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Scam warnings going to Gulf residents for oil cleanup ofers

Grim US milestone in Afghan conflict

My Idea To Prevent Offshore Drilling Disasters--Feasible?

Sen. Diaper David Vitter, R-La.: Approve our entire emergency dredging/barrier island plan

Brain gain: African migrants returning home (BBC)

Love is on the roof

Parish President: President Obama 'Chewed Me Out'

Sheriiff Joe Tweet

A Reminder: Photos of Dead/Dying Animals in the Gulf of Mexico

Engineer explains the "bottom kill" relief well and more

Charter schools now offering bribes for enrollment (using public funds)

The real ending of 'Lost':

The Flaming Lips

Aurora Mall Bans Medical Pot Patient Over T-Shirt

If interested, Spill Cam now showing Robot Dive Vehicle working on next step of BPs plan......

Hospital uses armed man in unannounced drill

The 21 Creepiest Religious Toys and Gifts

Knowing the enemy, one avatar at a time

Why do people have to be so horrible and thoughtless and greedy?

"Oil companies eye California's offshore leases" (2006) - Could Have Been California

Sunday Talking Heads

The story of a man and a digital camera.: "Leave Me" (Wow, just wow -a little touch of eternal sun )

AFL-CIO Blog: powerful people using the same old dirty tricks of division, diversion and distraction

Union Organizing California Weed Workers

God forbid but maybe it IS time to nuke the hole...

Republican Vying For Obama's Old Senate Seat Never Received Navy Award He Touted

There is a scene in the 1953 movie War of The Worlds. In the church at the end,

The to individual who gave me a donor star...

I was looking at the History of Us on the History Channel...

Mr. Obama's Commission on Social Security Reform

Mr. Obama's Commission on Social Security Reform

Drilling Liability Cap Led To The Gulf Spill

House passes downsized jobs bill

Veterans from World War II, Korea and Vietnam remember time at war

The No. 1 Issue Facing America Today (no, it's not the Gulf Disaster)

The Little Town That Sent a Corporation Packing: How Felton, Calif., Achieved Water Independence

US report faults drone operators in civilian deaths

Preventing the disaster

Is Kung Fu a dying art form? Documentary: Needle through Brick

This is not Obama's Katrina, It's his "The Phantom Menace"

GOP Senate hopes ride with tea party activists

What IS Memorial Day, anyway?

Do not forget these soldiers on Memorial Day:

Horror of war depicted in HBO series shocking to Roxbury teacher

Sacramento Bee: Nearly 880,000 Californians are long-term unemployed

Oops - one down in the coalition - Laws broke the law

How We Bury the War Dead (WSJ)

Manhattanhenge: Sunday, May 30 at 8:17 p.m.

Can Job Cohen, a Jew who reaches out to Muslims, be the next Dutch PM— and a model for Europe?

I thought we pacified Marjah. Perhaps not....

How happy is BP now with the SCOTUS Corporate spending decision?

Media Claim Access to Spill Site Has Been Limited

McChrystal: Civilian deaths endanger mission

How Will Gulf Disaster Play Out? - by BooMan - We "Have To Choose"

Time to take on the corporate predators

Illinois Republican Senate Canidate Mark Kirk Lies About his Military Record

Gulf Coast officials want helpers, but no amount of helpers can undo the damage

Maine Business Is Shut Without a Renewed Visa (E-2 visa)

Hearing almost nothing about the "British" part of BP

Gathering data before oil arrives

self-delete, dupe

Submersible robot launches from Keys in search of oil

Should Obama address Congress regarding the oil spill?

What is gushing up from the BP well equals the daily amount of oil used by 367,000 Americans per day

Newsweek: Taliban in turmoil

Can someone HELP ME with some data?

Relief wells: It took FIVE to shut down a similar spill last year (NYT)

Chicagoland- At least 21 wounded in separate shootings, 1 dead

Visualizing the BP Oil Disaster

I get to go for my mammogram

U. of C. law faculty didn't back Kagan

2007: Freepers mock Kevin Costner's "doomed" environmental investments

Former Bush Adviser: ‘Republicans Are So Far Out Of Step’ On ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

Rep. Jan Schakowsky: As of 10:06 on May 30th, we will have spent $1 trillion in Iraq & Afghanistan

Why isn't the 10th Amendment stopping the collapse of state governments?

The Academies’ March Toward Mediocrity (Naval & West Point)

While the fools Bush and Cheney put in charge of the chicken coop played

5th Anniversary of Cheney's "Last Throes" in Iraq

California passes bill to counteract ‘disturbing’ Texas curriculum

Detecting a crime before it happens

Poll: 51 Percent of Americans Oppose Offshore Oil Drilling

After BP Mess,

South Korea Faces Domestic Skeptics Over Evidence Against North Korea

Has Anybody Asked The CEO Of BP This Question......

