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I wonder if GB's claim that it needs to pull out of Afghanistan is tied to pressure for BP?

Memphis police officers warned of possible retaliation after shooting

The GOP wants US taxpayers to pay a HUGE bailout to BP and BP profits go to the UK!

Demonstrators urge passage of transgender rights legislation

Demonstrators urge passage of transgender rights legislation

Teaching what the 1st amendment means, looking into corruption & getting 'reorganized' out of a job

Barron's advises the trust-fund set on fending off the new health-care taxes

Why won't this work?

Toyota says it will investigate story of Mankato acceleration ("Every time I hit the brake, it lurch

Can Do Spirit in Djibouti


Veterans with brain injuries still struggle to get help

Fox News Dog Whistles to the Far Right Again

Finally an Oil Boom that works.

BP Oil Spill

Teabag's marriage/addiction to 'Big Govt' subsidies with a near daily injection of - GASOLINE.


NY Times' Hoyt misses mark with defense of Blumenthal hit piece

NY Times - "Crisis Imperils Liberal Benefits Long Expected by Europeans"

A wave of teacher layoffs set to wash over Georgia politics

Sunday Talk Shows

Sunday Talk Shows

Look for a "We must strengthen our resolve" speech in the near future

Look for a "We must strengthen our resolve" speech in the near future

Organized Religion is dying... and that's a good thing

Florida's biggest teacher union backs Meek — and Crist

Colorado education law may mark a national shift

Toronto Star: Why decriminalizing drugs is the only fix for Mexico’s ‘Murder City’

I wondered what James Lovelock, the creator of the Gaia theory

More than 30,000 protest Emporer Christie's budget cuts in New Jersey

Question: Does the US have sovereignty in the Gulf, or do corporations?

French farmers turn Champs-Elysees into huge farm

NOW Toronto: Crude awakening

Sites caught sharing secret data with advertisers, report says

Incredible Clay Bennett....To good not to share!!!

Incredible Clay Bennett....To good not to share!!!

Dangerous Monopoly

Nevada voters will not be able to go to the polls wearing a chicken costume this year

Gulf Oil Disaster - photos

Why TeaBaggers can't organize a Party...

Rush to drill deeper carries added risks

So, we fuck around and lose another seat in Congress

So, we fuck around and lose another seat in Congress

Researchers to analyze effects of heavy packs

Convicted felon Ollie North breaks out his hatchet on Blumenthal

In praise of the Global Village.........

Does anyone here have access to

It is called laughing while you sink

Progressive Michigan nuns under Vatican's scrutiny

CSpin's nauseating Politico doofus

I have a guilty sadness over the oil spill.

I have a guilty sadness over the oil spill.

I have a guilty sadness over the oil spill.

Vietnam, U.S. conflicted over Agent Orange

Rep Alan Grayson Introduces the War Is Making You Poor Act

Ahhh, the demands of Empire

An impossible response to an impossible problem

A Teabagger's morning poem:

BP to try several oil leak options, none certain

BP to try several oil leak options, none certain

No wonder they kicked him out -Bob Bennett -What the Tea Party can learn from Jimmy Carter

Mods - can we have a "we hate Obama" group

Toon: Nuking the Gulf

Slug down a SUNDAY like a cold drink on a blistering day. Please CAPTION this teabagger.

I believe in Term Limits

So BP is telling the US that they WONT stop using the

So BP is telling the US that they WONT stop using the

The oil companies have ruined that OTHER Gulf, too.

Rove Rides Again

A question Re: Political ads on DU

A question Re: Political ads on DU

Sing of sweet CAPTIONS on a Sunday morn! PLease come do this grizzled tea partier.

To whoever gave me a donor star.....

Title II Of The 1964 Civil Rights Act - This Is What Rand Paul (R) Opposes

My letter to the President

Why did God let the oil spill happen to red states?

Heads up, DU.

It's official: You can't wear a chicken costume to vote in Nevada.

Why Don't We Know How Big the Gulf Oil Spill is?

16 Terror Suspects Slipped Through Airport Security in U.S.

Do people realize Linda McMahon is unelectable?

"Something" is going on at the BP Spill Site from the Cam pictures coming through.

WikiLeaks founder has his passport confiscated

How about drilling along side the pipe to a certain depth far below the seafloor..

Photographic proof: oil spewing into loop current

The more things change, the more they stay the same. (**GRAPHIC PICTURES**)

Jury Acquits Shooter Under 'Stand Your Ground' Law

I Have A Question That Has Been Nagging At Me & Wonder If A More

Want to join the Tea Party? Tea Party Application Form

Vaguely interesting on an otherwise dull day...

The Poll of Polls of Pauls...

So BP is still using the toxic dispersant despite EPA "orders" to quit...

Toyota's Lexus ES issues: A chronology

Why was a company making billions in profit

Palin issues "wake-up" call at DU

Palin issues "wake-up" call at DU

Tea Party Attempts To Stop Gulf Oil Spill By Shouting Slogans At It

Here is an interesting email I got this morning

Gulf Oil Leaks Could Gush for Years - "We don't have any idea how to stop this," expert says.

