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AP IMPACT: Bad cement jobs plague offshore rigs

For those not from the Gulf region (like me) who want to keep up on the news:

La. won't wait for federal OK to erect sand berms

NY Times' "New Poor" article: Budget cuts ax child care, increase need for welfare

Add Sri Lanka to the "austerity" roster

LAPD: Brittany Murphy's Husband Found Dead

The GOP, the Great Defenders of the American Oligarchy

There might be a way to stimulate oil clean-up in the Gulf.

National Geographic: Gulf Oil Spill ((video))

Doesn't BP need a permit to access waters in the US gulf?

Additional Oyster Harvesting Areas Closed

Rhode Island lawmaker files bill that follows Arizona immigration law

100 years ago: Chinese-Americans call for boycott of US-made goods in China

Bull-ies kill beast after all

What are all the other oil companies and independent contractors doing?

Far-right British party (BNP) licks wounds after poll wipe-out

As a supplement to the "Rush" commentary, I'm adding lyrics by Metallica

Another unfolding disaster: Legal maneuvering may situate Gulf oil spill litigation in Houston

Sisters Christian Oh the Time Has Come........

As a supplement to Rush and Metallica, I'm adding Mother Hips lyrics

Students fight for the right to protest

Students fight for the right to protest

A Friendship song by Celine....its time for a break...come, we go sing

Someone must have made him an offer he couldn't refuse

Mother Jones.. tweeting from La . . ..BP in Bed with Sheriff's Deputy - literally

TN lawmaker introduce resoulution honoring AZ 'leaders' for immigration law

This is the way to start your day: "I can be a SHARK!"

Defaults on Apartment Building Mortgages Held by U.S. Banks Rise to Record

Conservatives, Immigration And Abortion (conservative-to-conservative article)

QC: Many seem to think that the greatest potential tragedy of (t)his situation (BP)

TSA's Program to Spot Terrorists a $200M Sham?

TSA's Program to Spot Terrorists a $200M Sham?

Call BP's US headquarters and tell them to send the oil tankers

California Supreme Court to consider age bias case against Google

How to avoid Chinese censors (Great poster)

BBC: Australia expels Israeli diplomat over Dubai killing

BBC: Australia expels Israeli diplomat over Dubai killing

Aw, shut up, Scarborough. Dick Cheney shot a person in the face,

Breaking News ... Newt Gingrich Sings "Let It Be" - New Career?

Wait, Michael Steele, Let Me Get This Straight

Last One Out, Turn Off The Lights

"I venture to say we're going to lay the smackdown on him come November."

SENATE, HOUSE BILLS COMPARED: Momentum builds toward a tough, far-reaching Wall St. reform package

Louisiana has always danced with the devil

Michael Steele: "People should worry about the Democrat president's response to the BP oil spill"

Jesus' General: Aryan-Americans for Rand Paul

Chicken Costumes Banned at Nev. Polling Places

*snort* The title of Rand Paul's biography:

Law allows hospitals to use patient records for fundraising

Louis Farrakhan and Prince Bandar and Rand Paul

What exactly are Clark Hoyt's standards at the NY Times?

Salazar says BP can be pushed out of the way

X-Post: Requiem for the Gulf...

BREAKING: DADT Deal with GAYS, Pentagon, And Congress being Worked ON!

Nikki Haley and Will Folks - "Where the boy's are?"

I am getting tired of the aftershocks

What would Molly Ivins do???

Patton Oswalt: "Can we please just call it the 'ball sack in mouth' movement?"

Douchebag alert!

When is this administration ever going to realize that junior's reign was solely to implement a RW

Shouldn't President Obama create a federal Department of Emergency Oil Capping?

CNN Preempts Presidential Press Conference to Cover Linday Lohan Trial

"Bringing the Valerie Plame affair to..." movies "Doug Liman explores the abuse of power" in DC

Thanks for the star, whoever you are!

Court to hear Texas death row inmate DNA case

If ultrasound destroys sperm, why is it safe for a fetus?

Palin accuses Obama of being in bed with Big Oil

UK plans rapid withdrawal from Afghanistan ('We are not a global policeman')

Biloxi woman cuts into mullet, finds oil inside

John Stossel, pathetic little man.....

Disgraced ex-congressman Donald 'Buz' Lukens dies at 79

A bullet through the heart of the Constitution

WorldNutDaily revives the "Gays can't serve in the military because they can't give blood" argument

Hollywood is often far ahead of it's time.

Ethnic and Gender Studies Professor Jeered (and Cheered) at Commence Address over SB1070 comments

How the UK gave Israel the bomb

Rick Scott who ran a huge fraud want's to be Gov. of Fl.

Tracking the Oil Spill Map - Interactive

Mr Quitter Tawd threatens reporter. Reporters have 2nd Amendment rights, too.

Autism Fraud Wakefield Banned From Practicing Medicine

BOMBSHELL: SC Blogger Admits AFFAIR With Palin's Pick For Governor

The Rethugs lied that China was going to exploit Gulf oil if we didn't to sway public opinion

Is the MSM irrelevant? Afghan and Iraq war videos on YouTube say "yes"

Defaults on Apartment-Building Loans Set Record for U.S. Banks

Aren't most of the governors of the Gulf states republicans? They can make this Obama's Katrina.

After 125 years, American Kennel Club opens competitions to mutts

Tell Rand Paul that protecting our environment is not "un-American."

Brittany Murphy's Husband Found Dead At Home

Healthcare iz Terroris

Does anyone here have a link to how the adminstration responded to Thailand?

Get a USN BURKE class ship on site with Veep Biden, the BP Board of Directors and Brit Ambassador on

Ex-congressman who allegedly groped staffers claims Cheney wanted to institute ‘coup’

So anyway, I think this is enough for me.

Don't need any permits when exigent circumstances exist

Whackjob Wakefield struck off Medical Register

Wrongful Foreclosure ends in another suicide.

Existing home sales soar in April

Buying your vote... easier than a shot of whiskey

Klan Leader Ron Edwards Arrested by FBI in Drug Bust

Relief on Wall Street, as Reform Takes Shape

Dear Gawd! Adopted children face anguish as birth parents stalk them on Facebook

New F/B Group: I vote we plug the Gulf oil leak with BP executives.

EMERGING DEAL ON DADT-REPEAL: Congress/Gay Rights Advocates/WH/Pentagon Meeting Monday am

A rescue sub for USN and other navies' submarines can be flown anywhere in the world in 24 hours.

Far-Right Extremists Gather At 'Liberty Convention' 5000 Expected 250 Show

Why does Dick Blumenthal drive Joe Scab crazy?

Lookin’ Ugly at the Deepwater Horizon Live Cam? (Major new ugly event happening???)