WHO seeks clampdown on tobacco ads targeting women

Documents show earlier concerns over BP rig safety

New Caledonia reef under threat (because of nickel mining)

The Perils of quotes

Presidential aide(Browner) says oil may leak until August

Rand Paul holds 6-point lead over Jack Conway in U.S. Senate race

What Chu talkin' 'bout, Steve?

We've Always Been at War with Eastasia - by Alan Grayson

Stun a Sunday in its tracks. Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!

Mid-Holiday Weekend. A day made famous by the uncontrollable desire to CAPTION!!!!

Technically, we do have machines and trained men who can operate at 5,000

Somehow I missed that they had a spill in Alaska this week

To every politician that has worked and voted to protect/save ANWR- Thank You!

I just watched Avatar again and it's message has so much more meaning since the Gulf of

Fail Baby Fail

Activism is the cure for soulsickness.

The Teabaggers are vile. Thank the goddess for the teabaggers.

GOP Kicks Off "America Speaking Out" -- With America Footing the Bill

Toyota Rep asks KY Senate for tax credits (while state Gov may shut down in July lack of funds)

Polls say AZ supports 1070 but the supporters march draws 7k, opponents draw 2 or 3X as many?

It should now be obvious that we cannot make America secure...

Is it up Shit creek or up Shits creek....

Environmental Cage Match

MSNBC is saying Bret Michaels should lie down and relax. Screw that!

Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. (BP, C-P and Exxon) target of eight federal actions

Attention: Foreclosure Class is about to begin.

drown in your policys, evil sociopathic creatures

NANOBOTS!!! I've figured it out.

Irish women travel to Britain for abortions every day by the dozen

Ordinary Workers Would Be Fired in a Second If They Screwed Up Anywhere Nearly As Bad As The Bankers

The For-Profit College Bubble?

Jim Webb - feh

Gulf Oil Spill: The Technology Oil Executives Don't Want to Talk About - HuffPo

The hole in the bottom of the Gulf may not close until it is good and ready to close itself.

Did anybody see "The Special Relationship" on HBO last night?

Another memory for Memorial Day

Gulf oil well disaster could mean explosive profits for Halliburton

Things continue to go to Hell. But, try to get away from it

Things continue to go to Hell. But, try to get away from it

Argentina's former president: Bush claimed ‘the best way to revitalize the economy is war’

Maybe it's time we rethink how US higher education, both private an public, runs...

ANOTHER example of voters being ied to & misled.

Lots of BP ROV activity going on right now...

Documents Show Early Worries About Safety of Rig (NYT)

'Facebook for Muslims' launched in Pakistan after real thing blocked for 'blasphemous' Prophet image

U.S. military spending continues to grow

The Density of Smart People

New, Exciting, Reality Show - Foreclosure of the Week!

"Relief well" is actually a misnomer

Oil industry lashes out at drilling ban

Another victim of the spill (humor)

Do you realize the amount of oil gushing out per day could be more than any other oil spill?

re: "Robb"

Just watched the NatGeo docu on the BP blowout

Oil-eating bacteria on my garage floor!

House ponders just when to wind down unemployment benefits

Heads up 9/11 Conspiracy DUers GEO is having a 2 hr program on all the questions raised about 9/11.

"Latest developments in Gulf oil leak" its "BP Oil Spill" stupid cnn

We Don't Build Offshore Wind Farms Because They Might Spoil Some Billionaire's View

Barbie comments land MN mom in 'Tonight Show' monologue

It looks like News Corp. Chief Executive Rupert Murdoch has lost faith in Beliefnet.

Maybe this oil gusher will be the tipping point (very small consolation)

Visualize BP Oil Spill By Superimposing Over Your Town

Deficit Rhetoric and Impoverishing America

ACLU: Pentagon Changed Military Commissions Rules To Legitimize Drone Program

1979 Ixtoc I Oil Spill

"Welcome to Arizona. " it's a grand place to visit and live because

Mat Bors Teabaggers and the truth

Maybe Joe the Plumber can help plug the hole.

ALERT: NASA satellite shows oil 20 miles from Florida Keys

The gulf of Mexico renamed to the Gulf of BP Oil

Got Kitty Litter?

Jump in the Time machine w/ me back to the 08 campaign

Fury and despair as BP admits oil could leak for months

WH declares June to be LGBT Pride Month

Mandatory Vacation Destination For Oil Executives - The Black Gold Coast

U.S. Rep. John Conyers: A Trillion Dollar Turning Point?

U.S. Rep. John Conyers: A Trillion Dollar Turning Point?

J.D. Hayworth Is Called Out On His Own Immigration Flip-Flop

Thank You For Smoking, er Salting! Cargill launches campaign to promote the use of salt in foods...

Did you know there are 2,495 oil tankers in the world? I have an idea...

Obama's energy advisor now warns oil might leak until late summer.

White House Announces New Bid to Stop Leak named "Kill Bill"

Let's boycott Britain.

High on Progress

Nouriel Roubini, financial crisis, C-Span NOW.

