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My card to HELEN THOMAS was returned by Hearst Newspapers . . .

I am resorting to a bit of a nuclear option myself, day twenty-two

The Gulf, BP, and Capitalism

The Gulf, BP, and Capitalism

Stimulus Now: A Manifesto - 14 Noted Economists Reject GOP Economic Prescription To Cut Spending...

BP: 90 Days Later We Still Don't Have Enough Ships To Collect Oil

Sanders Urges Obama To Nominate Warren For CFPB

Please post news of wildland fires that you know about here.

Looking for Time Bombs and Tea Leaves on Gay Marriage

FOX News: They Report AND Decide

Obama launches policy to protect oceans

DoD Buzz: Boeing Mum On Glass Cockpit (for new tanker)

A showcase of unity amid discord in Afghanistan

Yemen is the next Afghanistan, al-Qaida warns

Kabul meeting to lay ground for 2014 transition

Stand and Deliver

the invisible "burka" of our european women

did this happen

Endgame in Afghanistan

'Nervous' man at Mexico airport has hidden monkeys(BBC)

Rittenhouse Square, Phladelphia: Bad News Bears...

Mystery Candidate Enters New Jersey Race

MarketWatch: The alleged recovery is just as illusory as the prosperity of the housing-bubble years

Despite promises, GI Bill payments still wrong

Oil rig engineer testifies about power failures

Poor Kid!

Football comes to Fenway Park

We’re Not Winning. It’s Not Worth It - How to draw down in Afghanistan.

Halliburton's second-quarter earnings rose 83%

An appreciation for my fellow DUers

Poll: 3/4 of young people think there will be no Social Security by the time they retire.

So is Cheney still in intensive care?

Venezuela jumps on eco-tourism bandwagon

Toon: "The Honest Approach"

WaPo article says Democrats voting to extend unemployment compensation is actually

So, the Freepers have their own plan to help the unemployed

High-tech strip search packs massive radiation punch

Expose FOX Fraudcasting: It's Your Duty as an American!

Hating Hispanics: Has Arizona Ignited Firestorm After Decade of Simmering Tension?

The Exact Same Agenda

It's your fault

Elizabeth Warren Could Head CFPB Without Senate Confirmation

Elizabeth Warren Could Head CFPB Without Senate Confirmation

I heard something about the ninety nine week rule

Plastic surgery: Falling consumer debt takes toll on spending, may hurt growth

How Do You Feel About Arne Duncan/President Obama's Education Policy?

So Sarah Palin is going all Shakespearean on us?

Danziger Toon: Sarah rewrites Shakespeare

Florida and GOM DUers -time to pay attention

So Glenn Beck's going blind, Rush went deaf, and Cheney's heart quit....

What the hell is up with this Lindsey Rohan Woman ?

Sen. Graham to vote for Kagan.

I'm so sick of MSNBC daytime constantly helping the republicans!

Poverty-stricken U.S. cities have HIV epidemics

Grenades from Contra war being used now in Mexico violence

Feds hand down hate-crime charges for post-Katrina shootings in white neighborhoods

"May God Have Mercy on Your Souls," indeed.

BP's Secret Ticket Request Line

1963: Just add a gallon of gas and you're ready to go 225 miles..

The Oil Drum: Figuring this Out, Relief Wells, Nuclear, and More...

Rec if you hate all the Lindsay Lohan shit.

Please delete. Dupe thread

Is anybody else watching the Sen Judicial Committee voting on Elena Kagan?

I can't believe these ads

Lindsay Lohan's going to jail. HAVE U HEARD?

Evangelical support for immigration reform could waver over gay-rights issue

Japan Training Program Is Said to Exploit Workers

Arrrrgh! They're showing the

Made in P.R.C

These questions are listed on the Georgia Primary Ballot: (Republican only)

Calling a spade a club.

Nevada jobless rate jumps again

MIchele (Obama Ain't Got Nothing On Me) Bachmann requests your creative presence for a CAPTION!!!!

Troops out in 2015

Colo. city would bar disrobing at council meetings

BP's Secret Ticket Request Line

USDA employee resigns over statements about white farmer

Sherrod's "victim": She ‘kept us out of bankrupcy … a friend for life’

can any attorney/legal expert explain INS vs Chadha to me:It is bush's excuse for withholding info

Recall: 92,000 LBS. of Wal-Mart Chicken Nuggets..."may contain pieces of plastic"

Sec'y of Energy Stephen Chu's Energy Blog debuts (x-post in enviro/energy)

Palin outed by 2 Europeans

Yep, repubs still think we're all stupid.

Does anyone else think that Blagojevich looks like a leprechaun who smoked all his 4-leaf clovers?

Locked and missing, drives me nuts!

Salad Spinner Centrifuge: A Cheap, Ingenious Health Care Tool

"Garbage Warrior" a great example of how the system fights progress

"Garbage Warrior" a great example of how the system fights progress

Senator Durbin said this????????????

Michele Batshit Crazy Bachmann invites Nancy Pelosi to get crazy and join her new Teabagger Caucus Now Selling More Kindle Books Than Hardcover Books

Huge swarm of locusts....

Growing Weed to Become Just as Corporate as Everything Else

question about the robot cams BP is using

Proof that the teabaggers are just rebranded Republicans? The NAACP flap.

Proof that the teabaggers are just rebranded Republicans? The NAACP flap.

"Beloved by the left, reviled by big banks, Warren Could Head CFPB Without Senate Confirmation"

Boycott Target! Target Stores funding rightwing candidate for Minnesota governor

CNN is doing a good job covering the Sherrod story

The Dem base in Florida has to be fired up for November at this point.

Seven Latin American Nations Join Mexico In Arizona Immigration Lawsuit

Seven Latin American Nations Join Mexico In Arizona Immigration Lawsuit

Is the GOP Finally Getting Punished for Blocking Unemployment?

Everyone Take a Deep Breath

Surprise! Sherrod Video Was Heavily Edited

Tuesday TOON Roundup 2

Shirley Sherrod Resigns USDA Job After Admitting Use Of Racial Preference During NAACP Banquet VIDEO

This guy makes me so proud. Talk about LEADERSHIP. I am humbled.

