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Archives: May 17, 2010

The Chomsky incident is not about Israel. It's about all of us.

Rhode Island school reaches deal to rehire fired teachers, union says

Hey now baby, get into my big black car

I just emailed my first LTTE to the Boston Globe

So that OFA thing...

Stock market futures look to have an ugly opening tomorrow.

Elena Myers - First female to win an AMA Pro Road Race

Do you know your musical instruments?

Kendrick Meek tied into criminal fraud case, as he advertises just to the left of this post!!

Oh, of the FAT and (un)happy......

Now for the interview portion of the competition... WTG, Miss Michigan!

Breaking - plane crashes in Afghanistan

Breaking - plane crashes in Afghanistan

Survivor: The Gulf

Mitch McConnell on MTP Sunday - completely ignores facts. GOP party line is fantasy/delusion...

"Iran accepts nuclear-fuel swap deal"

Scientists: Gulf oil spreading into major current

Landover Baptist Church Christian Girl's Abstinence Chart

Brockton, Mass.: Pink slips for 430 teachers

AlterNet: Nothing’s Really Been Fixed — 5 Ways the Financial Insanity Will Continue

Thai military prepares for crackdown

SurFor plans more ‘back to basics’ training

Corps helps wounded troops collect extra money

Corps works to lengthen lives of old CH-53s

BP’s Modest Solution

One year after the street protests that shook Iran, residents whisper that the regime has won.

Get real: We went to WAR(s) at the behest of Big Oil (repost)

Who was the first member of LBJ's cabinet to publicly call for ending the bombing of N. Vietnam?

Pakistani military kills 58 suspected militants

Pakistani military kills 58 suspected militants

Okinawans encircle U.S. base

MSHA: Page had been removed from ‘fireboss book’ at Massey Energy’s Upper Big Branch Mine

Plane crash in Afghanistan kills 43

PA Poll: Sestak 42 (unchanged), Specter 41 (-3)

Mon dieu !!!......Thailand

Worry that Gulf oil spreading into major current

A Tough Road Ahead for Afghan Governance

Small earthquakes near two other volcanos in Iceland.

Happy 5th Birthday You Tube

Haiti's neighbors pull back the welcome mat

President Obama’s Campaign Arm Tries to Get Grass-Roots Democrats to Defeat Fellow Progressive

BP Cited for Worst OSHA Safety Violations Among U.S. Refiners

200 NATO Troops Die in Afghanistan This Year (Deadliest Jan mid-May of 9 Year War)

Question: Is "V for Vendetta" now inspiring the tea partiers?...

RIP Anatoly Dobrynin, ambassador non-pareil

Sim-based JSF training to debut next year

One of the biggest man-made disasters in recent history and this is WAPO's headline:

Rethugs have managed to make enemies of the fastest-growing segment of the electorate

Sacramento farm-to-table advocate raises food for thought

Vermont Farmer battles Homeland Security

STUDY: Pesticides in kids linked to ADHD from MSNBC

Compact living in Toronto’s tiny town

Senate Democrats to battle over strength of Wall Street reform bill

Kagan Backed Broad Interpretation of 14th Amendment

LA Times: Schwarzenegger's legacy of promises squandered

Consumer spending to the rescue? Maybe not

60 minutes last night? The rig explosion.

***delete***dupe. Sorry! NT

***delete***dupe. Sorry! NT

BP: You Spilled It, You Killed It, You're Billed It

***delete***dupe. Sorry! NT

Feds Ignored Louisiana Concerns about Experimental Chemicals Used against Oil Slick

Meet the Crusader Behind Texas' Textbook Whitewash

SCOTUS: No life without parole for kids under 18

Breaking from SCOTUS - teenagers cannot receive life

NOAA: Tarballs found on beaches from Galveston to Florida (Disturbing-not all from BP!)

Bipartisan House Support for…Limiting Scientific Research

NY Times: Fears Intensify That Euro Crisis Could Snowball

Red state DU'ers who had themselves counted in a blue state for the census, remember

Jesus' General: First the presidency, now Miss USA

Don't Wanna Be an American Idiot.....

Assuming you buy gasoline/diesel - Will you be boycotting BP stations?

New Orleans gets hit some more

Late payments drop after credit reforms

Why would you or I even think about donating to DU???

oil gusher question math and engineering

Lol. Salon's super snarky coverage of the "trial" of Barack Obama

Arsenic, Simón Bolívar and Hugo Chávez

When you think about it, the GOP actually invented the "junk shot."

N.Y. school board member busted for anti-gay, anti-immigrant Facebook page

The Bank Bailouts Explain Why Banks Aren’t Lending

This is why we should not end our dependence on foreign oil...

Every time I grow a bit discouraged about DU I visit Yahoo News threads

U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan get mixed response

An America For Whites Only? Who is Behind the Anti-Immigration Push?

Linnaeus move over. Please come CAPTION this taxonomical wonder, one tea-baggin' intellect!!!

Gulf Of Cheney (photo)

Where are the lobbyists for Toursim, Fishing, Boat Mfg and the rest?

Maddow Addresses Smith Commencement

Detroit to destroy Mitt Romney's house

John Gardner Captured Amber DuBois With Threat of Knife, Gun, Teen's Mom Says

You say Lakers - I say BLOW!

GM posts $865-million profit for first quarter (and taxpayers are largest shareholders)

California Governor outlines new budget austerity program

Cause and Effect:

Cause and Effect:

Hartmann has a liberal on with him!

Submerged Oil Plumes Suggest Gulf Spill Is Worse Than BP

Lawsuit to Challenge Salazar's Wholesale Disregard of . . . . .

Immigration: Let's stop history from repeating itself again by Luz María Gordillo

Let Free Markets Reign!

The Gulf is my yearly Summer vacation spot(Pensacola Beach)...

"Paradise Lost"

MIT student leads project using balloons and kites to document Gulf Oil Extents

Troops: Loss will be felt when Air Force cuts chaplain corps by 15 percent

Obama Loan Modification Program Backfires

Danziger toon on Specter- Bleahh...

Swiss retreat helps Transocean save millions

O.K. So now BP says it could put mud in & staunch the leak...??

Muslims wanted to infiltrate America, but this is going too far.

Abortion foes capitalize on health care law

Google and Yahoo accounts. Are they as intrusive as Facebook?

Bells tolling for humanity:

The Economic "Recovery"---- Big Spenders & Last Hurrah

Americans love their kids, right? RIGHT? WTF is wrong with some people?

Oklahoma's hail storm was a wow!

Joe Sestak's Ground Game

Health Care Reform: Can we sign up yet?

A brief history of Europe's sexist attitudes: a satire

Bobb set to trim Detroit school-closing list

The reaction of Freepers and the right-wing to Rima Fakih only solidifies their xenophobia.

