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On a clear night - beautiful pic

On a clear night - beautiful pic

Alantic Journal Const - "GOP refuses to help teachers facing layoffs" A "Bailout" for Teachers!

The Professional Left=Sister Souljah?

Costa Rica's top court blocks electoral tribunal on same-gender civil unions!!

The President is deserving of some good press..M$M cannot spin Bennet's win as a referendum..

Who applauds rethugs for voting against food stamps?


David Fiderer: Charges Against Maxine Waters Conflate Secretarial Tasks W/ "Crafting Legislation"

David Fiderer: Charges Against Maxine Waters Conflate Secretarial Tasks W/ "Crafting Legislation"

ICE expands its jail print program all along border

Ya won't believe she is just a kid....awesome

Bennet Victory in Colorado Senate Primary Gives Boost to Obama

israeli army enters lebanon to cut down tree, fighting ensues

IMF, European Union demand more austerity in romania: teachers next

AZ legislator to Gov.: Create armed volunteer force to patrol border

Rand Paul dismisses kidnapping, forced drug use allegations

Well, Nathan Deal beat Karen Handel by about 600,000 votes

Making hate respectable: demonization of Islam = 1 of the ugliest faces of the U.S. imperial project

GIbbs is right: Bush did NOT use his majority to pass the other sides policies for them, & vilify...

Rupert Murdoch claims to own the 'Sky' in 'Skype'

Russian Heat, Asian Floods May Be Linked

Longer Dwell Time Brings Challenges

Ellison disputes press accounts of his call for Gibbs' dismissal

Afghan troops reach 240,000 goal early

U.S. commander stresses importance of funding Iraq security forces

New Study: Wall Street spending less on democrats and more on republicans

The whole country is the Milgram experiment - how much pain can you witness others experiencing

Teen convert has been secretly talking to her parents all along

The world's most perfect product, By Mark Morford

LAT: Wells Fargo loses consumer case over overdraft fees

Colorado Race Could Reassure Obama and Democrats

Forget the Drones: Executive Plane Now an Afghanistan Flying Spy

House Slave Syndrome

Agent Orange key topic at vets conference

Wow... The Greatest Page Is A Veritable Gibbs-A-Palooza !!!

U.S. and Iraqi Interests May Work Against Pullout

Sea Island files for bankruptcy


Lawmakers, Pentagon look at admiral numbers

Next 'real war'?

Top 10 Stolen Cars

Marines to Shift Aircraft in (Hawaiian) Isles

Google's Friendly Cyber Fascism

We are all we've got.

We mess up the narrative.

Arpaio greeted by jeers, cheers in San Diego

The Buyout of America: How Private Equity Will Cause the Next Great Credit Crisis

Are those who display the Gadsden flag traitors?

Has Obama's bipartisanship emphasis been helpful to progressive policy-making ?

Republican Robert Gates is now a "professional leftist"

Over time... slowly, but surely... the racists and bigots are dying off...

Economists Reduce U.S. Growth Estimates as Lack of Jobs Hinders Consumers

RCMP tie a suspect to his chair. Thoughts?

The juxtaposition between my recent viewing of.....

What sparked the latest attack on the left?

Mr. Gibbs - This Is It In A Nutshell

Dayton pulls ahead; Kelliher fights on (MN Gubernatorial Primary)

question, to what effect does traffic have on advertising dollars?

Which salutation do you prefer?

Soldiers Accused of Tossing Explosives (at US civilians in the US)

Will any governors refuse to accept the state aid money?

Toon: Life in the Tri-lateral commission gym

Tropical Depression #5

Robert Aitken dies at 93; American Zen master

Fancy Farm sponsors want Rand Paul to retract 'wild picnic' remarks made on Sean Hannity show

A Festering Pessimism In US And Other Developed Nations

Moaning Joe tried to slam Weiner about his comments on King. Again, Joe lost the battle and looked

Christian Charity Raising Money to Feed Non-Gay Famine Victims

How the Military Destroys the Lives of Soldiers Who Try to Tell the Truth

Error...Will Repost

Gibbs wasn't talking about everyone. He was only talking about...

Executives at health insurance giants cash in as firms plan fee hikes

ops gotta go Democracy Now is on !

Gibbs subtext - only the Lunatic (excuse me, Professional )Left wants peace and single payer.

Surprise! Goldman Sachs could be largely unaffected by financial overhaul

Tristero: Why does the right sound so insane? So they can tangle lefties up in arguing against them.

Gibbs wasn't talking about everyone. He was only talking about...

Face it, our grandparents were right, we're a lazy buncha pricks

Google CEO: "People aren't ready for the technology revolution that's going to happen to them"

The international corporations have artificially created civil wars

Laurence Kotlikoff: U.S. Is Bankrupt and We Don’t Even Know It

Yes I'm disappointed, this is not my father's party nor the party of my dreams...

This Song's For Gibbs

Florida AG proposes law against illegal immigrants

What a Liberal is in my view

At Least A Quarter Of Home Sellers Have Cut Prices

Republican Party tries for health reform repeal

In Memoriam

Mods, feel free to lock this thread.

Gulf Coast Fishermen Challenge US Government Over Dispersants

Borneo Apes Communicate Through Mime

Running someone against Obama/Gibbs in the primary won't do any good.

Iran to execute 1120?

Well Good Morning To Me!

Pennsylvania has a nuke plant event

The worker who is guiding the drill for the relief well is 40-for-40 at hitting his target

Another researcher complains that the religious right distorted his work

There is a personal attack on me in a locked thread

Helen Would Have Asked Gibbs about the Rape Threats for Teens

Congress passes FMAP extension

Voting yes (on the emergency $26B jobs bill )were 245 Democrats and 2 Republicans

August 11 2010: The Fed is not your friend

Bwaaaaaah hahahhha Rick Scott - he's going down like the Titanic

Luckovich Toon - Short Memories

Former Basketball Player Ends Congressional Bid As It Began: Crazily

Thom Hartmann this a.m.

Blaming the Democrats For 9/11 Responders Bill

Breaking news from GEM$NBC - Dan Rostenkowski has died

Primaries 2010: Palin's 'Mama Grizzly' Concedes; Obama, Tea Party Picks Win

2fer: REID asks eternal question How can Hispanics be Rethug? & then Mormons launch ad campaign

A classy message


Ever seen the flipped out flight attendant and Glenn Beck in the same photo?

