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Archives: June 22, 2010

Paul Krugman - "Now and Later" - Address Current Deficit Hysteria

HuffPo - "Nancy Pelosi Slams Senate Dithering On Jobs"

Medical marijuana poses problems for parents in custody disputes

10,000 rally against layoffs/budget cuts in nyc

AP sources: Gay workers to get family leave

On "Binary Thinking", Two-Parties and a dream of DU as "Dialectic Underground"

It's time to put this behind us

It's time to put this behind us

Central Fall High School grad wins 2nd Tony award, thanks her teachers

We Are Many: Video & Audio from Socialism 2010 conference/chicago

DoD Buzz: Afghan War Uncertain, So Are Minerals

Afghan Pullout Still Set for Next Summer

Fort Carson’s ‘Pilgrim’ Cross to Stay

Florida Keys dodging threat from oil

Right Wing: Robert Bork, a guy with experience as a Supreme Court nominee, opposes Elena Kagan

Let's see: The republicans wre against health insurance reform, continuing unemployment benefits,

Let's see: The republicans wre against health insurance reform, continuing unemployment benefits,

Source: Obama to extend family leave to gays

'Party of Parasites' author took $1 million in farm subsidies

Undisciplined Afghans endanger Marjah Marines

I like Morning Joe for a change

Gay Filipino loses job in California shipyard (fired from work for acting “too gay”)

I think Obama needs to fire McChrystal

P-3 helps find mineral wealth in Afghanistan

Hey gang - America Supports BP!

U.S. indirectly paying Afghan warlords as part of security contract

McChrystal is toast! The only thing left to be decided is whether

Sand flies infect U.S. forces with parasite that leaves them with 'Baghdad Boil'

Defense Tech: Talking Naval Strategy in Newport

Dems Double Down On Joe Barton In Second TV Ad Poking GOP

"These 18-year-old kids are throwing away their lives for $15 per hour to clean up the oil"

The Trashing of the President

Growing problems for Obama's Afghanistan surge strategy

Sunday was darkest June day in Seattle in 15 years

At last. Encouraging news on relief wells. Video

WaPo - Eugene Robinson - "A GOP chorus of Joe Bartons on the BP oil spill"

"If folks like Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh make...

Can the Gulf oil result in methane clouds? Can they be ignited by lightning?

Fire him, do not permit a resignation

Ollie North: Leaks and Lies

Connecticut AG Investigating Google WiFi Incident

Connecticut AG Investigating Google WiFi Incident

Oil Spill Central - SERT GATOR - geospatial tracking website

Huckabee Makes Palin Coke-Snorting Joke

If you were a villager in Pakistan or Afghanistan, would you be scared to walk around?

Fire his ass now! Nice talk about the French

What will the president do about Gen. McChrystal?

Keeping an eye on the river (Mighty Mo in flood stage, concerns are the levees)

HuffPo - "Rand Paul To Unemployed: Take a Pay Cut, Stop Asking For Handouts, And Get Back To Work"

"Why did President Truman dismiss General MacArthur?"

From a strictly political standpoint, the McChrystal situation is a golden opportunity for Obama

Existing Home Sales in U.S. Unexpectedly Fell to 5.66 Million Rate in May

I wonder. What would the general do if one of his subordinates did what he did??

Is anybody else having "Seven Days in May" on their mind with this McChrystal thing?

Panoramic photo of booming in Alabama. Viewer controlable.

Shine Sunlight on Corporate Front Groups

General Stanley McChrystal = BLUE FALCON!

No bets yet on McChrystal departure.

McChrystal: U.S. Afghan envoy betrayed me



Obama also needs to smack down generals for interfering with DADT policy.

Generals Should Not Be Giving Speeches During Wars

Cartels threaten U.S. law enforcement

Lord Coe and the Olympics still love BP's money

Where are the promised border troops?

Clark: Michele Bachmann is an 'oily hole'

A Colossal Fracking Mess: The dirty truth behind the new natural gas.

Place our troops in the gulf where they are needed

Should Gen. McChrystal resign for mocking the administration?

Cold, Dark and Teeming With Life

Day 62 of the Gulf Oil Leak as Seen from Space

Day 62 of the Gulf Oil Leak as Seen from Space

Question on the new rules

President Obama on GEM$NBC now

Nebraska has a nuke plant event (possible flooding/closing)

(Nice Graphic!) Not "why didn't the blowout preventer work?" Why did the rig explode?

The Osprey has landed,

Why Doesn't the Media Interrogate Tea Partiers' Beliefs?

U.S. Tax Dollars Fueling Afghan Insurgency

Defaced image of President Obama placed next to picture of Unabomber on toolbox at Bronx firehouse

Socialism? We Wish, Says Local Group

McCain's political benefactor, publisher who faked military record, dies

Hoyer Can't Handle Questions

Costs prompt AIDS expert to close S.F. practice

Bush at Arlington

Any American wants a check from BP should be able to get a check from BP

Here's what I think President Obama should do with General McChrystal

Chancellor of U. System of Georgia Quit BP's Board Just Before Spill

Florida gets a case of Arizona envy

Jack Jacobs just told Contessa Brewer that McChrystal's views are

Exclusive Press Conference of President Obama on Fox News

Visitors to extremist websites face prosecution (UAE)

So if the relief well fails would you support the nuclear option?

Sharks and Submerged Oil Spell Trouble Off the Alabama Coast

Mission Accomplished?

Why we will only accept the company of those who agree with us.

caption this Bush pic...

Did we actually get portability of insurance coverage as part of the health care reform bill?

Right-wing General McChrystal with presidential ambitions turns on the White House. How shocking.

Federal Flood Insurance Monkey Wrench

biological hazard on Fl. gulf coast

Louisiana Police Ban Video Filming at Behest of BP

Saving Sido: How one dog sparked a movement

A top General gives an interview to a magazine, apparently without knowing that people would read it

I'm writing a book on the history of homeopathy in America

Con Coughlin-I confidently predict Obama will sack General Stanley McChrystal

McChrystal reaching out...

I predict: Stan's getting the can

Inferior Blood: If it's OK to reject blood from gay men, what about blacks?

Inferior Blood: If it's OK to reject blood from gay men, what about blacks?

Hartman is covering WHAT IS BEING DONE

Sen. John Kerry Urges Calm Over McChrystal Interview

Tuesday TOON Roundup 1

Tuesday TOON Roundup 2

Tuesday TOON Roundup 5

I predict, if McChrystal is fired or "resigns", he joins Blackwater/Xe. Unless he

Americans Still Upbeat, But Less So Than In Past

Smrchonish on MSNBC...McChrystal "sophomoric", "not a policy disagreement in his statements"

Comments made about Martin L.C. Feldman........

