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Archives: August 14, 2010

Oops. Dupe.

Mr. Gibbs, flag waver for the right.

400K sent DADT survey. 150K respond by the deadline. I can assume the rest don't much give a shit.

"I quit..."

German journalist Götz Aly denounces pension system

My Friday night drunken Twitter Rant - 120 Characters at a time ;)

3 states see surge in IDs for illegal immigrants

The Accountablity Project - My E-mail From The DNC.......

VIDEO: Oil Splash

"We all know what McCain looks like when he's really mad and this ain't it."

New private university signals drive to privatise higher education in Britain

toon: Selling the war

U.S. soldiers' mission shows Afghan war's uncertainties

Pentagon Papers leaker Ellsberg testifies at Iraq war protester's trial

Wikileaks and War Crimes

Decoration and Departure

A reason for optimism in diagnosing, treating TBI

Why Germany Is a Nation in Conflict

Guantánamo: A Prison That Stains US Moral Authority

Terror Babies

So, New Yorkers, how do you feel about David Paterson brining Shariah Law to the Big Apple?

Senators Tester and Webb.....

Commentary: America will lose when we win in Afghanistan

Just look what one person can do (homeless story)

Man pleads not guilty in Calif. freeway shootout (Intercepted enroute to shoot up the ACLU)

Is anyone else having trouble getting on YouTube this morning?

Protesters denounce Google plan for 'two-tier internet'

Imports Hit Second-Quarter GDP Growth

F.D.A. Approves 5-Day Emergency Contraceptive

Sharon Angle supports social security privatization because...Chile's done it!

Sometimes little things matter: "Grassy Knoll"

We're killing the planet while turning the US into a third world kleptocracy!


Violence Haunts Iraq's Youngest Victims Of War

Afghans protest against civilian deaths

No Double Standards in Cutting Defense Fat

Great article from Truthout


Virginia politicians plan JFCOM counterattack

Glenn Greenwald: "The 'Mosque' Opposition Is Like the New Black Panther 'Scandal...'"

Glenn Greenwald: "The 'Mosque' Opposition Is Like the New Black Panther 'Scandal...'"

Republicans quiet as church mice about hot summer

"The issue I can sense brewing on hate sites is 'These Muslims are celebrating on September 11'"

The RW loons are in full-on FREAK-THE-FUCK-OUT mode.

U.S. withdrawal from Iraq: Ending or outsourcing the war?

FDA OKs new, five-day emergency contraceptive

Hey Alex the twit

Explaining Net Neutrality in a Way Tea Partiers Can Understand...

"Liberals and Progressives"

Good News... 'Laborers' International Union Expected To Rejoin AFL-CIO' - HuffPo

Ollie North: Mid-Summer Madness


Pawlenty at bottom of CNN presidential poll

YES! Magazine: My Tiny, Free House

4 hours of conversations with HOWARD ZINN on "This Is Hell!" - 10am EDT - stream link

Latin America debates marijuana law

Happy Ramadan: McCain Joins Anti-Mosque Campaign

The Dems have themselves to blame

52 Percent of Vacationers Traveling to U.S. Cities This Summer Will Use Local Public Transit Service

Censoring Reader Forums.

Judge: Roseville Galleria visitors can talk to strangers

Afghans blame civilian deaths on U.S. despite spike from insurgent violence

It's amazing that dittoheads think the Washington Post is a liberal paper. Bull

WikiLeaks says it won't be threatened by Pentagon

Senator Bernie Sanders: Name Elizabeth Warren to Consumer Post

Is chronic long-term high unemployment being "built" into this economy ?

Gallup survey: In U.S., Confidence in Newspapers, TV News Remains a Rarity

LAT: Prop. 8 backers ask for permanent hold on same-sex marriage ruling

As if it is "our oil"

Olbermann Blasts Dr. Laura: 'Genuine, Blind Ignorant Racism' (VIDEO) Not The "N" Word

75 Years Ago Today Social Security Became Law

Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston Agree on Custody

Road Trip !!! - 'Free Admission: National Park Service Waives Fees This Weekend'

Oh, the humanity! Hindenburg omen in stock market

Tea Party Payroll

Guess Who Else Disagrees With Google’s Net Neutrality Plan? Google In 2006

Laborers' International Union Expected To Rejoin AFL-CIO

I do not believe what You believe.

