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I'm getting a little tired of the Rand Paul exception speech thingie on MSNBC

I'm getting a little tired of the Rand Paul exception speech thingie on MSNBC


Everything is funnier tonight

Everything is funnier tonight

NYT Tries to Polish the Turd for Lincoln

Lessons from tonight's elections

30 Years Ago: Mt. St. Helens, as reported by Dan Rather

Rick Romley, AZ interim C.A., turning over immigrants to ICE.

68% reporting, Lincoln has a solid 5,000 vote lead on Halter

When was it, exactly, that the Republican revolution merged with the sexual revolution?

Cop in Aiyana shooting helped needy kids, sued for earlier raid From The Detroit News:

If Halter tops Lincoln in the Arkansas primary

If Halter tops Lincoln in the Arkansas primary

Conason: Oil Rules

Looking back, I think we lost a lot when we accepted the notion of "embedded" reporters.

Lincoln 79,978, Halter 79,654 n/t

Class Of '94 Drops To 10

Primaries show anti-DC, anti-establishment mood

I just may watch Morning Joe this morning out of morbid curiosity.

Great resource: phone website to call people direct at corps, etc.


It gets better- Republican Souder And Mistress Recorded a Video Praising Abstinence

It gets better- Republican Souder And Mistress Recorded a Video Praising Abstinence

I have this bad habit, in facebook when one of my "friends" starts bashing liberals I go after them.

Terri Schiavo Watch: Family members profit from foundation funds

Did you know there were 3 major primaries and 1 major house race

Did you know there were 3 major primaries and 1 major house race

Chiarelli promises review of Guard health care

The Five Sided Puzzle Palace v. the Greedy Oil Party

(Admiral) Allen: Spreading spill is taxing resources

(Admiral) Allen: Spreading spill is taxing resources

Indiana set to close Ernie Pyle historic site

Whoa! Arizona Backs Sales Tax Increase

Whoa! Arizona Backs Sales Tax Increase

Cartel pirates robbing fishermen on Falcon Lake

Cartel pirates robbing fishermen on Falcon Lake

Unions Punish Lincoln in Arkansas

Toyota says it will recall 4,500 Lexus vehicles in Japan, 7,000 overseas may also be affected

Oil Thieves at It Again- World Price Down 20 percent. but pump one percent

This Time, Equal Rights for All

Insurgents attack Bagram, wound 7 U.S. troops

Robots to rove Marine firing ranges

The only better way to go is 'in the saddle' and slightly more quickly...

MSNBC is now in HD on Directv

BP Protest idea ...Charge .09 cents worth of gas

OMG!!! O NOES!!!11!! Teabag candidate Paul WINS!!! (BUT......)

Cuba, U.S. in low-level talks about oil spill - Miami Herald

Lincoln Calling Herself a Comeback Kid

Imagine trying to win a war against people that we trained. They know our tactics better than we do

Those who prioritize the environment more than money don't make it to executive row

Those who prioritize the environment more than money don't make it to executive row

As demand for UAV grows, Army expands training opportunities in Europe

Adam Wheeler, the guy who cheated his way into Harvard, is apparently a Conservative.

Thank you Governor Dean!




Howard Dean Tells TPMDC: 'Big Night' For Progressives

What do teachers make?

What do teachers make?

Feds: Ex-leader of Giving Tree to plead guilty

Oh, Taliban.

Rand Paul has an endorsement from bigoted homophobe James Dobson on his front page.

The GOP's special failure

The "Family Values" Class Of '94 Strikes Again...

Maybe a stupid question: Does Critz have to beat Burns AGAIN in November?

Gay-friendly judge wins Ore. Supreme Court race

Why it matters who owns local businesses

GOP surge just a myth

Airlines Against Democracy

Fred Thompson claims he was a Democrat until he heard about Barry Goldwater

From now till November, EVERY Republican

Roto Rudy's partner checks in at the new home in the Big House.

The last time I checked with 84% of precincts reporting,

The last time I checked with 84% of precincts reporting,

The DLC moderate pragmatic wing of the DEM party loves to ride the coattails of liberals!

Lessons both parties should take away from Tuesday's big primaries-New Republic

Wasn't there an election in Oregon yesterday? I saw it's closing time listed but then never another

American Media is simply INSANE

Rand Paul just peaked. With his personality, he doesn't stand a chance in Nov.

Shell to Press Ahead With Arctic Sea Drilling

BP Releases Four Disturbing New Videos of Gulf Oil Leak

Waterlily saved from extinction (Amazing story)

Your voice matters. Activism matters. Don't give in to complacency

MSNBC: Florida’s tourism feels pain from oil spill threat

Rand Paul (R-Teabagger) Refused to Take Concession Call from Trey Grayson (R)

Just watched replay of CNN contributors talking about last night's results.

Gusher Gauge

Big Bird at Jim Henson's Memorial

Does anyone have Rasmussen's final numbers for that Pennsylvania House Race?

Quelle Surprise !!: Our corporately-sponsored Senate rejects ban of naked credit default swaps

Geek and Research alert

Is Rendell about to sit on his hands for Sestak?

"Killing Our World"

Moody’s: Oil spill could be worse than hurricanes, recession

lazy media...specter didn't lose cause he was an incumbent

Rachel Carson: "Revered as the founder of the environmental movement in America."

All kneel before the devil horns, By Mark Morford

GOP's Utah and Maine conventions show a party coming unglued

Only 18 percent of Dems in my PA county voted in U.S. Senate race. HOW can the pundits say ...

The voters have spoken, and we must accept their decision.

Boy! Am I glad I finally donated..those popups were making me ill..

WALRUSES? BP-Doesn't Even Know (Or Care) Which Animals They Endanger!

There's a reason we need to keep reminding people about GWB

The Rude Pundit: Where is Godzilla when we need him?

The Rude Pundit: Where is Godzilla when we need him?

The Rand Paul victory is a huge blow against the Cheney wing!

The official spinmeister is on Joe Scum now

One big problem with Sestak winning.

npr...'anti-incumbent fever'......

AP's Babington's spin on yesterday: Obama is toxic

If illegal immigration is such a problem, then why aren't Texas, New Mexico or California....

Should BP related posts now have their own forum.

disaster update: oil filling up the gulf of end in sight

Republican Filibusters Are Expensive

Election Roundup: 'Mini Super Tuesday' not so super for Tea Partiers' fondest hopes

The Red Shirts.. Another media meme bites the dust.........

Don't pour cold water on me and don't pee in my Wheaties

Is Specter supporting Sestak or will he run as an independent?

Cato: Neocons the Big Losers in the Kentucky Senate Race

I'm thinking it's going to be a kind of tense day at Blanche Lincoln headquarters

CBS's lawyers say you can't call your magazine "48 HR"

I Could Be a Tea Partier--(almost)

Gingrich rambles on, Politico types it up as news

Bill to ease presidential transitions heads to full Senate

The MSM seems to think the Rand Paul victory means a Teabagger takeover in 2010

162 Sea turtles have died and 6 dolphins and that's all we know because of BP rules.

Howard Dean to be on Andrea Mitchell's program this am...

Howard Dean to be on Andrea Mitchell's program this am...

HUGE Prop. 8 Case News (Reker's Views Used In Prop 8 Docs Of "Expert" Witnesses!)