Pak troops violate ceasefire; heavy exchange of fire in Poonch

Palin claims Rachel Maddow was "prejudiced" in her Paul interview

How many here continue to pull up to BP gas pumps? Two words...

Smack down a Sunday by plugging out a CAPTION for this Mad Hatter's tea party!!!!!

Keep Our Educators Working - Call NOW!

Idiot Palin still dangling a possible 'Presidential Run' to sell more books and speaking gigs.

Coast Guard commander explains, defends relationship with BP

Blackfeet woman sees end to 14-year govt fight

We do not inherit the Earth

Is Rand Paul A Racist

The Wasilla Wolf Killa accuses Rachel Maddow of conducting a "prejudiced" interview with Rand Paul

Tim Pawlenty's Politics of Hate

C-Span on now about Gulf of Mexico Oil Disaster at WH

Obama had cop-killer assassinated and Dennis Blair quit in protest!!!!

Louisiana Coast's Battle Against Drifting Oil Expected To Last Months, If Not Years -

'Stepmom' of West Memphis suspects says FBI told her young Kane pulled trigger

five reasons why Stephanie Herseth-Sandin might squeak through

Hack Gregory comes out swinging against

White Supremacist preacher kills two cops after traffic stop

"I trust Tony Hayward"

Louisiana Shrimp & Petroleum Festival will proceed: (not from the Onion)

•••• Video - Iran TV - "We emphasize the peaceful nature of our nuclear weapons" ••••

NYT Editorial Scuttle ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

Founded On Christian Beliefs - Help

CSpan has a great speaker from National Geographic Society right now.

I feel a lot less anxious about the financial regulation fight winding down in Congress

We've Put All Our Emphasis On BP - But What Of The Other Major Oil Companies Out There.........

A bit of light on another dreary oil day I must share. A pug named

The latest headlines and forecasts from The Gulf Of Oilmessico.

The latest headlines and forecasts from The Gulf Of Oilmessico.

Foxnews: Rand Paul is Learning What It's Like to Be Me, Says Sarah Palin

CO AG John Suthers (R) Needs to Resign ASAP after today's Denver Post article!

Obama and BP Toon

Disclosed Secret Doc-Links Saudi King To al-Queda

Police: Man sucked into sausage seasoning machine

Corporate Media At Work - Headlines Re GOP Win In Hawaii Never Mention That Democrats Split The Vote

Deepwater Horizon (apologies to Woody Guthrie)

It wasn't that long ago that conservatives were...

Why even think about using Nuclear weapons on the spill?

Swagger Waggon

How admissions still favor wealthy applicants

Lindsay Graham commercial on ABC, did you see what i saw?

Ixtoc 1 - Never Heard Of It Until This Weekend. Wish There Was No Reason To Revisit The Subject

Give Kevin Costner Credit for BP Oil Spill Efforts

Rand Paul expressed more outrage at Obama's words about BP

I am angry...

Democracy Fail

Does Rand Paul believe in Gay Marriage and DADT?

Robert Reich: Closing Tax Loopholes for Billionaires

Robert Reich: Closing Tax Loopholes for Billionaires

This Is What Happens

Jury selection begins in Ill. police torture trial

Three puzzles from Martin Gardner (1914-2010)

Three puzzles from Martin Gardner (1914-2010)

Three puzzles from Martin Gardner (1914-2010)

what is the risk with Top Kill? pundit said theres a chance it makes it "worse"

Sarah Palin Talking Gibberish Again

So does this look like a government agency

Why is this not on CNN, GEM$NBC, FOX, ABC

We must protect our corporations and our government from ourselves

The domino effect of the hemorrhage of BP oil if unchecked

How many groups of Keystone cops acting as Anarchists were there at 2008 RNC ?

Are the Democrats and Media letting Rand Paul off the hook on purpose?

If you could have incontrovertible evidence of a wingnut having sex with a goat, who would it be?

Feds neglect to collect billions from big oil

Feds neglect to collect billions from big oil

Pelosi Reasserts Claims On CIA Interrogation Techniques

US Government Response to the Dissaster

Question: Since BP is a British company

Iran calls for Russia to support Teheran over its nuclear fuel exchange agreement

TRIAL of SADISTIC Chicago Torture Cop Ramps Up

Canada top commander charged with murder, assault

How about they install a heat lamp were the oil is gushing out. The energy from the heat would


Jindal just said that the equivalent coastlines of Delaware and Maryland...

Despite Record-High Deportation Numbers, Kristol Says Obama Is ‘Reluctant’ To Enforce Immigration

your moment of zen (some nature photos I've taken this month)

If Costner's device works....

