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For the DU Outrage Club: A new smoking tot!

For the DU Outrage Club: A new smoking tot!

What is Google up to?

The Pixies and Others Cancel Israeli Shows After Flotilla Raid

"Double dip recession assured. Bernanke has a 100% accurate track record in wrong direction."

The Blackhawks win!!!!!!!!

Rude and Crude

Mr. Potato Head, eh hem, move over ...

Amused Ourselves to Death

DU: poll on oil spill

Whistleblower says poor inspections partly to blame for spill

The Ghost Harbor at Santa Rosalillita

Why the recovery will remain an illusion

Why the recovery will remain an illusion


When did FAUX noize take over the Colbert Report?

SEC Investigation of Goldman Trading Against Its Clients Widens

All this $$$ we gave to "too big to fail" corporations - when does it start to tricke down?

Super hip John McCain commiserates with Snookie about evil Obama tan tax on Twitter

AP: Split court upholds ban on 10 Commandments in Ky.

Bullets Shatter Glass at BP Gas Station + Vandalizing BP in NYC

"Muslim facing 80 years in prison on explosives charges"

How can any future applications

Senators press Marines on toxic water study

Turkey Goes From Pliable Ally to Thorn for U.S.

MPs turn over Green Zone as violence flares

German chancellor’s austerity measures recall the Weimar Republic

Socialism 2010: Ideas for changing the world

Army: 5 GIs Implicated in Afghan Killings

DoD Buzz: Navy Shifts to Multi-Missions

SCOTUS to decide AZ gubernatorial race

British troops 'unlikely' to go to Kandahar

Protect America from What?

(Sen.) Webb wary of expanded Agent Orange benefits

Taliban Aim at Officials in a Wave of Killings

Filner: VA finds problems but cannot fix them

Messages from alleged leaker Bradley Manning portray him as despondent soldier

Mullen: China buildup 'out of step' with territorial defense

Why I have trouble believing the I got fired for being too hot case

USW President Tired Of Wall Street Says Obama Acted Like A Novice Negotiating With Republicans

Savannah Morning News: Tybee Island police chief, supervisor suspended...after Tasing autistic teen

Separated at birth?

Can't wait for the book! I bet Helen Thomas is going to write a humdinger. n/t

Do you believe that BP is doing everything in their power to stop the leak?

There's a Hole In The Bottom Of The Sea

There's a Hole In The Bottom Of The Sea

There's a Hole In The Bottom Of The Sea

Military Neglecting Fort Hood Soldiers' Medical Needs

Garishly incongruous ‘poppy palaces’ lure affluent Afghans

DId anyone see Chris Rock on Leno saying he wished Bush was President...

Petraeus: Afghan mission will fail without UK

Two Atlanta officers fired after internal investigation into shooting

DU this poll!

Russia threatens payback if Iran sanctions affect its interests

The Twitter Devolution (About Iran)

The Wrong Message on Deficits

The Wrong Message on Deficits

B-2 stealth bombers get meticulous makeovers

CYA for the CIA: The CIA's Torture Research Program

•••• BP oil leak may be spilling more than before the cap. ••••

Mission accomplished -- again.

When it comes to the oil spill Obama should take lessons from Chavez

CLUCK YEAH!!!1!! Chickenlady deafeated!

Isn't it past time for us to call on the media to quit selling time to BP to run that ridiculous

Tweety: Blanche Lincoln is Norma Rae

Tweety: Blanche Lincoln is Norma Rae

Did anyone ever watch Star Trek Enterprise? Three story arc was very familiar...

Efforts to Limit the Flow of Spill News successful

How do I get rid of the google background????

If they can give tax breaks to Big Corps why not to Union members?

Toomey,Worse than Santorum!

CT Poll: Blumenthal 55, McMahon 35

Even BP own shareholders are suing them....

Gov In Budget Doomsday Mode During AM Radio Blitz

AIDS drug funds threatened by Tea Party scare?

Has Obama flip-flopped on offshore drilling?

Confirmed: As suspected, BecKKK feasts on dog vomit. Video at link.

San Francisco Chronicle: Feds take new look at gay blood-donor ban

Keep “Hope” alive in the Sunshine state-support Lisa L’esperance-Fla House-Dist 117

In 1997 the social security trustees predicted trust fund emptied in 2029. Now? 2037.

2 Norwegians sentenced to death in Congo

Clyburn says S.C. Dem Senate candidate is a 'plant,' calls for probe

Ever Wonder How Goldman Sachs Makes Such Good Business Deals With BP?

Woman calls 911 to "get a husband"

BP Fail Whale

Will PetroChina make a bid for BP?

A little one says it best:

Right wing not even trying anymore: "If gays get equal rights, YOU WILL DIE!!!111!!"

WalMart Medical Clinics Hate People With Insurance

Random fact of the day : Elvis ONLY shot the television when ...


Obama Can Get Angry

Mintz, Cutting Social Security and leaving millions of Americans jobless for years

Sorry Brits

Really? BP is wanting a "showdown" with the WH? Really?

Toles- "The Roberts court just calls balls and strikes"

Sources: Scandals at Arlington Cemetery prompt firings

We should never ever have the criminal act of reducing the number of voting

BP has NO RESERVES set aside to pay claims -- and yet Florida is backing off lawsuits!!!

Afghanistan: Isn't that where they execute 7 yr. old boys?

DU this poll: What's the upside of the Gulf oil spill?

More predictions for a very active hurricane season

"Trust Me" Great new Flashtoon by Mark Fiore

What happens if/when BP declares bankruptcy??

The Weather Report on Fox

Surprise: FBI Figures Show Border Cities Less Violent than Rest of U.S.

The Oil Drum: On Hurricanes, Oil Spills, Peak Oil, and the Future of BP

Can we have a dedicated forum to the Oil spill and BP

The Oil Drum: On Hurricanes, Oil Spills, Peak Oil, and the Future of BP

Can we have a dedicated forum to the Oil spill and BP

Can we have a dedicated forum to the Oil spill and BP

The Oil Drum: On Hurricanes, Oil Spills, Peak Oil, and the Future of BP

To my fellow Catholics - we need to talk -

Disgraceful by Joe Klein.

"allies of Big Oil plan a crude maneuver" today at the Senate

Afghanistan was at one time a fairly nice country - Once Upon a Time in Afghanistan

The danger in gravedancing is that

Poor Mrs. Holloway has been let down by "justice" again.

These 'mom and pop' oil drilling companies the Rethugs want to protect?

Proposal: Right-wing 'libertarians' should be reframed as proprietarians

The truth, it turns out, is not Gov. Jindal’s friend

Question: Are one-day strikes effective in contract negotiations?

