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Archives: June 30, 2010

I am resorting to a bit of a nuclear option myself, day eleven

Colbert asked Julian Castro, the mayor of San Antonio, Texas

kindra arneson has disappeared from you tube?

Globe and Mail: ‘Weapons’ seized in G20 arrests not what they seem

From Wall St. to Washington, with love

Granny shocked by police stun gun in bed sues

Democrats seek to extend emergency jobless benefits

Here is what I find amazing

AZ Law--"American-style ethnic cleansing"?

Dangerous Afghan highway threatens NATO supply flow

Right-Wing Groups Use Decline Of White Birthrates To Stoke Fear Of Homosexuality, Feminism, Abortion

Stephen Colbert Destroys Fox -- June 28

Italy seeks to end ban of crucifix in classrooms

Italy seeks to end ban of crucifix in classrooms

Iraq Inquiry Hears Of Police Force Chaos

Posted without comment.

Imported brides rise as money mixes Asian marriages

Winning conservative hearts and minds

Larry King provided a service that was obvious, often derided, and often praised.

I agree

the 24 types of libertarian

Maybe it's early, but Boehner says raise retirement age to 70...where's the Dem response?!?!

Health of Exxon Valdez cleanup workers was never studied

Health of Exxon Valdez cleanup workers was never studied

Question about Social Security

Angle Rejects Abortion For Rape Victims: "Sometimes God Has A Plan"

" 'John Edwards's Daughter: Our Lives Were 'Savaged' "

Chuck Todd needs a new brain. Case in point:

First hurricane of season hits BP oil spill clean-up

Research 2000 Issues Cease & Desist Order to FiveThirtyEight

DOE Awards $24 Million for Algal Biofuels Research - End the War & Spend more!

UK DUers, what does this mean for you

gop 'concerned' about Cantor's ambition-colleagues question his motives

BP: Beyond Prosecution

UK government wins ruling to limit troops' human rights

The Tea Party Pillow Talk with SCOTUS

Wisconsin Supreme Court upholds gay marriage ban

Documents reveal more in fraud case against former GOP chairman Jim Greer

OK. Raising SS retirement age needs to become a big campaign issue starting NOW. Ask both Rs and Ds

Senator FRANKEN's unrealistic caricature of Jefferson Beauregard SESSIONS, III

Carrie Prejean is getting 'opposite married' this Friday

Mansion Foreclosures Surge

Bachmann: ‘I Don’t Want The United States To Be In A Global Economy’

Republican candidate for governor: State shouldn't contribute to 401(k)s

Kline (R-MN) complains proposed mine safety legislation ... too ‘expansive

You know the French are in the Streets protesting the retirement age

Michelle Bachmamma is so stupid...

Michelle Bachmamma is so stupid...

Tragic, just tragic. Toddler dies at NFL great's home,

BP in the Gulf - the Persian Gulf

The Rude Pundit - Conservatives to the Poor and Elderly: Suck on Our Deficit

Bankruptcy Protection For GUNS!

Graham v Kagan: SC GOP has history of making sure voters feel uncomfortable with Jewish candidates.

Hate or Dislike Bachmann??Tarryl Clark ..She has a Real Chance against Bachmann

BPs new and improved 10 Commandments

The 24 Types of Libertarian

Maine bomb maker blew himself up real good

Department of Energy: Segments of Oil Well Casing Violently Ejected Upwards Into the Blowout Prevent

Have you ever gotten a job you weren't qualified for?

Outsourcing Security: Defense Manufacturing Goes the Way of the Automobile

I don't know guys looks like the whole prayer thing is working....

Gillard won't play religion card

Geithner's NY Fed, Kept Quiet Its Big Concessions to Big Banks & Ignored Viable Alternatives

Who remembers Claude? I remember Claude. Some of the "chatter" of late makes me really miss him.

Pass extension of emergency unemployment benefits, damnit!

A letter to the Gulf Coast- It's Nothing Personal (From BP)

So . . . . nobody had a question about General Dave? Nobody? No reservations at all?

"OPEN?" To quote Palin "in what respect?" This apparently is


NASA to Do More Flights to Measure Change in BP Oil-Spill Size

Has Tweety been as "appalled" by Mark Kirk (R-IL) as he was when Blumenthal's misspoke on military

Toyota acceleration cases need fuller review, NHTSA chief says

Former Michigan state House speaker faces gun charge (Party of family values strikes again)

Curious, what was the ratio of Viet Cong to American troops in Vietnam?

Strikes in China hit Toyota, Honda suppliers

Kuwaiti court convicts liberal politician of slandering PM

digby: Who Are These People? (Dems who voted against unemployment extension)

Leahy predicts confirmation

Obama Slams GOP For Obstructing Wall Street Reform, Being Out Of Touch On The Economy

"I am against the moratorium but I think we should put a hold on deep water drilling until we know

Joe Klein Cannot Read

Repubs vote "no" again - this time about ending TARP funding EARLY!

Dying for a PR win from Afghan war - The Australian/Australia

Cancer patient fired for using medical marijuana

Bennett: The GOP Is A Party Of Slogans, Not Ideas

And this is the party that the American people may support in larger numbers this fall!?

A Short History of BP

I need a response to an email about taxes and "Obamacare"

Urge Action on HR 5618 to Restore Jobless Benefits

Here is the best, most comprehensive link I have found for High Risk Pool info for all states.