Jack Jacobs says McChrystal will be fired

Jack Jacobs says McChrystal will be fired

Bill Of Rights Theft...Palm Beach, of course...

Three "truths"

CNN: Federal judge BLOCKS Obama Administration's drilling moratorium

Bill Of Rights Theft...Palm Beach, of course...

The Fate of the Internet -- Decided in a Back Room

I really have no idea how to explain this...

MSN Poll - Should Obama Force McCrystal to resign- 70% No

Tell the FCC You Support the Third Way & Net Neutraility

Unemployment Extension 2010 Bill and Doc Fix, Tax Hikes

Someone tell me how I pick out the Scary Clowns from the Republican Presidents....

They're going to learn how to S-P-E-L-L...

They're going to learn how to S-P-E-L-L...

Tuesday TOON Roundup 4

I have now come to the conclusion that Gen. McChrystal should be dismissed

Juan Cole: Obama’s MacArthur Moment

So... what will happen when they take away our Internet?

Anyone else see the potential for a door opening for the neocons now?

Why hasn't this scenario been discussed re: Obama's $20B "Extortion"?

How Rolling Stone Won The News Cycle And Lost The Story

BREAKING (CNN) Judge struck down Obama's offshore drilling moratorium!!

dupe... self delete

FIRE HIS ASS, He Does NOT Respect The Troops!!!

Do you think that most DU arguments are about moral or practical issues?

NYC's Naked Cowboys sends 'cease and desist' letter to 'Naked Cowgirl'

What is needed for the McChrystal is a Pentagon study, plus let's poll the troops.

BP’s Secret Army Of Oil Disaster Contractors -- Who Kill Birds & Burn Turtles-etc!!

"Gulf Coast residents unsure if claims are taxed" but who pays them for lost income?

BP is not running the oil spill response---They outsourced it.

Hartford mayor to submit resignation on Friday

Nebraska Town Votes to Banish Illegal Immigrants

Which of these rules are going to force members of DU to comply with "message discipline"?

Rolling Stone: Obama Summons McChrystal To WH After Gen. Says: The Real Enemy=THE WIMPS IN THE WH

Hatch says "He wants the unemployed tested for drugs" AND

Cigarette Tax Increased to Keep State Running

You can read the full Rolling Stones article on General McChrystal here ....

If you missed any of the chronology of BP spill,

MA Healthcare cutting services to the homeless

Message Discipline - A New Kink?

So MMS continued to give out deepwater leases, but not to worry....

DU is running slow again.

Celia now a Cat2 Pacific Hurricane

How often do we live a life that runs like a narrative in a novel or a play…

How often do we live a life that runs like a narrative in a novel or a play…

The World's Richest People Are Finally As Rich As They Were A Few Years Ago

Google, DU, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Judge's Rebuke on drilling freeze....

Self-deleting because this has already been posted

Google, DU, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The jury is IN on global warming: it's real, it's man made

The jury is IN on global warming: it's real, it's man made

Hey DU'ers, Before painting with a broad brush.....

BREAKING NEWS: Gen McChrystal article angered Obama and was an 'enormous mistake' - White House

SpellCheck-challenged F.R. racism re: McChrystal: "Let's hope he quites on Moogly the Man Cub"

Judge who overturned drilling moratorium reported owning stock in drilling

I've been grading papers for a while, so I may have missed the change, but

Bartering is Back!

Want to make a martyr and a 2012 pres candidate out of McChrystal? Fire him

McChrystal is a Fucking Pussy. Say shit but don't have the balls to meet

Ya Wanna Know What?

Oil And Gas Industry-Funded GOP Rep Can’t Give Safety Assurances For Lifting Drilling Moratorium

Sharron Angle Calls Unemployed ‘Spoiled,’ Says Senators Are ‘Not In Business Of Creating Jobs’

Intelligent discussion on Oil and Politics by Rutgers professor.

Hope for MS sufferers as first cannabis-based drug is licensed (UK)

obama seems to have found an ass to kick!

Joe Klein : Gen McCrystal has his resignation ready.

TX-Gov Poll: Indies turn away from Rick Perry; now tied with Bill White

Regarding McChrystal's "creative writing" while at West Point

I'd like to thank General Stanley McChrystal....He UNITED DU!!!!

Geez Louise -- Looks like a great big Pity Party here!

What about DRUG TESTING for Corporate Welfare recipients? (Add this to Sen Hatch's bill)

How are BP gas stations doing around the country?

Tune in to CNN now! Obama speaking! (not on MSNBC yet) - scroll says

CNN poll should McChrystal resign

Tonight, AC 360 will have a heretofore unheard person who was on DWH. He

Gen McChrystal OFFERED his resignation, no word on whether it's been accepted yet...

Gen McChrystal OFFERED his resignation, no word on whether it's been accepted yet...

How much does Greece owe? How much does Ireland owe?

$75M mansion near Orlando selling 'as is'

About that Florida Senate race and how we can deal with it here on DU.

It is time to honor Pat Tillman

m$nbc...according to 2 top senior wh aides, mchrystal has NOT submitted his resignation

It's time to stop misconstruing what the debate on DU is about.

Four legs good, two legs better.

Jon Kyl Just Makes Stuff Up - Remember This Exclusive BRAD BLOG Video With AZ's Senator?

Perry and White TIED in new poll for TEXAS governor's race!

Corrupt conservative judges have GOT TO GO!

Elizabeth Warren on NewsHour tonight.

Have you ever had a post deleted ?

The GOP wanted to run Swartzkopf when he was riding high.

What exactly has Gen McChrystal done? I can't find a thread.......

Holy shite the judge has investments in

ok, let them do deep water drilling in the gulf.. BUT!

Vets, NS experts slam Beck's "insulting," "anti-military" support of a "private army" in Afghanistan

Been thinking about the McChrystal incident and I have one question...

Rep. Broun says clean energy legislation will cause southerners to die from hyperthermia

Did I hear Stupak (on Tweety) say Biden wants troops out of Afghanistan by June 2011? nt

Ravitch to Obama: Change Course Before it's Too Late!

CNN is saying McCrystal resigned..

Does this graph of Federal spending surprise you?

Just curious. Poll about DU and rules.

MSM and talking head rallying around McChrystal

what a great time for President Obama to reassess his afghanistan policy

Texas GOP Platform Advocates Criminalizing Gay Marriage, Banning Strip Clubs, Pornography

Bloomberg Newswire: McChrystal Offers Resignation After Disparaging Comments on War

BP's disgusting disregard for anything but profit is beyond description

KKKris Kobach helped Fremont, NE write their anti-immigrant ordinance

How does a military resignation work?