NEW VIDEO: Hair Booms vs. Conventional Booms

The Oil Drum: The LMRP Attempt Continued and Sunday's Open Thread

Why Mysogynists Make Geat Informants: How Gender Violence on the Left Enables State Violence in

DU should have a Wikipedia forum

Mock BP Twitter has ten times more followers than real BP Twitter

Take A Minute For A LAUGH

How far out from the coast does US jurisdiction extend?

Help defeat self-proclaimed ''best republican in the democratic party" Jane Harman June 8

Help defeat self-proclaimed ''best republican in the democratic party" Jane Harman June 8

Any candidate who received donations from BP within the past two years should donate them

Palin, who quit halfway through her term to sell books, on "Remembering Past and Present Sacrifice"

Anyone else think the Oil Companies are skimming oil in the Gulf

Jimmy Buffett and team up to help recover oiled wildlife..

If Republicans were in charge of Congress right now...

Obama needs to say some simple things on this oil catastrophe.

From the 1953 CIA Overthrow of Democracy in Iran, to the Iraq War, to the Criminal Gulf Catastrophe

BP chief executive refutes scientists' claims of large underwater oil plumes from Gulf spill

The Oil Drum on LMRP and Why Top Kill May Have Failed (and an open thread)

Acupuncture does work as it stimulates a natural pain killer, scientists find

Former cops sentenced for mistreating homeless

The reason I HATE that stupid-ass "it is the soldier, not the community organizer" poem


Texas Republican Governor Perry spends $10000/month for a Mansion

Colin Powell: Oil Spill Is 'Beyond The Capacity' Of BP To Solve, Military Might Have Role

I'll bet Gawd is just tickled shitless about the BP disaster.

I Can’t Wait for Barack Obama to Become President

Every rig in the gulf....

Lest We Forget

Massive Small Business Insurance Rate Hikes In California. Will small businesses drop coverage?

Oil-eating bacteria in the Gulf.

Can the relief wells be used by BP for controlled pumping

Christian conservatives target seated judges

Nigeria's agony dwarfs the Gulf oil spill. The US and Europe ignore it.

Illinois Senate candidate admits claim about military award was inaccurate

Calif. bill would ban sports drinks from schools

I know it is meant well, but its stupid: "Happy Memorial Day"

BP Pushes for Oil Industry-Friendly Judge to Handle Lawsuits

Completely theoretical question about gusher

the invisible hand of the free market will clean up the gulf

Arizona could become a hotspot for alternative energy

This was posted before but.... (BP Fails booming 101)

watching national concert in dc - war sucks - no matter how you

DADT: Mullen wants to worry about those most affected by the repeal

I need help in clearing google links

my personal happy b-day to clint eastwood, 80 years old on may 31

Ohio loses Medicaid money to House cuts

Lamar Alexander: Law puts onus on president to clean up oil spills

Seen this evening in a Taco Bell parking lot:

Independent UK: US prepares for the worst after best hope of oil solution falls apart

Remember when West Nile virus spread across the country?

Centre-right wins Czech election on austerity plan

Andrew Schlafly (lawyer, Conservapedia founder, homeschool US history teacher) is SCHOOLED in court

Anytbody watching America the Story of us?

President Obama Talks a Lot About Taking on Wall Street, While Killing off Reforms in the Shadows

Where do I sign up to help save the wildlife?

Weakening America: Mitch McConnell Shows How

Hundreds die in Indian heatwave

What hath Colorado wrought?

Newest BP Logo: Efficient to The Last Drop

U.S. Fisheries Service Accused of Removing Protection of Right Whale by Changing Its Name

U.S. Fisheries Service Accused of Removing Protection of Right Whale by Changing Its Name

Pro-Obama labor group urges Dems to defy his Arkansas wish

Them Cheap GOPers and their Vaunted Capitalist Superior System...THE PERFECT LEAK Syndrome

Anybody watching the live cam? They're doing some pretty detailed work

The Regional Republican Divide

BP CEO disputes claims of underwater oil plumes

BP and the Pentagon

Oil Change (Mr. Fish)

June is Torture Awareness: Minneapolis's columnist: On torture, U.S. must clean house.

US Census 'manipulates' job numbers

Six years ago today, my health took a decided turn for the worse…

Times-Picayune pics from BP protest today..Spike Lee in attendance

Guardian UK: Fury and despair as BP admits oil could leak for months

Lemme see now...All them RED STATES be affected with Tornados, oil pollution, Floods,

Socialism 2010: Ideas for Changing the World.....conferences in Chicago and Oakland

Last U.S. President who did not graduate from college. it surprised me.

BP calls in Costner's $26m vacuum cleaners to mop up huge oil spill

BP says a relief well will kill spill

Drama in real time: Wiley's friend takes a couple stabs at a Freeper moron.

Is there a democratic, or common folk version of a newt g. vocabulary? e.g 'entitlements'...

Photoshop needed: Princess Bride Al Gore /Inigo Montoya

Fired right wing nut bus driver extradited from Thailand for harassment and identity theft.

Infant hears his mother's voice for the first time.

