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Archives: June 29, 2010

Jim Cantore: Alex will bring 2-3' water rise, 10-25 mph SE winds to LA coast

A poem, by Sen. Robert Byrd..

Take care friends.

East Timor war crimes loophole must be closed - Amnesty

Clarence Thomas, the angry sexual harrasser

Publicly funded elections starting in Hawaii despite potential legal questions

U.S. strategy in Afghanistan may involve greater use of special operations forces

C-130 Program to Launch Despite Doubts

‘Slush fund’ a factor in USNA supe’s exit

Academy pitches new ‘cyber center’ for mids

House Dems strip some Afghan war funding

The Afghanistan Paradox: When the War's Defenders Make the Case for Why We Should Stay, They End Up

One Year Later: Honduras Resistance Strong Despite US-Supported Coup

L.A. Times Blogger Who Pushed Biden Video Is Professional Republican Flack

The Australian Labor Party coup: a warning to the working class

Grim Afghan Toll as 100 Foreign Troops Die in June

Pentagon looks for $100B in cost savings

Kagan confirmation hearing (Q&A's) resumes at 9:00 on cspan3.

Accused Russian spies lived perfect Boston lives

Governmental help, 5 cents.

The Ollie North award for stupid: Weak Civilians and a Fired General

Pakistan Receives F-16s That May Give `Unprecedented' Boost Over Taliban

Kagan Causing Friction Between GOP And Its Base

Republicans say the darndest things!

Posner and Landes study of the Supreme Court Justices. Shocking. Reveals the most conservative

Ireland is an example of when the government stops stimulating the economy

Could the oil spill be responsible for the heat wave?

Anyone watching Washington Journal right now?

11,000 Afghan Bound NATO Containers With Goods Worth 220 Bln (Rupees) Go Missing in Pak

Fact or fiction?

Say What?

So, I see Boone has resurfaced on Cable news

Drug Pushers in Academia

Gen. David Petraeus Confirmation Hearing-LIVE NOW

More than oil spills if GOP takes Congress. Teabagger wants to dump nuke waste in the ocean

Susan Collins Pulls Back Support For Wall Street Bill Over Bank Tax

Blagojevich considered Schwarzenegger, Winfrey to fill Obama's Senate seat

Cash Business In Gulf Makes Compensation Difficult

Afghanistan’s first media mogul partner is Rupert Murdoch...

I hate to say I told you so, but

Is this the Rethug/BP employee CNN keeps putting in front of a camera every day to blast Obama?

Fun and games with the "terrorism" label

Kagan’s clerkship with Thurgood Marshall a huge asset

Randall Terry Asks: Where Have All The Protests Gone?

John Pilger: There Is A War on Journalism

"I'm a Nervous Wreck": Gulf Fishermen's Wives Face Trauma, Domestic Abuse, Economic Insecurity

Fines make fraud profitable.

U.S. government proposes creating an 'identity ecosystem'

A Republican Party that Really, Really Doesn't Want Any Black or Hispanic People Voting for It Ever

Kagan: A Fake John Roberts, A Radical Homosexualist, and a Sign of The End Times

Oliver Stone hits back at NYT

Oliver Stone hits back at NYT

Why do some people feel the need to please those who are better off than them ?

GOP Chooses Tax Cuts for Billionaires Over Jobless Benefits for the Unemployed

Anybody seen Oliver Stone's SOUTH OF THE BORDER? Please check in!

Big business is getting tired of being picked on

SINGAPORE: World's Most Expensive Hotel Opens With World's Largest Outdoor Pool

Yikes! Consumer Confidence Collapses Massively In June

Watchdog: Afghan forces won't be ready for U.S. withdrawal

In Ireland, a Picture of the High Cost of Austerity

FDA urges less antibiotics in meat

FDA urges less antibiotics in meat

LOL. Senator Hatch concerned about the millions spent by unions against Blanche Lincoln

Little done to prevent polar bear extinction, climate change, feds say

Obama’s Patients’ Bill of Rights: One Important Right is Missing, Thanks to Corporate Spin and Fear-

When Foreign labor isn't cheap enough, automate!

Hasty Generalization -- The Logical Fallacy That Devoured Cleveland

BP in the Gulf -- The Persian Gulf - How an Oil Company Helped Destroy Democracy in Iran

Brown-Nosing Wall Street Reform

McChrystal - A GOP Candidate For President In 2012?.........

'Austerity measures' should be imposed by

Inheritance question (this is happening on a soap). A young woman

Recent SCOTUS gun decision has very little effect for most of the states.

Recent SCOTUS gun decision has very little effect for most of the states.

This is funny

AFL-CIO, UAW Back Honda Strikers in China

What is the West Virginia statute for senate vacancies.



Tweety is going to MSNBC analysts during

Repo Men = evil assholes that are traitors of the Working Class

What is the West Virginia statute for senate vacancies.

About Linda McMahon

First Penalty kick shoot outs at the World Cup

Update LBN Story: FDA in talks with 8-year-old burn victim's family


Putin Says U.S. Police "Out Of Control" In Spy Case

Austerity Fever Has Made Ireland's Economy Worse

Obesity rising; Southern states have highest rates

Wonderful worldwide cultural costumes

Variety: 'Wackadoodle demo widens' in TV

gender discrimination,free expression,trauma,a rationale to exclude?

Sarah "Half Term" Palin's Defense Fund email praises her as a "dedicated public servant"

Petraeus Says He Will Revisit Afghanistan ROE

What if a state really tried to secede? What do you think the federal government would do?

Vitter leading in Senate Race . . .

Is China like a Roman Empire that didn't decline and fall, but instead held on?

In Nevada, Running for Senate and From Cameras

Australia: Mining giants dictate terms to new prime minister

What is the truth about the skimmers and Obama "not allowing" them?

