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Environmentalists, scientists say real figure must be far larger than 5,000 barrels a day

Stupak: BP "Doesn't Have a Real Plan" - THIS IS THE PROBLEM!

Suspicious vehicle outside Con Ed bldg in Union Square NYC.

All of this upheavel in the country (AZ Nazi-ism, teabagging, SCOTUS, oil spill, midterms)

PA Tracking Poll: Specter 45 (+1), Sestak 43 (-1)

Canadians Show US How to Really Protest!

Have you seen this thing on the Weather Channel web site,,,

40 photos of the BP party including dolphins swimming under oily water (not horrific looking)

Horrible info heard on Malloy show!

Horrible info heard on Malloy show!

BusinessWeek: America's New Anti-India Backlash

Democrats Way Ahead in Cash for House & Senate

NYT to charge for content in January: report

Jailed Colombian druglord pleads for home

Jailed Colombian druglord pleads for home

U.S. allowed drilling without needed permits, despite environmental warnings

"Democracy Now" - Federal tax breaks = 100% profits for charter school "philanthropists"

What are we really fighting for?

"Nothing Stops A Bullet Like A Job" (bad news)

Protest Gov. Christie's (R-NJ) Budget Cuts, Trenton NJ, May 22, 2010

McChrystal: Months to see results in Kandahar

BP's BFF: Lisa Murkowski BLOCKS Bill To Raise Oil Spill Liability Cap

U.S. officials dampen expectations for Kandahar offensive

U.S. officials dampen expectations for Kandahar offensive

China’s plans to open up North Korea for foreign investment: N. Koreans = china's "cheap labor"

Financial reform pits car dealers against military

Starting early: Children 'Deploy' to Usafastan

More of your tax dollars at work: Amid doubts, offensive to retake Somalia capital looms

Roger Ebert: Oh, say, can you wear? (about xenophobia)

Why are Republicans defending habitual criminals and limiting compensation to their victims?

Another clusterfuck in the making

Quit threatening people and groups and do something!

U.S. efforts in Kandahar, barely begun, already are faltering

The GOP's harsh immigration stance will cost it - Washington Post

Stanley McChrystal On Afghan War: It's A Draw Between U.S., NATO And Taliban

Stanley McChrystal On Afghan War: It's A Draw Between U.S., NATO And Taliban

An exception to a Miranda Warning:

No recovery, STOP the oil flow!

No recovery, STOP the oil flow!

Sgt. Robert Ralston claimed that an assailant shot him, but because he told the

Does BP have enough money to pay? Will they have to be liquidated?

Deputies: Baseball Bat Used To Kill 'Sex Offender' (similar name as registered offender, wrong guy)

School board faces hearing over meetings

Are the Bushes in Danger?

Mr. No Chin at work: Senate GOP Launching New Campaign Against Health Care Law

Frank Luntz Pens Memo For GOP On How To Channel Economic Anxiety Into Protecting Wall St Abuses

Water Was Present During Birth of Earth, Study of Silver Suggests

Seapower chairman wants ship-retirement limits

who will tell the people

Toon: Ouch!

Ratings System on the Hook, Thanks to Al Franken

Rat Pope: Same sex marriage and abortion most insidious and dangerous threats to society

Mental health hospitalizations up for troops

FCC Plans to Force Phone Companies to Warn Users When They Exceed Usage Limits

After Terry (R-Ne) win, where do tea partiers go in the fall?

Women’s War Memorial Needs Money

Leader of child molesting cult speaks out against same sex marriage

Obama and Holder at the top cops ceremony in the Rose Garden

We're going to have a giant "Salad Shooter" demonstration today in SC.

BP is now going to put in a smaller tube, then put a stopper in it.

Eugene Robinson: Outlawing Latinos’ Heritage

"After they drove the car in the ditch, now they want the keys back."

Relief of Poverty Improves Child Mental Health

Citizen, you will read this

Bernanke, Siding With Banks, Opposes Plan To Spin Off Swaps Desks

Study: Sweepstakes cafés could net N.C. millions

Suggestion: watch Planet Green's "Suzuki Diaries." I was inspired and encouraged and

With blood dripping from their fingers...

So, the Oil Gusher Brings Down BP..???then what???

Rise in immigration may help explain drop in violent crimes

North Carolina voters' support for drilling plummets

Tiny buildings for Fresno's homeless need a home - architect is building eco-villages for transients

Obama Not Ending Drug War

Sarah Palin: " I Understand Temptation to Have an Abortion "

Michael Sheehan on C-SPAN is resurrecting the rotting corpse of Bin Laden ...

Plane maker's secret memo to airliner pilots: Volcanic dust can destroy your engines in ONE MINUTE

About the Dorgan filibuster

Where's The Oil? Your Government Doesn't Really Know

What are we talking about ?

The "oil spill maps" are weird.

7 Gay Sex Scandals of Career Anti-Gay Crusaders

7 Gay Sex Scandals of Career Anti-Gay Crusaders

University Of Tennessee Gives Gore Honorary Degree

Here's what BP, Transatlantic and Halliburton really want to say to you but they won't

Protesters Say NATO Attack Killed (9) Afghan Civilians

Is our (USA) political system...

The New Normal on Abortion: Americans More "Pro-Life"

Buffalo billboard petitions president for "a freakin' job"

For lawmakers, easing joblessness isn't Job #1

They take, take, take and ruin, and then...

They take, take, take and ruin, and then...

Italy arrests 'religious' drug ring

Biden slams govt oversight of offshore drilling

Why Me?

Trying to think of a delicate way to phrase this, don't jump down my throat

NTSB Team to Assist Libya in Aviation Accident Investigation

Anatomy Of A " Movement ": INAFJ ( I Need A Freakin Job )" Comes Courtesy Of BREITBART

Anatomy of a "Movement": "INAFJ (I need a freakin' job)" comes courtesy of Breitbart

Obama to comment on "spill" (now at 3,500 sq. miles)

"The Republican Party could cease to be a national party": Repub & Bush Speechwriter Michael Gerson

More jobs might be created this year than during Bush's presidency.

Nitrate contamination spreading in California communities

The American people and the MSM will 'discover' the horror of the oil spill

Why the fuck....