Baltimore seeds city farms as path to sustainability, jobs

pro·fes·sion·al (pr-fsh-nl) adj.

Here is what I believe is going on with the administration's thinking

"You can’t say you’re committed to fighting climate change if you’re still funding oil & coal"

Millions Of Barrels Of Oil Safely Reach Port In Major Environmental Catastrophe

NYT story blames Cordoba Initiative's lack of media savvy for 'Ground Zero Mosque' flap

Why would you want to divorce the Democratic Party?

Anthony Weiner ABSOLUTELY DESTROYS Joe ScarBorough w/video

Damn you Jane Hamsher

For all you druggies: The Magic School Bus that goes 367 mph

Birthright Lunacy: Separating Fact from Fiction in the 14th Amendment Debate

Laura Flanders: Charity or Philanthro-Feudalism?

I can't help but question the priorities of people mad over Gibbs

Is there any reliable polling right now for current Senate races?

FBI Prioritizes Copyright Issues; Not So Concerned About Missing Persons

Ted Rall Toon: Austerity, a metaphor

Ted Rall Toon: Austerity, a metaphor

The Nation: "If Obama and Gibbs are feeling pressure from their left flank that's good for America"

This is a lot of fuss for a press secretary. Some have made him the poster boy for every WH failure

Sobering Toles Toon

Public Opposes Cutting Social Security To Trim Deficit: New Poll (huffpost)

help with rw talking points -

Are there really 700 people a day dying in Moscow?

Guess whose job is on the line...

As long as we don't forget that the Larouchies consider themselves liberal Dems we will be alright

"If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you." -Oscar Wilde

DU Men's Group

DU Men's Group

AZ Congressional candidate Ben Quale founded, where he "reviewed chicks"

SC GOP Governor's candidate: same old crap

Famous Moments in 'Attacking Your Base' History!

Old, but not outdated: George Lakoff on Centrism

U.S. posts $165 billion July deficit

Social Security - Ponzi Scheme for the Rich

shocker!!! U.S. Military to Press for Slower Afghan Drawdown

So is being a Liberal something to be ashamed of or proud of?

Abducted cat's trek from San Francisco to New York a mystery.

Gibbs is Wrong: It Isn't About the Professional Left-By Cenk Uygur

Exclusive: Rand Paul's accuser clarifies "kidnapping"

C-Span 3 (TV) is running footage of the Netroots Nation convention if you're interested. nt

Being wrong while being right (insightful comments by blackwaterdog)

Provisionals? GA Republican Primary is down to 2,489 votes

!!! Google CEO Says Anonymity Online Is 'Dangerous' !!!

Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone - Goldman: New Reform Law Can Kiss Our Ass

Hartmann cites DU, calls for Dean to replace Gibbs

Accuser: Rand Paul Did Not Kidnap Me But He Did Make Me Worship Aqua Buddha

The Hierarchy Of The Left

Note to self: Piss off Righthaven LLC by posting more R-J articles under fair use

Dawkins says the sight of a burka causes 'visceral revulsion' but he wouldn't want to ban them

China overtakes the US as world's largest energy user


Tea party candidate schedules debate without confirming with opponent

If it is true that forces are acting to divide Democrats,

"Hey, Ayatollah, leave those kids alone!'' re: Pink Floyd

Legal attack dog sicked on websites accused of violating R-J copyrights

Why I am not concerned about Gibb's statement

Compared to 2008, how do you feel today about the Democratic Party?

MSNBC is making a bigger deal out of how the emergency slide

The Heirarchy Of The Left... Minus the offending word

NBC/WSJ poll: Public is fed up with Congress

Re: Gibbs. So what do you think is REALLY going on?

Resolved: We are united as Democrats on many more issues and policies than we are divided

Focus on the Family buys statewide TV ads during Denver Broncos games.


I am the Aqua Buddah ...

so what happened to immigration this week? nothing in the news....

so what happened to immigration this week? nothing in the news....

What did Colorado do to deserve MALKIN living there now?!1

Today in Alternative History: President McCain Announces His Plan for Withdrawal from Afghanistan

Protesters march on Chase bank in Calif., demand repayment for indiscretions

Another COIN Myth Exposed - Protecting the Population

Gawker: The Sinister Muslim Plot to Steal Time

Has Anyone Here Ever Worked At A Job Where You Were Never Appreciated?

watch this video (not on youtube)

Up to 10,000 seek rent assistance in Atlanta

Did Powdered Milk From China Cause Baby Girls to Grow Breasts?

Question for the Sensible and the Pragmatists

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: We Just Got Totally Lapped By Mexico

Aaaahh! Teh terrorist babies are gonna strap on dirty bombs and crawl across the border!

Gov. Paterson offers land for mosque if it moves

New Outrages Keep Gushing From BP

Average age of the Fox News viewer: 65

Gibbs Apologists are ahead in this WaPo Cillizza Poll 52% say his comments were honest

7 Awesome Ways People Quit Their Jobs (Vid link)

Hey Ratigan

Teacher charged in coke buy; kids, goats involved

Santorum Cultivating Donors, Staff for White House Bid

Huge Ice Island Could Pose Threat To Oil, Shipping

Clinton pals raising money for Crist in DC

12-year-old Polish girl claims Newark customs officers used her to capture illegal immigrant brother

Labor Notes: Slavery For America's Field Workers

Is Anyone Upset and Sad over the loss of Ted Stevens ?

The AFA religious freedom for me but not for thee

Mature workers compete for internships

Mature workers compete for internships

"Situation Room Scaremongering: CNN's Social Security crisis"

Greg Gutfeld's gay bar fail

HCAN's former Communications Director, Jacki Schechner, on Obama and 'shattered expectations.'

You People need to see this guy who's running for Governor (in Florida)

So how do people here feel about the Democratic Majority in the House?

Pam Geller’s associates advocate ethnic cleansing, repeal of African-Americans’ rights

CNN Poll is First To Show Support for Gay Marriage

222 North American Billionaires hide their money in Swiss Banks.

Mr. G Is Right

Everyone is parsing becuse it is far easier than developing a deeper understanding

Republican Party Platform of 1956

The worst photo you will see all day. Top UK singer acts as rent for an American druggie.

Help me out with this deficit obsession

New Find Pushes Age of Stone Tools Back A Million Years

New Find Pushes Age of Stone Tools Back A Million Years

Mr. Blago's got himself a (partially?) deadlocked jury

If We Put 10 Million Americans Back to Work That Social Security "Shortfall" Would Disappear

Re the Copyright thing: How about Democratic Underground going TRULY Underground?


