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Undersea robot aims for 3-D image of BP oil plume.

Tell a story about one of your father's quirks!

What exactly is going on in Canada? Karl Rove invited by far right xhristian fundy

Fox News and Its Fans Blasted on new Showtime show (VIDEO)

Sharron Angle Campaign Blasts "Idiot" Reporter

Another oil spill happening in Egypt.

Another oil spill happening in Egypt.

"Cry Sea".. documentary about rich countries "stealing fish" from poor countries

bp announces it won't charge beachfront landowners for accidental home oil deliveries

Army seeks better ties with Native Hawaiians

Army seeks better ties with Native Hawaiians

Monitoring the Manatee for Oil Ills

Thousands of dead fish

Officials plan cuts to free up tuition cash

Barton ad

Rogue Drone Pauses Border Operations (US - Mexican border)

I turned on the teevee this morning to hear the very same headline I have heard each week lately:

HuffPo - "Rand Paul Offers Sympathy For Joe Barton: I Know What A Pile-On Feels Like"

Internal BP document claims Gulf oil gusher jetting up to 100,000 barrels per day

Newly Elected South Carolina Senator Alvin Greene's Acceptance Speech

Military Task Force Tackles Thorny Issue of Contractors in Afghanistan

ILWU will not unload Israeli cargo ship in Oakland June 20th.

Caption time!

H2O: Dangerous Chemical

H2O: Dangerous Chemical

Looks like BP has an idea of what the gusher is going to cost them.... BP to raise $50 billion.

Oh My! BP was told of oil safety fault 'weeks before blast'

Impact of War Hits Hard on Father's Day

Gates Urges More Afghan Funding

Arsonist(s) at work? I think so.

Sometimes, no comments are needed.

6 NATO Troops Killed in Afghan Helicopter Crash, Bombings

Ken Feinberg on MSNBC now.

Mother Jones: How a Right-Wing Immigration Lie Went Viral

What about the "other" losses

Can someone explain to me how to post picture in a thread?

Mismanaging Contraction (Kunstler)

Six O'clock and time for Moaaaaaaaaaaaning Joe

Testing now underway for JLTV prototype (hummer replacement)

british petroleums partner in the well

White House: Afghan pullout will start in 2011

Kim Jong Il's miniature phone isn't working

F-35 training center ready for first students

Republicans to Democrats: Quit blaming Bush. Besides, it was Carter's fault.

Verse for the day: "I'm Sorry," by Oily Joe Barton (Please add a stanza or two.)

Invest 93 in the Caribbean Sea looks like

Is this illegal?

The Fate of Wildlife Caught in the BP Oil Disaster - Diane Rehm Show

Here's what the Navy can do.

UN Pulling Out Some Foreign Staff in Afghanistan

California: Unions work with governor to cut state worker retirement benefits

Sounds good to me. n/t

REP. ED MARKEY (D-MA):now we're up to 100,000 barrels

I'm certainly not a a conspiracy nut nor am I lacking faith in the idea of the

Assisted Suicide in November for the GOP

High court to review mental health advocacy suit

Toon: The deficit 'hawks' require a sacrifice

Toon: The deficit 'hawks' require a sacrifice

Senators Cut Medicare Deal For Doctors, Leave Unemployment Issue Unfinished


Exclusive: Proposal To Water Down Climate Bill Would FAVOR Obama AIDES’ Former Employer

Bork to publicly oppose Kagan for Supreme Court

Is this a scam? I never heard of these people before.

Florida law firms picked to defend BP, Cameron and Halliburton

Best lines...

Elena Kagan, Not so Gay-Friendly Supreme Court Nominee

The Oil Drum: Improving the Clean-Up, Jon Stewart, and Energy News

I agree. Even though I am not a smoker it should be given away to people who need it

I think I'll organize a T-party...

HUMMER to be buried at Joyful Ceremony in Motor City

Facebook users - another group to join - The BP Ten

Supreme Court Upholds Law Banning 'Material Support' for Terrorism

there are some who want to remove Helen Thomas from the annals of journalism.

Another Good Reason to be a Bean Fiend........

What's gonna happen to those N. Korean soccer team members when they go home?

What's gonna happen to those N. Korean soccer team members when they go home?

The 1980 presidential election

The 1980 presidential election

GOP apologizes to BP for whatever but never apologizes to Americans for Bush presidency.

BP Launches ‘Aggressive’ Social Media Campaign, But Disables Comments From Users Who Don’t ‘Like’ It

WaPo: Speaker's top policy guy is a 'liberal lion' who clashes often with Emanuel

UC Irvine protest case raises questions about discipline practices

UC Irvine protest case raises questions about discipline practices

Understanding the Afghanistan minerals news "story"

I found another use for tea bags...

"Vote for me so we can send our grandchilren to Mars!!!"

If you touch a baby bunny, will the momma take it back?

Bush/Cheney Exec Order 5/01 = Gusher in Gulf

Bush/Cheney Exec Order 5/01 = Gusher in Gulf

Curious: Does the Yahoo DU Emergency Group still exist?

Just a general thought to keep in mind...most people post online to complain

Van Der Sloot Retracts Murder Confession ("I signed everything in a blind panic")

My response to a call for support from the US Senate Democratic Campaign Committee (It wasn't good)

Free range eggs contain a little something extra: pollutants

Monica Lewinsky saved Social Security during the Clinton years. Who will save it now?

