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Elton John to perform in Morocco despite calls to ban him

When Life Gives You Oil Spills......

You can't "disappear" one of your best posters w/o consequence

If you own the site you can say anything you want!

Petitions vs. Ariz. immigration law dropped

Damn it.

If you want to pass Republican/Corporatist policies elect a Democrat

I'm going to set up a site where the air is free and honest opions can flow...

Detainee’s case on torture grounds denied

"predator drone" "where did I put those WMDs?" " Bomb bomb bomb Iran" jokes are ALL disgraces

A message from the President.

How about we sit around the campfire and sing Kumbaya for awhile, then call it a night?

Thank God for Jon Stewart this depressing night! He's doin' his job well!

America's rotting teeth -part 2

Weren't People Here Telling Me The Liberal Democrats Were The Real Progressive Party In The U K?

Weren't People Here Telling Me The Liberal Democrats Were The Real Progressive Party In The U K?

OOOOOH! Two snaps UP, girlfriend! "It is a confirmation, it's not a coronation."

444,000 Gallons of Dispersant on the Leak So Far, Another 180,000 Gallons Available

Seattle police beating caught on tape

W.Va. GOP nominates for Congress ex-judge at heart of scandal with Massey CEO Don Blankenship

Scroogle is back up. For those who don't know, ScroogleSSL allows you to search without having your

As much as I like Think Progress, that's a huge mistake to make.

If you want to see President Carter with a cold one at an event I attended tonight...

Russia's State Duma to consider luxury tax bill

Israel to keep nuclear 'ambiguity'

Arizona gov. signs bill targeting ethnic studies

Ukraine's Tymoshenko receives official notification of criminal case

U.S. investigates Morgan Stanley

Timely reading......

Mollohan loses in West Virginia's 1st

Eating too much packs on more fat for diabetics' kin

Why are oil companies so keen to drill in the deep Gulf?

Ralphs Accused Of Overcharging Customers In L.A.

Afghan war allies want Iraq war-tested MRAPs

Deficit Commission’s Alan Simpson Denounces Fat Cat Geezers

White House not impressed with McChrystal's results in Afghanistan

International ME/CFS day today

IG: VA lags on meeting own care standards

MarSOC Marine found dead at Lejeune

Holloman master sgt. found dead on base

Eight year old boy is sole survivior - Afrigiya Airways crash

That deep gulf oil is needed as a dependable reserve to fuel our vast military machine.

That deep gulf oil is needed as a dependable reserve to fuel our vast military machine.

In remote villages, Afghan government inspires little faith

Gates Calls for Cuts in Defense Overhead

DoD Buzz: OSD Eyes Near-Space UAVs

In Kagan stance on military, a complex history

For a good discussion on the British election outcome

If you read or hear a subtle or overt reference to lesbians and softball, it is no joke

Georgia militia member arrested while trying to free fellow birther

Wash. lawmakers slam EADS over tanker bid

Special Forces exercise trains African armies

More Than 3,000 Victims Of Right-Wing Militias Exhumed in Colombia

More Than 3,000 Victims Of Right-Wing Militias Exhumed in Colombia

hahaha ....coming up: Morning Joe to discuss Palin's new book

Beau Biden Hospitalized After Suffering 'Mild Stroke': Vice President Son Recovering In Delaware Hos

Hamid Karzai's White House welcome is a facade

Suppose the wars ended today

Obama’s Stealth Entitlement Commission

Peter Peterson Wants to Cut Social Security

California militias prepare for disaster - Why aren't they in the Gulf cleaning up oil?

Playground reopens after razor blades removed from slides, other equipment

SPIN METER: GOP senators' shifting standards

10 Percent of Americans Are Morans

5 Myths about immigration

Eleven-foot 'giant herring' found off Sweden

And then God created Man.....and it was not good. ('Stahler cartoon - not funny)

"Long Stroking" the short thing...

Two-Family Man Vito Fossella Considering Another Run - Family values Rethug

Two-Family Man Vito Fossella Considering Another Run - Family values Rethug

Longtime Incumbent Alan Mollohan Lost

DARPA's Brain Implants Would Help Replace Mental Function in Wounded Warfighters

Toon: It's all Mr. Rogers' fault

Toon: One way to plug the oil leak

Toon: One way to plug the oil leak

Full Blown Scandal? NH AG-Ayotte (Running For Senate) Wrote Herself Permission Slip to Bury Email

In light of BP's corporate psycopathy, this might be a good weekend to revisit.....

Did the oil produced by this destroyed rig go into the "Domestic" market or did it enter

The Word Series: Literary Sports Shirts

"A First Look At The Details Of The Kerry-Lieberman American Power Act"

The Morning After (a.k.a. congressional debate in a bar)

So Americans' lousy teeth are killing our unborn babies too.

Paul Hodes NH Senate Campaign

(Visalia, CA) Hmong Veteran Sues to Return to Laos

(Visalia, CA) Hmong Veteran Sues to Return to Laos

Homeless, But Enjoying Hawaii On $3 A Day

WOW a woman caller named Windy on C-SPAN was great!!

Roubini Says Greece May Lead Exodus From Euro, China's Growth May Falter

Toon: Someone's not happy with the liberal democrats' deal with the tories....

This is not the first time an odd photo was an issue in a supreme court appointment

Noam Chomsky: The U.S. Continues to Be a Terrorist State

Far Left and Far Right agree on at least one subject and made Congress Act.

Libya Plane Crash Kills 105, Dutch Child Survives

Bay Buchanan on Kagan and Palin.

Arizona was wrong, but the Feds are even more wrong...

Time to start writing and calling your reps...

FOLLOW THE MONEY: click and easily find how much your elected officials are influenced

Fashion design and mens figure skating are disproportionately gay avocations

The mind is a terrible thing to erase. Come CAPTION this teabagging bambino!!!

As We Die for BP, Our Military Rots in the Wrong Gulf

Most Americans will buy their next pet from a shelter..a thumbs up for the American public

King: If Gays Don't Want To Be Discriminated Against, They Should Stay In the Closet

Luckovich TOON: "No more blaming the fish"

Here we go: Dead Dolphins wash ashore

America's values upheld while Teabagging. Please come CAPTION!!!!!!

Can DU and our carping about the Democratic Party become the start of a NEW

As Dean, Kagan Opposed Graham Amendment Stripping Detainees Of Court Access

You all know I like President Obama a lot but he doesn't look good ...

