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Military recruiter from Strongsville charged with child enticement

The guy next to me is not bad looking

NRA Instructor Shoots Student: What Can We Learn?

A strange twist in the Farhenbach case

A strange twist in the Farhenbach case

Everybody knows the emperor has no clothes. Bow to him anyway, it's better than being alone.

Professional Ballet

Olbermann email (I hope he reads emails) Re: Michael Hatchell

And now for something completely different in subject, content and perspective, take a look/listen.

Attention Righthaven & RJ.

WikiLeaks preparing to release more files

Tillman family hopes to get truth in own way

Gunston Hall CO fired, former XO, CMC punished

Trial opens for youngest Gitmo inmate

Trial opens for youngest Gitmo inmate

Showcase Afghan Army Mission Turns Into Debacle

Discharges for adjustment disorder soar

Gates: "Congress is part of the problem" in State, USAID shortfalls

So Dr. Laura Is Being Persecuted Because She Can't Use The N-Word

Debate grows over keeping troops in Iraq

Khadr's Guantanamo trial halted by lawyer's hospitalization

The Latest China Scandal: Hormones in Baby Milk and 'premature puberty'

US wants Iraq to pay bill for war victims

Idle Youth

Pat Tillman's Father To Army Investigator: 'F--- You... And Yours' (EXCLUSIVE)

Sneaky democrats ad on the front page is a Newt Gingrich advertisement.

Texas Gov. Perry wants White to apologize for 'master-servant' remark

Alabama AG sues BP, others over Gulf oil spill

Pentagon push to phase out top brass causing much consternation

xkcd's take on full-body scanners...

Veteran NBA player gets CHRIS BROWNED by his wife

Call in segment on C-Span - Obama and the Left

A bum you can trust - honest!

Bankster Hiring Freeze in Europe?

In Gulf of Mexico, 'fake fishermen' angle for BP pay

Reagan Rules

Let's count the problems with The Hill's Tea Party headline

Dick Lugar says he'll seek re-election.

Steele: African Americans don't have a reason to vote GOP

Peru battles rabid vampire bats after 500 people bitten

Australia: Gillard rolls out right-wing education agenda

Turkey Accused of Using Chemical Weapons against PKK

Waters Makes Her Case to the Media

Gates: Time has come to re-examine future of Marine Corps

Liz Cheney breaks with Bushies over Imam behind "Ground Zero mosque"

hey-get excited!Tea Party patriots may have Recycle Government Event near you!

Stephanie Miller comes out live on her radio show

Stephanie Miller comes out live on her radio show

Nazi and Hitler phone themes in the Google Android Market.

The very expensive tax cuts for the rich

Justice Alito & Oily Taints

Wall Street increasingly favors Republicans: study

Tea party groups out against net neutrality

Steven Slater's Story Continuing to Unravel?

India 'may shut down' Google and Skype services

Poultry fingered as No. 1 food poisoning culprit

Chris Dodd, Top Democrat, Fights Against Elizabeth Warren

Steven Slater's Story Continues to Unravel

What the Double Dip Recession Will Look Like

another face in the onslaught of hate

EPA Sets Limits on Mercury and Other Air Emissions from Cement Kilns

Dr. Laura's N-Word Rant: Radio Host Apologizes For Offensive Language (AUDIO)

Is anyone else listening to Stephanie Miller?

Tea Party offering consumer discounts w/loyalty card

Laugh from the past (McTongue Challenge).....

Friday's NYT publishes a major editorial questioning U.S. role in Afghanistan

Why didn't Stewart or Colbert mention the crap Gibbs spewed?

A new DU Game ... Quién está el más loco? Who is the most crazy?

Army Ordered Massive Return Fire When Civilians Present

WP: Elizabeth Warren, likely to head new consumer agency, provokes strong feelings

Illegal Immigrants Now Being Blamed For Climate Change

Newsweek: GOP Focused on Eliminating Cost Savings from Healthcare

Palin: Wikileaks is the enemy..

War in Iraq a success? Time will tell, general says

Krugman: Paralysis at the Fed

Meet Louis GOHMERT, (r-nutcase), Congresscritter from TX and former judge (TERROR BABIES!1)

Meet Louis GOHMERT, (r-nutcase), Congresscritter from TX and former judge (TERROR BABIES!1)

Chris Dodd, Top Democrat, Fights Against Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren Wins The Support Of Two More Senators

Kan. GOP candidate's campaign links to racist blog

The Other 98%

Army Report: AWOLs Up 234% !

The way we were

Video from Rachel last night - AZ private prisons to benefit from immigration law

Reckoning with Rush. . . . Please come CAPTION OxyMan!!!

Is anyone but me having trouble with the DailyKos site?

Wow, man's bones found in the bottom of a well, he was missing 35 years

AP: Liberal groups push to exploit Target backlash

Elizabeth Gilbert author: "same-sex marriage may very well save the institution of marriage. "

NYT: Inexperienced Companies Chase U.S. School Funds

A message from the Fed

Angle Embraces Her Inner Al Gore

Well, what's the latest on Ben Qualy?