Pentagon's Growing Robot Capability An Ominous Development

Have you no shame?

Please sign this petition for the Gulf Coast.

Was the "Tea Party" created to shield the GOP in case a right-winger tried to kill the Pres.?

Tuesday TOON Roundup 5

Elena Kagan Nominee Confirmed By Senate Judiciary Committee

Tuesday TOON Roundup 3

Artists find ways to protest Gulf oil spill

California Democrats Stay Neutral on Marijuana-Legalizing Prop. 19

Just a fun poll re: 2016 since they're the personalities du jour....

Rec if you love all the Lindsay Lohan poo

Tuesday TOON Roundup 1

Nomination Hearing for Director of National Intelligence (Clapper) on C-Span 3 now. nt

ABC News' Brian Ross Investigating Glenn Beck Advertiser

Scientists discuss whether experimental BP cap isn't make oil disaster WORSE

EEOC investigaes discrimination in Local Panhandling Trade.

Tuesday TOON Roundup 4

Very interesting calls this morning on WJ about Elizabeth Warren's nomination

When is Rachel Maddow going to come to Arizona

DFA endorses Conlin for senate from Iowa!

Bob Herbert: "The potential problems with nuclear power abound."

Tale of the monkey terrorists

It's official: Dick Cheney has no pulse!

Payrolls Fall in 27 U.S. States, Led by California

Tape blows hole into Robert Blagojevich's credibility

Independents vs. The GOP Base

Mystery shrouds closures of blog, forum platforms

Housing Starts in U.S. Slide to Lowest Level Since October on Sales Slump

Housing Starts in U.S. Slide to Lowest Level Since October on Sales Slump

Housing Starts in U.S. Slide to Lowest Level Since October on Sales Slump

UnitedHealth Group reports 31 percent jump in 2Q profit

Teen makes series of trades, over 2 years, starts with cell phone, ends with Porsche

Why do some companies choose to report their earnings after the closing bell on Wall St.?

Is experimental well cap making disaster worse?

Right Wing Dictionary - 2010 Edition

column in my paper today "The Blood of the Tea Party"-it's not pretty

A reporter just told Thom Hartmann that Justice Ginsberg has had

'What if the Tea Party was Black?'

Crist Leads Three-Way Race in Florida

Cenk Uygur up next on Dylan Ratigan show

Google Spent $100 Million Defending Viacom Suit

Violins, please: Goldman Sachs Profit Drops 82%, Missing Analysts’ Estimates

Sen. Ben Nelson votes "No" again on extending unemployment.

Tweety has Congressman Jim McDermott on. He just called him "Mr. McDermott"

Tweety has Congressman Jim McDermott on. He just called him "Mr. McDermott"

Raging Grannies: "Halliburton & BP, You Suck!"

The Real US Government

Pictures from China: Drowning in a sea of oil

Dylan Ratigan needs to GO - is anyone watching???

I have posted video from today's rally against resegregation in Raleigh

What is America coming to????

Globalization, theory and practice...

CA State Sen. Roy Ashburn (R-Outed After DUI Arrest) on why the repukes should embrace GLBT rights

Mosque developer 'refudiates' Palin

Feds: Seepage near BP cap coming from another well.. WTF??

This is what I don't get here at DU - RE: 'Religious clothing'

Senate Bill S510 Makes it Illegal to Grow, Share, Trade or Sell Homegrown Food

Shilling for Crist is shilling for the conservatives

Resigned USDA Official: Breitbart's Video Was a Lie

Congress, White House react to 'Top Secret America'

Greg Sargent: Firing of Sherrod "appalling"

The polls are open in Georgia and the turn out is higher than expected.

Trent Lott dashes teabagger dreams: Most Americans don't want Senate to be full of Jim DeMint clones

Sheila Jackson Lee coming up on Ed Show re Backman fight.

The NAACP denounces racism in the ranks of the Tea Party

700 Club story on would-be Hitler assassin, many scary dog whistles IMO!

So much vileness in one comment. Re: Tea Party Caucus

Michelle Obama plays ball in Baltimore

The unemployed should not be fed: "If you give a person ample food supply they will reproduce"

Obama Education Plan Backfires: Popular Principal Removed to Make Way for Stimulus Money

Hardball replay - good segment on Sherrod/Breitbart/Fox

Contractors Doing Intelligence Work? CNN Interview

Could *you* handle this job?

State Senator Escapes Paying 'Red Light' Court Costs

NJ Gov. Christie planning takeover of Atlantic City casino district

How to keep someone with you forever

Where was Tweety when ACORN got acorned? When Blumenthal got acorned?

Is Sarah Palin ever right? About anything?

re: this burqa stuff

Koch Industries Takes Credit For The ‘Spontaneous’ Tea Parties:

Extending the life of B-61 nuclear weapons could cost $4 billion

Oil spill's unseen victims and culprits. (video)

Some of the treasures one finds

I think it's about time that MSNBC give Chris Matthew's primetime slot to Dylan Ratigan.

And Beck tries to get out in front of the Sherrod ordeal.

Grayson vis GOP

NYT: Retraining To Find A New /Better Job Is Basically Worthless

Koch Industries Takes Credit For The ‘Spontaneous’ Tea Parties:


Holy shit Dylan!

Beauty. . . . . . (Galveston/Ike Tree Art)

Fox News isn't as much of legitimate news organization...

Tony Hayward prepares to quit as BP CEO, The Times of London reports

Alan Colmes smacks down tea bagger

60-40 on the cloture vote

#ShakesPalin ??? For those who pun.

Wildlife report from Michigan

40 republican senators told 2.5 million unemployed they didn't care about them

Memo to Obama and Democratic Congress: ClusterFox News is

Kobe Bryant tied with Tiger Woods for top spot in popularity poll

Tweety is betting that O'Reilly will correct the lies about Shirley Sherrod

haha, my repuke sis from AZ was one

Look at this poll it's disgusting Ohio's unemployment

you wanna get rid of Joe Barton???

