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Tarballs reported at Key West beach; surveys continue Tuesday

If Steroids McMahon's team found this information on Blumenthal

Chicken Lady Sue Lowden Breaking Campaign law?

God Hates Rush and Annthrax

Wisconsin DNR: Cougars have returned

US Supreme Court limits some juvenile sentences, upholds life w/o parole for juvenile murderers

US military’s private spy and murder ring continues to operate in Afghanistan, Pakistan

Who is gonna win PA Senate primary tomorrow?

Why do the pics of the oil spewing out of the pipe look like

Does anyone need a star?

Somebody please, beat me in the head...

"Explosion hits Afghan capital"

"Explosion hits Afghan capital"

Oil spill: BP accused of using Gulf of Mexico as 'toxic testing-ground'

Is anyone a primary caregiver for an Alzheimer parent?

MoH recipients urge stressed troops to get help

Ore. lawmakers want Guard medical care reviewed

Thank you for my donor star whoever you are

hair, straw and now this: AmeriHaz

Toon by Toles: BP's Current Oil Spill Strategies

Arizona's War on Immigrants: Operation "Streamline Taxpayer Money Into the Private Prison Industry"

Reward for Stolen Mojave Cross Now $125,000

Afghan report links president's brother to illegal land grabs

Portugal joins nations more progressive than USA: President signs same-gender marriage into law

Suicide bomber hits NATO convoy in Afghanistan; 20 dead

Open House Features ($100 million dollar) MV-22 Osprey

Open House Features ($100 million dollar) MV-22 Osprey

If more businesses operated like Goldman Sachs...Tom Tomorrow

BP Chief: Oil Spill Impact 'Very Modest'

Where's Dick and his evil daughter Liz? Is it just the spill or is it more?

'This surprising frequency of Muslims winning beauty pageants'

Taliban Suicide Bomb Hits NATO Convoy, Kills 18 (5 US Troops)

Taliban Suicide Bomb Hits NATO Convoy, Kills 18 (5 US Troops)

Turnout light in my district.... not good for Sestak and Critz

Toon: Government never does anything right!

Toon: It's so darn unfair!

surge update: Suicide Car Bomber Hits U.S. Convoy in Afghanistan

"Photoshop theme: Video games for Conservative players"

WORLD EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: White House Gatecrashers Michaele and Tareq Salahi Demand Apology

"Veitnam War" - on MSNBC. Sheesh, did they fire all the editors??

Lou Engle's Exploitation of Rifqa Bary ( She converted to Christianity & ran away from home.)

Hey, morans, time to wake up and CAPTION an Einstein teabagger!!!

Missing Ark. Guard hard drive located

BP siphoning off 40 pct of Gulf of Mexico oil leak

bullshit story...specter AND sestak are incumbents

Polio is back - First case in Russia in 13years

Iraqi baseball team checks out America's pastime on U.S. visit

Does anyone know how I upload a photo I've downloaded to the net?

"Now Taking Reservations"...for the Emergency Room!

The language of spin

"Woman: I was fired because I have cancer"

Another Indiana ReTHUG in deep trouble

Eat A Burger....

Study suggests processed meat a real health risk

NATO says night raid killed Afghan insurgents; residents say it killed civilians

BWHAHAHA: Exclusive: Indiana Rep. Mark Souder to RESIGN Amid AFFAIR With Staffer

Hollow-point bullets OK’d for (US military) post police

Brazen Corporate Fascism: Check out what PG&E is trying to do in California

Urge Congress to act NOW and Extend Filing Deadline for Jobless Benefits Through 2010

BBC: New rules will allow planes to fly in areas with double the density of ash than before

So another GOP values guy is caught. Hypocrisy is a mandatory requirement to be a Republican.

'Anti-K Street' protest snarls traffic in downtown Washington

Morning Joe states the movement in Democratic politics "has nothing to do with Liberalism,

Kerry-Lieberman Bill Continues Dangerous Direction for U.S.

Joseph, Clinton, Keynes and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat.

This needs to be read by everyone.......

Rep. Mark Souder (R-IN) to resign over affair with female aide

Haitian Farmers Commit to Burning Monsanto Hybrid Seeds

State Pays Nearly $30K for Faith-Healing at Bachmann Clinic

HuffPo: Palin crashes Governor Wally Hickel's funeral "with her 8-year-old human shield Piper"

Mark Souder voted against impeaching Clinton in 1998. At the time I couldn't understand why. Maybe

George Alan Rekers's poster boy for "ex-gay therapy" now depressed and suicidal

White House Braces for Specter Defeat (Sorry Newsmax)

White House Braces for Specter Defeat (Sorry Newsmax)

"For Sports Wager, Mayors Have Fun With Immigration Law"

Frenzied Freepers go into Level VIII Double-Secret Lockdown Mode as "Laura Bush Opposes Arizona Law"

Will the last teacher in America please erase the chalkboard before you turn out the lights?

Remind me - How many BP, Transocean, or Halliburton execs have resigned in shame?

What will happen in today's elections?

Another "Family Values" Rushpublican Resigning...

The Rude Pundit: Notes Regarding the Feasibility of a Minor Revolution, Part 3 ...

So where is news of Gulf disaster in your newspaper today?

Group Starts Facebook Campaign Urging Laura Bush To Attend GAY RIGHTS Parade

Why can't someone figure out how much oil is escaping from the big gusher? Thats killing our Gulf

Gimme the Ipad or

Macho Ministry Tries to Prove Jesus Was a Cage Fighter

Macho Ministry Tries to Prove Jesus Was a Cage Fighter

Arizona's Immigration Law

Arizona's Immigration Law

Sue Lowden breaking campaign law by accepting donated RV

My definition of a liberal

Ex-Obama pastor: 'Obama threw me under the bus'

"Is the European Crisis a Net Positive for the US?"

Let's say for a sec that I am a BIG Dick Cheney fan...

BP's next plan: A Top Kill (from Time mag)

The euro is at a one-year low against the US dollar. Should I buy some?

*fail* Romney, Guiliani, Powell etc live for $5-$19?

A great picture idea - dead marine life at Rush "hillbilly heroin" Limbaugh's Palm Beach home

MSNBC - Rand Paul supporters harassing voters at 2 precincts

The American Art of War

Sarah Palin's New Low: Funeral Crasher

West VA magistrate sets bail at $100,000 for misdemeanors by non-violent protesters at Massey HQ.

Thief found not guilty of assaulting officer

Wrapped up in a flag and carrying a bible

Race for Murtha's seat could have national implications (today's special election)

How's it Goin' in PA today?

Jefferson County geometry teacher uses wrong example to teach angles --- assassination of President

Could Mark Souder's campaign contributors get their money back from him??

Lou Dobbs to Speak at Tea Party Convention

Liability Caps, From Oil Spills to Nuclear Meltdowns

Predictions for tonight's two big primaries

since they have found tar balls on the beach at the Key West fort

DETAINED in Arizona: Four Student Immigrant Leaders

So who wants to argue the merits of the war in Afghanistnam? 5 more dead US soldiers

I wonder if Tony Snow would call this one "a number" too...

Tea Partiers accused of harassment at the polls, they blame Democrats

Kids these days......

Can we drop the notion big business and the wealthy hate government.

Did the End of Smallpox Vaccination Cause the Explosive Spread of HIV?

Why I'm not surprised by Arizona's racism

Budget analysts put a price tag on domestic partner perks

Almost Half of U.S. Households Receive Government Benefits

Dominionist Psychology, Roy Moore sez: "You can't be happy without following God's law."

