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Real Estate Executive Pleads Guilty to Bid Rigging at Auctions of Foreclosed

I've been reading up about these deep sea oil wells and I didn't know that ...

If you were on the deficit commission,

Chong and Wecht form an unlikely alliance against Buchanan(R)

PHOTO:Instead of turning on Cable News for the next 24 hours, just come back to this thread & stare.

Final approach to monopoly of the skies

What passes for news these days

Candidate back on the ballot – but different party, different race

Littlebits Hasselbutt is getting scalded on teevee for her stalking remarks AND her apology.

anybody here investing at ?

Durbin Considers Cramdown-Related Amendment As Part Of Wall Street Reform

Note to Fox News - Terrorism is as American as Cherry Pie

San Antonio: Fuel fire stabilized at South Side refinery

Lieberman's Citizenship-Revoking Law Slammed As 'Draconian'

NALC Prepares For Nation's Largest Food Drive (Saturday leave items in your mailbox))

Trained monkeys come to aid of maimed American soldiers

Trained monkeys come to aid of maimed American soldiers

Financial Damage Beginning to Seep from Gulf Disaster

Rupert Murdoch has some fucking nerve.

Sarah Palin vs Ron Paul vs Tea Party on foreign policy. And "culturism".

Sarah Palin vs Ron Paul vs Tea Party on foreign policy. And "culturism".

Birthday Blindfolding Leads To Girls' Arrests

Exam stress? Numbers show domestic violence spikes during exams

"In Canada there were no taxpayer bailouts of financial institutions."

Arizona Dept. of Ed instructs districts to get rid of teachers whose speech isn't "English" enough

Jury selection begins in Jon Burge torture trial

Despairwear: get your BP t-shirt:

Great Britain goes to the polls today

Boeing to make new multiyear Osprey offer

Happy mothers day, billionaire mothers!

"The subject of guns makes them act like a paranoid mother ferret protecting her litter."

British Election Results Projected On Big Ben Today

7 Years Ago: Nick Kristof Set the Spark for "Plamegate"

The oil you can't see could be as bad as the oil you can.

The oil you can't see could be as bad as the oil you can.

On the SCOTUS "too many Catholics and Jews" meme

Two interesting, but unrelated, facts mentioned on C-Span so far this morning

I do not agree, so I did not repost..

Red State vs. Blue States -- who would prevail?

We All Lose When David Obey Retires

Hey RNC - Karl Rove lost you two elections

I guess the DoD weapons acquisition is not as open ended as we thought

It isn't even autumn and the nuts are falling from the trees

It isn't even autumn and the nuts are falling from the trees

Inspector shortage cited in weld problems

DA arrested on fraud charges

DA arrested on fraud charges

a different point of view...

How will/would you vote in today's British election?

IS mankind beginning to war with each other for oil? Fuel injection-man's deadly addiction.

Help, please. Where can I find a link to the story of the trucker who was arrested in AZ

Conservative "Howl"- lol!

Conservative "Howl"- lol!

C-SPAN WJ: Bernie Sanders

Measuring the Economic Impact of Marijuana Legalization on the Golden State:

What's going to happen in Wisconsin with Obey's exit?

Hey Joe Scum

Former GOP Executive Facing Prison Sentence For CHILD PORN

Why Obama Was So Damn Funny

FCC to Restore Authority Over Net Neutrality, Broadband Service: Netroots Backlash Cited

Some DUer savvy in financial markets/system/whatever you want call it explain to me why

4397 +++

Bush/Cheney's backroom deal with the oil companies/Haliburton

Why the Senate Is Sitting on 309 Bills

Teabaggers with guns are OK. But journalists trying to report on a peace protest go straight to jail

what ever happened with the "pimp" dude caught trying to wiretap phones

One baby with syphilis born every hour in China: study

Mom Won't Return Racy Books To Library-"Teens Should Not Have Access To Material"

Whoa! This will make you think before you measure:

Wow. Last night was a historical event for AZ. The Joe must go chants

Hey East Coasters, did you know VA was an Off-Shore MMS lease in progress:

Gulf Oil Spill: BP CEO Tony Hayward Says The Leak Will Be Stopped SOMEDAY

It's the anniversary of the huge manatee. The video never ceases to amaze

ESPN just reported HOF NFL great Lawrence Taylor arrested on a rape charge.

Ala. Army base had an explosion

explosion at Texas refinery

100-year-old woman beat the bank on foreclosure. Now her niece wants to evict her

Let's hear it for the mods!

"The article truthfully stated that due to surgery I require assistance in lifting luggage..."

Little Green Man by Mark Fiore (Living off Lizard Juice)

POLITICO catches Jay Leno recycling political jokes

Isn't it amazing, that unless there is a video of the cop beating someone they usually get off!

Summary of Ala. oil GUSH information:

Obama Justice: Acquittal Does Not Guarantee Release from Prison

How the Nittany Lions are using the science of acoustics to help crank up home field crowd noise.

The View has jumped waaaay over the shark.

The View has jumped waaaay over the shark.

GM Food... Feeding the Hungry or Population Control?

Operation Dreamball: Aid packages come in wrappers that turn into kids' balls

Operation Dreamball: Aid packages come in wrappers that turn into kids' balls

One more thing about public employees taking it in the neck in the media...

One more thing about public employees taking it in the neck in the media...

How the GOP does business.....

Gay Couples Challenge Defense Of Marriage Act

L. Merion won't block feds in Web-cam case

Today's satellite Oil Spill Pic

Justice Stevens and Kagan have a talk, Eric Holder: "Boy, the press should get that picture."

Got 66 minutes?

Alaska Senators Co-Sponsor Controversial 'Audit The Fed' Measure

The Rude Pundit - The National Day of Prayer: Do It or Satan Will Eat Your Head

What happens to all that uranium?

Heads up Borowitz fans

Dramatic Rise in Prescribing Psychiatric Drugs to Children Younger than Five

A National Review story that finally tells the truth

The Thief Complains

Breaking: Greece passes austerity bill...

BP: "This is America — come on. We’re going to have lots of illegitimate claims. We all know that.”

