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One DC seizes Parcel 42, erects tent city

Lockerbie Bomber Alive And Well

What a Roomful of Republican Biotech-Paid Whores Looks Like

Deleted doppleganger post

NRA is neutral in Nevada - thay are afraid that a Reid loss will mean a REAL antigun Dem

Theme for the New Postmodern Economy or Whatever It is:

The truth is somewhere in between...

Germany begins Afghan pullout in 2011

The Remnants of an Army

At Afghan Cup in Virginia, recruiters offer big money for interpreters

(Adm) Papp: Oil spill affects (CG) missions, work-force

What goes around, comes around

The Poor Always Pay

" Greenpeace Gets New Wind in its Sails"

A Way Forward: Reexamining the Pentagon's Spending Habits

The Last Man

Shady accounting at Bankster of America

Can We All Get Along?

Australia has grown rich on natural resources, but squabbles over the spoils continues.

Stirrings of a New Push for Military Option on Iran

Tomgram: William Astore, Operation Enduring War

Who will cause more damage to the children of America this year?

Japan government mauled in election, policy at risk - And that is with an unemployment rate of 5.1%

Petraeus for McChrystal: Lipstick on a Pig

Google Goaaaaaaaaaaaaaal

On the so-called "Recovery"

On the so-called "Recovery"

Aromatherapy Works! Jasmine as Powerful as Valium in New Study

Doomsday: BP may have triggered a 'world-killing' event

Doomsday: BP may have triggered a 'world-killing' event

Gidget with a Glock?

Capitalism is an Anti-Social Disease

Produce for the people. (Foodbank buys organic farm)

Of Babe Ruth and BP:

Zigzag Follies: Pakistan and the Afghan Taliban

Justice Dept. doing interviews in oil spill probe

Some Facts to pass on about so called" Border Violence". due to " illegals"...

My friends will never read this

Finance Guru urges investors to play the rice market due to "supply shortages".

Scottish sheep farms finally free of Chernobyl fallout

(Gen.) Casey: U.S. Could be at War Another Decade

Haven't watch sunday talk b.s. for years! Oh what we do for Rachel!

Wealthy: Most Likely to Walk Away from Underwater Mortgages

Gangsta Cheney

Tea Party Darling Sharron Angle Struggles To Persuade Some Nevada Republicans

Rachel up now

So. Ariz 2006 high school baseball player of the year loses both legs in Afghanistan

Faux&Friends trying to divide & conquer: Rehashing primaries "Hillary was ROBBED!1"

Bags filled with pills

Kick it up South Africa

Very Cool! Black hole blows huge gas bubble!!!

What happens when two black holes collide? Please come CAPTION Head Wreck's guest!!!!

Is this the dumbest Conservapedia article?

Closing ceremony starts two hours before final match.

Farm workers: Take our jobs, please!

Psychology group (APA) backs CIA detainee abuse claim

60 Americans died in Afghanistan in June!

Excellent site to watch cap replacement of BP oil spill & many links......

Gallup Poll, March 24, 1983: Mondale 47%, Reagan 41%

Official: Bahamas police catch 'Barefoot Bandit

Who's Douchier: Jon Voight or Mel Gibson?

Spooky Timing -By: emptywheel

18-year-old boy in my neighborhood has been charged with molesting an 11-year-old girl

Man with ties to Hutaree Christian militia arrested for alleged threat to President

BP Likes Idea To Clean Up Oil

Nelson Mandela arrives at the stadium in Soccer City Soweto

That DADT survey question about the showers is irrelevant to its repeal because...

Gotta love Douche Gregory's idea of a "round table"

A culture of politics trumping science, many say, persists despite the president's promises

Bored? Watch the eclipse live from French Polynesia! It just started a few minutes ago!

Volcker Pushes for Reform, Regretting Past Silence

Dems plan attack over GOP meeting with business leaders

"Class Warfare" Was Created by the GOP with Unconscionable Tax Cuts for the Wealthy, But the Corpora

Is Jan Brewer out to stop Tourism in Arizona?

Holder: U.S. Arizona Immigration Lawsuit Isn't Political

LMAO- Colbert's fireplace "Videri Quam Esse"

Ned kidnapping suspect a former Senate candidate known for medieval armor

Compromise should be about haggling, not capitulating...

