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ok..any friends taken zolpidem?I'm on iit for my seizures...interactions?

Stoughton officer resigns after meeting with stripper

A Jump in Enrollment Helps UnitedHealth

A Jump in Enrollment Helps UnitedHealth

So sarah palin's trash spawn and guy might get a reality show but when they

Palin Song

A sticky story

Shirley Sherrod needs to be re-instated immediately!!!

petition to name Elizabeth Warren

from Teaching Tolerance

Found: Sarah Palin's long-lost uncle Norm

The Beerber Shop

Ed Shultz called Frank Luntz a DIRT BAG today

Sputtering Obama foreclosure program expelling more homoeowners than it's helping

About the deniers - read this: An aspiring musician writes ( "Why Can’t They Hear?")

**BREAKING**: USDA (Vilsack) to reconsider ousting of Shirley Sherrod

Lieberman: Utilities Want A ‘Breather’ From Letting People Breathe

Iranian circus delights Iraqis in ancient Babylon

Listening to the GOP WASTES OUR TIME...

PING Bonobo: For-pay Chicago Tribune article about end of war in the Pacific

Africom begins to make its mark on Arfrica

Program has Afghans as first line of defense

Mullen moves from ‘curious’ to ‘concerned’ over China’s military

Health insurance companies' "documentation"

As Afghanistan's future unfolds, concerns turn to women's health

Heads Up! Shirley Sherrod to be on Today Show this AM! nt

Afghan plan to disarm militants threatens development - aid groups

Leaders Renew Vows of Support for Afghanistan

(Military Times Opinion): Focus on 'Big' al Qaeda

Feel free to voice your opinion on the Fauxnews website as of 11:30p CST 1300 Comments

Step One: Apology for Shirley Sherrod and reinstating of her job.

Foreclosure Madness! Plantiff bids excess funds of $376,200.50 - Homeowners take money and run!

(Lt. Gen.) Clapper to face grilling in DNI hearing

DoD Buzz: Israel, U.S. Close on ($243 million dollar) F-35 Deal

Plan to begin Afghan security handover this year dropped

Censored Gulf news: Scientists call on Obama to stop chem-spray

Lobbyists push use of deadly asbestos in developing nations

Experts debate how to cut (military) personnel costs

Hugo Boss Plant Reopens In Ohio, Nearly 200 Workers Return To Work

General Atomics Wins Approval to Sell First Predator Drones in Middle East

Relief tunnel should reach Gulf well by weekend

Reinstate Shirley Sherrod, and start a complete DOJ investigation.

UK troops may start leaving Afghanistan in 2011

Rs and Right wing media always play offense and Dems are always on defense

Once again, reactive media cries wolf

duplicate delete

Shirley Sherrod - breadcrumbs leading to a larger story

++ 1,185 American deaths in Afghanistan ++

The indignation expressed by Moaning Joe this morning regarding Sheryl Sherrod is nauseating. nt

Breitbart and Faux did this (sherrod) to distract from the signing of the financial reform bill

Police: Alleged freeway shooter was targeting ACLU

Japan surrender offer rebuffed.

Five Tulsa police officers indicted in corruption probe

Poll Re: The Spooners

CNN just now re: Sherrod

Republicans think they are and say they are good at business.

Corbett’s office again turns down healthcare reform lawsuit Right to Know Request, but tacitly admit

Arguments set on Okla. abortion law

Tea party patriots "Why is the NAACP and the Liberal Media Accusing Tea Party Patriots of

I don't think Breitbart is a racist.

Study: Troops have higher rates of some cancers

Israel: Rocket defense system ready to go

On a scale of 1-10 how politically stupid are our leaders?

Dana Priest and William M. Arkin: The secrets next door

People who think the unemployed are just lazy and don't want to work, I wonder if

Have Vilsack and the NAACP outlasted their usefulness to Democrats?

Local Family Homeless After Tornado Destroys White House

Breitbart On Sherrod's NAACP Speech: 'I Did Not Edit This Thing'

Proud Card Carrier

A man was seen riding a unicycle backwards on Maryland Ave., in DC

Tea Time with Michele Bachmann !!!!

Michelle Bachmann and her coalition of crazies are on CNN video talking about the government.

What do the following stories have in common? repost w/ an edit

"a single Iran-Contra narrative spanning the entire 12 years of the Reagan and Bush-41 admins"

Andrew Breitbart will probably win another award.

fox news makes a mockery of the first amendment

This is the first time I have tuned into FAUX news in years. The three anchors are looking like

This is the first time I have tuned into FAUX news in years. The three anchors are looking like

Can I get a source to refute this crap.

Senator Lindsey Graham "will not vote for" Goodwin Liu

“A child’s letter to President Obama” (Press-Register, Mobile Alabama)

Yeasterday the United States spent $288 million dollars in the sandbox.

m$nbc is reporting on andrew breitbart editing & sending out this video

Breitbart-Fox can be our Rather-CBS if we play it right.....

Repub NJ Governor Wants STATE GOV'T To Take Over Atlantic City Casinos

Biden Dances the Tough Dances

Eric Boehlert & Andrew Breitbart on Good Morning America (Video)

Boaters get a whale of a surprise!

The Oil Drum: tropical storms, a 3 part view of power generation, and more...

So Breitbart says he was exposing NAACP hypocrisy

Report: Tab for 'War on terrorism' tops $1 trillion

Washington Post has a great series on our intelligence spending...

Why would the NAACP & the White House believe

It would be a terrible injustice for Fox News to get Helen Thomas'

That Breitbart is a racist is one thing --

How I rank honest and trustworthy

A BP question about the Lockerbie Bomber guy.

In a word, no.

New feature: MrScorpio's First Tweet of the Day

Sherrod's Racism a Fabrication just like Acorn Pimping, ClimateGate etc.

Here's the rub


So the MSM is suggesting this morning that the next time a RW lie is released into the wild..

Joe SCAB set the wingnut clarion re: SHERROD for days to come: WH in a "PANIC!1"

I just learned about 'mud logs'

Don't single out BP over oil damages, David Cameron warns US

Prez O signing Financial reform law NOW, cnn.

Whoever turns out to have actually pulled the trigger on Sherrod,

2011 defense budget request likely to shrink

The tape does NOT "speak for itself", Suzanne Malveaux of CNN

Contrssman Alan Grayson's Bio

Palin Ripped in Front Page NH Editorial-Don't fret over what a "Mama Grizzly'' from Alaska does.

Jesus' General: Breitbart to Repackage "Birth of A Nation" as Obama Documentary

“It’s going to be the wedding of the century in Alaska'' ( but Sarah not going)

Shirley Sherrod needs a TV show

Fox "News" should be sued for libel...