I have an idea for a new DU Group: Creative Catfood Cookery

So, is Glen Beck now in charge of personnel at the White House?


I have an idea that just might kill Arizona's Anti-Immigrant Law.

57-1 versus 3-38

Racial tensions roil NC school board; 19 arrests

NAACP Receives Racist Death Threat

Take a look at this map..Those who voted against the unemployed ..guess who?

Lawrence O'Donnell has great coverage

Glenn Beck weather report

AP: Top Texas criminal judge (Sharon Keller) warned but keeps job

I-580 RW Shooter was Headed to ACLU and Tides Non-Profit to Kill People-Beck Railed Tide

Julian Bond is on Countdown apologizing for the Sherrod incident.

The Question NOW... Do We/Our Party/Our Allies Have The Courage To Admit We Were Wrong And Fix It???

Arctic Ice ‘Melting Fast,’ May Reach All-Time Low, Russia Says

Ben Jealous was speaking with Rachel and mentioned that

McConnell blocks vote on Stranch nomination, Reid does nothing for 8 months

Iraq inquiry: Ex-MI5 boss says war raised terror threat

The DCCC has twice the cash on hand as the NRCC

Breitbart is cruising to get Breitbarted.

deleted. dupe. n/t

Just got back from another great 'Reggae On The River' (Humboldt County)

Head honcho of NAACP blathering on Rachel Maddow about racism in the tea party

Rexburg Police stop 'epic water fight'-"If an individual is hurt from a water balloon"

Dan Gainor, Right-Wing Media Critic, Offers Cash For Assault On Alan Grayson

Thom Hartmann: Is forbidding mosques endangering religious freedom in America?

Do you remember that story about cops having to arrest some idiot for swimming in the oily gulf?

New York State budget crisis will mean draconian cuts for public education

Unless we have all the facts, we need to be careful of what we say...

Cameron’s “Big Society:” Thatcherism’s new guise

The new Repub meme.

Olympia Food Co-op removes Israeli goods from shelves; first US store to institute boycott

Thank You Rachel... Thank You, Thank You, Thank You...

From the mouthes of Swedes......

What do you want to bet that if Palin looks like she is

Andrew Breitbert needs to be labelled as a kook. Period.

Margaret Thatcher's family are 'appalled' at Meryl Streep film

Obama and Cameron presser on now

Julian Assange: Why the world needs WikiLeaks

Toyota scrutiny persists as U.S. grand jury seeks defect data

French police use live ammunition against riots over police killings

I flew over the "spill" today

Ben Stein: Most Unemployed Have 'Poor Work Habits, Poor Personalities.'

Hannity's putting Sherrod's resignation off onto the President and

Now here's a headline you don't see every day.....

'NAACP 'snookered' over video of former USDA employee' ...cnn

Does a non contract cell phone plan

Does a non contract cell phone plan

crist still claims to be conservative

I am resorting to a bit of a nuclear option myself, day twenty-three

Plaintiffs poised to challenge Arizona's immigration law

Forcible sodomy! Breasts being stared at! Elaine explains the dangers of DADT repeal for you!

Forcible sodomy! Breasts being stared at! Elaine explains the dangers of DADT repeal for you!

Ben Stein: Unemployed are "people with poor work habits and poor personalities"

OK, even if OBAMA did not know about it...HE CAN FIX IT!

NAACP got their A$$ busted because they Failed to defend ACORN

MRC complained that networks skipped Sherrod video story...4 HOURS before the networks did!

Full video vindicates Sherrod, destroys Breitbart's accusations of racism. Link to full video

An Accurate, Satirical Portrayal Of What Birthers ACTUALLY Believe

Yahoo headline: "Dems: 'Culture of permissiveness' caused oil spill."

Yahoo headline: "Dems: 'Culture of permissiveness' caused oil spill."

Questions After Officer Kills C.E.O. in Newark Park

Fuck Andrew Breitbart And His Immoral Shit!

WAR ROOM... that is what THIS WH needs

Glenn Beck going blind. I don't buy it.

I really hope at least one of you still has what I'm looking for . . . . .

Glenn Beck comes to Utah

Who is Shirley Sherrod and what happened to her?

Media Matters: Limbaugh says "unemployment" is a new "entitlement" and "welfare program"

I implore everyone to watch Shirley Sherrod's

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & I've got a new kitty gif!

If Only The Government Moved As Quickly To Remedy Discrimination Against Black Farmers... by Digby

Breaking: ENDA GetEqual Protest on Vegas Strip (Dan Choi arrested)

Whew! In Bend finally for some R&R!

Whew! In Bend finally for some R&R!

Black Parents... White Baby

Ex-Agriculture Official Says White House Forced Her Out

Maybe - just maybe - this will finally bring Breithart down.

Monsanto profit falls as Roundup struggles

Clinton defends US strategy in Afghanistan

Clinton defends US strategy in Afghanistan

Hell, should start cranking out the videos now......

Mr. President If You Stand up for Shirley Sherrod You Stand up for Us All by Trey Ellis

1 Dead, 3 Injured in Pit Bull Attack in Downtown Memphis

Mother Jones: Fox Takes Another Scalp

Bristol Palin & Levi Johnston Want Full-Season Deal for Reality Show

Maybe DUers should send Shirley Sherrod flowers

Go to the Lounge. A fellow DUer there is in need of support.

My hubby and I were both laid off today. We both worked for the

good news for florida democrats ...crist down 6% points among GOP voters

Conference endorses Afghan goal for security handover

Shirley SHerrod on CNN now

Are they trying to do to the NAACP what they did to ACORN? n/t

Hundreds of dead penguins wash ashore in Brazil

Remember when the Bush drunk driving story came out right before Election 2000?

More Biden, Please

Glenn Beck Defends Shirley Sherrod: It's Possible 'This Woman Deserves Her Job Back'

Afghan soldier kills US trainers in shooting exercise

Lindsay Lohan's in jail!!!