From Baltimore to Mogadishu (Mugisho) one thing never ceases to amaze me

AP News Alert: US Senate nominee Alvin Greene indicted on felony charge

A campaign for war with Iran begins

Watchdogs fear loss of new ethics czar

GOP ‘Party of No’ Gambit Backfires — Voter Approval of Republicans at an All-Time Low

Man Scrawls World’s Biggest Message with a GPS ‘Pen’

NYT: Fed Official Warns of Starting a Cycle of Boom and Bust

PBS addresses Chicago killing wave --Will it address claim of link to Duncan's school closings?

Repugs: Be afraid America. Terror babies are coming!

Repugs: Be afraid America. Terror babies are coming!

German economy sees 'record' growth of 2.2%

Toon: the Original Anchor Babies

35 Tea Party Groups Send a Letter to the FCC urging it to kill Net Neutrality.

Newsweek: Overdraft Plans Pushed as Deadline Nears

You May Not Want To hear This, But Ds Are Going To Do Just Fine In November

Chernobyl: The Gift That Never Stops Giving...

Michael Pento FAVORS DEPRESSION vs. More Stimulus: Dan Greenhaus Can't Believe It

So, the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll has Obama at 47% today

I'm cancelling my Google mail account...

Obama to sign $600M border security bill on Friday

Film '442' tells of Japanese American WWII soldiers

Makes about as much sense as protesting a mosque

Oh brother!!! Alvin Greene, South Carolina Senate Candidate, Indicted on Obscenity Charge

They're baaaaaack.

Jeremy Scahill is speaking now on Cspan and you should hear what he's saying

Robert Gates' crafty but inadequate plan to cut the Pentagon budget

Stone's JFK is on right now on AMC.

HuffPo: Alexi Giannoulias, Illinois Senate Candidate, Pledges To Create Senate Progressive Caucus

Print your own warning labels to stick on bad journalism

Comparing Democratic vs. GOP tax plans...

Top GOP candidate won't committ to supporting Boehner for speaker

The 'right' and Rush say he is an 'entertainer'. Since when is the future

Would you commit time to stopping Social Security cuts?

Would you commit time to stopping Social Security cuts?

Gotta love it: "Hoekstra slams Right to Life for snub, wants its director ousted"

Dodd Doesn't Want Warren Because Little TImmy's Feelings Might Get Hurt

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Conservative Columnist Cal Thomas Says the Terrorists Are Right

Compromise is dead - today's Dems need to stand their ground

8-year-old painting prodigy is new art world star

Liberal groups push to exploit Target backlash

You can't make this up/ fool Rand thinks no drug problem.

Gibbs, I am begging you to STFU

MSNBC TV: Alvin Greene indicted on felony charges

Ever wonder how much longer the Federal government can continue to royally f*ck over we the people

David Kelly inquest may be reopened after method of suicide found "extremely unlikely"

Hardball did a serious segment on Pat Tillman's death.

Hardball did a serious segment on Pat Tillman's death.

President Obama, FIRE ROBERT GIBBS - Yes or No?

Gitmo Juror removed from trial for saying Gitmo should be closed

Lesbian cadet quits West Point, cites 'don't ask'

Friday, August 13, 2010...the day I officially stopped giving a flying fuck about GibbsGate

Key GOP House candidate declines to support Boehner for speaker

Maryland Semen-Squirting Suspect Remains Held

Obama: Border Security Bill Will Help Overhaul Of Immigration (Can anyone translate?)

Tee'd Off the TeaBagger Politician....

Mary Tillman on Hardball. I am nearly speechless at her personal testimony.

The more I read it, the more I realize that Vaughn Walker is a freaking genius

Okay, I went there.

You Know You Might Be a Tea Partier If........

Victorious GOPer Allegedly Flashes Gun At Defeated Rival's Staffer Over Sex Allegations

Stephanie Miller Just Came Out of the Closet! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Federal Court Does Breitbart/Fox News Bidding

I just saw the new Field Director for ICE on local TV.

Bad Reporter- Chute edition

The Coming Tax War: How Letting the Bush Tax Cuts Expire Could End the Economic Crisis

NY Times: Half of Chicago Charter Schools Run Deficits

Consider the phallus.

FRONT fucking page of USA Today on line, 'Tea Party' members offer a ground-level view '

40 years ago...

40 years ago...

The Bachmann-ization of American Politics

Dr. Laura should have used the term of endearment form of the N-Word in a rap video

Go ahead and argue, it can be good for your health

Thon Hartmann, 2 days in a row now, has said if Obama did what

Heavily Armed "Librul" - The Video

How safe can the seat of a certifiably insane incumbent like Gohmert Pile be?

US agency approves 'five-day-after' contraceptive pill

Scorning debt, consumers' credit scores soar

Chess? Russian Roulette? Pin the blame on the Donkey?

Family, Friends Line U.S. Route 42 To Welcome Home Soldiers

Laura Schlessinger's "n-word" tirade contained a reasonable point.

The last 24hrs of Police Misconduct news reports from the InjusticeNews Twitter feed

insanity on the Tea Party website-shame on you heathens!

Fox Admits It: Union Members’ Work Is ‘Awesome’

Republicans are people too

Alabama sues BP over Gulf oil spill

Rachel on Arizona's Brewer & the Corrections Corp of America

Is this going on elsewhere in the country beside Dayton, OH? Tea party discount shopping card.

