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Archives: May 4, 2010

Visiting bands in Arizona at sporting events. An idea of a song to play... (Bowie!)

Video leaked from GOP fundraiser.

What comes first when addressing society's larger problems - politics or solutions?

Coal Mine- Disaster. Oil Derrick- Disaster. And now Wind Turbines....too!

The first major oil spill was the Torrey Canyon, back in 1969 but...

Both California GOP Gubernatorial Candidates love Teabaggers!

Both California GOP Gubernatorial Candidates love Teabaggers!

The beating up on teachers continues. Opinion piece...

News media seem to be screwing up the name of the bomb suspect.

Austerity in Latvia: a warning to the international working class

Local boy with cancer turns into a superhero for a day

Pennsylvania med students support state single payer

Pennsylvania med students support state single payer

The Keys are/WERE so Beautiful

While we are watching other events: Phillip Morris files suit in Uruguay for unfair cigarette law

Rhetoric guides immigration debate; Immigration law pushes U.S. toward European-style oversight

Excerpted Transcript: Wolfowitz on C-SPAN's Washington Journal justifying the Iraq War

Feds offer $5b to shore up early retiree coverage

The Black Tide

Environmental groups condemn ocean drilling in climate bill as ‘unacceptable

What is the "Homeland Security Committee".?. . .And why is Peter Fuckin' King

Questions on banking:

McCain Blocking Bill To Include Marines In 'Department Of The Navy' Name

Diaper David is on Morning Joe Scum

Has the TVA lost its' Power?

With Democrats like Gene Taylor...........

Frustrated sigh........

ABC New brings out Richard Clarke for informed opinion on the Times Sq bomb attempt.....

Multiculuturalism is a hoax

Floods threaten Nashville's water supply

Floods threaten Nashville's water supply turns out that Michele Bachmann isn't the craziest person in Minnesota

6 reasons 'Goldman Conspiracy' must kill reforms

Bee Catastrophe: 1/3 of Colonies Died This Winter, Worries Grow About Terminal Decline

A guy from Pakistan. How convenient to the Afghanistan Warmongers

A Pakistani-American was arrested for the TImes Square

An illustration about the oil spill

Opinion: A capacity for progress is the next step in human evolution.

Lookie lookie - who the heck just crawled out of the oil swill

What's the difference between Dave Vitter and a big pile of poo?

Has Toyota come clean on electrical glitches? (Toyota technician appeared with his computer )

Frying in Hot Greece......

Should Obama’s Supreme Court Choice be Non-Ivy League and Non-Northeast?

You could have imagined the consequences of deep oil drilling.

The notion that the first thing to do is "secure the border" and only then worry about comprehensive

Who said yesterday "I want our country to be able to trust the oil industry." ?

So BP's Oil Spill Liability is LIMITED TO $75mil , but they made Billions Last Q in Profits...

Marco Rubio wants to decrease Social Security for people under 55.

I'm taking a deep breath and recognizing that shit is screwing up all over the place right now

The Earth Is Bleeding. And Her Blood Is On All Our Hands.

BP Oil spill, I just put my tin foil hat on

Dear Bill Moyers,

Interesting choice of words but significance intended.

Conservative non-profit behind AstroTweets against Coakley

Blackwater: Teaching Afghans to Use Toilets & Jumping Jacks, too!

Mr. Fish TOON: Alternative Energy Emergency Cleanup Crews

Michael Brown: Obama Wanted The Oil Spill To Happen

Michael Brown: Obama Wanted The Oil Spill To Happen

Michael Brown: Obama Wanted Oil Spill (VIDEO)

About 80% of the callers on CSPAN's Washington Journal are blaming the government for the spill

About 80% of the callers on CSPAN's Washington Journal are blaming the government for the spill

Yesterday's late afternoon leak about the NYC bomber was a bad leak

Continental/United Merger - isn't this becoming a *too big too fail* problem down the road?

A noodle shop's role in Vietnam War

McCain blocking bill to to change Navy Department’s name to "Department of the Navy & Marine Corps"

Tin soldiers and Nixon coming

Oath Keepers founder slams conservative media ‘hypocrisy’ - Slams Beck, Malkin, Limbaugh

Efforts to shrink Gulf's 'dead zone' face serious setbacks from oil spill


what's with the missing thread?

Why is this so dang funny?

Health Care Bump at Last?

George Will's wind energy claims are for the birds -fact check

Bush regarding Iraq: "There won't be any more mass graves and torture rooms"

World oil production has been declining for five years...

Knife-wielding woman stabs 4 in West Hollywood Target store

As BP’s Oil Disaster Devastates Gulf Region, Landrieu And Boehner Call For Expanding

Sylvia Allen nonsense

Europe’s economic woes hitting home in Canada

Cuccinelli Probe Of Climate Scientist Blasted As 'Witch Hunt'

Luckovich TOON: "Caution..."

I'm looking for a scholarly or at least sane DU analysis of the 10 Planks of Communism

World's Parents Deny THEIR Kids Want Sex. It's All Those OTHER Kids.

World's Parents Deny THEIR Kids Want Sex. It's All Those OTHER Kids.

Which of these two men is a greater danger to the US?

Both sides in Arizona's immigration debate use crime argument

Idiot Rick Perry warns against 'knee-jerk' reaction to gulf oil spill, calls it an act of God.

Well, at least TLC didn't give them a TV show.

These photos make me want to cry.

DEAN KAHLER : Paralyzed in KSU shootings, he's thankful to be alive

Dummy Bait: Wouldn't we complain if Bush did the same thing?

WTF! The oil spill isn't even on the main website page of the NYT.

Stimulus Workers Confront Legacy of Contamination at Nuclear Sites

Some people were making fun of me for wanting to leave me job and volunteer.

Some people were making fun of me for wanting to leave me job and volunteer.

Sen. Mike Bennett Caught Looking at Porn on Senate Floor (Fl.)

Breaking: US Citizen of Pakistan Descent Arrested in connection to NYC attempted bombing

I give a lot of credit to New Yorkers.

From news: A diagram of the area affected and

patience is a virtue... kneejerk finger pointers.

