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Archives: August 10, 2010

I watched a sad Made (MTV show) today

Arrest Video Of Pregnant Woman Raises Questions

Walkin' to DC: share your stories about the ill effects of school deform

The fires in Russia - also a result of deregulation and privatization

USA! USA! USA! USA! Fed expected to downgrade US growth outlook on Tuesday. USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!

I'm truly scared. It must be opposite day.

Fail me now.

Connecting the right-wing dots

Spanish government prepares to use military scabs against air traffic controllers

Mom set for trial in Taser incident

Mom set for trial in Taser incident

Trigger Happy Police Officer Round Robin

Think you had a bad day?

Why is it that always when someone is charged with "resisting arrest" and nothing else

Just Watch Capitalism

kpfk is playing the audiobook "The Last Train from Hiroshima"

UK has the same "schools are failing" charter school talking points as US

Crooks & Liars: Moving the Goalposts In Afghanistan (Time Magazine cover GRAPHIC photo warning)

Gates on Pentagon budget: "There are no sacred cows."

Economic crisis and class struggle

"In earlier eras Mr. Cheney may have already been flower fertilizer. Prayers for many more years."

EPA hearings on hydraulic fracturing moved from Binghamton to Syracuse

Never mind,,,they fixed the Dish TV...

NYT's Bob Herbert: Employment situation is a 'horror show'

I'm a Lizard and...

Labor Singer Anne Feeney Hospitalized, Cancels Concert Tour

Fayetteville's income figures beat out Raleigh, Charlotte

Why do HCR, financial reform, and the stimulus seem to have such razor-thin economic gains?

Mission changing, top commander says

Bizarre..Right in the middle of "Weather Underground", our DISH TV freaked out

The Noxious Transformation of the Conservative Movement into a Rabid Fringe

Just saw "Capitalism: A Love Story"

Just saw "Capitalism: A Love Story"

Just saw "Capitalism: A Love Story"

Just saw "Capitalism: A Love Story"

United States war veterans gain access to medicinal marijuana

Lancing the Boil


Eleventh researcher complains that the religious right distorted his work

Coming Home

Coming Home

The GOP Always Knows that There is an Upcoming Election

"We've spent the last 20 months governing. They've spent the last 20 months politicking."

he was convicted of the murders in May 1994 and sentenced to death, mainly on eyewitness testimony

One Cool Cat

McCollum: Ban Gays From Being Foster Parents

Gates: Pentagon cuts could help free more money for Navy shipbuilding

MUST SEE: USA unemployment by county 2007-10

Diploma mills getting fat on the new GI bill

Diploma mills getting fat on the new GI bill

WGN-TV Chicago: City/Suburban split in views on immigration

WGN-TV Chicago: City/Suburban split in views on immigration

United for a Fair Economy

End of the handwringing excuse that we're protecting Afghans - We suck at this

Numbers of Oiled Wildlife Increasing

Did you hear that b----- Pelosi wants to

Another 'Get R Done' meme: Afghanistan war: Stay until job is done, say majority of Americans

Corporate Nannies tell minions to fear "Nanny State" !?

Most 'liberals' polled seem fine with supporting President Obama

Angle’s economic views are reckless

Not Sure If This Has Been Posted Already: Rep. Bob Inglis (R-SC) Admits Republican "Fear Strategy"

Greg Gutfeld to open gay bar next to Ground Zero mosque

Pat Tillman's mother on Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal: I told you so

Matt Davies NAILS IT

Matt Davies NAILS IT

"Elizabeth Warren 2 be nominated next week to head Consumer Financial Protection Agency"

Will the US Military move on Boehener in Palinland?

Afghan Meltdown

Austerity= Creating Recessions- the British set the example

I watched the Palin "eye roll" video with the sound off -

Toon: Stating the Obvious

Gates to kill JFCOM, cut general officer billets

Question on the Professional Left

NPR Reported this morning that worker productivity is down

British prime minister says austerity cuts are permanent

Escaped (Afghan) detainee was under Afghan control (before he killed two US Marines)

hmmm.maybe things aren't quite as bad in some parts of Texas

Red Dawn - pics of Russian wildfires

Need Better Benefits? Join A Union

American worker slaves......YOU'RE NOT WORKING HARD ENOUGH !!!

Wal-Mart prices on the rise: JP Morgan study

As Judy was to Mr GABLE, so is BecKKK mooning over Tweety (yearbook pics of political yakkers)

Gibbs et al = John Turturro in Miller's Crossing

Wis. congressman favors leaving Afghanistan

Out of Afghanistan now is the only solution to changing Washington now

So Joe Scum et al now want John Kerry

$57-a-night, everything's a la carte hotel opens in London

KIPP Scores Tumble, kipp gets $50 million, President Demands More Charter Schools

Atlantic Hotter Than Before Katrina Makes Gray Boost Hurricane Forecasts

Former NASA administrator was aboard the plane that crashed in Alaska

I have to ask, How many read what is on the board before posting

What really bugs me about the cure-the-gays movement.

FOX - Why be boring when you can cook the News - Fitzsimmons cartoon

"largest area of Earth's surface to experience all-time record high temperatures"

Carl Bernstein supports draft / national service

Sharp Rise in Afghan Civilian Casualties

Plane, possibly with ex-Alaska senator, , crashes (Ted Stevens)

Good, quick read on net neutrality: the FCC has no cojones

Good, quick read on net neutrality: the FCC has no cojones

There are two types of Democrats: precinct-walkers, and the rest.

I'd get drug tested but I don't think HCR covers it

Of Woodchucks and Ginger Cats

So after reading of Gibbs' comments in his interview with the Hill, I gotta ask...

Fed votes to leave unemployment rate unchanged.

Public Policy Poll(PPP): Obama and Liberals

Gibbs was wrong about the "professional left."

Plane crash in Alaska - Ted Stevens reportedly on board

A Win for Warren? Mistaking a Nomination for an Appointment

Democrats fear turnout will be their problem this election so should they

Please enter your relative standing as a Dem

If you use CFL light bulbs pls be aware of this toxic clean up procedure:

A Message to Those Praying for Christopher Hitchens

A Message to Those Praying for Christopher Hitchens

Can someone more liberal than Obama be elected in 2012 ?

I knew it! Physics has a liberal bias

Here's another e-mail being circulated about the

Dramatic increase in HIV infections in Eastern Europe

BTW; Hey media assclowns, can you STOP USING THE TERM "OPTICS"

Conservapedia: E=mc2 Is A Liberal Conspiracy

Does Gibbs Know That Drug Testing Is A Scam Of Uber-RightWing Origin?

Garbage collectors make twice as much as people who collect garbage

Tea Baggers: "They know the price of everything, the value of nothing!"

Oh, man, my poll got locked for using offensive language

Isaiah 32..8..But the liberal deviseth liberal things; and by liberal things shall he stand.

Mr. Fish :There is something wrong...

Top U.N. Official Says Pentagon's Gitmo trial of "child soldier" violates international law.