Goldman Battle With SEC Goes Into Overtime (by John Carney CNBC 6-21-10)

$20 billion

Please Vote for Johnny Weir as the US Figure Skating Reader's Choice Skater of the Year

Economic Growth Without Jobs - El Universal/Mexico

Have you ever watched Al Jazeera International on your TV?

Florida honor students can't graduate because of one test. FCAT determines it all.

Borowitz tells that accd. to Stephen Hawing: "Aliens no longer interested in Invading Earth"

bu$h* legacy...Supreme Court Affirms Ban on Aiding Groups Tied to Terror

president george w. bush authorizes navy to fire on "oil looters"

Gibbs pinch hitter Bill Burton on GolfGate: "Time to himself on Father's Day does us all good"

Air tests from the Louisiana coast reveal human health threats from the oil disaster

A modest proposal to counter the high costs of public school textbooks..

Saudi Arabia backs US campaign against Iran

Freeper: The statue of liberty is unamerican: Tear down this statue!

Gawker: Mike Huckabee Has Many Jokes About Gay Marriage, Affairs With Old Ladies

Is something brewing in the tropics?

New POTUS message, for OFA, re: spill+

NC Senate Democratic Debate, C-Span now.

Hayward went sailing, because Hayward is a hate magnet

Recommend or Not

Nine NATO Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan

BP Getting Close to Cap Switch

"Compassionate conservative", meet "pro-life feminist"

shootout in dallas leaves police chief's son and officer dead - not sure about details

Pain and suffering is as legitimate a claim as loss of income.

NOAA Research Ship finds depleted oxygen at 1100 meters

13 Scariest Words

This is very odd... U.S. rep Holbrook finds peace talks "troubling?????"

Fischer: God Is Cursing Us With Bear Attacks For Failing To Follow The Bible

Death by Hamburger?

Top General in Afghan War: US Envoy (Eikenberry) Betrayed Me

Do You Know Me? I'm Jesus (a post about peace, not religion)

HuffPo: Inmate Claims Madoff Still Has $9 Billion Hidden Away

Not Upset by Hayward Outing

Tweety tearing ReTHUGS a new one re siding with BP

BP was told rig was unsafe weeks before blast

Borrowers exit troubled Obama mortgage program

"perhaps the most important thing that has happened in southern Afghanistan this year."

do you know what a Gen-M is?

A friendly suggestion: Clone DU.

A friendly suggestion: Clone DU.

I really, really, really, really, don't like Repugs....

OK, so what would be an acceptable weakness to disclose in an interview?

Regulators Failed to Address Risks in Oil Rig Fail-Safe Device

Regulators Failed to Address Risks in Oil Rig Fail-Safe Device

30 years down the toilet

Finally, Christian Couples Have a Place to Buy Their Dildos

A question for longtime DUers ---

Summer strums a CAPTION on her fat mandolin. Please come do Head Wreck!!!

Issa: if GOP wins, corporate America can breathe easy

Cornhole tournament to benefit wounded veterans


American Family Association sez: Hiker killed by bear is proof that God is smiting the US

Tony Hayward - Sailing Away

Jeff Corwin on Ratigan Show, in Gulf now, MSNBC.

My father's last column. Where I come from, Who I come from:

On magical thinking and pseudo science

When You Complain About "The Democrats"

Corporate Gas Drilling Buries Indonesian Town in Methane Mud (Video)

Corporate Gas Drilling Buries Indonesian Town in Methane Mud (Video)

Egypt Confirms Oil Leak From Rig Off Red Sea Coast (After 100 Miles of Coast Polluted)

When did you join DU?

Heeeeere's Tony!

Heeeeere's Tony!

US Senate confirms Obama District nominee Goldsmith 89-0

US Senate confirms Obama District nominee Treadwell 89-0

Insightful comical article - "Let's Adopt Carrie Prejean"

The Rude Pundit - Rahm Emanuel Makes It About Ideology Again

GOBP'ers and Michael Steele whining about President Obama taking a day off

DLC Democrats are the Real Enemy. Discuss,

Oops! Secret Service Has No Record of Alleged Bush Poisoning

Record industry targets Google for linking to infringing songs

We're All Working for the Government Now

Crist Widens Lead In Florida Senate Race

Who else here thinks Oil Companies primary function is to hold the world hostage?

I no longer wish to be a part of DU

U.S. rethinks a Marine Corps specialty: storming beaches

Kagan praised the Bork hearings

I am resorting to a bit of a nuclear option myself, day five

Bork to publicly oppose Kagan for high court

J. D. Hayworth Starred In Infomercial Touting 'Free' Gov't Grant Money

Robin Carnahan visits SWMO, hammers Roy Blunt for his support for Big Oil and Washington Lobbyists

Obama Administration today sent a third bill for $51.4 million to BP

Fear can drive ERs to do tests to excess

Gulf of Mexico oil spill claims to be 'paid quickly'

FYI: “Disaster in the Gulf: How You Can Help" telethon, CNN, June 21

They kick like grannies, proudly (I love this story)

Detroit Activist Stands Ready to Be Part of Big Movement

New Orleans mayor says to pursue BP for damages

After Stressing His ‘Respect’ For Gay People, Huckabee Jokes That He’s Repulsed By Them

Pentagon to Rebuild Data Base on People “of Interest”

Oliver Stone Tackles Latin America’s Political Upheaval in "South of the Border"

LA Times: The roots of '8: The Mormon Proposition'

Official: Slipknot's Paul Gray died of accidental morphine overdose

Is there a contest going on between Michele Bachmann and Steve King to see who is the craziest?