Five Dead N*ggers vs. Eleven Uttered N*ggers: A Racial Scorecard

Holey shit....a caller on C-span just said what I wanted to say

Demoralized socialist wonders who she can give her dreams to

Keep on chuckin'.

Speaking of idiots.... meet Dan Fanelli

How should we react to your Obama primary challenge vote?

President Obama's approval hits personal all-time low in Gallup tracking

Ever seen Democrats demonizing a small minority to whip up their base like Republibaggers do?

Will Medicare checks in the mail help Democrats?

Will The WikiLeaks Saga End The Near 40 Year U.S. Involvement In Afghani Conflict?

My brain has been attacked by a fringe nut zombie

Life as videogame

"The member has been escorted from the building with extreme prejudice."

Sacred artifacts returned to Northern Calif tribe

Sex Offender Hired As A BP Cleanup Subcontractor Now Accused Of Rape

Isiah Thomas protests gay marriage ban

Colorado Republicans

Glenn Beck, Holy Warrior

Court says Roseville mall's chat policy illegal

my advice to the Hannity, Beck, Limbaugh talk radio types

Democrats urge Alvin Greene to drop Senate bid after indictment

Why doesn't the President get credit for controlling oil spill??

what is the official consensus here on abortion?

Received notice that marijuana collective is opening in my neighborhood

If it were being done to you, you'd understand in a heartbeat

Bottom of the anti-mosque barrel

Michael Moore: Profits Up at GM! And You're Still Unemployed

A toggle-switch with whiskers. . . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck, The Gnat!!!

FDA OKs new "morning-after" pill

Remedial Reading For Republicans

Remedial Reading For Republicans

Floods affect 20m people - Pakistan PM Gilani

Toon:Crazy Voo

"Call it the National Defense Full Employment Act"

Wow. I finally listened to "Dr." Laura. I don't think I lack a "sense of humor" to be offended.

Wow. The Ring of Fire is really on fire today (earthquakes)

Take this job and shove it! (Which politician is on the verge of going "Jet Blue"?)

"Freedom From Want."-Stop the Plot Against Seniors by Alan Grayson

Narco-blogger beats Mexico drug war news blackout

According to FEMA, Palau is probably the safest place to live

Roger Ebert on Christopher Hitchens

Haiti: Wyclef Jean for president?

Haiti: Wyclef Jean for president?

Chernobyl: The Gift That Never Stops Giving

Chernobyl: The Gift That Never Stops Giving

Obama urges tourism to aid Gulf economy post-spill

Oh, Those? Pay No Attention to the Other Mosques Near the World Trade Center

Al Gore Is Worse Than Charles Manson

Federal Aid To States Signed Into Law

Federal Aid To States Signed Into Law

Rupert Murdoch 'to launch US digital newspaper'

Haiti- Rape in the Camps: Lacking Security, Women Organize to Protect Themselves

Bum's gold rush for creditable guy

Neil Young to play Gulf Coast tour

Jeremy Scahill gave a speech yesterday that is well worth listening to

Obama defends right to build mosque near 9/11 site

WMO: Unprecedented sequence of extreme weather events is consistent with climate change

Letter Carriers Honor Vigilant (HERO) Residents & slide show

DU opinion poll on foreign policy.

OK, imagine you've claimed a business bankruptcy. Are these personal expenses excessive?

LA Times: Economic fears rise as disappointing figures pile up

JetBlue flight attendant wants his old job back

Boehner Is Wrong. Americans Don’t Support Social Security Cuts

GPS seen as threat to privacy (query by a finance company to put GPS devices in vehicles it finances

NYT: No Reveling for Democrats, Despite Achievements

Obama: Oil stopped, but Gulf job far from done

Obama: Oil stopped, but Gulf job far from done

America’s biggest — and only major — jobs program is the U.S. military - by: Robert Reich

pic of the day

Rep. Waters: Ethics case is about access for those who are not heard by decision makers

Was it excessive? You make the call: Staff Tackles and Chokes Deaf Shopper for Shoplifting

US plans $60b arms sale to Saudis

If You Are A Registered Democrat In South Carolina, Do You Vote For Alvin Greene ?

Will Obama Fix the S. Korea Free Trade Agreement?