Here are the votes on Franken's credit ratings amendment from yesterday

72% of House Republican Conference Vote Against Resolution Honoring AmeriCorps

Obama Scolds Oil Companies For 'Ridiculous Spectacle' During Hearings

self delete...

Some clarification about Thailand

Drilling for OIL in the Gulf of Mexico. NO PERMITS REQUIRED

SOLDIER: "I’m left knowing just how little the Pentagon & the United States government think of me."

An idiotic "Repost this if you agree" from Facebook....sigh....

An idiotic "Repost this if you agree" from Facebook....sigh....

Air tests from the Louisiana coast reveal human health threats from the oil disaster

For us old farts - An iPad, IIe, Sophtware slump and a robot named Jed

Model suggests a third of the oil may have evaporated

Look who's a freeper: Chuck DeVore, wingnut repuke candidate for the U.S. Senate

We - KNOW - Why Safety Was Job Last.....and the answer is...... "DICK CHENEY"

"All it takes is a Google search." Some of the most ridiculous right wing chain emails and hoaxes

Thank Gawd BPers are not Smoking Pot

Atlantis is about to fly into the sunset.

Why is there no middle ground on guns?

61% of Americans support Arizona law, half of Democrats

Doubters say college isn't for everyone

Food-filled keyboard a haven for disease-carrying vermin says Royal Society of Chemistry researchers

"Shave your ear hair"

Congressional Democrats against Holder's proposal to change Miranda

ROTC Student May Be Forced To Repay Army Scholarship After Coming Out

If my math is right, this oil disaster is already among the top 10 worst in history

France & Germany May Force Financial Reform On US

Sen. Sherrod Brown Statement on Introduction of American Power Act

Sestak's ad showing Specter saying: "I changed parties to get re-elected." Devastating

Outlawing Latinos’ Heritage-By Eugene Robinson (+ a pic of my abuelita)

Chuck Norris, Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck ALL at the Charlotte NRA Convention

Boarded up businesses - Wiernerschnitzel and Quiznos

This Mad Hatter needs a CAPTION right off the bat to begin a Friday!!!!

U.S. Efforts in Kandahar, Barely Begun, Already Are Faltering (No Turning Point Until November)

BP = Beyond Pathetic

Obama smacks Minerals Management Service

I'm afraid we're taking our eye off the ball

How come the slightest "anything" sends prices at the pump up instantly

How come the slightest "anything" sends prices at the pump up instantly

How come the slightest "anything" sends prices at the pump up instantly

How come the slightest "anything" sends prices at the pump up instantly

Welcome to Arizona. Have a nice day.

"Goldman Sachs Did Nothing Illegal: Clinton" by Han-Ting Wang (5-14-10 CNBC)

Mental care stays are up in military

Subway To Everyone Else: Stop Selling 'Footlong' Sandwiches

Laura Bush meets the sex bloggers, By Mark Morford

BP has set up a hotline. They want your suggestions!

BP has set up a hotline. They want your suggestions!

Chart: Days Until Deepwater Horizon Becomes World's Worst Oil Spill

I love wikipedia... a whole page on "christian evangelist scandals"

Chandra Levy Murder Suspect , Due In D.C. Court...

Congress wants to know why MMS aborted tougher drilling rules

Subway to sue NYC for calling underground transportation system "Subway".

American Pie OIL-Spill Parody part 1


Rahm "begged" Obama for days not to pursue ambitious health reform

BP CEO: Bah, it isn't that big of a deal...

Palin: ‘mama grizzlies’ will take back the country

Why don't they just vacuum the oil out?

Best Visual Illusion Of 2010 Defies Gravity

This Bunch (A Rant)

7 Gay Sex Scandals of Career Anti-Gay Crusaders

BP CEO: Gulf Coast Oil Spill Is Relatively 'Tiny' Compared To 'Very Big Ocean'

Barbour Encourages Tourists To ‘Enjoy The Beach’ As Dead Dolphins Wash Ashore

IMF Demands that the World Be Shock Doctrined.....OR ELSE !!!

MMS approved 27 Gulf Drilling Ops AFTER the BP disaster

Victims of Wall Street collapse are being abused by the corporations responsible for the collapse!

I want nothing but kind words

Florida Republicans (Rubio and McCollum) Now Back Arizona Immigration Law

Miracle cures for what ails you

Zombie Laser Plane Returns to Haunt Washington

Justice Kennedy questions way court nominees are grilled

LA Times poll - Arizona boycott

Counterspin: interview with Glenn Greenwald and Kohn on Kagan Nomination

What's the deal with Rasmussen Reports?

Labor Department Shutters West Virginia Mine Over Vent Concerns

Defiant panels approve $485 million for F-35 alternate engine

Defiant panels approve $485 million for F-35 alternate engine

news director of Seattle TV station resigns over 'suppression of video" accusations - police stompin

My response to the Gulf oil spill: put all of them out of business with

CDC Homicide Stats

Kagan's Troubling Record

The idiocy of drone attacks

The idiocy of drone attacks

Pat Buchanan: With Kagan, too many Jews on Supreme Court bench

Report: Secret Space Plane Likely an Orbiting Spy

Security For SC Gov Rendezvous Costs Fla. $1,200

Schwarzenegger demands that "California" be shortened to "Cali" to save on letterhead costs.....

polio outbreak

"I got mail today from 2007", 20K pieces of mail found in mailcarrier's home

"The Illegal Immigration Law"

Google's Nexus One Web Store Going Out of Business

Senate votes to limit debit card fees.....Wall Street frets

Students bring history to life at St. Paul union meeting (recreate the Nixon Grape Boycott, etc.)

Giraffe kicks woman to death in game park

Feds almost pay a price for porn

Unemployment: Where's the freakout?

BUCHANAN: Jews Are 2% Of Pop., If Kagan Is Confirmed, THEY Will Have 33% Of The Supreme Court Seats

Mark Fiore explains the oil crisis to a little green man:

Illegal immigrant student turns herself in at Cobb jail

The second debt storm: Who will bail out the countries that bailed out the world's corporations?

Francis Lam, "Is it possible to dine out politely with kids?"