We ‘lost’ the Afghanistan War: See reality

I am damned proud to say "I''m a fucking retard who needs to be drug tested"

Let's waterboard those who say Obama is like Bu$h

Reply to DCCC fundraising letter.

Tribalism is the Last Refuge of Political Scoundrels, Including Robert Gibbs

Bravo Charlie Rangel

Three Days to Revolution

Three Days to Revolution

GOP's Gridlock Strategy Will Fail.

Bill Gates' School Crusade

Mark David Chapman is up for parole

Do you give a (bleep) what a sitcom is called?

Prez: "When you want to go forward in a car, what do you do? You put it in “D.”

Heads Up - Obama to speak on Jobs bill in a few minutes

Gibbs is right

Phew! I get to vote the straight Dem ticket one more time

I don't think the prez is the same as Bush, dammit

"I would be a very lucky person to live another five years..."

Not Your Father's UAW

'GOP destroyed U.S. economy' (How: Gold. Tax cuts. Debts. Wars. Fat Cats. Class gap. .....)

Barney Frank says lawmakers were 'delighted' to return for state-aid vote

Rise in freight traffic creates hiring boom at railroads

Get your Robert Gibbs Drug Testing Kits here...

I think everything wrong with the world today can be witnessed in this video...

AFSCME Ad Goes After Collins and Snowe for Failure to Support Jobs Bill

Revolution in the air, who will lead it?

Memo To Dems: Ignore The Base And You'll Lose Elections

SCLM Watch - Local Public Radio host shilling for Carly Fiorina

My song to Gibbs and the gang-

An Open Letter to John Fund (WSJ) - Richard Charnin (TruthIsAll) - x

Reuters: Ex-senator's death not confirmed: family friend

Poll: Are you drug-addled or a f*@king retard? Or...


Who is watching Mr. Rangel on the floor?

Simple quetion-

Fed-up attendant curses out fliers, exits JetBlue flight by emergency slide

Krugman: Ad What?

Dem. congressman runs against "Washington crowd" -- Obama, Boehner and Pelosi

Fed takes small step to bolster recovery

Battle of the beers: Bold American craft beers give traditional British drafts a run for their money

Battle of the beers: Bold American craft beers give traditional British drafts a run for their money

There seems to be confirmation that Sen. Stevens was on the plane. Now that he is dead.

Obama is better than Bu$h

US bank regulators move to replace (phony) credit ratings

Self delete - total dupe to this post

Don't Waste Your Time Arguing

The "professional left" is the new gays! Well get to your pet issues... Sometime!

A Prayer to Awaken


Well, DU, looks like we're "Underground" again

Stopping Social Security Cuts ( petition to congresscritters)

BREAKING NEWS Fed to Buy Government Debt; Says the Recovery Has ‘Slowed’

Rangel dares House to expel him

Rangel dares House to expel him

MarketWatch: The jobless recovery won't go further without jobs

Ted Stevens dead-

Mexico's lost culture: With little knowledge of the history of slavery in the region, Afro-Mexican

I voted for Lamont's opponent in the CT primary for governor today.

The Political Bell Curve - One Look at The Dilemma

182 billion dollars. 182 billion...

"Obama=Bush" is a strawman. Obama Wants us to pressure him!

Buying extra popcorn on the way home tonight...

HR 1593 Criticizes Texas School Board

Teh gays are retards, the unions wasted millions of dollars, the professional left

Do DUers remember the lengthy speeches during the deification of Ted Stevens

Mike Gravel on GEM$NBC now

Breaking on GEM$NBC - official - Ted Stevens is dead

NYT: Outsourcing to India Draws Western Lawyers

Obama’s overtures to businesses falling flat

The funds are going to the states

Is This Helpful? Paterson offers NYS $ to move 'mosque' further from Ground Zero.

Mr. Gibbs: What Progressives Want Is For The Admin To Do What's Right

94L forecast to strengthen - BP shuts down operations in the Gulf

Obama Vs. Obama: Who is right? HuffPo posts a video and poll. You decide!

Obama Vs. Obama: Who is right? HuffPo posts a video and poll. You decide!

I'm glad Stevens got to live long enough to clear his name.

Since when can't Democrats compromise?

The assassination of Robert F. Kennedy (story on photo)

I'm disgusted. Reliving 9-11 by watching a passing bus

I'm disgusted. Reliving 9-11 by watching a passing bus

I'm disgusted. Reliving 9-11 by watching a passing bus

Perhaps we are the canaries in the liberal coal mine and they should be a little bit more mindful.

Perhaps we are the canaries in the liberal coal mine and they should be a little bit more mindful.

Uh oh. Rachel, Olbermann and Schultz are not going to like this

Secular Coalition Applauds Resolution Supporting Fact-Based Education, Denouncing Texas School Board

Google-Verizon Pact: It Gets Worse

So, has the RW media picked up on Gibb's comments yet?

'Professional Left'

"It doesn't matter what I do"-Newt is exactly what America does NOT need - EVER.

Chavez Rejects Obama's New US Ambassador

If you think Gibbs comment was an accident, think again

Rengel is an embarrassment. nt

BREAKING: Rescuers arrive to help Alaska plane crash victims (Ted Stevens may have been onboard)

I'm Spartacus!

Tribalism is the Last Refuge of Political Scoundrels, Including Robert Gibbs

Did anyone hear that Russert brat on the jobs bill?

liberal plot: the theory of relativity. - that's what Schlafly's son thinks

GOP operative on TODAY: lack of Republican vision for America no longer "matters"

I 've looked everywhere, but can someone confirm whether or not Robert Gibbs

What is the difference between a straw man and a red herring?

Is Robert Gibbs secretly a GOP operative?

A lot of people are still Bitter over the Primary

Will there be more Supplemental War Spending Bills under Obama?

Will there be more Supplemental War Spending Bills under Obama?

Climate change provoking mass human migration -- 50 million to be displaced this year

Cenk coming up on Dylan Ratigan show, MSNBC. Ratigan hints at surprise for Cenk...

Newt Gingrich: The Indispensable Republican (ex-wife interview esquire)

Dear Mr President

my post about net neutrality

All this talk about drug testing by politicians makes me think we need to

Dear G.D.

Fossils Of Huge Aquatic Lizard Found In San Joaquin Valley

Does this quote infuriate you or is it just me?

NYC MTA caves to anti-mosque group and will allow offensive ad on sides of buses

Since people started writing things down, every society has longed for a Utopia

Regarding employers not hiring because of the government

Feel free to use my Gibbs avatar if you want to.

GQ - Rand Paul's college days

How right wing Christian fundamentalist logic works

what the hell is Rick Perry talking about-letter in my paper today

Are Republicans lazy and spoiled?

FCC Highly Skeptical of Google/Verizon Proposal

Your one, single, lonely, solitary vote MATTERS

Where do I sign up and apply for "Professional Left" certification?

Ya know...seems like it's been a crappy day here today, eh? Well......

Levi Johnston, Mayor Of Wasilla?