FOX News cannot escape scrutiny.

What to do when it all goes right, By Mark Morford

Clegg Declares Iraq War Illegal

The New Scare: Breitbart and Post Racial America

Toon: Now we can continue to live like Kings!

Anyone notice that the passing of the unemployment benefits bill has

Ben Stein is a dick

I-580 RW Shooter - AP and San Francisco TV station Mentions Glenn Beck and RW media

I-580 RW Shooter - AP and San Francisco TV station Mentions Glenn Beck and RW media

The Record Is Clear!

Leavenworth, KS man with gunshot wound gets tasered 3 times and dies.

Let's start a list of those who have been destroyed by a rush to judgment by the MSM. Can we

NOW on Thom Hartmann -- how Germany, one of the cloudiest countries

Quantcast Pa. senator, sister, held for trial on ethics charges of using Senate staff for campaignin

Breitbart claims he got Sherrod video from man "worried about being attacked like Joe the plumber"

Awesome......The California Nurses Association's "Queen Meg"

Katrina vanden Heuvel: The Case For Elizabeth Warren

What is it about the right wing media machine

Briebart played the Old WEDGE Politics. Knowing race is one that

Sherrod - not sure she wants her job back.

The biggest dipshits in Congress make it convenient for us to ID them

Oops! RNC Accuses Michael Steele Of Hiding RNC Debts

LIMBOsevic-the-Victim surfaces every time he feels the pinch, gets in trouble

Jim Hightower: Grinning Bankers

Jim Hightower: Grinning Bankers

Recessions in U.S. May Be More Frequent, Severe, Credit Suisse's Soss Says

Gov't watchdogs: mortgage program is not working

Wonder if the Whitehouse aides are watching the news & are actually surprised

The Obama Administration is much like a start-up business and

The Obama Administration is much like a start-up business and

The current news stories involving race smack of Karl Rove's tactics

Oh, boo-fucking-hoo... Wall Street execs upset they weren't invited to FinReg bill signing

White House Press Conference w/ Robert Gibbs coming up will discuss Sherrod

"I'm invested in getting the stop constantly calling the Tea Party racist.That's my job"

This guy deserves an entrepreneurship award, but he should have not publicized his "work"

The Discrediting Of Breitbart: Why Was He Ever Taken Seriously?

Rule change:

Telescope Images Most Massive Stars Ever Found

Get on the Crazy Bus !!!!

Today's Non Sequitur - The Lapdogs and The Office Temp.

"President Sarah Palin?" Here's why I'm not laughing.

"You are being played every time you turn on Fox or click Drudge."

Question about the time line of Sherrod video...

Yes, Shirley, A Pawn Can Still Become a Queen If She Makes It To The Other Side

Yes, Shirley, A Pawn Can Still Become a Queen If She Makes It To The Other Side

Cigars getting bad rap from GOP flap

Why the Public Option Sucks!!

not one person gave ms. sherrod the benefit of the doubt

Alan Grayson coming up on Hartmann

Andrew Breitbart is a racist which makes the Washington Times a racist paper.

Show some strength: FIRE Cheryl Cook for Cronyism - just couldn't wait to get her hands on that job.

Democrats to Propose Extending Bush's Middle-Class Tax Cuts

Shrill Paranoia: These people are powder kegs grasping at lit matches

Even Willie Nelson and FarmAid come out for Shirley Sherrod's reinstatement

Congressional Cigar Association Is Front For Lobbyists

npr just reported that mr vilsack is 'CONSIDERING' offering ms sherrod her job back

npr just reported that mr vilsack is 'CONSIDERING' offering ms sherrod her job back

Show some strength. Let's wait for the facts this time before deciding everyone's future.

The fight against school re-segregation heats up in North Carolina

Obama speaking at Financial Regulation Reform Bill signing

For-profit universities thrive on unemployment

Deficit worries slow funding of Obama homeless programs

"It’s an administration in which a Ben Bernanke can keep a job, but a Van Jones can’t."

Why People Really Hate Facebook: It's Complicated

Helicopter Ben says the economic outlook is "unusually uncertain".......

Any of you fux snooze/rightwingwadradio trackers know how the Sherrod

Amish Teen Leads Police on Horse-And-Buggy Chase

Sherrod: I'm a Victim of Breitbart, Fox 'Racism'

I hope Fox News does not run a story about Russia launching a nuke......

Gibbs: One of the lessons to take away from this to ask all the questions first. nt

Obama signs sweeping Wall Street overhaul into law

GOP Sen. Lugar to support Kagan for court

Violent, racist haters among the Tea Partiers? NAACP gets death threats that prove their point

Call me a racist, but I hate Andrew Breitbart because he's black!

A response to Newt Gingrich: America's rights were asserted, not God-given

Top 10 Longest Living Animals

Top 10 Longest Living Animals

I'm sure glad Fox News exists...

Cutting Fed Spending: Time To "Right Size" Congress?

Major Garrett is in Gibbs ass? Are you fucking kidding me? Major Garrett of FOX is in Gibbs ass?

In other news, Dell launches its own Secure Browser

The firing of Shirley Sherrod -- and the cowardice of Tom Vilsack

AP source: US attorneys inquiry closed, no charges

God Man- Tom The Dancing Bug

"Corporate Media Discover Private Spies" by Jeremy Scahill

Holy frigging shit damn hell!

Color of Change: Tell Obama to reinstate Shirley Sherrod

Have you tried the brand new "Tea Party Simulator" yet?

Palin on Larry King, my version

Is it safe to travel to any Carribbean destinations right now?

Quinnipiac: Obama approval hits lowest point yet (44% approve-48% disapprove)

Well, one thing that's obvious, the Obama administration is scared shitless of...

Republicans delay vote on unemployment extension

Honestly, what is wrong with the American people?

KKKarl Rove belongs behind bars but...

If the White House doesn't select Elizabeth Warren for the conumer protection agency

Bachmann: Tea Party Caucus is no mouthpiece

pets start 1,000 house fires a year

The real reason BP is so adamant about keeping the cap on

What's up with all the damn Rick Scott ads on DU?

Major Republican donor getting rich off of private jails for immigrants

For Oysters, a ‘Remedy’ Turned Catastrophe

Honda China supplier firing striking workers and bringing in scabs

Goddess bless Dylan Ratigan

Kendrick Meek (D-FL) Just Caught a Break..

CNN reports Vislack phone apology and department job offer to Sherrod

Good job to Obama for taking care of the Sherrod thing. Now please Mr. President...

How does the financial reform law end too-big-to-fail and how will

Vilsack presser not on MSNBC?

Vilsack presser on right now

Rick Sanchez on CNN just said O'Reilly was the 1st to call for Sherrod's firing.

