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Bilderberg Meetings?

Brazilian men swapped at birth work, live together

LETTER: Palin would have fixed spill quickly

Special Report: New CEO Dudley Isn’t the Long-Term Answer at BP, Expert Says

There was a very informative, although rather hostile, report on Assange and Wikileaks on

Quick update and thanks again - My son is home

Daley hold press conference to announce high school test scores have gone 'up' again

Health Care Bill

just curious, is there a Long Island Tea Party?

California protest leader Steve Miller analyzes California's "budget crisis"

Dave Grohl should be cast permanently on Saturday Night Live

GDP report: Economic growth slows with 2.4 % rate in Q2, too slow to put Americans back to work

Iraqis don't expect political impasse to be resolved by fall

Iraqis don't expect political impasse to be resolved by fall

Afghans protest civilian deaths, American presence and NATO bombardments

Burden of war in Afghanistan shifts even more to the U.S.

Army Says Mustard (gas) off Hawaii Must Stay

With Friends Like These…

Welcome to August! What will be this year's August silly season?

Targeted Killing Is New U.S. Focus in Afghanistan

News article on Chelsea's wedding-"she married a jew - now what"

Rotting Fish

Commentary: Torture memos — Accountability, everywhere but here?

WOW! What a GREAT line!

The arrival of the stork isn’t always a happy occasion (animated short video)

Colombia: US Military Aid May Have Sparked Civilian Killings

So Much For Diversi-Tea

Amanpour interviews House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Defense Secretary Robert Gates

Success, Progress, Victory, Encouraging, Elusive

Not So Wonderful Life? Pottersville USA

The full Harry Smith interview is on CBS right now

McClatchy toon:

SF Chronicle: A place to check out books -- and jobs

New program rebuilds faces of soldiers, vets

Video: Glenn Beck, Fear and Loathing of African Americans

Andy Griffith to pitch health care law to seniors

Wounded soldier is new poster boy for Operation Welcome Home

Australia is the world’s worst per capita polluter

Many Indigent Refugees to Lose Federal Assistance

Long-Awaited Cluster Bomb Ban Enters Into Force

Feds warned Enbridge to improve pipeline safety

Saudi Arabia and UAE to ban Blackberry functions

Arizona Prison Break: MURDERERS Escape From Kingman Prison

Defense Tech: First Look: BAE’s New Ground Combat Vehicle

Michigan Oil Spill Damages Wildlife, Forces Residents To Evacuate

Watch Amanpour/This Week, ABC now.

So DUers please tell me whether those three escaped

Death toll from Pakistan floods rises to 1,100

Can someone explain this phrase to me?

death squads and warlord alliances

Obama Seeks to Expand Arms Exports by Trimming Approval Process

Dutch troops withdraw from Afghanistan

Dutch troops withdraw from Afghanistan

General Says (suicide) Risk Screening Won't Work

The silliest right-wing nutball LTTE I've read in quite some time:

With weapons production privatized

Handy Google Search Tips: 19 Simple Tricks You Need To Know

The latest wedge issue

I am going to try this again

Az has a negative image

On Tolerance and Healing

"How can this be?" Judge blasts VA after Iraq vet pleads guilty.

I'm bing'ing and heres the ad on the side

Need some help DU -

Could someone, anyone tell me why

Ralph Nader on CSPAN 2 Book TV Now

War Games Lure Recruits For 'Real Thing'

HRC Message to Target and Best Buy: Make it Right!

A fire without a flame, a man without a . . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!!!

'The Wave Watcher's Companion'

Portrait of an occupied country

Economic "Jack-Ass" Award goes to ....

Rio de Janeiro "winter". It's 85°F outside. I dread the summer.

Kill everyone who wants us to leave and then maybe, just maybe, we can go.

(New) UAV could spend up to 10 days over its target

Valedictorian Erica Goldson speaks out against our current education system. Great reading.


they don't care about their Afghan sources

A Fox always returns to her vomit.