I smell triangulation politics

Most recent statement from Robert Gibbs:

Gunman who wanted to start a revolution by killing leaders of the two liberal organizations

Good for Gibbs for not backing down.

USA = United Spineless Americans

And so it begins: The Teabaggers Small Government approach to Education

The Swiss have it right - Fines based on severity of crime and income

OK, I am going to say it... We need a second stimulus.

How do we pull together for November after the latest punch thrown?

An e-mail from a true American!

Tornadoes or water spouts in Black River, St Elizabeth, Jamaica

Blagojevich jury DEADLOCKED

The Illusion of a ‘limited war’ against Iran by - Mahan Abedin writes for Informed Consent

Help Justin Coussoule beat John Boehner at his own game.

A term not to use against Fox Noise talking heads of the feminine persuasion

A not-so-subtle dig at the Texas school board...

Lady Blah Blah loses again

Follow the (Dirty Energy) Money

GOP Congressman To Sarah Palin: Get Out Of The Endorsement Business

Anyone else just hear Cong. Alan Grayson say Gibbs should be fired on MSNBC?

question for the financial side about trusts

Al Qaeda Secretly Funding US Anti-Islam Protests

Bachmann and Angle agree: State aid is "laundered" money for Dems

Public evenly split on changing 14th amendment?

Public evenly split on changing 14th amendment?

McCain worries about Snooki after her arrest

If there was a Mount Losemore for crummy Presidents, Bush would be on it

Pope rejects Dublin bishops' resignations

My Dad didn't buy it from me as a teenager, why should I buy it as a voter?

I once hooked up with a guy...

Link to a great article by William Rivers Pitt that remember just how bad

I have a confession to make...

"A bunch of baloney & stale old white bread" that's how one Dem candidate describes McCain

Tell the People the truth and all is forgiven

MSNBC: almost all RW ads on my Dish Network TV at the office...

Which one of these two gets to drive the Crazy Bus?

CNN poll: Majority of Dems. and Independents think Constitution conveys the right to gay marriage

What is the general consensus, several days out, regarding the flight attendant who .......

The real interest rate on 5-year inflation-protected securities is now negative.

Now for something lighthearted about "illegal" aliens

Instructions to providers from the AMA on how to drop insurance plans

So how are the college grads doing out there?


How To Put America Back To Work

This pitiful discontent

Not so fast, Emperor Stephen Bonaparte Harper........

So . . . . in Colorado, the establishment Dem will run against -:tada:- a teabagger

Dick Morris fundraising letter "If you hate Harry Reid as much as i, send Sharron Angle money"

Everybody seen this graph...?

I like parables/analogies. For you, Nuclear Unicorn.

Silence on the crisis in Pakistan?

It's at our expense...

Yesterday, two things happened

What's up with all the Mormon commercials?

There Is More Outrage About Gibbs' Comment Than Mitch McConnell Calling Children A Special Interest

Senate passes Feingold-Collins Resolution for Genocide Prevention

"As it was for most of this country's history, so it can be again" (per Countdown)

What district in Georgia was it where all those people were standing in line for public housing

Until the copyright suit is settled, only DemocracyNow should be cited on DU....


"Thrown under the bus" = most over-used term ever

H1N1 pandemic officially over: WHO

Silence on the crisis in Pakistan?

my most recent ltte-please review-regarding chiarelli and troop suicide rate

Lame blame

Anyone else having a problem alerting on posts in violation of DU rules?

So the NBC/Wall Street Poll shows that

Regardless of whether or not you agree with Gibbs, is the Left

Regardless of whether or not you agree with Gibbs, is the Left

California Sees Incomes Decline For First Time Since World War II

Feds rethink policies that encourage home ownership

Fiorina's mouthpiece says Carly "CREATED JOBS." She'll get Californians "back to work."

Peru's Amazonian Indians to launch political party

despite our differences,here's some good reasons for us to stay united...


Even if you don't like Gibbs, you should still vote for Obama and Democrats in elections.

Is asking for well known left-wing critics to take drug tests a Rethug form of attack or A-ok?

Bill Gates proves once again: you don't have to be too smart to be the world's richest man

Damn you Gibbs!

What will it mean when I leave this country for Canada?

When the cops came in a little kid was pointing at the window

Health Insurance Company Hell

Will POTUS Obama say any about the Gibb's gaffe and, if so, what will he say?

Please STOP with the gibbs business. The whining has to stop!

In light of the recent copyright infringement lawsuits, DU's detailed policy is as follows:

The latest job numbers are out -- and they're not good.

I was not thrilled to get this e-mail from our pastor

Clark Newhall: Medicare for all will put me out of business!! Please do it!!

Here's an Employment Paradox for you

Sarah Palin primary endorsement 'Kiss of Death' Tracking Map

Would you rather be ignored or told to STFU?

20 years of No child Left Behind produces this:

STUPID stupid stupid huff po

If Gibbs is fired or resigns, Obama should get due credit

State A.G. Bill McCollum issues fatwa: "Florida will not be a sanctuary state for illegal aliens"

Obama doesn't know how lucky he is that Neocons reject his bid for bi-partisanship!

3 war vets, 1 good leg: Amputees climb Kilimanjaro - story with pics

Mr. Gibbs, let's talk about your drug problem...

holy cow! check out christopher hitchens at huffpo.

New Poll Numbers! Public hates both parties People are "mad as hell"

American Family Association Calls For Ban On Building ANY Mosques In America

I wish I had an employee/flunky who would take a hit like that for me. Oops forgot to say GIBBS!1 n

I'm about To Be Arrested as A Terriorist or Money Launderer?

Iraq Veterans Against the War Calls for Prosecution of Bush Administration Officials for War Crimes

Alan Grayson: It's Who We Are

ACLU takes on two (wealthy) Detroit suburbs over medical marijuana ordinances

Ah memories, of the physical readiness test

$220,000 settlement to woman whose non-cancerous breasts were removed

Gibbs is an asscarrot! ...and it's not even Friday yet.

Rachel is must see tonight

Global warming, war, shitcanned economy, ratfucking, teabaggers, and the topic of the week is

Georgia Republican: Palin should butt out of primaries

What about Canada? Last time I checked, we share a border with them as well.

Rachel: one way to energize your base is fear.