McChrystal is prepared to submit resignation, two senior Obama aides tell NBC

McChrystal has put the General back into General Discussion!

Newsweek: Why Military Code Demands McChrystal's Resignation

20% of all TV talk today aobut McChrystal will be sucked up by one "question"

EDIT: I think it was/WILL BE quite benevolent to let that jerk, McChrystal, "resign".

Possible replacements for McChrystal

I'm now convinced. McChrystal knows damned well and good his strategy has failed

Judge Who Ruled Against Drilling Moratorium Invested in Oil Industry incl. Transocean, Halliburton

Mark Sanford disappears again! South Carolina Gov. goes AWOL

If Obama fires McChrystal it will answer my question

Wasn't McCrystal considered some sort of fair haired boy until only recently?

Former SGs Endorse Kagan for Supreme Court (All the former U.S. solicitors general since 1985)

Cops: Man kills baby in standoff with NY troopers

Did Cut and Run McChrystal sass the Prez in public on purpose?

I don't want the WH to fire McCrystal

5 Million Iraqis Killed Maimed Tortured - Think That Bothers War Boosters Like Christopher Hitchens?

How long before McChrystal (R., Bigmouth) runs for office & is annointed the savior of Republicans?

Lawmakers reach deal to limit card swipe fees

need help for lost cookies/password

need help for lost cookies/password

Obama's 6/22 "to do" list. Fire McChrystal. Impeach judge who overturned drilling ban.

As a Progressive and a Democrat, the funny thing about Obama's foot...

Juan Cole: Obama’s MacArthur Moment? McChrystal Disses Biden

So I heard just now on NBC that BP is weeks ahead of schedule

Rachel will have the Rolling Stone reporter on this evening. nt

Are you, like me, now an illegal supporter of terrorism?


Laura Flanders Rocks!

Budget director to step down

***Obama meeting with his cabinet now***

McChrystal has resigned...HUff Post

Feingold: I Will Not Support Weak Wall Street Reform

"Put down the toy and back awaaaaay from the Happy Meal"

Puerto Rico PNP (Republican) Senator & Businessman Charged in Bribery Scheme

What if?

how bout ignoring McChrystal's resignation and bring him up on charges within the military for

Up to the ankles in summer. Please come CAPTION the Banned Toker!!!

Google, DU, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Repuke running for Congress uses fake family in TV ad

The White House's formula for success should be a simple one: Just do the right thing

Even a former Bushie recognizes that we're going the wrong way on education

Hoo boy, here's a couple of endorsements McCrystal doesn't need....

Jones Act NOT Blocking Aid Ships to Gulf'

Reports from the ground in La.

Would you rather have a fight or smooth sail to nominate our presidential candidate in 2012?

Werds, then more words...

Possible Replacements for McChrystal

Gulf Oil Spill DU threads declined substantially. Will the oil spill go the way of Katrina?

Woman sets fire to get out of work early

3 More NATO Troops Killed in Afghanistan

Huffington Post..Supposed to be the NEW DEM MEDIA...dies on PORN!

Some times I wonder why I still care...

VIDEO: BP is burning turtles alive

EXCLUSIVE: On Heels of Diebold/Premier Purchase, Canadian E-Voting Firm Dominion Also Acquires Sequo

BP went judge shopping to remove the ban.

Video: Lee Terry's (R-Ne) Do-Nothing Decade


"Some French minister," the (McChrystal) aide tells me. "It's fucking gay."

Thanks to John Kerry for his comments

College World Series stars visit children's hospital

McCaskill's move against anonymous holds already bearing fruit

Senator Kerry on McChrystal: "All of us best served by just backing off, staying cool and calm"

Author of RS article: McChrystal and his aides were drinking on the road trip "the whole way."

OK-after my brain surgery-what are the main issues that face us?

The absence of the common enemy

Rove Group Falls Far Short of Goal

McChrystal Should be Charged With A Crime...

Google, Twitter go to bat for Theflyonthewall

Just Saw A FSTV Commercial On MSNBC (Rachel)

So What Will The Headlines Be Tomorrow 6//23/2010

Wikileaks makes contact with US government

Consumer group targets McDonald's Happy Meal toys

In preparation for tomorrow, no matter what Obama decides about McChrystal, he will be EXCORIATED

The Justice of Oz: As Kagan shows, you need to lose your heart, brain, & courage to get on SCOTUS

Conservatives are even hypocrites when it comes to their conspiracy theories..

IBM to hire 600 new workers in Oregon

IBM to hire 600 new workers in Oregon

Where Men Win Glory--Tillman-- McChrystal

John King just said CNN has learned that the WH has cancelled the bi-partisan


Shame Elton John into giving Rush’s money to marriage equality

It is amazing how many delusional people actually think....

Requiem for a right wing sacred cow. If was it a fatted calf?

I NEVER do this, but I've put that little foil hat on tonight...

In no way would I accept Stanley's resignation.

Live Feed of Oil Gushing: Why does the oil look brown now?

Tim Scott wins nomination to become first black Republican congressman since 2003

People Who Suppress Anger Are More Likely to Become Violent When Drunk

Before firing McCrystal, Obama should arrange a photo op

Another hate-filled Facebook page...warning

Absolutely Fabulous star joins BP clean up efforts...

GOP Nutcase Steve King’s Immigration Solution: Deport Liberals

One thing to remember about McChrystal

My opinion with respect to Gen McChrystal and Afghanistan

Must see TV-Anderson Cooper has a survivor of the rig on now


George W. Bush’s invitation to Prayer Meeting for Peace draws criticism

HEADLINE: Obama embraces incremental response to gay issues

Sterling Hall bomber dies at 58..........Madison, Wi 1970

Real leadership in AZ? The nation must take note!

The Either/Or thread.... I'm just here to help

So, BP is gonna use Kevin Costner's oil spill clean up machine....

Pic of the oil slick

If America had followed Jimmy Carter's lead on energy policy for the last 30 years...

How "Republican" of us!

Judge who blocked the drilling ban has conflict of interest and was appointed by guess who?

Fire General McChrystal (Rep. Alan Grayson), David Obey calls for McChrystal's ouster

Neighbors bothered by glare of solar panels

Far Leftist Kid in a Democratic Socialist Candy Store.....

Immigration Could Be Perry’s Undoing in Texas

Not just oil: Methane gas may cause 'dead zones' in Gulf

The Fate of the Internet. Decided in a Back Room

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & Introducing a new Kitty gif

Geithner testimony today, TARP oversight; Eliz Warren chair, CSpan, NOW

I prefer to watch Rachel while imbibing cocktails.