McCain wants to repeal the Jones Act for a made-up Fox News "problem"

US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald wins in case Jon Burge, Chicago Police Commander who used Torture

David Cameron agrees terms of UK torture inquiry

Area Man Passionate Defender of What He Imagines Constitution to Be

Senate Republicans block measure to provide additional benefits to homeless veterans.

Dear American Seniors and Seniors-To-Be:

Editor of American Atheist magazine claims church/christian daycare is a form of child abuse.

Reid: One vote shy on extending unemployment

What is the mindset of our representatives who vote against the unemployment benefits extension?

If you missed this last night, you missed a good one: BLAME

Wow! The man behind the curtain has really done it this time!!

The Mythology Surrounding Petraeus' Surge In Iraq Will Keep Us Trapped In Afghanistan

Number of times Jesus Christ mentioned homosexuality?

Do you think you will make as much money (in real non-inflation adjusted dollars)

Do you think you will make as much money (in real non-inflation adjusted dollars)

Do you think you will make as much money (in real non-inflation adjusted dollars)

OBAMA SPEAKING IN RACINE, WI on the economy - dissing Boehner

Arizona Corporation Commission candidate wants to cut power to undocumented immigrants

Democrats add teacher money to war funding bill

Things that I cannot wrap my tiny head around...

Who cares if Illinois is broke & voters will be confused if Roland Burris can be tossed from office

Get to know Democrat Justin Coussoule running against Republican John Boehner

I liked Leahy's confidence that Kagen "Will Be Confirmed"

Updated Niemuller

Tell your daughters DUers

Maybe I'm too goddamn simple and stupid to comment on politics. That must be it.

BP: Beyond Prosecution (Mother Jones)

Good interviewer exposes Ginrgich hypocrisy on environment

Ancient whale had big teeth, possibly ate other whales

Hey, nice marmot!

Gulf spill can't rival oil seepage from cities - (article on front page of Arizona Repulsive)

The Profile of a Terrorist

Tea party Jesus. Doubleplus good

Sure, raise retirement age! Who cares that unemployment for older rose 331% in the last decade!

Some 70,000 turtle eggs to be whisked far from oil

Scarborough: ‘Every Republican I Talk To On The Hill’ Tells Me John Boehner ‘Is Not A Hard Worker"

Alright which reichwing douchebag got the goosesteppers

"The Pollyannas of Offshore Drilling" - Calls Out Bobby Jindal!

Congratulations, your misery is fueling the economy!

BUSTED: The Citizen's Guide to Surviving Police Encounters & Don't Talk to Cops

BUSTED: The Citizen's Guide to Surviving Police Encounters & Don't Talk to Cops

Sony recalls over 500,000 Vaio laptops

Hey look what was posted in freeperland In a thread about aborting gay babies

Jobs Market Barely Budges in June as Hiring Stays Weak

Today is the funeral for Prescott Bush.

Here in the Tampa Bay area we are getting the outer bands of

Duers, can I get some help contrasting the VA hospital system to privatized hospitals?

U.S. Senate panel votes to end oil spill liability cap (err, except Max Baucus)

For those watching the oil leak cams...

Did Sen. Tom Coburn make any statement about the passing of Sen. Byrd after he prayed for

Franken Slams Comcast-NBC Universal Merger During Kagan Q&A

A much needed upgrade to DU

Thank you, Rand Paul (from a historian)

Harry Reid and Nancy should refuse to recess for the 4th of July holiday until the unemployment

What is it about Toy Story 3 that makes grown men cry?

Waxman to push carbon limits in conference if Senate falls short

E-Mails to my Senators: DEFEAT ELENA KAGAN.

Ok, Chris is being good today... handing this Teabagger his ASS! n/m

“Let us hear that concern. We are not hearing it." On Police Blackout of "justified" shooting

Are you boycotting BP stations/should boycotters contact their BP station in person to complain?

Is Gov. Bobby Jindal Sabotaging Gulf Efforts for Political Gain?

Robert Bobb (Broad grad) fires Detroit Public Schools' Superintendent - economic reasons

Robert Bobb (Broad grad) fires Detroit Public Schools' Superintendent - economic reasons

Who wants to help defeat John Boehner? He has a challenger for November:

Ahh! The air smells better in here already!

Franken will give Sessions the picture he drew of him

So, I'm watching Glenn Beck and I've noticed that he's worse than a 1st grade teacher now.


Deepwater Horizon Response Image Gallery

Science Blogs, Libertarians and cartoons. Lots of fun

C-SPAN cameras won't film Byrd's last Senate appearance

I've had it with the MF Maggots on this MF Plane - Forced back to Gate Atlanta

I'm going to make sure to watch Rachel tonight.

Teabaggers' Star Wars ambitions

Is Howard Stern going to get the Larry King job?

What the TV show COPS would look like, if I produced an episode:

dupe, delete nt

Does anyone know what goes on during the "Closed Session" portion of the Confirmation Hearing?

Prediction: Kagan will be confirmed easily.

The glorious myth of "female Viagra" By Mark Morford

Torture victim wins right to appeal over British complicity

"The Big Event" !! Deathbed confession on the JFK assassination and no official investigation?

"Corruption Road: How Corporate Money and Astroturf Pollute Media Policy."

Republicans add to child hunger, and Limbaugh laughs

Russian spy suspect missing, Cyprus police say

BP-to-Goldman Boards Becoming Hot Seats for Conflicted College Presidents

Sen. McConnell Speaks Out About Oil Spill (Dumbass Alert)

Toyota accused of withholding info in acceleration probe

As House Democrats' Support for Afghan War Ebbs, Will the White House Opt for the Republican Plan?