Republican Strategy on Illegal Immigrants Set for Failure

Mott's Workers Ask Dr. Pepper Snapple Why $550 Million in Profits Isn't Enough

Long waits, denials plague efforts to modify mortgage

I think that deep water drilling should be 100% legal and number of leases increased

question for older people who remember Chuck Norris in his prime

"U.S. government slams BP for missed deadlines on spill"

Please click on this Hawaii politics blog to help us retain our one good journalist next week.

Talk about draining the life out of the economy.....

New financial rules bill may not prevent next crisis - source: yahoo newswire

Oklahoma Abortion bill vetoed for flaws, says governor

C-span today featured this book: "The Culture of Fear" by Barry Glassner

Texas Board of Education compared to Palin

Texas Board of Education compared to Palin

Big Oil Executives- for profit ecological terrorists.

Marijuana Cultivation Class.....A Sacramento Bee photoessay

Marijuana Cultivation Class.....A Sacramento Bee photoessay

Johnson: Accentuate the positive, like Haley Barbour

Out in the garage, I have an old foot pedal powered dentist drill…

Sorry but politics does not go away or stop. Whatever Jindal does I want it to fail.

Slum standoff in Jamaica over drug lord's extradition to US

Gaia's appeared on the board. Can I just say how very Gaia the volcanic ash thing was?

For BP to Survive, The Gulf Must Die

Sacramento pot farmer's mom went to jail for what he does legally

BP = fucking liars

A possible reason why Obama has not intervened in spill

BP May Be Barred From U.S. Contracts Under Plan Weighed by EPA

BP's plans for preventing and remedying disastrous oil leaks disclosed:


Tired of the Day in Day out attacks in my RightWing Newspaper!

Kill or be killed--- No Bull---((((Warning Graphic Photo))))

Cop Killer involved in Beck's 9/12 Project

If Obama is so much the Marxist, why is it that it's only the GOP/Tea Bag Nation calling him that?

Submissions Wanted: DU May Photo Contest:

Is It Me, Or Was david gregory particularly ass-holey this morning?

Tuesday night should be entertaining here in North Idaho

Welcome to the machine: Cleaning man sucked into seasoning machine at DiLigui Sausage Co.

Shallow-water drilling permit ban should be lifted, Southern and Alaskan senators say

The Nature Conservancy Is Business Partners With BP

Philadelphia Hospital Workers (Temple University) Victorious in Strike

Breaking: Obama admits to spying on US citizens!

International Space Station transits the Sun

BP refuses EPA order to switch to less-toxic oil dispersant

Guy who planned to attract Blacks with fried chicken & potato salad calls Rand Paul "out of touch"

Put Homeless in Vacant NYC Luxury Apts

Put Homeless in Vacant NYC Luxury Apts

Dateline, March 31, 2010: Obama Ends Ban On East Coast Offshore Drilling - NPR

Responding politically to oil in the gulf

The Great White Hopeless? Christian Science Monitor tosses "limited, naive" Rand Paul under the bus.

Texas board adopts new social studies curriculum (an absolute atrocity)

Obama stinks

Why We Love Cats and Dogs. ON PBS RIGHT NOW 8PM EDT!!!

Anyone have any good BP-oil spill conspiracy theories?

Anyone have any good BP-oil spill conspiracy theories?

Scientists don't have the right instruments to measure spill or to study its impact, maps outdated

Iran repeated an offer to assist with the Gulf accident, calling it

Potential Tropical System Forming East of Bahamas takes $1.6m bath on web-mispriced items but lets the sales stand

United Methodist pastor writes Obama on DADT, pleading for stop-loss order (good luck)

More than 35,000 New Jerseyans flood downtown Trenton to Protest Unfair Cuts

Send the money now, ya dig?

Is th US looking at it's own "Lost Decade?"

This is why we need to elect our US Attorney General every 2 years.

This is the Kentucky blogger who busted Paul's communications director.

Palin: Rand Paul "woulda marched with MLK," calls Maddow a "tv character with an agenda"

Exclusive Audio: Brothers embark on walk across America to fight corporate personhood

Vatican investigating a progressive order of 850 nuns in Adrian, Michigan

So, call the White House.....

Nevada detective arrested, then informs media

Nevada detective arrested, then informs media

Top Kill delayed again.

Let's hope people remember next Monday is a somber not festive holiday

Wikileaks Founder:

Are right-wingers going to insist the Government "do more"? Will this oil disaster teach some

Thai film pulls off Cannes shock

Environmental Fallout From Gulf Oil Leak to Reach Arctic, Europe

this is the product they are not using to disperse the oil....

Many thanks to the person who donated the star to me for this fund drive.

New rules might not stop next financial crisis: Many loopholes exist in regulations

HEADLINE: As spill grows, oil soaks delicate marshes, birds; Salazar "not confident" in BP

BP oil spill: A holiday beach gets a deadly brown bath

Gringo Mask Lets Tense Arizonans Whiten Up

Joel Pett on Rand Paul

Gulf oil may be "impossible to remove, leaving a toxic stew lethal to fish & wildlife"

Texas Cooks the Textbooks (Scream it loud)

American Birding Association blog on the "Spill"

CNN is showing their own ROV journey to the well head NOW - HEADS UP ****

look on the positive side

Your tax dollars at work

C. Melancon D-Senate candidate from LA wants healthcare now

FCC gives content industry more control over your TV

Any Google Earth overlays for....