Feinberg lays out plan for $20 billion BP claims fund

Africa leads way with recovery from global recession

Yahoo Finance - How Much Money Do You Need to Be Satisfied?

it is just me,,, or does Ed Gillespie look like a turtle

Irony of Ironies: Just saw a commericial in which Rod Portman

What we need to do

Last night at my High School reunion, i was surprised how many of the people I

Last night at my High School reunion, i was surprised how many of the people I

Last night at my High School reunion, i was surprised how many of the people I

Catalan protesters rally for greater autonomy in Spain (BBC)

If We Lose the House....

Obama Admits: Dems Suck!

Governors gather to talk tough times

Deficit Fraud Jon Kyl: ‘You Should Never Have To Offset’ Tax Cuts

President Obama is in a pickle.

News readers: I don't want to hear your bias on anything. I don't care if you want the oil spill

Answer to education problems - robot teachers being developed in California,

Spain or Netherlands?

Tea Party beyond anger

Torture Non-Accountability: Obama and Congress Choose to Leave U.S. Constitution in Bush’s Wastebask

report from the Battlefield

Green firms uniting to flex political muscle

Congratulations Spain!

Bet Bobbi Eden is breathing a hugh sigh of relief right now . . .

State pay cut could ravage Sacramento region

Let them eat cake till they can retire!

People who repeatedly and willfully break the rules

The first Tea Bagger: James Earl Ray

Anyone know how it's going..

Mont. advocacy group shuts down cannabis caravans

Even tractors aren't made here anymore!

No Worries, Wall Street’s Hiring! - FDL

BP claims progress on new cap as oil spews in Gulf

Odd Couple: Frank And Paul Target Military Spending

Odd Couple: Frank And Paul Target Military Spending

Ban Spain from all sports until they stop bull fighting

North grad killed in Afghanistan (I knew Eddie)

"We haaave to go back to the constituuuutiooon!!!"

Thank you Mods.

Thank you Mods.

Crisis Awaits World’s Banks as Trillions Come Due By JACK EWING

video: Rachel Maddow weighs in on Afghanistan & Palin on MTP

Mysterious man invites 10,000 for free meal

Newsweek: The Creativity Crisis in America

No Dominion: The Lonely, Dangerous Fight Against Christian Supremacists Inside the Armed Forces

Oh no, there's a gay in my shower - I should run and talk to my chaplain

UPDATE: BP Declines Comment On UK Report Of Exxon Takeover Bid

Bankster Drama Queens

I saw a brown pelican in the lake by my house today

On the trail of Harper Lee (50th anniversary of the publication "To Kill A Mockingbird")

Governor Ray Sullivan(R-WV) for Robert Byrd's Senate seat?

••• The Jews are devils and bats. President Benjamin Franklin SAID so! •••

Chile 6.2 earthquake

Staring down desperation

Will unemployment extensions pass this week?........

Huffpo cartoon: GOP on Unemployment

Look who's come to visit?

Was Rachel Maddow on Meet The Press today?

I went to a wedding last week.

FIFA drums support for universal education

Other FIFA trophies


PUBERTY BLUES (more like disaster)

Michele Bachmann advocates rule by 'robber barons'

Fed probe of Arpaio began under Bush, from Mayor's complaint--NOT Maricopa Supervisors

History: Democrats & Republicans On Civil Rights & Equality

How much do you drugs REALLY COST the mfg?

Which Democratic congresspeople vote the same as Republicans?

Just watched the new cap being place over the broken BOP

Hannity sez grizzly-Quitter "LOOKS PRESIDENTIAL" - BWAH-ha-HAH!1

I just heard CNN's Susan Candiotti say that one reason 'Barefoot Bandit' is a criminal is...

CNN gets facelift/slathers on makeup/sports a lowcut top w/ pushup bra; tries to remain relevant.

unhappycamper,et al-what do you think of this article Re:new leader to toughen troops...

Who Goes to Jail? BP CEO or Shrimper

College, INC. (PBS Video)

I'm sorry, honey, I didn't get the raise because my boss is a jerk.

I would replace ___________ with ___________. (kind of like Mad Libs)

From the Hall of Fame of Hypocrisy, The Heritage Foundation Forgets Its Role in the BP Gulf Catastro

Bob Sheppard died today.