Anyone know where I can find a list of registered lobbyists for the U.S. Congress? n/t

Fox & Breitbart respond to Vilsack

Ever been in an auto accident? Question here (insurance and injury Q's here)

omfg fox news is all \"what a screwing shirley sherrod\" took from the obama administration

Toles: Going Back

Organization Targeted By Anti-Gov't CA Shooting Suspect Was Frequent Topic On Glenn Beck's Show (VID

John Boehner meets with his people and lays out his plans.

Breitbart: A racist sociopath

Recd a solicitation in the mail today from the DCCC...

Republicans STILL delaying vote on unemployment extensions

Ballsack on live teevee

Shirley Sherrod getting hate calls, e-mail

What's The Difference Between Andrew Breitbart And Dan Rather?

China rushes to keep oil from international waters

About this "rape by deceit" thing. I am wondering...

Why isn't Andrew Breitbart finished as an "investigative journalist"?

They're really sneaky, aren't they?

Floating barges will be home for many La. fishermen involved in BP cleanup

Va. man charged with supporting terror group (had 'warned' South Park creators)

Global warming is a plus

Will the Sunday Morning Chat Fests Be Discussing The Sherrod

Is there a impeach Obama movement ?

Scientists discover monster star

So posts objecting to the use of dispersants are now moved to the 9/11 Forum?????

what are your 2012 voting plans?

BP's oil spill caused by Fed’s ‘dangerous culture of permissiveness’

Toon "Oops, we did it again"

Eddie and Lewis on Breitbart

Scientists expressing grave concern re: aerial spraying of chemical dispersants

Autopsy could determine if body is that of missing teenage girl,,, DAMN!

Batshit Mutha-effin' Cuh-RAY-zay as a LOON Bachmann Inflates Teabagger Caucus Numbers

White House to media: You lapped up Breitbart's nonsense, too!

Thomas Jefferson destroys originalism as a legitimate form of constitutional interpretation

More than one third of US counties face water shortages due to climate change

Fuck you Jim Vanderhei

Not Tony Haywards boat

Who should be held accountable for the Sherrod debacle?

Mrs. Sherrod was on the Warren Ballentine Show today. Two things:

Why am I seeing the name "Shirley Sherrod" pasted all over this website lately?

So much for the mistake theory:

Hey junkdrawer.The coexit post was not moved to the dungeon

Vitter's Republican rival accused of philandering

The media keep saying Shirley Sherrod's father was "murdered by the KKK"...

The media keep saying Shirley Sherrod's father was "murdered by the KKK"...

A house across from me is burning down...

A house across from me is burning down...

Why didn't Sherrod go to the White House directly rather than CNN?

Death of the liberal media myth?

Who is cool? Old Spice Guy vs Mel.

Van Jones

Pres. McEntee Talks Jobs, Midterms with Bill Press


Expert substitution of Shirley Sherrod for Mark Williams as the racial talking points lightening rod

Kenya torture victims get compensation payment

Lest we forget a real Patriot!

The Parable (Pictures)

The Parable (Pictures)

Arab Man Convicted Of Rape After Posing As Jew To Seduce Woman

Who will draw the line?

The one Term President (Carter\Obama)

How Shirley Sherrod Lost her Job Pt. 1 (comic)

Obama Signs Sweeping Wall Street Reform Bill

I would suggest that Harry Reid invoke the nuclear option NOW

Shepherd Smith: The only honest journo on Fox smacks down Breitbart

I appreciate the WH & USDA did the right thing but....

Glenn Beck Upset That Muslims May Ride Rollercoasters On His Special Day (AUDIO)

Hey, Right-Wing Smear-Meisters: Willie Nelson Speaks Up For His Friend Shirley Sherrod

Republicans against war in Afghanistan

Big banks using drug trade money to stay afloat

Gulf cattle ranchers fear toxins after oil spill

Keith Olbermann:Special Comment: Ms. Sherrod is NOT Dreyfus

Lawrence looks great tonight

You know DUers that Breitbart is a complete fool

'Static kill' could begin within 48 hours... pending fed approval..

Why the hell is the lead story on the evening news about the WH apologizing.

There is one, and only one, proper response to Breitbart and similar attacks on Dems

EPA Whistleblower Accuses Agency of Covering Up Effects of Dispersant in BP Oil Spill Cleanup

Maybe the RNC can hire Sherrod to save THEM from going broke

Speaking of just making crap up -----Palin has a new word "refudiate"

Cameron denies 'mixed messages' on Afghan pull-out

Dems. need to step aside and let Alan Grayson show them how to

Trumka: Boost Fairness and Revenue with Estate Tax Reinstatement (14.8 billion so far this year)

Update: Reno foreclosure fire story

Update: Reno foreclosure fire story

Fox News, Dedicated to Stereotypes, Finds Rational Republican Amazing

What are the wing nuts saying about Sherrod? Nothing intelligent.

Open mouth, insert, er, pump...

Has Fox News even mentioned the I-580 gunman

Has the Administration pulled the Sherrod debacle out of the fire?

Excellent discussion of Sherrod matter, Keith show, includes Frum and Harris-Lacewell,

Obama, Vilsack, Emanual, Yadda, Yadda, Yadda . . . . . .

If you missed Keith's Special Comment tonight, remember Countdown re-airs 10 p.m. EDT.

O'Donnell says, Thanks to Bachmann,


Keith Olbermann's special comment is coming up. He's going

Will Pitt: Bring It On

2 bodies found in foreclosed Reno home that burned, deputies were on way with eviction notice

Faux News Slogans -- If they were telling the truth

College students, and those curious about primary source

In the midst of the swirlings winds outside of the USDA, this story may have been missed.

LOL Carville pisses Mary Matlin off & she turns her back on him & almost walks off of the set!

An hour with Timothy Geithner, U.S. Treasury Secretary - Charlie Rose tonight

meme: "Why won't they fire Hannity like they did Dan Rather?..."

The Secretary of Agriculture made a racist remark and has been fired!

Let's do a virtual intervention with Andrew Breitbart

Made-up-out-of- whole-cloth-gate (FAKE rightwing news stories)

Here is the video of the Carville v Matlin lovers quarrel on CNN, which is now promoting it

Business versus Obama

A list of "Free" Market Failures

Freepers still defending Breitbart.

Boehner Re Teapartiers: Some folks at these rallies are “anarchists who want to kill all of us"

Deficit Doves by Amy Goodman: "let's call it what is is: the war budget."

A brief conversation with a freeper type at work today

Pain Ray Recalled From Afghanistan


What if you could buy a pack of 20 joints at the liquor store?

I saw Mr. Breitbart interviewed on an evening news program.

