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Why would two central air conditioners fail at the same time in the same house?

Gulf Oil Spill Time-Lapse Video From NASA Satellites

Good news everyone - they've solved the unemployment problem!

New rule : can't use the word "coffee shop" here anymore. Too inflammatory

Southern Baptists' response to gulf disaster: an "Evangelical Crusade To Go Green With God" (NPR)

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Guests for the Sunday TV news shows

"Born right the first time" bumper sticker I spotted near taste of Chicago today.

Alaska's present, after 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill, might be Gulf Coast's future

Feds rewrite travel rules for U.S. attorneys!

Effort Uses Dogs’ DNA to Track Their Abusers

Has there ever been a national referundum on a ballot?

United Pilot Detained For Dropping His Pants At Security

How do you deal with an asshole youth coach?

I'm really sorry he's such a bully.

I currently oppose Kagan's confirmation, How about you?

Disturbing Sheriff Incident

U.S. embassy launches campaign to correct errors in Pakistani media

U.S. embassy launches campaign to correct errors in Pakistani media

BP played big role in Alaska blowout preventer probe

Budget cuts will hit Britain's poorest families six times harder than the richest

surge update: US service member killed in Afghanistan

Corruption leads to new rules for Afghan contracts

Ethics investigation of Pomeroy extended

Cop’s lawyer claims hitting an Iraq veteran 20 times was ‘too little’ force

Cop’s lawyer claims hitting an Iraq veteran 20 times was ‘too little’ force

Chavez: 'genocidal' Israel will be put in its place

Toon: Our declaration of independence from British power

Toon: Our declaration of independence from British power

What to Expect at G20: Lots and Lots of Cops


Hands Off Social Security: There Are Better Ways to Cut the National Debt

Calling for Accountability on the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture

The Al Gore story: What to make of Bambi and the sex poodle

Watch Janeane Garofalo's latest standup for free @ Epix

Toon: Our Sacrifice to the SUV God

Corps to take delivery of first EFV prototype

Gone missing in Indiana: An affordable public education

New GOP Group Plans To Spend Millions This Fall

david gregory presents john mccain

Two American Service Members Shot Dead in Eastern Afghanistan

Video on cell phone at Goodwill leads to arrest

Can a Conservative Extremist be a PRACTICING Christian?

Mr Fish: Quick, get outta here while Joe's providing cover!

Poland Reveals 2012 Deadline for Afghan Exit (Coalition of the Leaving)

From ABC in (wtf?) email: In the fog of war, how do we know when we’ve won? Ask the CIA.

Mark Neuman (R), if elected god, would ban homosexuality

Last night I watched about 2 hours of CBC's coverage of the Toronto protests. Very disturbing.

You never see a sports book downsize, do you?

Troubled Contractor Gets Afghanistan Security Deal (Xe)

CIA Chief Leon Panetta: In Afghanistan, U.S. Has Committed 1,000 Troops Per Each Al Qaeda

Court to rule on Sarbanes-Oxley and gun rights. Last day for Justice Stevens

PIC & ANIMATION: the next Republican Terminator of California: Megnold Whitmanegger

I wish I had a Trillion (or 2) Dollars. After reading about Reagen, The Gulf waters,...

afghanistan: the war that did in the soviets. we thought we could conquer it?

Little spent on oil spill cleanup technology

The 36 Hours That Shook Washington-by FRANK RICH

The 36 Hours That Shook Washington-by FRANK RICH

Fuzzy Math in the Gulf reporting

Fuzzy Math in the Gulf reporting

gotta love the MSM. Afghanistan is a mess, we remain in Iraq, oil is gushing,

We can always ask.


Jindal blocks opening of records from oil spill

Stop a riot by offering chocolate

Triple murder in India highlights increase in 'honour killings'

I haven't drawn a cartoon since Gerald Ford was president (high school paper)

My latest ltte printed re:help for veterans and soldiers with ptsd

Toxic Sand: Another Enemy in Afghanistan?

Hospitalized Cheney reported feeling much better

The Oil Drum: Weather, Progress, Creating a Post-Peak Future, and More

Feinstein: If Petraeus Wants Afghanistan Troop Drawdown Scrapped, 'Give It To Him, Absolutely'

DU...Help me out here....My spouse and I just had an argument about cuts in Social Security

‘American Crossroads,’ a Rove-led GOP campaign group, plans to spend millions

Has anyone heard of the documentary Restrepo?