Poisonous chemicals used to fight Gulf oil slick

CBS claims Shahzad on "Homeland Security List" 3 years before there was a Homeland Security List

I truly believe that the ONLY reason that we have a Republican Party...

I truly believe that the ONLY reason that we have a Republican Party...

Vatican, Vietnam sacrifice a holy man

The insanity of people on No-Fly list being allowed to buy guns isn't obviously insane

Consumer spending above pre-recession level

The Nation: How the Pentagon Is Cheating Wounded Vets -- Soldiers Aren't Disposable

"BP has one of the worst safety records of any oil company operating in America"

BP. We're bringing oil to American shores. --->

The War Against the Horse

I am a Man: Dr. King & the 1968 Memphis sanitation strike

I am a Man: Dr. King & the 1968 Memphis sanitation strike

"And your little dog too."

Conyers: A Tool to Estimate Impact of HC Law on Your Family

Canada: Regulators approves usage-based internet billing

And they wonder why we call them Tea Baggers

WHY is all the news about Goldman Sachs on the BUSINESS pages?

Pic to caption

In wake of massive oil spill, support for offshore drilling has ‘fallen dramatically.’

In wake of massive oil spill, support for offshore drilling has ‘fallen dramatically.’

FCC expected to strip broadband of price, line-sharing rules for phones

Wondering about who heads Minerals Management Service (MMS) under Obama?

Where Honeybees Create Second Chances for Economically Marginalized Chicagoans

I'm late getting here today. Anyone know where the FCIC hearing thread is? n/t

Olbermann: Lindsey Graham Guilty Of ‘HEAD-UP-THE-BUTT-LOGIC’ In Letting No-Fly Members BUY GUNS

Breaking - Emirates airplane stopped on taxiway at JFK

Breaking - Emirates airplane stopped on taxiway at JFK

Nigerian President Umaru Yar'Adua is dead

Fox Defends Michael Brown Interview ... "Expert on Botched Responses"

Teabaggers gain a little JoeMentum: Lieberman names citizenship-stripping proposal "The TEA Act"

Fix the Economy, Not Wall Street: Why regulate a broken system when we can build a better one?

Feel-good story about a college athlete - there are some out there...

Your opinion-Does bias and hate speech by a community newspaper ...

I'm becoming convinced we need term limits for Congress

Whoopi's anti-tax tirade on The View

The Perfect Description of Rush Limbaugh...

Killer Drone Builder General Atomics Builds Killer Electromagnetic Rail Cannon

This is what I don't get about the teabaggers

Seadrill, Other Controversial Gulf Rig, Gets Passing Grade From Obama Administration

Goofball Jihadist wannabe took out a second mortgage on his house to finance his stupidity?

This Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission hearing is a goddamned joke...

Hall of Fame linebacker Taylor arrested

remember those wonderful Dixie Chicks well 2 of them have a new

George "Rentboy" Rekers explains ... sorta...

Giant beaver dam in Alberta visible from space

When you refine petroleum, where does the excess and waste go?

MSNBC showing photos of bomber's

Town Bans Bottled Water Sales

Town Bans Bottled Water Sales

Would Freepers, ReTHUGS, Teabaggers and RW hacks

Would Freepers, ReTHUGS, Teabaggers and RW hacks

Attacks on Asians Highlight New Racial Tensions (in the Bay area)



watch LIVE feed, streaming, Greeks do democracy

Republican Voter Enthusiasm Advantage Halved In Past Month: Gallup

"...Republicans are making love to Wall Street, while the people on Main Street are getting screwed"

"...Republicans are making love to Wall Street, while the people on Main Street are getting screwed"

Alas! Woe is me:

Oil Containment Box Arrives at Leak Site

World's biggest beaver dam discovered in northern Canada

Let the Suns know you appreciate what they did

Nouriel Roubini Says U.S. Economy Will Weaken in Second Half

Suspicious Package: TSA Worker Jailed After Junk Joke

FLASHBACK: The Sex And Oil Scandals Of The Minerals Management Service

LIVE CNBC-TV coverage of mass Greek demonstration in front of Parliament. MUST SEE TV!

Fla. Democrats Call For Amendment To Ban Drilling

Dow Jones drops 10,700 to 10,100 in a matter of minutes!

Thank you mods!

Holy Crap! Dow Jones down nearly 1,000pts!

11th thwarted attack on New York City since 911

U of A economists: Households Overreached, Led to Foreclosure Crisis

U of A economists: Households Overreached, Led to Foreclosure Crisis

Whoa. Free of GOP, Crist Hinting At Possible Veto Of Anti-Abortion Bill

Right-Wing Extremists Take On Local Law Enforcement, Lose

The amazing Maggie Mae - the two legged goat that walks!

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's Business Cards Used To Read 'I'm CEO...B**ch!'

"The Shock Doctrine, The Rise of Disaster Capitalism"...................

Rekers Inspires “Self Loathing Homosexual” Facebook Group

What's 7% of US stock market capitalization?

World faces a big liquid fuel problem...

Cantor Policy Group Fades Away

China switches to e-bikes

Toxic Oil Dispersant Used in Gulf Despite Better Alternative

MSNBC: A trading error at a major firm to blame for drop in market???

Bloodbath on Wall and Broad turns into a scratched knee...

Firecane? Is this possible?

Karl Rove, Republican Party plot vast network to reclaim power

Franken, Feingold sign on to big-bank-busting measure, bringing total to 11 Senators

When did Palin quit her job?

Pro-Marijuana Tea Party

Watched (and still watching) history before my own eyes on CNBC!!!

Watched (and still watching) history before my own eyes on CNBC!!!

Rule 1 of an Administration: Conduct yourself such that I never have to agree with Peter King

Palin endorses Fiorina for Senate; stiffs fellow Tea Partier DeVore, disses Campbell

It was a trading error

Wow, the resemblance is uncanny!!!

The All-American Canal

The All-American Canal

Someone please explain to me the anti-Dylan Ratigan sentiment here.

The tide is now turning towards real financial reform... Please call your Senator now.

The tide is now turning towards real financial reform... Please call your Senator now.

This oil spill may have been prevented ...

