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Conservative media uses McChrystal controversy to label Obama "anti-American," anti-military

interactive economic info from economic policy institute

interactive economic info from economic policy institute

Talk to me baby--- West Memphis Blues

Peruvian judge denies motion to void van der Sloot's murder confession

Ray Lutz wants Duncan Hunter reinvestigated by new San Diego U.S. Attorney

Miami Herald - "Jindal vetoes bill to open oil spill records"

What's the Point?

So, for DU, towards a Democratic (progressive?) US?

To conservatives who say the confederate flag doesn't stand for slavery.

38,000 jobless Arizonans begin to worry as unemployment benefits run out

Another Kentucky coal mining fatality (39 this year)

Top BP Exec Still Says Spill Flow Rate Doesn’t Matter

“Next-Gen Bomber” Really Dead; New Long-Range Strike Aircraft Design by OSD

Dead Can Dance Host Of Seraphim

DoD Buzz: Carter Cost Fix Rumors Fly

Petraeus may soon find Afghanistan is no Iraq

Spec Ops Command Cancels New Rifle

Tropical Storm Alex Forms in Caribbean, Heads Toward Yucatan, U.S. Says

Let's appoint a board to solve the Gulf problem

NAACP, SEIU, United Auto Workers, AFL-CIO: March on Washington Oct. 2

The Right Wing Way: Defend BP, destroy ACORN

Looted goods from Nato trucks end up in Peshawar market

Looted goods from Nato trucks end up in Peshawar market

Jindal vetoes bill to open oil spill records

Departure of Washington Post blogger sparks furor

2010 Unemployment Extension and Extenders Benefits Bill Dropped?


Fox News' oily sheen

GOP sez: Corporate accountability is totalitarianism! Hitler! Stalin! Aaaaahhh!

Customer Service is not dead...

Australian prime minister Rudd ousted in political coup (big capital doesn't want to be taxed)

Army to Close Sites in Two German Cities

Sarah Palin Endorses Op-Ed Suggesting BP Escrow Fund Could Lead To Nazi-Like Dictatorship

Sarah Palin Endorses Op-Ed Suggesting BP Escrow Fund Could Lead To Nazi-Like Dictatorship

International Socialist: Venezuelan democracy is threatened

Cafe Chomsky

US Social Forum Detroit 2010 - Opening March (video)

($243 million dollar) JSF tests begin to prepare for carrier landings

Judge allows transportation union rule change (easier for unions to organize airlines and railroads)

BP adds $5 bln to available credit-WSJ

Is this sedition or just free speech?

Palin arrives at Calif. campus amid controversy

Will the Burger King at Kandahar re-open?

This Judge (Martin Feldman) is a Loser

My insomnia is cured! Thanks, CNN.

From far away comes a great McChrystal/Obama cartoon - The Whole World was Watching

From far away comes a great McChrystal/Obama cartoon - The Whole World was Watching

For the first time, China affirms North Korea was the aggressor in the Korean War

Two More NATO Deaths in Afghanistan (85 in June)

I chuckle over people who look with disdain at anything that will rock the boat.

NOt to be indelicate, but if Dear Leader Cheney expires, he has earned himself...

Drone Strike in N Waziristan Kills 4

The whole Gulf scenario reminds me of a story:

police blitz in belgium: "not even in communists regimes" or "all happened in a correct way"?

Quit an experience to live in fear,that's what it is to be a slave.

FDA considering designer salmon with genes to double growth rate

Vatican opposes Louisville lawyer's bid to take testimony from Pope in sex abuse lawsuit

Reports suggest Louisiana/Jindal ignored own plans for oil spill

Florida GOP is crafting an Arizona anti-immigrant law. Please pass this along to

Gen. McChrystal allies, Rolling Stone disagree over article's ground rules

Human Trafficking

New GOP group plans to spend millions this fall

Obama and the Apocalypse: A Religious Response to the BP Oil Spill - HuffPo

so has the department of homeland security released any guidelines in case we get oil rain?

Closing Guantánamo Fades as a Priority

Heads Up Late Night Radio Peeps

Relief wells information

I sincerely hope that fuck, Cheney, leaves the hospital on his own steam and lives for another day

Whoa – President Obama Visits

Does anyone know if the monthly 'Boots on the Ground' report is public?

