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Lethal Birdbath

'Year of the woman' narrative seduces media after primary vote"

Are "values" replacing "morals". Why did the GOP choose "values" in their messaging.

is the idea that marx was a capitalist,

Corn farm subsidies, Iowa caucuses, and obesity

WHY did Rev. Myles P. Murphy, the pastor of St. Michael Parish, close St. Michael Academy???

Schumer: It ‘Makes Sense’ To ‘Strangle [Gaza] Economically’

NY Times profile on New Jersey terror suspects' troubled teenage years

Habeas corpus for animals? Why not?

Missouri GOP rips ACORN but may have misread crucial document

Congressman wants Americans on Gaza flotilla prosecuted

Second oil rig leak?

Niles woman says nothing was accomplished by shooting herself

Well, here's a probably stupidly simplisitic suggestion on the gulf spill...

'Saudi airspace open for Iran attack'

'Saudi airspace open for Iran attack'

'Saudi airspace open for Iran attack'

Rescued From Oblivion - Harry Reid's Opponent, Sharron Angle's Issues Page. Can't Make This Up!

Why Is Dick Cheney Silent on the Oil Spill?

Bill Mahar's show on HBO was TERRIFIC this week! It's the last show

What's up with the Costner machine?

"Lunch with Buffett raises $2.6 million for charity." Saw this

My solution to the BP problem.

Republican cat born in Charleston West Virginia...

Right-wing shift in Dutch elections (follows other winger victories in europe)

I can tell the GOP exactly how much oil is coming out of that pipe!

Spill oil to seep into supply chain as BP sells it

Saw a CNN (I think) report on the Gulf - birds being cooked alive...

Elephant 1 - USA 0

GOP Rep. Aaron Schock - Warning: what is seen can't be unseen.

28th NATO Soldier Dies in Afghanistan This Week

The Killing of Henry Glover: Who Else Knew?

Has anyone ever noticed if some DU posters only post .....

New plan to woo Afghan Taliban could harm villages

Can you accurately caption this picture?

$1,000 for a kebab? Afghan villages fight corruption.

toon: America's longest war

Afghans say insurgency is growing in Nimroz

Drone Swarm Assembles Itself, Terrifies Humanity

Is NATO to Blame for Russia's Afghan Heroin Problem?

SC Index Poll done May 18 showed Demint 50% Rawls 43% MoE plus/minus 4.6%

NATO warns Afghan success not yet assured

Special Forces training Afghan police units

Interview with Afghan warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar: Can peace talks succeed?

NATO: Developments now favor alliance war effort.

Gay Rethugs hold Tea Bag Toss - Win a prize! Throw it in the mouth of a politician on the game board

Temporary Receivership of BP

Want Afghanistan news?

Gates: Countering IEDs top priority for NATO

I gotta say that I'm pretty impressed with Kevin Costner's machine.

Officials: US missiles kill 15 in NW Pakistan

Teenager Passes Out Marrying Cow He Had Sex With

Spinning-Out Of Control: 'Buy BP gas or the environment will die'

C-span Saturday - "Campaign for America's Future Conference" ... KOS speaking now ...

Should Helen Thomas sue the media for defamation of character?

A double standard for Helen Thomas? Matt Yglesias on the Palestians &"forced population transfers."

Toon: Dispersants

K&R if you stand together with the Backstreet Boys to boycott BP!

Israeli spy arrested in Poland'

GOP lawmaker with BP stock has role in spill probe

Gajillion-Dollar Stealth Fighter, Now Easier to Shoot Down

McCain Pretends That He Now Opposes The DREAM Act For ‘Humanitarian’

"The guy that runs BP didn't exactly go down there and blow up the well,"

Horsey Toon:Damned if you don't...

Horsey Toon:Damned if you don't...

Let's talk about Corporate welfare

More Than Half the Members of the GOP’s ‘Young Guns’ Program Are Eligible for AARP Membership

Gallup (poll) sues over sign


More Calls Increasing for Investigation into South Carolina Primary

I've been busy. When is/was BP's 72 hours up? What is/was

BP Hires ESIS Firm to Reduce Their Payouts:

Somewhere in South Carolina, some greasy Republican cracker pigs are doubled over

Who put the 'D' in 'dick'??? Please come CAPTION Master Death!!!