Russia To Activate Reactor At Iran's Nuclear Plant On Aug. 21

Conservative Bloggers Select The 25 Worst Figures In American History

Bogus story? Woman gives homeless "bum" her credit card, he returns it.

If this can happen in one of America's most liberal & cosmopolitan cities, it can happen anywhere

If this can happen in one of America's most liberal & cosmopolitan cities, it can happen anywhere

Just when I thought my state's (AZ) politics couldn't get any worse

How Private Prison Corporations Hope Arizona's SB1070 Will Lead to Internment Camps for Illegals

Victorious GOPer Allegedly Flashes Gun At Defeated Rival's Staffer Over Sex Allegations

I'm so sick of hearing about the profess left..the far left..whatever

Is freedom of information more important than war strategy?

Reverend Al: Dr. Laura's n word rant was "despicable," but using it 50 times in a rap "song" is OK?

Jeopardy spoiler

Olbermann reading Thurber - what do you think?

OMG. This is a REAL ad?

Sorry. Wrong forum

NYT re: Afghan War: 'We Wonder Whether-At This Late Date-There Is A Chance Of Even Minimal Success'

Trader Joe's sells cheap tomatoes through slave labor?...

Did y'all see that on Big Ed's show?

FreeperCONs in uproar about Obama hosting Ramadan dinners.

Wisc. Catholic Diocese Will Fire Employees Using State-Mandated Birth Control Services

Help me debate a conservative. (re: Bush tax cuts)

Errant climate may be sign of breakdown, scientists say

Jeremy Scahill: WikiLeaks and War Crimes

Hannity came down on a Libertarian on the side of "INTERPRETATION" of the Constitution instead of

Michael Reagan insists Republicans never use naughty words, but Democrats cuss like sailors


Muslims: Now they aren't people (According to a conservative)

Hal Turner Convicted

Presidents vacationing on the beach through the ages (yes they did)

Some translation to what Engel (Richard) is saying

Private prisons, charter schools--invest to make money!

Like father, like son? Quayle stumbles in Arizona

How the Google/Verizon proposal could kill the internet in 5 years

Reagan Rules

Boy mauled a 2nd time by same dog; dog to be put down

Prophet of bad taste: John Callahan

Sacramento 'crash tax' gets boos from insurers, businesses

Robert Gibbs Is Wearing Another Man's Shoes Quite Well. My Only Wonder Now Is About the Socks.

What the Google/Verizon Deal Means for Net Neutrality – and You

Check it out. Guess what Jan Brewers' private prison company calls itself?

Stephanie Comes Out: Audio

Pakistan flood crisis raises fears of country's collapse

Famous Republican women--who is the scariest of them all?

Sour Krauthammer

NFL player marries his stalker

What we call progressive today was taken for granted not so long ago.

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! Best of

Kosher Kush

Roaches can't stand sunlight: Klein (NYC) reverses course on kicking autistic kids to the curb

The "Distorters Without Borders"

Conservative media forecast dark results if Dems retain majority in November

Sticking It to The Man

I Want Corporations Out of My Business!

Rubio's comments are reprehensible.

Cool photo of the day

OMG. Help me post a comeback for this crap:

Obama Likely To Address Mosque & DO THE RIGHT THING Tonight

Burqa Bandit? Man in Woman's Middle Eastern Dress Robs Bank, Say Md. Cops

Hey, "Dr." Laura: I will always "demonize whites hating blacks".

I like Dennis Kucinish, but either the party is not as left as him, or Robert Gibbs was right.

Wheat the new gold in time of plenty for US farmers

Obama supports the Mosque near GZ...

Why do wingnuts always start race wars (well skirmishes at least)?

Fox News Ignores Laura Schlessinger’s Racist ‘N-Word’ Tirade

Newsweek: Obama's PR Offensive on Immigration (Showing how "tough" he is)


Federal appeals court in NY rules against ACORN

Whee! Obama signs $600M border security bill into law

"the big C"

Does anyone like their Ipad today???

Pat Tillmans father says " Fuck You" to army investigator

More 787 Problems, Possible New Delivery Delay....Outsourcing Issues

"Christian" church spreading hate of Muslims throught the burning of the Quran

John Ensign (R-blasphemer) Blames CREW for Ethics Woes

Mom 'groped' by Donald Duck sues Disney

Cenk is hosting Ratigan. Not sure if I should be glad or not.

Gibbs: Obama Still Wants To Feel Pressure From The Left

Chris Jansing just did an understanding Mormons segment on MSNBC.

Grayson re Politico: "They're a rag" "In my office, we use them to wrap fish"

A great window into the closet is what Stephanie Miller and Chely Wright gave us today

I don't know if you USA types have been following this, ship of Tamils lands in Canada

Businesses offering discounts to Tea Party members

JFK: a balanced perspective.

boy, did you ever try to contact Michael Moore?

Man fights off polar bear using ancient inuit technique; A.K.A. punching it in the face

Feds after the passenger who started it all:

This week's Friday Afternoon Challenge: Literary Landmarks!

Rachel doing more on the PRIVATE prisons in AZ

Gay umpire's ordeal shows issues still exist in sports

Why are so many companies hoarding cash instead of investing?

Did anyone here honestly believe Dr Laura wasn't a wingnut BEFORE this incident?


If bedbugs can make it there, they'll make it anywhere......

Republican government employees

Who would you support in a 2012 presidential primary?