Literal Slave Labor in America

Literal Slave Labor in America

Hands Across the Sand

Local talk-show host arrested on domestic battery charge

Is the 60 vote closure rule in the Senate a good idea?

unusual type of jellyfish on shores of New Smyrna Beach, Fl.

Stupak Re BP: " in a criminal case you have to prove intent,". Simply not true.

Gov. Jindal Rejects National Guard for Spill, Turns to Prayer Instead

World's Only Full-Scale Oil Spill Test Tank Springs a Leak

The Oil Drum: TS Alex Threat--the Oil, the Infrastructure, and Other news

2:00 PM today.. the horror begins at my house

Wes Clark on O'Reilly, video, McChrystal + Afgh/Paki

Comments on the news of Cheney's hospitalization - and the winner is

Racing Palestinian girls speed into record books

Palin 'Hot'' Mike with Fox affiliates

FDA considering designer salmon with genes to double growth rate

Feds test Gulf fish for oil

USA Solidarity March

USA Solidarity March

June 26, 2010 - The oil numbers

Senate Fiddles While Jobless Workers Suffer

Wtf? Why couldn't this boat join the clean up effort in the Gulf?

Jury rules Philadelphia Boy Scouts can keep their headquarters

Knowing when to file an insurance claim

Sacramento Fox affiliate won’t apologize for broadcasting "off-the-cuff assessment" of Palin speech

Only two months until Glenn Beck brings the civil rights movement "back to its conservative white ro

GOP's Emmer: 'The State Certainly Does Have The Right' To Overturn Federal Laws

The GOP's new 527, "American Crossroads" - more propaganda from crooks and oil tycoons

In America where poverty, homelessness and lack of medical care is literally killing scores

Gulf Resident Gives Behind the Scenes Account; Slams Cleanup & Safety:

When, in my youth, I traveled through North America, Europe and Asia, no visa was needed to cross .

Closing Guantánamo Fades as a Priority

Oil Companies Spend Little on Cleanup Technology Compared To Finding Oil

Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!! (The HUAC edition.)

As of 2004 there was one car for every two people. 216 million passenger cars in total

Misnamed Financial Services "Reform" Bill....Systemic Risk Is Alive and Well"

If Bill White is successful in Texas and becomes governor, do you think he will end up like

The Perfect Crime

Friday Night Lights - part duex

McCain and the Jones Act

There is a post out there this morning talking about who to blame

Wes Clark on Cavuto, Afghan/Paki (Vietnam) video

Billy the Exterminator

US Social Forum: Organic growth

Seattle Paper runs ad for anti-gay preacher, gives ad cost to GLSEN

Open Reply to Sen Leahy re Deficit and Repug National Debt

"Nothing to see here, move along now. . ."

Man threatens to kill neighbor with ax over vuvuzela noise

vegan visits a feedlot

Coffee shops used for discreet lobbyist meetings

A plastic bag stuck in a tree, one woman's obsession with it, the

Abuse Loosens Church’s Culture of Silence in Italy

Abuse Loosens Church’s Culture of Silence in Italy

Christian terrorist Eric Rudolph was a "dumpster diver", any comment from Limbaugh or Palin on him?

USA - Ghana ... headed into OT.

Syncrude found guilty in 1,606 duck deaths

Anybody have a link to the Soccer match? I'm not having luck finding

Is there a transcript of Rachel's listing of the President's accomplishments??

My country,' tis of thee UPDATE: Jan Brewer informs us that most illegal immigrants are "drug mules"

The Age of Nancy

Dying at the hands of the private industries

Health care workers rally for better benefits, wages (Actor Danny Glover comes out in support)

Republicans ‘Scrooge’ Workers, Kill Long-Term Jobless Help

If Bill White is successful in Texas and becomes governor, do you think he will end up like

Congratulations Ghana

Cheney Watch

House-Senate Conference Passes Financial Reform Bill After Marathon Session

Disney getting into the McMansion business

Geithner told the G20 that we will HALVE our deficit by 2014 - not good enough

Freeper "CondoleezzaProtege" thinks it's "fascinating to ponder how and why God is using" Palin

Where was the concern for deficits....

BP 'reporter' files report flying over Gulf, 'forgets' to mention oil spill below

Don't tell that the Teabagger movement ISN'T AstroTurf

Who has some Pepto? C'mon USA!

'Huckleberry' Graham-What He Wants

Where do you live (figuratively not literally)?