China & India make up 40% of the worlds population - While the US makes up 8% - Hmmmmmm.....

Thirteen/PBS has live coverage of the Kagan hearing

Affordable Care Act Relief for Businesses etc. who offer Health Insurance to Early Retirees

boner piles on the drama and lies to boot...

Just when I thought human beings couldn't devolve any lower

Ms Hair A'flailin' gives her interviewer the old "what for." Please come CAPTION!!!!

Earthbag House Plans Blog

14 Officials Killed in Blistering Violence Across Iraq

I'm getting into the spy business

HuffPo: Sharron Angle Opposes Abortion Even With Rape, Incest: 'God Has A Plan'


Proof: Trickle Down Didn't Help, It Harmed 90% of Americans

Can science explain when, why, and how the Panama Canal was built?

Does anyone believe that the US doesn't still have spies in every country?

Did Obama Warn World Leaders at G-8 that ‘Millions Could Die’ From Gulf Oil Disaster ?

The Tea Party and the New Right is driven by a utopian worldview

Calif. state Sen. Ashburn coming to terms with his 'double life'

Paul McCartney compares global warming skeptics to Holocaust deniers

suffering from high altitude sickness

Whaaaat? Agree or disagree: Mrs. Greenspan just prononced General Dave "Too Big To Fire"

Latest track for Alex as it re-enters the Gulf

Latest track for Alex as it re-enters the Gulf

Dick & Betsy DeVos' pal sues state of MI over political campaign donor limits

Anyone know anything about the Family Medical Leave Act?

SEN. SHELDON WHITEHOUSE: Jobs missing, not motivation

Gulf's coastal wetlands surviving despite oil

Gulf's coastal wetlands surviving despite oil

MSNBC: "Of the 384 metro areas tracked by MSNBC, only two are in full-blown economic expansion"

ANGLE is Harry Reid's ANGEL

ANGLE is Harry Reid's ANGEL

Unlike LeBron James, I know I am staying in Cleveland…

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac... Myths and Facts

Fannie-Freddie Bailout Could Cost Taxpayers $1 Trillion

What is the truth about the skimmers and Obama "not allowing" them?

What is the truth about the skimmers and Obama "not allowing" them?

Swiss firm has plan to save coastlines from oil.

The boycott has cost BP at least $50 million to $70 million.

Wildlife officials to move up to 50,000 sea turtle eggs to Florida’s east coast

Dennis Prager: whites are waiting for blacks not to be angry at them

Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results

John Kerry writes:

Sympathy for the Devil

Alex takes shape

Gulf Oil Spill: You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

Mine bill to crack down on repeat violators, introduced by Dems naturally-rethugs whine

Urge Your Senators to Take Action THIS WEEK on UI Benefits and COBRA

I wonder if you asked Sharron Angle about the 9/11 attacks, what she would say

Beware politicians moralising on the sin of indebtedness

NYPD Hunts Real Life "Catwoman"

Who here still boycotts Exxon because of Prince William Sound?

Tax concerns jeopardise US financial reform effort

Republican Senate wants homeless vets' families to stay homeless

Republican Senate wants homeless vets' families to stay homeless

TheDailyBeast: The Obama Gun Grab Myth

TheDailyBeast: The Obama Gun Grab Myth

Tesla - Monster IPO

if BP has to pay lost wages for their screw up, the GOP owes the unemployed/foreclosures they caused

Enough with the trashing of Taco Bell...

Our future? In Ireland, a Picture of the High Cost of Austerity

Evil bastards: Where do they come from?

Matt Taibbi takes apart Lara Logan for her criticism of Rolling Stone reporter

Against all enemies, foreign and domestic:

Wonkette: " Vile Racist Jeff Sessions: It’s HIS DAY To Shine! "

New Deal 2.0: Financial Reform Bill Falls Short

gop Objects To Homeless Women Veterans & Homeless Veterans With Children Act

Items the Republicans have blocked that could help the destitute

Boxer Targets Ties Between Fiorina, Palin

Kyron Horman's stepmother served with documents for restraining order, divorce

Am I missing something with this Dave Weigel dude?

A very private person

You know, only someone who is a lazy SOB him/herself would think Unemployment is Funemployment. nt

Tweety just noticed how the GOP is always anti-big gubmint ... until they need it

Is it just me or is empty? nt

Ah yesterday fake IPADs

I really cannot stand Sessions (R) Ignorant Asshole. P.s. DU you know me

Do people have a moral obligation to diversify their purchases so nobody goes out of business?

Democrats seek GOP 'Macaca' moments for new website

What the right-wingers fear.

What "Survivor" and Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings Have in Common

PETA Wants To Rebuild Touchdown Jesus

Understand This, Republicans Are Mean-Spirited, Cruel Assholes

Without Social Security 1 in 2 elderly would live in poverty

Come visit Sharron Angle's Underground Bunker

Oil now on roadway in Miss. ( pics)

Roberts' Stamp on the Court: 'Now it’s the era of the corporation and the interests of business'

Roberts' Stamp on the Court: 'Now it’s the era of the corporation and the interests of business'

FBI: SPIES Hid Secret Messages on Public Websites

Oliver Stone response to the attack on "South of the Border" from the New York Times' Larry Rohter

"Articulate" is Racist.

Fair Wage Program Ignites Fox News Hysteria

Family: Cop shot dog, city won't pay vet bill

Pentagon clearly in touch with the common mans worries

Steve Forbes celebrates Robert Byrd’s death: ‘Good news’ for Wall Street.