Tax, baby, tax

Sheen of oil confirmed ashore on Louisiana island

Telework bill comes up short in the House

Abortion rate rises among poor women-Those living in poverty are now twice as likely

Karl Rove, Republican Party plot vast network to reclaim power

Rekers has studied "girlie boys" for decades...

Man Faces 4,000 Years In Prison Over Alleged Abuse

Scitable: a social network for science research and education

dupe - delete

MSNBC Breaking: Retired NFL Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor arrested amid rape investigation

MSNBC Breaking: Retired NFL Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor arrested amid rape investigation

Privacy online isn’t a right: it’s a condition for other rights

Countries should start screening what companies they let into their borders

Eric Alterman: Party Every Day

BBC reporting likely Hung Parliament led by Conservatives...

Who bought Accenture at $0.01 a share today?

British election results coverage is live on C-SPAN3 for those who are interested

BP sponsors bash to honor Blanche Lincoln

apparently a mistake caused the market to drop 350 points.

Politicians such as Palin aren't the real Tea Party by Phillip Dennis of the Dallas Tea Party.

Which GOP Excuse was the lamest

I regret that bush jr was even a half-assed wife-beater

Should gold and silver pace each other?


American Family Association: Obama's criticism of Bush the cause of the latest terror attempt."

Willie Mays celebrates his 79th Birthday with members of the CA Senate and Assembly - pics

Reuters: Bailed out homebuilders collected fat paychecks while firing nearly half their workforce

Audio: New SEIU Radio Ad in Arkansas Challenges Obama’s Ad for Lincoln

Huge teacher layoffs coming

Obey Calls Out The White House As He Leaves

LIBOR is higher right now that it was the day Hank Paulson

Obama Discovers Cancer Cure; Republicans Outraged

Big Oil's spill in the Gulf is:

PSA: Kiva is hiring--San Francisco:

My goodness the british have style....

Respect for the flag.

Fed Audit Amendment Deal Struck In Senate

Retired general: GOP is undermining national security to score partisan points

At close on 5/6/2010, the Dow Jones:

Re: Airport "body scanners" and children.

Can you make it to the door in nine seconds?

SEIU ad on Arkansas black radio contradicts Obama on Blanche Lincoln

Was I too mean?

Recurring stories of people unable to vote in UK because of long lines at closing time...

Lawmakers admit $10 billion oil liability cap may not be enough to cover spills

So Newsweek is for sale. Hasn't made any money in ages..

McCain Caught Fundraising With Business Group That Killed McCain-Feingold, Shouts ‘I Love The Chambe

Allison DuBois (Medium) claims Obama won't recite the Pledge of Allegiance on facebook.

Al Sharpton addresses crowd over immigration law ("After dark we all look Mexican!")

FCC wants to rein in broadband providers-Boner HATES it!

Senate already on HFT trading reform due to todays market blowout

The UK election is full on, and getting interesting.

Obama didn't sign Franklin Graham's dance card, Graham warns about losing "millions of evangelicals"

BBC announcer on election troubles: "It's Third World politics, isn't it?"

Brit paper -- "Sarah Palin fuels anti-British sentiment"

Brit paper -- "Sarah Palin fuels anti-British sentiment"

Brit paper -- "Sarah Palin fuels anti-British sentiment"

Latest on Florida Senate Seat...Crist, Rubio, Meek

Can anyone tell me why tweety is getting advice from Jim Cramer, the

"Quest Diagnostics and African Americans" (Mar 2010) - x

"Quest Diagnostics and African Americans" (Mar 2010) - x

Nasdaq to cancel trades

Nasdaq to cancel trades

The "Other Woman" (NV Republican Governor Jim Gibbons' "Good Friend" Kathy Karrasch pens article)

Today's PROOF...yes, you heard me, PROOF..that Freepers are NOT racist scumbags.

Jeb Bush in Lancaster, PA: Voters are "sick and tired" of Obama's agenda.

Alliance party defeats Democratic Unionist leader!

All I have to say is

Despite American style vote blocking Britain is on course to elect its first Green MP.

UK Election Commissioner: "Tough Cookies..."

People are now dying as the deficit terrorists ramp up their attacks

Family Research Council throws George Rekers under the bus

Interrogator says Khadr was told he'd likely be raped in U.S.

Man is mistaken for silhouette gun target at training, shot in abdomen

Severe Rashes Prompt Pampers Diaper Investigation (blisters that resemble chemical burns)

Admin sheltered BP's Deepwater Horizon rig from regulatory requirement

"Trading Error" = someone gets rich! But if it was us we'd be in jail...

Dumb question of the day

Stop Unchecked Liberal Power - add over on Raw Story

TN-Gov. Phil Bredesen Gushing Over Obama's Response

Talk of nationalizing BP in order to cover potential 1 TRILLION in damages ...

Kay Hagan Voted For Audit the Fed, But Will Now Oppose

Stock exchanges invalidating craziest priced sales during the 2:40-3:00 EST period

Keith is tearing Jindal a new one

Does Greece manufacture anything besides bad debt?

PALIN Breaks with TEA Party Activists in California To Support Carly Fiorina

RNC 8's pre-trial hearing show St. Paul Sheriff Dept says Civil Disobedience = Rioting & Terrorism

Media promotes far-fetched ‘bin Laden in Iran’ report

Arizona law test case- 2007 Prince William County VA (hilarious result)

National Union of Students condemns vote blocking in Sheffield

Driver who struck four ten feet from Kucinich charged with attempted vehicular manslaughter

Scared Little Boys

Protesters Take on Cargill Over Palm Oil: Protesters chained to staircase inside Cargill headquaters

Science Daily: Heat Forms Potentially Harmful Substance In High-Fructose Corn Syrup, Bee Study Finds

Pentagon Bans Four Journalists From Guantanamo Bay for Reporting Interrogator #1’s Name

The U.S. government must seize BP and freeze its assets - NOW!

America Is Now "Free To Date"

How do you like your oil spill news to be brought to you by car co. ads with roaring gas motors?

A very bad day for Lady BlahBlah and Carly Fiorina

I came home and asked my wife if she wanted to "lift some luggage"...

Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick, D-Ariz., condemns boycotts of Arizona over bill which goes "a little too far"

Stock opens at about $42...then trades down to one cent...then closes at about $41

Senate votes 61-33 to defeat Brown-Kauffman TBTF Amendment

Use of video résumés is on the upswing

US Senate confirms 3 US District Judges, almost unanimously after months of delay

New Product: Chocolate- and vanilla-flavored formulas for toddlers

McCAIN Caught Fundraising With Business Group That KILLED McCain-Feingold, Shouts I LOVE THE CHAMBER

ZeroHedge: The Day The Market Almost Died (Courtesy Of High Frequency Trading)

WALL ST. On The Run - Senate Edges Toward Stronger-Than-Expected Financial Reforms

boo-FUCKIN'-hoo: Monica Crowley wants Obama apology AND reconciliatory speech RE: TeabaggerGate

Toyota, Selling Proctor and Gamble Stock, Mine Collapse and BP oil leak

Arizona-style racism creeping into San Diego county

Wow, we all saw the 'invisible hand' of free trade! It does work!

Russian Goth Rocker & Accomplice Jailed For Eating Teenage Girl in Russia: We 'Were Hungry'

Republican "humor"

Video: "You're FREE...THAT'S what's going on."

Heckuva Job, Kenny! Anatomy of an Oil Disaster

Here is a story about Jan Brewer that I have tried to confirmed but ...

I think the stock-market "error" spin is bald-faced LIES...

FR: RE: "Rekers was only providing counsel to his companion"

This Greek thing........................

The Daily Show explains HFT (high frequency trading)

Do you realize *how close* the B and M are together?

Is it a dog whistle if humans can hear it too?

Senate thwarts GOP attack on consumer watchdog

Great banner in the UK (election)

Fix the Economy, Not Wall Street: Why regulate a broken system when we can build a better one?

The Hutaree 9 could be free on bond soon

The Hutaree 9 could be free on bond soon

Erick Erickson is a turd

Is the Euro still a viable currency??

Supreme Court Contenders: Pros and Cons

Supreme Court Contenders: Pros and Cons

I'll have a BLT - no bacon, lettuce or tomato

If the bank makes a mistake and puts a million in my bank account it's not my money

Keith Olbermann compares the UK's "hung parliament" to Florida 2000.

Stock Selloff May Have Been Triggered by a Trader Error (enter billions shares instead of millions)

Why isn't BP considered a Crude Terrorist?

NYC may eliminate 6,400 teacher jobs.

Kansas Senate approves a 1-cent tax for 3 years . Maybe Education will get a boost ?

Lord Jesus Christ hit by car while walking in crosswalk

BP oil cap loaded on ship. Deployment by this weekend (weather depending).

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

George W. Bush in the 70s: "People are poor because they are lazy"

Are There Issues Where One Falls Is Neither Right Nor Left?

U.S. ruling challenges San Francisco's sanctuary policy

Giant prophylactic last hope for the Gulf of Mexico

BREAKING! the talent at Citigroup with the "fat finger" identified (PIC)

Oil spill may fatally wound Gulf fishing industry

I figured out why O'Reilly defended Obama's response to the oil spill

I just voted!

Yeah, he's gotta go.

J.D. Hayworth demands apology from Phoenix Suns

Greg Palast - BP - Much worse than imagined.

Village Voice: NYPD officer tapes colleagues for 18 months, exposes corruption

BBC reporting UK Green Party has won its first Parliament seat

K&R and check in if you demand Salazar to be fired over the recent oil fiasco.

Didn't someone say they wanted a story that made them feel good? Well, here you go

How to poison Lieberman's TEA act.

The vampires (corporations - psychopaths by definition) are sucking the life-blood

"---when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality –

Weeds Are Now Resisting Monsanto Weed Killer, Spurring Crisis in American Agriculture

Weeds Are Now Resisting Monsanto Weed Killer, Spurring Crisis in American Agriculture

How many are watching the BBC Election Night coverage (on C-Span 3)?

Krugman: Greek End Game

Sestak Goes for the Kill on Specter

WH: Idea that BP Given Special Exemption Because of Campaign Cash to Obama “Silly and Ridiculous”

Endangered Salmon Evacuated from Shasta and Scott Rivers in California

can somene please update me on the Greek protests?

Just for the record: I doubt electronic stock orders are spelled out with letters

Breaking - Man claims tohave a bomb on

"Fat Finger Error" the phrase (and excuse) du jour. Repeat until you no longer question it.

Returned to Florida!!!

Why I remain invested: Pessimism does no good

I've always read that during the Great Depression, people helped one another

Bill McCollum (R) Gov Candidate in FL is taking messages off Facebook about Rekers.

Your FREE Arizona sticker

CNN poll: Majority of Britons oppose immigration

This 73-year-old is proof that socialism works!

Religious-right leader (Rekers) ensnared in gay travel-assistant scandal threatens suit

Obama is Top Recipient of Political Cash from BP, Goldman Sachs, Defense Contractors, Pharma

What's the weirdest thing that will happen in the UK as a result of their 2010 election?

Californian Native Tribes, Anglers, Enviromentalist gather to fight for their water rights

What group of workers are the laziest?

"Coddled" Public Employees Make Less than the Private Sector

Red states= higher divorce & teen pg values analyzed

GOP Senators Delay Vote on Liu - held over until next week

Is anybody watching the stock market today? Holy hell...

What if Obama didn't support Blue Dogs?

What if Obama didn't support Blue Dogs?

Ugh. Listening to UK radio. An infamous Lib-Dem who championed progressive science lost his seat.

Dear Congressman Obey, Don't Leave Us the Bill

Senate Votes For Wall Street; Megabanks To Remain Behemoths

To all British DUers...

This Nasdaq thing

Obama favors "some" liberal ideas for Wall St reform,"though perhaps not in precise form offered"

do you think there is a right wing element with sports?

Does anybody still not believe the PPT exists after today?

Is it time to scrap the infamous No-Fly List?