Racist Revenge in Jena - A Politically Motivated Drug Bust

New York Times To Charge Online Beginning In January

Janeane Garofalo: Deadreckoning and Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Friday FDIC Failed Bank List

The oil is "evaporating" underwater. Seriously??

If trend continues, 2010 will produce more jobs than ALL EIGHT YEARS of Bush-Cheney

Thank you Lawrence

...And Toyota announces better fiscal full year 2009 results than 2008.

Gail past away this week, tip a glass in honor of "America's Greatest Generation"

Krauthammer faults Obama's "allies on the left" for deep water drilling and damage

College for all? Experts say not necessarily

Google grabs personal info off of Wi-Fi networks

Specter Collapses On Intrade

Swiss retreat helps Transocean save millions

Specter is playing Democrats for fools...

Specter is playing Democrats for fools...

BP did not want to stop the oil gusher.

An elegant defense of Kagan from an unlikely source: Miguel Estrada

An elegant defense of Kagan from an unlikely source: Miguel Estrada

Opinions mixed on Arctic National Wildlife Refuge designation

Complete AMERICAN PIE oil-spill parody

Army of volunteers needed for Gulf oil spill cleanup

Unsealed iPhone 4G Affidavit: Phone’s Sellers Allegedly Tried To Hide Evidence

Solar powered trash cans send text messages

Sarah Palin: "I was for the bailouts before I was against them."

So what happens when there are hurricanes in the gulf?

Protesters say NATO attack killed Afghan civilians

I had a 2 hour wait at a hospital today, so screw FOX

Maine GOPers disrespect privacy of a teacher's classroom

Killer didn't go quietly, quickly

The Alaska Court of Appeals upheld 2008 conviction on 21 misdemeanor resident hunting violations

Limbaugh today- "make a profit on the dollar collapsing"

My dear Tacitus,

In protest of Arizona immigrant law, Pitbull cancels show

Ninth Circuit upholds MMS approval of Shell Arctic drilling

Quote from a Houstonian: "We must keep drilling offshore, because if we don't, someone else will."

Quote from a Houstonian: "We must keep drilling offshore, because if we don't, someone else will."

Page Missing from WV Coal Mine Safety Log; Accountability Missing for Bush's Deadly Crimes

Today Limbaugh unwittingly made the argument for nationalization of off-shore drilling.

How Youtube 3d Came To Be

S.C. chief accused of stealing, selling seized guns

Jon Stewart nails it again - HOARDERS

Jon Stewart nails it again - HOARDERS

Simple Visual Aid: Flowchart to determine if Obama is a US Citizen.

MoveOn Endorses Sestak in PA Senate Race

Blankfein buys new digs for 26 mil CASH on duplex.. must have been his Gods will

Environmental group to sue US over oil permits

Ideas for fixing the hole in the gulf floor.

In the midst of ethanol, the oil spill, and global warming an environmentalist image spotted on TV

Jason Linkins, Huff Post on Pat Buchanan's view of Jews on Supreme Court.

BANK BUST FRIDAY !!!!! The Un-Fab Four

Thought: should they be injecting the oil spill with a coagulant rather than a dispersant?

Thought: should they be injecting the oil spill with a coagulant rather than a dispersant?

HHS Announces $1 Billion in Recovery Act to create/sustain research jobs nationwide

Explosion, fire at northern NH gun factory

A sign showing how bad the economy is (pic)

Is it just possible that there are fewer people who consider themselves working class now?

Just lovely

Is it really too late for the US to switch to the metric system?

S. E. Cupp is really nothing more than an opportunist who took a favorite right-wing position

NBC to air documentary on Toyota recall

Student strike of 1970.

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

White House Allowed BP to Keep Video of Gushing Pipe from Public for Three Weeks

"Just complete the danged fence" - Buzzflash parody of McCain ad..

I just convinced 2 people in Pa. to vote for Joe Sestak on Tues.!

I have two words for Arlen Specter:

Limbaugh today- "make a profit on the dollar collapsing"

Why isn't the entire nation pissed off at BP?

Japanese government blocks a ban on child pornography

Japanese government blocks a ban on child pornography

Selma, Lord, Selma

Why I think the GOP moved the 2012 convention to Tampa

Dick Cheney 'Needs To Testify' About BP Oil Spill, Says Chris Matthews

Maine teabaggers rob, vandalize classroom they are allowed to use ...

Facebook loses friends as privacy campaign grows

I Do Not Support Elena Kagan's Supreme Court Nomination


Nice wall street journal diagram on the 4 methods being used/considered to stop/slow the flow of oil

Report: Feds OK'd Oil Drilling without Permits

My friend came to me angry today at Obama saying that he is

US home repossessions set record in April, foreclosures plateau at “very high level”

My one attempt at poetry

Smith of TX Pushes Holder to Use the Term 'Radical Islam.' Huffpo's Linkins Nearly Dies Laughing

The Rude Pundit - The Gulf Oil Spill: There's Only One Hero We Need

The Rude Pundit - The Gulf Oil Spill: There's Only One Hero We Need

Here's an easy way to 'test' the evidence in the oil gusher video against the claims about

Close public schools if test scores are bad...or if they're good.

Crooks & Liars: Republican asswipe Congressman Mike Rogers from Michigan

BP Releases Oil Spill Video After Pressure From White House and Media

Lawrence O'donnell on why Kagan is a good pick: Obama chose her and he is wise

Murkowski, Oil Lobby Block Effort To Make Industry Fully Pay For Spills

World-wide, coordinated attack on working-class living standards by the international ruling class

Palin: 'Fine with me' to be called a 'redneck'

Which teabagger said this?

Sen. Sherrod Brown email on creating 17,000 green jobs with 48(c) program & the SEAM Act -

Celebrating Moronitude . . . . it is once again time for a GOP confab.

A year ago today…

Update...on the spelling and there...


Al Franken Does It Again

Post your ideas for stopping the Gulf oil leak.

Mother Jones: How Bad Could the BP Spill Get?