White House Does Diplomacy With Gay Rights Community - Sam Stein/HuffPo

Am I alone in thinking this may not be a good idea?:

Ronald Neame dies at 99; British filmmaker ~ I met him

Morning Joe host Mika: Giuliani’s ‘baseless lies’ on spill left us stunned

'Outside' Magazine Owes Lance Armstrong an Apology

OS going AWOL thanks to low land flooding (story: Heavy rain, floods still a threat)

Mother Jones: "Louisiana Tea Partiers Rally for More Drilling"

IBM to set up 75 centres of excellence in 60 cities (In India)

IBM to set up 75 centres of excellence in 60 cities (In India)

MUST READ Naomi Klein: Gulf Oil Spill: A Hole in the World

Tarryl Clark (who will defeat Bachmann) now on Hardball

Right-winger guy I met just touted "one benefit of the Holocaust"

What will it take to make it clear that the concept of bipartisanship in America is impossible?

Wrong forum.

Can anyone explain,

I am sure that I will violate the new guidelines if they really mean what they say.

I am sure that I will violate the new guidelines if they really mean what they say.

An unexpected result for some census takers: the wrath of irate Americans

Alan Grayson:Half a Century, Under the Whip

I made a vow to eat as local and non-factory-food as possible

Rep. Alan Grayson: People Want Peace

Tonight on HBO 9PM EDT!!!!! Natural gas / Halliburton /flammable water

Salon: With BP under attack, conservatives rediscover compassion

Overconsumption is costing us the earth and human happiness

7th-Graders Discover Mysterious Cave on Mars

Christians AGAINST Tea Baggers: Free sticker, sign petition

Independent UK: Hope for MS sufferers as first cannabis-based drug is licensed

US/World Spent More On Arms...

US/World Spent More On Arms...

Question about veterans, suicides, and the current administration.

If Katrina was retribution for N.O. heathen ways, then the Gulf Oil spill is....

Robert Reich: The BP Shakeup that Wasn't:

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's crime sweeps have little effect, analysis shows

Man claims to find oil in oyster at Cornelius, NC, restaurant

Can pensions be changed "going forward?"

Anyone on this board experienced with home renovation?

Since Were On The Subject Of Harmony... 'Assisted Suicide in November for the GOP' - HuffPo

Divine intervention requested to solve California's budget mess. Literally.

Video: Glenn Beck compares BP oil spill hearings to Christians being fed to the lions

NYS U.S. History Regents Vs. Glenn Beck

More than 1,000 missing following floods in NE Brazil

We've Already Nuked Ourselves Over 2,000 Times

CNN is having a 2-hour Gulf Coast fund drive involving several charities...

Cenk Uygur: Why Our Nobles Betray Us (HuffPo)

Woman Recants Rape Claim, Police Say

How's it feel to be a "lesser person"?

Disturbing comments about the oil situation from an expert.

U.S. Senators call for Barack Obama to bring in Navy to battle oil spill

Mika Brzezinski: America's Mayor© came on Morning Joe to "vomit out complete baseless lies"

Rogues of "K" Street, Confessions of a Tea Party Consultant.

SKINNER, would you please start Thread #2 since #1 is getting too long to load?

So, Lady Blah Blah says we need to pray the spill away.

Nucking Futs

Check Out Showtime (on now, ch.329 for some): Expelled: No

What's coming is going to be very good...

Former Shell CEO predicts blackouts, gas lines

Profit-Margin Outlook for U.S. Is ‘Extremely Bad’

Fellow Dem's have knives out against Senator Kerry for pushing Climate Change.

I see a big difference between criticizing a Democratic politician and

Whirlpool Closes Its Indiana Plant & Moves to Mexico:

Liberals Give, Republicans Take, in CA at least

A Night at the Electronics Factory (or bloody taylorization)

Chris Wallace Compares Teabaggin' Janine "Northern Exposure" Turner to 'Modern Day Paul Revere'

Thanks, Skinner!

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & Introducing a new Kitty gif

I'll tell you what the problem is

I love it when the Corporate Media turns a Limbaugh rant into a news story

Canada's Governor General to become a UN "ambassador" for Haiti.

This would be funny if not so scary

Westerville Police Using Plane To Catch Speeders


AAA: 'Strict enforcement area' includes all major roads in Arizona

TX GOP platform: Re-criminalize sodomy, make gay marriage a felony

Watching GASLAND on HBO now


Is this too much to ask??

OS 4 for IPOD is out

Did Laura Bush hype a stomach flu into a mythical assassination attempt to sell books??

Jeb pushes school choice in walmart-sponsored forum. BP spill = "golden opportunity"

Pentagon Buys Russian Helicopters to Use in Afghanistan

Does it bother anyone else.....