Sarah Palin mocked by reporters caught on open mic after California State University speech

'Dr. Death' convicted in Australia

Visit Florida TV ads not being shown

LIVE NOW: Rolling Stone's Matt Taibi On TYT Discussing MSM Reaction To Hastings McChrystal Report

58% of Americans Favor President Obama's Withdraw Timetable for Afghanistan (80% Dem support)

Kirk appears from self imposed house arrest to apologize for embellishments in his military record

So, these BP ads running all over the TeeVee.....couldn't that $$$ be spent helping people?

Yesterdays SCOTUS ruling helping to overturn Prop 8

So, these BP ads running all over the TeeVee.....couldn't that $$$ be spent helping people?

global warming's hitting home: anyone else with increase in large cockroach visitors?

Did Coburn have a freudian slip about "mixed marriages"

Stupidity as a Virtue......Welcome to Teabaggerland

Claiming first use on all these names until I can get them

hubby was doing something and googled ... backwater hick photo....

Pass the 'historic' financial reform bill or just reinstate Glass Steagal?

Remembering the Lion (Teddy Kennedy @ AFSCME convention in Boston)

The Tea Party At Sea Cruise!

Some statistics from the Comments section of Bob Herbert's column for 6/29

Question about posting a youtube video

Oregon republican selling racist books

Sessions' smirk irks the hell out of me. nt

Repiglicans: I used to hate hysterical terminology...until..

Watching Kagan hearing, Kohl wasted all his time, or Kagan wasted all of our time

'This American Life' Completes Documentation of Liberal, Upper-Middle-Class Existence

Conscious Choice of Food Can Substantially Mitigate Climate Change, Research Finds

Petreaus dyes his hair but his wife does not.

I could just scream

"Social Security Eligibility Should Start at Age 70"

Jindal using line item veto to punish people living in districts where lawmakers wouldn't suck up

DNC Launches Major Citizen-Tracker Project, Urging Activists To Film GOP

How David Vitter GOT AWAY With The HOOKER Scandal

How David Vitter GOT AWAY With The HOOKER Scandal

Top 5 of most powerful celebrities - 3 are african-american, 3 are women

The Vienna Declaration - XVIII International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2010)

A Contact America Inc machine just called me asking me to call them about???

BP: Criminal Commodities Trader, Too

The longer the Kagan hearings are drawn out,

Female Genital Mutilation Performed at Cornell University, 6 yr old .. >Link> please sign petition

Jefferson Beauregard "Jeff" Sessions once a year likes to play "dress ups"

Tom Tomorrow Liberal bashing? Say it isn't so!

Chinese companies 'rent' white foreigners

Hi! I'm Pamela Gorman a Christian Conservative!

The Eight Most Irritating Conservative Celebrities

Humbolt country pot growers spike county energy use

1973, by Mr. Fish (story, not toon)

Animal conservation groups to sue BP, federal agencies over turtles caught in oil spill burns

Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party’s Endorsement of Margaret Anderson Kelliher

What I don't understand is ......

Boehner says it's time senior citizens did their part for the war effort

Is it time for a Gusher in the Gulf forum?

Joan Walsh: It's not even coded bigotry anymore

Democrats Seek Help to Document GOP Missteps

Who Would You Like To See Replace Larry King?

Sharron Angle: Rape, Incest Part of God’s Plan — Opposes Abortion No Matter What

Who finds Senator TreasureTrail attractive (NOT me, but neither here-nor-there), my former heroKERRY

Simple test could detect Down's

Now that the oil has washed ashore in MS, ... maybe Gov. Barbour can pretend it away.

US banks off the hook until 2022 Political reality has forced compromise into the final version of

what do non-centrists recommend for good discussion site that is more

Montana Repugs want to make being gay a crime

Birther Web site (again) calls on Adm. Mullen to launch a coup

Far too true, after today's news

O’Reilly On McChrystal: “Live By The Liberal Sword, Die By The Liberal Sword"

Greece Shut Down by General Strike

Rodent droppings, roaches found in airline food prep

I havent posted anything here in awhile--

Gasland - Watching it now - Sad, mad, unbelievable, AND IT IS STILL HAPPENING

The GOP wants to end unemployment benefits, raise the SS retirement age, protect banksters

Video explains the source of terrorism as economic hitmen

Has Dick Cheney had ANY on-the-record comments since April 20th?

Q: (Dumb) Why can't the oil in the marshes be set afire and burned off? It would take

General Petraeus just gave us the headsup on our new policy

Sharron "Obtuse" Angle

Oh wow, there's a new Oliver Stone movie.

I believe the Toronto G20 protest riot was handled properly by police

President Barack Obama issued an emergency declaration for Texas

Salute to Senator Byrd...."Stand up Miss Jean Louise. Your father is passing..."

Just an observation...

Kagan acknowledges she’s “generally progressive”

Sharron Angle -- About to be TOAST. Coming up in 1 minute on Rachael Maddow

Dell Computer's bag of nasty tricks revealed in lawsuit.

Dell Computer's bag of nasty tricks revealed in lawsuit.

Kerry & Lieberman Prepared to Scale Back Energy Bill for Republican Support

Cheap Oil saved Reagan and enshrined Free Market Fundamentalism?

Mother Jones: Starbucks-Gate

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Isn't it a bit odd that 9 years later they haven't gotten bin Laden?

Could evaporated/sucked up oil ignite in the sky from lightning?

It's that time of year again! Let's blow up body parts while celebrating the 4th!

It's that time of year again! Let's blow up body parts while celebrating the 4th!

McChrystal's Social Liberalism and the Integration of Gays in the Military

Dallas man says the July 4th flag he bought has 61 stars

The Libertarians are Silent

BP Station owners don't make their money on gas sales -- because BP does. Boycott.

BP Station owners don't make their money on gas sales -- because BP does. Boycott.

Cops can be so dumb. Now that Toronto police protester plants have been revealed, the question is...

What if a half a million women in Mississippi started wearing Burkas?

Video Proof That People Are Losing Their Minds: "Why Are You Closed?!"