OBAMA: "My power is not limitless."

Potential Breach of Contract Against Feds re: Lifting BP's $75 MM Liability Cap

U.S. to BP: devise better leak response in 48 hours

Mississippi Man Tried for Sixth Time for Same Crime

What is the most viable form of alternative energy to power the airline and trucking industries?

jeff greene is apparently push polling in florida.

A really old dude finally gets his bachelor's degree from Oregon State

Video: Striking Mott's Workers Speak Out

Schumer’s Sippenhaftung and the Children of Gaza

Are you ready for World Cup?

WTF is Carly Fiorina listed as a suggested person to follow on Twitter?

Oyster Mushrooms and the Oil Spill (video)

Somewhere in South Carolina, some greasy Republican pig fuckers are doubled over

Have we had a day before this last Tuesday where more disgusting women won elections?

I wonder just how toxic the smoke is from the Gulf oil fires is.

Chicago teachers elect reform union slate by a landslide -- in the heart of arne duncan-land

Ore. man accused of hair-snipping on bus sentenced

Recently-resigned Afghan intelligence chief grants an interview, and it's a good one.

'Double Dutch' should be an Olympic sport!

Coast Guard tells BP to speed up containment pace

Daniel Ellsberg fears a US hit on Wikileaks founder Julian Assange

Haley Barbour (R-BP) is still living on a river named Denial

Obama faces rare defeat on health help for jobless

CNN Co-Founder Wussler Dies At 73

WaPo: 'Tea party' candidates hurt by lack of organization in movement

Look at the company Schumer is keeping.....

HHS Committee Votes to Retain Ban on Gay Blood Donation

Unions say their message to moderate Democrats came through despite failure to oust Lincoln

"But she was committing the crime as well, wasn't she? then I had to do it."


live spill cam

Toon: Harry Reid plays the Angles

Toon: Harry Reid plays the Angles

To David Vitter: You know what else cost the South a lot of jobs? Ending slavery.

George W. Bush Posts First Facebook Video

WTVN officials apologize for words

Nation's oldest oyster distributor is oil spill casualty

Should I be worried about this? (computer related)

Is there true communication and listening anymore?

Search Continues After Fatal Flooding in Arkansas - 17 dead & dozens still missing (bad to worse)

Link to Rachel Maddow destroying former Sen Bill Frist (R-TN) on Bill Maher's Overtime

Venezuela orders arrest of TV owner critical of Chavez

Who Owns BP? Biggest Shareholder is JPMorgan Chase

Predictions for the US v UK football match?

Did something stupid need help

Has anyone ever used "Ticket Liquidator" before?

"It has been a bad year for the priesthood."

What is with the corporate media meme today defending BP?

Robert Reich is RIGHT .... We need more tax cuts and supplements to the Middle Class LINK

Cutting off heads of animals to obscure the bodycount

What exactly is the allure of the failed-CEO-turned-Politician?

The secret to getting a parking spot in a busy city

IMO education funding should not be a local municipal matter

Former CIA station chief pleads guilty

BP=Benzene Poisoning Crude Oil is Loaded with Benzene

Pat Robertson's advice to woman with flirting husband: "Make yourself attractive, don't hassle him"

Is it true that Sharon Angle is for prohibition on alcohol and Yucca Mountain nuclear waste?


You think a mosque by the WTC was a problem? One in Staten Island brings...

Public Pre-K that's harder to enter than Harvard

Strong earthquake hits near India's Nicobar Islands

Despair and anger in wake of Gulf oil spill

Another reason for plasma

U.S. tells BP to devise better leak response in 48 hours

Anonymous source tells Us Magazine that ImplantGate is "absolutely ridiculous." USA! USA! USA! USA!

A survey person called...

Yuma Mayor Sorry For DADT Remarks

Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan set to lead GM IPO: source

“One building. 18,000 corporations.”


