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11th Circuit: Burden that Georgia places on death-penalty defendants unconstitutional


Just some facts about live sentences

white guys..

Deficit Terrorists Strike In The UK – USA Next? by Dr. Ellen Brown

Election-year deficit fears stall Obama stimulus plan

Hungary: New government presents radical austerity package


The return of austerity

Dirt on Pete Visclosky (D-IN). Damn.

Is America's diversity also a big liability?

TOON: best on the stupid ''Obama's lack of emotion'' issue

Freeper begs Sarah to retract McCain endorsement to make his web life less miserable.

Top Touring Artists Join KORN In Boycott Of BP

Joe Barton is Big Oil's Bitch

Contrary to popular belief, this is not an actual ad from BP, but it should be

Chemical weapons site in Indiana deactivated after 69 years

Commentary: Obama's mixed Afghanistan messages

And you thought oil was a problem...

The Congressional MIC lobby is pissed we are buying Russian helicopters in Afghanistan

UN chief: Security in Afghanistan has not improved

Angle dodges question about armed revolution

"Shit My Dud Says."

'Alarming' rise in Afghan violence, says UN

Navy-Marine Corps Friction; All Is Not Well With the Sea Services

Report links pollution, sleep disorders

Pakistani Officials: Suspected US Strike Kills 13

Both the VA and DoD continue to drag their feet on TBI care

Kirk Was Not a Teacher as Claimed

If you are a CEO of a corporation pay attention to these very different types of disasters

Banksters in Afghanistan

Sheldon Whitehouse: Clean Out Corporations From Government

Japan takes the path of -- semi-austerity?

Bipartisan bill would stop government from buying Chinese items

How many cities cars could have been powered by the spill so far?

Invest 92 is now in the Caribbean sea

Republicans block legislation

Danger Room What's Next in National Security Previous post U.S. Testing Pain Ray in Afghanistan (Up

Republican Deficit Hawks -- ask THEM to give up their pensions

With nurses’ strike vote looming, hospitals offer to resume bargaining – with conditions

With nurses’ strike vote looming, hospitals offer to resume bargaining – with conditions

With nurses’ strike vote looming, hospitals offer to resume bargaining – with conditions

With nurses’ strike vote looming, hospitals offer to resume bargaining – with conditions

Danger Room What's Next in National Security Previous post U.S. Testing Pain Ray in Afghanistan (Up

Machinists call for airline industry re-regulation

Do you see any inequities here?

CIA drone strike in Pakistan kills 11

How many cities cars could have been powered by the spill so far?

San Francisco Chronicle: California State University trustees raise tuition by 5%

WikiLeaks Preparing to Release Video of Alleged U.S. 'Massacre' in Afghanistan

Has Obama made any Signing Statements?

Protesters arrested outside Honeywell plant

List of Products made by BP to Boycott BP

Lake Kivu -(A Time Bomb or Source of Energy? )Is this the Gulf scenario?

Disaster capitalists: Halliburton to make money off oil spill

A new constitution... Is this guy crazy???

Isn't this pretty much the bottom-line re: Gov't?

The Foreclosing Plaintiffs Created The Crisis Through Fraud and Crimes At The Highest Levels

The Broadband Providers Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks

RI boy who made banned toy soldier hat gets medal

National Review Online falsely claims Kagan "apparently tied" the NRA to the KKK

If we do not allow Corporations to Rape, Pillage and Despoil our country

Joe Barton Apology-Fest Continues: First BP, Now AT&T, Comcast ... [Your Company Here]

Defying the Taliban, 1 bad movie at a time

Defying the Taliban, 1 bad movie at a time

The politics surrounding BP disaster

The politics surrounding BP disaster

Is Dick Cheney’s Halliburton Responsible For BP Oil Spill?

"Before duty calls:newly released photos of Aung San Suu Kyi as wife & mother. Thoughts and prayers

Largest Immigrant Groups in U.S.: Mexican, Filipino, Indian

"I'm Sorry," by Oily Joe Barton

BP should not be making money while the Gulf Horror continues

Pirate cook saves hostages, faces life on the run

Marco Rubio faces new financial scrutiny over foreclosure on Tallahassee property

Children Carry Guns for a U.S. Ally, Somalia

President Obama slams Republicans for blocking unemployment benefit relief bill

President Obama slams Republicans for blocking unemployment benefit relief bill

"Pure Michigan" ads running on newschannels really shine when programming return to the Gulf

Wow. That was quick. Thanks Mods!

Privacy Nightmare: Droid Incredible Snaps, Saves Pictures Of Your Browsing History

"Hayward is very much in charge until we've stopped the leak."

On Father's Day, hypocrites are all in the family. Op-Ed

Rachel said last night the relief well was only 200 feet away from target.