Hilda Solis: BP Needs To Stop 'Killing Your Employees'

Push Attorneys General to Charge BP With Criminal Cruelty to Animals!

No effing police on Toronto's main street, Just witnessed masked assholes

Dumpster Diver is a title of Honor in Rhode Island.

Gulf “Baby Dolphin Was Crying” as it died

Anyone notice how Tea Party Candidates do things?

Who is hurt more when Congressional Dems let GOP block needed legislation?

What is with these "Fire Harry Reid" ads?

A history of BP

What do you fear most - Big Oil or 'Terrorism'?



Do you know what one African soccer fan said to another African soccer fan?

Don't care who you are or your ideology...This is the funniest f**king thing I have ever seen

Photo: Via Media Matters, "Fox & Friends" on-screen graphic: "Jeb may be mulling run for President"

My own little progressive "revolt" today at an "America Speaks" Community Forum today.

1 trillion later in Iraq...still no electricity, Wash. Post report

Argument with a fundie

1000’s dead baby fish wash ashore S of Cuba, “rare in Cayman Islands”; Seaweed shelter soaked w/oil

Twitter Entertainment on Cheney.

Robert Nyman found dead in swimming pool at home

Julian Assange & WikiLeaks

Two Census Bureau managers fired for creating at least 10,000 bogus questionnaires to meet deadlines

Police taser 86-year-old bedridden granny...

Really? Oily rain is impossible? My cooking says that's inaccurate.

Who Are The Real Children of Israel?

Any one else see the secret cinema thing on CNN?

Karzai Given Timetable by G8 to Tackle Corruption in Afghanistan (Troops Remain Until at Least 2015)

Spain: Socialist Party government seeks to impose “labour reforms”

There are no 6 y/o children on the no fly list. Unless her Daddy is named Sanjo, maybe

Gulf oil spill: Could 'toxic storm' make beach towns uninhabitable?

Who will other countries blame?

If grave dancing is against the rules,

reporters caught Saying Palin is dumb, huh?

I finally convinced my kid to read Stephen King's "The Stand"...

the "Fuel Film" in New Orleans Monday

Make Me A Pallet on the Floor.. preparing to take in short term Refugees

Anyone at the Hands Across The Sand?


surge update: Six NATO-led troops killed in Afghan bombing attacks-today

Glenn Beck Says He's on Mission From God, Father Guido Sarducci Not So Sure

Karl Rove, Somehow the right hasn't distanced itself...

LA Times: Kagan's a not-so-leftist liberal

Stewart was right: The US is now a third world country...

"I haven't seen this much incompetence since Michael Brown was running FEMA."

Huge Protest July 4th to July 17th in Washington DC.

Huge Protest July 4th to July 17th in Washington DC.

If you only had electricity for 12 hours a day

Prison Labor: Outsourcing's "Best Kept Secret"

Two million protest in France against government austerity policies

Photos from the Summit protests

Photos from the Summit protests

This is an example of why the corporate media aggravates me (from 1993)

Calif. father accused of trying to sell his baby for $25 at Walmart is beaten by jail inmates

Bill & Mick

Senate Democrats and Obama abandon the jobless

Think about this: Respirators are NOT ALLOWED for cleanup workers.

Sunday Talk Shows

Case for Impeachment of Moratorium Judge Strengthened by New Evidence, Willful Failure to Recuse

Rumsfeld portrait unveiling revision just updated

I wonder how many of us remember Alistair Cooke?

BP Sends Fake Journalist to Cover the Gulf Spill

Can someone please post the definitive answer to this question?

Idea to boost tourism to gulf coast & florida panhandle by using the oil...

Mr. Deficit Cutter Peterson's Blackstone Group begat Blackrock which is one of largest BP investor.

ret FBI agent, Coleen Rowley, ask: Victims of OILigarchy?"

Parents Think Shrek McDonalds Toy is Vulgar

Robotics and warfare

Pete Peterson's bogus deficit Town Halls are tomorrow in these cities:

Power Is Cut, A Woman Dies, And Furor Follows - BostonGlobe

Dust devils in Ft. Rock Valley today.

Can someone help me figure something out?

Tropical Storm Alex will be a hurricane Tuesday. Should hit

Dylan Ratigan: Wall Street 'Reform' in Nutshell: Politicians Lied, Media Applauded, & We Will Suffer

Obama to propose bank tax on largest financial firms

I raise you two presidents and a founding father…

So if we have a repeat of the banking crisis, whose fault will it be?