"If you're sensitive to oil, maybe you should stay out of the water"

The task ahead for Generation Y

Presley estate authorizes Elvis version of Mr. Potato Head. (Pic )

Requesting polls made prior to SC Dem. primaries

BP isn't helping - we have to find something for the fishermen to do! Answer seems so simple!

If you were Catholic and no longer are.... interesting site....

Teabaggers protest trash pickup!

BP begging for friends on YouTube

Log Cabin Republicans to hold tea bag fundraiser

Graphic shows number of animals collected near the Gulf of Mexico oil spill

Why We Are Moving Toward a Recessionary Era, and Why Keynes is Being Exhumed

Oil Spill May Be Pushing Sharks Toward Fla. Beaches

BP Selling Spilled Crude for charity?

What Obama can learn from Bush

Rove says Obama too slow on spill

Lets go USA!!! Kick some English ass!

The Do-Nothing 44th President - by David Michael Green.

Teen sailor rescued in Indian Ocean

The Stupid. The Proud. The Teabaggers.

Supreme Court to hear Calif. case on violent video games I have a 'legitimate' claim for compensation against BP?

15 Die in US Drone Attack in Pakistan

In jail for being in debt

Please help...Missing teens in the Sandy, UT area.

Nikki Haley..Did she cheat on Kung Fu..with Tae Kwan Do?

Obama Administration Hard on "News Leaks" But Soft on George Bush crimes.

Dumb question: Is there any organized opposition to conservative education ''reform'' in Congress?

Think you could balance the federal budget? Play the game.

Toon: Still work to be done!

Just saw this on facebook:

Justice Delayed in India

Google kills background images on home page

This Arkansas storm is heartbreaking

BP Denies Blocking The Media From Covering The Spill, Reporter Is Harrassed On A Public Beach

BP begging for friends on YouTube

Pat Robertson: Women should "stay pretty" to keep husbands from flirting with other women

Is this video edited...

Is this video edited...

Genocide Convictions at The Hague by Scott Horton

Another Whistleblower Indicted: More Prosecuted Now than Under Bush:

Saudis block key climate study

Re: Abby Sunderland - I am glad she got to see the ocean before it went away

Re: Abby Sunderland - I am glad she got to see the ocean before it went away

New French emergency birth control pill heading to US - anti choicers gnash their teeth

Community Radio

Help - recent sand sculpture pictures/post of world cradling ocean creatures

New Orleans March in Protest of Dead Pelicans

Does job security provide an incentive to perform better or worse?

To The Brits, we still luv you, but...

To The Brits, we still luv you, but...

Liberalism didn't go far enough...

The notion that private charity could replace the welfare state.


The "Two-Party System" Explained:

usa versus england (football spoiler)

"We Don't Need This on Camera": BP's Crappy Cleanup Job (graphic photo)

When animal rescues fall short, evidence of oil spill's toll on wildlife is collected

Am all for redirecting the Mississippi and more wetlands

Former pastor seeks to overturn decision in child sex case

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times"

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times"

BP hires company to handle oil spill claims whose goal is "reducing payouts" for clients

Chicago gets another hate radio station

1/3 of required federal inspections on oil rig weren't conducted

Rand "Green" Paul on mountaintop removal: No one will "miss a hill or two here and there"

Disasters have a way of really bringing the choices and values into sharp focus.

Why Haven't ES&S Voting Machines Been Outlawed? (regarding South Carolina, plus other states)

I need a little help. News Hounds watches "faux", who listens to we don't have to?

Despite finding 200 violations in Gulf drilling operations over the past five years, MMS collected o

Blue Dog Hall Of Shame

BP is NOT using Corexit because they have a stake in the company nor because it is 'helping.'

Don't forget Lewis Black on Comedy Central now

In 2003, I had to go to Alabama for military training

Am I going too far here?

Texas Republicans add Arizona-like residency checks to platform

Here's just the thing to take your mind off the Gulf

USA ties UK 1-1 World Cup!