Is ANYONE else planning to show up at Glenn Beck's ironically named "Restoring Honor"

More Oil Washes Up In Gulf Shores

Jonathan Hopkins = Stud (latest DADT victim)

borrowers forcing lenders to accept 10 cents on the dollar

Alan Grayson Goes After Politico

Insider Speaks Out On 'Professional Left' Rift

Compare actions by administration: Shirley Sherrod v Robert Gibbs

Another movie headed for the trashbin of history

Drug Testing

Texas Sues BP…But Not over Oil Spill

Iraqi Army Chief: We Need US Military Until 2020

Banker at center of Rep. Maxine Waters case had lavish lifestyle, arrests on drug/sex assault charge

Which Ticket Would You Vote For?

Is the whole Financialized economy based on deception and fraud? .... Now the life insurers.....

GOP resurrects ugly piece of history

Crack sentence reform is still burdened by racism

Why Obama Is Still the Favorite in 2012

Only a 0.54% chance of GOP takeover

Breakthrough in Hydrogen Generation Technology From Water

Jon Stewart is skewering ReTHUGS

AC360 is starting off with the anchor baby/terrorist BS on CNN

Who will be the first Democrat is Congress to stand up and

Should Gibbs Resign?

How should I react to your third-party vote, and why?

Agony, Thy name is chiggers.

could Obama be playing chess with US?

what is the difference between Kagan/Sotomayor and Breyer/Ginsburg?

Devo was at kent state in 1970

Would you like Canadian style healthcare and eliminating the Pentagon as it currently exists?

You're mad at Obama, right?

You should be happy about Gibbs, because he stigmatized the DLC.

Obama speaks to Netroots Nation. A week later, his mouthpiece blasts the same people

Dems savor Colorado win

Dems savor Colorado win

I'm appalled that Omar Khadr is being tried as a war criminal at Gitmo!

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

From the "This will not end well" file...

I am led to the conclusion that Robert Gibbs should resign or be fired

Wow, God is really punishing California for legalizing same-sex marriage

Wow, God is really punishing California for legalizing same-sex marriage

GA GOP Congressman to Sarah Palin: F**k Off

American flagpoles on cars

Anderson Cooper has done a good job destroying this

Ground-zero "mosque" designed to fuel a religious war

"They won't be satisified until abortion is illegal and we have prayers in public schools"

Political Top Chef special guest (Spoiler)

what's so flipping "left" about social security, health care & ending a useless war?

Breaking: Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association is bigoted human garbage.

Karl Rove is loving this shit

Ethan McCord speaks truth while we watch

Swede could face huge speeding fine — up to $962,000. (for going 180mph)

I gained a little insight into rightwing nativism today.

Dean Baker: The media want us to beat up school teachers and firefighters not Wall Street tycoons

Black farmers ask why some get aid and they wait

Tim Wise: anti-racist educator.

Anti-Frackers Alert

NY'ers reactions to JFK's death

Anybody else think that Gibbs' comments included an inappropriate slam against Kucinich?

Tomorrow between 9 and 12 pacific (12 and 3 eastern) Walker will announce his decision on a stay

Tomorrow between 9 and 12 pacific (12 and 3 eastern) Walker will announce his decision on a stay

Administration Sends Fifth Bill to BP

What is a decent living wage, in your opinion?

David Wolper (Roots, Willy Wonka, Political Documentaries) Has Died

I support the WTC Mosque

Krugman: Criticism from the left is not a significant problem for Obama. Annoying the base is.

DU has fantasized for years that someone in the Kerry/Edwards/Obama campaigns & WH actually reads

This Net Neutrality thing has me really worried

Police "outgunned"?...not if they are buying their stuff from this site!

Ben (son of Dan) Quayle's new ad: Obama worst president in history

Would you change your name if it was this? >>

Anne Rice on her leaving the Christian *faith* - coming up on Nightline

Procter & Gamble asked to change bare-bottom bear ads

What Righthaven is doing is a complete violation of the DMCA takedown rules, and should be dismissed

Court orders lien against Obama birth lawyer (Taitz)

Court orders lien against Obama birth lawyer (Taitz)

A huge stimulus would cause interest rates to rise.

Weiner - Get under the bus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


But WHY does Gibbs not go after the right?

Billionaire Boys Club kicks autistic school out so their charter can take over school building

I'm not sure I buy the pregnant widow shot/hanged for adultery story.

Caption George 'Backdoor Man' Bush in Haiti

What in particular was it that Gibbs said which disappointed, upset, angered &/or dismayed you?

What in particular was it that Gibbs said which disappointed, upset, angered &/or dismayed you?

What in particular was it that Gibbs said which disappointed, upset, angered &/or dismayed you?

What in particular was it that Gibbs said which disappointed, upset, angered &/or dismayed you?

Tolerance, smolerance!!! Please come CAPTION Sarah Palin!!!

Extremist Media Steps Up Attacks on Workers, Unions

Not much has changed since 2006 in Emanuel/Gibbs DLC world - Just read on.....

Sent to arrest the cursing flight attendant: 100s of officers, helicopter, swat team

Sent to arrest the cursing flight attendant: 100s of officers, helicopter, swat team

how big was the wall street bailout? this big:

Can a person really lower blood pressure naturally?

A request to vote for Modest Needs to help victims of the Gulf disaster.

I am so sick of e-mails from Orchard Bank.

Contract awarded for new Small Diameter Bomb

I am an Atheist and about these Mosques.......

Ed is slicing up Robert Gibbs and the White House. Rep. Grayson is first guest...

Rachel shows why having openly gay people in places of power matters

Here's a BuzzFlash article on Elizabeth Warren. I'd like to think it's an error.

Gubernatorial Candidate in Florida Embroiled in Possible Medicare Overbilling Scandal

Why food stamp cuts?

A friend of mine just told me this amazing fact about Cuba:

Just another Canadian really CHEESED OFF!! about his health care

Greenland ice sheet faces 'tipping point in 10 years'

Obama Administration Prevents Independent Scientific Analysis of Gulf

If the Administration didn't agree with Gibbs, they would have said so

John Aravosis on Gibbs

The Rubin Con Goes On

A brief discussion of copyright law and violations of same...

Disease bacteria that resists all antibiotics discovered.

Senator Wrestlemania and Senator Droopy - welcome to Idiocracy, USA

LOL! 'With Heat Rising Over Comments, Gibbs Has a Cold With A Sore Throat & The Sniffles'

Robert Gibb's Appreciation Thread!