Skydiver preparing for 120,000-foot supersonic fall

• UN biodiversity report calls for global action to prevent destruction of nature

Despite moratorium, drilling projects continue

Despite moratorium, drilling projects continue

Let's play a game

“It’s BP’s Oil” Running the corporate blockade at Louisiana's crude-covered beaches.

A solution for the Gulf Problem

Another SC sex scandal?

Eric Massa: Esquire Interview Details Drunken, Ambien-Induced Wandering, Suicide Attempts

HEADS UP Janet Napolitano + Salazar on MSNBC CNN **** Now

Chuck Todd has the nerve to say Obama has disdain for the press...

Luckovitch: "Wasting away in Petroleumville"

Bayou Fisherman: Oil Execs "Should Be Treated Like Terrorists"

Bayou Fisherman: Oil Execs "Should Be Treated Like Terrorists"

KRUGMAN: "Corporate America, however, really, truly hates the current administration."

Paying for Medicine

Sisters Christian Oh the Time Has Come........

Remember Jena, Louisiana?

Deepwater survivor kept at sea for 40 hours after rescue

AntiVac Rx Wakefield (Vacs Cause Autism) Struck From Brit MMR

Archbishop Desmond Tutu: "It's time to rid the world of nuclear weapons"

...Rand Justice For All

Most Dangerous Monopoly

Tweeps Triumph Against Pennsylvania Attorney General

Corps to test nonlethal grenade launcher

The Teabagger Trilogy

Mary Landreau making promises she can't keep!

The corporatocracy whose PR department is led by Barack Obama,

A Monday mined with steroids!!! Please come CAPTION this teabagger!!

The Republicans' silence on the BP spill is deafening.

Rand Paul would have walked with MLK? Show of hands

EU eyes open borders with post-Soviet countries (Russia first)

Supreme Court rules for black Chicago firefighters

AZ Interfaith Delegation Takes on DC for Immigration Reform


Hurricane Could Spread Gulf Spill Far and Wide

If the Feds can seize MY property for growing Marijuana WHY

"Where does your talking points come from? The Democrat National Committee? Rachel Maddow?"

Thad allen on tv now on MSNNC

New rules might not stop next financial crisis

My Rant On 60 Minutes "SEED" School piece

My Rant On 60 Minutes "SEED" School piece

Cuts to Child Care Subsidy Thwart More Job Seekers

Yemeni cleric advocates killing U.S. civilians

We need to spend the stimulus to save the Gulf

Did Joe Scarborough ever apologize for having a staffer found dead in his office?

Fire the Industry Friendly Bush Appointees Still Defending Industries Instead of Americans!!

Fired UN diplomat Galbraith seeks office in Vt.

HEADS UP - TONY HAYWARD + WHITE HOUSE w DUELING pressers coming up CNN now ****

Sarah Faling praises free market at Las Vegas convention

How many scandals will it take for right-wing Christians to rediscover humility?

I liked Rand Paul better when he was the lead singer for the B-52s...

So, is this BP's siphon?

Prison time for activist over green jobs banner. No kidding.

Palin Gives Disastrous Speech At Commercial Real Estate Conference, Calls Obama An "Opium" Addict

Ford to Invest $135 Million, Add 220 Jobs in Michigan in Electric-Car Push

Just a quick comment on how politics use to be...

I like maps

How Israel offered to sell South Africa the bomb

my Memorial Day Ltte-please leave your critiques before I send

Sounds like "Inside Job," documentary on Wall Street, is movie not to be missed

FOOT SOLDIERS For Corporate "Owner Rights" - Rand Paul Exposes the Real Tea Party-by Robert Parry

Guardian UK: How far should we let Big Oil go?

Greenpeace uses oil from the Gulf spill to paint message "Arctic Next?" on the Harvey Explorer -pics

Horrific health issues starting to impact oil cleanup workers

Heads up, DU!

Help do a crater survey of the moon. It is easy to do.

Toon: Do you get the feeling...

Do you think this is a pay-back move?

They're doing something down there on the spill cams. Can anyone explain?

5 months after Britany Murphy dies of natural causes at 32, her husband dies of natural causes at 39

58 US bases in Iraq

One Exxon Valdez every three and a half day

Sarah Palin: Feminst

What are they trying to hide...BP and Obama?

How Much Does BP Pay Us for Privilege of Soiling Our Shores? - EmptyWheel

Just how big is that gusher in the Gulf of Mexico?

"To push BP out of the way would raise the question, 'and replace them with what?'"

From Rigzone -Deepwater Horizon's Status: Retired

Iran renews offer to help on US oil spill

IMO the President should address the nation.

Police vs the mentally ill.

Republican National Committee Very, Very Low on Cash

Have we ever had an uncapped gusher like this run this long?

News alert: Joe the Plumber still an ass

News alert: Joe the Plumber still an ass

Goldman...Give us back our money!

* heads up, press briefing - oil spill, etc * (expired)

NYT Expert Is Confident About Sealing Oil Well

Are banning oil rigs from our oceans for environmental reasons

Grayson: GOP = Al-Qaeda?

Toon: The Dream

Coast Guard Muscles In on Oil Spill Response.

7 Obama judicial nominees up for a vote in committee this Thursday

"The berms will take a very long time, six to nine months in some cases..."

If Jindal were a Dem every time he got near a camera first question would be ...

What is the magnitude of the BP oil disaster?

Obama Orders Entire Oil Industry to Gulf - Suspends all Licenses Until they Prove they can Contain

Lies and The Lying Liars Who Tell Them: Palin On Oil Contributions

Mark Twain autobiography to be printed after 100 years

In A Heartwarming Gesture, BP Pledges 0.3 % Of Profits For Oil Spill Effect Research

To Rand Paul: The Teabag movement would've screamed "WHITE NIGGER" at you had you marched with MLK.

Ky. gov criticizes Paul's 'radical philosophy', 'unbridled support' of BP

Why does the media think the Lost finale is such a big deal?

Top kill and relief well

More Evidence Big Oil Owns The U.S. Government?

Fundies: Taxpayers are subsidizing teenage fornication in Washington DC

Now class, a little review: REPUBLICAN DEREGULATION was the term of the day a few weeks back.

Beware! Elena Kagan does not cross her legs!

75 Miles Of Louisiana Coastline Impacted By Oil

75 Miles Of Louisiana Coastline Impacted By Oil

Monster mash-up spills into politics

Construction industry builds up steam, adds 14,000 jobs

Ultraviolet Radiation Not Culprit Killing Amphibians, Research Shows

Most Americans Want Offshore Drilling to Continue...

GOP Leaders Rally Against Their Own Candidate

Britain bans doctor who linked autism to vaccine

Deranged Gunman Opens Fire On Shooting Range

Gay marriage ban backers want closing arguments broadcast blocked

Opposition to Gay Marriage at lowest level in history (tied with prior lowest metric)

White House eyes a compromise on gays in military -

Facebook isn't all bad.