New logical fallacies created just for the Teabaggers

Oil Spill May Cost $4.3 Billion in Property Values

Listen DUers BP cannot hide the evidence

Massive Flow Of Bullshit Continues To Gush From BP Headquarters

Sunday Talk Shows

Obama can't suck up oil spill with a straw. All he can do "is put honest...people in place."

Fox "News" shovels ham-fisted "journalism" RE: Big Dog & Teabag DeathGrin AssClown Sharron Angle

From the "You Just Can't Make This Sh*t Up" files......

Ready to take it to the streets? BP bailout proposal coming soon

POLL: What does America need a MOST; progressive congress OR OR a more progress president?

POLL: What does America need a MOST; progressive congress OR OR a more progress president?

Video: Florida Senator spots 40 mile long plume of thick oil . . . . .

Video: Florida Senator spots 40 mile long plume of thick oil . . . . .

my thoughts on what makes illegal immigration an issue

Grand jury adds charges against 4 Hutaree members - Possession of machine guns

Why should there be a $10k+ filing fee to run for the Senate?

120F + in the sun here. Teevee weather: "Another beautiful day"

Regarding the animal deaths in the gulf, and sadness.

LA Times: Sotomayor votes reliably with Supreme Court's liberal wing

Carly Fiorina: One of the 20 Worst CEOs of ALL TIME!

My 16 yo son wants to set a record as the youngest starter in the Indy 500.

A Note from Abby

Philly charters under investigation are applying for RTTT funds.


Alvin Greene (SC) is baffling me!

American Apparel's hiring and promotions now primarily based on full body photos

American Apparel's hiring and promotions now primarily based on full body photos

Pretty much everything that is fucked up in the country is rooted in Republicanism. And if it ......

Brit's view of BP CEO Hayward: just an "affable geologist" who's victim to the bullying Yanks

Saudi Arabia gives Israel clear skies to attack Iranian nuclear sites

Saudi Arabia gives Israel clear skies to attack Iranian nuclear sites

Monty Python - Philosophers' World Cup

How the DOJ hearings on Monsanto are a sham

Sigourney Weaver was at our Founder's Day celebration (and zinged Palin)!

UPDATE: More Statistical Experts Focus on E-Vote 'Tampering, Malfunction' in SC Primary

Could you ever be paid enough money to do this?

Just photos with what you need to know in the captions (usual dial-up caveats)

American Apparel: Against ‘Trashy Black Girls’ & Straightened African American Hair in Hiring

Lincoln's win points to power of black voters

Improving school lunches!

When did it become socially acceptable to be hideously stupid in public?

Fired for giving away Subway subs to fire victims

I am going to bed but need to vent. I would not trust those BP

14 year old Dutch girl likely to remain a ward of court. No record-breaking solo sailing trip

More aerial photography of "IT". If you can stand it...

FUNNY! Dickheads invade Texas Republican Party Convention

Merely Human? So Yesterday

Let Me Tell You About Myself

Let Me Tell You About Myself

Revisiting Orwell’s 1984 in 2010: US Parallels, Mind-Control in Oceania

Revisiting Orwell’s 1984 in 2010: US Parallels, Mind-Control in Oceania

Stand up and be counted: What are YOUR politics?

NPR's Scott Simon humiliates Daniel Schorr over baseball

Wait , is Shumer one of the good guys ?

Ending the Ayn Rand-ian Fantasy

Obama faces rare defeat on health help for jobless

Alvin Greene getting "elected" shows us what are no 1 issue should be.

Alvin Greene Radio Interview - Sad, Actually

'Eve teasing' craze takes a terrible toll

I was watching Men in Black tonight and there was a clip of the Twin Towers in one shot.

You won't believe the bumper sticker I saw today

Are we comfortable with prayer being used as a technique to get confessions?

Carl Hiaasen: Now you don't trust BP, but it's too late

Sarah is trying to put lipstick on "drill baby drill," but we ain't buying it.

Is somebody actually giving Abby Sunderland a hard time

I am SO sad...cannot any longer "read"

My first... and only... Palin post.

About the girl rescued while sailing around the world (sorry!)

