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Kagan Distances Herself From Left-Leaning Movements

Australia’s political coup leaders and their big business connections

Avandia Under Review Again by FDA Because of Heart Attack Risks

New York City subway and bus cuts take effect

Alvin Green cleared in registration fee

Still counting heads on FinReg bill..

Did you know that you can't leave a pricinct with a copy of your ballot?

When is the next Deepwater Horizon type catastrophe?

"Would you feel comfortable showering in an open bay shower in front of a known homosexual?"

NYT Letter: U.S. Needs Parallel To British Inquiry On Torture

Dogs, please control your humans

Ignorant, carpetbagging Rand Paul: Local governments

Obama Administration Caters to Big Coal by Refusing to Call Largest Coal Region a Coal Region

What exactly do you take "politics of fear" to mean?

Denmark’s Conservative-Liberal coalition imposes major spending cuts

time to go: Gen. Petraeus runs into resistance from Karzai over village defense forces

Biden on spy swap: ‘I thought they’d take Rush Limbaugh’

Vinca flower floats in brown, oily sludge (pic)

Venezuelans oppose Chávez attempt to nationalize private food company

75 years ago: FDR signs Wagner Act (right to unionize, collective bargaining, strike) into law

It's easy for soldiers to score heroin in Afghanistan.

We Need Some Journalists With Guts to Take on the Government and BP! (Dave Lindorff)

Georgia Republicans are coming down with a serious case of Arizona envy

Disaster Capitalism Hits Europe (and the US is Next)

Wow, Mitt Romney getting pummelled over his stupid Op-Ed

Stop Stoning!

In This Article, I Show How Easy It Is For Peaceful People to Violate the Patriot Act and Face 15 Ye

damned 'dick morris' pop-up i keep getting on my mac

Solar powered Light bulb...

Robert Reich: The Vanishing American Consumer and the Coming Trade War

Freepers: Pray for Mel Gibson, whose manipulative girlfriend seduced him and ruined his family

A Way Forward: Reexamining the Pentagon's Spending Habits

Boeing 757, 767, 777 Cockpit Windows Ordered Inspected, Replaced by U.S.

Civilian Deaths Rise as Afghan Fight Intensifies

We did it, we showed the world'

LOL! Tancredo toon

LOL! Tancredo toon

Gay Marriage, the Old School Way

GOP Sen. Bennett predicts Reid win in NV

(Former MMS head Johnnie) Burton defends MMS record

So BP says it will be able to retrive 80,000 barrels

A zombie ideology that refuses to die.

Right-winger calls for impeachment of Obama for "teaching terrorists about rockets"

Wall Street Journal columnist basically sez "The poor should pay more so the rich can play more"

Installing new and improved gusher cap will take 7-10 days..


Update from the Gulf: Day 82. Don't Forget Us

Texas Rangers (baseball team) are broke - to be sold

Can anyone recommend Credo phone service? Who here on DU uses them and are they good?

Residents outraged: BP dumping oily waste in Gulf landfills

Clarence Thomas's nephew tased and beaten.

Petition to save Sakineh and end capital punishment by stoning

Mel Gibson audio recording UNCENSORED WOW!!!!!!

Legion offices distance selves from AJ Cinco de Mayo ban

Legion offices distance selves from AJ Cinco de Mayo ban

Photos of planet earth from space

Photos of planet earth from space

Does Cokie Roberts have a side-gig with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce?

Orange County charter school says it's exempt from state laws, free speech doesn't apply to charters

Head Wreck talks to the shrink. PLease come CAPTION!!!!

Blizzard backs down over gamers using real names

Give the guy a diploma, and he's ready to squirt. Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!!

California prison labor program is thriving

California prison labor program is thriving

One day we are in a double dip recession ..the next day we are recovering quite

Could someone kindly assist my old brain as to how to post pics. I have one I would like to share.

Judge slashes downloading penalty

NLRB Ruling Boosts Workers Seeking Union Election at Foxwoods Resort Casino

Michelle Alexander - US Prisons, The New Jim Crow

Pentagon defends survey on gays in military

Ca. State Supreme Court ruling favors unions

Federal court case regarding postal carrier "driving from the passenger seat"

87-year-old woman dies after standoff with deputies, who shoot her with a stun gun

HAY! I just got polled by CBS News! It was quite a long poll.