Sheldon Whitehouse: Clean Out Corporations From Government

To all those looking for a conspiracy behind the Gulf Oil Disaster:

AP: New hires in UAW no longer tops in manufacturing

Serious questions about BP clean-up workers. Has anyone heard answers to these??

New Orleans pulls BP-funded tourism ad after it's seen as anti-British- PIC

New Orleans pulls BP-funded tourism ad after it's seen as anti-British- PIC

I hope the administrators who tacitly or overtly condone "dumping" sick homeless people

Joe Barton Apology-Fest Continues: First BP, Now AT&T, Comcast ... (Your Company Here)

Nader Sues FEC for Tossing His Claim

Obama directs government to withhold pay from delinquent contractors

Chris Kelly ("Real Time w/ Bill Maher" writer): Meg Whitman on How to Reprimand Employees

Chris Kelly ("Real Time w/ Bill Maher" writer): Meg Whitman on How to Reprimand Employees

SHAKEDOWN: Since 1990, Joe Barton has received $27K from BP officials, PACs

Is this their ignorance or our irrelevance?

Joe Barton apologizes to World Cup referee Koman Coulibaly.

Amid all the turmoil and fussing..a breath of fresh air

Eight More Deep Thoughts from Congressman Joe Barton

"Shakedown" = Bush's "Deferred Prosecution"

Republican candidate: Obama, BP ‘colluded’ to make oil spill happen

Rush Limbaugh celebrates his lavish wedding by mocking hungry children

Media Matters: Glenn Beck explains why he should be fired

Texas Can’t Afford To Buy New Far-Right Textbooks, But Rick Perry Still Resists Federal

2012...a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Election-Year Deficit Fears Stall Obama Stimulus Plan - WaPo

Sorry This Is From Faux News, But... 'How to Lose the Presidential Nomination in Two Days'

Department of Education Sets New Bar for Transparency with Launch of

The BP Shakeup That Isn't - By Robert Reich

Jeb Bush name pops up at Blagojevich trial; indicted Blago pal wanted presidential pardon

self-delete-sorry mods

Anyone seen Dick Cheney?

I really hate right wingers who cant think... this is for those who say alternative energy gets to

RI school to alter policy that banned soldier hat

This woman knew her Constitutional Rights. Her Prize? $20,000

Firm tied to Blackwater gets Afghan contract

Obama rips Republican 'obstruction'

Gulf Coast residents battle to clean up oil spill

Conservatives say it's "about time we stopped blaming Bush," "ridiculous" and "offensive" to do so

How TARP money ended up in the pockets of Big Oil before TARP was even passed.

NYC Going After Teen 'Sexting' -- In The Home

For your consideration:

Ethics Probe clears C Street regarding rentals

Ethics Probe clears C Street regarding rentals

Plea to Obama Led to an Immigrant’s Arrest

You Should Totally Apologize to BP

Wisconsin to Receive Nearly $51 Million to Turn Around Its Persistently Lowest Achieving Schools

Noticed gas was about .10c higher per gallon today

The Oil Drum: The Causes of the Blowout/Explosion, Resource Depletion, &c.

I don't think Joe Barton went far enough, to tell you the truth.

Gulf residents outraged by BP CEO's yacht outing

Gulf residents outraged by BP CEO's yacht outing

Williams quits chairman of Tea Party Express

Mark Williams steps aside as chairman of the Tea Party Express

cop caught acting above the law, tickets councilman who films him

The BP oil spill has largely been treated as the latest plot twist in the Obama epic.

Any good political groups to join?I'm on a 6 month "vacation due to surgery

Pensioners and BP: Why we should not care about their plight.

Post 1000 - Random thoughts on the extremes of moderation

Please don't feed our bums

As oil spews in Gulf, BP chief at U.K. yacht race

Farm Subsidies Database: (or) Welfare for the Rich Database:

Kagan unscathed after revelations from past

Idiot republican (funny)

expect the death-toll to skyrocket in Afghanistan

Huge Indiana Jones rumbling Moon billiard potted in crater

BP Blowout Hearing Shows Foreign Rigs, Tax Evasion Dominate Gulf Drilling

Atlanta expected to pay $20,000 to woman arrested for asking a police officer ‘why'

Atlanta expected to pay $20,000 to woman arrested for asking a police officer ‘why'

Victim families were subject of Ohio photographer

EXCLUSIVE: BP Funds Front Group Claiming Oil Spill Jobs Are Better Than ‘Normal’ Ones, Storm Will Cl

EXCLUSIVE: BP Funds Front Group Claiming Oil Spill Jobs Are Better Than ‘Normal’ Ones, Storm Will Cl

It's contagious! CNN apologizing to BP by telling viewers not to boycott.

Could we actually be watching the birth of CNN

one thing I think is interesting

dupe - double post

'Flotilla activists' credit cards used'

Carbon Pricing as the Public Option Redux?

We are really going to steal money from future generations to keep from cutting doctors

Fungible Shmungible. Of course a boycott will do some damage.