US govt's bioweapon and animal disease R&D island up for sale (Heads up Kansas!)

White Supremacist Website Posts Climate Scientists Image with Jew ID

What Lebanon Prime Minister Saad Hariri seeks from White House visit

Should the British government bear any responsibility here at all?

The only thing that will stop the Gulf Gusher is a relief well injection in 60+ days.

lady on CNN showing pics.... said oil slick is 25 feet deep.

A book recommendation for my friends on the Gulf

Senator: No Kagan hearings without Clinton files

Solution to gusher, not 100% serious but to make a point.

Norman Goldman is quoting Democratic Underground with the

How many Repubs would vote for Civil Rights today?

Is anyone listening to the guy from Louisiana on Ed? amazing

Stage Managing a Catastrophe in the Gulf

BP Rejects Blasts as Oil Well Response - NYTimes

The cost of this catastrophe is incalculable. U.S. must move to freeze BP's assets sooner than

They've done everything but...

Slipknot bassist Paul Gray found dead at 38

From May 16th: 'Renegade Refiner: OSHA Says BP Has “Systemic Safety Problem”'

How long before BP starts charging us for the oil our beaches are snatching from them?

How long before BP starts charging us for the oil our beaches are snatching from them?

North Sea Oil Rig Evacuated Due To Unstable Well: Risk of Blowout.

Democrats eye compromise on gays in military

Happy 69th Birthday Bob Dylan

It's a long, long, rough road to try to travel in the Gulf now,

US plans naval exercises with South Korea:Pentagon

BP Exec Tony Hayward takes a look at clean-up efforts on the beach in Port Fourchon, LA - pics

Texas school board member/dentist/creationist proud of textbook changes

Thank God Libertarians aren't going anywhere because they are

Holy Smoke! Mexico decriminalized pot almost a year ago.

1964 all over again

Where are the SUBS?

Papantonio on Hardball - Obama needs to be Huey Long not Gandhi

5-star LTTE on republican hypocrisy from the Columbus Dispatch

just sick...Elementary students given unborn fetus dolls at school

If a disaster similar to the oil leak were the product of a terrorist attack or a hurricane,

If a disaster similar to the oil leak were the product of a terrorist attack or a hurricane,

A truly toxic Republican

Nature Conservancy faces potential backlash from ties with BP

Supreme Court Should Strike Down Arizona Subsidy For Religious Schools, Says Americans United

Why is Facebook's Propaganda in the Washington Post?

Adult student penalized for one curse word - a Mississippi Community College

Nine-time deportee arrested for rape near Seattle

La. AG: State will protect wetlands regardless

Jan Brewer's Office Returned My Call Today and I questioned them

Jan Brewer's Office Returned My Call Today and I questioned them

Teacher in trouble after students don white robes

Teacher in trouble after students don Klan robes

Hilary, dust off those old Pumas

Need Help Debunking....

Davey Crockett gave up his political career to do what was right

A tale of two homeowners.....

"Big Business Has Failed. Now It Is Time For Government To Step In And Fix This".

Do you suppose Obama is sitting in the Oval Office, looking around

"Brittany Murphy's husband found dead" (WHO GIVES A SHIT!)

Celebration honors Soldier diversity

Justices make it easier for employees to win legal fees in disability cases

I Give President Obama A Lot of Credit for This Move Today.

Cuts to Child Care Subsidy Thwart More Job Seekers

The Greeks Get It by Chris Hedges

The Old Enemies By PAUL KRUGMAN

EPA pages on Facebook (Main EPA one and Lisa Jackson's)

This is not my beautiful campaign song! David Byrne sues Charlie Crist for using "Road To Nowhere."

Somebody gave me a donor star! :)

BP ignores government order to stop using toxic oil dispersant in Gulf

Slipknot bassist Gray found dead in Iowa hotel

Banquet - Joni Mitchell


Global Leaders Express Concern Over Arizona’s New Immigration Law

Facebook Group: P.A.L.I.N (People Against the Little Imbecile No-nothing)

Obama's new USJFCOM General

Repost- Wrongful Foreclosure ends in Suicide

Something is going on at the oil spill live cam.

EPA Releases BP's Response to Directive on Dispersants

Minerals Revenue Management: Money Money Money

Minerals Revenue Management: Money Money Money

Watch this DUers - graphic scenes

Canada requires oil companies drill a relief well alongside the exploratory well

SCANDAL! Rand Paul MUST return Neo-Nazi funds NOW and DENOUNCE

Obama to get oil spill report Thursday. Leak frightened and fears a White Paper.

*Who are the spin doctors trying to fool? How We're Getting Screwed in 4 Easy Steps*

Uranium swap may help solve Iranian nuclear problem - UN chief

Boston Properties drops bid for 1 WTC

Brittany Murphy's husband died waiting for surgery

My View: Why Ayn Rand, Tea baggers and Right Wing Free Marketers are wrong.

NOAA Updates (Shows what they are doing to date.)

Yoga for Cancer Patients Provides Benefits of Sleep, Vitality - hundreds of applications available

Oil Reporter App Makes Sure No Toxic Sludge Goes Unnoticed

Breaking: Compromise on DADT

dear democratic're welcome

The robots are moving around, something is going on, watch

Bucket List Question: Have you ever touched or swam with a dolphin or whale?

Marvin Gaye...Mercy mercy me

Marvin Gaye...Mercy mercy me

US Companies Face Debt Crisis As Spreads Widen

Do latinos take French or German, etc. classes in HS?

Could the oil well have been shut down if there wasn't an eye by BP toward saving the well .....

Arizona immigration law: Que lastima internacional

I was unaware until today that our government is asking for our help re: BP Oil Gusher

Louisiana imports African teachers to save French program

If I were to pour a bottle of motor oil on a beach, I'd get arrested...

For teachers (and parents/etc) who want to teach about the gulf : (Drilling for oil game and more)

Dorothy Kamenshek, Inspiration for "A League of Their Own Character" dies at 84

Corporatism: are we there yet?

Climate debate 'almost infantile'

Just heard the term to replace "spill" to describe the gulf disaster on Countdown....

EPA: Air, Water, Sediment data in Gulf normal (tests between May 16-23)

So who won the fruit -plate, err....I mean the Ipad? n/t

KKKarl sez it's ALL "about stiring up Latino votes" - WELL, KKKarl, quit being who you ARE!1 n/t

Conservatives, Including Rand Paul, Disagree With Palin’s Claim That Maddow Asked Paul ‘Gotcha’

Brothers embark on walk across America to fight corporate personhood

American workers starting to feel confident enough in job market to say "I quit"

Burning Question: Does pot help PTSD?

On second thought, Paul is engaging in Racism by Proxy

“It’s BP’s Oil”: Running the corporate blockade at Louisiana's crude-covered beaches.