Democrats get more ‘aggressive’ and ‘bullish’ on terrorism

Palin ‘losing the Alaska vote,’ as more say they’d vote against her

Judge Asked to Revoke BP Probation for Earlier Explosion in Texas

Obama Rejects Rush Limbaugh Golf Match: Rush 'Can Play With Himself'

Link to Wiki article on George Rekers - if anyone deserves such scorn and public disgrace,

Ohio Dems' response -- 4 topless men, 1 woman in a bra

Database opens window to Holocaust mysteries

Republican candidate from California wants to issue hunting permits for liberals

More nurses mean more patients live

Gov. Brewer signs bill targeting ethnic studies

You won't believe how much of my money the Federal government is stealing from me in taxes.

BEIJING – An attacker with a cleaver hacked to death seven children and two adults at a kindergarten

Today's NASA satellite pic of the Gulf Spill

John Minnis cited for sexual harrassment, faces $2 million judgment

Can someone explain to me why the Liberal Party in England sided

Barrage of US missiles kills 24 (Civilians) in NWA

When my 3 granddaughters see Kagan, they see a role model.

Report: Afghan army riddled with corruption and feuding

Wall Street Eyes Farmland - Investors Aim to Tap Ag's "Super Cycle"

BP Hearing - What The Traditional Media Did Not Report

Owner of Sunken Gulf Oil Rig Dominant Source of Problems in Gulf Since 2008(75% of all incidents)

Top 10 Countries Ruining the Planet

Louisiana Considers Bill to Restrict Lawsuits (STOPuniversity environmental-law clinics in state)

Thank You Thom Hartmann for Evicerating that Right Wing Spin Bot (nt)

Deadly drug found in online diet pills

not sure if this belongs in this forum (rant about modern music)

GOP boycotting Arizona in 2012?

Life style sales

Despite Tea Bagger Propaganda, U.S. Tax Burden Is Lowest Since 1950

Lawmakers call for more steps to thwart terrorist attacks; no suspicion=suspicion?

WTF is going on in China - 5th knife attack on school children in 2010.

WTF is going on in China - 5th knife attack on school children in 2010.

Conservatives fear FREEDOM and LIBERTY because F&L threaten Authoritarian rule.

How to start a movement Ted Talks - Let's get started and end drilling forever

Rep. Waxman says congressional investigation shows Gulf oil well's blowout preventer had leak

The Rubber Stamp man disses Kagan

Clues from Princeton..Does Kagan's "Socialism" thesis reveal her as … a moderate?

Peace Corps to Open a New Program in Colombia

This is the ugliest person in the world

And so it begins.......Dolphins wash ashore in gulf. (sad photo's)

Obama comes out swinging against auto dealer-backed measure

Convent janitor arrested in drug probe

What's the Difference between British Petroleum and Terrorists?

Mike Thompson has a killer bankster toon in today's Detroit Free Press, but I'm unable ...

Arizona Immigration [A Cartoon from Latin America]

I understand why BP is getting slammed with this Oil Spill - but why aren't we holding Halliburton..

Congress has an annual inter-party softball game

The DLC has taken over the Democratic Party, completely and utterly

Arizona gov. signs bill targeting ethnic studies thought it would be fun to look closely at Kagan's Batting Stance

Here is a different idea for containing the spill.

Tampa's Other Attractions!!

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Ex-CIA Official Reveals New Details About Torture, Plame Leak

TPM: Transocean To Workers After Rig Explosion: Sign The Waiver Here, Please! (VIDEO)

interesting Cosmic Event

Romanticizing Republicans and Dubya - Comparing Obama To Neocons - The Miranda Question

Texas high school basketball star is 22 year old man, police say

Condemned 'homicidal hitchhiker' transferred to Lucasville today

School blocks police from interviewing girl that had been stalked

Thurgood Marshall College Fund pushes back against Limbaugh’s attacks...endorses Kagan

Thurgood Marshall College Fund pushes back against Limbaugh’s attacks...endorses Kagan

LA City Council approves economic boycott of

Withdrawal of First Large Phase of Combat Troops Likely to be Delayed for at Least a Month (Iraq)

Brewer signs law outlawing teaching of the Bible in school

Important analysis of the "softball" picture

Obama says he's accountable for civilian deaths

All the drama and hyperbole here is just killing me

GOP to Maine classroom: We wuz here (and they stole a poster)

Dad on trial for branding kids

Trolls - pic

This could get ugly...

Jimmy Carter's grandson wins Ga. Senate seat

Need a laugh?

Hmmmm...700 Club gets an Emmy Nomination for "OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT IN MAKEUP"

stupid, cruel Afghani men strike again

Is Stupak whining about birth control and abortion again?

Survey: Peanut allergies triple from 1997 to 2008

NYRB: Earth to Elie Wiesel

Home prices could sink without tax credit..USA TODAY

Boycotting BP companies? Here's a few to consider

PG&E reports discuss SmartMeter problems: raising the possibility of billing errors

Fannie Mae Wants $8.4 Billion More in Fed (taxpayer) Aid--Portends More Housing Market Troubles

Southern Poverty Law Ctr: Lead anti-immigration group had ties to Nazi sympathizer group

Southern Poverty Law Ctr: Lead anti-immigration group had ties to Nazi sympathizer group

"About us" -came across a job posting for a computer tech, had to chuckle a bit

More than 200 employees let go from Pro's Ranch Markets after I-9 audit

The Deficit: Nine Myths We Can't Afford

Gov't Housing with a twist?

Excellent easy to understand video explanation of the Social Security "crisis".

Stupak = Chutzpah: 'people tried to use abortion as a tool to stop health-care reform'

US Senate begins oil spill cover-up

Arts: Swiss Artist Catalogs Mutant Insects Around Nuke Plants

Newsweek story about gay actors called ‘mind-blowingly bigoted’

WTF Ratigan? Breitbart to discuss Kagan's sexuality

Environmentalists Criticize Obama's Steps to Improve Interior Dept & MMS's Oil Industry Policing

Home Depot called arrogant, ordered to pay ex-Boca Raton inventor millions more

Shining a Light on the Shadow Bank Lobby

Shining a Light on the Shadow Bank Lobby

Abu Dhabi hotel boasts an ATM with a golden touch

I wonder what stereotype they were shooting for

Operation Hollywood: How the Pentagon Shapes & Censors the Movies

Lead anti-immigration group had ties to extremist group formed by Nazi sympathizers

Hikers report booby traps on section of Pacific Crest Trail

Has any one here heard of the Stripling Warriors?

Tweety is really grilling Arlen Specter on his show today.

Are Some Religions Terrorist Organizations??

At a Democratic committee Specter thanks the Republicans for endorsing him.

DemConWatch blog gets a mention on St. Louis TV regarding 2012 Dem Convention


Chicago charter school teachers unionize.