U.S., BP Near Deal on Fund (not a joke)

Emanuel and Gibbs

Obama To Sign Manufacturing Bill

Caption Ben 'Dirty Dan' Quayle

Mr Glibbs that kicking and screaming sound that you hear is called sanity.

Call the waahmbulance: McVeigh pal, Terry Nichols, continues to make demands for special treatment

Commenter to Newt: 'Which one of your multiple marriages was the most sacred to you?'

Diet Coke w/vitamins & minerals, $5 for 17 hrs. of gore, and genuine chocolate flavoring...

Serious Question: name someone Gibbs *was* talking about

Who is the most liberal major candidate or president of the past 11 years?

Why the Dennis Kucinich mention (by Gibbs)?

Florida AG proposed tougher curbs against illegals

I guess those who (rightly) criticized this Administration in the past are now proven right

DU being sued by Righthaven for copyright infringement

Iraq's Army Chief of Staff says U.S. troops must stay until 2020!

Gibbs Stands By His 'Professional Left' Critique, Expects Liberals To Vote In 2010

The 2010 Republican Platform

Sheriff uses food stamp applications to find people with felony warrants

Must Read ... Newt's 2nd Wife Dishes Hard: His Money Woes, His Philandering, His Meltdown ... LINK

Grayson absolutely eviscerated Gibbs just a bit a go on MSNBC

Guardian UK: Markets dive as depression fears grow

Know why our society is doomed? Collectively, we lack empathy for one another.

Howard Dean gave the Democrats all of this, and they've squandered it.

You know, I used to be really pissed at people that voted for Nader in 2000

You realize Gibbs was promoting that "the Left won't keep you safe" crap

Gibbs: Damn the professional left for wanting to spend half as much $$$ for BETTER health care

Think this summer is hot? Get used to it

The Nation: The Left Owes A Big Thank You To Gibbs

Dare I suggest...

Behind the Gibbs' Controversy: Continuing the Neo-Liberal Failure

Calif. nurse on death row dies of natural causes

Never seen a nerve hit quite like this

Gibbs Just Did His Job... Told America What the White House Thinks of Progressives; So here's what w

"Birther Bill" Cites Nonexistent Section Of The Constitution

Pit Bull Attacks CT Mail Carrier

Diocese offers birth control insurance, but warns employees not to use it...

Someone today suggested we make a Professional Left logo. Here is my entry

Dean Baker: "There is no excuse for the mass suffering the United States is now experiencing"

One of the Professional Left outs himself. Please create the next hatefest here where I lnk his blog

There was no insult to anyone at DU by what Gibbs said.

There really *is* a schism. We are soon going to have to admit that and take sides.

Imagine a world where there is a huge muslim middle class in

I have given this whole 'Professional Left' thing a little thought

Grayson on Gibbs: He Shouldn't Resign. He Should be Fired.

After 23 months and some odd days, I finally have a job again.

BREAKING: Obama fails to intervene, Lt. Col. Fehrenbach asks Judge to block his DADT discharge

So that's the way it's going to be then, hmm?

The Professional Left---Let's name names.

Dear President Obama,

Last Graspland

Dan Quayle's kid is also stupid.

Robert Gibbs Says His Remarks Attacking Liberals Were Not Made In Error!

The real Professional Left -people who have made social justice their life's work

I talked to three of my Democratic neighbors this morning.

So what do you think of Virgin Bikini Waxing?

Scientists: Oiled marshes are "healing".

If Lt Col Fehrenbach is fired this week or early next both he and we were lied to

The Bad Old Days

I got called queer today

President Barack Obama has lost the most trusted man in the Hispanic media.

Dr. Laura repeatedly says 'n----r' on the air, apologizes

Canadian Healthcare and Kucinich for President?

Corporate Media Lies, 2010: If You Hated My Last Post, You Will Loathe This One

Yes, they're scared and clueless

Revolution in the air

Silly Rabbits! Many of you think that Obama and Congressional Dems WANT to have a majority

Activists storm field, crush GM maize (Italy)

Here's a Silver Bullet to Eliminate Illegitimate Corporate Interference Ads (Citizens United)

Would you support a law preventing corporations making profits off of wars?

President McCain Announces Total Withdrawal of Troops from Afghanistan

JFK was a crazy, drugged-out professional leftist

JFK was a crazy, drugged-out professional leftist

JFK was a crazy, drugged-out professional leftist

Are there any driving laws you'd like to see changed?

Paul Krugman: In The Matter Of Robert L. Gibbs

Do you ever wonder what a platypus' beaver looks like?

I'LL BET that if Name Removed posted a thread with "Gibbs" and "narwhals" in the subject line...

Trash Talk

Ever discover a new taste by accident?

For the last two hours - been playing this

"Ayle be baak"

These two need more hits

It's About Time

Are there any less anal-retentive alternatives to Youtube?

I have a question for Gibbs about delusional.

What did we do now?

I think Cartman is in the back seat...

Feeling some Red Ryder this morning

a kitty breakthrough moment

Cat moves off menu, into home

This stomach problem is going to make me shoot myself.

Climb Pikes Peak With The Monster

What about sammythecat? Anyone seen him lately?

How much have you made in your life as a professional liberal?

How many unsuccessful phone calls would you make before you tried

Am I the only one who immediately has the desire to skip over any post with the word "Gibbs" in it?

Legislator from Landover, MD falsely claimed to have played in the NFL -- with the *Cowboys*!!

In GD, No One Can Hear You Scream...


T for Texas (Blue Yodel #1)

Lunch Hour!

Anybody seen GreenPartyVoter lately?

Gibbs Slap

So, I am loving my new Nook

Edumacation FAIL.

Pretty cool.

Does anyone bake with egg substitute?

I am the Aqua Buddah ...

Gibbs Gibbs Gibbs Gibbs

Favorite deadly sin?

I thought it'd be easy, boy was I wrong.

Not a good sign ...

Do you like zombies? Do you like westerns? Then have I got a book for you!

I'm trying to get an official Microsoft Office 2007 Specialist certification. Need advice.

what's the best way to clean the tv's getting pretty funky...

Locking in gas prices for the winter heating season: yes or no?


On the subject of guitarists...


Girl quits her job on dry erase board, emails entire office (33 Photos)

Finally my copy of "The Zombie Survival Guide" arrived in the mail today.

11.5 hours til our 32nd anniversary

The quit narrative.

Okay, so Robert Gibbs is giving the press their daily briefing on the war in Afghanistan...