Bank bill clears House, Senate looms

Honda announces pricing for the new CR-Z Hybrid Coupe

Landrieu balks at giving Lautenberg Byrd's subcommittee chairmanship

A simple reminder, as we approach July 4:

MarketWatch: Stocks drawn, quartered

America's Crude Reality: CNBC Now.

Why did Gen. Petraeus take the job in Afghanistan?

On C-Span 3 (TV) Lindsey and Kagan are kind of tussling over abortion

EPA Approves New Mountain-Top Removal:

What should we do if there was a medical treatment that prevented people from being gay?

ACLU Issues Warnings for Travel to Arizona

Dump truck kills homeless man asleep on beach

The Eagles; "They Called it Paradise" RIP Gulf of Mexico

Christopher Hitchens being treated for esophageal cancer

Study: US media redefined torture after US started practicing it

A small way for you to contribute to the clean up of the gulf disaster

What has been the response of your Representative to the oil diaster?

Ford is such a well run company (also good news for UAW).

Hey, Sharron Angle, I have a couple of questions.

dupe. self delete

Another spiral in the sky, this time over Australia

The Primeval Code, a potential alternative to Monsanto and the

Prediction: Boehner's "Change SS to retire at 70" will be a major game changer in Nov.

G20 cops ‘threatened women with rape’

Research 2000 Issues Cease & Desist Order to FiveThirtyEight

Research 2000 Issues Cease & Desist Order to FiveThirtyEight

Irony alert: IRS fails government audit

Tweety Just Handed That Dude His A$$

The 24 types of Libertarian: Which is the most ridiculous? (Round ONE)

The 24 types of Libertarian: Which is the most ridiculous? (Round TWO)

The 24 types of Libertarian: Which is the most ridiculous? (Round THREE)

Why Aren’t Tea Parties Demanding That The Government Hold BP Accountable On Behalf Of Taxpayers?

BP PR person (toon)

For the first time in generations, getting older means mortgage debt — and a lot of it (audio)

Rescuing Oiled Birds: The Good And The Bad

The youngest Duggar comes home

Corporations are people too... right?

The ADP Number And The Double-Dip Recession

does anyone know anything about the sue wall street website?

About Morning Joes remarks about the Boner

I just contributed $50.00 to Harry Reid, not sure why, but I really like OUR leader...

Selling Out

Time to shut down the US Federal Reserve?

Turn on KO for unbelievable video of the oil spill

Would you give up your cell phone -or use it minimally- to save the bees?

2 more clues to Tweety: 1) Larry KING started him in the biz. 2) He picks on beginner wingnuts, not

Hitchens To Undergo Chemo For Esophagus

Remember the blind Mom who ran away to see her boyfriend?


Rage frontman’s Arizona boycott swells to nearly 300 artists

Rage frontman’s Arizona boycott swells to nearly 300 artists

Tea Party Jesus: Blog Puts Words Of Conservatives In The Mouth Of Christ (PICTURES)

CBC: Police accused of displaying fake G20 weapons

ba-by Hitch. nt

has anyone done any research on this "woman" accusing Al Gore?

Not So Neighborly Associations Foreclosing On Homes Due To Missed HOA Dues?

Too Scary to Fly, Not Scary Enough to Arrest

Landon Donovan and Coach Bradley are on Jon Stewart

"You're Not Taking My Gavel"....Madam Speaker to Boehner

Flying cars - I am now AGAINST flying cars

A story that will make you shake your head

I just saw a close up of John Oliver's mouth on Jon Stewart's Show.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

Watching the dying dolphins and fires in the Gulf on KO brought this quote to mind... tell me...why is a pissed-down-to-nothing "Financial Reform" bill still WORTH passing?

Outsourcing Security: Defense Manufacturing Goes the Way of the Automobile

I have become a real American

Is The U.S. Government Capable Of Corporate Oversight?

Bipartisan group of lawmakers calls for $8,700 pay cut in 2011

Free ride for oil may be over

Get the popcorn!

A layman's primer on dealing with Conservatives

Orange People say the darndest things

Treasury Dept. estimates taxpayers to lose $89 Billion on bailouts. Banks even bigger.

Doctor Treating Pregnant Women With Experimental Drug To Prevent Lesbianism

Utah Mother Doctored Photo to Show Girl, 13(From Daughter's school) Having Sex with Dog

Guess Who left us with huge deficits?

Gov. Jan Brewer nows thinks she can defeat healthcare

Paradise lost

The final hope for unemployment extension fails

Michele Bachmann, Tom Tancredo and Annthrax (Coulter) to headline Birther website conference

Really depressing Guardian UK story on the BP oil gusher

Giant whale-eating whale discovered

The hostility of Jeff Sessions

Foreclosed Homes Sell at 27% Discount as Supply Grows

Foreclosed Homes Sell at 27% Discount as Supply Grows

Second Amendment "Remedies"....

Pete Stark (D-CA) gets into it with a Minuteman at town meeting

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? I just don't get it....

401(k) Fund Match Not Restored by Half of U.S. Firms

The end is nigh…unless it’s not

The most perverse, cynical name for a product I have ever heard

Study: US media redefined torture after US started practicing it

Forty boys killed in botched circumcisions in South Africa , moratorium declared

Fuck Euphemisms.

Revolutionary forces always seize the TV and radio stations first

Nate Silver: My Own Suspicions About Research 2000

Breaking news Headline - Hurricane Alex makes landfall

Oh yeah is this still a problem we should watch? REALLY?