Things you'd like to see on TV

Moonset over the Newberry Volcano rim last night - 8/12/10 (DIAL-UP WARNING)

who here's been mean to the tea party? email i rec'd today

Defining the words, defining the discourse. Schlessinger, NAACP, Breitbart.

Capitalism can't even save itself, much less

The Conservative Scorpion & the Liberal Story...

Just signed up to volunteer at free clinic in NO

5 schools in Mass agree to replace 50% of teachers in return for Federal dollars

Let's get this out there so people will share their Gulf contamination stories first-hand

Gibbs outed as Republican mole

Washington Post Publishes Pack of Social Security ‘Falsehoods’ by GOP Wonk Paul Ryan

years people could expect to live after reaching 65: 14 years in 1950, 18.5 years now

Gulf Health Problems Blamed on Dispersed Oil

Decision 2012: Obama Re-Election Threatened by Failure to Develop Solid Jobs Plan

Gibbs wants progessives to hold Obama accountable while simultaneously smearing everyone who's tried

Rush Limbaugh Claims Democrats Are Keeping Black People Out of Power

Do you believe the Democratic Party is the party of minorities and the poor and lazy?

Explaining Net Neutrality In A Way Tea Partiers Can Understand

Embrace the left, Mr. President...

friends-"Their Side" is busy...latest propaganda meeting released:

American Despair Grows

Congressional Democrats echo right-wing Republican anti-immigrant rhetoric

Family of 4 killed by wrong-way driver

Family of 4 killed by wrong-way driver

Gibbs hit the right as hard as he did the left.

Chris Dodd so opposed to Warren he "went so far as to ask a Republican" to consider the job

This Is What Honor & Integrity Sounds Like:

Expert Gulf conservationist admits he and others overreacted to Gulf oil spill..

Great movie on tonight.

Bachmann crosses line-Compares herself to Paul Wellstone

JetBlue flight attendant wants his old job back

Female Gulf War Veterans send a Letter to CNN: (asking to report the truth)

Nixon's backers make last stand over Watergate

Tim Geithner's got to go - who's with me on this?

Aren't the teabaggers walking around with The Constitution in their pockets, waving it while spewing

So---what does it take to really piss us off?

Stephanie Miller Appreciation Thread

What Alvin Greene did was very creepy

Gibbs, I am begging you to STFU

If you could write one amendment to the U.S. Constitution,

Non political website forums loaded with Obama Hate

BP-motherfuckers-THIS IS NOT OK:"And I was like, I did, I am giving you the knife that stabbed me."

Local Fox station just ran the "church is gonna burn Korans on 9-11" story

OK... I've Decided... Elizabeth Warren Is My Last Straw !!!

Social Security: broke in 2040 or not?

Greene is almost certainly innocent of charges-as-reported, BTW

"Why is the world unmoved by the plight of Pakistan?" Photos/Dial-Up Warning

Help me out DUers -- talk to me about taxes...

Robert Gibbs: "That's not reality". A message to Democratic legislators.

Please Don’t Shoot the Messenger

Please Don’t Shoot the Messenger

••• The new religion of America is not Christianity. It's money. MONEY IS GOD. Vote Republican. •••

••• The new religion of America is not Christianity. It's money. MONEY IS GOD. Vote Republican. •••

"PROFESSIONAL LEFT" is a Public Relations scam - a war of words - a new nomenclature

Anybody seen Stephanie around?

Increasing triviality, the Gibbs 'kerfuffle' and the substance of President Obama

Police mistake bar owners for burglars, open fire

The Lord's Resistance Army's new reign of terror

Question Authority.

This is one reason Americans wanted a Canadian style medical system

Need more votes?

I want to tell you about my friend Big D.

Happy 15,000 Posts to Me!

Unemployed Man To Newt: Unemployment is NOT Welfare-"I Paid Into It For 35 Years"

40 Religious Leaders Denounce Sarah Palin and Fox’s Hate Speech

If you were in the late Roman Empoire, chances are you wouldn't know the end was coming

Sedition and Treason

Sedition and Treason

K-9 Cop lets his canine partner die alone in a hot patrol car

Gallop: U.S. Approval of Labor Unions Remains Near Record Low

"UNTIL Christians can build CHURCHES...

When roles reverse: The rise of the stay-at-home husband

Cincinnati police dog left in hot car dies

Obama's School Turnaround Strategy Means Everybody Gets Fired - Including The School Lunch Lady

N-word or not, Dr. Laura showed herself to be a bigoted wing-nut

Laura Schlessinger Gets Away With the N-Bomb, But Janet Jackson & CBS Were Fined. Are You OK This?

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION is not a new problem...

Will You Support a War with Iran?

"The biggest lie that people like me tell people like you during the election season is

Yay! Obama/Defense Dept. to survey 150,000 troops' FAMILIES on DADT!

"Liberal criticism of Obama is out of tough-love" Robert Kuttner in Boston Globe.

Emergency Prop 8 Appeal Filed

COUNTDOWN TO COLLAPSE: The Recovery is Not Recovering

Stephanie Miller just came out as a lesbian

After Over Four Decades, Justice Still Eludes Family of 3 Civil Rights Workers Slain

"We are up against an empire which will not go quietly. They never do, but they can be beaten."

What is this music?