Erik Prince unplugged: Secret Erik Prince Tape Exposed

Field trip for black students sparks controversy at Ann Arbor elementary school

Neanderthal genome reveals interbreeding with humans

No One Cares by Chris Hedges

Republican Rebranding Effort 'Suspended'

"The flag should not be used as "wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery"

Bill Aims To Protect Homeless From Hate Crimes (CA)

Health care law's massive, hidden tax change

Joe Lieberman names citizenship-stripping bill "the TEA Act"

California high school students couldn't wear American flag clothing today because of Cinco de Mayo

TSA Beats MIA Co-Worker After His Genitals Are Exposed on Full-Body Scanner

Only two-thirds of The Dixie Chicks?

The World's About to Go Greek, say two top analysts

Katie Couric Pretends to Be Journalist... Greek Economic Collapse

Ron Paul: Bernie Sanders 'sold out' on fed audit

Heroic Behavior...

Good news for our corporate overlords: We're working longer and harder for less money

Update: Escort tells paper Christian leader is homosexual

The routine act of driving has become the riskiest thing most Americans do

FYI: The first immigrant group asked to "carry papers" were Chinese Americans

Terrorists who want to buy guns have friends on Capitol Hill

Some info on the newly approved rig(West Sirius), West Atlas (blew up) & Deepwater Horizon

Adult children ratting out their retired civil service parents in the media???

To Whoever's Interested ...

Why The Victim Must Be Blamed

Holy Shit-skies! Palin on O'Rielly The U.S. Constitution is based on God and

A tax on abortion?

The G-O-Plea ------>

The Disenfranchinator? Complaint Filed: CA Election Dates Will 'Disenfranchise Latinos' Too!

I'm sorry, but the hell with their complaints

When they call a Dem policy 'socialist', stop them in their tracks and correct them with this word..

Stand up for Liam, stand against domestic violence

Shadow Banking System Probe

Here is the list of stocks whose 2:40-3pm trades are cancelled

Watching the British election being counted BY HAND.

The RentBoy Speaks - (George Rekers Scandal)

Cop records other cops - VERY revealing - gets thrown in mental ward forcibly by supervisors

Tier 5 unemployment benefits: 32,000 jobs created won't help most of the unemployed millions

Copy-and-Paste Message on Facebook

I've really come to like Spitzer -- any chance we can get him back in office?

Look how foolish England is

Judge Crabb’s Hate Mail on National Day of Prayer


Using "civil rights" to sell charter schools

Freeper heads EXPLODE over Hawaiian Governor's assertion of Honolulu as Obama's birthplace

They say they were offended by the five boys for wearing American colors on a Mexican holiday

Drop in the Ocean

NY's education dept wants $5 million to recruit new teachers while laying off 8,500.

When The Right Starts Warning About Dominionism, Pay Attention

20 Students Wearing "Border Patrol" shirts on Cinco De Mayo asked to remove them

Obama Top Recipient of BP Oil Campaign $$$$$

Why are we turning our backs on our fellow Greek workers?

10 years from now "RTTT will be widely recognized as a colossal waste of federal money"

Have you noticed people driving less since the oil spill?

Greek rioting is a Euro version of our 'no tax' crowd

4 Grammar/Spelling Pitfalls to Avoid (for resume writers and others)


Viva la Thread!

Cool website

someone kill the never dying thread please , it's getting annoying, mods ! hello !

Record Picasso Purchaser Revealed: Virginia Attorney General

Does Macy's have a sale every week?

Old Friends

So when did little yellow birds start flapping around in people's armpits?

Star Trek on drugs

Tea Party interrupted by Flash Mob

Just one of the creative ways some people deal with the tedium of office work...

Black African civilizations prior to european contact and racist stereotypes

Not just any ol' talking cat video,

May 18th is 30 years since Mt St Helens blew up...

It is all how you choose to see it.

How did we survive before YouTube?

Favorite vowel

(A) Hawaii (B) Kenya

It is about time I shock you and share the huge secret I have been hiding from you all those years

Stock market window divers these days should wear bungie cords.

I'm looking for a new job.

Everett Massachusetts students OK after ingesting dry ice

Seriously, why can't I have a seal as a pet?

Any hairdressers/stylists here?

The Album Leaf - Over the Pond

You Know You are Political Junky When You Are Excited By the Prospect of Election Night in UK

Penis jokes and "Gallows Humor" about hung parliment in the UK thread.

If I were this doctor, I'd want a name change

&%$#@!!! Springtime in Wisconsin!

BBC Election Coverage

Allegiant Air! A review for you viewing pleasure!

John Cale - "Venus In Furs" (Live)

I don't even know what to say about this.

What's a good website for meeting hot single female Neanderthals?

Help! I need a travel agent quickly --

Who Else Wants Russell To Pack His Bags?

My hypochondria's slipping

Dow Jones: For those who do not leave the lounge or without a TV.

Kitty got stung in his ear by an ant - suggestions?

Seriously, why can't I have Seal as a pet?

Breaking news from the UK: Elections results coming in now.

Symphony of Science

Chaz Bono Granted Name, Gender Change

Dumbest Commercial: Free Credit Score Dot Com.

I have no idea..

Lottery winner to keep job/It's the KFC Double downs fault

I am on diet and strictly counting calories , so , if one cockroach falls into the pot

Dear Steve Earle

Waylon & Willie - Good Hearted Woman

We're not the only ones who have to deal with circumcision threads

"We know who you are". Creepy PA Dept of Revenue ad

So, how was your day?

Christ Held By Half Naked Men.

Bryan Ferry's version of "You Go To My Head"

Do you have precognition?

Guess whats for dinner tonight...

WTF does this WinDoze 7 icon mean?

Grrr...It's HOT already!

I'm sorry for all the piehole threads.

anyone see this musical tribute to Mel Brooks given at the Kennedy Center Honors in Dec?

Per multiple reqs, a new fractal (dialup warning)

Say what you will about panhandlers - this guy's +1000 ...

Just Wondering If There's Anyone I Haven't Pissed Off Lately?

This is a wasp.

Time for me and the fox to have a serious discussion....

I turn 21 today.

WORST episode of "MASH?"

Now is the very witching time of night when churchyards yawn,

Seriously, why can't I have a narwhal as a pet?

I didn't know Dr. Strange had a MULLET!!!

What's your favorite single-malt scotch?

BREAKING: Jessica Simpson only brushes teeth 3 times a week, wants to be Michelle Obama

Why can't I be like graywarrior and create a thread that never dies?