Obama May Have Worn Out His Welcome On Capitol Hill - LATimes

Vatican Rules: Ordaining Women Priests a Crime Like Sex Abuse

as much as I hated people celebrating the death of George Tiller

Illegal Workers Swept From Jobs in ‘Silent Raids’

Bill O'Reilly, Sarah Palin divided on illegal immigration

Considering the complete and utter failure of every single item on the Republican policy platform

Bek Younuhvercity

Vets,Active Duty,et al-I am looking for info on deployment/dwell time

Seafarers International Union VP: A Union On Deep Water Horizon May Have Averted Gulf Tragedy

They talk about tax burdens; What about increase in Hidden/Stealth Tax Increases?

The right wing are the enemy...and the record shows it

Toyota chief hopes to lead company past crisis

Live video of BP's new operation to cap the Gulf oil spill

Does BP make you sick?

Conservative right set to spend $200M & U.S.C.ofC $75M in fall's elections

Classic example of the small minded, bigoted mentality over at Freerepublic

Can we finish something started on Thom Hartmann weeks ago?

We must strike against the "Foreign Law Breakers" for the sake of the homeland!

A question about transfering unemployment benefits if you move.

Germany Uruguay for third fourth in World Cup

Pollstar reports concert & music tour revenue down

"Kagan has finally found a standing Supreme Court decision she's willing to publicly denounce."

Reagan's legacy: poverty, homelessness

Holding Big Business accountable to Democracy

Great news for foreclosure victims.........

Been doing some reading today, reread this.

Child Walks thru spinning hula hoop - amazing video

ICE gave me the cold shoulder

It is 2016 --Americans are in the Streets yelling and screaming,

Rescued racehorse makes most of 2nd chance

More bipartisan death in Afghanistan. 6 US troops dead today. 23 US troops this month.

Capitalism, the economic system that drives society, is off-limits to critical review or discussion.

To those not voting in 2012, are you comfortable letting the GOP pick two Supreme Court justices?

Wall St. Hiring in Anticipation of an Economic Recovery

Progress vs. Accommodation--Lakoff On Getting Beyond Disaster Messaging - OpenLeft

Boston judge cuts penalty in song-sharing case - now only $2,000 per song

Toxicologist: Oil/Corexit mix caused heart trouble, organ damage, rectal bleeding

GD being attacked by Lounge Lizards

Pamela Bridgewater is the new US AMbassador to Jamaica

USDA Study Estimates Weight Loss if Sugar Drinks are Taxed

NYT OP ED: Restoring a Hallowed Vision

Douchebag Manifesto

The Poor Always Pay


Time: U.S. Missiles Deployed Near China Send a message

surge update: 6 U.S. service members among 9 people killed in Afghanistan

I Love Joe Biden....Funny Man.

Superdelegates' Clout CURBED? Democrats Propose Less

Why does CNN like pairing up Ron Paul and Barney Frank?

Sunday Talk Shows, Rachel on Meet The Press

Feingold's opponent owns about a quarter of a million dollars in BP stock

Speaking Of Political Types Posting On The Internet

Protesters Blast Ariz. Gov. At Boston Meeting

Protesters Blast Ariz. Gov. At Boston Meeting

Alvin Greene (candidate for senator in SC) finally has a campaign website

Kitten Rescued From Storm Drain by Orlando Policeman

Memo to Congress: Unemployment Trumps Everything

Boy, if you are not a complete ass kisser Toyota will come right after you

I need help answering this email...Any suggestions are appreciated.

Obama can't shake gay-rights fights

LucasFilm Tells Darth Vader that Return of the Jedi Hasn’t Made a Profit!?

Close Encounters of the Hotel Kind (Intersection of Religion and Politics?)

Why would a person falsely confess to murder?

Marijuana: Is there anything it can't do?