Happy Friday the 13th, Dude!!! (Ladies, too!)

Abbey Road on the River in D.C.

Great moments in American badassery...

I bought a new .mp3 player.

Friday the 13th

I have a strong craving for Stephen Colbert's AmeriCone Dream

I also gotta say that Marmite is perhaps Britain's greatest gift to the world.

Dupe, self-delete, sorry.

Behold: The Cat Whisperer

Recently Single Al Gore Finally Able To Listen To W.A.S.P. Albums

This is a cat food thread and that's all it is.

"Heal It Up" by Concrete Blonde, from 1993.

Help please!

I am going to spend 5 days in franktown colorado

"Cathy" is ending in October.

The guy next to me is not bad looking

Thoughts on correcting things.

I gotta tell you, frozen chopped collard greens are nothing like fresh.

CGI portrait of Selena

Tonight for dinner, it's gonna be beef stew, Emeril style.

Oh, bullshit - MGM says it doesn't have the moneyt to do another Bond movie.

Used car selling question

How hot is it?

Rose Elinor Dougall? I'm just gonna come right out and say it. I love you, darlin'..(dialup warning)

Can anyone explain to me why DU felt the need for a gray box smiley?

Is ColbertWatcher still on DU? n/t

Just watched the movie the professional.

No Nukes

I Am Just Glad This Week Is Finally Over

Going to have to stay in tonight..

I miss my friend...

The nerds of "The Big Bang Theory" clean up nice in this slideshow:

Where's Tobin R???

Black magic woman - Santana

Shut up.

I'm in a pissy mood.

I have had enough political fighting and name calling...I WANT FOOTBALL!!!

Professional (Professorial) word salad

I'd like to get a GPS

Look what my dog drew!

Can I brag a little bit? This was the cake I made for my baking practical.

I realize that I don't always exactly level with you people. And there's a reason for that.

I just tripped over a cat in the dark

"Basique" - Little people

How Much Do Your Favorite TV Stars Get Paid?

My beautiful, dear is such a pleasure...

Child Plays Dead on Google Street View, Horrifies a Nation

"Limited Time Only" My ASS!

Okay, who's seen that ad with the guy who changes his train tickets on his phone to meet

Fuck death.

Vent - my friend/coworker is a giant bitch.

Eagles 28-Jaguars 27...Redskins 42-Bills 17...

Let's play - Where's this?

What happened to all my OPs?

boston med

Post here if you're the kind of person who periodically doesn't mind the inherent weirdness of

Been around the world and I can't find my baby.....

Sigh , I feel so blue today

I will admit it, I miss Captain Jack and Torchwood.

A new poem: A Song of Alzheimer's

Why do you read or post on DU?

MASH (the movie) on AMC now, EDT.

Was Irvin Kershner (Empire Strikes Back) the ultimate one-hit wonder?

Say 'hi' Newton...

Expand your vocabulary at this website.

Performer dressed as Tin Man stabs man in Times Square

Performer dressed as Tin Man stabs man in Times Square

Sorry, Lounge. I found a new love

Fucking screaming child narwhals at Disney World!!! Shiiiittt!

Friday evening, this is my good friend Whiskey. Whiskey, this is Friday evening.

DMV = black hole

The "NO GIBBS" Addon!

Veterinary costs

Man Scrawls World’s Biggest Message with a GPS ‘Pen’

Best song in The Blues Brothers

If I could nominate THE Prototypical Rock Song, it would be SMOKE ON THE WATER

Happy Birthday Scarlet and Melanie! 15 years young today!!!!

I rescued the last 10 years of a man's business records today.

So, Stephanie Miller's gay. There goes my fantasy.

Disney World

Xultar appreciation thread.

Some John Hiatt, and Los Lobos: Pefectly Good Guitar, and Evangeline--- A great show last night

Ford to revive Mustang Boss for 2012

Would you preople quiet down, I'm trying to get some work done

Dammit, someone gimme some new music. Anything

The Dog Chronicles chapter 3. Olive finds a home :)

Need some workplace bullying advice

OK, DU...tell me WHY I should watch 'Firefly.'

For my 20,000th post.

Some old Friday Night Music - "Into The Mystic" - Van Morrison,

Julia Roberts' new move "Sit Pray Yawn" comes out today.

OMG! 1972

Inspired Proposal of the Day: A Pelosi-Boehner Debate

Crist parties with Democrats in DC (Mark Penn)

Air Force May Boot Aviator Who Revealed He Is Gay To Defend False Rape Claim

What will be President Obama's October surprise?

U.S. builds goodwill with quick assistance in Pakistani flooding

The ACLU and the "Professional Left"

One-fifth of Pakistan is under water.

Eli Lilly loses patent lawsuit for Strattera

Unemployment Benefits Comparison by State

Sen. Akaka steps up to the plate and cosponsors Fair Elections Now Act. Thank you, Senator Akaka!

Google accuses California of rigging bidding process for e-mail contract

Why is Fiorina ahead of Boxer in California ?

AP News Alert: US Senate nominee Alvin Greene indicted on felony charge

Rand Paul's stance on fed. funding drug enforcement could cost votes

Congress approves border security bill

Eugene Robinson: You Can’t Make Up Republican Candidates Like These

MSNBC: Hardball with Chuck Todd and Savannah Guthrie

North Bergen hate blogger Hal Turner testifies a second day at trial on charges of threatening fed..