I am Voting Colbert for US Senate SC as a write-in

Donate to Anthony Weiner via Act Blue

gay and African-American DUers..I want you to read a local editorial

Anyone know why the Wikileaks "insurance" file shrank to 214MB?

Anyone know why the Wikileaks "insurance" file shrank to 214MB?

Coalition of 60 Groups Organized to Fight Social Security Cuts

Chicago Sun-Times: Your Neighbor's Foreclosure Just Became Your Problem

Great day for me today!I met Bill White and DUer Subdivisions(grandpa-to-be)

"Researcher detained at U.S. border, questioned about Wikileaks"

The Financial Times: The Capitalist Markets and Bankers Have Won. They Still Rule


Dancing With The Stars: Pelosi dances all around Amanpour's "Is Afhganistan worth it" questions

Hey DU'ers, have I told you how much I love you lately?

Hey DU'ers, have I told you how much I love you lately?

The Case For Liberals To Back Off MSNBC (Yes, that includes Chris Matthews)

"Evil will always win over Good, because Good is dumb" - Spaceballs, The Movie

Homes for the hardest of the hard-core homeless

A note to our Congressional leaders

Palin Writes Down Cost Of Extending Bush Tax Cuts On Her Hand, But She Still Gets It Wrong

Last night's "Cops" on Fox followed the Customs and Border Protection agency in action

Liz Cheney, whose father has blood on his hands, says WikiLeaks founder has blood on his hands

A heart breaking photo. (pic)

AP : Dutch become 1st NATO member to quit Afghanistan

I learned something about Hugh Hefner this morning

Good article about Jeff Greene in the Miami Herald.. mostly not flattering..

A good weather-monitoring tool for those who don't know of it. And a storm may be coming....

Political momentum grows for revoking birthright citizenship

What has been the greatest threat to the people of the United States in the last 90 years?

Sarah Palin, Queen of the American Idiocracy

If teachers were treated the same way as cops at DU, Part 2

AP: GOP looks to erase Democrats' comfy House majority

I'm shocked I tell you -BP used excessive dispersants in Gulf oil spill

Why do companies use taxes as a reason for not hiring?

The private prison the murderers escaped from was involved in Abu Ghraib

Wondering. How is it that a rabbi married a couple before sundown on the Sabbath?

as if I wasn't pissed enough-exclusive pics of 9/12 rally

The Auto Bailout Was Fiscally Responsible

••• C-Span video - GOP wants voodoo. Shouldn't you??????? •••

Why is it when the Dems are in power..

WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange talks to RT

Kentucky DUers

What would happen to America's economic status if

Sen Franken's response to our call for justice on Torture and a response back to him.

As Ensign Scandal Heats Up, Media Coverage Cools Down. IOKIYAR?

Has corporate Kumbayah approach of White House & Congress on legislation impressed you?

These ads are all over the Internet, including DU..

Gusher kill update: "static kill" now on for Monday eve., followed by "bottom kill" few days later.

Fox News to move to Thomas' front-row briefing room seat

For my friends on DU, I'm at DainBramaged's home.

Alan Greenspan: Extending Bush Tax Cuts Without Paying For Them Could Be 'Disastrous'

Where did the Economic Recovery Go (for Dummies)

If you are a DLC, let the corporations & Wall Street choose their own reforms Democrat...

Israel modifies plans to deport migrant worker families

Do you agree with Obama & Arne Duncan's approach to education reform?

WARNING to Harry Whittington: Cheney hopes to leave hospital this week, return home, "go hunting"

WARNING to Harry Whittington: Cheney hopes to leave hospital this week, return home, "go hunting"

Fox moves to front row

Layoffs to gut East St. Louis police force

Faith healers plead not guilty to criminal mistreatment of their infant daughter

Hurricane watchers get ready

US petrol stations to consider banishing BP from the pumps

The Academic-Industrial Complex

Tipping point: Rush Limbaugh goes Mao-ist

Veterans find some peace where the river runs deep

Obama Seeks to Expand Arms Exports by Trimming Approval Process

Economic Recovery for the Few

WaPo - "Five myths about the Bush tax cuts" - But Doesn't Calling It A Tea Party Change Things?