Fla. bear cub with jar stuck on head is freed

Fla. bear cub with jar stuck on head is freed

Guardian UK: US cities face up to massive cuts

Guardian UK: US cities face up to massive cuts

Question for DUers - Is Lady Blah Blah the first governor

Question for DUers - Is Lady Blah Blah the first governor

Journalism Warning Labels

Huffington Post: Steve Parker: Is NHTSA Working for Toyota or To Find the Truth?

Huffington Post: Steve Parker: Is NHTSA Working for Toyota or To Find the Truth?


Over at the exploding heads site (FR) they know nothing about the mosque at the Pentagon

Nutty Narrative In A Nutshell

CO AG John Suthers (R) Taking Campaign $ from Payday Lenders As He Is Crafting New Industry Laws!

New and hilarious entry in the Urban Dictionary: Gohmert (v)

The Muslim population country by country.

Mexican workers subjected to abuse, exploitation, and intimidation in TN...

a little below

US cities face up to massive cuts

Playing the CFPB Nomination Game (Elizabeth Warren) - FDL

Ethicists Charge Doctor With Trying to Prevent Homosexuality in the Womb

Now Obama is clarifying he is not commenting on the "wisdom" of putting mosque near Ground Zero

Doesn't anyone believe Ken Lay's death was very 'convenient'?

Whitman's $13 million check brings her personal campaign contribution to $104 million

delete nt

Mr. Blair about your book signing: Dedication Suggestions......

Highmark sending work to India!

Robert Reich: Forget a Double-Dip, We're Still in One Long Big Dipper

Why is the right...

Obama needs to have a welcoming event for the ground zero mosque in the next few weeks

In short, I AM the Democratic Party and I am finding it impossible to vote for a Democrat

Group: Prop 19 Would Mean Pot-Smoking at Work

Just another America-hating Liberal Soldier

C'mon in, the water's fine!

We need more folks like George W. Norris...

We need more folks like George W. Norris...

We need more folks like George W. Norris...

Maybe we should ask if some companies are playing with Net nutrality now.

Which movie remake would Rep. Ghomert (R-Insane) best be cast in?

Good For A Laugh: Right-Wing Bloggers Choose 25 Worst Figures In American History

Anyone getting this message when they try google?

Obama and Sasha swimming in the GOM

Obama and Sasha swimming in the GOM

Obama and Sasha swimming in the GOM

Terrorist sockeye salmon are crossing our borders!

Stallone disses Norris (I think)

My Frustration with the Average American Voter

Drudge Headline "AS-SALAMU ALAYKUM"

Don't ever tell me that the Teabaggers AREN'T fucking idiots

Someone give me some tips on how to defend against Laffer!

Failed half-term quitter Governor demands answers from President of the United States via Tweets

Hilarious: 8 scary sex tips from Fox News

Abbey Lincoln, Jazz Singer and Writer, Dies at 80

What is to become of journalism? What bothers me most about this article....

A discreet gigglesnort --

Frank Rich: Angels in America

Fellow Dems, if you aren't watching Ed Schultz's show on MSNBC, start doing so now....

Come The Revolution...

What Will Anthony Kennedy Do on Gay Marriage? It's the question driving the entire Prop 8 train

LAT: More college students mentally ill

Prominent Democrats want Kennedy's widow to run for his Senate seat

Which has given you the most problems: Businesses or Governments?

Oh hell no: Daniels "Open to the Idea" of Presidential Run in 2012

Local indigent clinic,and How Barton is now taking credit for financing he opposed

Wall St.: Cutting Off Big Coal's Baddest?

Federal Housing Authority Now Insures Mortgages for Luxury Manhattan Condos

I knew Dan Quayle... and you're a chip off the old block

Live Long And Prosper - Paul Krugman

Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka Expecting TWINS

The OBAMA I Voted For!

The OBAMA I Voted For!

Groups Visit Valley On "Votes Have Consequences" Tour

Construction SCABS working on White House???

Construction SCABS working on White House???

holy Crap-I looked up a local editor's bible quote-look what I found!

holy Crap-I looked up a local editor's bible quote-look what I found!

holy Crap-I looked up a local editor's bible quote-look what I found!

How much do you allow the media to influence your decision on adopting a certain breed of dog ?