Police chief, supervisor suspended; 3 others resign after Tasing of autistic teen

US’s ‘Great Recession’ is Boon For Immigration to Israel

The more accurate BP logo:

Maria Bartiroma needs to SHUT UP!

We need to have a campaign to get Ken Salazar fired.

Texas Democrats file lawsuit to unmask benefactor of pro-GOP petition drive

Triplets, breast cancer AND and eviction. And I thought I had troubles.

Foreclosures....An Open Letter to Sheila Bair, Chairperson, FDIC

How One Energy Company Will Prevent Catastrophic Oil Spills: Swivel-Chair Safety

Google and BP

'You know where the roof is"- Ouch!

Salma Hayek has a fear of snakes.

Report: AIG bailout riddled with conflicts of interest

The TWIT on the View is in full stupid mode today

Been reading Doonesbury this week? Taking on BP

Do you have a low tolerance level for stupid people?

Apocalypse in the Gulf now (oil) and next (nukes)

Eddie Vale is on Thom Hartmann's show right now!

BP's containment cap may have made things worse.

Kansas about to be saddled with Sam (snowflake babies) Brownback for gov

Is South Carolina Mystery Candidate A Republican PLANT? Sure Seems Strange.

Fiorina; as one of "The 20 Worst American CEOs of All Time

Guantanamo Bay's $2 Billion Pricetag

(gots to send y'all over to the video forum for this one)

ROLLING STONE: "The Inside Story" = The Spill, The Scandal and the President

ROLLING STONE: "The Inside Story" = The Spill, The Scandal and the President

ROLLING STONE: "The Inside Story" = The Spill, The Scandal and the President

Dems air ad daring GOP to run against healthcare

Did Sarah Palin Get Breast Implants?

Any one see Larry King tonight?

Blacklisting Helen Thomas: "she does not deserve to be pilloried and blacklisted"

The Images Israel Didn’t Want Seen: Video and Photographs from the Gaza-Bound Aid Flotilla

C-span . . . Senate ... Quite a few Dems up and after Oil industry ... Menendez/Whitehouse....

Day 50 Grand Isle, LA from the air...

The PBS Gulf Leak Meter: How Much Oil Has Leaked Into the Gulf of Mexico?

Bay Area execs see bright business future

Bay Area execs see bright business future

Wherein I blast Shrub in an e-mail exchange with the erstwhile local talkshow radio wingnut

BP preparing to start burning at sea oil siphoned from leaking well in Gulf of Mexico

GM tells employees to say "Chevrolet" not "Chevy" to sell brand

Will PetroChina (Chinese semi-nationalized oil company) acquire BP?

Boehner: Government--i.e. Taxpayers--Should Help Pay For Oil Spill

Boehner: Government--i.e. Taxpayers--Should Help Pay For Oil Spill

Radiohead Frontman Predicts Imminent Demise of Record Industry

Ok here is the deal

some help on yahoo mail issue

What a day for a daydream! Please come CAPTION the Ann the Rail and Rush the Pail!!!!

What a day for a daydream! Please come CAPTION the Ann the Rail and Rush the Pail!!!!

How to get a Freeper/Libertarian head to explode

Did Newly Hired BP Spokesperson Anne Womack-Kolton Scrub Her Photos?

Still time to block $9 billion expansion to nuclear loan guarantees -- call Congress today!

Only in America...

When do you replace your car?

The BCS, College Football, and its relation to politics...

Hey I just tried something new, I purchased Ed Schultz Killer Politics ebook on B&N -

Why won't anyone in this country ask Israel why they won't release all the video of their siege?

I want Obama to seize the assets of BP today! Start paying the hoteliers and

I think we should all be contact our representative about the Bernie

If You're a Progressive...Support Campaign for America's Future!!!

Circle the wagons, we're surrounded by stupid!

hmmmm . . . ?

If threads asking why Israel is tampering with evidance get moved to the Israel board...

A rant from a programmer to programmers

The Repugs new strategy must be...

Rockefeller to join GOP to vote against EPA climate rules - vote is today

Quick reminder what happens when you decapitate those "bad unions"

Fiorina is a piece of work.

Rolling Stone: NOAA video shows govt knew about plumes & "horrific scope" of spill "within hours"

Theoretical Question: 9 people die because of actions of a police department

The Ultimate "You Suck" Thread

FLASHBACK: "McCain reportedly ‘furious’ with Fiorina, campaign adviser says she will ‘disappear’

For those not on FB here are some of Lisa Jackson's (EPA) recent posts re: the oil spill

Unsavory Billionaires Polling Great in Florida

Does Whitman still get money from eBay?

Desmond Tutu live

Official flushes 'anthrax' down Capitol toilet with hundreds of tourists nearby

Does anyone have a link to the post about the

Custom iPhone case tells world how you feel about BP (all profits go to wildlife protection).

The Dick Cheney secret energy meetings, revisited

The Dick Cheney secret energy meetings, revisited

Clyburn ALLEGES Conspiracy To PLANT Candidates In Three Dem Primaries In S.C.

van der Sloot attorney: Victim attacked first, evidence tainted, asks to strike down confession

Open for Questions: BP Oil Spill Tomorrow at 12:30 PM EDT

Response during our book club - this girl gets it

Response during our book club - this girl gets it

Response during our book club - this girl gets it

Clean-Up Taxes and Kevin Costner

Ugandan Bishop: Some U.S. Christian Groups Are ‘Preaching A Gospel Of Hatred’ Toward Gays Worldwide

A Thought Provoking Anti BP Oil Photo....

When I feel that the world is just falling apart , and rather than "sh$t hitting the fan"

Obama asks agencies to shed surplus property

Maybe we need a little My Big Fat Greek Wedding wisdom here.

FBI: Mexican Troops Chased Border Patrol Agents

Have they never heard of osmosis?

Get a Brain, Morons: Why Being Liberal Really Is Better Than Being Conservative

Why Carly Fiorina must lose: Part II

The Limbaugh Kiss: "Phewty & the Beast" (warning: disturbing imagery)

The dumbing down of Carly Fiorina

The Conversation: Press Hassled on Gulf Coast

Senate voting now on whether to advance Murkowski's resolution... only 51 votes needed.

This is how I see the 2010 Senate elections as of today

This is how I see the 2010 Senate elections as of today

New Video Smuggled Out from Mavi Marmara

Russia says Iran sanctions do not bar missile deal

Remember this?

Hands Across the Sand

Hands Across the Sand

Labor should lead a Solidarity Movement in the US

Where are the handcuffs for the real criminals, Hayward and BP?