Rapping Your McDonald's Order Is Not A Crime

UK Iraq inquiry to question officials in US

New Birther theory: The CIA wants to keep everything about Obama secret because he was a mujahideen

Measuring the Oil Spill and Royalties

student held until lawyer can provide passport($500k bond for hit &run-smoked pot the night before)

Show Blue Dog Blanche the Door! Donate $5 to Bill Halter at Act Blue!

E-mail from Dem friend

E-mail from Dem friend

Phrase of the day: Not for all the Tea in Kentucky!

Wall Street: Terminators in the Casino

Can we non-Arkansas and non-Kentucky types

In early stages of New York terrorism trial Isreal shows a way prosecute KNOWN terrorists

Neb. GOP sheriff's race decided by playing cards

Witness, suspect share Hennepin County jail cell — bad move

Been away in the field, thought I would share my work

Usurious Payday Loans: Myths, Flawed Studies, and Solutions

Usurious Payday Loans: Myths, Flawed Studies, and Solutions

Arpaio not happy with new Maricopa County Prosecutor.

Cheney Inc's "Terra Card" bombed against Rand Paul

Hey, Colorado DUers ---

UK Iraq inquiry to question officials in US

With 87% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING Halter 43% tied with Blanche Lincoln 43%

War On Drugs Clock

Mortgage delinquencies, foreclosures break records

PG&E's Audacious Attempt to Enshrine Its Energy Monopoly In the California Constitution

Do you reckon that many conservatives think Reagan was divine?

Are turtles reptiles?

Arizona energy official calls L.A.'s bluff on total boycott

Added # of voters here in PA - If we show up in November, we WILL WIN IT ALL!!!!!

It's not that Lincoln "works with" Republicans

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 4

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 3

Funny PA election story:

KFC to keep Double Down sandwich on its menu

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 5

PA-12 Rips Off Scab Of MSM SILLY Republican Takeover Meme!

New math , CNN home page.

A funny thing happened on the way to a Republican takeover in November

BEST Chick tract spoof in the history of EVAH!

Hartmann today: HUGE night for Dem wing of Dem party

Howard Dean backs Blumenthal.

Why Job Creation Agencies Stay Off the Table

Why Job Creation Agencies Stay Off the Table

The OFFICIAL goodbye Arlen Sphincter thread

Regarding more Democrats voting yesterday

Howie Dean is on Andrew Mitchell now

All in all a good night for the Democrats

Gay Couple Convicted in Malawi (14 years in prison for being gay)

Anyone bored enough to critique my LTTE?

Teachers have a real choice and real power in November 2010 and 2012

Prohibition prevents research into the use of cannabis for PTSD in vets

WHY are the DLC centrists trying to rebrand themselves as "liberals" or "new democrats"?

Here is the other side of the story of the teacher beating

Did I get that right? Kentucky Republicans nominated Bristol Palin for the Senate last night?

How do we know that the left is leaving the Democratic Party?

“Instantly disqualifying” -- unless you’re a Republican

Workers asked to return bonuses after 16 years

This is why CNN is at the bottom of the sheet.

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 2

So who will the Independents in KY vote for?

South Korea to officially blame North Korea for March torpedo attack on warship

Identifying the DLC wing of the party is not a "purity test" -- it's an acknowledgment of betrayal.

Identifying the DLC wing of the party is not a "purity test" -- it's an acknowledgment of betrayal.

Canceled Arizona Trip Riles Highland Park Parents

I think a lot of people are overreacting to the new Texas history textbook standards

This sounds like a fun race to watch...

Seeing The War In Afghanistan Through A Child's Eyes

Difference between left/right during oil spill congressional hearings

It would be a lot easier for a liberal agenda if more liberal Dems were elected to Congress

It would be a lot easier for a liberal agenda if more liberal Dems were elected to Congress

Wonkette: Frat Boy Congress Caused Souder-Sex to Happen, Say Bible Ladies

Is another Noriega type removal

Now that Companies are People, who's BP running for President in 2012?

This sounds like a fun race to watch...

Man tries to trade infant for beer, or crack cocaine, at gas station mini-mart

Oops! MSNBC graphic suggests Taliban set fire to Bangkok


How BP Secretly Buys PR

That's 10 straight special election wins for Democrats, but let's talk about the Tea Party some more

"Tea baggers" come in THIRD in Kentucky.

Republicans failed spectacularly

Amy Goodman: Law & Order: Corporate Crime Unit

Lieberman Derangement Syndrome? Specter can NOT run as Independent in PA.

Howard Dean: Sestak is a Centrist -- "in the mold of Jim Webb"

Oh, look! A lava spill...

New Underwater Video Examines Multiple Leak Points Causing BP Oil Spill

The war on tap water

Do you know how/why Abraham Lincoln was elected President?

Pakistan blocks Facebook for "Draw Mohammed Day"; Cartoonist who started it joins opposing page

Help Kentucky beat Liberty Christ Teabagger Rand Paul...

Nixon 'enemy' Hans Loeser, 89; admired, civic-minded lawyer

Caught in the act: Juveniles sentenced to Shakespeare

Storm downs 'Virgin Mary' tree in Brownsville

Monsanto's Buy Out of University Research on The Cheap

Obama endorsements don't seem to help Democrats

Commodore Smokin' Joe (a must-read)

Family values Rethug Congressman Mark Souder resigns for fornication with a staffer - Video

Is Richard Blumenthal's Vietnam Problem That Big of a Deal?

ltte in the town of the Hutaree Militia

ltte in the town of the Hutaree Militia

A Declaration to BP - from the USA

This Poll needs some DU love.

This Poll needs some DU love.

The strange case of Ravil Mingazov, Ballet dancer in Guantanimo

Dupe ....please lock

Dupe ....please lock

Dupe ....please lock

More than 10% of homeowners missed at least one mortgage payment Jan-Mar2010

By 2020, the Viet Nam "hangover" will be mostly gone.

By 2020, the Viet Nam "hangover" will be mostly gone.

I got a response from My app for gulf cleanup work

I got a response from My app for gulf cleanup work

BP CEO + Evil Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars = Separated at Birth

Kids become prime growth market for prescription drugs

South Korea to officially blame North Korea for March torpedo attack on warship

Longer Clip of Blumenthal's Speech Posted By McMahon

When the progressive community/netroots knock off incumbents in primaries, we must. . .

The question no one in the media will ever ask a teabagger on live TV

GOP Running Out Clock On Wall Street Reform

GOP Running Out Clock On Wall Street Reform

Back in the day of the Draft many people received deferments.

Haley Barbour, the media and oil

PELOSI: “I have no intention of losing" DADT

Identifying the DLC wing of the party is not a "purity test" -- it's an acknowledgment of betrayal.

Attention Arizona!

Police Brutality Justice Completely Dependent on Good YouTube Videos

Blanche Lincoln Caught In A TRAP Of Her Own Making

U.S. Immigration Returns Passport To Visalia Laotian Man (he wants to return home before he dies)

Mexican Pirates plying the waves of Falcon Lake, TX

Pakistani Site: Drones Only Killed One Terrorist in 2010 (If You Don’t Count Taliban)

I'm so glad Rand Paul won the primary!!! Here's why...