"Tennessee House fails to revive English license bill."

Two wars, a shit economy, and the world frets over Miss USA's fully-clothed pole dance. Go figure.

Anyone remember this BP addy?

Rush Holt (D-NJ) Finally Wins on Videotaping Military Interrogations

Disgusting cartoon...

TPM: Alabama Teacher Gives Geometry Lesson Using (Obama) Assassination As Example

Beau Biden has gone home from the hospital

Mark my words, BP knows almost EXACTLY how much of their ASSET is being DEPLETED.

Eating Processed Meats, but Not Unprocessed Red Meats, May Raise Risk of Heart Disease and Diabetes

Anti-Arizona Cities Issue IDs to Illegal Immigrants

Grim Milestone in Afghanistan

Badda boom, badda bing, ratta tat tat .........

I love how the McMahons are trying to scam Connecticut

So why not try these Oil Leak stop ideas?

So why not try these Oil Leak stop ideas?

A look at how the Senate Democratic Caucus has changed since 1993

Visual of BP lies - Show us how big it is! (Bagley cartoon)

QUESTION: Would Obama be moved further to the left if congress was 80% democrat?

Andrea Mitchell keeps asking why Obama isn't in Pennsylvania

Andrea Mitchell is so ready for her SNL moment

WHAT THE FUCK? Bristol Palin to get $15,000-$30,000 an appearance, just because she is a teenage mom

“Emergency Delegation” of Clergy Brings McCain Real Talk on Arizona

Net neutrality: Old issues never die

John Travolta's dogs run over at Maine's Bangor International Airport

CA lawmaker proposes bill to keep away TX’s textbooks (which call slavery the ‘Atlantic triangular

From my layman perspective, it looks like a nuke SHOULD work.

Body esteem -- the politicking of fashion and body imaging

Facebook for conservatives? The Atlantic: 'Ricochet' hopes to make conservatism fun again

blumenthal is speaking live on m$nbc.

Independent Scientists Dispute Spill Estimates by NOAA and US Coast Guard

Euro is tanking on German Short Selling Ban


Capitalism........So 20th Century?

Forget BP - When is McCain Gonna Clean Up This Spill?

speculation news...

Woman sues cell phone company, blaming their invoice for breaking up her marriage

Obama to establish commission on oil spill as blame game heats up


Slick Rick ponders cutbacks

Bill Maher: Steve Jobs Would Run America Better Than Obama

Hypocrisy at critical mass: Rep. Souder And Mistress Recorded Video Praising Abstinence Education

Obama Myths and Realities

Abandoned sofas from around the world on Flickr

McMahon Campaign Takes Credit For Blumenthal Hit, Then Scrubs It

40 percent?

Interesting poll on Kagan, abortion rights, and Roe v. Wade...

Interesting poll on Kagan, abortion rights, and Roe v. Wade...

On hartmann: Unwed mother who says gay couples can't give child mother & father

Delete. Just not worth the effort any more....

I had a scary thought this morning

U.S. Coast Guard Rear Adm. Mary Landry doubtful of leak estimate

Greenland rapidly rising as ice melt continues

Rep: Travolta's dogs killed in Maine were leashed

Just got a call from the LaRouche campaign......

Dow Theorist Richard Russell: Sell Everything Liquid, You Won't Recognize America By End Of Year

Indiana Rep. Mark Souder (R-Adultery) to Resign Amid Affair With Staffer


America's Underclass growing? No shit, Sherlock!

Daycare, Not Warfare: What Teen Girls Tell Us About the Evolution of Empathy

Salon: Resigning MMS regulator gave Transocean a safety award last year

FBI Bulletin: Prison Gangs Learn Arabic for Secret Codes

IMF dictates shock program to Romania

Family denounces Detroit police murder of seven-year-old child

Everything Republican is crumbling and crashing down. Build an ideology on lie after lie.. results

State gets few bites on energy-efficient appliance rebates

An interesting ballot measure to watch today in Arizona.

I'm thinking of driving to the St. Pete Times Forum during the RNC Convention in 2012

How did Indiana Rep. Mark Souder vote on Clinton's Impeachment?

Breastfeeding Cuts Fever Risk After Vaccines

I think we should place conventional charges some distance away from the gusher

Stocks with big price swings to face trading halt, report says

A Good Ol' Boy Solution To Cleaning Up The Oil On The Surface

DeKalb power outage possibly caused by squirrel-squirrel's condition was not immediately available

Feds Probe Teacher's Obama Assassination Lesson

Detroit Free Press: Ann Arbor illegal immigrant jailed after protest at Sen. McCain's office

Conservative Intellectual Hilariously Defends Sarah Palin’s Intellect

what is left for the repukes?

So let me get this straight now...the GOPers can be held in prison forever?

Dutch Sex Shop to Give Away 'Pope Condoms'

New video of leak released.

To help with this DU fund drive I have enlisted the help of some tele-tubbie-evangelists

If money wasn't a factor would you prefer to retire younger or older?

Generation Gap Over Immigration. Forget sex, drugs and rock-n-roll immigration is a new generational

Just a bleak thought on the possibility that BP might be right on actual, vs. feared...

Could we hit the BP Beach Polluters where it hurts? - or has this been done or thought of already?

Woman shoots rapist with his gun

Dead sea turtles on Gulf of Mexico beaches at triple of past numbers

ACLU, NAACP and other prominent organizations sue to stop Arizona's racist immigration law

Kagan Documents Sent to Senate

Oil Spill: New footage of dead fish on beach near Palm Beach County

Do the McMahon's have their own stenographer at the New York Times?

Kentucky primary: Grayson accuses Paul supporters of intimidating voters

I met Mark Souder once back in 1989 or 1990. I can't remember which...

JK Rowling nails the problem with Teabaggers:

'Fox Trot' vs. Apple

APNewsBreak:Va. Offshore Drilling Hits Snag

Mary Harris ‘Mother’ Jones (She wasn't scared of the 'authorities'. We could use her now!)

Who are today's "public intellectuals?"

Glenn Beck the Mime

George W. Bush And History

Voter turnout in my town (Pennsylvania) has depressed me (and a weird ballot thing).

Sludgy oil begins washing into Lousiana's coastal marshes

I just figured out why we hate incumbents too...

I just figured out why we hate incumbents too...

Someone explain this to me.. in small words and single syllables

Children 'should not use' cellphones

Would you rate the CEO of a big company and a Congressman/woman

FedEx Spent $21.1 Million In 15 Months To Preserve Its Ability To Prevent Drivers From Unionizing

Woman sues phone company for exposing her affair. Would you vote to give her money?

Two activists arrested for blockading entrance to Massey Energy HQ, bail set at $100,000 each

Study: Kids with Mental Health issues make more than $10,000/yr less than those without...

Biden On 'Big F---ing Deal': 'I'm Embarrassed As Hell' -- But We're Making Loads Of Money Off Of It

Who are you rooting for: AR

Jewish Democratic Group Asks Syndicate to Drop Buchanan

It's a MANDATE! Defeats, retirements & scandal reduce GOP 'class of 1994' from 56 to 10

Don't Forget - They Called Themselves Teabaggers

Goldman Sachs Seeks Bigger Share of 401(k) Accounts (no not kidding).

Post, dammit, post!

the media didn't discover blumenthal's lies....

Gulf catastrophe: Congressional agencies begin to pick apart Obama admin's lack of preparedness.