389 Miles: "Living the Border"

Question for our Gun nuts

New 1500 calorie burger - burger sandwiched between 2 grilled cheese sandwiches

Question for people obsessed with gun rights

Delete, dupe

Idaho GOP accepts platform with loyalty oath, call for repeal of 17th Amendment

This deja vu shit is depressing

Mods, why did my second gun rights thread get locked?

RW BS Alert! CSPAN2 @ 12:30 PT -- "Manchurian President"

Pete Peterson’s Anti-Social Security Talking Points: Coming Soon to Texas Textbooks?

Video: Time-lapse view of Gulf oil spill from NASA satellites

Oil in the Gulf will become the norm, the status quo.

Thank You Andrew Sullivan !!! - More Insight Into The MSM...

Wingnut "reporter" calling Rolling Stone's HASTINGS a liar (on with Mistah KURTZ)

My friend's housekeeper stole his percocets..

A Leftist Oath in support of Obama's centrist agenda

How many Americans should die for the corrupt Islamic republic we created in Afghanistan? nt

How many Americans should die for the corrupt Islamic republic we created in Afghanistan? nt

How many Americans should die for the corrupt Islamic republic we created in Afghanistan? nt

David Brooks is a real peach. Spins blame for the McChrystal mess on

anyone see "Exit through the gift shop?"

We used a little bit of prison labor to do some odds and ends around the golf course

21 Years After Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, Many Animal Species Still Struggling To Survive -

Can we put some distance between the rec / unrec buttons

BP's Methane Monster: From the Gulf to the Globe

Breaking on MSNBC - Senator Byrd hospitalized in serious condition

One Battalion’s Wrenching Deployment to Afghanistan

President Nixon In The Rear-View Mirror

Pay ATTENTION America!

China's young college grads toil in 'ant tribes'

China's young college grads toil in 'ant tribes'

Coffee, juice, toast, eggs, a paper, and a CAPTION!!! Come do Head Wreck. (He's flammable this a.m.)

Moran strikes again

Court to rule on corporate reform law and gun rights (could extend gun rights in the US)

Fiorna plays Latinos against the Delta smelt

Chief Justice Roberts' Never-ending Quest

Deficit Hawks, Please Explain This... - DailyKos

The New World Order 2010

cnn reporter says she may NOT have reported what mcchrystal said

Please explain this social security thing to me.

Please explain this social security thing to me.

MUST READ - History News Network: Myths from the Right about the Disaster in the Gulf

Shooting at San Francisco gay pride event leaves one dead, 2 wounded

women who behave rarely make history

Grampy McBush: Most illegals aren't drug mules but Brewer's "doing a good job and is on right track"

Wassup Idaho?! Brother came and helped you out!

another foreclosure ghost town

OK,Folks-ltte from a conservative re:McChrystal -help me formulate a response

"BITE ME" Mr. Fish: Eat at Joe’s

Martin Ginsburg, husband of Supreme Court Justice

Germany Warns US Not to Become 'Addicted to Borrowing'

Germany Warns US Not to Become 'Addicted to Borrowing'

It does not matter .....

High-Risk Health Insurance Pools: Not Necessarily Affordable & Not Enough $$$ to Cover Cost

Ironically, while looking for President Obama G20 live speech, all I can find on MSNBC

Gulf oil spill spews anxiety and despair

Gulf oil spill spews anxiety and despair

Senator Robert Byrd on the 1964 Civil Rights laws

My Sunday evening gift to DUers

Senator Robert Byrd Railing Against President Bush in 2007

"AmericaSpeaks" steers debate towards cutting benefits, keeping low taxes on wealthy

What would you do to make the world a better place?

Anyone here from Grand Rapids, MI?

60 minutes - more Blackwater fuckups

Some dumbass on This Week (no, not George Will) was just

Senator Robert Byrd's speech opposing the Iraq War in March of 2003

LOL... So I'm Watching A PBS Travel Log On Istanbul, And The Military There...

LOL... So I'm Watching A PBS Travel Log On Istanbul, And The Military There...

Naked woman steals police car, leads officers on chase, gets Tasered

Ohio 6-Year-Old Turns Up on Terror Watch List

(Hoping for his recovery) -- Senator Byrd's February 2003 Speech

Extension of Bush tax cuts could test Republicans' deficit resolve

Why doesn't anyone bring up "Senator Pork?"