The Battle for Health Care rages on. . Who's watching?

India should help rebuild flood-ravaged Pakistan: Aziz Memon

A website to help out victims of the Gulf Coast oill spill

Please sign this True Majority petition to stop bailouts to Big Oil and BP

Economic “Recovery?” Not for You and Me

Economic “Recovery?” Not for You and Me

Justifying the "N" word

Monks Fight Louisiana Funeral Industry over Right to Build Coffins

I thought the BASS store was closing...

Eid-al-fitr in the US will be September 10th this year

Two Santa Clauses or How The Republican Party Has Conned America for Thirty Years

Legal Schanuzer: At Least One Victim Of Bush Justice Department Has Received Some Justice

I bet you bottom dollar that they would never pull this stunt in the well to do neighborhoods

President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama and Sasha enjoy a game of mini golf - pics

Jennifer Aniston Shoots Back at Bill O'Reilly Over Motherhood

Tomorrow on MSNBC 12p (est)- Discussion on state of U.S. education system

Freepers circle the stupid wagons

Obama is already backing down on his New York mosque statement because of right-wing Repub attacks

By Amateur Means

"What Happens If We Stay In Afghanistan?": Response To TIME Magazine

Kelly had heart attack, says pathologist

The Muslim Canadian Congress has come out swinging against a mosque at ground zero.

I'd like to know how a family with kids can make it in today's economy?

The Price We Pay

The Plot Against Seniors

Pharaoh had ritual sex in front of the masses, why not the President?!1

After selling Nissans for years my Son in Law bought a.....

500 police protect National Socialist rally in Knoxville (Where was the Tea Party?)

The most reassuring image I've seen all week.

the week in lgbt courage

women lends homeless man her American Express platinum credit card to buy cigarettes

Dear Teabagger, When You Cheer State Workers Getting Laid Off, Please Do The Following

Dear Teabagger, When You Cheer State Workers Getting Laid Off, Please Do The Following

ACLU Report: Obama Enshrining Bush-Era Torture Policies

You are all now 'Strangers in strange land"

Suit alleges Disney, other top sites spied on users

LOL... I'm Gettin Me One Of These... 'Obama Abolishes Transparency Position' - FDL

Lunch and a swim - pics

I wish they'd stop calling the 9-11 attack site 'ground zero'

Just got an offer for a CitiBank Platinum MasterCard - 24.99% interest!!!!

Vince McMahon demands that attacks against WWE (death machine) stop!

In Case You Missed This... Yarmuth (D-KY) Critical Of White House Economic Team

NY Times: Free Parking Comes at a Price

Hymns for the plight of the working class.......

Grayson: Stop the Plot Against Seniors

Let's say, strictly for the sake of argument, that you're a god-damned idiot...

So the DNC just sent me this letter asking for money...

Woodhuck honors to Kucinich, who will not challegne Obama in the primary.

It's November, 2012

It's November, 2012

I've Worked at Schools on Both Sides Now: Rich and Poor

So what did Muslims ever do for America?

The Consequences of Income Inequality

Boehner & Co have stolen from the SS trust fund for decades--Now they want to steal your retirement!

DU this poll please...

Improving Workplace Collaboration Requires A Dog

Regarding Medicare Cost Cutting > This bears repeating: A Prescription for Ruin

The Great Lie

My email to President Obama, fwiw

Bust a Nut wiih Beck! . . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!!

Michael Moore: Profits Up At GM! And You're Still Unemployed

Comedy Central Roast of Pamela Anderson - Bea Arthur

Race horses sometimes have funny names.

My horoscope from Friday, August 13, 2010 (from the Colorado Daily):

Blind Faith ~ Can't Find My Way Home

The Black Keys - Tighten Up

Archie Bell & The Drells -- Tighten Up

or if you prefer...Tighten Up - Archie Bell and the Drells

Back from the tavern...just gotta say one thing...

Hey Peggy, over here.

do not post here unless you have direct personal experience

Are you kidding me??

Tomorrow I am only going to post happy, harmless, non-controversial stuff, like Smurfs video clips.

Another reason to love the Prius!



I'm reminded of this Dick FAR too often... even here.