Gulf catastrophe: Congressional agencies begin to pick apart Obama admin's lack of preparedness.

the big story is the mcconnell/rand paul/jim bunning story....

New Scientist Special Report: Living In Denial

I have sinned against God, my wife and my family

Both sides approach power asymmetries in the same bloody way...

Sarah Palin's New Low - Funeral Crasher - from Shannyn Moore

Roubini Says U.S. May Fall Victim to Bond `Vigilantes' Within Three Years

Who voted in one of the primaries today?

I find it hilarious watching folks calling friends and relatives

I find it hilarious watching folks calling friends and relatives

Held my nose and voted for

Pics and local video of the Massey Energy protests today in Richmond

Schultz highlights "fearmongering and conspiracy theories" from Beck and Palin speeches to NRA

I'm conducting an experiment and I need everyone's help

In Gulf Spill, BP Using Dispersants Banned in U.K.

I have been thinking about Nancy Pelosi and her low approval ratings


GRAPH: NBC/WSJ Poll shows public knows ''moderate'' Democrats are really just corrupt

Rep. Weiner Goes After GOLDLINE And Its ‘ UNHOLY ALLIANCE ’ with Glenn Beck.

"Vancouver! Vancouver! This is it!"

Sunday's insane hail storm in Oklahoma City - watch this video

Sunday's insane hail storm in Oklahoma City - watch this video

Sunday's insane hail storm in Oklahoma City - watch this video

Sunday's insane hail storm in Oklahoma City - watch this video

Sunday's insane hail storm in Oklahoma City - watch this video

Sunday's insane hail storm in Oklahoma City - watch this video

Get out and Vote!!! Check in if you voted.

Why wasn't this guy the one to break the color barrier in Major League Baseball ?

Dorgan Amendment to Ban Naked CDS Tabled

Talk about the long reach. Florida may see credit rating downgrades as a result of of oil spill.

Anyone here have any experience with the Rhodesian Bush War?

California gubernatorial candidate advocates creating "Pedophile Island"

Dem lawmaker wants Congress to give itself a 5 percent pay cut next year

Are you different? Do you have trouble at work?

Are you different? Do you have trouble at work?

Euro now below $1.22

Looking for a quote-

State primaries vote tracking here - via Talking Points Memo -

Peace Corps tweety can't get enough of Marine Corps Blumenthal

I am convinced that BP's entire response to the Gulf disaster to

***Spring Photo Contest Winners***

Friendly Fire: The Untold Story of the US Bombing that Killed Four Canadian Soldiers in Afghanistan

MSNBC: AP reports Rand Paul winner in KY primary.

After The Spill: Big Oil Plots Its Comeback

How low can the euro go? Very.

Bush collapses at WellPoint Incs Annual Meeting

New oil spill videos released by BP show gushing leaks -

New oil spill videos released by BP show gushing leaks -

The Merits of Medical Marijuana: The top 10 conditions it may help.

Kagan Submits Answers to Senate Questionnaire

I've heard it both ways

Three Generations, No Imbeciles: Eugenics, the Supreme Court, and Buck v. Bell

Crime of the century....

Secret societies endanger nations

American Citizen, A CIA Target

A new oil rush endangers the Gulf of Mexico and the planet

neighbor asked to walk dog w/o disclosing owner in hospital from being mauled by said dog

Keith and Chris are talking about the unusually high number of Dem voters in KY.

I was literally the last voter in PA, I believe

Media hypocrisy? The media’s rules didn’t apply to George W. Bush

So, is the special election in PA 12 a primary or D v. R?

Boston Globe: GOPer Involved In Illegal Strip Searches Of Teen Girls

If BP plugs this leak, would you support another attempt to tap this reservoir?

PA Election Returns site has gone down

Is the DLC deliberately trying to throw the 2010 election & lower the Congressional majority?

Oil Spill Expert: BP Dangerously Using "Two Conflicting Cleanup Technologies" (Video clips included)

Thank You Keith Olbermann!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gulf Oil Spill: Government Remains Blind To Underwater Oil Hazard

McCaskill: Financial Reform Has Fallen 'Off A Cliff'

Obama, Kim Jong-Il, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Meet !!!!!!

Sestak up 56%-44%

Sestak up 56%-44%

New vaccine could save bees from colony collapse disorder

New vaccine could save bees from colony collapse disorder

To Hell with Blumenthal: One week to get a new Progressive Democrat for Dodd's seat.

o/~ I'm a wackadoodle asshole. Wackadoodlin' is my game o/~

Death panels my ass! Drill baby drillers have given us dead zones.

PA-12: Critz(D) 59.6%, Burns(R) 38.1%.... 12% reporting

Here's PA SOS site.........For election results

Congress Must Act On Price Gouging.....BP and other Oil Companys

Sestak Pulls Even with Arlen at 36% mark, Dem in lead for Special House election in PA

At 9:15pm, Specter is up 74,408 to 72,944

Poor Pat Toomey

Progress Of The Relief Wells (Graphic) -

Fiorina Says $$$ (including $3.6 M from her HP golden parachute) Makes Her the Stronger Candidate

Daily Howler on Blumenthal

Congress Must Act On Price Gouging.....BP and other Oil Companys

Toon: Guess who's spinning in his grave now?

Sestak Pulling Away???

Politicians, activists raise alarm over Greenland’s ambitious drilling program

Rep. Conyers Forms Out of Afghanistan Caucus to Oppose War and Escalation Funding

46% reporting.... Critz(D) 30,819.... Burns(R) 23,723..... PA 12th Special Election

Hahhah, Toomey 232k, Specter 250k, Sestak 277k

KY Dem Primary - Conway narrowly leads Mongiardo

Step right up and bash these teachers!

So How Are Those Presidential Endorsements Working...

NBC NEWS: Specter Supporters say Sestak's Pittsburgh Lead Too Big

Do we have the same types of wingnuts as the rightwing..

Will Specter pull a Lieberman and run as an independent?

Unattractive Defendants 22 Percent More Likely to Be Convicted, Study Finds

Hey, Arizona, deport this:

So if Specter loses, then he'll finally really know what

MSNBC saying that Specter cannot make up the numbers.

"an environmental threat that he called "omni-directional and almost indeterminate" in size. "

Sestak moves ahead... 124,084 to 117,209.... 24% reporting

Yeah Sestak

Dear Politico,


Why hasn't this guy been fired?

Will there have to be another special election to replace Sestak in the House? nt


AP Calls KY Dem Primary for Conway

Everett Bikini Barista Pleads Guilty.

A Scottish sendoff for Specter

Wow... Composite Graphic Of The Gulf/Slick/Loop - From ThinkProgress

Hey Arlen, I'll miss those droopy cheeks

Tweety says Specter was the man on the Titanic who

Here comes Sestak

Bark's off the birch for Palin in hometown

This Modern World: In parallel worlds ... a Supreme Court nomination hearing looms

Arkansas results

It sure looks lik a Sestak win to me! I just checked

It sure looks lik a Sestak win to me! I just checked

PA 12th... supposed to be a bellweather for the fall... McCain won it in 2008

First-Grader Suspended Over Yearbook Comment

Mayor adds prayer to City Council agenda

I grew up in a rural Arizona town in the 70s. Lots of cotton and citrus ranching.

Gambling Banksters are determined to f**k the world eight ways from Sunday

Andrea Mitchell (again) really mad at Pres & VP...

The Vile List

Good riddance Arlen Specter!!!!!!

Who is more "liberal" - Sestak or Specter?

