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Cartoon, the GOP in 2012...

If Terry Goddard doesn't get elected in bigot state with one of the highest unemployment rates in

More "Pay-to-Play" evasions and game playing . . .

Revisiting "American Splendor": R.I.P. Harvey Pekar (1939-2010)

Mel Gibson or Roman Polanski: who is the bigger celebrity dirtbag?

Sean Penn on Haiti

"... uneducated, illiterate people easily manipulated ..." - Richard Holbrooke

For Profit Diploma Mills Draining Federal Student Loan Kitty

Back home, female vets fight for recognition

Victims of toxic Camp Lejeune water are holding meet-ups

Chris Hedges and Derrick Jensen on Totalitarianism and Resistance (audio)

American Fundies are on the Northern Iraq

@ Joe ScarTissue

Quality of Afghan army questioned by Pentagon

I finally GET Faux Snooze

It appears the Iraq troop draw down may be on hold (again).

Social Security IS NOT broken - yet another included.

Philip Morris Said to Benefit From Child Labor

This one's a career-ender...

DUer's signature "ad" I just saw on DU

ScamWOW! ...... Greenpeace takes a funny shot at BP

VA tech says she warned of sterilization problems

ILWU California Port Strikers Are Back At The Bargaining Table In Fight To Save American Jobs

Mickey Mouse Has A Black Eye As Disney Workers Picket All Star Game

Northrop to close yard, may sell ship business

•••••• BP relief well blowout preventer fails !!!!!!!!!!!! ••••••

Adventures with Jobless Jack......a tragically hilarious cartoon

Medicare fraud in south Florida 'off the charts'

How Brokers Became Bookies: The Insidious Transformation of Markets Into Casinos

Utah: List of alleged undocumented immigrants sparks state review

LOL! (Steinbrenner toon)

November will be here before you know it.

Another good Toon on the deficit

Coalition eases up on Afghan airstrikes

U.S. retail sales fall 0.5% in June

The "depression" has been great for Intel

GOP candidate Ed Martin (MO): Obama is "taking away (the) freedom to choose Christ, to be faithful"

Serial Butt-Biting GOP Operative Sinks Teeth Into Texas Race

BP In-Action Figure Just Released

Onorato Slams Corbett's Unemployment Comments

Police Are Charged in Post-Katrina Shootings

IF the rethugs do take the House in November, I fear for Obama and Biden

Chuck Norris Is Hot On the Trail of Obama’s Boy Scout Conspiracy

I heard Richard Holbrook say on Rachel last night that one requirement

"that Steinbrenner 'knew when to die,' because there is currently no estate tax."

Yeah, right, like hell, levi and bristol didn't tell the frozen don that they were getting engaged.

Sacramento Bee: Arnold Schwarzenegger approval drops to record low -- tied with Gray Davis

Sacramento Bee: Arnold Schwarzenegger approval drops to record low -- tied with Gray Davis

Ben Nelson Bucks Party, Helps GOP Block Jobless Aid

Top Birther wants to build church to fight "Ground Zero Mosque"

If we don't free child rapists, the terrorists have won

Steinbrenner's billions will avoid the estate tax while the country goes broke.

Extra fees can raise airfares by more than 50%, study finds

Another Side of George Steinbrenner


Death on Your Doorstep: American War vs. Real War

Obama threatening veto of school aid unless cuts to RTTT are eliminated

Obama threatening veto of school aid unless cuts to RTTT are eliminated

8 more U.S. troops are killed in Afghanistan.

There are times....

There are times....

Give vets their park: They have the plan, but the city won't give them the time of day

Sarah Palin Running for President?

The Oil Drum: Dispersant Science, the Well Integrity Test, and More...

Mel Gibson's 10 tips for sexist monsters, By Mark Morford

The mayor of New York has become $2 billion richer while his city has grown $1 billlion poorer

And the beat goes on

New Website:

Key battle coming in Afghanistan, senators say

Bachmann's staff jumping ship as her poll numbers drop

ORNL supercomputer projects BP spill to reach eastern seaboard, and beyond

The elephant in the room

Why the tea party is the hidden force behind legal pot

In a Democracy, Majority Rules, however, there is such a thing as "Tyranny of the Majority" hence

These are the times that try peoples' souls. I believe

Sorry. Not. gonna. happen.

Why doesn't Russia offer to give some of its land to Palestinians?

Ding Ding DING!1 It's Joy BEHAR vs Laura INGRAHAM on The View!1

Ding Ding DING!1 It's Joy BEHAR vs Laura INGRAHAM on The View!1

I'm voting for the first time this fall!

BP cuts benefits to victims of Gulf oil disaster

Now that's what I call a "Happy Meal"

Save, Baby, Save - A barrel saved is a barrel not needed — ever! by George Lakoff

Save, Baby, Save - A barrel saved is a barrel not needed — ever! by George Lakoff

I told you DUers - expect a Palin wedding

Progressive Resources Needed

Apologies needed...

Apologies needed...


rift in the ocean floor miles from the BP wellhead. The rift was reported to be more than 100 feet

Bill O'Reilly goes rogue on Sarah Palin

Live in California? Want to do something to defend public services?

I get pretty upset when I see our AG out there speaking strongly to the crimes of people who are . .

Hartmann today - Peter DiFazio coming up

Hey Catfood Commissars: Tax cuts for the rich, war, bailout, downturn = main causes of the deficit!

Winning Isn't Everything, It's The Only Thing

W.House's Romer: recent US data has been mixed

W.House's Romer: recent US data has been mixed

has anybody checked out the 'friends of coal' facebook page?

Drilling of relief well halted

Rand Paul to the Poor: "Cheer Up, It's Not So Bad!"

Another sign tparty movement is in decline.. Marine/Pool hall operator/teabagger loses runoff in AL

Rally in support of (convicted BART shooter) Mehserle planned Monday at Walnut Creek courthouse

N.J. man is sentenced to more than 24 years in prison for human trafficking, forced labor

What I now see about DU

Great Posts Today,friends!...for you,a gift...