Rachel after F-x, for 'They're coming after you' political strategy.

Judge blocks plan for oil, gas drilling in Arctic

Has anyone else seen this new VW "shoot the gap" commercial? It's going to get people killed

Breitbart employed fear of racist blacks to fight what he perceive as racism in the NAACP

There are a handful of Republicans that are standing up to the "Tea Party"

Outside of some people on this board and nursing home residents do you think Americans are really

Congressman Paul Hodes: Weak Knees

More doctored BP photos come to light

"Not the Whiteman's Bitch" banned from Wisconsin ballot.

Yay! They extended Unemployment Benefits

I like that KO and Rachel Maddow sometimes devote the better

Recessions in U.S. May Be More Frequent, Severe, Credit Suisse's Soss Says

The Daily Show... anybody got a clue what's up?

Shirley Sherrod is on Anderson Cooper n/t

WOW!!!! Keith just dropped DA BOMB!!

Keith Olbermann returning from vaca for a Special Comment on the Sherrod situation

Anderson Cooper did an excellent show on Sherrod tonight

Anderson Cooper did an excellent show on Sherrod tonight

Gingrich latest of nat'l GOP to oppose NYC mosque

Blood on Our Hands

Organization Targeted By Anti-Gov't CA Shooting Suspect Was Frequent Topic On Glenn Beck's Show

How to create a lie with video

How do we get Andrew Breitbart to release a video staring-

New poll shows CA don't understand Civil Marriage and Religious Liberties

New poll shows CA don't understand Civil Marriage and Religious Liberties

You may not have thought it to be possible, but conservatism is degenerating

(Fmr FCC Chair Michael) Powell: Fleeting Indecency Policy Was a Mistake

That United flight that hit severe turbulance and diverted to Denver.......

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Sometimes, it is hard to believe that the right wing is for real

What the hell were we thinking?

Severe thunderstorms and tornadoes in Southern and Western Maine. I'm

Reading the tea leaves on todays RW talkers...

MarketWatch: Double dip looks doubly certain

The media is trying to create a horse race in November...

Loganville Man Alleges Police Brutality [After finding his son dead from suicide]

Why do we continue to allow FAUX NOISE any credibility whatsoever?

As an unemployed person who is happy to get. . .

State Capitol Officer Shot In Downtown Atlanta

The Rude Pundit: NOM Discovers Diversity, And Is Puzzled - guest blogger Jim Burroway

Infant is returned to blind couple after state places her in protective custody

Our 25-hour "news" cycle

Just fire Vilsack and make Shirley Sherrod Sec. of Agriculture

Has Orange Boner quit smoking yet?

When the next Andrew Breitbart video comes out...

Should Congress and the President apologize to ACORN?

Psst..over here.. sweeping FinReg reform signed and extension of UE benefits passed today

Jobless extension passes senate

Fiscally conservative, I gather, means favoring the rich over fiscal

If you're a birther, then you're a racist. No ifs, ands, or buts.

I feel really petty mentioning this when there's so much more important stuff

So the big three bond rating companies no longer want their ratings used in bond sales...

Chavez at it again...

Keith O is wrong (Sherrod comment).

Breitbart’s New Conspiracy Theory: The ‘Purported’ Farmer’s Wife Is A Plant

Is there anything in the "health care reform" law that mandates GOOD insurance coverage?

NY officer hit bicyclist, hands him napkin and leaves

People don't want extended unemployment benefits, they want jobs! Works Progress Administation 2010

Jesse Jackson: "Will the U.S. once more sacrifice economic justice at home for war abroad?"

Jon Voight is a dick

Jon Voight is a dick

Now for some positive news from Oakland:

Kent "Effing Scumbag P.O.S. Douchebag D.I.N.O. Asshole" Conrad Backs Keeping Bush Tax Cuts For Rich

I honestly believe, in the Shirley Sherrod matter, that we are witnessing a slow motion . . . .

I honestly believe, in the Shirley Sherrod matter, that we are witnessing a slow motion . . . .

What's so wrong with apologizing?

Tea-Baggers Fall For Fake Onion Story (Flesh-eating classified)

INGSOC and the rewiting of history

Circumcision could halt 4M African HIV cases


Should Fox News be eliminated from the WH Press Corps????

Oakland votes to permit large marijuana farms

When the right wing barks, the mainstream bows.

Why Can’t We Declare War on Unemployment?

Is Barack Obama a "progressive"?

Got a Repuke Rep? Demand They Join The Tea Party Caucus Right Fucking Now!

Got a Repuke Rep? Demand They Join The Tea Party Caucus Right Fucking Now!

When Fox breaks the next scandal, it's the perfect opportunity for Gibbs.

More than one third of US counties face water shortages due to climate change

I just got this in an email at work. I work for a county alcohol, drug and mental health services

NYT compiling their most important photos for book to be out next year. What would be YOUR picks?

Permission to come aboard, Captain?

Conservatives have no problems paying thousands of $$$ for health insurance premiums...

Capito Out, Hechler in Race for Senate (WV)

I can't help but think how ironic it is that people are reacting without evidence that Obama reacted

During Bush's term, did any official ever admit a mistake and publicly apologize?


I am posting this to help re-unify DU

Rove-linked group uses secret donors to fund attacks

Watchdog Group Urges Maryland Prosecutors to Indict Andrew Breitbart, James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles

they did the right thing...

Dear Webster's, Submitted for use in your Dictionary:

Now reopen Breitbart's ACORN fraud -- and get the story right

Keith Olbermann: "The Scum That Is This Assassin Breitbart"

Bill McCollum - too liberal?

DU Has New Moderators!

Why won't corpmedia demand Hannity be fired over edited videos the way it demanded Rather be fired?

Barbara Mikulski Demands End To The Filibuster

Former Bush speechwriter David Frum: Shirley Sherrod and the shame of conservative media

Rachel Maddow I love you

Are there any current members of the Law Enforcement Community here?

Check out 'WoWathon 2.' A group of college students are streaming Warcraft play 24/7 for charity.

My friend recently lost a child to suicide.

And once again, we revisit the Briar Patch

I don't want to hear any more crap about Jimmy Buffet from now on!

Orly Taitz Suspects Judicial (SCOTUS) FORGERY

FOX News and the MSM did not fire Sherrod.....the Administration did!!!

Top Secret America Expose Highlights Extensive Network of Private Intelligence Contractors

Rush to his mostly white audience: The blacks are gonna kill you all!

"There is no such thing as white racism, but there is plenty of non-white racism to go around"

Please go to and watch the series The Crash Course. Then

New West Virginia Senator spits on Robert Byrd's grave and threatens Democratic majority

It's no fun to be a total skeptic.