Just Doing My Job (Mom, kids rescued from sinking car )

Teabaggers outraged by Michigan Democrats' Trickeration Tactics

RAP NEWS: Wikileaks vs The Pentagon - INTERNET WARS

9/11 settlement in jeopardy as plaintiffs refuse to sign, saying they are 'not taken care of at all'

Has the Grifter twit from Wasilla

My Salute to the VA in Phoenix Arizona by SargeUNN

aaand , the social circuit's next big event- the Levi and Bristol event

Dear Maxine,

Another Followers of Christ couple indicted in death of a child

Military keeping traumatized soldiers in combat zones

AJC: Atlanta office space remains hard to fill

Oh, goodie! Rep. Anthony Weiner is going to be on Morning Joe tomorrow.

From neocons to crazy-cons-Former National Review literary editor Daniel Klinghoffer on conservatism

To clarify -- it's an Islamic Community Center and not a Mosque

Du Veteran next column on Female homeless veterans...any good

Big government is not our enemy

Big government is not our enemy

Michael Moore promotes community ownership of Michigan's classic downtown movie houses

Who here has applied for the high risk pool?

July 2010 TED Talk: Julian Assange: Why the world needs WikiLeaks

Rabid dogs roam holiday hotspot, kill at least 78

Islamists Gain Upper Hand in Russian Republic

US Military Chief Admits to Iran Attack Plan

Coalition of 60 Groups Representing Over 30 Million Americans Launch Campaign to Fight SS cuts

Benny Hinn - Let the Bodies Hit the Floor Remix

Police: US man wearing wig, fake breasts and clown pants arrested after bank robbery

Police: US man wearing wig, fake breasts and clown pants arrested after bank robbery

Bill Kristol: Republicans Should 'Just Shut Up' About Charlie Rangel's Ethics Charges

What would the rich and big corporations do if

Arizona's law was never going to solve the problem of illegal immigration. That is not its purpose.

We Are So Too NOT Racist, Also. And Stuff!

So Cheney is still in hospital..

(full circle) MIT, the beginning of the internet, now suspected in Wikileaks leak

Dog Dumping Ground

Treatment of workers by US corps: more treacherous than anyone realizes

Alan Greenspan makes liars out of the GOP on tax cuts. David Gregory changes the subject.

Gates: WikiLeaks morally 'guilty'

How your life could change in an instant...

How your life could change in an instant...

Congratulations Chelsea. You looked so beautiful!

Mullen says US has Iran strike plan, just in case

DetNews RW columnist Nolan Finley: "Death may be best for Detroit Public Schools"

NY Times: What They’re Not Telling You (About the Deficit)

We'll have to become a service economy taking care of each other

OOooo, Quitter PALIN speaks teh Spanish, learned the word "cojones"

Obama's "Plunge to the Bottom" will not improve education

Tech companies seek to increase cap on visas for foreign-born skilled workers

Secrets of the Dead | The Airmen and the Headhunters | The "Wild Men" of Borneo (PBS) Some graphic.

Who would you most like to see lose a Senate seat in 2010?

Video from today with my son

Long, wild, fire day. About two dozen firefighters camping on the worst of the fires.

So Long, Middle Class

Immigrant Maids Flee Lives of Abuse in Kuwait

BP has ruined the lives of thousands of people...

2 Tried to Sell Wooden Blocks with Toshiba labels as Laptops

Immigration Issue: Foreign Students Struggle to Stay in U.S. After College

He really did shoot A-bomb photos

Who would you most like to see lose a Senate seat in 2012?

What percentage of the GDP would our national debt have to exceed...