Bristol and Levi engaged. Breaks the news through Us Magazine and didn't tell Sarah or Todd!

Tea Party billboard in Mason City raises concern

Nightmare scenario coming true ?...

That stupid Tea Party billboard got me thinking. Who would win in a fist-fight, Lenin or Hitler?

Honor Killing Awareness Campaign

Well,Texas neocons blaming Obama for oil spill aftermath

Obama nominates Jacob Lew to head Office of Management and Budget

BBC: US government lifts lid on alleged leak to WikiLeaks

In Iowa, Tea Party Trouble Over Obama Poster

Wave of anti-union repression in Panama

Excluded from federal overtime provisions? No minimum wage? Not covered by workers compensation law?

In Afghanistan, drug rehab for children

NPRs Science reporter Richard Harris is jumping through hoops..

Plagiarism charges dog Colorado gubernatorial candidate (R - Rick Perry endorsed)

Al Jazeera English on Youtube is a great source for news

Fear of well rupture caused BP test delay

Gulf oil to keep flowing while cap is analyzed

The hospice worker and the cryonics fancier: Can this marriage be saved?

Oh My! More plagiarism charges hit the ReTHUG candidate

Obama enlists Bill Clinton's aid on economy

Arizona Violent Crime Down, Except Under Tough Anti-Immigration Sheriff Arpaio

The Scapegoat of Least Resort

Texas city mayor, daughter found dead in home

Please help me respond to the homophobe in the family

Sea Surface Temperatures in June were the warmest on record -Jeff Masters

FR: Schools and Libraries: GET RID OF THEM!

In Theaters everywhere, and in the Gulf states it's in the streets as well. Fitzsimmons cartoon

Geez, as much as I've always hated Mel Gibson I can't help feeling sorry for the guy now

Teabaggers are Fershlugginer Morons

Tell Congress: Stop the Catfood Commission!

Toronto Police unveil G20 ‘most wanted’

Toronto Police unveil G20 ‘most wanted’

Just curious, If I am on your ignore list respond to this and let me know why!

Obama administration backs private twist to public housing

5 Signs the Right Doesn’t Really Care About Deficit Reduction

5 Signs the Right Doesn’t Really Care About Deficit Reduction

All this talk about retirement is making me dizzy, must be nice to think about that

Repuke: Islamic terrorists posing as Hispanic illegal immigrants to infiltrate across the border

(Has Everyone Seen This?!) Ratigan's Righteous Rant

Accused rapists claims he was coerced to confess by lettuce diet followed by offer of chips

Missouri to host National Guard Homeland Response Force

Assholes behind the 'kill the mosque ad' that CBS and NBC have wisely banned

Every Dollar You Spend


Dear U.S. War People,

NOAA hoarding data away from researchers but BP receives it immediately

Catfooders Conrad and Gregg will be on CNN Thursday....

I'm too busy to elaborate

Allons enfants de la Patrie...

just on MSNBC. cheney was admitted to

just on MSNBC. cheney was admitted to

Taxes to Fight Obesity?

If social security and medicare are privatized and/or cut and public education

"investment reallocation"

Is it me or did Bristol Palin just do a giant size "FUCK YOU" to her mom?

Florida turd calls Ground Zero Muslim center 'a spit in the face of the people of New York'

In Politics sometimes the facts don't matter. From NPR


once more with feeling...,,Rep. Nadler: Investigate torture or face road to ‘tyranny’

Maybe someone has already asked this question

NAACP resolution condemns racism in tea party

Key West spared from BP oil disaster ...almost.

Venezuela Oil Reserves Could Be World's Largest: What It Means for the US

'F' student graduates. Didn't go to class, flunked every class and got a diploma.

The Economic Case for Extending Unemployment Insurance

So having nothing to do with anyone in particular, this fine day, I have a joke...

A couple of questions for the teachers out there

See it is all connected.....

See it is all connected.....

GOP anti-regulation logic applied to your daily commute

Question about tattoos and the workplace

BTW, when darth croaks, will we be subject to a state funeral

Midlands Voices: Important lessons taught in history of labor unions

Keith Olbermann:Deconstructing Rush Limbaugh

Pelosi: White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs "politically inept"

Preying on the "Fearful and Naive"

Ouch. Reading federal reserve FOMC minutes (released at 2pm) ...

Can you give any DUers tips on how to eat healthy on a budget?

For Sale: Roy Rogers' Trusty Horse, Trigger

If a few years ago I said to the public that the Afghanistan war was not going to end well....

GOP in Idaho's Bonner County doesn't like 'Fiesta' theme

BP chief executive Tony Hayward to install solar panels at his 16th-century home

How Can John Boehner Always Be So Tan and Represent Ohio?

Dick Cheney's death bed confession:"


McCain is going to beat the teabagger fav Hayworth.. unfortunately.

Ed Shultz just showed the crazy YouTube Beck lady on Psycho Talk

List Prompts Anxious Calls From Hispanics in Utah (NY Times)

Is it Worse to Be a Racist or a Rapist?

I hope that the folks here who were doing happy dances, ex-

HAPPY BASTILLE DAY: France-Repaying Haiti's Debt-Calls For International Debt Forgiveness

Did Bristol and Levi get engaged to Make a Reality Show?

My wish

What's the over/under on the number of DUers banned in the aftermath if Cheney passes?

The less I say about Cheney, the better

Maybe we could get BP to install a blowout preventer in Cheney's chest.

GOP: No more help for jobless, but rich must keep tax cuts SHOPPING'S BACK FOR THE RICH (McClatchy)

Subway on the Street

Overlooked DC Victory Shows Linking Safety, Labor Rights is Winning Formula

Toyota Cites Driver Errors in Acceleration Cases

Emcees 4 P.E.A.C.E Free Download: "The Matters That Matter"

How Long Before 'N' Word Used Openly On Fix Noise?

A Bridge is not an Investment

I disagree with NAACP. Harsh sentiments on political signs at rallies are common.