'Dangerous' Shih Tzu Faces Death

Gulf Spill Highlights Republicans Who Are ‘Owned, Bought And Paid By The Oil Industry’

I finally figured out what drives all that Teabagger craziness and fear of the left.

Rep. Barton: After apologizing to BP, says 500 million barrels beneath blown-out well

somebody's playing the bagpipes

Dear Tony Hayward: You Do Not Have Your Life Back - online tool that provides near-real time information about spill response efforts.

Feds award $20 million to reform 7 city schools

How do we know BP is capturing the amount of oil it says it's capturing?

Avast, ya swab. Look lively. We ought to be keelhauling ya.

Avast, ya swab. Look lively. We ought to be keelhauling ya.

Avast, ya swab. Look lively. We ought to be keelhauling ya.

Texas can't afford (buying influence) their right-wing textbooks

More than 1 in 5 kids live in poverty

Peddling Relief, Firms Put Debtors in Deeper Hole

Christ! The news is making a big deal over the "controversial"

JPMorgan Sends Mining Team To Afghanistan

As Oil Spews in Gulf, BP Chief at UK Yacht Race

Because Trolls have nothing better to do............

Brewer reacts to "outrageous but not surprising" Federal lawsuit challenging AZ immigration law

Mitch Daniels Annoys the Far Right...

Rand Paul

Iraq: Son kills father for working with US army

Texas are stupid

Texas are stupid

Watched a Nat. Geographic film on the Appalacian Trail

Tony Hayward went to a yacht race today

Southern men have a new joke about the BP oil spill:

There's a difference between being pragmatic and being cowardly

The GOP will run a CEO in 2016, and someone who will lose in 2012

Marco Rubio (tea bag-FL) faces foreclosure

Oregon's experience with the 'Death-With-Dignity Act'

Should we be Mobilizing and Developing new Comprehensive plans for Sustainable, Alternative Energy?

Happy Father's Day, Obama (Video)

Happy Father's Day, Obama (Video)

French government announces plan for pension cut

Well Folks, Here Ya Go: Cheney Criticizes Obama For A Lack Of Action - ThinkProgress

Limbaugh Stance On Feeding Low-Income Children-Belittles Human Decency

Father's Day 2010 Is Centennial: How Did Holiday Start?

Anyone have information on Navy resources

Tiger Woods personal life is one thing

A must read article about CA, prisons, and where the money goes.

Mr Fish....

Man shoots 4 people, self at San Bernardino, Calif., Del Taco; 2 dead including 8-yr-old boy

Nonprofit Gym Helps Low-Income Community Get Fit

Rehberg introduces Firearms Freedom on Federal Lands Act

News 3: Unknown Something Destroying US Crops

Identical Oil Spill Response Plans

Visa Threatens Public Intelligence Hosting Provider Over “Confidential” Document

m$nbc reporting that 'majority of americans' support arizona immigration law

My Exit from DU in protest:

My Exit from DU in protest:

The Commons Rises in Detroit

Anybody Else Get The Feeling That DU Is Changing In A Way We Didn't Anticipate ???

Pentagon revives Rumsfeld-era domestic spying unit

Tarryl Clark tosses Michele Bachmann's absurd BP comments back in her face in new TV ad

BP’s CEO QUITS Gulf Oil Response Management, GOES TO YACHT RACE

Gulf residents slam BP CEO for yacht outing..."I don't think he has any feelings"

BP: Tony Hayward remains in charge

MLPA Open Houses: Selling Ocean Privatization. MLPA= Marine Life Protection Act.

Tony Hayward's testimony before Congress translated:


~| *** Happy JUNETEENTH everyone! ***|~

OK that's it ...I am out of here...

Which is worse: socially liberal economic cons. or socially conservative economic progressives?

I'm leaving DU too!

I'm leaving DU too!

That does it! I'm leaving DU!

Well, If You Wanted A Front Row Seat To The Democrat's Upcoming Civil War...

Kagan notes label KKK and NRA as 'bad guy' organizations

Some more weather photos from the fire lookout tower (dial-up warning)

Someone explain the appeal of "ibtl" to me?

They are setting the oil on fire now.

Some thoughts after a nice Saturday and half bottle of wine....

Its time... Outline for a New Constitution.

Got "Dick"?

Got "Dick"?

Got "Dick"?

Mott’s Workers Hit the Road to Leaflet, Picket Dr. Pepper Snapple

Is there any place I can find whacky emails...

Want to really Hurt BP ?

Requesting a primer on internal DU political stuff

Here's my version of the GOBP Logo...