Why doesn't anyone bring up "Senator Pork?"

Oliver Stone's "Wall Street" airs at 8:10pm EDT on Fox Movie Channel

Senator Byrd, a voice for those who have no voice

Celebrity fan clubs are silly, but benign. Fan clubs for ANY elected official are harmful

Sen. Byrd, 92, is hospitalized and said to be seriously ill

I don't care about politics anymore - just get the job done.

Is Cheney still with us?

The New Right Wing Authoritarianism

Hands across the sand photo thread!

Image of oil spewing enthralls and repels

Senator Robert Byrd Weeps Over Ted Kennedy's Tumor

KGO-TV: SF gay pride shooting appears to be gang-related


Russia suggests oil firm levy for pollution fund

Sen. Bond Disses Internet 'Kill Switch' Bill

Have the giant puppets been deployed at the G-20 summit yet...

DU Wayback Machine: Episode #347... David Stockman 1981...

World cup officiating incompetent -- 1966 in reverse as England not awarded goal

Pope: Belgian sex abuse raids deplorable

We, in this country, need to get a serious dialogue going about profit.

Political personality worship is okay if that floats your boat, but there must be action.

Texas GOP platform: criminalize gay marriage and ban sodomy, outlaw strip clubs and pornography

A thought on the loss of some seats in the up coming election

15,000 Progressive Activists in Detroit: Why No Media or Respect?

Apple apparently thinks that Thomas "Suck On This" Friedman can help them sell iPads.

G20 Protests Put the Pressure on Canada's Dirty Industries

I am resorting to a bit of a nuclear option myself, day nine


It's bad PR when your upper/middle mangement folks are detained

'My goal is to cut our deficit by half by 2013...' - Pres. Obama...

My father died of congestive heart failure in November of 1996...

Any good news on the gulf today?

Bad news, I'm afraid - Cheney’s Release Is Expected Soon

Sen. Robert C. Byrd, March 19, 2003. Ten minutes worth your time.

Oil spill's psychological toll is mounting: help is available

CIA director FAIL on 'This Week': "the most serious threat to the US come from within". Question:

Hey folks remember this picture

America Speaks Forum yesterday - pictures

Ah competition...

Repo Men and Plagiarism: English Teachers Wanted....

The team menatlity is crucifying progressive/liberal agenda.

The team menatlity is crucifying progressive/liberal agenda.

Check this out: What seems like a good thing is actually disguising support to stop Soc Security!

Ruth Bader Ginsburg's husband died today

In 2009, animal rights group PETA set new record -- for killing pets.

Why Dems should hate, and the GOP should love, Elena Kagan



Fuck you, Di-Fi

Oliver Stone: The US Has Launched Military Interventions and Political Coups Fifty-Five Times in Lat

We have " Fixed News..."

The quaint concept of a millionaire being "rich".

G-20 leaders agree to delay, for years, to set new rules for banks

Tuna's End

This time next year...I too, plan to look like Mrs Obama...

Libertarians make bad lifeguards.

Firing McChrystal Isn’t Enough. Fire the War

Drudge is finally feeling the desperation that the rest of the right is feeling

Top Five Lobbies F**king Up Our Country (IMO)

Toronto Police Attack Protesters And Journalists At G20 - HufPo

Kucinich preparing to fight for more jobless benefits

Kucinich preparing to fight for more jobless benefits

Kucinich preparing to fight for more jobless benefits

Kucinich preparing to fight for more jobless benefits

Kucinich preparing to fight for more jobless benefits

Philippe Cousteau Jr:An aerial view of ruthless oil's impact

Senator Byrd is Ill; A Note on West Virginia's Vacancy Laws

Gohmert: There's A Diabolical 30-Year Plot To Have Terrorist Babies Born In U.S.!

Gohmert: There's A Diabolical 30-Year Plot To Have Terrorist Babies Born In U.S.!

As someone who has been represented by Senator Byrd for most of my life

If you were granted three wishes to change the world, what would they be?

Schumer: Banks should warn customers when they end free checking accounts

Naomi Klein: 'Sticking the public with the bill for the bankers’ crisis'

Judge who killed drilling ban a hero in Louisiana

NY Times: From CNBC Business Journalist to Critic of Bankers on MSNBC-Dylan Ratigan

Tea Party Show of Character Protest!