The little girl killed by police in detroit

The little girl killed by police in detroit

Itching to Fight Another Muslim Enemy

"Concerned Women for America". Nutjobs, yes. But hypocritical too!

Face it: Obama's "handling" the Gulf Gusher Disaster Exactly the Way Bush Would Have.

Arizona debates removing Spanish city names

Rand Paul Not An Anomaly: More Fringe Tea Party Candidates Set To Knock Off Favored GOP Candidates

Message to the racist RW twerp who keeps on re-re-re-re-reregistering:

In a different era, Michelle Malkin would have been a willing gas chamber attendant

Republican candiate caught vandalizing signs

I wonder if Rand Paul accepted Medicare payments for eye surgeries he performed?

come 2012, what should the party platform look like?

Last Night's Big Loser: National Republicans

"anti-establishment" candidate Rand Paul defends private country club celebration

The federal government has been sued over its role in enabling the BP oil spill.

No Looking Back: Big Labor Will Continue Lambasting Blanche Lincoln

Happy Birthday Malcom X! A quote that reins true today.

ACLU: What Happens in Arizona Stops in Arizona

Rand Paul will be on Rachel Maddow's program tonight

Paul Defends Holding Victory Party at Private Country Club

Message to the DU racist Corps: Mexican citizens....

"No, little girl it is that evil crazy racist asshole Govenor of Arizona and that idiot

Should Jack Conway run to the right of Rand Paul on foreign policy

Tweety has Michael Blume from the Sierra Club

What is your personal definition of "teabagger" and/or "birther"?

Sean Penn to Senate: Haiti on 'razor's edge'

Florida Mosque Bombed; Possible Domestic Terrorism

I will no longer call them Teabaggers

If we get 20K more posts by 6 I win the contest. Come on people POST IT UP

I have a suggestion concerning the oil catastrophe

No clear message out of Tuesday primaries

Been shopping at Walmart lately ??

Did Cheney endorse every GOP primary loser so far?

Where do you look to see when your star is expiring? I have forgotten where that is!

Tweety's angry tonight... I think he's mad Spector lost... but he's mad none the less

Is putting your money in the "market" investing or gambling?

Identity of Souder staffer involved in affair shocks Kosciusko County town

Stanford losing his mind???

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 1

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 1

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 1

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 1

Had emergency surgery recently. Just got the bill from the hospital. We need single payer!

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock...

The MSM is SHOCKED that the Dem base can win without help from the establishment.

We almost took out Blanche Lincoln yesterday

Pedophile Island

6 Reasons Why Rand Paul's Win Doesn't Herald a Tea Party Tidal Wave (Updated)

Anti-tax group decides they would rather be Teabagged in Nevada than barter with chickens

Straight Couples Use Gay Marriage Loophole in France and Austria

UNC says it will go coal-free in 10 years

My Feelings Are Soooo Hurt....Bwaaaahahaaa

Why doesn't expedia or Travelocity, etc. offer real Amtrak discounts?

Rand Paul On Abortion And LGBT Rights.

Creeping Terror: The New American Way of War

Blumenthal should go

D Votes Far Outnumber Rs in 'Super-ish Tuesday' Tale of the Turnout

D Votes Far Outnumber Rs in 'Super-ish Tuesday' Tale of the Turnout

OK Rhodesia. In the 70's. Was it analagous to South Africa in the 80's?

Joining the military does *not* offer a path to legalization for the undocumented

Peak oil production coming much sooner than expected

"The only innoculation against lies is the truth."

Americans United Asks IRS to Investigate Los Angeles Church That ‘Tweeted’ Candidate to Victory

cnn answers it's own question....Will Obama's coattails help or hurt in the midterms?

An observation: Once you have learned to hypermile riding with somone who doesn't is almost painful

Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden returns home and says he's 'feeling great'

Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden returns home and says he's 'feeling great'

Senate Progressives Finally Push Back Against Lincoln-Kyl Tax Cut For Multimillionaires - ThinkProg

BP Prez Gives Himself Top Grade

AZ cop says law will make him feel like Nazi

What do conservatives mean when they say that you have no "choice" in single payer

Who else would like to see Blanche Lincoln gone from the Senate?

FOX News is funny

Interview with ACLU Attorney Who DEFENDED Paul Cameron 20 Years Ago

Well This Brings It All Together... Moody's: Gulf Oil Spill Could Have Long-Term Negative Credit...

Marine Life Confusing "Dispersed" Oil with Sea Habitat (VIDEO)

Salazar Dividing Energy Agency Into 3 Parts

U.S. falls out of 1st in competitiveness ranking

BP secrecy keeps oil-spill facts from public view

State Dinner - wonder if Will Allen will wear a sleeveless sweatshirt

That Baghram attack lasted AT LEAST NINE FUCKING HOURS.

Heartbreak Via the Internet, and WhyNon-Censorship is So Important. Thanks to friends at DU.

Polish Air Force chief was possibly in cockpit of crashed presidential plane - Ukraine agency (Updat

Last Night as a Triumph of the New Institutions of the Netroots

Last Night as a Triumph of the New Institutions of the Netroots

Immigration Forum, good idea / bad idea

10 Ohio charter school boards sue White Hat Management: board "virtually impotent"

Foul Or Felony? Teen Charged After Basketball Game

Obama Administration Uses Lobbyist Memo to Say Outsourcing Creates Jobs

Hey, Colorado DUers going to the Assembly

Goldman Sachs Hands Clients Losses in ‘Top Trades’

Goldman Sachs Hands Clients Losses in ‘Top Trades’

Goldman Sachs Hands Clients Losses in ‘Top Trades’

As tonight should remind all of us:

Finance Reform and the revival of Glass Steagall

Local TV political reporter in New Haven says "I never, ever, heard [Blumenthal] misrepresent his

Waiting for the second boot to hit the floor. MERS

How Bush's DOJ Killed a Criminal Probe Into BP That Threatened to Net Top Officials

Soldiers fear Agent Orange exposure (from Canada?)

Robert Redford coming up on KO to

The number one supporters of "illegal immigration" = corporations & international financiers

Tar Balls on Florida beaches not from the Gulf Oil Spill

Media asks for broadcast of Prop 8 closing argument

Ocean Stored Significant Warming Over Last 16 Years: Research

How incredibly ironic on MSNBC just now

The tip of an ugly iceberg,

Glenn Beck has increased his popularity/exposure

my oldest best friend is starting to disappoint me

What is wrong with the people who disagree with you?

Blumenthal still in the race (CT)

‘Octomom’ paid $5K to tout pet birth control

This is what is WRONG : "BP OK's Costner's oil-cleaning device"

Inventors Say BP Ignoring Their Oil Spill Ideas

So ..... are any actual *liberals* in electoral trouble? I think this affliction is confined to ....

Hurricane season is tough, oil spills are catastrophic, now we are in for a heavy lovebug season!?!

Mathematical model explains marital breakups

If you missed Rachel section on the class of 94 ReTHUG hypocrites

No worries, ever'body!

Spill reinforces oil bad will for American Indians

TIm Kaine is on CSpan1 on

Rand Paul on Rachel

"Harlan County, USA" airs on IFC tomorrow (Thursday). It reminds me of Massey Energy.

Is it possible to be pro-Union AND pro-illegal immigration?