Oliver Stone's new movie . . . "South of the Border" . . . .

Obama Secretly Deploys US Special Forces to 75 Countries Across World

Learning to Please the “Customer”: The Trials and Tribulations of Student Evaluations

Senator Ben Nelson(D) Lone Democrat Sides With R's To Vote Against Jobs Bill

Ugly Americans

What exactly is "capital"? The G20 would like to know.

Fake "Ex-Muslim Convert's" story was BS, fired from Liberty U (Ergun Caner)

Louis Gohmert of TX or Steve King of IA--

Caption Public Anti-Lectual Sarah Palin

We need to see this again. The Christian Fascists Are Growing Stronger

Joan Walsh: In speech, vengeful Palin trashed Stanislaus students as "dumpster divers"

Joan Walsh: In speech, vengeful Palin trashed Stanislaus students as "dumpster divers"

Arizona's Brewer: Most illegal immigrants are 'drug mules'

Top Secret! Cheney Hospital Document!

Top Secret! Cheney Hospital Document!

Rachel Maddow: Obama got a LOT done

America's Got Talent

Man Indicted for Using Right to Free Speech

I'm extremely upset about Glenn Beck hijacking MLK

Does anyone have a written transcript of the comments after Lady Blah Blah spoke?

Frank Rich: The 36 Hours That Shook Washington

For History Buffs: Over 57,000 Archival Stock Footage Videos

Timothy Serwinowski

Gay teen shut out from high school’s prom to lead NYC pride parade

Those on Gulf Coast - did we bailout GM et al for this...?

As long as GITMO is open, Dick Cheney lives.

All proceeds from these satirical shirts will be given to

Why mass marches don't work anymore - my perspective

Does closing the prison at Gitmo really matter?

Does closing the prison at Gitmo really matter?

Income Gaps Between Very Rich and Everyone Else More Than Tripled In Last Three Decades

Live Mic Left On, Reporters Call Palin “Dumb”

But, but, but it was tough legislation! Bank stocks soar on financial regulation agreement.

But, but, but it was tough legislation! Bank stocks soar on financial regulation agreement.

To add on to Swamp Rat's car discussion, what about us that CAN'T drive?

"Free trade" deal with Korea

El Reno Police Prevent Suicide of 86 y/o Grannie

Should we inform the Senate leaders how to force a filibuster?

Twenty Other States Considering Copying Arizona Immigration Law

Falling branch kills baby in NYC's Central Park

msnbc: cheney had atrial fibrillation a couple of weeks ago

Our Militarized Police Departments

Do our 'leaders' know something HUGE that they're not telling us?

The Road - the movie

Palin decries 'Dumpster divers' at Calif. campus

Best interactive site for tropical storm tracking -

So Much To Worry About

So Much To Worry About

Out in the Silence

Politically speaking, how important is ending offshore drilling to you?

Why some of us, fight the "no fly no buy" legislation so hard...

Let's get something straight that is really easy to understand: Everything...Ev-er-y-thing...

At a meeting to save social services, someone threw immigration in our face.

another broken promise

"Taxation Equals Slavery"

"Taxation Equals Slavery"

Ideas please - how do I change my lifestyle to one that does not NEED a car?

Some photos from Anchorage "Hands Across the Sand" and Pridefest today

Dumbest Political Quotes of All Time

History, with rose-tinted hindsight

Who listens to RushBo Radio?

How bad has the economy become?

The G20 Votes for Global Depression

Biden: We Can't Recover All the Jobs Lost

Congratulations Ghana

When jobless benefits end

Interesting Visit With My Parents This Weekend

The "Duck and Cover" of 1960's porn: "Perversion for Profit" (Note: Sexual Content)

Post a FACT about Dick Cheney

"Double Dip" recession my ass

Why THEY are not US.

Moratorium Won’t Stop Unprecedented BP Project in the Arctic

Moratorium Won’t Stop Unprecedented BP Project in the Arctic

I realize now the Right is the way they are simply because they don't care about anyone's future

"If anyone is up to it, feel free to jump over to DU and screen grab any inappropriate comments..."

Close Encounter With Socialized Medicine - SacBee

Why was General McChrystal fired?

Why was General McChrystal fired?