Pelosi:BP lacked integrity, ought halt dividend

Common Ground

Common Ground

Senate turns back plan to block EPA climate rules

Police: Suspect at Connecticut courthouse robbed cars while waiting to answer larceny charge

BP Incidents List

BP Bets the Planet—We Lose (In These Times)

SEIU supporting 3d-party candidate against Dem incumbent in NC

Rick Sanchez and wolfblitzer

Democrat Rep. Brad Sherman wants Americans on Gaza Flotilla Prosecuted.

Should the Federal Government seize BP before

Some wild ideas for capping/taming this bitch.

Oil spill puts a halt to oyster shucking at 134-year-old business

Doctors seek probe of alleged CIA torture experiments

Looking at a nasty line of clouds heading my way with tornado warning.

Against the Wishes of Arizona Lawmakers, America Is Getting More Diverse

General McChrystal: Kandahar operation will take longer

Top court says businesses may sue residents of other states in Ohio over Internet comments

We all should look at oil spill photos every day.

Today we're announcing the launch of a new website and web video at to tell the

BP's ties to Gawd and everybody:

Paramedics tell confusing story about how one got stabbed

Study: Shrinking glaciers to spark food shortages

DSCC: Unions, Netroots are “Special Interests in Washington”

Will the day come when if your 401K is too valuable, you lose Social Security?

Oh shit. Joe Trippi is joining the campaign of my favorite candidate for Governor

Oh shit. Joe Trippi is joining the campaign of my favorite candidate for Governor

How Much of the Gulf is Leased?

Marijuana plantation in Uganda convent probed

Obama - Anyone think he is missing in action?

US targets Mexican drug cartels in major sweep

Just so you'll know...

Hope for Labor Globally

Go Florida! Florida wants BP to transfer $2.5 billion to an account in the state's name.

Kenneth Starr's wife may have to start stripping again

Welfare queen Michele Bachmann: $30,000 from MN seeds her husband's quack health practice

Orange People Gone Wild !!!!

Why Did The U.S. Refuse International Help on The Gulf Oil Spill?

I love it when they eat their own

Self-delete --- Dupe

Self-delete --- Dupe

Guantanamo Bay's $2 Billion Pricetag

Bank of America:

Tweety: "Maria, you're an expert on money..."

Will Beck and Limbaugh be next?

APA Scrubs Web Pages Linking Organization to CIA Torture Workshops

NY Police: Rental Car Database Info Poses Risk to Undercover Officers

One government agency is doing all they can to stop the oil spill

Tenn. lawmakers adjourn after failed bid to opt out of health care law

The spill looks like a monster reaching out to grab Fl, Al

Librarian loses case against OSU (recommended freshmen read a book professors considered homophobic)

20,000 to 40,000 barrels a day of Oil flowing into the Gulf of Mexico

Gay sex = domestic terrorism.

Madame Defarge says, "Boil them in their own oil."

Man, I despise the Taliban

Boner can go to HELL and so can't the Chamber of Commerce

New Estimates Double Rate of Oil That Flowed Into Gulf

The Gulf Spill Continues: Is Obama Powerless Against BP? Or is He an Accomplice?


Sig Hanson on Hardball?

TRITON Intelligence Report: Iranian Support for the Afghan Taliban

Hayworth hits McCain for fundraiser's Ponzi scheme

Is The Recession Really Over?

Degree density in US cities.

Thanks mods.

Gold, and lead, bring illness and death in Nigeria

Stabenow putting up legislation for us not to purchase Chinese products

Stocks rebound on positive economic news, including… guess whose?

Have any decent songs been written about "The Spill"?

An appreciation thread for Allentown Jake.

Oh yay, It's a Tweety/Harold Fraud DLC orgy!

JEA Cuts Power To 102-Year-Old's Home

On Unemployment

Proposed Cross (& cell phone tower) Causes Controversy

Too Hot for Citi Employee: [Update]I want to look like a Playboy playmate, and marry a rich guy..


Pot Smoking Nuns?

Errors at Arlington affected 211 graves

Missouri GOP rips ACORN but may have misread crucial document

Now on Discovery Channel - "Disaster in the Gulf"

The Reagan Revolution Is Washing Ashore in the Gulf of Mexico

Boats won't reach Abby Sunderland for almost two days

LOL !!! - Ultrasound Jesus !!!

Studies Show Jews’ Genetic Similarity

Coffee spill in the BP Board room

Republican ideology considers care for the environment to be a "liberal" wacko concern.

Gold, and lead, bring illness and death in Nigeria

Jim Sensenbrenner will not recuse himself from BP investigation

One year ago officer Johns was killed at the Holocaust museum

My dream is coming true: Tea Party declining in approval ratings!

Both British and American and Other's Pension Funds/Mutual Funds go Down over BP Disaster!

Introducing the most powerful man on the internet:

Cell phone Video Appears to Show US Border Patrol Killing Mexican Teen

Gamma rays from lightning

Here's the EPIC Propublica investigation into BP that will be on FRESH AIR today (text in full)

Chatigny Clears Senate Committee

Chatigny Clears Senate Committee

American Family Association's Bryan Fischer: Gay Sex Is Domestic Terrorism

President Obama Names James E. Graves, Jr. to U.S. Court of Appeals

No need to look at the spillcam. Oil is still PISSING out at an extremely high rate.

A letter from my President...and it's not to just sign the same old petitions

Alvin Greene Did Not File Forms With FEC

Years of Internal BP Probes Warned that Neglect Could Lead to Accidents

Quality Time: van der Sloot Took Coffee, Drug Break Next To Corpse Of Woman He Just Murdered

Newly Elected Joe The Plumber Leaves Before Casting First Vote

Newly Elected Joe The Plumber Leaves Before Casting First Vote

Widow of Deepwater Horizon rig worker: we need off-shore drilling

Government Doubles Previous Oi Fllow Estimate for BP Well (2.1 Million Gallons a Day)

Considering BP's history...

Stop driving for a day, a week, as long as you can.

BP and the Great Coffee Spill of 2010: This video just kills!

Abby Sunderland - search plane leaving shortly

If Menendez Thinks Labor Is A “DC Special Interest Group,” He Should Give Their $490,000 Back - FDL

World's oldest shoe

Matheson nomination to the 10th Circuit advances with help of Hatch, criticism of Kyl

Anderson is tearing BP a new one

Anderson is tearing BP a new one

The intelligence factory: How America makes its enemies disappear

Chevron admits to Canadian Senate that the BOP for their deepwater well off Newfoundland might fail

Thanks to all who called their senators about the Murkowski resolution

If Bobby Kennedy Jr had Salazar's Job I bet

Cost to fire one Ripon teacher: 4 years and $200,000

Don’t Try Contacting BP’s Wildlife Expert: He’s been dead for five years

are we damned if we do and damned if we don't?