Man #1 walks into a bar and sits down next to man #2.


Nobody gets between this woman and her chicken nuggets

Yeah, but what about the one seems to care! Who can eat at a time like this?

I'm sorry, Internetz. You has forced me to install FlashBlock

Maybe we'll find out where some of that missing oil is.

Sheep have taken over the Hobbit village from LOTR (pics)

Some Words on Two of My Favorite TV Shows: The Glades and Castle

Insect burrows into leg of VH1 "reality show star," uses her as a human incubator.

Cringe-inducing typo outside N.C. school

The Duggars: We're open to having a 20th child

young Micheal vs old Micheal there a question?

The theory of relativity is a liberal conspiracy?

Oh NO! Oh, dear GOD, NO! "Jennifer Lopez off American Idol." Oh, God in Heaven above, WHY? WHY? NO!

that's it!-- so long, DU....

Has anyone here actually had "pieces left behind"?

Fred Astaire...dancing

VIDEO - Take a look at what this Australian saw when they looked up at their bedroom ceiling...

How do I get glue off a /mp3 player screen?

This wife gently tells her husband that she is not satisfied with his lovemaking skills.


Why can Apple make such cool stuff, and make such shitty incomprehensible interfaces and software?

Anyone else get emails about Federal grants?

I want this to happen to the RIAA!

Cat parents, a question about 12.5 oz. cans of cat food... how do you keep the food

Anyone seen merh lately?

Is Netflix streaming flaking out for anyone else tonight or is it just me?

My tomato plants are over my head!

Here's what I find hysterical about the irate flight attendant story

Molly's back with more babies!!!! (the owl)

We need new shorthand for the Supreme Court and the President

Lubbock, Texas.

What constitutes a sex thread?

The Flying Burrito Brothers - Six Days on the Road

Legless Kitteh is amazing!

Which do you prefer?

I am trying to set up a DU meetup. Please try to attend!

My Mother is going to give me her harley...

Did you ever want to change your name when you were a kid? My youngest has

This meeting of Chuggo Youth will now come (on, fuckin' guy) to order


Thread for scary/freaky pictures and videos


Do you believe in karma?

Ok this is probably dumb, but can someone explain a flat universe to me?

Oh crap! I have made HUGH FOE PAS in GD!!

DU member "never cry wolf" has passed away

Agony, Thy name is chiggers.

Don't use the bible to comfort an atheist.

The Cache Thread: Needs some lime green trim

Do you know anyone who has committed suicide?


Get a grip folks

March in Lockstep, or Face Mandatory Drug Testing!

How come those supporting Obama are called blind but critics are not called irrational

Turnout (particularly in Dem primary) was strong in Colorado

Joe Conason: The Racists Return

Why did Obama meddle in the Bennet/Romanoff primary?

The Kind Of Vote To Build An Election Around

Ruth Marcus: Inartful, but Honest

DOJ gags scientists studying BP disaster.

Newsweek: What Would bu$h Do? - Give me a break!

Clinton draws spotlight at Sestak campaign rally!

New National Public Policy Polling Poll: Obama 47% (+2) approval 48% (-4) disapproval

Productivity declines unexpectedly as US workweek lengthens

GM second-quarter results to show substantial gain over the first quarter

Senators seek Lockerbie bomber medical records

Valero contributes another $3 million to Prop. 23 campaign

Little hope for more survivors of China floods

Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin helps to tackle Russia's summer wildfires

11 killed in attack in Iraq

So now part-time activists who jumped on the Obama bandwagon are now his "BASE"?

About Last Night

right-wing media is avoiding the Gibbs kerfluffle

right-wing media is avoiding the Gibbs kerfluffle

Handel concedes Georgia GOP race to Deal

Repub Governors ask for federal aid, get it, and then join Congressional Repubs in denouncing it.

Chilcot inquiry wants evidence from Iraq war veterans

PPP: CO-Governor race Hickenlooper has double digit lead

Obama to sign manufacturing bill

BP civil lawsuits head for New Orleans

Political Cartoonist Tony Auth nails the Republicans once again

Former Blackwater workers face new slaying indictment (For Murder)

Former Blackwater workers face new murder indictment

AFSCME: Thank you, Dems

WH: John Boehner wants a lot of people to lose their jobs

WH Economist: Boner 'Wants A Lot Of People To Lose Their Jobs'

Executives at health insurance giants cash in as firms plan fee hikes

Nevada Senate: Angle fleeing Latino media

If your local Democratic Party Club chose our candidates would the picture be different?

Dan Rostenkowski, former congressman, dead at 82

GDP could be revised down to 1.3%, economists say

The "dumber sons of dumb politicians" envelope keeps getting pushed

The Republicans actually want to end MEDICARE and SOCIAL SECURITY (it's here in writing)

Aid bill includes $10 billion in new taxes on U.S. corporations that do business abroad

Obama administration to provide $3B in housing aid

U.S. Military to Press for Slower Afghan Drawdown

"Obama is in big trouble with the dudes that used to sell him dope"

China overtakes the US as world's largest energy user

White House: US on track to end Iraq combat role

Does Romney have a prayer for 2012 ?

Ben Quayle denies link to sleazy website

I'm not the only one who noticed that Gibbs smeared liberals with the "bailout" comment.

Read this, learn something

Scott lashes out at McCollum over Solantic lawsuit

Hunt for Serial Killer Intensifies as Attacks Rise (MI, OH, VA)

White House targets Boehner over stimulus

Poll shows CEOs are less optimistic

Alan Grayson actually proves Gibbs' point on MSNBC

What the hell is "the professional left" anyway?

So much for the media saying the President is a negative in campaigning for democrats

Poll: Majority says Obama has met expectations

Stocks Retreat as Gloom Descends on Several Fronts

AT&T Wireless Chief Says Google-Verizon Internet Policy Plan `Reasonable'

Superbug from India found in Canada

Rep Charles Gonzales has signed on a cosponsor of Fair Elections Now Act bringing total to 160

Former U.S. Representative Dan Rostenkowsi has died

CNN Poll is First To Show Support for Gay Marriage

Louisiana Declares Emergency as Gulf Storm Builds

Interesting...they are not leaving behind gobs of military equipment in Iraq

There is a difference between holding Obama accountable & saying he is no different than Bush

The Professional Left and Right

"You don't matter. Your views are irrelevant.......So why don't you love me?"

The President's Schedule Today

Daily Kos: "We Got So Many Things Done So Quick, People Forgot!"