Class War: Main Street Is Saddled w/ "Public Debt" Due to Bailing Out Bankster Speculators

Rachel is going after the Tea Parties...

pre-existing condition? all you need to do is wait 6 months n pay through your nose to get coverage

Maggots fall from flier's stowed bag, force US Airways flight back to gate in Atlanta

BP's Temple of Doom - Slowly the Poison the Whole Bloodstream Fills ...

Good ol' conservative La Crosse Wisconsin on immigration......

If you thinking of boycotting your local BP Gas Station - DON'T!! Wrong person being hurt!

Murdered Congo leader's son seeks Belgian justice

If this isn't satire, this guy needs medication, fast.

Anybody Else See A Pattern Here ??? - And... If We Know What's Good For Us...

Biden lets the Republican cat (oxymoron, I know) out of the bag

Defining Democracy In Actions

McClatchy: GOP's false talking point: Jones Act blocks Gulf help

Iraqis buying tons of U.S. military surplus items

Michele Bachmann: 'I don't want the U.S. to be in a global economy'

Mike Thompson: What planet have republicans been living on?

Brown cuts backroom deals he campaigned against

Ann Arbor's "Bake Sale for Bombs" attracts attention ... and hassles

Democrats pick 4 finalist cities for '12

cuban dissident Guillermo Fariñas, hunger striker, in “serious-critical” conditions

Sherrod Brown: No recess until jobless benefits pass

A poem: "And the baby dolphins cried"

Orly Taitz Continues Jihad Against Damon Dunn

"If we had a day of science instead of a day of prayer, perhaps we

"If we had a day of science instead of a day of prayer, perhaps we

Britain, France, Germany use intelligence gathered from torture

The Joliet Herald-News remembers the 30's

"New study documents media's servitude to government" from Salon.

Reid: We Need One More Senator to Pass Unemployment Extension

HIPAA question. I know that when a person goes from one job

WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE !: Honda Workers Bypass ‘Toothless’ China Unions, Fueling Strikes

Question about missing jury duty

Ohio Dems slam Boehner's remarks on Social Security

Despite energy crisis, U.S. slashes mass transit

Unemployment: Congress Has Never Before Dropped Extended Benefits With Jobless Rate So High

Massage therapist who says Al Gore groped her talks to the National Enquirer

Woman says vampire caused car crash

A great U.S. president, yes. A great diplomat

Why not educate yourself about the Prison Industrial Complex?

Ancient Fossils Show Arctic Now Near Climate Tipping Point

Question: Is claiming to be "anti-capitalist" while posting on a PC produced by a corporation

Let's review, shall we?

Glenn Beck Failed To Secure Permit For His MLK Day Rally

DOE Study: On average, charter schools do no better than public schools

A vert private person (reprise)

A vert private person (reprise)

Hey Sharron Angle!! Where the fuck are the jobs that the unemployed can get?

Currently... On The Front Page Of HuffPo...

My official nomination for Larry King's replacement.

Two N.J. divers find historic Andrea Doria bell at famous shipwreck site

Stinky's "Positive Challenge"

The 24 types of Libertarian

Al Gore sex investigation to be re-opened, say Portland police

1) Lower retirement age (SS benefits) to 60, and raise payroll tax for wages up to $250,000.

Lest We Forget, Where Our Stuff Comes From. Workers, Children beaten and abused for us

Senator Feingold on financial bill: "It caves to Wall Street interests and it won't get my vote."

David Obey Wants to Re-direct "Race to the Top" Funds to Save Teaching Jobs

Rabbi who filmed Helen Thomas says "she's an anti-Semite," but refuses to say Mel Gibson is...

Thinking about an Android phone? Google can delete your apps at will,

Hey, DU doctors, how many of you work on salary?

FICA Tax is Regressive-- Let's Get rid of it

FICA Tax is Regressive-- Let's Get rid of it

Cuccinelli: Gay men and women are excluded from the 14th amendment’s protections


The Presumption of Guilt: The Arrest of Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and Race, Class and Crime in America

The Presumption of Guilt: The Arrest of Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and Race, Class and Crime in America

Well, I've decided to become a Conservative Republican because...

I missed this sickening Supreme Court decision. More open season on older Americans

If you have HC insurance what is your annual out of pocket maximum?

"Oil Surf"

Head Wreck tries to think. . . . Please come CAPTION!!!!!

First They Demonized The Term Socialism

This Sharron Angle is a real whackjob

If the unemployed are so lazy and there are PLENTY of jobs out there

Wow. All I did was open up an image in GIMP, crop a square, and scale it to 48x48.

In Wake of Arizona Law, Labor Unites Behind Immigration Reform

You know, it's not funny how the republicans in congress could...

Hurricane Alex churns up suspended oil in the Gulf (Photograph)

Very little of my family was in this country in 1776, why would someone expect me to celebrate this

Dr Kelly 'couldn't have slit his wrist as he was too weak'

Where's the Outrage? Obama's EPA Betrays Coalfields (Again) With New Mountaintop Removal Permit

Confessions of a liberal whiner...

Is it OK with members here if the Honda plant in Ohio does not want to be unionized?

For your viewing pleasure: a list of Democrats who voted against extending unemployment benefits:

Obama following through with promises to our Veterans

BREAKING: Cenk of TYT Hosting MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan Show 7/6-7/7/10

Track Your State Nursing Board (A ProPublica project)

Track Your State Nursing Board (A ProPublica project)

Track Your State Nursing Board (A ProPublica project)

Cell Phones and Bees! OMG!!