On Blumenthal....

On Blumenthal....

Sestak on now - GEM$NBC n/t

So won't it be interesting to see how Specter votes in the upcoming months

Can Someone post a poll for me on Blumenthal/whether we should support another Dem in Connecticut?

When Spector leaves, who replaces him on his committees?

After immigration law, Phoenix gets quieter: Hospitality business in Arizona feels boycott effects

Democrats are voting in bigger numbers than Republicans?

Arkansas Dem primary crazy close

Tonight was the Biggest Political Night in Months. MSNBC is the only one covering the Elections

75% of the vote in... looks like Democrats will hold Murtha's seat

And more truth from real media - TPM - "TOUGH NIGHT FOR GOP"

Small surprise in part 10 of HBO's "The Pacific"

I'd really like to think DSCC had its act together

"I can't hear you, but at least my ***k is hard"

"Incumbents are going to take a beating this cycle." "Anti-incumbent sentiment will hurt Democrats"

This Time, Equal Rights for All

Thank you to who ever gave me my donor star

Sestak told them he was going to run from the day

Self Delete

Germany bans Naked short selling.

"I can't go beyond 'beyond'. At best, I could go 'right up to'."

The media pundits are demonstrating their delusional spin.

30 years since Mt. St. Helens erupted

Anybody else think Andrea Mitchell was pretty snippy to Sestak?

Anybody else think Andrea Mitchell was pretty snippy to Sestak?

54,000 phone calls made in the last 48 hours by VOLUNTEERS against Blanche Lincoln

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: School bus driver fired after being caught relieving herself on bus

Howard Fineman is full of bullshit!

Let's say the focus shifts from undocumented workers to those who hire them, and in a BIG way.

chris matthews talking in Pennsylvania

Rachel is chewing up this RNC guy

Thunder and lightning and primaries, oh my!

Will Specter run as an independent?

Arkansas Senate Race now a 0.7% spread...

Arkansas Senate Race now a 0.7% spread...


Tea Party Leader: Allah Is 'Monkey God'

A note to Richard Blumenthal...

Up to date election results for Blanche Lincoln & Bill Halter Election site link:

Goldman Sachs: There's a sucker born every minute, and most of them are our clients

Let me get this straight...

Lincoln, Halter go to overtime in Ark. Senate race

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Hunger: Me, My Family or Someone I know

Did ol run for your life Andrea Mitchel just glare at my Rachel?

Did ol run for your life Andrea Mitchel just glare at my Rachel?

For those that believe, here's what God probably thinks about tonight's elections

UC Berkeley Asking Incoming Students For DNA

Some say the Republican brand is fracturing.

So California... how do you feel now about November?

Halter closing! Halter 42.7% - Lincoln 43.2%

in other news......Grim Milestone: 1,000 Americans Dead

Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln forced into primary runoff against Lt. Gov. Bill Halter

So the first thing I thought tonight about the election results is not something

Always liked Andrea Mitchell - UNTIL TODAY

Our bizarre national discourse.

Texas doctors opting out of Medicare at alarming rate

"Better to die on one's feet than to live on one's knees."

Face it Andrea Mitchell

First Bennet and Now Specter get the feeling the Old Senate

Why Merrick Alpert needs DU HELP to force a Senate Primary with idiot Blumenthal in Connecticut

Obama should create a MASSIVE Jobs Bill to clean the incoming disaster

The closer we get to November the less it looks like a Democratic Loss

I will no longer insult them by calling them "Tea Baggers"

I will no longer insult them by calling them "Tea Baggers"

Toronto, do you really want to host this G20 summit?

Toronto, do you really want to host this G20 summit?

Huffingtonpost NY Editor calls new Miss USA a whore

Oil Pumped From Ocean Wells IS NOT MEANT FOR USA

"I think it's vital to keep this seat in the Democratic Party and I will support him."

403,200,000 gallons = 40 Exxon Valdez

Heat Forms Potentially Harmful Substance In High-Fructose Corn Syrup, Bee Study Finds

Remember the crowds during the Schiavo uproar?

C'mon, who could resist a good shag with this handsome fellow?

A very good 538 Tweet from Nate - "When you cut through the clutter, the bottom line is that tonight

"DO I LOOK ILLEGAL?" -Kobe Bryant's wife wears shirt to conference final game

Do you see FreeRepublic doing this?

Do you see FreeRepublic doing this?

Get your Courage Campaign voter guide for CA

So. Will Arlen come right out and say that Obama and Biden let him down?

Now imagine if Specter had won and we had lost Murtha's seat

Qantas uses plasticware up to thirty times before throwing it out

Napolitano's assumption blowout preventers never fail VERSUS AP's Blowout Preventers known to fail.

I don't want foreigners in my house...

HEY! Where'd that star come from????

Live coverage of Thai conflict by Reuters...

LifeLock CEO’s Identity Stolen 13 Times

Transocean wants to limit liability payments to fraction of its own insurance payout

No Kidding: ' FAMILY VALUES ' Candidate Lost CUSTODY Of Children

Paul Krugman- An Upward Trend

One of Tim Geithner's Finest Hours--testifying before a relatively intelligent committee

Between every post, between every action, between every thought, the next one is

So I just found this offer from XM radio in the mail.....

Campbell Brown to leave CNN. Wonder who will get the 8PM slot?

"Specter is the man who put on a woman's dress to get in the life boat"

Westboro Church gets GOOFED!

WoW! They just called Rand-Bagger in KY!!!

Arizona's new anti-immigrant law may negatively impact already bad housing market

a kick in the gut to mitch mcconnell....

Bill for Afghan war could run into the trillions

No easy task: Making the Afghan Special Forces

Investigative Report: Richard Berman (Corporate front-man makes a fine living attacking charities)

Bristol Palin Signs Deal For Up To $30,000 Per Speech

I found out who BP's new PR man is...

I hope the Sestak win sends a message to the democratic party

Who wants to bet the M$M will report that the Teabaggers have the coup.

Detroit Free Press "Black ink is fashionable at GM again."

Grim Afghanistan milestone: 1000 Americans dead. Troops dying younger, often fresh out of boot camp

Several tasty morsels on tonight's races on TPM:

We had a President who was AWOL during Vietnam but let a Democratic Candidate misspeak

So, let me get this straight. The Times does 2 hit pieces on Blumenthal in one day?

So, let me get this straight. The Times does 2 hit pieces on Blumenthal in one day?

So MNSNBC finally went to the numbers

Thinking about Professor Anita Hill tonight . . .

Thinking about Professor Anita Hill tonight . . .

School Fears Students Attending Texas Conference Could be Deported

Empires rise and empires fall. All of them fall eventually.

"Reunited with the Vietnamese 'girl in the picture'" - kim phuc and christopher wain, 38 years later

My gay eyeballs have been soiled by exposure to RepubliConmen 'Sexual Deviance'.

If the talking heads think Specter's loss is bad for the Dems and/or Obama, they're clueless

If the talking heads think Specter's loss is bad for the Dems and/or Obama, they're clueless

Are Repubs using Con women to peddle a racist message in a pathetic attempt to disarm critics?

School budget passes in my area. Teabaggers are shamed again!

This teabagger is in fine fettle. PLease come CAPTION!!!!

Alabamans take a liberal attitude toward a high school geometry teacher's 'mistake'

Jefferson County geometry teacher uses wrong example to teach angles --- Assassination of Obama

Hey Blanche, maybe you shouldn't have fought so hard against HCR

Kobe Bryant’s Wife Wears “Do I Look Legal?” Tee to Protest AZ Law As ACLU Files Suit

A New Law Was Passed That I Wasn't Aware Of

Can Lincoln get her ass whuped yet?