We're like one giant dysfunctional family...

KO tonight - Michael Moore and Special Comment on Gibbs

14th Amendment Repeal Push Causes GOP Rifts

Lawyer: Women's fight over bags led to attendant's tirade-started before takeoff

I told my doctor that my left arm hurts when I bend it a certain way

Who's funding Newt Gingrich?

An anagram for "Gibbs" is "Big BS"

So Olbermann's got a Special Comment on Gibbs.

We Are In The Throes of A Deflationary Downward Spiral

Will Teabaggers be offended by the minaret in the 2012 RNC logo?

So you meet the Bible Spice Tramp and then if you disagree with her you are some unhinged drag queen

The Hill: White House Unloads Anger Over Criticism By 'Professional Left'

You know, the republicans pander to the "radical right" because they are fearful of the loss of a

I'm glad Gibbs said what he did because it shines a light on three facts:

It is quite simple, really. In most elections in the country, you are presented with two choices.

Russian Fires Raise Fears of Radioactive Smoke

Robert Gibbs should not have said what he said. It was a stupid ass thing to say.

Do you think the President is frustrated by the intense criticism from the far left & far right?


What the U.S. could be doing instead of messing around in Iraq and Afghanistan

What the U.S. could be doing instead of messing around in Iraq and Afghanistan

Why does the repuke right fall all over itself chasing its radical fringe,

Orange Glowing Minority Leader trashes "irresponsible" teacher aid while pimping Bush Tax Cuts

Social Security -- the Facts

* in Haiti - pics (captions needed)

Charlie Rangel: I'm dirty as hell, and I'm not going to take it any more!!

Best. Billboard. Ever. "Have your papers ready: Racial profiling just ahead"!

Pamela Geller's pal issues threats of mass murder against Muslims, liberals

NJ Shore Game with Obama Target - We want to add Hillary, Palin & Bush

Japan apologizes again

Fun facts to know and tell . . .


The Fed says the deck chairs need rearranging

Sending the wrong message!

The issue with the "Professional Left" label

Mrs. Gingrich #2 talks about how Newt was a hypocrite to family values

On the imperative of leaving earth

Take This Job And Shove It

I voted today. Beginning to wonder why...

Obama should handle his OWN Press conference, once a week, FIRE GIBBS.

Toon: The Wondrous Republican Idea Machine

Quit Crying In Your Teacups

If we are to believe the blurb on NBC news just now

Glenn Beck pushes gold sales, Ed Schultz pushes cruises on his show

Does The 2012 GOP Convention Logo Include A Minaret?

The perfect questions to ask EVERY Republican running for office this fall:

What the hell did Gibbs mean by the "Professional" Left?

Elections don't work. Revolutions don't work. What's left?

Ohio DUers -- Any chance that Boehner will bite the dust in November? We're

When not molesting little boys, senior clergy are standing up for Pinochet's mass-murdering thugs!

I salute my brother veteran, TED STEVENS

Michael Moore on Keith later tonight to discuss Gibbs!!!

Ok here is the problem with Gibbs et al

If Rachel is what has been referred to as "Professional Left"

Photo Of Clown-Dressed Suspect Released...


Uh-oh! Obama is the same as Bush...

Rupert Murdoch claims to own the 'Sky' in 'Skype'

Which imaginary wing of the Left do you belong to?

On Countdown tonight: Michael Moore on "The Professional Left" & Keith's special comment on WH angst

So, I've been 'seriously' job-searching for about 2 weeks now....

Well, I for one won't be happy until we have Canadian healthcare and have eliminated the Pentagon.

We Will Not Be Silenced - Stop Stealing Our Name

The Fundie Jihad against Islam

I'm fresh out of frustration and disappointment...

Keith is about to talk about the effect of the Google/Verizon anti-Net Neutrality scheme...

Crazy day

Please don't attack Ditto-heads, Palinists, or Faux News viewers

O'Keefe survived plane crash (CNN)

Darth Vader vs. Robert Gibbs

Free drug tests here!

Post your favorite Gibbs' comment.

Jobs at DFA: Dean Corps Organizer

Wall Street increasingly favors Republicans: study

I managed to have missed the brouhaha over Gibbs...

More Election Fraud

He wasn't talking to/about YOU

House Roll Call: Emergency Bill to Halt Layoffs

"Professional" leftist here...

If I were Obama...

If I were Obama...

So, when do the numbers come in from the CO Senate race?

My letter printed today-challenging the Tea party docs

Here's your chance...

You can drug test me...

John Boehner: Jobs for Teachers and Cops in States Across America Don’t Matter

Cruel Summer in Russia

Heads up for footie fans

AU,/Allies Commend House Resolution On Texas School Board’s Biased Social Studies Standards

A random thought or two...

CNN: "Two dogs waited for months in rubble for their masters who died in Haiti's earthquake"

Barney Frank reveals the Republicans' secret "two-step strategy."

Airline Steward at JFK Pulls Emergency Chute, Flies Coop

If the American people knew the Republican agenda....

Gibbs apologizes...sort of...ok, be nice, read and discuss

Reality or Hysteria?

Why Michelle went to Spain.

Iran Digging Mass Graves For U.S. Troops If They Attack

I wonder...

Fox news And Limbaugh have redefined anyone not republican as Liberal. And it has caught on.


Under pressure, Gibbs apologizes.

Every time The Republicans start harping on the Deficit

Gareth Porter: Serial denial on Iraq and Afghanistan delivers profit, power and privilege to elites

Gareth Porter: Serial denial on Iraq and Afghanistan delivers profit, power and privilege to elites

Mr. Gibbs (in case you glance here) the Republicans play for keeps and fear their base

We should have a Wall of Fame for posts that get over 200 recommendations

More freep spell check fun: "...the parasite is bigger than the host and both will soon parish..."

Anyone watching Anderson Cooper?

Not just Robert Gibbs -- My problem is with Robert Gates.

Our Freep-y friends are in full-blown level 10 Tinfoil Hat mode over the late Ted Stevens.

GM Purchases Sub-Prime Lender..... to Boost Sales Before IPO

How many every day Conservadems label themselves liberals?

GLBT's: Fierce Advocate wants you to join his email list so you can work on other non-gay issues

Why is it some folks don't have any concern about what Gibbs said having an effect on the election

You want "Canadian" Health Care = Freep Languange

6 million Pakistani flood victims need aid to survive: UN

Ideological bigotry: Are you part of the problem?

I would be INCREDIBLY satisfied if Rep. Kucinich was POTUS

I guess the "silence" was too good to be true...

so...US Gen. Chiarelli Rejects ‘Medicated’ Army Claim

The "Greatest Threads" have a total of 1,266 recs

Girl quits job on Dry Erase board, e mails entire office (Pic-heavy link)

Linda McMahon is an ugly, vomit inducing, murdering, thug!

Michelle Obama tells students not to let the tests "defeat" or "define" them.

'Cheney's Law' on Frontline, now.