I wanted to do an OP to salute some special DUers

Reinstate Shirley Sherrod: NAACP Backtracks

The Republicans are screwed! Dems jump ahead in new poll

This guy makes me so proud. Talk about LEADERSHIP. I am humbled.

Republicans dominate watchdog’s list of ‘crooked candidates’

Brewer ask Federal Court to reject Administration's challenge of SB1070

Trump sues Palm Beach International Airport...again

Salad Spinner Centrifuge: A Cheap, Ingenious Health Care Tool

Would Sherrod had helped the farmer if he wasn't poor

Would Sherrod had helped the farmer if he wasn't poor

Juan Cole Takes Down Sara Palin

Another heartbreaker: Bristol and Levi: Not getting their own reality show

Southern Poverty Law Center makes note of Fox News' obsession with New Black Panthers

oh double damn! Invest 97 is heading for Fl.

There Isn't A 'Next China'

West Virginia's new Senator is making a difference.

West Virginia's new Senator is making a difference.

56 Year-Old Teacher Calls Cops for Help, Ends Up Tasered and Arrested

Could he possibly be worse than Vitter?


I was told that I would get more people

Florida Republicans put Big Oil over clean beaches: It's high noon in Tallahassee.

Alex Sink (D), candidate for FL gov blasts the Republican legislature.

One in four of homeless is a veteran and that number is increasing...

Question about Shirley Sherrod

A modest proposal

a gay campaign in Oklahoma

a gay campaign in Oklahoma

Senate panel clears Kagan. Check out the look on Cornyn's face as he looks

PPP Poll: Crist Voters Want Him To Caucus With The Senate Dems

California Official's $800,000 Salary in City of 38,000 Triggers Protests

Sherrod's forced resignation another sign of weakness

Please Shirley Sherrod, sue Fox News and Breitbart.

July 20, 1969

Media Matters: Full video vindicates Sherrod, destroys Breitbart's accusations of racism

Andrew Breitbart appreciation thread...

If You're Unemployed, Why Would You Vote for Someone That Will Cut Off Your UE Benefits?

Initial Deep Horizon blowout caused by BP using well to dispose of excess toxic waste.

Rachel is calling out the Obama administration for acting too quickly (and just

NAACP sets the record straight about Fox, the Tea Party and Breitbart, calling them out by name.

If I ever have to go to jail, I want it to be in California. (Lohan)

more Bush signing statements that we are paying for today...

Do you believe that most DUers who hold different viewpoints from yours do so in good faith?

"talking gender neutral blues"

Some people just really suck.

How will you feel if Obama and Congress extend the Bush Tax Cuts for people earning > $250,000??

Bill Gates Ed Reformer in The Third Year Review

Financial advice guaranteed to make you rich...


Enough Already, Mr. President - if You Stand up for Shirley Sherrod You Stand up for Us All

Dan Gainor offers $100 cash for assault on Alan Grayson

So the latest Breitbart video story is only 24 years old

Alan Grayson To Republicans Blocking Unemployment: 'May God Have Mercy On Your Souls' - HuffPo

Anyone Remember Health Insurance "Reform"?

Gay activist takes "super secret" DADT "survey" online...THREE TIMES!

Shirley Sherrod says White House not interested in hearing her explanation, "they didn't care".

What the hell is wrong with us?

Free Republic and Jim Robinson sued for copyright violation

Here is the woman that fired Sherrod... Cheryl Cook

Andrew Breitbart is a racist.

The Whitehouse needs to put out a statement of apology right now.

NAACP apologizes to Shirley Sherrod and asks Vilsack to reinstate her

GRITtv: Diane Ravitch: Race to the Top or Skim off the Top?

Cruising Timber (Dial-up Warning - Photos)

Target Corporation Shills for MN GOP Gov. Candidate, Runs Campaign Ads!

Who would volunteer to be Alvin Greene's campaign manager?

Who would volunteer to be Alvin Greene's campaign manager?

Food for Thought Time: What WingNuts would you put in government to destroy it?

People went to serve a foreclosure notice at a home in a golf course neighborhood in Reno

Laptop accidentally sold for $5 at thrift store

So Breitbart claims another prize, destroys another life without consequence

Tucker Carlson On Keith Olbermann: ‘The Most Disliked Person At MSNB

Alan Grayson Appreciation Thread!!

California’s Prop 19: A Word-for-Word Analysis

Please vote for my dad...

Isaac Higham: Loud and Clear

I just tried to open a Savings Account for my nephew - Bank does not want my money - without a fee!

Let me try to get this straight about Charlie Crist's candidacy and the Democrats.

Just as a PSA, here are some available jobs.

For any Georgians out there, Roy Barnes won the Dem

Notice to all politicians: I will only vote FOR a candidate, not AGAINST one.

Skokie Hoarder Dies in Home; Removed Via Hole in Roof

Skokie Hoarder Dies in Home; Removed Via Hole in Roof

Breitbart paid operative "James O'Keefe's race problem."

Breitbart's Sherrod/NAACP story disintegrates

Breitbart's Sherrod/NAACP story disintegrates

On the case of Shirley Sherrod. I have this to say.

Parenting before the Cell Phone: Don't knock anyone up and don't get arrested.


Another charter school offers $100 bounty for finding new students.

Tonight, They're Laughing At All Of Us

This guy was president when I was born.

A message for Helen Thomas.

A bit late, I realize, but funny

Arab guilty of rape after consensual sex with Jew

This Modern World-Retirement is for losers! (+25 ways to disguise taste of cat food) By Tom Tomorrow

Do you know about white male anger?

Do you know about white male anger?

Crist has the Republican-dominated FL legislature backed into a corner!!!! Please support him!!!

Jesus Christ, these people are far too politically skittish to be in charge of the country...

Barack Obama WILL NOT Have A CREDIBLE Primary Opponent in 2012

Bob Herbert: "Obama/Democrats wasted the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity handed to them in 2008."

Hey! Serfs! Don't get mad, but this is a great time and place in which to be rich!!