Boehner agrees with the Chamber of Commerce that taxpayers should pay for oil spill cleanup.

John Boehner Thinks Taxpayers Should Bail Out BP?

You know what's kinda scary? All those CRAZIES in the House and Senate are actually reflective of ..

BREAKING: Murkowski amendment to stop EPA from regulating greenhouse gases fails 47-53.

Putting Names To Faces

'Oldest leather shoe' discovered

Boxer received more votes than the top 2 GOP kooks in the Tues. CA primary

After a hurricane hits the Gulf of Mexico "it's going to be raining tar balls in Nashville"

Don't Miss KO Tonight - Live interview w/ SC Sen Nominee Alvin Greene

The President did not always oppose primaries. In 2000, he ran against seated Dem Congressman.

If we assume Greene was a plant

No surprise: Liberals are empathetic and compassionate, conservatives love orderliness

Incident Command Post Activated for Florida Peninsula for Deepwater Horizon/BP Oil Spill

Poor Rachel. She looks exhausted.

Here's some good news for stoners

Taliban executes boy, 7, accused of spying as suicide bomber kills 40 children at wedding

Anyone else notice that the only Viagra ad being

Get a Brain, Mor(a)ns: Why Being Liberal Really Is Better Than Being Conservative

Elizabeth Warren panel: Geithner's AIG bailout had 'poisonous' effect on financial system

Greene For President ......

Bob Menendez: Tea parties are saddling the GOP with loser candidates

Where Did Their Love Go? - digby

Former Sec'y of Labor Reich: Don't Listen to the Cheerleaders, Main Street Economy Isn't Improving

The oil corporations have done way more damage to

'First, Do No Harm' - CommonDreams

Rachael Maddow Show: "Beach Protection Completely In BP's Purview"

The story about the Oil eating Microbes lives....and grew bigger legs today.

BP post-spill image-rebuilding ad airing nationally and on cable, but NOT in Gulf markets

New Ground Zero Deal Gives Plaintiffs $712.5 Million

Oh Good Grief: Dutch Consul Blasts US Foot-Dragging on Oil Spill

Official: Taliban execute boy, 7, as spy

"There's the road sign up ahead. Your next stop: The Twilight Zone!"

Freeper "CondoleezzaProtege" ( ! ) posts "Palin, Don't Let Them Call You Quitter!" thread...

US Senate defeats move to stop EPA CO2 regulation

HUD Allocates $58M to Aid Homeless Vets

Press conference with the UN at 4:00 p.m. today to introduce footage ...

World Cup Football 2010 - kickoff concert

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Did I happen to mention that I am a recovering Alcoholic…?

Blanche votes for murkowski and Alvin greene

Read Our ''Hold BP Accountable'' Resolution

People, people at DU, please listen to this broadcast of "Fresh Air"

Payback for Y2K Election? All states effected by oil spill voted for Bush

Republicons..This lady has got to be kidding

Etsy Sellers Unite To Bring Help to the Gulf Coast - handmande/vintage/supplies

Well listenign to the Discovery Program on the gulf disaster

Anybody watching this guy from SC on Keith?

Part of me thinks Obama's folley in trusting oil companies will be good in thelong term

I say that Dino Rossi is an alien from the Planet Finglegarb and eats puppies for breakfast...

Mohair Goat Bloodies Congressman Anthony Weiner

ABC News "Chamber President Says His Group Will Find Way to Get Gov. to Share Cost of Gulf Clean-Up"

The perverted, criminal world view of the average Republican

Calif. has a nuke plant event

Dead and Dying Animals are breaking my heart..........

Andrew Romanoff Signifies BP Disaster – "our generations’ Sputnik;"

Now I know who Carly Fiorina reminds me of!

Obama, Democrats abandon stimulus for austerity

Christopher Hitchens on Tweety

US cable television host slanders socialism

It's seems "union" is the new demagogued hate word for BOTH Dems and Repubs

Dumb ass BP Executives Spill Coffee

Think Progress - "Boehner agrees with the Chamber of Commerce that taxpayers should pay for spill"

Think Progress - "Boehner agrees with the Chamber of Commerce that taxpayers should pay for spill"

Blue Dogs betray liberals, liberals for some reason surprised

'I usually don't like to see women in power, but Michele Bachmann is ok with me'

Blago Had Sights Set On Presidential Run

I think BP knows this is a cataclysm

Blanche Lincoln prevailed among African Americans, thanks to Obama's endorsement (Washington Post)

How on Earth has Haliburton been able to escape the fall out from the oil leak?

Just think what we would be saying now if CITGO had caused the BP catastrophe!

Last Friday I volunteered and did my first PETA protest

Are you still a hostage of BIg Oil? Boycott BP

Biased Rasmussen Polls - graphics junkies and cartoonists needed


Before the "Debt Hysteria" hits: A little truth

Rescue launched for teen solo sailor

Obama urged to tone down "anti-British, prejudiced" attacks on BP

Ok, so I just watched Alvin Greene...

Humorous Photo: "CONSERVATIVES Please Stop..."

If I Hear the Righties Invoke the Founders One More Time...

Fuck you Harold Ford

Should the CIA be Dissolved? Is Working for the CIA evil? Could you be Friends with an Agent?

PREDICTION: Alvin Greene will be arrested within the next two months

US officials: Youth shot by Border Patrol agent had record as smuggler

We all need to remember that in the long sweep of American History...

Basic list of petroleum based products

Norway bans new oil drilling over BP spill

Which of the following are legitimate Democratic candidates for the 2010 General Election.

South Carolina Democratic Primary: It's irrelevant if he was a plant or not

BP's Dispersant Disaster, Part II

BP's Dispersant Disaster, Part II

The mother of all Junk Shots.

Alvin Greene on KO

Why does Ken Salazar still have a job?

ACLU chief "disgusted" with Obama's policies on civil liberties and National Security

NATO blames Taliban for bombing wedding

Exclusive: Despite Oil Spill, Gulf Seafood Safe and Plentiful

The eight kinds of Republicans

American Apparel Only Wants Black Employees With 'Nice' Hair?

Ban on gay blood donors revisited

Something like this needs to happen...

Has the Democratic Party lost its way?