"One Nation Indivisible" Atheist billboard defaced ....

Nine Inch Nails, Maroon 5 join Arizona boycott

Refuting Boehner's suggestions for "reforming" Social Security...

BP's Private Police Force

Psssssssst - turn on Jon Stewart

Today is my birthday and I am trying not to be depressed.

Second pipe may have crippled BP well's defense mechanism

If the Afghans have waited 10 year for us to leave do you think they could wait another 10 or 20?

Say sumpin nice about Jefferson Beauregard Sessions aka Gin Blossom Jeffie

A Republican military man's quote

If Feingold says the finance bill fails the test, it fails the test

If you had to give up your car for a month, which month would you choose?

In Refusing to Hear My Case, The Supreme Court Has Put the World's Peace and Order in Danger

Australia's new Prime Minister Julia Gillard is an unapologetic atheist

I am terrible at economics , a total stupido

Worlds largest wind turbine that has bearings and things to go

I’m Glad Dave Weigel Resigned: Now Washington Post Can Hire a Labor Reporter

Who wants to help defeat John Boehner?

What is your general attitude toward science?

Someone commented on the lack of educational background diversity on the Supreme Court

The Best article on Jamaica to date -Gangsters, politicians, cocaine and bankers

The Best article on Jamaica to date -Gangsters, politicians, cocaine and bankers

WOW! Kos to sue Research 2000 for fraudulent polling results!

Why are conservative Republicans so reckless about the lives of "other" people?

Elena Kagan – Willing Accomplice (Don Siegelman)

Who Will Fight for the Unemployed?

I just enjoyed a Filbert's sparkling water that I bought from a BP station.

Oil is 6 Inches Below The Sand In Pensacola

Lindsay Graham asks Kagan where she was on Christmas

Does anyone ever ask natural gas promoter T. Boone Pickens about Fracturing?

Drunken oil trader fined $108,000 for manipulating crude futures

Finished grading papers the other day about the Constitutions

Pentagon clearly in touch with the common mans worries

You wouldn't know by looking at Google News that there is a fucking oil fucking gusher in the GoM!

For the middle and working classes do women still make less money than men.

Meth: That's some horrible shit.

Democrats dump bank bill's fee to woo Republicans

Let's starve Grandma to pay for the war! Death panel double whammy!

Red light cameras catch police in Iowa

Eisenhower on the Opportunity Cost of Defense Spending

Boycott Big Oil

The Rude Pundit - Kagan Hearings: Al Franken Kicks Republican Asses All Over the Hearing Room

Question for economists here... could the U.S. issue a new kind of currency?

Unemployed dumping car leases

Kucinich: ‘We are losing our nation to lies about the necessity of war’

Conyers throws in with Grayson, co-sponsors ‘War is Making You Poor Act’

‘Dozens’ of US citizens on assassination list, White House adviser hints

First I've heard about Artur Davis avoiding addressing the Siegelman case.

Citizens Against Religious Bigotry claims "zero sponsors" for Comedy Central series mocking Jesus

Big DOH by me, I did not know Arco is part of BP!!!

Big DOH by me, I did not know Arco is part of BP!!!

Corporate Tax Rates Fall Again in Europe

Corporate Tax Rates Fall Again in Europe

A heads up regarding a new policy of Bank of America...

What do you buy a bigot on that "special" day? Photos from Carrie Prejean's wedding registry.

Obama’s Patients’ Bill of Rights: One Important Right is Missing, Thanks to Corporate Spin and Fear-

Do you think we will meet our August 31st deadline for combat troop withdrawal in Iraq?

It would be nice if someone trustworthy would come out and be

Rachel is just taking Boehner apart

''Landlords from Hell'' vanish

What does it say about our society that Boehner can say what he did

Alice Rivlin Wants to Cut Social Security So John Boehner Can Spend It On Wars

William Taylor Richards

William Taylor Richards

Sharron Angle opposes abortion for rape and incest victims because 'God Has A Plan'

To the Rio Grande Valley TEXANS:

War Escalation Funding Fight This Week

Consumer Confidence Falls Off A Cliff

The Three Biggest Lies About the Economy

U.S. authorities charge 11 suspects with spying for Russia

Why did Obama/Geithner burden taxpayers with unlimited support for Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac?

The War against the Poor and the Black – Officially Known as the “War on Drugs”

Conservative middle schooler appears on Fox News complaining about liberal bias in school

Boehner: Cut Social Security to Pay for War

CO Senate Candidate Andrew Romanoff Goes There on Education

A new way to get more votes, or decrease the number of votes for the neocons

A web site that shows you all the ships at the BP Oil Disaster site in real time...

They've made the jump. It's official: They are nuts.

What if the United States was attacked & occupied? What would you do?

Did Capitalism Help the Poor in China from 1979 to the Present?

NJ high court limits police in frisking suspects

What is considered a win in Afghanistan?... why are we attacking teachers unions?

Larry King - Retiring

Average western woman spends $25,000 on shoes number people who cannot afford one pair 3 billion

Couple terrified by mistaken Dallas police encounter

Popular Nebraska principal being replaced though considered effective. Arne's money the reason.

UAW vows to 'pound' Toyota in unionizing effort

petrochemical chicken nuggets & not lovin' it.

Dear Skinner - we need a jobs forum please

Rand Paul refuses to say how old the earth is: ‘I think I’m just gonna have to pass on that one.’

Goldman Admits it Had Bigger Role in AIG Deals

Finger Painting on the Apple iPad

Random tip: Clean your computer room with lawn sprinklers

anyone seen the lincoln geico ad?

Take care Loungers. I love you all!

Out here in the perimeter there are no stars. Out here we is Stoned Immaculate

How would you modify the calendar?

"Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people."

I think Mt. Olive Jalapeno Dill Spears are addictive.