Krugman:Media Fooled & Fooled Again - RT Wing Noise Machine-Don't Suspect Its Fake-Presume its Fake

Artists, musicians,writers, filmmakers!

DU Shirley Sherrod Appreciation Thread - "I was 17 when my father was murdered" "She saved our farm"

Andrew Breitbart Is A Vile, Bitter, Angry Man

The New Finance Bill (law): A Mountain of Legislative Paper, a Molehill of Reform

Dell ships server motherboards with Trojan Horse.

Damn..Google went & ruined "image search"

Haitian Farmers Reject Monsanto Earthquake Relief Donation and Burn GMO Seeds

How do you find clinical trials for cancer treatment?

Homeless Man Breaks into Closed Northern California Bar, Sells Beer

Andrew Breitbart, crack journalist, nation's conscience, needs a CAPTION!!!!

Head Wreck, The Movie, requires a CAPTION if you would be so kind.

I realize that this is terribly "incorrect" politically and will undoubtedly indelibly

I think Vilsack was impressive. I believed him. You? nt

After 18 months being laid off.. I was called by the owner, he wants me back.... :-)

white men want a "john wayne" type president.

President Obama Names Two to the United States District Court

About the tears of a severely dyslexic child over failing the FCAT test.

Why is Obama blocking abortions through healthcare reform?

isn't slavery a compelling argument against "let the free market reign"?

The other day there was a conversation

The other day there was a conversation

A quick note about Shepard Smith

I have to say I miss David Shuster.

I have to say I miss David Shuster.

Boeing unveils hydrogen-powered spy plane

Am I the only person who thinks our current Administration is to the Right of most Americans

Shep Smith Takes On “Discredited Website” And Even “This Network” Over Sherrod Video

Olberman's special comment....WOOF

Watchdog group to Maryland Prosecutors: INDICT Breitbart, O'Keefe, Giles

Article written by Willie Nelson: Shirley Sherrod, a Family Farmer's Friend

Kathy Griffin to Elisabeth Hasselbeck "Suck It"

Top Ten American cars NOT sold in the USA

We Have Nothing to Fear, But Fear of a One Term Presidency

Dan Choi officially Discharged under DADT

So, I have an intern working for me who wears a headscarf and is ultra conservative (religiously)

my kids are leaving the country in January, hopefully for good....

Political Weapons of Mass Destruction

Civic Quiz...Test your knowledge!

Need assistance, plz...What to say to a person with a life-threatening illness..

Two articles underscore need to understand the diabolicalness of S510

I'm writing to my Dem. Party vice-chair for the first time.....

Channeling Truthisall: John Zogby and Nate Silver - 2000-2008 True Vote vs. Recorded Vote Rankings

Harley-Davidson Considers Moving Production Out of Wisconsin

Are you on Facebook, and know anyone with ALS?

Beer robot!


Got pluot wine going...

DO NOT LOOK AT MY INCENTIVE thread... suppossed to be INCEPTION...

Have you ever been ousted?

West Highland White terriers are certainly in vogue.

Match Game Story: "Counselor Carl left the camp stunned with ____ bloody children and angry parents"

Can Jimmy Johnson of the Cowboys "survive" 40 days without hair spray?

dam. FAIL


I've solved the energy crisis.

Does anyone have that pic of Laura Bush with her eyes

What do people know about the medical marijuana business?

Just finished making 7 jars of pearl jam

Anyone familiar with the band Bullitnuts?

SF Bay Area job opening. Part time marketing and special events coordinator.



Not many know this, but Yeltsin wasn't just EMOTIONALLY volatile...

Another first!!! It's rumored that Bill Clinton WANTED to do this, but...

Bumper Sticker. "Honk if you love Jesus....

What channels have you blocked?

New videogame for the XBox 360...

For those who have seen Inception already: What did you think?

Stop it! I can see you and you are going to get this thread locked!

Blower or Paper?

New surf music...out of Brooklyn, New York

Did You Know That The Old Spice Spokes Model Guy Played with Pat Tillman at ASU?

Is there any computer industry blacklist out there?

Ever heard of any pets being buried in a people cemetery?

Not bad for a $35 telescope and a compact digital camera.

I can't think of a goddamn thing to post. n/t

Need some DU vibes...

Little Bohemia, Manitowish Waters, WI

I can think of a goddamn thing to copycat. n/t

I can think of a goddamn thing to post. n/t

Would the world be better off WITH or WITHOUT television?

Just finished making 7 jars of toe jam

I can't think of a goddamn thing to copycat either.

I can't think of a goddamn thing to copycat. n/t

Finally got XM radio

YouTube: "Mel Gibson phone call rant to Old Spice guy"

Best Geico cemmercial yet

Who is River Song on Dr. Who?

How can this be comfortable?

I am more than my physical body...

What are your favorite Twilight Zone episodes of all time?

Archdiocese Pulls Confessional From eBay, Can't Be Used As Bar

Times Square Standoff Between Naked Cowboy, Cowgirl NAFW

Lounge kitteh lovers...need specific tip:

I really need to make some more homemade dewberry jelly, last jar left.

Finally got AM radio

Let's Play "Guess The Movie" . . .

I left my dogs and went on a 5 day roadtrip... they have fleas!

I just made a root beer float.

When you were in Jr High and High school...

New feature: MrScorpio's First Tweet of the Day

Why am I always so damned tired after lunch...

Commercial making me cry for two years

Anybody else have a cat that talks to his/her toys?

Because sometimes words and meds just don't work

Hey, if your baby is in the water and there is a shark in the water

While the other hoarding shows are on hiatus

I have to get some sleep so I am ready for the big announcement here tomorrow.

Let me tell you why the "Love Boat" TV show was a bunch of bullshit.

Man, I could really go for a hot slice of rhubarb pie

Just finished the GRE!

Atlanta CEO DeFarra Gaymon Killed By Cop in Sex Sweep of N.J. Park

Penis photo posters seized by police in Lewes

Just finished making 7 jars of peach jam

Vacuum tubes.

If you can have any animal in existance as your pet - what animal would you pick

Do you have any troubles using public restrooms?

Why are Furries hated?

I'd never realized, until tonight, how nice ceiling fans can be...

People just use and abuse me and I am getting pretty sick of it.

Go to the Lounge. A fellow DUer there is in need of support.

Okay... Where are the villagers ready to take it to Brietbart and Fox News

FOLKS....It Time To Start The Search For 2012

"The Administration didn't fully embrace all the people that got it elected."

The Grinches Who Stole Summer

Glenn Beck? Really? Someone takes Glenn Beck seriously?

Media again shows their hypocrisy in attacking Obama administration on Sherrod fiasco

Idiotic RW LTTE in Columbus Dispatch slams Obama, Clinton

Rachel Meddow: Who's next

Forget the USDA! Promote Sherrod to the catfood committee!