Conyers and Grayson" War is Making You Poor Act"

Conyers and Grayson" War is Making You Poor Act"

••• DOA - Dell Owners Anonymous - Dead On Arrival - Post your Dell horror stories here •••

••• DOA - Dell Owners Anonymous - Dead On Arrival - Post your Dell horror stories here •••

Red , Hot and Blue is about to start on TCM

Posted without comment.

ugh... I hate it when I can't sleep....

Give an idea for an original superhero

Tattletale Pills Let Doctor Know If You're Taking Your Medicine

Sunset in Frankfurt last night

"Dear Frankie". What an excellent little movie.

There is a comment many people make.

oops not supposed to be a new thread

What is your favorite type of soap?

Fuad Ramses. Rockin' Egyptian Caterer or total psycho serial killer?

The Power of Cheese!

Miss Nude America loses title after appearing clothed in Woman's Day!

So I have a bunch of checks

My Sweetie made me little pizzas for lunch this week.

self delete

What's your favorite "helpful daily emasculating reminder"

DU Moms, did you have a happy pregnancy?

Call Me Wesley: Hot, sarcastic blond with new, retro Ray Bans.

First sunflower of the year.

OK, I know the kids in this play belong to someone on the lounge-- FESS UP!

For those that love the physical book and have bought electronic readers...

FerretCam. Newborns with their mother. National Zoo.

Seriously aren't those kids in the Harry Potter moves like 30-something by now

They're dropping like flies - Megan Fox gets married

"Twilight: Eclipse" How hard did you cry?

I haven't watched tv for 3 days, just stuff off the internet.

If there was only watermelon or Soylent Green left to eat which would you choose.

Everybody, on three! "Soylent Green is.....

Has anyone here been to a "Grief Counselor"?

Is "Demopedia" totally gone? I've tried to find it and can't.

Clean House fans, the two hour special coming up tonight.

What's for supper?

Trivia Question: Without using Google

Alright, time for me to get this off my chest.


Hey, nice marmot!

Why haven't any of you useless twits come over and help me write this SQL query?

heh, a Internet people are funny.

Men face assault charges after dog doo dispute

DU Lounge Challenge: Let's name every state.

I retract my stupid comment that SHUTTER ISLAND was Scorcese's most serious Film.

I just wanted to say "Thanks!"

Brother, can you spare a dime?

Earth And Water Song - Humble Pie

My 4 year old has a blog

New Year's Resolutions * How are you doing?*- Friday at noon is the 1/2 way mark of the year

Very cool! Parking garage in Budapest parks/gets cars automatically.

When a Dog Sees a Horse, Does the Dog Know That It's A Horse?

What common foods that everyone else love but you can't stand!

Oh no. I just thanked God for elastic waistbands.

Proof that the Starship Enterprise ran on Microsoft Windows

Facebook users - do you play Farkle?

I think it's time for another MLB thread.

Canada Day

Tool - Parabola (HD High Definition Music Video)

So this is what 5:30pm is like

Good lord I got torn down the other night

I think it's time for another THC thread.

NOTHING bothers this cat!

Western Union.

It was 111 outside today....

Wonder Woman gets a new outfit. (Again)

They are selling Butterbeer... in Orlando ... to children...

DVD-making software recommendation?

Who would win in a fight between Eric and Edward?

Regardless of your Sex, Do you enjoy any Male-Oriented Satellite Radio?

How can I help keep Leerers to keep their eyes up here?

Asking for some lounge vibes

The $2 Bill I Tried to Spend

Why do you think the lounge is a lot slower than it used to be?

Patricia Cornwell fans- The role of Kay Scarpetta goes to...

Have you ever changed the name of a fur-friend?

Read this poem last night at the open mic...

147th Anniv. of the Battle of Gettysburg tomorrow, Did you have a relative fight in the Civil War?

Fuck Twilight.

There have been Dexter marathons all week.. God I LOVE this

Any Netflix Instant watch indie recs?

I was looking at pictures of myself from over 20 years ago...

Post a song/ode (or two or three) to another musician...

What foods or flavors did you HATE as a child that you absolutely LOVE now?

Trivia anyone?

Court Grants Speedy Hearing for U.S. on Drill Ban

Goldman Admits it Had Bigger Role in AIG Deals

Hurricane Alex delays BP oil clean-up efforts in Gulf

Senate panel approves Gen. Petraeus as new Afghan war commander

Benigno Aquino sworn in as president of the Philippines

Research 2000 Issues Cease & Desist Order to FiveThirtyEight

2010 compilation thread

Taliban attack major NATO base in Afghanistan

Senate combines jobless benefits, homebuyer credit

Judge Who Ruled On Drilling Moratorium Could Be Challenged

Italy seeks to end classroom crucifix ban

Obama movie debuts in Indonesia

Toyota accused of withholding info in acceleration probe (outside research firm altered documents)

Dems Drop $19B Bank Fee from Finance Reform Bill

Judges quash UK troops human rights ruling

Oaxaca in southern Mexico hit by quake

US Senate Panel Votes To Eliminate Spill-Liability Cap

Honda announces pricing for the new CR-Z Hybrid Coupe

Day 3: Leahy predicts confirmation

Iraq takes on Shell for $17 billion joint oil venture

Rage frontman’s Arizona boycott swells to nearly 300 artists

Idaho town gathers in support of missing soldier

BP fined $5.2M for misreporting Colo. gas output

FDA OK's Gwinnett Boy's Burn Treatment

BP Hit With $5.2 Million Fine for False Reports (in Colorado)

Investigators at site near '89 Minn. abduction (Jacob Wetterling, mom Patty ran for Congress)