Fears for crops as shock figures from America show scale of bee catastrophe

The Rude Pundit: Notes Regarding the Feasibility of a Minor Revolution, Part 2: Embrace the Leap

European Space Agency Satellite Images Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

US Seeks to Eliminate non-GMO Labelling Across the Globe

Now, I am no Democrat (or Republican) BUUT..

Calif spends $52,363 per year to house an inmate in prison, and $7,440 per student grades K-12

Retired General Eaton: McCain, Pete King Putting American Lives At Risk

Was the Senator Kaufman decision too hasty?

Witness blogs about rig explosion. Fascinating.

The oil spill in pictures.

Call me paranoid, but the alleged Times Square bomber does not look to be balding

Boston works through 3rd day without drinking water

Conservatives Want To Deny U.S. Citizen Faisal Shahzad Miranda Rights, Ensuring

2010 smear alert - Allies of Scott Brown used "twitter bomb" of lies against Coakley

Good info and pics here on coast oil protection techniques.

Limbaugh gloating that bomber was not a "tea-bagger"...

Have you noticed the change in rhetoric re: the Times Square dud bomb?

Have you noticed the change in rhetoric re: the Times Square dud bomb?

Veto Disappoints Backers of Calif. Smoking Ban

Gates: U.S. must rethink expensive ships, EFV

Navy wants more time for Boeing F/A-18 proposal

Alaskans revisit dark days of Exxon Valdez

BP's "Pollution containment chamber" video

1.Does BP have deep water drilling operations in other parts of the world?


Why do people proudly wear Corporate Logos on their clothes???

My plan to bring about the swift demise of BP and Goldman Sachs is failing...

Obama NSS To Drop Preemption

PATAKI demands that we be clairvoyant and PSYCHIC, respond to bomb threats BEFORE the fact

From comments just uttered, it's enough to make one wonder if CNBC's Dennis Kneale thinks the

Could BP's solution become "Possibly The Biggest Mistake Humans Have Ever Made 2.0"...?

Heckuva Job Brownie: Obama thrilled over Gulf oil spill

Any reports on source of Shahzad's cash?

Effects of military deployment on young children just beginning to be understood

In fairness to Rick Perry, he does seem to worship British Petroleum

In fairness to Rick Perry, he does seem to worship British Petroleum

Nuns respond to my e-ltr complaining about Laura INGRAHAM's un-converted Catholicism

Breaking now: Pakistani American arrested in bombing attempt.

Vitter and GOP friends lament poor, poor BP

I wonder who started Facebook Poll about Barack Obama?

I must have missed a memo. It's apparently Overt Troll Day here on DU.

I don't think that means what she thinks it means.

I don't think that means what she thinks it means.

Pull the Plug on Sarah Palin’s DISCOVERY Channel Show

Affordable Housing Initiatives?

Cuccinelli ditches censored lapel pins, blames the media for making them a ‘distraction.’

NOAA Oil Spill map

Quiz on Iran: Can You Pass It?

Quiz on Iran: Can You Pass It?

Deeper, Baby. Deeper

so when will BP declare bankruptcy thus leaving us holding the bag?

Palin having a TV show on Alaska wildlife is like BP having a show on pristine gulf habitats.

BP completes the first of three containment domes. (Plans to emplace all 3 by this weekend).

Now That This Times Square Bomb Plot Has Been Thwarted......

Deepwater Horizon was *not* pushing limits of exploration...

S.F. cops' pasts could jeopardize convictions

Progressive group raises $100k for Halter (v.Blanche Lincoln)

Live Eagle nest with chicks

Exclusive: Oath Keepers founder slams conservative media ‘hypocrisy’ Beck 'kissed Bush's booty':

US school for disabled forces students to wear packs that deliver massive electric shocks

Good Jobs Green Jobs Conference: Public Transportation Reform

Stupid Republican criminal uses Barack Obama as his alias

I just voted

Obama Supreme Court pick could come this week

George Will Is A Lying Idiot

I have a cousin who lives at the beach, and she won't leave if a hurricane is coming because

New Phrase In Association With The Times Square Bomber Is Being Used.....

Times Square bomb suspect said to implicate himself; probe expands to Pakistan

Christian right leader George Rekers takes vacation with "rent boy

Al Jazeera English to be seen on Canadian cable and satellite

'Conservation group' quoted by NYT has direct ties to offshore drilling industry

on Greece's required ''austerity measures'' it occurred to me they are never applied to the rich

Gulf Coast Oil Geyser: UP THE IRONS!

BP's legal liability round-up

Deal Killer? White House Takes Aim At Fed Audit Provision

Deal Killer? White House Takes Aim At Fed Audit Provision

Right-wing bloggers thrilled to learn terrorism suspect isn't white

Ten great and practical things you can do to help clean up the Gulf coast

Somebody has a picture in their sig line of an oil rig shaped like a shiny

Bill Nelson: I'll Filibuster A Climate Bill That Allows Offshore Drilling

Bill Nelson: I'll Filibuster A Climate Bill That Allows Offshore Drilling

If I win MegaMillions tonight, I will pay more taxes than what BP will pay for their disaster

Gulf Oil Spill isnt Obama's Katrina, It's the Media's.

Alabama football coach Nick Saban was at Kent State May 4th, 1970.

UNDER OATH: Defense Gets Interrogator to Suggest Khadr Was Tortured

UNDER OATH: Defense Gets Interrogator to Suggest Khadr Was Tortured

A tangible example of why a boycott against BP won't work

OMG I just looked up "shooting a propane tank"

Was the NYC car bomb a retaliatory attack on South Park?

Animated graphic of oil spill

Christian right leader George Rekers takes vacation with "rent boy"

Check out these photos of the Opryland Hotel flooding

WOOT!! Obama chose Kalamazoo Central High School......

A Most Satisfying Lunch

Boycott BP?

Random thought: Would our founding Fathers ever have let themselves

Looks Like Offshore Drilling Probably Won’t Be in the Climate Bill

Bwaaaaah hahahahahahha Issa is bawling about the

Murder of racist leader takes a turn into weird country

Neighbors' quick moves save attacked dog's life

Neighbors' quick moves save attacked dog's life

Aerial scenes of Nashville area flooding

Tweety looks good today

Legislators push PA immigration control bill!

Legislators push PA immigration control bill!