Bob Inglis says he turned off Rush Limbaugh the

Glenn Beck's Problem:

"Refudiate", exsettera.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Now breaking news on MSNBC

If someone put up a billboard of Hitler and members of the Bush family there would be some truth

Here's a picture to torture Republicans with.

Top Twisted Tornadoes And Waterspouts in the World

WOW is Ed Schultz on FIRE today! He just said if the Repubs don't like what he said he is giving

Report: CIA Made AWOL Iranian Scientist a YouTube Star

You have got to be fracking kidding me

KO is going to do something on the crazy eyebrow Beck lady

Tea Party Tries To Defend Itself

I just found out that Brewer, Arpaio, Pearce are all in Pa.

Glenn Beck Compares President Obama to Ronald McDonald

Dems See Hope Without Brown, Will Bring DISCLOSE Act to the Floor

ARGENTINA: Supreme Court Poised To Rule In Favor Of Same-Sex Marriage


CNN is doing some pretty good coverage of the testing of the cap now --

Interesting comment from a republican friend advocating campaign finance reform...

Happy Bastille Day! Aux armes, citoyens!!!


Another health scare for Darth Vader

question about "good" corporations

this is the device implanted into Cheney's heart recently....

Who was that on Keith Olbermann's show who said nobody has ever been to the depth of the BP leak?

U.S.-born lacrosse players cleared to fly on Iroquois passports

18th-Century Ship Found at Trade Center Site

Hey Mitch McConnell: FIVE-Bush Economists Said Tax Cuts Did Grow the Deficit (The Atlantic)

"Filling in for Rush this week..."

I am resorting to a bit of a nuclear option myself, day nineteen

Coburn: New Tax Cuts Cost Money But Extending The Bush Tax Cuts ‘Isn’t A Cost’

This Is What Sibling Abuse Looks Like

WellCare restarts contributions — Boehner schedules a room

Charges dropped against Lt. Dan Choi

If you can stand to read it... learn a few details about Dick Cheney trying to make his heart work

I'm yelled at to trust Oliver Stone to make an accurate documentary...

Attached is a diagram of the device that BP is installing in Cheney's chest...

Attached is a diagram of the device that BP is installing in Cheney's chest...

New Heart Device Allows Cheney To Experience Love (The Onion)

Man violently arrested in mistaken identity case

Deficit Posers: They'd Rather Have 90% Of US Living Like Poor Haitians Than Give Up One Dime

General Question about "sock puppet" accusations.

The wars cost you $357 Million dollars today.......

Investigation Confirms Pennsylvania Fracking Well Blowout Was Easily Preventable, Potentially Catast

Human Statue of Liberty formed by 18,000 soldiers at Camp Dodge in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1918

The Glen Becks of the world use Hitler to stir up fears amongst the base. What will

Oh,Goodie!Tea Party Patriots have some events coming up!

Somebody told me this morning that Jeb Bush was considering a run for President.

"We need him Lord, please find him a new heart. He’s part of the true heart of America."

Letting the Bush Tax Cuts Expire: The 'Adults in the Room' Defense

As many as 500,000 Americans could benefit annually from the LVAD pump...

OH my God! They now have to plug Cheney in an outlet at night!

Toles: Are we dysfunctional enough to hide in yet?

Rand Paul would form 'tea party caucus'

Re: Cheney keeling over drama and Faux Sainthood candidates

Doctor says Cheney will have NO pulse!

Order a pizza, become an TSA airport security screener!

Florida may have Arizona-like anti-illegal immigration law by August

Florida may have Arizona-like anti-illegal immigration law by August

Animal Autopsies in Gulf Yield a Mystery

War is Peace.....Blue is Grey.....Up is Down in Right Wing World

Hey did you hear? Cheney has no pulse!

Former Soviet Union......I owe you an apology.....

Sadly gay men can be as big of pigs as straights

I didn't realize that Clinton FEMA chief. James Lee Witt

Please let Cheney live 'til the ESTATE TAX comes back into effect on 1/1/11

Cardiac surgeon on TRMS: Cheney "at the end of the line for

Hey Cheney's daughter, family, grandkids, I am sorry if you are feeling bad

Dick Cheney

PHILIP DINE: Nurses unionize to improve patient care

Toyota Says Data Show[s] Driver Error

Gallup Poll tells us what we knew already but Teabaggers deny - they are conservative Republicans

Interesting observation about MSNBC "Morning Joe" promos...

Danziger really didn't like Steinbrenner...

The Rude Pundit:Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Down a Keg of Millstream and Freebase Wheat

Oh my..... poor Rachel.

The G20 Plan for Prosperity: Rubber Bullets and Shredded Social Safety Net

The G20 Plan for Prosperity: Rubber Bullets and Shredded Social Safety Net

Woohoo! Huge Thunderstorms over the Twin Cities

Let Them Eat Grapes Of Wrath

Let Them Eat Grapes Of Wrath

Dick Cheney will Outlive us all...

Dick Cheney will Outlive us all...

Random thought #2:

Random thought #2:

A WSJ story to bring a tear to your eye - the troubles of billionaires and their estates

Ignorant racist inbred freeper fucks are so ignorant they can't even spell "Stepin Fetchit"

A bomb threat at the Sheriff Joe event here last night. Interesting reaction.

Interview with 4'11" Viral Videographer Bullied @ Oil Spill By Police

Herbert Block's 1953 Cartoon on the Death of Stalin

message I received from Tea Party Patriots-Hitting the Panic Button

Stephen Colbert’s new job

Helpful dog feeds white tiger cubs in zoo.

"Public Comment" period closes tomorrow on Net Neutrality.

Pakistan bans Indian comedy film that mocked Osama bin Laden

If Cheney should die between now and Christmas, I

U. S., Canada unveil joint border-security plan

Hey everybody. We are good people. Let's take up a collection

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

Pharmacist on hunger strike in protest of unsafe practices.

Angle says campaign to defeat Reid God's 'calling'

I've decided to quit the Democratic Party and become a Republican

Oh shit! Oh fuck! Damn! My driver's license says "ORGAN

China's GDP up 11.1% in first half 2010 !