Monsanto is biggest campaign donor to Roy Blunt - Repube for Senate in Missouri!

Thinking out of the box

MarketWatch: The financial crisis never really went away

Effort to Raise Oil-Spill Liability Fails in Senate (Update1)

Institute of Southern Studies: Airborne chemicals from spill far exceed safety standards for humans

The Rude Pundit: SEIU on the Attack: Bring It, Teabaggers

Scary Photoshop from Brad Blog

A very sick comment from Debbie Schlussel about Miss USA

DU Predictions turn out to be right...

Noam Chomsky Denied Entry into Israel

Worry that Gulf oil spreading into major current

HELP!!! Does anyone here know anything about non-profit EIN status and when they

Detroit police kill seven year old girl

Small space living: An ingenious use of a very small space..

USSR planned nuclear attack on China in 1969; US threatened to retaliate

7 -year-old shot by police was asleep

Americans Against The Tea Party :D:D:D:D:D:D

Whatta MAROON...Palin unsuccessfully attempts to school SC protesters on the First Amendment

The specter of catastrophe returns

One day at the Arizona/Mexico border in Naco, Arizona during 1979:

Napolitano to testify at hearing on spill @ 2:30 EST.

So, crowning the first Arab-Muslim Miss USA is just one more steely jab against Christian America?

Gov. Perry's(R TX) temporary digs costs Texas big bucks!

Shocking & Unexpected: "Goldman Sachs Publicly Supports Financial Reform, Fights It With Lobbyists"

Right-Wing Actors

Forgiving Foreign Debt

Bernie Kerik's prison sentence begins today

I just called Gov. and requested NO MORE PALIN

Wesley Clark endorses Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas

Monday Toons, Part 4

Oops!: 'Liberal media' watchdog accidentally reveals name he uses on comment boards

Did anyone watch Family Guy tonight and see the Vietnam Memorial "joke"?

WaPo: Palin shows her "trademark reflexive know-nothingness" in support of legal lunacy in Arizona

WaPo: Palin shows her "trademark reflexive know-nothingness" in support of legal lunacy in Arizona

Peta is not sexist , and here is the proof ! (Dial up warning)

The Deficit Problem Is Not “We, the People,” It is “You, the Incompetent Elite”

Will we emerge tomorrow night happy with our candidates and opponents?

New XM25 and M240 due to hit war zones soon

Let Free Markets Reign!

We're not Greece (by Paul Krugman)


How The Greek Communist Party Plans To Solve The Crisis

Food Network Chef Juan-Carlos Cruz Formally Charged With Attempted Murder

Anybody ever used I heard about it on my local news a few days ago.

Bank Of America Protest: Dozens Storm Bank Branch In DC

Consumer spending trend is a shaky foundation for economic recovery

Monday Toons, Part 2

Court Sets Bail for Mountaintop Mining Protestors at $100,000

What spill? Rig owner approves $1 billion dividend to shareholders

What spill? Rig owner approves $1 billion dividend to shareholders

Fighting right wing ideologues is like swimming against the tide

743 doctors, nurses and other employees tending to 55 patients

Obama may propose (indefinite) “delay” in terror cases

Countdown to wingers heads exploding....

Coming to your email in-box: The Democrats plan to seize your 401k.

Using Mobile Phone does not increase cancer risk

Holy Shite Miss Oklahoma supported the Arizona 'papers please'

Fox News leads the charge in first slander of Miss USA, Rima Fakih

Giulani to visit New Hampshire, home of his stunning single-digit, 4th-place finish in 2008 Primary

On CSPAN's After Words: Kiriakou States that the Iraq Invasion was Known at CIA by March 2002

Guardian UK: Texas schools board rewrites US history with lessons promoting God and guns

The British are on to Texas-based fundie madness

Nato units turn to help from Afghan militias blamed for assassinations and civilian deaths

Death tolls set to spiral as allied forces face 40 attacks every day

Arizona National Gurard should be put under Federal Control ...

Lets get on those Computers people!

For Some Brokers, Bad Location Is Everything

San Diego Faces Own Medicine as Arizona Residents Cancel Travel Following Boycott of State

Vt. farmer draws a line at US bid to bolster border-Homeland Security threatens to seize 4.9 acres

Skyline Solar gets fast-tracked

Obama signs law honoring slain reporter Daniel Pearl ..

WaPo: Primaries may impact the fortunes of Obama's White House

Green method to clean oil spill

Ricochet Website attempts to brand itself as right-wing Facebook, a "conservative cocktail party"

Miss USA 2010's hands?

Not just Christian Fundamentalism, attempt to rewrite schoolbooks by Texas BOE filled with racism

Top MMS Official Officially History

*^$%@@! McCain!

The verdict is in: Laura Silsby found guilty of attempting to kidnap those

The verdict is in: Laura Silsby found guilty of attempting to kidnap those

McCain butts into oil hearing to gripe about his border woes.

Don't Tax Me, Bro.......

Pre-Oiled Shrimp

According to TPM Cuccinelli from Virginia

The PR guy for the burning refinery just hung up on CNN.

What do Wal-Mart and Illegal Immigration have in Common?

Bank Of America Protest: Dozens Storm Bank Branch In DC

Palin's Pink Pachyderms

Metro Detroit school districts buy 'best' status. Paid-programming TV tributes cost $25,000

Gettysburg Named 'Endangered' Historic Battlefield

Why are Right Wing scumbags advertising on DU????

Detroit police kill seven-year-old child

BP Oil Spill Already Heading for Florida Keys? (National Wildlife Federation)

BP Oil Spill Already Heading for Florida Keys? (National Wildlife Federation)

Labor groups descend on K Street to protest Wall Street lobby

"She’s got an iron will because she fears God more than the opinion of men"

Meg Whitman is DOOMED !!!

Listening to this BP guy reminds me of

I see a brighter tomorrow

federal government can keep some sex offenders locked up after they serve their sentences

Carlos the Jackal: No party in Venezuela to support the revolution

GOP plan: Let's trust BP to pay what it owes

BP's Oil Containment Booms

Freepers get undies in knot over "arrogant jerk" Obama not taking questions at press freedom event

Senator:US Prison System 'Point of National Disgrace'

Creationist Kent Hovind's PhD thesis is a jumble of juvenile jabber

Coast Guard says oil plume may hit south Florida

A mystery here in Oklahoma.

Dogbert is running BP's technical support:

US Military Officers Pressuring Troops To Convert To Christianity

The Vatican tries to slither out of liability for pedophile priests

The Vatican tries to slither out of liability for pedophile priests

Center for Constitutional Rights, Blueprint for Accountability Event

Me and the rightwing: if you can't beat em, join em!