Peggy, I loved your poem

Buffalo Springfield - Mr. Soul

My dog's ear got torn

YouTube: "Cooking With Dog - How to Make Omurice (Chicken Rice Wrapped with Fried Egg)"

OMG - They're really HUNGRY in Buffalo...


Ewwww! I have to drive back to denver on wendsday

The Big Chill

This is no dream! This is really happening!

My sister raised $625.00 for the colorado aids walk today

I'm not asking Michael Cera to do King Lear, but stretch a *little* will ya FFS.


Today's earworm: "Jar of Hearts" (Who do you think you are?) - Christina PERRI

My best shoplifting tale from working the graveyard shift, at an open 24, years ago.

Wake and Bake!

self delete

Yes, I do make fun of Texas quite a bit, but...

Good morning! How is everyone today?

I finally did something I should have done years ago: I entered the Bulwer-Lytton contest

Huh. So THAT'S what the hangover from drinking half a bottle of whiskey feels like.

I just watched a clip from the feel-good movie of the summer!

Clam stuffed mushrooms...

What did I Miss In The Lounge Last Night?

The Lounge, last night.

My latest Haiku - "Jack Shit, I Know Him"

Finding a close friend a Republican is like finding they're insane

I've been ripping my CD collection, and am almost done. I had 14 CDs I'd never opened.

My New New Shero!

The Yamato LIVES!!!

Spring Valley

My star went away. (Do NOT star me!)

I saw four UFO's this evening!

OK, for my only Dr. Laura post-- Does anyone remember the "Frasier" episode where...

Oblivious people

Empire Strikes Back on Spike

Crystal Math Addiction

Will you marry — oops! There goes $9,000 ring

a bit of random DU glitchiness

what are your guilty...

Just having a really rough day

just needed to share

just needed to share

Nobody looks good wearing this

Warning! Dr. Laura's chest is much better than her big mouth!

Tomorrow I will be taking my Mother's ashes to the old farm she grew up on.

Off to Traverse City on Wednesday. Yes, the land of Michael Moore and Mario Batali and many others.

Has anyone ever been an egg donor?

OK I need some Lounge hugs and vibes.

What's your favorite line from "The Birdcage" ?

Fuck you Corporate America

When you walk out of a store and the alarm goes you stop?

The Wannadies - The You And Me Song. When I first heard this song

I just got busted for No Shoes No Shirt No Service!

Songs of friendship


There is absolutely NOTHING in this life more dangerous than a narwhal with a library card...

What would you put in an American "Ethnic" Food Section in a supermarket?

You know what really sucks?

Renée Zellweger was in Dazed and Confused?

Saw "Hellraiser" last night, for the first time in more than a decade.

Coming soon to a theatre near you!!!! (there will be no spoilers in the OP)

I seriously cannot take the bitterness anymore, it is not healthy. I'm leaving DU.

I'm leaving DU for real!

So I'm getting married tomorrow and my car breaks down

NO POOP FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!

God I miss Cuban Liberal

The Concert

Went and saw "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" today. So awesome. So very awesome.

Heading to the Outer Banks and need information

Two poems

Nobody looks good wearing this

Instrumental Songs that you like. Post them here.

President Obama's travel plan

Write to the president

sleeping in the flood

Support for the Muslim Community Center demonstrates why Obama is a PRAGMATIST...

Obama Defense of "Ground Zero Mosque" Less Risky Than it Seems (Nate Silver)

The Media still talk about

Fox News Poll Regarding the Mosque reveals that...

President Obama talk on CNN now

One of the finest moments of Obama's presidency (Sargent)

Presidents take vacations — press doesn't

should we allow a Palestinian delegation to come to D.C.?


"Desecration" and the Islamic Center

Mark my word you will get tired of seeing this guy being interviewed by end of next week

Newt: "GZ mosque is a political statement of radical islamist triumph over world trade center"

TPM's Josh Marshall Slams Politico for attempting to create a fake controversy

the Media needs find the story..

I support Obama, except for his timidity at times

I support Obama, except for his timidity at times

CNN came up with a reason to post the pic of Obama in his swim trunks. Serious reporting.

There were several very busy Middle Eastern food stands at Ground Zero when I went there

Obama, from today: Government should treat 'everyone equal, regardless'

Obama family enjoy short vacation in Florida (pic)

Good luck with any real change to our corrupt system from either party.