Costly, time-consuming test of cement linings in Deepwater Horizon rig was omitted, spokesman says

Cannes protest over Algeria film Hors la Loi

Gulf Tragedy: Can anyone explain about the Oil Plumes beneath the surface?

I don't know what to say to this (Nicholas Kristof column)

Gov Timmy Pawlenty lying again on CNN "State of the Union"

Anybody need a star? First come first serve.

Introducing Andrew Romanoff

Silicon Valley Rebound Pressures Tech Hiring

Massive Tornado

Are we intentionally not talking about something obvious?

So the Coast Guard is in charge of the cleanup?

NY Times - "Study: Kerry-Lieberman Climate Bill Would Prompt Decade of Job Growth"

Malcolm X, the humanitarian

what would you call a social system

what would you call a social system

Mac McClelland reporting for MJ on Grand Isle, LA (horrifying quotes)

We should turn over BPs leases to the company with the best record of safety.

Conspiracy For Good. Interesting Site

Conspiracy For Good. Interesting Site

When a student, Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks tried to prove the school system was racist.

Is BP's long range plan on this gusher to make the gulf

Timeline of the Obama Administration's Response to Gulf Disaster.

Corporate PACs shift to the right - 76% of Oil & Gas Industry Contributions Go To GOP

I think Cheney did it.

Autistic 18-year-old Tazed and Beaten by Tybee, GA police

Yesterday was the first Harvey Milk Day in California. Burbank among the only cities to proclaim it.

Affluence and a lack of health care in the US are proving deadly, Why more Americans perish as

Disturbing Cover Up at 2008 RNC convention; the Cities, AIG insurace, and RNC Host Committee

And I looked ,and behold, a pale horse

The Revolution (in Jefferson Parrish LA) Will Not Be Televised.

The Revolution (in Jefferson Parrish LA) Will Not Be Televised.

Local newscast: Obama tells BP get leak fixed or get out of the way

Tuesday is Towel Day! Do you know where your towel is?

At 95,000 bbl/day, Deepsea Horizon "spilled" 11 times Exxon Valdez to date....

Is it true the Dutch have effective oil skimmers and that our government is forbidding their use?

CBS News - "GOP Blocks Oil Spill Liability Bill" - First Wall Street, Now Oil Companies

relax, everyone. The oil spill is nothing to worry about. we will get used to it

Young Barack Obama. Very nice photos

Fixing U.S. oil spill is "no feat", say Iranians

Robben Island: A Greater Goal ( The remarkable synergy of soccer and political prisoners)

Robben Island: A Greater Goal ( The remarkable synergy of soccer and political prisoners)

I have a big question about the price of oil/gas in light of the oil gusher.

What Rand Paul wrote on Barack Obama's Facebook feed

Media coverage since the Gulf Disaster has been

Reuters - "Majority backs oil drilling despite spill" - Really???

John Cory: Your Moment Of WTF?

Texas Board of Education to introduce new math standards

From the Archives, my vote for the "Best Ayn Rand Post Ever"...

From AP

How Many Nations have Offered Assistance in the Gulf? Why haven't we accepted any, yet?

CentCom commander, Gen. Petraeus, speaks and accepts award at American Enterprise Institute dinner.

Study shows why overhearing cell phone calls bugs us so much

Despite Obama’s Moratorium, Drilling Projects Move Ahead

Obama takes a stand: No more offshore drilling unless oil companies promise no more disasters.

Was watching the BP cam, and I think I see satan in the oil (screenshot)

Was watching the BP cam, and I think I see satan in the oil (screenshot)

B P America 501 Westlake Park Blvd Houston, TX 77079

Sen. Lamar Alexander Advocates A Government Takeover Of BP


Sarah Ferguson offered access to Prince Andrew for £500k cash

In 2006, As Congressman, Bobby Jindal Sponsored Bill Lifting Offshore Drilling Ban! Way To Go Bobby!

Supreme Court Teabagger Connection

Poll: How Many Think it's NOT the GOV Responsibility to Take Charge of a Historic, ongoing Disaster

In the year 2010, an oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico destroyed the Earth's oceans.

I'm not a religious man but...dear God!

Norfolk principal put on leave after school staffer hands out fetus dolls to elementary students

Revealed: how Israel offered to sell South Africa nuclear weapons

They got the lube out tonight. National Geographic Channel had a program

does anyone know how Palin handled the BP spill up in Alaska?

The McMahon Body Count

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and pals: criminals not prosecuted.

Mark Kirk has his own "Blumenthal Problem" and then some

Chicken Suits Banned at Nevada Polls

Has the Obama administration put out a big appeal for international help?