Legacy of Kennedy brothers to be set to music in new work

NRA Members Echo Fiery Right-Wing Anti-Obama Rhetoric: ‘He Hates The Second Amendment’

Shooting a cop in a "no knock" warrant should be justifiable homicide

Alabama’s “True Republican” TV ad mocks evolution

Alabama’s “True Republican” TV ad mocks evolution

Anyone here like to post a comment to Ken Blackwell on his blog @ Huff Po?

Meet Cynthia Dunbar, the woman behind the Texas History Textbook Massacre.

Obama taps FBI vet for TSA

Tweety is celebrating You Tube's birthday with some great

Republicans and the Tea Party of No

Pope visits Portugal. 3 days later, same-sex marriage ratified

Taiwan to install LED street lighting, says report

White House bracing for Arlen Specter loss?

Going in for treatment tommorrow

An Old Article (but Still Interesting) from David Sirota

As oil continues to gush into the Gulf, Mississippi offers $75 gas cards to tourists

Lawsuit seeks closing of BP platform "Atlantis" in the Gulf

Broad Coalition Urges Attorney General to Leave Miranda Warnings Intact

'There is a narrative that’s missing’ Laura Flanders tells grassroots radio gathering

Woman who laid off 33K while pissing on "God-given right to jobs" is Project HIRED's Keynote Speaker

Obama begins to rein in Congress...

Carlson(FauxNews): Miss USA runner up lost due to support for AZ law, Muslim won due to "PC society"

Carlson(FauxNews): Miss USA runner up lost due to support for AZ law, Muslim won due to "PC society"

Goldman Sachs Publicly Backs Financial Reform — While Dispatching Army of Lobbyists

Did everybody hear about Noam Chomsky being denied entry

Monday Toons, Part 5

Thousands of mostly small nonprofits could disappear

AP EXCLUSIVE: CIA tracks Al-Qaida moving from Iran

Old Enemy (Turkey) May Help Greece Trim Its Budget Deficit

Air tests from the Louisiana coast reveal human health threats from the oil disaster

Amy Goodman on CNN's John King, USA, tonight (Monday, May 17) at 7:00pm EDT

UN report finds gay men in Asia 'denied HIV care'

Oops: Army can’t account for recalled helmets

U.S. Offshore Oil Chief Quits 4 Weeks After Rig Blast (Update2)

Austrian straight couple fighting for civil union

Boxer wants DOJ inquiry in oil spill

Alabama GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Attacked For Lack Of Jesusness

Alabama GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Attacked For Lack Of Jesusness

Did Sestak really say he'd support Toomey against Spector?

BP should adopt Sherwin Williams Paint logo.

Want to absorb some oil? - Try corn cobs NOW

Oh lord I cannot stand Meg Whitman.

Did Elena Kagan while working in the WH for President Clinton

Source: White House to create oil spill commission

Teamsters, SEIU, CWA, IBEW, AFSCME,....

"The Dems have opened a 5 pt. lead in the polls, and I don't get it."

Horrifying Bumber Sticker !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taxion Without Represenxion

my local news reported that 'bp has plugged some of the oil leak'.

What is the worst thing about the rapublicans?

Gov. Culver (D-Ia) announces re-election bid

Sing for Hope and Justice

Do the TV ads urging "conservative investors" to buy gold bother anyone else?

Am I wrong or can a teenage boy jailed for statutory rape still spend life in jail?

On the Democratic side: Challengers vs. Incumbents

Make your prediction: Teabaggers vs. "Normal" Republicans

Massey Miners Tell of Neglect at Doomed Upper Big Branch Mine

Lawyer: Video proves murder of 7-year-old by Detroit police was ‘not an accident’

Sarah Palin rilin' up the Hatfields & McCoys at Freeperland these days, LOL

Chick-fil-A cries fowl over Eat More Produce

Daily Kos: Are Public Employee Unions Strangling Us?

Toon: Dumbfounded

Crucial Help for Homeowners Could Never See the Light of Day

Family Friendly Cuts to Social Security: The Myth of Affluence Testing

Today Show Exposes Stained Underwear Returned to Retailers Resold

Is anyone out there as totally pissed as i am?

Unions fuel third-party organizing (NC)

From the boys at Fark: Conservative video games...

Atty: Video Shows Police Fired Into Detroit Home

Hang Deep Water Horizon around Republicans' necks this November

Please write a LTTE and Texas Board of Education

Caption, Anyone ???

Well this tragedy with the police murdering a 7 year old now has a reality TV angle

Treasury takes $1.6 billion loss on Chrysler loan

Post deleted.

Mine Probe Examines Airflow, Possible Tampering

Why does DU have 2 Specter ads on their home page?

These people hate immigrants the most...a 3 minute video

Which Household Cleaners Contain Secret Toxic Ingredients?

Exhausted Noam Chomsky Just Going To Try And Enjoy The Day For Once

Daily stress and worry plummet after age 50

Heavy Metal Legend Ronnie James Dio Passes Away RIP

So McConnell and the Republicans don't want BP to pay for the cleanup....

Anyone here know how salt water is effecting the giant oil plumes?

PSA from Former Geico Voice Actor: "Don't drunk-dial FreedomWorks."

Bristol Palin signs a deal - up to $30,000

Arab-Americans delight in Miss USA victory

State Board of Education should delay science textbook purchase

Senate Judiciary schedules vote on Chatigny nomination, control of 2nd Circuit hangs in balance

Monday Toons, Part 3

An honorary doctorate of humanity?

Discussion on Rhandi rhodes abou BP denying NOAA inspections.

Feds Announce Probe Of New Orleans Police Dept.

Note to Chuck Todd, MSNBC: this is one reason why you're such a PUTZ!

Kagan wins case on imprisonment of sex offenders

oil disaster from nasa sattellite

CREW Lawsuit Reveals 83% of Bush-Era Emails Were Never Archived

Gulf Oil Spill: BP Trying To Hide Millions of Gallons of Toxic Oil?

SCOTUS: 8th Amendment "does not permit a juvenile offender to be sentenced to life in prison"

Monday Toons, Part 1

BBC: Most gay men in Asia-Pacific region 'denied HIV care'

I think tomorrow's primaries are going to be very interesting

Katyal Now Acting Solicitor General

Bristol Palin follows in Mommy's footsteps

Jamaicans call on Prime Minister to resign

The Far Right: "Miss USA is a terrorist!"

Meet the Crusader Behind Texas' Textbook Whitewash

Beyond American Hegemony: Brazil and Turkey hammer out Nuke deal with Iran

Oil now threatening Gulf’s cradles of biodiversity, its reefs

Monsanto ‘faked’ data for approvals claims its ex-chief

WaPo:Primaries may help foreshadow November elections

Blumethal running for Dodd's seat has been lying about his service in Viet Nam

Just finished a Harris Poll from Whole Foods.