Obama: Social Security privatization 'up there' on GOP's 'to-do list'

My Belkin wireless router has decided it doesn't know my computer anymore

Better sit down for this one. Ted Stevens was assassinated??

I am very proud of my president today. He stood up for all of us when he stood up for the mosque.

PHOTO: President Obama arrives at Tyndall Air Force Base, Panama City, FL

(Jerry) Brown urges appellate court to allow marriages

LOL @sarapalinusa is having a twitter meltdown over Obama's mosque comments

Kendrick Meek leads Jeff Greene by double digits in FL

Greenpeace, Poland agree on Europe's last primeval forest

I'm lovin' the new newspeak about "optics" our corporomedia has latched onto.How about you?

Churches should be banned in parts of Atlanta, Buffalo,

What? What? What? Fox News Agree with Obama...

Oh, the humanity! Hindenburg omen in stock market

Here's the WH-released pic of President Obama & Sasha in the ocean today:

High Point #3 of the Obama administration, as I see it

Would a Payroll Tax Holiday Stimulate the Lame Duck?

Lazio, GOPers respond on Obama mosque speech

oh no... Obama family play golf together..(PIC)

FL-SEN POLL: Meek crushing Greene by 14; Rubio edging out Crist

Laborers' International Union Expected To Rejoin AFL-CIO

Judges Divided Over Rising GPS Surveillance

US settles with defense contractor

When folks claim the WH picks more fights with progressives than conservatives, it would also seem

Days of Rage -- The Noxious Transformation of the Conservative Movement into a Rabid Fringe

Days of Rage -- The Noxious Transformation of the Conservative Movement into a Rabid Fringe

Feds offer $100,000 reward in white powder letter case

"The President is not backing off in any way"

Feds open new NOPD probe

It's disgusting the way Republicans are 'milking' 9/11 for all it's worth

Obama didn't JUST defend the RIGHT to build the "Mosque"...

Obama Strongly Backs Islam Center Near 9/11 Site

US museum exhibit to focus on endangered plants

UPDATE: Swiss Regulators Halt Start Of Transocean $1B Dividend

Obama claims GOP trying to destroy Social Security

So Scarborough goes on THE TODAY SHOW and claims that Malia joining POTUS & FLOTUS. . .

Baseball Player Hit By Stray Bullet At World Championship Tournament

US contractor investigated for overcharging(Louis Berger Grp. managing over $1B in recons.contracts)

Obamas arrive in Gulf as work continues on relief well

Karzai Asks Obama For Review Of Afghanistan War.

(ella) F.D.A. Approves 5-Day Emergency Contraceptive

Well, here is *the* photo

Cholera confirmed in Pakistani flood disaster (up to 36,000 others have similar symptoms)

Gov. Bob Riley, Attorney General Troy King trade jabs over BP lawsuits

Haiti earthquake caused by new fault line

Al-Qaida Leader in Yemen Surrenders

FDR library and museum exhibit marks signing of Social Security Act

NC slaughterhouse, union get along after fighting

WikiLeaks says it won't be threatened by Pentagon

DNC Video on the 75th Anniversary: Tell Republicans to Keep their Hands off Social Security

Maricopa County officials will aid feds in Arpaio investigation

Crist backs Obama on controversial Islamic center. Greene: "President Obama has this all wrong..."

BP letter defends handling of emissions release

Obama takes a swim

India outsourcers angered by US job visa hike

Pakistan may accept India's assistance for flood victims if it is routed through U.N.

Impact of Pakistan floods as bad as 1947 partition, says prime minister (20million homeless)

Seven shot, four dead outside Buffalo restaurant in US

Obama Says Mosque Remarks Were Not Endorsement

Pakistan in confusion over India's ($5 million) offer for flood aid

Tylenol linked to asthma in teens

Government workers' compensation may be more than area cities can afford

Obama played his cards right on BP

U.S. may end deepwater drill ban early

Judges Reject Interrogation Evidence in Gitmo Cases

Dr. David Kelly ("suicide") death inquest may be reopened (Spokesman for Attorney General says)

Obama urges tourism to aid Gulf economy post-spill

Genetically engineered salmon under FDA consideration

why walk it back?