US casualties 01-12 August 2010

More receiving top secret clearance from FBI for terrorism cases

Time's Swampland: Melancon, way down in polls, goes after Vitter over his 'serious sin'

Suspected Michigan serial killer arrested

HP's Sam Stein: Gibbs "offered a far more conciliatory if not diplomatic reflection on the riff"

Will Boehner's drinking problem be an issue this fall?

I'm voting for my Democratic Rep not because he is perfect or he is a liberal but because he listens

Unasur, Argentina, Venezuela condemn car-bomb “terrorist action” in Colombia

Canadians board Tamil asylum boat

Myanmar Junta Sets Election Date (Aung San Suu Kyi barred from running)

AP: Obama to Back Religious Freedom at Islam Dinner Tonight at the White House

Suspected US killer admired Adolf Hitler

dupe - please delete

Obama to mark Katrina anniversary in New Orleans

The Hill: AFL-CIO Chief to Assail GOP Candidates Whiteman and Fiorina as 'clueless CEOs'

Sri Lanka court martial convicts Fonseka

secret plan Anchor Babies from Europe

Russia to start up Iran reactor (8 days)

Iran to launch first nuclear power plant

Romanoff and Bennet make up

Dems Launch First IE Campaign

Colombia refuses third-country verification of rebels' presence in Venezuela

Hiedi Harris and Joe Madison go at it on race issue on Big Ed show

Bush endorses Simpson (WY)

White House: GOP priorities 'out of whack'

Think Progress:Right-wing Conspiracists Plan to Greet Obama's Gulf Coast Trip with Birther Billboard

Republicans Meeting with Maes Today on Pulling Out

US sending aid to help Russia firefight effort: White House

Retail Sales Tepid, Inflation at 40-Year Low

Robert Gibbs, Elizabeth Warren, and the 2010 Election

Lawyer faints as Khadr trial opens

Khadr Guantanamo trial suspended

Help! The HEALTH INSURANCE LOBBYISTS are going to 'eat' the NAIC this weekend!

Fall In Support For Afghan War Worrisome: Jones

German economy sees 'record' growth of 2.2%

Alabama AG sues BP, others over Gulf oil spill

Sharron Angle: US should cut ties to U.N. (cut the program)

Obama to host Ramadan meal

Democrats Must Unite to Stop Republicans from Making 2010 "The Year the Empire Strikes Back"

Investigators Question Attendant's Tale

AFL-CIO chief to assail candidates Whitman and Fiorina as 'clueless CEOs'

Guantanamo trial delayed after lawyer collapses

Presidential Threat Task Force Formed because of increase in threats

Study: 1.2 million uninsured New Yorkers may get coverage under federal health reform

Leave Obama Family Alone

Dr. Laura REPEATEDLY says the N word to a black woman married to a white guy

First Amendment - Religion and Expression

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday August 13

Republican Party Only Winning Key 2010 Poll In Southern States

Here is video of Obama supporting the GZ Mosque. He does a shout out to those of no faith too.

Dayton Tea Party activist starts conservative business exchange

Family of 4 killed by wrong-way driver

Current GOP/TP crazy actually makes W look like a "compassionate conservative" because he didn't

It's Wall Street Corporate Liberals Who Are Undermining Democrats' Election Prospects

Did George Bush ever take a vacation to elevate anyone but himself?

Paul: Eastern Kentucky drug problem not ‘a real pressing issue’

Poll shows Palin not the clear Tea Party favorite

In new ad, Melancon slams Vitter's 'serious sin' (VIDEO)

Pakistan floods: Two 'major peaks' due on Indus river (now already 18 miles wide due to the floods)

Obama to visit New Orleans for Hurricane Katrina anniversary

Under the Bus and Inside the Bus

South Carolina Candidate Is Indicted

Pentagon Slams WikiLeaks' Plan to Post More War Logs

Caribou Barbie is utterly clueless. She just tweeted... "Will Obama express US lingering pain..."

Washington Post Publishes Pack of Social Security ‘Falsehoods’ by GOP Wonk Paul Ryan

Cargo ship with hundreds of asylum seekers docks in Canada

NYT: Detroit Goes From Gloom to Economic Bright Spot

"Republican Party's favorable rating dropping to 24%, the lowest level ever recorded by the pollster

Stabbing Suspect To Return To Mich.

Obama and the Left, Part 2,048

Let's play...Name That 80's Tune--First Lines!!!

Dr. Laura, word usage, being of African descent in America, and Obama.

Obama throws support behind controversial Islamic center

Obama Signs $600 Million Border Security Bill

Opponent apologises to Indian-American candidate for racist blog post

Elizabeth Warren meets with White House officials

Greenwald: This is one of the most impressive and commendable things Obama has done...