In the unit where you had a leader you believe to be gay or lesbian, about how many other unit

In the unit where you had a leader you believe to be gay or lesbian, about how many other unit

In the unit where you had a leader you believe to be gay or lesbian, about how many other unit

Zebra Attempts to Change Stripes Before Prison

Rush Limbaugh Speaks Up for Happy Meals, MSG, 'Real Food'

Shit!If you have time:Actions Needed to Improve the Reliability of Afghan Security Force Assessments

The carnage in Iraq continues.

Book TV, c-span2 Sunday, Nader and A. Napolitano; interesting.

Oil unleashed temporarily in attempt to contain it

Why do American Airlines charge for bags on international flights and most others don't?

EcoFactor rolls out first 'smart' thermostats

Bill Gates: Most Dangerous Man in America

A Mel Gibson-Republican-Hollywood Observation....

The greatest science "scandal" "in the history of man" predictably falls apart

I could find it easy to support rioters if they destroyed the right things....

Headless bodies and other immigration tall tales in Arizona

This is not about Sarah Palin.

This is not about Sarah Palin.

Tell CNN: Stop echoing FOX's race-baiting

More Mel Gibson tapes out there - uses another racial slur, the w-word

Appeals Court Upholds Order to Keep Plants Open (won't throw 1,000 workers in the street)

What's New in Baltimore? Police rampages, that's what.

FDL: AFL-CIO Commits Sin of Asking Real People About Economy

Now we really have to feel bad for these people...NOT!!!

Ethan Mccord: My memories of “collateral Murder” by someone who was there

Needs More Galbraith - OpenLeft

Wildlife Tragedy

More Help for Veterans with PTSD starting Monday -Obama radio address

More Help for Veterans with PTSD starting Monday -Obama radio address

Does anyone else not buy the new Palin "Mama Grizzly" branding?

OP based on something

has anyone traveled to Australia?

Psychic octopus has predited World Cup winner for 2010

Heritage gives free pocket Constitution

Nate the Neocon runs his family like a corporation...

Why do republicans love stupid people?

One more good report about the World Cup

Let his little boy die, hid him in cement in a trash can, organized parties on facebook just after.

Let his little boy die, hid him in cement in a trash can, organized parties on facebook just after.

The cost of our "necessary" wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

An observation about the conservatives and unemployment:

Thoughts on Faisal Shahzad (Time Square Bomber) from the son of a convicted terrorist .

The Optimism of Uncertainty

PHOTO: irony at a BP gas station

PHOTO: irony at a BP gas station

Bank of America Says $10.7 Billion of Trades Wrongly Classified

Venezuela arrests 2 for banking rumour Tweets

On Afghanistan, the DNC Does Not Speak for Me

Think Globally, Privatize Locally: Public Education Is Under Attack Around the World

Debt collectors are getting desperate and dirty

And Marijuana Remains Illegal

You can almost see the steam coming from her ears: Palin gets skewered by BOR again..

Lurching further to the right: Obama admin denies visa to Colombian human rights journalist

Study: Organic, Cage-Free Eggs No Healthier Than Factory

Check out Rachel Maddow's High School Yearbook Picture....

Conservatives' phony scandal of the week: The Obama Justice Department and the New Black Panther Par

No Mystery About Childhood Obesity Here

Where did the meme that Obama made a "back-room" deal

I want the name of whichever service member leaked the goddamn DADT survey to the press

Kevin Costner's oil skimmer to work in fouled Gulf

Favorite Dumbass Republican Quotes

If the owner of my company could buy slaves...I think he would.

Watch the BP ROV Under Sea Cams...Thread # 31

Do I have this right? If I'm a gay soldier and want to shower, I'm supposed to find a "chaplain"?

Can someone help me out on this illegal immigrant issue (seriously)....

‘What Would You Do If a Gay or Lesbian Were In Your Shower?’

Fact check: Obama had nothing to do with inflammatory DADT Survey

Fact check: Obama had nothing to do with inflammatory DADT Survey

Praising New Orleans for union-busting. Attacking houston public schools & praising anti-union KIPP.

How did TSA miss this one?

We adopted a beagle rescue

Iowa Lt. Gov. candidate not sure illegal abortion would warrant death penalty.