Howzabout ideas on how we can each, individually, cut fuel-use

Arizona governor signs bill banning ethnic studies

DSCC is pouring cash into funding Specter's TV ad campaign, starring President Obama

DSCC is pouring cash into funding Specter's TV ad campaign, starring President Obama

For Arizona

For Arizona

BP Underwater Oil Spill Video Gone from Gov't Site

I want to mention something about the West Virginia upset

Boycott update: Arizona tourism association counts 23 canceled meetings at a total loss of $6-10 mil

Reportedly GSachs helped hide Greece debt problems then bet against

Merkley, Klobuchar Amendment Banning Liar Loans Approved

Specter coming up on Tweety

Gawker: The Congressman Who Is Eight Times Crazier Than Michele Bachmann

Obama: US on track to begin drawing down troops in Afghanistan next year

Tyler Lambert, Son of Dana Plato, Commits Suicide

sorta makes Bieber-fever seem just like a 24-hour cold!

The thing I've discovered about posts on DU that nearly all DUers can agree with.

Press banned from BP oil spill command center

Maybe it is time to march for the planet.

Maybe it is time to march for the planet.

Sen. Kit Bond reportedly fell asleep during intelligence briefing on Times Square bomber.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz may challenge fellow Utah Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch in 2012

Elena Kagan: Toward a Pro-GM Supreme Court?

I am not gay and never have been. NARTH responds

Dennis Kucinich coming up on the Ed Show (6:55pm est)

McCain's "That One!" - honestly, I think that is what cost them the election

Obama's energy proposal: lots of nuclear

Steve King (R-IA): "Homosexual activist lobby" is "taking it out on the rest of society"

9/11 - The Gulf oil disaster

Yuck. Kagan frequently pushed Clinton to triangulate.

"...Wherever we go people say that my grandfather was their favorite president."

You're an American citizen and here are your rights

Is 'openly gay' not a redundancy?

Is 'openly gay' not a redundancy?

Wow, someone got smart and asked Kagan's friends: She's straight

Thank you to everyone that gave me a donor star last night.

I saw another anti-abortion sticker today

UK national identity card scheme to be axed

Oklahoma Tornadoes Kill 6: Incredible Destruction

A great, definitive Lena Horne piece. 2 thumbsup.

I was chatting with an old college chum who Started his career working on Oil rigs...

Oakland lifts century-old ban on cross-dressing

Oh, for Christ's sake....

Intelligent Design: Scientifically and Religiously Bankrupt

Intelligent Design: Scientifically and Religiously Bankrupt

Summarizing The Kagan Controversy: She's Not You.

The Rude Pundit-Yeah, Your State Sucks, Too, But Not As Much As Arizona,Oklahoma, or Louisiana Today

I hope that the massive impact of this oil spill will exclaim the truth to fundamentalists:

BP's released video of the oil volcano (Just posted)

Senate votes to bar mortgage kickbacks, liar loans

How many people did the US kill in Vietnam?

Sestak vs. Specter - who do you support

Now that Gordo's gone, what are we gonna call Cameron?

Obama meets with US puppet, Karzai, who suggests we 'manage our media' better

News on Meek/Crist for Florida Senate

Obama Seeks $33 Billion More in Afghanistan Escalation Funds:

Memos reveal Elena Kagan's centrist side

Just saw on MSNBC where the Rethugs are looking at Tampa for their 2012 convention...

Re: LBN - "28 die in NWA drone attack". Mash-up of thread in LTE form.

Iraq violence set to delay US troop withdrawal

GOP Votes Against Protecting Home Buyers

A Woman's Touch: Physical Contact Increases Financial Risk Taking

Christianity Today: Rekers getting counseling from THREE Christian counselors for his "weaknesses"

New American Bar Association president, a UF grad, sees a 'justice gap'

Kagan: "I eat my boogers."

A symptom of a fucked up society: 18 month old toddler has gonorrhea. Police investigating.

A symptom of a fucked up society: 18 month old toddler has gonorrhea. Police investigating.

Breaking: S.C. governor meets Argentine lover in Fla.

Any Petroleum Engineers that are members of DU ?

Pentagon Tests Technology for New Stun Gun

Quarantine K Street.

I like this place so much better with my ignore list filling up :)

Actual context of the Kagan quote re: Federalist Society. (Video)

..."It's really like offering poison coated with sugar."...

Tampa wins bid to host 2012 GOP Convention

Oiled up & on the beach at Dauphin Island

EcoAdvocates: Let's Ushahidi BP!

Los Angeles approves Arizona boycott over immigration law

Los Angeles approves Arizona boycott over immigration law

FBI Gets Evidence in Student Webcam Scandal (here is one of the pics)

Words of Caution for Elena Kagan, There's a Far Touchier Reproductive Issue Than Abortion

Are you buying fuel from BP?

Are you buying fuel from BP?

1,000 an hour flood phones as IMF AU confirms it will fund series of class actions against big banks

Does Citizens United mean that Obama's rival in 2012 will receive more corporate money than Obama?

Obama rejects Limbaugh golf invitation: 'Rush can play with himself'

Illinois GOP politicians flee from Sarah Palin fundraiser

The Relief Well is a Cover Up

Scalia is giving Matthews a chill up his leg?

Student: Teacher Called Flag Pic Offensive

I give Cameron and Clegg 6 months...

WHISTLEBLOWER: BP Cheated "Falsified" Evidence For Years

Distrust of Afghan Leaders Threatens U.S. War Strategy

Kagan: "I love the Federalist Society"

"Poll: Despite spill, support for oil drilling high"

PREDICTION: On May 19 the Senate makeup will be 56 - 42 - 2 for all intents and purposes

Oil spill investigators find critical problems in blowout preventer

"How Do I Delete My Facebook Account?" A Fast Growing Query - ReadWriteWeb

MSNBC - "For court clout, no judicial experience needed" - Judicial Exp. Req Only Applies To Women?

Argh !!! - Hurricane Could Worsen Huge US Oil Spill: Experts - AFP/Yahoo

CBS News cites report that Soviets "Nuked" Gas Well Fires.

Outing The Fed. Remembering Mark Pittman.

Kiplinger - "Health Reform, Phase 1: What You Will See When" - Non-Partisan Personal Finance View

Hair Booms = before you host a Boom-B-Q, read this...

NRO's Judicial Attack Dog Calls Elena Kagan A Prostitute..

Seymour Hersh: US troops executing prisoners in Afghanistan, journalist says

HEADS UP OKLAHOMA. Storm chaser sees tornado cross I-40 east of Clinton, OK,

Detroit Metro Times: Tea Bag truth

Afghan War Costs Now Top Iraq

If you have the following Senators write them now, ask them to support Goodwin Liu

New Seattle PD abuse allegations surface

Bad moon risin'?