Disaster Model Shows 13% Chance Of A Hurricane Hitting Gulf Spill

Gulf beaches hit as distant hurricane pushes oil

British regulator fines drunken oil trader (no, not GW Bush)

U.S. experts begin review spurred by Toyota recalls

Red tape keeps Gulf marsh cleanup on hold: Project to spray oil-eating bacteria awaits go-ahead

VA hospital may have infected 1,800 veterans with HIV

Rep. Anh 'Joseph' Cao apologizes for taking words of praise out of context

Randall Cunningham's young son dies in tragic accident

Iraq inquiry: secret documents showing Tony Blair’s frustration published

Mexican court orders release of protest leaders

Toyota may recall Lexus LS460 on faulty engine: report

Obama, Biden to attend W.Va. service for Byrd

Chamber Endorses Minnick

I think I know why Elena Kagan as Solicitor General decided to argue against the Supreme Court

"What's Wrong With Kagan's Confirmation Hearings"

David Cameron agrees terms of UK torture inquiry

Too Scary to Fly, Not Scary Enough to Arrest

Former Argentina dictator to go on trial in rights abuse case

Al Gore sex investigation to be re-opened, say Portland police

Health Effects After Exxon Valdez Went Unstudied

Kirk apologizes for being 'careless' on his record

Embattled Nepalese prime minister resigns

Sometimes, only music says it best

AFL-CIO leader set to press deficit commission to continue with stimulus spending

Robert Kuttner: Another Tax that Hits the Middle Class

Higher award for Bush protesters

Japan's big four car makers issue over 100,000 recalls

Sony recalls thousands of Vaio laptops

Russian Spy Suspect Jumps Bail In Cyprus

Recession cut into employment for half of working adults, study says

In U.S. Bailout of A.I.G., Forgiveness for Big Banks

Quinnipiac Poll of Ohio Senate: Fisher 42% Portman 40%

Top Democrat drafting plan to deny BP new offshore drilling leases

I have SERIOUS problems with Kagen's hiring practices

Anthem Blue Cross submits revised rate hikes

Wrongly convicted man gets $6.3 million from city (Chicago)

Huffington Post putting out B/S Propaganda claiming Stimulus is dried up

List of French who collaborated with Nazis to be published online

Obama slams Republican 'apology' to BP

Gay soldiers subpoena Obama

2nd poll of the day give Dem Fisher narrow lead in Ohio Senate race (PPP)

Emo-bama: All the President's Feelings (pictures)

House Democrats, who are trying to pass a long-stalled war funding bill this week

DUMB ASS!!! from politico claiming the rethugs are more liked by the public than the democrats

But Seriously, Folks ...

House debating FinReg Conference Report. Barney Frank is on the floor.

Christopher Hitchens diagnosed with cancer, cuts short his book tour

Report: Harvard Scholar Gates' Arrest Avoidable

US House passes historic Wall Street overhaul

Nevada's Angle retracts comment to 'take out' Reid

HEADS UP-Obama holding Town Hall in WI

Whistle blower to testify on oil spill worst fear:BP deliberately sinks oil with Corexit as cover up

President Obama's statement on House passage of financial reform

"The Gulf Between Us and Dan Lungren"

Gallup: Democratic affiliation steady in 2nd half of 2010--GOP down

CBO says debt will reach 62 percent of GDP by year's end

Mongiardo ‘not taking a position’ in U.S. Senate race

Labrador backed Hayworth, ripped McCain

Clinton Backs Romanoff

Louisiana Governor Seals Oil-Spill Records

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday June 30

Reality check: Democrats give Obama high marks on Afghanistan.

When was the door opened to hate Obama? October 6th 2008

Anybody else hear Sessions final statements?

Just Tuned In To Tweety. Chris Just Crushed A little repuke turd, Yes, CRUSHED him

Tony Blair wins 2010 Liberty Medal award for work on peace

Biden warns of GOP 'blitzkrieg'

Imagine voting against Glass-Steagall because it only established a temporary FDIC

Obama to blast Boehner's 'ant' remark

Turns out Elena Kagan has a sense of humor.

Irony alert: IRS fails government audit

Banned Trailers Return for Latest Gulf Disaster

Group Hit In 'Hebrew Race' Discrimination Case

Give Boehner a break about the ANT comment!!!!

An Ant’s View: Financial Crisis Facts At a Glance

The Feingold Fallacy.

Joe Conason: The dubious Senate testimony of Jeff Sessions

Poll: Brown Leads Whitman 45-39 In CA-GOV Race

(Iraq Weapons Inspector) Dr Kelly 'couldn't have slit his wrist as he was too weak'

US banks off the hook until 2022

Thanks, Ben Nelson, for killing again the jobless extension bill

Peterson Foundation Head Nostalgic for Debtor's Prisons

No condoms for grade schoolers, Mass. schools say

Consumers Win With New Financial Reform Bill

WSJ-Republican Voices who just lost their Unemployment Benefits*UPDATE*

Senate GOP again kills jobless aid extension


Politics As Total War

PPP: 45% Feingold (D), 43% Johnson (R) -- Is Feingold in trouble?

President Obama attacks GOP over vision for the country

The Dow is really tanking.

Feingold: 'Standing Up to the Unholy Alliance Between Washington and Wall Street'

Speaker Pelosi announces that the House passes financial reform (updated)

Democrats hold slight edge in California races

Messaging Trend: Dems Warn of a GOP Takeover

ACLU issues travel warnings to Arizona

OK, so WHY did Lindsay Graham ask what Kagan was doing on Christmas Day?