Iowa Lt. Gov. candidate not sure illegal abortion would warrant death penalty.

Requiem for the Antiwar Movement by Cindy Sheehan

Can you give an example of a person who isn't included among "World Majority Peoples"?

Leon Panetta and his spouse have an organization: The Panetta Institute

Since Ayn Rand has been the subject of some discussion lately:

How Many Workers Can You Hire for the Price of One CEO?

I'll make a deal with all the Obama defenders on the DADT survey.

There are wages americans won't work for...

Government Awakens from Coma: Forces BP to Contain the Well

Bright green house leaves the neighbors in earth tone houses livid

Bright green house leaves the neighbors in earth tone houses livid

Clinton's new McMansion???

"If a wartime situation made it necessary for you to share an open-bay shower with a gay..."

Shocking moment dolphin desperate to escape captivity leaps out of its own tank during marine show

Shocking moment dolphin desperate to escape captivity leaps out of its own tank during marine show

That DADT Survey? it really makes all the fuss over DADT sound pretty silly, IMO

a quick fact about toilet paper...

Does BP Own the Gulf of Mexico?

Unedited Rushes of Everything Shot by the BBC in Afghanistan Over the Last Thirty Years (Wow)

Must Watch - The Vuvuzela Concert by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

I have NEVER smoked pot and NEVER will........

Multiple heat waves cap Earth’s warming trend -- Record highs outpace record lows

Disaster Capitalism Hits: Governments using "deficits" to push rightwing anti-worker policy goals

Kissing Goodbye to the Zeitgeist of Unhappy.

Is this an example of why the term "Soviet Canuckistan" is sometimes used for Canada?

Poll question: Should I fuck the flame out?

MODS: I am trying to confined my desperate and hopeless bullshit to one thread now...


I would post this jpeg if it did not give away my identity.

I don't ask anything of anyone in here....

So, I was in my teens...few years after my dad died.

70's Sci-Fi!

*****take a picture of yourself in the fucking mirror thread*******

My friend ask to be the minister for her mother's funeral, her mother is in hospice.


Here's some fucking pictures for you.

*********Picture thread*************

This is my fucking leg, so shut the fuck up.

I hate the Circle of Life!!!


********* MUSIC THREAD************

That's right

Holy Fuck!

Kiss my fucking hairy Italian ass.

I saw tarballs.

Working on my 3rd cold one.

If it were about 10 pm...

Oh, I hope I did not disturb your shitfucking PM's. n/t

Mostly I'm just trying to knock LeftyFingerPop off the front page.

I saw Torballs...

Have to post at least one Sat night blues song....

One last thing before I go to bed.

I must say...


Time for another rousing rendition of treat people right or fuck of completely.

Men: You ever feel like just another in a very long line?

*****Music a youtube that is hidden snark*****

I'm really sorry for making a fool of myself in the lounge tonight.

Face it, Pop-Dude. We're almost the only ones posting anything.

So no one told you life was gonna be this way...

Let's battle!

What's missing from this picture?


I guess I have cornbread for brains.

Ya ever been used for sex?

Last one in......

Last one in......

Welp, you've had a good run, Holland, but you may as well pack it up.


Your FAVORITE hard-assed, tough talking detective...Dirty Harry or Encyclopedia Brown?

Bacon Chicken Narwhal

A real trainwreck.

It's 9:18 a.m., 74° F., and I'm gonna go have a Saturday.

I like to return to Montana by webcam. Lake McDonald and the Continental Divide:


Watch your back.

WOW Gamers: should I start a character late at this stage


The last big Powerball jackpot winner ($262 mil) does it right.

We ALL want the best for our children and our potatoes.

I have to watch Avatar now, can't wait but is it really 2 hrs. and 42 minutes.

Worst Date movie you actually took a date to...


run buttocks run

Australians shoot each other in backside 'to see if it would hurt'

World Cup Consolation Game

Need recommendations for a good book...

Maybe I'll put on a disguise and come visit you tonight.

Are you a fan of Karl Farbman?

All of the other veggies...

Yanno how babies ages are given in months? How many months old are YOU?

Netflix dvd's tonight.