Relief Wells should be mandatory

If they can preform this LMRP thing on the oil

Is President Obama mainly implementing the "Carter Doctrine" to "protect" Middle East oil?

PSA: Top three ways to spot a hoax...

PSA: Top three ways to spot a hoax...

The Crying Indian and the BP Disaster

The Crying Indian and the BP Disaster

Well Memorial Day brings the usual crew out

With the current BP ROV view of the clutter on the seabed and spewing pipe

With the current BP ROV view of the clutter on the seabed and spewing pipe

Ex-Minister Juan Manuel Santos leads Colombia vote

So who's a bigger threat to America?

Beck Accuses Jewish Social Justice Worker Of Advocating A New Holocaust

Sen. Dorgan faces powerful opponent on drug reimportation

Sen. Dorgan faces powerful opponent on drug reimportation

Mapping the Gulf Oil Spill - Grassroots Mapping

Deepwater Horizon Disaster Hearings at CSPAN.

You have to admit it looks horrible for Obama to be on Vacation in Chicago this wkend

G20 Summit already a nightmare for Toronto

G20 Summit already a nightmare for Toronto

Current TV: Deadliest Journeys-Pakistan. A glimpse into the lives of the Pushtun people who

The Sarah Palin Mentality in a Nutshell

Czech election brings big political shake-up

My Progressive Tax Policy For a Globalized World


Trying on my new tinfoil hat

BP: Denial is a river in Egypt (CEO Tony Hayward: "There aren't any plumes.")

Smackdown Of Right-Wing Talking Point On BP Liability

Henry Waxman, Bart Stupak and the Energy and Commerce Committee have made a notable BP document dump

Laura Ingraham is writting an attack book on Barack Obama

Child-obesity bill stuck in House - Teachers unions fight exercise requirement

Bush foreshadowing gaffe at G-8 '08: "Goodbye from the world's biggest polluter!"

"Palin: A Slip on Oil Industry Ties?" - Doh!!!

The Big Picture: Why Is It So Hard to Stop the Oil Gusher, and Why Was Such Extreme Deepwater Drilli

What motivates the gop in Congress?

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour (R) Downplays Oil Spill - Just Like Motor Boat Sheen!

Marcy Winograd V Corporate Darling Jane Harman in June 8th Primary

Marcy Winograd V Corporate Darling Jane Harman in June 8th Primary

Liz Cheney is on Fox complaining about Obama's response to the oil crises

Why couldn't they make a 3 inch thick iron plate about 1 meter squared. Then

Why couldn't they make a 3 inch thick iron plate about 1 meter squared. Then

Barack Obama's credibility hits rock bottom after oil spill and Sestak scandal

I think Obama should involve the C.I.A. or F.B.I. in covert operations

I have an idea that might make Bobby Jindal and the GOP happy.

I have an idea that might make Bobby Jindal and the GOP happy.

Memorial Day: A Time to Commemorate Mother Nature

Here's my new tinfoil hat.

FINALLY - BP chief to Gulf residents: 'I'm sorry'

SAVE OUR PLANET! ! - Top Ten List

SAVE OUR PLANET! ! - Top Ten List

DU Vets, how about a silent thread for fallen comrades, family and friends?

BP is done...

Stopping the BP Gusher/Blowout

Patent Attorney jailed for threatening Obama and Rahm...

The Common Culture of Turkey, the United States, and Iran

Is there an anti-military attitude going on?

California passes bill to counteract ‘disturbing’ Texas curriculum

California passes bill to counteract ‘disturbing’ Texas curriculum

1999 BP Advertisement

More RW fun: Freepers throw Ron Paul under the bus

BP's CEO Tony Hayward looks almost as rediculous in a rig worker costume as the shrub did...

Think globally, privatize locally: public education is under attack around the world

A caller on the radio just said the reson the pumping tanker ships

Natural Arch in Nevada collapses

Hurricane season begins June 1

U.S. judge rules boy can return to Calgary after nearly two years in foster care

How BP used Wackenhut to do dirt in Alaska

Does flying the American flag make us look Republican?

Fox News’ Jonathan Hoenig Calls Social Security A Ponzi Scheme, Network Runs Disclaimer

Opening Parliament, Queen's Speech, C-Span now, from Tues.

Boycotting BP? Well, make sure you boycott all of BP then.

Thousands march to protest Ariz. immigration law

Is BP Obama's new Max Baucus?

Poll finds debt-dogged Americans stressed out

Should BP be using supertankers to clean up the Gulf? Or is the expense too great?

BP's corporate, personal ties to White House emerge

I don't "celebrate" Memorial Day, I observe it.

5-31 A Day of Remembrance

Why can't the Obama adminstration order BP to stop using dispersant?

The storm over the oil spill is just now breaking in the public. There are 2 more on the horizon.

Depending on his next step, now may be time to rally around President Obama

'This Scares Everybody' Says BP: Top Kill Fails, Imperils Gulf...