I suggest everybody read the Rolling Stones profile of McChrystal

Scouts: Philly's priorities off in gay-rights case

Ensign staff tell ethics panel inquiry that lobbying rule-breaking was known

Will totalitarianism make a comeback? io9 asked Zbigniew Brzezinski.

So McChrystal worked to spread a lie re: Pat Tillman's death,

Keith Olbermann:So, uh, this looks like a nice site

I attempted to take over a right-to-life protest today

ANOTHER Republican defends BP: says Obama "arrogant" for asking for escrow fund!

I am resorting to a bit of a nuclear option myself, day six

Quote of the day

2 Englewood women charged with harming sea turtle nest

If you are watching the World Cup on your computer.. Devuvuzelator ..

Salazar will hand down an order

Salazar will hand down an order

Kyrgyz ethnic pogroms leave 2,000 dead, 400,000 homeless

Poor taste in advertising award goes too...

McChrystal's Future in Balance - CBS - "I gave him the article last night, and he was angry," Gibbs

Tom Tomorrow: Salutations Sentients!

If I had to guess, I'd say Lieutenant General David M. Rodriguez

Census Workers Have Been Attacked By Animals 24 Times, Assaulted 88 Times

Latest 'stuff' I've heard on the street

Should President Obama Fire General McChrystal?

Realistically speaking, what could Kerry have done in 2004.

McChrystal = Birth of a Seriously Dangerous Repuke Presidential Candidate

Teabagger Spelling Bee Champ

THIS MODERN WORLD: Is The Supreme Leader Experiencing An Appropriately Agitated Emotional Response?

McChrystal has been a Bilderberg member for a few years

Should Stanley Mac Be Fired?

Wal-Mart offers $8.75-an-hour wage, union balks

Shocker: Judge Who Blocked Drilling Moratorium Has Massive Holdings in Energy Companies

As long as we're getting rid of McChrystal, why don't we end the war with him?

As long as we're getting rid of McChrystal, why don't we end the war with him?

The Runaway General (McChrystal's Rolling Stone Article)

Woo Hoo! Elaine Marshall Won on her OWN the Dem Nomination for NC Senatator against the Repug!

Woo Hoo! Elaine Marshall Won on her OWN the Dem Nomination for NC Senatator against the Repug!

Uniform Code of Military Justice

Your Republican Nightmare

Dylan Ratigan says he agrees with Drill, Baby, Drill!

Now that the off-shore moratorium has been lifted, will the price of gas plummet?

ALERT: "kill barack obama" Facebook page back up

Correct me if I am wrong but didn't a federal court decision stand

Will the GOP take the House or Senate later this year?

Blaming immigrant workers for our economic catastrophe is like blaming shrimpers for the BP oil spil

Keith has a special commentary

Breaking in Jamaica - Christopher Dudus Coke

Tuesday TOON Roundup 3

I didn't think I had a breaking point, but I did. To all............

Civilian Control Of The Military=Democracy

No Afghanistan = No McCrystal

Cracks Found in Boeing 767 Engine Pylons

Government Launching New Initiative To End Homelessness

Do you believe the American Medical Association's agenda is good for you?

my theory: mcchrystal did it on purpose.

"Crony capitalism reigns US economy"

TX-Gov: White Catches Up to Perry in New PPP Poll

Co-Chair of the Deficit Commission Calls Soc Sec Recipients "lesser people"

Co-Chair of the Deficit Commission Calls Soc Sec Recipients "lesser people"

U.S. vehicle CO2 emissions still almost double Europe and Japan

China gets 51% of the oil drilled there - we get NOTHING, and our oil GOES TO CHINA!

Gingrich Plots GOP Comeback Against 'Radical' Obama

Yeah, soccer is a commie game. Baseball is for red-blooded Real Americans!

Oh, how the stupid burns!

Open Left: McChrystal's Lesson: Trampling the Constitution OK, Using Mean Words,Is Not

Winston Churchill's cigar airbrushed from picture!

The Dead Hand of Ronald Reagan Rises from the Gulf - By Dave Lindorff

The goodie bag from hell at the SF Zoo

So why didn't Salazar initially prepare his case for moratorium as though

Really Denver PD? 12 cars?

For those who are boycotting BP -- (and for those who aren't, come to think of it)

From Please sign petition demanding oil cleanup workers

Glenn Beck's New Novel - Ran First Chapter through Reading Level

I'm pissed off that people are calling for the resignation of Gen. McChrystal

If you are a Leftist, why are you one?

Military people here: would you wear combat gear to meet with the President

What McChrystal’s Flub Tells Us About Our Failed Strategy In Afghanistan

Obama will not fire McChrystal. Obama will not force his resignation.

re: Rec's and Unrec's

The Nation: Goodbye Keynes, Hello Hoover

The Wall Street Casino, always looking for new items to place a wager on......

Kos diary: The REAL McCrystal Story

HUSH $$$ - Ex-RNC Staffers Being Paid - 6 Figures - To Keep Quiet

Were McChrystal's comments a mere flub, mistake or deliberate? He may run for President in 2012

Barton's Apology to BP Opens Door for Opponent

Should states require a DNA test before listing someone as the father on a birth certificate?

We love the new rules, now let's show it with a contribution to DU!

Legislators promote 'Interstate 11' with Las Vegas as hub

McChrystal Imbroglio Could Strengthen Anti-War Headwinds

Glimmer of hope? "After 1979 Spill, A Stunning Recovery" (link)

How the hell did it get so polarized? (NOT DU but people in general)

Who Knew I Was Not the Father? How DNA testing is changing fatherhood

Oh McCrystal and insubordination

Why democratic presidents are disrespected within the military

Jack Abramoff's new job: Selling pizza, not influence

For clarity and curiousity RE: "Leftist"

It is back, please report again. What assholes

Maybe we oughta sit and chat about what it means to be a leftist

'When I was in the military they gave me a medal for killing two men and a discharge for loving one'

Ohio Supreme Court Rules Against Worker Denied Maternity Leave

Obama, Clinton pledge to defend gay rights

McChrystal: "We've shot an amazing number of people,"

Hiding In Plain Sight - Bobby Jindal and The Deep Ocean Resource Act - Day 64 - Any one?

Just announced on Thom Hartmann... FSTV on DirectTV on channel 348 TOMORROW!!!

Why didn't we listen to Sinead O'Connor in 1992?

William Greider: "Obama's economic strategy closer to Herbert Hoover's than Franklin Roosevelt's"

TX GOP platform: outlaw oral & anal sex, undermine science, ostracize immigrants

A quote from Theodore Roosevelt-

An important question for dark skinned Du'ers:

'Oldest' images of Christ's apostles found in Rome

Progressive Democrats of America, Green Party, community organizers talk joint political strategy

Kucinich got it right on McChrystal back in December.