Maggots on a Plane

No matter what you do, you will walk alone.



Flesh Eating Maggots Attack U.S.

Serious question: anyone heard from LeftyFingerPop?

Arbitron tv and radio questionnaire

When was the last time you ate corn on the cob raw, right off the stalk?

My favorite song done live in Morocco

Roy Rogers’ dead horse Trigger may go for $200,000

If your company had one of those walking on hot coals team building events, would you participate?

There was this kid in school when I was in fourth grade...

Let It Go, Let It Flow

Maybe tonight I'll look for... .. ... you know...

Call me a pessimist, but I don't think I'll be needin' to go shopping before I go out tonight.


Hot Property

Rain. In Los Angeles. On July 10th. It never rains here in July.

Post your favorite edge-of-your-seat suspenseful movie scenes

Mike Judge to (Possibly) Bring Back "Beavis and Butt-Head"

Betty White calendar! All proceeds to benefit The Morris Animal Foundation

How good are you at the "Who's that know the one..." game? Because I've got a tough one.


Did you ever have a palm or tarot card reading?

My auntie Terese died this morning.

Wanna go bowling?

Where were you 50 years ago?

My apologies, and my thanks.

As a Straight Male, can I privately lust after this?

Undoubtedly, tomorrow morning I'll look back... and just like Tom Waits...


Wow. Trying to knock LeftyFingerPop of the front page is hard work.

People suck

The Army saw MiddleFingerMom as a GREAT medic, but as a soldier... ... ...

When was the last time you ate dog or cat food?

Do you have to heat up canned sardines?

How much are you trying to save for retirement

Gun owners, and gun shooters. Neighborly question....

Just discovered the poems of Percy Bysshe Shelley...

Favorite Rock Hudson movie

It is TIME ladies and gentleman for the annual "Running of the Smilies"

Am I out of line (re: Koreans and feet)?

With apologies, LOLcats will be taking tomorrow off.

Is there a city or region of the US you have no desire to visit?

Obama to Open Up 1.8 Million Alaskan Acres to Oil Drilling

Ahmadinejad questions 'fairy tale' Holocaust, denies being anti-Semite

Venezuela arrests 2 for banking rumour Tweets

It's easy for soldiers to score heroin in Afghanistan.

Child Hit by Stray Bullet

Obama To Open Up 1.8 Million Alaskan Acres To Oil Drilling

Brown pressed Senate leader on slots

EcoFactor rolls out first 'smart' thermostats

1.8M acres of Alaska drilling leases go up for bid

6 US Service Members Killed in Afghanistan

Obama can't shake gay-rights fights

Turtles found slain; nests worry activists

Attempt to derail train prompts reward offer

Gen. Petraeus runs into resistance from Karzai over village defense forces

US Will Announce New Drilling Moratorium Soon

Labor ups the pressure on GOP centrists ahead of July session

Psychology group backs CIA detainee abuse claim

Toyota lashed out at instructor during big recall

BP removes oil well cap to install new containment system (oil gushes freely)

Feds say new cap could 'contain' Gulf leak by Monday

'Don't ask' survey called biased

Guillermo Zuloaga, critic of Venezuela president, in US

Wall St. Hiring in Anticipation of an Economic Recovery

Civilian deaths rise as Afghan fight intensifies

Seventh lawsuit filed over Ariz. immigration law

Venezuelans oppose Chávez attempt to nationalize private food company

Five US soldiers killed in Afghanistan attacks

It's fun to kill in Afghanistan, says top US commander

President Obama says country must help vets with PTSD

Illegal Workers Swept From Jobs in ‘Silent Raids’

Is DC similar to a plantation since the people there have no representation in congress

Obama stumps for Reid, defends economic policies

Illegal Workers Swept From Jobs in ‘Silent Raids’

Right wing wackos playing the race card BIG TIME right now.

WI GOP congressman supporting Ron Johnson surprised that Johnson supports Great Lakes oil drilling.

NM man set on fire after losing drinking bet

Richard Lugar on unemployment benefits extensions

Baghdad kills 58,000 stray dogs in 3-month span

Finish line in sight for major financial overhaul

Pleeeeeeese help me respond, my blood is boiling and I have to reply.....