For Iraq veteran with post-traumatic stress, help never came

Are politicians the team leaders or the only team players

Wachovia & B of A lead list of firms that have moved dirty money for Mexican drug gangs


Animal control, residents help ducklings get acclimated

Gulf Coast Residents Angry @ Oil Being Dumped in Local Landfill

Gulf Coast Residents Angry @ Oil Being Dumped in Local Landfill

OK, I am a dumb American, but this soccer final seems damn boring to me.....

This Whole War Thing Has Got Me Down.

World Cup fans, less than half an hour to the final

Resources for fighting the Catfood Commission and their useless bankster fuckbuddies

and I think we'll see a huge rise in incidents like the pipe bomb at the oil executives homes..

I'm trying to imagine Fleischer, McClellan, Snow or Perino saying Democrats "could gain control"

Rand Paul: Conway's 'ambivalence' over Cap And Trap Is Not Good Enough

Why Extend Unemployment

I'm not a believer but for those of you who are...

Clarence Thomas' Suicidal, Epileptic Nephew Punched, Tasered in Hospital


Standardized curriculum, rote memorization and nationalized testing are LITERALLY destroying America

Will we ever have major protests or violence against the rich in the US and

If the President decided to shake up the Cabinet, who would you like to see go most...

Remember when the Right ridiculed us during "Global Warming" snowstorm?

Why, Congressman ISSA! What Big Profits You Make On SHADY INSIDE DEALS!

People hear us when we speak out!!

People hear us when we speak out!!

Federal Reserve worry list gets longer

Remember to thank your attendant at ARCO or AM/PM for pictures like this...

Heartbreaking Slideshow of Gulf Disater

Not to put too fine a point on it, but some deep self searching and honesty is in order

NY Times - "Texas Refiners Mum About Funding Push to Halt Calif. Climate Law" - Its On The Ballot

Wow...sometimes a picture can be worth more than a thousand words.

Waltzing at the Doomsday Ball - Capitalism is Dead, But We Still Dance With the Corpse

Why The World's Entrepreneurs Have Not Rescued The U.S. And European Economies.

Man tries to put a cap on the world cup - video at link

PA: Charter school students underperform v. public school students

In NYC, Cigarettes Sell from $11.60 to $15 a Pack

The Toronto Police, the G20, and the threat from a person blowing bubbles - video

The Toronto Police, the G20, and the threat from a person blowing bubbles - video

The Toronto Police, the G20, and the threat from a person blowing bubbles - video

School deform in the US: Part of the trade liberalization agenda/global free markets in education

Former Contractor: ‘Cutthroat’ BP ‘Not Worried About Cleaning Up That Spill’

Man Throws Toddler in Front of Moving Car

CREDO Mobile now has the HTC Hero Android phone. Should I switch?

The drumbeat against Social Security continues

Experienced Marijuana Consumers-Virtually No Change In Cognitive Task Performance After Smoking

Inside the Belly of the Beast: a week in Arizona (I know, I know...)

Debt (cat food) commission leaders paint gloomy picture - AP

National Peace Conference July 23 -25

If Colton Harris-Moore was an 18-year-old black man, would he have 58,000 facebook "fans"??

Why would a State host a National Guard force? Seems idiotic to me.

Gulf Coast Residents Angry Over Oil Dumped In Local Landfill

So what was Barbra Streisand doing at the "Ayn Rand" Festival in Aspen?

Are corporations holding back investment to seek political gain in favor of the Republican Party?

Spain wins World Cup!

Have you been treated fairly?

Who here knew that Reagan's daughter did porn?

‘It's OK, Eddie. Dad's here.' (Thank you Obama for the policy change)

Obama's handpicked deficit commission co-chair says current economic crisis was "largely unforeseen"

Bill gates at the american federation of teachers convention

Do the most competent people become leaders?

We remove conservative Democrats from office this fall! Yay! But republicans take ctrl of Congress!

Truthout: The Lonely, Dangerous Fight Against Christian Supremacists Inside the Armed Forces

If you aren't mad, read "It Takes a Pillage" by Nomi Prins - if that's not a call to

Majority of Americans Now Against Off-Shore Drilling

who are your top 10 most despised people in congress?

With 'One Nation,' liberal groups aim to match tea party's energy, influence

CNBC's Trish Regan Calls Taxing the Rich at Higher Rates Un-American

I think our bus is here.