Can you suggest a classic American short story for the course I propose teaching seniors

FCC OKs AT&T buy of assets from Verizon

Water on Fire

Salon: Jon Stewart was born to bash Obama

Exactly what is the "New DU"?

Repeal DADT or AUMF?

Let's talk about Adrian Lamo, the guy who outed the WikiLeaks leaker, Bradley Manning

Let's talk about Adrian Lamo, the guy who outed the WikiLeaks leaker, Bradley Manning

Medicare begins processing doctor claims with a 21% cut in pay.

NY Times falsely reports that Obama took BP PAC money for 2008 campaign

The Chicago Blackhawks will take the Stanley Cup to Chicago's Gay Pride Parade

Elena Kagan: Willing Accomplice in Don Siegelman's Prosecution

Ravitch criticized the education plans to top-level Obama officials. They told her she was wrong.

Criticize the policy, not the person? You have got to be kidding.

Anyone think Kerry should step up to run again in 2012?

The Fate of the Internet. Decided in a Back Room

Mexico joins Arizona immigration lawsuit

una limosna por el amor de dios

Earworm time!!! Tom Cochrane, "Life Is A Highway"...I wanna ride it all night long...

Scooby dooby doo...

Stop it! I can't take it anymore!

One VERY Beautiful BoA

Is the new spamming rule going to be enforced in the Lounge?

Another earworm...Cracker - "Teen Angst (What The World Needs Now) "

One more...Weezer, "Buddy Holly"...because it's been a power-pop earworm kinda day. Cheers!

So, FINALLY my disability check comes in, so I can go down to the store for some badly-needed items

National Pork Board sends Cease and Disist letter over unicorn meat

Woodstock is to this generation as silent movies were to the Woodstock generation...

Gorn Community Theater


Former Washington Redskins coach Jim Gorn

Don't miss today's Gawker: "...a woman named Rosemary is pregnant."

Hold on!

Coming to the Lounge to escape all the drama...

Got distractions?

On Gorn Pond

Gorn With The Wind

My most recent earworm: "Doug's Song" from The Hangover.

Gorn on the Fourth of July....

Kids In The Hall - Surf Cops

Dog gets beat up by a deer

There are some jobs a tea bagger can't do....

Best. Burger Recipie. Ever

Best Star Trek Movie

Am I the only one surprised that Rolling Stone still had a magazine?

Have you ever had a "Redskins suck" post deleted at DU?

I wish that Rockstar Games would do a remake of Oregon Trail that played like GTA

TRAILER: Looks like the Green Hornet movie will suck like the two Charlie's Angels remakes sucked

"School's out for Summer"

crooks and liars music video - Rolling Stones - Enjoy!

Dr. Who's tardis outside dimensions: anyone know what they are?

True Blood fans check in - WOWZA WOWZA WOWZA ** spoilers **

does anyone else have to "clean" their

You aint got no pancake mix!

Caption this kitty picture

Talk about bad luck.

10 interview questions for geeks

so i'm shopping at the wal-mart i used to work at....

Historic LOLs!

MineralMan is a purple aardvark.

Another day in which I give thanks for the fucking IGNORE LIST.

Is anyone else here a fan of Loudon Wainwright III?

Gorn With The Wind

Stay With Me Tonight

It's gazpacho time!

It's official - this guy is the 'WORLD'S WORSE ROOMMATE'

Behind every great Gorn is...

David Gorn??

Stay A Little While, Child

Back And Forth

She's Strange


Bachelor Jake Pavelka, Vienna Girardi split

I'm not naming names, but...

I AM naming names, and........ITS YOU

Who gonna win the NC primary run-off?

Thanks to lounge lizards for your great kindness in my wife's recent hospitalization.

Children of the Gorn

Guess the Theme Songs


Drunk again, after....I don't know, quite some time so how is everyone tonight?

My cholestrol went up just reading about this! Friendly's Burger

User interface suggestion for DU

Worst porn movie of all time

The word of the day is "GORN". Replace any word in a thread title with "Gorn"

Dexter Fans - I read that Season Four is being released today!

Self portrait, with Gorn..

She's Like Candy

DU is changing and so am I.....

Did Missing Persons do Lady GaGa before Lady Gaga did Lady Gaga?

Philly_bob back after heart operation

Barney came home last night!


I remember the eighties, and it was lots of fun for all!!!

Most annoying Insurance company ad

Request from an Old Timer: I Need Good Vibes for My Pal,Vinny C. tomorrow,Folks!

NYC's Naked Cowboys sends 'cease and desist' letter to 'Naked Cowgirl'

Time for me to catch up on my summer movies - recommendations?

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How many more messages do I have to post before I'm eligible for the free submarine sandwich?

$3,600 found on highway returned to Pa. newlyweds : would you return it?

I am just glad I didnt give up last week......

Cool: real time London Tube map

Name a movie that you thought was just okay when you saw it, but your opinion of it grew since

How to power the world - endless supply of renewable energy found

"Big changes at work...."

George Carlin died two years ago today...

FB users; one simple click can really help out a 97 year old artist!

What Is Your Favorite AIRLINE?

Have you ever ran a red light while fixated on someone attractive?...

Dr. Oz: Lack of Sex Could be Killing You

How would you deal with it, if accused of something you didn't do, at work?

A booming enterprise: Recycling whole houses

NAACP calls for mass demonstration against Wake (NC) school board

Investigators claim US money is funding Afghan Taliban

Medical marijuana poses problems for parents in custody disputes

Pakistan conflicted over targeting rising extremists in its heartland

CNN drops Associated Press

Comcast-NBC Universal merger draws criticism

SCOTUS: Corporations defeat Workers & Consumers, 5-4

From Bhopal to BP

Wikileaks makes contact with US government

Democrats broaden attacks over Joe Barton's apology to BP

Democratic ad hammers GOP on oil spill

Kagan sought secrecy in 4 of 5 open gov't cases

Finland expected to appoint second woman PM

Finland expected to appoint second woman PM

Israel seeks to suspend flotilla inquiry

Court supports ban on advice to terror groups

Greenpeace protestor disrupts BP boss speech

Bombs targeting Iraqi government, allies kill 5

Karzai asks UN to remove Taliban names from terror list

Gaza video game highlights enclave's hazards

PG&E partners with SunRun to finance $100 million in home solar projects

Feds To Buy Thomson, Even Without Gitmo Prisoners

Former packer faces 27 years (Sholom Rubashkin, the former Agriprocessors Inc. manager)