Obama and DOMA: Will the President Do the Right Thing?

WP: Headless bodies and other immigration tall tales in Arizona

Short-Sighted - Why do some liberals refuse to admit Obama is a change agent?

Obama can't shake gay-rights fights

Corbett says some rather get unemployment checks than work

San Diego ACORN Worker Suing 'Undercover Pimp' James O'Keefe and Pals

Listening to my "Vice President" on Leno right now...

POLITICO: W.H. works to flip anti-business rep

Please sign this petition: Tell CNN to stop echoing FOX News

New Palin biography aimed at 9- to 12-year-olds

Even more terrific Obama work, going completely unnoticed

Even more terrific Obama work, going completely unnoticed

Wherein I Give Mad Props to President Obama...because someone has to

If not the Democrats, then whom? I for one am looking so forward to kicking GOBP ass this fall !

Sen. Robert C. Byrd: Will the Circle be Unbroken?

Unemployment Extension..The time is NOW!

Unemployment Extension Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Ant that ate the Economy

Coast Guard Video: Flaming BP Oil Disaster At Night

The Mad Republican Tea Party

7 Lies In Under 2 Minutes

Sea Shepherd at Deepwater Ground Zero. ***Exclusive footage***

Unemployment Extension Friday July 9 2010 HR4213, S3520, HR5618. 4th of July recess is over


Unemployment Extension Update Friday, July 9, 2010

Obama Visits Electric Car Company

Young Turks: Right Wing Says LeBron James In Miami Over Taxes? BS!

Fire on the Water

The Government Stole My Christmas

Well, Well, Well

Obama Cutting Red Tape For US Vets

Toronto Neighborhod Defends G20 Activists

Canon Wonder Camera Concept (Amazing peek at the not so distant future)

Is Any Deep Water Drilling Safe?

nothing compares to weed

Can Republicans Simply Defund Health Reform in November?

Max Keiser: "On The Edge" 'Lets impose trade sanctions on Britain until they clean up BP's mess'


World Cup Struttin'

Olbermann: Rick Steiner on BP - 'You Don't Build Fire Truck While House is on Fire'

Young Turks: Man Calls Out GOP Senator At Town Hall

AFL-CIO's Trumka Says U.S. Should Extend Jobless Aid

Maddow Show: Wealthy's Strategic Mortgage Defaults - Repubs Go After Little Folks Only


I Read Some Marx (And I Liked It)


Gulf toxicologist: Shrimpers exposed to Corexit bleeding from the rectum

Verdict on unfair marriage law highlights need for repeal

Interview: How Our Economy is Killing the Earth

Redefining Marriage

Gay Marriage the Old-School Way-Judge Joseph Tauro's courageous ruling in favor of same-sex marriage

The Vanishing American Consumer and the Coming Trade War

Teachers unions at the crossroads

Pfizer: The Drug Giant That Makes Bank from Drugs That Can Kill You

Obama and DOMA: Will the President Do the Right Thing?

Unemployment benefits might end for long-term unemployed

Facing extinction: The "responsible Republican"

I Am Hobo

Obama's Blunder in Honduras

The World As They Knew It

The travel noose tightens around Kissinger

Kabuki Democracy: Why a Progressive Presidency Is Impossible, for Now--("The Nation")

Volcker Pushes for Reform, Regretting Past Silence

Dead for a Century, Twain Says What He Meant

None of Us Were Like This Before: Six Questions for Joshua Phillips

Weekend Economist for July 10 - 11, 2010: We RIDE!

Obama’s “jobs program”: Poverty wages and mass unemployment

Hollywood star shows how aid can help Haiti

Southern California faults are feeling the pressure. Seismologists are increasingly concerned that

My Kind of Loyalty

Van Jones was in the White House six months longer than YOU!

BP Headquarters

Greenland Glacier Shrinks Overnight

UN To Recognize Fundamental Human Right To Water

Spain Loses!!!

Cliff Lee Roughed up by....THE BALTIMORE ORIOLES

Sole possession of 2nd place. One game behind. 11 games above .500. 6 in a row...