Fuck if I'm gonna hire some thirsty redneck from Arizona.

This is Obama's Katrina.

Bring it on, says Pelosi

Sen. Arlen Specter defeat warms my heart --

Sen. Arlen Specter defeat warms my heart --

ACLU: What Happens in Arizona Stops in Arizona

Some good news (re: my brother) and a bit of a rant (re: BP & immigration)

Senate Debate on Wall Street Reform Will Continue-thank Cantwell and Feingold

A Proposal that those who can shave our heads to protest the Gulf Oil Spill!!??

London's 2012 Olympic mascots

My neighbor says North Korea Blew the well up!

Website Raises $1,000 To Bring 'Tier 5' Unemployment Petition To Washington

I gotta have this button

Sue Lowden on LV npr radio today

Whatever happened to...

BP managers just happened to be on DH the day of the blast?

Canwest: Chevron had warned it couldn't clean up Canadian coastal oil spill

Canwest: Chevron had warned it couldn't clean up Canadian coastal oil spill

Where in the Constitution does it say the government can...

Dear Mediamotherfuckers worried about Blumenthal's military service:

Democratic Candidate Brought Strippers Aboard Yacht

Do you report to someone you don't respect?

Lindsay Graham an "Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm veteran"

Grapevine, TX woman takes message against distracted driving to the United Nations

a REAL job, with REAL benefits

I find we are missing a MAJOR issue on immigration

Victory Against the "DLC."

Victory Against the "DLC."

Nice to see Tweety repeating the hit piece on Blumenthal.

So Joey the Scar was another member sanctimonious Class of 1994....

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!! Encore Wednesday

Google kills off cougar ads, but sugar daddies are still on the prowl

Why it matters who owns local businesses

Raw Video: President Obama Burned in Effigy

what liberal blogs have mobile friendly websites?

From the the filthly sewer known as the New York Times

NAACP president: Texas curriculum will turn world ‘upside down’ for kids

Robert Redford: "Mr. President: Now Is the Time For Clean Energy"

Holy Shit!! Bennett May Go WRITE IN In UTAH??? Possible Dem Pickup????

Texas GOP candidate portraying Hispanics as freeloaders

Oil spill scientists head to loop current on USF vessel

Mr. Gerica Goes To Washington ... But Never Gets Chance To Testify On Gulf Oil Spill -

Car, auto parts dealer tells court he gave money to al-Qaida

BP Withholds Oil Spill Facts — and Government Lets It

CNN: U.S. allies say integrating gays in military was nonissue

75 protest St. Paul, MN's Rep Betty McCollum's support of 33Billion more for war

Chaos breaking out in Thailand

Kagan criticized the Warren Court

Anyone catch the voice in the background when Rachel Maddow interrupted Rand Paul?

A polite request for Blanche Lincoln: please withdraw from the race now

Half of kids tested in Detroit Public Schools have history of lead poisoning

You can make a philosophical argument that individuals have a right to be stupid and discriminate

AIDS vaccine available all along.

Republicans are just plain stupid

The Tragedy of Managed Expectations in the Gulf

Slave trade? No, silly. Now we should call it the "Atlantic triangular trade."

Are we missing an opportunity

30th anniversary of the Inland Northwest's latest defining moment

Bill for Afghan War Could Run into the Trillions

How the media lied about the firings at Central Falls High School

L.A. mayor says Arizona 'isolating itself' from rest of America, rejects idea of power cutoff

M$NBC on XM/Sirius radio

Texas ready for textbook showdown

Iranian lesbian Kiana Firouz facing 100 lashes (and possible execution) over film

Government is not a solution to our problem, government IS the problem.

Retitled: Message to those that believe Mexican Citiizens

Rude Pundit: Random Observations on Yesterday's Vaguely Meaningful Voting Activities in Pennsylvania

Live feed of BP oil spill in Gulf will be posted on congressman's website

First large-scale test confirms Darwin's theory of common ancestry

NY Times: Scientists Fault Response of Government to Oil Spill in Gulf

Joey Scar actually made the most salient observation yet

What is the history of immigration policy in the USA? Were the indigenous made citizens?

From my local paper: "Learning from history and Hitler" by Jerome Christenson:

Congratulations Sestak Supporters

OH REALLY? : Lowden DENIES ' Chicken-For-Checkups Comment

Ahem... 'Big Night for Progressives in Senate Primaries' - AlterNet

I'm Stupid and I'm Proud of It ...... I'm a Teabagger

Primary Night: A Great Night For Schadenfreude, A Bad Night For Media Narratives

Didn't George W. Bush claim one time he served in the Vietnam war?

Americans United Asks IRS to Investigate Los Angeles Church That ‘Tweeted’ Candidate to Victory

Embeds!? We don't need no stinkin' "Embeds" on U.S. soil!!

Lawmakers want to expand Super Hornet buy (aka It's only money)

Jobs: how does this recession compare to others?

mystery tar?

Groups Blast BP, Want More From Feds (Sierra Club, National Wildlife Federation, many more)

Groups Blast BP, Want More From Feds (Sierra Club, National Wildlife Federation, many more)

Senator Feingold: The financial bill as it stands will not prevent another financial crisis.

The new faces of the white supremacy movement

Unemployed and no donor star?

DFA email: Halter leads Lincoln, 48% to 46% for June 8 run-off.

Angry Tea Partiers are not the Moral Equivalent of Compassionate Democrats (Juan Cole)

Would you cross the border?

Court Backs Sex-Offender Detention

Desperately Dodging... Rand Paul vs. Rachel Maddow...

The Mounting Outrage...

Senators Cantwell and Feingold refused Senator Reid's demand to end the debate on financial reform!

There are a million ideas to get us out of this hole of unemployment. Ingenious

My head is exploding!

Hey DNC dullard Rand Paul, gets the press, Jack Conway got the votes..

White House highlights Obama's record on job gains

Gulf Oil Disaster "Looks Very Scary," "Heartbreaking", Says Cosmonaut

Community Values vs Concessions

Study: Men also suffer from postpartum depression

Cannes: Valerie Plame at the End of the World

What Explains the Anti-Establishment Sentiment? By Glenn Greenwald

Mexico president slams Arizona 'discrimination'

Reid accuses Scott Brown of breaking word on vote

30 years ago today, one of my favorite places in the world rose from the ashes...

"Chris Matthews, Climb Down From Your High Horse"

Sestak is going to be tough to beat in the fall.

So y'all know we're only 28,726 posts away from

Last night labor and the Left won, the DLC and RNC lost, and we're better off for it.

Last night labor and the Left won, the DLC and RNC lost, and we're better off for it.

Dean on MSNBC today says NYT story on Blumenthal is a hatchet job.

Eliot Spitzer is getting his own show — it’s Brown’s slot on CNN.

Capitalism: Big Surprises in Recent Polls

Arizona threatens to cut off Los Angeles electricity due to boycott

When Rep. Luis Gutierrez.,.

This looks like a brother to Red Rover the dough boy.

AC360: Kids’ test answers on race brings mother to tears

The More Rand Paul Is On Teevee The Better

The More Rand Paul Is On Teevee The Better

The More Rand Paul Is On Teevee The Better

Dems should call him "Ayn Rand Paul."