Watching CSPAN right now: repeat of 2010 Whistleblowers Assembly

Protesters demand BP be shut down over oil spill

CNN Poll: 57% of Americans still support offshore drilling

Request from Nat'l Religious Campaign Against Torture: House of Reps to vote on Amendment

IF BP Was A Suspected Muslim Terrorist...

We should seriously question the sanity of people running for office..

We should seriously question the sanity of people running for office..

Democrats are wimps

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

More Workers Start to Quit

Oops - Dupe!

BP oil spill: How to save wetlands? Set them on fire, maybe

BP oil spill: How to save wetlands? Set them on fire, maybe

The Principles of Rand Paul (NY Times - Op-Ed)

RUMMY Really Did Think He Was King!

Gulf catastrophe linked to Congress' oil-friendly tax breaks and financial benefits (L.A. Times)

NY Times: Despite Obama’s Moratorium, Drilling Projects Move Ahead

Gulf spill raises questions about Exxon Valdez law Twenty years ago, Congress passed a law to deal w

Just WHY is KKKarl Rove still spouting crap in public and NOT in a prison forever?!1 n/t

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear Hits Rand Paul For His 'Radical Philosophy'

Hispanics swing to Democrats in West...

****A Collection of Kurt Vonnegut Quotes on Oil and the Environment***

Best TV Source for BP Gusher Info: Anderson Cooper 360

Movie, "Towering Inferno" versus BP's Deepwater Horizon

Unlike Rand Paul, I believe BP's Neck is EXACTLY where Obama needs Plant his Boot

Question: Is Obama just a soldier for "The Big Club"?

Barack Obama seeks line-item veto....

My daughter graduated from college this past weekend (yeah!)

Which is a GREATER Threat to Americans - Tribesmen in Afghanistan or BP oil spill?

BP Oil Disaster: Eleven Things Obama Needs To Act On Now

Westboro Baptists Picket Dio's funeral

Tony Blair's new role: Corporate Shill

On MSNBC - Get the Tankers Here Now!!! To load up the oil.

On MSNBC - Get the Tankers Here Now!!! To load up the oil.

Gulf oil spill at a glance. Great chart that really helps to bring it all into focus.

Rachel gets a real answer from Steven Chu...

Diaper Dumpling Dave Vitter on TV pointing finger at Obama!

What if this time the fan hits the shit?

What if this time the fan hits the shit?

Britain Bans Doctor for Autism Work

For the WTF file: An oil spill tax to pay for cleaning up spills

Action Alert - Making State Single Payer Options Possible Before 2017

President Obama breaks emergency war spending pledge. "Last planned war supplemental" not the last.

Palin's Teabagger pick for SC Governor denies extramarital affair with conservative blogger in 2007

The Selling of the Female Orgasm

Investigator Warned MMS in 2009 About Deepwater Gas Blowouts in Gulf of Mexico

Lots of talk about FDR these days

Hey! I donated to the 2nd quarter fund drive! It says so right there ^

Submit a Technology Solution for the leak directly to EPA:

How long before the American public tires of the Oily Bad News, and the media "moves forward".

Mom gives birth while driving to hospital; Dad steered from passenger seat

SCANDAL! Rand Paul MUST return Neo-Nazi funds NOW and DENOUNCE

BP worker tells all on 60 Minutes. Link for those who missed it.

Hey---big props to Truthout.Org for being one of the best progressive sites on the Nets!

Any DU'ers ever taught ESL in another country? I went to a presentation

A Pastor Jeff "Burn and Shoot Fags" Owens Update

Driving is a privilege. You can lose your license without even causing an accident

There's some weird stuff going on in regard to the oil gusher crisis.

Louis Black rocks on the DS Glenn Beck has NAZI Tourette syndrome .

Who averts their eyes from the television when they show pictures of oiled pelicans in the Gulf?

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! The winner of Contest #2 is...

Why would minority businesses proactively segregate?

Google Earth compares Gulf spill to major cities (you gotta see this pic)

The Mike Wallace Interview Eleanor Roosevelt 11/23/57

Supreme Court Should Strike Down Arizona Subsidy For Religious Schools

Supreme Court Should Strike Down Arizona Subsidy For Religious Schools

BP information black out spreads like oil spill

Supreme Court: Chicago must hire bypassed black firefighter candidates

Commandmant of the Coast Guard: The government does not have the equipment to operate at such depths


There is growing suspicion that the 'live' BP feed is

I'm Required, By Law, to Pay Federal Taxes but I'm NOT Left in Control of the IRS

After keeping us waiting for a century, Mark Twain will finally reveal all

Immigration agency targets upscale San Diego restaurant

Jefferson Parish takes over oil cleanup from BP

Texas cops mistake actual weed for marijuana, spend hours doing yard work

Foil a thief, lose your job....Only at WalMart

So where's the massive hiring of tens of thousands of workers for cleaning crews?

Great Dane fans fear popularity boost -- and abandoned pets -- as a result of new 'Marmaduke' film

Teacher lets students wear Klan outfits

A Progressive Agenda to Remake Washington

White House "considers" compromise on gays in the military

Text of the DADT "Compromise" between Hill & White House . . .Loads of nebulous "ifs and whens"

Is The U.S. Too Big To Fail?

POLL: ALL Deep-water Drilling Should be Halted Immediately, since we have NO CLUE on how to deal

David Gergen on a WWII type response to the oil disaster

David Gergen on a WWII type response to the oil disaster

From the MMS's Kids Page on Oil Rigs:

What the military is doing about the oil spill

Source: Folks Admitted to Haley Affair a Year Ago (SC)

Joe Conason, Salon, on BlumenthalGate: Bush lied about his military service, and so did Reagan

Yes or No - Is the Obama Administration doing enough concerning the BP gusher?

Key to legendary mechanical lion found in code for Leonardo Da Vinci's robot

The Rude Pundit: Gulf Oil Spill: It Ain't Like This Never Happened Before

Another thread in solidarity with Swamp Rat & others on the Gulf Coast.

Supreme Court Should Strike Down Arizona Subsidy For Religious Schools, Says Americans United

CT Poll: Blumenthal 55, Mcmahon 40

Keith Olbermann highlights the "GET A BRAIN MORANS" guy. Shows a picture

You know Brittany Murphy's husband got hounded mercilessly after her death

In Arizona, immigrant couple lives in anxiety

I think the only way I'll ever stop posting here at DU is to get permanently banned.