Wikileaks Retains Legal Defense for Detained Servicemember

Former Israeli Intelligence Chief Calls For Preemptive Strike On Iran

US general apologizes for slamming US leaders

Judge says "screw the gulf, drill baby drill"

Report: U.S. Bribes to Protect Convoys Are Funding Taliban Insurgents

US defies China on Pakistan reactors

Administration moves ahead on prison purchase

BP to donate oil leak revenue to NFWF (National Fish and Wildlife Foundation)

L.A. County district attorney opens inquiry into Villaraigosa’s gift-taking

Vietnam plans eight nuclear power plants by 2030

Obama inches toward gay agenda

McChrystal fires aide

GOP Hush Money? Former Aide to Michael Steele Gets $100K

ACLU: FBI used 'dragnet'-style warrantless cell tracking

Australia restores race discrimination act

BP Magazine Discovers Bright Side to Oil Spill

U.S. indirectly paying Afghan warlords as part of security contract

Geithner says auto-related bailout losses to be less than expected

Top Afghan Commander Summoned to Washington

Insurance Industry Poised To Tear Loophole In Wall Street Reform

Judge blocks offshore moratorium


Rand Paul seeks donations from bailout supporters after rejecting them in primary

Senate Democrats May Pare Medicaid Aid in Tax and Benefits Package

iOS4: Apple to start collecting user location data

White House to appeal ruling against drilling ban

Not just oil: Methane gas may cause 'dead zones' in Gulf

US Senate report says Haiti rebuilding has stalled

Rove's 527 far short of $52M goal (raised only $200 last month)

Whaling ban must stay, say 200 scientists

Lawmakers: Pentagon ignored payments to warlords

Exiled police major gives deposition on Colombian militia

Elizabeth Warren Should Head Consumer Agency, U.S. Senator Says

White House to Appeal Ruling Against Drilling Ban

Appeals court opposes release of Hutaree militia members

Louisiana Governor Praises Judge's Ruling Against Drilling Ban

Lavender (magazine) 'outs' Lutheran pastor -- by crashing confidential support group

Portland (Maine) rejects medical marijuana moratorium

Alleged drug lord Coke captured in Jamaica: police

Afghan politicians rally around Gen. McChrystal

Gulf oil spill pushes oysters off Red Lobster menu

Public servants(Cdn) under foreign influence: CSIS

Infrastructure Spending Needed to Overcome 'Massive Deficit': CEO Lutnick

U.S. Census: Texas booms despite recession while Florida sags

Gulf Prepares for Possible Blackouts


Elaine Marshall wins Dem Senate nomination in NC

AP source: McChrystal has no sign he'll be fired

US economy still in 'incredibly difficult period': Geithner

Bush blasts N.Korea's Kim for wasting resources

Haley, Scott win SC runoff for GOP nominations

Pakistani PM Ignores US Warning On Iran Gas Deal

Obama set to warn insurers over 'rate gouging'

Financial Reform Conference: Auto Dealers Beat Obama, Win Exemption From Consumer Protection Agency

(Sec of State) Clinton pledges to defend gay rights at home and abroad

U.S. to target foreign websites in anti-piracy push

Germany Takes Stand against Patents on Plants and Animals

US newspaper takes stand against 'comment trolls'

Salazar seeks to reimpose drilling moratorium

Trust Private Sector to Create Jobs: RNC Chairman

NY law would be 1st to take DNA from all criminals

World's rich got richer amid '09 recession

Gen. Stanley McChrystal has submitted his resignation, an unnamed source told Time magazine.

17 nations barred from whaling vote

Obama Leaving Options Open on Firing McChrystal, Gibbs Says

Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) wants to help the long-term unemployed

GOP Rep Franks: Obama's treatment of BP was "arrogant"

Voters to decide on California global warming law

Costs soar for individual health insurance

Christian group slams Obama salute to gay dads

Hoyer: Permanent middle class tax cuts too costly

(BART police shooting case) Mehserle lawyer, Grant's friend clash in court

Andrew Sullivan: Stanley McChrystal: A History of Condoning Torture?

If this General did the same thing McChrysal did Obama would have thrown him UNDER the bus

NYT - As Law Takes Effect, Obama Gives Insurers a Warning

Justice Dept: We’re Still Buying Replacement for Guantanamo

Author of Rolling Stone article on McChrystal on Morning Joe next.

Current rankings of Generals

Just in case of those who don't know this man is in charge of the military

One Person, One Vote for President

Is Craig Crawford on something? "Don't Fire McChrystal"

Since Obama can never win over the right, why has he abandoned the left?

Steve King: Plato and Socrates have my back

If BP's Hayward loves sailing so much...

After McChrystal leaves (and I think he will), I'd wager good money that his next gig

Back from vacation, and it is a little hot under the collar in the "real" world

I hope you know that President Obama's admin continues to rubber stamp oil industry leases to drill!

Should Geneal Shinseki have been fired when he publicly disagreed with Rumsfeld and company

Biden Probably Wants to Renew His Rolling Stone Subscription

McCrystal ordered to appear in person to explain his quotes

Lieberman's "Kill" Switch and Obama's Response

GOBP will run McCrystal as presidental candidate in 2012

Jon Soltz/VetVoice: McChrystal Must Resign - or Be Fired

Judge who overturned drilling moratorium holds stock in drilling companies

PA-Sen POLL: Sestak 41 (+5), Toomey 41 (-1)

Tillman mother sought to warn Obama of McChrystal

Cantor: McChrystal must be "frustrated" with Obama

Top Dem (Rep. Obey) Wants 'Reckless, Renegade' McChrystal To Resign

one more time

Take that, Matheson!

QUESTION: Has McChrystal ever said any of the derisive things in these peoples faces?

Public Policy Polling (PPP) on why the "enthusiasm gap" may not be enough for the GOP

"Now he's Barry "Tupac" Obama, the Muslim gangbanger, fo shizzle."

TPM: How McChrystal And Co. Blew The Rolling Stone Profile

Rethug Decries Obama 'Arrogance' Over Fighting For Gulf Coast

Public Policy Polling (PPP) Texas Governor: Bill White has pulled even with Gov. Hairball (Perry)

Telling McChrystal to come in tomorrow = "wait til your father gets home" or "go get me a switch"

McChrystal approved the quotes before publication and violated the Uniform Code of Military Justice

Sestak: Let's Not Rush To Judgment On McChrystal's Comments To Rolling Stone...

Obama and the Fly, a Preview of Tomorrow?