Economists' consensus estimate for Friday's jobs report: +175,000 jobs in April

Jake Tapper decries Obama use of "teabagger" then admits it's a coinage of Tea Party folks

Viva 'Los Sons'!!!!!

Markets slide on Greek debt woes

They hate us for our freedom. . . Well this time its true

suspect talking....have we had to torture him yet????

The return of Ken Blackwell: Mad Hatter back with the Tea Party in Ohio

12 fresh angles on the Gulf Coast oil spill, neatly packaged

Wood could be 50% of Swiss renewable energy in 2025

Where's Gale Norton?

How can M$Greedia continue this ridiculous

They hate us for our freedom. . . Well this time it is true

Ugh, just got a notice from our cable folks.....we're now getting FBN

Michael Brown shouldn't ever say Katrina

Some good news and some bad Democrat Angela Lansbury

So the Times Square guy admitted it and named names that lead to further arrests

Critics: Times Square Bomber almost got away.

Why downplaying the oil spill by comparing it to much bigger ones is naive.

Children's Tylenol recall: FDA slams factory conditions

Oakland police chase and gun down 'Bambi'

Voter turnout for the primary in my predominately Repub district today:

How Cooperation Is Maintained in Human Societies: Punishment, Study Suggests

thought provoking?

Cornyn: Senate should 'discuss' raising oil spill damage cap

I'm retracting my guess that the would-be bomber had help from Tehreek-e-Taliban.

I'm retracting my guess that the would-be bomber had help from Tehreek-e-Taliban.

How many Dicks does it take

Right Wing / Republican Art

Anyone want to host an exchange student from Afghanistan?

White House hits back at Fox News's 'very special and unique interview' with Brown

Is the right requesting Shahzad go in front of a military tribunal right?

Gulf rig owner had safety concerns

Job Opportunities in the Oil Cleanup Along the Coast

Why is Michael Brown on my TV with Chris Matthews

Glenn Beck Goes On Anti-Mother's Day Tirade

Who in recent history has done the most to advance the rapublican agenda?

Ugly minds produce real ugly people and Debbie Schlussel definitely hit the ugly tree.

Neighbors' quick moves save attacked dog's life

Gov. Riley Tells ThinkProgress He Will Reconsider ‘Drill Here, Drill Now’

Where's Dick?

Gulf Oil Spill Response Booms--they need hair and other supplies!

Have you ever laughed at someone then realized they are seriously mentally ill?

Gallup: Underemployment Falls to 18.9% in April

Shed a little light (James Taylor)

SCOTUS Blog - Justice John Paul Stevens from the bench: arguments, questions, and dissents

Helicopters At Wounded Knee Cause Confusion

So this guy was a radicalized muslim after all

Too Big To Jail? Executives Unscathed As Regulators Let Banks Report Criminal Fraud

Threat Level Privacy, Crime and Security Online

Federal judge rejects bid to halt pot clinic ban

Legislation Calls For Expanded Trade To Help Haiti

Maj General Eaton is tearing the ReTHUGS a

It's about time - Democrats talk back on banking reform

Proposed Legislation Allows Discharge of Private Student Loans in Bankruptcy

How I Found Myself in this Situation…

Go tell them Keith... by the way

(unburned) oil is why we have free oxygen in our atmosphere

(unburned) oil is why we have free oxygen in our atmosphere

Mike Brown: "...this could be Obama's Katrina...."

Why are We So Obsessed with Money???

Primary Completed Coussoule Looks Forward To Challenging Boehner In General

Frontline tonight. An examination of for- profit universities.

Have any outrage left? "Greenspan Wanted Housing-Bubble Dissent Kept Secret"

Michael Brown was a complete DICKHEAD during Katrina

Heads up GD, Obama interviews a new SCOTUS candidate for Stevens slot

I may vomit. So might you at this column by David Brooks.

Highly endangered sea turtles found dead on MS coast.

GOP Senate candidate in Utah cofounder of Ignite! Learning with Neil Bush

So what do you know about the "Illegal Immigration" issues?

OK. I'm not making this up. O'Reilly is so dumb

Retired General: McCain, Pete King Putting American Lives At Risk

Google Maps - Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Rosalynn Carter is on TDS w/Jon Stewart tonight.

New facebook group: How about Obama hires 16,000 new border agents, NOT 16,000 new IRS agents!

Christian ‘doctrine’ fueled dehumanization: UNPFII report

What is BP Putting in the Gulf?

Spirited debate over buying alcohol by mail spills into Congress

Oh the irony

Ratigan is having a grand fight with Judd Gregg

Times Square Bomb: The Right's Nuttiest Theory — By Adam Weinstein = MJones

Anyone feeling like Winston tonight?

Paranoia, anxiety grow over Gulf Coast oil spill

6 reasons 'Goldman Conspiracy' must kill reforms: Derivatives-bonus culture needs neo-Reaganomics...

WOW! Pickles is gonna be on Hannity's show tomorrow! Hard-hitting journalism at its best! USA! USA!

I guess we've come to find out the "invisible hand" was actually an invisible finger! nt

(Update-SCRUBBED!) "In the end, it was secret Army intelligence planes that did him in."

Some Ohio Senate Primary Election Results Coming In

Shell: Almost 14,000 tons of oil lost in Nigeria

Union Mines Are Safer: Ask Tim Miller, Whose 10 Co-Workers Died in Mine Blast


Phoenix to wear 'Los Suns' jerseys in Game 2

I got an "A" in Mines & Booby Traps school....

Where Did the "Promise Keepers" Go?

Jeb Bush helps out PA gubernational candidate, who wants to implement charter schools...

I am taking bets!

keith olbermann just

Draining of Disneyland waterway reveals items lost by guests - 100s of cell phones

John Cornyn (R-TX): Obama Got 'Lucky' That Times Square Bomber Is Talking

Obama Administration Was Warned It Was Underestimating Threat Of Serious Spill

Who said this?

Remember when "Breaking News" was really "Breaking News?"

No Charges for Ex-Head of Housing Under Bush

U.S. Military Using Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD's) in Iraq & Afghanistan!

Watching Laura Bush and her girls on Oprah! Hard to take!

