens on Two Continents

I thought Peter King is GOP

Drive-by shooting, bombings kill 7 in Iraq

When it comes to job creation and upcoming elections, Republicans are between a rock and a hard

Polish Soldiers Blow Up Afghan House ‘For Fun’

"Here's my assessment of not just the vote in Massachusetts, but the mood around the country..."

Thousands evacuated from Lourdes shrines after bomb threat

South Korean president proposes plan to reunite with North Korea

Petraeus cites Bush-era shortcomings in Afghanistan

Mexican cartel blockades streets in Monterrey

Dems may use food stamp money to pay for Michelle Obama's nutrition initiative

Punishing the WikiLeaker misses the point

U.N. Chief Says More Aid Needed for Pakistan

Headline tweeted by the NYT: "@nytimespolitics Obama Keeps Torso Covered on Florida Vacation"

President Clinton in South Florida Monday to campaign for Kendrick Meek

Satellite images show scope of Russian wildfires

Buffalo arrest bungled: Authorities to drop charges against Keith Johnson in deadly shooting

Congress growing more wary about corruption in Afghanistan, Sen. Kerry says

Petraeus cites Bush-era shortcomings in Afghanistan

Mosque dispute takes Obama off-message on Gulf Coast

France urged to repay Haiti billions paid for its independence

Michelle Obama's Poll Numbers Drop After Trip

Indian Prime Minister Appeals for Calm in Kashmir

These MUTHERFUCKING Media Pieces Of Fucking Garbage

Medical Care Prices Fell for First Time in 35 Years

UN chief says Pakistan floods 'heart-wrenching' (Pic Heavy)

General Petraeus insists he will not be bound by Obama's Afghan exit date

WikiLeaks to apply for Swedish licence

Republicans Seek to Make Ground Zero Mosque an Issue in November Elections

Does ANYONE think President Obama should have held his

Afghanistan says finds 1.8 billion barrel oilfield

S.Korea, US launch massive joint war games

AP-GfK Poll: Independent voters sour on Democrats

NBC News: Philip Markoff found dead

China Passes Japan as Second-Largest Economy

Bogota bombing was 'work of far right'

Obama Supports Gays and Lesbians, Quietly

Bill Press: Critics wrong when they accuse Obama of doing nothing

Apple employee charged for selling secrets: WSJ

8 dead, 12 hurt at off-road race in Calif. desert

Tea party activists rally on Arizona-Mexico border

Danish naval team sent to 'take on' Greenpeace ship

Report: Doctors not consulted over sick Lockerbie bomber's release

Tamil asylum-seekers spark Canadian vitriol, anger

BP's Relief Well Effort Delayed by U.S. Concerns Over Risk of Oil Release

•••••• Gallup Daily Tracking: Approval at a new low - 42% ••••••

American Social Security turns 75

WikiLeaks' Collateral Murder: U.S. Soldier Ethan McCord's Eyewitness Story

Midweek Politics: How NOT to do a Fox News style ambush

Cindy Sheehan Vs Robert Gibbs Pee-Off

Sasha Obama Hits a Hole-in-one!

Obama Lip-Synching Speech

Kaine Slams Republicans for Exploding the Deficit

Linda McMahon WWE Legacy - Chris Benoit Slaughtered his own family


Fiorina, who destroyed thousands of jobs at HP, says that when we destroy jobs, we destroy dreams

Merle Hazard - "Double Dippin'"

Alex Sink’s ‘positive’ message hitting TV airwaves

More Oil And Tar On Pensacola Beach August 11 2010

The U S War Addiction

The Party of NO…is it working for the Republicans?

Chris Van Hollen D-MD, & Kevin McCarthy, R-CA. on CNN Part 2

Chris Van Hollen D-MD, & Kevin McCarthy, R-CA. on CNN Part 1

MSNBC: Cenk Vs. Guests On Afghanistan War

Incredible Raw Videos Of Hotels In Pakistan Being Completely Destroyed By The Flood

Rep. Louie Gohmert Goes Berserk On Anderson Cooper!!!