BP memo on how to speak to Americans:

"Well, you know, it's, um, very difficult to repair something 5,000 feet below the surface."

In The Wake Of Poseidon ,1970

Gulf oil well disaster could mean explosive profits for Halliburton

Yes, We Can Push Out BP

In under 10 years, our country has experienced...

I thought things had changed.

I thought things had changed.

Israel reacts angrily to US support of resolution for a nuclear free Middle East

The Fake Feminism of Sarah Palin

The Family were in Miami yesterday, under the radar, and perhaps by design.

Colin Powell wants the military to take over from BP...

Burning question: Whose oil is it? Who owns it? Who gets to profit off of it?

Setting the memory of Holocaust victims in stone

Senator wants disclosure for foreign call centers

Did you ever work some place where they promoted the best workers into supervisory positions?

The BP Oil Disaster - Is It Enough To Cause Americans To Take Personal Responsibility? Consume Less?

Question for those who blame gasoline consumers for Gulf Disaster

If they had no back-up plan, why did they permit deep water drilling?

Vermont Yankee nuke plant reports new leak containing 13 isotopes

Capitalist Poverty Reduction: Was Deng Xiaoping a positive leader for the Chinese people?

Cuba Nationalizes BP !!!

Who was it that pressed the DeepHorizon crew to push further/faster?

Floating hotels for BP's army influx of improperly trained workers so they can tample marshes

The New Republic Puff Piece On Jindal - Praises His Hypocrisy!

Sexual Minorities Uganda need your help..

Missionaries Of Hate

Tuesday made me believe November will be the last gasp for the teabag movement

Mother Jones - "Murkowski (R) Backs BP Bailout"


I know others have said it, but where the heck was Carville when his

•••• Violence over BP ••••

So I wonder. Did BP stick 400-500 clean-up worker extras on Grand Isle without Hazmat training?

Think Bluedogs are good for nothing? You're wrong!

What we remember on Memorial Day

Focus on the Family leader James Dobson gives the invocation at the Coca-Cola 600-

You were right, I was wrong. This AZ border law is cruel, not helpful.

Having trouble with the 'scape-goating teachers' worry that...

So BP is evil, greedy, arrogant and irresponsible, but WE are to blame?

NATO general (McChrystal) in Afghanistan: Victory will be slow

Cousteau: It's Not a Question of Can the Oceans Take Any More - The Oceans Can't Take Any More

We should BAN any corporate executive from ever being in or near government

How does Ronald Reagan's legacy impact us today?

for my 1000th post

-The Gulf Of Mexico Before-

Toronto Star: How one French town deals with the inevitable car-bicycle rivalry

BP WAS THERE: From 1953 CIA Overthrow Of Democracy In Iran-To Iraq War-To Criminal Gulf Disaster

Joe McGinnis: “I’ve gotten an insight into [Palin's] character, into her ability to incite hatred”

Parents fight college that won't admit daughter, Anastasia Megan — she's 13

Bill Clinton slams liberals at campaign rally for Blanche Lincoln

I'm watching "America: the story of us" on TV. What a jingoistic pile of shit this series is.

Socialists- Stand tall. Be proud. Our ideology CANNOT be blamed.

Is this guy a member of DU?

Point your innocent finger, but we're getting exactly what we deserve

BP CEO: "I would like my life back."

GOP-linked punk rock ministry says executing gays is ‘moral’

Alan Grayson: We've Always Been at War with Eastasia

Rielle Hunter won't be a stepmom: Elizabeth Edwards 'grooming' older daughter to raise other kids

Current Events

So you think you can revolt?

Monkeys now on Africam

Just ate a whole box of sugar wafers , a whole bag of captain cod , and two bars of lindt milk

Regina at the Whitehouse !

It just might be time to hit the road

The Flaming Lips

The story of a man and a digital camera.: "Leave Me" (Wow, just wow -a little touch of eternal sun )

Current movie figure you want on your team during the zombie apocalypse.

Springtime on Mars

Sequels that DIDN'T retroactively make their antecedent films worse

Drive On

Kanye's leaked single off his upcoming album- he sampled King Crimson.

Is EVERY multi-level marketing (MLM) system a scam?

You're Breakin' My Heart, You're Tearin' it Apart, So Fuck You

Born to be alone

Iron Baby

corolla, north carolina, the outer banks, anyone been there?

Well, if your family tried 'em, you know you satisfied 'em! They're a real hot item...

Post your favorite hair band video featuring a Milton Berle cameo

No more dingbats?

Pic: Romantic young couple in Spain.

And THAT'S why they shouldn't call them walk-off home runs

CONGRATULATE ME!!! I just adopted a "Sooner" cat!!!

RED ALERT! Sayid is single!

For sale: One pair of shoes.

Assembler 3

How many times have you voted for the MLB All-Star Game?

George "Night of the Living Dead" Romero: - "I don't think you can trademark zombies, man"

ArcheDream for HUMANKIND

So, sports threads are being tossed out of the Lounge?