Cindy Sheehan links wars to nation's woes

Cindy Sheehan links wars to nation's woes

Tea Partier shows true nature in Columbus Dispatch article.

A Rod Serling screenplay predicted the rise of an Objectivist/Libertarian nightmare.

A Note on West Virginia's Vacancy Laws

Who are the productive people in America? The ruling rich capitalists or ordinary workers?

I think I just experienced some healing today from ChickMagic's passing

One of the faces of the charter school movement is the "spokesperson in demonizing public schools"

Huckabee defends using term ‘ick factor’ to describe gays

"The black Bloc - raging against the very corporate machine you bought your supplies from"

Russell Madden

A Song by David Huges, dedicated to the people of the gulf.

Bob Herbert: Worse Than A Nightmare

Ok, exactly how will we meet the G20 directive to cut the deficit in half in 3 years?

Taking Joy in announcing the *****WINNERS***** in the June Photo Contest

Obama's original sin on Afghanistan. What cost to avoid the "peacenik" label?

Library Censorship

Library Censorship

Good story here about wide spread severe problems from "fracking".

Auth: Continuing SNAFU in the graveyard of empires

what if we closed out bases around the world, brought ALL our military home, and devoted

10 Page Summary of the Fin Reg Bill (from

Lexington Pride Festival *Dialup warning* 23 images

Lexington Pride Festival *Dialup warning* 23 images

Disturbing Sheriff Incident

Robert Byrd joined the Ku Klux Klan at age 24

Toon: Miss us yet?

Gulf oil spill... It's personal to me

So if BP is covering up wildlife genocide (ecocide)

Protests at G-20 Meetings

Report: Toronto police rough up journalists, arrest peaceful protesters at G20

Heads-Up !!! - America Speaks in LA – They Want Economic Recovery, No Social Security Cuts - FDL

I went to WalMart today

Sen. Robert Byrd on Homosexuality...

Bought shrimp from daughter of suicide boat Captain Kruse today.

Bought shrimp from daughter of suicide boat Captain Kruse today.

We require attorneys to take cases from the indigent defenders offices at the rate they

Elites are using religious extremism to sustain and expand their power.

The only way to actually shore up Social Security...

Maybe Tea Partiers are having more trouble than we realized?

Will we ever elect a President as Liberal as Richard Nixon again...

Why do lower income people vote in lower numbers?

Haven't seen a pelican or cormorant in weeks.

Elena Kagan, Willing Accomplice

Let's try this again - this time with *no* thread title

Tomas Young, the Iraq War vet portrayed in Body of War, is a great admirer of Robert Byrd

Private landowner closes century old trail to public water falls

BP oil spill Corexit dispersants suspected in widespread crop damage

On the full moon last night and the fire this morning (DIAL-UP WARN)

Crude joke on American taxpayers - we will pay

Massage therapist reports Gore incident to police by reading prepared statement?

Report: US warships stationed off Iranian coast

Interesting hurricane forecast on the eleven o'clock nooz

As for the myth that Obama packed the Fiscal Commission

"He trusts people too much. He trusted Wall Street, Republicans, BP. He's 0 for three."

President Obama's position on Social Security

Seventy percent of all personnel that work for the Department of Defense are private contractors.

"Please spread... I want to piss off the world.". HQ Gulf flyover,6/21

Frustrated by boycott, station owners want BP help

Corporate Water-boarding

I've been listening to Pandora all day

Back off Boogaloo

Troll or just the stupidest person on earth?

David Mitchell totally looks like Elena Kagan.

everyday feels like another new drug

Good news: I do not have ringing in my ears

Dick Meat.

Was it something I said? - an apology ...

So, I have green and red peppers popping up everywhere...1

We are going to have to agree to disagree here.

Everything really pisses me off. A rant.

A nice song to play, played it before, it is a great song.

Why can't people refrain from scratching DVD's? (mini-rant)

World Cup Cats

Echo Lawn Trimmer

Post a song that is about or mentions a POMPETUS!

People not responding to my posts really piss me off, A Rant.

The internets are crashing...

This dog's a REAL hero.

I want to see the Argies send Mexico packing today!

Re: youtube videos. Just post the goddamn youtube link without a bunch of "words"

GOOOOOOAAAAALLLLLLL!!!!!!!!! 1-0 Argentina!