The Cuccinelli lapel pin is a replica of the Confederate 17th Virginia Infantry flag

DU this poll on AZ immigration law

To Protect and Serve

If McNuts didn't hate Keith before tonight, he sure does now!

'Pink Hearts' Campaign Kicks Off on National Teacher Day

Any exit numbers on the OH primaries?

Thirty-eight years ago today, I was in ninth grade at Lee Burneson Jr. High

Mo. Senate passes referendum opposing federal health insurance mandate

Wow. GOP congressional candidate destroyed. By his own staff.

If BP was negligent, is it liable to all businesses that suffer losses because of the oil spill?

Does the BP dome idea seem eerily similar to "The Simpsons Movie" to anyone else?

Sanders Concerned White House May Kill Fed Audit Amendment

Ohio: Fisher Tops Brunner, Will Face Portman

Fucking A - - Nashville - - Hang in there, OK?

CONFIRMED:Lieutenant Governor Lee Fisher is Going To Win The Ohio US Senate Primary!

Teacher Appreciation Week 2010

wondering why one of my brothers has gone insane

I think the Times Square car bomb was designed to fail

Was Deepwater Horizon's Gas Detection System intentionally bypassed by BP?

Ernie Harwell dead at 92. Best of the Best. RIP Ernie.

Rosalynn Carter is Jon Stewart's guest

100 year-old 'Aunt Aggie', who raised 40 foster children, facing foreclosure

How to help: Volunteer information for Gulf of Mexico oil spill cleanup

Send the dog out of the room---!

What is the origin of the use of the name "Poppy" Bush?



Please discuss this and help me figure it out.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Possible never before seen photos of the Gulf of Mexico Disaster

275,000 School Jobs on Chopping Block, Survey Says

Chemical Danger: Substitutes Used In Butter Flavoring May Be Worse

AlterNet: JudeoFascists Attack Home of Progressive Rabbi Michael Lerner

".. even if what I read isn't true"

Grand Rapids, MI voters vote to raise their income taxes

Federal Government Hiring Drives Jobs Growth

Gulf Coast diary: Our last seafood dinner

It looks like the NC Democratic nomination for senate is going to a runoff.

Top 10 Justices by length of service

Top 10 Justices by length of service

Paying For The Oil Spill: A Guide To Who's On The Hook

you gotta be fuckin kidding me!!! 169 nukes for mundane tasks like creating underground storage???

CNN Poll on Continued Drilling..UGH!

Fan on Phils' field subdued with Taser

On the "History channel."

CIGNA Admits to Secret Funding for Anti-Health Care Reform Ads

Questions: Which story should be front and center on DU?

John McCain has become a sad, pathetic caricature of himself.


Anyone here working for the Census?

Judge frees jailed mom of 15; kids stay in foster care

A Lost iPhone Shows Apple’s Churlish Side (NYT)

Puppy beating may lead to Calif. animal cruelty register

RE: Los Suns--The NBA, Phoenix Suns and San Antonio Spurts have SHAMED Major League Baseball

Tell me why this is a bad idea:

18 states refuse to run insurance pools for those with preexisting conditions

Hampton HS Student Suffers Seizure During Cell Phone Mix-Up

DNA tests prove Cleveland man innocent; he'll go free (served 29 years)

Not a great picture but still brings a smile to my face

The Rule of 3's - Taking America Back

Thoughts about Times Square 'bomber.'

Hunter S. Thompson work eyed for film

What the Heck is BP Putting in the Gulf? (Mother Jones)

Do we all watch too much Jack Bauer and his ilk?

When will our country end the appeasement of the right wing?

Capitalism's Self-Inflicted Apocalypse

Perhaps we should deport bad spellers?

Question on drilling in the Gulf. Anyone know how many oil rigs are in the Gulf?

Astroturf 'Conservation Group' Quoted In NYT Frontpager On Oil Spill Has Ties To Transocean

PD asswipes opine on May 4th, 1970.

Gooey Black Corporate Greed

Why is it everything that is bad has a HALLIBURTON aroma (oil spill)

Gulf Gusher -- how bad can it be?

Faisal Shahzad earned MBA from Moonie-run university

Obama FCC Expected to Abandon Net Neutrality, Universal Internet

Is the suspected bomber a "lone wolf"?

Question on the oil containment devices

These are the major news stories we are trying to absorb right now:

Glen Beck Smacks Down Cons Like McCain & King Regarding Miranda

what's up with Arkansas?

Phoenix Suns to wear "Los Suns" jerseys, Owner criticizes immigration law

Small Luggage Explosion at Bush Airport

Web cam report blasts Lower Merion school district

another large city gets flooded by climate change rain (deaths)

Pogo cartoon worth recycling for the simple accuracy "We have met the enemy and he is us"

Now that this Shazhad guy has been arrested, I apologize to the teabaggers

Ugandan 'Kill the Gays' Bill Becoming an Issue in Kansas

Via Kos: WebCamGate Report Released. Conclusion? They're screwed.

Support Latino baseball players in asking Commissioner Selig to move All Star Game from Phoenix:

Elizabeth Warren On A Pants-less America

Fed Audit Update: * Amendment Gaining Momentum*

Is Dick Cheney To Blame for the Oil Spill? Signs Point to Yes.

I voted today! And now I'm mad at Democrats

Bad Credit, No Job? Lawmaker tries to make candidates credit off-limits to employers

Re: Oil Spill. I think everything is going to be OK

I'm looking for a candidate whose platform is "Get off your lazy asses and ride bikes"

What is Cheny doing in Saudi Arabia?

Farmers Cope With Roundup-Resistant Weeds, “It is the single largest threat to ... agriculture"

I predict the oil well leak will be 100% shut off in the next two weeks!

I predict the oil well leak will be 100% shut off in the next two weeks!

For-Profit Schools Recruiting the Homeless

12 Groups of Animals Threatened by the Oil Spill

We have come to this: Tips on how to live out of your car.

GULF OIL SPILL - How EVERYONE can HELP!! Hair Mats and Mushrooms!

How do we turn this energy into votes?

Looks like BP Alaska is getting some visitors today.

Oh schadenfreude, oh schadenfreude, rekers is a hypocrite

Why the Enlightened Liberal Class Is Complicit in the Country's Downward Spiral

Three Lies Conservatives Tell About Poverty

The war industry is bipartisan.