I find myself being swayed toward the opinion of those attacking Obama over the oil disaster

Huffington Post, April 8th, 2010: Al Gore Expresses Disapproval Of Obama's Offshore Drilling Plan

U.S. Troop Level in Afghanistan (94,000) Surpasses Iraq (92,000)

"In 2006, Jindal sponsored the Deep Ocean Energy Resources Act "

Supporters remember 1990 Oakland car bombing of environmental activist Judi Bari

My tribute to my friends on DU

Hayworth: 'In My History' U.S. Didn't Formally Declare War On Nazi Germany

Needed DUers from ME, NE, MA, LA, AR for a specific project

Grayson does it again... he is one Dem that has balls... big balls...

A sweaty moon over Monday! Come CAPTION the heat away. (This teabagger in need.)

The left is no longer the fringe.

Just a reminder, the fish, the pelicans, the dolphins, the oysters, the grasses etc.

Just a reminder, the fish, the pelicans, the dolphins, the oysters, the grasses etc.

I'm going to waste my post #501 ranting about stupid freaking facebook

Armed Robber steals $4 pack of socks, gets life in prison

Las Vegas Homeowner Pulls Gun on Census Taker

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

A tribute to my friend, who disappeared 20 years ago today

Replace BP with the entire International Oil Industry, and an ARMADA of SKIMMERS to get BUSY!

Jindal has taken charge - a great move on his part

Our terminal cultural cancer

Charter Schools’ Big Success? Accounting Tricks, Shady Land Deals, and Skimming Off the Top

Bob Herbert: "President Obama should have taken charge of the response to the oil spill"

Democracy Quietly Euthanized


The other co-chair of Obama's debt commission made Social Security pact with Gingrich

No Wonder We Elected Him To Four Terms... He Speaks To Us Still...

OMG, Idaho is just inside out and upside down.

Walmart saves families $700 million a year? Show me the math

Silent Thread for the Gulf Coast

I support Swamp Rat. I support alleviating the hell he and our citizens on the gulf...

Existing home sales soar in April

Clearly, the fumes from the oil spill are already causing brain damage

Texas Rangers are bankrupt. The Arbusto Circle is complete

Thoughts on the Obama Administration’s Efforts to Control the Gulf Oil Spill

Is there a common thread here?

The Feds are addicted to pot, even if you're not.

Two farmers find "old school" way to remove oil from water

The White House, Big Oil, and the "American Power Act"

Howard Fineman just quoted Donna Brazile regarding the White House and the oil spill

Code Pink outside BP headquarters in Houston - pics

BP CEO: 'too many people working to save the world.'

message from the planet

Sick and Poor

Sick and Poor


The Littlest Birds (sing the prettiest songs)

Do you think the Army could use any 37 year old, fat truckers?

The Unrequested Return of Coyote's Paw's Drunken Poetry Corner...

Now I have to avoid conversations about LOST until December

A groaner, but it made me laugh!

My hero

Whaddayamean There's a dress code in the LOUNGE?

I don't care what you think - "Six Feet Under" still had the best series finale

De Colores...

LOST +, Jimmy Kimmel, Now.

Funniest response to a 419 fee advance fraud attempt

LOST- I saw the ending and I still don't know how it ends

So "Lost" ended with the Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana?

I'm headed out to Awful Waffle

Mike Huckabee is the key to great sex, says GQ

My mom is dying

Whoever gave me the donor star, thank you very much!

I walked away from my mortgage today.

I too never watched a single episode of LOST

So I've never viewed "Lost" and therefore did not watch the finale............

Happy birthday, Mr. Robert Zimmerman (aka Bob Dylan).

I just bought my tickets to the Paul McCartney show in San Francisco on 7/10

Land of the L O S T

Happy Birthday wishes are in order!

Official Tobin L O S T his beer buzz thread

L O S T - WTF???? What the hell was that?

Breaking Bad - Walt's perfect time to die

So I'm curious - what is your opinion of the *LOST* finale (spoilers probably)

Saving Grace fans...

Favorite track on the Merge Records 2010 Digital Sampler?

LOL! I just realized I fell asleep during the last minutes of LOST!

¿Como esta usted?

Two questions for LOST fans/viewers:

You know what deserves a blockbuster-movie revival?

We can whip the North Korean commies' asses and here's why.

You know what pisses me off about this whole Law and Order business?

Need Help Identifying a Smell...

Bob Dylan is my messiah. Today is the man's birthday.

Well, that's a unique Medscape headline: Pregnancy Doubles Risk for HIV Infection in Men

Slipknot bassist Paul Grey, dead at 38

5 months after Britany Murphy dies of natural causes at 32, her husband dies of natural causes at 39

Does anyone know if the LOST writers/producers had ever attended

Very smart penguin avoids three killer orcas.

'The Walking Dead' TV Series Adds Two More Cast Members

Who would lose if Godzilla took on King Kong?

Uh-oh. This could be trouble in GD...

State legislator Bruce Dammeier - R, just knocked on my door, seeking my vote in November.

Ernest Borgnine: American Treasure

OK, the temperature has been going NUTS here in Fargo!

LOST - Never saw a single episode, so now that it's over ... can anyone give me a recap?.

Not normally a fan of Family Guy

Gotta say, Geronmio Jackson's only album was pretty good...

Since it's all L O S T all day, I have a question

A LOST sideways thread

Acid Trip - An exercise in Photoshop filter madness

In light of LOST, someone needs to finally bring Ken Grimwood's Replay to the big screen

Now someone needs to re-edit LOST so that

Sue Miller. Novelist. Her writing style is "like butter". That is all.

Cat happiness plotted against time

Post some Great Dylan related links!

My friend, Paige, disappeared 20 years ago today


L O S T in the L O U N G E.

Update on my Dad:

Which is better? LOST or The Wire?

dog pound webcams- help me sell the idea in chicago

Poll: 'Gilligan's Island' or 'Lost' ?

Isn't it odd the way everyone automatically assumes that the goo in soap dispensers is always soap?

News Source Fail:

Not a sex thread: Mark TWAIN gifted secretary a vibrator

That took me 3 hours and 24 minutes

I can't watch the last five minutes of Law & Order. All these unanswered questions are killing me!

******Appreciation thread*********

Cranked up my A/C today...

Mark Twain or Groucho Marx?

I'm a PhD student, and I'll confess that I don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

Well, I've survived another Monday. Good night, DU!

Would someone please come trim my verge?

Fuck it. Another LOST thread.

Dog collides with car. Gets trapped in grill.

Whose turn is it tonight to keep LeftyFingerPop out of GD?

Cybergame for the terminal procrastinator.

Happy Birthday Tommy Chong!

Anybody seen this behavior with female cats that have had kittens?

Law and Order Series Finale shout out to L O S T?

You have to go 1 year without the internet, or without sex

Post the weirdest thing you have said all day.

Possibly my BEST IBTL.

Photos: For Heidi Montag, EVERYTHING is a photo op. EVERYTHING.

All right, then, fewer consonants. Which one has to go?

My new favorite word is "crotch".