So. Is anything happening about auditing the Fed?

"Little Miss Bendistraws"! That's what Keith just calaled

"Little Miss Bendistraws"! That's what Keith just calaled

Comment on the Tea Party Movement by Bob Altemeyer, author of 'The Authoritarians'

Sarah Palin, "Mr. President, do your job ..... " Are you f***ing kidding me?

Lawyer: Video proves murder of 7-year-old by Detroit police was ‘not an accident’

Toronto Star: Deli meats increase risk of heart disease, study finds

LESS THAN ONE HOUR LEFT to donate to DU and be entered to win a NETBOOK COMPUTER!

TX Textbooks Proposal:Students Must Discuss Gutting Social Security, Explain How UN Undermines US

I served 22 years in the USAF, but never a day in Vietnam...

FaceBook Censors Boycott bp

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

A world of 'We'.......

Where does your Senator stand on Wall Street Reform?

The Lies of Sarah Palin: A Mudflats Exclusive Interview with Geoffrey Dunn

I was in tears after seeing this segment on 60 Minutes.

"Top Kill": The "New" BP Leak Stop Solution that Just May Work...

Federal Govt. Averts Pending Food Crisis Resulting From Gulf Oil Spill

Isn't It OBVIOUS??? "Tea Party" Is Just A Rebrand Of "Republican"

Federal Govt. Averts Pending Food Crisis Resulting From Gulf Oil Spill

One Trillion Dollars have been spent on the War on Drugs and what

Anti-Muslim hate fails in WI's Sheboygan county.

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaah Rachel is showing Kerik on his way to

What is the value of the content of your character when there are so many other strikes against you?

Natural Petroleum Seeps Release Equivalent Of Up To 80 Exxon Valdez Oil Spills

Examination of Logic: Nader VS. Chomsky

Breaking on Twitter--Katz is off the project.

DUers who've converted to vegetarianism......How did you satisfy your meat cravings?

Seeing a lot of Jeb Bu$h lately .....

Connecticut people? Assuming Blumenthal may be toast are there any other good Dems who will get in

So, Lady Blah Blah says "We're all Arizonians."

OIL gusher Hearing on NOW!!!!

OK, so why is BRITISH Petroleum allowed to drill in U.S. waters?

Black groups endorse white candidate, over black candidate, for Alabama governor

Vatican: We're not responsible for the pedophile bishops....They're not our employees

Doomsday safe-haven offered in Mojave Desert

Richard Blumenthal. You are a fucking idiot.

The End of the Age of Oil

Think Eyjafjallajokull is bad? Wait to you get a load of Katla........

NBC: Whistleblower: BP Aware Of Safety Problems MORE Than A Year Before Explosion

NBC: Whistleblower: BP Aware Of Safety Problems MORE Than A Year Before Explosion

Wow, these guys have a cheap and green solution to the oil spill

Link to site with information on ALL PRIMARY CANDIDATES for Tuesday...

Tar balls washing up on Key West beach.

BP chose more toxic, less effective oil dispersant manufactured by company with ‘close ties’


My eulogy at ChickMagic's funeral on Saturday

A Brief History of PETA's disgusting sexist campaigns (in pictures)


Antibacterial Compound Triclosan: Contaminating Nation’s Waterways (can convert into dioxin)

NY's next first lady? A Food Network star.

What About The Methane Gas Being Released With The Oil?

Why aren't "No Knock" search warrants a violation of the Fourth Amendment?

There IS hope for mankind -- new Miss USA has natural breasts.

Updated List of 2010 Progressive House and Senate Candidates - AR, PA, KY Primaries Tommorow

Abortion foes capitalize on health care law

Eliot Spitzer just spent about 10 minutes trying to ask Rand Paul where he stands on the wars

Eliot Spitzer just spent about 10 minutes trying to ask Rand Paul where he stands on the wars

Part of Oil Refinery explodes in Houston spewing out toxic clouds into the air...

The media are calling it a 'spill' on purpose

Massey Energy stockholders meeting tomorrow in Richmond- labor + environmental protestors

Brace Yourself: This Is the Tip of the Iceberg for Oil-Induced Enviro Catastrophes

Texas teacher singles out Latino student during SB-1070 discussion, says Mexicans always ‘expect

BP Spill Responders Told to Forgo Precautionary Health Measures in Cleanup

Who, in their right mind,

Why Is BP Being Allowed To Cover Up Oil Flow From Leak?

Dispersant is just a liability ploy

PHOTO: It's like a BLINDING BATSHIT CRAZY SUPERNOVA! Michele Birther Bachmann's Orly Taitz photo op.

Orrin Hatch isn't part of washington...

For the first time in my environmental career, I find myself using the word ‘hopeless’.

President Obama needs to purge all regulatory agencies

Why not use a nuke to stop the oil spill?

Oil Being Piped To Surface Will Be Tested To See Whether It Can Be Refined -

Clinton’s Grandstanding, US Overreaction on Times Square

Waitress fired for griping about tip on Facebook

Waitress fired for griping about tip on Facebook

Hey Sarah you big boob...

Hate is such a strong word..

Oil enters the Loop Current and is headed to the Florida Keys

Holy $h!t...Meanwhile the press was reporting the "success" of the 4 inch pipe

Rand Paul Wants To Abolish The Americans With Disabilities Act, Citing Fairness ‘To The Business Own

SIZE MATTERS - Tell Obama & Congress to immediately order independent measurement of oil leak

computer people. does anyone know how to fix this.

Conservative “Morality”

Maybe... If We're Given Another Chance... We Could Try Things Like This Instead ???

Self-Proclaimed ‘Homophobe’ Out of Energy Dept. Gulf Spill Team

Pot Shrinks Tumors; Government Knew in '74 (Reposted from Drug Policy Forum)

Getting NAKED with Strangers May Be More Dangerous Than Suspected

The Loon Rangers (***WARNING*** Remember that what is seen cannot be unseen!!!)

Mr. Obama is looking the other way: Seymour Hersh Describes "Battlefield Executions"

Please Urge President Obama to fire homophobe Jonathan I. Katz from oil spill committee

Please DU this poll: Beck or Maddow?

True story. My granddaughter told me that she really tried to be friends with the "different" girl

Chris Hedges: BP and the ‘Little Eichmanns’

Senator Coburn Will Filibuster War Bill Unless Paid For

Think The Gulf Spill Is Bad? Check Out Nigeria.

Look what ole Barney Frank is up to.

Newsweek reporter slams Michele Bachmann after getting stiffed on her interview

Newsweek reporter slams Michele Bachmann after getting stiffed on her interview

Obama Has Learned Nothing From the BP Blowout

White House distancing from Specter, preparing for loss...Bob Schieffer, CBS News

On the road to the Oregon fire lookout: Fire Season 2010 starts now.