Profiteering from heat waves? Fast-food places sometimes refuse WATER to customers who ask for it,

This morning - LTTE : My animals are my own business

Anti-torture activists ask MN Reps and Senators to join our Aug 1st protest and fast

Love 'em or hate 'em, KISS is about to be on Leno.

Oh, my God! Tramampoline! Trambopoline!

I have the theme to "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom" stuck in my head

is it just me or

Update on my beastie Olivia


Parasailing donkey stunt sparks police inquiry

Indonesian mullahs say Muslims can drink coffee from cat droppings _ the world's priciest java

Sperm banks advertise celebrity look-alike donors


Remember when the worst thing we had to worry about was possible nucular (sic) war

know whats good?

Why can't I have a pet Civet?

Classic movies that could have been improved with Mel Gibson as a script doctor

Een Amereeca we have 'work force'

Sharktopus versus Narwhal! Which One Wins?

*nom* *nom* *nom* I haz a corn!

Question for California DUers regarding wages and salaries...

If I were a mod, what would you blame me for?

Man grows freak watermelon

Let's play "Spin The Bottle"

The devil rays game just turned into a fifteen minute version of oww my balls.,...

Funny story about Braille on the wall at a shopping mall

Dateline on believing what you see

best housewarming gift ever!

Rec if you love all the Lindsay Lohan poo

I *really* need to put one of my cats on a diet...

Injured baby Humming Bird nursed to health by it's mother and human friends (Video)

From the makers of "Guitar Hero!"

I just sneezed!

Identifying "Prime Ribs" - Do you count from the bottom or the top?

Anybody Remember Mr. Wilson from the "Dennis the Menance" Cartoons?

A guy with a huge open piehole walks into a bar.

fishing license

One of my daughter's friends told me Obama was a "PILF".

Does a non contract cell phone plan

Question for bird lovers.

A couple of pics I took yesterday

What's your mom's maiden name?

Wow - Santa Barbara county prison is the sole California one with a drug treatment program.

When VH-1 films its Behind The Music episode about YOU, what will be the primary focus?

Ahhhh Morphine

What is it with pregnancy pictures?

This should be a good debate: Handicap Bathroom stalls

I've just started writing my new hard-boiled private eye novel, "The Bride Wore Bacon."

I think the greatest Female Novelist ever was Tolstoy

Is Freebird was on the radio a good excuse to get out of a speeding ticket? nt

I weep for my wife

I got HIRED!

Oh BooHooHoo! Mel Gibson rants that he is broke

Obama's age is wrong on his official MySpace page

Pink Floyd - "The Wall" - Round-about goes both ways.

just discovered Old Spice

My cousin died and left two cats. I live in central Oregon.

Steve Martin as The Great Flydini performs a magic show

I just spent 30 minutes watching my daughter and her friend try to hit a ping pong ball.

Almost brought home a Conure today. What a character that little bird was!

Please submit a new punchline for this joke:

So help me out - got my income tax refund check. What private jet should I buy?

Not all 'barefooters' are bandits

Does anyone know what kind of kitteh this is?

Wildlife report from Michigan

Toughs knock off lemonade stand. Little girls promise to return and re-open.

I am really struggling

My insurance check came so it is time to look for a new laptop, will I like Windows 7.

My insurance check came so it is time to look for a new laptop, will I like Windows 7.

My insurance check came so it is time to look for a new laptop, will I like Windows 7.

Anybody have an account with Wackovia bank

One of my daughter's friends told me Obama was a "PILF".

New Public Policy Polling (PPP) FL Senate: Crist looking good

Pelosi faces pressure to end standoff over intelligence bill

The Plumline: DNC's new aid seizing on Pete Sessions' 'We need to go back to the exact same agenda'

Anyone watch Rachel Maddow last night? She was incredible. We saw a

NV Senate: Harry Reid moves out in lead in another poll

Like phony RW scandals? You'll LOVE this!

Eugene Robinson: Purging the Tea Party’s Racist Poison

White House Lays Foundation for Post-Election Damage Control

FL-SEN POLL: Crist 35, Rubio 29, Meek 17. Crist has become "de facto" Democratic nominee.

Att'y: 3 men scapegoated in NYC toxic tower fire

Intelligence chief defends U.S. agencies

Looking for Time Bombs and Tea Leaves on Gay Marriage

Minnick rejects Tea Party endorsement

Sentencing delayed in Hawaii forced labor case

As Etheridge flap fades, so does Ellmers

Incumbent Rep. Tim Bishop Snags Indy Line In NY-1

Michele Bachmann calls for a Congressional Tea Party Caucus, proof that teabaggers are Republicans

Lentz fundraiser with Biden, Pelosi nets $250k

Clinton seeks review of Lockerbie bomber's release decision

Toyota subpoenaed by U.S. grand jury over steering problems

Karzai wants 2014 security handover

Parasailing donkey stunt sparks police inquiry

Parasailing donkey stunt sparks police inquiry

Kyrgyz forces arrest and torture ethnic Uzbeks-UN

Committee vote Tuesday on Kagan court nomination

Unions plug Warren for consumer protection chief

Did everyone read this from the GD section: International Gay Rights Group, Wins UN Status

US to send National Guard to Mexican border in August

Question: If the GOP takes back the Senate, in reference to the Senate Judiciary Committee.....

Whirlpool 2Q net income more than doubles (while sending jobs to Mexico)

Public Policy Polling offers teaser of new FL Governors poll--good news for DEM

Here we go again the Obama Administration throws another African American under the bus again

This article should provide a clue as to why Dodd is speaking against Warren's "confirmability"

Black Parents... White Baby

unemployment payments extension bill passed cloture with 60 votes

Stupid on a stick... Over-reaction will always go that way.. Sherrod tape a set up

Elizabeth Warren Could Head CFPB Without Senate Confirmation

The Democratic Base Supports Our President

Goldman Sachs Profit Declines 82% as Trading Revenue Slides

Dianne Feinstein: For terrorism trials, civilian courts are up to the job

(Murdoch's London) Times loses almost 90% of online readership

Bullied 5th Grader Inspired by Letter From the President

Graham to Vote ‘Yes’ on Kagan Nomination

Gallup: Obama Averages 47.3% Approval in Sixth Quarter

No quick exit for troops in Afghanistan, Nato head says

Oakland could go to pot in a big way with four proposed factory farms

About Gallup's Republicans 'very excited' about voting in November advantage. Does it matter?