How the "Tax Cut" issue can work wonders for the Democratic party

The top two stories on CNN US right now

Air support could come from unmanned A-10s

Alan Greenspan: Extending Bush Tax Cuts Without Paying For Them Could Be 'Disastrous'

Senate Committee Grills BP Safety Director: How’s That ‘Culture of Safety’ Working

For Multinationals, U.S. Wages, and Workers, No Longer Key to Profits

I just watched Christiane Amampour shut down George Will on This Week

the war hawks are out in force

So this is how you play Hardball with Matthews: with 2 strikes against you and blindfolded

new poll results by state - Obama, health care, arizona immigration law

What is News and What is Not News

BP Offering One-Time Payments To Gulf Oil Spill Victims In Attempt To Avoid Lawsuits

BP Offering One-Time Payments To Gulf Oil Spill Victims In Attempt To Avoid Lawsuits

Joel Klein, chancellor of nyc schools, belongs in jail

Alan Greenspan: Extending Bush Tax Cuts Without Paying For Them Could Be 'Disastrous'

Just how is it that none of the 3 arizona escaped murderers

library faced protests over gay documentary

Screw it. Just repeal the Bush tax cuts for EVERYBODY

Creationists hijack lessons and teach schoolkids man and dinosaurs walked together

Netherlands says 'enough', troops leave Afghanistan

Cheney remains hospitalized after heart surgery

••• How is it that the GOP is poised to gain while stepping on the "THIRD RAIL" of US politics? •••

The Anti-Drilling Commission

Hypothetical 2016 Primary Ballot: Who would YOU choose?

East Coast residents. Watch the storm forming in the Atlantic.

How the Republicon Party destroyed America's Economy - NYT

Charter School Teacher Villages being constructed in New Jersey

Charter School Teacher Villages being constructed in New Jersey

••• How many Republicans would you buy a used car from? •••

Researcher detained at U.S. border, questioned about Wikileaks

Lindsay Lohan might leave jail tomorrow for being "nonviolent female offender" in overcrowded jail

To any DUer who has lived abroad, re: standardized testing...

"It's Not A Market, It's A High Frequency Trading 'Crop Circle' Crime Scene"

Teabaggers harrassing historical re-enactors at Williamsburg

Pelosi Gets It!

Rep. Lee Introduces Bill to Require Withdrawal of Troops and Military Contractors From Afghanistan

"Let Them Eat Want Ads"

Peace Activist Arthur Gish Dies

In case you missed it: Tim LaHaye Warns Obama Bringing Us Closer To 'The Apocalypse'

Sea Shepherd Southern California Event ((photos & videos)) Also a surprise announcement!!

If I Hear “Jobless Recovery” One More Time, I Will Scream

How Corporations Destroyed American Democracy - Chris Hedges.

You may be required to serve the Homeland (German accent not required) aka bringing back the draft.

A sincere query about the still unratified Equal Rights Amendment

One of those epiphanies - neither party really gives a damn what voters want

Opposition to Health Care Reform Dwindles

Who will play Sarah Palin when "Going Rogue" becomes a major motion picture?

Ex-Baseball Star Still Working At 104

Ex-Baseball Star Still Working At 104

So THIS is how Goldman Sachs is gaming the market?

The Obama Education/Health Reasoning Dichotomy

I didn't know that Chelsea's new father-in-law just got out of prison

Why did state teachers unions support Tennessee's Race to the Top application?

How can Barack Obama look at himself in the mirror?

Millions More Fish Wash Ashore In Gulfport - "Not Yet Known If Oil Spill Was Factor"

Bin-Laden Won

Babies don't suffer when mothers return to work, study reveals

68% Afghanistans support US presence.

I've been thinking of leaving the DU...

After 378 years, N.H. family farm goes up for sale

Wow the Opulence! Chelsea's Wedding Reception!

NATO and Russia: Trust, but make military plans

Dead Sea Scrolls Mystery Solved

has the EPA been completely compromised? are they capable of regulating anything?