The Osprey cam is back! Glacier National Park:

Once again - in media blocked out area - listening to the INDY 500

Coltrane, Mingus and Adderly make up the Sunday

Moanin' By Mingus - your thoughts?

i usually make this rationalization: if you want the short sale, sell used cars

If you had to make a living based on your books, would you be able to do so?

The 21 Creepiest Religious Toys and Gifts

A dying friend just experienced the moment of a lifetime.

Ayahuasca Trip Movie Scene

Six years ago today, my health took a decided turn for the worse…

Why does this have to be like this? You make me love you with a little L

In Twenty Zero One, what has my life become?

Which Song Should I Buy Next From iTunes?

Do you have any Memorial Day plans?

Barfing Euphemisms? Inspired by Drunken Irishman!

What is your preferred freeware for recording streaming audio?

I wonder where I left my cell phone

The monster momentarily at rest.

My cats are just like my drunken buddies back in college...

Here is a picture of me today romping naked in the clover.

Damn. There's a strange pair of shoes underneath the bed.

Breaking Bad rocks this season. The plots are fast and furious...

My Vanity Post For The Month

So i thought I would post something that wasn't all Lung Transplanty...

Would you rather be stranded on a deserted island or in desert oasis?

Live TV 4 Me.. scam or real deal?

what is the difference between a nerd and a geek?

Anyone else just see Barney Miller on WGN?

Really ENGROSSING movies:

my personal happy b-day to clint eastwood, 80 years old on may 31

Under My Thumb

The Yoda-Count Dooku fight is on Spike TV right fucking now!

People who OFFER to do something NICE for you with no intention of DOING it: Bottom rung of humanity

funky shit or funky kicks

"You've got mail" (1998) - AOL dialup and typewriters

I just found a bag of weed.

I vomited in my shoes.

I just replaced the flow valve in my toilet

My grandfather, one of the greatest men I have ever known passed away.

When I wink at my dog, she winks back

PHOTO: a bipartisan compromise between vegetarians and cannibals

This may be the dumbest FB exchange ever.

OMG OMG OMG shia la booof is on TRANSFORMERS.... II

what's the weirdest thing about money for you?

some people call me the space cowboy

The best Taco Bell commercial they'll ever make

Cat+Stolen Dignity=Awesome

Almost June, and the Nationals are playing .500 ball!!!! I TOLD YOU they would get better!!!!

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Oink-Woof-Meow Edition

If you had to make a living based on your looks, would you be able to do so?

one of my friends has too much time on their hands

Gametime: Guess the movie from an image of it

injured bird help needed...I have had a flock of crows driving me nuts for the

gladiator boot sandals - W.T.F.

I just put a mint custard ice cream base in the fridge to chill over night..

re: "Robb"

a thread for nuggets of wisdom

Weird recipes you like.

Infant hears his mother's voice for the first time.

Parish President: President Obama 'Chewed Me Out'

BP calls in Costner's $26m vacuum cleaners to mop up huge oil spill

Oil spill creates huge undersea 'dead zones'

Oil spill vessels would scatter if tropical storm approaches

BP's corporate, personal ties to White House emerge

Environmental Cage Match

Navy prepares for Gaza flotilla

Oil spill creates huge undersea 'dead zones'

Canadian commander in Afghanistan Daniel Menard sacked

Suspected drug gangs dismember Mexico prison warden

White House official accuses BP of 'vested interest' in minimizing spill

Are you excited about the new Hawaii Five O series this fall?

Four killed in blasts in Afghanistan

Israeli nuclear subs 'to set sail for Iran'

Sleeper trailers being set up in Louisiana to house temporary Gulf oil cleanup crews

Payrolls May Have Climbed for Fifth Month: U.S. Economy Preview

BP Says Crude May Continue Flowing into Gulf Until August

China offers billion-euro loan for Iran projects

Government, BP spar over size of oil leak

Turkish PM Erdogan cancels Argentina trip

Senators Target Supreme Court's 'Exxon' Ruling in Effort to Make Oil Companies Pay for Spills

Washington train station evacuated

BP sees hope for new effort within a week

Bill that would repeal ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ is sent to Senate

More than 20 bodies found in Mexican silver mine

Pelosi backs eliminating damages liability cap

Rockefeller (D-WV) Sends President Letter on Mine Safety

Cleanup Draws Critics Over Speed and Care

Oil and gas development permits overwhelmingly approved by Louisiana

Senate candidate Kirk says award was for his entire military unit

BP CEO disputes claims of underwater oil plumes

Christian conservatives target seated judges

General McChrystal says Afghan insurgents trained in Iran

Grand Isle (LA) priest: Our way of life is under assault

Alcoa, Steelworkers Union Work on Labor Pact as Deadline Nears

Sleeper trailers being set up in Louisiana to house temporary Gulf oil cleanup crews

Supporters: Arizona immigration law protects citizens' safety

Venezuela nabs Colombian drug lord

Rethug candidate trying to take Obama's old seat lies about a service award

This is not Obama's Katrina, it is his Wounded Knee.