Newly released FBI files discuss Walter Cronkite aiding Vietnam antiwar protestors

Fresno, California Group protests Hate Radio station KMJ, May 20th at 11am

I find this interesting (oil spill "scientist")

I find this interesting (oil spill "scientist")

Let's flood Fox News with USED TEABAGS!

Guatemalan handyman dies protecting Centreville family he worked for from armed home invaders

Meet Gladys Castro: 4.09 GPA. Accepted to UC Berkley. No Loans: Illegal Immigrant

5-Year-Old Handcuffed While Mother Watches

The anti-immigration movement is about racism and blaming the working class

The spin about these primaries is so blatant it's galling.

The seeds sowed by Reagan are producing poisoned fruits. Only a taste of what is to come?

DeepWaterGate seems to be starting right on time!

Raw milk legislation vetoed in WI

A comment about Blumenthal from a DUer in CT :


Why I voted for Arlen yesterday, and yes I'm voting for Joe in November

Barack Obama & Elena Kagan: "All they had to do, in return, was to stand for nothing."

Is Rahm at all marginalized in the WH by tonight's results?

i'm liking joe sestak more and more...

Michelle Obama evening dress sparks race row over 'nude' description

Should illegal immigrants be eligible for goverment-sponsored college aid?

Second-grader asks Michelle Obama if the President will deport her mother.

Morford:All kneel before the devil horns (Dio eulogy)

"If the scare-mongering over Social Security isn't a cause for rebellion, I don't know what would be

Newsmax commits sedition, calls for military coup....

The Democratic memos from 2003 that defined party "activists" negatively...

Texas restaurants sue bp

A Few Words About Rep. Mark Souder From The Concerned Women For America

Rand Paul = male Michele Bachmann.

Apple reverses its no-cash payment policy for iPads

Pass it on: Senate Republicans vote to ALLOW credit cards to gouge customers on interest

Draw Mohammad Day. wants your drawings of Mohammad

The Oil gusher in the Gulf is going to be a much bigger problem

Millions of Dead Bait Fish Wash Ashore in Louisiana

The New York Times has some explaining to do

The New York Times has some explaining to do

'Senior Playground' in Hyde Park in London - pics

I had not heard of "Valdez crud" - Are we poisoning recovery workers in the Gulf of Mexico?!?

Navajos: Welcome to 'Apartheid Arizona'

WTF: London 2012 Olympics mascots unveiled

"All-star list of billionaires" vs parents and teachers with meager resources. Unfair battle indeed

"All-star list of billionaires" vs parents and teachers with meager resources. Unfair battle indeed


Immigrant Soul

Dear Democrats: We need to talk. Love, The Gays

"Can't do time" = "Don't do crime"...Lawyer says PonziBoy Allen Stanford is a "depressed wreck"

Separated at birth??????????????

The Shocking Conditions Inside China's Brutal Foxconn Factory (makes Apple iPods, iPhones, iPads)

"Spill" reinforces oil bad will for American Indians

Most evil corporation?

Using the Term "Illegal Alien"

Report: BPA Levels in Canned Beans, Soups Are Five Times Higher Than Previously Thought

Totally Awesome: the name "Arizona" is from the Aztec Language!

Rand Paul: ‘The Hard Part of Believing in Freedom’ Is Opposing Ban on Whites-Only

Time for BP to step aside -- and for the US Government to step up b/c it's Armageddon

Seriously, folks: what's a conscientious liberal to do?

Here's where to donate to Conway and Halter--Out-of-state donations are accepted!

Very Healthy (gives an almost instant boost ) , yet extremely icky

Well not sure of everything that is going on, but it has been interesting

I have an almost uncontrollable urge to spam the Lounge

I read this poem tonight at the open mic...have a look!

Why would anyone need 2,788 facebook "friends"?

"I can't go beyond 'beyond'. At best I could go 'right up to'."

Duplicate (Removed)

"Ghostbusters" Scene (Sort of ) Reenacted at New York Landmark

They laid down the law. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haa

What's on your TV/stereo/mp3 player?

"Hope I die before I get old..." Somehow I doubt he feels that way now.

You know what I hate? portmentau words!

Three other reasons why the Beatles were great.

Anybody know about any debutantes?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/19/10

New Exile on Main Street tracks aren't very good. IMO

Two A's and an A- for the semester - ARGH!

Need a link to a video of a Jeep losing its bumper while trying to pull a tree stump

Chat Roulette Funny Piano Improv #1

Some good news... and "Breast and West Fest"

Just got reamed by the IRS and state. Oh, well.

Railroad men drinking up blood like wine?

browser is crashing a lot lately on DU

Has anyone else had oral surgery and been surprised at the post-op restrictions?

When it comes to deep, insightful lyrics, Katy Perry makes Lady Gaga look like fuckin' Bob Dylan

IF YOU HAD THE MONEY , and you are able bodied , would you hire a chauffeur?

to the person who gave me a star

FREE DUCKS!!! Dial Up Warning....huge cute pics here.

OK, on another site somebody just used this phrase - somebody tell me what

Uhm, Skinner , I give you an offer you can't refuse, catch my drift ?

BREAKING NEWS: Wal-Mart still selling toxic Miley Cyrus song

And the ghost of Martin Luther King, Jr. just cried.

"Justified" - If you like Deadwood and/or Elmore Leonard


Mad Dolls

C A L L Y O U R C O N G R E S S M A N ! ! R I G H T N O W ! !



Does anybody remember Room 222?

I C A N ' T S T O P H I T T I N G T H E S P A C E B A R ! n/t

C A P I T A L L E T T E R S !


Wife and I are working Habitat for Humanities this weekend. Any suggestions?


Nudie and the Turks - The Pain in You

Looks like Charlotte is going to stay a small cat.

Use "vis-a-vis" in a sentence (and sound intelletual)

Songs that have the word "song" in them. Post 'em here!

my oldest best friend is starting to disappoint me

F U C K! ! ! !

yeesh who needs an ignore feature? just avoid GD!

2010 on track for warmest year on record

Verdict upheld against police in gun-planting

Thai Forces Enter Protest Zone in Bangkok

Could the duck survive out of captivity?

"Human Centipede" is available via OnDemand. Should I watch it or jam an ice pick into my nostril?


NY Prosecutors: Ex-Miss Russia Forged Prescription

"Black Book". What an incredible movie!

My sincere good wish for all of you...

Chad rooms leave you hanging.

Good New Music

Goldman Sachs Hands Clients Losses in ‘Top Trades’

Sometimes an apology really isn't enough

Conspiracy of Banks Rigging States Came With Crash

Have you voted for your Google Doodle?

Anybody Here Have An iPad?

Thai Red Shirt leaders call off protests

I just have one question--

Tornadoes on the ground in Oklahoma

Debbie or Tiffany...

Best version of "Stagger Lee?"

Pockets of red shirts continue to riot

SEC unveils trading rules shakeup

EU eases trade with Latin America at Madrid summit

What is wrong with the people who disagree with you?

This is for someone, or maybe many people :)

What are the next five movies in your Netflix queue?


What's the most comfortable bra you've found?

T H I S S U B J E C T L I N E I S I N A L L C A P S !

An act of kindness that lifted my spirits.

THESE are the 2012 Olympics mascots??!!??