'Killer' cruise liner strikes again: THIRD endangered whale found under giant vessel's bow

Here's a poser: Would you vote for Kucinich if he ran against Obama in 2012?

Why the top 1% in income should pay 99% of the taxes paid in the country.

Sarah Palin actually said cojones...

Our country cannot survive one more round of Reaganomics...

"I want that fucking raghead off the plane."

"I want that fucking raghead off the plane."

Another hoarder dies in "stuff" filled home.

Will Obama protect public education?

Too much reliance on high stakes testing...Many NYC kids have world turned upside down.

Man, that was one big-ass Teabagger rally in Philly yesterday, wasn't it?

Hicks in the sticks...a surreal experience yesterday

Folks, please stop confusing charter schools with private schools.

Nader on BookTV, c-span2, now.

WAPO: 'If Another Country Authorized Torture & Got Away With It-Our State Dept Would Condemn Them'

Anger is the Other Face of Compassion

Grizzly cubs from deadly mauling were malnourished

Grizzly cubs from deadly mauling were malnourished

Tennessee students' scores plunge as standards changed.

Tennessee students' scores plunge as standards changed.

Loneliness unhealthy as smoking and alcoholism, new study says

William Greider: President Obama Is Leading The Assault on Social Security

Great Toon: "The Fireman And The Arsonist"

#1 game at The Alternative Carnival?

Sunday sunrise

Where is DB and the LOL Cats??????? I'm getting the shakes!

What rhymes with blaujob?

Mad World

The best version of the best Prince song ever. Listen before it's gone

Isagenix: Scam or legitimate? Anyone have experience with their products?

virus message only when I click on one post in the lounge.

Computercide, computercide most foul..

This. Is. AWESOME!


Word of warning.

A song for my dog Lily, my friend.


When did lease agreements start requiring 60 days notice instead of 30?

Screenwriting Software: Any Recommendations?


VESIcare has the stupidest contraindication in the world

Anyone watching Rubicon?

Whatever happened to furbys?

There is no love...

What's your culinary point of view?

Can People in GD Forum Take a Joke?

Checklist. Dealbreakers.

Taping a movie tonight...

"I really want you to taste my biscuits."

National "do not call" registry (telemarketers)

Let's rename the Lounge as the "Penguin Cafe"


Too much vibrato from maestra Sarah BRIGHTMAN on "Alhambra" n/t

ZZ Top

Anyone else watch "The Pillars of the Earth?"

Need a Lounge opinion concerning SSI and why a person is on it.

What is your fetish?

What's the most basic rule of soccer (association football to the rest of you)?

Will musical 'albums' live on past the iTunes age?

$2,000 (pics)

Would you swim in a public pool?

Tobin's daily breakdown thread

Just got done seeing 'The Princess and the Frog'

Rio de Janeiro "winter". It's 85°F outside. I dread the summer.

FTW: Best 'Demotivational Poster' ever

Caption this couple...

I just had 5 stitches put in my leg. Ask me anything.

A good thought or two, if you will, for four special women being married in the next few hours.

I am watching Saturday Night Live:Dan Aykroyd on Netflix.


Cardinal rule of being a crook...

What's your favorite body part?

buh buh

Your "I woke up late and realized it's Sunday Lolcats"

Electric guitar players: What kind do you prefer?

Heads up: Shark Week begins tonight!

MEET Knuckles, the Sensible DU Lounge Narwhal!!!

I just defrosted the hell out of my Air Conditioner

I love weddings. Chelsea looked gorgeous and so happy. Share a pic or memory of your wedding!