Robert Gibbs has brought a flash of brilliant light to the dark caverns of my mind.

Coal Barons at Industry Retreat Plan to Indoctrinate School Children w/ A Pro-Coal Curriculum

Obama's Press Secretary basically told liberals to go FUUUUUUUU******KKKKK themselves

Surprise Appointment in SG's Office (Young rising star in the legal community)

Work Harder, Spend More, Be Miserable

Jon Stewart tonight - The mosques - Islamic fundamentalists

Charlie Rangel?

Robert Gibbs Motivational Tip #1

Livermore woman faces 67 felony counts in sex abuse case

Can We Just Agree To Disagree Already?

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

No, but I would be "satisfied" with Howard Dean as President

No, but I would be "satisfied" with Howard Dean as President

"It is not the critic who counts..." - Teddy Roosevelt (so get off your Ashcroft and do something)

Sparky the Penguin answers a question for Robert Gibbs.

Our winner takes all system is tailor made for a two party system...

I would like to propose that Department of Defense gets a massive cut

Can someone PLEASE capture what Keith and Michael Moore are talking about?

Minn D-6

Hey, you guys. I just don't think Robert Gibbs

If you were dreaming this administration might turn out to be something other

President Obama signs into law ban on cell phones For all

Stephen Harper's Ministry of Propaganda

Mrs Gingrich #2: Newt thinks ' what he says in public and how he lives don't have to be connected.'

MSNBC reporting Ted Stevens was on plane that crashed in Alaska

Rand Paul..who lied about his fake degree.."categorically denies" Aqua Buddha stunt. USA! USA! USA!

Reality: Who needs it! - This Modern World-By Tom Tomorrow

So... Anything Interesting Happen Today ???

I'm getting very afraid. Afraid for our Country.

I'm getting very afraid. Afraid for our Country.

Ok, let's all close our eyes and take a deep breath

Ok so what am I supposed to do as a member of the "professional Left?"

Advice for Levi Johnston

Understanding Newt Gingrich & republicans, which I have no sympathy....

I hate to say it, but it looks like Nathan Deal is going to win Ga.


Leslie Margolin, Former Blue Cross President, Speaks Out Against Plan To Spike Rates

I'm on the left, I don't do illegal drugs and I don't think the President is like George Bush

I'm impressed..

The “humanitarian” campaign for the war in Afghanistan

The “humanitarian” campaign for the war in Afghanistan

In one day, I was slammed by one Democratic Party representative

The Buyout of America: How Private Equity Will Cause the Next Great Credit Crisis

There's a "professional" left? Cool! How can I join!

Wow -- the top 10 greatest threads at the moment have a total of 1,862 rec's

At least when Bush was president...

To My "New" Dem Friends...

Canadian court upholds ruling that tasers can kill....taser international whines....

Hey Robert, if we're the "professional left", who the heck are you?

Money Rules Politics. Wealth is Being Concentrated into Fewer and Fewer Hands...

What every Democrat from obama and Gibbs down to the posters on this board need to understand

A Reality Check on Obama's Approval Ratings:

Bennet Holds Off Romanoff in Colorado

Beat Boehner Billboards, Ads Gaining Steam in OH

Did Obama put Gibbs up to this? I have a theory.........

Lullaby for Gibbs

Obama is MUCH smarter than Bush ....

I guess the word "anchor" wasn't scaring enough people..pukes now saying

I find myself a little more befuddled every day. I'm not sure

Gibbs walks back comments as "inartful"

Former Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens dies in plane crash

Did anyone see Anderson Cooper's interview with

Plain and simple, should Robert Gibbs resign?

I did not vote

The best thing about the Colorado primaries...

Deleted to make room for Gibbs

I have finally washed my hands off Obama.

Could Hillary Clinton Replace Joe Biden?

Palin's Facebook Eulogy for Stevens: We ate salmon at my kitchen table while discussing the pipeline

Our police contract and city budget meetings turned into a teabagger rally

Unfinished $2 billion mall at the Meadowlands in NJ taken over by lenders

Help a good cause, if you can....

The bill to restore some teacher jobs comes at a cost

Stay classy DU

Independent DUers check-in thread

Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and now Fallujah .....

Gibbs tells the truth, most complaining aren't willing to help get congressional resources WH needs

Watching Rachel: What are all the N. Korean generals' medals for?

Watching Rachel: What are all the N. Korean generals' medals for?

Do you think Obama as President is the same as Obama the Candidate?

Stop attacking Robert Gibbs' first amendment rights.

Given the publicly expressed opinions of Gibbs & Rahm on liberals,

Ethan McCord speaks for the first time with video images

The Ike Turner White House? After "lashing out at Professional Left," it's now "I'm sorry, baby?"

Polls that ask people to self describe to a limited spectrum of choices mislead people

Revolution in the air

Old White Guys Watch fox News

in describing his comments as "unartful," Gibbs continues to own them....

Unprofessional Leftist checking in here. Does anyone know what the Canadian

Wealthy Democrats Stand by Obama

"Yelling At The 'Professional Left' Is One Of The White House's Few Joys" --Jason Linkins

Why is it an insult to want Canadian-style health care?

Dem Congressman: Robert Gibbs Should Resign For Attacking 'Professional Left'

Flashback: WH Press Sec'y Gibbs calls Howard Dean "IRRATIONAL"

Should Robert Gibbs offer his resignation to President Obama?

Letterman just told his audience that Jeb Bush may run for President.

Glenn Greenwald: Robert Gibbs attacks the fringe losers of the left

Pew: Obama's approval among liberal Democrats is 90%

HISTORIC: Mexico City's same-gender marriages must be recognized throughout the country

OpEd: 6 reasons Gibbs' outburst doesn't make much sense.

After Mr. Gibbs' now famous comment, do you feel our party is at war with you?

Robert Gibbs was the spokesman for outfit that run Republican-like attack ads against Howard Dean!

My wallet is going into rehab

Democratic Underground Hear Me Now!!!

40-year reunion of 'Mill Valley' third-graders. Anyone remember that song?

Remember this clown?

Remember this clown?

Obama: on FR, a Marxist Leftist Commie, on DU a RW tool

Creating a "Silent Majority" is the effect of bizzarre WH bashing of the "Professional Left"

Tips for Using Online Translators Effectively

About that bill President Obama signed today to save teachers' jobs

Unfortunately, I have to say that I agree with Gibbs in many ways.

A friendly reminder from your bank - who doesn't want you to be embarrassed...

I must be high!

President Obama, Your Misters Gibbs & Emanuel Are Not Helping Democrats, But Here's Someone Who Can:

Traffic stop saves cat from owner’s plate

Can a left of center presidential candidate get elected in this country

Charlie Rangel begs for his political life on the House floor.

Who will design our new "Professional Left" logo?

U.S. Supersizes Afghan Mega-Base: Don't expect the U.S. to withdraw from Afghanistan in July 2011

85% of self described liberals approve of the job President Obama is doing

The Theory of Relativity is a Liberal Conspiracy!