Sen. Russell Pearce (R-AZ): New law is needed because 14th Amendement has been hijacked by illegals

Sen. Russell Pearce (R-AZ): New law is needed because 14th Amendement has been hijacked by illegals

Man Arrested While Fishing Faces Deportation

Toon: Putting the spill in perspective

Is a college degree still worth it? Vast majority of job gains going to high school grad or less

We need a 9-11 Commission-style investigation into Oil-mageddon!!

About that Greene thing...

Sometimes the oil don't matter, and the politics are meaningless.

Obama tougher than George W. Bush in prosecuting disclosures of government activities

National Guardsmen Censor CNN Cameraman Trying To Film Oil Soaked Birds

"Yes the oil industry creates jobs. So does the kiddie porn industry."

New Orleans: Krewe of Dead Pelicans March in Protest

Just for fun, how many of you watched the US and UK Soccer Game?

Local NAACP branch: Hallmark greeting card is thinly veiled racism

Why does Nazism continue to haunt our political discourse?

HEADLINE: Norwegian oil spill aid not welcomed by the US

Ever get important insight, or learn something, from a dream?

Jason Mraz is is reallly a speedmetal cover band of Jack Johnson

Jason Mraz is is reallly a speedmetal cover band of Jack Johnson

My car quit working. Guess it was tired.

New Order - World in Motion

Can somebody do a YouTube search for me? I'm looking for a commercial from a few years back.

Our first grandchild is due soon. Just sent this email to my daughter

For some reason my wife likes that Portugal team

As many people know I have a blog over on WordPress....


June 20th: deadline to enter to win Rhino's autographed Dio/Iommi/Butler/Appice Sabbath poster

awww. Just saw a Cardinal dadday feeding his two nearly grown-up baybay's

Can you watch the World Cup online for free?

Hiya there!! Whaddya say there? Whaddya doin' there?


My son is...

Although I have a number of serious health problems right now...

Cracker - Low

Anyone else board?

Is nothing sacred?

Best album by the ORIGINAL Alice Cooper Band

Be prepared to be bowled over by cuteness (Saffie's kittens, 4 wks old)

County Fair season coming up. Here's ours:

The secret to getting a parking spot in a busy city

I'm finally fucking home!! 1,700 miles to Chicago and back!!

Wanted: Men's Denim Jeans. 31" waist, 34" inseam.

If sloth is a sin, am I doomed to hell????

I will haul away your unwanted cash!

Presley estate authorizes Elvis version of Mr. Potato Head. (Pic )

Beautiful Saturday afternoon, perfect for some Sugar Magnolia by the Grateful Dead

Has anyone ever used "Ticket Liquidator" before?

The secret to getting a parking spot in a busy city

can I get some Canadian help here?

"They shed, they smell, they shred your baseboards and furniture...they're not worth it."

The quirky Ukulele girl on scrubs singing the worst songs ever made

And starring next season on the Bachelor....

I don't care if it's unpatriotic....

FURTHER evidence of the exploitation of an animal on Kali's ranch.

Presley estate authorizes Elvis version of Mr. Potato Head. (Pic )

Red and Black, friend of Jack - Red and Yellow, kill a fellow.

Now, THIS looks like a good time

The National Weather Service

WILLIAM H. MACY playing mandelin with the quirky Ukulele girl singing "It's time to get laid"

I can hardly believe this is the same woman. :^( I don't find this funny. Just incredibly sad.

Damn, US down 1-0 less than 4 minutes in

Give us back DIO, we'll give you Lady Gaga...

You guys ready for a ass-kickin' at the hands of the Commonwealth?

Darn. My cat is not the touchy, feely type. Because she's female?

I hate ciggarettes. Quit and quit again. Now I have one lit...

An official corporate photo of Tony Hayward, CEO of BP (if you don't know him by now)

Is it just me... ... ... ... or does it smell funny in here today?

I dedicate this post to my father

I watched Edge of Darkness...

Why am I just now finding out about this?

Who was the wisest American?

Less than 24 hrs...

Has anyone seen the movie "It's Complicated" with Meryl Streep and Alex Baldwin & Steve Martin?