Your Nominee for Secretary of the Treasury

Room 8, the cat who never left grade school

It looks like the Mormon Church will pay a price for Arizona's anti-immigration law

Teabagger acendency is a manifestation of that party being torn apart by immigration

Shut down all of BP's US drilling operations. Now.

Shut down all of BP's US drilling operations. Now.

Cell Phone Users Should Smoke Pot

NY Times on Blumenthal - Is That All You Got?

Conspiracy of Banks Rigging States Came With Crash

Government to Oil Plume Discovery Team: Shut Up

Who are you rooting for: PA

Men doing the housework reduces divorce risk: study

Last night my daughter graduated from high school.

Specter: "When you talk about Sestak being more vigorous, you must be smoking dutch cleanser."

Deep down do a lot of Republicans want the wars to end as bad as many of us do?

Deep down do a lot of Republicans want the wars to end as bad as many of us do?

Woody Allen: Roman Polanski Has Paid For What He's Done

Glenn Beck Hits 2010 Ratings LOW

A *VERY* encouraging night for the Democratic Party

It looks like the DINOS are having a bad night tonight!

Louise Slaughter: Question Kagan on her support of women's choice

Transocean pays stockholders $1 billion; controversy follows

NYT: Blumenthal lied about serving in Vietnam.

On the Democratic Party's "moderates" and "pragmatists"

On the Democratic Party's "moderates" and "pragmatists"

Question: Does anyone know what gov't agency hires oil rig inspectors?

The Day After the Eve of Destruction

USA Coffee Company Tour (with Ed Shultz)

Will Kagan be the final Anti Choice justice needed to overturn Roe v. Wade

Ed Schultz on MSNBC: "Mr President, it's OK to go left!"

My father served Stateside during the Korean Conflict. At West Point . military gave him a Does Immigration Cost Jobs? ...immigration, legal or illegal, doesn't hurt American

Shrinking Cities: Urban Renewal Revisited?

Your thoughts on the student who scammed Harvard?

A HUGE Thank You!! To any DUers who help those in Fights with Right Wing Monkeys...

Looks Like A Good Night For Dr. Dean

Building-Permit Drop May Signal Renewed U.S. Housing Slump, Feldstein Says

Elvis Costello boycotts Israel, cancels concerts

Arizona dares L.A. to carry out boycott

Apple won't take iPad buyer's cash

I think Doctors should have email for patients

Just found out my big bro is in the hospital, possible heart attack

Watch Frontline: Wounded Platoon tonight on PBS: Shame of our military and our country

Does anyone know if you can travel with a real film camera,

Very alarming: CBS news threatened with arrest... by BP/Coast Guard (added video link)

Very alarming: CBS news threatened with arrest... by BP/Coast Guard (added video link)

"In a televised March debate, Blumenthal stated clearly he had not actually served in Vietnam"

Post the 1st vote you ever made and the year.

Obama hates teachers...

"ALIPAC Withdraws From AZ Rallies Over Nazi Groups & Tancredo"

"ALIPAC Withdraws From AZ Rallies Over Nazi Groups & Tancredo"

"ALIPAC Withdraws From AZ Rallies Over Nazi Groups & Tancredo"

Why is this man smiling?

Should we support another CT Dem or stick with Blumenthal?

Not holding BUSH/CHENEY admin employees to the rule of law has been a major policy failure y/n?

"I am sorry to have let so many people down".... Souder

Why BP Won't Measure the Oil Spill

Souder And Mistress Allegedly Frequented State Parks

Ohio White Hat Charters....what was bought with public money now belongs to them.

Sorry but as hard as you try you are not going to make me hate them

WOW that was a hell of a quake, seconds

Donate to DU and *** WIN AN APPLE iPAD! *** WIN AN APPLE iPAD! *** WIN AN APPLE iPAD! ***

Teabaggers LOSE BIG in Arizona!!! wooohoooooo!! Dems have a chance in NOV!!

Maybe the Democratic base is angry too


So, what should we do about illegal immigration?

Arkansas: Halter catching up to Blanche Lincoln! Please let it happen!

Elena Kagan Bio: 10 Little-Known Facts, From Socialism to Spitzer

New plans for immigrant rights protests and civil disobedience

DRUMROLL PLEASE! The winner of the HP Mini Netbook Computer Giveaway is...

Can you hear us now, Rahm?

You Put That Thing On Me ...

whiskey, gin, and pints o' beer

whiskey, gin, and pints o' beer

I just identified very strongly with Niles Crane

My sincerest thanks to

It was almost the perfect crime, but you forgot the one thing: rock crushes scissors.

CNN BREAKING - Tea Party Officially Changes Name To T-Bone Party To Escape Ridicule From Democrats

Why can you copy CDs to iTunes, but not DVDs?

Alright, I have to get this off my chest

Mustang VS Oklahoma Highway Patrol

Pictures from my Iran trip Part 1 - People in Iran *PIC HEAVY*

Car rental prices are insane!

I just heard about a strange law where I live

Would anyone like a star? n/t

Shocking scene from LOST tonight. Spoilers.

I think this is getting serious

When you see it, you'll shit brix

Big Sky - The Kinks

Quote of the day:

Post your favorite song about Walt Whitman's niece!

New Google Phone Service Whispers Targeted Ads Directly Into Users' Ears

Let's help bring the World Cup back to the US!

Hey, anonymous! Thank you for my donor star!

Fanboy challenge for Amerigo Vespucci

The mystery of the 'acupuncture cat'

It must have been fun to be a Rolling Stone in the 70's.

Trey versus Rand. Sounds like a slapfest at the Theta Chi

I'm conducting an experiment and I need everyone's help

Ever had bacon infused chocolate?

Crucial Help for Homeowners Could Never See the Light of Day

Non Fiction Burning

Your favorite Dr. Hook song?

Les Fleurs

While all of you have been hangin' out in the lounge...

30 years ago today

Voyage to Atlantis

The Sweetest Thing


Since I Had You

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

Breakfast In Bed

One Note Samba

Anyone got that new MGMT "Congratulations"?

Cherish The Day

Queen Of My Soul

History Repeating

What's New Pussycat?

Don't Play That Song For Me

Watching You

Say what you will, logic is a really fine thing!


Our ferocious dogs fear NOTHING!!

Obama Administration Uses Lobbyist Memo to Say Outsourcing Creates Jobs

Anybody remember bathing caps?

Les Paul & Mary Ford - How High the Moon

Strange Fruit

Oaxaca: The Ongoing Extermination of San Juan Copala’s Autonomous Triquis

Stone River Boys - Love On The Dial

I shall pimp this band

I serve at the leisure of Spinner.

I'm a dead man working.

Glee was AMAZING tonight!

Break up the Celtics

Funniest comedy pair since Laurel and Hardy.

Today I had to help my very best friend place her ill mother in a nursing home..

White explorers couldn't recognise a smile on native symbols

Suicide bomb attack on NATO convoy kills at least 18 in Kabul

Tar Balls off Key West Up Oil Spill Spread Fear

I just discovered this band , are they widely known ?

Did anyone else make the mistake of watching

EU, C(entral) America reach first-ever free trade deal

Taliban bike bomb kills 12 in Pakistan

Is it weird to develop 'feelings' for TV show characters?