Judge stalls retiree premium hike (my union defends members that haven't paid dues in years)

I don't understand why Jim Demint is so worried that Alvin Greene would be recruited

Police: Dutchman to reveal Holloway location

Police: Dutchman to reveal Holloway location

Child development experts concerned about parents ignoring kids while using technology

U.S. Fury at BP Stirs Backlash Among British

"GOP Congressman on Gulf oil leak: 'not an environmental disaster'"

Are we sliding into a new Dark Ages?

11 Year Old Girl Raises $80,000 For The Gulf Bird Rescue Efforts

Rachel Maddow I love you

I feel really bad for Alvin Greene. He looked so scared in that Olberman interview.

Following politics is negatively impacting my life (or, ignorance is bliss)

Spill may stop 16 to 19 million gallons of drinking water daily for Tampa Bay residents

If you stop and think about it with an open mind, it really does look bad.

The ruling class will rescue BP--just a question of how?

W - T - F ???

I just want to say that I think Barbara Boxer is adorable.

Biracial Girl Kicked Out Of Class Due To Hair Product

Abby Sunderland (16, sailing around the world) Feared Lost at Sea

ONLY Thinking About Making Money: Would Buying BP Stock be Smart Today?

As the oil spill smears Florida, a way of life slowly dies

As the oil spill smears Florida, a way of life slowly dies

The US Coast Guard can seize boats at sea carrying small amounts of drugs.

Olbermann needed to ask Alvin Greene some more questions.

Homeowner puts in 500,000 gallon pool, caused drought

Why on earth would we boycott BP?

"the biggest threat facing our country is the mentality of the Republican Party"

World Health Organization Exaggerated H1N1 Flu Problems to Benefit Big Pharma

Thoughts, prayers, good vibes or whatever floats your boat to Abby Sunderland!

The Food Bubble: How Wall Street Starved Millions & Got Away with It (Harpers july)

the impending shortage of scientists & engineers is 1 of the longest running hoaxes in the country

Teabagger connects the dots and blows the lid off the whole shebang

Fresh from her suspect victory, the first thing Blanche Lincoln does upon return to the Senate...

Appreciation thread for Pres. Jimmy Carter's vision - If only they had listened!

VERY bad news from the Gulf Oil Spill

Rare photograph of children slaves found in attic

England's future monarch blames Galileo for global warming, ruin of the earth

Chuck Schumer: Lincoln fighting "Wall Street with one hand, unions with the other."

What angers you most about the Gulf catastrophe?

Mass Murder in Charlottesville, Virginia

Company causing late FCAT grades in Florida has history of problems.

Obama Continues to Stonewall Efforts to Hold Bush Administration Officials Accountable

Schwarzenegger Counter-Populism (CA Prop 14)

Marine Techie: END Gulf Oil Spill With ‘ Mother of All BOMBS ’

Native Kentuckian Ashley Judd on Our Other Eco-Disaster: the 'Rape of Appalachia'

Wow! Glenn Greenwald is SCORCHING the Dems & White House on Lincoln

Why, oh why, can't we be good little soldiers like the unnamed Senior White House official wants?

MD county turns schools over to same company that is a month late with FL test scores.

New NSA program announced

Daniel Ellsberg: "'Obama Deceives the Public"

Daniel Ellsberg: "'Obama Deceives the Public"

Rate Obama's Presidency To Date.

Watch the BP ROV Under Sea Cams...Thread #26

WH officials "make nice" with labor. Plum Line blog.

Perdue declares "war" against school resegregation

Living in a wounded world.

By "boycotting BP" we are just dumping one drug dealer for another.

I just watched "Rock N Rolla" here in the lookout.

I went hiking today...

Marriage proposal to teacher in front of her 4th grade class

Fast food restaurant where you'd be LEAST LIKELY to buy drive-through haggis

When magnets annoy

"Cut Off" for your weekly dose of schadenfreud...

ok, I'm done with google, whats a good search engine?

Woman jailed for calling 911 in search of husband

OMG! Netflix! Roku! Film! 9 freaking bucks a month for unlimited downloads!

A note to Heather in account services

What was up with Mark Wahlberg at the MTV awards?

How do I get rid of the google background????

Did I happen to mention that I am a recovering Alcoholic…?

Miles Davis fans: 2 new, different "40th Anniversary" releases of Bitches Brew on August 31st

Heap your miseries onto dawg!

Heap your mistresses onto av8rdave

In my day it would have said "holy shit Cholesterol"

Tea Party of the Living Dead


I really like Dylan's lyrics but I have no idea what they mean.

Gay prom king and queen

Well, It's been real, folks. I'm outta here...

Kenneth Starr's wife may have to start stripping again

Russell Crowe not Dead

anyone else have this current variety of lung rot?

go check out google

Salma Hayek has a fear of snakes.

When I voted Tuesday, I put my "I voted" sticker on my T-shirt, then ....

The Melvins crack the Billboard Top 200 by selling just 2,809 albums

Do you have a low tolerance level for stupid people?

Stone Temple Pilots - Between the Lines (they're new single)

Pot Smoking Nuns?

Florence + The Machine - Cosmic Love

Here's a new email scam

New Rush single BU2B


Dear Flyers fans...

Just got The Ultimatum from my GF

Rush (the Band) Bashers

DUers in relationships: Do you like to communicate with your SO every day?

Peter Gabriel Solsbury Hill

Let's get this show on the road

For those who lived through that era of American history....

Well, I had a chance to go see the Eagles in concert WITH Joe Walsh

There is a reason we feel happier when we are with our pets...

Can you wake up without an alarm?

"Diabolique" from 1955 on TCM now - 7 p.m. Central.

Why is 4 the value of pi in Indiana?

All about the Roku box that people are using to watch Netflix on their big tvs:

A creepy parent of one of my worst students cyber stalked me. Ew!

THAT'S IT! I'M DONE with Obama!!!


If the PAC 10 adds two teams will they

Radical gay Mexican Islamic Jihadist addicts with machine guns flood Arizona border towns....

A rant from a programmer to programmers

what antivirus software do you like...?

My wife is awesome

What first name would you prefer,

Days Of Futurama Past: The Futurama characters redrawn as X-Men!

I must be becoming senile- I COULD NOT REMEMBER the name of those little yellow and red things

What was your favorite TGIF show?

Nightly Newsworthy: a new poem

Another appliance bites the dust

How far do you live from where you were born?

Actors who should play relatives on stage:

The dog that's just dyeing to be a tiger:

"Modern Family" is infinately better than "Parenthood"

Chicken fried bacon

Colorado joins the Pac-10


Our vet said we should consider putting Heidi down...

I'm afraid I'm going to have unrealistic dating expectations.

Invictus - William Ernest Henley

Did you ever hear a song whose first verse just grabbed you with its imagery?