I was dive-bombed by a palmetto bug last night. (profanity laden)

Just saw this on facebook:

Tell your funny stories here, your old standards:

I Thought "Work of Art" was going to suck, but I watched it anyway..

Slobbering all over each other in public: Yes, or No?

Bruce Campbell.

WANTED: Free rabbit

But then again I'm an enigma.

What smell(s) remind you...

The people above me are having sex again

Where's the best place to get tires?

Just watched "Sherlock Holmes"--and loved it

Anyone remember Civil War cards?

A little Saturday night music: Keith Richards live ( several tunes - links)

Some days I wish I were a cat

Check out this 4 year old drummer!!!!!!!!!

There Used to be Threads Like This on DU (sigh)

Woman Breast Feeds Abandoned Bengal Tiger Cubs. (with pics)

"Your Dream Home - How To Build It For Less Than $3500"

Would the Who be the Who if today they came out singing in Pouty Slurry Voices...

I think the Reds might actually be good this season

ATA flashback - How do you post a thread?

I just watched my cat bathe itself, all 25 lbs. Ask me anything!

Been on a 1200 calorie diet for two weeks , lost 6 pounds ! now someone mentioned her sons birthday

Christopher Lloyd's greatest role

I tried FB. This is what I learned:

I landed the trucking gig

A little Sat night blues....

Which actor has been getting by too long by playing themselves in every movie.

Dutchman to reveal info on missing US teen

Philadelphia social workers get prison terms in death of teenager by starvation

Daniel Ellsberg fears a US hit on Wikileaks founder Julian Assange

Karzai Is Said to Doubt West Can Prevail Against Taliban

House-Senate panel meets to reconcile differences in financial reform bill

Obama renews push for small-business plan

19 slain at Mexico rehab clinic, 16 in second city

Israeli wanted over Dubai killing 'held in Poland'

Obama is already toughest president on leaks

Silvio phone tap bill provokes media furore

(More) Afghan girls treated after suspected gas attack

Some Return to Work Amid Honda Strike (China parts for Honda assembly plants all over the world)

President Obama Presses Congress on ‘Doc Fix’

Shoot-to-kill in Kyrgyz south amid deadly ethnic unrest

Rove says Obama too slow on spill

Fired for giving away Subway subs to fire victims

Oil hitting Ala. beaches worst yet since spill

Man Arrested While Fishing Faces Deportation

Utah pipeline break fouls geese, ducks

7.7 quake hits ocean near Indian islands

45 years ago today...on June 12, 1965...

Iran to Start Building New Nuclear Site by March

State Department assessing damage from cables leak

Sen. Russell Pearce will work with other states on immigration law

Cuba Frees 1 Political Prisoner, Transfers 6 More

NKorea vows to blow up South propaganda facilities

Obama: Some in Congress hypocritical on spill

Piece of oil rig washes up on Florida beach

Venezuela praises decision in ExxonMobil case

Engineers say Interior changed oil report after they signed it Read more:

Clashes erupt in Iran as night falls on election anniversary

Deflation Fears Stir in Developed Economies

Obama and GOP bicker over doctors' Medicare pay

Judge orders Massey Mines to give miner his job back

Obama to POLITICO: GOP shares the blame for spill

I know I know why America won and beat British in america revolution (Video)

I know I know why America won and beat British in america revolution (Video)

Spirit Airlines pilots strike

Oil leak closes Red Butte Creek and Liberty Park, scars birds

Commission challenges deficit hawks to cut defense spending

House Republican Leader John Boehner's close relationship with Washington lobbyists has paid off

Obama pleads for $50 billion in state, local aid

The Tea(KKK) Party is WEAKENING!!!

wow, something major must be afoot.


BP criticism not about nationality, says President Obama, Cameron to U.S.July 20

Final: United States 1, England 1

"...the critics on the right can't have it both ways."