I saw Cheney's latest hardware on Rachel's show tonight.

OMG - Cheney is now officially without a pulse

Thought experiment. Your ridiculously wealthy spouse is on

Anyone watching Skinheads on NatGeo

The splinter threat is a manipulative tactic which I think has proved ineffective.

When Rachel was in Afghanistan, there were times she covered her head and face with a scarf

Has the War on Poverty become the War on the Poor?

BREAKING -I knew it - Cheney had major surgery last week

Please Consider K&Ring This Post:

Myth busting chart on taxes.

If you were an organ donor would you allow Cheney

Who's more dangerous?


Wachovia is about to get away scott free with laundering $380 billion in cartel cocaine profits

Univ. of Texas to mull taking Klansman off dorm

Who else would bet dollars to donuts that Sarah and Tawd have been

Is it OK to be outraged that someone sent a pipe bomb to a little old lady...

Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston are engaged again

Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston are engaged again

Who's the worst at Fox "news?"

unintended consequences of living green

Women have better memories than men, say scientists

A Handy Clarence Darrow Quote, In Case Cheney's Condition Worsens...


A few ways to stop the destruction of America

Will Dick Cheney successfully take advantage of the one death taxless year?

Obi-Wan: "He's more machine now than man; twisted and evil."

Americans don't do farm labor

U.S. education secretary calls on NAACP to focus on schools

NBA team ‘under contract’ if Las Vegas builds and pays for a new arena

Why some of us were so insistent in pointing out Byrd's record in regard to gays

Anyone else here seeing their "ignore" list growing?

Fears grow as millions lose jobless benefits

Welcome to BRISTOL PALIN's Wedding Registry!

elect a democrat in florida stop helping crist

I just saw Anderson Pooper kiss Finnigan while on the TV box.


If you were going to buy a house, what is the safest mortgage to have and

The IMF Is Coming for Your Social Security

Nonfinancial companies sitting on $1.8 trillion in cash, roughly 1/4 more than at start of Recession

Have you ever stood inside the ruins at Coventry Catheral?

Jobless versus Job Openings: Wake up call for President Obama! Time to propose an FDR/WPA solution.

761 tons of crude-contaminated waste already has been buried at 2 landfills in Alabama and Florida

The USA is spending $10 Billion dollars yearly training Afghanistan Soldiers!

Tom Toles cartoon below says more than thousands of words re Afghanistan War.

Robert Reich: It's All About the Wages--Our Economy Would Be Fine If Everyone Made Their Fair Share

SS is broken

Former President Bush's Boat Runs Aground files bankruptcy ....thousands of customers find pre-paid reservations cancelled

DU has helped this Dem and we are 1/2 way there

The Motive Behind Whistle Blower Prosecutions

World’s Rich Are Hording $10 Trillion in Cash

Is greatly reducing or eliminating the deficit the #1 problem in America?

Is it me or is Cheney going to get a pass on his war crimes because of his 'condition' now?

The way I see it there's only one way to save Dick Cheney...

Hand a monkey a wrench, call him a mechanic: Dana Perino to teach politics "master's course"

Gravity is JUST A THEORY!

Capitalism: A Rant

AP: "After days of progress, BP freezes work in Gulf"

Dick Cheney could actually serve a useful purpose with his death.

Why blaming Capitalism for everything is irrational

As far as you know, has the company you own or work for hired new employees

Sorry, but I don't like the Cheney death watch posts

"If there aren't violent racists in the tea party, then why are people calling and threatening

Dick Cheney has yet more heart surgery

Dick Cheney has yet more heart surgery

Time to Boycott Geno's Philly Cheesesteaks in PA - grrrrr.

Cop rescues kitten in intersection

I'm Sorry But I Have To Say This About Poor Mel Gibson.

Here's what I told my friend when he said people could get a job if they wanted to work

Here's what I told my friend when he said people could get a job if they wanted to work

NewsBusters Attacks Janeane Garofalo, Cenk & Thom Hartmann (Says Left Is 'In Meltdown')


NYT: Teach for America...the Chosen Few?

Cheney Has 'Bridge to Transplant' Heart Device Implanted

Cheney Has 'Bridge to Transplant' Heart Device Implanted

Mr . Does it again! Toon

Percentage of population below the extreme poverty line in Brazil, year by year. Check this out.

2001 Army Comic book explains DADT to Soldiers.

The Motive Behind Obama Administration Whistle Blower Prosecutions

Shopping centre bosses approve 'Asian squat toilets' following cultural awareness course

Shopping centre bosses approve 'Asian squat toilets' following cultural awareness course

Now THIS is interesting -- check out THIS petition!

Why it's time to tax Internet sales

I don't like what I'm feeling lately.

I'm having a hard time scraping up any pity for Dick Cheney tonight

President Obama Names Victoria F. Nourse to U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit

Voters Say To Hell With Deficit Reduction, Help The Unemployed

what if everyone just boycotted walmart

When a man gives a diamond engagement ring to a woman...

A reply to the "I'm right and X threatens all of existence" crowd

Illegal immigration and outsourcing is the same thing.

White House on DOMA decisions: 'I'll point you to the Department of Justice on that'

Dear BP, You ain't foolin' nobody with your new teevee PR blitz

Hook, line, and sinkeroo!

The President needs more progressives in his Administration?

some comments in anticipation of dancing on Cheney's grave....

Cheney's a horrible, evil demon. But please don't make sport of his desperate illness.

Whether or not you have a job, never forget that unemployment is devastating, period.

Wall Street Is Laundering Drug Money And Getting Away With It

Advice, please -- my 14 y/o has tried smoking pot and I just found out --

Would anybody care to defend Obama's assault on public education.

Dallas-area mayor, teen daughter are shot dead

WP: "House Democrats hit boiling point over perceived lack of White House support"

Sheriff Joe came to Kansas and we welcomed him - pictures

Obama Hires Fmr. Wellpoint Exec to Implement Health Care Law

Obama Hires Fmr. Wellpoint Exec to Implement Health Care Law

Alan Grayson Nails It !!! - Pass This Meme Around !!!