N/T eom

My friend's housekeeper stole his percocets..

I told my Gentleman friend, Jason, that I found my Furbies....



Oh, Sookie ... Snoop Dogg

Saffie LeMew's kitty crew...6 weeks old

Caption this pic!

Trapped drunk driver opens another beer as awaits rescue

Ladies and Gentleman... and I use the term absurdly, I present to you... the bass vuvuzela.

TROUBLETOWN's take on the BP crisis:

Baked Dilbert:

It's bikini time in Tucson, and no, that's not Kali

People yakking in public really piss me off. A rant.

It's about 90 degrees here with high humidity.

MIDDLEFINGERMOM IS SO-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O LAZY... ... ... ... ... ...




"n/t" and "eom".

This is how I feel about the vuvuzelas (video)


My husband and kids left for six weeks


Ceva Logistics, the trucking company that employed me the last 3.5 years

Why didn't someone tell me the 3rd season of Leverage started.

It is MoviPrep day and I am so hungry

This royal throne of kings, this sceptred isle...

Had a little problem this morning.

Holy crap, what in the hell happened to Barry Manilow?

Random tip: stainless steel appliance cleaner works great for shaving!

Random Tip polysiloxane-based scintillators doped with oligophenylenes

Wow. I won't post the link here, but let me say this about tabloids

Show of hands: Who's going to be breaking the law tonight?

The best part of "Million Dollar Baby" is how it ends with her winning that last boxing match by KO.

Please stop typing "n/t" and "eom".

The new dog has come to the house...

What's everyone doing for the 4th?

How many friends do you have on Facebook have you seen naked?


How much change do you have?

I want to see Handball Maradona and his team sent home today!!



I may have a farmer's tan, but at least I got it driving a tractor.

Frostie The Dancing Cockatoo

Let's just go ahead and appoint Mr. Buddy Guy as God

Random tip # 2: Furniture Polish for windows

TheTick:The Complete Series is on Netflix.

my neighbors cat...

Anyone else ever see "Allegro Von Troppo?"

Beer while recovering from a stomach virus?

Each World Cup I let slide and go into reactionary nationalism

Does anyone have advice on how to make yourself stop wanting something?

Man accused of trying to sell baby for $25 in front of Walmart

Anyone ever go to the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec?

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Paws of Fury Edition

It has been a long time...Let it load...lots of pics

Test you internet connection speed..

You're so vain, you probably think this post is about you.

serious question-is anyone here old and single...what do you do?

A lazy Sunday afternoon poem: The Purple Flower

A humble request for kitty vibes for my Evie

This is literally AND figuratively one of the sweetest things I've seen in a LONG time...

Did anyone else find Up in The Air a little too trite and cute...

What are you reading?

Do you ever blow off spellchecker with your posts?

Random tip: Shaving cream works great to clean stainless steel appliances!

Charlaine Harris on True Blood and Vampires That Sparkle

What is the first movie you remember seeing in the cinema?

What was your most trashed post on DU?

Pics of the House and a tree, just because I like it --

Pics of the House and a tree, just because I like it --

Palin decries 'Dumpster divers' at Calif. campus

Falling branch kills baby in NYC's Central Park

Captured soldier's family marching to Jerusalem

Three Killed at Political Rally in Mexico

One killed in central Bosnia bombing

Barack Obama invites China's Hu Jintao for state visit

George Osborne's budget cuts will hit Britain's poorest families six times harder than the richest

Facebook to launch India operations in two months

Civil rights organizations question nominee Elena Kagan's record on race

Report: Toronto police rough up journalists, arrest peaceful protesters at G20

92 year old Sen. Robert Byrd D-W Va hospitalized in serious condition

Spies told to reveal instructions which 'turned blind eye to torture'

Headmaster beheaded, schools torched in Afghanistan

US Official: Condemnation Of N Korea Builds Momentum For UN Action

Bingaman: ‘Difficult to see’ 60 votes for climate change bill

Daughter says Cheney likely to leave hospital soon

Overture to Taliban Jolts Afghan Minorities

Elena Kagan's confirmation hearing to start Monday

CIA: At most, 50-100 Al Qaeda in Afghanistan

T.D. Alex Moves into Southwest Gulf

GOP govenor hopefuls talk tough on illegal immigration

Machinists union OKs Boeing contract (401ks for new employees hired in 2012)