Golden Lady

The Rain Song

Please sort through these mugshots until you see a dude in a black tee-shirt.

Jefferson County geometry teacher uses wrong example to teach angles --- Assassination of Obama

I think I'm supposed to be doing more of something, and less of something else.

Taliban suicide bomb hits NATO convoy, kills 18

Cats who love to have their armpits scratched. Weird?

Florida at center of Supreme Court ban on juvenile life sentences (Shameless)

Sen. Menendez On Efforts To Raise Oil Liability Cap

Treasury takes $1.6 billion loss on Chrysler loan

White House Braces for Specter Defeat (Sorry Newsmax)

Groups file new challenge to Ariz. immigration law

Major Powers Have a Deal on Sanctions for Iran, U.S. Says

Anyone else find forced social situations difficult?

Oil Spill: New footage of dead fish on beach near Palm Beach County

State Finances Rigged in Conspiracy by Banks, Advisers

So I finally watched "Avatar" - I guess this was the plotline

This Is Not a Love Song

How do you open a car with no handles?

US grants asylum to Obama's aunt

We are new parents of an orphaned kitten- 3-4 weeks

Grim Milestone: 1,000 Americans Dead

Chilcot Iraq inquiry starts five-day visit to US to take evidence from Americans

Feds Probe Teacher's Obama Assassination Lesson

I'm giving a talk in the morning...someone just called to ask if I planned to offend his 10 year old

Investors Made Millions from People Facing Eviction

In Cannes, Hope’s Raised Then Dashed Over Filmmaker’s Imprisonment in Iran

U.S. Interior Secy says offshore oil still needed

It ticks me off when companies don't send coupons as promised...Blue Buffalo has pissed me off

NOAA: Tar balls off Key West related to Gulf spill

Mass. Man Accused of Trying to Swap Baby for Beers

US Senate Democrats weigh unlimited oil liability

My 92-year-old mom just yelled out "Mick Jagger's on TV...

Pentagon to Tape Interrogations

AP Source: Toyota pays record $16.4M govt fine

I have a $100 gift certificate for UHaul items at but there is nothing there I want...

BMW recalls 122,000 motorcycles

Wal-Mart sales rise to $99.1 billion

Boris pledges a wifi London by 2012

AirTran pilots vote to authorize a strike

Wholesale prices dip, new home construction rises

Turtle deaths running high since oil spill

Protesters gather at Massey annual meeting

Canadian Doctor Charged With Unlawfully Treating Pros (Football players)

AP Sources: Exchanges to impose new trading rules

Man the crazy is thick in GD today.

Report: Republican Rep. Mark Souder to resign over affair with female staffer

Ann Arbor illegal immigrant jailed after protest at Sen. McCain's office

Bankers get partial win on state consumer rules

Goldman Sachs Seeks Bigger Share of U.S. Retirement Savings

South Korea 'to formally blame North Korea' for ship sinking

Three Massey Directors Eke Out Re-Election (sit on the board's safety committee)

Gulf oil spill: NOAA expands no-fishing zone to nearly a fifth of the gulf

Vote Buying, Intimidation Reported to Kentucky Election Hotline

Jefferson County geometry teacher uses wrong example to teach angles --- assassination of President

Why hasn't this guy been fired?

May 18, 1980

Germany to ban some short selling: reports

Argentina calls on Cameron to reopen Falklands talks

So is anyone else watching Parenthood...

I serve at the pleasure of Skinner.

Pfizer to close more plants, cut 6,000 jobs

~*~ The L O S T cast says Goodbye (video) ~*~ The Penultimate Episode

IF YOU HAD THE MONEY , and you are able bodied , would you hire a maid ?

Seventh NATO Soldier in 24 Hours Killed in Afghanistan

U.S. reaches deal on Iran sanctions


Navistar launches eStar electric truck

Gay Couple Convicted in Malawi

Deputies called to remove (Rand Paul) campaign workers

Never Gonna Give You Up

Bennet expands lead

Sestak Knocks Out Specter: AP

Democrats Hold Rep. Murtha's Old Seat

Democrat Mark Critz Wins PA-12

World Cup bomb 'plot' was just an idea, says al-Qaida accused

BP withholds oil spill facts — and government lets it

Chat rooms are the pits.

Shell seeks to drill in Arctic seas this summer

Bristol Palin to hit speakers' circuit

Explosion reported near parliament building in centre of Afghan capital, Kabul

"The Good Wife": my must-see Tuesday night show

Wife of RFK Jr. charged in NY with drunken driving

Somali Man Pleads Guilty in 2009 Hijacking of Ship

BP doubles estimate of oil siphoned from leak

Had a tooth extracted today. I hate my pain medicine.

Turtle deaths running high since oil spill

Study: US Missile Defense Plans Based On ‘Technical Myths’

Salazar: Gov't failed to assure drilling safety

Dorgan Credit Default Swaps Financial Reform Amendment Tabled

Incumbent Dem forced into runoff in Arkansas (Senator Blanche Lincoln fails to get 50%)

Family of Michigan child killed in raid sues police


Who would play you if your life was a movie?

Large Tar Balls Wash Ashore in Vero Beach, Officials Deny BP Oil Spill Link

FREE KITTENS!!! Dial Up Warning....huge cute pics here.

Well, I really showed my ass this time.

Dems celebrate win in Pa. special election (Mark Critz wins Rep. Murtha's seat)

Indiana Rep. Mark Souder (R) to Resign Amid Affair With Staffer

Illegal Immigrant Students Protest at McCain Office

Blumenthal Dem foe gets new life

Atlantic coast now under threat as current spreads Gulf oil slick

In Gulf Spill, BP Using Dispersants Banned in U.K.

Make an audacious L O S T prediction in this thread. It doesn't have to be right.

U.S. pressure on Pakistan may risk terrorist backlash

BP And Goldman Sachs Sued For Oil Fraud

Ex-Obama pastor: 'Obama threw me under the bus'

CNN calling Rand Paul (R) in Kentucky Republican primary.

Non-profit Panera cafe: Take what you need, pay what you can

Brother of George H.W. Bush collapses during Wellpoint shareholder questioning

Nebraska To Consider Immigration Law Similar To Arizona

Times Sq. Bomb Suspect Had Other NYC Targets

Picture Thread Anyone?

10 greatest vocalists

If you HAD to hook up ( have sex ) with a has been 80's rocker.......

Most shocking character death in a television show?

Richard Blumenthal: “I did not serve in Vietnam”

BP withholds oil spill facts — and government lets it

Moody's warns oil spill impact on Florida could be worse than recession

gay couple convicted, face 14 years, for being gay in Malawi

US: Insurgents attack Bagram Air Field

South Korea: North responsible for torpedo attack on warship

Sestak beats Specter in Pa. Dem Senate race

Mired in Canada’s Oil Sands

Photos: In Memory of Daniel (The Obama Presidency, Day 483)

Oops. Posted to wrong forum. Please delete.

We voted at 9:15 am, my Democratic ballot was #30, the machine that reads the paper ballot had #56

"Pelosi Talks ENDA, DADT With Advocates"

"Midterm fury might leave Nancy Pelosi safe"

US, China, Russia (and others) Agree to Impose Sanctions on Iran

Does anyone know what the symbol G with a circle around it means? Here's a story of racism for ya..