Watch the BP ROV Under Sea Cams...Thread # 32

Mark Twain called US soldiers "uniformed assassins," in soon-to-be-released autobiography

Pentagon spokesman says SEGREGATION OF GAY TROOPS is a possibility

Saving Face in Unwinnable War: Obama owes Americans the truth about Afghanistan.

Secular governments protect us from getting stoned to death.

Best R-E-P-U-B-L-I-C-A-N acronym contest...

"There are two novels that can transform a bookish 14-year-old's life: .....

The Dirty F@#*ing Hippies Were Right! - by One Pissed Off Liberal

Arne Duncan has adopted Bill Gates education "reform" plans.

58 or under? Your Social Security is getting cut

Anger in Costa Rica over deal to ‘invite’ 46 US warships

Want to fix the debt problem ...reduce the fucking defense spending!

Know what to do when the FBI comes to your door......

His Name Was Adrian. Not "Taco Butt"

The era of cheap Chinese goods may be ending

Obama had some serious capital...

The New Cultural Freedom

Re: Long term unemployment and what to do about it

"Don't Depend on People in Power to Solve Problems" - Howard Zinn

Editorial | 'To Kill a Mockingbird' at 50

So, which is it? What is the root cause of this mess we are in?

Former ACORN employee sues O’Keefe and Giles

"Why has the Obama Admin built its ed agenda on the failed strategies of No Child Left Behind?"

"Why has the Obama Admin built its ed agenda on the failed strategies of No Child Left Behind?"

LA Times: Boy, 9, shoots and kills his 2-year-old brother in North Hills

a little background music for y'all

Blast From the Past: Tony! Toni! Tone!

I'm just wodering, is there a reason that I'd lie about being overweight if I wasn't

Felt Tip Pen

We need some old time Rock N Roll

It's just a jump to the left. And then a step to the right.

It is time for Muskrat Love.

The RONNIE Horror Picture Show

Well, I survived my 35th high school reunion...

Who are your top three artists of all time? Mine are (in order)

Should I or shouldn't I?

The best E-Mail Scam ever

Before Janis Joplin

The Empire Strikes Back ala In the Back Row & JibJab

An itty bitty woodpecker was drinking from my hummingbird feeder.

Am I out of line (re: Koreans and meters)?

MMMMMMM...pork tartare. (Dial-up warning...huge photo)

I just saw "The Kids are all Right" and loved it. n/t

Say what you want about Biden, but that bastard is funny

my strange day (that ends with a FUCKING SNAKE UNDER MY DESK)

What's your opinion of the nicer, kinder MrScorpio

Do you like dimples?

Question about the Netherlands-Spain game...

Solsbury Hill- Peter Gabriel's song about freedom and moving on.

Shut up.

are you one to

How many of you know that George Carlin once did a MiddleFingerMom impression on TV?

Predictions for the final match (while it's still scoreless)?

How many times in your life have you used violence to get a Gabbagool sandwich?

It's been a while since I've lazed in bed dozing off and on -- at least THIS late!!!

Are you one to.....

I knew that would happen.....

Can someone please drive me to Syracuse?

Please start all the threads you want, I dont read none of them anyway

Please don't start any new threads. I haven't had time to read the existing ones

I'm waiting to see if GrayWarrior's "Thread That Never Dies" post breaks the "Views" column soon.

I'm sorry, but I have to ask this.

My cat is barking at me.

Vampire picture thread.

What are you allergic to?

Seriously, anyone else have a cat who is a scholar on the Laws of Gravity


My friend's cat sums up the heat for me.

Parche banned at Los Angeles airport

I just got beck from Lynn, Massachusetts. I thought I was in South Ozone Park.

Panhandling banned at Los Angeles airport

I am driving to Syracuse......anyone need a ride??

DU SONG OF THE DAY...Are you one

I've had a hummng noise in my ears lately

BP sucks

¡Viva España!

Do you remember.....

I am not calling out any members....but....

I am calling out a member's butt...

I have a bug in my computer.

Who wants to go to the Gun Forum with me???

Please don't start any new threads. Taterguy hasn't had time to read the existing ones

Do you know what's amazing?

BWAH-ha-HAH !!!!!!!!!!!1 It's about the World Cup/ Spain) Here:

Thanks again to all who posted when my wife was hospitalized....seems

Arts Festival in Sheboygan this coming weekend.

Hey...Parrot Heads...

Let's Hear it for Paul the Octopus: the Real Hero of this World Cup

It is 11:30 pm, is it sunny where you are?