Facing the Giants: does showing this movie in class violate the First Amendment?

Time to pull the fire handle with this spill.

If you really care about the Gulf Coast then stop eating non-organic soy and corn products.

We are cooked (literally)

Chrysler Loan Leads To $2.1 BILLION Loss For Treasury (Losses could top $34B)

Just to ask, are people really concerned with getting mail on Saturdays?

I don't get it! We (US citizens) want high standard of living...

A $95,000 question: why are whites five times richer than blacks in the US?

This oil spill is part of the Bush/Cheney legacy. K&R if you agree.

Is there a Gold "bubble" and will it burst soon? I just sat through

The R/W "DORKING" of David Shuster

An Innocent Child's Death is an Accident.....

Muslim crowned Miss USA; Heads Exploding

Why do national polls keep showing majority support for racist immigration laws

Whackadoodle Welfare Queen

#9 Bridges

Vt. farmer draws a line at US bid to bolster border

Feds Announce Probe Of New Orleans Police Dept.

The Secret, 700-Million-Gallon Oil Fix That Worked — and Might Save the Gulf

Where were all the boycott calls when states discriminated against their own citizens?

Ugly Debbie

Beck and Limbaugh Are Just Too Good! There Is Nowhere to Turn.

Oil Spill Encounters Loop Current -- Satellite image speaks volumes

THERE IS A VIDEO: Detroit police scramble to get story straight as "Pucker Factor" hits record high

what follows capitalism?

what follows capitalism?

Too Big to Exist (TBE)

Our party should cherish its left, its liberals...not speak condescendingly toward them.

Kennedy holds to hope in 5-4 ruling

Clarence Thomas Smacked Down Like Never Before

Is this plagiarism?

RUMOR has it that the 2nd Quarter 2010 Fund Drive "Mystery Prize #2" is a yummy raisin scone

Just take a look

I slept away most of this weekend

Arab-American from Michigan crowned 2010 Miss USA

How much do people get paid for being on shows like Dr. Phil, 20/20,


"Adrift on the Open Main" - for the lost seaman in all of us

Fans of MURDER, SHE WROTE, help me with this.

Someone gave me a star. Thank you very much. n/t

"If you don't receive this e-mail by 10 p.m. Eastern time on the next business day, please call..."

If they'd just listened to Malbeth the Seer, The Lord of the Rings would have been 10 pp long

Good morning Lounge

Why does raccoon have me on Ignore?

So I see the ads on DU

WTF? DU is going to harm my computer?

Humanoid robot officiates human wedding

Oh, of the FAT and (un)happy......

If you were to buy a house and found

So, this guy just showed up on Facebook.

Caption this

Home Security Systems: Please share your experience, ADT, Brinks, GE, DIY, etc...

Women sues phone company for revealing affair.

Once again I'm sick and I just know one of you slack-jaw yokels gave me your cooties

RIP Hank Jones


I have to say, it is bad feelings from bad people that creates many of those problems.

Update on my adopted Kitteh ...... =)

Bringing you the gift of ME!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/17/10

Your swanky, new dream home is haunted by ghosts

Immigration violation tips flood ICE line

Fix this William Blake proverb

Honduran strongman and twice-president Lopez Arellano dead at 89

U.S. asks Israel to curb rhetoric, demolitions of Palestinian homes

I can almost hear the Michael Moore voiceover now...

Research links pesticides with ADHD in children

Let's hear it for Black Sabbath! A Heavy Metal institution that never failed to impress!

Transgender conservative Republican takes on Wasserman Schultz

Fed'l inspections on rig not as claimed

AKIRA fans: What would you think about a $350 million two-part live action version of Otomo's

Taverner Chicken Fingers - Soy/Honey Edition

Activists protest Arizona law as Napolitano speaks at Pomona College

What's with DU telling you who's got you on Ignore? What's the point of that?

How many sexualy suggestive images can you find in this Korean Air

Does anyone else think Job/Career Fairs are a waste?

El Taconazo (Heel kicking)

BP 'ordered workers to drill quickly'

Are you obtuse or acute?

Worry that Gulf oil spreading into major current

is HBO's 1990's biz model hurting them?

Cuba Letting Drivers Rent Buses, Make Money

File or not to file...that is the quetion...My home was broken into...

Chavez asks Venezuelans to tweet on speculators

I've got some news for you.....

U.S. turns down new Okinawa proposal

Current TV show theme songs with original lyrics.

Melancon speaks out on oil spill


EU seeks trade breakthrough with Latin America

"Back Street Kids" is the best opener to a horrible album (Black Sabbath - Technical Ecstasy)

Any host families here? We're so excited, we're doing it again this year!

Take your shoes off before entering The Lounge

South Korea freezes North Korea money ahead of Cheonan warship sinking report

You know, the Internet has taken some of the fun out life.

Sable Island, off Nova Scotia, is named a National Park. from ctv

OK Skinner,

Bolivia's Morales calls on Pope to abolish priestly celibacy

I'm a Rover

Greenpeace claims sweet victory over Nestle

Dead Can Dance - The Host Of Seraphim

The movie "Nine" is proof that you can take 6 oscar winning actors....

Lebanese immigrant becomes first Muslim woman to be crowned Miss U.S.A.

Red Shirts await fate as deadline passes

Swiss retreat helps Transocean save millions

Chicago DU'ers: would I ever fit in there?

Thai mom: 'I want to die' for Red Shirt cause

San Diego Faces Own Medicine as Arizona Residents Cancel Travel Following Boycott of State

I'm thinkin' "What's with all these ads?" and then I see I lost my star...

Afghanistan: Pro-peace Muslim cleric assassinated

I want to complain


War Veteran Says Military Burn Pits Caused His Cancer

Best gross-out scenes in fictional film?

Three Britons feared dead after Afghan flight disappears

Afghan official: Passenger plane crashes

Your biggest secret that you would never want anyone to know, especially online...

John Gardner Captured Amber DuBois With Threat of Knife, Gun, Teen's Mom Says

Metro Detroit school districts buy 'best' status. Paid-programming TV tributes cost $25,000

Oil Leak Siphon Working, but is it too Late?

Supreme Court Rejects Appeal of ''must-Carry'' Rule

Does anyone have the Droid phone with Verizon?

Study: BP Refineries Produce 97% of Violations

(Senator) Leahy wants BP held accountable

Barney Miller or Taxi?

Amtrak Question

Sarah Palin threads--how many other people delete them?

white house honey bee swarm

Seattle may join Arizona boycott

Nobody in the family is impressed that I lost 10 lbs. in six weeks

US Court Grants Asylum To Obama's African Aunt

So we'll no more a-roving...