A booming enterprise: Recycling whole houses

Democratic candidate wants to impeach Obama

Democratic candidate wants to impeach Obama

Class Warfare... Yeah... On Us !!!

Friendly seatbelt reminder - one person in car had seatbelt on; other 3 are dead.

Rahm leaving?

How many posts do you have?

'Tea party' favorite Sharron Angle takes aim at Harry Reid

Testing Reveals Security Software Often Misses New Malware

Deleted. Nevermind. No adults seem to be responding. n/t

Those Praying For God To Fix The Gulf Better Be Praying For IMMEDIATE Help

I used to think that the American pollution problem was improving since the '70s

An Easy Way to Change Congress

Chuck D calls Jan Brewer 'a Hitler'

Why did you join DU?

Don't Believe the Hype: Rahm Emanuel Not About to Step Down

Cook a Hamburger, Blow Up Your Polluted Town: TV Review Gasland

Texas GOP Wishes to Punish Straight People Who Support Gay Rights

Texas GOP Wishes to Punish Straight People Who Support Gay Rights

Bob Herbert: When Greatness Slips Away

Bottom Line, this is Skinner and Co's website, I applaud the new direction

Why is there senseless violence? This is the cousin of one of my students he was only 13

Tea partiers wary of regulation, even in BP spill

I have a short contract

Home Depot: Power tools, BBQ grills, lawn chairs and......The Gay !!!!!!!

A look back at things we should never forget because of who we are

Jon Stewart is skewering the ReTHUGS

Hummer gets second life as massive planter in Detroit thanks to CodePink

More Barton Apologies

Your personal information online, searchable, and for sale. This should be illegal.

This message is not getting through: Fear of deficits **will kill** the recovery

Maybe we'll get a happy ending for the homeless veteran

In a victory for the Obama administration the Supreme Court upholds "terrorist" law in 6-3 vote

I am in "awe" (listening to the MarK Levine Show so you don't have to)

Good samaritan rescues children locked in hot car

Smart Pig: BP'S OTHER Spill

Why DU needs less rules, not more. A cross-cultural metaphor.

Why DU needs less rules, not more. A cross-cultural metaphor.

US manufacturing crown slips

In Tony Hayward's absence this past weekend at a yachting event, the press reported getting

right wing dads

right wing dads

EXCLUSIVE: Canadian E-Vote Firm Buys 2nd U.S. E-Vote Firm in Two Months, Lies About Ties to Chavez

Uh oh. Darrell Issa claims people are twisting his words, that he would go easy on corporations

Quick: name a TV character who belongs to a union.

US Senate confirms Obama District nominee Josephine Tucker by voice vote

Great picture of FDR with Katharine Hepburn

SCOTUS: Corporations defeat Workers & Consumers, 5-4

Report from Alabama Gulf Coast 6/21/10

Yeah, sure Rush ... ROFLMAO

A vast majority of the chronically homeless are mentally ill

Joan Hinton dies at 88; physicist joined Maoist revolution after helping develop the atom bomb

Would you be willing to rid the Democratic Party of DLC types if it meant a GOP Congress?

Here's a real dilemma involving mining in the USA...

Werds fale.

have any of you guys heard the rumor that...

Does everyone know the story of Obama and the Winston Churchill bust?

You *have* to watch this.

"You can buy a lot of air time" with one billion...Pete Peterson on his media group.

"You can buy a lot of air time" with one billion...Pete Peterson on his media group.

Times Square car bomb suspect pleads guilty in NYC

Attention please help report this group

So this lady I work with comes up to me...

When did you join DU?

Speaking of license plates...

Speaking of license plates...

cops find mother of wandering toddler

Must read - The Myth of Multi-tasking

We might be about to find out how a hurricane will impact the Gulf oil gusher

Fox censored sunday's family guy episode

Glenn Greenwald: The weak, helpess, impotent Presidency

I first came to DU six and a half years ago . . .

Tomdispatch: Are We Going Down Like The Soviets?

Monsanto GM seed ban is overturned by US Supreme Court - BBC

Walmart employee forced to wear yellow vest after telling boss he’s gay

Urban Natural Gas Wells: Eco Terror in Your Own Back Yard

Urban Natural Gas Wells: Eco Terror in Your Own Back Yard

Firm tied to Blackwater gets Afghan contract: Xe

Firm tied to Blackwater gets Afghan contract: Xe

If you had an ancestor in the Union Army in the Civil War, do you know if he was drafted

Joe Lieberman: US government should control internet like Chinese government

Man who put up sign calling Democrats parasites is recipient of $1 million in farm subsidies

D.C. police will no longer intervene to remove women from mosques.

They are Texas birds now

••• Democratic anti-Barton TV ad: Why are Democratic ads always so anemic? •••

I'm no longer going to donate to any political causes

"Total bleedout"

Accountability watch: How many US govt/BP employees have been fired over the Gulf catastrophe?

Democratic Underground is changing. It's time to change the way we run it.

So apparently, I'm related to the owners of Schumacher Furs

Tell a story about one of your father's quirks!


I just realized something--Brian Wilson was born the day before

Pictures of my Iran trip, part 7 *PIC HEAVY*

question for leftists

Can someone explain to me how to post picture in a thread?

A couple of farewells in the lounge recently

Gawker does the snark on Midsummer

Is this illegal?