Does Gorny Cuss still post here? I haven't seen her around recently??

Just discovered the Ark of the Covenant

Somebody named Popodoro tried to friend me on skinbook.

This alleged Russian spy Anna

Have you ever worn tweed?

The day I leave my camera at home, they're releasing a seal on the beach...

Nothing says America like a bunch of old fat guys on Harleys...

Green Day - Know Your Enemy

CMT video of "When The Coast Is Clear" from Jimmy Buffett's Gulf concert today

I Got Fukin Sunburned Yesterday....

Introducing Felix the dog!!

Hey, I married a Dutch-born woman

Calling any DU GM techs

Question for the Lounge's computer gurus:

I just saw some naked guy running down the street protectively carrying a squid. n/t

ok so you think you have had a bad day/week?

Figure this fucking dream out...

I'm totally gonna fuck that octopus.


Have you ever smoked weed?

PLEASE friend me on facebook.

My Dog Is Meowing at me...

We are Watching The Movie 'DUEL' Tonight

Have you ever spilled seed?

What reality tv shows do you watch?...

Arcade Fire: Austin City Limits 2007 - Complete

**Happy Birthday to Amerigo Vespucci!**

Why, oh, why do I bother with GD?

Worldcup final: Spain -- Netherlands.

Whatcha drinkin'?

I did my first delivery today - a 32-week old fetal demise. The baby was dead.

My entire rig and my first load (pics).

I just found out tonight that DU has a Gorn Forum! Check it out...

Is there a city or region of the US you REALLY WANT to visit?

OK, its after's a little music from 1970 - Led Zep live in London...

Have you ever had mead?

Hmmm... I am discovering something real interesting about diabetes.

SalmonChantedEvening has some downtime this weekend,,, how 'bout the rest of us taking up the slack?

APA campaigns against CIA ‘torture doctor’

Second person killed in Panama labor clashes

Victims buried as Bosnian marks Srebrenica anniversary

Former Contractor: ‘Cutthroat’ BP ‘Not Worried About Cleaning Up That Spill’

Former Contractor: ‘Cutthroat’ BP ‘Not Worried About Cleaning Up That Spill’

Anger in Costa Rica over deal to ‘invite’ 46 US warships

Syrians take 3 Israelis "as prisoners" -- Syrian TV

Spill's toll felt in every breath

Iran Spares Woman from Stoning for Now: Report

Guatemala nabs cocaine-stuffed submarine in Pacific

Eclipse wows Easter Island

Strong 6.2 quake strikes Chile: US seismologists

Aboriginal warrior killed in 1833 reburied in Australia after skull returned from England

Attorney General hints BP's partners may face criminal investigation

Alcan: orderly shutdown of Ravenswood plant starts

Longtime Yanks announcer Sheppard dies

BP faces ExxonMobil takeover bid speculation

GOP candidate Angle rallies GOP against Reid

BP reportedly in talks to sell Alaska oil field

Adviser: Obama wants GOP votes on immigration

Holder: US to watch Arizona for racial profiling-hasn't ruled out filing a second lawsuit

Anna Chapman's call to father led to FBI spy arrests

'Barefoot Bandit's' 2-year run from law is over

Indian workers to get exemption from social security payments

UK to cut foreign aid to 'rich' India

"You can't hide the truth from the youth." United Dem mantra suggestion for the upcoming elections?


Rubio leading Crist in New Poll

White House says changes to Fannie, Freddie on deck

Twin blasts in Uganda capital Kampala 'kill 23 people'

Two days of quiet, effective, no-drama work

Moat's Brother: 'Death Was Public Execution'

Suspected Leader Of Calif. Pot Ring In Custody

Obama: progressive hero or corporate whore? (Poll)

BP happy with new oil-leak effort, but no promises

Dilbert: Wonder What is being said in the first two panels from today?

True Blood tonight. (minor spoilers)

NYT editorial: Big Oil’s Good Deal

Krugman: Lacking all conviction:

MA: Democrats stand up for striking workers at Shaw supermarket, agreement reached

Calling for a Bully Pulpit rallying cry to bring justice to BP execs... hello, Bully Pulpit...?