Check out this first post..

So long, DUers. It's been real

If you're on Facebook, you might want to join "Friends Don't Let Friends Read Ayn Rand"

The Gun Thing....Bang

Help me out with this work question..

Anybody tried out the new youtube gadget?

FIFA president Blatter does a 180 on video replay possibility

Composer Allyn Ferguson dies at 85 (wrote 'Barney Miller' theme)

After 7 years in Dubai, I finally tried camel curry

Tell us all about someone who made you happy

When I really think about it...

I need your help.

New Harry Potter Trailer

Bugs that sing at night in SC, NC, and undoubtedly many other states—what are they?

Post your favorite Public Service Announcement

Iron Wiener: Champ Takeru Kobayashi bows out of Nathan's Famous July Fourth Hot Dog Eating Contest

Sometimes when the world starts getting me down...

Uh oh...Little Johnny again.....

Is there a term for people who spend their whole work trying to fix things that aren't broken?

Does the width of DU chage throughout the day?

At first I was afraid


How often do you post something that is obviously meant as

tribute to MJ

LynnSin - What do you think of Mrs Robino's restaurant?

First day of my new job in the books.

So nothing special happens when you get 1,000 posts?

Just wanted to let you guys know that I won't be posting here anymore...

I want to use the phrase "Like Baby Boomers at an early bird special"

Can't Believe I Can DU ...

If you had to give up your car for a month, which month would you NOT choose?

New Ohio greeting cards come with flavor strips

I Got the Bullfrog Blues.

I don't care if it's the last food on earth for me to eat - I LOVE Watermelon

Kellogg's Cereal Recall; 'Part Of Completely Foul Breakfast' Recall 28Million Boxes

15 Of The Best Man Made Marvels


What's more important to you, health or looks?

Helen Mirren on TDS tonight.

For fans of Mad Men

Dial up warning


Anyone know anything about the Family Medical Leave Act?

You've posted something in GD -- what bothers you the most?

I don't understand DU smilies

DU meetup picture from earlier tonight!

I acidently uploaded this to the YouTubes...

Question about an odd DUer

For those lamenting Outback, I give you The Angus Barn

Ammun/Mr. Tinkles sure fits my furniture

simultaneous sunshine and rain

If Skinner had a lounge picnic and asked everyone to bring food donations - what would you bring?

You have been given leave to download one song for your listening pleasure

I must tell this story about my grandmother who died today at the age of 86

Songs with moments of silence in them.

Evie's home!

Larry King retiring in the fall. I hope Joy Behar gets his gig. Who else would

If LynnSin had a lounge picnic and asked everyone to bring food donations - what would you bring?

Beaver shot

The problem with the L-word is that it invariably leads to the M-word

I need your help - making a CD of typical prom songs from the 70's-80s

Are you ever made to feel less of a person (less of an adult) because you don't have children?

Why haven't any of you useless twits come over to clean my house?

Scorsese Fans: I love SHUTTER ISLAND, but why is this film so much more serious than his other

What is your favorite type of soup?

Off to the podiatrist...I hate doctors.

Had to go to Outback Steakhouse last night.

Have you ever seen the Northern Lights? If so, where were you when you saw it?

Ya'all are gonna love this one...from a friend in NC

I don't care if it's the last food on earth for me to eat - I cannot STAND Watermelon

Happy 90th birthday, Ray Harryhausen!

How bad are carpenter ants?


Vodka Flavored Meat!!!!!

Meat-flavored vodka!!!

Now That The US Lost To Ghana, Are You Still Watching WorldCup?

What Is Your Favorite Fruit?

Who Would You Like To See Replace Larry King?

Could choosing couscous mitigate climate change?

Should people face prison merely because they are Muslims?

Woman to Face Prison for Loud Sex?

Play it. Pass it. Win it.

(Wash. state) Government Agencies Award $418,000 in Political Surveillance Case

‘Dozens’ of US citizens on assassination list, White House adviser hints

Major Russian spy ring busted

More American women not having children: report

East Timor war crimes loophole must be closed - Amnesty

US presses farmers to reduce antibiotics use

Turkey bans Israeli military flight from its airspace as freeze deepens

Army spokesman says McChrystal to retire

Britain, France, Germany use torture intel: HRW

Case challenges 'don't ask, don't tell' policy

UN starts $5M Agent Orange cleanup at Vietnam base

Taiwan and China sign landmark trade pact

Russian agents infiltrated US society, charges say

Consumer Confidence Collapses Massively In June

Foreign troop toll in Afghan war hits 100 for June

U.S. frustrated with Netanyahu over stalled proximity talks

Wall Street Hiring Jumps as Guaranteed Bonuses Return

Inquiry to be held into British security service torture claims

Maine rally to launch tour for traditional marriage

Shooting leaves 2 Tampa police officers dead

In Nevada, Running for Senate and From Cameras

TARP Money May Help Fund Financial Reform Legislation

Rove steps up for Blunt fundraiser

House rejects extension of unemployment benefits

Denied by the GOP, Boyd abandons independent bid for governor

Cop Involved In Sean Bell Shooting Files Counter Suit Against Bell's Estate

Tea Party favorite Jim DeMint stumps for Pete Hoekstra's bid for governor

Updated: U.S. Supreme Court orders review of Don Siegelman, Richard Scrushy convictions

U.S. charges 18 in Colombian money-laundering case

Bachmann to Lead Birther-Filled Lineup at Taking America Back Conference

Primary words haunt Ken Buck

Daily Kos Founder Suing Pollster Research 2000: 'We Were Defrauded'

MoveOn Pledge to Counter Corporate Corruption: 'The Other 98% Pledge for a Better Democracy'

Democrats May Cut $19 Billion Bank Fee From Bill

Russia denounces US Cold War-style spy arrests

VP Biden and Senator Robert Byrd

Joseph Casias: Walmart Fired Me For Using Medical Marijuana

Supreme Court, Supreme Court, Supreme Court...