Canadian billionaire set to launch a conservative network being dubbed ‘Fox News North.’

tony says... hold on lads, it might get rough

Tiger and two camels believed stolen

YIKES!- did you know that workers are striking in CHINA?

todays pics of what used to be The Gulf Of Mexico

Ex-Con Predicts Van der Sloot a Dead Man, Will Be Killed by Fellow Inmates in Peru

A Doomsday Scenario

Sheldon Whitehouse: Clean Out Corporations from Government

Pope must not be subjected to vuvuzelas

Former Attorney General Gonzales Planning a Memoir

"Sheriff Joe" Ally Running for Attorney General in Arizona

Arizona's next illegal immigration target: Babies

For those saying the BP boycott will hurt the mom & pop gas stations, they can sue BP!

For those of us who recognize/celebrate Juneteenth, Happy Juneteenth! and please K&R

Update on the MN's RNC 8 last pre-trial hearing. too soon to know if still going to trial.

Boys and their toys, a.k.a. My dick is bigger than your dick

Just got a phone poll asking in part if I would support Rick Santorum for Senator in PA...

A Presidential Crisis Center. A Plea from the Gulf.

WEEK THREE: Marc Emery Held in Solitary Confinement in US Prison for Recording Podcast

Black Shirt Friday Commemorates Railroad Worker Deaths

Dean Baker On The Upcoming Assault On Social Security (Video) - FDL

Anybody Have The Sunday Lineup?

Illegal immigrants commit crimes at same rate than legal ones and US Citizens (NY Times)

Illegal immigrants commit crimes at same rate than legal ones and US Citizens (NY Times)

Perspective on the 20 billion: " Lawsuit Seeks $19 Billion from BP"

It is IMPOSSIBLE to boycott a company that produces a fungible commodity

Texas GOP sells American flags for fundraiser

I can't figure out how to post this as a poll. Please respond by

This is pretty damned sad-new artwork. RE: the gulf devastation

Hilarious comment by an anti-contraception religious righter

I'm going to be sick! Facebook Page: Michelle Malkin for Senate 2010

Americans Have a Right to Know

Sarcasm is the least efficient form of written communication

The Strange and Consequential Case of Bradley Manning, Adrian Lamo and WikiLeaks

Grover Norquist joins gay GOP group.

A Hole in the World - Naomi Klein

Gulf Oil from space -- day 50

A tax on abortion?

Frank Rich: Clean the Gulf, Clean House, Clean Their Clock

Nostalgia for the old days

In Fairness, Joe Barton Didn't Just Apologize! He Talked About The Real Tragedy In The Gulf!

Conservative Christian Teenagers Prepare for Politics

[OIL SPILL] WhatCanUdo?

Gingrich says Obama "is directly engaged in extorting money" from BP

Best way to help the Gulf?

Question for all of you out there...

Suffering Blue Whales Plead With Environmentalists To Let Them Go Extinct Already

Wikileak Case Echoes Pentagon Papers by Coleen Rowley and Robert Parry

'Pragmatic' means 'practical'

We should all cut U.S. Rep. Joe Barton a little slack. - Editorial in Denton TX newspaper

Chief Arvol Looking Horse : please remember 6/21st, World Peace and Prayer Day

He learned how to kill a sleeping lion with a spear before it could harm his herd in his youth

That Hayward Yacht Race? Sponsored by J.P. Morgan. here's a pic.

Guardian UK: BP oil well could leak another 2 to 4 years

Mr. President, I believe it's time to set aside your personal beliefs and open an investigation into

Sunday Talk Shows

Kucinich voted against the American Clean Energy and Security Act

Sean Hannity's idea of "great Americans"

Health Care Bill analyzed by Republican

some weekend TOONS

Florida snorkelers “covered in crude oil”; Officials failed to issue warning until after incident

NYC woman’s request to Obama leads to her arrest

NYC woman’s request to Obama leads to her arrest

Prop. 8 Trial: Judge Troubled By Lack Of Evidence From Defense - SJMerc

Operation Dodging Daddies: Sheriff Joe rounds up deadbeat parents

Should a Goal of the Federal Government be to put BP out of Business?

Verizon: If a customer service rep helps you save money, they could get fired

'Veterans Today' supports Helen Thomas in Wapo Poll! Results 92%

'Veterans Today' supports Helen Thomas in Wapo Poll! Results 92%

Rand Paul on the unemployed: "Let them eat cake!"

Chief Arvol Looking Horse after the tragedy of the oil eruption into the Gulf of Mexico

"Towards a bleed-out"? & "BP has the computer"

Flip-flops prove costly as woman goes to court

WARNING: Credit Relief, Industry Puts Debtors in a Deeper Hole

Blackwater Firm Gets $120M U.S. Gov't Contract (in Afghanistan)

EXCLUSIVE: BP Funds Front Group Claiming Storm Will Clean Up Oil

June is Torture Awareness Month: See what they are doing in MN


Obama hits golf course with Biden on another hot, humid weekend

White House intervenes to come to defense of corporations; Maxine Waters, CalPERS & others upset

Obama to shift power structure in Gulf :Politics

Teabagger Neo-Nazi J.T. Ready says he plans to lead an armed group into the Arizona desert

Fundie: 'we're being set be seen as knuckle-dragging Neanderthals.....'