Obama Claims GOP Trying to Destroy Social Security

Obama: I will protect Social Security with everything i've got

Rachel Maddow: INCarceration - incompetence, graft in Gov. Brewer's Arizonia PRIVATE prisons

Taking It To Mr Club For Growth-This is how you do it

Dr Laura Schlessinger Worst Person In The World!!!

Countdown: Wendell Potter - Insurance Cos. Say Lobbyists Should Count as Medical Costs!

How much has Obama achieved in office?

Madden NFL Conspiracy

Pres. Obama: "Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else..."

The Main Street Brigade Presents: A Sheriff Warren Wrap

Lilith Fair 2010 DC - Lissie "Catching a Tiger" - Justice Through Music Project

In defense of $26 billion jobs bill

Michael Reagan - MORE COWBELL. Actually, he wants more outrage over NH Dem's Palin remarks.

Rachel Maddow: USAID importance to US geopolitics

Mexico Debates Legalizing Marijuana: "Radical Prohibition Strategies Have Never Worked"

The Party of NO, is it working? Does saying no to everything help the Republican Party?

MSNBC Keith Olbermann: Right Wing Tries To Twist Michelle Obama's Vacation

America's Next Top Wingnut

MSNBC Keith Olbermann: Worst Person In The World! - Brent Bozell

President Obama Celebrating Ramadan at the White House!

Driv'a Man-Abbey Lincoln

President Obama Weekly Address: Honoring Social Security, Not Privatizing It

Circular firing batshit crazy candidate endorses another. Angle hearts Bachmann.

Shopping With Obama For Health Insurance On A Mac

Elizabeth Warren Rap Video- Got A New Sheriff

SAVE us, Sharron Angle! You're our only hope! Let's mirror Chile's failed Social Security system!

The Young Turks: (R) Wants Illegal Immigrant Camps

Louie Gohmert FLIPS OUT When Anderson Cooper Asks Him for Evidence of ''Terrorist Baby'' Plot

MSNBC: Social Security Rant by Cenk Uygur

MSNBC: Social Security Rant by Cenk Uygur

MSNBC Keith Olbermann: Worst Person In The World! - Dr Laura N-Word Rant

Obama:"In This Country,We Treat Everybody Equally"

Obama's Passport Close Up :-)

Olbermann Blasts Dr. Laura — But NOT For N-Word Rant

The Young Turks: Glenn Beck vs. Bill O'Reilly on Gay Marriage and Abortion

The Young Turks: Glenn Beck vs. Bill O'Reilly on Gay Marriage and Abortion

Watch Luke Skywalker Become a Jedi Knight in This Deleted Star Wars Scene

Tea Party/GOP want to kill Soc. Security & Unemployment - Rachel Maddow

Growing your own food, a 'Homegrown Revolution'

Keiser Report No. 68

Abbey Lincoln & Ivan Dixon in Nothing But a Man

Grayson: "Politico Is Part Of A Permanent Government That Was Established Under Bush Administration"

The Young Turks: Dr Laura N-Word Rant

Young Turks: White Couple Won't Sell Home To Black Couple

MSNBC: Cenk Vs Conservative On 14th Amendment, Immigration

MSNBC Keith Olbermann: Fundamentalist Christians Are No Better Than Fundamentalist Muslims

"75 Years Ago Today FDR Signed Social Security Into Law" Pres Obama Weekly Address

$600M border bill unlikely to spur immigration reform

How Private Prison Corporations Hope Arizona's SB1070 Will Lead to Internment Camps

The Horrific Derivatives Bubble That Could One Day Destroy The Entire World Financial System

Judges Divided Over Rising GPS Surveillance

Tale of Ansel Adams Negatives Grows Hazy

Globe Editorial: ... and avoid crackpot theories, too (on Gohmert)

The Coming Tax War: How Letting the Bush Tax Cuts Expire Could End the Economic Crisis

Blogger Proposes New Gay Bar

Robert Reich: Scrap Bush tax cut for very wealthy

Sole survivor of Afghan attack on health workers tells story

What the Tea Parties Really Want: A Return to "White Man's Country"

3 Reasons Israel will/won't attack Iran

Canada's medical profession: the 1st to issue official policy to curb organ trafficking

Tired of lies from Obama

Federal trans-formation (Obama on LGBT, or at least T, rights) (Boston Phoenix)

Secret Assault on Terrorism Widens on Two Continents.