Matt F. Lauer. The "F" stands for "Fucking." Watch him try to climb up Keith Richards' ass.

Delta Pilot Arrested For Carrying Concealed Weapon at Airport

Did ya ever have a Boss

Obama Signs Bill Intended to Promote Free Press

White House Concerned About Iran-Turkey Nuclear Pact

Army helmet recall follows investigation

No proof of mobile cancer risk, major study concludes

Space yacht Ikaros ready to cast off for far side of the sun

BIA employee accidentally killed dogs owned by Travolta

US missionary convicted in Haiti, but free to go

From Police Chief to Prison: Kerik Starts Sentence

BP Exec: We're Not Trying to Salvage Oil Well (Pipe is siphoning @a rate of 1,000 Barrels a Day)

Taliban Hold Sway in Area Taken by U.S., Farmers Say

Oil Hits Current Bound for East Coast, Scientist Says (Update1)

Pakistani news presenter accused of link to Taliban hostage's murder

Iraqi court dismisses de-Baathification cases

Iraq Imam who criticized al-Qaeda beheaded

Antanas Mockus would invite Chávez to his inauguration

Afghan troops free kidnapped UN workers

A Court Challenge to Arizona's Immigration Law

Legendary jazz pianist Hank Jones dies

Venezuelan government rules out dismantling swap market

Senior Oil Regulator at MMS to Retire

Afghan report links president's brother to illegal land grabs

2010: Warmest year on record (So Far)

Sid Meier's Civilization.

2010: Warmest year on record

I am FUCKING PISSED. I don't want to cry in my beer...Just needed to scream it

Grovelbot Appreciation Thread. Post your favorite pics of Grovelbot.

BP sends Gulf states millions to promote tourism hurt by oil spill

Kagan stepping aside as US solicitor general

$10 bln oil liability cap not enough-US Sen. Reid

Supreme Court Rules Juveniles Cannot Serve Life in Prison for Lesser Crimes

Convicted killer John Albert Gardner III a possible assault suspect in three counties, police say

Vatican: We are not liable for priests' actions

Stepping into it NOW, but just (finally) saw The Blind Side AND

Toyota president pinpoints date of quality decline: 2003

GM posts first-quarter profit

Gov. Perry's temporary digs costs Texas big bucks

Doomsday safe-haven offered in Mojave Desert

U.S. regulators sued over BP's Atlantis platform

Gulf Oil Spill: BP Trying To Hide Millions of Gallons of Toxic Oil?

Qaeda 'planned World Cup attack from Iraq'


K Street Protest: Dozens (SEIU) Storm D.C. Bank Branches, Block K Street Intersection

Scientists: Large oil plumes detected in Gulf may pose new threat

ACLU sues to stop Arizona's immigration law

Oregon White Supremacist Pleads Guilty for Threatening ... Civil Rights Leader by Mailing Noose

What hs 99 balls and screws old women?

Discovery of gasoline bomb forces evacuations in Jersey City

Aiyana Jones case, attorney says Video shows police fired into Detroit home

Civil Rights Groups Sue to Stop Arizona's Immigration Law

Obama to nominate FBI deputy director to head TSA

Obama to create commission to investigate gulf oil spill

High court rules out life sentences for juveniles

McCain Campaign Manager, Deputy Head for the Door

Ex-NYC top cop to start federal prison term (Bernie Kerik)

European lawmakers back hedge fund clampdown

What is it with hoteliers who will spend millions on a hotel, but still say "Do lights on the cheap!

Portugal's president ratifies gay marriage law

Small Earthquake in Katla's Caldera

Bangkok braced for bloodshed as Red Shirts vow no surrender

McCain Shakes Up Campaign; Pa. Senate Race Tight

We get to play the proud parent routine, and enjoy it !

Immune System Transplanted to Cure Rare Disease

Senate gets ready to act on financial regulations

Mine Probe Examines Airflow, Possible Tampering

Reid: BP's 'greed' caused oil spill

Iran agrees to exchange of nuclear material

Portugal becomes 6th European country to allow gay marriage after president's OK

Bill to Put Reagan on $50 Bill Opposed by 8 in 10, Poll Shows

Mexican helicopter spotted near Roma bridge

Top Cuccinelli Contributor's Mysterious 'Charity' Under Scrutiny

Crime show ("The First 48") taped Detroit raid that led to 7-year-old's death

I'm the birthday, I'm the birthday, I'm the birthday boy or girl!

Do you live where you want to?

I have a lot of things I want to say and no one to say them to, so

Top Catholic 'won't quit' over Ireland abuse case

Former VP Cheney backs Whitman in Calif. gov race

Bill for Afghan War Could Run into the Trillions

Lawsuit seeks closing of BP platform in the Gulf (Atlantis)

Candidate’s Words on Vietnam Service Differ From History

Gov. 'not involved' in Fremont issue (hiring illegal immigrants or renting property to them)

US Court Grants Asylum to Obama's African Aunt

UN: Oceans’ Fish Could Disappear in 40 Years

Real Housewives of New Jersey! My eyes are burning...

Deep coral in path of Gulf oil plumes

Madonna's "Sticky & Sweet" DVD & CD - a review

Interior official who oversees offshore drilling for MMS resigns

Vatican to court: Priests are not our employees

IBM to hire up to 800 for new center in Missouri

Seattle votes to boycott Arizona over immigration law

Tar Balls Found Along Key West Shoreline

BP: Will Seek To Siphon More Oil From Leaking Well

Worry that Gulf oil spreading into major current


Study: A Link Between Pesticides and ADHD

Court: Sexually dangerous can be kept in prison

2010 Fund Drive "Mystery Prize #2" is a set of steak knives...

Downloading. How do I do it?

Gulf oil spill: Senators call for criminal, civil charges against BP

Final Vote Coming on Financial Reform Bill

Bill Clinton has done the most for gay rights than any other President

Despite ambulance chaser Sarah Palin's attacks and the oil disaster, Obama is doing OK (Lupica)

Fed agency seeks dismissal of Massey mine lawsuit

President Obama signs the Freedom of the Press Act

Sarah Palin is a carnival barker.

Mission Impossible: Obama Taps Crack Team Of Scientists To Do The Job BP Can't

Suggestion for Tea Party Numbnuts: Oil Spill Deniers!

The Ill-Logic of the U.S. Predator Drone Campaign

AP-GfK Poll: Voters tilt back toward Democrats

Everytime our Corporate Media says "Anti-Establishment Anti-Incumbent...blah, blah, blah....

Arlen Spector put a fork in him he's DONE!!!

Presidential Wannabe Tim Pawlenty of Bigotry vetoes death benefits bill for same-sex couples

Even the Morning Joe regulars said the repukes were LYING about Kagan

Remember Daniel Pearl ( picture)

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

FBI’s Deputy Chief to Head Transportation Security Administration

Who ran as more of a liberal? HRC or BHO?