"The Beauty Bias": The pressure of appearances on women.

What the Hell does it take to convince America the Republican Party is inept, self serving, and a

White House in Denial; Public Wants Real Action on BP Oil Disaster NOW - FDL

And Curiously... Jindal Seems To Be Taking Charge On CNN Right Now!!!

The Great Shame: America's Pathetic Response to the Gulf Catastrophe - HuffPo

New Group? People looking for work, has your resume been tweaked lately?

Cyclists And Drivers Can Keep Each Other Safe

A Picture Is Worth... 'Oil Threatens Pelicans' -

State Officials (Jindal) Say They Won't Wait For Approval To Build Sand Barriers -

How Many Tankers Does BP Have on Standby to Handle the Oil they are Capturing from the Gusher?

BEST DU post on the BP disaster -- IT'S NOT ABOUT OBAMA

This might be too much for DU

have you turned on your air conditioner yet?

Today I met a racist

Today I met a racist

Is it fair to say that right wing is about "". Left wing is about "us...forever"?

Freedom is the opposite of "free to discriminate"

Laying all the blame on BP is counter productive.

WP: Private funds for public schools can be dangerous charity.

In 1989, Neil Peart (of the band Rush) wrote a song that could have been about the Gulf situation

what some oil industry personnel think about the GOM disaster:

At least the Canadian Govt. has the stones to admit it.

U.S. Laws Rated Worst Value Per Dollar

Oil Spill: Why Were Bush's People Still There?

The Leaders in the Oil Crisis have stepped forward. And they are not Obama

BP Oil cam. Did something happen?

No, We Can't Have It All

46 Congressional Candidates Oppose War Spending

Watch the LIVE BP Oil Spill . . .

In the wake of the killing of the gulf, why aren't we seeing the biggest push for alternative

"Badly veiled women and girls are like foot soldiers of the United States" says Iranian assholes

The Oil Leak and the EPA -- Elementary CERCLA

Insurgents attack Afghanistan base

State of Emergency declared in KIngston

So- in the midst of this national disaster, where the hell is FEMA?

MN's Gov Pawlenty is allowed to lie on CNN's Candy Crowley "State of the Union"

Texas Ghost Towns - my pictorials on Facebook

I know how John Edwards can redeem himself...


How to fix Social Security the "Old Democratic Party" way:

The disagreements at DU are not about "Obama" per se'

USA: Vietnam too quick to blame their birth defects on Agent Orange; look into malnutrition.

20 worst drink in America with healthier alternative

Little-Known Lobbying Group Created 115 State Laws for Industry in 2009

Co-Chair of Obama's debt commission says we are going to the "bow-wows"

'We're braced for a heavy impact and the food-chain collapsing'

There is an appalling lack of knowledge about the BP disaster

My Newest Song Parody, GUARANTEED to amuse!

Anyone else having trouble handling the Gulf disaster? I'm nearly 60, and this is one of the worst.

Anyone else having trouble handling the Gulf disaster? I'm nearly 60, and this is one of the worst.



I can't decide if SJP is a terrible actress or if Carrie Bradshaw is SUPPOSED to be that affected

Are the "Sir" guy and "Dear" lady married ?

Ahhhh writing sucky fiction.

Who here practices marital arts?

I've got a sixer chillin' in the fridge

F#ck you Google...

Question about San Francisco

So BP is telling the US that they WONT stop using the

Songs that sound as good or better in the acoustic version

I got a late phone call last night.

Fucking awesome thread in GD Alert:

Historic LOLS - my new favorite Lolsite:

LOST! LOLCats Edition..

4 year old drummer

Banding eaglets in Cat Harbor was live, now over - sorry about that.

I just thought of a computer program that could make me a billionaire

BoomBox - Baby Caught My Blues

Look what they did to this He-Man cartoon!

I am angry...

Former ML pitcher, Jose Lima, dead at 37 of heart attack

Just a couple of photos I took out my office window tonight.


Canadian Day trip..what can I bring back?

W A N T ! !

I would like to thank LeftyFingerPop for my star.

Advice from New Yorkers....... cheap places to eat around the Wellington

My brains are scrambled

What this language needs is more vowels!

Must see video: "The Ending of Lost"

Can anyone else see anything in these clips.

Need a laugh?

I am angry...

My vulva hurts

My Volvo hurts your vulva

Breaking: Obama admits to spying on US citizens!

anyone in need of a star?

Someone gave me a star? How cool is that?

If computers were as easy to use as cars...

Have you ever drunk wine spo-dee-o-dee, drunk wine?

Over 400 CD's and I can't find anything I want to hear

lost my old alpha male two years ago today

Glee should do a Lou Reed show

Who's hungry?

My alveoli hurt

Anyone need a star? I can only give one!

My volvo hurts.

Hal Holbrook in Mark Twain Tonight.. We are

I am sick of the warm, humid weather here in Fargo!

three blankets, a throw, a robe, and a tabby cat on the bed last night -- brrr!