A Quarter Century after Chernobyl Radioactive Boar on the Rise in Germany

Islamists Gain Upper Hand in Russian Republic

Argentina Belatedly Celebrates a Journalist Hero

Global cluster bomb ban comes into force

Spike Lee screens oil spill film in San Diego

Uranium, not kryptonite, worries Superman's hometown

Uranium, not kryptonite, worries Superman's hometown

Rabid dogs roam holiday hotspot, kill at least 78

Greek lorry drivers end strike

US boosts Israeli missile funding

(Conrad) Black 'enlightened' by prison time

Fox News to move to Thomas' front-row briefing room seat

Ex-Homeland Security boss (Tom Ridge) joins gas drilling group

Israel modifies plans to deport migrant worker families

Dozens injured in Bangladesh riots (protests against wages that they say are too low)

Greece will be a war zone, Sect of Revolutionaries warns tourists

Authorities capture escaped convict in Colorado (Daniel Renwick from Arizona)

Panama Prosecutor: Jailed American Admits 5 Slays

Chile Senator to Sponsor Gay Marriage Bill

Iraq casualties rise sharply amid political vacuum

Conn. casino bartenders, others vote to unionize

Cheney out of intensive care after heart surgery last month

Iran stoning woman offered asylum by Brazil's president Lula

Poll: Romanoff Catches Bennet

Pelosi strikes confident note on midterms: 'I'm not nervous at all'

Police: Stolen guns were to be used to overthrow the government

Dutch troops end Afghanistan deployment

TRENDING: RNC cancels Breitbart fundraiser

Space station drama as cooling system fails

Cuban president: More private enterprise will be allowed

Saudi Arabia to Block BlackBerry Messaging

Kerry would reject a Petraeus request for more time, troops at drawdown deadline

Missouri to Vote on Health Law

AP (Associated Press) Gets Helen Thomas’ Old Seat, Fox News To Front Row (AP's old seat)

Afghanistan: It’s Even Worse Than You Thought

Iraq casualties rise sharply amid political vacuum

Palin Writes Down Cost Of Extending Bush Tax Cuts On Her Hand, But She Still Gets It Wrong (VIDEO)

August recess coming up. How many pens should we send to

AP beat Fox News for Helen Thomas's WH seat

Bush's tax cuts were pathetic, consider job creation during his entire first term

How Would You Grade the President Poll

Kerry would reject a Petraeus request for more time, troops at drawdown deadline

Thumbs up to Rep. Weiner.

US has plan to attack Iran if needed, military chief admits

Reagan OMB director David Stockman blames Bush and Republicans for economic "apocalyse"

Obama On GOP Deficit Talk: 'I'm Going To Call Them On Their Bluff'

Empty jail cells are saving millions (San Francisco)

K Street whines, feels it's being unfairly targeted by bill disclosing lobbying violators

Anyone here remember the "pie" analogy of a few days ago? How the "pie" is split up between

Sarah does it again!!!

Don't call Obama the next LBJ

In case you missed it, Sarah Palin resorts to reading GOP talking points FAXes openly on Fox News

Uh-oh. Are media/gop smears working? President Obama looking more stressed out nowadays.

Missouri Voters to Have Say on Health Law

The Hill: Fox News to Move to Helen Thomas' Front-Row Briefing Room Seat

Boehner Spouts Anti-Intellectualism Screed: ‘I Don’t Need To See GDP Numbers Or Listen To Economists

CO-SEN POLL: Romanoff 48, Bennet 45. "Dramatic" surge by Romanoff, who was 17 points down in June.

Defending the Obama Administration's Record

Economy's Dirty Little Secret referred to by both Alan Greenspan and NYT's Bob Herbert

"Double Dippers" warnings could become self-fulfilling prophecies

U.S. Healthcare System Wastes Between $600 Billion and $850 Billion Annually

What Would Roosevelt Do?

How much of the taxpayers' money are we spending on Iraq per day?

WP's EJ Dionne: The auto industry lives. Can we admit that government intervention worked?

Far-right Austrian leader Joerg Haider secretly had £40 million in Liechtenstein

I'm sick and FUCKING tired of the Sarah Palin double standard, she is flatout disrespectful to Obama

Gates: Posting classified war documents was morally wrong

Promise Kept: Obama reinstates executive order on disability hiring

WHCA votes and moves Fux news to the front row, but not the seat formerly held by Helen Thomas .....