N.Korea Warns It Could Turn Seoul Into 'Sea Of Flame'

Local Reporters Disappear from the Campaign Trail

twitter: Obama

Went to see Thurgood last night

Who Pays Taxes wrong guess

'Tea party' struggles for lack of a leader

Obama's plan to build one common federal government-wide online platform

Ecocide is the best word created today

BP executive earned $475.5 million in net income in 2009

NYT; Obama is already toughest president on leaks

Do you think that President Obama will address the nation in primetime Monday or Tuesday?

Billionaires and crackpots: US primaries select right-wing candidates for November election

Saudis clear Israel to bomb Iran

Condé Nast Portfolio listed Carly Fiorina as one of 'The 20 Worst American CEOs of All Time.'

I support my President. And, I will fight to the death defending the right to criticize him.

Whoa!!!!! Obama's talk trash with UK PM David Cameron

What if Obama was evaluated like teachers are under Race To The Top/No Child Left Behind?

Remember when GWB prevented the release of Reagan's presidential papers?

Obama Made Me Do It-How Rod Blagojevich plans to turn his trial into a political spectacle

Revealed: Japan’s bribes on whaling

How many here would have supported Johnson's Vietnam policy because he was an incumbent Democrat?

Obama pleads for $50 billion in state, local aid

Kinda sucks that President Obama is now the enemy!

POTUS statement on Ark. tragedy

"The only thing we can do as a party to trump Republicans taking Ted Kennedy's seat is for us to

OH BOY this Jerry Brown joke isn't good

"President Obama is the best environmental president we’ve had since Teddy Roosevelt,"

Cameron Expresses ‘Sadness’ Over BP Spill in Obama Phone Call

Source: HUGE Federal Gulf Public Works Project Coming

Umm, maybe I'm missing something here, but I took a look at my

Who's Spying in Your Neighborhood?

Nanci Pelosi Laughs At Unemployed W/O Benefits

TYT: Dem Senator Says Palestinians Should Be Strangled

GOP Pastor Cruse Visits Oil Spill - Obama and Ron Paul Blamed

Jacques Cousteau and the Rights of Future Generations

Social Media Revolution

Lady GaGa Just Dance Afghanistan Iraq Troop Remake

Struggling to Teach the Afghan National Army Things the Taliban Already Knows

Remake Poker Face Marine Style lady Gaga

U.S. Soliders dancing to Telephone by Lady GaGa and Beyonce 2010 REMAKE ARMY STYLE

LaRouche supporter sets up impeach Obama/Hitler kiosk at Houston airport (pro-FDR???)

Weekly Address 06.12.10

Queen Meg Says Don't Retire - Work at Walmart!

Real Time with Bill Maher: New Rules June 11th, 2010

START THE CLOCK! - with Rachel Maddow, Oliver Stone, Jon Meacham, Bill Frist

Wilkerson: Cheney and far right lead Republicans over cliff

David Walker, Lackey of Billionaire Pete Peterson, Speaks Nostalgically About Debtor's Prison

FBI start targeting Peace Activists in the USA

NO!!!!! - BP Blocks Media Access

LBJ Orders Pants (Hilarious!!)

Young Turks: GOP Wants You To Pay For The Oil Spill

Nader says reinstate Helen Thomas

Crooks & Liars With Young Turks: Obama's Election Drove The Right INSANE

Actor Edward James Olmos takes Anderson Cooper out on his boat in the Gulf

BREAKING! More Votes Counted Than Ballots Cast In South Carolina Election

Bill Gates:'We'll have more crises like the oil spill' if we don’t invest in clean energy innovation

The Road to Predatory Capitalism


Health Care Reform Bill Best Option

Oil spills escalated in this decade

Rescuing birds is useful

The Courage to Leave (Bob Herbert on Afghanistan)

Witness Against Torture: Peace Activists Face Trial

A Worthy Act of Civil Disobedience

Who Owns BP? Biggest Shareholder is JPMorgan Chase

John McCain on the Evil, Barbaric Iranians

Frank Rich: Two Weddings, a Divorce and ‘Glee’

“Living in a Post-BP-Spill World”

Bilderberg: sinister with a smile

BP’s losing PR battle on the net

Study Tallies Corporations Not Paying Income Tax (about 2/3rds from 1998-2005

Will Pitt: Our Fault, Too

Obama Decide: Corporatist or Populist

Who's behind the anti-immigrant crusade?