Texas Mayor Kills Teen Daughter, Kills Self

Chinese News Media Report UFO shut-down major airport for an hour. This is not satire or a joke.

Exclusive: Poll Tapes, Other Evidence Discovered Missing in Long-Disputed Arizona Election

Unemployment Extension: Welfare Lines Getting Longer As Benefits End

Rolls Royce driving Green candidate says no one wants to hear the real story of his arrests

Tax Cuts for the Rich Do not Create Jobs, You Right Wing Idiot Corporate Ass Kissers!

Why in the hell is BP trying to shut off the well?

Roundup Ready® Soybean Post-Patent Regulatory Commitment Extended through 2021

Is that really Bristol and Levi's child on the cover of US magazine?

Democratic Underground is looking for volunteers to serve as moderators

Will Fred Phelps protest Dick Cheney's Funeral and if so who side am I on....


Not sure where to put this but How do I see all the previous posts of any particular poster?

Phillip Linden is new ceo of Second Life.

"It's alway sunny in Philadelphia"

Ha, my dentist is gonna be a witness re: Mel busting Oksana's teeth!

Post Tournament Depression (PTD)?


If Movie Titles Were Honest

Give in...


Rush Limbaugh on George Steinbrenner: 'Cracker' Made Black Athletes Millionaires

Wouldn't you love to see this happen to O'Reilly or Hannity?




Capsule review: Forgetting Sarah Marshall

best "natural" (non chemical) cat flea control?

The Periodic Table of Swearing

Oh Happy Day.

I'm listening to Creed right now!

‘Stuff No One Told Me’ illustrations by Alex Noriega

Do NOT stop petting Izzy!

Does Size Really Matter?

Free cat.

patio umbrella

Should Levi Johnston call Maury?

To be fair, it *IS* an M. Night Shyamalan movie - there might BE a character named 'Ribbed Latex'

This Ruined My Day

Should I Upgrade to Windows 7? Or stay with Vista.

My daughter needs a thesaurus for 3rd grade

"Saint Ralph" Cute Netflix watch instantly movie.

so got me a second 4 wheeler

Just when I thought Wednesday wasn't worth doing, the Chupacabras is trending on Yahoo!


help with my mac

How do police, ambulances, fire trucks, etc. get into gated communities?

Why don't online job listings indicate the offered salary?

Hipster peckerheads with an Ukulele.

This song is for S n o w b a l l, Heidi and Wesley

Woody Guthrie born on this date in 1912

Zombie killing games for the XBox 360

My Dog Ate "The Handle On The Cord For The Flywheel On My Lawnmower"book report.

I usually sneeze twice. Once a day. Is that weird? nt

"A Single Man" good movie or not?

Henry Rollins

So what was Oklahoma thinking?

it's official....

update on my wife

anyone else hate the history channel last night?

The times they are a-changing

Shhhh... has anyone else noticed anything really WEIRD about Kali's posts the last coupla days?

I just made my friend's day and it brought tears to my eyes

How to kill ants without using pesticides - the Finger Method

So those 2 classy lovebirds Bristol and Levi are back. Post here your wedding gifts

'Cause there were no LOLCats this week.

Did you know that Cheney got a

Yow! That hurt!


Wake me up

OK-forgive me-I wish they'd hurry up and legalize Pot in Texas

Everything I need to know about life, I learned from the movie "Tombstone"...

William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Did the wicked witch melt yet ?

Does high stress/fatigue from work lower your libido at home...?

Oh, what a fukken RIPOFF. Turns out you don't actually get high at "high tea." I am SO pissed.

My Dog Ate The Handle On The Cord For The Flywheel On My Lawnmower

Pulpo-Paul (Paul-the-Octopus) is being DEPORTED to Madrid aquarium!1

Then & Now - Post your own topical changes in popular nomenclature!

C'est la Quatorze Juillet: Dites quelque chose en francais!

Part of an animal you would not eat, acknowledging that you might've already eaten them unknowingly

Hot dog omelet - trailer trash food or great American dish....or both?

Random thought:

Why have ukuleles become trendy?

Here's my Mod application.

Can you all please let me hunker down here for a while? DU has

Your poop is unique

Sci Fi Plausibility Question: Terraforming Mars/Venus/Moon

Which came first: KFC or the Chicken McNugget?

Ayrshire Farm in Upperville, Virginia ... certified humane, organic,

Cake or death?

So, I've been commissioned by the commies to write a book

I've noticed there is often the kid who tries to make sure everything is OK

What is a McNugget made of? (1:54)

IT’S CATURDAY! – Please Sir… Could I have Some More?

QUESTION: You're stuck on a desert island in the middle of the ocean. Which 5 books do you bring?

Is there anything to do in Detroit?

How long a commute is TOO long?

My apologies to Katy Perry. No longer does she have the most vapid lyrics in the Top 40.

Things Republicans Believe

Perfect Lounge Question... Should I come clean to the Vegan or keep my trap shut...

Know what really makes you realize you’re getting older?

How many of you watch your NetFlix instant content on your TV?

Post your hobbies and joys

Democratic Underground is looking for volunteers to serve as moderators

Samba Pa Ti on the Uke: Attn Heidi & CMW

What is the worst storm you have ever been in?

Tuxedo cat anyone?

When the hottie in the club first noticed me, this is the song that was playing.

SoloPower unveils new flexible rooftop solar panels

Employees Got the Worst of Steinbrenner

Bill O'Reilly goes rogue on Sarah Palin

NAACP vs. Tea Party: Racism Debate Heats Up as Sarah Palin Joins the Fray

Don Blankenship to Speak at National Press Club (on the need for more surface coal mining)

Coast Guard Photos Show Spill Workers Without Protective Gear

Oil Spill Lawyers Release Free Tracker Widget

Afgan Attacks Kill 8 U.S. Soldiers in 24 Hours

Philip Morris Is Said to Benefit From Child Labor

US embassy clarifies position on Blackwater (Pakistan)

GE introduces product to manage home energy usage

Rush Limbaugh's on-air Steinbrenner commentary contains racial overtones

Pa. Steel Plant Explosion

Charges dropped against gay veteran protester(s) (Lt. Dan Choi and James Pietrangelo)

'Antennagate' Could Cost Apple $900 Million

NOAA Hoarding Key Data On Oil Spill Damage

Obamas OMB Pick Oversaw Citibank Unit That Shorted the Housing Mkt.