Bomb Designer, Mars Expert Sent by Obama to Fix Oil Spill -BLOOMBERG

The Warren Commission, The Truth, and Arlen Specter

Breaking... Strike ends at Fabcon; workers returned TODAY!!!!! (NO 30% pay cut)

Obama asks Congress for $205 million to upgrade Israeli missile defenses

Someone's tryna tell me the dems voted for this 75 million cap and used this link

I killed 15 workers and injured 170 got off with a small fine then I killed 11 workers

Retail Sales in U.S. Rose in April for Seventh Month

The Donald may not have a lot of fans around here, but I think that Ivanka Trump rawks

This was perfect....

This was perfect....

SPLC lists F.A.I.R. as a hate group; they get mainstreamed anyway by NPR & CSPAN

TransOcean Missing Tapes and Logs

Birthers in legal trouble: 9 of them indicted on charges of accessing Obama records

Republicans search schoolroom, remove pro-labor teaching materials

Gropenator to terminate California's safety net

Associated Press: After 40 Years, $1 Trillion, US Drug War “Has Failed to Meet Any of Its Goals”

I believe that the Lewis Black attack upon Glenn Beck

I believe that the Lewis Black attack upon Glenn Beck

The Highland Park High School Basketball situation is RESOLVED they are going to FLORIDA. . .

The Highland Park High School Basketball situation is RESOLVED they are going to FLORIDA. . .

Inside the Secret Interrogation Facility at Bagram

Now We Know Why Banks Have Taken So Much Interest in Charter Schools

Remember Jackson State

TOON : How does that affect me?

TV w/o cable = HD over air = very beautiful picture - will miss

Vote to Limit Debit Card Fees Is Surprising Loss for Banks

This communist regime did this to my son!

New Victim Accuses Roman Polanski of 'Sexual Abuse'

Look at the list of sponsors for the "independent" NewsHour on PBS......

Wanted: Female faculty

Hackers Can Remotely Disable Your BRAKES (And They Say E-Voting's Secure?)

5 day of Pre-Trial hearing of the RNC 8, young organizers before the 2008 RNC Conv

My Blowout Preventer is Malfunctioning -- Exxon Valdez refresher course

Should We Make Laws to Protect our Traditions?

Should We Make Laws to Protect our Traditions?

Corporations and capitalism will be responsible for the end of life as we know it.

Oil Rig owner holds closed-door meeting in Switzerland

Transocean may make multimillion profit from the oil disaster

Dick Cheney's 'energy task force' & Bush's 'anti-science' administration comes home to roost

How about some DU "50 Million Posts" Parties?

Report: "Hurt Locker" team about to blast tens of thousands of BitTorrent downloaders with lawsuit

Facebook being hit by some sort of virus/worm.. don't friend anyone for a while..

Glenn Beck is shocked and offended that people would actually compare other people to Nazis

Detroit Shrinks Itself,

Conservative friends rise in support of Kagan

State agents seize pet wild bird (from woman who had saved it four years earlier)

Last scheduled Space Shuttle Atlantis launch just occured

Do too many people go to college? Maybe

Obama Vows End to ‘Cozy’ Oversight of Oil Industry

Obama Vows End to ‘Cozy’ Oversight of Oil Industry

Tea Party-Backed Repeal Of The 17th Amendment Gets Republicans Into Trouble

Kevin Costner dances with oil spill

I just got back from wading in the Gulf of Mexico with my fishing

Lawrence O'Donnell showing pictures of the 11 who died on the oil rig

Oil Spill Could Go On For Years, Experts Say - RawStory

I can't figure out why everyone is smiling...


I keep trying to tell myself that the teabaggers are irrelevant

Weird questions about mental illness at the DMV..

This Is A World Emergency

This is the ABSOLUTELY best line with the best delivery of damned near any president.

Sony's anti-openness stance screws over the USAF

We Must Demand That Dick Cheney Testify About His Anti-Reglatory Reign & The BP Ecological Disaster

Men who batter think other guys do, too

Autistic Boy Charged with Making Terroristic Threats in Stick Figure Drawing

White House Allowed BP to Keep Video of Gushing Pipe from Public for Three Weeks

CODE PINK end the needless death

"I Need A Freakin Job" astroturfing for Breitbart and Corporate America, cause that's where the $ is

Jail More Likely Than Treatment For Americans With Psychiatric Disorders

More retailers requiring driver's license swipes

Once again, DUers, the Friday Afternoon Challenge Question!

Gulf Of Cheney

Drastic social cutbacks unveiled throughout Europe

I got a job!

Wealthy Progressive Donors On Strike To Push For Campaign Finance Reform

Scientists Criticize Government's and BP's Response to Spill, and Told Not to Come

Caption this picture (and don't do the obvious joke)

White House Refuses To Include DADT Repeal Language in Defense Transmittals


Million-Dollar Ad Blitz to Kill Net Neutrality

Let’s Rejoice in Terror’s Benefits!

A Plea to All DUers...

US media demands Greek-style austerity for American workers

US media demands Greek-style austerity for American workers

Obama, Congress and Bernanke did not save the world from a Great Depression

Finally!! . . BP tries tube to siphon spewing Gulf oil to tanker

Tiniest Victims Of The Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill May Turn Out To Be Most Important -

N.J. governor sets tone for US

Our Rapidly Changing Planet

Bill Clinton: "Lower the rhetoric. Goldman Sachs did nothing illegal."

Articles from 1997 and 2000 on how DLC and Democrats co-opted GOP policies, got corporate donations.

CNN Video - Study: White and black children biased toward lighter skin

Sacramento Bee: Schwarzenegger budget would eliminate welfare

US actors, intellectuals protest Obama 'crimes'

Letter from Baghdad: "I am good enough to serve in war, but not at peace?"

Maine GOP Forced To Apologize After Convention-Goers Vandalize An Eighth-Grade Classroom

Maine GOP Forced To Apologize After Convention-Goers Vandalize An Eighth-Grade Classroom

Maine GOP Forced To Apologize After Convention-Goers Vandalize An Eighth-Grade Classroom

Seneca to Obama: ‘You betrayed our trust’

ICRC Confirms Existence of Second Secret Prison at Bagram, BBC Reports Torture



Biden: Arlen Specter is the Democratic candidate!


Joe Satriani - "Cool #9" (Live in Paris)

inspired by MadBadger 's screen name

Why didn't somebody tell me about Jessica Lea Mayfield?

Strange Signs From Abroad

One headlight.