Israeli diplomat expelled over fake passport affair

ABC News Absolves Obama of Oil Spill Blame by Bashing Sarah Palin

In Arizona, immigrant couple lives in anxiety

Best birthday wishes and many hugs going out to....wait for it.... NotoriousP.I.G.!

Australia expels Israeli diplomat over Dubai hit

Venezuela's Chavez vows more financial crackdown

AP IMPACT: Bad Cement Jobs Plague Offshore Rigs

My neighbor calls the ice cream truck the music truck!

'Whale-huggers' restart a crusade they thought they'd won

Toyota defends against report on older Lexus ES trouble

BP slashes oil capture estimates for Gulf spill

Not a sex thread: I asked my doctor if my heart was healthy enough for sexual activity

I can tell every one of you what will happen after you die

Bucket List Question: Have you ever touched or swam with a dolphin or whale?

How Israel offered to sell South Africa the bomb

Brittany Murphy's husband found dead

J.P. Morgan trims outlook for offshore drillers

LOST - the final final scene


Study finds big decrease in global child mortality

Brittany Murphy’s widower found dead

Resume overview?

Attorney General Buddy Caldwell tells Corps of Engineers state has emergency powers to build barrier

Union ramps up pressure on lawmakers ahead of jobs bill vote

U.S. military told to get ready in Korea standoff

UK plans rapid withdrawal from Afghanistan ('We are not a global policeman')


5 turbines in the works for wind power project in Lake Erie

Drywall contractor to pay workers in discrimination suit

Places race to outlaw K2 'Spice' drug

US And South Korea To Test Military Force As An Affront To North Korea

Alabama GOP Campaign Ad Uses Forged Obama Photo

Strong earthquake rocks Brazil-Peru border: USGS

Britain's Tony Blair teams with green investment group

Who didn't watch LOST?

Economists Upbeat about U.S. Growth, Job Market

Jefferson Parish Commandeers BP-Hired Boats

Iran renews offer to help with Gulf spill

UC Santa Barbara Scientist Proposes Novel Method to Quantify Gulf Oil Spill

LOST Dead Pool Results

BP pledges $500m to study oil spill's impact on gulf

No Worries, Israel Insists, Defense Drill Is Just a Drill

Wall Street hopes to dodge two reform bullets

Miners describe safety violations before mine explosion

US deploys missiles to Poland to train NATO ally

Slipknot bassist Paul Grey, dead at 38


US govt "clearly" can take over spill cleanup-BP

Congress, White House closer to deal on 'Don’t ask, don’t tell' repeal

Replace a word in movie or song title to CHICKEN (s)!

Obama seeking more control over budget

(Texas) Rangers seek bankruptcy, still owe A-Rod $25M

Ford Motor Company investment of 135 million dollars will add Southeastern Michigan jobs by 2012

Government puts pressure on BP to stop Gulf spill

Cable TV Interruption Avoided as Satellite Scare Passes

Legal maneuvering may situate Gulf of Mexico oil spill litigation in Houston

Disaster must be catalyst for change, says Jean-Michel Cousteau

Secret Service arrives in Australia to protect Obama

John Herbst (5thGenDemocrat) has passed away

All forms of physical contact are off the table, including coitus........

Crime continued downward trend in 2009: FBI

Over 300 dead birds are likely Gulf spill victims

U.S. declares fishery disaster in 3 Gulf states

U.S. declares fishery disaster in 3 Gulf states

Deal Reached for Ending Law on Gays in Military

(MS Gov.) Barbour signs law with 2nd ban on abortion funding

Court gives hope to Texas death-row inmate

Supreme Court says black firefighter lawsuit can proceed

Trial begins for man accused of aiding Taliban

Record number of international students enrolled in Canadian universities in 2009

More Workers Start to Quit

BP Directors Sued by Investors Over Gulf Spill Costs

Man Used Penis to Assault Female Police Officer

Toyota halts sales of certain Lexus sedans in U.S.

Please Delete

Keith used the Moran guy!

Iraqi who won seat in parliament shot dead - police

Insurance Premiums for Offshore Drilling Soar 15%-50%

Gulf oil spill: BP ordered to dramatically scale back use of dispersants

Electric Carmaker Coda Plans Ohio Plant on Possible Yuan Rise

Allen Outlines Federal Role in Oil Spill Response

U.S. Troop Level in Afghanistan Surpasses Iraq

Five Afghan Civilians Die in Bomb Blast

Millions of Medicaid kids don't get medical exams

Obama Backs Proposal to Lift Ban on Gays In Military.

With US support, SKorea cuts trade with North

NOAA: Oil Spill 180 Miles from Key West by Tomorrow

** OFFICIAL L O S T Post Finale Discussion Thread **

I have never understood why women love cats.

Massa To Esquire: Cheney And Petraeus Discussed 'A Coup D'Etat'

FBI says violent crime rate down again

NYT: US said to order covert military action

Ford to make battery packs, hybrid transmissions at Michigan plants

Ooh la la....Venus Willams changes fashion at the French Open

GOP tries to upend NC campaign backed by tea party

Summers calls for new stimulus

Facebook creator faces up to responsibility

Full-body scanners worry health experts


Senators Call on AG DOJ to Investigate Transocean Ltd. Money Transfers

Tennessee House commends Arizona on immigration law

Ex-lawyer jailed 14 months, but not charged with a crime

EPA: BP can continue using controversial dispersant, but will seek alternatives

Source says Simmons told staff he is ending campaign (US Senate, CT)

Key Dem lawmakers call for rewrite of 1996 Telecom Act

Memphis-based FedEx to offer insurance to same-sex domestic partners in 2012

Dayton, Ohio or Jacksonville, Florida?

BP Rejects Blasts as Oil Well Response

Yemeni tribesmen kidnap U.S. couple near Sanaa

(San Francisco mayor) Newsom to take sit/lie measure to voters

RNC document reveals bleak financial standing

Congress plans to quadruple oil tax used to finance cleanups

Government can't push BP aside from oil spill response, Thad Allen of Coast Guard says

Arizona to Obama: We need Predator drones

(MA Gov.) Patrick says Obama critics are 'almost at the level of sedition'

Kim Jong Il Orders Military to Get Ready for Combat (Update1)

Teacher lets students wear Klan outfits

White House backs compromise on gays in military

Blumenthal: 'I'm sorry'

David Byrne Sues Crist for Using `Road to Nowhere'

Obama Is From Mars, Wall Street Is From Venus

Right Wing Violence Since Beginning of Health Care Debate on 3/15/10

Despite Obama’s Moratorium, Drilling Projects Move Ahead

Cuts to Child Care Subsidy Thwart More Job Seekers

Whad does anyone seriously expect Obama -or anyone in the administration -to do

The Influence Of Oil Company Donations

We are in a world of trouble, when you don't see the world coming to help us on this.