Obama endorses Paycheck Fairness Act

WATCH: Full Video Of Sherrod's Speech (VIDEO)

Joe 'I apologize, BP' Barton loses $150,000 in campaign investment money

Heads up! Rachel Maddow to cover the Sherrod firing and Breitbart's role

"To hear conservatives tell it, there's a one-sided race war going on in America..."

dupe Now Selling More Kindle Books Than Hardcover Books

Goldman Sachs Lost Money on Volatility Bet in Second Quarter

White House denies role in Sherrod firing, Vilsack takes responsibility, explains

We need to understand what the word racist means!

Think of the irony of this whole situation.

Well THAT was uncomfortable (re: Ratigan)

Fox News Wins in Court - they can LIE

In defense of a primary to Obama

South Africa: Foreigners injured in xenophobia clashes

BP Says Seepage Near Well Unrelated to Macondo Leak

Pimco Sells Black Swan Protection as Wall Street Markets Fear

Bullied 5th Grader Inspired by Letter From the President

Ronald Reagan's greatest speech

I Got News For The Repubs; You Want To "Do" The Race Thing? Obama GOES There!

Goldman Sachs profits fall 82 percent

Plan to begin Afghan security handover this year dropped

Goldman Sachs posts lower earnings on SEC pact cost

Exclusive: Glenn Beck's Golden Advertiser Under Investigation (For Alleged 'Rip Off')

Draft Hillary Clinton 2012

so, the white house KNOWS faux snooze is a corrupt, lying, smear machine. so WHY

Consumers not "confident"? Then why do they keep buying stuff?

Perdue recalls 91,000 lbs of chicken nuggets (contains foreign materials)

12 min. ago: "USDA is preparing some sort of new comment on Sherrod's case; don't know the content"

Isn't it time to snatch away any morsel of credibility that Andrew Breitbart had?

Berlusconi's popularity hits new low - poll

The Stupidity and Hypocrisy of the Austerity Movement

New Gallup poll shows support for Democrats ticks up on generic ballot

Unemployment benefits extension clears hurdle.

Breitbart is getting his wish! The President and his admin blamed for something negative....

Congress Will Grill Gold Dealer, Glenn Beck Sponsor

Supreme Court Elena Kagan confirmed by Senate Judiciary Committee in 13-6 vote

Obama So Far: Good Job!

Poll: Nebraska Senate--Nelson in big trouble in '12

US to boost training, aid for troops in Somalia

Obama signs Equal Pay Law

BP Kept Drilling After Report of Leak, Worker Says

Former MI5 chief delivers damning verdict on Iraq invasion

PPP Says Moderates' Shift Behind Reid's Rebound

Kwon Ho Ung, North Korea Official, Reportedly Execute

Spain rejects banning burqas in public

Utah moves to fire 2 over immigrants data list

Navy Vets leader disappears, leaving questions about group's validity unanswered

Senior UN official launches attack on secretary general

House Dems whack Cheney over oil spill

Perry camp pays Democrat to settle suit over $1 million donation

Senate, House Agree to Sixfold Boost in Airline Pilots' Flight Experience

Chavez Warns of US Military Escalation

Julian Assange: Why the world needs WikiLeaks

Censored Gulf news: Scientists call on Obama to stop chem-spray

In '94 after the Dems lost congress...I don't recall anybody saying they were going to challenge

Ind. accused of cutting aid to food stamp users

Questions Answered

BP's oil spill caused by fed's "dangerous culture of permissiveness"

Iraq inquiry: Saddam posed very limited threat to UK, ex-MI5 chief says

W.Va. gov says he'll run for Byrd's US Senate seat

EPA Whistleblower Accuses Agency of Covering Up Effects of Dispersant in BP Oil Spill Cleanup

Auto safety experts question makeup of panels studying runaway vehicles

Blagojevich won't testify

The Obama administration said it was standing by its decision to oust Sherrod

Because of the way the White House handled the now infamous Sherrod Case....

More than 40 pct. leave Obama mortgage-aid program

House Dems whack Cheney over oil spill ( “The cop on the beat was off-duty for nearly a decade")

Marc Ambinder: A WH official says that Shirley Sharrod's case is being reviewed at this hour....

Fiorina changes stance on unemployment benefits

Apple net profit up 78 percent

Blanche Lincoln puts out her own poll--she's only 9-points behind not 30!

Should Vilsack be fired for being such a willing tool of Andrew Breibart?

Michelle Bernard sucks.

Kurdish rebels kill 7 Turkish soldiers

Iraq inquiry: Ex-MI5 boss says war raised terror threat

73,000 blogs shut down as FBI probes Qaeda posts


Before rig explosion, BP pumped chemical mixture into well, contractor says

Extension of Jobless Benefits Clears Key Senate Hurdle on 60-40 Vote

Kerry: Senate Cloture Vote Means Help Finally on the Way for Laid-Off Workers

NAACP Statement On The Resignation Of Shirley Sherrod (we were snookered by Fox News & Breitbart)

Why Didnt The Obama Administration Defend Shirley Sherrod???

Where is the proof that the President was even in on the loop of firing a USDA employee?

Obama can use the firing of Sherrod

Lesbian gets 35K settlement over canceled prom

Marijuana Use Seldom Associated With Emergency Room Visits, First-Ever National Study Says

Murder charge dropped when witness deported

Maddow Call Obama an ENABLER of FoxNews

Household cleaners may double risk of breast cancer

Wow the White House acts fast when it wants to

Latin American nations bid to join Mexico in opposing Arizona immigration law

'Would urge those interested to contact the White House --

Farmer's wife says fired USDA official helped save their land

Resigned USDA official says racial story misconstrued

BP Signs North America and Egypt Asset Deals With Apache

Hearings: BP did not suspend drilling operations after report of leaking blowout preventer

Former inmate recalls daring, romantic escape from Auschwitz

I'm tired of this Bullshit Racist ass shit that has become routine discussion in the media....!