Auschwitz-Birkenau's uncertain future

Detroit Goes From Gloom to Economic Bright Spot (GAWD I love this as a Detroiter).

The Fuhrer Myth

NYT Op-Ed: "Almost everyone agrees" ending Bush Tax Cuts "makes little sense." WT effing F???

SIROTA: corporate Democrats days are numbered

Anderson Cooper Stuns GOP Rep. On 'Terror Babies'

The meat industry feels the heat as the sustainable-food movement gains force

Pebble Mine Critics Take Up Arms

Wind vs. Coal: The Fight for a Mountaintop

Fashion Tries on Zero Waste Design

Now that Germany is phasing out its solar subsidies, how much ENERGY does solar power produce there?

Gotta love the SEC

Haters Gonna Hate

Absolute GREAT read on the "comeback" of Bernie Kosar.

Who clicked on this forum expecting Huey Lewis conversation?

Ambassador William Brownfield leaves Colombia .

Colombia looks past Washington

Fidel Castro's Reflections: The Giant with Seven-League Boots, Part I

Hannah Bell posted an article about Wyclef Jean that might interest Haiti watchers:

Chavez is right, Uribe is not .

Colombian ex-president to teach at Georgetown U

Land Ownership at the Crux of Haiti’s Stalled Reconstruction (plan Clinton)

So I was trolling DU and found this on Reporters Without Borders ...

Howard Berman acceded to pressure to bring the travel provisions to the Foreign Affairs Committee

Mexico: Military accused of irregularities in student death

'Army complicit in Arauca paramilitary crimes' .

'Cucuta prosecutor faked paramilitary arrests' .

Medellin asks for help after massive gang warfare .

Paraguay leader says 'renewed' by cancer treatment

In Venezuela, Rise Of Labor Unions Turns Deadly

'El Aleman' charged with Cordoba's kidnapping . (Piedad Cordoba is a Colombian senator)

Extradited paramilitaries to testify from US jails .

I think this thread shows just how far down on the list gun control really is with Democrats

Driver shot at by mysterious gunman

Baseball Player Hit By Stray Bullet At World Championship Tournament

1 killed, 3 injured in South El Monte shooting

Man kills himself at Burbank shooting range

"I didn't even hear the shot." ...

8 shot, 4 fatally, outside Buffalo, NY, restaurant

Might Mean Something, Might Not

Four African LGBT Organizations Worth Supporting -- The Advocate

Hundreds Of California SEIU Caregivers Protest Firings Of 37 Workers At Piedmont Gardens

GM Posts $1.3 Billion Profit - UAW Says Auto Workers Are An Enormous Part Of GM Turnaround

Tasty Baking workers vote in favor of joining union

Laborers' union to rejoin AFL-CIO

Union head urges workers to confront 'job-cutters'

Neil Patrick Harris and partner David Burtka expecting twins this fall

Illinois Job Seekers Get Protection From Discriminatory Use Of Credit Scores

Today in Labor History Aug 14 FDR Created the most successful anti-poverty program in U.S. history

Time can be elusive? Maybe anyway . . .

Gargoyles anyway?

Because we don't have enough lily pictures! LOL!

Time out!

more calendar stuff

Am I wearing out my (Florida) welcome?

VW Bug - oh yeah! It's been around!

A Study in Rust

A stroll down Bay Street on a broiling day (8 photos)

With apologies to Saphire...

U.S.: PA to announce renewal of direct talks 'within days'

Narratives Under Siege (5): There’s Something in the Water: The Poisoning of Life in the Gaza Strip

3 Reasons Israel will/won't attack Iran

Open Data Starts Paying Off on Alzheimer’s

Neptune 'dead zones' hold more rocks than asteroid belt

If I Hadn't Found Jesus, I'd Feel Pretty Shitty About My Crimes

Starcoddes this Weed = Heather Roan Robbins

Matthew's Message for August is up

But will it make you happy?

I caught someone I volunteer with in (another) lie today.

So I noticed that the order of the day seems to be instant manifesting.

Anyone ever tried 5-htp?

Brittany Murphy, Michael Jackson, Heath Legder... America's fatal addiction to prescription drugs

Ontario cancels vitamin D testing for all