Boehner defends criticism of financial overhaul as excessive

BP plans to get rid of safety watchdog

Biden Reflects on gop Party Discipline

Poll: Favorable views of health reform law increasing among Americans

Glass-Steagall did not address the systemic risks being associated with "too big to fail"

Some 70,000 turtle eggs to be whisked far from oil

Kagan says she now agrees with Citizens United ruling

Feingold Will Vote to Protect Wall St. from Financial Reform

Photos: “An ant may well destroy a whole dam.” (The Obama Presidency, Day 527)

US economy heading in right direction, but not fast: Obama

What should we give Jeff Sessions to make him a happier human being?

You want to know what started the me first attitude in America?

BP sued for burning turtles alive

Literal Campaign Ad: Steele on Healthcare LOL

Donald Duck Gets Munchies then Gets Arrested For Marijuana, DUI

Young Turks: Should Feingold Vote No On Financial Reform Bill?

Sharon Angle Worse Than Sarah Palin? by Old Fart Rants Welcome Video - Revolutionary 50 State Protest Friday July 2nd!

Unemployment Extension Tuesday June 29 2010 HR4213, S3520, HR5618. Circus!

Ants? Really John Boehner?

RT Russian spies

Espionage: Russia denounces US Cold War-style spy arrests

Conservative Judicial Philosophy: That's BullShit

How Dummies Protect the Small People

Republicans Say The Darndest Things (Greatest Modern Hits)

European Week of protest and Solidarity in Dublin, 26 June 2010

Mike Malloy - Glenn Beck Steals From Veterans Just Like Hannity

BP 'Putting America Back To Work'

Pap and Ed Schultz Discuss "Killer Politics"

Mike Malloy - Letter From A Dead Soldier

Mike Malloy - Best Jeff Sessions Impersonation Ever

Martin Sheen on Alan Grayson

Crooks vs Jerks.... YouTube vs Viacom

Tom Periello's funny ad about jobs

"On and On"

Did You Know: WAR On DRUGS Edition

President Obama mocks Boehner

Mike Malloy - Republicans Want Homeless Veterans...Homeless


Confirming General Kagan

Rachel Maddow breaks out the popcorn for Sharron Angle facing a real journalist

TYT: Jenna Bush Today Show FAIL

Rachel Maddow laughs & laughs about John Boehner's major political FAIL

Thom Hartmann - In laissez faire news you get crotch shots instead of the news

Kagan hearing: Sen. Coburn's misogynist delusions of 'freedom' shamed by Sen. Klobuchar

Obama To Republicans: We've Tried It Your Way

TYT Interviews Rolling Stone's Matt Taibi On Lara Logan & The Press


GOP charges Liberal judicial activism: Sen. Franken demonstrates Thurgood Marshall's brilliance

Scarborough: Boehner lazy bar hopper (Politico reporter and Boehner flak defend him)

BP Spill ~ A Republican Crisis

First glimpse film trailer: The Tillman Story

The next hot spot for drilling could be the N.C. coast

Crises of Capitalism

Coverage for uninsured in poor health comes with a catch

Jeff Sessions Assails Kagan For Using 'Equal' In Her Coffee

Why Should We Trust the IMF?

The GOP's Genetic Link to Big Oil

NYT: In U.S. Bailout of A.I.G., Forgiveness for Big Banks

Under the Hammer

It's 1937 Again!

Inflation in China (Hitmen are getting expensive)

The Third Depression - Krugman

Right-Wing Groups Use Decline of White Birthrates to Stoke Fear of Homosexuality, Feminism and Abort

Bennett: The GOP Is A Party Of Slogans, Not Ideas -(still) Sen (R) Bob Bennett

Best Political Cartoons of the Year (So Far)

Federal AIDS Drug Program Is Strained by Weak Economy (NY Times)

Google Trounces the iPhone

How Goldsmith changed advice on legality of war

UK firm Octel bribed Iraqis to keep buying toxic fuel additive

Republican Deficits vs. Democratic Deficits

AIG's former derivative chief said that taxpayers overpaid Wall St

New study documents media's servitude to government

Can it rain oily compounds in the Gulf of Mexico? Yes! Chris Landau geologist & meteorologist

Robert Scheer: The Chinese Aren’t Coming

William Rivers Pitt: Summer in Iraq

Death Squad Terror in Honduras

State Department Denies Visa to Leading Colombian Journalist and Nieman Fellow

Calvin & Hobbes - Still relevant today

Paying through the nose for health insurance in "uninsured pools"

New Reactor Is Rust-Prone

Warmer ecosystems could absorb less atmospheric carbon dioxide

Drumbeat: June 30, 2010

With 2010 Sea Temps At All-Time High, Mass Coral Bleachings Underway Across Planet, More To Come

Funding approved for Canadian isotope-producing accelerator

Researchers find evidence of oil spill in Gulf's food chain

University (of Texas at Austin) Receives $19 Million to Monitor Carbon Storage Project

Technology at POET Biorefining - Ethanol - Alexandria will save 93,000 gallons of water per day -18%

Canadian oil lobby trying to kill US clean energy policy

Switching off your lights has a bigger impact than you might think, says new study

Study shows stability and utility of floating wind turbines

In a Word

Joule Unlimited named to Red Herring North America 100

Senate panel votes to end oil spill liability cap

Republicans say Dems are rushing oil spill safeguards bill

there's a market for bear paws along the Russo-Sino border

EPA to Issue Mandatory Emissions Reporting for Heavy Polluting Industries

EPA: 1st tests show dispersants equally toxic

New Technique Improves Efficiency Of Biofuel Production (from "woody" plants)

Yucca Mountain Repository is ressurected

Land-based oil spills add up, too -USA Today (as much as 630 million bbls / yr)

World Cup Quarterfinal: Malta-Burkina Faso

Oh my---UCLA chokes away the NCAA Baseball title...