Dead dolphins wash up in Gulf; oil role unclear

Permit likely for neo-Nazi rally at Gettysburg battlefield

Evan Bayh regarding reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act

New Underwater footage of BP oil leak at the source

And now a word or two from Harvey Wasserman

Plans to evacuate due to BP oil spill?

Plans to evacuate due to BP oil spill?

Sierra Club, which endorsed Obama, calls for new energy policy

Sen. Corker says the Financial Regulation bill is "getting worse every day"

Disappointed in SCOTUS nominee

The Queen of dumb sez: Obama 'Has Dummied Down The Supreme Court'

Teach Design: Think Dumb

Tea Party Candidate In CA11 Leaves Facebook Entry Advocating Hunting Season For Liberals

‘Silent Summer’: Portions of writer’s fictional oil spill story may come true

How do they get away with this shit....

Name it- The Dick Cheney Oil Disaster.

If Sarah's "writing" another book, will Symbolman and Demobabe follow suit?

Planet Jupiter has lost a belt!

Big Bank Takeover: Report Blames Revolving Door For 'Too Big To Fail' - HuffPo

Telecoms’ Secret Plan To Attack Net Neutrality:Target Video Gamers &Stoke Fear Of Chinese Censorship

Coppola: 3D is just a device to get you to spend more money on seeing a movie

Here we go again. Hail and tornado threats Sirens went off once already. Now Hail

High Remediation Rates Mean Paying Twice for Learning

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

Jupiter loses one of its stripes and scientists are stumped as to why

Chis Hayes did a good job subbing for Rachel last night.

San Francisco values save the world, By Mark Morford

If you really need a laugh today... The Subservient Chicken

"If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at the people he gave it to"

Small New York Town Makes English the Law

We got drunk off of capitalism


Pipe Bomb Used in Jacksonville Mosque Blast (Not Terrorism? Not Noticed?)

Not Even Bork Got Treated Like This

COVER-UP: After Oil Rig Blast, BP Refuses To Share Underwater Spill Footage

Will Jeb Bush Be The Next Republican Nominee For POTUS?

Pink supremacists

Security Brief: The 'urgent' choking of al Qaeda's money supply

"Brother Beck Presents" - Why Glenn Beck Cries

News article from the Miami Herald - January 5, 2036

Deepwater Horizon Well Failed Key Test (Twice!)

"This, arguably, is among the best polling days for Democrats this year."

What's up with the killing of all these school children

"I am a Mexican American and a Republican."

The Jefferson Davis Fan Club.....Poor Grammar chapter

Do NOT raise the liability cap for oil companies!

In several cities nationwide today protests were held to call for the seizure of BP assets - pics

Halter: Vote Pits Working Families Against Lincoln’s Corporate Campaign Cash

Oil spill probe: BP had wrong diagram to close blowout preventer

LEAKED: Telcos' Secret Plans to Use Fake "Citizens Groups" to KILL Net Neutrality

Obama's Deficit Commission "partnering" with Pete Peterson to put on June propaganda assault

Explain to me why I am wrong

Drone Attacks Rise in Pakistan

Stories that will uplift your spirit and help to heal your soul!

Video today of the gusher on sea floor.

9 Indicted on Charges of Accessing Obama's Student Loan Records

Obama won't golf with Limbaugh

Seriously, is softball a sport that attracts mostly lesbians?

Why are BP/TransOcean/Halliburton execs not sitting in prison?

What's all this squawking about regulating the Internet?

University of Chicago Law School

Don't call it the Gulf Oil spill call it what it is

Kerry-Lieberman Climate Proposal a Disaster for Climate

The Matrix is real.

Brown wants to eliminate credit card rate "loophole"

The Kagan question (for progressives) made simple

Highland Park High School scraps team trip to Arizona

Maine teabagger GOP steals labor movement history poster from social studies classroom

E-voting systems to be used throughout the US this November

Price of Facebook Privacy? Start Clicking - NY Times

They call this a leak!

SHOULD I REALLY fear for my safety?

Cat lovers fear Ill. town plan would include pets (round up stray cats and euthanize)

The People v. the Bankers -- Greece Today, US Tomorrow

So Laura Bush announced that she is in favor of marriage equality

BP Knew of Problems Hours Before Blast

Can a child pornographer last longer at Free Republic than a Giuliani supporter?

Trailer Treasure

does home despot contract with their suppliers for identically labeled but inferior models?

Eighth suicide of worker from Chinese iPhone factory

Happy Birthday George Carlin

The big BP picture that's not being discussed but should be...

The big BP picture that's not being discussed but should be...

Digital Photocopiers Loaded With Secrets

***** Official "Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill & Offshore Drilling" House Hearing Thread *****

University Park man slain after dog urinates on lawn

Women are dominating in higher education and will continue to do so, experts say.

.Federal officials block open hearings into West Virginia explosion

Rentboy' Minister Got $120K Taxpayer Dollars From Fla. GOP Gov Candidate -- for Anti-Gay Testimony

Dow's up.....

Obama Administration ‘Firmly Opposes’ Marijuana Legalization — Here’s Why

Attacks throw light on Montana’s medical marijuana boom

Myth on Kagan's Hiring Practices Destroyed.

On my lunch hour, saw a Teabagger vehicle with slogans written all over the windows...

BP, Obama Administration hide fear irreversible damage from catastrophic Gulf oil spill

FACEBOOK - Why give a megacorp all your private info?

Why did Obama think the Arctic was environmentally sensitive but not the Gulf of Mexico?

In Newburgh, Gangs and Violence Reign

I admit to being tired of hearing that saying a person is gay, is talking about their sex life

Do you really think they're telling you the truth on anything?

If Kagan moves SCOTUS to the right guess how many doors I will knock on for Obama 12?

BP's corporate, political donations

Ted Crystal Meth Oral Sex Haggard Formally Opens St. James Church In Colorado Springs

Masturbation threatens the planet.

It just occurred to me. If you truly believe in less government,

Wow... In Case You Haven't Seen This... 'The World's Most Bizarre Man-Made Disasters (PHOTOS)'

ChickMagic, my beautiful, wonderful wife - Requiescat In Pace

Pro-legalization cops slam drug war recalibration, say Obama ‘just talking about it’

Pro-legalization cops slam drug war recalibration, say Obama ‘just talking about it’

OMG! They drilled into the Tiber oil field - estimated to hold 4- 6 billion barrels of oil

life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness--What do they mean?

I fear we are witnessing a massive ocean die off.


The Ten Points of Conservative Power Worship

RNC boycotting Phoenix in 2012?