Mumbai attacks: Kasab gets the death penalty

Lady Gaga perfected the music video

Air France crash 'black boxes located in Atlantic'

GAO reports casts new doubt on Afghanistan policy

Oh, what's with this "yellow" nonsense?

Cat Lovers...Get your Kleenex Ready

Are jeans, tee-shirt and sneakers okay for a pop concert?

Fears of Greek contagion sweep global markets

Has anybody here ever broken their coccyx?

Report: Politics not getting due attention in war

Seattle-Tacoma Airport baggage area evacuated over smoking bag

Explosive Traces Found On Sunken S.Korea Warship: Report

Voters head to polls for UK general election

Lawrence Taylor Arrested For Rape In N.Y. (Former NY Giant)

Magnitude 6.4 Earthquake Hits Peru

Oil lobby money unlikely to quell storm over BP

Russian regional chief under fire 'for meeting aliens'

Daily Mirror launches class war on David Cameron with Bullingdon photo (On the UK's election day)

Protests as Greek parliament votes on hefty cuts

ComEd withdraws $500M offer (to IL state gov't) for rate guarantee

Report: Passenger Pulled From Plane (at JFK )

Cuba's Silvio Rodriguez set to play Carnegie Hall

Right-Wing Extremists Take On Local Law Enforcement, Lose

U.S. ruling challenges S.F.'s sanctuary policy

Appeals court keeps Michigan militia members in jail

Uninvited preacher (Franklin Graham) prays anyway (outside the Pentagon)

Feds Let BP Avoid Filing Blowout Plan for Gulf Rig

GOP candidates' flight (with Karl Rove) probably broke law

GOP candidates' flight (with Karl Rove) probably broke law

The Cost of Goldman's Freedom

Sanders Learns Of White House Plans To Kill Fed Audit In New York Times

I figured out why O'Reilly defended Obama's response to the oil spill

US bank lending still shrinking: Bernanke

Karl Rove, Republican Party plot vast network to reclaim power

New Orleans Asks U.S. to Help Police Department

Goodluck Jonathan sworn in as Nigeria's president

Russian forces storm tanker seized by Somali pirates

Interior Suspends Planned Va. Offshore Oil and Gas Lease Sale

Accenture: Went to a Penny at 2:48 p.m. (from above $40 at 2:47 p.m)

Gold over $1200 for second time in history

Bloomberg 'Terror Gap' Argument Shot Down By Pro-Gun GOP Senators

Bloomberg 'Terror Gap' Argument Shot Down By Pro-Gun GOP Senators

Suspicious Package: TSA Worker Jailed After Junk Joke

Jobless Claims Dip, Productivity Growth Slows

Cell phone use cited in crash that killed 11

Cell phone use cited in crash that killed 11

Va. military jury finds Navy SEAL not guilty

American legislators pass Haiti trade bill

Gay Couples Challenge Defense Of Marriage Act

Leading scientists condemn 'political assaults' on climate researchers

Senate rejects GOP effort to weaken proposed consumer agency

Greyhound Bus Surrounded in Portsmouth (bomb suspect)

Greyhound Bus Surrounded in Portsmouth (bomb suspect)

Iceland arrests ex-chief of collapsed bank Kaupthing

Dow Falls 800 Amid Europe Lending Worries

Trading Error at Major Firm Blamed for Market Plunge: Sources

Greek parliament votes in favour of austerity measures

War crimes suspect arrested in Kosovo

Plan to audit Federal Reserve appears poised to clear Senate

Oil lapping ashore on Louisiana island: official

Toyota's new quality czar says buyers not being told enough

Cancers from Environment 'Grossly Underestimated'

AG defends decision to Mirandize NYC suspect

Former bank CEO arrested by Icelandic authorities

Asian stocks sharply down in opening trade

Rape threats used to scare detainees into confessing, Khadr hearing told

Suu Kyi's party 'to be dissolved'

Live Blogging Election Night in Britain (link to live BBC TV coverage)

Brazilian archbishop: all teenagers are 'spontaneously homosexual'


Dad, Daughter Die Trying To Escape Flood

Times Sq. Bomb Suspect Is Linked to Militant Cleric

Ku Klux Klan Leader Killed Female Recuit

I am over the moon!

Arizona governor: Boycott is misguided

Americans "bombarded" with cancer causes: (federal government) report

Jesse Colin Young and the Youngbloods - they were pretty good, no?

Sarah Palin backs Carly Fiorina for Senate

US says too few Afghans to take control in Marjah

Election exit poll: Tories to be 19 short of majority

Biden: US committed to missile defense in Europe

CNBC: A Citigroup Trader Made The Big Fat Finger Error

Rig Survivors Felt Coerced To Sign Waivers

You're a Neanderthal: Genes say yes — a little bit

You're a Neanderthal: Genes say yes — a little bit

Former NY Senate leader Joseph Bruno gets two years for fraud

U.S. facing 'grievous harm' from chemicals in air, food, water, panel says

Shadowy outside group spending $1.5 million to influence Arkansas Dem primary

Jailed Mich. militia members could be released

Argentina wins alleged death flight extradition

Voters turned away at polling stations (UK)

best M*A*S*H episode ever?

SEIU announces Arizona boycott

'Historic' day as first non-latin web addresses go live

Largest Nursing Strike In U.S. History Looms In Minnesota

World's biggest beaver dam discovered in northern Canada

Senate Votes For Wall Street; Megabanks To Remain Behemoths

Lounge topic of discussion: What does PPT stand for?

Students Kicked Off Campus for Wearing American Flag Tees

Obama Administration steps up scrutiny of insurer WellPoint

Endorser's remorse in Nevada Senate race (trouble in La La land?)

Ambinder: Democrats have talking points, too. Here they are:

I am going to predict the Unemployment Rate will decline tomorrow

If citizenship is stripped, you can't try someone for treason

NYT: Senate Liberals Push for Strict Financial Rules

TPM: Crist Hinting At Possible Veto Of Anti-Abortion Bill

Another Bubble? "Overspending Threatens Economic Recovery"

"Dem Exodus Never Materialized"

If Halter wins what is the over/under on FOX "accidentally" misspelling his name?