Bank of America's dark cloud: Wall Street reform

R's: Let 'em eat cat food, but give us our tax cuts for the top 2% and kill the 'death tax,' too!

R's: Let 'em eat cat food, but give us our tax cuts for the top 2% and kill the 'death tax,' too!

Iranian circus delights Iraqis in ancient Babylon

Any apology or calls for it from Faux News or the people actually responsible for the

US oil spill could destroy 100,000 jobs: experts

Austrian museum settles Nazi art theft row

I personally hope that when and if the USDA/Obama offer Sherrod her job back she tells them to . . .


Alleged gunman says he wanted 'a revolution'

what if the Spooners were no longer alive?

"Fix It" Now.

Will media fall for Breitbart's attempt to spin his spectacular failure?

Is it today the President signs the financial reform bill?

Racist Mark Williams in the news again

Salon: "Vilsack might be a hack and definitely is a coward"

China braces for typhoon season as record-breaking floods leave 1,000 dead or missing

Big Ed: Ms Sherrod don't take that job back just get a good lawyer and you will be fine

"Republicans are declaring an all-out war on unemployed Americans"

I heard that Mr Ed laughed

The Obama administration just caved in to the right-wing smear machine

I heard that Glenn Beck was laughing at the Whitehouse

New Yorker article: The Volcker Rule

What do you think of Jesse Jackson's idea re Shirley Sherrod and the Spooners?

Obama should order Vilsack to reinstate Sherrod, if he doesn't... fire Vilsack

Most GOP senate challengers have pretty sorry favorablility ratings...

The rethugs are STILL holding up the unemployment extension bill

Warren Ballentine: Im sick of this Administration being scared of FOXNEWS

Vilsack: “I am of course willing and will conduct a thorough review and consider additional facts.." press conference momentarily.

Regardless of who (you feel) is to blame for Sherrod's firing

Banished from Delhi for Commonwealth Games

US offers refugee status to Cuban dissidents

How can "we" trust a government that CAN'Tstand up for the truth? nt

Such complete reliance on APPEARANCES is evidence of WEAKNESS and the scary thing

White House official praises staff for excellent firing of Sherrod

Black box inventor dies

Do professors have to be arrested in their homes, or do good public servants have to be fired

Hey Gibbs and White House press corps DO NOT BE AFRAID TO CALL FOX OUT TO THEIR FACE . . .

Switched from MSNBC and caught Ms. Sherrod and the farmers being interviewed

Back to Google News W.Va. GOP Rep. Capito won't seek Byrd's Sen. seat

Relief tunnel should reach BP Gulf well by weekend

Ambinder: The White House's Shirley Sherrod Test

Capito leaves W.Va. GOP scrambling

U.N.: African nations face food crisis

Quinnipiac Poll: Obama approval hits low

Federal judge hearing arguments in health care reform lawsuit in Detroit

US announces new sanctions against North Korea

Democrats Bash GOP For Delaying Final Vote On Unemployment Extension

SF cop probed after video shows use of force

United flight hits turbulence, leaving 21 injured

MSNBC Breaking: USDA to reconsider ouster of official Shirley Sherrod over race comments

I support the Agricultural Secretary, Villsack being fired.

Mission Accomplished

White House apologizes to ousted USDA worker

I'm sorry but this is the dumbest shit ever. This is one job. What about the millions who lost jobs

Gergen on CNN just likened Ms. Sherrod to Nelson Mandela!

USDA stands by ouster of employee in video

Vilsack to Make Statement 15 minutes : 4:45

Show some strength: FIRE Vilsack! nt

Shirley Sherrod Becomes Obama Political Problem

Fux News will NOT be allowed to have the Helen Thomas seat

Randy Rhodes: Tom Vilsack should be FIRED!!

America, whose side are you on?

Sharrod being offered a different position in USDA

Sharrod being offered a different position in USDA

Navy Cannot Find Records to Quell Claims of Continued Open Sea Dumping

White House Asks for Review of Firing of Official

States Embrace National Standards for Schools

If Ms. Sherrod Can Forgive Mr. Vilsack

NACLA Condemns State Department’s Denial of a Visa to Colombian Journalist Hollman Morris

Arab Man Convicted Of Rape After Posing As Jew To Seduce Woman

Vilsack, Sherrod, and the White House

White farmers at the center of Shirley Sherrod controversy (video)

Congressmen Press for Toyota Crash Data (withholding data that could favor Toyota?)

The Drudge/Fox News/Breitbart trifecta of dumbass loses all credibility.

Senate debating before vote on extending unemployment benefits. Dorgan is speaking.

U.S. Senate candidate Chet Traylor says he's done nothing unethical in his personal conduct

Is it me or is Jim VandeHei a FREAKING IDIOT

RNC fails to report $7M in debt to FEC

Bradley Byrne backs Robert Bentley, but questions his relationship with AEA

Barbara Lee speaks for me! again! ON CNN now!

Obama supports reconsidering USDA worker's ouster

Do we hope that Andrew Breibart will have Vilsack fired?

Media treats Breitbart as "simply a roguish provocateur. He's something much darker."

Handel, Deal survive first round in governor's race, head to GOP runoff (GA may have Palin Gov)

Walker has slight edge on Barrett in fund raising since January

RNC Reports New Debts As Feud Mounts

Salman Hamdani was a hero who died on 9/11 with his EMT bag at his side.

Tancredo Seriously Exploring Independent Gubernatorial Bid

Closing time on the East Coast - Who has Apologized?

Obama Signs Sweeping Financial Overhaul Into Law


Waxman hopes to move auto safety bill after August

Hannemann resigns, Hawaii governor's race officially starts

And another thing... is Palindroid going to pipe up about falafel stands near the 9/11 site?

Study: US Police Fatalities Increase 43 Percent

Capito leaves W.Va. GOP scrambling

If the mainstream media had any balls, they would stomp hard on Breitbart's neck and squash him

So a Right winger brought up "Dan Rather" as a response to the Sherrod smears...

C.I.A. Names Spy Chief

Schwarzenegger names choice for chief justice (CA Supreme Court)

"A WH official says that Shirley Sharrod's case is being reviewed at this hour..."

Blame Breitbart, sure -- but this was also the NAACP's and Administration's cock-up...

Detroit police chief resigns

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday July 21

AU troops harming Somali civilians

Senate Approves Bill Extending Jobless Benefits

Virginia man accused of trying to go to Somalia to join terror group

FL-Gov: GOP Brawl Catapults Sink Into Lead

Vilsack Moves Into Full Damage-Control Mode After Sherrod Debacle

I am literally applauding Keith's "special comment" right now.