Harlem Success Charter leader: “I’m not a big believer in special ed"

Andrew Tobias claims this is the best thing he's read all year. Goddammit, you know what? I agree.

Obama Scraps Iraq Withdrawal

Fears for crops as shock figures from America show scale of bee catastrophe

A quick word about expectations.

A quick word about expectations.

A quick word about expectations.

Barriers to Peace

This is why Nuclear Power will Never be Safe

Has anyone found a way to communicate with a tea bagging conservative?

Wall Street takes 40% of all US corporate profits -- for what important service?

An e-mail from a republican co-worker

Is our economy based largely on slave labor?

Is our economy based largely on slave labor?

Suggestion for those living 10 miles or less from work

Life is short, but there is always time for courtesy--Emerson

Facebook poster on illegal immigrants: "shoot em on site, then burn them"

"Yay, white people!" *Arizona Cheer!

Flashmob in SF Westin Hotel to draw attention to boycott for workers rights

So taboo, that no public official would ever admit to it

It Snowed By Us This Past Weekend (Pic/Video):

How about we sit around the campfire and sing Kumbaya for awhile, then call it a night?

English 101. This came to me this morning via email, uncredited.

Ladies and gentlemen....I present to earworm.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/12/10

This is my kind of Christmas:

Help!! Time to play "Name that intro riff..." if you please...

Where is the official DU 'LOST' thread???

Lost fans--did you miss this? You could hear MIB's fake mom utter his real name.

not sure if this belongs in this forum (rant about modern music)

"Amexicano"=great little watch instantly movie on Netflix

Anbody else having trouble getting to the Netflix site?

Here's YouTube's "Britain's Got Talent" - breakout Grannie of the Year

List Sawyer's nicknames.

A nice drinking song.

Another reason why the 70's RULED!

Domestic terrorists sets their sights on POT SHOPS!

Falcon Nest at the Gulf Tower – Downtown Pittsburgh

I posted a story in GD...

Most Antecedent way to go out

May 18

Overblown rant on the subject of an irrational pet peeve.

There is one benefit to being laid off

Need a laugh?

Hey, who just did that?!

50 Hilarious TV Screenshots and Freeze Frames

I am emotionally vulnerable.

Most Decadent way to go out

This thread is reserved for stoner cartoons.

Bay Area DUer's - can you explain KPIG to me?

Losties: Jacob's Brother's Name


Is Jack Shephard going to be on the L O S T island forever?

Disney Star Wars weekend promo posters


Do you enjoy musical whiplash like I do?

Move over Susan Boyle....

Duck Mouthed Monster

Ah , Maria Callas , like a delicate old bottle of red wine

SMKR the best birth control method ever

Actress, Musician To Wed

Taking Stock of Canada’s Mining Industry: Ecuadorian Landmark Lawsuit Challenges Canadian Mining Imp

When, somehow, a drink to the face just isn't enough....

Morgan Stanley Investigated Over Mortgage Securities, WSJ Says

Stop me if you've heard this one. Guy walks into a bar, and there's a robot bartender...

ECB ‘Shock Troops’ Go It Alone as Investors Question EU Plan

A baby squirrel came to play with us this afternoon -

Louisiana Considers Bill to Restrict Lawsuits

If you have a very intense job, how in the H do you decompress,

In a new town , were do you start to establish "green" connections.... no clue.

Who would win? Boston Celtics or the New York Mets?

Had to come back to Texas, my father has blood clot in his leg.

Dictionary definition of 'siphon' has been wrong for nearly a century

Just heard on the Stewart show: "Glen Beck has Nazi tourettes"

Both my cars have factory installed GPS

it's the law of the sea

Arizona gov. signs bill targeting ethnic studies


Spain unveils deep budget cuts amid EU economic fears

i'm ticking like a motherfucker

i will name my firstborn child Black Sabbath

Thai army to limit water, electricity to protests

I've been watching the original BBC "The Office"

Future Drama Queen in the making

Report: Afghan army riddled with corruption and feuding

How easy is it to get bud at your location?

I will say one thing, and one thing only. If you click, you will only see one thing from me.

(8 year old)Boy survives as over 100 die in Libya plane crash

Attn: Anyone who has seen the early 90s horror flick Candyman

Poodles in Style. Cruelty to Humans. Your pick.

3rd-shifters check in!

Pair facing charges after boy's body found in Utah

New UK govt promises 'solid, not slavish' US ties

Uzbekistan's Aids shame

Republican doubts Taliban link to New York plot

Must hide in lounge...

Throwing down the gauntlet. Narwhals or Platypuses?

Anyone ever read 'the Blind Assassin' by Margaret Atwood. I've just started it and i'm not

SHOULD I REALLY fear for my safety?

What is your favorite Australian marsupial?

What is your favorite Australian marsupial?

Nine accused of mob attack on disabled teen

Now , tell the truth , did you love your Mom and Dad equally ?

my ass

Total crap teevee alert

Peace Corps to Open a New Program in Colombia

anybody else ever use Craigslist casual encounters?

Post your cute stories about little kids here. My 4 year old nephew, his older brother and mother

L.A. City Council's budget committee recommends 1,000 more job cuts

Help me write a song

I am a passive aggressive grammar Nazi...

Futurama Drama Queen in the making

Where are all the L O S T threads about last night?

(FL) Shooting incident involved Iraq vet, PTSD

Transocean’s Biggest Investor Dumps Stock After Blast

Fartsack. That's what my Dad used to call the bed.

L.A. City Council to consider $56-million Arizona boycott over illegal-immigration law

Well, here I am, and it's waaayyy past my bedtime.

All lamentative posts aside... I'd just like to announce...

Taliban kill 2 alleged US spies in NW Pakistan

(UK) Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition deal: full text

Stupak: Oil well's blowout preventer had leaks, dead battery, design flaws

Rebel group (Hezb-i-Islami) rejects likely Afghan exile offer

EU wants member countries to co-ordinate budgets

Security Brief: The 'urgent' choking of al Qaeda's money supply

Guns found in US professor's luggage by Egypt customs

Arizona Governor signs bill prohibiting ethnic classes

U.S. posts 19th straight monthly budget deficit

Gulf spill provokes worries of 'unbelievable' damage (unprecedented economic+environmental disaster)

Iraqi security forces say politicians were behind Iraq attacks

Anybody hate that whole "breast cancer culture"?