Primary night yields good news for Obama, Dems - time to scrutinize treasured 2010 storyline

Bob Shrum on Gibb's 'professional left' comment: 'Tremendous disservice to President Obama'

Conservatives Blast Harry Reid for Remark about Hispanic Voters

Conservatives Blast Harry Reid for Remark about Hispanic Voters

RIP Ned Lamont.

So much for the claim that Gibbs doens't criticize the right

Ellison disputes press accounts of his call for Gibbs' dismissal

Is this where I can find the Professional Centrists?

I would like to say that I am glad that HCR paid of for someone

Handel calls Deal, concedes GOP nomination for governor (Failin' Palin's endorsement sinks another)

Oil spill: BP nears deal to continue drilling in Gulf of Mexico

McMahon wins GOP primary in Conn.

Peru's Amazonian Indians to launch political party

DTE offers a deal for 1st electric car buyers - Utilities to push overnight charging

Obama To Sign Manufacturing Bill

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday August 11

Barack Obama celebrates primary victories as Tea Party splits vote

Pentagon: undisclosed Wikileak documents 'potentially more explosive'

The press doesn’t get Robert Gibbs

Critical plant bank in danger

I Wish McCain/Palin Had Been Elected

DU Should Look Into Getting These Daily Outrages Sponsored

"If anyone can't see (Bush's) love for our nations troops, they must be dead.."

Californians' income falls for first time since WWII

Robert Gibbs: 'I don't plan on leaving'

First lady went to Spain to spend time with grieving friend

Is this really possible this quickly? In La., signs of regrowth seen in oiled marshes

Air Force Two in Minor Incident on Long Island

Thank You Rachel Maddow For Being A Part Of....

Jon Stewart on Crossfire. Gibbs on Professional Lefts and Rights.

So what does DU think about "Obama equals Bush"

Death toll tops 1,300 in Pakistani flooding (Taliban start financial bidding war versus US aid)

More Help for Unemployed Homeowners

Prop 8 judge will issue ruling regarding a stay of the decision on Thursday morning

Dr. Quentin Young's letter to Robert Gibbs

Florida immigrant crackdown aims to outdo Arizona lawsState attorney general

Dallas, TX outlaws salvia and K2-style herbal cannabinoids

Pakistani militants urge rejection of Western aid

Russia 'deploys missiles' in breakaway region of Abkhazia

Russia 'deploys missiles' in breakaway region of Abkhazia

Kelliher concedes, endorses Dayton

American Indians' civil rights focus of gathering

G.M. Said to Be Close to Stock Offering

Prop 8 Judge to Issue Ruling Thursday on Starting Same-Sex Weddings Again

Drug-Resistant Germs in India Spreading to West, Scientists Say

A reminder that the admin demanded Shirley Sherrod's immediate resignation over a Breitbart post

David Wolper, producer of 'Roots,' dies at 82

Energy Conversion Devices to lay off 140 (green jobs going to Mexico)

Officer Sues to Block His Discharge Under Gay Ban

Just as I thought, get ready for a cluster Fxxk

Wells Fargo loses ($203 million) debit card suit

Paul Krugman: Gibbs' "professional left" comments unprofessional, unfair and stupid

Some in the "professional left" mimic the main stream media.

Robert Gibbs appreciation thread: I support Robert Gibbs!

Officer off Gitmo jury for agreeing with Obama

Just what kind of PROFESSIONAL is Gibbs ?

Gibbs Need Not Apologize for Blasting the "Professional Left"

"How are we going to get 60 solid liberal votes in the Senate?"

French arrest cyber-crime suspect for U.S.

Reagan insider: 'GOP destroyed U.S. economy'

US heat wave just preview of future: study

Liberal Criticism of Franklin Roosevelt and The New Deal

Bin Laden chef sentenced to 14 years in jail

No one wants to be accused of getting a shiver up his/her leg.....

Colombian ex-president to teach at Georgetown U

Righthaven LLC v. Democratic Underground, LLC et al

Not happy with Obama on the economy? Let's see how other countries are doing:

Dems getting heat from left over food cuts

Brazil to record UFO sightings

Report: 5% of kids in U.S. born to illegal immigrants

Serious Question: What are the chances Obama will choose to not seek re-election?

Iran Ready To Fill Lebanon Military Aid Gap From US

Rep. Grayson wants Gibbs fired, calls him 'Bozo the Spokesman'

Some of my family in Canada hate Canadian health care. Here's why.

Gibbs' attack video against Howard Dean

French police attacked pregnant women, mothers and children - African migrant eviction brutality

Has WikiLeaks done the world a favor

S3706 Wednesday August 11 2010 FIGHT for TIER V channel 387


Chinese News' take on the Jet Blue flight attendant flip out

Rachel Maddow: Gitmo teen on trial

Are illegal immigrants really taking American jobs

Ed Schultz: Republicans Hate Public Education

One in Four Americans Won't Understand This Video

Note: to Nevadans Don't elect Sharron Angle

Obama Called Worst President in History by Ben QUAYLE

Meg Whitman: What Will You Do to Eradicate Poverty?

Cenk Uygur On Net Neutrality

Flowers Are Red

Unemployment Trends by County 2007-2010

"Conway Supporter" Busted "Infiltrating" Rand Paul Event

The Ultimate Economy Car

Massive storm overtakes Finland beach in seconds.

Nancy Skinner defends Obama's Bush bashing on Fox News with Megyn Kelly

'Little terrorists' born in U.S.?

Limpy The Hut Ties Jet Blue Guy To Obama

Evil Inequality In the Works for the Web

Reid Asks How Hispanics -- Or Anyone -- Could Vote Republican

Brit Admiral explains the British Military Industrial Complex to John Cleese (humor)

Congressman Alan Grayson: Obama Administration suffering from Stockholm Syndrome

Olbermann: Angle Shuts Out Hispanics


WOW, Republican Cop backs Harry Reid

Hot Topix with Michele Bachmann

Christian Lady Protests Gay Marriage in NC, Comments on Blacks

Change That's Not: 'Obama on Bush Route' (Journalist John Pilger)

Jane Hamsher & Glenn Greenwald Discuss Fallout From Gibbs' "Professional Left" Comments

MSNBC: Ratigan In The Streets Of NYC - Shows People 'Cenk Uygur' (Funny Reactions)

Bicycle Rush Hour Utrecht (Netherlands) I

MSNBC Cenk Rant: Internet Freedom In Danger's Jane Hamsher on Dem. Reaction to Robert Gibbs'

TYT: Cenk on Gibbs

Rep. Alan Grayson: Gibbs Should Not Resign, He Should Be Fired

Who has the right to judge?