RE Gibbs' comments about the Left: It's this adminstration's Sista Soulja moment.

Do you have a problem with a black man?

Elizabeth Warren Uncovered What the Government Did to 'Rescue' AIG, and It Ain't Pretty

Meanwhile, in the real world....

It's the Gays!

FDR had an 83% dem congress, LBJ had a 69-ish% congress Obama has MAYBE a 58% dem congress...

Now here is something serious re: GIbbs

The Second as Farce

Woman Attacks McDonald's Employee in McNugget Rage

Is any rational discussion possible concerning the "Obama is just like Bush" nonsense?

Wealthy Dems Stand by Obama

Michael Moore: Telling That "First Thing Out Of His Mouth Was 'People Want Canadian Health care.'"

It's not a sport.

The WH Media Team:The Worst WH Tin Ear in History.

Make No Mistake! The "Professional Left" is unions and minorities

I don't know that I have ever seen DU this rancorous or divided

Hands down, this is the BEST dog/animal story I've ever read. Amazing. An absolute joy.

I think that people should think about Gibbs' criticism rather than dismissing it.

The White House: The AMATEUR LEFT !

The White House: The AMATEUR LEFT !

Rec if you think Obama should throw Gibbs out on his turncoat butt.

Who hear honestly believes that Obama is as bad a bush*?

Why do you think Robert Gibbs was talking about you?

Robert Gibbs symbolizes what the Obama admin. really thinks of the left

Robert Gibbs symbolizes what the Obama admin. really thinks of the left

The Rude Pundit: No, Fuck You, Robert Gibbs

Obama vows to fight India, China for new jobs

Rep. Ellison Demands That Gibbs Resign In Wake of "Professional Left" Comment

Ok, fess up. Who the hell coined the term "professional left"??

Do You Agree with Gibbs

I know some of you are ticked off, but can't we retire the "R" word?

Gibbs has apologized (sort of ) time to move on.

Back at You, Robert Gibbs! "Gibbs should be grateful that progressives aren't even more critical"

Going out of one's way to take gratuitous potshots at your base proves one thing

Why the US keeps minting coins people hate and won't use (BBC)

"Political Mugging in America" 2004. Ad for Bush. Group led by Robert Gibbs.

MR. GIBBS, You seemed to like my liberal ass in 2008! What the hell is wrong with you???

What drug is likeliest to make a person say Obama is like Bush?

NOAA reopens 5,144 square miles of Gulf waters to commercial and recreational finfish fishing.

Mr. Gibbs, You Would Not Have Your Job IF Progressives Had Not Voted For Pres Obama...

Indian government calls H1B visa fee hike 'discriminatory'

That's it for me, gang. Same time and place tomorrow?

Lady Gaga's fishnet crowd dive from the stage of Lollapalooza, courtesy of "The Superficial"

Is the TV Theme song a lost art form?


Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan Kareem

Toot-Toot... Uh

Hmm, my computer keeps shutting off outta nowhere

Another bullshit question on applications

The Funniest Person Alive

Decent music lyrics?

Crappiest timeline ever

Bizarre satellite outage event (DISH) this A.M.

Profeesional left check in here


This one is funny....

I'm a Lizard and...

I have reason to believe that Kali is a "real-life" Wednesday Addams!!!!


Check Out The Futurama Ep. Where Cats Take Over The Earth

What is the worse sin when it comes to covers of songs?

This video sums up my day so far

I use to think Michael Cera was a talented actor but now I think he's just a one-trick pony

More History Channel "News You'll Never Use" on now...WTF?

Any fugitives from justice here? I need some advice.

At long last: The Cracked view of CHUGGO

It's my birthday and I'm leaving work in 15 minutes - ask me anything!

Anybody Wanna Be Friends?

For those with Windows PCs, make sure and run Windows Updates today


Man got mad at his cat, was marinating him so he could eat him.

Award Show of the Dammned

12 Signs Your Kid Will Become a Super Villain

GD's quite up in arms today

Have you been overlooking an important aspect of hygiene?

Ever turn suddenly and catch your pet offguard...

Hide ya kids, hide ya wife. The Bedside Intruder.

The Red Rooster crows to the midnight moon.

Let's think up some replacement series for the History Channel's "Life After People"

My stolen MSNBC feed isn't workinnnnng!

Pygmy Marmoset seized

Hillary Clinton Drags Taliban Leader's Body Through Streets Of Kabul

Michelle's Off-the-Shoulder black & white dress... anyone got a pic?

Now would be a good time to send a few levity bombs to GD

Shameless Poetry Plug - escarp

"Something Wrong with Stripping?!"

Steven Slater, JetBlue Flt Attendant, Jumps Down Emergency Chute

I've been in a mental hospital...

Gorn accidentally kills wedding guests

BREAKING: Actress Marla Gibbs ("The Jeffersons") refuses to apologize for "Professional Left" remark

I think I'm going to have nightmares...

Make sure that you enjoy this while it lasts

The Funniest Person Dead?

Anybody think this isn't true about cats & dogs?

I had a friend die this week

Does anyone know when "Talk Like A Pirate Day" is? Thanks in advance.

Cat turns on vacuum, causes emergency alert

PHOTO: Love poutine? Who DOESN'T? Love burgers? Who DOESN'T? Here's the "Poutine Burger"

What the fuck is the deal about the Gibbs??

I started the offensive

Holy crap. We are having a torrential, tropical downpour.

Do you get bored?

Wife Received Some WWII Photographs, Including Holocaust Pics

Mwuhahahaha! I just plugged in my new 1.5 terabyte harddrive

Video: Fox's Doocy & Kilmeade's hard-hitting investigative interview RE: new Victoria's Secret bra

Groom accidentally kills wedding guests

Messiah Cat Has Risen!

It's not that I'd like to know WHAT the "EVENT" is....

My Dad's obit, to anyone interested.

anyone have a good site to watch MSNBC on?

I'm Spartacus!

What a group of comments I heard lately.

In Defense of a $625 Cookbook

More global warming - going to be 96 here today, 80% humidity...."Here" is

This is the way to go... 86-year-old guy got killed riding his bicycle.

Robert Gibbs

Who here takes naps?

Forget Airplane Slide Guy! Bow Down to Quit Girl!!

Girl quits job on Dry Erase board, e mails entire office (Pic-heavy link)

Shud I getz nekkid ?

Rah Rah, Sis Boom Bah, Levi for mayor, Ha, Ha Ha

Lufthansa details engine shutdown on brand-new A380

How many "Screw Robert Gibbs" subjects do we need, and will this one

I got called in for a Breathalyser test yesterday

Anyone seen "The Book of Eli"? Was it any good? Denzel alert!!!

Canadian Police Chase?

LeftyFingerPop and I are just friends. Honest. Really!!!

On a clear night - beautiful pic

People who steal from the library are scum.

Life imitates art: Fistfight at Olive Garden over kid (with autism) talking too loud

My mom and I

Who writes those "Suggested Serving Sizes" on food?