Mitch McConnell's Anti-Governing Crusade


WH Press Pool Causes Farrakhan's Fruit of Islam to Panic; Fear They're Being Watched by the CIA

Frank Rich: Obama’s Katrina? Maybe Worse

"Here's an idea for assignment editors..."

Presidential Big Daddy Fantasy

It would have been better for Obama ...

"The great right wing conspiracy" is alive and well.. and we will be the victims

BP hires ex-Energy Dept official for US media effort

The real lesson from this Sestak business

ok Obama joke on NPR

Why the hell didn't Sestak just say this during primary

This comment pretty much sums up the RW lunacy and blaming Obama for all the U.S. ills

Bill Clinton has evolved into Obama's Mr. Fix-It

Time to Turn to Jeb?

President Obama will create more jobs in 2010 than George W. Bush did in his ENTIRE PRESIDENCY.

May 29: Statement by the President on the Latest Efforts to Contain the BP Oil Spill

"Parish official to Obama: Stop moratorium on drilling"

Read-out On the President's Briefing with BP (5/30)

Our Great Lakes and the raising destruction in the Gulf

Maureen Dowd is looking for her daddy, yet again

New Book: 'Over the Cliff: How Obama's Election Drove the American Right Insane "

"The political world have created whole new rules for Obama"

Nuking the oil spill: nuclear option being considered?

Must read from Matt Taibbi: Wall Street's War

The Best Framing of the Media Attack on Obama

Peggy Noonan - WSJ Comment - What a piece of shit she is!!!!

The Oil Spill isn't Obama's Katrina, It's His _____

BP unsure how much oil in reservoir in Gulf spill

Having Oily Cake and Eating it Too.

Radioactive fish near Vt. nuke plant deemed common

Liz Cheney rears her ugly head-attacks Bill Clinton, WH

Would a VAT help lower the debt?

Jindal: I Believe In Limited Government -- And We Need The Federal Government For This Crisis

This is not Obama's Katrina, it is his Hiroshima.

Bill Clinton makes it official: labor unions, who once supported him, are the "enemy" founder labels Obama with Racial Terms - From SPLC

Bill Maher is a f-----g racist

Not rational to give up on offshore drilling, Vitter says

Here's some of DU'ers Problems with Obama "Acting" as President

GOP pressuring BP - NOT to plug to leak - to damage Obama's presidency!

Its not Obama's Fault...

I Am Defending Sarah Palin For The 1st & Only Time In My Life.

Damn, I can't remember the last time I had three posts on the

Reports: Japan party quits government over US base

Is it too early to start taunting Celtic fans?

Shattered Union

Clinton: His Struggle With Dirt (1/3)

Theme song for oil spill

James Cameron (Avatar) Speaks on Earth Day 2010 DC - Justice Through Music

Oil Spill Impacts on Wetlands of the Mississippi River Delta

The Cost of the Oil Spill Clean up

Space Solar Power Systems (SSPS)

Banks still the powerhouse in DC

"I Pwomise You" --- In Baby Talk, Mary Landrieu Explains BP Accountability

BP: Blood+Petroleum = Big Profits

What's Your Label?

Young Turks: Dylan Ratigan Interviews Author Of Mistakes Were Made (But Not By Me)

LAPD Harass Bike Riders During BP Protest Ride

Bill Maher - New Rules May 28, 2010

QUITTER SCUM Sarah Palin on those who said they were something, got into office, were something else

QUITTER SCUM Sarah Palin on those who said they were something, got into office, were something else

A Freeper's theory on the oil disaster

White supremacists with loaded weapons at immigration rally!

California Marijuana Workers Vote to Unionize

Speech from BP protest in New Orleans today..

TYT w/ MSNBC's Ratigan: Dylan Talks To JS Of - Oil, DADT, War, MSM & Memorial Day

George Will: GOP in Congress 'Not Being Very Intelligent'

Dear Arne: MIT study shows bonuses don't work when cognitive skills involved.

BP Fails Booming School 101 Gulf Oil Spill

Our Fix-It Faith and the Oil Spill

Documents show Early Worries about Safety of Rig ..New York Times

New Rule:..."Everything You Say Can and Will Be Used Against You in a Google Search"

Prosecutor Bondi leaves the courthouse and takes a hard right

BP's behavior in the Gulf is appalling. But our thirst for oil is the real issue

Winograd makes Harman take notice

Exclusive: The U.S. Paid Money to Support Hugo Banzer’s 1971 Coup in Bolivia

NATO Has High Hopes for Afghan Peace Council.

Maine Business Is Shut Without a Renewed Visa.

Lobo Reverses Stance on Honduran Coup

Desperate BP Looks to China For New Strategy: 'Bottom Kill'

Best Cartoons on the BP Oil Spill Disaster

When a Lone Wolf Assassin is Not Nuts or Alone

The fake feminism of Sarah Palin

Robert Parry: Time to Turn to Jeb?