Why was General McChrystal fired?

I just added 2+2 and got 4. The Medicare re-imbursement cuts+ the Defict Commission

Prescott S. Bush Jr., brother and uncle of U.S. presidents, dies at 87

Protestors Tell Wal-Mart to "FUHGEDDABOUD" Coming to NYC

Images of Fire Rainbows & Lunar Fogbows

Does your car or truck leak oil?

What do you think politics is about?

Need help identifying a corporate logo

Why is it that police are allowed to kill an innocent person, get away with it?

Here's a sign of how we are thinking in Florida these days. My

GOP: Schwarzenegger 'a great disappointment'

Marine Widow Battles Verizon Over Cancellation Fee

After much soul searching I have decided I have to change my Avatar back...

50,000,000 people are on food stamps. 1 in 5 families can't afford food.

In Difficult Times, Small Things Mean A Lot.

In Difficult Times, Small Things Mean A Lot.

Goddamn it.. The U.S. media SUCKS ASS!

Do you think our government is sufficiently compromised that we have effectivly become unrepresented

Social Security -- Dead on Arrival

Wonkette: Cheney an "old, sick, diseased 69-year-old blob of bitter fat and gristle and plastic"

Toronto Star: G20 law gives police sweeping powers to arrest people

My daughter sent me an e-mail...

Priorities out of order. School libraries closing, teaching for high test scores increasing.

Let's counter the "Unemployment is Welfare" meme.........

The Most-Hated Americans: Glenn Beck #1

CIA Still Giving Business to Blackwater/Xe ($100 million contract)

Shit! When Cheney finally does go tits up, the President will have to say something nice about him.

My daughter was just offered a job

Truth seekers dying for the truth?

Modest Mouse-Little Motel

Error: you can only recommend threads which were started in the past 24 hours

M-I-crooked letter-crooked letter-I, Crooked letter-crooked letter-I, humpback-humpback-I.

The Church - Destination

America is now a third world country..

Anyone listening to Coast to Coast?

Psych-a-DELIC, baby...Moby Grape performs "Omaha" on The Mike Douglas Show

Moby & Dave Navarro - Joy Division's "New Dawn Fades," live

Elvis Costello, Dave Grohl, Bruce Springsteen - "London Calling" live

Dave Grohl sings that Elton John song about the guy on "Who's The Boss," live on Craig Kilborn show

A little classic Ry Cooder to set the mood for the wee hours.

Remy Shand

OK, listen to Margie Hendricks belt it out in Night Time is the Right Time with Ray Charles...

Leonard Cohen

The Church - Under the milkyway

Robert Plant - Big Log

Undress Me Now....just a song, guys.

Priests and cannibals...prehistoric animals, everybody happy as the dead come home

I think DU needs a Craigslist forum

Concrete Blonde - Joey

Zakk Wylde - In this river (piano version) R.I.P. Dimebag

Andy Prieboy - Tomorrow Wendy

Wall Of Voodoo - Far Side Of Crazy

Madonna - Live To Tell

Human-Bear Encounters

I need a name.

Ennio Morricone - Once upon a time in the West

Bruce Springsteen w/ Michael Stipe - "Because The Night" live, Washington DC, October 11th 2004

I'm starting my new diet today. Nothing but horseradish and bee spray.

Does the new Playstation 3 controller have a vibrate option like the xbox360

I've seen things....

This one gets me.

I found the son of a bitch who invented Comic Sans.

Salon: Anthony Perkins was "nowhere near the movie set" when "Psycho" shower scene was filmed

The best thing I love about the car chases in Ronin, next to the locations...

Lonesome George, the last of his species.

Diamonds and Rust - Judas Priest - live acoustic

The men here are going to know exactly what I am talking about, but they will never admit it.

Andres Cantor calling Landon Donovan's Goooooooooooaall

World Cup soccer free live online? Not ESPN?

Trash problem in Denver


Putting football into perspective...

If you don't stop DOING him... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Our Local Saturday Market.........

Orangutan learns to swim

Personal note to Lefty: Don't drag me down into your sick little world.

Can narwhals do THIS?

While making Rubens last night and I discovered there was not enough TI dressing.

21st Annual Eland Fisheree, 6-26-10

You guys are cool as fuck

Allman Brothers Fans; Gregg gets new liver...

The Last Time - Gordon Lightfoot

Men's Hands

Damn that Santa...always f'n me up...