E-mails show effort to keep Palin's fee secret

US probing Morgan Stanley deals: media

Beau Biden making 'favorable progress' after stroke

War in Afghanistan tops Iraq war costs

Judge Temporarily Blocks Furlough of State Workers

28 die in NWA drone attack

This is so fucked up

New Underwater footage of BP oil leak at the source

ACLU: Pennsylvania police cite hundreds just for cursing

BP Releases Oil Spill Video After Pressure From White House and Media

Obama Wants 'Limited Flexibility' On Miranda

Senate Gets a Climate and Energy Bill, Modified by a Gulf Spill That Still Grows

Whistleblower Claims That BP Was Aware Of Cheating On Blowout Preventer Tests

Arrest of 13 CIA Agents Sought in Spain

ACLU closing San Jose office in budget cut

KOTA anchorman who was suspended over tea party speech resigns

Oil spill probe: BP had wrong diagram to close blowout preventer

Working overtime increases heart risk, a study finds

No Press Allowed? ABC Reporter Turned Away from Oil Spill Command Center

Career-killing albums.

Career-killing albums.

LOS ANGELES approves Arizona boycott over immigration law

Russia Rebuffs U.S. Warning On Iran Missile Sale

OK Photo thread. You - the Nineteen Eighties. Ok.....POST!!

I've been passed out drunk for a few days and just woke up...

Libya plane crash 'kills all 105 on board'

Egypt detains NY passenger with guns in luggage

Video released by BP shows oil flowing into Gulf of Mexico like steam from a geyser

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday May 12

(Rep. Henry) Waxman: BP Knew of Safety Failure before Blast

(Rep. Henry) Waxman: BP Knew of Safety Failure before Blast

Son of the Late Dana Plato Commits Suicide

Seven children hacked to death in China school attack

San Jose officials to vote on Arizona boycott

Administration Threatens to Veto Health Spending Bill After Price Tag Jumps

Obama, Karzai try to project unity as new reports raise doubts

Civilian casualties rising in Afghanistan

Jeb Bush Sees Rising Star in Wisconsin Governor's Race

BP deploys second containment box

Hawaii can now shun Obama birthers’ requests

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Ex-CIA Official Reveals New Details About Torture, Plame Leak

China iPhone plant sees eighth suicide

Paul Iby, Reformist Bishop, Pushes Vatican To End Celibacy Requirement For Priests

Eating Nuts can Lower Cholesteral

BP holding back (data), University of West FL researchers say

Sources: Gregoire Could Replace Kagan

Obama proposes larger oil cleanup fund, tax on oil companies

Fox Refuses To Carry VoteVets Energy Independence Ad

9 indicted on charges of accessing Obama records

Update on Mosche the Cat.

What were the "in" posters when you were growing up?

(NYC) Minorities Frisked More but Arrested at Same Rate

GOP picks Tampa for 2012 convention

A dazzling future for solar power?

Poll: Broad support for Arizona immigration law (73%)

Obama administration recruits outside experts to help BP

Louisiana fishermen bitter over BP job handouts

SC Gov. Sanford saw Argentine lover in Florida

Obama files first defense of health care law in Detroit court

Quebec student shaken by U.S. border ordeal

US troops executing prisoners in Afghanistan, journalist says

Colombia: Education Sector Prey to Constant Threats and Assassinations

Bankers jailed, sued as Iceland seeks culprits for crisis

"He couldn't abandon Iraq to terrorist" Laura Bush talking about W on Larry King

Into battle over Kagan

Dont go to bed yet!: "PA Tracking: Specter Pulls Even Again"

Elena Kagan: Obama's first-rate pick for the highest court

Durbin: Immigration bill 'unlikely' in '10

The Relevance of Biography

GD:P Has Become Cheerleader Central

Joe's shocked to learn 6 biggest banks' assets increased from 17% of GDP in 1995 to 63% today

POLL: Murtha aide (Critz) pulls ahead in special election race, 44/38.

GOP senators' shifting standards - - flip-flops galore on judicial experience standard (WaPo)

Four File To Run In Primary Against Kilpatrick

Cathy Bailey backs Paul in U.S. Senate race; U.S. Chamber of Commerce goes with Grayson

Bielat to challenge Frank for Congress

MSNBC: The Place for Politics @ 11:00 EST

Republican Scott says he would support offshore drilling as governor

Hatch Explains Bennett’s Defeat: Tea Party Doesn’t ‘Have An Open Mind And They Won’t Listen’

Quinnipiac PA-SEN POLL: Too Close to Call.

**** Heads Up: POTUS holds presser with Karzai, 11:15am EDT ****

Obama News Conference with Karzai

President sends Congress legislative package in response to oil spill

Are we going to be 100% out of iraq in august?

I should run for president!

Jerusalem residents attack writer Elie Wiesel over appeal to Barack Obama

It will be interesting if the GOP asks Kagan about the Platt Amendment.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Sex, Lies and Oil Spills

White House spill plan would subject BP to increased liability

Kerry: Introducing the American Power Act: on the strategy and substance

Kerry and Lieberman announcing climate change bill on now

Meet Elena Kagan (Whitehouse posts video she tells about herself)

I don't know enough about Kagan to like her or not, but I DO KNOW

Obama Administration Recruits Outside Experts to Help BP (Good!)

I watched President Barack Obama today stumble over a word "assiduous" in his appearance with Karzie

US: Iraq troop drawdown on schedule

The Last 5 Republican Presidents aren't conservative enough for today's Conservatives-

Next attack on Kagan: Partisan rubber stamp! DNC responds

Obama: Afghan war will worsen before it improves

"Vote Conservative"? - one of the best lib vs. con pushbacks I've ever seen.

Other than John Wayne as Ghengis Khan, what was the worst movie casting of all time?

MSNBC: Andrea Mitchell

KY-Sen: Paul Leads Big, Conway Down by Only 1 Point

Wall Mart Gives 2 Billion to Fight Hunger

Enough, enough, enough already on speculation about Kagan

Hearing outlines events leading up to BP explosion, well failed testing

Do all ideas have to be "Progressive" ideas?

Kasich connected pensions, Lehman

Sources: Gregoire Could Replace Kagan

Tweety and Chucky Cheese with there DOME and GLOOM of the Dem's

MSNBC reporting GOP has picked Tampa, Florida, for their 2012 Convention. Week of 8/27.

ChickenCare Hurting Lowden? New Dem Poll Has Her Trailing Reid

Laura Bush is pro choice, and supports gay marriage!!

So The Health Care bill wont coast an additional 100billion like the media reported

Statement by President Obama on the American Clean Energy and Security Act

Elena Kagan vs. First Amendment

Specter features Obama in ad as Sestak advances

Charlie Crist changes his voter registration and his mind about giving donor refunds

WSJ Unbelievable.......Public Still Backs Offshore Drilling

So, What Is The Current "Too Liberal" "Too Conservative" Polling On Obama and Democrats?