Miami massacre: The worst aspect of this horrific killing spree is a lack of public outrage

Coal-fired power was the big loser in the economic downturn

ExxonMobil paid no federal income tax in 2009. (Updated)

Our Today Is Forever, video about plastic

Ducks Unlimited Reports Gulf Coast Marshes Losing Ability to Support Waterfowl

The TED Talk debate between Mark Jacobson and Stewart Brand is up

Trouble In Vikingland (Adrian Peterson)

So, I'm in a World Cup pool and two of my teams have tied thus far

Nebraska joins Big Ten

What the Fuck! College baseball is pre-empting...


Greece-South Korea

Frogs or Horns?

Nats Strasburg's second start will be nationally televised, Sunday June 13

Daniel Nava - FIRST pitch of his FIRST Major League At-Bat = GRAND SLAM


Vuvuzelas stir debate at World Cup...


Guatemalan attorney general ousted

Venezuela praises decision in ExxonMobil case

BBC is at it again. They're representing the Zuloaga case

I'm placing my bet

Anyone have any idea how long it takes to process Domestic Partnership papers in Wa. State?

Is this as cool as I think it is, or am I just a total nerd?

Executioner: Death by firing squad is '100 percent justice'

Home Invasion Suspect Slaps Grandma,Shot, Killed by His Own Gun

Today in Labor History June 12 260 die in Butte mine disaster; 14,000 strike against unsafe conditio

Neb. union rejects pay freeze, over a thousand will be laid off

Heineman: Layoffs, furloughs ahead

Scenes from the Twin Cities nurses picketline (12,000 walk the line)

Union Deaths Rise Around World, as Recession Heightens Attacks on Labor Rights

Good News for Doctors-to-Be—and Organized Labor—as Govt. Rules in Hospital Workers Favor

The ‘Blame the Teacher’ Movement, and the Public-Sector Union Crisis

47 Years After Equal Pay Act, Women Still Paid Less Than Men

Dear Photo Group

I apologize for burdening the board with this weirdness, but I need to clarify something

Oops! Israeli Government Mistakenly Sends Out Flotilla Incident Parody YouTube Video

Report: Obama seeks to soften U.S. Congress sanctions on Iran

Drone Swarm Assembles Itself, Terrifies Humanity

Should Helen Thomas sue the media for defamation of character?

TYT: Dem Senator Says Palestinians Should Be Strangled

Israeli wanted over Dubai killing 'held in Poland'

Fun with Aureoles and Aerosols

Saudi Arabia: We will NOT give Israel air corridor for Iran strike

Chuck Schumer: Mainstream Democrat

Another reason for plasma

Abbas to Obama: I'm against lifting of Gaza blockade

Should the pelicans in the Gulf of Mexico "recognize" BP?

Red Cross visit to Shalit not possible: Hamas

In the image of god

Kookaburra Sitting in a Birthday Tree, Waiting for a Party For To Start Before Three

I would like to solicit healing vibes for my Precious Kilala

Question about Hopi or other Native American Prophecies...

Poland arrests alleged Mossad agent

If you were Catholic and no longer are.... interesting site....

Another reason for plasma

If you were Catholic and no longer are.... interesting site....

Interesting thought experiment, if God exists, then the scientific method shouldn't work...

Why are religious beliefs given automatic respect without merit?

Topic: machines and consciousness. Question: The universe is...?

What does a treadmill stress test really tell you?

Anyone using urine diabetic test strips?

U.S.-Swiss deal on UBS is blocked by (Swiss) lawmakers

Job openings rise to highest level in 16 months (causing much gnashing of teeth in GOP circles!)

PR Push Against Strategic Defaulters Underway (Is There a Debtors’ Prison in Your Future?)

Study Tallies Corporations Not Paying Income Tax (about 2/3rds from 1998-2005)

Rough Earnings Ahead?

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10 important real estate charts showing no housing recovery in 2010.

Americans rebuilding wealth, slowly and unevenly

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