Of all home repairmen

I'm posting on DU in High Definition

The paramedics just left.

I've got a couple new Freeperisms.

Why do so-called "people" take cheap shots at Liza?!1

Thai film pulls off Cannes shock

What the HELL is going on here??

I don't mean to start a controversy

Any appliance repair people here?


Tonight, post lawn work - more sucky fiction!

Where's Bertha Venation?

Marvel Superhero most closely resembling former Vice President Dick Cheney

My five hole hurts

Lounge vibes for my Dad, please?

I am officially evil.

L O S T F I N A L E Death Pool

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Peechy-Tini Edition

"The Middle" on ABC with Patricia Heaton

On PBS Nature tonight: Why we love cats and dogs.

An important PSA from MiddleFingerMom

Any good relationship interpersonal communication stories out there?

MiddleFingerMom is available...

Over the last two years or so, I have lost...

"Don't judge a book by its cover".


Besides tolerating your presence...

Soul Survivor by The Rolling Stones, or Sole Survivor by Asia?

One of the few times I've gone to a dance club/disco...

Mitch the Bitch...

I'm thinking of starting an aquarium.

GO HAWKS!!!!!!

Okay, here's what I find totally fucking annoying around here!

They're moving Supernatural...

Han Solo

Need help identifying a song.

The DU muchly-loved/muchly-hated KFC Double Down...

Cleaning Oil-Soaked Wetlands May Be Impossible

One old lady--let's see what happens.

Polo Ralph Lauren settlement moves ahead

BP delays attempt to plug leak with mud

Deciphering the full text of SB 1070

Toyota took cost-cutting approach on lurching Lexus models, records show

Colorado party activists boost outsider candidates

Documents show BP chose a less-expensive, less-reliable method for completing well in Gulf oil spill

Greek PM says no need for default, restructuring

Financial times pulled anti-Shell ad by Amnesty

Republican takes Hawaii House seat as GOP ends losing streak

For those of you not familiar with water pills...

als is one fucked up disease

Lindsay Graham commercial on ABC, did you see what i saw?

Taliban win £1,600 bounty for each Nato soldier killed

Rand Paul skips ‘Meet the Press’ but remains show’s top topic

Nature Conservancy faces potential backlash from ties with BP

Cuban prisoners 'win concessions' after Church talks

Japanese prime minister accepts Marine Corps air base in Okinawa

Gordon Brown 'first choice' for top job at IMF

Revealed: how Israel offered to sell South Africa nuclear weapons

Oil spill brings ‘death in the ocean from top to bottom’

Only BP has expertise to stop spill, top U.S. response official says

Union makes last-minute offer to suspend BA strike

South Korea seeks UN action against Pyongyang for sinking of warship

Martin Gardner, mathematics and science writer, dies at 95 in Oklahoma

US presses China on trade, China warns on risks

US presses China on trade, China warns on risks

New Turkish secularist party leader sacks old guard

BP says oil-siphoning tube not working as well as before

Scientists worry Gulf oil spill may endanger manatees headed for Mobile Bay

Palin: I'm a big supporter of offshore drilling

French farmers turn Champs-Elysees into huge farm

What the hell is hippywife's problem?

Environmental awareness grows in Alabama as oil soaks Louisiana marshes

Oil soaks coastal marshes, birds as spill grows

Duchess of York 'Devastated' Over Tabloid Sting

Disgraced former Ohio congressman dies at 79 ("Buz" Lukens)

Yemeni cleric advocates killing US civilians

White House Defends Handling of Spill

As spill grows, oil soaks delicate marshes, birds

Jamaica Declares State of Emergency

Passive military defense will be ditched: Lee

Japanese PM: U.S. military base will stay in Okinawa

Republicans See Big Chance but Worry They Could Waste It

Watching Porn in a Movie Theater Full of Strangers....

(Erin Brockovich) "Stand up to BP and say: ‘You know, I’m not taking your s*** any more’"

Leinenkugel drops out of Wis. U.S. Senate race

WRAPUP 3-US says must rely on BP to stop oil;Iran offers help

Too few engineers to meet Boeing's need

Djou wins special election for Congress (Hawaii)

Surveillance Suspected as Spacecraft’s Main Role

U.S. Gasoline Falls to $2.8279/Gallon, Lundberg Says

Feds eyeing online forums to correct 'misinformation' (Canada)

Gibbs opens door to criminal probe in Gulf of Mexico oil spill

U.S. Was Not Ready For Major Oil Spill

Fiscal crises threaten Europe's generous benefits

In Canada once more, U.S. troops fleeing a war

Oil Hits Pelican Nesting Area

South Korea suspends trade with N. Korea

Immigrant exodus: Lack of jobs has Mexicans headed home

Colombian president's kin said to have lead death squads

US warns it may 'push BP aside' on Gulf oil clean-up

(Video): Press Corps Grills Gibbs Over the Obama Admin's Response to the Oil Leak

f the Great Debate Over Offshore Drilling Sounds Vaguely Familiar......