When Anakin told Samuel L Jackson that Palpatine was the Sith Lord.

calling all Photoshop gurus!

My Local TeaBag Party Headquarters

Talk Talk - It's My Life


Taking a little break from GD for a while

Is it a partial lunar eclipse tonight?

Check in here if you loved Toy Story 3!

I've had a grin for "Despicable Me" from the first billboard ad I'd seen.

What does it all mean, Mr. Natural?

Dark Side of the....... That's No Moon

If you don't like Radiohead...

If you were the last woman on the planet Earth, where would you live?

Already There - The Verve

I think that we need a Lounge Repository for Vibes

Was moviemaking really better "back then?"

Options to move to Canada or to UK

I had chinese for dinner tonight. . . .

WTF? Fine print on "DU New Rules" says every time I drop an F-bomb I have to send Skinner 6 chickens

In case you were wondering, Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead

If you were the last man on the planet Earth, where would live?

Days Of Our Lives Says Goodbye To Alice Horton (Frances Reid)

Good Lord, The Movie, "Funny People" Is Truly Awful

I neglected my compost and now

Simply Red - Holding Back The Years

World Cup Players Faking Not Only Fouls, But Orgasms!

I like threads where the entire conversation is in the subject lines. Those are my favorites. nt

Here come old flattop he come grooving up slowly He got joo-joo eyeball he one holy roller...

Would anyone like a nice roast beef sandwich?

Dear Skinner and Mods,

OK...Flogging Molly's "Live at the Greek Theater" is one of the greatest live albums EVER

Week 4 of 1200cal/day : 6 lbs ! I am not slowing down !

I got new speakers for my computer.

It Could be Sweet

I like to drink into a light stupor and walk around the city.

Hey DUers, What Are Your Plans For Saturday Night?

Wanna See Two Great Artists Doing Their Thing

Questions for the men of DU.

I TIVOed Syfy's "Dinocroc vs. Supergator." Don't tell me how it ends!

Favorite Lefty whose last name almost rhymes with gazelle

DC inmate smuggles tobacco, tattoo ink bottle, needles, smoking pipe in his rectum.

DC inmate smuggles tobacco, tattoo ink bottle, needles, smoking pipe in his rectum.

I was just 13 then, almost 60 now: Goldfinger. He loved only gold. Perhaps you should listen.

I was just 13 then, almost 60 now: Goldfinger. He loved only gold. Perhaps you should listen.

It's the 40th anniversary of The Byrds "Mr. Tambourine Man" going #1

Rheumatoid Arthritis can affect all the little things...

When Dick "Dick" Cheney is admitted to the hospital for 'discomfort'...

Off to a good start. Post your favorite song intros.

Albany Bar Owner Accused of Beating Up Food Critic

My new apple iPhone sucks

I just started watching The Road, just how sad does this movie get.

Spending the night at my Father's nursing home was a strange experience..

Ohhhhh that must have been some really bad tequila.

What? WHAT is the story behind THIS??

She's your adolescent dream,

Paul picked me up a new's very odd

My 16-17 yr old cat is acting like she doesn't recognise me

Dear God I'm without adult supervision for the next two weeks!!!

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wipe. (WARNING: Dial-up and graphic nosepick animation)

Is anyone else watching the Rush documentary on VH1??

All this for a little smooch or two.

Now that KFC has added a bun to the Double Down, what ELSE should they add?

My current favorite site. I'm addicted.

People reading books and using highlighters in public really piss me off. A rant.

What the frig? 'I Kissed a Girl' singer's parents are pastors and she used to sing gospel? n/t

"People, they're the worst" and other Seinfeld quotes...

If you eat the flesh of a zombie does it turn you into a zombie...

Random thoughts on some annoying TV commercials

My son was just diagnosed with advanced ankylosing spondylitis.

People yakking away on cell phones in public really piss me off. A rant.

New Laurie Anderson Album is awesome!

Police taser 86-year-old bedridden granny...