BREAKING: Butler County, Ohio BOE Website Declared 'Under Attack:

Why the Deepwater Horizon Blew Up- Taken from a Driller's Forum


Why there is so little Oil on the Beaches

Ayla Brown, Scott Brown's Daughter, Gets CBS 'Early Show' Job

Hats off to (DU) moderators.

Anti-gay fundie associated with James Dobson says he hired a rent boy to "help him carry luggage"

A Nod to Southern Liberals

The RNC 8's hearings of Charges of conspiracy to Riot start this week.

Anti-Gay Christian Right Leader George Alan Rekers Caught Returning from Vacation with 'Rent Boy'

Greek protesters storm the Acropolis

Is it just me but does the oil spill not seem to be getting much coverage?

US super-rich (top 400 families) get five times more income than in 1995

Can the Gulf oil disaster get worse? Well, Hurricane season starts June 1st

California- Plunge in state revenue dashes hopes

33 Billion Dishonest Excuses for War

Anyone watching . . .

As this spill hits shore, I ask a favor of my fellow DUers

Anybody who wants to keep all the illegals out of the US

A whole lot of people deserve a whole lot of thanks today.

Fact-checking the "Mother of all gushers could kill Earth's oceans" e-mail.

Who will the Right Wing/GOP/Tea Parties scapegoat next for the Gulf oil disaster?

Murdered Racist Leader May Have Propositioned Killer

University of Phoenix now the largest college in the US with half a million students

2007 DC school leader Michelle Rhee: $41,250 signing bonus, $275,000 annually, $27,500 annual bonus.

American: The Bill Hicks Story

One of America's Most Prominent Anti-Gay Activists Found Vacationing With A Male Prostitute

Now MSN is calling it "Fans Gone Wild"

The Math

Judge orders release of 9 Hutaree militia members (Update to earlier threads)

Professor Francis Boyle on the 2001 Anthrax Attack (audio MP3)

I'm stumped.

Who Are These Immigrants That America So Fears?

Puppies? Kittens? Something good?

Interview with Deepwater Horizon Rig Survivor

So-called Illegal Immigration: Don't Doubt for a Moment

•••••• Video - BP's "Crack In The World" - from 1965 movie to real life nightmare ••••••

In honor of International Star Wars Day...

Post a Song that mentions brocellosis!

Just discovering

listen and and watch this 22 second video - what emotions does it evoke?

Going to hang out in DU...its getting rough in GD..someone entertain me..

Farmville, wtf?

Happy Yoda Day!

DU relaxes me.

OMG! It's a spring! (heavy)

Mumbo Jumbo

Is it booN or bust, or is it booM or bust?

Damn cat!

Kayne West rap battle on Cleveland show (clip)

Verizon's new "Incredible" phone is just that...

Who won the Heineken Audience Award at the Tribeca Film Festival?

"I don't give out my email address" - from a gov't agency

Little did Dr. Strange know that Lucas would include his idea in his movie

Video leaked from GOP fundraiser.

Warren Zevon-Poor Poor Pitiful Me/Cadillac Ranch

Mos Eisley Spaceport

Good grief, is anywhere so important that you would drive around

How did the idea of having to use a silver bullet to kill a werewolf get started?

Funniest Personal Ads EVER

A Day in the Life of Darth Vader

"Let's blow this thing and go home!"

I have come to the conclusion that most, if not all posts by Ikonoklast in the Lounge

Y'all see that youtube of the babysitter being attacked by a cat

Sesame Street has changed since I watched it in 1971.

The job interview went ok, but why did I have to get naked and run on a treadmill for 20 minutes?

Would you be interested in a DU movie club?

Why's Frances Scott Key strollin round nekkid at Fort McHenry?

The Five Stages Of Love

I don't know if this is a lounge or a

Why would anyone think Shirley Manson was cool?

so, what did i miss?

Your word for the day is: Convivial

Check this out I been posting music songs and videos for years.

Condos Now Selling!

Who could have imagined there would be a problem with this?

All Seattle Area Friends! Please read...friend's car was stolen yesterday

Rum in the sun

Has anyone else popped open a can of cat food in the morning and run out of the kitchen

"Would You, Could You on a Boat?"

I don't usually post about spiritual topics, but if each of you could imagine...

Neil Young on "Ohio"

Why would anyone think Charles Manson was cool?

What Marcy was best?

Coming up for air...

Allison, Jeffrey, Sandra, William:

This TV ad is driving me nuts!

"You are part of the rebel alliance and a traiter! Take her away!"

I have come to the conclusion that most, if not all 'poster' in the Lounge

Official: Suspect in custody in NY car bomb attack

Another problem at the gas station today.

YouTube is broken.

Ezekiel 48:5

Look who crashed a bar watching the Milwaukee Bucks game!

Detroit Tigers broadcasting legend Ernie Harwell dies at 92

Bad pun of the day!

NyQuil, Benedryl etc

what are you doing, why aren't you going to the STORE RIGHT NOW

Le Passage.

Is Delaware happy being compared to various things relating to size?

Are you happy with your homepage? I need to get rid of msn after all these years.

Lobbyists fret over legislation to reshape financial system

I need socks with traction. Here's the story, I got orthotics about 2 months ago

Best MTM sitcom?

"The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick" to be published next year

Your favorite air instrument OTHER THAN air guitar. Don't vote other and say air guitar, wiseass.

I got the loveliest gift from a du'er. I know i haven't been around much

Interviewing for a job today, and I need some advice

So something is so totally wrong with car insurance these days

I sleep with a teddy bear. Is that bad?

Whatever happened to Randolph Mantooth?

Suspect arrested in NYC bomb attempt

Jack Webb recorded an album?

Three Passengers Pulled Off Dubai-Bound Flight

Times Square bomb suspect arrested 'at last second'

(US Transportation Secretary Ray) LaHood defends fines against Toyota

Google Invests in Two Wind Farms

Comedian Ellen DeGeneres apologizes for iPhone commercial parody. Says she love their products.

Child labor trial to start (1,000's of violations, awaits sentencing on 86 fraud convictions)

Just 72 hours left until my "staycation"

Reading Mackenzie Phillips' "High on Arrival"

I'm searching the Internet for a picture of how John Lennon would look today if he had lived,

Is there a clinical/technical term for an aversion to looking at people's faces?