Isn't it interesting that the feds are leaking so much info about the Times Square bomber?

Interesting tweet from Marc Ambinder about the Pa. Primary race

Can we start the process of revoking Lieberman's citizenship?

Weekly Paper Depicts Obamas as 'Sanford & Son'-Satire or Racism?

Los Suns win! SUCK IT GOP

GALLUP: U.S. Job Creation Best Since November 2008

Obama: GOP plan on consumer protection 'worse than the status quo'

Republicans' idea of CFPA: Limit its oversight to 'large non-bank mortgage originators'

Sanders Learns Of White House Plans To Kill Fed Audit In New York Times

Throw the brick at Barnicle on Moron Joe. He made Cong. Peter King look like a genius

71%: Obama's response to the oil leak fair/good/excellent

How long before the wingnuts/teabaggers/cable networks blame Obama for Greece f'ing up the DOW?

Does anyone know if the President any public appearances scheduled today?

Obama has dropped the ball on this Greece issue!!!!

"Good government doesn't have the word 'secret' in the phrase"

Obama Rips GOP Financial Reform Amendment That Would 'Gut Consumer Protections'

Fact: If you believe that "now is not the right time" to repeal DADT, you ARE a homophobe

Nice try boys! "Poll deflates "Obama's Katrina" meme"

NYT: Fear Itself

Who shit in the punch bowl? Dow is currently down 321 points. So far.

Hawaii Gov. Lingle answers the birthers, who remain surprisingly unconvinced

Senate rejects Republican consumer protection plan

Right now, Lib Dems are playing Nader 2000 w/61 seats to Labour's 255 and Tories' 305.

If it gets down to Crist or Rubio and Meek can't win

BP, Halliburton to testify at Senate Environment and Public Works Committee hearing May 11

Politico shows how not to report on campaign contributions

WP: Obama gets weekly tutorials in terrorism (This is what Tweety was talking about today)

I think the GOP has proved just how superhuman Pres. Obama really is...

Former Colo. DNC Chairs Open Letter to Obama et al re-Senate Primaries.

Lieberman's Citizenship Stripping Amendment, "They're Calling It The 'TEA' Act."

Whoohoo!!! "NEW KCCI POLL: Grassley Faces Strong Challenge From Conlin"

"U.S. Job Creation Best Since November 2008"

Does the "Presidency" part of GD:Presidency retain any meaning?

Interior Indefinitely Suspends Planned Va. Offshore Oil and Gas Lease Sale

Notice these red states now all want the FEDS to help them.

Polls Close in UK! Exit polls predict hung parliament with Conservatives at 307 seats.

Do you really think Halter would vote differently from Lincoln if he were AR Senator?

FL-SEN POLL: Crist 38, Rubio 32, Meek 19

Greek Bankers' Deaths Obama's Fault Too

Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen: WH response to the floods is like i've never seen

"Rubio Buckles, Says He Would Vote For Arizona Immigration Law"

Dems need to bring back Howard Dean. Tim Kaine is clueless.

Sanders' Fed Audit Amendment Likely To Prevail

Obama administration still operating on behalf of Wall Street megabanks

It appears Blanche Lincoln took Nate Silver's advice on her HCR position.

On this night....Songs about the Devil or Hell

Queen has to approve of the parliament before it can sit? She's been dictator longer than F Castro.

Mosque going up in NYC building damaged on 9/11

LIVE on C-Span2: Senate Debating Financial Reform. As Biden would say, This is a big f*cking deal!

Blackwater record defended (by Erik Prince)

South Korea Concludes North Korea Sank Its Warship, Chosun Says

White House Supports Sen Sanders Amendment to Audit the Fed

The Sun - Cameron Front Page Parodies

Our newest Gay role model

Sen Al Franken Moves To Change The Way Credit Ratings Are Assigned

Here's How Ted Strickland Will Whoop John Kasich In November

“Hey AZ, Don’t F**ck With This Mexican”:

Attac Iceland solitaire meeting about Greece

Tea Party Network: Dick Cheney Super Hero?

John Legend - Earth Day 2010 - Song 1 - Justice Through Music Project

Greece is the Word

Support Greece. May 5th 2010 in Reykjavik, Iceland

ANIMATION: Obamacare is Here by Ted Rall

Gerald Celente on Greece Riots

Chris Hedges: America- The Silence of a Nation

Drill Baby Drill!

Trumka: The Importance of a Clean Energy Plan

Sen Kerry: People Are Going to Try to Scare You

Better energy choices than "drill, baby, drill"

British National Party candidate Bob Bailey and Asian Men Clash

BP Oil Spill Destroying Local Business

Where Have All the Flowers Gone....Peter Paul and Mary..

TYT: Anti-Gay Minister Busted Using!

TYT: Cenk Slams Fox News For Idiotic Obama Oil Spill Conspiracy

Papantonio: BP - Shills, Shills, and More Shills

Sting! - Earth Day 2010 - "Fragile" - Justice Through Music Project

Poem for the Oklahoma Lawmakers

Gerald Celente: Crash of 2010 inevitable

DADT is Inconsistent with America's Values

Pwn3d By Jesus (funny)

Young Turks: Church Fights Women Watching Porn & Masturbation

The revenge of Demon Sheep: Mutton on the Lamb

WoW - Inspiring Speech (NC-Sen)

Rep. Alan Grayson on Kent State: "THEY CAN'T KILL US ALL"

Breaking: Bernie Sanders reads the RIOT ACT to the Federal Reserve on the Senate Floor!

Athens Greece Riot Dog

McCain: I do not know the details of Fiorina's golden parachute, but she did a good job as HP's CEO

Senator Lincoln Turned Her Back

Thom Hartmann - Should anyone on the terrorist watch list be able to buy a gun?

TYT: Cenk in Heated Debate w/ Conservative Over Anti-Obama Book

Machete Deals With Arizona HD

Mike Malloy - Where Are You Now, Scum Suckers?

Midweek Politics: Richard Clarke Bashes Cheney - "Pandering, Partisan, Despicable Kind of Activity"

Sestak Hits Specter With Ad Tying Him To Bush, Palin

Thom Hartmann - Is a government sanctioned Day of Reason proof that atheism can be a religion?