Details emerge on new US levy on banks, hedge funds

Governor Bobby Jindal vetoes bill to make BP oil spill records public

Inter-American court faults Colombia in slaying of lawmaker

Aid groups slam reduction in money to maternal and infant health initiative

Protesters Plan Largest Rally Yet Against Toronto G-20 Summit

Sarah Palin Endorses Op-Ed Suggesting BP Escrow Fund Could Lead To Nazi-Like Dictatorship

Vatican opposes Louisville lawyer's bid to take testimony from Pope in sex abuse lawsuit

Closing Guantanamo Fades as a Priority

Moon enters 'magnified' eclipse in North America

US to transfer Guantanamo prisoner to Yemen: report

U.S. unveils plan to make online transactions safer

Gale force winds could leave Gulf oil gushing for 2 weeks

Kellogg recalls 28 million boxes of cereal

President Obama asks Congress to take financial reform over the 'finish line'

G20 Agree To Cut Debt In Half By 2013

CIMC reporters denied Canadian entry as government steps up massive repression at Toronto G20 protes

The Age of Nancy

US unveils plan to make online transactions safer

Calif. father accused of trying to sell his baby for $25 at Walmart is beaten by jail inmates

U.S. embassy launches campaign to correct errors in Pakistani media

Senate Democrats Plot 'Impenetrable' Path to Victory for Unwritten Climate Bill

Goldman Sachs' Bayou Fine: Firm Told To Pay $20.6 Million In Hedge Fund Ponzi Scheme

N. Korea may formalize power transfer from Kim Jong Il to third son, analysts say

BP played big role in Alaska blowout preventer probe

Texas Democratic Party votes to keep two-step delegation process

Top Afghan Taliban commander killed while fleeing in woman's attire

Tropical Storm Alex Forms in Caribbean (Tropical Depression Upgraded)

Naomi Klein and 500 marchers crash party at tent city

H1B visa growth signals recovery

Must be nice to have good health care and keep getting hospitalized

Twenty other states are considering Arizona law

No skimmers in sight as oil floods into Mississippi waters Read more:

Senate Democrats Reject Obama's Request for Funds to Close GITMO

Firing McChrystal Isn’t Enough. Fire the War

President Obama Urges Congress to Complete Work on Wall Street Reform Bill

Sen. Olympia Snowe, in letter to Harry Reid, urges stand-alone jobless aid bill

NYT: "In Week of Tests, Obama Reasserts His Authority"

'Don't taze my granny' American police accused of using a Taser on an 86-year-old, bed-ridden grand

The G-8 Muskoka Summit: Saving Lives Through the New G-8 Maternal and Child Health Initiative

Obama calls for bank tax as next step in reform

Media Missing the McChrystal Point

Rachel gives the president R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Video and transcript:

Sometimes you just have to look those stinkers straight in the eye..

Fix News and Mike Huckabee trash CCR song Who'll Stop the Rain

Obama's vast reserves of patience.

Can we talk about overpopulation now?

Imagine this: President McCain considers resignation after stroke. VP Palin eager to take command.

Here's to Dick Cheney getting better! Show your support! Send him fast food!

Closing Guantanamo Fades as a Priority

Sheila Bair on ‘Too Big to Fail’ and Elizabeth Warren on the financial reform bill

Political cartoonist Tony Auth nails it once again...

Frank Rich Must Read: The 36 Hours That Shook Washington

Public Isn't Buying Wall Street Reform: AP Poll

Uh Oh. Obama Ditches Press Corps Again

8-year-old burn victim denied medical procedure by FDA

Please check in with how you plan to help elected Dems and beat RePUKES this year. Here's mine:

Does Jindal Know What He's Doing?

Row grows between Vatican and Brussels over police raid

Democrats are a team/ lets act like it a little more

An end to fiscal stimulus?

Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Summary)

Swiss graffiti man faces Singapore caning

G20 protest turns violent

Black Tears: The saddest video in the world - BP killed the planet

GOP Governors like Jindal playing politics with Oil Disaster manpower

The Host Of Seraphim (BARAKA) Dead Can Dance

G20: Doves on finance reform, hawks on austerity

TNGA Rep. Casada reveals permanent GOPer opposition to Elizabethton trout hatchery

Freedom is more than a Word


Tense moments during G20 protest

QUEEN MEG Launches TRUTH for Teachers Video!