Tuberville says Big 12 won't last long

Ten refs at World Cup eliminated from further responsibilities in this tournament.

ESPN Q&A: Where will top NBA free agents land?

(Randall) Cunningham's son, 2, dies in hot tub accident

Doc Rivers to return as Celtics coach

Now where did that World Cup pool go? >>

JaMarcus Russell to the Jets?

Nigeria suspends national team for poor world cup play

Dumbass Chargers May Put Vincent Jackson on the Trading Block

What is that stink permeating Fricso Bay coming from China Basin?

Scientists prove Jabulani ball is 'too perfect'

Guatemala remands suspects accused of murdering lawyer

Obama appoints new ambassador to Caracas

Former Argentina dictator to go on trial in rights abuse case

Howler of the Day: It’s Time to Invest in Chile and Colombia – Latin America’s Reigning ‘Good Guys

What a shitty day at wimbledom (spoilers)

Crime wave fuels armored car sales in Caracas

Ousted Honduran President Accuses US of Being Behind the 2009 Coup

State Department Denies Visa to Leading Colombian Journalist and Nieman Fellow

T-Minus 8 hours until the NBA Super Free Agent Period starts. Who goes where?

Greek Default-Swap Costs Only Beaten by Venezuela: Chart of the Day

Exclusive: Actress Alonso Leads Protest Against Oliver Stone Film

Bolivia abandons oil and gas nationalization drive

House panel votes to lift Cuba travel ban

“Gun Control Laws” Sowell doesn’t get it

Strange happenings in Ohio ...

Former state House Speaker Craig DeRoche (R) arraigned on gun charge

Open letter to Mayor Daley

Gun goes off in hospital, hits six - with one bullet

Well, this is new (to me anyway)

Texas: Teen shoots would-be burglary suspect

15 year old, uses automatic rifle to defend himself, and little sister from multiple home invaders

Ohio CCW holder, defends herself, and others with hidden handgun...all caught on tape..

I don't like guns.

Al Sharpton "stunned" by his listeners' support of McDonald ruling.

Dupe - self delete

Wisconsin SC Upholds Marriage Ban

Doctor Treating Pregnant Women With Experimental Drug To Prevent Lesbianism

Today in Labor History June 30 The Walsh-Healey Act, 40,000 New York construction workers demonstrat

Suit cites bizarre reason for firing

Special Jun 29: CFA/CSU meet at bargaining table....

A Labor Movement Stirs in China

A Democratic Stronghold Loses a Big Pillar

NYT: Recalling a Union Brother Who Is Kagan’s Brother

Saw this in a friend's back yard - proof of the third hottest June on record in NC

The Birds

Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

Testing the new camera

Train ride home (camera test II)

Great quote by Robert Capa

Ancient whale had big teeth, possibly ate other whales

The Blue Nebula

Mapping our planet's gravity

The sky may be falling. You didn't hear it from us.

2 Billion-Year-Old Fossils Are Earliest Known Multicellular Life

Direct Image of a Planet Orbiting Another Star

World’s Most Intense X-Ray Laser Takes First Shots

Turkish Aid From Flotilla Begins Arriving in Gaza

Israel's anti-boycott belligerence

Is there an evil, goateed version of you somewhere in the multiverse?

Beirut lodges complaint with UN over (Israeli) abduction of shepherd

"Palestinian Queers for BDS Call upon all Queer groups, organizations and individuals around the

Another spiral in the sky!!!

You know, I think I like this (column about our current anti-cowboy presidency)

You all are just WONDERFUL.

Please, please send healing energies to fellow DUer. He is desperately in need of help..

Made it to California--with a little help from one of my spirit animals!

Rick DiClemente's July Starself Astrology Newsletter

Close Enough? (Astrology)

Learn how to manifest for real

My Grandmother had carotid artery surgery yesterday & has some complications

Which is worse?

Are there schools that offer courses in ethics/morals with the outward style of a church?

The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ

Number of times Jesus Christ mentioned homosexuality?

Editor of American Atheist magazine claims church/christian daycare a form of child abuse.

How many quotes of Jesus's are there in the Bible?

Editor of American Atheist magazine claims church/christian daycare is a form of child abuse.

Reply in this thread with at least one criterion that a being should satisfy to be considered a god.

I've reached the end of my rope.

New meningitis vaccine could stop outbreaks

Sharks, Cartilage, Cancer, Bones, Vitamin D and Naked Mole Rats

*Healthy eating is now a mental disorder

Bank Stress, ECB Liquidity Withdrawal Efforts, Deflation Fears Rattle Markets

A total lack of leadership

Markets sense the plague is coming (back)

Time to Investigate Blankfein and Paulson (More AIG Shenanigans Edition)

Banks Face $5.8 Trillion Rollover by 2012

The letter of the day is W

AIG crisis wasn't my fault, says Joseph Cassano

Bank for International Settlements publishes 80th Annual Report

CBO says debt bad, somehow doesn't mention unemployment

Who is this "WE" that is supposed to feel the pain?

Goldman admits it had bigger role in AIG deals

The Third Depression - Krugman

Ireland in Decline, or, What Austerity Looks Like