I'm going to miss the vesuvelas. Seriously. This last month has been awesome!

World Cup refs 96 percent accurate, 4 percent awful

LeBron's mural coming down in Cleveland

Vuvuzela vs. Jabulani

The "Three Kings" ..... the greatest 3 players ever on same team?

Jim Gray paid to kiss LeBronidict's ass!

3rd Place Game: Uruguay-Germany

Area activists extend hand across Cuban embargo

Two arrested for bank rumour Tweets

Nicaragua to Experience One of its Best Agricultural Production Cycles

Obama's Blunder in Honduras

Oliver Stone on Thom Hartmann on Friday, 10-7-10 (link to segment)

The travel noose tightens around Kissinger

Communist Young People Boost Food Production in Camagüey

Nearly 2,000 Young Students to Graduate from Med University

A moment from a blogger to share with all the many fans of Simon Romero!

Intertesting story on the new "Big 3"

Indigenous community letter sent to President Morales regarding the right to consultation


Guillermo Zuloaga, critic of Venezuela president, in US

New photos of smiling Fidel Castro posted on Web

3 charged with holding Cubans for ransom in Mexico

The Wealth of a Nation

UN To Recognize Fundamental Human Right To Water

Let's make a collection of the fake stories about Chavez.

Armed robbery suspect in critical condition after gun battle at Macon store

Child Hit by Stray Bullet

Man hoping to open gun stores in Loop, Lincoln Park sues city

Clerk kills robber at Monroe convenience store

Accidental loss of gun could lead to charges!

The Second Amendment is not a "civil right"

For those that think the militia clause restricts 2A to the militia.

I will admit I was wrong when I said the NRA tried to defeat 90% of the democrats!

Pentagon Sustains Heavy Fire Over DADT Survey

Anybody want a shower with a gay guy?

UAW, coalition push jobs, workplace rules

Another week, another 300,000 unemployed lose their federal unemployment benefits while senators tak

AFL-CIO's Trumka Says U.S. Should Extend Jobless Aid: Video

Today in Labor History July 10 Explosion @ coal mine in Johnstown, Pa., kills 112 & much more

NLRB rules hotel unlawfully fired 14 workers

Blackstone Hotel violated labor laws: judge (Feature story with photo of hotel)

National Labor Relations Board Charges Daycon With Violations of Labor Law

CEPR Says American Workers Are Enduring Longest, Highest Unemployment Since The Great Depression

Panama: Protester killed, 100 people hurt in clash between striking banana workers and police

Victory for Workers at Scoop NYC (7/7/10)

UFCW President Hansen Pledges Support of 1.4 Million Members (7/8/10)

Striking Shaw’s Workers Reach Agreement (walked out March 7)

Daily Kos: Unions fight for justice for everybody

I need a favor.....

Looking for a site like Flickr for business listings, taggable, embeddable in HTML

Saturday random shots. (pic heavy)

Still testing new camera...

Canon EOS Rebel T1i - do you have this what is your opinion

Mapping Ancient Civilization, in a Matter of Days

ESA's Rosetta Probe Flies by Asteroid 21 Lutetia Today!

Gene switches sexual desires of female mice

Palestinian villagers fear Israel's separation barrier will mean death knell for their hamlet

Obama has ways and means to check on Netanyahu

New dino named: Mojoceratops perifania

Dark Matter May Be Building Up Inside the Sun

Poll question: Saturday July 10, 2010: PEMS Scale Poll :)

Cool site I found, and footage of a crop circle in California.

Visit from animal totem (again)

Humanity Healing Network: "Survival Guide to Energy Shifts During Eclipses"

Finally found out when my kitteh was born. :-)

A lovely sharing in GD:

Looking for advice about "trigger finger" syndrome (in my thumb)

Hookworms As A Treatment For Autoimmune Diseases???

Factory Efficiency Comes to the Hospital

Terry Savage Gets FREE Gin and Tacos...

Is The Fed Funding The Treasury Through The Banks?

Wealthy Reap Rewards While Those Who Work Lose

"I feel your pain" my ass!

The IMF Black Helicopter Gang Wants Your Social Security