Ouch! Benen takes Hatch to the woodshed...

Senators Call for Justice Department to Open Civil and Criminal Investigations Into BP Oil Spill

Do progressives believe Isreal has a right to be where it is?

527 runs TV ad against Paul

Indiana Senate: Ellsworth Officially the Democratic Nominee

TV reporter’s advice to GOP candidate West draws heat

Alabama Democratic Conference endorses Sparks

Lawton Chiles III poised to run for Fla gov

Obama host UConn woman's basketball

DE Educators Back Coons

Saudi woman beats up virtue cop

Rick Perry Rental Mansion Costs Texas $600,000 Amid $11B Budget Shortfall

Any numbers on that Arkansas race

Hatch vows to run for reelection in 2012

Criticisms of MMS and BP, no matter where they orginate, make two things clear

white house honey bee swarm

I believe all reform comes in phases. Health care bill was a start not the finished product.

Sestak Surge Raises Questions for Dems

Another wingnut head explosive about Obama

I saw Michelle Obama at the GWU grad ceremony yesterday..

When will the Republicans learn? Kagan's 30 year old senior thesis.

In Backing Insurgents, Republicans Face November Risks (Nate Silver)

Chris Oynes, MMS Official, To Step Down In Wake Of Gulf Oil Spill

Is there succinct proof about the origins of the term tea baggers?

***ONLY ONE HOUR LEFT*** to donate to DU and be entered to win an HP Netbook Computer!

Tim Kaine needs to be fired as DNC chairman.

Stating the obvious I know...... But corporations control this country!

Is marriage a right or a privilege? Constitution makes no mention of it.

Dick Cheney: Whitman stronger Republican candidate

Giannoulias own poll has him tied with Kirk

Obama to sign law to aid worldwide press freedoms

Bill Maher: How Exactly Does President Sanford and Son Think He Got Elected?

In Ky., confident Paul foresees 'a tea party tidal wave coming'

The Next is the moment when policy smarts pay off.

"Obama on his way to a second major legislative victory in two months"

Blumenthal Responds To Vietnam Allegations

Three Weird Things in Barack Obama's Financial Disclosure.

Emanuel To Rabbis: US 'Screwed Up'

John McCain shakes up staff, preps for primary

Lincoln: 'Win or lose, I’m a Dem'

Jonathan Alter: Secrets From Inside the Obama War Room

Follow-up on "holding pedophiles past end of sentence" Supreme Court decision

"Sestak Cites Massachusetts Senate Upset In Last Minute Campaigning"

Why no black female court nominee?

Obama's energy plan is wrong on offshore drilling, Clean Coal, and nuclear safety

Dickie B may be finished

Antiestablishmentpushbymedia ism

Source: White House to create oil spill commission

DOE drops homophobe climate-changer denier

White House bracing for Arlen Specter loss?

Jack Murtha's seat- PA-12 special election - what do you think?

Where you live. Do you think most people have heard of it?

President Obama's aunt gets asylum.

Who would you like Obama's running mate to be in 2012?

Maybe we should let minorities give us some moral guidance when it comes to issues affecting them

Specter hits Sestak for favoring ... gun control

Okay, who's the other "liberal" Justice to vote for detaining people past their sentence?

I will be happy if Sestak wins

Rand Paul wants to abolish The Americans with Disabilities Act..

Senator Kerry did vote for DADT

Do you know your musical instruments?

KO - Whistleblower Mike Mason: BP's BOP tests are bogus

Neill Franklin of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition Shares His Story

Bud Chiles: “There’s a lot of what my father used to call heifer dust that’s spread around,”

How Big Is The Spill? - Flyover Footage

Building School Culture | A Tale of Two Cities | Michigan Radio | NPR

Capitol Hill Agenda: May 17, 2010

Neill Franklin of LEAP on the Obama Administration's Drug Policy

Animation: Oil spill reaches Loop Current. Florida's Keys & East Coast brace for impact

Busted - Sarah Palin reads from teleprompter!

Kia Alvarez: "The American People Are Too Big To Fail" - K Street Protest

Once Upon a Time In Athens - The Legend of Riot Dog

Young Turks: Autistic Student Charged As Terrorist For Drawing!!!

Foreclosure Victim Speaks Out At K Street Protest - 5/17/2010

Young Turks: California Illegal Recycling Ring Busted - 31 Arrested

OVERTIME Bill Maher with Cory Booker, Sebastian Junger, John Avlon, S.E. Cupp, Darrell Issa

Sherman & Peabody - Iraq 1953

Why Are Voters So Mad?

Brit Hume Mocks Oilpocalypse: 'Where's The Oil?'

"Adults Only" (Meg Whitman's eBay)

The Hunt for October Tee Times...Second City's Arizona Office of Tourism Ad

The Maine GOP Platform: Insane in the Membrane

You Tube Ad Links Sen. Sam Brownback & Religious Right Leader Lou Engle

TYT On MSNBC: Cenk Vs. Conservative On AZ Immigration Law & Midterm Elections (w/ Bonus Debate!)

Don't drunk dial Freedom Works

Margaret Atwood talks about religion, totalitarianism and The Handmaid's Tale

Trenda Kennedy - Speech at K Street Protest 5/17/2010

60 Minutes on BP

Teabaggers Are We

Brace Yourself: This Is the Tip of the Iceberg for Oil-Induced Enviro Catastrophes

First lady pays off on challenge to serve with GWU commencement speech.

Brain drain reversed: will foreign professionals come to Russia?

It's Time To Change The Prisons

Obama’s Flailing Wars; A Study in BP-Style “Pragmatism”

duplicate...sorry...posted earlier by ...elleng

We're Living in a Theater State -- Plug in and Be Lit up by the American Hologram

The Great Consolidation

Pat Buchanan Claims Jews Commanded Too Many of The Commandments

Going to Extreme Krugman

A New Day for the New Deal: Tony Judt diagnoses America’s decline

Chris Hedges: BP and the ‘Little Eichmanns’

After denied entry to West Bank, Chomsky likens Israel to 'Stalinist regime'

Before the Storm

*MUST read*-Texas textbooks Slavery is "Atlantic triangular trade" and much more

Super Tuesday: Polarisation of US politics likely to gather pace

Bombshell: Peter Beinart, On The Collapse Of The "Pro-Israel" Establishment

Something Happened (James Howard Kunstler)

Happy Days Aren’t Here Again

My Country, Tis of Me-There’s nothing patriotic about the Tea Party Patriots.

Heavily accented teachers removed from Arizona classrooms

OUTRAGE! TX Textbooks Proposal: Students Must Discuss Gutting Social Security

For the southerners...