Obama is a terrorist sympathizer

Congressional candidate Ray Lutz plans hunger strike

Goldman Sachs Chief Blankfein Reaps $6.1 Million From Options

Robert Gibbs says that the vast majority of progressives & the left are pushing for a better country

Obama sends help to Russia

Peru battles rabid vampire bats after 500 people bitten

(30) Threatening letters containing white powder received in three U.S. states

South Asian superbug claims first fatality

The Democratic Base Staying Home This Election

Illegal immigrant sues over lost custody of child in Mississippi

Conservative Internet shock jock Harold Turner convicted of threatening to kill Chicago judges

Free Press, Others Hold Rally to Protest Google-Verizon Deal

Senator Schumer: H-1B use undercuts pay, discourages tech enrollments

Goldman CEO, others get millions from options

WH pollster's Memo on Weakened Republican Image

Federal government: Relief well must go forward

New York Conservative Party Planning Anti-'Ground Zero' Mosque TV Ad Campaign

FDA approves 'ella' for use as emergency contraception

Kerry to visit Pakistan, Afghanistan

New call for Dr David Kelly ("suicide") inquest

Judge Revokes Approval of Modified Sugar Beets

Judge Doubts Gay Marriage Ban’s Backers Can Appeal

Stephanie Miller, comedienne and radio show host, says she is gay

Gibbs: Obama Still Wants To Feel Pressure From The Left

Japanese and European far-right gather in Tokyo

Checkmate, from the President

Re: Dr. Laura...So what if some black people use the "N"-word, does that make it right?

Nixon urged death threats to Uruguayan prisoners

Dr. Laura-is it ok for a man to call you "bitch" because some women wear "Rich Bitch" t-shirts?

We black guys DO NOT go around using the N word

State court declares (Roseville, Calif.) Galleria's speech rules unconstitutional

Social Security Keeps 20 Million Americans Out Of Poverty, Report Finds

4 pulled to safety after plane lands on Lake Erie

Alvin Greene indicted on felony obscenity charge

President Obama Backs Mosque Near Ground Zero

Elizabeth Warren Wins The Support Of Two More Senators

Rep. Maxine Waters Refutes Ethics Charges

CNN POLL: 74% of Democrats want to re-nominate Obama in 2012.

When's the first time you stepped back and said, "Fuck, I'm no longer cool."

Anyone else tired of the Nook push at Barnes & Noble?

Joe or Jane Politico in First Person

Welfare Chaos in Detroit

Fights, Chaos Reported In Subsidized Housing Line 30,000 people line

Truly a Blasphemous Film

Thom Hartmann - 9/11 Christian Center's Bill Keller..Doing what Osama wants?

Sam Seder: Google Verizon attack Net Neutrality: That's Bullshit

Mike Stark Tips for Covering Congress

Coverage of the 99ers in NYC from Ed Schultz show

TYT: Obama Vs. Bill Clinton On Progressives w/ Mike Lux

Ground zero for stupidity over mosque

99ers fight for their rights in NY

Unemployment extension s.3706 UNIFY is the word of the day!!!

Ed Schultz: Americans Being Displaced by Corporate Greed

Keith Olbermann exposes Newt Gingrich as the true welfare queen

The Source Of The Absurd Claim By Republicans About Terror Babies - Anderson Cooper

SNEAK ATTACK: GOP's Roadmap to Privatize Social Security, Medicare

Lilith Fair 2010 DC Butterfly Boucher "I Found Out" - Justice Through Music Project

The 2nd American Revolution, Part 1

"Money" - Liza Minnelli, Joel Grey

Waters refutes ethics charges

MediaMatters : The Big Picture 8/13/2010

ACORN Smear Artist James O’Keefe Unwittingly Admits He’s A Hack: What I Do Is ‘The Nadir Of Morality

Lilith Fair 2010 DC - Lissie "Everywhere I Go" - Justice Through Music Project

A World Without Social Security?

Transgendered people demand rights

Thousands rally for jobs in LA

Fireside Friday: Return of Internment Camps

Nancy Skinner - Tucker Carlson - Megyn Kelly Fox News_reopening rape case against Al Gore 070110

Ceding Populism to the Right: Glenn Beck & Democrats

The Worst

Pakistan Floods Hit Afghan refugees

Shoved (Meg Whitman)

This is who the GOP nominated for Senate from CT?

DNC Chair Tim Kaine on Robert Gibbs' "Professional Left" Comments

Yoder on Social Security

Anderson Cooper apologizes to Pat Tillman's dad for media participating in gov't coverup.

Louisiana Official Willing to Go to Jail to Protect Parish from BP Oil

Maddow: Attention Deficit Disorder - GOP's plan to extend tax cuts for the rich - hilarious graph!

Midweek Politics calls Target re: anti-gay donation, records and plays phone call and voicemail

Anderson Cooper annihilates Rep. Gohmert's nutty "terror babies" conspiracy.

TYT: Cenk Interviews DLC Chairman, Fmr Congressman Harold Ford Jr

Young Turks: Conservapedia Proves The Right Hates Science

Pakistan flood crisis raises fears of country's collapse

US casualties 01-12 August 2010

The Work-Sharing Boom: Exit Ramp to a New Economy?