Fundie: 'we're being set be seen as knuckle-dragging Neanderthals.....'

Meg Whitman on How to Reprimand Employees

what type of democrat are you?

Iraq's Slumdog Massacre: One Million Dogs Face Death

Bill O'Reilly smacks down Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-BP) over Bachmann's defense of BP

In Pictures: BP Boss Tony Hayward’s Yacht Sails The Isle Of White’s Pristine Waters

Rand Paul to long-term jobless: Just go back to work

Dinner with the Repub friends and the oil drill messy thingie.

Why is police violence so acceptable to Americans?

It's that time again! Start planning your Father-Daughter Purity Ball '10!

I admit, I'm a Socialist, Communist, Maoist, Marxist & all the other 'ists' conservatives call me...

Serious question, where are the progressives *going*?

Left? Right? Center? MOOT!! The spill changes everything. Get Greedy with Green!

Alan Simpson: Cutting Social Security Benefits to “Take Care of the Lesser People in Society”

NY to raise smoke taxes $1.60 pack, rich people most affected. Not.

Retire now or lose your pension.

Sheldon Whitehouse: "American Government Should Never Be On Its Knees Before Corporate Power"

Should the oil and gas industry be nationalized in the USA?

99.9999999% of politicians

Addressing the National Debt

Every day I come on here and..............

Repaired 'Exxon Valdez' Still Carries Oil Cargo

Jack Conway's opponent, Rand Paul, crying on Lexington

Study: PCs hurt students' grades

***** June Photo Contest Preliminary Polls***** Subject: "Visual Alliteration" Thread 1

***** June Photo Contest Preliminary Polls***** Subject: "Visual Alliteration" Thread 2

***** June Photo Contest Preliminary Polls***** Subject: "Visual Alliteration" Thread 3

"Great Marianas Turkey Shoot" 19June 1944

Center for Media and Democracy: PR featuring BP + other oil corporations


Scientist: Human race to be extinct within 100 years

Venezuela asks Interpol to arrest openly critical TV station's owner

Newlywed couple: Officer blocked us from ER during bride's stroke

Rocky and me

What's the most you've ever spent on a pair of shoes?

In honor of Orrex, who here likes yogurt, expired or otherwise.



Phish @ SPAC

Phish @ SPAC


My brother is a jackass!

What the hell is the US of A doing playing in the World Cup Series?

Any fans of the group Mice Parade?


I hate to admit it, but Dane Cook actually made me laugh.

Has Orrex checked in yet.

Poor kitty

Do y'all know that yogurt can be made in a crockpot, it is true.

Am I the only person on here now? (What the heck am I doing laundry all night for, anyway? *sigh*)

How Kali gets home after muy muy mojitos

It's true, kids. What the old man says is true.

Are you afraid of stores?


Cactus, river and furry sand trout.. {dial-up warning - pics}

Are you afraid of stares?

Clearly I should not post on Friday night after I have worked 62 hours

Any Duers who are meatheads on here?

"Top of the world, Ma!"

Who is bored?

Does anyone else have a "daily routine"?


A woman said the other day that I was "Cute and bulky."

I really hate those fake human multiple choice phone robots...


Bush Having Barbecue In Crawford Texas

Speaking of soccer

Had the discipline to make it all day...

Watched "Man On Wire" last night! Spectacular!

Help re Movies - I need a list of all the movies some of the major studios

Denmark Comes In Decisively

Lord of the Vuvuzela

Victor Borge on WETA, PBS in DC area, NOW!

OK... NOW they've gone too far.

Office 2010 64 bit vs 32 bit

Working 'lightsaber' can set fire to your skin

Disney & Porn

The Fellowship of the Vuvuzela

BP Brilliance Revealed

"night putting" today at the US Open- on until 11PM

I like Mike (Jay Spears)

My poem for a Friday night: After the Storm

Deep Purple: "Hush," from Playboy After Dark, October 1968


Michele Bachmann implements $2 mil task force to refute Bob Dylan's claim that the sun's not yellow

You know the old proverb "Man plans, God laughs"?

First commercial for Camaro, 1967. Wow. (They don't use volcanos much anymore.)

My Exit from DU in protest:

My Exit from DU in protest:

Lounge needs a music thread, darn it!


Addressing the National Debt

Zzzzzzzulch... is the auto works... That's where the take all the cars that they hurt

Snuckward Ho!

ELO, "Laredo Tornado," live on Midnight Special 1974

Cell phone etiquette question?