Off-the-wall earworm.




Anyone heard of the group Olive?

When Dr. Strange's mom birthed a Cthulhu, she named him Dr. Strange

So now I wait - 8 minutes til Roger Water tickets go on sale

Wait, the Bible says "Spoil the child" ?!

Great song - "99 Cent Dream"

Wow, the movie 'Angels and Demons' sucked

Just watched the movie "Passengers". Wow!

Is it possible to dine out politely with kids?

Look what else they banned in Arizona...Douglas Co. at least.

Guess this song?

Who's sexier? Yul Brynner vs. George Clooney

Is anyone else watching North By Northwest?

Question -- Anyone here know who regulates venture funds?

Anyone here knows who regulates the Venture Brothers? (edited for stupid misspelling)

Taking a break from polotics today

Friday Frolic - List your favorite Michael Steele quotes here:

LeBron James/ESPN Fanboy Appreciation Thread

Hebrokeupwithher! Hebrokeupwithher! Hebrokeupwithher!

reenactment of the GREAT Buddy Holly at the apollo

I should've spent the extra $3 on the name-brand lotion

Photo & story - Henry "The Fonz" Winkler speaks at Aberdeen NC elementary school, 5/13/10

I am happy, nay... PROUD to share this PSA with you.

Another shocking "interrogation technique from Guanotanamo revealed...

Wind power...

Advance warning from Los Angeles....

jerry reed outplays my man?

Get ready for a big helping of AWWWWW!

NBC Cancels ‘Law & Order’

Golden Brown


Eno is to Byrne as...

I give you the creepiest music video you will ever see.

Girls..or warned....

Question about buying a used car.

simple idea for airport security

S'up, dog?

Great Tune!

I'm watching Friday Night Lights for the first time - what an awful pisspoor show.

was almost killed at work today

Iowa Court: Exhume Body So Head Can Be Frozen

A thought about Mel Gibson movies.

is it wrong to want to see Jeff Bridges and Colin Ferrell make a country album together?

My strategy was flawed. I will not be repeating this course of action. I misjudged the situation.

Dog Pack Attacks Gator In Florida

So. it seems that this fly was in the barn and found himself landed

I am happy, nay... PROUD to share this POS with you.

Especially for those who like the boys

I have a new blog!

When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again

What was that thing that Tom Snyder used to say... something about

I am pretty Blotto. You know. That guy related to

One hit

Rinôçérôse - Time Machine

Oh dear, I just discovered that Tears for Fears is playing a free concert here this summer

Last week, I shit canned myself.

A Great Big Bunch of Fuckit


Time lapse video of Eyjafjallajökull volcano

Fiction Factory - Feels like Heaven

I saw a real, live Teabagger last night. President of the NJ tea Party in fact

I got popped and pooped today..

Screw this. I've found a cooler site.

Unkle-Eye 4 an Eye

Anyone else have hail tonight?

I hate the Boston Red Sox

I love Italian Food...but my god do they Ruin a Cheesecake

My shit is fucked

Skinner just wrote me.

This Is Not Good.

When You Are Old

Ever hallucinated?

I got a gift certificate to a book store for my birthday. Can you suggest any current

One hit (or two)wonders of the 90's

What this place needs is a new Lucy pic. So be it.

My nepphew's cousin was shot in the head twice and in the chest 5 times.

I Am So Freaked Out Right Now-hugs needed

Where are the great old names like Ramses and Assurbanipal?

STFU... ... ... ... just S ...T ...F ...U.

FOX News

I was in a documentary about Desi queer women (crossposting from GLBT forum)

Is becoming less tough, a part of getting older? or is something else up with me

To the three dumbf_ck drivers I've encountered today (rant)

What band do you really only like one of their songs?

Fie on thee, varlet! Aroint thee!

Friday Night Music - Louis Jordan..."Let the Good Times Roll"

Hi. This is a song I wrote. Last one on my record

Seven hours of data missing from Deepwater Horizon operations just prior to explosion

Drug addiction is NEVER a pretty sight...

Judge stays spill cases at Transocean's request

Would you do this for your parents?

feel good video: Cat Adopts Puppies

Drilling Platform Sinks Off Venezuelan Coast

Bruins hat is off to your team ( posted here because Sports forum is dead )

Jailed Colombian druglord pleads for home

Swim club in racial protest sold at bankruptcy auction

Why are Republicans defending habitual criminals and limiting compensation to their victims?

Syracuse lawyer says Nov. 2 special election to replace congressman not early enough

Suspicious vehicle spotted in NYC's Union Square

Lisa Murkowski BLOCKS Bill to Raise Oil Spill Liability Cap

NASA fuels space shuttle Atlantis for final voyage

U.S. Said to Allow Drilling Without Needed Permits

Concerns over Zimbabwe's 'Noah's Ark gift' to N Korea

Needle Error Puts 50 at Risk in New Mexico

Italy bribery scandal widens, casts pall on government

That belief in raw oysters being an aphrodisiac is a buncha CRAP...

Times Square plot: Shahzad’s ‘accomplice’ held in Pak

Suspect in 1988 Texas polygamist deaths arrested in Honduras, extradited to face charges

Despite political uncertainties in Iraq, U.S. sticking with drawdown plan

Someone just told me they were listening to "The Wreck of the Edward Fitzpatrick"

U.S. Said to Allow Drilling Without Needed Permits

Murkowski, Oil Lobby Block Effort To Make Industry Fully Pay For Spills

Ex-Walmart worker wins discrimination ruling

Shell Arctic Drilling Plan Gets Court Approval

'Adapt to our ways' Tiny U.S. (NY) town forces all business to be conducted in English amid fears

AFL-CIO wants DHS to stop working with Arizona state cops

U.S. Said to Allow Drilling Without Needed Permits

Lawsuit: US Allowed Drilling Without Required Permits

US agrees to return Iraq records

Obama: GOP wants keys back after driving US ‘into the ditch’

Obama: GOP wants keys back after driving US ‘into the ditch’

Afghan protests over NATO raid in Nangarhar province

Their Dirty Little Secret: GOP Senators Say Bailouts Worked -- Just Please Don't Tell Anyone


what are your nonsense words?