I see ads on Cable about "Our Obese Children!" They are Doomed!

Megan Kelly is such a dirtbag.

Women Rising

Republican's love to run on racism. It seems to work.

AZ Gov. signs law restricting ethnic studies

At Rosemont, Palin Knocks 'Hopey-Changey Thing'

Sen. John Kerry: Transforming Our Power

I saw a bumper sticker that really pissed me off today.

Photos: Crude Awakening (The Obama Presidency, Day 477 & 478)

Senate now voting on Merkley-Klobuchar amendment to financial reform bill

Democrats prepare to hammer GOP on Tampa choice for convention

"Obama: I'm 'Accountable' For Civilian Deaths In Afghanistan"

President Obama to knock Republicans and emphasize jobs Thursday

Obama plays hard ball with the press....

RE: Kagan - It's all over but the shouting

Cool health care reform time line from AFL-CIO

Specter is too old to campaign effectively. Sestak has the best chance of holding the seat.

Freeperland...classy moderating.

NBC/WSJ Poll - Obama Approval Rating: 50 (+2), 44 (-3). More Numbers Inside

"Obama proposes larger oil cleanup fund, tax on oil companies"

"Who would really want this job for more than one term? ..."

Kagan Praised Liberal Justice Marshall

Harry Reid pulls ahead of the Chicken Lady in New Poll

Obama won't golf with Rush, reportedly says "Limbaugh can play with himself." (NY POST)

What year did Cheney deregulate oil rigs (so that they had no adequate safety mechs?)

Orszag: Healthcare law doesn't include more spending than previously reported

Orszag: Healthcare law doesn't include more spending than previously reported

How Obama Makes Decisions

Huffpo's Ryan Grim: Donor Strike! Rich Progressives Pledge to Withhold Cash

Kerry-Lieberman Climate Proposal a Disaster for Climate

"This was the vision that shaped the President's address..."

How dare Democrats actually like Pres. Obama.

"Obama is beyond livid at British Petroleum"

..the president routinely combines progressive rhetoric with contrary actions.

""Jobs" Drops to No. 2 on Americans' List of Top Problems"

Glenn Greenwald v. Lawrence Lessig: A Debate On Elena Kagan (Democracy Now Video)

It's Going to Happen

Unemployed folks being denied jobs due to poor credit. This is absurd.

Obama Administration ‘Firmly Opposes’ Marijuana Legalization

Anyone here see the movie "Primer"?

Night of Solidarity With Imprisoned Journalists in Iran - Justice Through Music - Part 1

Portland City Council-War Funding Resolution

Ingraham, AKA Coulter-Lite© - "She's a typical kinda N.Y. Liberal Elitist, and that's who Obama is"

Gulf Oil Spill - Primary Source Info

The Roots of Migration (Chapter 1): Intro

Sen Boxer at NNU Rally, Explains CA Nursing-Ratio Law

Senate Unanimously Pass Audit The FED Amendment! Sen Sanders Interview

Papantonio: Hank Paulson's Banking Problem

Winners and Losers in the UK Election

AR: Bill Halter Speaks to Laborers Local 1282 Retiree Luncheon

Rep Weiner at National Nurses United Rally 5/12/2010

Young Turks: Ad Slams Teaching Evolution In Schools!!!

Mike Malloy - Tea Party Official Platform

Specter Admits To Matthews He Voted For McCain In '08

Night of Solidarity With Imprisoned Journalists in Iran - Justice Through Music - Part 2

Thom Hartmann - Which one of you DELETED dumped the oil???

Mike Malloy - Taxation For Stupidity

Former spy tells all about Federal Reserve

Senators release climate bill

Lars Vilks, Muhammad Cartoonist, Attacked During Lecture

Fake commercial spoofs misanthropic subcultures.

Former Gold Prospector Given Own Cable News Show ---The Onion News Network

Senator Boxer at NNU Rally: National Nursing Shortage Reform and Patient Advocacy Act

Sanders Discusses Fed Transparancy on CNN

British elections: too much bias in Murdoch media?

The REAL REASON Behind the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico - 2010

BP Oil Leak Video with Sound

Support for Kagan a Matter of Confidence (Must Watch) - Disturbing Audio

Laura Bush for gay marriage and pro-choice

Thom Hartmann - While the FAT BASTARDS fiddle...America is burning

McCain Ad Redux

Thom Hartmann - Should the word NAZI be off limits to the left?...Or?

TYT: Republicans Rip Obama For POSITIVE Jobs Report (Cenk Defends Admin)

Mike Malloy - Killing The United States Of America

Fair Game - Extended Clip (Plame movie previewing in Cannes)

TYT: Facebook Privacy And Security Issues

Enough is Enough! Protest, Dublin - Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Industry Doesn’t Step Up

Treasury gets a pound of flesh, at last

Robert Scheer: Verify, Baby, Verify!

Robert Scheer: Verify, Baby, Verify!

Exposing the Secrets of the Temple: How the Federal Reserve Makes Money Out of Thin Air

No need to backtrack on rights

Euro’s Crisis Has American Fingerprints

Fair Trade Under Fire

The Big Bank Lobby: Too Big to Bear?

In Kenya, International Criminal Court to try six top Kenyans

As we die for BP, our military rots in the wrong Gulf

TAU professors denounce Dershowitz for speech against left

Kissing Cousins (Neanderthal man) |Olivia Judson | NYT

Kerry-Lieberman Climate Proposal a Disaster for Climate


Was the Gulf Oil Disaster a Result of a BP BigWhig Party?

Noam Chomsky: The U.S. Continues to Be a Terrorist State

Two "Old Hippie Environmentalist Discuss Oil Spill"--Devastation to Wildlife!

The Daily Show's Jason Jones Investigates 'Ultimate Smiting'

EPA Officials Demand Anonymity: Hush-hush conference calls anger reporters. (CJR)

Here We Go Again by William Pitt

Is Obama moving to escalate the war in Pakistan?

Denis Leary: America's Gone Nuts on Prescription Drugs

New poll full of bad news for Democrats

With Obama, Regulations Are Back in Fashion

This is What We Stand to Lose--In My Medium

Baby vaccine contaminated with pig virus

Lost on a Fearless Plain (Joe Bageant)

I have two questions about the BP gusher:

Bushehr nuclear power plant in Iran to start work on schedule

Oil spill science: Where’s the oil?

Fighting the oil leak with...hay?