Alabama AG blasts proposal for Gulf spill fund

Journalist group urges Attorney General to investigate US funding of opposition NGOs

Arab TV airs video of Times Square bombing suspect

US growth outlook cut running into next year

Obama's Recovery Act 'created more jobs than expected'

U.S. hands over Tariq Aziz, other detainees to custody of Iraqi government

Endangered Animal Horning In on Arizona Border Security

Va. attorney general targets Penn State prof's research (Global Warming)

Administration Says Stimulus Has Saved Millions of Jobs

Iowa billboard linking Obama, Hitler removed

FDA panel split on Avandia decision (20 to 12 to keep on market)

Covert words that paint a vivid picture of complicity in torture

Chamber of Commerce Lashes Out at Obama, Congress

Cheney recuperating from heart surgery

Univ. of Texas to mull taking Klansman off dorm

Dim retail sales hurt US economy as Fed sees weakness

Reid: Unemployment Benefits Extension Vote On Tuesday

Cheney underwent heart surgery last week

Former autoworkers at Calif. Nummi plant sue Toyota, factory claiming severance discrimination

Reid under fire on immigration remark

Suit filed seeking more details on dispersants

Gov't says it's made no conclusions in Toyota case

Charges dropped against gay veteran protester

Toyota Cites Driver Errors in Acceleration Cases

Report: CIA Made AWOL Iranian Scientist a YouTube Star

Toyota to fix transmission on up to 235,500 RAV4s

Chevron cited for oil spill in Salt Lake City

Pelosi Angry Over White House Midterm Prediction

The Republican Blueprint for Success

Dick Cheney In Recovery After Major Heart Surgery

Hispanic support for Obama has INCREASED

"Right Wing Rallies Around Tea Party After NAACP Condemns Movement For Harboring Racists"

Teabagger Fav. Rich Barber's Armies Fail to Gather as He Loses Primary.

BP Would Be Barred From New U.S. Leases in House Bill

Obama enlists Bill Clinton's aid on economy

Indians barred from taking test for US practice

List of alleged illegal immigrants mailed in Utah

The NAACP did NOT call the tea party racist

"GOP Says No To Unemployment Benefits, Yes To Tax Cuts For The Rich"

India: Pakistan spy agency executed Mumbai attacks

21 traits of a "political extremist"

Big Eddie is on FIRE!!!!!! today

Democratic Underground is looking for volunteers to serve as moderators

WaPo: GOP Has No Problem Extending Tax Cuts for the Rich

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday July 14

Obama's Approval Rating? "Sky Still Not Falling"

Which war has caused more damage to America? The corporate war on labor or Al Queda?

Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston engaged

Toyota Concedes 2 Flaws Caused Loss of Control

Teabagger Billboard linking Obama, Hitler draws complaints

Ezra Klein lays it out on unemployment benefits vs. repeal of estate tax

Must See Ezra Klein: Fiscal Irresponsibility Graphed

Classified documents reveal UK's role in abuse (torture & Abduction) of its own citizens

The Plumline: Pelosi to speak at Netroots Nation

Classified documents reveal UK's role in abuse of its own citizens

Deep Space X-ray Blast Blinds Space Observatory

New documents from Vietnam era resonate even now

Pelosi unloads on Robert Gibbs, whoever he is

Senate Dems blame BP and Britain for Lockerbie bomber’s release

Senate Dems blame BP and Britain for Lockerbie bomber’s release

Move On: Cutting Social Security

Wait a minute Sarah Palin just said tea party people don't care that Obama is half white?

Kirkland IE slams Flinn over hip-hop

Christie Vilsack plans run for office

White House sends new 99 million dollar bill to BP

Uh Oh. Looks like Newt may have pulled a "Steele"

Can President Obama Get His Mojo Back?

Sharron Angle On Her Campaign: 'God Has Been In This From The Beginning'

Daniel Cowart, Skinhead Obama Assassination Plotter, Asks Feds To Pay For Swastika Tattoo Removal

Dollar-seeking Cubans flood Ecuador

Microsoft Says 12th Alleged Russian Spy Was Employee


Now that Harry Reid is all concerned about the lack of "confrontation"

Scientists say Gulf spill altering food web

Update on 'the list'...

Rossi starts fast, raises $1.4 million

Brewer Clearing GOP Field In AZ GOV

BP Delays Cap Tests as Oil Flows Freely

Politico - Cheney Viewed More Favorably

The Democrats: Running on empty-No wonder Gibbs is scared.

White House Unveils Free Preventative Services


HCR provision that helps stabalize cost for companies providing insurance for early retirees

Answers to your questions about Social Security

Obama's OMB Pick Oversaw Citigroup Unit That Shorted Housing Market

David Axelrod's Talking Points

you know, if/when Cheney dies, Obama and Biden *WILL* attend the funeral

Two top Bachmann staffers quit

Ex-Officer Avoids Jail Time in Arrest of Times Square Bicyclist

Police Confirm Texas Woman Was Target Of Pipe Bomb (Oil executive's home)

Medal of Honor hero Vernon Baker dies at age 90 (Denied because of race)

NV-SEN POLL: Reid Leads Teabagger Angle by Four Points (44/40)

NV-SEN POLL: Reid Leads Teabagger Angle by Four Points (44/40)

GM Plans to Offer 8-Year Warranty on Chevrolet Volt’s Battery

Billboard linking Obama, Hitler draws complaints

Yes, the base matters: Pelosi to speak at Netroots Nation

PA-SEN POLL: Sestak Catches Toomey in Pennsylvania - race now tied at 43% each.