Polanski Speaks Out About Extradition

NYT: Canada’s Doubts on Toyota (vaguely raised the prospect of criminal charges against the company)

Reinstate the Draft

David Korten: Don't Fix Wall Street, Create a New Economy

Sweet Athens, Georgia

The Cost of Goldman's Freedom

Right-Wing Extremists Take On Local Law Enforcement, Lose

Deepwater Horizon survivors told to take drug test before being allowed to call families

Is This It?

Karl Rove leads GOP plot to regain power

Problems and Challenges in the New Healthcare Act

Arun Gandhi, Martin Luther King, And Looking Beyond The Impossibly Perfect Standard

Nashville Flood Relief Telethon and how to get or give help to flood victims

Times Square Bombing Suspect a Complete Disgrace

Senate Votes For Wall Street; Megabanks To Remain Behemoths

The Taserification of America

Why the Media Ignored the Nashville Flood

Baseball's Phillies Announce New Promotion: 'Taser Night'

Kent State: "They Can't Kill Us All" (Rep. Alan Grayson)

Joshua Green: Even an oil spill won’t move Washington

Why hasn't the Patriot Act been repealed?

E.J. Dionne: Will We Keep Hating Government?

Is Bill Maher A Bigot?

Obama: I will not allow Financial Re-Regulation bill including GOP amendt to weaken consumer

Capgemini recruiting two-thirds of new staff offshore

Joe Lieberman's Fascist Solution To Terrorism

Would you put up with what is being asked of the Greek people?

Drumbeat: May 6, 2010

A question...

GOP's Choice To Testify @ Climate Hearing? Lord "Student Climate Activists = Hitler Youth" Monckton

Byrd on West Virginia's coal industry "our /people/ are West Virginia's most valuable resource"

Der Spiegel: How China and India Sabotaged the UN Climate Summit

Smart Grid Solar Tech: Getting the Energy From Point A to B

Just More 'Happy Motoring'

Fall in fish stocks far worse than feared

Japan restarts prototype fast breeder reactor today.

Nearly half of Gulf coast oil was exported in 2008

Scientists Speak Out Against Climate Change Deniers' McCarthy-Like Threats

Ready for some good environmental news?

GOP Chooses Non-Scientist Lord Monckton as Sole Expert Witness at Climate Change Hearing

Fish oil pills/overfishing

Republicans won't be nudged into cutting home energy

New director floated for international fusion reactor-Second management change in recent months...

Laurenceville Plasma Physics achieves 1 Mega-amp "Pinch"

Can the U.S. phase out coal’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2030?

Underwater Video of Oil Gushing into the Gulf of Mexico

American Superconductor Corp.’s SeaTitan turbine will use high-temperature superconductor wire

"So, apart from Chernobyl, what fatalities ..."B

$10B in liability for BP is just a smokescreen.

Oil Spill Hits Louisiana Wildlife Refuge

Florencio Campomanes, Chess Official, Dies at 83

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (miércoles, el cinco de mayo)

New Orleans Saints Pro Bowl guard Jahri Evans signs $56.7M deal

The Pittsburgh Pirates Humiliate the Cubs to sweep the series. The first

Bengals agree to two-year contract with Pacman

Robin Roberts Dies at 83; Led Phillies’ Whiz Kids to Pennant

NBA fines Danny Ainge $25K for towel toss

Bet you will never feel as bad as this referee does

ManUre to play MLS All-Star XI

Raiders release former No. 1 pick JaMarcus Russell

14 nations to participate in military exercise

Colombia: State Terror in the Name of Peace

Honduras row endangers EU-Latin America summit

Venezuela's Bolivar Weakens To VEF8 Against Dollar

Cuba - A Way Forward

U.S. Scientists Praising Cuban Health and Urge Ending Blockade

Lawrence Taylor arrested for raping a 15 year old

Argentina wins alleged death flight extradition

Cuba's Silvio Rodriguez set to play Carnegie Hall

Rent Boy: George Alan Rekers is a Homosexual who Enjoys Body Rubs in the Nude

Good thing George Washington didn't bar gays from serving in his army...

TWU and American Airlines Reach Tentative Contract

Today in Labor History May 6, 400 black women walk off the job & WPA established by FDR

Nurses plan picketing as contract talks near critical deadline

Jerusalem watches the rise of Nick Clegg

Settler Sewage Ruins Palestinian Crops, Drinking Water By Mel Frykberg

Lieberman to roll out 'Terrorism Expatriation Act' Thursday (No foreign armies except for Israel)

'Goldstone sent 28 SA blacks to death'

Guns - alcohol bill headed to Tennessee governor

OKLAHOMA: Open Carry Bill Goes To Governor Brad Henry (D)

Man Arrested At Asheville Airport Released

Colorado State, officially rescinded their illegal gun ban today!

Why the state should turn them all in in, first.

Two gun bills on Georgia Governor's desk

Went to get my Ruger Mk III .22/45

A few favorites from the last few days - Animals in Costa Rica

An Iris in the sun

Sunrise Moon

Camera Gear Mail: 24-70 2.8L & 16-35 2.8L ll from

Questions on cameras SLR DSLR or point and shoots

Ideas for May Photo Contest?

the kittens out cute for words.

Orion abort test with video

Largest Beaver Dam Seen From Space

Neanderthal DNA lives on ... in some of us

Prahalad Jani mystery remains unsolved

Now we're teaching robots how to use knives?

Herschel space telescope pierces giant star bubble

Awesome update from GD. (Warning: injured child story, but with positive outcome.)

Brazilian Archbishop: ''Kids Are Spontaneously Homosexual''

I'd say No, F**k you

Potential Role for Histamine Identified in Tourette's Syndrome

Cancers from Environment 'Grossly Underestimated'

New Alarm Bells About Chemicals and Cancer

Phase 2 kidney bean extract

The new casino: betting on Hollywood stars

Free For all Market Tanking

A Bank Tax as Insurance for Us All

And for those who think today's correction was just the result of a computer glitch..

The crazy "ride" that the manipulators took the Dow on today further reinforced

Gold futures at five-month high

The advantages of autism