House sends $26 billion in aid to states for teachers, Medicaid

Right-Wing Immigration plan = a Police State -- Is That What Those Supposed Freedom Lovers Want?

Tales from Stasiland: The letter that makes you disappear by Scott Horton

Is the News Coming From the Gulf Too Good To Be True? Unfortunately, Yes

Robert Gibbs Announces 'All Professional Left Behind'

Chris Rodda: Debunking Beck (and David Barton).

The Phenomenology of Ugly For what its worth.......

It’s Hard To Take The Fiscal Hawks Seriously: Testimony To The Senate Budget Committee

Robert Scheer: The Rubin Con Goes On

U.S. Is Bankrupt and We Don't Even Know: Laurence Kotlikoff

Why the GOP really wants to alter the 14th Amendment by Harold Meyerson

WP chimes in on cue: "Robert Gibbs was right to criticize the 'professional left'"

Target of FBI Gag Order to Speak Freely After 6 Years..Raw Story

William Rivers Pitt: The Bad Old Days

Gulf Oil Spill's Worst-Hit Victims (Hint: You Can't See Them)

Gibbs did a stupid thing, he should have known better, but he told the truth. -KOS

Glenn Greenwald/The Omar Khadr travesty


Dramatic Compromise Offered by Opponents of Ground Zero's Cordoba House

How the Military Destroys the Lives of Soldiers Who Try to Tell the Truth

Making hate respectable

Honduras Down the Memory Hole: U.S. media ignore the aftermath of dubious elections they praised

Vince Warren: What Happened to Constitutional Rights?

Gibbs is Wrong: It Isn't About the Professional Left (Cenk @ Huffington Post)

Pres. Obama signs bill to save 300,000 jobs. Boehner calls it a "bailout for special interests"

Britain and Iceland go to war over the mackerel

Panel gets clear message: Rid Maine of nuclear waste

Siemens and Samsung Invest Heavily in Ontario (FIT = jobs)

Drumbeat: August 11, 2010

Russian Fires Approach Nuclear Facilities

China: July power output rises 12% to record

Company withdraws nuclear plant application (Idaho)

Nuclear plant discharge killing coral in Kenting National Park: researcher (Taiwan)

United States: Solar Power Will Create 200,000 Jobs in Two Years

Arctic Sunrise Gulf Oil Expedition by GreenPeace

(PA) 8,000 People? E.P.A. Defers Hearing on Fracking

E.ON Says Nuclear Tax May Cost EUR1.5B A Year (Germany)

Fish kill covers beaches along the Delaware Bay Wednesday

Frozen jet stream links Pakistan floods, Russian fires

US oil spills hit support for Canada mega-pipeline

If you have a house with hot water baseboards and wanted to heat it with

U.S. electricity blackouts skyrocketing

Rep. Ed Markey Says It's Time BP Own Up to the Real Size of the Gulf Oil Leak

Sorry if this has been posted already, but everyone should see this.

E.J. Henderson: A miracle, so far

"You're a liar," Gray said to Pavin. "You're going down."

Why didnt the O's Hire Showalter months ago?

Al Davis excited by 2010 Raiders

Baseball’s Praised Diversity Is Stranded at First Base.

Pitt versus trumad---Darts----get your bets in!

Chavez is all aTwitter

Felipe Calderón reviews Mexico's drug-war strategy after scathing criticism

Florida immigrant crackdown aims to outdo Arizona lawsState attorney general

Colombia: soldiers acquitted in San José Peace Community massacre

Guatemala issues warrants for former interior minister, police chief in inmate slayings

Peru's Amazonian Indians to launch political party

Honduras Down the Memory Hole: U.S. media ignore the aftermath of dubious elections they praised

Venezuela seeks to bar banks from owning media firms

Colombian ex-president to teach at Georgetown U

Nevada CCW laws

Are California State Workers "The Expendables"?

AFL-CIO to establish special council for young workers

No Benefit Cuts Or Retirement Age Increases Are Needed To Keep Social Security Solvent For 75 Years

Today in labor history Aug 11 - Andrew Carnegie died, ruthless and crushed unions (Homestead strike)

Watching a program on the Gruman Hellcat WWII navy fighter plane -Gruman's factory and workers

MEXICO: Supreme Court Rules That All States Must Recognize Same-Sex Marriage

Gay Candidates Make Primary Election Gains

Older Retirement Age Will Hurt 45 Percent Of Workers 58 And Older Who Have Physically Demanding Jobs

Pastor Olden Thornton: Jeebus Is Coming Back To Fuck A Woman, Not A Man! (Exact title)

Farmers Insurance Yanks Clear Channel Ads

Did Dinner With A Male Porn Star Bring Down Minnesota's Gay State Senator?

CNN Poll is First To Show Majority Support for Gay Marriage

New Poll Finds Most Oppose DADT Repeal

American Family Association: Allowing Gays To Adopt Is Inhumane To Children


Europe 1906 in color

Border Police destroy settler homes

Hamas frees 100 Gaza prisoners for Ramadan

israeli army enters lebanon to cut down tree, fighting ensues

Congress halts aid to Lebanese army

Spacewalk going on now at ISS

A Proof That P Is Not Equal To NP?

Arctic rocks may contain oldest remnants of Earth (BBC)

Perseid meteor shower peak viewing tonight thru the

Robot could open door to Great Pyramid secrets

Another Spectacular Hubble Picture

Inexplicable Superconductor Fractals Hint at Higher Universal Laws

Giant Ultraviolet Rings Found in Resurrected Galaxies

Archaeologists discover Britain's oldest home

Earliest Known Trace of Tool Use Reported

Next giant leaps for NASA tech

[some fun... :-) ] Dawkins Tight-Lipped on Fairies

Sanity Claws, I was thinking of you yesterday

Treehuggin' Do-Gooders Unite!

I need help--for a fun one!

All the good going forward ~ today did you hit the WALL?

Dang, there's a lot of anger erupting all over....

My grandmother just admitted to hospital

Spirituality and technology - a concrete case.

New superbug spreads to UK hospitals

Gene 'may kill off antibiotics'

Brain scan promises to identify the hidden sufferers of autism

Me and my elderly Mom participated in a H1N1 study and just got back the results.