My friend Paul died last night

America's Got Talent 10 year old Jackie Evancho

A few things to mention for those headed to GD for a political discussion.

Unfortunate names for things, part 1.

The damndest thing has happened- my tastebuds are gone.

If you have eaten a dog food, please share your review

Best song, absolutely ever; my vote:

What's your stress-relieving / trauma-soothing food?

I told my doctor that my left arm hurts when I bend it a certain way

My faithful friend and companion is going to the Rainbow Bridge

Most underrated guitarists?

Ahhhh... the joys of (YAWWWWNNNNNN) Motherhood.

Ever been in a relationship where the other person just could not admit it was over?

It's been 28 days since my triple bypass

Yay! commission time for me again.

NYT: "Obama Calls for U.S. to Lead in Graduation" (during Texas speech where he also dissed Bush)

What changed the game in the Gulf

TPM: High Response Saves 2010 Census $1.6B in Costs

Are the Bush Tax Cuts Paid For? - According to Boehner yes...

I'm gonna say it again-- if the Republicans spent as much time bitching about...

Looks like criticism from Rachel Maddow contributed to Gibbs' comments against "Professional Left"

Looks like criticism from Rachel Maddow contributed to Gibbs' comments against "Professional Left"

PPP: DE Senate: Castle under 50% against a largely unknown opponent

Liberals Still Overwhelmingly Back Obama

Does the White House think at least 60% of the American public "ought to get drug tested"?

help a guy out?i need reasons to support those that wont support me

Gibbs was right about a Canadian health system

Gibbs just said what many around here say to the Presidents DU critics.

No part of the Democratic base thinks Obama = Bush

When will the White House "walk back" Gibbs's comments?

Can we all now, finally, agree that Obama is nothing like Bush?

"i can`t handle a jaguar right now..all i want is a chevrolet"

X-Post: How does this graphic make you feel about the upcoming elections?

Who are the "professional left" and the "professional right?"

Obama's base?

To those of you who were so offended by my singles subsidizing marriage thread maybe you should tell

It's not 'infighting', it's not 'lack of support'...

Gibbs walkback / clarification: "We should all, me included, stop fighting each other..."

Ex-wife: Newt's too busy getting rich to run for president

What is pissing off the 'professional left' (as Gibbs called it) more? The comments he made... or..

Dems have fighting chance to win CO Senate seat with either Bennett or Romanoff per PPP

Dept of Energy to finance flywheel energy storage plant

HuffPo: Obama vs. Obama On Endless Wars: Who Wins? (VIDEO, POLL)

Progressives could have killed Obamacare

Wonder who're the two House Republicans who just voted for aid to the states

Glenn Greenwald nails it.

Award-winning progressive Jeremy Scahill agrees with Robert Gibbs on "professional left" comments

Democrats vote down Republicans' "lame-duck" resolution

Is Robert Gibbs on some sort of mind-altering medication?

US engineer convicted of selling secrets to China

St. Pete Buzz Blog: Watch Meek-Greene Debate Tonight

Definition for Thin-Skinned-

Afghan driver for slain medical volunteers being held by authorities

WSJ - "Hillary for Vice President"

Just a reminder, it is Primary Day for some of us.

Here's a list of what President Barack Obama has done RIGHT so far in his first term

The assumption that people on the left all think like people on DU is perposterous

14 months into the 7 year prediction of the Obama administration accomplishments..

Plaintiff who challenged FBI's national security letters reveals concerns

White House unloads anger over criticism by ‘professional left’

Pew Poll: Obama in one word: most frequent answer "Good"

Come November, Gibbs should "spend more time with his family."

Whether or not singles subsidize the married or the married subsidize singles,

UN: Afghan citizens killed, injured rising sharply

The captain just told me to tell you he is looking for another iceberg to hit.

What is the professional left?

GOP Lame-Duck Effort...FAIL!

Joe Lieberman, Connecticut Senator, Says He'll Likely Run For Reelection In 2012

Salon: Huge Turnout for Colorado Primary, Romanoff does Fox

Van Jones said it better than Gibbs, basically.

Norton: 'Concerns' about Buck

Melancon launches first TV ad in La. Senate race

Wheeler Smith pushing her candidacy as lt. gov (MI)

Teachers Endorse Democrat Seals In 10th District

NRA chooses Edwards in Texas

I'm take back my request for a pony

Sharron Angle pledged to reject donations by companies that support gays.But she is taking it anyway

When you take issue with your party, you often get called names by those within it

"Business owner" explains why he isn't hiring on MSNBC

What is the professional left? Professional people who are liberal or

Liberals Still Overwhelmingly Back Obama (poll)

Cameron: Credit firms to root out benefit cheats

Obama signs emergency bill to halt teacher layoffs

Airline Steward at JFK Pulls Emergency Chute, Flies Coop

Police Raid Google Offices in Korea

Iran increases uranium enrichment - IAEA

State-Aid Jobs Bill On Its Way To The Oval Office

Obama criticizes Bush 's Econ Policy In Bush's Home State

Olbermann hints criticism of Gibbs, if any, will be mild tonight on Countdown

Krugman: what’s good for Obama is not necessarily good for his aides

so DU stands for DRAMA UNLIMITED?

"After Gibbs made his "professional left" comments,he grabbed 2 beers&slid down the emergency shute"

Afghan govt: Blast hits Kabul residential area

'Very sharp' quake hits near Pacific islands

What really pisses me off lately...

Plane crashes in Alaska with 8 on board Former Senator Ted Stevens feared to be a passenger

Census to Cost Less Than Anticipated

If my supposed "BASE" threatened to vote against me every time I wiped my ass. I'd tell them to fuck

Let's settle it. Obama the same as Bush?

Olbermann "Special Comment" on Gibbs coming up tonight. (Also Michael Moore)

GOP Barnburner in Georgia tonight 50% Deal 50% Handel (60% reporting)

Bob Herbert of NYT points to the Horror Show

CT and CO Election Results Thread

Va. governor, US Reps condemn Pentagon's cuts

Denver Post calls Colorado Dem primary for Senator Bennett

Claims of racial bias dog Montreal police

Gates Announces Big Cuts To Contractor Funding

The Politics of Alienating Everyone (no, Not Gibbs)

New Pew Research Poll: Obama 47/41 approval (90% approval among liberals)dems lead '10 ballot 45/44

Pakistan floods threaten key barrage in southern Sindh

Former Senator Ted Stevens Is in Plane Crash

Rescuers arrive to help Alaska plane crash victims

Sen. Stevens dead

States welcoming millions in aid after President Obama signs bill

ten to one

Fed-up attendant curses out fliers, exits JetBlue flight by emergency slide

Karzai to dissolve all private security firms

Obama signs emergency bill to halt teacher layoffs

Again (again!) Wanting to change course away from radical Republican policies....

Who was calling the teachers bill a "bailout"?

for thje historians - was Roosevelt dismissive of his base?