"Rep. Souder And Mistress Recorded Video Praising Abstinence"

Rep. Mark Souder (R-IN) to resign over affair

Video of Blumenthal: "I did not serve in Vietnam"

"McMahon campaign says they ‘fed’ Blumenthal story to New York Times"

Obama raps GOP as 'just-say-no crowd' on economy

The Chicken Lady Gets a Fancy New Bus!

**** Heads Up: POTUS Speaking Live on Jobs and the Economy ****

GOP Again Blocks Higher Cap on Oil Company Liability


Obama says GOP would have caused 'deeper world of hurt'

Alabama Teacher Gives Geometry Lesson Using Assassination As Example

TOON: This Modern World sums Supreme Court pick

#EpicFail: Blanche Lincoln Turned Away From Home Polling Place This Morning

Our lesson from Pastor Wright: "Obama threw me under the bus"

They actually fired that scientist that said something about Gay? Even in chaos Obama has to be PC

Confused Voters Want Revenge and Results?

Republicans Class of '94: "Perhaps 'Class' is the Wrong Word"

We do not have the power to change anything.

Martinez and Weh in Virtual Tie in New Mexico Race

Republicans suggest Spratt losing his memory

Natrona County Democratic leader may run for governor (WY)

Romney to give Branstad endorsement for primary

Anybody just watch the DebbieDowner fest on Hardball? Listening to Chris Mathews, Andrea Mitchell,

Redford to Obama: Show leadership on energy

"imo" stands for "in my opinion"

Thar rain right now in Philly may mean the end of Specter.

Obama admin refuses to stop pushing lie that drilling reduces America's foreign oil dependence

Ex-Governor: Djou Would Be 'Nightmare'

Wisconsin: Feingold Draws Another Republican Challenger

Most browsers leave fingerprint that can ID users

The Obama book glut: 9 more on the way

Biden On 'Big F*cking Deal': 'I'm Embarrassed As Hell' -- But We're Making Loads Of Money Off Of It

As a joke, we should demand PROOF that SCOTUS members are straight

** Heads Up: Briefing Richard Blumenthal, Live! **

Obama Appoints another "Commission" but "Backs expansion of drilling.."

No matter what happens, Specter switches back to a republican:

POTUS Slams Senate GOP for Their Repeated Efforts at Protecting Big Oil

Final Tally in PA 55%-45% Sestak

Anybody else listening to Tweety?

Democrats target Pat Toomey!

Any PA exit Polls to chew on?

More Democrats voting thus far than GOP in the KY primaries?at 62%... 321,353 D vs 208,980 R

Big Green and little green clash over the American Power Act

"Obama went on with health care reform essentially alone"

If KY Dems rally around Conway, he could beat Paul (updated)

** Primary Results: As they Roll In **

Gingrich predictions...

Republican Congressman Souder's resignation statement

"Why does Justice Antonin Scalia, ... have nine children?"

All it takes to beat the tea baggers is high Democrat turn out.

Kerry: Response to Oil Spill Must Secure Clean Energy Future

"Democrats think Tea Party favorite could hurt GOP chances"

** Primary Results: Thread #2 **

Dem Jack Conway Wins in KY!

** Heads Up: Live Video - Specter Concedes **

PA-12 Election Results

A gay man running as President for the GOP? Wow.

Since when is Kentucky the pulse of America? And why is it shocking that some ultra conservative won

Who's better as a Democratic Candidate to WIN KY (not who's more progressive)?

MSNBC election analysis just got Stupid!

** Heads Up: Sestak About to Make Victory Speech (Video) **

Reid held off vote to help blanche

Any word yet from Arkansas?

I am shocked that a GOP congressman would have an affair!!!

A closer look at the Kerry-Lieberman cap-and-trade proposal

CNN is Reporting that ~ ~

** Primary Results Thread #3 **

"Jewish Lawmakers: Obama Gets It On Israel "

Spitzer Not Making Comeback This Year

TPM: Runoff in Arkansas

WOW, this place is so comforting and informative!!! I love loading this page on an important night!

Indiana ("family values") Republican Mark Souder to Resign Amid Affair With Staffer

Winner to D-12 is

A Few Pictures Of Linda McMahon's Charming Husband

Specter deserves to lose since he's been playing dirty LIKE a Republican

I think Blumenthal survives this huge problem

This Is Rich: AZ Gov Brewer Accuses Pres Obama of Racism!

Why defend Blumenthal? Let's not be hypocritical.

Aww .... the Donkey changed his mind.

Sestak Wins!

NOAA chief dismisses Loop Current threat: 'very little tarballs'

Real Dem win in PA/New Dem REP from PA/Larger DEM votes in KY

Andrea Mitchell: Keeping the seat in PA D-12 is a huge relief.....She can't say a HUGE WIN!

Obama Administration Uses Lobbyist Memo to Say Outsourcing Creates Jobs

what the HE@ is up with Kentucky?

Jack Conway in 2016 is a certain possibility

KY-SEN: Looks like it will be Conway versus Paul.

Large Tar Balls Wash Ashore in Vero Beach, Officials Deny BP Oil Spill Link

OMFG! I just had a great laugh! Delusion coupled with insane Epic Failisms from The Newt!

WTF??? 2nd Place Democrat for Senate gets more votes than 1st Place Teabagger Paul!

GOP carries water for insurance, banks and now oil bidness. If Dems lose in Nov--

Even Maddow's coverage seems anti Obama to me.

So Sestak is pretty obnoxious

THE TEABAGGERS will be taking over the Gobernmint! So says MSNBC!

Dems Win PA-12!!!! ... HANDILY!

This ought to be fun: watching Mitch McConnell dance with Rand Paul

On climate change: Where is the left?

Obama’s campaign arm antes up for Specter

How Many Of You Out There In DU Land Think The WH Played Specter Just Right?........

The NYT/GOP hit piece on Blumenthal

Dems Making Refrom Wall St, GOP Nightmare

Dems Making Refrom Wall St, GOP Nightmare

In Gulf Spill, BP Using Dispersants Banned in U.K.

Holy shit....Rand Paul is just....fuck....crazy

Alabama Federal Judge Allows Suit Against Drummond Coal In Colombian Union Deaths To Continue

Heavy Sludge Oozes into Marshes of Louisiana

How L O S T ends

Exclusive: NASA Satellite Zoom of Oil Spill on May 17 from the BP Deepwater Horizon

Caption this...

Battles From the Right and Left

Thom Hartmann - Attorney Mike Papantonio - The Real Oil Spill

Breaking: Forecast shows spill as far south as Naples on May 18

Baraka (Dead Can Dance - The Host Of Seraphim)

Papantonio: The BP Big Lie Continues

Rachel Maddow: Oil Plumes In The Gulf Creating "Dead Zones" And Killing Our Oceans

Thom Hartmann - Has the Revolution started...on the Bankters?

Anderson Cooper Takes On BP And Cuts Through Their Containment "BS"

Unheard Voices from the Gulf Coast Oil-Spill

Al Marshall at K Street Protest - 5/17/2010

Grand Canyon To Leave Arizona!

Neill Franklin of LEAP on the Gateway Drug Theory

Disgraced Rep Souder's "Interview" (with his mistress!) on abstinence-only education.