When World Cup players argue with the ref, what language do they use?

Berlin Philharmonic Cello Challenge

Tell a story about one of your father's quirks!

Lady Gaga banned from Yankee Clubhouse?

Isn't Religion Fun?

The good news is....

Happy Solstice, everyone!

Trip to supermarket: Ice cream makers now featuring new "larger size"! HALF GALLON!

Trip to supermarket: Ice cream makers now featuring new "larger size"! HALF GALLON!

If you touch a baby bunny, will the momma take it back?

Hope your Monday starts out better than mine - Stepped in a hairball this morning

A quick question: How long would it take for your breath to knock a hungry dog off a meat wagon?

Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata

Have you seen Elvis recently?

I'm Curious George. What should I do for a living?

Spent the day with my Father at the home, this year I became a parent to my parent.

Phil Lesh, Joan Osborne, Trey Anastasio, Larry Campbell: "Gimme Shelter," Beacon NYC, 2/12/06

French Prisoner Admits to Eating Cellmate's Lung --Thought It Was His Heart

Joan Osborne, VH1 Honors '96: The Rolling Stones' "Beast Of Burden"

leftover father's day for lunch is greatness!

Pianos for everyone !

Today's one of those days where I'm gonna run all over the effin' place...with SCISSORS.

To whoever gave me a star

Husker Du - You Can Live at Home

All the years combine... they melt into a dream... a broken angel sings from a guitar...

How many pairs of shoes do you wear regularly?

How many pairs of shoes do you wear regularly?

Monday night music selection-Some things I liked from the past...

The Doobie Brothers-What a fool believes

leftover father for lunch is greatness!

Buckwheat zydeco jambalaya (in french)

Single again...

NAME the BIGGER 1970s pain in the ASS - The Eagles or the Buckingham-Nicks Fleetwood Effing MAC.

Just when i thought I had seen everything....

Mary Steenburgen Joins 'Outlaw Country'

Too much good TV tonight!

The Joseph "Vito from the Sopranos" Gannascoli DUI mug shot

Allright, Fingerpop, explain this shit!

Question re: Computer tech support issue. Anyone know if this is normal?

iOS 4 FTW!

Taturguy Appreciation Thread!!!!

To celebrate the summer solstice, I present this view from our from door 3/1/2010

Anyone on this board experienced with home renovation?

Post your songs about the seasons.

Sunrise 4:45 AM. Sunset 9:30 PM.

That's Entertainment - The Jam

John Mellencamp - Pink Houses

World Cup: Portugal crushes North Korea 7-0

The science section at my local Barnes and Noble makes me sad....

I just asked Skinner to FREE THE DUCK...

I would like to do something kind for you, at no charge.

I was mugged by a 70+ year old lady today.

Has anyone downloaded the Iphone OS 4 software yet?

Just how dumb can lawyers get?

I'm really pissed off that my parents did not name me "Timmy".

Horatio Gornblower

Brian Wilson to Rejoin Beach Boys for 50th Anniversary Tour

Ha! $400 estimate to replace a water pump

Anyone watch Treme? (spoiler coming up)

Forty years ago today.



Embrace Life - always wear your seat belt

Anyone read the trilogy "The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo"? I'm just about to start the first book.

What do you take out of your tossed salad and discreetly drop under the table?

Update on my "getting into the trucking business" business

Name a popular song that mentions a holiday aside from Christmas.

Leonard Nimoy honored by the town of Vulcan

MIA Flight Attendant Provides In-Flight Baby Delivery

Post some great songs about the "Small people".....

Telling it like it is, I am.

I know that Robert Klein is supposed to be funny...

How would $100,000,000 change your life?

Single gunshot, stops Grizzly Bear charge....

The Real L Word - new series on Showtime

Oh crap! it's Summer Solstice-- anyone know where I can get a virgin and a goat...

Best albums from the late 70's and 80's?

Who Here Has Flown On The Airbus A-380?

Individual health insurance premiums jump: 13% on average


Which Olympic sport would be most improved if played naked?

Best advertising jingle ever?

Sharron Angle Campaign Blasts "Idiot" Reporter

Israel to Let Most Non-Military Items Into Gaza

'Tea party' favorite Sharron Angle takes aim at Harry Reid

Gulf oil spill: BP accused of lying to Congress

Turkish troops hunt down Kurdish rebels

Troop Pullout in Afghanistan Set for Next Summer

Testing Reveals Security Software Often Misses New Malware

HUMMER to be buried at Joyful Ceremony in Motor City

Firing on India-Pakistan border ahead of peace talks: army

Turkish army using Israeli-built drones

NATO says 4 troops die in Afghan helicopter crash

Police: 11 dead after attackers set fire to bus in El Salvador

Iraq's Allawi fears plots to assasinate him

Firm tied to Blackwater gets Afghan contract: Xe

Supreme Court Affirms Ban on Aiding Groups Tied to Terror

Rights group calls to halt Zimbabwe diamond trade

Duplicate, please delete

Tonnes of radioactive waste casts doubt over London's Olympic stadium legacy

New clashes in Iraq over electricity cuts

Judge to rule on whether to issue injunction on deepwater drilling moratorium by noon Wednesday