Grateful Dead w/ John Fogerty - "Born on the Bayou," 11-3-91

Foo Fighters - "Born On The Bayou" live

Van Halen - "Born On The Bayou / Finish What Ya Started," Cow Palace 1992-05-08

Oasis...YES, Oasis, dammit..."Cigarettes & Alcohol," live @ Wembley 2008

Oasis - (into) My Big Mouth (You can fly a plane)

Fuck it! I'm leaving DU!

PHOTO: Dinner is served! Tonight, campanelle pasta w/ homemade porcini mushroom sauce.

Remains of chess champion Bobby Fischer to be exhumed

Is there any type of psychological condition of a desire to break the law?

Budweiser fights soccer hooliganism by sucking.

I'm watching Forbidden Planet on a peaceful friday evening.

Thanks a LOT, Kali!!! Now the rest of us...

Tracy Bonham...

Are you afraid of storms?

I've been reading Jamie Olivers Food Revolution...

Something spooky and beautiful happened last night!

I'm leaving the planet!

My Exit From I-35 In Protest

My 18 yr old liberal pinko son just gave me the DVD.....

Female troubles...

Are you afraid of stairs?

Trivial Things

Alright Loungers, let's hear your favorite sci-fi theme music!

"restaurant sign features animal mascot being burned alive".....

RIP Manute Bol

WWYD? (What Would You Do?)

Up Fuck The Shut.

In less than 48 hours, I will no longer be a Jeep chick

Just Why In The Hell Is The Travel Channel All Fucked Up?

Check out this pair of tits!

Explain this photo in your own words...

Birthdays, I hate them....

Teabagger: "Soccer: A microcosm for much that is wrong with America"

Who Are The Most Famous People You Have Met?

Ring No Longer Fits My Finger. Has This Ever Happened To Anyone?

Pin-Up Girl Calendar - Goes

Orrex Appreciation Thread

Dug is terrified by the vacum cleaner & new photo

I'm Curious. What Do You Do For A Living?

Saturday night dinner... it's my turn to cook. What are you having?

Who Is Your Favorite Actor?

Orange unveils new "green" phone charging boots

Our sea, our shores, our psyche: Many reeling after gulf disaster

Chamber of Commerce Intensifies Campaign Against Federal Judicial Nominee

Border Boletín: "Minuteman Project on Steroids"

Woman charged in bankruptcy fraud

Seven Turkish soldiers killed in 'PKK raid'

Man dies in mine accident

Obama Twists Arms at BP, Setting Off a Debate on Tactics

Obama sends birthday wishes to Aung San Suu Kyi

Oil Cleanup Workers Can't Get Paid

Officials: Harvard student will not be deported

Auto dealers criticize UAW's planned Toyota protest


BP Relied on Cheaper Wells

Scandal of vulnerable Colombian citizens killed for €1,500 bonus

Sen. Leahy signals BP will play central role in Kagan's confirmation hearings

Peg is dead as China vows yuan flexibility

Europe to urge exit from stimulus schemes at G20: Merkel

College degree linked to health insurance

UN chief: security in Afghanistan has not improved

Plea to Obama Led to an Immigrant’s Arrest

Gulf residents outraged by BP CEO's yacht outing

Officials: Militants believed to be al-Qaida storm intelligence building in Yemen port city

Alabama ad uses BP funds for containing spill damage to say beaches not suffering spill damage

Human Rights Defenders Seek Protection in Mexico

BP chief 'sailing into PR disaster'

Afghan Civilians Said to Be Killed in an Airstrike

Detroit police commission chairman says he was hushed on Aiyana case

Former Sixer Manute Bol dead at 47

11 soldiers dead in Mexican military chopper crash

Personal income rises in Idaho

Blackwater Firm Gets $120 Million U.S. Government Contract

Fewer Afghan civilians hurt: NATO

President Obama: Republicans blocking progress in Congress (Weekly Address)

Kennedy's awarded Tipperary prize

Louisianans Hurt By Spill Queue For Free Groceries

Obama says GOP making life harder for the jobless

Obama Accuses Republicans Of Obstruction

Three Canadians charged with anti-G8, G20 arson

Low turnout expected in Colombian elections (Sunday)

Pelosi Throws Down -- Won't Consider Senate Doc Fix (Until Jobs Bill Gets A Vote In Senate)

Academic Task Force Formed to Help With Response to Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

G.O.P. Stalwart Says Come, the Gulf’s Fine

S.F. cop shot and wounded in the Mission

Rahm to Yachting BP CEO: Stay out of PR

BP: No volunteers for oil-response efforts (orders the Keys citizens to stay away)