By the way, Mr. President, could you do the country this tiny little favor?

Obama Administration In Danger Of Establishing 'New Normal' With Worst Bush-Era Policies, Says ACLU

Rachel Maddow - Is Wikileaks Current - Rick Rowley

Real News Network: Wikileaks: The Pakistan connection Pt.3

AZ-POLICE STATE: Wrongful Arrest of Arizona Human Rights Leader Sal Reza


Unemployment Extentions Senate, HR 4213 Monday August 2 2010 TIER V - The BOYZ R BACK!

Gingrich - Palin a very strong candidate for President, Obama good on The View, not in Oval Office

Republicans block Jobs Bill pushing more into the 99ers

Queen Meg: There's No Place Like Home - Goldman Sachs, That Is!

World Collapse Explained in 3 Minutes

Pete Seeger Live - new protest song about BP oil spill in gulf coast

Congress cannot afford to go on summer vacation

TYT: Supply-Side Economics/Tax Cuts Debunked

Hypocrite and pathological liar Sarah Palin defends Bush tax cuts for the rich

Sean Duffy will eliminate Social Security & Medicare if he's elected

COREXIT Now In Blue Crab Larvae From Texas To Florida; Bio-Accumulation/Food Chain Fears

United They Stand

Unemployment Extension THIS IS FOR THE SENATORS

Pass Unemployment Bill---TIER 5 Or Give Us Our Job

Kyl : makes gross generalizations then dismisses ‘Gross Generalization’ then makes... (1:06)

Young Turks: Anne Rice Slams Anti-Gay, Anti-Democrat, Anti-Feminist, Anti-Science Christians

Midweek Politics: Healing with "prayer" destroys girl's eye in's child abuse

Arizona Immigration Law - Things You Might Not Know

Did Glenn Beck Lie About God?

The Objective of Morality

Anthony Weiner Rips Apart Republicans - Remix

The unemployed in Nevada wage WAR on Sharron Angle

Pastor Hosting ‘International Burn A Quran Day’: ‘We Have Nothing Against Muslims’

Angry Waterman Confronting BP

Antoine Dodson, political commentator tells us what he thinks of Sarah Palin

A little something for John McCain and friends!! Sharon Angle and Tom Coburn!!!

Women's Rights are UNCHRISTIAN


Boehner ‘I Don’t Need To See GDP Numbers Or Listen To Economists

Mark Levin's, Liberty and Tyranny and Misinformation

An oldie but a goodie from the election: Freeper Lady Attacks a Billboard

For my Republican friends who voted against unemployment extension

George Carlin: We Know What They Want - More For Themselves, Less For You

Thomas Friedman: The Great (Double) Game

Beyond State Capitalism: The Commons Economy in our Lifetimes

On the Anniversary of Medicare Comes a Renewed Call for 'Medicare for All'

Vietnam farmers turn to prawns (climate change)

David Stockman Blasts Reaganomics, But NY Times Drops Graphic

NYT EDITORIAL: What They're Not Telling You (about the deficit)

EDITORIAL: The hydrofracking debate

Blockage of Disclose Act boosts secretive special-interest campaign clout

Death of a Farm (NYT) - which has operated since 1632

Why Is Simon & Schuster Spreading the Wild Conspiracy Theories of an Unhinged Islamophobic Blogger?

Red (Tamale) Dawn

The new tea party bible

Democrats' economic views saved the day

Diversity Is In The Eye Of The Beholder: A Day At Uni-Tea

Afghanistan: It’s even worse than you thought

Publisher Puts Sarah Palin Bio for Evangelical Christian Tweens on Indefinite Hold

Colombia: Uribe’s spectacular criminal rule ends

The Truth About Sarah Palin's $3.8 Trillion Hand Job

The United States, Israel, and the Failure of the Western Way of War

Citizens Unite Against 'Citizens United'

Obama Administration In Danger Of Establishing 'New Normal' With Worst Bush-Era Policies, Says ACLU

Petraeus' Rules: Fight Taliban, get to know the locals

Why Stimulus Spending is Essential to Fiscal Responsibility

What Have You Got Besides No?