Why a Progressive Presidency Is Impossible, for Now

AP - "Rand Paul: Obama jabs at BP could harm spill cleanup"

Arizona immigration law based on lies

History: Democrats & Republicans On Civil Rights & Equality

"He's done superhuman levels of achievement"

Debt commission: "like a cancer that will destroy the country from within"

Congress Stalled As 2 Million Lose Jobless Benefits

Robert Gibbs says Democrats could lose House in November

Awesome Models For How To Knock The Wind Out Of The RePUKES In November

Biggest threat to Democrats this fall is voter apathy..

University of Texas may change dorm name that honors Klansman

Krugman: What went wrong

why is the U.S. denying this journalist's visa?

Washington Post reports: Obama losing support among independents, still supported strongly by blacks

Haiti recovery bogged down 6 months after quake

Romney picking up where he left off, courting GOP stars

Obama and the Dems need to vow NOT to raise Social Security retirement age and NOT to cut benefits

Package Bomb Goes Off At Oil Executives Home

Obama spokesman (Gibbs) says Democrats could lose House

Should Obama repeal DADT as fast as Truman desegregated the military?

Why Didnt Obama’s DOJ Go After The New Black Panther Party For Voter Intimidation?Here's your answer

It's the Bush Tax Cuts Stupid.

It's a good thing I am not President Obama, because if I were, my next speech would be...

Politico introduces the new talking point to aid Republican opposition to the President's policies

Being smart on the economy is not the same as being politically smart.

Photos: Inside the Obama White House - June 2010

Midnight Oil protests in front of Exxon 20 years ago! Where's a Midnight Oil for today?

Unemployment Extension Sunday, July 11, 2010

Looney Tunes - Wacky Angle

'US army leave ASAP to stop civilian deaths in Afghanistan'

Paul Begala at CPNC

Senator Kyl says tax cuts don't have to be paid for

Obama vs. Obama

US military: Mercenaries for hire

Unemployment Extension SENATE Monday July 12 2010 HR4213, HR5618 - To: President Obama

Our Today is Forever

In Two Days

Unemployment Extension Sunday July 11 2010 HR4213, S3520, HR5618. Lets make calls

Dear Congress: Please Watch and Read with Open Heart

Waste management-toxic sludge and tar balls...

CBS: 'To Kill A Mockingbird' Turns 50

Ed Schultz lashes out at Congress in defense of 99ers and long term unemployed

Afghanistan Protests Civilian Deaths & US Army to Leave

Iowa GOP Lt. Gov. candidate says abortion murder, but needs to think about death penalty.

Easter Island Solar Eclipse July 11 2010

Total Solar Eclipse July 11th, 2010- Full Totality

Young Turks: Cenk Slams Rush Limbaugh For Crazy Obama Payback Garbage

TYT: Cenk Explains Why Right Wingers Hate Obama (w/ RW Rally Video)

Bill O'Reilly Ties Palin's Incoherent Immigration Logic Up Like A Pretzel

Cenk Uygur (TYT) Kills It Hosting On MSNBC

Face Of Unemployment

Kristof: Waiting for Gandhi

Governors Of Struggling States Ask Washington For Help

Volcker Pushes for Reform, Regretting Past Silence

Abolishing the Prison Industrial Complex --An interview with Criminal Injustice Kos

Threatening World Order: US and Israel Quietly Announce Plans to ReconstituteTheir Nuclear Stockpile

Flashback to 1999: Bush Name Helps Fuel Oil Dealings

A Parody of David Brooks' Ideological Parity

The Medium is the Medium

Americans Speak Out on the Unemployment Extension Delay

Cowardice, American Style

Off-beat behavior becoming the norm (Greeley CO Tribune)

Miami Herald Invents a "Consensus Among Economists" to Push Social Security Cuts

Bob Sheppard, The 'Voice of God,' Leaves Yankees to Become the Voice of God

The Clueless on the Right

Filibusters for the Big Money

With Nearly 10% of the Country Unemployed, Where Are the Republican Good Samaritans?

It’s Always the Economy, Stupid by Ezra Klein

The Worst of Times, the Best of Times

Global systemic crisis / 2nd half 2010: The global system’s 4 single points of failure (LEAP/E2020)

The Big Lie: The Rise of the Extreme Right

Paul Krugman:The Feckless Fed

This Article, I Show How Easy It Is For Peaceful People to Violate the Patriot Act and Face 15 Years

Obama to invade Costa Rica!