In my absence, we saved a Cocker Spaniel from death row at the pound....

OMFG! My custom Google background came out PERFECT!

Hitchcock's 'That's What She Said' Joke Is Its First Known Recording! (VIDEO)

Post some songs about Death or Dying or Murder or (you get the drift)...

What will be the result of Saturday's USA vs. England match?

What's that bright thing in the sky? (astronomy ?)

When yer depressed, what music cheers you up?

Should I post my annual "I hate shriekingly loud motorcycles" rant?

To Whomever bought me the star....

Israeli students plan "Kurdish freedom flotilla"

UN votes for new sanctions on Iran over nuclear issue

Public support will vanish without Afghan war progress this year, Gates says

Goldman Sachs Hudson CDO Said to Be Target of Second SEC Probe

Oil spill: BP shares plummet 12% on US penalty fears

Low-oxygen pockets found off Alabama coast, raising new fears for sea life

AP: Pakistani detained in Chile says he was framed (U.S embassy)

(BART police shooting) Grant took picture of Mehserle, prosecutor says

Obama to meet families of 11 killed in oil spill

Possible new settlement for 9/11 responders

Oil spill spurs illnesses in Louisiana, Alabama

UK troops join former US personnel in 'toxic' lawsuit (against KBR)

(Federal appeals) Court OKs ban on day laborers soliciting work

Oil shows up near Alabama beach resort town

S.C. Dems ask Senate nominee to withdraw after felony charge

EXCLUSIVE: New Video Smuggled Out from Mavi Marmara of Israel’s Deadly Assault on Gaza Aid Flotilla

Emergency rescue effort is launched for teen sailor Abby Sunderland

Palestinian Prez. Thanks Obama For Granting Palestinians $400m In Extra Aid

UN judges deliver genocide verdict on Srebrenica

David Cameron to discuss BP crisis with Barack Obama as shares plunge

BP will expedite claim payments, U.S. says

Majority of Americans Still 'Believe' in Global Warming

Dead and Dying Animals are breaking my heart..........

No Progress on Better Chemicals for Oil Disaster Cleanup

Rare photograph of children slaves found in attic

GOP lawmaker with BP stock has role in spill probe

Man Punched During Protest Against Government Bailouts

Anyone here tried Inworldz?

Rich countries accused of carbon 'cheating'

Gain for anti-Islam party in Dutch poll

Afghans 'need progress to keep support' (David Cameron)

Republican Party Suffers Spate of Money Woes

BP accused of 'lack of integrity' by US House speaker

Stanford survey finds more doubt global warming

Gold, and lead, bring illness and death in Nigeria

Census: Minorities grow to 35% of U.S. population

UK Prime Minister's flight diverted after 'assassination' attempt in Afghanistan

Jewish groups join call for torture probe

U.S. Firms Hold Most Cash Since 1952

President Obama invites the 11 families of the dead oil workers to the White House

Geert Wilders to enter Dutch government after support for anti-Islamic party triples

Geert Wilders to enter Dutch government after support for anti-Islamic party triples

Mehserle's murder trial opens (transit police officer who killed a passenger)

wrong forum

Supreme Court's Majority Sides With U.S. Chamber Of Commerce In Over 2/3 Of Cases

NYT Economix blog: Will Obama Push for Financial Stability?

New Estimates Double Rate of Oil That Flowed Into Gulf

Missing Bodies Plague Arlington National Cemetery, Probe Finds

Obama's greenhouse gas rules survive Senate vote

Obama Formally Requests to Meet with BP Executives Next Week

U.S. Arrests Over 400 In Mexican Drug Cartel Sweep

Where the heck was the DNC Chairman on this NC race?

Oil Spill Hasn't Changed (Pat) Toomey's Mind On Drilling

U.K. Speaks Out in Defense of BP

Global peace report says United States is more violent than China and Cuba

Millions forced to wait for food stamps benefits

Republican buisness people running for office, have we not been down this road before? RANT

Stormfront PWN3D The Freepers/Birthers

Well...Alvin Green winning in SC may not be so great after all...

Why does the Rethug party have so many DUMB ASS air head woman in politics?

Dems Go All-In On Health Care With New Ad Slamming GOP's Repeal Promise

BP baffled by drop in share price

BP baffled by drop in share price

Kerry at LCV: Energy Only Legislation Doesn’t Get the Job Done

U.S. Sources: Turkey Vote Against Iran Sanctions - A Slap In The Face

PPPpolling: Obama's approval numbers not effected by oil spill

Federal judge calls Guantanamo inmate's detention 'unlawful'

US recovery in slow lane; trade gap widens, jobless claims up

Can't wait for the book! I bet Helen Thomas is going to write a humdinger. n/t

Good news for doctors, and organized labor, in govt decision

Uh Oh. Clyburn: Greene may be GOP plant (SC Senate Dem Nominee)

Senate aide says cap and trade dead, scaled-back bill likely

Chuck Grassley's Oil Spill Solution Includes Using Beer Ingredients To Clean Slick

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday June 10

McConnell knocks energy bill

Is ousting Greene ethical?

Efforts to Limit the Flow of Spill News

Bush/Obama TARP update: U.S. public faces severe AIG losses following bailout

Iraqi Shi'ite blocs announce merger

"It will be that much easier for the Usual(republican)Suspects to steal back a lot of races in Nov.

Here's the Guy who should be running against DeMint (Stephen Colbert)

U.S.C. Receives Two-Year Ban and Loses Title

Montana Gov. Agrees Change Needed in Marijuana Law

President Obama Likely to Meet with BP CEO Hayward Next Week

Celibacy understanding obscured by 'secondary scandals', says Pope

Bill Clinton to stump for Reid in Vegas

Holland & Kultala come out guns blazing

BP to start burning captured Gulf oil at sea

Murkowski's EPA resolution: Have you called your senator to stop this nonsense?

Abby Sunderland's EPRIB's have set off meaning she needs recue in the middle of the Indian Ocean

G.O.P. Donors Honor Lieberman

Boehner trying to walk back comments that taxpayers need to help pay for the BP spill clean up

Obama wants more money for Afghanistan war. Will Congress grant it?

DOJ Official:Not Preparing To Seek Injunction Blocking BP Dividends

Louisiana leaders want Gulf drilling to resume

GOP lawmaker with BP stock has role in spill probe

Trumka on health care reform: "it's been a goal of the labor movement since the 19th century"

"GOP Stumbles In Responding To Democrats’ ‘Take Away New Benefits’ Campaign"

FBI begins probe into AT&T iPad security breach

Cell phone video of border shooting surfaces

Goat spears Weiner, draws blood...