Lawmakers Vow to Fix Financial Reform Bill’s Swap Trading Error

McCain-Feingold: an example of why the perfect shouldn't be the enemy of the good

Citing high black arrests, NAACP endorses pot legalization

Anti-abortion group backs Childers for 1st District

Clinton endorses Sen. Bennet's opponent

Solar-powered plane set for pioneering night flight Thursday

Democrats seek GOP 'Macaca' moments for new website

House votes to extend homebuyer credit 3 months

High Court Backs U.S. Ban on ‘Soft Money’ Donations

EMILY’s List endorses Roxanne Conlin

Larry King - Retiring

US Stocks Drop, Investors Rush To Treasurys, Dollar;DJIA Down 275

US lawmakers eye scrapping bank tax from finance bill

Iran Nuclear Scientist Shahram Amiri 'Flees US Captors'

Pentagon's New Contractor Policy Doesn't Scare Defense Industry At All

Senator Kaufman doesn't think the bill goes far enough, but plans to vote for it

Prosecution experts report on Minn. Toyota crash (motion for a new trial by Koua Fong Lee)

Supreme Court Justice nominee - Elena Kagan

Rossi's final real estate talk canceled

Byrd to lie in Senate chamber where he served

Union leader: Blagojevich brought up Cabinet post

Obama to senators: Include carbon limits in energy package

Toronto police questioned after summit arrests

Canada requests delay in Congo debt relief

Obama Administration Sided With Scott Brown On Wall Street Bill Loophole

Brown Says He’ll Oppose Finance Bill With $19 Billion Bank Fee

Boehner...The financial crisis was an ‘ant’ that Congress killed with a ‘nuclear weapon.’

No Murder Charges for Alleged Pink Saturday Shooter Ed Perkins

Democrats propose axing controversial bank tax from Wall Street bill

US says accepting foreign help with Gulf oil spill

BP broke policy on political donations

GAO Study Finds Improper Burrowing During Bush Years

Does the University of Arizona have any criteria when handing out their law degrees?

Report: African-Americans disproportionately targeted for pot

Lawmakers request BP stop using controversial firm in public health response

California Cities Start Shutting Down Police Forces to Close Budget Gaps

Toronto police questioned after summit arrests

I see Obama's influence every morning

G20 reporters complain to police watchdog

Illegal Immigrants To Lose Out On BP Claims

State and Local Tax Revenue increased slightly compared to Q1 2009

Economist Peter Morici: Outlook Darkens for Economy, Obama

Illinois: Jury: Former cop lied about torture

It all makes sense - our troops are listening to Rush, Beck & Hannity - Armed Forces Radio

Kagan Shifts on Disclosure of Legal Views at Hearings


New saliva test 'can detect various cancers

"Congress trying to solve how to pass unemployment benefits extension" -

Mich. man sues Wal-Mart after being fired over medical marijuana

Want Feingold to vote for a financial regulations bill? Try writing the bill correctly

Eugene Robinson: Robert Byrd’s Redemption

Two Polls out today on Ohio Gov race: Q-Poll Dem up by 6, PPP Dem down by 2

Gallup Tracking Poll: Obama 46% approval (No change) 45% disapproval (-1)

Where is the magic formula?

Pallets Of Cash Fly Out Of Kabul

House fails to extend jobless benefits

Research 2000 Issues Cease & Desist Letter to FiveThirtyEight. Nate tells them to pound sand.

Republicans hate even homeless veterans

Leahy's anti-fraud amendment in financial reform bill

My GOD this woman is bait shit crazy

Feingold and the Financial-Reform Vote Hunt.

Even their God , Reagan did it...

Nate Silver: Senate Forecast: After Primaries, Picture Slightly Improved for Dems

Goldilocks Planet

Kissinger Warns On Afghan Exit Strategy

Guns and bitterness

Obama 'Very Strong' on Carbon Limits

Dean Baker on financial reform

Larry King will leave CNN this fall. Larry will announce details at 9pm on his show.

If Obama Fails, Then What? Where Would We Go From There?

The Obama Gun Grab Myth

The Obama Gun Grab Myth

GAO Study Finds Improper Burrowing During Bush Years

Remarks by the President after Meeting with Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke

You lie!

I'd love to hear President Obama say something like this...

Matt Taibbi: Lara Logan, You Suck

Panel: Yucca Mountain waste dump process continues

House fails to pass unemployment aid extension

France outlaws psychological violence in attempt to tackle domestic abuse

Is Grassley interminably STUPID?

Scrap dollar as sole reserve currency: U.N. report

Updated: Supreme Court vacates Siegelman decision

'Dell knowingly sold faulty PCs'

Turks Shot Multiple Times On Gaza Aid Ship: Forensics

Democrats dump bank tax from financial reform bill

WOW - President Clinton Endorses Andrew Romanoff

Feingold and the filibuster

New Public Policy Polling Survey: Feingold in trouble in WI

WHY GOP FAILS: They reject, despise, hate WISDOM, INTELECT, SCIENCE

Obama's Unbelievable Winning Streak

Utah A.G. proposing different kind of immigration reform

Anna Chapman. Hottie Russian Spy with the Scandinavian accent. Busted.

A reminder on President Obama getting things done

Hundreds of people slept all night in line for tickets to Obama's town hall tomorrow

Farrakhan charges Jews with 'anti-black' behavior

The Great Obama BP Jones Act Myth.

Daily Kos To Sue Former Pollster (Research 2000)

Al Franken Sketches Sessions During Kagan Confirmation Hearing (PHOTO)

Now that Siegelman's conviction has been vacated, can Holder order the case dropped?