Southern Baptists Convention fighting 'don't ask, don't tell' repeal

Uzbeks in desperate plea for aid as full horror of ethnic slaughter emerges

Uzbeks in desperate plea for aid as full horror of ethnic slaughter emerges

Republican Party rejects liability cap bill again

Barack Obama takes shot at Bobby Jindal on issue of National Guard activation

Rand Paul to long term jobless: Just go back to work

MLB teams prepare Latino rookies for Arizona law

Senior Senate Dem to unveil plans to overhaul offshore drilling

Humanitarian and basketball star Manute Bol dies

Dollar peg is dead as China vows yuan flexibility

As oil spews in Gulf, BP chief at U.K. yacht race

Boy Scouts Defend First Amendment Right to Discriminate

McCaskill says she has votes to end Senate practice of secret holds

Pentagon revives Rumsfeld-era domestic spying unit

Dalai Lama criticises anti-whaling protesters

Report: U.S., Israeli warships cross Suez Canal toward Red Sea

Photos: Hard Hats and White Sox (The Obama Presidency 515)

Buy It Now! Meg Whitman's California Campaign

IF Obama denounced the non-goal call in the USA/Slovenia soccer game the Republicans would say:


gop Steps On Its Own 'Shakedown' Talking Point

Does anyone know why the DailyKos stopped having their weekly polls on their website?

Gallup's Job Creation Index Hits 20-Month High

Obama: 'America will be watching' to see if GOP will cooperate

CNN poll: Obama's message gets through the noise

Obama says China's yuan move a "constructive" step

What we have here is a failure to communicate.

GOP Flummoxed and Maimed...leaderlesss, clueless, and Confused

My Exit from DU in protest

My Exit from DU in protest

Greatest third installment of a movie franchise ever?

Florida rolls the dice with chunk of pension funds

Letter from the President to G-20 Leaders

What BP gets by putting 20B into an escrow account (or why this in NO way resembles a "shakedown")

The Obama 'narrative' is overshadowing this presidency's real stories

Jake Tapper plays defense for Hayward

"Obama is emotionally maimed"

Gen Russell Honore now on CSPAN Washington Journal

Williams quits chairman of Tea Party Express

Finally, Jindal gets called out on National Guard

Who Needs President Obama to Show Anger, When We've Got Joe Biden

Happy Father's Day, Obama (Video)

DU Admins and Mods Appreciation Thread!

Census hirings distort jobless statistics

Wanker of the Day: Charles Blow


Can this guy defeat Obama in 2012

Missiles fired from suspected drone kill 13 in Pakistan

Does anyone here really think Obama will not be our candidate in 2012?

Obama admin gets mixed review on LGBT issues

GOP Hopeful Annoys the Right by Appealing to Reason

Bill Clinton Speaks Out on Kagan

Lounge vibes needed...

Venice, Louisiana, Boat Captain/ by Catherine Craig


Democrat Kitteh Keeps Up w/ Alvin Greene SC Primary Controversy

Shill Baby Shill: Ed Schultz's Psycho Talk and Michele Bachmann

Oil Spill Hurricane

Obama: Republicans Blocking Progress in Congress

353 Sea Turtles Killed By Oil Spill Catastrophe

Happy 65th birthday to Aung San Suu kyi

Seattle Green Festival, Amy Goodman, BP Oil Spill

OIL SPILL Destin Florida (amateur video)

Gulf Oil spill, to the Children of Eden

Gulf Oil Spill in 1080p: Where it's all going

Countdown: Jim DeMint's own record (and mouth) make the case FOR Alvin Greene for Senate

Heartbroken from the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf, Peter Vamos

Benjamin Franklin talks back to Glenn Beck

Nature's Way

As Oil Spills, BP Chief Attends Yacht Race

The Gulf of Mexico Oil spill 2010. Shocking new pictures.

Drill Baby Drill

BP Oil Leak - G4S Wackenhut Security Officers Blocking Reporters Protest

Me saying Hi to Turdblossom on flight from ORD to LAX

Texas-size oil spill right in our own backyards

If Army Ads Had Health Warnings

Gulf Outraged Over BP CEO's Yacht Weekend

Lakers Riot in LA - WTF is wrong with these people?

TYT: Does Sarah Palin Smoke Pot? (& Check Out Ana's Hilarious/Unfortunate Mistake)

Gerald Celente: The entire system is collapsing

F--K Michele Bachmann

TYT - 8: The Mormon Proposition - A ReThink Review & Discussion

Republicans Blocking Unemployment Extensions

Papantonio: Teabaggers Silent In BP Debate

This woman needs to be deported.

Joe The Plumber endorses Sharron Angle while practicing his Teleprompter skills in front of a flag

What are They Mad About?

American Businesses Kill 14 Workers Every Day as the Corporate Media Yawn

The New York Times' Timely Whitewash of Goldman Sachs

Owe Money? Be Careful, or You Might End Up in Jail

Wikileaks and The Next HOPE

Obey's Afghanistan: At Long Last, It's Guns vs. Butter

Death by fire in the gulf - Turtles seen inside the BP burning area

Corporate atrocities against nature may ultimately destroy human civilization


All of the Signs are Present. All of the Information is Available. The Question is, Do You Care?