After Delay, BP Ready to Test New Cap

New Ariz. Poll Shows McCain Leading GOP Challenger

Amnesty warns of healthcare crisis in North Korea

Levi - Levi likes his Money!

Obama plans to cut up to 40 percent of nukes

Obama plans to cut up to 40 percent of nukes

Leading senators voice doubts about Afghan war

Supreme Court Gun Decision Doesn't Mean Domestic Violence Offenders Can Own Handguns

Wells Fargo Charged With Fraud In Mortgage Morass

Cheney Has Device Implanted in His Heart

Gibbs comments about the GOP taking back the house are brilliant.

My 2010 House Rankings and Predictions

Will You Vote For Obama Again In 2012?

Krugman catches Obama enabling Republicans (again)

The GOP keep making strong Cases for their own DEFEAT...Why the Suicidal Bent? The Wish to LOSE??

GOP: Group tries to 'hijack' tea party's name with filing to get on Michigan ballot

Once again, calling out racism is greeted with more outrage than the racism itself

Sarah Palin calls Obama "half white or half Black," wants him to "refudiate" NAACP

Kerry: Making DOMA history

Simon Johnson on new version of Sherman Antitrust Act in Wall Street reform bill

Democratic Underground is looking for volunteers to serve as moderators

Every election is the same damn thing from the MSM: demoralized Dems running on empty

Republican hypocrisy: support unemployment benefits under Bush, block them under President Obama

Republican hypocrisy: support unemployment benefits under Bush, block them under President Obama

"The Uncertainty Excuse Needs to Come to an's time for businesses to stop whining"

Utah investigates 'illegal immigrant' list

Nobody wants to hear these words: "Speaker John Boehner"

Guidelines on free preventive care released; Sen. Kyl opposed, but takes credit for the provision

Republicans' insane argument about tax cuts for the wealthy while blocking unemployment benefits

Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston say they're engaged to be married

Ads Backed by Fossil-Fuel Interests Argue 'CO2 Is Green'

SFRC Releases Previously Classified Transcripts of Vietnam-Era Executive Sessions

Shocking! Rasmussen gives Boxer 7-point lead in CA Senate/ Obama approval 57%

Thoughts on EPA Hydraulic Fracking Public Hearing Last Night

Larry Summers: "Extend UE, COBRA Benefits, Aid to States," More

Venezuela reports overflight of Dutch military aircraft

Why insurers care about the medical-loss ratio

Teabaggers have no racists among them and they always condemn racism!

Beijing starts gating, locking migrant villages

NY Mag on the "angry" John McCain

Iroquois lacrosse team denied visas by U.K.

Judge blocks new Neb. abortion screening law

MeltUp: The Beginning Of A US Currency Crisis And Hyperinflation

"Keiser Report" Breaking Down Market Manipulation. BP and This Century's Holocaust.

Rachel Maddow: Federal prosecutions for Danziger Bridge (Katrina) shootings


Can Corporations Be Condemned to Death?

Did B.P. Help The Lockerbie Bomber Get Out Of Jail?

Mildly Relevant News: Jesse Jackson Inspires LeBron Tax on Cleveland & Republicans Are Objecting

ABC World News With Diane Sawyer: Racism In The Tea Party?

GOP Blocking Obama

Keith Olbermann: George Steinbrenner 1930 - 2010 - 07/13/10

Economic Fun Fair

Raising the Retirement Age for Social Security - Barbara Kennelly on CNBC

US Senate Using The Unemployed As Pawns

Mireille Mathieu - La Marseillaise (Lyrics - French / English Translation)

TYT: 2010 Hottest Year So Far On Record (w/ Guest Hosts Wes Clark Jr & Ben Mankiewicz)

Glenn Beck University and the Embarrassing Michael Steele

Eric Cantor job fair July 2010

House Democrat Event Urging Senate to Extend Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Coburn: Extending the Bush tax cuts is FREE!

Eric Lee: LabourStart and the fight for a new labour internationalism

Tea Party racism video

Sarah Palin calls on Obama to "refudiate" the NAACP

Waiter Gives Emmer Heat On Minimum Wage

Rep. Ellison On 'Patently Absurd And Ridiculous' GOP Tax Claims

Harkin Defends Unemployed Against Charges That They're Lazy

Worst Person in the world 7/14/10 Limbaugh part deux

Head Shrimper & Thom Hartmann agree to become Revolutionaries!

Thom Hartmann Spanks a Conservative on ObamaCare

The Gulf Nightmare - Just Like You Imagined

FAUX NOISE watchers pull FAKE outrage astroturf in CA

Van Jones On The BP Oil Spill: "Drill, Baby -- Still?"

Bruce Springsteen w.Tom Morello - Ghost of Tom Joad

How to Clean Up an Oil Spill - Scamwow!

We need to ban same sex marraige

Pensacola Beach Before And After The Gulf Oil Spill Disaster

Anti-Palin Protesters Clash With Teahadists Outside California State University Stanislaus

The Arrivals - drilllbabydrill

Riz Khan's Excellent Interview About Iraq Inquiry With UK Diplomat Turned Whistleblower Carne Ross

MSNBC's Ed Schultz: Psycho Talk - 07/14/10

The Right-Wing Authoritarian - Emergence Of The Hitler Syndrome In The GOP (Contains Graphic Images)

Bachmann on "A Nation of Slaves"

Kill the Ground Zero Mosque TV Ad

Alvin Greene:An America for the Unemployed by the Unemployed

Tales of the Last Moonshiner

Send In the Tycoons

The Winds of Chance and the Hurricanes of Disaster

Jim Hightower: Jobless 'Recovery' Requires Us to Rebuild America

BP:Containment Cap to Be Tested, Enviro Devastation Spreads

David Axelrod’s Talking Points

Dean Baker: Treat Reckless Corporate Behavior like Drunk-Driving

David Vitter, Newt Gingrich and GOP disgrace

"Austerity will not produce growth, it will undercut it," - Myths about the Federal Budget Deficit

Well Integrity Test - Where Did That Come From?