'GOP wins House seat in Obama's home district'

US demands oil spill costs 'clarification' from BP

Remember when Romney said his dad marched with MLK?


Breaking News:: Despite heroic efforts to find and assist People find their LOST/STOLEN MINDS only a

Sounds of a Republican Convention/ gathering is as follows

Rob Redding: Obama and Rand Paul have something in common

Palin suggests Obama oil ties impede spill cleanup The White House responds by questioning her info

BP Refuses EPA Order to Switch to Less-Toxic Oil Dispersant

**** Heads Up: POTUS on TNT Tonight (NBA), 8pm EDT ****

Kagan has already demonstrated that she is unqualifed to be on SCOTUS, let alone be on any bench

When I pulled the lever for Sen Obama....

Obama! He makes lifesaving devices out of household materials.

Obama Gives a Bipartisan Commission Six Months to Revise Drilling Rules

Fugitive cleric al-Awlaki warns of future attacks

Does Arizona also have a law against homosexuality?

Barack Obama doesn't care about black cormorants.

Obama Adm. calls this a disaster of 'national significance', 'massive & potentially unprecedented'

What Obama is doing about the BP oil spill

"AFL-CIO endorses Meek for U.S. Senate,"

Obama gives Basketball interview while the Gulf is destroyed.

Is more gas bubbling from the seabed floor, with increased seabed venting visible to ROV?

With all this talk of vouchers, I thought I would post a column I wrote some 13 years ago...

Clarence Thomas's wife promotes the Teabaggers..

Obama did nothing about the BP leak!

ABC News Absolves Obama of Oil Spill Blame by Bashing Sarah Palin

Barack Obama: No more cosying up to oil industry

The spin about the Hawaii special election being in "Obama's home district" is BULLSHIT

The hypocrisy is so thick you could cut it with a knife.. Rand Paul

HI-01 Special Election Results

has Biden made any comments about the oil spill?

has Biden made any comments about the oil spill?

35,000 NJ residents protest of budget cuts and no media attention

Photos: Inside the Obama White House May 23rd, 2010

LOL...."Palin: Maddow Was 'Prejudiced' In Her Rand Paul Interview"

Gibbs opens door to criminal probe in Gulf of Mexico oil spill

For just a second.. lets imagine that McCain and Palin won and the Republicans were still in power.

Mr. President: Place the oil leak under the authority of FEMA.

What do *I* want Obama to do about the BP geyser in the Gulf?

'Wall Street, for example, is in “a state of bitter, seething, hysterical fury”toward the president'

Steele refuses to denounce Rand Paul: ‘I can’t condemn a person’s view.’

Has the President done anything right?

Okay people, what EXACTLY is it you want Obama to do about the oil spill?

If we financed their campaigns, they'd work for us, not BP and Goldman Sachs

WANTED: Bullhorn moment ASAP!

Bolivian general who caught 'Che' Guevara gets house arrest in alleged plot against president

••• Video - Mars Direct - settlement on Mars in 10 years within NASA's EXISTING budget •••

Colombia set to elect the world's first Green leader

Disasta from Alaska reacts to Kentucky RANDslide. He's a little outta the BOX! USA! USA! USA!

The Front Fell Off

Marvin Gaye - Mercy, Mercy Me

Marcy Honors Union Workers, Rio Tinto Settlement

A True Veterans Day

Clarke and Dawes ask the million dollar questions ABC News Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Champs-Elysees avenue goes green

White Supremacist preacher kills two cops after traffic stop

Tell Obama to shut down BP Atlantis

NostradaMooseMom stares into the crystal balls and offers prophecy on Nov. midterms, dontcha know.

Zak Ebrahim - Terrorist's Son Promotes Peace with Nonviolence Lectures(2/2)

Weekly Address: BP Spill Independent Commission

Arizona: They're Not All Bigots Just 50%

President Obama Delivers Commencement at West Point

Rand Paul's Exhausting Week

Zak Ebrahim - Terrorist's Son Promotes Peace with Nonviolence Lectures(1/2)

Scenes from an Area that has seen a law like SB1070

Glenn Beck and his gold scam

Pastor Jeff Owens: BURN AND SHOOT FAGS!

TYT: For The Bible Tells Me So - Review & Discussion (Anti-Gay Christians & More)

Young Turks: Update On Crazy Texas Textbook Changes

Why we know less than ever about the world.

WP: Results of Kandahar offensive may affect future U.S. moves - There is no Plan B.

2. Chemical Dispersant Cover-Up-5 Reasons You Won’t See the Worst of the Gulf Oil Spill

P-G: We Should Not Smoke Our Medicine

Europeans Fear Crisis Threatens Liberal Benefits

Charles Djou: How did a Republican win in Obama's Hawaii hometown?