Judge agrees to delay release of militia members

Glenn Beck hates mothers day!

Christian right leader George Rekers takes vacation with "rent boy

Georgia man accused of traveling to Tennessee for armed takeover of courthouse

US Skeptical New York Bomb Suspect Acted Alone

South American Leaders to Sign Accord Opposing Arizona Law

UDD accepts PM's reconciliation roadmap (Thailand)

Feingold Calls For Phasing Out TV, Radio Marti Broadcasts To Cuba

Man "marries" cat

Homeless feared killed in Nashville flooding

Goldman market unit fined, hundreds of violations

Up to 8 reportedly in custody in Pakistan in connection with Times Square bombing attempt

Feds Gave Safety Prize to Transocean's Deepwater Horizon-Workers Did Hip-Hop Safet

Leader of Anti-Gay Hatemongering Movement Caught with RentBoy

Documents found near bomb suspect's former Shelton home

All Drilling Must Be Halted In Arctic Pending Full Investigation Of Gulf Of Mexico Blowout, Says WWF

Coal Ash Regulation Proposals Announced By EPA

Fatality reported at WV mine

UC Berkeley students begin hunger strike

Early Retirees Get $5B Boost from White House

Silvio Berlusconi suffers blow as minister resigns over corruption charges

Name an enormously underrated thing stuck in unjustifiable near obscurity.

Nonprofit Conservation Group (cited by NYT) Has Ties to Oil Interests, Gulf Oil Spill

What is Cheny doing in Saudi Arabia?

Former Guantánamo detainees set for payouts after winning secrecy appeal

WWF sees "severe risk" in Arctic oil exploration

BP CEO says dome to be on seabed Thurs.

Wife of slain officer speaks out against new law

Court rebukes government attempt to use secret evidence in torture lawsuit

Ernie Harwell Dies at 92

'Smart dust' aims to monitor everything

EPA Announces Plans to Regulate Coal Ash

How can I find out if somebody's dead?

Tucson City Council votes to sue over illegal immigration law

New NATO idea to avoid killing innocent Afghans

Police Detonate Suspicious Bag at Bush Airport

Tucson City Council votes to sue Ariz. over immigration law

News Corp profit up on Avatar, but outlook disappoints

Dow Sinks as Greek Crisis Hits Global Markets


How can I make myself irresistible to women?

HCL (India) bags $500-mn IT outsourcing deal from Merck

BP says stemming oil flow will take three months

Obama interviews Diane Wood for Supreme Court

Court Rebukes Government Attempt to Use Secret Evidence in Torture Lawsuit

Tentative Senate Deal On Future Big Bank Failures

Nestor Kirchner to head South American bloc

What do you want?

Owner of sunken oil platform had safety concerns

Attention shoppers: Gulf spill could affect you

Legendary broadcaster Ernie Harwell dies at 92

Times Square bomb suspect nabbed at airport-Pakistani-born U.S. citizen attempting to fly to Dubai

More Americans Have a Positive Reaction to ‘Progressive’ Than ‘Capitalism.’

More than 80% of school districts to cut jobs

Major step towards a Free Trade Agreement between Australia and India

More Afghan schoolgirls ill in suspected gas attack

Obama hosts Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel for lunch

Cuccinelli tells U.Va. to hand over documents on climate change

(California) Governor rejects smoking ban at beaches, parks

Oil spill: BP gives $25M to Florida

Holder: N.Y. bomb suspect admits role, will face terror charges

Bill To Ban Members Of Congress From Becoming Lobbyists Wins Cosponsor In Senate

Raise BP liability cap to $10 billion?

After 32 years of smoking......I finally quit 6 weeks ago today.

Auto Safety Bill Includes Standard for Stopping

Sen. Orrin Hatch says proposed tax on big banks is unfair

BP completes first of three containment domes

Laura Bush Reveals How George W. Stopped Drinking


Patrick Henry charter school gets OK to use church

Birmingham area condo owners at Gulf Shores sue oil rig companies

(UK) Army to be sued for war crimes over its role in Fallujah attacks

Suns to wear ‘Los Suns’ jerseys for Game 2

Cornyn: Obama Got 'Lucky' That Times Square Bomber Is Talking

Factory Orders Rise, Sales Jump Most in Two Years

Authorities: Times Sq. bomb suspect trained at terror camp in Pakistan

Sanders Concerned White House May Kill Fed Audit Amendment

BREAKING: Butler County, Ohio BOE Website Declared 'Under Attack:

Pelosi confident in Senate climate action despite hurdles

Argentina arrests former dictator's top money man

Acropolis in Greece stormed by protesters

Amount of Spilling Oil Could Soar, BP Admits

Greece Hit By Massive Strike Protesting Austerity Plan

Would you consider living in an 'earth shelter'?

Movie Gallery (and Hollywood Video and Game Crazy) closing all U.S. stores

Fashion tip: If you can lick them, the fit in the bust is too tight.

Bomb suspect lost Conn. home to foreclosure

US school for disabled forces students to wear packs that deliver massive electric shocks

Eugene Robinson: Border-First Hallucinations

Oil spill: Update on the government response

It still amazes me people actually want to be POTUS. Oil spill and now another terrorist attempt.WOW

Dan Pfeiffer:The 10 Most Wanted Lobbyist Loopholes

This is what transparency looks like

Factory growth rises, consumer spending up & Pending home sales rise 5.3 percent in March

****Heads Up: POTUS Speaks to Business Council, 11:05am EDT! ****

The world will be watching. And we can lead by example.

We should have let the Time Square bomber leave the country and see who he linked up with!!!

Well, the Obama administration and Homeland Security must be doing a good job in handling the NY

Fraud case complicates Ayotte bid

Neumann gets endorsement from Sen. Coburn (Wisconsin)

Angela Hicks Drops Out of 8th District Race for Congress

Should Recs and Unrecs be made be made public?

President Obama does better than his "last nine elected predecessors" on one important metric.

Damn Obama for not being able to identify criminals before they become criminals

Obama bow to Saudi king led to Times Square plot: Michael Scheuer

DeJoie Ends Congressional Campaign (NH)

I just saw X-governor Pataki on Contessa bleating about how Obama...