Why Does Al-Qaeda Have a Problem With Norway?

In Politics, Sometimes The Facts Don't Matter

Move On: Cutting Social Security


"Americans are a flock of sheep who have turned their pasture over to a pack of wolves"

Dirty Little Secrets the Republicans Don't Want You to Know

Roman Polanski To Announce Choice of New Country, at Boys & Girls Club

Inquiry Looks at Fund-Raisers Before Votes in Congress.

Senate Records Show Doubts on ’64 Vietnam Crisis.

Well-educated people think they are more left wing

Robert Scheer: There’s Just No Pleasing Some Robber Barons

U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Cut Social Security

Drumbeat: July 14, 2010

The Oil Drum: Dispersant Science, the Well Integrity Test, and More...

Stuck, scientists discover new adhesive

Activists want more restrictions on natural gas (Delaware River basin)

Economist - Bulk Of "Cost" Of BP's Macondo Disaster Will Be Paid By Ecosystems - AFP

Another Day, Another Recall Of Cadmium-Rich Jewelry Aimed At Kids - 137,000 Pieces In Total

Vietnam Facing Worst Drought In Decades, As Salt Water Intrudes Into Mekong's Rice Bowl - AFP

New Corporate Focus On Biodiversity Blahblah CEOs Recognize Key Ecosystems Blahblahblah - NYT

Despite Indonesian - Norwegian Forest Pact, Massive Pulp Clearcutting & Fraud Go On And On

Green Flash

Lautenberg Pushing Probe: Did BP Lobby For Release Of Convicted Lockerbie Bomber?

China's wars, rebellions driven by climate

Four gray wolf pups sighted in Wallowa County by Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

A Warm Atlantic Stokes Hurricane Fears

EPA Cuts Cellulosic Ethanol Fuel Mandate 94% - Still Not Commercially Scalable - Bloomberg

How we subsidize fossil fuels

Chinese Cops Bust Smugglers W. 8 Tons Of Endangered Pangolins On Board - Guardian

Cuccinelli's Latest Filing On UVA & Michael Mann - It's All A Vast Conspiracy!

Bangladeshi Prime Minister To Scientists - Please Invent Rice Strains To Handle Destabilized Climate

In Last Month's Recall, Kellogg's Called It "Off-Flavor & Smell" In Cereal; a.k.a. Methylnaphtelene

Rare Dark Jellyfish Showing Up in San Diego Bay

We should have respect for fossil fuels as we move away from using them.

Surge seen in number of spill-eating microbes

You loved him; you hated him

Who's shoes were uglier?

Braves trade Yunel Escobar to Blue Jays for Alex Gonzalez

my copy of Sean Payton's Book "Home Team" just came and

'Whose on First' just on WETA tv!

Heh! It's that time again and I have applied to be your

Half-way through the season, who wins the World Series?

Wave of anti-union repression in Panama

Emergency declared in Honduran prisons

Q&A: Colombian director uses road movie to cast light on country's displaced

Colombia's internally displaced

Terrell Owens says he's not a troublemaker

Is Meek (running in FL) like Debbie Wasserman Shultz on Cuba? Article says he is/was

Tiger- British Open

All-Star Game gets its lowest-ever TV ratings

Dollar-seeking Cubans flood Ecuador

Heat- Predictions

Journalist group urges Attorney General to investigate US funding of opposition NGOs

Daley is not trying to discourage people from owning handguns (wink, wink)

In key contests, Democrats championing gun rights

81% of Americans: INDIVIDUALS have a Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms

Oakland, CA gun laws vs Police layoffs

You Should Meet My Son!

AFL-CIO Launches Work Site Jobs Campaign In 23 States

UAW Begins Protests at Toyota Dealers in California; Good Plan or Bad?

Today in Labor History July 14 Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti are convicted-Woody Guthrie born

Here’s a tip from the waitresses: Don’t cut our wages! (Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer

The Young and the Healthless? Unemployed ‘Milllennials’ Sicker than Older Workers

How Would You Like Brigido Oregon’s Job?

Take the 2010 Ask a Working Woman Survey

‘Off With Their Heads’ Says Queen Meg in Attack on California Nurses


I'm bummed out - and this is not worth posting - but it's Bastille Day

A dying Star Sheds Its Skin

Astronomers Discover Star-Studded Galaxy Tail

New Hubble Pic: The Cosmic Concoction (big)

Oldest Written Document Ever Found in Jerusalem Discovered

Fossil links humans and monkeys

A Voyage of Life and Death

The National Interest Has Gone Missing

Why doesn't Russia offer to give some of its land to Palestinians?

42% of Territory in the West Bank now controlled by Illegal Israeli settlements

Witch-hunt begins in Israeli schools and colleges - Jonathan Cook

Threat to Peace Talks as Israel Demolish Homes in East Jerusalem

Hezbollah says it has 'precise' Israeli target list

Israelis inciting anti-Israel boycotts could soon be forced to pay dearly

Jordan's Queen Rania rejects offer to publish Hebrew edition of her children's book

Trapped by Gaza Blockade, Locked in Despair

NASA discovers caverns on the Moon

Plants 'can think and remember'

MESS Report / Are the Palestinians silencing the attempted rape of U.S. peace activist?

Wednesday July 14, 2010: PEMS Scale Poll :)

All wound up? You could pop a valium…or simply stop and smell the Jasmine

Thought I was losing my mind today!!!!

BBC News: Plants 'can think and remember'

Tattoo symbolism

A Powerful Opportunity for Unity Consciousness - July 17 & 18

Advice to wannabe sock puppet stirrers in R/T

Why is this idea so controversial?

Cure a stroke by stroking a whisker?

A Psychiatrist's Prescription For His Profession

Article in the KC Star on early detection of Alzheimers. Just another medical scam?

No, seriously, Goldman Sachs says we need government stimulus...

Collective memory, or lack of

Banking's risky business

Mystery $1.5 Trillion