Watch this ABC News interview with Alvin Greene and tell me something...

Would it be a good idea for Hispanics to go to Arizona?

"Bill Clinton to stump for Reid in Vegas"

"Census may have dragged down hiring in private sector in May"

Opinion: Obama caves in to media frenzy over BP

ZOMG Shirtless Obama staffers?! Politico offers an investigative report.

Obama moving more right as November approaches?

who invited WorldNetDaily at White House (Question about Birther) OH NO

Mexicans Said to Confront U.S. Agents

Joe(the black eagle)Madison: The Gulf could turn into the next DEAD SEA if oil spill isn't stop

New Policy on Gender Change in Passports

Gibbs is the new target of the "True Left"

President Obama welcomes Senate defeat of EPA measure

looking for Apt? Need an apartment? How about President Obama's Apt?

Clinton to Colombia: We will stand with you

Obama Formally Requests to Meet with BP Executives Next Week

Murkowski Amendment Fails!

Bloody Sunday killings to be ruled unlawful

Mitt Romney headed to S.C. for Nikki Haley

"The Manning-churian Candidate" (Alvin Greene)

Boehner: Government--i.e. Taxpayers--Should Help Pay For Oil Spill

Who is your favorite 19th century Democratic president?

Brunner flouts D.C., backs Marshall

McInnis served on Republicans for Choice board for nearly a decade

More on Today's Meeting Between the White House and Labor

Norton Courts the Right in Colorado

Neither Halter nor Lincoln had/has a chance to win in November....

If Nikki Haley wins, Sarah Palin will be the 2012 GOP nominee

WorldNetDaily correspondent asks Gibbs birther question

Obama Admin Looking for a Way to Give the BP Dividend Payments to the Victims

Taliban Hangs Afghan Boy, 7, for Spying

Nate Silver: "Arkansas has the lowest fraction of union members from among the 50 states"

Kerry's floor statement against the Murkowski amendment

"Clinton sees sanctions hindering Iran nuclear plan"

Matlin and Carville Jindal.. What are you talking about?

President Obama Meets with the Families of the BP 11

It's been a while since I posted here. And, not sure I will post

HEADS UP-That possible plant who won the Dem. nomination in SC will be on Countdown tonight!

CA-Sen: Carly Fiorina's priorities

A message for Senators Bayh, Lincoln, Landrieu, Nelson, Pryor, Rockefeller

Study: Well most likely spewing more than 1M gallons of oil a day

An example of the type of TV ad that Blanche Lincoln will run in October 2010...

White House officials make nice with labor

Specter, Lincoln, Michael Bennett and after a lot of confusion, I finally get it

McConnell hosts fundraiser for Paul

CA Sentator Poll: Box vs Fiorina and CA Gov Whitman vs Brown

German Millionaires Volunteer to Pay 'Rich Tax'

Randy Rhodes: I don't know if I have a problem with Meg Whitman as Governor of CA.

Obama loves Blanche Lincoln, except when she gets too liberal

Lincoln scorns Clinton's pleas to save planet

Doug Brinkley: Administration is Going to Come Out With a Large Gulf Recovery Act

Watching Alvin Greene is breaking my heart

Here's the bottom line DU'ers

Fiorina Stands by Comments on Boxer's Hair. Apologizes to Sean Hannity.

Girl (Fifth Grader) Raises Thousands of Dollars for Gulf Birds

Barbara Boxer launches 'Fiorina Facts'

Can Bill Halter Still Run In The General Election?

Soros Says `We Have Just Entered Act II' of Crisis

A View of the Spill -- and a Weak President -- From Across the Pond

Clyburn says S.C. Dem Senate candidate a 'plant'; calls for probe

Clyburn Says Greene Was a "Plant," calls for investigation

Rage: Why Obama won't and can't give you what you want

(SC News on Greene) The Manning-churian Candidate

GREAT QUOTE from Jane Hamsher - for any progressive who missed it...

McCain and Snooki team up on Obama

The mills of the gods grind slowly . . . we killed for oil and we may be killed by oil

Honduran president says plot to overthrow him

PPP: Obama Leads all Potential Republicans in 2012 Matchups

Torture Awareness Month and The Torture Report Diary

PM Cameron asks us to "remember the economic value BP brings to people in Britain and America."

2010 World Cup / Copa do Mundo / Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft / Kombe la Dunia

Papantonio: BP’s Perjury Corner

Lewis Black & KO discuss the oil spill, BP, and their vital essence

Miles of Tubular Highways (1958)

Thom asks the Chairmen of the Socialist Party - Do card carrying socialists love Obama?

Filibuster Reform - What You Need To Do Now

Cheney wanted new cold war with China

Rachel Maddow & Joe Sestak discuss Ike Skelton's weird & childish homophobia

Loathsome epic fail no God-given right to jobs former CEO addresses HairGate with Greta Von Xenu

Fox News, focusing on today's critical stories...coming up, a look at Palin's new-found perkiness.

Rachel Maddow: Roberts' Supreme Court is overturning public financing of elections

13 year old slips up on the today show

Jim Dean DFA: "primaries are a good structural vehicle" to let debate happen.

Papantonio: BP's Perjury Corner

Young Turks say Goldman can kiss their 'Sachs'

Ed Schultz: "The last thing the WH should be doing now is picking a fight with working families"

Oliver Stone, Jesse Ventura On Larry King - Part 1

Oliver Stone, Jesse Ventura On Larry King - Part 2

South of the Border - Oliver Stone Documentary on Hugo Chavez (Trailer)

Rachel Maddow mocks the media's 'anti-incumbent rage' narrative

Time to Rally Progressives!!! America's Future Now: Part 1

'radical Islamic Mexican Catholic movement' (6:06) Phoenix Rising rally

Eddie Vale, AFL-CIO, Is the Obama Admin slowly committing political suicide for 2012?

Israeli soldiers killing Furkan 19 years (The Freedom Flotilla)

Clarke and Dawes on the US Oil Spill

TYT On MSNBC: WikiProtest Launch (Share Your Ideas!)

Meet Alvin Greene, South Carolina’s Democratic Candidate For Senate

Thom confronts Curtis Sliwa - Is sending more drones THE most stupid policy imaginable?

BP Spills Coffee

Keith Olbermann Interviews Alvin Greene

Clinton Urges OAS to Forget Coup, Readmit Honduras

I Come to Praise Helen Thomas, Not to Bury Her by Will Pitt

Former Bush Official Josh Bolten Advising BP On How To ‘Defend Its Interests’ And Restore Its Reputa

Obama's Doublespeak on Iran (Extending Hands or Clenching Fists?)