Senators have unanimously confirmed the following nominees to serve in President Obama’s Admin:

NYTimes reports that Obama will "sternly warn" health insurers not to greatly increase rates

Headline you will never see AZ "State to go after profits from illegal alien labor"

Headline you will never see AZ "State to go after profits from illegal alien labor"

TPM Scoreboard: Today's Primaries, Runoffs

Didn't take long for the "Does the Military respect Obama?" narrative to start

A year-and-a-half later, Obama still carrying water for Wall Street by refusing to renegotiate NAFTA

Obama just made brief press statement--McChrystal is on his way

McChrystal Apologizes for Insulting Obama Team to Magazine

A New Orleans judge blocked the Moratorium

A 4 star General max out pay is 17.000.00 a month

What Truman did with MacArthur, Obama needs to do with McCrystal!

Poll: Americans think risks too high on drilling, back Obama's moratorium

Obama gave part of Arizona to Mexico? Why would Mexico want it?

Judge Who Struck Down Moratorium Has Owned Transocean Stock

National Alliance to End Homelessness Responds to the Federal Strategic Plan to End Homelessness

Obama: General showed 'poor judgment'

Joe Klein on CNN with Rick Sanchez, says he has a source that McChrystal has offered to resign.

Pity me... I am moving to Georgia!

FDL- "They sell old Ralph Nader wine in new shiny-bloggy bottles. "

"Rolling Stan"

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I'm outraged!

Is there a full moon or something tonight? Just a rather odd assortment of OPs.


Randy Rhodes: Just remember McCrystal is the one that covered up the Pat Tillman case

Photos: Gadfly (The Obama Presidency, Day 519)

Obama White House loved the magazine cover of him walking on water

Gen. McChrystal is Woven Into Obama's Afghanistan Strategy

McChrystal Imbroglio Could Strengthen Anti-War Headwinds

WWE fires Bret Hart over real life lawsuit from Owen Hart's widow?

With all due respect to you Skinner, this is getting really tired. No matter

General McCrystal should resign and become a Blogger......

The same people who wanted Petraeus fired for criticizing Israeli policies...

Update/correction: McChrystal offers to submit resignation

McChrystal Should be Charged With A Crime...

Isn't it great to have a president who is going to hear his side of the story before deciding!!!

This whole half of Obama's first term has been a challenge to his legitimacy by the Right.

***HEADS UP*** President Obama Speaks at LGBT Pride Month Reception (6:00 PM ET)

Anyone remember (unitary presnit) Cheney's assassination squads? Wasn't McChrystal running that?

Gov. Charlie Crist Comes Out In Favor Of Gay Adoption

Do you think McChrystal should or should not be let go (either by firing or resignation) tomorrow?

What will be the reaction tomorrow if Obama keeps McChrystal on?

Rolling Stone editor: All quotes dissing Obama admin came from McChrystal's "inner circle"

Hilda Solis on the new Patient’s Bill of Rights

Jebbie Bush now criticizing Obama

Beltway Apparatchik Very Serious Person Wankery

The problem with McChrysal's comment are not that he voiced his views to a reporter

Internet polls from MSNBC/CNN show overwhelming support for Mcchrystal-Firing him=bad politics

Who here thinks Obama should double down and accept McChristal's apology.

Bob Latta-Tea Hall Meeting

Notice a pattern?

Joe Biden, Another Big Fucking I Told You So

Glenn Greenwald on the 'powerless presidency' excuse

Keith's Special Comment just now: DON'T Fire McChrystal

***** Breaking HARD! ***** "Voters Say Hillary More Qualified To Be President....

Kerry Statement On McChrystal Rolling Stone Profile

I'm not a history buff but I have to say President Obama

Obama vows to end homelessness in 10 years

Fiorina regrets the fact that Arizona immigration law is necessary


Gulf Oil Spill - BP Media Blackout Of New Orleans News Crew

LA Companies Ask Judge to End Drilling Ban

Papantonio: Feinberg Will Make BP Pay

A General Disconnect

Young Turks: Rahm Emanuel Leaving White House?

JD Hayworth Infomercial: Free government money!

Thom Hartmann - How many Republicans should we put in jail for causing the economic meltdown?

Bottom Bullseye reading indicates the BOP is leaning.

Mike Malloy - "Small People" Lining Up For Free Food

Senator John Kerry Reacts to Gen. Stanley McChrystal's Afghan Comments

TYT: Government Control Of Internet

McChrystal called to DC to explain Rolling Stone

Greenpeace activists heckle BP speech at London oil conference

Congressman Brian Baird says Fox News is wrong about the Gulf efforts failing because of bureaucracy

Sundance GasLand documentary exposes fracking, the gas mining process that damages water supplies

O'Reilly To Bachmann: You're Dodging My Question On BP Shakedown

Mike Malloy - The Hell With The Small People

Ed Schultz: Obama Should Fire This Jackass McChrystal

Ted Nugent insinuates that illegal immigrants should be shot

TYT: Texas Trying To Ban Oral Sex?

Bertrand Russell on God

What Is A One-Hit Wonder That You Loved Way Back When And Still Do?

Frontlines & Backrooms of the the BP Oil Spill w/ Venice LA local

Oil Spill Unified Command Post Stormed by Humans with Demands

'I Was Scared to Sleep': LGBT Youth Face Violence Behind Bars

Pfizer will pull ineffective leukemia drug (more deaths among patients taking the drug)

A Zionist State of Mind, A Dreamscape Of Ghosts: One Jew's Hard Awakening

Israel and the Surrender of the West

Broad Coalition Urges FCC to Block Comcast-NBC Merger

Ethical ,non-ethical shareholding and BP

MarketWatch: Wall Street's Invisible Gorilla is killing America's soul

Fmr Sen Fritz Hollings (D-SC) - Why Fillibuster Shennagians Work (hint: it's the fundraising)

Haley Barbour’s 'BP Escrow Proposal': $1 Per Year, For 20 Billion Years

The Picture of Authoritarian Gray

Senators Move To End Secret Holds - Huffington Post

BP Now Asking Lousiana Police To Pull Over Activists?

Mismanaging Contraction (James Howard Kunstler)

Dean Baker: Soothe Bond Market by Challenging Powerful, Not Gutting Social Security

The REAL McChrystal story

Oil Companies in Limbo as Judge Halts Drilling Ban

An increasingly politicized military

American Power Act Fails to Reduce Emissions Enough to Avoid Catastrophic Climate Change

Barack Obama’s problem with top Afghanistan commander Gen. Stanley McCrystal is one of his own makin

McChrystal's Lesson: Trampling Constitution A-Okay, Using Mean Words Is Not

Jim Hightower: Time to Take on Sarah Palin, the Tea Party & Their Corporate Masters w/ Real Populism

'US curb on offshoring retrograde in nature'

Amy Goodman: Another World Is Possible, Another Detroit Is Happening

Financial Reform: Five Reasons Why We Need Protection From Car Dealers

From Bhopal to BP

The Gulf Oil Disaster Will Not Change U.S. Energy Policy

U.S. and Russia can end the suffering (By Scott Horton and Baktybek Abdrisaev)


Best Anti-BP Protest Art

A GOP chorus of Joe Bartons on the BP oil spill (Eugene Robinson)

Spirit Airlines Says "Check Out The Oil On Our Beaches"

One reason why humans are special and unique: We masturbate. A lot.