White supremacist jailed for making ricin (UK)

Indonesia 'uncovers plot to kill president'

China says Internet fully restored in Xinjiang (10 months after shutting down access)

Indiana Navistar plant turns out 1st electric trucks

At least 25 killed in Iraq bombing

Toyota Lawsuit Judge Names Lead Attorneys for Cases

Kids, 9 and 11, ruled suicides

Plan to cap Gulf of Mexico oil leak with dome delayed

WW II airman finally laid to rest, 66 years later

Ewoks vs. Munchkins

Friday Afternoon Baby Pic Thread.

Favorite album named after a street?

Oklahoma governor vetoes open carry handgun bill

Anthony Kennedy: Kagan Shouldn't Have to Answer Questions on Legal Opinions

Too early for music help? I think it is Flogging Molly or DK Murphys...

Has anyone else here watched the Crackle series "Star-ving"?

I want nothing but kind words

Obama Rebukes Companies on ‘Spectacle’ of Spill Blame

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/14/10

I worked with an Idiot today. How does one teach common sense?

Regulators shut 4 banks; 72 have failed this year

Security for SC gov rendezvous costs Fla. $1,200

Obama pledges permit review, end to cozy oil links

Consumer spending rises as factory output surges

The American Legion to DoD: Nonaction Medal is 'Nonstarter'

Huge BP spill means a high-stakes hurricane season

U.S. Decision to Approve Killing of Cleric Causes Unease

U.S. court orders ex-Russian dancer freed from Guantánamo

Detroit To Destroy 10,000 Abandoned Homes

Kansas Mutual Fund Identified as Trader in Market Plunge

Gardner sentenced to two life terms

Oil rig owner brings in lobbyists

Philips unveils LED light bulb to replace standard 60-watt

Biden: Democratic Party backs Sen. Specter in Pa.

Governor out to rebrand Arizona over immigration law criticism

NRA Criticizes Kagan on Gun Rights

Feds conducting criminal probe of W.Va. mine blast

Apartheid fighter Frederik van Zyl Slabbert dies

Facebook downplays privacy crisis meeting

Crusading Spanish Judge Baltasar Garzon is suspended

Polish police detain 5 football fans for unfurling large anti-Semitic banner at match

Google grabs (600 gigabytes of) personal info off of Wi-Fi networks

Ford Exec: Auction Prices On Used Ford Cars, Trucks Up $3,000

President Obama "Angry and Frustrated" with BP, Halliburton -- and Interior Department ...

Blackwater infiltrates streets of Islamabad

BP Says Oil Spill Is 'Drop In The Ocean'

BP Says Oil Spill Is 'Drop In The Ocean'

Schwarzenegger Will Propose Budget Eliminating State's Welfare-To-Work, Most Child Care To Poor

British Actress says Roman Polansky forced her to have sex with him in 1982 when she was 16

Bomb Designer, Mars Expert Sent by Obama to Fix Oil Spill

Explosion and fire at NH gun factory kills 2

After 40 years, U.S. drug war failing to meet any of its goals

The best cartoon ever made

Lone money manager may have sparked (stock market) plunge

Salvadoran diplomat who helped Jews during Holocaust to be named righteous gentile

Russia Sells Syria Warplanes, Air Defence Systems: Official

Economic Woes Threaten Chavez's Socialist Vision

GOPers Use Porn Vote To Kill Jobs Bill

Scientists find oil plume below Gulf's surface

What's your favorite ice cream?

Toyota had attack plan against congressional testimony, documents show

Thailand Troops Move In on Red Shirt Protesters (Foreign journalist shot during Bangkok clashes)

$205 million for Israel for a missile shield yet people die here through lack of healthcare?

POLLS are people too!

Obama is a goddamn lier!

Thank you Joni for a very relevant tune: No Apologies by Joni Mitchell

**** Heads Up: POTUS Speaks at TOP COPS Award Ceremony, 10:10am EDT ****

Clayton endorses Marshall

President Obama scolds GOP, touts Democratic accomplishments

Obama to Republicans: ‘You can’t drive!’ (VIDEO)

the oil will ride the Gulf Stream,( if it hasn't started already )

Obama to Kagan, "Just dont trip, that would be really embarassing."

Inhofe's Vile Rhetoric Calls The Troops' Integrity Into Question

Industrial production surges, fueling recovery

(AL-GOV) Did Artur Davis' "no" vote hurt him?

Dem. Sen. Jeff Bingaman is a WIMP

Their Dirty Little Secret: GOP Senators Say Bailouts Worked -- Just Please Don't Tell Anyone!

Poll: Americans want to ‘give the new health-care law a chance’

Things that Make You go "Hmmm......"

President Obama is a good man

Ron Sparks endorsed for governor of Alabama by two historically black Birmingham political groups

Union gives $100,000 to fight Djou, Case

"Book: Rahm "begged" Obama for days not to pursue ambitious health reform."

Charlie Crist hires a campaign manager

"Dems: We'll dare GOP to side with Big Oil"

Group Sends Racially-Tinged Mailer Targeting Bill Halter In Arkansas Senate Race

No pay raise for Congress in 2011

Palin endorses Haley for S.C. governor

More jobs might be created this year than during Bush's presidency.

**** Heads Up: POTUS Speaks about the BP Oil Spill, 11:50am EDT ****

New "Facebook for political views"?

Dems: We'll dare GOP to side with Big Oil

Nassau Comptroller Maragos To Announce For Senate Next Week »

Griffith goes negative on challenger

Gallup today 52% / 41%. Think any media will comment on Pres. Obama's falling poll numbers?

I live in NewJersey and this guy is an ASS!!!!!!

Talbot: Mystery $1 million flows into Alabama primary race

Good news: a Kennedy is once again the Most Powerful Man in Washington

Kerry-Lieberman Climate Proposal Does Well on Consumer Relief

Live Q&A: Erich Pica, President Friends of the Earth (on Kerry-Lieberman)

Obama defends Ken Salazar

On Obama's Ferocity Over The Oil Spill:

link of Arizona companies (pass the link along and let's make it sting).