A life lost on 20 April is found on FaceBook, Net messages of blast family set to haunt BP

Ninth worker death at Taiwan iPhone firm Foxconn

BP Refuses EPA Order to Switch to Less-Toxic Oil Dispersant

Martin Gardner: Rest in peace, good old man (Richard Dawkins)

Did young Kane pull trigger in Memphis shooting?

Another Vietnam Blunder? Not Likely


Drones and Democracy. Just rubble and charred stuff...

Obama's Drone Blitz: They Seek Them Here, They Bomb Them There ...

Obama Admin on verge of giant sell-out to Conservatives

A Loser White House, Guilty by Association

Guardian UK: Revealed: how Israel offered to sell South Africa nuclear weapons

Video of Murders all over Immigration Issues

Today my son became a man...

Obama running out of patience as BP misses oil slick deadlines

Palin in Denver: 'America... we got snookered'

Welcome to Arizona: “It’s a Dry Hate...”

Nesting Brown Pelicans Land As Oil Washes Ashore - Barataria Bay, Louisiana

Obama Administration backs Bush-era plan for Columbia Basin salmon

Halide Salt Solubility in Supercritical Water Relevant to the Destruction of Halogenated Pollutants.

Half Of Florida Keys NMS Reef Already Dead As Scientists, Visitors Await Oil's Arrival

BP Refuses EPA Order To Switch To Less-Toxic Oil Dispersant - LA Times

MMS official apologizes for ‘drill, baby, drill’ cake

New Jersey to add more nuclear, decision criticized by pesticide expert

This gulf spill unifies us all but what more can I do? Please help.

Obama's Tepid Response to the BP-created Oil Volcano

Shoshone solar farm could power 45,000 homes

So what happens when a hurricane meets BP oil slick?

Obama seeks $9 billion more in nuclear loan guarantees

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Saturday, May 22)

Okay, Mariners fan's only...

"Beat L.A." - Celtics Nation

Red Sox will be very active come July regardless of the standings

Jose Lima dead at 37

The freaking Sharks got swept...

And Wakefield outpitches Halladay...

The JR Chess Report (May 23): Is the G. W. Bush of chess stealing the FIDE election?

In Venezuela, looting Is Bolivarian-style

Paraguay rebel crackdown sees little success

Alleged Assassination Plot against Manuel Zelaya Denounced in Honduras

Inter-American Human Rights Report Riles (Honduran) Government

Bolivian general held over Morales plot

Indian town drops death penalty in murder case

Colombian president's kin said to have lead death squads

Hamas wants peace, dialogue with America

'Shame on you, democracy,' Vanunu yells as he returns to prison

Otherwise Occupied / The irrational stage

Today in Labor History May 23 The "Battle of Toledo" erupted & 10,000 children strike in Philadelphi

(A just-published Department of Labor rule) Employers Must Post Workers’ Rights Info

Reuters: UAW pressuring Tesla/Toyota to hire union workers at former NUMMI plant

NYT: Unions Vow Push to Defeat Lincoln

Tibi: Lieberman is an immigrant who's racist against the native Arabs

Shaw’s strikers borrow from history

Red Cross union members turn in strike notice

OSHA Slaps $1.3 Million Fine on Mississippi Shipbuilder (Two workers died)

Farewell, June Cleaver: ‘Non-Traditional Families’ and Economic Opportunity

No Worries, Israel Insists, Defense Drill Is Just a Drill

The Living Wage (labor song of the month Jan 2010)

Union organizers target bank tellers

On Elena Kagan’s Senior Thesis: Sound Anti-Communist Labor History

Confronting Blame-the-Worker Safety Programs

Militants attack U.N. Gaza summer camp

Jury Acquits Shooter Under 'Stand Your Ground' Law

Another way to stay safe while

Gunman opens fire on unsuspecting targets

This Is What Happens

Just another reminder, of how far we have come on this issue..

I'm extending the May Contest Deadline

more wall art ...around San Antonio

Mira! Look who has returned.


wire shadows, moon

red velvet

Cherry Beach

First Hints of Comets Circling Other Stars

Toothy Tree-Swinger May Be Earliest Human

Sun's explosions are particle accelerators

Lightning May Cause Hallucinations

BIG $$$ Corporations taking a hit. Are we changing for the better?

has the BP catastrophe hit Maine?

HUMMINGBIRD BABY about to 'leap' from nest!

I just saw this post in GD; a request for prayer from Chief Avrol

Fun optical illusion that I thought some here might enjoy.

I have a sister!

Manifestation at its finest (hee hee)

Birthday Party Now In Progress: Happy Birthday Wovenpaint

A message from the planet

Fascinating video shows scientifically how we are connected

Fargo, ND man appeals after rejection of atheist license plate

Organized Religion is dying... and that's a good thing

A really good news story about a possible ovarian cancer cure. Human trials will start shortly.

American Hospital Heart Attack Deaths Plummet

Laser Surgery for Spinal Stenosis - Has anyone on DU gone through the process?

Viagra could double risk of hearing loss (Reuters)

Global Death Rates Drop for Children 5 or Younger