Man Critically Injured, Two Others Shot During San Francisco Gay Pride "Pink Saturday" Event

Oil spill's psychological toll quietly mounts

Martin Ginsburg, justice's husband, dies

US Military Chief In Israel For Top-Level Talks

G20 drops sensitive wording on yuan reform

Report: Karzai holds secret talks with top militant

G-20 Leaders Pledge To Halve Deficits By 2013

WORLD: CIA reports Iran has enough uranium for 2 bombs

Documents show vast cleanup of Plum Island land

Egypt Concedes to Resistance on Privatization Push

'Hands Across Sands' attracts thousands

Longtime Sen. Byrd in hospital, seriously ill

Leon Panetta: There May Be Less Than 50 Al Qaeda Fighters In Afghanistan

As Gulf Disaster Unfolds, NYers Hold Hands to Protest Off-Shore Drilling

CIA defends Blackwater contract worth $100m

Iceland PM weds as gay marriage legalised

Nine Years On, Only 41 Percent of Americans Believe US Can Win in Afghanistan

Nine Years On, Only 41 Percent of Americans Believe US Can Win in Afghanistan

Feds Won't Charge Blackwater in Sudan Sanctions Case

Liberals Question Kagan's Stance on Detainees

Kagan Critics: Keepin' It Klassy

Is Obama still letting BP....

Moron Sarah Palin praises column linking Obama, Hitler

Stopping The Hemorrhage Of The SGR Pay Cut Is Not Enough

Simon Johnson's argument against the financial reform bill simply doesn't hold water.

Moratorium Won’t Stop Unprecedented BP Project in the Arctic

Obama Administration Won't Charge Blackwater in Sudan Sanctions Case

"A Look at Children and the President’s FY 2011 Federal Budget"

I'm sorry but I really don't like Karzai (Afghanistan)

If only this were true about the Gulf oil surge?

Republicans are Undercutting National Economic Recovery -- and Dems Need to Say So 24/7

BREAKING-Sen. Byrd Hospitalized in ‘Serious’ Condition

How can the GOP win anything if they are ASHAMED OF THEIR PARTY??

Diluted provisions a big win for banks

PIC: Forget G-8.. Obama sit and watch World Cup

FDR vs. Obama

Stimulus: largest middle class tax cut in history and an increase in unemployment benefits

Hucky's TV Show..part Country Music, Part BS Commentary, part Scam

PolitiFact Checks the President's Nuclear Promises

Hamas says asked by WH to keep silent on talks

Kristol, Liz Cheny praise Obama on Afghanstan

Kristol, Liz Cheny praise Obama on Afghanstan

West Virginia's 'centrist' governor readies for national role (Byrd's Senate seat)

Cameron digs in over Falklands as oil revives former tension

Calls to ban brothels in Australia's 'Bible belt'

"Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg's Husband Dies"

FDR vs. Obama

This extending of Blackwater contracts really SUCKS!

"The 36 Hours That Shook Washington" (Frank Rich)

Huckabee says polling shows he's the best Republican to take on Obama in 2012

What we need to highlight before November elections

Photos: We Are the World (The Obama Presidency, Day 523-524)

Al Gore is accused of groping a woman

Lawmakers express doubts about Afghan withdrawal assurances

The elections are about four months away. What should Democrats campaign on:

Oil washes onto Mississippi coast for first time

"Sir, some of the guys here, sir, think were losing, sir.”

Sounds Corny? So F*#*^g What? Hope is still better than None!

Kagan confirmation hearings-Day #1-Thread #1-Senate Judiciary Committee gavel falls at 12:30 ET Mon.

Barbour has mobilized only 58 of 6000 National Guard troops authorized by the President.

Who on here would be agreeable for the US to shut down its

Obama administration poised to award contracts to about 20 states for new high-risk insurance pools

Obama and FDR, two interesting pieces from November 2009.

'Not since FDR has a president done so much to transform this country.'

How Dems Can Have A Damn Good Election Cycle In 2010

Tibetan cultural figures 'detained after protests'

Pop Quiz: Who is 3rd in line to the Presidency?