Death Toll In Last Week's Colombia Mine Blast Rises To 32

Roundup-resistant weeds pose environmental threat

Andy Stern Joins SIGA's Board of Directors

Gold at new record high after Saudi reserves double

Coast Guard seizes shrimp from two boats in closed fishing area

Bork to publicly oppose Kagan for Supreme Court

Companies seek to end moratorium on deepwater drilling [lawsuit against federal gov]

BP Softens Political Hit

New Jersey naval base under 'lockdown'

CSB (U.S. Chemical Safety Board) to investigate BP oil spill disaster

UK special envoy to Afghanistan who called for talks with Taliban quits

Radioactivity Detected After N.Korea Nuclear Fusion Claim

IBM to set up 75 centres of excellence in 60 cities (In India)

New Orleans asking BP for $75 million tourism grant

Dropout rate could spell trouble for state

Iran bans 2 UN nuclear inspectors from entering

Conservationists Hit BP With $19 Billion Clean Water Act Lawsuit

Afghan opiate use has doubled in 5 years, UN says

9 NATO troops killed in Afghan helicopter crash, bombings

US probes Google Street View data grabs

Oil leak sullies river in Peru's Amazon basin region

US military supply contracts fund corruption, the Taliban, according to report

BP was told of oil safety fault ("We Saw A Leak")'weeks before blast'

Protectionism mounting despite G20 pledge: report

SCOTUS Ruling Criminalizes Speech in Material Support Law Case-President Carter Could Be Prosecuted

Swipe Fee Deal: Merchants Beat Wall Street

WRAPUP 2-U.S. House agrees to put consumer watchdog in Fed

Yuan jumps to post-revaluation high

Borrowers exit troubled Obama mortgage program

Gay workers to get family leave

Rahm Emanuel says Report He's Quitting is "B.S."

Protester's motion rejected (protests at the funerals of fallen soldiers)

CNN drops AP wire service

Animal rights activists target BP

High court upholds anti-terror law

US Supreme Court lifts ban on sale of GM crop

Times Square Bomb Plotter Pleads Guilty in Terror Case

'The Cove' to screen in Japan despite protests

Saudi crucifies murderer (after beheading)

Obama deserves a round of golf, White House says

Top Vatican Priest Accused of Sexually Abusing His Own Sons

Chimps, Too, Wage War and Annex Rival Territory

Magic Power Coffee recall: FDA says instant coffee contains Viagra drug

Connecticut GOP AG Candidate Wants Gun Training For Kids (in schools)

Mystery deepens around alleged Bush poisoning incident

New Jersey Democrats fail to extend millionaires tax

Iowa Republican (Rep. Steve King): Barton was right to say BP suffered 'shakedown' at White House

Orszag Leaving as Budget Director

Afghan security firms linked to Taliban allegedly extorting money from U.S.-paid contractors

US judge to rule by Wednesday on drilling freeze


Emanuel defended Blagojevich, then sought grant

Rahm Traded Favors with Blago: Report

Scientists to investigate suspected oil sightings in Bahamian waters

BP was told of oil safety fault 'weeks before blast'

Scientist admits defaming oilsands researchers

Why I hate conservatives, Episode 5000 (Kristol, again)

In the speaker's office, a quiet liberal lion: Wendell E. Primus

Conservative Torygraph gets called on their bogus "Rahm is leaving" story

The right wing IS a movement based upon racism

Monthly Job Creation Graph By President and Party

"Obama's Spill? How the Political Peril Is Being Overstated"

**** Heads Up: POTUS Speaks at Father's Day Event, 10:15 EDT ****

Obama steps up fatherhood advocacy with new mentoring initiative

Lieberman: Comprehensive energy bill can be done this year

Alan Greenspan: Why does anyone listen to this man?

Moved to General Discussion - sorry got in wrong topic string

So far Obama's approval ratings in Gallup are better than St. Ronnie's (who fell to 35% in 1/83)

SUPREME COURT upholds law against advising terrorists

MOVEON.ORG: Reclaim Our Democracy From Corporate Corruption. Please DU :)

Fareed Zakaria Blasts John McCain's Foreign Policy Stances As Uninformed "Fantasy"

Who's lying? White House denies Kyl immigration story

CO Senate primary poll: Bennet holds a double-digit lead over Romanoff

Rahm Emanuel expected to quit White House

"Rand Paul To Unemployed: Quit Whining And Get Back To Work"

Texas Dems Grapple With Their Own Alvin Greene

When did you join DU?

Our Senate and Congress destabilizing Medicare as we speak

Setting The Record Straight On Foreign Assistance

"Departing RNC staff chief got $100K payout" (you know, the bondage guy)

Obama should play more golf - Guardian blogger

Dear Mr. President, please don't do this for my security.

"Lieberman .... sees 20 swing votes on carbon caps."

The Telegraph’s suspicious story about Rahm quitting WH


Wikileaks' Founder Speaks

Cox leads GOP gubernatorial candidates; Dillon still tops Dems (MI)

AP sources: Gay workers to get family leave

Peter Schiff Qualifies For CT-SEN Republican Primary Ballot

The Unexpected Winning Issue for Democrats: Health Care

Vander Plaats candidacy could doom GOP hopes of beating Culver (Iowa)

Recount Shows James Lost By Wider Margin (AL)

School Officials Say Candidate Overstated His Role

Let us not forget who the real enemy is.......