Robert Gibbs should be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom

House rejects lame duck measure

Lamont Concedes to Malloy: Sources (Connecticut governor primary)

Nate Silver: As Liberals Lose Hope, the White House is Losing Its Cool

Alaska plane crash has survivors, fatalities, Air Guard says(updateTed Stevens may have be on board)

Deal and Handel are too closest to loser!!!

Does the Republican Party scold and lecture their base?

Robert Gibbs was right to criticize the 'professional left'

Former Senator Ted Stevens Is Killed in a Plane Crash

Michael Bennet faces insurgent uprising in Colorado Senate primary

Dems plan to attack GOP on Social Security

Could Hillary Clinton Replace Joe Biden?

New (IL) state law bans employer credit checks in hiring

Gulf Coast Fishermen Challenge US Government Over Dispersants

Spokesman: Gibbs 'answered honestly' when speaking of frustations with the left

White House in dispute with 'professional left'

Why Democrats Play the Bush Card

Fed to Buy U.S. Debt, Saying Recovery Has Slowed

Minn D-6

Ex-White House social secretary Desiree Rogers to lead Johnson Publishing

Fingerprint sharing led to deportation of 47,000

Scientists Allege Federal Gov’t Tried to Muffle Plume Findings

Former Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens dies in plane crash

NY State Comptroller DiNapoli Joins Mott's Workers on Picket Line

US House passes border bill amid India anger

(California) Judge issues restraining order blocking Schwarzenegger from implementing furloughs

POLL: Liberals Still Overwhelmingly Back Obama - 85% job approval, 88% support health care reform.

Robert Gibbs right to free speech didn't end when he was hired by the WH

Rights Groups Join Criticism of WikiLeaks

Obama Goes on the Attack as Midterms Approach

Tony Blair's 'naivete' risked Northern Ireland peace deal

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday August 10

Gibbs is a paid mouthpiece, yet he has the audacity to call us ..........

Braidwood inquiry Taser findings upheld by court

Angle: 'There's Nothing Wrong With Our Health Care System'

Help.... It's Crushing Me....

Federal workers earning double their private counterparts

Fire at barrack of Polish death camp destroys as many as 10,000 shoes of Nazi victims

How the Right pissed me off, and the Left turned me off.....

"I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat." Will Rogers.

Government: Toyota electronics aren't problem

Does anyone here really think that Obama is the same as George W. Bush?

Robert Gibbs = The trial balloon that went thump

If you supported Obama from the very beginning, do you still support him now?

Fire at death camp destroys shoes of Nazi victims

US pilots fly Pakistan flood aid to win hearts

Gibbs should be fired.

China's trade surplus balloons to 28.7 billion dollars

I agree with what Gibbs said

Japan apologises to South Korea for imperialist past

All Mexican states must recognize gay marriages

Oh, of the amendments of today's signed bill was TX specific

UCSF study finds big jump in ER visits

Tea party groups to hold immigration rally near U.S.-Mexico border

(Arizona) Prison escape becomes campaign issue

Mail-in election gets strong voter approval

Fears of al–Qaida return in Iraq as US–backed fighters defect

Keith Is Nailing the TRUTH Again......

Would you prefer "Canadian Healthcare" to what we got?

Gibbs has a point....

Which Members of the Professional Left have said Obama=Bush?

'Our own worst enemies' - Obama laments Dem 'handwringing'

Rep. Ellison: 'Gibbs Crossed The Line'

As of right now, do you expect to vote for Obama for re-election on November 6, 2012?

Colombia and Venezuela restore diplomatic relations

Good news for us 'Professional Leftists' - they're taking us seriously

Okay I am a Democrat and I have a question..

U.S. productivity falls for first time since 2008

Marc Ambinder "45% of CO Dems voted against POTUS's choice"

The President (thru his mouthpiece) just told me to f*** off.

Wall Street Opens Wallet for GOP Senatorial Candidates

Imperial County appeals judge's overturning of gay marriage ban

I'm a proud progressive but the poutrage over Gibbs comment proves his point

Joe Barton won't be happy about this (BP deposits $3 billion into escrow account)

Think Progress: Gibbs needs drug testing

In Memoriam: Profiles of the 8 Aid Workers & 2 Afghan Assistants Murdered in Cold Blood by Taliban

Spectacular Perseid Meteor Shower Due Wednesday

Costa Rica court blocks gay civil union referendum

House passes bill to help teachers, public workers

Ellison disputes press accounts of his call for Gibbs' dismissal

Saudi Clock Tower to establish Makkah time

Levi Johnston seeks Sarah Palin's old job in Wasilla

I agree with Robert Gibbs

The Whitehouse has the right to speak back to those that constantly trash it.

Highlighting Michael Moore's 2004 comment

Judge dismisses Apache suit against Skull and Bones

WHO declares swine flu pandemic is over

Obama to Sign Manufacturing Bill on Wednesday

Malloy Wins Democratic Primary for Conn. Governor.

Software Trojan Used to Steal $1 Million from Bank Accounts

The "Obama is like Bush" professional Left

Girl, 14, jailed for sex with school bus driver

Bennet wins; Buck leads

Google to use ‘spy drones’ for street mapping

Law Snuffs Out Mailing Smokes to American Troops

Just Wondering If Anyone Noticed This In Gibbs Statement

Obama signs emergency bill to halt teacher layoffs

Senators want Lockerbie man's data

White House unloads anger over criticism from 'professional left’ (They "ought to be drug tested")

UN to issue Pakistan aid appeal (scale of the destruction has eclipsed the 2004 tsunami)

South Carolina Quietly Takes Stimulus Money.

FLASH: Former Senator Ted Stevens Killed in Alaska Plane Crash - Local TV, Quoting Family Friend

C'mon DU let's get over it and win both houses with a BIG majority in November

As Pakistanis flee flood zone, officials decry lack of international aid (Pic Heavy)

Police Killings in New Orleans

Well the 99ers are not going down without a fight.

Tier V bill supporters THANK YOU !

Robert Gibbs wants you to Join The Professionals

Sharron Angle the NUT!

Midweek Politics: Women turn into lesbians as they me, Elisabeth Hasselbeck said it!

Attack of the Corporate Courts

Where Dummies Go For Business News

Brand new trailer for important upcoming doc on Pat Tillman and

FIGHT4CHANGE UPDATE Unemployment extension info


Meet Sharron Angle: A Political Comedy Short Film

IL Gov Quinn ad for increasing minimum wage against right winger Brady (It's a cute ad)

Young Turks: Conservative Destroys Fox News On Gay Marriage

The Top Vlog: Did CNN Create Fox News? (NPR Host, Fmr Daily Show Correspondent Brian Unger)

Obama vs. Obama On Afghanistan

99ers suffer while Congress vacations

TYT: Limbaugh's Racist Michelle Obama Conspiracy

Mildly Relevant News: Sarah Palin's Encounters of the Teacher Kind and Democrats Need Rudy

Net neutrality & the Google/Verizon it the end of the internet as we know it?