Unemployment Extension Pleas From The Unemployed

Lighting the way to a new economy - David Korten

From Despair To Impassioned Inspiration (Carolyn Baker)

Jackass of the Day Jon Kyl: Huge Tax Breaks for Wealthy Must Continue

The Wall

The Class War We Need

Scientists expected Obama administration to be friendlier. LA Times story

G20 protests continue to call for a public inquiry

Emissions Targets Far Too Soft To Prevent Substantial Increase In Extreme US Heatwaves, Record Temps

Less attractive species play key roles

GRL Report - In Past 10 Years, Record High Temps Outnumbered Record Lows By 2-1

U. Alberta - W. Hudson's Bay Polar Bears Will Die In 25-30 Years At Most - 10 Year Dieoff Possible

Tough Canadian Arctic Shipping Rules Elicit Whining From Biggest Intl. Shipping Association

Outrage in Bimini

Lloyds Urges Companies, Countries To Prepare For Peak Oil, Energy Disruptions, Slams IEA

NOAA - Scenarios For 2035

Lake Superior Hits August Water Temps (59F) This Week - New Record Temps Possible - Star Tribune

Dengue Re-emerges in U.S., Spurring Race for Vaccine

High-Altitude Temps In Hawaii Rising Faster Than Global Avg. As Islands' Rainfall Declines

Fuck you Charlie Manuel!

Fuck you Jon Miller!

Fuck you Chuck Nevitt

Spain wins Football's Word Cup

For Jack Rabbit >>

World Cup Final- a dud

Paula's creaming Oakmont!

Ironically, even the English thought the World Cup final was tedious anti-football

Three big reasons to be afraid

O's Complete 4 game Sweep of Texas Rangers

Judge Afiuni's interview in Spanish

Castro impersonator makes rare public appearance, masses reassured


Guatemala nabs cocaine-stuffed submarine in Pacific

3 miners die for inhaling gas at coal mine in Colombia

Cuba and the Rhetoric of Human Rights (1 of 2)

The Politics of Unequal Exchange:The Buying of "Democracy" Agents in Cuba

Despite loss, Uruguay celebrates in high spirits

S.F. Giants Buster Posey sets NL rookie mark

Yankees announcer Sheppard dies at 99


OK. The annual Home Run Derby Poll ---

Sometimes Jesse Jackson needs to just STFU: Dan Gilbert Sees LeBron as "Runaway Slave"

Front-row seat for the Moai on Easter Island

2010 World Cup Final: Netherlands-Spain

Anger in Costa Rica over deal to ‘invite’ 46 US warships

Please post here if you are supporting the NRA to eliminate.......

Pricing advice??

Gidget with a Glock?

NRA Supports Chicagoans Challenge of New Ant-Gun Rights Law (New lawsuit in the works)

So, the Gun "Enthusiasts" here are 100% OK that a person can get a CC License and never fire a gun?

Huh? What's with the Guns?? I thought this was the Gorn Forum.

Kevn Lembo Needs Our Help

DADT survey wording draws fire from some gays

Study concludes mice can be turned lesbian

Anybody wanna shower with a lesbian chick?

Today in Labor History July 11, A 9 year strike wins a fair contract, Pinkertons blown to hell

Judges' rulings won't save jobs

A Murder At Sunset... And More

I Spy A Heron

Steampunkery (Barclay House)

more from the arboretum

Some interesting developments in Israel ...

Dating Compatibility Based on HLA DNA.

'Biggest canal ever built by Romans' discovered

Netanyahu: Only US Military Threats Can Stop Iran From Making Nukes

Jews reluctantly abandon Swedish city amid growing anti-Semitism

Eckhart Tolle on current economic situation


Poll question: Sunday July 11, 2010: PEMS Scale Poll :)

Richochetastroman, you are right about 2010 changes!!!

Could use your help with "wellness" categories

How can I put this delicately (question about eclipse)

Free hugs to Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah"

Eclipse on Easter Island accompanied with drumming.

Aromatherapy Works! Jasmine as Powerful as Valium in New Study

Study: Exercise, tea and vitamin D to ward off dementia

BMI and Waist Hip Ratios

China’s Trade Surplus Widens in June, Adding Pressure on Yuan

Russian Oligarchs Weigh Succession as ‘Bears’ Prowl for Fortune

Shareholders fight back over executive pay and bonuses(UK)

Shadow Banking Report

The greatest depression in history is just around the corner...