Hasta Siempre Commandante-Buena Vista Social Club

Woody Harrelson- Politics of Society - Poetry in motion

Full speech: Obama in Youngstown

Sheldon Discusses his Interstate Lending Amendment to the Wall Street Reform Bill

Sen. Blanche Lincoln Casts a provisional ballot

UC-BP: Protest Outside BP Helios Project

Simple Maths - Why BP took the risk of an oil spill - or: Why Boycott works

KO fact-checks Beck & Palin's NRA Speeches: The spit comes down so heavy I should wear a hat

Sarah Palin Joins Forces with Arizona Governor Jan Brewer

Susan Molinari calls Gingrich's Nazi claim "crazy" and "outrageous"

US rally: Too Big to Fail Not Too Big to Jail

Midweek Politics: Dennis Kucinich Says He'd Give Up All Corporate Financing for Campaign Fin Reform

Benefiting from your opponents errors

Massey Energy Shareholders Meeting

New underwater footage of BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill at Source

The Ultimate Birthday Party--- Birthday FLASH MOB

1,000 Dead Americans in Afghanistan

Annie Quimby tasered in New Orleans protest

RFK Jr. and then Jimmy Cliff and John Legend perform at Earth Day 2010 - JTMP

Socialism and Liberalism are NOT a F#cking Disease!

Mark Souder and his mistress Tracy Jackson Discuss Abstinence

Mike Malloy - Corporate America Never Pays (insults not included)

Mike Malloy - Too Many Jews In The Supreme Court

Young Turks: Hilarious GOP Ads In Alabama!

Rand Paul victory speech clip

When WATER BILLS Force Foreclosure

Robert Redford calls for Clean Energy Now

TYT: Muslim Miss USA Winner Slammed By Conservative Blogger/One Of Cenk's Favorite Targets

Protestors Take Over Senator Scott Brown's Office

Neill Franklin of LEAP on Drug Laws and the Fourth Amendment

Taped conversation leaked... Canada/USA Border

Robert Erickson: Endorsement of Tom Emmer for Governor of MN

Arizona Racism: Past Is Prologue In Living Color Skit!

Amazing Answer For OIL SPILLS!

Oaxaca: The Ongoing Extermination of San Juan Copala’s Autonomous Triquis

MarketWatch: Our 'hot, flat, crowded' -- and dying -- planet is the next 'big short'

Prayers Unanswered by New Gun Law

Wrinkles scary enough to turn bronzed babes pale as ghosts

GOP takes credit for New York Times hit

A Tea Party Manifesto for Every Child

The Wrath of Rod

Denying Chomsky Entry: Israel is Heading the Wrong Way (Carlos Strenger)

Transocean to give shareholders $1 bill while trying to cap responsibility for Gulf spill at $27 mil

National Debt by President (from the Big Picture)

The Merits of Medical Marijuana - A slideshow.

War on Drugs: Apparently, We've Got Money to Burn

Banned by Israel, Chomsky gives W.Bank lecture by video

Financial Industry reliance on ratings of Securitized mortgages - why not replace ratings with data?

U.S. rights group sues to protect right to swear

World's sole super power bogged down by enemy without air force, navy, army = NOT VICTORY.

Reunited with the Vietnamese 'girl in the picture'

BP withholds oil spill facts — and government lets it

A Generation Gap Over Immigration

Money for Nothing and Your Schools for Free

Atlantic coast now under threat as current spreads Gulf oil slick

Louisiana Chemical Association tries to shut down the Tulane Environmental Law Clinic

Where’s the Recovery?

How Miss USA will push the secret Muslim agenda

Ex-Cop Goes Rogue on the Drug War, Tells Pot Smokers How to Outsmart the Police

How Monica Lewinsky Saved Social Security

Peak oil review - May 17

Drumbeat: May 18, 2010

Possible non-OPEC oil supply surge to put pressure on prices?

Plant study dims silver lining to global warming

Some articles by Richard Garwin, who is on the team selected by Chu to work on the oil leak

Arctic team reports unusual conditions near Pole

NOte to CARB: Gulf Oil spill may be far larger than previously estimated. CARB, can you say

American Psychosis - We’ve got to confront our collective denial concerning climate change

2010 on track for warmest year on record

Cool Global Warming ad

BREAKING: new underwater footage of oil leak with "siphon" in place

Wave power prototype 'significant step' for sector

NYT: Doomsayers Beware, a Bright Future Beckons

Tiger Woods adds British Open to schedule

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Monday, May 17)

Canadian doc charged with unlawfully treating pros

Cleveland asking (more like begging) LeBron to stay

Marlins SS Hanley Ramirez whining after being benched for not hustling..

Small crowd, big problems for O's in loss

Greek football atmosphere

How about them C's!! Two on the road!

Philly fans trash Canadian's car

Big Ten commissioner: Expansion decision still months away (May be looking Southward)

Hugo Chavez says he won't go to Madrid summit

Obama's Mexico Mistake

Oldest Mesoamerican Pyramid Tomb Found In Mexico

Hey, Arizona, deport this...

Nadal Fans

Ali Primera - Sombrero azul

'Open Door' center spells freedom for gay senior citizens of Argentina - great video

Marriage is between a man, a woman – and a mistress

DU a poll?

Upcoming CNN Special: Gary and Tony Have a Baby

Those who want to `cure' gays spread poison

Today in Labor History May 18 Estate of atomic worker Karen Silkwood $10 million in punitive damage

PA hands out blacklisted settlement goods list

Is Union-Busting A Mortal Sin?

Retiree health care plan passes (my union headed to court)

Maine GOP apologizes for convention anti-union incident in school classroom

Israel urged to ensure safety of Irish on aid ship to Gaza

AFSCME Employees Pension Plan To Vote Against Compensation at Morgan Stanley

Denying Chomsky Entry: Israel is Heading the Wrong Way (Carlos Strenger)

“Worse than Katrina,” La. labor leaders warn oil spill worse than media says

Rocker Elvis Costello cancels Israel gig

Prayers Unanswered by New Gun Law

Another victory for right to carry

Woman shoots rapist with his gun

Woman Shot by Man Checking in Gun at Bass Pro Shop

Guns solving more problems locally.

California Open Carry Law Enforcement Training Bulletins

Proposed Hawaii law would prevent gun seizures during emergencies

A "Modest Proposal" for Photo Contests...

young girls dream of their day..

Pasagardae, Iran, the grave of Cyros the Great

***Spring Contest Winners***

Gerbera Daisy

Sing it baby

A big moth and some details

New species found in New Guinea

Ancient mass extinction of fish may have paved way for modern species

White explorers couldn't recognise a smile on native symbols

Invasive plant 'increases ozone pollution'

NASA's Alien Anomalies caught on film

Smallest waterlily in the world brought back from the brink of extinction

Time to talk about the 2011 calendar

could this be 1st appearance of my new soul group?

I LOVE this picture!

I don't know who starred me, but I'm thanking that person here.


self delete.

Black snakes, crows, hawk

Favorite Quotes (Inspirational or otherwise) ;~)

Asking for guidance

This is My First Venture into this Forum, and I'm Astonished by..

Australia-‘Catholic Church failed to act against abusers’

Prayer And Death Threats: Church-State Battle At Senior Center Turns Ugly

Why the Left Has No "Ethical Vocabulary"

Essay On God and Humans

Did the End of Smallpox Vaccination Cause the Explosive Spread of HIV?

Time to Review Workplace Reviews?

Did the End of Smallpox Vaccination Cause the Explosive Spread of HIV?

Behavior therapy matches drugs for calming tics ~ JAMA

Can an Enemy Be a Child’s Friend?

Acai Berry Scam Exposed: We Called It!

Conspiracy of Banks Rigging States Came With Crash

Greece should look before it leaps


When Germans start thinking they're being treated unfairly it can lead to big trouble.

Naked Keynesianism

Where's the will to get Americans back to work?