Palin calls Emanuel a liar

Paul Krugman: Now and Later

AP sources: Obama to announce new health benefits

"A good day in Gallup"

Romney Invests Heavily in Haley

President Eisenhower (R) Named "The King" by Arnold Palmer

"Tea partiers to Obama: Lay off BP!"

Charlie Crist (I) has a double-digit edge over former state House Speaker Marco Rubio (R)

If Senator-elect Charlie Crist asked to Caucus with the Dems Would you approve?

"Knock off golf, baseball and Beatles until Gulf oil crisis is resolved, GOP's Steele tells Obama"

More problems for Obama. McChrystal is going Rogue

Please, spare us the "How Obama lost his magic" columns

Has an American Source Reported the Rahm Story yet?

"What happened to Barry on the block"

Atlantic: Why Has Obama's Approval Held Steady Despite the Oil Spill?

this is a major problem with Kagan

Illegal immigration ordinance passes (in Fremont, NE)

Senator Larry Craig's Valentine's Day Speech

BP Oil Spill: Toxic Air Detected!!!!

BP Oil Spill: Silenced Scientists Are Breaking Their Silence!!!!

Capitol Hill Agenda: June 21, 2010

Cenk @ UCB's Pop And Politics w/ Comedian Jimmy Dore & More

Law prof expects criminal charges against BP

EvelJustin for President

Jeremy Koulish Interviews John Amato and David Neiwert

BP Death Clouds Already Onshore! Benzene-3400ppb

Sorry BP (The Ballad of Joe Barton)


Gulf oil spill song at home by singer songwriter and itunes artist JP

Oliver Stone on Democracy Now: "South of the Border"

Hitler finds out Joe Barton apologized to BP

BP unleashes 9,000 gallons of flaming oil on a San Diego street corner

Oliver Stone on Latin America's Political Upheaval in

An Anthem For The Paranoid (NWOs, Truthers, Birthers, Deathers, Rapture, Obama Is A ...)

Queen Meg - She Sells Oil Wells by the Seashore?

Progressive Identity Politics

Tarryl Clark for Congress

planet of the arabs

Young Turks: Playboy Exposes Tea Party Dirty Tricks

Palin and Fiorina. Wrong for California

How Republicans Would Govern

Olbermann: Robert Redford - 'Sick & Dangerous Energy Policy of Cheney'

Weiner Discusses the BP Oil Spill on MSNBC

Letter Says Women Can't Watch World Cup (TYT Exclusive)

Freeway Blogging 'FU BP' in Atlanta

Young Turks: Graphs - Rich Vs Middle Class & Poor!

Republican Private Property Hypocrisy

President Sarah Palin addresses the nation regarding the BP oil disaster

Rand Paul To Unemployed: Quit Whining And Get Back To Work (+ defense of Barton's BP apology)

Olbermann: What We Know About BP Just Keeps Getting Worse

Rachel Maddow has a good laugh over Sharon Angle being called on her crackpot views

Rachel Maddow points out the GOP's 'glass jaw' wrt the oil companies

Olbermann: 'When I Say Palin is an Idiot, I Mean...'

Young Turks: Rush Limbaugh - Hungry Kids Should Dumpster Dive For Food!

"Gasland" Premiere: Must-See Exposé of Industrial Gas Production's Risks Airs Tonight on HBO

The Fear Factor What happens to democracy when everyone's too scared to show up?

Spend Now, Save Later

Life After Oil: Cuba Can Teach Us How to Live Without Our Dirty Fossil Fuel Addiction

Rewriting the story of the future as something believable, irresistible and worth fighting for

Financial Reform Outlook: Business as Usual in the USA

They Get Rich, We Get Ho-Hum Gadgets

Generation Monsanto

How Conservative Women Politicians Make Life Harder for Working Moms

Dumbest Right-Wing Quotes of 2010 (So Far)

Why We Are So Screwed (Urb Survival)

Dead On Arrival: Financial Reform Fails

On the Verge of Collapse

Call the Politburo, We’re in Trouble: Entering the Soviet Era in America

Is There an End in Sight in Afghanistan?

GOP Response to Gulf Spill a Model of Incoherence

Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles: a casualty of Afghan policy war

6 Shocking Ways Conservatives Helped Cause the Economic Destruction of America

Academy Award-Winning Filmmaker Oliver Stone Tackles Latin America’s Political Upheaval in "South of

Nearly One Million US Workers Cut Off Unemployment Benefits

(Employee) Anxiety deepens as reality sets in at BP

Corporate Lobbyist Party kills jobs bill & payment protection for doctors!!

Corporate Con Game: How the private prison industry helped shape Arizona’s anti-immigrant law

The weak, helpess, impotent Presidency

What's the "Shakedown"?

Sharron Angle: The unemployed are 'spoiled'

Clausen Oysters of North Bend shows it's possible to bounce back from an oil spill

Drumbeat: June 21, 2010

Drumbeat from the weekend...