15 best teacher coments

New Underwater Video Examines Multiple Leak Points Causing BP Oil Spill

LEAST shocking character death on a TV show?


Monkey King

Black Flag - Rise Above

Post GoogleFights that make you LOL

I A M T H E A N T I - E. E. C U M M I N G S

Are you a dork?

is anyone here an HR/health benefits expert/insurance person???....

Hudson and Landry, and the Jetsons

40,000 public workers in recession-mired Romania protest large wage cuts

EU fines ten chip makers over cartel

Would you rather stroll along the Champs-Élysées or chomp into a big, juicy cheeseburger?

Where can I buy a very soft toothbrush without having to order if off the Internet?


If your life were made into a movie, would you pay to see it?

If Grovelbot is running this giveaway, how come I haven't seen him in any threads?

People still think it's OK to slam at least one unoffensive group.

Newly released FBI files discuss Walter Cronkite aiding Vietnam antiwar protestors

We fought the law and the (pause) law won... well, actually, the law didn't do so well...

Wal-Mart still selling toxic Miley Cyrus jewelry

Panera bakery chain launches new charitable restaurant where customers pay what they want

What's the best way to deal with a crazy as a fruitcake SIL?

Does anyone know what causes this?...

Banks chalk up 2 wins as Senate reform bill evolves

Banks chalk up 2 wins as Senate reform bill evolves

I could watch this all day (Texas Stadium Implosion)

Obama endorsements don't seem to help Democrats

our adopted orphan 4 week old kitten....Lucky...

Court Backs Sex-Offender Detention

What are your top 5 concerts experiences.

What do you really know about Grovelbot?

Republican senator blocks higher liability cap on oil spills

Kagan Court Confirmation Hearings to Begin June 28, Leahy Says

Favorite mountain?

Pakistan arrests army officer linked to Times Square bomb suspect

Experts: Passengers in Polish Cockpit Before Crash

What was John Cusak's last great film?

Has there ever been a real-life costumed hero?

Anybody here watch Nurse Jackie?

L A S T . L O S T

Rioters burn 27 buildings

Pakistan court orders blocking of Facebook over Muhammad cartoon

BP told feds it could handle oil spill 60 times larger than Deepwater Horizon

Top US senators push for oil rig inspections

Lahore High Court orders ban on Facebook over caricatures (Pakistan)

GOP Running Out Clock On Wall Street Reform

New Government in Britain Promises Much Less Intrusion

What's the most comfortable bar you've found?

Pictures from my Iran trip, part 2 *PIC HEAVY*

Obama and Calderón Decry Ariz. Immigration Law

Texas ready for textbook showdown

Florida State scientist: NOAA ignores spill findings

Dems Ask Bill McCollum to Pay Back $120K He Paid to George Rekers

Wal-Mart pulls Miley Cyrus jewelry over cadmium

Nevada Dems file election complaint against (Sen. cand. Sue) Lowden (Chickens for Healthcare)

Democrats See Hope for Fall in Victory in House Race

Toyota recalls Lexus LS sedans for steering fix

U.S. Inflation at 44-Year Low as Retail Prices Fall

U.S. Air Force testing coal powered planes

In rare foray into policy, top science advisers press U.S. to adopt carbon tax

BP touts containment efforts; heavy oil reaches Louisiana wetlands

Ken Loach sends Iraq war film into Cannes battle

BP Bows to Pressure for Oil Leak Livestream

Arizona Backs Sales Tax Increase

One dead in shooting at MacDill Air Force Base

Senate Republicans Call Bill a ‘Takeover’ of Banking

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday May 19

Power Play Over Immigration Law

House Tax Panel Urged to Legalize Online Gambling

Bubba to stump for Blanche Lincoln in Arkansas

Obama Forms Three Offices to Replace Offshore Agency (Update1)

S. Korea to convene emergency meeting of top military generals

Massey execs called killers

WA settles with inmate shackled during childbirth

BP Prepares For New Effort To Halt Oil Leak

Primaries put Republicans on notice

Kucinich Legislation Ends Extrajudicial Killing of U.S. Citizens-Protects Constitutional Right

Sanctions Effort May Open Door to Press Iran Central Bank

Poland Crash Probe: 2 Passengers in Cockpit - Others May Have Used Cell Phones

(California prison audit) Small group of ill inmates costs state plenty

Oil sands on track to be biggest source of U.S. oil imports

Lab: Fla. Keys tar balls not from Gulf oil spill

Coast Guard: Despite BP efforts, Gulf oil spill is getting worse

Need advice after drug test

Federal officials: tar balls rolling in current toward Florida Keys; just days away

Afghan security deal could boost President Karzai's half-brother

Kagan: In Bush v. Gore, Court Was Affected by Politics and Policy

Groups Blast BP, Want More From Feds

World's biggest fish very vulnerable to oil spill

Iran Frustrated As US Nixes Brazil-Turkey Nuclear Deal

Gulf oil now in powerful Loop Current, scientists say

Some Veterans Standing By Blumenthal

U.S. judge sides with anonymous online flamers

New clue to anti-matter mystery

BP OK's Costner's oil-cleaning device

Richard Blumenthal Takes Dive in Poll After Story About His Military Record

Apple reverses its no-cash payment policy for iPads (Women from original story gets free iPad)

Columbus (Ohio) Is Latest City To Protest Arizona Immigration Law

Glenn Beck feuds with congressman over gold investigation

Chavez wants US to ID money laundering suspects

Scientists Fault Response of Government to Oil Spill in Gulf

Obama congratulates Sestak

RIP Winnie.

Shell promises Arctic drilling will be safe

Toyota exec: Electronics are not to blame

Senate Republicans Call Bill a ‘Takeover’ of Banking

Inventor of cash machine dies at 84 in Scotland

Feingold and Cantwell Block Financial Bill

First Lady Michelle Obama Questioned by Second-Grader Worried About Her Mom’s Immigration Status

"They Live". Do you think most people have heard of it?

New drug reverses even 'untreatable' cancers

Boycott AZ? What if we turn off your electricity, official tells LA

Joan Walsh: What did Dems just learn about November?

the Fear is Ever-Present

**** Heads up: POTUS and FLOTUS Welcome President and Mrs. Calderone, Live 9:30am ****

Elena Kagan, and what Obama can learn from F.D.R.

Wal-Mart still selling Miley Cyrus cadmium jewelry.

Obama sitting on his hands, not taking charge, allowing BP to control flow of info about spill

I read the Blumenthal story in the NY Times and didn't feel it was a real "hit piece"

Another GOP Establishment pick loses primary (KY-3)

*gulp*: Blumenthal leads shrinks to three points in CT

One real positive yesterday was the Democratic turnout.

Will Bill Clinton and Obama support Lincoln in the run-off?

Thank you Senator Specter!

Hahahaha! MSNBC changing the script a bit!

Should I Worry About A Drone Attack Here If I Don't Remove My Sestak Yard Signs?

I just did a little Math Re: GOTV yesterday

**** Heads Up: Joint Press Briefing with Presidents Calderon and Obama, Live 11:50am EDT ****

Rasmussen's (dishonest) game

Email your Senators! Tell them to push for vote on Merkley-Levin!

Specter voted AGAINST Robert Bork. Only Republcian to do so.

A Very Good Night For Democrats

Finally, R's come out to fight, where's the President?