Now this is the cutting edge thinking I was expecting from Obama's administration

Review of Obama biography "The Bridge"

Palin: Obama would ban guns if he could

Joe Garcia: David Rivera's "political stunt" cost Florida taxpayers $364,500

Why Has The Obama Administration Approved 27 More Offshore Wells

Obama pledges end to 'cozy' oil relationships

President Obama on BP,Transocean and Halliburton "finger pointing"

Carly Fiorina injects $1.1 million more into her campaign

He's Obama's 'Rove' except when he's not...

OMG! President Obama is Gay!

Obama Causes Woman to Levitate In His Presence

Shocking Michelle

Obama Approval Continues Upward Trend

GOP offers new oil liability standard — one year's profit

CareTo Go For A Swim, Haley?

Todd Palin helps Murkowski foe

Biden: Democratic Party backs Sen. Specter in Pa.

Unexpected praise in Louisiana for Obama administration's spill response

Lesson From the Gulf: Stop Drilling

More jobs might be created this year than during George W. Bush's presidency.

The President's hilarious "NO! . . . You can't drive!"

Obama's Pakistan Strategy Is Not Working

Will Gregory drops out of CT-4

Don’t Look Now, but Obama Just Revolutionized the War on Drugs

Well since Sarah Palin knows what Pres. Obama really would do if he could...

Tea Party-Backed Repeal Of The 17th Amendment Gets Republicans Into Trouble

Sorry Mr. President, we're not so easily fooled anymore. Your rhetoric will be meaningful when...

BREAKING: Obama to Outline New Regulation of Offshore Rigs, Get "Tough" With 3 Companies

Kerry-Lieberman climate bill: The details

D'oh! Linda McMahon Picks Now To Call For More Offshore Drilling

Obama, Bush Exempt Offshore Drilling from Env. Impact Studies - Oil Spills & Paper Mills

Thom Hartmann - Will our oceans survive? with Stiv Wilson from The 5 Gyres Project

Media's Coddling of BP

Taxes: Whining more, paying less

Senate Republicans Protect Big Oil

Bill Maher On Palin, Kagan, Karzai, Afghan War, Oil Spill & Immigration [Edit]

British Petroleum (BP) oil spill protest

Sarah Palin Gets It All Wrong... Again! by Old Fart Rants

Guns 'N' Grub Happy Hour


Machete Says F*#%! Arizona - Trailer for new movie.


Teabaggers Gather Around - Live Improv

President Obama met by protest in Buffalo NY

Come to Arizona May 29!

Alaska Senator Murkowski Halts Law To Hold BP Accountable For Oil Spill

Young Turks Interview Lawrence Lessig: The Case For Elena Kagan

Al Franken HELP Committee Hearing on Nurse Safety

John McCain Ad: Complete the Danged (Death Star) Fence

TYT: Sy Hersh Breaks Story On Battlefield Executions

Robert Greenwald Discusses Afghanistan on The Ed Show - May 14, 2010

Nuke the oil spill: Could nuclear bomb be answer for huge leaks as at US Gulf coast?

The Story of Your Enslavement

TYT: Fox News Spins Net Neutrality

Papantonio: BP, Does Their Conduct Rise to Manslaughter

Bill Maher Gives His Opinion On Afghanistan, Kagan Nomination and Sarah Palin

Drill Baby Drill Live @ the RNC 2008

Look at yourself after watching this....

Arizona Bans Ethnic Studies – The Ethnic Purge Continues.

Young Turks Interview Glenn Greenwald: The Case Against Elena Kagan

Arizona Bans Ethnic Studies (Here we go...) No more of that god damn black or Latino studies!

Kieth Olbermann. Sara Palin Worst Person in the World...Keith defends MSNBC and Rachael

Cable News Wonders: If A Judicial Nominee Plays Softball, Does That Make Her Gay?

GRITtv: Mary Bottari: Auditing the Fed: a Progressive Win

Amateur Video Of Gulf Oil Slick - Worse Than BP Admits

The Fructose Epidemic - An Article by Dr Robert H. Lustig

Obama: GOP Drove The Country Into The Ditch 'Now They Want The Keys Back'

Kerry, Lieberman Promote Offshore Oil, Coal, Nukes, Offsets in New "Climate" Bill

Latvia's online 'Robin Hood' nabbed, released

The Great Float Grab: How Healthcare Reform Puts Your Money in Wall Street’s Pocket

Dead to rights: Altmire's terror bill subverts respect for citizenship

Exotic investment Vehicles: An Unproductive Abuse of Capital

Alan Grayson: We Beat the Fed!

Could Deepwater Horizon REALLY Be Spewing 70,000 Barrels Per Day? Answer: YES

BP Says Oil Spill 'Tiny' Compared To Ocean

U.S. Said to Allow Drilling Without Needed Permits


Free Trade Deficits are Unconstitutional & Unethical, Citizens For Equal Trade

Noam Chomsky: How the Tea Partiers Are Getting Screwed by Their Own Ideology

June 2009: Greenpeace laughs at BP logo

Russia, U.S. say new START treaty marks end of 'Cold War'

MMS Corruption, of Biblical Proportions, Leads to NOAA's Ark

Happy Little Gerbils

Justice Questions Way Court Nominees Are Grilled.

Liu Nomination Advances

Fear Quantitative Trading

Glenn Beck Conspiracy Theory Generator

Eugene Robinson: In Arizona, just say no to Latino heritage

A Christian Perspective on Prisons --An interview with Stan Moody

Gulf Spill Solution Could be Supertankers, BP Won’t Listen

Invasion of the gun nuts (the NRA hits Uptown)

Kagan's Troubling Record

The Man Who Brought You Demon Sheep

Friday Talking Points (123) -- A Working Senate

Weekend Economists Contemplate Life, Death and Immortality May 14-16, 2010

What do you think is Sarah Palin's favorite literature? (CNN)

David Sirota: Blowback: Why They Try to Bomb Us


Engineering failure in Louisiana: Lake Peigneur: The Swirling Vortex of Doom

San Diego Gas & Electric Signs 130 MW (Solar) Power Purchase Agreement

Solarfun Accelerates (PV) Capacity Expansion Plan (to 900 MW per year - China)

LDK Solar Raises Polysilicon Capacity (for PV module production, China)

ProLogis Renewable Energy Announces 11 MW Rooftop Solar Project (part of 100 MW project, Calif.)