You can help with the oil spill cleanup! Donate hair/pet fur/nylons

Obama sits with SCOTUS nominee, Diane Wood Tuesday

Dems: Cantor’s Speech Shows He Wants Obama To Fail On National Security

"How the Arrest Went Down" (of NYC car bomb suspect Faisal Shahzad)


"First lady's first tweet"

There is something I wish the Obama admin. would do that the Bush admin. did...

Rocky Mountain Poll has more good news for Brewer

Polk Commissioner Randy Wilkinson Leaves GOP for Tea Party

NYT Article......Calm down and wait to see what happens with Oil Spill.....

Obama Campaign Aide Anita Dunn helping UK's Tory Candidate Cameron

"Vote 2010: Plouffe Profiles Plans for Peer-to-Peer Politicking"

Obama interviews Wood for Supreme Court

The Obama drug strategy

Gay Vets To Meet With White House Next Week re: DADT

Obama more popular than Reagan, Clinton at this point in their presidencies

Today's Gallup Tracking poll...

Joe Conason: Why Norway's Offshore Drilling is Safer

"Does Eric Cantor have the slightest clue on national security? The short answer is no. "

Muhlenberg poll shows Sestak a mere 4 pts behind (46%-42%)

Grover Norquist outraged at POTUS! Using "tea-bagger" is the "equivalent of using the 'n' word."

KY-Sen: Paul, Mongiardo in the Lead

U.S. factory orders show biggest gain in 9 years

"the Beltway press ... hatched the bogus 'Obama's Katrina' meme"

Reuters: Voting Begins In Senate on Wall Street Reform

Video: "Gibbs Rips Fox News Over Michael Brown Interview"

The MSM doesn't get it: Bush is stuck with the Katrina legacy. Our current President is competent.

Bottom of Barrel Now Officially Scraped

TPM: Obama Nears SCOTUS Decision - could come this week.

Cornyn says POTUS "Got Lucky" re Times Square Bomber

chrisTian right leader George Rekers takes vacation with "rent boy"

Quinnipiac PA POLL: Sestak closes to within eight points of Specter - 47/39.

Deep Horizon Response: The Past 24 Hrs Oil Spill Update

Rachel Maddow- Enforcing accountability for the oil disaster

Religion is Irrelevant in the Gay Marriage Legal Debate

Play Justin Bieber Off Keyboard Cat

Teabagging the teabaggers in West Bloomfield...SUV-driving bagger rants about people who drive SUVs

Today is 40th Anniversary of Kent State Uprising


A car backed up through a wall in a Tulsa, Oklahoma, parking garage.

RFK, Jr. talks Oil Spill Lawsuit

Casino Jack Exclusive Clip: How One GOP Rep Helped Jack Abramoff


Ohio Man Facing Foreclosure Locks Self In Home

TYT: Obama's Killer Jokes At Correspondents Dinner

Anti-Racist Action Crashes A "Tea Party" Outside Kent State College

Sarah Palin's Armageddon Shopping Spree

Mike Malloy - Drill, Fox News, Drill

Neo-Nazis And Report An Illegal Day

Used to Get High (for a livin')

Vietnam; Kent State Massacre May 4, 1970

Chris Matthews To Michael Brown: Your Oil Rig Theories Sound 'Insane'

Gibbs Slams Fox News For Michael Brown Interview

CNN: What If The Tea Party Were Black?

'goin' down a bad path' the BP drill to stop the drilling mistake in 1:49

Tennessee Under Water And Nobody Gives A Dang

George Carlin on the Environment

Plastic swallowed by albatrosses in the Pacific ocean - Hawaii: Message in the Waves - BBC

Thom Hartmann - Dr. Riki Ott - Is this a Gulf coast disaster - can we recover?

USA: New immigration law in Arizona

CNN: BP's Plan To Collect Leaking Oil & Seal The Leak (A Recipe For An Even Worse Disaster?)

Phoenix Suns to Wear Los Suns in Support of Latino Community

Papantonio: BP Unleashes the Flying Monkeys

Volcano eruption in Iceland

Sue Lowden Won't Take My Chickens

Thom Hartmann - Tom Tancredo - Do the majority of Americans approve of racial profiling?

Mike Malloy - Anger Management Gone Wrong

Mike Malloy - Anger Management Gone Wrong

Midweek Politics: Christian Homeschooler Offended When Pressed by Host About Christian Curriculum

Right-wing attendees at Heritage event applaud the idea that Obama is a domestic enemy

TYT Interviews: Govt Funded Sex For Disabled - w/ Asta Philpot (NatGeo/BBC)

Rachel Maddow 'Somebody's got to stand up against those companies'

TYT: White House Wonder Twins Blocking Fed Audit

Return from Haiti

Senators challenge "Know Your Farmer" program

Rush Limbaugh: Oil Spill Sabotage Caused By Water-Skiing Squirrel

The Rebirth of Regulation (Robert Reich)

Thugs from Apple show up asking to search your house

When I think of this war, I think about bias, New York times, and of Judith Miller....

Democrats call for deployment of National Guard in Chicago

A Vietnam War Lesson

Forces Align Against Arizona: 4 Major Cities Threaten Boycotts, Baseball Flexes Its Muscles.....

Jeremy Scahill: Secret Erik Prince Tape Exposed

Erik Prince Proposes Blackwater Become Big Oil’s Enforcer

Bomb suspect issued H-1B visa in 2002

Gov. Bob McDonnell travels to BP-funded conference to push for more oil drilling.

It's not "Obama's Katrina" it's "Cheney's Chernobyl"

Progressives In Crisis: The Democrats' Lobbyist-Industrial Complex

Eugene Robinson: Border-First Hallucinations

Joe Conason: Why Norway's offshore drilling is safer

Hutarees free on bond. Will John Boehner enlist them in his anti-Government crusade?

Zap the Gap!/ How to Work with Multiple Generations

Congressmen Raised Concerns About BP Safety in Months Before Gulf Spill

"Drill Baby Drill" champions maintaining very low profile as the Gulf oil disaster proceeds

Slideshow: Nashville and Surrounding areas flood 2010

Healthcare is a headache for GOP candidates in California

NY Times- Frum and Goldberg debate whether Obama is a socialist

AlterNet: How Does Sarah Palin Make Millions While Saying Some of the Dumbest Things Imaginable?