Wall Street "breathing a sigh of relief" with Obama's "reform" effort

Obama And Geithner Have A 'Man-Crush' On Each Other: New York Magazine

The Onshore Ken Salazar - and the Offshore Ken Salazar

Banks relieved they can still charge usurious credit card rates. Reform banks can love.

Krugman: Corporate America really, truly hates Obama

Robert Reich: Why the Finance Bill Won't Save Us

I bet Obama's even had SEX since the gulf spill.

Wall Street hoping that the Senate bill gets watered down

QUESTION: Why is it OK that Obama BAILOUT ANOTHER multibillion $ company (BP) by cleanin THEIR mess?

How the Senate Financial Reform Bill Gained Strength

How the Senate Financial Reform Bill Gained Strength

Senate Dems Seek Probe Into Transocean’s $1 Billion Shareholder Payout

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.,is flirting with the idea of backing Republican Mark Kirk in the election.

Corbett withdraws Twitter subpoena

Dudley incorrectly hits Kitzhaber on state borrowing


A Republican that I helped get indicted and convicted back in 2007 in more trouble.

SC Blogger Claims Affair With Candidate

Latest on oil spill response

Why doesn't the U.S. own submersibles appropriate for the situation?

Lincoln shifts runoff message sharply

Sessions sponsors rally with doctor who refused service to Democrats.

Palin accuses Obama of being in bed with Big Oil

McChrystal calls Marjah a 'bleeding ulcer' in Afghan campaign

** Heads Up: Thad Allen to Join Gibbs at the Daily Briefing, 3pm EDT **

Chicken costumes banned at Nev. polling places

Bill Clinton Rips Birthers During Yale Commencement Speech

Blumenthal apologizes, via e-mail, for saying he served in Vietnam War

Democrats to launch effort to rewrite Telecom Act

ZOMG - Obama's "Halliburton Money"

What's the political downside to a "bullhorn moment" in the Gulf?

"Drill Baby Drill"

Scarborough wets his pants over Blumenthal; forgets Bush, Reagan war lies.

Chris Matthews on MSNBC just now repeating his stupid attack on Obama:

Maybe Obama Needs to do a Bush-like flyover of the Gulf?

Maybe Obama Needs to do a Bush-like flyover of the Gulf?

To those who say there's no difference between having Dems or Repubs in charge of the gov't

Steven Chu up next with Rachel Maddow...

"He aced the executive role"

Sources: Agreement possible on push by Congress to repeal 'don't ask, don't tell'

Is today the first time the Keith O put up the picture of the Moran?

Nate Silver: "Excluding Cellphones Introduces Statistically Significant Bias in Polls"

Remember we no longer like.....Keith Olbermann, Ed Schultz, James Carville, Donna Brazile!!!

Car dealers win Senate support in lending effort

Rachael Maddow is in trouble now!

Top GOP leaders line up against D'Annunzio

Mr. President now is not the time to be talking basketball.

It still pisses me off that Bobby Jindahl is "demanding" more help for the oil leak...

"Where does the party find these guys?"

Ward remarks close to Obama speech

"the Gulf is dying."

Whadda Ya Want? Just Words? Pretty Speeches?

"No! No! You're making that up! That can't be right! Tell me she didn't say that!"

Photos: "Duty, Honor, Country" (The Obama Presidency, Days 488-490)

"He walks to his own drumbeat and step by step has gotten big things accomplished"

RNC document reveals bleak financial standing

These are the four major BP execs I would frogmarch and arrest and throw into the oil spill

Help Louisiana or Fuck Louisiana?

"White House Green-lights Repeal" (DADT)


Breaking: Obama just dived down 5,000 feet and plugged the oil leak w/ his Kenyan birth certificate

Gergen, Brazile, Carville, Matthews and others are typical of bullshit punditry that abets MSM spin

Why do some people define "leadership" as being loud, in your face and radical?

EXCLUSIVE: Debunking the myth of Obama's "BP cash"

I knew it was coming. Morning Joe and co is implying the WH broke the law by bribing Sestak

Meeting under way at White House discussing emerging deal on repealing DADT

After Arizona - Hispanic Support Begins to Swing in the Dems' Favor

A SyFy Original Series

"What is he WAITING for?"

DADT Repeal now on track, with quiet administration role

Obama endorses 'don't ask, don't tell' compromise in congress. DADT is over!!!!!

Teachers union can't decide between Crist and Meek

Oh, just GREAT.

May 2nd: President Obama Speaks on NYC Incident and BP Oil Spill in Louisiana (VIDEO):

Why I can’t support FDR

If You Really Want To Know Who Is Responsible for this Spill, Look in the Mirror

Claim: (Nikki) Haley (R) had "inappropriate relationship"

"Obama to take questions Thursday"

Obama tells military: prepare for N.Korea aggression

Docs Obtained In Arpaio Money-Use Case---Maricopa Co Board Of Supervisors Says $50 Million Misused

I live in Houston, Heatstroke Texas.

Liberty Arizona Video

Back to the future: American restaurants after Rand Paul has finished with the Civil Rights Act

Coalition Against War Spending

Capitol Hill Agenda: May 24, 2010

Report: S.Africa asked Israel for Nukes & Were Offered 3 Different Kinds

Re: Brewer and Palin-Secure The Border

Texas Republicans attempt to rewrite history. part 2

Brewer Uses Faux-Kermit Puppet Video To Sell Immigration Law

Texas Republicans attempt to rewrite history. part 1

WWL's Garland Robinette explains why this crisis is America's crisis

Cutting the Net When We Need It Most

Chicago Ald. Joe Moore-Keeping it Green! The Clean Power Ordinance

Union Workers Protest Massy Energy Shareholders' Meeting- Richmond, VA

Young Turks: Fox News Kagan Hypocrisy Exposed

The IFC Media Project presents... FEAR Preview: Max Blumenthal and the Tea Party

Oil Removal - It's As Simple As Hay

Rand Paul's base: Racists or Corporations or both?

Papantonio: BP - The Manslaughter Felon

AZ professor threatened for speaking against immigrant laws

Romanoff, "Stiffen your spine or step out of the way!"

'If Cheney Had Offered This Deal, Indictments Would Already Be Down'

Idaho Republican caught plagiarizing Obama speech

Cape Town Protests Conviction of Malawian 'Gay' Couple

Fixed News Censored Applause from cadets

Alan Grayson presents The War is Making You Poor Act

A better example of Fox News' censorship of the West Point cadets' applause to Obama's speech

Mike Papantonio on Hardball-"Bring In Tankers To Siphon Up The Oil"-5/24/10

Israeli 'nuclear offer' explained by investigator

Harry Reid's NV Teabagger opponent: Americans don't do custodial work

Thom Hartmann - Libertarian Walter Block is here In defense of Rand Paul

Requiem for the Gulf

Get a Grip: Austerity Does Not Produce Prosperity

BP agreed to parts changes on oil rig, 2004 letter shows

The Mysterious CAFRs: How Stagnant Pools of Government Money Could Help Save the Economy

Afghanistan: - The West is Caught in a 'Tribal Civil War' Propped Up by Karzai et al

A Ministry Unraveling, A Call For Murder, A Convicted Sex Offender:

Trouble-a-Brewin' Between Tea Baggers and Rand Paul?