Ed Schultz: The Dangers of "Speaker Boehner"

Everything You Could Want To Know About Pastor Jim Garlow's Views on Prop 8

Olbermann Special Comment on Gibbs - "Take It Up w/ The Professional Right"

Fox News criticize muslim family day at Six Flags

Michael Moore on Countdown: 'I Think What's Bothering Them' Left Has Been Correct 'From Beginning'

Cenk Filling In For Ed Shultz (8/16 - 8/20)

Ex-Guantanamo Detainee Seeks Office In Afghanistan

Days of Rage -- The Noxious Transformation of the Conservative Movement into a Rabid Fringe

Salon: Did Michelle Obama go on vacation because she hates her husband (and America)?

Robert Reich: Notes From a Class Worrier

Tony Judt’s Liberalism by Scott Horton

Afghan millitants return to arms

The Transformation of the American Conservative Movement into Fascism

The Jobs Emergency

WH Press Secretary Gibbs blasts Liberals...

The GOP wants to double down on trickle down

I get away with paying less taxes than I should - Warren Buffet

America - An "Undeveloping" Country?

Joe Lieberman, Connecticut Senator, Says He'll Likely Run For Reelection In 2012

For the last 3 hours of the day, there was no water for the guys on the second tier of the job.

Mischief in Manhattan

More Optimistic Today Than Ever: A Talk with Pete Seeger

“The Professional Left” Deserves Robert Gibbs Smackdown!

Cutting Food Stamps to Save Teacher Jobs: A Hateful Trade-Off

Why unemployment is a poor economic indicator

Since Washington Times is apparently an approved source for editorials on DU

Newt Gingrich: The Indispensable Republican

"GIBBS ON THE LEFT: MAN BITES DOG!" --Robert Borosage, Campaign for America's Future

Robert Gibbs Attacks The Fringe Losers Of The Left (Glenn Greenwald)

Fox News moron wants to open gay bar next to the Park51 mosque

Without Tier 5 Unemployment Extension, 99ers Forced to Turn to Social Security

Khadr trial opens at Guantanamo Bay

US Navy Stunned: Deadly new Chinese Missiles can Sink Every US Supercarrier

A ‘Mosque’ Should be Built at Ground Zero by Brita Rose

Oiled Pelicans Find Sanctuary on Texas Coast

Hawaii Wildlife Center called to Michigan oil spill

Pittsburgh Zoo Hoping To Help Gulf Turtles

Drumbeat: August 10, 2010

Peak oil review - Aug 9

New Jersey Halts Oyster Restoration Project

Cheap polymer sticker increases the output of solar panels by 10 percent

xpost: Rise in freight traffic creates hiring boom at railroads

Portugal Gives Itself a Clean-Energy Makeover.

SunPower to Build (15 MW) Solar Power System at Luke Air Force Base (AZ)

Ontario's Growing Pains: Will the Wind and Solar Industries Scale-up in Time?

World's Largest CPV Project Has PPA

Combined Wind and Solar Energy Facility Proposed for the Antelope Valley (Calif.)

BP's Gulf Oil Spill Cost is Now Over $6 Billion

Schools getting a solar jolt (San Diego)

Worldwide Energy and Manufacturing USA Announces Opening of PV Module Factory in Nantong China

Solarfun Wants A Bigger Slice of the American Market (China)

Ethanol from Corn stover - 86% reduction in fossil energy inputs rel to gasoline - NREL

Gasoline Declines After Reports Signal Slowing Fuel Demand in China, U.S.

A nopal cactus biomass can obtain a high yield biogas

Iran threatens to drop trade in 'filthy' foreign currencies

A Green Idea for Brown Farm Fields in California

New tune for UK new nuclear build?

Anybody else think this big disintegrating thing down the middle is remarkable?

US DOE finalizes $43 million loan guarantee for (20 MW) flywheel project (NY)

DOJ gags scientists studying BP disaster.

Nadal, Djokovic flop on doubles debut

Antonio Pettigrew DEAD: Olympic Gold Medalist Dies At 42

Separating fact from fiction about Corey Fisher's 105-point game

Tough week ahead for America's Most Beloved and Universally Adored Team

Pirates Mathematically Eliminated From Major League Baseball

Brian Cushing and Overtrained Athlete Syndrome

Bolivia Eyeing Lithium Development Deal with Korea

US insists on having Palmer as the ambassador to Venezuela

Former Mexico president supports legalizing drugs

Venezuela-Colombia renew diplomatic relations

Zen and the art of saving the planet (Thich Nhat Hanh and Plum Village)

Armed Ashtabula County Ohio citizens help underfunded sheriffs department ...

SF Censors 'The Other Guys' Movie Poster--Removes Guns

Question for Gay & Lesbian folks, and our friends and allies

Lambert makes-out to protest Westboro Baptist Church

Did the Legal Team in Perry Just Win For Good?

Garden Planted at Antigay Attack Site

Watch this heartbreaking video: Thank You For Your Call

"I really do not think that we should have homosexuals guiding our children"

What’s next: Can the Prop 8 decision be appealed?

Republicans block Obama’s 9th Circuit nominee as 'too liberal'

DEVELOPING STORY: Anti-Gay GOP McCollum Confronted About Gay Dad Campaign Advisor

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Journalists Stage Brief Walkout

Labor movements granted human rights award

New Report Projects U.S. College-Educated Employee Shortfall

Democrats find 2010 a tougher sell than 2008

just got back from an anti NOM protest

Nebraskan is 'oldest worker'

NYT: A Labor Union’s Analysis of China

Farmworkers fight for rights in the tobacco fields

W Post: AFT restarts clock for WTU election

What’s Green, White and Blue? American Jobs

Economy, not gay marriage, will guide Republican voters

Gay filmmakers face opposition in Pa. town

American Bar Association Announces Support For Marriage Equality

Conservative host of "Comedy" show on Fox "News" wants to open a gay bar

Now this is surprising coming from TOPIX.

It's just love, you know? Just love.

Rep. Michele "Crazy Eyes" Bachmann Signs Resolution Condemning Judge Walker

Get a Grip

Decided to go look for a green heron today

Sold my lens on eBay, got a great price! Question, is the Canon 50D worth it?



Gaza: Drug users could face execution

Jewish Family Escapes Arab Ambush on Road 443

The First Church of Robotics

Building an Armored Tank for Jupiter

Future on display: Technology you'll want to stroke

A Destuctive Epidemic

How Monkeys Mirror Human Irrationality

Rethinking Einstein: The end of space-time

"Israel again razes Bedouin village"

Conservapedia: E=mc^2 Is A Liberal Conspiracy

Canola, Pushed by Genetics, Moves Into Uncharted Territories

The Rigor of Love - Might there be a faith of the faithless?

Is nonduality woo?

Moving toward Advaita/Jnana

8:8 Stargate: healing the great divide - Lauren C. Gorgo

I'm gonna be a MOM!!!

Violent assaults on ER nurses rise as programs cut

The 10 Worst Fast Food Meals