The Founders’ Worst Nightmare

Where Are The Prosecutions? SEC Lets Citi Execs Go Free After $40 Billion Subprime Lie

Reagan's Budget Director: GOP Policies "Have Crippled Our Economy"

TIME Magazine Doesn’t Give a Rat’s Ass about Women’s Rights in Afghanistan

Defining Prosperity Down By Paul Krugman

Douchebag Decree: Girls Gone Wild and Jane Doe's jury of leers

Guardian: We must restart the fight against global warming

How Bush Tried to Stop Predatory Lending (NOT) By Mike Whitney

City promoting eco-friendly initiatives

The world's first molten salt concentrating solar power plant

Hummingbird rehab is a fast-paced labor of love

Worth looking after? The dilemma of the dingo

Radioactive boar? Let's talk bark beetles and wildfires.

A Quarter Century after Chernobyl Radioactive Boar on the Rise in Germany

Raul Reyes body and the "magic" laptop

Mexico, Chile recognize Honduran government

alvarito packing up his stuff

Dismissal Of Judges Sends Intimidating Message

Complaints about alleged links with paramilitaries face and former Mayor of Medellin Mayor Luis Pere

More than 350 Colombians arrive in Venezuela day by day

Venezuela: Close Chavez’s New Censorship Office

Nariño massacres

Rebels kill three soldiers in raid

Colombian alleges abuse by Venezuelan police

Suspicion in Edwin Valero homicide investigation

Chile Senator to Sponsor Gay Marriage Bill

'Army complicit in Arauca paramilitary crimes' .

Argentina identifies junta victims

President Admits Corruption Has Tarnished Government

The Colombia free trade pact is bad policy

'I am not a criminal , "said the secretary general of the Presidency to discuss the ' pikes '

The 20 Lies About Chávez' "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised"


Analysis: In Venezuela, antisemitism is state policy


Fidel Castro’s Message to the Cuban Youth

Colombia: Uribe’s spectacular criminal rule ends

My wife is watching an old episode of "A Team"....

Concealed carry article in Harper's Magazine ...

ABC's "The Whole Truth" Features Gay Character of Color

GD post: Tech companies seek to increase cap on visas for foreign-born skilled workers

I remember being filled with "Hope" two years ago

Led by SEIU, Union Coalition Tries to Unionize Heart of U.S. Economy

For Multinationals, U.S. Wages, and Workers, No Longer Key to Profits

Today in Labor History Aug 1 police chief of Matewan murdered, Police in Hilo open fire on 200, more

NYT: The treatment of workers by American corporations has been worse than most realize

SUBMISSION THREAD for the Seasonal Photo Contest. Theme: SCENES OF SUMMER

COMMENT THREAD for the Seasonal Photo Ccontest. Theme: SCENES OF SUMMER

Just for Mira -- the latest from Sebastian and Aiman

The “Summer Camp Of Destruction:” Israeli High Schoolers Assist The Razing Of A Bedouin Town

Israel president Shimon Peres accuses Britain of pro-Arab bias

US boosts Israeli missile funding

Iran says it will set Tel Aviv ablaze if attacked

What’s in it for America?

Post-Medium Publishing

Interesting series for us science dolts - Clash Of The Continents...

Blast in Gaza wounds 24 Palestinians

Japanese Scientists Create Elastic Water

Demonizing Israel is bad for the Palestinians

Israel to deport hundreds of migrant workers' children

Televangelist Benny Hinn Asks For $2M In Donations


Happy Lammas/Lughnasadh!

It's ALL hitting the fan right now.

What Do You Lack? Probably Vitamin D