Russia may disclose nuclear stockpiles data

Detroit News: Great Lakes water levels drop worries boaters, shippers

(Maine Dem. Gov.) Baldacci celebrates wind-power bills

To Help Jaguars Survive, Ease Their Commute

Biofuel combustion chemistry more complex than petroleum-based fuels, say ... researchers

Drumbeat: May 12, 2010

April 2010 Atmospheric CO2 - 392.39 - up .75% from April 2009, 1.3% From April, 2008

Iowa State engineers design power structures that help keep the lights on

The EPA's most wanted

India's greenhouse gas emissions rise by 58%

debt crisis: Suzlon Says European Companies Delay Turbine Orders

With Flyovers, a Solar Map of New York

Gray Whale Sighted Off Israel, Centuries After Nearest Kin - Atlantic Grays - Hunted To Extinction

Crystals, the Gulf of Mexico Blowout, and the new 'Top Hat' Dome

Poachers Kill Javan Rhino In Vietnam - About 60 Left Worldwide, Maybe As Few As Six In Vietnam

Bill Gates' cloud-whitening trials 'a dangerous experiment'

Toshiba Sees Nuclear Payoff

Angry! Conservatives Are Angry About Climate Bill! Angry, I Tell You - Angry! Truly, Truly Angry!


Taking Grid Energy Storage to the Edge

Let's post about Christopher B. Leinberger

Glacier National Park Turns 100, With Maybe 10 Years Left For Its Glaciers

Top 50 Twitter climate accounts to follow

IEA Cuts World Oil-Demand Forecast

Gulf Oil Spill Is Spoiling Tourism

Landmark Utility-Scale Solar Farm Commences Operations (PG&E - Calif.)

New York City Gets Mapped for Solar

Court hears final arguments in Syncrude trial

Florida Legislature: Another Delay for Solar

BP Releases Video of Failed Containment Dome on Seabed -- Gives Sense of Scale

Tritium in the groundwater / DEP acts decisively (Oyster Creek nuclear plant, New Jersey)

National Bank of Ariz. plans large solar system

Will Shill for Nukes: Decommissioning the nuclear lobby's phony op-ed campaign

Secret GAO Report: US Investigations of Israeli Weapons Grade Uranium Diversions 'Inadequate'

John Kerry on Grist: Introducing the American Power Act: On strategy and substance

Green practices conflict with homeowner association rules

State Confirms - Oil Coming Ashore On Barrier Islands In Terrebonne Parish

Let's do a little tritium math exercise.

IEA: Solar power to provide almost a quarter of the world's electricity supplies by 2050

BREAKING NEW UNDERWATER VIDEO: BP Oil "Plume" from the Largest Leak

Boston Mayor discusses "ionic" sports figures

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Tuesday, May 11)

How much is that Luongo in the window?

Ahh, Springtime in the Rockies!

Giants, Jets sign bid to bring Super Bowl to NJ


C'mon Fulham!!!! Just one more, boys. Just one more!

From A Caps Fan: Thank You Montreal!

Sami Salo laced up skates and played with a crushed testicle.

Cheaters! Now I know how the Phils beat us on Monday.

Stupid Boston Bruins...

16,937 days and counting.

Just a reminder folks, Skinner is expecting civility on this board.

Bolivia: five military chiefs cited in "Black October" violence

Government to formalize indigenous languages in Panama

Obama, Peru's president to meet on June 1

Peace Corps to Open a New Program in Colombia

Convent janitor arrested in drug probe

Colombians face spy, sabotage trial in Venezuela

Eric Volz' Gringo Nightmare

Cuba's Rodriguez Gets US Visa for New York Concert

New ABA president, a UF grad, sees a 'justice gap'

Colombia: Education Sector Prey to Constant Threats and Assassinations

Robert Gates does Colombia, Peru; calls for more bases, free trade

Laser Beams Penetrating Thick Canopy Detect Thousands of New Structures, Show Maya Adept at 'Buildi

THE PANAMA DECEPTION documentary, available online.

Cuba's growing arrivals mount... optimism?

Nicaragua's Exports Increase Significantly

Before the hugophobos go bonkers

Chavez Says Unregulated Currency Market May Disappear

Celtics vs Magic

Army head nixes NY college visit to defuse protest

Newsweek writer says he was misunderstood. He wasn’t.

'Don't Ask Don't Tell' and Military Chaplains

Mass. Catholic school won't admit lesbians' son

The Autry Museaum in LA is hosting Out West: LGBT in the West.

Meet Former Petty officer Jason Knight, discharged under Don't/Ask Don't Tell, recalled to active...

Iranian trade unionist hanged - urgent action needed (link added)

Today in Labor History May 12 The Great Anthracite Strike began

Miners’ Families, UMWA Sue to Open Investigation

Happy Birthday Florence Nightingale

Israel imposing occupation tactics on its Palestinian citizens

Jerusalem residents attack writer Elie Wiesel over appeal to Barack Obama

Dershowitz praises Fayyad

TAU professors denounce Dershowitz for speech against left

Netanyahu Turns to Bible In Tussle Over Jerusalem

LA Times: What unions do for Americans

Israeli Minister: Israel to demolish Arab homes in East Jerusalem

Palestinians in Egypt prisons ‘are tortured’

University Park man slain after dog urinates on lawn (Throw the book at him)

Bulldog shot after mauling Port Richmond boy

Car analogy with pictures.

Seven children and a teacher stabbed to death with meat cleaver in China (No gun used)

Police: Homeowner shoots would-be burglar

Gun goes off inside elementary school classroom

Federal Court rules open carry is "Disorderly" (Wisconsin case)

Here's a good reason if the robber runs - just let him go

landing at the convention of butterflies

Hubble Spies Trailblazing Star Ripped from Stellar Nursery

Chandra Space Observatory Locates "Missing Matter" of the Universe

Laser Beams Penetrating Thick Canopy Detect Thousands of New Structures, Show Maya Adept at 'Buildi

Giant dino footprints found

'Tsunami' Video Sheds Light on Struggling Pupfish

Swiss Artist Catalogs Mutant Insects Around Nuke Plants

Hmmm. Have the teabaggers been quiet lately or is it just me?

Arabic Parts Calculator

INSANELY WEIRD EXPERIENCE--I don't even know where to start

Are Some Religions Terrorist Organizations??

Reviews of the KJB

Genetic test kits to hit stores amid controversy

Doubt Is Cast on Many Reports of Food Allergies

My experience with type II diabetes and Atkins.....My baseline # was near 10.

Morgan Stanley Under Criminal Investigation for Using CDOs to Bet Against Clients

Things are getting interesting again

Please, Mr. Grayson

Feds probing JPMorgan trades in silver pit By MICHAEL GRAY

Our nation's security

Life in Europe – another day, another (futile) bailout

China turns to U.S. for corn supplies

TheEuro: what's in it for Germany