The Oil Drum: Improving the Clean-Up, Jon Stewart, and Energy News

High court lifts ban on biotech alfalfa

Nature Geoscience/BBC - Base Of Pine Island Glacier Has Detached From Ridge That Once Held It Back

Times Of London Issues Retraction For Distorted Reporting On WWF Amazon Findings, Climate Science

BP Misleading the Public? Internal Documents Show Analysis That Oil Leak Could Be 100,000 Barrels Pe

After Worst Drought In Living Memory, SE China Floods Intensify - 3X Normal Rainfall, 132 Known Dead

The World According to Monsanto

Quantum Dots Could Boost Solar Efficiency by 100%

X Prize cars back on track

Gulf Paymaster: People Are in 'Desperate' Shape

World's Largest Ethanol Bus Fleet Grows by 85 New 270 HP Scania Buses

Ford, Edison and the Cheap EV That Almost Was

HBO's 'Gasland' Premieres Mon June 21st

The Simmons-Tierney Bet

Gulf oil spill: Kevin Costner signs contract with BP for oil slick clean-up

USDA report on Ethanol production: 1.9 to 2.3 BTUs in Ethanol for every 1 BTU of fossil fuel energy

Green Marines: Camp Lejeune Buys Into Solar Power

PG&E Creates a $100 Million Fund for Solar Financing

Giant 500ft wind turbines to be built in Britain within two years

The Future Of Food

New Air Conditioning System Has Potential to Slash Energy Usage by Up to 90 Percent

Ohio State recruit shot 2nd time since April

Ruh-roh! New rules from Skinner in regards to posting on DU. Kitten threads

Conspiracy! First Vuvuzelas at Sun Life, Now a soccer ball mowed into Fenway's grass.

McDowell wins US Open-- he hung tough to win his first.

Steve Smith, Carolina Panthers WR, breaks arm playing FLAG Football



Tennis fans...did anyone see that match? (spoiler)

Food for thought...the three teams with the best records in baseball...

Doc Rivers: Wallace plans to retire..

Portugal-North Korea

Ref in U.S. World Cup game dropped

Broncos the cheapest team in the NFL??

Rays Owner Sternberg spells it out for St Petersburg.

My new favorite person at the World Cup: Kim Jong Hun (N. Korea coach)

England cursed by pigeon

The Big Ten Network is Highlighting Tim Tebow.

Colombia: president-elect Santos pledges to escalate war

Death Toll In Last Week's Colombia Mine Blast Rises To 32

This is so funny -- this morning Oliver Stone called out poor little Simon Romero

Gates: Veto possible of military gay ban bill

Lutheran Pastor Tom Brock Blamed ELCA's Tornado on Homosexuality. Which, Uh, He Suffers From...

We're not homophobic, we're just bored...Wow.

Obama administration has hired over 100 gay staffers

Mississippi Lesbian Banned From Prom But Invited to White House

DUPE delete...nt

Drunk cop, fires a shot in a police car...

Shooting of 3-year-old was accidental

8 dead among 52 shot across over weekend

So, how many guns were "real" in Austin's gun buy-back?

Pizza Huts shift gears on firearms possession ...

Pizza Huts shift gears on firearms possession ...

"Women won't shoot ex-lovers, admirers or family members in self-defense"

Texas GOP: Proudly Following...Uganda?

Today in Labor History June 21 10 miners accused of being "Molly Maguires" are hanged, kids 12 hrs

Had to share this...

2 butterflys

Oh great, here we go again

a few parting shots of west Texas.

Beating Swords into Satellites

Scientists announce discovery of 3.6 million-year-old relative of 'Lucy'

Chimpanzee gangs kill for land, new study shows

Israel to Let Most Non-Military Items Into Gaza

A Zionist State of Mind, A Dreamscape Of Ghosts: One Jew's Hard Awakening

Jerusalem Revives Plan To Raze Palestinian Homes

The mysterious death of an Orthodox Jewish millionaire – murder or suicide?

there are some who want to remove Helen Thomas from the annals of journalism.

Grandpa Bibi's responsibility

Israel and the Surrender of the West

US dockers back Gaza activists

Netanyahu: Decision to ease Gaza siege weakens Hamas

TODAY Chief Avrol asks us to pray for the Gulf

Crop circle appears next to heart-shaped wood on Solstice (farmer irate)

Happy Northern Hemisphere Solstice - may I suggest an astrology video?

A message from Obama about the oil spill

Halliburton buys an oil clean up company 10 days BEFORE the gulf disaster??

Do You Know Me? I'm Jesus (a post about peace, not religion)

Sex Offender Wants To Go To Church. Man Convicted Of Possessing Child Porn In 2002

Fischer: God Is Cursing Us With Bear Attacks For Failing To Follow The Bible

Sometimes, no comments are needed.

Faith in God is a denial that humans can grow up...

DNA Test Could Explain Why Ozzy Osbourne is Still Alive

New Link Between Pollution, Temperature and Sleep-Disordered Breathing

Flame retardant linked to altered thyroid hormone levels during pregnancy

Progesterone is effective for hot flash treatment and provides an alternative to estrogen

Fructose Sugar Makes Maturing Human Fat Cells Fatter, Less Insulin-Sensitive, Study Finds

Hallucinations in Hospital Pose Risk to Elderly

So, a friend just had a physical. She had several pre-cancerous

Corporate Lobbyist Party kills another jobs bill & payment protection for doctors!!

How to impress the bond markets

A history lesson for George Osborne

Orszag Leaving as Budget Director

US/World Spent More On Arms...