TX Democrats file suit: Who funded Green Party petition drive?

The Gulf of Mexico Killing Fields BP Doesn’t Want You Thinking About

Sir David King: oil extraction a threat to the future (BBC)

Distraught Gulf Shrimper Arrested for Pouring Oil on Herself

Rise of the Richies

Senate Votes To Limit EPA And Clean Air Act From Regulating Greenhouse Gases

Josh Marshall:Let the Bamboozling Begin!

BP oil spill: how are my finances affected?

Decision Time: Has the President Abandoned Paul Volcker’s Ideas On Financial Reform?( Simon Johnson)

Thiessen’s Heroes by Scott Horton

God, I Love a Parade

Does parental responsibility eclipse parenthood?

We are f#(%!#g doomed!

Whatever Happened to the Black Republican Wave?

Oil spill fallout could pollute the 'special relationship'

Calif. Voting Change Could Signal Big Political Shift

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Islam's brutally candid apostate

Endangered Hawaiian monk seal given stronger protection under new Hawaii law

Drumbeat: June 10, 2010

A Call to Triple U.S. Spending on Energy Research

BP is doing its part! Active words!

The Oil Drum: On Hurricanes, Oil Spills, Peak Oil, and the Future of BP

Our beloved south is in ruin.

xpost: coffee spill in BP boardroom

Michael Ruppert is on kpfa right now

NRC approves operation of New Mexico uranium plant

Organic Solar Cells: The Ultimate Cleantech Invention

Ten state Atlantic Offshore Wind Energy Consortium

Yeehaw! The Dodgers sweep the Cardinals. Pujols gets one hit in the series...


49ers start new stadium website...

Looks like Colorado accepts Pac 10 invite today

So, the Big Ten now has 12 schools and the Big Twelve has 10 schools?

World Cup Referees learning English swear words

Texas and A&M are now meeting in secret at an undisclosed location...

Rafa Benitez donates 96k to Hillsborough Family Support Group

So here's a map of the college football world in 2012

Nats Strasburg to deliver Letterman's Top 10 list tonight

KCTV5 Kansas City: Sources say: Texas, A&M Have Petitioned BIG TEN for Membership

The condoms will appeal...

Oregon quarterback Jeremiah Masoli booted from team

Name the two divisions in the new Big10, without using East and West.

Congrats to Auggie and his Indians for beating the Red....hey, wait...

USC reportedly getting 2-year post-season ban

Jeremy Roenick Cries After Stanley Cup Finals

Fuck the Big 12. Gimme back the Southwest Conference. is a 'Pro Mexico' Radio Station Broadcasting NOW!

Ecuadore, Peru to set up "binational" embassies

Clinton to Colombia: We will stand with you

Clinton Urges OAS to Forget Coup, Readmit Honduras

Honduran president says plot to overthrow him

'So That Everyone Can Eat, Produce It Here': Food Sovereignty and Land Reform in Haiti

Venezuela condemns remarks by Clinton

Senior army officer convicted over Colombia disappearances

Did anyone here see the South Carolina Democratic party nominee (Alvin Greene) on Countdown w/KO?

Venezuela’s Chavez Suspends Electricity Savings Plan

Surgery no longer a requirement for changing gender on passport

Editor of Boston archdiocese's paper apologizes for column about gay parenting

Gay love exhibition opening in Warsaw museum

Good god. My school brought in PFLAG to do staff training today.

Culhane: Questions facing Prop 8 closing arguments - Interesting article

Is the Pentagon DADT Study Being Rigged?

Florida CCL holder ambushed by 3 gun men, fights back

W.Virginia Gov signs "Anti Bloomberg " law

Choosing a Lawyer for Self Defense Shootings (Good info, just in case)

Man Legally Open Carrying Gun Robbed at Gunpoint

Today in Labor History June 10 "portal to portal case" & JFK mandating equal pay to women

Angry Workers Confront Hyatt At First Shareholders Meeting

Hello Labor Forum

At Sea

Some "early bloomers" in my garden

Canoeing the Lower Buffalo River

Israel Eases Gaza Embargo to Allow Snack Food In

Turkey signs deal with Arab neighbors to create free trade zone

Erdogan Rising? - The New Face of Power in the Middle East

EXCLUSIVE: New Video Smuggled Out from Mavi Marmara of Israel’s Deadly Assault on Gaza Aid Flotilla

Israel shakes down China

5,500 Year-old leather shoe discovered in Armenian cave

New Video Smuggled Out from Mavi Marmara

The Images Israel Didn’t Want Seen: Video and Photographs from the Gaza-Bound Aid Flotilla

Democrat Rep. Brad Sherman wants Americans on Gaza Flotilla Prosecuted.

Israel Without Clichés

Foreign Ministry warned Israel Navy not to raid Gaza flotilla in international waters

In response to Bernard-Henri Levy

US’s ‘Great Recession’ is Boon For Immigration to Israel

Israeli Gen. threatens to drown Erdogan

Juan Cole: Netanyahu is the Iranian hardliners' best friend

Studies Show Jews’ Genetic Similarity

Why won't anyone in this country ask Israel why they won't release all the video of their siege?

The Pixies and Others Cancel Israeli Shows After Flotilla Raid

Hamas prevents flotilla aid from entering Gaza

Gaza youth forum says under attack by armed groups

Personality Predicts Political Preferences

Russian math genius ignores $1 million Millennium Prize

Putting Names To Faces

New Video Smuggled Out from Mavi Marmara of Israel’s Deadly Assault

Dear Helen Thomas, we Jews aren't getting the hell out of anywhere anymore

Israel’s “self-defense” narrative falls apart

Israel, U.S. agree on nature of Gaza flotilla probe

Interesting defense of Cartesian objectification/reductionism in GD,

SOMEONE'S trying to tell me something.....

Does anyone here believe in ascension?

Medical update.

Editor of Boston archdiocese's paper apologizes for column about gay parenting

Regarding Virgin Births...

Are there Muslim sects that now oppose polygamy?

To my fellow Catholics - we need to talk -

LOL !!! - Ultrasound Jesus !!!

Church Wants End to Darwin School 'Monopoly'

Low dose naltrexone and autoimmune diseases

Death by Homeopathy

High blood pressure - tell me what to do

What do you think about the simulation argument?

Martin Wolf on the Dangers of Austerity

The Continuing Collapse of Ponzi Finance and the Real Economy

Job Number 1 -- Jobs

Is BP the Next Lehman Brothers?

an armed security guard is outside my local BofA this week

Is the SEC trying to regulate a stock market crash out of possibly happening?

20 More Signs Of A Full-On Economic Collapse