EXCLUSIVE: Records Show Military Surveyed Troops In 1940s, Prior To Racially Integrating The Forces

Oakland ready to approve four marijuana factories

Dear President Obama its time for "A More Perfect Union" to fight the race baiting

Facing Pension Woes, Maine Looks to Social Security

The Shirley Sherrod Incident is PROOF that the mainstream media are lazy, sloppy and incompetent

White not planning to attend Obama’s Texas fundraisers

I-580 gunman was headed to ACLU

There is no "defense" of a primary run against Obama.

The real skinny on Shirley Sherrod

Colorado man (Iraq vet) delivers pizza, saves heart attack victim

Obama supporters demanding Shirley Sherrod be re-instated with public apologies check in here.

Panama: Retired journalist freed after being held for 19 days

Dear Democrats, here is what gay equality looks & sounds like.....

Noam Chomsky - Hopes and Prospects Lecture 1 of 5

Glenn Beck: "I have no sense of time in reverse"

Dummies Do Shakespeare

Rachel Maddow & Ezra Klein discuss the chaos of the GO(Tea)P parties

Mr T kicks back and sends a message to the thugs!

Rachel Maddow: Bush Tax Cuts Suck

Clean up begins after China oil spill

NAACP receives a death threat

NASA | Satellites View Growing Gulf Oil Spill (Update: 7/14/2010)

Nasa Warns Of Super Solar Storm 2012

Rachel Maddow & Jeff Merckley discuss the GOP's magical 'free' tax cuts

Rachel Maddow: BP 'buying up' all of the expert witnesses for lawsuits

MSNBC: DNC Blasts GOP Over Bush Agenda

Garret Morris Speaks the TRUTH on Marijuana Prohibition

Surviving Unemployment 7.20.10

Productivity is up, so why cut social programs?

Paul Krugman - Income Inequality and the Middle Class

Social Security Works


Papantonio: Feinberg is in BP's Pocket

RT: Keiser Report Teaser: Paul the Octopus a bailout victim

Mellencamp's Song - a Scathing Indictment of the American 'Dream'

Rally Against Resegregation

@GStephanopoulos | Old Spice

Sarah Palin Refudiates Logic & Neo-Nazis at the Mexican Border

FOX NEWS Human Frogger Reporter Crushes Skateboarding Kid on Live TV

DNC Web Ad: 'Exact Same Agenda' (as Bush)

Goodwin's first vote

Grayson talks unemployment insurance extension with Dylan Ratigan

Democrats Move to Extend Unemployment Benefits as Goodwin Casts First Vote

Fiscally Dishonest Republicans

In Rep. King's World, Republicans Aren't Blocking Unemployment Extensions

Excellent Birds (I see pictures of people rising up)

Barrasso: Tax The Middle Class To Finance Tax Cuts For The Rich

Mike Pence Hates the Unemployed

Young Turks: Sarah Palin Twitter FAIL...Wrong On The Substance Too!

Thom Hartmann - The Good. The Bad. And the Very Very Ugly. Grayson. Dan. The Moonie Times. OH MY!

Charge: "Regulators Were Sleeping with the Oil Industry!"

Christians are OBLIGATED to be political

ABC: Firm Selling Gold Touted By Glenn Beck Under Investigation For Ripping Off Its Customers

CNN: Shirley Sherrod And Eloise Spooner, The Farmer's Wife, Explain What Actually Happened

TYT Announcement: Cenk Gets A (Second) Weekly MSNBC Segment

Psycho Talk! - Michelle Bachmann

Giving Voice To The Unemployed

Democrats Pull Ahead In The Polls

Thom Hartmann - Is forbidding mosques endangering religious freedom in America?

Fox News gets a batshit crazy Teabagging, 7/20/10...not political like the Democrat party!

GRITtv: The F Word: Top Secret: Privatizing Fails

White farmers at the center of Shirley Sherrod controversy: No way in the world she is a racist

CBS: White Farmers Defend Sherrod 'She Saved Our Farm'

Media Matters: Looking Back At Faux News' Partnership With Racist Mark Williams' "Tea Party Express"

North Carolina NAACP Protest Wake County School Board

Hang in there 99er's

TYT: Keith Olbermann vs. Tucker Carlson

UPDATE Unemployment Extension ON HOLD Again! JULY 20,2010

Whitehouse: Unemployment Is An Emergency

OFFICER BUBBLES, How a video of an anti-social officer helped the media continue to miss the story

AP: Police - Freeway Shooter Targeting ACLU

WTF? Glenn Beck Defends Shirley Sherrod- It's Possible "This Woman Deserves Her Job Back"

Tax Cuts For Rich Don't Work - Cenk On MSNBC

Is Marijuana Legalization a Civil Rights Issue??

Lindsey Graham on Kagan Nomination (why he voted yes)

Alan Grayson talks unemployment insurance with Ed Schultz

Grayson On Newsbusters' Offer Of $100 For Someone To Punch Him In The Face, "I Punch Back"

Young Turks: Cenk on Sherrod Firing - 'You Cowards'

The FULL Shirley Sherrod video

SORRY AIN'T ENOUGH NO MORE (BP Spill reaction) Music video

Is Glenn Beck Knowingly Ripping People Off By Sending Them To GOLDLINE?

Matthews: Right Wing Mania Runs Deep

Congressman Jim McDermott Calls on the Senate to Extend Unemployment Benefits

National Security Inc. by Dana Priest and William Arkin

The Truth About Shirley Sherrod, Big Government and the NAACP (Bright | Digital Journal)

Amiri 'told CIA Iran had no bomb program'

Why won't Breitbart release the full Shirley Sherrod/NAACP video? (MediaMatters)

No Surprise: Manchin Is Running for Senate.

Did White House fire woman on strength of bogus Breitbart video?