Catholic Government

Cenk To Host MSNBC's Ed Show 8/16 - 8/20/10 @ 6-7pm ET, 3-4pm PT

Senator Obama: A Call to Renewal - Religion and Politics - June 2006

Post here and I will assign you your new DU name.

Iraq looks to Shiite leader for a way out of political crisis

Aqua Buddha Supporters Demand Equal Treatment at Ground Zero

Oil rigs' safety net questioned as governments rely on private inspections

What Mid-terms? It’s All About Paying the Bills

Iraq war winds down, but costs soar

Tea Party leaves 1776 questions unanswered

It's Obama's White House, but it's still Bush's world

The rise of the Extreme Right - an Alternative Theory

Some States Are Lacking in Health Law Authority.

Are you ready for a struggle to halt drilling? (fracking)

The galling letter Ensign sent to raise money for his legal defense

Column - Wales Madden Jr.: White will restore Texas standing ...

Claim That Ground Zero Mosque Is Really 'Islamic YMCA' Inflames Homophobic Right

Chaplains and Religion Substituted for Professional Mental Health Care in the Military

'The Republican Party of today stands for nothing except the pursuit of power as an end in itself'

Another Threat to Economy: Boomers Cutting Back

Crooks & Liars: If The Dems Have Any Sense They'll Make Social Security a Defining Issue for 2010

Judge Revokes USDA Approval Of Monsanto's Genetically Modified Sugar Beets, Orders Review

New Brunswick's nuclear nightmare

Woman, 91, arrested at Vt. nuke plant

GreenPeace - Arctic Sunrise Tour - to the gulf

Q: Do TIGERS like catnip??

The First High Speed Rail Station Breaks Ground

New process could reduce atmospheric CO2 to pre-industrial levels

Hansen: What Global Warming Looks like (So Far)

Nick Watney, Dustin Johnson, and Rory McIlroy on top after three rounds

Boneheads unite

No-hitter ends in unusual fashion

Stafon Johnson suffers another serious injury..

Padres Pound Lincecum to take series against the Ginats...

Kentucky Basketball tips off TONIGHT in Canada, 7:00 EST

Gah! The Dolts are wearing *throwbacks* today!

Peru: 25 years after Accomarca massacre, trial against responsibles has not started yet

Ecuador finds narco-sub shipyard .

Unearthing Victims of the Christmas Massacre

FARC release Japanese hostage

International Book Festival opens in Bogota

World Bank approves mining company suit against El Salvador

Bogota bombing was 'work of far right'

Venezuelan army no match for the FARC'

Venezuela newspaper faces probe over morgue photo

Royal Oak's choice: Guns or families

Gun Found Underneath Baby In Stroller

Gun Enthusiasts Predict Ammo Shortage Turns to Surplus

Interesting. Sharron Angle originally of the Tea Party says she carries a concealed .44 magnum...

Will the recent Supreme Court decision on firearms lead to anarchy or save lives?

To Those In Arizona

Medical treatment & limiting homosexuality

Excellent article on history of marriage on Yahoo!

Today in Labor History Aug 15 Nixon announces a 90-day freeze on wages, prices and rents & more

A tale of modern American working life

x-post from MN. Defeated gay Republican quits party, endorses Democrat

Anti-union measure to be debated in 4 states

Report Says Xcel, Contractor Ignored Worker Safety

Cave-in Death Leads to Willful Charges against Texas Construction Firm

Lastly today: A post card

Caption Contest for Fun!

Forgot the critter in comouflage

Graffiti - yes it's an art form!

Do you like this photo manipulation effect?

Would you believe an almost white sunset?


So I showed Mom the posts she is featured in

Digital artifact?

The Calendar contest is up in GD

Landmark wall razed on Jerusalem outskirts

Gaza doctor writes book of hope despite death of three daughters

Quick question


WTF??? Angel on the wall?

As someone who probably met Thomas(75), he's a douchebag.

OK Atheist here. Could a Theist define what exactly a 'soul' is?

Should we replace democracy with a Catholic dictatorship?

Asking for help with thread in GD

Tell the waiter to get off of your foot!

Time Warner centre succumbs to New York bedbug epidemic