Democrats May Cut $19 Billion Bank Fee From Bill

BP Offers $70 Million in Cash to Gas Station Owners

Top Republican: Raise Social Security's retirement age to 70

Boehner: Retirement age needs to be raised to 70

Banks Financing Mexico Gangs Admitted in Wells Fargo Deal

Banks Financing Mexico Drug Gangs Admitted in Wells Fargo Deal

So the worst has happened-US consumer confidence crumbles and the double dip recession awaits

At trial, Noriega claims Panama drug money a US-run ‘imaginary banking scheme’

50% of Wisconsin voters unhappy with Obama's performance


Pope battles secularization, 'eclipse of the sense of God'

Push to let Australian doctors mutilate genitals of baby girls

Ecuador threatens to cut Colombia ties over spy plot

"So, you must wish McCain and Palin had won, right?" has become the DU equivalent of "Why do you

First sentences for Colombia paramilitary leaders

This Modern World: Sensible liberalism in the age of Obama

This Modern World: Sensible liberalism in the age of Obama

Majority of Americans Favor Obama's Afghanistan Timetable per Gallup

California NAACP backs recreational marijuana use

Larry King LIve: Senator Byrd 2003 Interview Regarding Iraq

G20 Provocateurs allowed run rampant to justify 1.1 billion policestate


BP Oil Spill - "Sir, YOU CAN NOT INTERVIEW THE WORKERS!" Are you Afraid, Intimidated?

Black Water (BP Version) - Gulf Oil Spill Doobie Brothers Parody

Why David Cross is my favorite comedian

Tad Daley endorses Countdown to Zero

Retail Rage At G20

"Grassley Asks Kagan: Didn't God Give Us The Right To Bear Arms? (VIDEO)"

Deliberate Oil Cover Up Pensacola Beach (Part 2)

Fresh Oil And Tar In Surf Pensacola Beach June 29 2010 (Part 3)

TYT: Obama's Bush-Like War Comment

QUEEN MEG: Play That Funky Music, White Girl!

DNC TV Ad: On Their Side

G20 Protest Toronto ; One Nice Moment

Crazy eatons meltdown guy -- I have a dream version (very funny)

Trickle Down Doesn't Trickle Down by Old Fart Rants

This guys hates the unemployment extension

Thom Hartmann - Kagan Hearings...why are the Republicans attached to race bating politics?

Tight Calender for Congress

Police snatch G20 protester for getting to close to them

Rachel Maddow: How Much Did BP Spend on Clean-up Research, You Ask?

Grassley- Was Right To Bear Arms Granted By God Or The Constitution

Should we worry about Russian redheads, invisible ink, and nuclear weapons? w/ Alyona Minkovski

Young Turks: 6 Year Old Girl On Terror Watch List Raises Other Issues

Chris Hayes & Dean Baker discuss the maddening G-20 fiscal austerity

Pensacola Beach Oil Tar Cover Up (Part 1)

(Bin Laden hunter) Gary Faulkner in Late Show with David Letterman 2010-06-28

AU 60 Minutes BP Oil Spill Video, 13 June 2010, Removed by BP Demand Part 1

Kagan Answers Graham: 'Where Were You At On Christmas Day?'

The Mystery of the Stock Market Flash Crash

Republican Senators Blocks Homeless Veterans Bill

Rep. McDermott Introduces Legislation to Continue the Unemployment Insurance Program

Takedown of Rick Barber's "Slavery"

Rand Paul At Christian Home Schoolers Conference - Part 2 (won't answer Q about age of Earth)

TYT: Establishment Press Furious w/ Rolling Stone's Hastings

Is EVERYTHING Obama's Fault?

Shocking Oil Cover-Up On Pensacola Beach!!!!!!!!

Soccer - America's Path To Socialism (The crazee is off the charts in this one)

TYT: HILARIOUS In-Studio Interview w/ Ask A's Rep. Gilmartin (R - OH)!

A guide to being a sensible liberal in the Obama Age - Tom Tomorrow

In Ireland, a Picture of the High Cost of Austerity

The new American can’t-do spirit

" a quarter point here, and half point there ... and pretty soon you have some real drag."

Ever wonder what a future America might look like if the Tea Party took over? Try today's Israel.

Right-to-Know Law Gives India’s Poor a Lever

7 Potential Economic Effects Of A War With Iran

What Is Goldman Sachs Thinking?

In Nevada, Running for Senate and From Cameras

Big Media slurs Oliver Stone (as usual)

The Journey From Anger To Anguish: Responding To Eco-cide (Carolyn Baker)

Eight (Lonely) Votes For Common Sense Regarding U.S. Relations With Iran

Blue Water Battle (VA denies agent orange claims for sailors and airmen)

Potholes, Petroleum, Pashtuns: Afghanistan As a Local Issue

Banks Financing Mexico Drug Gangs Admitted in Wells Fargo Deal

Republicans Imposing Sado-Economic Austerity on U.S.

Job killed by oil spill – and now BP is best option

Dumbest Political Quotes of 2010 (So Far)

War Reporting Is About to Change for the Worse

The Potentially Far-Reaching Implications of the Supreme Court's Ruling

Fundamental Change in Colombia Unlikely with President-elect Santos

Efforts to curb special interests in elections stymied.

Breaking: Supreme Court vacates conviction of Don Siegelman

The Gulf, Oil and Republican Hypocrisy

Does the Judge Who Blocked Obama's Drilling Moratorium Suffer from an Unethical Conflict of Interest

John Pilger on the Rolling Stones Hastings Debaucle...and other News..

The universality of war propaganda

You know that Michael Hastings who Broke Story about McCrystal on Rolling Stone Mag.?

One trillion dollars.

NY Times: Who Will Fight for the Unemployed?