Prez O Weekly Address (Video)

World Cup Fans To Replace Vuvuzelas With Joe Barton

NYT/Gail Collins: Wishing Will Make It So

Chamber of Commerce lobbied to have tax payers pay for the B.P. disaster. They

Best Political Cartoons of the Year (So Far)

Driven by Globalization, Today’s Slave Trade Thrives at Home and Abroad

BBC: British Dentists Employed BP's 'Drilling Techniques'

Respect My Authoritah

Why Fearmongering About a White Minority in America Is Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

Why Wall Street's generous to New Democrats in House

Cheney-Bush Still Gushing Toxic History Into Our World

Obama Officials Still Approving Flawed Gulf Drilling Plans

Brian Lamb: Medium Cool - LA Times (interview with C-SPAN founder)

Simpson's Social Security Video Rant: Why It's Important

Al Franken Takes On The Supreme Court

Juan Manuel Santos, Colombia Presidential Candidate, Oversaw The Company Managing Elections

Sea turtles released, Virginia Aquarium prepared to help Gulf Oil Spill turtles

Southern Co. setting stage to build new reactors

The Oil Drum: The Causes of the Blowout/Explosion, Resource Depletion, &c.

Up Sucker Creek in southwest Oregon, gold miners' rights collide with environmental realities

Technology's Disaster Clock

Net Benefits of Biomass Power Under Scrutiny



Anelka thrown off French World Cup squad

Marlins will give vuvuzela-like horns to fans Saturday night

Did they throw Manny's home run ball back?


Well...Tiger's Back

Tiger Woods personal life is one thing

For Condem, from Lou Holtz: "Irish should join Big Ten"


Manute Bol dies at 47

Great - They are blowing vuvuzela's at the Marlins v Rays game in Miami.

Frog Fever is alive! 8-1 domination of the 'Noles.

Greg Grandin: Beck, BP and Latin America’s Leadership (Grit Tv)

Colombia shuts down all borders for vote

Human Rights Defenders Seek Protection in Mexico

Low turnout expected in Colombian elections

Scandal of vulnerable Colombian citizens killed for €1,500 bonus

Scandal of vulnerable Colombian citizens killed for €1,500 bonus

Chronicle of a Fraud Foretold ...

The high cost of pseudoscience

How did I not know about this until now?????

McDonald's USA is off the menu!!

To the Straight Guy at the Party Last Night.

General John Sheehan Says Gays in Military Would Spread AIDS

A funny site to visit, stop by and have a laugh!

Police to allow gun users renew licences with iPhone app

Man shoots 4 people, self at San Bernardino, Calif., Del Taco; 2 dead including 8-yr-old boy


Today in Labor History June 19 Police use tear gas on the women and children, 8 hr work day, & more

Commentary: Nurses provide prescription for union revival

Rally Monday to support West St. Paul school paraprofessionals

Today in Labor History June 18 A. Philip Randolph and others meet with Pres. Roosevelt, AFT charter

UAW ANNUAL CONVENTION Growth and social justice

NYT: In Budget Crisis, States Take Aim at Pension Costs

UAW Targets Toyota Dealers to Prod Automaker to Unionize

After strike vote, contract ratified at SuperValu distribution center (Teamsters)

Mn Public Radio: Complex union fight playing out in old Mpls. restaurant

Fall 2010 Applications for the CUNY MA in Labor Studies Program Still Available


Where is JeffR?

No need to identify this bird...

*****June Contest links are up *****"Visual Alliteration

Scientists Await Cassini's Sunday Night Adventure (to Seek/Measure Titan's Magnetic Field)

Experiment finally proves 100-year-old thought experiment is possible

A Noble Honor

PR for internal consumption - opinion piece

Erdogan is not the bogeyman

IDF Brief: Battle for the Narrative in Low Intensity Conflicts

Japan's Solar Sail Photographed in Orbit

Canceled West Bank vote affirms Fatah decline

Questions remain in Israel shooting

Israel should consider a one-state solution - it might soon be its only option

An offer to my ASAH peeps re: "The Book of Obeah"

Very interesting...more about/from The Shift Network

The Pyramid Code documentary

BP is blocking animal rescue -- and burning sea turtles alive

I just had the best hour of my life! With Rick (ricochetastroman)

Starcodes this week - Heather Roan Robbins

Son in terrible accident need healing & strange reality while at the hosp.

Ten Tips for Intense Times

"You're mixing religion with science and destroying both!"

How can you believe in a book that says the Earth is FLAT?

Myths about atheists and atheism that need to be dispelled...

What is the Bible an authority on?

Deadly effect of arsenic in drinking water measured in massive study

Bye bye bifocals, hello electronic spectacles

Vitamin D Deficiency Confirmed as Common Across a Range of Rheumatic Conditions

Pot smoking can worsen schizophrenia

Would becoming convinced that Jerry Lee Lewis got his music from an angel raise your opinion of him?

Why is capitalism so sacred?