Libertarians remind me of the Biblical Pharasees.

Dodd drops plan to scale back derivatives legislation

Say what you want at least Specter has class

"I've been to war." - George W. Bush, lying, AWOL coward - January 27, 2002.

WH Reacts to Last Night's Votes

TPM: Dems force delay of financial reform cloture vote

Dear Mr. President, I have a question.

Joe Sestak: Arlen Specter "has done good things for Pennsylvania". What a gracious speech.

After just watching Joe Sestak on CNN, he is really going to be a great general election candidate.

Sue Lowden: What Chicken Barter System? (VIDEO)

U.S. Scientists Recommend Setting 'Carbon Budget'

House GOP stops major science, technology bill-again

FED: Economy in 2010 will be Better than Previously Forecast

2nd Grader Tells Michelle: "My mom doesn't have papers..."

Can we just see the end of endorsements forever? Nobody gives a sh*t.

Anthony Weiner: Glenn Beck's Goldline Connection 'Possibly Illegal' (VIDEO)

"Sestak Wins. So Does Obama"

President Obama calls to congratulate Joe Sestak

The Pundits are out there shovelling some pretty hefty trash...

"Israeli Activists Protest Bar Mitzvah for Rahm Emanuel's Son"

Obama smoking cigarette photo A HOAX!

Prominent Hispanic-Americans top state dinner guest list

OH NO! She ruined Obamas' State Dinner Again!!! (Video)

PA-12 is a bellwether, unless the Democrat wins

Those who think that Obama is upset because Specter lost...

President Obama Burned in Effigy in Wisconsin Bar

The GOP's special failure - - all the evidence pointing to monster GOP house gains was contradicted

Best wink-wink line at White House

(video added)where is this Rand Paul video calling to repeal the Civil Rights Act

Biden: I Look Forward To Campaigning For Sestak

FULL White House State Dinner with Mexico List

Best entrance at White House in the history

FOX News Anchor Neil Cavuto Tells Michael Steele: 'Everybody Hates You' (VIDEO)

NC-Sen: Ken Lewis Backs Elaine Marshall

Same video shows Blumenthal correcting his Vietnam service

Stutzman to seek Souder seat

Heads up: Rand Paul will be Rachel Maddow's guest tonight

Diana decides not to run for Senate

******STATE DINNER WITH MEXICO at White House-LIVE************

Photos: Barack the Builder (The Obama Presidency, Day 484)

Fox News revises (lies) about Dick Cheney endorsing TeaNut Rand Paul

tea Party Rand Paul Wants To Abolish The Americans With Disabilities Act

Whaaaa! Obama shuns English-language news outlets at press conference

"Gibbs: Sinking S. Korean ship 'unacceptable'"

Obama, Specter, and Ed Rendell

Sec'y of Energy Stephen Chu: Drill, Baby Drill!!!

Excuse me...... Lurking Employees and Interns of the Media; this is for you!

Howard Dean: 'Big Night' For Progressives - "who really want Washington to be a change agent"

Is This Really a Republican Year?

Rand Paul Refused to Take Concession Call from Grayson

"Linda McMahon admits Campaign Role In NY Times Blumenthal Story"

Crist: Wooing the union?

McCain Voter: MObama IS doing a lot for military families

Wow!! (pictures)

Who woulda thunk it: AP is fact-checking, and it's popular!

(R) Souder resignation info - Indiana 3rd District

Dem Mark Critz slaughters Republican last best hope till Nov, Tim Burns; Steele had guaranteed win!

CO-Sen: Bennet Takes the Lead; Norton Struggles in GOP Primary

State Supreme Court rules Bysiewicz not qualified to run for Attorney General

Will Obama put progressives in the driver's seat after Specter & Lincoln losses?

Sarah Palin Thinks Specter Was running in House: PA-12

Rand Paul won't answer Civil Rights Act question - "I haven’t read all through it... " (AUDIO)

"The administration has mounted a huge response to the spill"

Campaign Manager: Rand Paul Refused Grayson's Call

Bring it on, says Pelosi

Poll shows Artur Davis with 50% of black vote in race to Democratic nomination for Alabama governor

Poll shows Artur Davis with 50% of black vote in race to Democratic nomination for Alabama governor

Has any MSM heard from Bro Steele since last nights contest?

Sestak Wins. So Does Obama.

OK so I picked this snippet up at the Rude Pundit blog:

TPM: Cloture vote on Wall Street reform fails 57-42. I'm with Feingold.

Bennett on write-in bid: 'Stay tuned'

I hate Firedoglake

Every time I hear the term"corporatist" I get a little stupider.

Does Anyone Here Think That The WH Is Upset That Specter Lost?

"Edwards Seeking Plea Deal"

So Rahm Emanuel Recruited Joe Sestak to Run for His Initial Run for Congress in 2006

Photos: " ... A Los Sueños de Nuestros Niños" (The Obama Presidency, Day 485)

Full Blumenthal Video: "I served during the Vietnam era...."

How much did Obama support Specter? Quite a bit, it turns out.

Anyone looked at their 401-K/IRA these days? How's it going?

Teacher suspended for President Obama assassination lesson

Let's keep this thread kicked until all U.S.and Coalition troops are out of Afghanistan and Iraq

Peasant Rights Activist Murdered in Colombia

Well I voted for Barack Obama.. and I am standing by him


Media coverage is so biased, Even MSNBC is in on it. They have created the scenario

House votes to expand national DNA arrest database

State Dinner Menu

Campbell Brown Leaving CNN Due to Poor Ratings

Ca - No on Prop 16!

Thai Academy Award Winner Thank you speech undermines Red Shirt legitimacy

BP leak video taken 17 May shows they cut the output to be a boldface LIE!

$33 Billion for WHAT?

D.C. Douglas talks about Tea Party PSA on The Joy Behar Show

Tim James for Alabama

What Teachers Make - Taylor Mali (Loud & proud slam poetry) at Donohue Speech NPC in DC

Papantonio: Big Petroleum Thrives On Incompetence

Menendez Questions Salazar: Liability Caps - Why Is There a CAP at All?

Massive Human Chain Protests U.S. Marine Base In Japan

Tar Balls Found In Key West

Barack Obama on

Waiting on the world to change (Thailand 2010)

Thailand: protester storm town hall in Northeast

Tom Perriello's District Protests His War Funding

The Homosexualist on Arizona Immigration Law

Rand Paul Golf Not Exclusive Anymore

TLC -- Sarah Palin's Alaska!

Keith Olbermann: Worst Person In The World - 05/18/10

TYT: 3 Ways Republicans Are Trying To ROB Consumers & Taxpayers!

'Good Food Revolution' - Urban Famer Gets Attention of White House

Thom Hartmann - Naked on-line chatting with complete strangers...Is there a movement?!

Tribute to Deepwater 11 Oil Rig Disaster & Plea for Justice

Thom Hartmann - Are Schools Teaching The Tea Party Manifesto to our Kids?

Upstate Tea Party endorses LOSER Doug Hoffman

Thom Hartmann - Does Facebook kiss & tell?