Whitney, Ritholtz Issue Bearish Calls on Housing Market

The quagmire gets worse

Pentagon's New Contractor Policy Doesn't Scare Defense Industry At All

Noam Chomsky: The Iranian Threat

How Ending Welfare Might Help End Poverty

Dems were free to construct any financial reforms they wanted to and define the issue

How a New Jobless Era Will Transform America

What FDR Gave Us

Robert Shiller Says the Depression Scare is Back

Freedom from Sexual Self-Denial: Why Not Have Sex With People Who Aren't Your Partner?

Peak oil review - June 28

Storm Watch, 29 June 2010

Drumbeat: June 29, 2010

5 myths about getting rid of the bomb

Hydraulic Fracture Drilling Explained in detail by Cornell Professor Tony Ingraffea

U.S. Approach to Farming Should Change to Meet New Challenges, Expanding Needs

Joe Romm: "I do think Obama and his team have screwed up this once in a generation opportunity"

CDC Advisory - As Of Late May, Dengue Once Again Endemic In Continental United States

Molecules typically found in blue jean and ink dyes may lead to more efficient solar cells

Coral: Lost at sea?

Climate change could wipe out 40% of species in Arab world

Compromise or Dilution? Kerry and Lieberman Agree to Scale Back the American Power Act

US accepts Gulf oil spill aid from 12 countries

Portrait of a Transformative Technology: Joule Unlimited - Ethanol from CO2 , waste water & sunlight

The Proposed Serengeti Commercial Road

Arctic Climate May be More Sensitive to Warming Than Thought, Says New Study

Can science explain when, why, and how the Panama Canal was built?

First Penalty kick shoot outs at the World Cup


Experts warn about repeated brain blows in football and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy

Source: Wade, James and Bosh have talked of splitting Heat cash

Tigers lose Zumaya for the season

Will UCLA mirror the San Francisco Giants...

FIFA President Blatter aplogizes to England and Mexico, says replay will be considered

They're dropping like flies.

Yao coming back to Rockets


Bengals' Cedric Benson arrested, charged with misdemeanor assault

Islanders clearly big winners on draft day!!!!

Honduras: police, military kill Aguán campesino

Share USAID: The Bone of Contention in US - Bolivia Relations

Assembly President and Cuban leaders discuss South-South cooperation

Response to Attack From the New York Times' Larry Rohter

Ecuador threatens to cut Colombia ties over spy plot

Some of the comments I read today RE:McDonald...

Residents pleased by high court decision on guns

Kagan on guns: Court precedents are 'settled law'

Second City Cop weighs in on Mayor Daley and the McDonald decision...

Chicago could limit number of guns allowed in a home

Woman sleeping with child in adjoining apartment, shot by man "fooling around" with a gun

States with the most guns

The Court, the Constitution and the Reality of Guns

TheDailyBeast: The Obama Gun Grab Myth

Push in Iowa to eliminate handgun permits

Push in Iowa to eliminate handgun permits

Obama's statement on the ruling

The Brady Bunch has been canceled

Big things are changing for gay Americans: Christopher Neff

The Obama Gun Grab Myth

A well regulated militia

Whats missing from the governments website on Fathers?

Levin: Senate likely to repeal Don’t Ask

Boston’s gay bank bought out

NYC Ironworkers Local Leader Bob Ledwith: U.S. Needs Strategic Infrastructure Plan

Los Angeles School District Budget Cuts Endanger Another 2500 Jobs

Judge OKs Philly papers' reorganization plan despite objections from employee pension officials

Today in Labor History June 29 The U.S. Supreme Court rules in CWA v. Beck & much more

AFSCME convention page (runs through July 2)

Mine Blast Probe Moves Forward, Massey Energy Sues MSHA over Ventilation Rules

Brazil GM Workers Fight Back "On The Track Of The Struggles"

Byrd Spent Career ‘Unabashedly’ on Working Families’ Side

NYT: The Cheap Cost of Cheating the Lowest Paid

Federal Court Sentences PA Contractor for Lethal Safety Lapses

In Wake of Arizona Law, Labor Unites Behind Immigration Reform

Incredible fisheye image at APOD June 29, 2010

For you close up artists - Macro lovers - something that will knock some socks off

I just saw a beautiful sunset

In honor of one of my favorite movies, Ice Castles... "Don't Forget The Roses"

kathys kosmic kowgirl kafe

University of Hawaii approves giant telescope

Students Record Spellbinding Video of Disintegrating Spacecraft

Tooth Regeneration Gel Could Replace Painful Fillings

Discovering the Virtues of a Wandering Mind

The scarecrow

Israel transfer of Hamas men from Jerusalem may be war crime, UN envoy says

Tea Party Jews: Betraying U.S. and Israel at the same time

Lieberman: Absolutely no chance for a Palestinian state within next two years

Ever wonder what a future America might look like if the Tea Party took over? Try today's Israel.

Israelis Keep the Trigger Tight

This Light Is Always Red

Congressional Liberals and Israel: Ignorance Combined With Cynicism

AA Metatron: 'The Extraordinary Eclipses of the Grand Cross'

Vandals "Under God" to be erased from North Carolina billboard

Copenhagen Declaration on Religion in Public Life

Are you an atheist if you believe in the existence of a being who ...

Too stupid to even be slightly offended

When the time is right will you be rapture ready?

"Lost Sleep Is Hard to Find"

No, Pot Researchers Aren’t Smoking Anything

Nitrate in beetroot juice lowers blood pressure

Fat and calorie bombs: Every state has worst-for-you foods

Female Genital Mutilation Performed at Cornell University, 6 yr old .. >Link> please sign petition


I wish all the people here would call a Congressperson after the jobs

Budget will cost 1.3m jobs - Treasury

Global markets on 'cliff edge' amid fears over European banks