Alarming Rise In Hate Crimes Against American Muslims

Paedophile priest will go to hell apparently

George Lakoff: Obama's Missing Moral Narrative

Rep. Jan Schakowsky on the Trillion Dollars We've Spent on Iraq and Afghanistan

Disaster schooling: The education “shock doctrine”

Amnesty Accuses U.S. of Human Rights Violations

Washington and the Colombian Elections

BP wants fishermans tax records

FRANK RICH: Obama’s Katrina? Maybe Worse

4-H project to provide habitat for bats

How does deterrence failure compare to deepwater drilling failure?

The Oil Drum on LMRP and Why Top Kill May Have Failed (and an open thread)

Megafauna cave painting could be 40,000 years old

U.N. Biodiversity Plan Demands Voice for Women

Wackenhut in the Gulf guarding BP & US 'Command ' Center - (xpost)

Presence of world leaders 'paralysed' climate summit, UN letter claims

Cerium (IV) Oxide Cerium (III) Oxide Hydrogen Cycles As Proposed For Solar Thermal Systems.

As oil spill damages Gulf, will U.S. change energy use?

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Saturday, May 29)

Giants 12, Arizona 1

Carlos Silva is 7-0 (Non east coast pitcher)

2011 NHL Winter Classic: Pittsburgh vs Washington at Heinze Field.

HOLY SHIT! THE end of the Indy 500!

I get chills thinking about it

How many times have you voted for the MLB All-Star Game?

Congratulations to Dario Franchitti on winning his second Indy 500!


TCU wins the Mountain West Tournament and gets an automatic bid the the College World Series!

Blue Jays sweep Orioles in a series strictly for the birds

Love sweeps hate

Venezuela nabs Colombian drug lord

Exclusive: The U.S. Paid Money to Support Hugo Banzer’s 1971 Coup in Bolivia

Lobo Reverses Stance on Honduran Coup

US Is $500 Million Supermarket to Cuba

X-post: Haiti Converting to Charter Schools: More Disaster Capitalism

Tampa to work on boosting ties to Cuba

Washington and the Colombian Elections


The JR Chess Report (May 30): Kamsky win US Championship; Chinese Championships begin in Xinaghua

Freeheld; the Laurel Hester story

Alaska Enacts Firearms Freedom Act – 8 States Have Now Passed FFA’s

The Honorable Richard Daley takes subject down a notch

Man kills woman and himself at a North Carolina Target store.

Gaza Freedom Flotilla Delayed But Determined to Break Israel Blockade

Today in Labor History May 30 Memorial Day Massacre in South Chicago, Ground Zero cleanup completed

Jewish Times: State Rests in Rubashkin Child Labor Trial

7 Gulf oil spill cleanup workers hospitalized

Local 1000 Members Ratify New Deal with Kroger covers 6,000 cross North Texas

Hotel Workers Stage ‘Wildcat’ Strike in Chicago

Honda’s China Plants May Stay Closed as Workers Continue Strike

BP to pay $69,200 safety fine for U.S. refinery (violations are commonly found across the industry)

U.S. fears BP cleanup workers imperiled

Labor group files charges with NLRB over alleged Hyatt Regency mistreatment

Minn. nurses set strike date (12,000 union nurses gave notice to 14 hospitals)

NYT: Safety Rules Can’t Keep Up With Biotech Industry

NFL's Goodell Confident New Collective Bargaining Agreement Will Be Reached

Top federal regulator lashes out at Disney, SeaWorld, other entertainment venues (worker safety)

Teamsters agent stands up to challenges

Labor unleashes ad (another) against Blanche Lincoln

SEIU blaming Apple for sucides in China

Communications Workers of America Ratify Agreement Covering Mobility Employees in AT&T's Southeast

Political ads in race for Ohio governor hit airwaves early (with labors help)

Parking Perk Questioned By Citizen's Union

Israeli nuclear subs 'to set sail for Iran'

New NMB rules on union elections blocked until at least June 30

(IBEW Local One and NECA) Unions accept first pay cuts since the Great Depression

I see there is a movie of "The A Team", a show that IMO caused a lot of

Hamas official's daughter treated in Israel

"We Have Three Dead!" Gaza Flotilla: Communication Lost During Urgent Cry for Help from Turkish Ship

Navy prepares for Gaza flotilla

Memorial Day flags- Fort Sam Houston

Sepia Moon

New York from Vermont

Female Golden-fronted Woodpecker

Portrait Session with a Blackbird--in the hot sunshine (dialup warning)

This makes me want to swat a fly--an add a photo thread

Under the Waves, a Deep Unknown

Dinosaur Had Horns the Size of Baseball Bats

Natural Arch in Nevada collapses

Fermilab test throws off more matter than antimatter — and this matters

False Alarm

Divine Moments of Truth

my hummers have returned!

Should the law forbid the representation of unseemly actions?

Organized Medicine Blasts Congress for Failing to Stop Medicare Pay Cut

In a financial crisis, what counts is what works