Growth of Euro-Area Economy Beats Forecasts

US dips into Mekong politics

Attack of the Terror Babies! First They Come for Your Citizenship

Elizabeth Warren Wins The Support Of Two More Senators

Evangelicals' Stealth Mission to Sneak Jesus into Our Public Schools

Weak candidates will hurt Republican hopes in midterm elections

How greed begets hunger

House Democrats have about 'had it' with Gibbs - The Hill

Eugene Robinson: You Can’t Make Up Republican Candidates Like These

Hiding in Plain Sight

GOP Finally Finds Case of Abuse of Unemployment Benefits

Defying Others, Germany Finds Economic Success

Danny Schechter Dissects Wall Street in "Plunder: The Crime of Our Time"

The BP Cover-Up

The Seductions Of Clicking: How The Internet Can Make It Harder To Act

Air Force May Boot Aviator Who Revealed He Is Gay To Defend False Rape Claim

Friday Talking Points (134) -- Some Reality For Gibbs

Prisoner of War ‘81A Gloergoer, Medan’

Is José Serra Campaigning in Washington or in Brazil?

Anger after girl, 12, held at US airport.

Weekend Economists' Triskaidekaphobia Festival August 13-15, 2010

The Jobs Crisis: What Hit Us?

Few Chernobyl radiation risks from Russia fires

Drumbeat: August 13, 2010

Embodied Energy: An Alternative Approach to Understanding Urban Energy Use

US Government Offers Additional Manufacturing Loan Guarantees

AQT Solar's CIGS Manufacturing Facility Goes Online (Calif.)

Vermont Utilities, Hydro-Quebec Sign Long-Term Hydropower Deal

Building Integrated Photovoltaics Market Gaining Traction

Block Island Offshore Wind Project Moves Closer To Development

Second wave of flooding threatens southern Pakistan

Blythe Solar Power Project Receives Proposed CEC Approval (968 MW)

US-Brazil debt for nature swap to protect forests (BBC)

Green Power Islands: A Solution for Renewable Energy Storage Problems?

NOAA, FDA to test seafood for dispersants

Draft report recommends against renewable energy projects in Oregon's key sage grouse habitat

Address Mistrust, Scientists Urge Nuclear Panel

California Public Utilities Commission Gives Green Light to 415 MW of Solar Projects

Solar Millennium (Germany) in Talks to Sell Equipment to U.S. Coal Plant Operators

Bring the water balloons, tomatoes and cream pies..... or not.

State energy giants eager to tap electric charging market (China)

SunWays Announces 19% Efficient Screen-printed 6" Solar Cell (Germany)

Scientists outline 20-year Master Plan for Global Nuclear Renaissance

What to Create Millions of Jobs? Look to China

Science of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction, Edmond Storms

English Premier League starts tomorrow!

Florida Marlins Delay Game Until Their Fan Shows Up

Just win, baby!

James Whitlock: Ump's ordeal shows sad state of sports

Redskins 42, Bills 17!!!!!

Sir Charles to King James: Miami Move was Punk

Jonathan Sanchez predicts sweep of Padres

Cuba analyst joins State Department

Is José Serra Campaigning in Washington or in Brazil?

Repsol makes new gas discovery in Bolivia

Peru battles rabid vampire bats after 500 people bitten

Mexico: Decision to prosecute indigenous human rights defender condemned

Colombia refuses third-country verification of rebels' presence in Venezuela

person who falsified license plates on car bomb identified as Gustavo Ladino

Six more Cuban prisoners to leave for Spain - Church

Incredibly symbolic: Cuba's patron saint is being carried around the island

Nixon urged death threats to Uruguayan prisoners

Cubans celebrate Fidel's 84th birthday

US opposes Seoul’s bid to sell old rifles

What do a taco vendor, a judge and a Iraq vet have in common

Guns don't kill children, it's their 8 year-old brothers

Customer helps break up gas station holdup

49ers running back Glen Coffee quits after one year

Giants get Jose Guillen from KC..

What union members' donations are building in Haiti (post earthquake)

Gays in military survey gets tepid response

Teachers, profs win pay disputes

Lesbian cadet quits West Point, cites DADT

And The Next Seven, Too!

Well now....Thomas Jefferson Would Have Imprisoned Walker For Treason

Today in Labor History Aug 13 Government-sponsored blacklist to discredit leaders of the labor movem

Sparrows Point up for sale, company mum, workers bracing for layoffs

Prepare to be disgusted...Gingrich, Pawlenty and Archbishop Joseph Kurtz

Stephanie Miller just came out.

Gay porn past won’t strip Fla. cop of certification

Karate Lessons Will Butch Up Your Nellie Son, Says Florida Martial Arts Academy (sick)

Rank-and-file union members rally at City Hall

99ers Rally For Unemployment Extension

News Analysis: The president's relationship with the LGBT community...

Lonesome Cowboy

Bring in the Clowns

Sunrise San Antonio, with suprise visitor

The Great Bridge

A Night at the PBR

Libya: Palestinian prisoners freed in deal for Israeli photographer

Report: Netanyahu to offer withdrawal from 90% of West Bank

Loading the Thompson

Virology Journal withdraws paper about whether Christ cured a woman with flu

Jupiter swallowed a super-Earth?

Animation of giant iceberg leaving Greenland

Evangelicals' Stealth Mission to Sneak Jesus into Our Public Schools

What Do The Scriptures Say About Conservative Politics?

A Couple Odd Coincidences (long)

Thought this group would be interested in this article.....

Talk about community, a Delightful little story

A sad story about a friend of mine

Drug-resistant staph infections on the decline in U.S. hospitals

Privatize Medicare?

Doctors want statins served with fast food

Dog-sized rats sniff out TB in patients

Why do chiropractors order so many X rays?

The CIA's Shocking Experiments on Children Exposed