Weapons of Mass Prosperity

Tea Party Reminiscent of John Birch Society

Republicans and the Tea Party of No..... truthout/ op ed.... Arun Gupta

Rep. Alan Grayson Introduces the "War Is Making You Poor" Act

The Chicago Boys' Free Market Theology

In Baghdad Ruins, Remains of a Cultural Bridge NYT

Exclusive: Secret apartheid-era papers give first official evidence of Israeli nuclear weapons

DOJ will not bring charges against AIG Head (NYT)

E. J. Dionne: Family Values and Glass Houses

Robert Reich: Closing Tax Loopholes for Billionaires

Blumenthal Maintains Strong Standing and Leads McMahon by Wide Margin

Chris Hedges: The Greeks Get It

USNews&WR: Primaries Show Anti-Incumbent Wave May Be Overblown

Karazai’s Washington Visit: The War Awaiting Kandahar (Ramzy Baroud)

Foreign Policy: Israel's Most Illicit Affair

A Behind-the-Scenes Firm Is Caught in the Spotlight.

U.S. Is Said to Order Further Clandestine Military Action.

Dan Froomkin: Obama's War Supplemental: Recent Reports Strengthen The Case Against It

"Statism" and the Ayn Rand Cult

Purge the Foxes in the Henhouse!!

Guardian UK: New York Times arrow misfires, again

U of Ark: Analyzing the 2008 Presidential Election in the South

Wordsmiths And The Delusional

Chicago man who stole toothpaste and crayons was strangled to death by store manager.

A Judge Takes on Sentencing Guidelines

HELEN THOMAS: Leave Afghanistan now

Wind-powered desalinization plan for South Australia

Environmentalists fear Salt Lake mining plans

latest TOD threads on the oil spill...

Drumbeat: May 24, 2010

Follow the $$$ - Media ignores Goldman Sachs’ ties to Corexit dispersant and BP

Urban trees 'help migrating birds'

Greenpeace urges NPT delegations to recognise proliferation risks of nuclear energy expansion

Public perceptions of problems at nuclear reactors are being cut down to size

Western US grid could support 35% renewable energy, says NREL

What percentage of North America's Ducks and Geese land in the Gulf of Mexico?

Wind Power Challenges In Pacific Northwest

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Sunday, May 23)

Socceroos Beat Kiwis in a World Cup warm up friendly

Mexico v. England - Friendly today

Non sports related

Cavaliers Fire Brown after 5 seasons...

New Hank Aaron Biography Reveals He Hated Hitting Home Runs

SCOTUS rules against NFL!!!!!!!

Cleveland Indians fans, I have a question

'Atrocious' looking head gear sweeps Baseball's minor leagues...

Greatest 45 minutes ever in sports

Sharks want to stay together for another run

World Cup: North Korea will have Chinese fans

7 teeth? No big deal.

Eye-Opener: Venus Williams' corset-dress too ooh-la-la?

Pffiladelpia Pfflyers?

Has anyone mentioned that the Frisco Ginats were swept by their cross-bay rivals??

Free, no-hassle livestream for Game 4 Celtics-Magic ????

At least six inmates gunned down in Venezuela General Penitentiary

Assassination thread against Colombian presidential candidate

FARC: All candidates will continue Uribe's policies

Mexico City Launches Biodiversity Program to Conserve and Protect its Native Corn

Two-time Honduran dictator Oswaldo López Arellano dies a free man

Coca-Cola's murderous record of anti-union activity in Colombia exposed

Time to come clean with Cuba on oil spill

Florida Lawmaker Says Cuba Reaching Out to US During Oil Spill

Call Scott Brown at 10 AM! 617-565-3170 - Ask him to support Repeal of DADT

Queer Rising Activists Crash Party for Antigay NY Senator Joseph Addabbo (D)

Horsey TOON: What are they doing next door?

Tell Marquette University: Stop Anti-Gay Discrimination in Hiring

White House backs plan on gays in military

Gallup: Opposition to gay marriage eases

The brightly painted purple front door probably should have been a clue

DADT repeal language

Parents Disown Florida Prom Queen for Being Gay, Doing Drag

Australia expels Israeli diplomat over Dubai hit

Why Israel Has to Do Better

Hamas to boycott W. Bank elections

Israel foreign minister faces charges

Israeli diplomat expelled

Israel's complicity in apartheid crimes undermines its attack on Goldstone

Obama: Neither The Lobby Nor Jewish Congressmen Represent Jewish Americans

Today in Labor History May 24, 14 years of construction, deaths of 27 workers, Brooklyn Bridge opens

Unions’ Feud Leads to Moving of Journalism Awards Ceremony

The Teachers’ Unions’ Last Stand

Justices make it easier for employees to win legal fees in disability cases

Revealed: how Israel offered to sell South Africa nuclear weapons

Angry Father, Devoted Son, and Gunfire - Arkansas Suspects Had Rage Toward Government

Deranged Gunman Opens Fire On Shooting Range

Gun Violence: Rural, Urban Children Die By Gunshot At Equal Rates, Says Northwestern Study

And the violent crime rate continues to fall. Murder is down another 7%.

Why did America's AWB lapsing only cause murder to rise in Mexico?

Gun Right Advocates Pushing For Open-Carry Law In Texas


Steam-punk Masquerade Ball

have a seat

Black Hearts

Birds and other random stuff at the Conservatory

I smell treats up there

A few more from the Conservatory

Live 'Star Trek' Show Launching Near NASA's Florida Spaceport

'LittleDog' quadruped robot handles tough terrain

57 Ancient Tombs Cracked Open in Egypt

This year's best optical illusions

Martin Gardner and the Laffer Curve.

Douglas Hofstadter's tribute to Martin Gardner

Phoenix Mars Lander is Silent, New Image Shows Damage

Mediterranean Sea Getting Saltier, Hotter

tv shows on ghosts

Little Jessica's Daily Affirmation

This would be wasted in the Lounge, so I'm posting it here

Should I do a healing slideshow for the Gulf of Mexico?

Israeli diplomat expelled over fake passport affair

Last Chance on Readings for Hope :-)

things i learned while looking up other things. prayer

'Beer belly' linked to Alzheimer's disease

If ultrasound destroys sperm, why is it safe for a fetus?

The Facts In The Case Of Dr. Andrew Wakefield

bankrupt only middle class