Anthony Weiner Takes On Consevative Commentators Pushing Gold

Second Grader Asks Michelle Obama About Immigration Reform

Dylan Ratigan: Make Believe Financial Reform at Massey Energy Protest - Richmond, VA

TYT: Illegal Immigrant Denied Student Loan

1,000 Americans Dead In Afghanistan

Rand Paul evasive on Civil Rights Act - "It's a bad business decision to exclude anybody..."

Day 29 DISASTER! Where's your line in the Sand?

Secret Service Investigates Ala. Math Teacher

Meet George: 21 Year Old American

Candidate Ty Cobb caught vandalizing signs

SMALL LEAK REVEALED - BP Pipeline Leak - new underwater footage of the leak in the oil pipe

The Most Interesting Man on Arizona

Young Turks: Bristol Palin Paid Up To 30k For Abstinence Speeches...WHY?!!!

TYT: Abstinence Video By Busted Christian Republican!

(Arizona) Trespassing law may turn more illegal immigrants into citizens

Congressman Calls for Investigation into Glenn Beck's Hawking Gold for Shady Company

Amy Goodman: Law & Order: Corporate Crime Unit

Victorious Libertarian Rand Paul Vows: I Promise To Do 'Nothing'

Raising the Dead

Spanish workers ready to fight ‘savage cuts’

Shannyn Moore - Sarah Palin's New Low: Funeral Crasher

Outsourcing Battlefield Intelligence Gathering, by Scott Horton

It's Too Bad Keynes Didn't Write in English

Elena Kagan and Monsanto

Luckovich 'toon on US oil dependence/oil 'spill'

Dems Fighting Over Tax Loophole For Money Managers

It Was a Bad Primary Night for the Bipartisan Establishment

Did MMS/Oil Industry Field Test Predict Subsurface Plumes in a Deepwater Blowout?

Shelby uses procedural tactic to undermine Financial reform - USA Today

GOP Running Out Clock On Wall Street Reform

AlterNet: Why Are So Many Christians Conservative?

What Explains the Anti-Establishment Sentiment?

Nature, the Oil Spill, and Interdependence

Europe is sleepwalking to decline. We need a Churchill to wake it up

If It's Good for General Motors, Is It Good for the Rest of Us?

Sarah Palin is no Susan B. Anthony

Killing Our World by Will Pitt

Kentucky primary hype: Tempest in a Tea Party

John Edwards Plea Deal To Avoid Jail Time In The Works, National Enquirer Reports

Good site for legislative actions..Sunlight foundation .. Financial reform debate page

How much was BP Oil Rig producing before explosion ?

Finally, the Republicans Come Out to Fight: Where Is the President?

Rand Paul's meltdown on TRMS

White House Embraces Upstart Who Beat Specter

Arizona Says It Will Pull Plug on LA's Electricity

An anarchist talks on the Greek Crisis "The people had enough"

Drumbeat: May 19, 2010

Oilwatch Monthly May 2010

Interview with Solaren CEO; ground testing this summer

China in Talks With Russia, France on 4G Reactors

Shocking NASA Image: Never-Seen-Before Southeast Oil Slick Arm

Salazar Dividing Energy Agency Into 3 Parts, Great News IMHO.

Live webcam feed of underwater oil spill to go up tonight

Resistance for a Nuclear-Free Future - 30th anniversary - July 4th weekend

Texas hits renewable energy targets 15 years early

8 million gallons of jet fuel in Albuquerque's water...Kirkland Air Force Base

Airplanes That Would Use 70 Percent Less Fuel Than Current Models

Science Daily - Parts Of Coastal Greenland Rising By Nearly 1"/Year As Glaciers Melt & Retreat

China Power Investment to Build More Nuclear Plants

Nissan: Leaf electric car orders above capacity

Cornwall wave energy hub has summer target

Honda doesn't "recommend" electric cars

What's the best/safest roof material for rainwater collection (potable water use)? Surprise!

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Tuesday, May 18)

UT Claims Second Straight Big 12 Baseball Regular Season Title

I'm breaking the rules and calling out Boss and Jon!

Court tosses out Jets' fan lawsuit over Patriots' secret videotaping

Golfer Chi Chi Rodriguez bound and robbed of $500,000

Someone is going to win the treble on Saturday

Nats and Mets on losing streaks. What am I doing wrong?

Giants finally beat San Diego!!

Why do the Blackhawks get a pass on their racist team name?

Argentina's Fernandez criticises Falklands talks rebuff

Cuba, U.S. in low-level talks about oil spill

Cuban-born artist shares experience of Castro's revolution in new graphic novel

Venezuelan authorities seized 872 kilograms of marijuana from Colombian town councilor

Cuba experiments with renewable energy

Honduran president says he can not provide Zelaya with immunity

Slaying of Colombian land activist is latest in series of attacks, rights groups say

Chavez wants US to ID money laundering suspects

US and Cuba hold talks on oil spill (AP)

Sons death inspires Hockey GM to fight homophobia in schools

Daniel Radcliffe's PSA for the Trevor Project

Dear Democrats, We need to talk. Love, The Gays

Gay Iranian may be deported - Sure you might be executed, how is that America's problem?

Bill O’Reilly Compares Transgedered People To ‘Ewoks’, Suggests They Would ‘Scare The Customers’

In early stages of New York terrorism trial Isreal shows a way prosecute KNOWN terrorists

Attorney seeks to bar Goldstone from US

U.S. Wants To Build Up Hezbollah Moderates: Adviser

Today in Labor History May 19 Explosion kills 184 miners, Shootout in Matewan, 31 dockworkers killed

Unions sue after health care premiums OK’d (OS's union)

Bill Halter Drops by Kroger (store he used to work at) To Talk With UFCW Members

Democrats Won in Murtha's District on Trade Reform

Elvis Costello cancels Israel concerts

Minnesota nurses reject contract

Special Place in Hell / Rebranding Israel as a state headed for fascism

Concealed Carry Gains Support in Illinois

Security Theater in King Richard's Chicago: 'Indoor' homicides!

Four Hutaree members released from jail (Update to earlier gun forum threads)

Detroit mayor, calls for more gun control, after Detroit police, shoot a little girl in her bed.

Once again...

A friend asked me this, so thought I'd ask you-


Bringing home dinner

Another Crazy Heart.

Help! Does anyone know of…

Do you all remember when some people changed their names

A New Clue to Explain Existence ("new physics" at Fermilab)

Skinny waitresses are better for your diet

Europeans Bury 'Digital DNA' Inside Mountain Stronghold

An implanted biofuel cell may someday power medical devices.

Software that Learns by Watching

Argonaut Octopus Mystery Solved

Quantum Teleportation Achieved Over Ten Miles of Free Space

Anyone need a donor star?

The elections tonight.

A bit of levity...

The Value of a Human Life

Religion, Bigotry, And Political Hypocrisy

The delusion of hopelessness.

In the Fight Against the Spread of HIV/AIDS, There is no Silver Bullet

Convincing the Public to Accept New Medical Guidelines

Regular Use of Aspirin Increases Risk of Crohn's Disease by 5 Times, Study Finds

How to Think Like a Feminist Economist

Merkel to The Banks and Hedge Funds: Sprechen Sie Deutsche? Then Droppen Sie Dead

Reid and Dodd would defer to GOP, but Democrats dig their heels in

If we put a trillion into job creation, this drives up the deficit. This is good

Ratigan And Sanders "We're An Oligarchy And It's Getting Worse"