BP Oil Slick The Result Of Republican DOJ And Regulatory Policy (Emptywheel, bmaz)

AZ Governor: " Illegal Immigration like Terrorist Attacks"

President Obama declares Tennessee a major disaster area after catastrophic flood

Christian right leader George Rekers takes vacation with "rent boy"

Centennial Says Supply of Steelmaking Coal ‘Fragile’

‘U.S. policy is nuclear narcissism’

Farmers Cope With Roundup-Resistant Weeds

Drumbeat: May 4, 2010

After Shrinking 85% In 50 Years, Rwenzori Ice Cap Splits In Two, Blocking Climbers In Uganda

Power Plants along the Gulf coast.

Rise of the Superweeds - Farmers Cope With Roundup-Resistant Weeds

Arctic Alaskan Town Of Kaktovik's Patrols See Starving Polar Bear #s Boom As Ice Recedes

BBC - 1910 UK Fishing Tonnage 4X That Of Today; Fishery Output Peaked In 1938

Pricing for Utility Green Power Continues to Fall

Sam’s Club First U.S. Retailer to Install On-Site Micro-Wind Farm – Walmart is Next

After Winter's "Invisible Drought", Southern Ontario Experiences Warmest April On Record

BP shareholders challenge company over environmental safety

Tehachapi power grid project reaches first milestone

BP calls blowout disaster ‘inconceivable,’ ‘unprecedented,’ and unforeseeable

'The Return Of Navajo Boy' Opens Up Uranium Tragedy

60% better consumption, produce lower emissions and still drive faster?

Gulf Oil Spill Is Bad, but How Bad?

Explosions and Slicks - More Reasons for Considering the Benefits of Nuclear Energy

Taking Farming To The Skies

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Monday, May 3)

Since it's slow here today....

a few days late, but, Steve Cauthen turned 50 on Derby Day.....

Celtic just beat the Rangers. Preview of next July in Mass.?

49ers sign Patrick Willis to 5 year extension..

Former Tigers broadcaster Ernie Harwell Passes Away after Year Long Battle with Cancer

Boston teams did well last night, so naturally "certain" posters are quiet today!

Suns come out in the first half, shooting 57% to take a 57-47 lead over

'Rapelisberger' T-Shirt Offers New Way To Taunt Ben Roethlisberger

Phillies Fan Tased While Running on Field

Ernie Harwell Dies at 92

Chavez party members pick candidates

Caritas urges protection after Colombia threats

Nestor Kirchner to head South American bloc

Resisting CAFTA and Metal Mining in El Salvador

How does one edit a DU post w/o a trace after 10 hours? Ask naaman fletcher.

Latin America forum -Unrec'ers United- check in thread.

Venezuelan Pepsi Seizure May Cut Supply, Montoya Says

Argentina arrests former dictator's top money man

Colombia: Capital of Internally Displaced People

Lifting Cuba Travel Ban Could Impact Local Tourism


Chavez losing natural constituency

Worker's day in Venezuela: non chavista labor unions not allowed to march

Venezuelan government fails to revive local production

Conservative Military Chaplains Fight Repeal of DADT

just had to cross post this Oh schadenfreude, oh schadenfreuede

Which is the gay one?

Christian right leader George Rekers takes vacation with "rent boy"

Gay Vets To Meet With White House Next Week re: DADT

Any GLBT WoW-ers?

Today in Labor History May 4 Haymarket massacre 11 police and strikers die, Harlan County War begins

Roofer stable after being impaled ( update & had no fall protection)

T-Mobile Workers Take Fight for Union to Shareholders

Twin Cities Nurses prep for nurses strike

UnionBusters start sweating: "America's job creators would do well to pay attention..."

Is Mamilla part of East Jerusalem where there is dispute about Arabs and Jews

Judge orders release of 9 Hutaree militia members (Update to earlier threads)

SCREW gun control, what we really need is SIGN control!!!

Armed Moms - Yakima WA

Woman stabs 4 in Southern Calif. Target store, stopped by gunman

VPC studies on gun control. Fact or fiction?

Anybody read From Luby's to the Legislature: One Woman's Fight Against Gun Control

Interview with a "victim"--The Walgreens defensive shooter goes on the record

Why do you need a gun in a safe neighborhood?

reflections after the rain

For Celebration - not as requested but the best I have

Sometimes (at least for my taste) the light is almost perfect

Red Winged blackbird DISGUISED

Can't ya read?

So they are planting a million trees at Shelby Farms

A red-throated grebe and lunch.

Making Rain Clouds With Lasers

Purifying Positronium Could Help Develop Gamma Ray Lasers and Produce Fusion Power

The Sun's Coronal Rain Puzzle Solved

Darwin Got It Going On

DEET Mosquito Repellent Could Lose Its Bite

Could a Mini Horse Be Bred Small Enough to Fit in Your Palm?

US Air Force Launches Secret Flying Twinkie


An Idea for Calling out Coast to Coast on its Conservative Ties

More from Web bot Clif High, on the Veritas show:

"A Spellworking Tonight for the Gulf" - Tuesday 9:30pm - 10:30pm EDT

I have a reading with a lady named Judy Hevenly on Wed. night.

Please send love to my mom. Possible Open Heart surgery tomorrow.

How's Ecumenist doing?

Godless beer makes long-awaited journey to the States

People felt helpless and wanted to do something about the oil spill

Language, Truth and Logic

Monks with Guns - Buddhists aren’t immune to anger, fear, or violence

When the Ties That Bind Unravel

Grime, dust, bacteria found at J&J plant: FDA

Disclosure in the Precious Metals Puzzle Palace

Worse Than 1789? By James Howard Kunstler

heh heh

Doonesbury - "Which Right Is That, Sir?"

BHP and Rio Tinto hit by Australian supertax

Taking Down the "Too Big To Fail" Banks Ourselves (May 4, 2010)

Cultural Differences Drive European Response to Greek Crisis.

This Greek bailout is not a recovery plan – it is an economic death spiral