60 Minutes - excellent report on Gulf Oil disaster: BP over-ruled the rig operator about putting

Before He Hired an Escort, Rekers Tried to Spank the Gay Away

Crooks & Liars: S.E. Cupp's Ridiculous Claims of Anti-Christian Liberal Media Bias Crushed By Cenk

Out of Iraq? Don't Hold Your Breath by Will Pitt

Dale Peterson (R) For Alabama Commissioner Of Agriculture (parody or not?)

Wing it: Botanic bats get their marching orders

Arctic Sea Ice Volume Anomaly down around record lows

Some good news: Ban on ocean dumping

Greenpeace Claims Sweet Victory Over Nestle

Scientists find 123 new species in Borneo

Drumbeat: May 17, 2010

Drumbeat from the weekend...

It's time to give up on breeder reactors

Tiny 344 sq ft Apartment Transforms into 24 Rooms

BP / Gulf oil spill - Slick entrained in Loop Current

1999 - 2008 - 25-City Study Shows Hospital Admissions Of Kids W. MRSA Up 1000%+

Waterspouts whip past Sydney (impressive photo)

Sea Breeze, Delaware Residents Give Up - Seawall Can't Stop Ocean's Advance

The Basics: Oil Spill Dispersants

Dakar 2010 race trashes archaeological sites in Chile

California's Prop 16: a power monopoly's attempt to stop municipal negotiations for lower rates

Miniature Nuclear Plants Set to Seek Approval for Work in U.S

Graphic: BP plan to kill leak, "Top Kill".

BP over-ruled TransOcean about removing "mud" from well BEFORE last concrete plug was in place.

Huge swell sinks wave energy generator

Tar Sands Extraction: A Slow Motion Oil Spill

Fridge-Sized Nuclear Reactors to Tap $135 Billion Power Market

WSJ: "nuclear power" is "GOP analogue to Democratic wind turbines and solar panels"

Interesting breakout on honey bee colony losses

130 Days 'til World Equestrian Games descend on Lexington & KY Horse Park

ATTENTION Nats Fans: Buster Olney thinks June 4th is Strasburg day at Nats park

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Sunday, May 16, 2010)

Top this comeback: Northwestern leads Umich 14-0 midway through the third. And the winner is ...

Romo skipping qualifying for the Byron Nelson Championship to workout with the Cowboys.

Brazil football legend Romário shoots for political power

God Hates the Broncos

Hey Condem! You watching Big Ten track and field on the Big 10 network??

Caps re-sign Backstrom to long-term deal

Space walking astronaut wears NY Yankees logo on his arm during spacewalk today

Phil Jackson is a fucking idiot!

UCONN Champs Bask in White House Ceremony.

Why is the NBA putting up with Worldwide Wes?

Broncos vets are ready for first look at Tebow, the "Mile-High Messiah"

I got your ridiculous free kick right here

Honduran strongman and twice-president Lopez Arellano dead at 89

UN picks new climate change chief

Bolivian President Evo Morales meets Pope Benedict XVI

Reuters Busted for Indecent Exposure: The Automobile Industry in Venezuela

Antanas Mockus would invite Chávez to his inauguration

X-post from GD: Haiti's neighbors pull back the welcome mat

Feeling the heat

Police attack student strikers at University of Puerto Rico

Venezuela raises proven oil reserves by 23 %

El Taconazo (Heel Kicking)

Cuba Letting Drivers Rent Buses, Make Money

Cuba has been slammed for their constitutionally legal charge of "dangerousness". Guess what?

El Piporro: Natalio Reyes Colas

In Honor of Forkboy, the Official French Open Tennis Tournament Thread!!!

Bolivia's Morales calls on Pope to abolish priestly celibacy

The wrecking of Venezuela

Carlos the Jackal: No party in Venezuela to support the revolution

Just so we're clear, the Red Sox season is over, right?

Gays in the military historic timeline

Don't Get Fired, Get Fired Up!

TAKE ACTION: Obama admin appoints self-proclaimed 'proud homophobe' to elite panel on Gulf oil spill

Minn. gov. vetoes gay funeral rights bill - Not necessary says Pawlenty

Portugal: President Silva to ratify national marriage equality law

Did I miss an anti-gay theme week somewhere?

Today in Labor History May 17, 12 Starbucks baristas signed cards to join IWW

Boycotting the boycotters

Emanuel to rabbis: US 'screwed up'

Wayne County, Michigan workers will be forced to take unpaid vacations

After denied entry to West Bank, Chomsky likens Israel to 'Stalinist regime'

How Many US Progressives Please the Right-Wing Israel Lobby

Do progressives believe Isreal has a right to be where it is?

PM to Abbas: Show Sadat's courage

UFCW International President Hansen challenges Arizona law as “unconstitutional and un-American”

NABET-CWA unveils site against NBC Upfront on stalled negotiations

Don’t shoot: NRA bans guns from its annual meeting

NRA Members Echo Fiery Right-Wing Anti-Obama Rhetoric: ‘He Hates The Second Amendment’

Delafield gun club foes say bullets have flown off range

Memberless VPC Decries Meeting of 70,000 of NRA’s Members in Charlotte

No one but you is responsible for your safety ...

Decided I like this image.

I need some money advice from the pros, please.

An example of "extreme" post-processing...???

Gravity might amplify quantum fluctuations, create astrophysical objects

Mathematicians Solve 140-Year-Old Boltzmann Equation

Ravens Console Each Other After Fights

Uplifting segment on 60 minutes about Gustavo Dudamel.

I finished that book I was telling you about

So, ummmm....

Seems like big bad black kitty hasn't learned his karma lesson.

How come some were warned, some weren't?

Question - are actions equal to morality?

If Jesus Christ Died To Save The World and Save Us From Our Sins

Study: A Link Between Pesticides and ADHD

Research links pesticides with ADHD in children

Stem Cell Solution for Hearing Loss Makes Progress

Dramatic Surge Seen in Kids Hospitalized With MRSA

Research raising hope for treatment of type-1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis.

Rising cases of MRSA in children paralleling rising cases of Autism. (Vitamin D deficiency related?)

New Study: Addition of T3 Superior to Levothyroxine/T4-Only Thyroid Treatment for Hypothyroidism

Is anyone a primary caregiver for an Alzheimer parent?

The Rise and Fall of the G.D.P.

George Osborne heads for defeat on EU hedge funds regulation

Lloyd's of London warns of 'perfect storm' threat to insurance market

More proof MSM memes are never true. Greeks work harder and owe less than Germans. CHARTS

What's the Difference Between Wal-Mart and Illegal Immigration?

Politicians ignore Keynes at their peril

Empire State Manufacturing Survey Comes In At 19.1, 40% Drop From April: Restocking Over