Indian professionals to oppose UK cap

Herbert: Worse Than a Nightmare (the reality of an unwinnable war)

Too bad for all of you who are against President Obama, best thing

Venezuela says will pay for nationalized H&P rigs

Chavez: Israel and US 'Empire' Are Enemies

"It's been 18 months and people continue to be surprised when i do what i said i'm going to do"

Striptease on Australia's Uluru angers Aborigines

A year later, coup talk again rattles Honduras

AP: Drilling Protestors Join Hands on Florida Beaches

Westboro Baptist parody GaGa's Telephone

Police abandon cars at G20 protests amid $1 billion security clampdown

Broken windows, burnt cars left by G20 riots in Toronto

G20 Protests Heat Up: Video of police car fire in Toronto

G20 Protest Toronto 2010 ; Anarchists Burning Police Cars and Looking For a Fight

G20 Protests - Toronto 2010 (birdseye view)

International Monetary Fund arrival for the Toronto G-20 Summit

Toronto Police Attack Peaceful Protesters and Journalists at G20 Protests

Best Church of God Vs. Greg Epstein

G20 Cop Cars Set on Fire/Windows Smashed - Raw Footage - Part 2

G20 Toronto: Black Bloc FAIL (Undercover POLICE) Destroy Undercover Vehicles as REAL Protesters Film

G20 TORONTO - What We Saw (Video 1) POLICE CAR

TYT Interviews MSNBC's Ratigan: Banks Keep Stealing, Why Keep Paying?

Violent Protest or Agent Provocateurs? Toronto G8-G20

Rescuer: Call to BP's Oil Hotline 'Unbelievable'

CIA Dir Panetta: 'may be less than 50 al Qaeda in Afghanistan'

Hydraulic Fracking & Lies From Oil Companies About Safety

Sarah Palin Protest at CSU Stanislaus

Rethink Afghanistan: "We're F*cking Losing This Thing."


What the media ignored: 25,000 peacefully demonstrate against G20 policies in Toronto

Sarah Palin Protest at CSU Stanislaus Turlock CA

What the Palestinians do not want Jews to know

BP - Burning sea turtles alive - Is anyone going to stop them?

Bill Maher: Religious Weather Forecast

Hands across the sand was HUGE!

Fox News Ridiculousness - June 2010

Senator Orrin Hatch thinks the unemployed blow money on drugs

G20 Toronto 2010 provocatuers

Carly Fiorina confused about creating jobs

CBS: Filmmaker Describes Gas Industry Attacks on 'Gasland'

NEW BP Oil Spill FLYOVER FOOTAGE 6/21/2010

A List of US Senators Who Blocked Unemployment Benefits

CBS: Charter School Controversy 'Mixed Report Card'

TYT Canadian Banks versus US Banks

"And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you ...

Open live mic remarks after Sarah Palin's speech at CSU Stanislaus in Turlock - 25 June 2010

I'm a Mac ... and I've Got a Dirty Secret

TYT Interviews Rep. Alan Grayson - War Is Making You Poor & More

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Financial Regulation...NYT. Editorial ..

Looters stealing from Iraq's unprotected archeological sites

Interview with Ruy Teixeira on "Demographic Change and the Future of the Parties"

America Speaks in LA – They Want Economic Recovery, No Social Security Cuts

Greg Jaffe: Military disturbed by rapid turnover at top in Afghan, Iraq wars

What if Rolling Stone Had Covered Gen. Douglas MacArthur?

Extreme Measures: Arming the Zealotocracy, Serving the Elite

Terminations, Reductions and Savings (FY 2011 US Budget proposals)

Save a Whale, Save a Soul, Goes the Cry

Postponing the 2010 Congressional Elections, REVISITED

Amoral Corporations and Immoral Corporate Personnel

Herbert: Worse than a nightmare

Wall Street 'Reform' in a Nutshell: The Politicians Lied, Media Applauded, We Americans Will Suffer

Cuban former castaway Elian on military track

HE ROVING EYE - Mistah McChrystal by Pepe Escobar

Wanna know how F#*KED we really are? (oil industry)

Petraeus cannot win if he sticks with current tactics

NYT: Elena Kagan’s Moment

Nation Can't Afford to Suffer a Revival of Reaganomics

The Politico Opens the Kimono. And then Pretends it Never Happened.

May Toronto's G20 Be the Last

Live from Planet Norte (Joe Bageant)

What's the Story, Morning Glory?