Remember all the posts on previous RW attacks that Democrats did not respond fast enough - often

Outed Calif. state senator apologizes

Vilsack to apologize to ousted Agriculture worker

Ex-Yanks, Tigers, Red Sox manager Ralph Houk dies

Yahoo Columnist Playing Fast and Loose with Numbers?

UK's Cameron meets with Wall Street CEOs, UN chief

Gibbs: Warren is terrific. She won't have problem to be confirmed

Can we go back to fight against the real enemy?

Dems to Extend Bush's Middle Class Tax Cuts

Groups seek investigation over oil industry hire

Bad weather in Gulf could threaten BP oil spill site

Waiting patiently for Obama's Katrina!

Now reopen Breitbart's ACORN fraud -- and get the story right

Steve Benen picks up on a story that the RNC deliberately filed deceptive FEC reports

Thank YOU, Melissa Harris-Lacewell

Obama administration enables RW smear job

Boehner on teabaggers: "anarchists who want to kill all of us in public office"

Nick Clegg's 'illegal' Iraq war gaffe prompts legal warning (UK deputy PM)

Is the Tea Party Caucus in the House authorized to be a caucus?

Shirley Sherrod blasts Fox News as racist

Treasurer says Republican Committee in debt

27 Jewish graves vandalized in eastern France

I have been listening to Ms. Sherrod and I don't think she should be offered her job back

The stinking media never reported Ms. Sherrod's father was lynched and killed by the KKK

"It is a freaking war out there" Keith Olbermann 7/21/2010

Thank you, Mr. president

BP's altered photo distorts spill center activity

Glenn Beck Fires Back Over Goldline Investigation

Vilsack Apology (VIDEO): For those who might have missed it.

DOJ: No charges for Bush-era US attorney firings

For all those confused about why the WH pulling a they did it too line is stupid...

An Epiphany Just Came To Me About What Obama Could Do RE: Sherrod

What video editing services would you pay Breitbart to perform for you?

FL Governorship: Dem takes solid lead in latest Poll

Statue Of Liberty Evacuated Due To Smoke

Vilsack eating some major humble pie

Chilean Church seeks clemency for aging prisoners (Pinochet regime officials)

Credit ratings agencies caught off guard with repeal of Rule 436(g) of Securities Act of 1933

(Republican) Male Senate candidate: Vote for me 'because I do not wear high heels'

White House apologizes to Shirley Sherrod

Sherrod: I'm a Victim of Breitbart, Fox 'Racism' (Considering Legal Action)

In other news: The President signed Wall Street Reform into law

Gold Coin Sellers Angered by New Tax Law

BREAKING NEWS: USDA to reconsider ouster of official Shirley Sherrod over race comments

Olbermann's Special Comment on the Sherrod affair was so good, it's the perfect preface

Bond chaos forecast as Wall Street reform restricts use of credit ratings

Fire YOU Fire Me FIRE EVERYBODY Dammit! You Weak Piece Of Shit!!

AU urges IRS to look into 'Reclaiming Oklahoma for Christ'

White House to media: You lap up Breitbart's nonsense, too!

So... When's The Apology to ACORN?

Right Wing Blogs Attack Obama For Eating Ice Cream At The "Wrong" Shop In Maine

Rachel Maddow: White House 'Inexplicably Keeps Falling For' Fox News Stunts (VIDEO)

Will the President step forward today?

Obama signs sweeping financial overhaul into law

The USDA, a history of racism being used by the right to bring down the NAACP

The USDA, a history of racism being used by the right to bring down the NAACP

Bus driver says he was fired over Planned Parenthood dispute

Ms. Sherrod got caught doing something blackfolk often do-and I wish more whitefolk would do it, too

Dems, get behind your President

o no! Shirley Sherrod supports Obama!!!

So what are we doing about Breitbard and Fox News?

Richard Lugar Becomes Second Republican To Endorse Elena Kagan

Kindra Arnesen interview Part 1

Filibuster Busted

Tea Party Expels Non-existent Racist by Old Fart Rants


Countdown: Julian Bond on Sherrod - 'We Know She Needs Apology'

Dog hates Republicans!!

AP: USDA Reconsiders Employee's Job Over Race Remark

Rethugs holding up passage of unemployment benefits even after passage

FOX-HUNT Bags Another

Papantonio: Feinberg is no Mother Teresa

Crazy Tea Party Initiative (Spoof)

Greenpeace demonstration in Berlin against BP oil spill


SUPER SOLAR STORM A SERIOUS THREAT AROUND 2012 - Knock Out Earth's Electricity? - Economic Collapse?

Christians Hold 21 Year Grudge Against Teacher

Tea Party gets a Caucus & diversifies

Shirley Sherrod names names in the White House who fired her (Cheryl Cook, deputy undersecretary)

TYT: Obama Passing on Elizabeth Warren?

Breitbart thinks farmer's wife is a plant

ABC News investigation of Goldline (shilled by Beck, Huckabee, et al.)

AIDS Activist Annie Lennox speaks to Al Jazeera

Ag Secretary Offers to Hire Back Ousted Worker

TYT: Marijuana Study: Exit Drug, Not Gateway Drug

Gibbs Apologizes To Shirley Sherrod

Thom Hartmann - The little girl with the cigarette burns...and why it matters.

Kindra Arnesen on Freedomizer Radio part 1

Rolling Over on Shirley Sherrod

Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee On The Ed Show: "We've Allowed FOX News To Set Racial Policy In America"

Breitbart Exposes His Agenda To Protect Racist Teahadists: "I Could Care Less About Shirley Sherrod"


Arab 'rape by deceit' conviction in Israel defended

Jimmy Kimmel Live - Disasta From Alaska - Refudiate


Chappelle Impersonates A Teabagger

Ex-Gay is Okay!

Before It Goes Down The Memory Hole: O'Reilly Brags About Calling Shirley Sherrod To Resign

Thom Hartmann - Alan Grayson refuses to accept Dan's apology delivered personally...

Young Turks: Texas Republican Busted on Meet the Press!

Rachel On Faux's Narrative: They're Coming For You, White People. Black People Are Coming For You!

Going Postal !!!

Andrew Breitbart: Zero Credibility

Young Turks: Beck & Limbaugh - Devastating Quotes

Rachel Maddow's Brilliant Report on Sherrod Smear Job: 'Who's Next?'