Drumbeat: May 14, 2010

BP oil leak worse than previously thought, reports say (70,000 bbl per day)

GM crop use makes minor pests major problem

Oil spill science: The smoking gun

Lizards succumb to global warming

Blue Sky, other green energy programs get high participation rates in Oregon

Diplomats: Iran expands (uranium) enrichment facility

Scientists ID Bacterial Genes that Improve Plant Growth

Rare chuditch found in West Australian bush

Setting time limits for hunting and fishing, rather than quotas, may help maintain...populations...

The U.S. Spent Nuclear Fuel Policy: Road to Nowhere

All New York City Municipal Buildings Benchmarked for Energy Efficiency

NZ has some nasties, too: Below-the-belt bite sends backpacker packing

NSW State Government rejects Bickham coal mine

BP officially ditches "Operation Top Hat" Moves to Insertion Tube to Stop Oil Spill

BP ditches "Operation Top Hat" Moves to Insertion Tube to Stop Oil Spill

The new Gulf War

Protecting the Oil Industry

70,000 Barrels a Day - BP oil spill much larger than previous estimates

Recycling “tiny trash” — cigarette butts

Mass death at the the base of the Gulf food web

Areva To Provide MOX Nuclear Fuel To Recently Completed Japanese Nuclear Reactor.

No slowdown for global wind energy market (160% increase to 409 GW in next 5 years)

Carbon Plan’s Price Controls May Hurt Nuclear, Barclays Says

How much insurance will be adequate to compensate for loss of manatees?

So I am thinking of going solar on our (potential) future house. Does anyone

Source Terms and Distribution of Carcinogenic PAH's in U.S. National Parks.

Nissan’s Leaf Battery Maker Targets Cost of Less Than $9,000

Al Gore's new house

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Thursday, May 13)

Skip Away Dies of Heart Attack

Did anyone notice the Natinals pounded the hapless Rockies 14-6, to go five

Spyglassgate gets hotter

Top 5 Solar Powered Sports Stadiums

Mark McGwire kicked off Missouri highway..

What the hay? Is this now Seattle? Another Rox game postponed.

WTF? Toronto up by a run over the Rangers in the 4th inning. 11-10.

McNabb apologizes for not winning Super Bowl reports Cavs fire Mike Brown

Free DRF Preakness Past Performances download link (pdf)

If LeBron had any sense he'd sign with the Bobcats


Stupid Boston Bruins...

Alright Philly, you know what to do....

The JR Chess Report (May 14): Winner and still cham-peen, Vishy Anand

300 tonnes of expired medicine unearthed at health ministry

Jailed Colombian druglord pleads for home

Jailed Colombian druglord pleads for home

X Post: Come to Arizona May 29

Medvedev: Brazil president's Iran visit may be 'last chance'

Old article, Cubans and cats (1994)

Chavez opponent ordered freed from police custody

New Castro, Same Cuba

AP Bombshell: "US Drug War Has Met None of Its Goals"

BoRev - I just noticed this!

Top-flight investigative journalist goes off the air (Colombia)

Chevron's "Crude" Attempt to Suppress Free Speech

Indians warn of war against Amazon mega-dam

Economic Woes Threaten Chavez's Socialist Vision

China Worker Discussses Venezuela's Chavez

Coming out may cost ROTC student

I was in a documentary about Desi queer women

'I am transgender, and I want my voice to be heard'

Soldiers in Iraq doing the blah blah blah

Something for the boys...

Economic Report: Free Coffee On The Job Can Cut Worker Mistakes

Russia rebuffs Israeli rebuke over open relations with Hamas

Israel's red line: Shin Bet arrests boycott leader - Jonathan Cook

Shielded by U.S. Umbrella, Israel Joins Rich Man's Club

Obama urges funds for Israel shield

American Federation of Teachers Says A Union-Partnered Chicago Charter School Is A National Model

New London School Bus Drivers Appeal to Board Of Education to Urge Their Contractor to "Play By The

Today in Labor History May 14 Racists attacked a “Freedom Ride” bus near Anniston, Alabama

AFT president Randi Weingarten speaking at Town Hall Meeting in Kansas City

Nicaraguan workers deny conspiracy against Dole

Double-dip would sideswipe auto industry

Census Bureau Warns Its Workers Of Violent Incidents

Gun buff charged in fatal shooting - Milwaukee

Chesterfield woman fatally shot; police suspect ex-boyfriend

Will Lautenberg anti-gun airport bill increase vulnerability? (Trying to usurp Georgia's new law)

Oklahoma governor vetoes open carry handgun bill

Chairs as a solution to guns!

Why is there no middle ground on guns?

Should you own a handgun? ...

Mets Lead the Majors in Declining Attendance

Little waterfall from above

Couple of shots with a phone camera at a loading dock at dawn. (No processing)

"88 Brilliant Examples of Bokeh Photography"

I'd submit a "Crazy Heart" if I knew which one. Are you willing to tell me which one you like? Poll

Here's what some people did today

A post in GD about the effect of the environmental catastrophe in The Gulf

Atlantis primed for her last flight today 5/14

Most Distant Galaxy Cluster Revealed by Invisible Light

last time (pic)

Had a pleasure to meet baby raven Wednesday night

Starcodes this week- Heather Roan Robbins

Any suggestions for getting rid of box elder bugs?

reconnecting with my sister

Happy Birthday to BlueIris.

Crow Medicine -- seeking info on crow social patterns

This makes me cry.

The Cost of Father Maciel (FirstThings June/July 2010)

State-of-the-Art Theism Goes on the Attack Against 'The New Atheists'

For Married Women, Age Gap Can Be Deadly

California inspectors pay surprise visit to County-USC Medical Center after complaint about ER waits

Institute Of Medicine Report on Supplement Regulation

Who doesn't hate smallpox?

Europe aid package boosts bonds, not euro

Anyone see any articles on the impact of a euro breakup?

Moving the Markets

Sarkozy Threatens To Pull France Out Of Euro

John Williams - The man who debunks the government's groovy economic numbers

And you thought an oil leak was bad? WH pans jobs, embraces cuts.

More than a euro crisis

Richard Abrams: debunking free marketarianism