Black leaders announce move against conservative attempt to distort King Dream

When Capitalism Meets Cannabis

The Jeffrey Goldberg Media

Endless war, a recipe for four-star arrogance

The St Lawrence Seaway - Oil Spill Some 30 Years Ago - Prelude to the Gulf Tragedy

How BP wants to start over in bid to contain Gulf oil spill

Extolling the benefits of heating with pellets (Maine)

Companies Peddling Microbial Cures to Oil Spill Come Calling on Gulf Coast

Reports suggest Louisiana ignored own plans for oil spill

What is the latest about oil dispersant usage?

As Oil Spill Grows, So Does Need For Data On Health Effects

Civil Liability for Nuclear Claims Bill, 2010: is life cheap in India?

GOP: Obama's panel is biased: spill inquiry panel has no oil experts, only drilling foes

The Oil Drum: Weather, Progress, Creating a Post-Peak Future, and More

AREVA covers up extent of massive nuclear reactor cost overrun

Politics embroil gulf research grants (GOP govs. want all the BP moolah)

Painting a mountain to save a glacier

Indian Point Unit 2 Cruising Down Davis-Besse Boulevard

Monarch butterflies use internal compass to find their way

Another Bogus GOP Claim: Obama refuses to use skimmers!

Turtle Deaths Called Result of Shrimping, Not Oil Spill

The Unseen Disaster (commentary on subsurface Gulf oil plumes by Texas A&M marine scientist)

World cup losses are painful for many reasons.

I so want England to win so that Argentina can


Dustin Pedroia's injury works to Oakland A's benefit

"Germany smothers England Refs miss goal" " Controversial goal helps Argentina doom Mexico"

O's Sweep Nats

What's wrong with New England's Bedeviled soccer team?

What's wrong with England's soccer team?

Are there too many World Cup threads currently on DU?

Red Sox beat up Lincecum; even with injuries, take series from Small Men


Bob Bradley: Still our coach, or greeter at Wal-Mart?

69-Year-Old Native Leader Heads 1,500-Km March

What's really happening in El Salvador?

Cuba: Contras split over blockade

Ecuador would get oil revenue under proposed law

Colombia assembly leader seriously wounded in attack

A year later, coup talk again rattles Honduras

Agriculture Committee to Vote on Freedom Travel to Cuba on Wednesday, June 30

Report: Flyers getting Nabokov for seventh-round pick

Pirates lose 17th road game in a row..

Chavez: Israel and US 'empire' are enemies

Link to SF Pride live stream

McDonald v. Chicago decision could be coming down tomorrow

Gay couples pay more for less

O'Reilly gets heat over statements on guns ...

Prof. Fires Back at Huckabee

Question for people obsessed with gun rights

A Stonewall Veteran, 89, Misses the Parade

New York church maintains Gay Pride presence, but with blank banner

Lexington Pride Festival *Dialup warning* posted in GD

Cuccinelli: Gays Not Included in 14th Amendment

Today in Labor History June 27 Congress passes the National Labor Relations Act, & more

Organized labour rallies against corporate bailouts during G20 protest

OSHA cites Ford for unsafe overhead cranes at Buffalo Stamping Plant

NLRB returns to regular business

Pension woes may keep many on job longer (Teamsters)

Feed Me Mommy, Part Deux


Evolution of a Smile, and other images

Miss Sarah has miised you all

Announcing the *****WINNERS*****of the June Contest with great Joy

Strawberry Moon

These girls just make me smile.

Galaxies linked by quasar-making nebula six times bigger than the Milky Way

Captured soldier's family marching to Jerusalem

Chavez: 'genocidal' Israel will be put in its place

Israeli soldier's family urges swap

U.S. army chief: I always try to see challenges from Israeli perspective

Israeli submarines have cruise missiles armed with nuclear warheads in the Gulf near Iran!

Jerusalem master plan: Expansion of Jewish enclaves across the city

Chavez: 'genocidal' Israel will be put in its place

The Family That Shows Why There Needs To Be a Naval Blockade on Gaza

I have been having escape dreams

starcodes _Heather Roan Robbins

Very interesting! Laughing Clubs

Believe in God... instantly!

Jesus Died on a Tree Trunk?

Atheism VS Theism. Two irreconcilable “Camps”?

Test to predict menopause age a step nearer

Just got my first juicer.

Psychiatric Medication Risk in Children

Acupuncture improves exercise tolerance of patients with heart failure

Deficit Doves, the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Read the Group of 20's final statement