Ink Stains (Holocaust Deniers) (Regina Spektor)

Ben Stein: The Unemployed Are People With ‘Unpleasant Personalities'

Amy Goodman: Deficit Doves

How American industrial agriculture threatens Mexican biodiversity and social stability

Robert Scheer: The Grinches Who Stole Summer

Thomas Friedman: What 7 Republicans Could do..NYT

Shirley Sherrod and the shame of conservative media (David Frum)

Congressional Cigar Association Is Front For Lobbyists -GOP's K street project lives on

Bernanke: outlook remains "unusually uncertain,"

Alcohol — the good side

GOP delays passage of Unemployment Extension with procedural tactic - The Hill

Dean Baker: Why the US Is So Badly Equipped to Deal with Unemployment

Bishop Desmond Tutu: Obama’s Overdue AIDS Bill

Deficit Doves by Amy Goodman

Right-Winger Breitbart Now 'Doctors' Dr. King!

The heroism of Shirley Sherrod

Joan Walsh:The shame of right-wing "journalism"

Currency tax: A way to invest in our future (Rep. Pete Stark)

An American Honor Killing

The Dreaded P-Word?

Vilsack Moves Into Full Damage-Control Mode After Sherrod Debacle

11-Year-Old Grows Veggies for the Homeless

Shirley Sherrod, a Family Farmer's Friend

Rove linked group used secret donors to fund attacks -

Fort Worth rancher changes mind on illegal immigrants

Access to clean water is most violated human right

Keith Olbermann Special Comment on Sherrod: 'A Reputation Assassinated' '24-Hour Parade of Feces'

Stop Calling the Tea Party Racists

It's called Methane

"The Rosenfeld" Named After California’s Godfather of Energy Efficiency

Lake Eyre floods again

Iron Chef America Bans Bluefin Tuna From Its Television Menu

Gasoline Demand During Calgary Stampede Drains City's Gas Stations Dry

Drumbeat: July 21, 2010

The Oil Drum: tropical storms, a 3 part view of power generation, and more...

PIOMAS Updates (finally!)

Johannesburg on acidic water time bomb

Nature - China Denies IEA Report That It Is Now Biggest Energy Consumer On Planet

Ute Indians Threatening To Evict Gas Drilling Company That Questions Sovereignty Of Tribes

EU calls time on loss-making coal mines (BBC)

Independent UK: Bird symbolising true love fading from the skies

Judge Halts Oil, Gas Development On Chukchi Sea

Can I get a simple debunking of this "Climategate" nonsense?

Honda to sell plug-in hybrid and electric cars in 2012 (Reuters)

Canada Uses Clean Energy Conference To Launch PR Counterattack On Tar Sands

Testing Near Deepwater Horizon Site Finds Atmospheric Methane @ 100X Normal Levels

Report: Entergy’s corporate culture led to recent problems at Vermont Yankee

As Fish Stocks Decline & Disappear On Yangtze, China Annnounces Study Of River - Beginning In 2015

NOAA - June 2010 Was 304th Straight Month Of Above-Average Global Temps - Records To 1880

Bush-Era Interior Secys - "No One Anticipated" Gulf Oil Disaster On Scale Of BP Blowout - NYT

Government Watchdog Scolds U.S. Department of Energy for Support of "Clean Coal"

A Pac-10 Champion retires.

Future Recruiting Violation Makes Commitment To Michigan

The 'Decision' dilemma (ESPN Ombudsman)

Slow news day: "Jimmy Johnson to be a contestant on 'Survivor: Nicaragua"

The Pirates bats come to life after 92 games and put 27 runs up over two

Is there a DU fantasy football league this year?

I'm so bored that I almost put on the Reds/Natinals game.

Tiger's Endorsements Down $22 Million

World Series-winning manager Houk dead at 90

Danny-boy Snyder is "learning" Too funny!!

We escaped a bullet here----

Venezuelan National Workers Union Calls for Greater Worker Control

Bochy forces Dodgers closer to leave game...Giants then rally in 9th to win!

Venezuela drug trade booms

NACLA Condemns State Department’s Denial of a Visa to Colombian Journalist Hollman Morris

Chilean Church seeks clemency for aging prisoners (Pinochet regime officials)

Boneheaded Economic Policies of U.S. Drives Many Immigrants to Our Shores

Emergency declared in Honduran prisons

Prisoners who accept asylum in Spain cannot request it again from the U.S.

Understanding the United Nations and US Gun Control

A compelling essay.

Louisiana Bishops Rebuff New State Gun Law: “We Don’t Think It’s Appropriate To Have Guns

Misinformation concerning the UN Programme of Action on Small Arms and Light Weapons

Police Identify Alleged Intruder Shot And Killed In Tulsa Apartment

IRELAND: Bill Lets Public Use Lethal Force On Intruders

Any Random Civilian with a PIN Number Can Participate in the 'Confidential Dialog' Portion of the 'D

NOM News - Fake Newscasts, NOMFail in Maryland and a message to Brian Brown

Lt. Dan Choi Formally Discharged

Quote Of The Day - Tony Perkins: If Obama can't have a lifetime term...

FACTBOX-China labour strike developments, July 21

Today in Labor History July 21 The militiamen joined the striking workers, robot kills human USA

USW, Los Mineros Wage Cross-Border Struggle To Lift Mexican Worker Wages, Labor Standards

First class of heavy equipment operators graduates through new union-community partnership

Transgender Widow May Lose Her Deceased Husband's Benefits in Lawsuit Over Her Gender

Today in labor history July 20 “Bloody Friday” 2 killed, 67 wounded, 5,000 newsboys strike NYC

Without Job Creation Action, Job Levels Stagnant for Years

High Officials’ Salaries Open California Nurses Union Up to GOP Attacks

Bitter Beer: The Loss of Iron City Has Left A Bad Aftertaste (NOVEMBER 5, 2009) full story link oops

Transgender Widow May Lose Her Deceased Husband's Benefits in Lawsuit Over Her Gender

Bottles in Black and White

Cicada on bridge.

Israeli court: Rape charge for Arab posing as a Jew

Algorithmic translation of ancient language.

Faces of Our Ancestors

Israel shelling kills Palestinian 'militant' at Gaza border

Ginormous Star detected

Arab guilty of rape after consensual sex with Jew

Jurists say Arab's rape conviction sets dangerous precedent

The score thus far

Let's all send light to the Spooners

A video to watch and see what the RR thinks about atheists

Apparently this sentence is true of atheists according to an "unbiased" "agnostic" DU er

...and the other shoe just dropped ... my world sux right now

Richochetastroman you were right about the 21st. work was nuts!

Lighter fare: Something bizarre I heard about spirit guides a couple of months back.

8 Reasons Leftists Should be Pro-Israel

Syringe Type Affects HIV Transmission Among Drug Users

British Medical Journal: parents with obese kids "guilty of neglect", pregnant+overweight=preemie

New Guidelines Seek to Reduce Rate of Repeat Caesareans

Voice technology 'could help detect autism' (BBC)