How The Rich Are Winning

The Bush Deficit Bamboozle

President appeals for extension of Unemployment Insurance July 19

We Are Not Ready (for expansion of nuclear energy) - Bob Herbert

Krugman: The Pundit Delusion

How They Did It

Dianne Feinstein: For terrorism trials, civilian courts are up to the job

Senate breaks Republican kill-the-bill filibuster of Unemployment Insurance Extension

Meet the Military Man Battling Dangerous Christian Extremism in the Military

The Republicans and the Constituion...NYT editorial..

Well worth viewing.

No 2010 Unemployment Extension=Suicide

Right-Winger Claims USDA Employee Favored Black Sheep

Everyone Take a Deep Breath (TPM re: Sherrod)

How to Pick Yourself Up By Your Boot Straps!

Elizabeth Warren and the Definition of "Controversial"

Tim Wise: Faux-pression: Racism and the Cult of White Victimhood

.Facebook Lawyer `Unsure' Whether Zuckerberg Signed 84% Ownership Contract

Julian Assange: Why the world needs WikiLeaks

It's the End of the World As We Know It

Health Care & Other Things Dumbfusckistan Style CAUTION RANT!

Disease wiping out amphibians in Panama before they can be identified

Peak oil review - July 19

Drumbeat: July 20, 2010

Kevin Costner Plays Heroic Role in Gulf Disaster

DNA Analysis Finds 25 Known, 5 Previously Unknown Frog Species Gone Extinct In Panama Since 1998

71 Russians Drown In 24 Hours Across Nation As Heatwave Hits 35C In Moscow - AfP

The Oil Drum: Figuring this Out, Relief Wells, Nuclear, and More...

Sec'y of Energy Stephen Chu's Energy Blog debuts

Blogger John Aravosis Catches BP Faking Photographs Of Its Crisis Center - WP

Scientists Find Oil Under Shells Of Larval Blue Crabs - Pelicans Cook Themselves Drying Oiled Wings

Report: Warmer Climate Puts Water Supplies at Risk in 1000 US Counties

National Hurricane Center 7/20 8:00 AM EDT - Northern Leewards 40% Chance Of Cyclone Within 48 Hours

Light cars take on heavy trips

That's the last time I'll feed my worms potatoes.

The nation’s other major leaks — at U.S. nukes

Jordan questions LeBron's move

Tour de France, Panoramic View Col du Tourmalet

Football comes to Fenway Park

Lady Secret Stakes to be shown live on

Wow! Lou Piniella will call it quits.

USC serving penance

Arsenal and Spurs ban vuvuzelas

The Orioles need to sign her up right now!

Cleveland to send LeBron gear to Miami shelters

Kovalchuk happy to be a 'Devil for life' - Signs 17 year/$102 million deal.

Brazilian opposition candidate blames Lula's party for links with FARC

Who is a spy and why?

Maya customary rights, upheld in Belize court, are clouded as government stirs a backlash

Oliver Stone Under Assault Again = by Lisa Pease July 17, 2010

Oliver Stone: Responding to Leopoldo López

Chavez says government has stake in opposition broadcaster

U.S., L American countries carry out sea landing exercise

Riding America's Crazy Train--> Teacher's reason for controversial Cuba trip: I'm a communist

Honduras: sweatshop campaign presses Nike

The banks serving the People--in Venezuela!

Chavez and His Caribbean War

Cuba dissidents told (by US) Spain exile muddles US asylum

Kobe Bryant tied with Tiger Woods for top spot in popularity poll

What is the threshhold for banning something?

"Democrats for Gun Ownership"- an organization that may represent us...

One more for the dark side

No Guns for You — You’ve Slammed Doors Very Hard

Dallas Officer Accidentally Shoots Rookie Officer

What local governments no longer investigate or prosecute some felonies, e.g. burglaries?

Philadelphia police 'outgunned' in last week's shooting

Web site allowing lookup of New York residents with concealed weapons permits has been shut down

PhoboQuotable - Peter LaBarbera: Against UAFA (Big surprise)

Tues. Watercooler: Gaga fans clash with anti-gay protestors

Poll: Californians support gay marriage (Forgive me if I don't hold my breath)

Cross post

Weird news of the day...Pakistan hires transgender tax collectors to “embarrass” tax evaders

Despite Big Free Agency Spending, NBA Owners Press For Concessions From Players Union Under Lockout

Economic Report: Economic Policy Favors Corporations Over Workers As Profits Recover While Jobs Don’

French Vogue runs nude of transsexual model

National Geographic has a cool page

What am I doing wrong?

Unlocking secrets of 'eerie' clouds (BBC) {amateurs invited!}

Cave yields marsupial fossil haul (BBC)

Deep-Sea Vent Discovery Sets Hydrothermal Life’s New Depth Record

Adventures in Very Recent Evolution

Elephant tooth fossil found in Brazil: report

could people live in the Precambrian Era? I mean, assuming they

Best Reality TV Ever: Camera Will Take Video of Next Mars Rover Landing

Physicists Tame Time Travel by Forbidding You to Kill Your Grandfather

Family of Briton killed by Israeli soldier demand meeting with ministers

The Loris Lives! First Pictures of Primate Thought To Be Extinct

An End to Gaza's (Literally) Underground Economy

A Universe of Us

Bees Get Stung by Israel

Israeli right embracing one-state?

Olympia Food Co-op removes Israeli goods from shelves; first US store to institute boycott

Anne Ortelee -- weekly weather July 19, 2010

Happy Birthday GetTheRedOut, Now LET'S PARTY

The Philosophy of Spiritualism

Catholic "League's" Bill Donohue defends Mel Gibson and calls Leno a bigot

ricochetastroman - Miss depth astrology on the planet and politics

“There are no coincidences.”

So, after 17 years of living in sin

1st Gaza mall attracts thousands

So, do the Gun "Enthusiasts" here contend that Violent Crime rates will...

Attention Disorders Can Take a Toll on Marriage

ok..any friends taken zolpidem?I'm on iit for my seizures...interactions?

Vaccine patch may replace needles

Why Benadryl is a bad sleep aid

Husband nerve decompression surgery for lumbar stenosis has produced excellent results.