Keith Olbermann: Worst persons 06/25/10


Toronto G20 protests 2010 - Cop hits a guy

Weekly Address: Finishing the Job on Wall Street Reform

Kagan Confirmation Preview

G20 Protest Toronto 2010; Protesters vs.Police

Mike Malloy - Republicans Stick It To The Working Class...Again

Shout Out 2 Naomi Klein speaks for the Council of Canadians


TYT: Pros & Cons of Financial Reform Bill

Texas, Nebraska Legislate Intolerance - Glenn Beck's Utopian Novel

TYT: Daily Beast's Avlon Says The Left Is 'Anti-Business' During TYT Interview (Cenk Reacts)

Louis Gohmert and Terrorist Baby Bombs


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No, Mr. Beck, Jefferson Did Not Date His Documents "In the Year of Our Lord Christ"

GOP Kills Unemployment Benefits, In Favor of Cannibalism Credits

" agile and resourceful snake eater."

Closing Guantánamo Fades as a Priority by Charlie Savage

Florida GOP risks Hispanic anger with Arizona-like crackdown

Close Encounters with SOCIALIZED HEALTHCARE!

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Biodiversity’s Holy Grail Is in the Soil

Climate change scientists turn up the heat in Alaska


Northern spotted owl marks 20 years on endangered species list

3 wind farms to open in Michigan

Genetically Altered Salmon Get Closer to the Table

Scientific expertise lacking among 'doubters' of climate change, according to analysis...Stanford...

Uruguay-South Korea

2:00 PM today.. the horror begins at my house


Orioles Take Series Against Natinals by coming from behind down 6-0, 5-0 to win 7-6, 6-5

Being coached by Bob Bradley finally catches up to U.S.

UCLA pounds TCU 10-3...

For El Supremo. A tough day for us all. A couple more shots from Omaha.


Any Sport Where Games Can End In A 0-0 Tie Can Kiss My Ass

I Need My NFL Fix. Can Anyone Help Me Out?

And that my friends is why I hate American soccer....

Bodies of 73 mine workers retrieved in Colombia

Argentina to try Dutch-Argentinian pilot

Guatemala says it will suspend Goldcorp mine

Inter-American court faults Colombia in slaying of lawmaker

Trade unionism deadly in Colombia

Chilean arms purchases rile Peru

Venezuela: 122,000 lost tons of government food

Cuba has given private farmers nearly 2.5M acres

Colombia's displaced face ample hurdles, even death, to recover stolen land

Former AUC boss 'HH' pleads guilty of murder

WOLA Announces Second Death Threat From Colombian Paramilitaries For Working With Displaced Peoples

Why the term 'gun regulation' sometimes bothers me.

Store clerks shoot and kill robbery suspect during shootout

Transgender Student Beaten in Alleged Hate Crime

Gay man claims Parkersburg officers beat him

Newlywed Not Allowed To Change Name On License

Have you ever had one of those moments when you realized you were so out you stopped censoring

Murray’s to contest NLRB ruling that backed union

AP: 12,000 Minnesota nurses set July 6 strike date

United, Continental pilots say early talks falter

Workday Minnesota: Mexican Union of Mine, Metal and Allied Workers' battle intensifies

SCOTUS Ruling re: Campaign Donations

Nurses,hospitals make no progress in Thursday's mediation

King challenges Toyota, Wall Street during rally

How Do We Keep the BP Spill Cleanup Workers Safe?

Dems Could Win Tea Party Voters Over With America-First Trade Message

What percentage of the USA labor force (public and private)...

Today in Labor History June 26 The Pullman boycott, the strike was eventually crushed by US troops

Joshua Tree

Could we have a thread for calendar submissions?

Lebanon permits Gaza-bound ship to sail to Cyprus

Who Are The Real Children of Israel?

Moon enters 'magnified' eclipse in N America

Has anyone heard of the Oneness Blessing?

LunarLiving: Lunar Eclipse June 26, 2010

Er...traveling between the eclipses

the eclipse brought me a gift

Changing DNA

Traditional Hindu temple dedicated in Mississippi

How were you raised?

Can a Conservative Extremist be a PRACTICING Christian?

Very interesting health news site, I came across about legal &illegal ergogenic aids.

Amega Amwand - exhibit A in the argument over FDA regulation of alt-med

Low-dose naltrexone for disease prevention and quality of life

Great article to help understand why you should be happy we have a deficit...

Misnamed Financial Services “Reform” Bill Passes, Systemic Risk is Alive and Well

Fannie Mae to Charge Strategic Defaulters, for Everything

What caused the Budget Deficit (Before the Financial Crisis)?

Is the U.S. a Fascist Police-State?

Deficits are our saving

Who's responsible for this mess?