Peak oil review - June 21

Drumbeat: June 22, 2010

China-Pak nuclear deal: ‘India opened a Pandora’s box’

After 3rd Year Of Hammering By Caterpillars, Drought, Martha's Vineyard Oaks Not Coming Back

Egypt Has Sympathy Spill - Red Sea Platform Covering Birds, Turtles In "Last Pristine Spot"

SF State Professor - Drop In Ocean pH In Past 20 Years Equal To Drop In Prior 200 Years

It's Ba-ack! Thanks To Increased Nitrogen Emissions, Acid Rain Returns - Sci Am.

Who are the spindoctors behind the attack on Gasland?

Study finds that 97% of climate scientists agree that climate change is caused by humans

Bee decline could be down to chemical cocktail interfering with brains

Environmental scandal in Chile

VP Biden hails start of new battery plant

Alberta Gov. Scientist Apologizes For Distorting Scientists' Tar Sands Findings, Personal Smears

Will the World Bank undermine the people of El Salvador in mining dispute?

Many, many thanks to moderators

Regulators Delay Decision to Increase Ethanol in Gasoline

Blow Up the Well to Save the Gulf

Cougars are back in Michigan after more than a century

Gulf Oil Disaster Boosts Shrimp Prices, But Asian Farms Have Lost Up To 80% To Disease, Heat

China-Pakistan N-deal: Why India is worried

"Ban" Or Not, Rosewood Logging Continues In Malagasay National Parks - Trucks Run All Night

The pitiful truth..what's going on in the Gulf today.

An environmental question: I live on a 60 acre property in Upstate New york near

NHC - 40% Chance That Wave S. Of Hispaniola Becomes Cyclone Within 48 Hrs

The Fix - how to fix a soccer game

Don Fabio: Drop Rooney and Heskey, play the Spurs boys

Went To A Cool Event Tonight In Green Bay:

Group A: Mexico-Uruguay *** France-South Africa

Group B: Greece-Argentina *** Nigeria-South Korea

Martina Navratilova Settles With Ex-Lover for Estimated $3M

Granato, James first women elected to Hockey Hall

If you could have/try any job in Sports, what would it be?

Unbelievable!! The Big Ten Network is having a "bleep" fest over the Michigan football

UCLA destroys outclassed TCU 6-3 in CWS

Grandpa Moyer beats Cleveland 2-1...

Video: French coach refuses to shake South African coaches hand.

Garcia congratulates new Colombian president Santos

Correa warms to Colombia's president-elect

Magazine ranks Fidel Castro, Hugo Chávez among worst dictators Read more:

Will the World Bank undermine the people of El Salvador in mining dispute?

Xpost: Democratic Underground is changing. It's time to change the way we run it.

J.J. Rendon's Strategies Result in 2 Presidents Elected, in 2 Countries, Within 8 Months

Alleged drug lord "Dudus" Coke captured in Jamaica

Exiled police major gives deposition on Colombian militia

ADL: Anti-Semitism on rise in Venezuela

Cuba dissident jailed since July goes to court (for buying cement)

Hawaii gov. buys more time on civil unions bill (Doesn't look good)

Gay Legislator Attends White House Father's Day

Will Phillips is the youngest Grand Marshal ever in Arkansas Pride

New source for audio and video on LGBT struggles and activist organization.

The Chicago Blackhawks will take the Stanley Cup to Chicago's Gay Pride Parade

Gay men’s bilateral brains better at remembering faces: York U study

Single gunshot, stops Grizzly Bear charge....

do americans regret the right to own guns

do americans regret the right to own guns

What does the NRA have to hide?

NY Times bloggingheads: "Goodbye gun control"

The Second You Buy A Gun Fear Is Yours

Today in Labor History June 22 The strikers marched the strikebreakers to a woods and opened fire

"Public employee unions on the defensive" (SF, 6/13/10)

40 Million U.S. Workers Have No Paid Sick Days As New Survey Shows One In Six Have Lost A Job Over I

Ex-worker gets 3-6 in theft, arson

Economic Report: Employers Still Reluctant To Hire So Overtime Is Increasing

12,000 Twin Cities nurses resoundingly authorize open-ended strike

Three B & W's

Cactus flower

I thought they were going to be tiger lilies, but then something strange happened...

Water Falling Over Things 2010: Part II (A "Proxy" Vote)

Just got a Nikon D90

***Submission Guidelines and Instructions for Calendar 2011***

US, Indonesia explore uncharted deep sea

Hubble captures bubbles and baby stars (big pic)

God particle signal is simulated as sound

Chimps, Too, Wage War and Annex Rival Territory

Gaza video game highlights enclave's hazards

Former Israeli Intelligence Chief Calls For Preemptive Strike On Iran

Iran to send blockade-busting ship to Gaza

After 8 years, why hasn't Israel responded to the Arab peace initiative?

I really need help with something, please....

Someone in GD is looking for homeopathy references....

Lunar Eclipse in Grand Cross This Sat... Any ideas what the energy will be like?

Red-tailed Hawk left me a feather

ricochetastroman - this constant polarization between both sides

anne ortelee -- w/o solstice and a lot on coming eclipses and grand cross

Update on son, thank you all.....

Heart Rate Variability

Interesting Law of Attraction experience; made me think....

Are social media changing religion?

Did Michelangelo Paint A Brain in God's Neck?

american healthcare vs british healthcare and the so called danger of socialism

Improved autonomic function may partly explain benefits of Mediterranean diet: Twin study

should illegal drugs be legalized

NHS watchdog NICE calls for trans-fats ban in foods

A Health Insurer Pays More to Save

People Who Suppress Anger Are More Likely to Become Violent When Drunk

For Denied Claims, a Bit of Help in the Health Law

Sex addiction may be caused by neurological damage: Study

I'm writing a book on the history of homeopathy in America

Berlin Budget Deficit Much Lower than Expected

Poll Finds Deep Concern About Energy and Economy

This question came up recently with a bunch of elderly people.

How One Man Built a Job In a Year --- followup to sad story